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Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer (born December 27, 1979) is an American professional football quarterback for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL).

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Bruce Arians retires. Carson Palmer retires. All eyes are on Larry Fitzgerald. Coming off another stellar season ma…
While the have clarity on Bruce Arians, they are still waiting on Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer. The QB see…
Need to cut every offensive lineman not named DJ hump and a healthy David Johnson. Healthy Carson Palmer would be pretty cool too
WSU's Luke Falk pegged as Carson Palmer's successor with Cardinals
Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, and Sam Bradford are all pretty good…
List of injured QB's in 2017. 1. Carson Wentz. 2. Carson Palmer *** to be named Carson). 3. Aaron Rodgers. 4. Deshaun Wats…
Where is Cody Kessler, Carson Palmer, Brock osweilder, kevin hogan, the list goes on and on... Rodgers is one of no…
So I throw to my post, pass lead down, and Carson Palmer doesn’t throw to Randy Moss. Instead he throws to Shazier…
That is a surprise. No David Johnson, no Carson Palmer. Their season sounds like it’s over.
Dear NFL owners do not sign Ryan Fitzpatrick your starter will get hurt. Please see Carson Palmer, Trent Edwards, J…
Carson Palmer posted more games with 360+ yards passing than any QB in history. He had 5 of them between 201…
Aaron Rodgers, Allen Robinson, Tyler Eifert, Carson Palmer and now Aaron Jones... Who’s it gonna be next week? 🤔🤨🤬
Dealing for former players (two 1s for Carson Palmer, Houshmanzadeh) using Silver to sl…
Si. Same high school as Carson Palmer, Amy Rodriguez, Klay Thompson & of course my daughter!
Chad Johnson. Corey Dillon. Carson Palmer. Big names, best players. All have tipping points Aj just hit his. I hate Mike Brown.
Traded a ton for Carson Palmer. Excited about RGIII. All in on Goff. Really wanted Jimmy G. Also likes AJ McCarron. Hue…
or Josh Allen. I assumed it'd be Bill Polian. But Hue--the orchestrator of the Carson Palmer deal--was right under our nose the whole time.
Replaced Aaron Rogers with Carson Palmer in 2 of my fantasy leagues. Um... Hope Jameis lasts longer!
Jay Cutler & Carson Palmer is down. we are Colin the & to sign
Lmao yea I picked up brett Hundley and started him over Carson Palmer. Worked out kinda cuz Carson got hurt
🚨DEVELOPING STORY🚨: Carson Palmer out at least 8 weeks after breaking his left arm vs. Rams. (via ESPN's Adam Schef…
Caleb’s fantasy woes - Ex QB: Rogers out for the season. *picks up Carson Palmer*. breaks arm.
."Keep Calm and Carry On"? Not going to work for fans after their team's trip to London
LONDON -- Arizona Cardinals quarterback will have surgery to repair his b…
I wonder if there is a NFL free agent QB with NFC West experience who could replace Carson Palmer?
Carson Palmer to miss eight weeks with broken arm
Nice to see, but too little, too late to pull out a win. Get well soon Carson Palmer, and when you do…
Cardinals QB Carson Palmer has broken arm, out at least 8 weeks
Cardinals QB Carson Palmer expected to miss eight weeks with broken arm
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer leaves game, has broken left arm & hurt feelings.
I’m the FFL kiss of death. Last week Aaron Rogers, this week Carson Palmer. If I start you at QB your season is done.
I picked up Carson Palmer to replace Aaron Rodgers after his injury...
Palmer has broken arm, could miss season
with Carson Palmer out o Boy AP about to get touches on touches
Breaking: The Cardinals will likely be without Carson Palmer for two months.
Arizona need em.. they choose handicapped *** Carson Palmer over Colin. It's wild
Cardinals announce that Carson Palmer broke his left arm and will likely miss 8 weeks.
Every move and player ive touched in Fantasy Football this year has been tragic. Used Carson Palmer as fill for a bye. One Start, Broke Arm.
Heartbreak: Tracking the worst moments from Week 7
And got Carson palmer hurt... don't miss him 😬
Carson Palmer suffered broken arm in loss to and will miss ~8 weeks, basically rest of season. Will he play again for
called it Carson Palmer was gonna break his arm this year!!!
