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Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (born November 27, 1957) is an American author and attorney. She is a member of the influential Kennedy family and the only surviving child of U.S.

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I was one of Gillibrand's earliest defenders, back when the establishment wa…
just watched a very heart warming movie called Wonder last night. If you are really Caroline Kennedy…
Maybe you can also tell her that Neil Diamond is also a creep. Writing and performing a song about little Caroline Kennedy.
Omg yes please! I’m in Charlotte and they play it for the they don’t understand the song is about…
Be kind. "As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of kindness and decency." Caroline Kennedy
Right he is, I want that young Joe Kennedy fellow or Caroline to run?
Finally a great news!. She'll run for the U.S Senate in 2018... and then you know what that means, for...
Take them all out! I could live with John McCain if his health was better but prefer Joe Biden or Caroline Kennedy.
I think Joe Biden could wipe the floor with Trump in 2020. I do. And if that's how this all plays out, I will be Bi…
Tomorrow, 11/16 - Caroline Atkinson, head of global policy at Google will discuss The Digital Future & the Role of…
JFK's family recorded a video for his 100th birthday and his daughter talked about how great he was. He's been in...
. Caroline Kennedy speaks about the JFK legacy.
Thoughts and prayers with the Kennedy Family tonight, especially John-John and Caroline.
Joe.You need to run for POTUS for 2020. You have that wonderful Kennedy heart, soul, compassion,…
yeah Caroline your dad JFK was getting a seperation from your mother. Thats why in early October 1963 J…
Plowing through mom's files to find photos for a memorial service/roast that I am throwing. Mom channeling her inne…
Amen. And one for the corrupt Judge who threatened to "hurt" Caroline Kennedy, my Cousin, if I went to an Attorney. Debbie
Now that there’s some public awareness of and can we retire Sweet Caroline? The lyrics are dist…
Maybe he realizes that the liberazi’s have obliterated his Uncle’s DemPARTY? Whe…
Unless I'm horribly mistaken, I don't think JFK is running for any sort of seat in congress right now. If I am mist…
Caroline Counsel appeared on the Jon Faine program today on ABC 774 discussing the High Court decision of Thorne v…
Presidential equivalents might be Fillmore, Pierce, Ford, and Jefferson Davis. Female equivalents:…
Daniel R. Russel, an Assistant Secretary of the State Department, can’t say enough kind things about Kennedy’s dipl…
This song was written for Caroline Kennedy!
I Have an Idea for You! Why not Think about running for Pres, with Caroline Kennedy as your Vise choice?…
I just don't see middle class people taking much more of this crap. I for one would like to see Joe Bid…
I just figured. 2020 our. Joe runs for president…
Carl, I do believe you to be wrong with this choice. need someone new, preferable a woman. Can we…
Caroline Kennedy is not too old & would make an excellent President.
For starters, she is no Caroline Kennedy!
Now Caroline Kennedy is a great, honest woman with grace & class
I'll add Caroline Kennedy when she runs for Senate in NY. She has said she is going to. So please hold…
It's time! Mrs. Kennedy created a school in the White House for Caroline & other children of Kennedy adm…
True. It's great that no one really cared about the info, the spotlight has never left Trump and his cri…
First of ll we know Coulter is a POS. Second, Caroline Kennedy vaguely hinted at possibly running in 2020 so…
Caroline Kennedy speaks about the JFK legacy via
I should be president. I have J.D. degree. I'm a grandmother. I write sexy violent books. I haven't molested or rap…
Caroline Kennedy has a great poetry way corrupt,,,no way,,her parents were good folks and her brother a r…
Who said Caroline Kennedy is corrupt, I DONT understand,,May be I came in conversation by mistake,,but just wonder…
Along with Caroline Kennedy, Tricia Nixon, Susan Ford, Amy Carter & the Johnson girls.
Nothing wrong with Caroline Kennedy it's a compliment to Malia those poor kids need to be free for on…
Disrespectful to Caroline and the Kennedy's not Halloween. Jackie in BLK face? Shame on Kanye
Memo to Caroline Kennedy: Stop trying to force your son on America via
recently announced its newest board member, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy - :
Whom are you starting to back for 2020? I saw you liked my CONSTANT support of Caroline Kennedy/VP Bill Bradley. Correct?
Oh My channeling her with. Jackie Kennedy and little daughter Caroline . Some Cra Cra magazine . But do l…
Quote of the Day: "I went to Brown & I’m a teacher, sweetheart!” -Caroline Kennedy, granddaughter of RFK, to police. https:…
She only wishes she was Caroline Kennedy!
