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Carson Wentz

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7 out of 8 NFL general managers would take Carson Wentz over Dak Prescott
. Carson Wentz or Derek Carr to start this weekend
- It’s Dallas week. . - Ronald Darby is back. . - Jay Ajayi knows more of the playbook. . - Carson Wentz the QB for the
This is Matt Stanford’s 9th year & id already take Wentz over him. I’d take a 2nd year Carson Wentz over the highest paid player in the NFL
The Browns missed on Carson Wentz and Watson but it's okay because the whole league missed on Russell Wilson
Deshaun Watson ~ Carson Wentz ~ Dak Prescott ~ Jared Goff. I feel pretty good about the NFL's next crop of great quarterbacks.
Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott combined to score 11 TDs today without throwing an INT. . 2016 draft class is…
Jared Goff and Carson Wentz became first QBs selected 1-2 overall in same draft each to throw 4 TD passes on same day.
Carson Wentz and Jared Goff, who lead two of the NFL's most exciting offenses, each threw four TD passes in Week 9 https:…
Former No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are each seeing marked improvement in Year 2 of...
So, maybe Carson Wentz and Jared Goff weren't crazy draft picks after all
NFL MVP? Peter King thinks Carson Wentz is in the lead for award
Want to Ring in the New Year with Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles?
Carson Wentz's report card from impressive 51-23 win over Denver
Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles absolutely toyed with the Denver Broncos
A Live look at what QB Carson Wentz is doing to the right now. .
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Carson Wentz as MVP? LaDainian Tomlinson and Nate Burleson think so.
Howie Roseman turned Sam Bradford into Jay Ajayi, Derek Barnett. Traded up twice to get Carson Wentz. Traded for Tim Jerniga…
In other words, Carson Wentz leading the No. 9 offense is nice but let's be real here, Tom Brady is 2017 MVP and it isn't e…
MVP race: Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Russell Wilson (sorry Kareem Hunt, but you've dropped out)
In my eyes, Carson Wentz will be the next Aaron Rogers!! Did you see him get out of those mass tackle situations?? Wow!!!
Just remember that if Carson Wentz is your QB, any game is winnable. Really gonna miss JP and Hicks, but we got this.…
Carson Wentz is on pace for 4,233 passing yards, 38 TDs, 9 INTs. Here’s a list of guys who’ve done that: Tom Brady, Aaron Rod…
“Carson Wentz is unbelievable. That’s the same play they feature at North Dakota State.” - Jon Gruden
When Rodger Goodell announced that Carson Wentz was the Eagles pick with the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft
Carson Wentz has officially joined the ranks of Barack Obama and Jon Snow on my celebrity crush list. Congratulations
I see Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez had some high praise for Carson Wentz
Cam Newton. Russel Wilson . Carson Wentz. Marcus Mariota. Deshaun Watson . Not even hard to come up with 5…
Carson Wentz is a poor man, who just received about $50,000 in inheritance from his dead aunt, version of Aaron Rogers
Cupcake Giants fans are now in love with Carson Wentz 😆. This list has included RG3, Cutler, Josh Freeman, Romo, Nassib, Webb
Aaron Rogers was my first QB pick in FF and P. Rivers 2nd. On the Waivers, Should I pick up Carson Wentz or Alex Smith?
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Despite throwing 3 TD passes tonight, Carson Wentz still only has 32 in his career. Blake Bortles has 89 to a combined 9…
In the last two drafts, the Browns have traded their pick to let other teams draft Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson.
This is you reminder that the Cleveland Browns passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in back to back drafts...
thanks for passing on Carson Wentz. And then trading that Eagles pick to Houston so they could get Deshaun Watson. We got Peppers.
Every time I see Carson Wentz play and know I was right and then I see Deshaun Watson play and I was right.
so in the last 2 years, the Browns have passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. can't imagine why they are putrid every ye…
Why draft Carson Wentz when you can have: . Corey Coleman. Cody Kessler. Ricardo Louis. Deshaun Watson
Reminder: Browns traded 1st round picks the last two years that turned into Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. Never change, Cleveland.
When you're the Browns and you've passed on Carson Wentz & Deshaun Watson in consecutive drafts:
People watch guys like Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz excel. Both have something in common. Offensive head coaches.