.& dish on how the Cardinals must react to Carson Palmer's injury
QB Carson Palmer broke his arm and is out about 8 weeks, according to coach Bruce Arians. It’s Drew Stanton from…
Sad the NFL keeps losing the best players. Carson Palmer and Jay Cutler? *** 😢😢
Supergirl, er, Drew Stanton takes over for Carson Palmer as Arizona Cardinals QB - Washington Post
*** Sunday has been a bad day in the Carson Palmer got injured, got injured, got injured and so did Cutler
Drew Stanton to start vs. 49ers as Cardinals lose Carson Palmer to broken arm
Carson Palmer going down is going to do me in. Take my first L on the season
By the way, Carson Palmer got hurt on a play where Adrian Peterson whiffed in pass pro.
Bro you got out muscled by Carson Palmer.
Carson Palmer must hand in his jersey asap.
Cardinals' Carson Palmer to miss 8 weeks with broken arm
Cardinals' Palmer to miss 8 weeks with broken arm
Cardinals are the prefect storm to end the Colin Kaepernick standoff
BA says Carson Palmer will have surgery on his broken arm and likely miss 8 weeks.
Cardinals will stick with Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert to replace the injured Carson Palmer, for now
Carson Palmer will have surgery on his broken left arm and miss eight weeks.
I don't even know if Carson palmer makes a teams ring of honor
It's going to be a while before we see Carson Palmer again. Story on the QB here: ▶️
There is no coach better suited to end the Colin Kaepernick standoff than Bruce Arians.
If AP can fill in for David Johnson then Colin Kapernick should be able to fill in for the Star QB…
Arizona they just suck anyway with or without Carson Palmer
Tfw you trade away Larry Fitzgerald a week before Carson Palmer gets hurt
Carson Palmer out with broken left arm, needs surgery
lose QB Carson Palmer for 8 games with broken left arm
Beaten and broken: lose Carson Palmer, shut out by in London
Alec Ogletree's hit knocks out Arizona QB Carson Palmer for weeks.
David Johnson wants to get Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald a ring - One News Page
Cardinals found magic with Adrian Peterson, Carson Palmer, Larry Fi... via | 🚀 by…
A pic of Carson Palmer, Adrian Peterson, and Larry Fitzgerald warming up before going out and lighting up the Bucs: ht…
should I drop Carson Palmer and pick up Matt Cassel as Mariota insurance, or just stick with Palmer?
The Cardinals got Carson Palmer, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Chris Johnson. That *** is like a retirement home. 😂
The Cardinals now have Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald. . Dream team in Madden 09.
yo buddy. Would you trade Chris Thompson and Carson Palmer for Jordan Howard(PPR)? I have Wentz. Assuming yes but CHI stink
Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, and Chris Johnson. The Cardinals would be Super Bowl favorites if this…
Week 4: "Larry Fitzgerald is the greatest WR of our time" - Carson Palmer . Week 5: Larry Fitzgerald has 4 catches against the Eagles
DE Brandon Graham says Eagles can NOT drool over the fact Cardinals QB Carson Palmer is the MOST sacked QB…
Carson Palmer hits Larry Fitzgerald for game-winning touchdown in OT
Carson Palmer may finally be forced to hang em up. Demarcus Lawrence is not as good as Brandon Graham. Veldheer gonna get him killed
Carson Palmer agains SF...with no David Johnson. Sign me up
should I sir David Carr for DeShawb Watson and or sit him for another quarterbak Carson Palmer, Wentz, or Dalton who are available
Yesterday, Carson Palmer became just the 4th QB in history to have 💯 TD passes with two teams.
Is attempting 132 passes over 3 games part of Carson Palmer's new weekly maintenance that will help keep him fresh? 😏
Carson Palmer has thrown 100 TDs with 2 teams, but Steve DeBerg threw 196 TDs with no one player catching 15 of them
Carson Palmer's Jake Delhomme moment should have Cardinals thinking about the future - ProFootballTalk
It looks like Carson Palmer lost a bet. 😅
I hope Bruce Arians gets fired and Carson Palmer slips and breaks his butt bones...
You know how QB’s often get their Offensive Linemen gifts and dinner? Carson Palmer ain’t about that life this year prob…
If you think this is Carson Palmer's fault then you don't know anything about football.
The Cardinals Carson Palmer arrived for the game last night wearing a unicorn costume. Why a unicorn?
Just a shockingly bad start. Carson Palmer just shredded the pass defense, boom-boom-boom. That time, ABrown and Heath…
Here are some of my Week 4 QB waiver targets:. Jared Goff . Carson Palmer (plays SF). Deshaun Watson . DeShone Kizer
Carson Palmer on the dog days of training camp (from Arizona Republic in Phoenix)
Cards are overrated, never loved Carson Palmer.