Caroline Kennedy holding her father’s hand, ‘61
I bet Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is waiting with anticipation to read Kim's interview.
Caroline Kennedy has no government experience yet she was appointed an ambassador! Double standard again!
JUST IN: Caroline Kennedy furious! Vows to defeat trump and altright via Blue Scoop
How many members of the Kennedy family can be arrested in one year?
The Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library will close 9/2-4. for Better get here n…
Well there is always Deval Patrick and Michelle, and Van Jones or Caroline Kennedy!
Caroline Kennedy elected to Boeing board of directors - Wichita Business Journal
I've asked many republicans in Georgia about a Caroline Kennedy run and they told me she would have their vote
We've just had a brilliant few days with these guys, Billy and Caroline Kennedy from the UK with…
Senate votes today to confirm Bill Hagerty as US Ambr to Japan succeeding Caroline Kennedy confirmed by unanimous c…
Did you complain when Caroline Kennedy was made Ambassador 2 Japan? Nobody better qualified avail? Don't be hypocrite!
Reminds me of Caroline Kennedy acting as Ambassador to Japan.
a doll sent from Kobe, Japan to Caroline Kennedy. they should have sent Daryl.
Caroline Kennedy would do exactly what regarding the USS Fitzgerald? May the missing be found soon.
Ted Lieu and Caroline Kennedy? Queen Elizabeth has a job already.
Caroline Kennedy and her son Jack Schlossberg, grandson of . Proof that we can live beyond great tra…
Caroline Kennedy on JFK: I miss him every day
Had a chance to talk to Caroline Kennedy today, never knew John had a quick fling with Audrey Hepburn when he was an unmarri…
To Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, nepotism was/is just a way of life.
Yes!!! We need Caroline Kennedy to carry the torch of her father, cousins, and Senator Edward Kennedy.❤🇺🇸
For naming Caroline Kennedy - Amd to Japan...good thing she didn't get sent to Russia.
Can you imagine attending that event? Caroline Kennedy presenting Pres. Obama with the award? I'd be unbearable wit…
Caroline Kennedy likens President Obama to the men her father, John F. Kennedy, wrote about in Profiles in Courage. htt…
Caroline Kennedy! Wow there's a big surprise. Guess getting dogs was not enough from the Kennedys 😊
JFK would turn in his grave ASHAMED of He FAILED to Caroline Kennedy should protest! It…
Payback for appointment of caroline kennedy as ambassador to Japan.
Caroline Kennedy awarding Obama with Profiles in Courage award. Just wow! Sickening!
Caroline Kennedy should I give Obama the treasonous *** award
President Barack Obama will be receiving the JFK 'Profiles in Courage Award'. To be presented by Caroline Kennedy.…
President Kennedy shares breakfast with daughter Caroline in 1961.
I don't have a book every book I edited to publish was stolen by my neighbors so I was never able to publish AM I CAROLINE? I don't know
Another handsome Kennedy, Caroline Kennedys son. Everyone else's kids grow up so fast!
Obama to receive 2017 JFK ‘Profile in Courage’ award - from his Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy
WHAT A JOKE! BHO to receive. JFK award of courage from Caroline . Kennedy & Her son this spring!
Obama's getting an award from Caroline Kennedy - the same one he appointed ambassador? That sounds fair and objective.
Former Ambassador Caroline Kennedy Trades Diplomacy for Surf and Sun in St. Barts via
if Caroline Kennedy had anything to do with it, she just destroyed her father's legacy
Caroline Kennedy"He doesn't do was is just easy. He does what is hard. He does what is right." Thank you Obama
Challenge Gillibrand for the 2018 seat then enter race for 2020 President. Please
TBT -- Caroline Kennedy having breakfast with her father, 1961
Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline Kennedy, and her son, Jack Schlossberg, will present Obama with the award on May 7...
It is fine cotton "entitles" sitting nodded do not know me again! Caroline Kennedy do not know.
CAROLINE KENNEDY- CTM SOT FRI0115- Former US Ambassador to Japan talks about PM Abe's White House visit today.
Hey remember he attacked Caroline Kennedy for being an ambassador? The irony
So Kislyak being the Russian ambassador to the U.S. is not like when Caroline Kennedy was U.S. Ambassador to Japan.
this is my brothers wife but im not so sure its my brother I think its George M Lewis III
Wow I would think they should go to her museum or back to to Caroline Kennedy
I know be have a big news story going but wanted to ask your thoughts on Caroline Kennedy running for President?
