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Carrie Fischer

Carrie Frances Fisher (born October 21, 1956) is an American actress, novelist, screenwriter, and performance artist.

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.Postcards from the Edge perfectly describes a lib, how fitting a semi-autobiographical movie by Carrie Fischer
"Take your broken heart. Turn it into art." -Carrie Fischer
The amazing Meryl paying tribute to her dear friend Carrie Fischer "Take your broken heart. Make it into art". Powe…
'Take your broken heart and make art'. Carrie Fischer. # via
"Take your broken heart, make it into art." -told to Meryl Streep by Carrie Fischer ❤
"Take your broken heart, and turn it into art.". Carrie Fischer
"Take your broken heart, make it into art”. -A piece of advice from Carrie Fischer to
"Take your broken heart, make it into art." ~ Very beautiful quote from Meryl Streep a la Carrie Fischer (RIP).
"Take your broken heart and turn into art!" -- Meryl Streep quoting the late Carrie Fischer 💛🌻
I think this is one woman we can agree we ALL admire!! Love what Carrie Fischer told her once…
Tom Hiddleston on Carrie Fischer: "If we can take any lesson from her, it's to live as fully as we can" htt…
First you review a David Bowie movie right before his death now Carrie Fischer? Something you boys want to share with us?
David Bowie and Alan Rickman on the way in and George Michael and Carrie Fischer on the way out. This about covers it.…
saddened by the loss of Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds... could we lose Ryan Reynolds to balance things out?
Prince, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, David Bowie, Carrie Fischer & Debby Reynolds, not even all of them. 2016 is just ruthless
2016 has taken away Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fischer & now Debbie Reynolds. This is one sad year
David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fischer, Debbie Reynolds, John Glenn, and so many more great people have passed this year.
Carrie Fischer, George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, loss. Look after our friends you just never know.
David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Carrie Fischer, Gene Wilder, and any more I missed. 2016 was a real *** of a year.
Like, You could have let us keep Carrie Fischer and David Bowie and TOTALLY taken Donald Trump or Bill O'Reilly and we'd've been A-OK w/that
Sad that David Bowie, Carrie Fischer, Michael Jackson, etc. didn't sign up for ...
Summarily, Carrie Fischer brought an amazing character and one of the biggest bad *** in all of sci fi to life. W…
Do you think David Bowie and Carrie Fischer are chilling in space together
David Bowie and Carrie Fischer in the same year. Too hard 😔😔
This year we lost a lot of beautiful people like Carrie Fischer, George Michael,Alan Rickman,David Bowie..lets hope next year will be beter
Celebrities that died in 2016: From David Bowie to Caroline Aherne: Star Wars actress Carrie Fischer joined a long…
My mom on Cronenberg's "Maps to the Stars": "Weird but good, except the actress who played Carrie Fischer looked nothing like her.
Aww I love how Carrie Fischer brings her dog everywhere with her
Non racists shouldn't wear safety pins, racists should just wear klan robes, I agree with Carrie Fischer
Carrie Fischer on what she thinks about Nigel Farage "he supports Donald Trump so he's a total moron" 😂
Why is Carrie Underwood always singing about women killing their husbands? Does Mike Fischer know about this?!
Are we talking script doctor? Or a real doctor that's willing to work for script? If the former, I hear Carrie Fischer's good.
I remember one line in Carrie Fischer's book Postcards: "Marry me and divorce me and take me for all I'm worth." It resonated.
really you should just name Carrie Underwood albums. Cause Mike Fischer 🐐
also Carrie Fischer has a flamethrower
the Blues Brothers, when Belushi made out with Carrie Fischer
I didn't get the hype for Snapchat filters but then I face swapped Carrie Fischer in the Star Wars Holiday Special.
I love old pics, and Carrie Fischer. Personally I wish they did something different w/ the slave outfit.
Nerd-gasm. Stan Lee and Carrie Fischer to make an appearance at
just for that I am going to send you a pic of Carrie Fischer in a bikini. In 2015!
same here, still hoping for that Carrie Fischer auto!
Finally put it together that Chanel wears earmuffs because she's Carrie Fischer's daughter. 😍
Sounded like Belushi in the Blues Brothers explaining why he stood Carrie Fischer up at the wedding.
Please stand with my wife, abortion survivor Carrie Holland Fischer and myself, as we seek to step up our...
Carrie Underwood. Mike Fischer, and she doesn't cheat.
How about a sci-fi famous to the famous day? Girls like Marina Sirtis, Carrie Fischer, Jeri Ryan, Gillian Anderson...?