No time in the pocket for Carson Palmer! The O-LINE WAS TERRIBLE
GM Steve Keim commended Carson Palmer for his performance "under those circumstances."
Know who Tom Brady would have been if he'd been drafted by anyone but the Patriots? Carson Palmer.
I really don't like Carson Palmer bro...
Kinda seems like Carson Palmer lost a bet...😂
Carson Palmer joins exclusive club with 100th touchdown as Cardinal
I'll tell ya what, Carson Palmer came ready to play tonight. He had this game circled in his palm pilot, man. Just call it…
37 year old Carson Palmer to 34 year old Larry Fitzgerald for the 15 yard TD!
They do bets with each other and looks like Carson Palmer lost
Entering today, only 12 QBs have thrown for over 45,000 career pass yards. Cardinals QB Carson Palmer just became the 13th.
Carson Palmer joins select club with 100th touchdown as a Cardinal
Alex Boone suffered an injury on MNF, and Carson Palmer said, "We lost Alex tonight," per Status TBD
Bruce Arians lays the blame on the offensive line after Carson Palmer takes six sacks
Carson Palmer completed 13 of 15 attempts to Larry Fitzgerald and 16 of 33 attempts to all others.
That's in stark contrast to the opener against…
Carson Palmer looked so good early in the game and it looks like he still did well stat-wise. That OL/running game not working hurts
Also, that Carson Palmer fella must be a decent quarterback for them to have named that sweet tea and lemonade drink af…
Carson Palmer becomes the 13th QB in to reach 45,000 career passing yards!
completed 29 of 48 passes for 325 yards and two touchdowns in Monday night's…
Palmer among 4 QBs with 100 TDs on 2 teams
QB Carson Palmer is 3rd in NFL in passing yards behind only Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady. Larry Fitz leads…
Carson Palmer is looking pathetic in the pocket omg
Looks like Carson Palmer lost the QB bucket challenge... 😂.
Arizona Cardinals vs Dallas Cowboys: The Good, the bad and the ugly
If your arm is like Carson Palmer this murder sir
Larry Fitzgerald deserves better than this. Stuck in purgatory with Carson Palmer bum ***
1 - Get pressure on Carson Palmer. . 6 sacks and was uncomfortable all night. Check.
BEST DRESSED: Cam Newton and Carson Palmer sure know how to dress for an occasion... but we think has…
The difference between Carson Palmer and Tom Brady is how they treat their bodies off the field .
Carson Palmer has had more Cowboys on top of him in the last 5 minutes than Tom Brady on "Rodeo Night" at the club
Big TD! Solid lead! Thank God it's Carson Palmer and not Tom Brady!
Tom Brady could have jaundice and still be better looking than Carson Palmer.
Carson Palmer is *** Larry should be catching passes from Tom Brady.
Carson Palmer with the QB sneak reminds me of Tom Brady
Carson Palmer made Fitzgerald look like the cornerback on that throw.
Carson Palmer looks like Dexter had sex with Tom Brady
If you add Carson Palmer's age & Larry Fitzgerald's age I still don't think they equal Tom Brady's age.
Just like spare *** Semien looking like Tom Brady last week. Then lost to the Bills. Carson Palmer barely beat the colts
The Cowboys defense is making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady :(
The Dallas defense is out there making Carson Palmer look like Tom Bardy.
Leave it to the Cowboys to make Carson Palmer look like he's Tom Brady
Carson Palmer out there looking like Tom Brady! Just when I thought we had a decent defense!!
One week after making Simien look like Manning, Cowboys making 85-year old Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady.
Scandrick goes to the locker room meanwhile we make Trevor Siemian and Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
11 straight completions. Y'all making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
Cowboys are making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
Carson Palmer is looking like Tom Brady out there
defense making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady.
Leave it to our d to make Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
making Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady shredding the D
Is it me or does Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady in the pocket right now? 😂
Tom Brady is 3 years older than Carson Palmer... Do any of us REALLY understand how great TB12 is?! 🐐 🐐 🐐
Only the Cowboys can let Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady smh
Dallas about to make Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady
I think of Carson Palmer as an old man and Tom Brady as ancient. Then I realize I'm older than the 1st and 1yr younger than the later. 😥
Carson Palmer arriving to MNF like he lost his fantasy football league 😂
Trent Dilfer on how Carson Palmer can get the passing game going tonight: "He's gotta be Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady" ... welp
No way Tony COWBOYS - 3 Carson Palmer is done as an NFL QB
When Aaron Rogers, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Luke Kuechly, or Carson Palmer kneel, thats when this gets interesting
It's OK for Bruce Arians to call out Carson Palmer but not for Ben McAdoo to do it to that other Manning?