The Right Scoop. If U go to the website . There is a search in upper right . search Caroline Kennedy and the archive thread there
The switch up the end of "Caroline" was a great moment in music history.
Please run for PRES 2020! You are strong and have strong moral character. The Dems need that. Caroline Kennedy is considering too. 👍🏻
Thanks Obama! Caroline Kennedy huh?Testament to this country we survived 8 years of that HACK!
OMG! Check this out! As usual, was right! Obama owed Caroline Kennedy a favor, lucky her; I'm an empty neste…
If she ran w/Caroline Kennedy, that's a ticket I could support.
Caroline Kennedy needs to run for office in New York
Caroline Kennedy needs to run for office in a R district in new york in 2018
The latest...Caroline Kennedy thinking big plans: maybe a political run, and is penning a memoir.
Caroline Kennedy trades diplomacy for surf and sun in St. Barts
Needs to stop playing w/my emotions... if she runs? ..*i almost fainted*... and Caroline Kennedy should be VP..
but if it was good enough for Caroline Kennedy by God it was good enough for us.
President Kennedy has a breakfast conference with his daughter Caroline in the residence area of the White House in 1961…
She's already said she won't. But don't lose hope. Think Car…
Caroline Kennedy walks ahead while her father, the most powerful man in the world, carries her doll. (1960)
By Dave Quinn After serving for three years as an ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy left her post in January.
Caroline Kennedy for NY Senator. She earned it! Ed &Exp in Constitutional Law, Exp with trade, Exp foreign policy,…
Caroline Kennedy, the former U.S. ambassador to Japan, said she's troubled by President Donald Trump's "America first" approach .
Flinging the green & gold with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy at an Irish American appreciation event, U.…
POTUS Caroline Kennedy 2020...that sounds kind of awesome!
I like her positions and all, and she could be a winner. But must all American politicians come from same families?
heard Caroline Kennedy may jump in too!
But hey its all those evil communist countries that hold power only in a few families.
Ohh... Caroline Kennedy is going to run for senate in NY...
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Dems are grooming Caroline Kennedy for 2020. Oh, another Billionaire.
Caroline Kennedy thinking of running for President in 2020.
4 days into Trump era & rumors of Elizabeth Warren, Michele Obama, & Caroline Kennedy runs are swirling. Will 2020 see 2.0 ?
I'm just waiting for 2020 so Caroline Kennedy can run for potus
Caroline Kennedy and Cory Booker are Both Considering . Running for Congress in 2018 in the State of New York!!!. htt…
OMG and would be the ticket spun from the heavenly host themsleves! htt…
not only is Kennedy planning on a senate bid, but she may also be running for president in 2020:
Caroline Kennedy leaves Japan after 3 years as US ambassador
perhaps Caroline Kennedy can move into Rep King's district and force him back into private sector...
Could Caroline Kennedy be the baggage-free Hillary Clinton? via
GOOD NEWS for Dems - Caroline Kennedy to run for Senate in '18.
The Japanese government “highly praises” the work done by U.S. Ambassador to Caroline Kennedy
Caroline Kennedy steps down as U.S. Ambassador to Japan: JFK's daughter, 59
Caroline Kennedy bids farewell to Japan as ambassador role ends
Caroline Kennedy says serving as U.S. ambassador to Japan has been the 'greatest privilege of my life
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Caroline Kennedy stationing in Japan ambassador will leave the office. I thank you for for Kumamoto and a Japanese.…
Is it because one of our ambassador is our own beloved Caroline Kennedy? Ted Kennedy voted against Session B4, way of Tru…
Welcome to our new likers, Steve Blandford, Caroline Kennedy and Julie Goodman-Kaye
So now Caroline Kennedy can come home and run for office...somewhere...ANYWHERE!! Please??!! :)
Caroline got all the Kennedy looks. Sorry Jackie
omg eunice kennedy shriver and caroline kennedy look SO SIMILAR to each other
that's literally Caroline Kennedy wearing a santa costume, dancing. I can't even.
I liked a video Caroline Kennedy Remembers a Visit to the Nixon White House
I liked a video Caroline Kennedy in Late Show with David Letterman October 6, 2011
I can see both sides of term limits, and I think, in different...
US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy dances in a Christmas video, and Japan can't get enough
Ambassador for Japan Caroline Kennedy Dances in a Christmas Video, and Japan Can’t Get Enough
I liked a video Caroline Kennedy on JFK's secret recordings
"When you make the right decision it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks." Caroline Kennedy…
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. -John F.Kennedy.