If you play, coach for or own the Browns how difficult is it to watch Carson Wentz & Deshaun Watson and not wonder what c…
Wentzylvania. Wentz in a lifetime. Carson Wins. That's it: 2017 belongs to Carson Wentz. So far.
If you played Aaron Rogers and had Carson Wentz sitting on the bench today I thank you for the donation ✔️😂❌
Kirk Cousins can't outduel Carson Wentz as Redskins fall to Eagles
📈 "Carson Wentz" is trending today on Google Canada (10+ searches)
I love seeing all of the things that Carson Wentz, Malcolm Jenkins, and Chris Long do off the field to help the community
Carson Wentz just pulled off a magic trick in the middle of a football game 🧙‍♂️
Happiness is...when you lose Aaron Rogers and go to the bench for Carson Wentz!
[Penn Live] - How did Carson Wentz turn a probable sack into a Philadelphia Eagles first down? | PennLive.…
Carson Wentz is definitely the next Aaron Rogers
Carson Wentz reminds me of Jake Delhomme and idk why
Carson Wentz looks like Aaron Rogers back there. There, I said it.
Wentz bascially punts it! Quinton Dunbar intercepts Carson Wentz at the 42 yard line. .
Aaron Rogers was my starting QB... thank God I had Carson Wentz on the bench!
My fantasy football rant no one wants to hear; why do I keep starting Cam Newton over Carson Wentz?
Starting tonight for Washington, former WR Quinton Dunbar -- now a DB -- intercepts Carson Wentz.
You don't have to be an Eagles fan to be moved by the story of Carson Wentz and the The full story:
C-Lo I have a question. How come no one on FAN talks about how Carson Wentz looks like Evan Roberts? He’s such a weenie!
Whether you're a sports fan or not, a real touching video that got me choked up. Lots of respect to Carson Wentz. https:/…
Yeah but have you seen men like Cam Newton, Lebron James, Carson Wentz, JJ Watt, i don’t know…
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Last night, Derek Carr & The Las Vegas Raiders did what Carson Wentz couldn't, they slayed that fat pig Andy Reid and his Chiefs.
Ben Simmons & Carson Wentz. Wow, just gonna sit back & enjoy this next decade of Philly Sports.
Flashback to podcast b4 the 2016 draft. Favorite qb . Joe- Carson Wentz. Eliot- Car…
Says the guy who . 1) Thinks Andy Dalton is better than Carson Wentz. 2) Has cartoons as his pictures. 👏🏼👏🏼
Really wish I would have started Carson Wentz and Nelson Agholor instead of Aaron Rodgers and Javorius Allen... tha…
When your organization has passed on Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and Des…
Carson Wentz gets more impressive each game. Lots of praise for the QB in our postgame pod. Subscribe: https:/…
Against Panthers, Carson Wentz was the best quarterback on the field, and it wasn't close.
Eagles vs. Panthers Final Score: Observations from Philadelphia’s win over Carolina AND the refs, 28-23
Carson Wentz is the real deal. thanks again!
Yo the Eagles fans are in CAROLINA's stadium for post game with Carson Wentz chanting "Trust the Process" 😂😂😂 this city i…
And they say Dak better than Carson Wentz 😂😂
Hue Jackson has to be sick watching Carson Wentz throw those perfect balls. Just sick.
Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings: Will Cam Newton and Carson Wentz have a shootout? Who should you start on ... -...
Carson Wentz is playing a beautiful game tonight. On the road facing a lot of pressure defenses he is playing with poise & s…
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The Browns drafting Carson Wentz would be a 'disaster,' according to NFL executive - Business Insider
Wentz passes Eagles past Panthers 28-23CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Carson Wentz threw three touchdown passes as the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Ca…
Roto Wire News Carson Wentz: Fires three touchdowns in win - Carson Wentz: Wentz completed 16 of 30 passes for ...
Carson Wentz is such a dog. Just dropped his shoulder into Mike Adams like “sit down little man.” . My God
Carson Wentz, welcome to the MVP discussion.