With the loss of David Johnson and you factor in Carson Palmer not playing too well I really don't think there's nothing to worry about
Tony Romo and Kurt Warner from the broadcast booth looking at Carson Palmer right now
(Bruce Arians on Carson Palmer criticism:) - . CLOSE. Shot Clock video: ... - - Cincy…
Bruce Arians on Carson Palmer criticism: 'He don't give a s--t'
Bruce Arians said "the quarterback has to play better" because he knows Carson Palmer can take it:
Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer "looked a whole lot better" on the game film compared to what coach Bruce...
Bruce Arians on Carson Palmer: 'The quarterback has to play better' The A…
Bruce Arians after viewing video of Carson Palmer: “He played a whole lot better than I thought he did”
Don't worry about Carson Palmer. He can handle the criticism, Bruce Arians says.
Carson Palmer of Arizona Cardinals takes critical remarks in stride, Bruce Arians says: via
Still not impressed they beat us without David Johnson and a washed up Carson Palmer and they beat a weak Eli Giants team
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Arizona Cardinals before Carson Palmer is not satisfied with the criticism of Bruce Arians
Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer not pleased with criticism from Bruce Arians
Cardinals' Carson Palmer takes some heat, along with rest of offense via
They graded Matt Ryan at 68. Lower than Carson Palmer and Tom Brady's terrible performances. No su…
Pro tip: Don't ask Bruce Arians why Carson Palmer practiced today.
Carson Palmer is more Jay Cutler than Jay Cutler even.
Carson Palmer is more washed than Howie Mandel's hands.
Scott Tolzein, Jared Goff, Josh McCown, Carson Palmer, Brian Hoyer starting games today...Kaep can't eem get a backup job.
Tell me why it's gonna be any different for Carson Palmer this season?
Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer looking at each other's stat lines today
NFL QBs that Colin Kaepernick is better than: Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins, Brian Hoter, Jared Goff, Josh McCown, Carson Palmer, etc.
I've seen Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez but Sam Darold is just on another level.
.OC Steve Sarkisian was Carson Palmer's position coach at USC
What the *** How is the pick six vs Cincy when he ran over his college teammate Carson Palmer as…
Pick 6 where he ran over his college roommate (Carson Palmer)
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Blake Bortles threw 35 TD's in '15. Cam Newton, Carson Palmer & Eli Manning did too. 2015 was not a representation of any of these guys.
OC/OLine coach Harold Goodwin message to OL about blocking for QB Carson Palmer: "Either you protect him, or I'm not goin…
would you rather have Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton throwing to you
Carson Palmer reminds me of Andy Dalton
Jamarcus Russell, Kyle Boller, Carson Palmer, the list goes on for a decade.
The ceiling has a name: it is called Carson Palmer.
Bruce Arians says Carson Palmer throws the best deep ball out of Peyton, Lu…
Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Andrew Luck, and Carson Palmer. All great QBs that have what in common?
After the 2017 season... Carson Palmer will decide on his NFL future:
"Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert competing to backup Carson Palmer" { by Charean Williams } via
3 studs: Carson Palmer. &. "The bounce back year is going to be big" -
Close.Rodgers,Big Ben,Brees, Newton,Wilson,Brady,Luck,Carson Palmer,Matt Ryan...and up for grabs
Really don't know why Carson Palmer's nickname isn't CP3?
Other current QBs who might trade in their cleats for a microphone someday? Carson Palmer, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers
"Front-foot lead" pocket movement and "minimal to no-stride" by Carson Palmer to complete the flat route out of the backf…
Currently, Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady and the man, the myth, the legend, Jimmy Garoppolo (if you belie…
Where will the find Carson Palmer's successor?
Carson Palmer low key just mad because Tom Brady got 4 rings and his sorry *** has 0 maybe next time Carson
Carson Palmer did not play in his first year is the number one overall pick.
What is Deshone Kizer's floor? Blake Bortles and Jay Cutler. His ceiling? Carson Palmer and call me INSANE here but.Aaron Rodgers.
His NFL comparison is Carson Palmer but he said he's Tom Brady and Cam Newton combined 😂😂😂
If the Cardinals draft a quarterback who ends up sitting this season behind Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton,...
Keep an eye out for me, Carson Palmer, on the Arizona Cardinals this year. I'm taking it to the hoop.