Tell me a good movie with Harrison Ford, Mark Hammil or Carrie Fischer within the last 10-15 years, (live action)
NEW POLL: freedom patriot leads Carrie Fischer by 34-23 margin in
Good riddance, you turncoat. Carrie Fischer defeats Danielle Smith
awesome day for Democracy in Alberta. The people of Highwood have made a wise choice. Congratulations to Carrie Fischer!
Carrie Fischer has put her name in the ring to challenge Danielle Smith for the Seat.
A young Carrie Fischer in yoga pants is a *** the size of a Star Destroyer
I don't think Felicity Jones looked like Carrie Fischer until she was told to...
We are so PROUD to have Dusty Fischer join RE/MAX Elite! ~ Honored to be in BUSINESS with YOU!!! ~ Outstanding...
I never realized Carrie Fischer was so short! Short for a Stormtrooper indeed; she could have dated Kenny at that height!
Whether the Nashville Predators win or lose this game tonight, Mike Fischer wins either way by going home with Carrie Underwood
Pucksluts,. You'll never have a hockey relationship like mike Fischer and Carrie underwood. . Sincerely, every hockey player
Carrie Fischer is nailing her lines despite being high af because she's A PROFESSIONAL
Trivia Answer:. Jenna Fischer whose real name is actually Regina Marie Fischer, daughter of xxx, 1/2 sister of Carrie Fischer or Prncs Leah.
David Crosby, George Lucas, and Carrie Fischer all have cameos as well.
especially if it's Mark Hamill or Carrie Fischer...or Harrison Ford...
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John Hurt, Stan Lee and Carrie Fischer turn out for the London Film and Comic ...
We love And Fred G. Sanford was a national treasure. /rt Fred Sanford & Carrie Fischer from the show
Well Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Harrison Ford are confirmed to return so Luke, Leia, and Han should appear as well.
OMG the Big Bang theory in 7 seasons is still so amazing! James Earl Jones and Carrie Fischer in an episode I'm so happy!
Latest episode of Big Bang with James Earl Jones and Carrie Fischer has to be one of the funniest things I've seem in ages!!!
Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer and Harrison Ford are reportedly all confirmed to be in the next Star Wars movie. This old school girl is diggin' it. Thoughts?
Here is the young Carrie Fischer on the Beach in her Slave Leia Bikini!
The best thing about this besides Boba Fett was the commercials, and Carrie Fischer singing high as a kite, and Luke's clay face, and Chewie's father in law whacking it to Diane Carroll .
Just read an infuriating conversation revolving around a RotJ era pic of Carrie Fischer in a bikini. One of the first comments laments "what happened to her???" and it just devolved from there, until it was somehow a condemnation of all those "attention *** at conventions (by which I assume they meant cosplayers/women they found attractive/women) and finished up somewhere between misrepresenting Gail Simone and her Women in Refrigerators project, "stupid" women "deserve to be objectified", and saying women don't want equality they want to be on "pedestals". ::sigh:: For the record: what "happened" to Carrie Fischer is called "normal human aging", something that happens to every single person, including women. No matter how much you liked to fantasize about her sexually, Carrie Fischer is a person and human things have happened to her. Like treatment for severe mental illness, life, aging, having a child, etc. She's a person. This is what people do. She was not required to look one way for the rest of ...
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Turns out I share a birthday with Archbishop Allen Vigneron, Benjamin Netanyahu, Whitey Ford, Carrie Fischer, Judge Judy, Zack Greinke, and... Kim Kardashian. Cant win 'em all, I guess!
George Lucas is totally fantasizing about 1979 Carrie Fischer in this pic...look at all that sadness
Obscure facts you might not know about Star Wars. Who knew...? 1. We all know “A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” But did you know that the original draft by George Lucas read: “A long, long time ago, in the not-too-distant future…” Luckily, someone pointed out to George that this made no sense. 2. The Sith were originally called The Damned, but a British band with the same name debuted in February 1977, forcing Lucas to dub over the word with “Sith” in post-production. To this day, Lucas hates all punk rock. 3. Before the role of Princess Leia was offered to Carrie Fischer, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep and (in what would’ve been a daring move for its time) Diana Ross were all strongly considered. 4. I say daring because Billy Dee Williams was the first African-American in a science fiction film! 5. The part of Han Solo was originally offered to a young Jeff Goldblum, who turned it down to co-star in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.” Unfortunately, Goldblum’s on-screen tim ...
JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode VII may cast Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Tudors, Dracula). He would be the first since Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer. S...
Yes, my name is Carri Underwood. Yes I know there is a country star with the same name. No I will not sing for you. Do you really think that she would be calling to set up a payment plan with consumer's energy? Do you really think she gives two flying flips what her current mortgage interest rate is? Thanks for wasting my time with this gushing over someone that isn't me. I think I'll change my name. How about Carrie Fischer?