[Penn Live] - Carson Wentz's Philadelphia Eagles teammates follow 'the general' to win over Panthers | PennLiv…
For instance, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Dak Prescott, Kirk Cousins, the list is much more than Carson Wentz
Wow, this Eagles fan in my fantasy league benched Carson Wentz 🙄
Carson wentz is doin what Dak Prescott did last year and dak is doin what carson wentz did last year...facts cowboys
QB Carson Wentz with some MAJOR shade at Cam Newton after the game, “I just think it’s funny to see Cam Newton t…
Carson Wentz has ZERO regard for his personal well being
I’ll wait to judge the decision to pass on Trubisky & Watson, but passing on Carson Wentz is enough to get everyone in Clevel…
13 TD passes for since the Carson dog has been with Us 🤔🤔🤔.
Eagles at Panthers tonight, and Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz already won more road games this season (2) than he did all o…
Carson Wentz is on pace for 336 rushing yards. That's top six to eight in the league for a QB.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
2 weeks ago Carson Wentz had never thrown 3 TD in an NFL game. Now he’s done it in back-to-back games, and Philly is 5-1…
Eagles QB Carson Wentz is a man of the people
Carson Wentz is a stud, and if you disagree, you have no idea what you're watching.
Carson Wentz is on pace for 35 TDs and 8 INTs this season. Those are MVP numbers.
Carson Wentz connects with Trey Burton for a first down
Carson Wentz and Joel Embiid have other plans though. We'll be parading down Broad st before you know it.
I was told By Angelo to share this and be trolled. The "I love Carson Wentz" song. Sung by me, Lyrics by Conklin🎶
Donovan McNabb on his kids getting Carson Wentz autograph:. "I might sell it in 20 years and make some big money" https:/…
Eagles-Cardinals Final Score: Philly crushes Arizona thanks to big day from Carson Wentz, 34-7
Donovan McNabb in Introducing his son Donovan and getting autograph from Carson Wentz 👍🏼👍🏼
Current QB Carson Wentz and franchise-best QB Donovan McNabb having a moment in the locker room.
Carson Wentz with his first career 3 TD game. And it’s not yet the 2nd quarter in Philly.
The Browns passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson. They have no idea how to draft a QB.
I'd like to hear what Carson Wentz does better than Connor Cook other than bible study
The Browns chose to trade out of the draft slot used to select Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in back to back seasons.
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Worth noting today the Browns traded out of the Carson Wentz pick, chose Cody Kessler over Dak Prescott and then passed on Des…
Carson Wentz gets mixed reaction for his response to Las Vegas shooting via
Carson Wentz said he would give his game check to rookie kicker Jake Elliott if he made his game-winning 61-yd FG. Pay up, Ca…
Carson Wentz owes Jake Elliott his game check .
Carson Wentz on saying he would give Jake Elliott his game check before kick. "Afterwards I'm like... 'I said that, didnt I"…
Jake Elliott says Carson Wentz sent him the "game check" video last night with a 🤔.
Carson Wentz is donating his game check to a charity of Jake Elliott’s choice
I need your help. I got Big Ben on the road this week or do I go with Carson Wentz after last week.. Who do I start?
Watch live as QB Carson Wentz meets with reporters.
Carson Wentz wearing a Sixers shirt today.
Carson Wentz said he'd give Jake Elliott his game check if he hit FG. Carson's game check is $97,798.
I say Russell Wilson in one league fo Carson Wentz and in another for David Carr so I am clearly a fantasy football…
Carson Wentz has more rushing yards than Jordan Howard, Christian McCaffrey, Joe Mixon, Adrian Peterson and Tevin Colem…
I still want someone to explain what makes Carson Wentz a better quarterback than Vernon Adams
before Josh Allen and Carson Wentz became with this account it was Bob Griffin. I genuinely feel very bad for him.
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Quick fantasy football question, you buttholes: would you trade away AJ Green for Carson Wentz, if your QBs are currently…
Carson Wentz, Martavis Bryant, nailed it! Thomas Rawls? Not so much.
After watching film all day. My players of the game:. Offense: Carson Wentz, Brandon Brooks. Defense: Timmy Jer…
Carson Wentz had the same amount of rushing yards today (55) as Ezekiel Elliott, LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon and DeMarc…
Greatness will have to wait at least another week for Carson Wentz, writes
Carson Wentz, Miss America ... it's a North Dakota world and we're just livin' in it.