"Let's go kiss the wind." // Jackie Kennedy to young Caroline Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy just moments before his tragic assassination. (November 22, 1963) https:/…
Why do you think Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy did not align with Hillary? When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.🇺🇸🗽🏝
Looks like Caroline Kennedy cosplayed as an anime character:
Caroline Kennedy, the US ambassador to Japan and daughter of President John F Kennedy,
Also, Trump ripped Caroline Kennedy as unqualified to deal with Japan--but added she was nice bc Ivanka said so
Day after Ivanka sat in on meeting with Japanese PM, here's what Trump once said about Caroline Kennedy.
Obama can deploy Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Japan . why not Ivana to the Czech Republic.
Why not? It's no more ridiculous than Obama appointing Caroline Kennedy to be Ambassador to Japan.
Tokyo Sports says Ivanka Trump could replace Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Japan:
Move over Caroline Kennedy. Ivanka is on the way? via
Won't be a top priority but difficult to see Caroline Kennedy being kept on as Ambassador to Japan.
I don't think he'll run again. But maybe Warren. Personally I always liked Caroline Kennedy, current ambassador to Japan.
Jesse Jackson/Caroline Kennedy just made their way into the Debate Hall & I believe Jane Herman ~
Caroline Kennedy will discuss the rich & colorful past of the old State Capitol at 7pm on 09/21 at the Main Library
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John Kerry and Caroline Kennedy are FAILING the US and Massachusetts, especially. We demand you address this now.
Written about JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy. Perfect song for
Trump slams US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy as a bad negotiator who is getting "wined and dined" by "killer" Prime Min…
Vintage photo of Caroline Kennedy as a child riding inside a vehicle.- Oct 196
If everything goes according to plan, tomorrow I'll be buying the book that Caroline Kennedy co-authored with Ellen Alderman
Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John F. Kennedy, had a pony at the White House named Macaroni.
On May 27, 1967, the USS John F. Kennedy is christened by Caroline Kennedy at Newport News Shipbuilding, VA.
Caroline Kennedy had nothing to do till she became US Ambassador to Japan.
My G-d, Caroline Kennedy is a moron.Caroline Kennedy oversight of Japanese embassy slammed in IG report - -
Bill Clinton spoke with Caroline Kennedy the same day JFK Jr.'s plane crashed -- very suspicious! Trump will investigate!
What a disastrous politician he ended up being a Caroline Kennedy for the right. Terrible performance.
President Kennedy takes his daughter Caroline out for a spin in the Honey Fitz, 1963.
Rather see a Kennedy like Patrick Kennedy or Caroline Kennedy running for President-in 2020 to end Trump rein.
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and daughter Caroline Kennedy depart the White House for Glen Ora in Middleburg,...
American Legacy : The Story of John and Caroline Kennedy by C. David Heymann HB via eBay
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Remember when Caroline Kennedy didn't run for Senator because she said "y'know" too much?
Warren Buffett portraying or = to billionaire Onassis w/ Jackie Onassis Kennedy. Chelsea being Caroline Kennedy is history repeating itself?
I like Julian Castro too. Caroline Kennedy,Al Franken ,Cory Booker. We have some good dems
I fantasize cabinet, no *** Caroline Kennedy Amb to Japan, but real bad *** like Carl Icahn at aTreasury. etc 2016
to Caroline Kennedy oldest child of Pres JFK and the first woman to serve as ambassador to Japan htt…
Caroline Kennedy with prez Obama, as kid marriage ambassador to japan
Caroline Kennedy, with prez Obama, with father in oval office. marriage , ambassador japan
Check out White House Nannie My Years with Caroline & John Kennedy Jr. by Maud Shaw
I so admire Caroline Kennedy. The world needs more like her.
People don't always realize that my parents shared a sense of intellectual ...
Tatiana (daughter of Caroline) looks a lot like her grandmother, Jackie.
The internet is so wild like 1 min u're watching Mad Men & the next minute u're reading about Caroline Kennedy's role as ambassador to Japan
"I just gave princess Caroline a treat"
Caroline Kennedy backs Hillary Clinton for 2016 via I would love to see her elevated i…
Wonder who Caroline Kennedy will endorse since the party of JFK is dead?
A crowd very excited to see U.S. Amb. to Japan Caroline Kennedy
"Yesterday I met 20 Japanese kids who've been in NY 2 years learning hip hop" -Caroline Kennedy
Pleasant to see Amb.Caroline Kennedy quite dressy in Kimono. She is well informed how to fit herself to Kimono.