Cardinals GM \'would\'ve bet\' Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald would be back(ESPN)
Giving up two first rounders for a retired Carson Palmer when Jason Campbell broke his collarbone
If the cardinals had Tim Tebow, they would have won that division. Carson Palmer does not fire up a team like tebow
He hasn't talked to Sam Darnold yet but Carson Palmer can't wait to meet and throw with the next great…
GM Steve Keim says team needs successor to QB Carson Palmer -
Cardinals GM says he has 'to do a better job' finding Carson Palmer's heir
Steve Keim: We have to find QB to follow Carson Palmer -
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
QB Carson Palmer announces he'll be back next season, Who signed kicker Blair Walsh!? & what Steve Young sa…
Do you think he gets an opportunity to start? Like the Browns? Or backups an older qb e.i. Big Ben, Carson Palmer? Or maybe Jets, Broncos?
Jacoby Brissett has more Superbowl rings than Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Dan Marino combined.
How to be the worst quarterback in football ft. Carson Palmer
Open question ... Most believe if Carson Palmer goes, Fitz is a goner, too, but Fitz retirement wouldn't necessarily mean…
Story to watch: A month after the season, don’t know if Carson Palmer & Larry Fitzgerald will return
Carson Palmer last year 6 INT's and Kordell Stewart was terrible in 1997 and 2001. Richard Todd is the worst but that was in 82
how is David Johnson not in the MVP conversation? The man touches the ball just as much as Carson Palmer.
what time does the "great" David Johnson and Carson Palmer play this weekend
without a decent line, Carson will be David Carr, instead of Carson Palmer
Carson Palmer: Ends season with three TD throws -
Carson Palmer hopes Jared Goff learns from mistakes
'Carson Palmer enjoys a successful return to the Coliseum' via
Carson Palmer was my biggest let down.. Too inconsistent
Last time Carson Palmer lost a game at the Coliseum, Ichiro Suzuki was a rookie, Cal Ripken was still playing and George H…
Carson Palmer enjoys a successful return to the Coliseum
Arizona Carson Palmer# 3 salute to service Xlarge sticthed…
Possibility exists that he could just have had bad luck & be a late bloomer. Ppl were calling Alex Smith a bust. Carson Palmer. Rich Gannon
Until they saw that even Carson Palmer is faster than Minter. Minter would only hamper whoever he's teamed up with.
Carson Palmer-led teams have outscored blue-wearing LA teams 71-6 all-time at the Coliseum. Also allowed only 118 yards pe…
Carson Palmer slings 3 TDs in season finale
Carson Palmer with a bloody cut lip after sustaining a hit as you can see.
WEEK 17: Carson Palmer throws 3 TD passes, as the romp the 44-6. Los Angeles ends season on a 7-game losing streak.
Kizer is nothing like Carson Palmer was in the accuracy or experience departments, like, at all. And I was not a Pa…
Fun seeing 's own Carson Palmer and his family on the field after today's Rams/Cardinals game.…
Cards steam into offseason with 44-6 win over miserable Rams: Carson Palmer threw touchdown passes to Jeremy Ross,……
In this draft? Like Carson Palmer coming out of USC? That's a null set, as I see it.
Your Carson Palmer gamble didn't pay off.
Congrats to Carson Palmer. In the first half, he surpassed 4,000 passing yards on the season.
It's 2017 and Carson Palmer still owns the Coliseum.
Familiar feeling for alum Carson Palmer when leaving the today.
Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, and Jameis Winston are at home while Brock Osweiler/Tom Savage vs Matt McGloin is a playoff matchup. 🙃
Dating back to their time at USC, Carson Palmer has won 10 straight games at The Coliseum while DT Frostee Rucker is now 19…
Surprised that Gregg Williams hasn't called in a Code Red for Carson Palmer, too
Michael Floyd just didn't like Carson Palmer. That boy alive and living his dreams out at New England
*** Michael Floyd went from Carson Palmer to Tom Brady TD passes. . His 2017 glo-up is real af 💅🏾
Michael Floyd had to drink to cope with Carson Palmer being his QB this year and got a DUI. now this dudes on THE super bowl contender. Smh.
Carson Palmer returns to Coliseum for first time since clinching Heisman Trophy there
coach Bruce Arians on QB Carson Palmer's season: "He was a victim of the injuries."
Do you think Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer want to meet us at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the playoffs?
Bruce Arians is fired, Carson Palmer is getting cut, Larry Fitzgerald is gonna retire.