We have Miss America, Carson Wentz, and no natural disasters occurring! North Dakota is on top baby!
Carson Wentz, and the team up with QB Kirk Cousins for a great cause: https:…
Rhys Hoskins, Carson Wentz, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Philly has young studs ready to shine. Watch out world!
I would have took Derek Carr or Carson Wentz instead of Marsha Brady
Some kid told me I look like Carson Wentz today. It must be my hair getting lighter cause I really don't see a resemblance 😂
Rewatching this game... Thank you once again for Carson Wentz 😊
330-pound Jordan Phillips intercepting and then hurdling over Carson Wentz is what the preseason is all about.
Carson Wentz is coming along nicely. Can't wait for Christmas Eve in Philly. {{-_-}}
[Larry Brown Sports] - Carson Wentz drove Jordan Matthews to airport after Bills trade
Craig Bohol, WY head coach recruited Carson Wentz to NDSU. Maybe the Browns should hire Craig Bohl.
hand painted cigar box of Carson Wentz...
Carson Wentz threw 14 interceptions in 2016. . Eli Manning has thrown 14 or more INT's in 11/13 seasons. . Stick to the kit…
Sean Douglas takes a look at how Doug Pederson sees Carson Wentz developing as a leader.
Tyrod Taylor, Phillip Rivers, Tanneyhill, Stafford(if he falls), Carson Wentz(primarily for 2QB/Superflex)
Frank Reich wants to keep things simple for Carson Wentz
Sean McVay looks like a shorter version of Carson Wentz and sounds like Jon Gruden
This is the one thing Philadelphia Eagles fans absolutely LOVE about Carson Wentz!
Video: Carson Wentz and Josh Duhamel jam out at Fergie concert
Eagles: Carson Wentz has new weapons in LeGarrette Blount and Alshon Jeffery, receive offseason grade of B - Tim M…
Carson Wentz is trending in the right direction via
I'm happy the Eagles got Carson Wentz and nothing else in the draft. Cowboys have Dak, Zeke, Maliek Collins, Jaylon smith to…
Carson Wentz deep bomb TD to Torrey Smith. Jalen Mills got beat. Throw was right on the money.
[SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - ESPN picks Carson Wentz to make the biggest leap forward in 2017
[SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - Once a skeptic, Donovan McNabb now believes Carson Wentz will become a franch…
Wendall Smallwood, Jalen Mills, and Carson Wentz. Saved everyone the inaccuracy
[The Sports Daily: Eagles Eye] - Carson Wentz breaks some eggs to make an Eagles omelet—
I think Deshone Kizer is a better long term prospect than Carson Wentz, if that turns out 2 b the case this regime is going legend.
Carson Wentz will turn 25 during this season. Deshone Kizer will be 21. That's pretty crazy all by itself
Merrill Reese: “Within the next 3 years, Carson Wentz is going to be a Top 5 Quarterback in…
draft insight and how it will impact Carson Wentz with .
FRESH. 234. tell us he would want Carson Wentz as a client for the next 10-15 years.
Tim Tebow (like it or not, he really is) John Cena, Mike Trout, Carson Wentz, Larry Fitzgerald
NFL Network analysts: Eagles need to focus on helping Carson Wentz in draft
Carson Wentz. For. Trevor Siemian. 2017 2nd from Nick. 2017 2nd from Ryan. 20…
Sophomore spurt or slump? checks in on Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch: https:/…
Cavs announcer just said that's Kevin Love's 18th "touchdown pass" to LeBron. That's as many as Carson Wentz, Kaepernick and Trevor Siemian
The Browns traded the chance at getting Julio Jones and Carson Wentz. Can't even feel bad for them.
Carson Wentz among the biggest offseason winners, according to
Eagles backup QB Nick Foles says he is excited to return to Philadelphia and work with Carson Wentz.…
The leap Carson Wentz will make with Alshon makes the signing one of the best thus far.
Carson Wentz really might be better than Thomas Brady.
"Carson Wentz looks like the kid in sex ed who said 'My brother said you can re-use a condom if you stick it in the microwave!'"