John Belushi, James Brown, Carrie Fischer. I bet they used a lot of blow on the set of The Blues Bros. Filmed in 1980. Blizzard in Chicago.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Mike Fischer scored getting Carrie underwood, but can't score a goal.
ODB Rangers would like to welcome Carrie Underwood to the Big Apple and oh yah her purse holder Mike Fischer
You know what Carrie Fischer said that looks like….
it's both Dementia Carrie Fischer Dementia A Sweet young girl who smoked the catipillars pipe & went over the edge
Amazing! talks about wearing LANCE FISCHER to online today!
The Mike Fischer- Railing any blonde who looks like Carrie Underwood
mike Fischer is married to Carrie underwood. He is clearly doing something right.
Carrie Underwood is my idol. She is drop dead gorgeous, she's an amazing singer and she seems like a really good person
REPORT: Harrison Ford says "I think it's happening" to Ford, Carrie Fischer and Mark Hamill returning for Star Wars: Episode VII!
So apparently Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer signed on for Star Wars Episode VII. This better be a true statement.
Carrie Fischer now as slave leia, can't be unseen
Carrie Fischer is signed on for the next Star Wars movie. Mark, Harrison the rest of the gang? Y'all better sign on the dotted line.
Carrie Fischer is signed up for Star Wars episode VII!
Just read Carrie Fischer has agreed to be in Star Wars VII. Will someone please hide the metal bikini.
Carrie Fischer returns to Star Wars
Carrie Fischer is set to return as Princess Leia in Star Wars VII. I think I speak for geeks and heterosexual men everywhere when I say…PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO METAL BIKINI THIS TIME!
Epic. Carrie Fischer is a babe. Harrison Ford is the man. And the others are Darth Vader (David Prowse),...
The Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend. It is sold out. I have a three day pass. I will be there with my flyers. I'm very excited about going. Sir Patrick Stewart is going to be there along with a ton of other people I'd love to see. Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame, I'm going to try to get a signed Abe Sapien drawing. Carrie Fischer, Adam West and Burt Ward, Christopher Lloyd (hopefully I can get a signed DeLorian photo) and Dirk Benedict (I had quite the crush on him back in the day). Also Larry Elmore who is one of my favorite artists. I heard a rumor that Nene Thomas might be there, she is my very favorite artist. Editing is moving along despite the lost weekends to Comic Cons. I've made some wonderful changes and really brought some of the characters, like Christopher and Stephan Persi to life. I will keep you updated as to my Comic Con impressions and thoughts. I still look good for perhaps even an early March release date for In The Flesh. As always I hope you enjoy reading it as much, ...
What do Robert Downey Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Carrie Fischer all have in common? What about Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Winston Churchhill, Beethoven and Mozart also have in common with the previous list? They are all thought to suffer from Bipolar Disorder.
So, Mark Hamill said that he, Carrie Fischer, and Harrison Ford were asked by George Lucas if they wanted to reprise their roles in the upcoming sequels.He also apparently said that if they couldn't the roles wouldn't be recast, they'd be written out. You know, though I love Luke, Han, and Leia it'd be cool if the new sequels did a time-skip.
Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer and Harrison are on for the next Star Wars!!.to play parents of the mains..oh how cliche...
Sick! Tonight I saw TOMMY CHONG, Anne Hanthaway, Neve Campbell(Scream) Carrie Fischer, Lisa Marie Presley, the cast of Mad Men, that one talent search guy the British one the judge lol, sooo many it was badass.
Welp, the new Star Wars movie coming out in may 2015 starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fischer just ruined everything
“Did you notice that Debbie Reynolds now looks better than Carrie Fischer.” She always did IMHO
Carrie Fischer: "Maturity is a stoic response to an endless reality."
Does hanging out with Carrie Fischer make you feel like you're on drugs again? Kinda seems that she'd have that effect.
Carrie Fischer would be proud. Nice work!
Lucas is still over seeing everything though and Harrison Ford and mark hamel and Carrie Fischer are all coming back
I'm kind of excited for this new Carrie Diaries show. :P
i was commenting on Sarah Jane! How much she looks like like Carrie Fischer
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So Mike Fischer is a pro hockey player, married to Carrie Underwood, and also an actor... Yeah he's in Transformers
I think all this hate between you and Carrie Fischer is unrequited love. You know you love the metal bikini
yeah. I know why. Carrie Fischer chained around his neck. ;)
Am afraid to say I read this as "Carrie Fischer realises Disney will cast someone else to play Leia" via
Juliette and her husband are portraying Carrie Underwood and Mike Fischer.