Bruce Arians just sent Carson Palmer out to die it seems
Michael Bennett sacks Carson Palmer on the opening drive.
Cards fans - Do you expect Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer + Bruce Arians to all return next year? If they do, will the team be a contender?
ICYMI: Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer are coming back next year. . How do we know? They said so.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"The horses ain't ready to go yet" - Bruce Arians on knowing QB Carson Palmer plans on being back next season
Cardinals fans - Do you expect Bruce Arians, Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer to all return next year?
Matthew Stafford or Carson Palmer also Jeremy Hill or Jordan Howard and Amari Cooper or Mike Thomas
ask Andrew do he still think Carson Palmer killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman?
Can you make me feel confident about starting Russel Wilson tonight over Carson Palmer, Tyrod Taylor or Matt Stafford. ty.
Let me guess... these players just happen to be Matt Ryan, Russel Wilson, Demarius Thomas, Carson Palmer, and Jameis Wi…
Quarterbacks who should not start the 2nd half: RGIII & Carson Palmer. Kickers who should be cut at half: Mike Nugent and Cha…
Cameron Wake with a sack of Carson Palmer.
To all the Alex Smith haters. Carson Palmer throws for more yards than him, but who would you rather have?
[NFL: Videos] Mike Hull capitalizes on tipped pass, picks off Carson Palmer - NFL Videos
MLB Mike Hull gets his first career interception in his first career start of QB Carson Palmer.
Carson Palmer tried to force the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. It was knocked into the air and picked by Mike Hull. Dolphins in business.
Mike Hull just picked off Carson Palmer. Kiko who???
Since I'm on it lol my fav college football players to watch: Mike Vick, Carson Palmer, Troy Polamalu, Reggie Bush, Lattimore,
Alex Smith is looking like Carson Palmer out there.
if the Dolphins want to beat Carson Palmer they will need to Blitz Occasionally . That would throw monkey wrench in Cardinal plans
Aaron Rodgers or Carson Palmer? I've been rolling Rodgers since week 1 but it's Seattle! But they lost Earl Thomas.
when you have David Johnson, Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and the no flight zone on defense and you still can't win
Carson Palmer needs 74 passing yards to move past Dan Fouts for 14th on the career list.
Pretty sad the Falcons haven't sacked Carson Palmer once. Arizona OL a mash unit. Dan Quinn is a defensive guy and can't figure this out?
I'm finished with the Carson Palmer era. I'd rather watch Drew Stanton and see if he can play.
Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton is average right now, Carson Palmer
.Flea Flicker!. Carson Palmer to back to Palmer to
I have Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer and Matt Ryan. Jeremy Hill will process today on the 9th.
Somebody in my league just dropped Carson Palmer for a BYE DST, pounce? My other QB (we start 1) is Luck
Carson Palmer and Tony Romo need to think about taking their talents elsewhere
kinda like how Mike Brown wasn't gonna trade Carson Palmer until Hue Jackson went nuts in Oakland
I got Russell Westbrook and Carson Palmer on my Fantasy league. I didn't start neither QB, I'll stick with Derek Carr
No WR John Brown for tonight. QB Carson Palmer ready to go. Full inactives:.
Agree w/ Ben on Maggie. . But what Michael Bennett will be doing to Carson Palmer at the same time on NBC will be worse
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It would be really cool if Carson Palmer could make some throws to John Brown and Michael Floyd. I think David Johnson has had enough work
Down over 20 coming into tonight. We have David Johnson and John Brown. He has Carson Palmer and Brandon Marshall.
Should I trade Eli manning and Cameron brate or Charles Clay for Carson Palmer?
From Kerry Collins to Jamarcus Russel, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer and TP we finally got our guy
Man this makes me look like a homer. Just got loads of injuries. Carson Palmer, Cam, Dez, Diggs, Eifert, Blount +…
Ivan met Carson Palmer at Chipotle, he's fangirling so hard!
Carson Palmer ruled out for Thursday vs. 49ers |
I have Cam Newton and Carson Palmer! Should I grab Paxton Lynch or Derrick Anderson???
Gotta stay with Floyd there. He still has Carson Palmer
Mike Lombardi: I call Carson Palmer mr. Ed because he's a Workhorse and also has big teeth
Just saw CARSON PALMER at in-n-out in Yuma. Know where he is going
coach Bruce Arians said Carson Palmer is in the concussion protocol & they'll be "very, very careful." Thursday…
tied with Carson Palmer at in the NFL in times being sacked at 12.
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