Rare pic of Carson Wentz and Nick Foles suiting up on Sundays.
"His veteran leadership was incredibly helpful in (quarterback Carson Wentz's) development as a rookie." - Howie Roseman on Chase Daniel.
I'd say you're more of the Carson Wentz
Alshon told Carson Wentz he’s going to be MVP one day. Wentz said he didn’t care about MVP. He just wants to win a cham…
Torrey Smith said he has spoken to Carson Wentz and that he plans to work out with the QB and WRs before offseason…
So much for the narrative that Carson Wentz isn't very good. Alshon Jeffery just took a cheaper deal to ball with him. .
Good, long read includes comments from Howie Roseman on getting Carson Wentz last year.
Eagles: JuJu Smith-Schuster drawing interest from team at combine; USC WR said he'd like to play with Carson Wentz - Tim McManus (ESPN) …
Carson Wentz worked out with 2017 WR prospects Cooper Kupp and Chad Hansen
Another great Carson Wentz interview. Way to represent North Dakota!
The fact that you have Carson Wentz in the same tier as Osweiler and that Jay Cutler is a tier 3 quarterback makes…
Imagine having this much hatred built up after the Green Bay Packers, who have NOTHING to do with Carson Wentz, one…
we are looking for a young rb to pair up with Carson Wentz. Jordan Matthews Vinny Curry Connor Barwin Mychal Kendricks all on the block!
The Linc: Zach Ertz expects to be a trusty weapon for Carson Wentz
Celebrate by casting your vote for Carson Wentz for
Of course he's not. Neither is Fletcher Cox. Or Carson Wentz. Or Mike Trout.
Carson Wentz to Fletcher Cox as season ended:. "Next year we go baby.". Fletcher: "We got to.". From .
Randy Gregory beating 9-time Pro Bowler Jason Peters and sacking Carson Wentz on Sunday
Carson Wentz & Zack Ertz is like Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski and also like Alex Smith and Travis Kelce BTW I like th…
On Jordan Matthews' offseason wish list? A trip to North Dakota to get in some quality time with Carson Wentz.
Cant wait to watch Carson Wentz, Corey Davis, and D'Onta Foreman next year in Eagles green.
Carson Wentz has twice as many wins (4) as Kirk Cousins does (2) against teams with 9+ wins.
Carson Wentz finished his rookie season with the 4th-most passing yards among all-time NFL rookies. (Behind Luck, Cam,…
Mike Trout told me Carson Wentz told him he'd try to get him🏈if they scored. Mike says Carson is "good dude and fun to hang…
Carson Wentz 2nd TD to Zach Ertz!!!. Mike Trout gets the game ball Souvenir!!!.
Carson Wentz is trying to recruit Mike Trout to come back home and play for his favorite team the…
Sadly, Mike Trout getting ball from Carson Wentz after TD is best baseball moment in Philly in long time.
I wanna be best friends with Carson Wentz and Mike Trout.
The bromance has been taken to the next level. Carson Wentz gives Mike Trout the football after throwing a TD.
Carson Wentz scores then hands the ball off to Mike Trout.
Carson Wentz is having a real problem with the ball sailing on him. That makes me nervous.
Check out the first edition of Conversations With NFL Quarterback Carson Wentz
Eagles QB cj_wentz buys shotguns for entire offensive line.
Eagles QB buys shotguns for entire offensive line.
Snowflake alert: The story tells of gifting guns. What an awesome gift for the warriors who make wn offensive line!.
The media is throwing a fit over Carson Wentz giving the O Line shot guns... slow day in the office
I'm gonna play the pessimist and say that by 2022, Carson Wentz will be running an auto dealership in N. Dakota and…
Carson Wentz shows his North Dakota roots in gift to Eagles offensive line
Carson Wentz has a plush doll and I want one so bad. 🙄
"The gun violence prevention group CeaseFirePA issued a statement Wednesday night that it would send gun locks to...
Gunsense freak out in 3, 2.. Carson Wentz bought the Eagles offensive line guns for Christmas. via…
Carson Wentz bought a bunch of guns because he wanted to know what it was like to have weapons.
Carson Wentz needs only 3 more completions to hold the most completed passes by a rookie QB in NFL history; he current…
Carson Wentz endeared himself to his offensive line by buying each of them a custom shotgun for Christmas.