“I was cursed with expensive taste and a low budget.”
Michael & his kids on their last Christmas eve together; actress Carrie Fischer was invited as a surprise for the kids
“Will Carrie Fischer be narrating it?” Someone's looking to be blocked! ;-)
I love this Debbie Reynolds tribute by Carrie Fischer.
rock the vintage Fischer sens jersey to the Carrie underwood concert
So Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer are the spawn of Hayden Christensen and Natalie Pittman mating huh?!
artmonia: Dusk by Christiane Vleugels Is she supposed to look like a younger Carrie Fischer?
Carrie Fischer cacarecos: Completely ruined me love life, mate. COMPLETELY.
how did you not realize that was Carrie Fischer?
Thanks to for the incredible LANCE FISCHER shout out on People online!
“Really wish I was going to the Carrie Underwood concert on Saturday 😔”
How is Carrie Fischer going to squeeze into her slave outfit for The years haven't been exactly kind. Looking forward to it.
Return off the Jedi is on.m Carrie Fischer
you realize Mike Fischer is one of those guys and married Carrie underwood right?
Wasn't impressed with the "Liz and *** movie. Why the Eff did they cast Lindsay lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor?!? I guess she can only portray drunken ridiculous *** because that's all she can do now. I lol Elizabeth Taylor but she was indeed a home wrecker and a *** Lifetime network made the previews of the movie look much more interesting than it really was. If anything I think the movie made Elizabeth Taylor look terrible as a human being. Especially when all she wanted to do was get a divorce from Eddie Fischer (who was her former late husbands best friend, who was married to her best friend, Debbie Reynolds who is Carrie Fischer, princess Laia from starwars' parents.) when infact Taylor ha an affair with her best friends husband to marry him and have another affair behind his back! *** is wrong with people. The movie was just ridiculous and raunchy.
"...suffering leads to alcohol, alcohol leads to hooking up w/ Carrie Fischer, which leads to a strange burning feeling..."
Am I the only nerd excited for Star Wars episode 7??! Carrie Fischer, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil reprising their roles! It'll be funny to see cuz Carrie Fischer now sounds like James Earl Jones.
constantly getting chills because Carrie Underwood is an angel
Also Carrie Fischer is tiny. She's miniature compared to the rest of the cast.
Opening sequence of A New Hope extinguishes the entirety of the "prequel's" validity whatsoever Maybe it's just Carrie Fischer's lip gloss
All I want for Christmas... is for Disney to sign Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Harrison Ford for Star Wars VII-IX
Angus MacGyver coming to the silver screen near you? Helmed by the guys who brought you Saw and Insidious (by the way, Saw is already getting rebooted, lol). Kind of upset by this... Mark Whalberg confirmed to take over lead role in Transformers 4 which is set to take place 4 years after the attack on Chicago. None of the original cast is coming back, and there will be all-new transformers as well. A transformers movie without Optimus Prime? Hrm... Well there isn't a Megatron anymore, so I guess... Michael Arndt tagged to be the writer of the new Star Wars: Episode VII. Along with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, and Mark Hamill all ready and rarin' to come back to their block-buster characters of decades long past... Yes, DECADES... long past. Han Solo? Sure. Luke and Leia? PFft.
I read some things about the new Star Wars trilogy coming out, episodes VII VIII IX. They mentioned Mark Hamil and Carrie Fischer. They also mentioned that the new trilogy WILL be centered around Luke Skywalker. My question is simple. Do you guys think they should recast Luke Skywalker, or keep one of the already casted Skywalkers. Mark Hamil, Hayden Christensen, or someone new?
So Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer are cast for new Stars Wars movie? This should be interesting.
so Disney Purchased Lucas Films for 4 Billion dollars and will be making Star Wars 7, 8, and 9 and rumor has it Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and Harrison Ford are in talks to be in it wow
Even of the story of Star Wars goes on, how far can you go with it? Harrison Ford's pretty much moved on. Now Mark Hamill could come back, but the age of the character needs to be considered. Especially with Carrie Fischer.
There's a lot of speculation as to whether Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, or Carrie Fischer will appear in Star Wars Episode VII. My take is that I'd love to see it happen, at least with Hamill, but I wouldn't want him to be the lead. We've seen what happens when you have an older actor reclaim a role of his youth (cough-Indy-cough) and I just don't think it'd work. Instead, think of it more like Leonard Nimoy's role in the latest Star Trek - important, yes. Pivotal, even. But only on screen for about fifteen to twenty minutes as a way of officially passing the torch on to the new, younger heroes.