If you're offended that Carson Wentz gave his line shotguns as a gift just make like a tree and get out of here
Frank Reich discusses Carson Wentz, his coach and the Eagles offense via
Carson Wentz bought his entire offensive line shotguns for Christmas, which is the most North Dakotan thing I've ever he…
.spent some time hanging out with fan (and two-time AL MVP)
That’s different... Carson Wentz gifts his offensive linemen customized shotguns for Christmas
[NBC Sports: Pro Football Talk] - Carson Wentz buys shotguns for his offensive line
sorry about your ! You're on your way up with Carson Wentz ! Good kid !
More on Carson Wentz's block, INT, and Doug Pederson's fourth-down decisions:
Did Doug Pederson risk Carson Wentz's future by putting him as a lead blocker after he was evaluated for an injury?:
Carson Wentz might be a rookie, but he flops like a seasoned veteran soccer player.
Carson Wentz puts some trust in Nelson Agholor... and it works!
Carson Wentz completes a pass to Carson Wentz!. Not a typo. Gain of 7!
I rly do like Carson Wentz. Looks like Opie Taylor, but still.   10% Off
[Yahoo Sports: Shutdown Corner] Eagles' Carson Wentz knocked out with possible concussion against Gia
Former eagles qb tim tebow hits home run on first pitch in first pro at-bat _ csn philly pitch diameter chart Carson Wentz. Jain ...
Imma need a Carson Wentz and Jordan Hicks jersey
Wow, Carson Wentz. Off his back foot straight to Zach Orr.
5 consecutive national championships. Red headed Carson Wentz. The bison burger. We are North Dakota State and we are losers
Carson Wentz praised Ravens safety Eric Weddle for his range. Said he and Earl Thomas are very…
'Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz starting to develop chemistry'
Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz starting develop chemsistry
Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz starting to develop chemistry
will be great to see Carson Wentz reunited with his old teammate, Desean Jackson, who he played with…
Was that Carson Wentz or George Wendt out there?
Carson Wentz is like that QB from the movie Little Giants. A stud playing with a bunch of rejects.
Member when the Eagles were 3-0? Member when they were going to the Super Bowl this year? Member when Carson Wentz was a Hall…
Carson Wentz looked like Adam Sandler in The Longest Yard when the offensive line left him unblocked and he ran for 20 y…
Games with 3+ pass TD this season. Jared Goff: 1 (today at Saints). Carson Wentz: 0
Ezekiel Elliott was picked via the Eagles trading up to keep Carson Wentz from us and Jordan Hicks breaking Tony Romo's collarbone.
Carson Wentz only has 86 passing yards. But Nelson Agholor also cost him ~100 yards and 1 TD on two plays (penalty and drop…
Seahawks DBs Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor are tied for 2nd-most passes caught from Carson Wentz. (Eagles TE Zach Ertz ha…
Cassius Marsh chasing down Carson Wentz like he stole his MTG cards.
Some of the prime prizes include an NDSU helmet signed by Carson Wentz, a jet-ski, or five days at Big Sky.
Falcons coach Dan Quinn to Fox's Pam Oliver: "Carson Wentz lit us up in the first half."
Lessons for Carson Wentz in Matt Ryan's "spot-on" comments. How advice from QB can aid rookie. My column:
Carson Wentz passing more as running game sputters.
Carson Wentz gets a B+ but offense gets a C. grades at the midpoint
Prince Harry looks like a mix of Carson Wentz and Seth Rogen.
My buddy Uber'd Carson Wentz, Beau Allen and Chris Maragos home from the bar jealousy is PEAKED
PJ Walker learned that scramble, roll out, hit the RB in stride play from Carson Wentz.
Eagles practicing deep balls first today. Bryce Treggs has speed, pass from Carson Wentz. One of these weeks Treggs will be…
QB talk-Tyrod, Wilson, Dak, Carson Wentz-with Ron Jaworski live at 2pm today on the show.
Texans agree to terms with the Eagles:. Texans send Benardrick Mckinney, 2nd rd pick, 3rd rd pick in 19 for Carson Wentz
The did throw beyond 20 yards once, though. Of course, it came from Josh Huff, not Carson Wentz.
Rookie QBs Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott have led their teams to a combined 9-3 record.
Eagles offensive players that are actually good:. My best friend Carson Wentz. Darren Sproles. Jason Peters. Brent Celek. Jason Kelce
Currently within earshot of Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford. Nbd. @ Lincoln…
Carson Wentz could have left FedEx Field, driven an entire lap around the beltway, and returned 5 minutes before his next…
I don't remember one Carson Wentz snap today.
with Oakland wind at 30 mph, Alex Smith vs Carson Wentz, who should I start?
Remember when Bobby Hoying and Allen Iverson were our Carson Wentz and Joel Embiid?. Hey, wait a second...
Remember when Bobby Hoying and Larry Hughes were are Carson Wentz and Joel Embiid?
Carson Wentz tipped a North Dakota server $500. That server is now the 3rd richest person in the entire state of North…
Carson Wentz deserved better Sunday. The Eagles were penalized 12 times for 111 yards, Lions just 2-for-18. Fair?…
Drama in Detroit: Darius Slay picks off QB Carson Wentz for Wentz's for NFL interception. Seals it for the
Will Fuller or Terrell Pryor. Matt Stafford or Carson Wentz. Zach Miller or Kyle Rudolph. LA Defense or PHI Defense. SO MANY QS this week😩😭
Carson Wentz, Brian Hoyer - my 2 favorite fillin QB this week for Newton/Brees/Russell/Palmer owners
Add Kurt Warner to the list of Carson Wentz comparisons.
Week 5 waiver wire: Carson Wentz. Gets Lions next, who yield average of three passing TDs per game in 2016.
Carson Wentz and Mitchell Schwartz could have helped in that fight...
Wonder if Kurt Cousins gonna get the same hype Carson Wentz got for slicing the Browns
What trait from the rookie QB Carson Wentz won Jordan Matthews & the 3-0 Eagles over?
Between saying hello to Carson Wentz, goodbye to Ryan Howard, and AI entering the Hall, Philly sports are giving me all…
"I had no idea this guy would be this good...he has the 'IT' factor." - Terry Bradshaw to about Carson Wentz https:…
Carson Wentz and Jordan Matthews TD celebration is the best/classiest in the league 👔
Jordan Matthews specifically mentioned Carson Wentz's arm sleeve when talking about when he realized the QB had swag
it's obviously the year of the red rifles. Carson Wentz, Andy Dalton, and Carson palmer...
Carson Wentz is the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month for September.
Joe Biden 'can't stand' how much his wife loves Carson Wentz
2:12 pm, 9/28/16: Ray Didinger calls Carson Wentz, "a prodigy." Says, "This is for real." Get excited folks, you can now believe.
Philadelphia may be stunned Carson Wentz is playing so well, but the Eagles saw it coming (by
Carson Wentz as MVP sounds crazy. But he&the NFL&best QB through Week 3.: Philadelphia Eagle...
Steelers defender Cameron Heyward was blown away by Carson Wentz on Sunday.
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Carson Wentz that boy he a hand full 🐦
Carson Wentz is stealing all the headlines, and his teammates, too, are getting caught up in the excitement.
Carson Wentz is shattering even the loftiest expectations as Eagles soar: The rookie has renewed optimism in Philadelphia in what was...
Carson Wentz should not already be this good (by
Philadelphia is 3-0!. Eagles blow out the Steelers behind an incredible 300-yard performance from Carson Wentz.
Steelers defender on Carson Wentz: "He played like a freakin' Hall of Famer."
Face it. Carson Wentz is good. Really good. The Eagles QB proved that against the Steelers. http…
mark my words, Carson Wentz will be the biggest draft bust in Philadelphia Eagles history
“He played like a freakin’ Hall of Famer." Another day at the office for Carson Wentz.
Mike Mayock said it from the beginning. Carson Wentz is the best player in the 2016 draft and he's an Eagle.Beginning
Ray Didinger is on with us now and he admits he can't explain what he's seeing with Carson Wentz. Listen live:
Finally. A home win. Rave all you want about Carson Wentz, Eagles fans. He's really good. But Dak is better. Tell you…
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