I admit that I am very upset with the whole Mickey consuming Star Wars thing. However, I must also admit that I am slightly excited to see if they can succeed with this. After all, there were originally supposed to be 9 movies. Whether I see this or not will hinge on whether or not Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford, or Carrie Fischer are involved.
if you love leia you need to read Carrie Fischer's book "wishful drinking" it's absolutely delightful and hilarious.
I wonder which Carrie Fischer will play Princess Lea
Now that Disney owns StarWars will they add Princess Leia to the lineup of Disney's princesses? I envsion they could rejuvenate Carrie Fischer's career with a Disney princesses: then and now reality series. They can rehash Leia's smoking and weight control battle, Ariel's lifelong struggle with drugs, Snow White's obessive hoading problems, or even Jasmine's wrecklace rampage with gang related violence. This could be HUGE!
I hear this Disney/Lucas Merger... and I go, cool, cool. Then I hear Episode VII. I go AW YEAH! Then I think for a second, wait... Logical Episode VII comes after Original Trilogy... like getting into the SW Expanded Universe from 30+ years of Novels... Starting with something major? Like say the Thrawn Trilogy? I can dream. Then George Lucas comes in and shatters my dreams. because to do that would mean to replace Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, and most sinful of all. Harrison Ford. Dang it... Now I am angry at George Lucas again.
In a fit of boredom/procrastination I was able to get from Paul Simon's Graceland to Plutarch on Wikipedia. Stops on my trip include Carrie Fischer, Batman, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, and Nero.
Straight from Carrie Fischer's mouth: "Alec Guinness once gave Mark Hamil twenty pounds to go away."
Ok next weekend is NYC Comic Com and I just got the list of who's going to be there which is the reason I'm getting my *** up that Sat morning and get there early because the ones I'm looking forward to seeing are Adam West, Burt Ward, Bill Paxton, Booker T, The Bella Twins, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Carrie Fischer, Sean Astin, Seth Green, Andrew Lincoln aka Rick from the Walking Dead, Norman Reemus aka Daryl from the Walking Dead, Rob Paulsen (the original voice of TMNT's Raphael & the new Donatello), Phil Lamaar (from MADTV and the voice of Static, Samurai Jack, & Green Lantern John Stewart), and J.D. Frank aka Tommy the original Green Ranger. With that many line-up, you guys think I'm going to wait and get there late, think again cause I got both my iphone and digital cam prepared for one big exciting adventure and that's what that next saturday is going to being: A ONE BIG *** EXCITING ADVENTURE and plus counting the fact that Webster Hall is having an after Comic Con bash that night from 11pm to 4am ...
Significant birthdays today. First, Happy Birthday Mark Hamill. Without you, the Evil Empire and the Dark Side of the Force might still be in power. It feels like it should be Carrie Fischer's birthday, too. Second, Happy Birthday Christopher Reeve. I don't care how many other people play Superman, none will do it better. RIP.
I had a dream that Carrie Fischer was talking about StarWars and I was having a lightsaber battle with Harrison Ford, I wake up and Carrie Fischer is talking about StarWars. No battle with Harrison Ford.
Carrie Fischer in The Blues Brothers is so sexy it's crazy. Like a young Alanis Morrisette.
"I learned two things tonight, bumping into Seth Green backstage. He is a big Star Wars fan, and I was apparently in Star Wars." - Carrie Fischer
Carrie Fischer to Wayne Brady during the Roast of Roseanne Barr: "Wayne, you're so white I tried to snort you backstage." If you haven't, you should read Carrie Fischer's autobiography 'Wishful Drinking.' I can hardly believe she was Princess Leia!
The littles and I finally watched the original Star Wars movie last night and they loved it. This afternoon they played it again. It's so funny to watch it now. You can tell who the experienced actors were. Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fischer were very amateur in that first film, not to mention how corny some of the scenes and lines were. Still a fun movie though.
I was thinking about actors in Star Wars and came up with this: Mark Hamil = Ewan McGregor (a mediocre career at best), Carrie Fischer = Hayden Christensen (Completely out of movies all together but shows up every decade or so) and finally Harrison Ford = Natalie Portman (oscar winning solid career, known and loved in the public everybody thinks there hot and Star Wars DID NOT KILL THEIR CAREER! Mindblow
"Reading her novels and watching her movies made me feel as if I had been sharing brunch on New York sidewalk cafe with her, Carrie Fischer and Meg Ryan for the last twenty years. I know I will miss her voice. It's irreplaceable. "
Watching "Return of the Jedi" for the 5000th time! I still can't get over the change in Carrie Fischer's appearance. But I love Han Solo!
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