*11/24/63 - Jacqueline and Caroline Kennedy kneel to kiss JFK's coffin, in the Capitol Rotunda.
Have U heard the latest from Bashing POTUS 4 appting Caroline Kennedy ambassador to Japan-Unbelievable xo
Btw Trump singled out Caroline Kennedy as a poor example of an ambassador, months ago. Not News. But true.
Tokyo, Japan. What an honor to meet the U.S. Ambassador, Caroline Kennedy, last night!
It's safe to say Caroline Kennedy won't be negotiating international trade deals in Trump administration.
Cuz his friends r Superstars who will b inncabinet vice Caroline Kennedy BO's Ambassador to Japan
Sen. Ted Kennedy: Health care is "a matter of right and not of privilege."
When did Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy endorse Obama in 2008? Was it before Super Tuesday?
Well with a Kennedy aide on board might get more Kennedys. Do Caroline, Robt's kids
Caroline Kennedy visits Fukushima nuclear plant with son Jack…
Happy Here President and Mrs. Kennedy pose with children John Jr. and Caroline
I'm baffled that people have her confused with Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. Even the Kennedy Administration was no "Camelot."
*Husbands* of Meryl Streep & Caroline Kennedy helping to advise on the architect for the Obama Presidential Center
True story: "Sweet Caroline" is about Caroline Kennedy. And she was a kid at the time. Ruined it!
Please RT! Caroline Kennedy is Ambassador to Japan.Can she help Hanoko get rescued to a sanctuary? She likes animals
Caroline Kennedy has spoken out against it
I will never forget the rally where Ted and Caroline Kennedy endorsed Obama.
has there ever been any acknowledgement from Caroline Kennedy?
Husbands of Meryl Streep and Caroline Kennedy advising on Obama Center architect
John Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, and Maria Shriver on Halloween October 31, 1963. Please show to her
Ooh! Your favorite classic are on sale at ridiculous prices! Get to the Caroline Kennedy now,
Paper or plastic? It's all fantastic at the Sale starting today at the Caroline Kennedy
The 2 Best ♫ Facts:. 1. Dolly Parton wrote Jolene & I Will Always Love You on the same day. 2. Sweet Caroline was about 11yo Caroline Kennedy
Caroline Kennedy opening the evening, Ladies and Gentlemen! A warm…
so it's Ok what media did to Kevin McCarthy yet ignored same type of rumors of Obama & Caroline Kennedy?anthere was a pic
What's the deal with Caroline Flack? Doesn't Kennedy have enough ventures? Who ARE these people?
Caroline Flack talked about her relationship with Harry in her new book. (Via: )
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The Formula Training is this Tuesday, October 13, 2015,6:30 p.m. at the Caroline Kennedy Library, 24590 George...
Happy to see my uncle & hosted by US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy
Hilary Clinton and Caroline Kennedy_d enemy-Nations you have been Joining-Forces with_have plans to kill you OFF&replace u with REAL-MEN_YES
Hi Caroline Kennedy : CarolineKendog Do you want to get FREE iPhone 6? Hurry check my bi0. Thx :)
I was too, this disabled girl Caroline won and I'm so happy for her she's so cute omg
People don't understand that being a shriver,doesn't mean your not a kennedy. u have the same % of kennedy caroline kenned does.
YFU was so proud to receive this message of congratulations from Caroline Kennedy. Thank you, Madam Ambassador!
Caroline Kennedy said to protest the Olympic games. Skat and scookie
Caroline Kennedy, with JFK in the background carrying her doll, 1963.
Caroline Kennedy is seen as she meets Pope John Paul II during his visit to New York in 1979. .
This is Donald Trumps 5th time saying Caroline Kennedy got the job for no reason and doesn't know anything.
To help end the senseless slaughter In >>. 12. CONTACT Caroline Kennedy – Ambassador of the US to Japan:
Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador to Japan & daughter of JFK, at Miku concert "I hope I can meet Hatsune Miku one day"
Karma people, KARMA. Stop the drive hunts. Caroline Kennedy won't do anything, but apparently God did. U suck, Japan
Trump: "Caroline Kennedy's a friend of my daughter but she's a terrible ambassador, she should be wheeling & dealing with Japan
"Donald Trump says Caroline Kennedy doesn’t even know she’s alive” in a statement on her role as ambassador to Japan". Finally the truth.
Hundreds of State officials (including Condi and Caroline Kennedy) may sadly face indictment in eGhazi probe
Worth rereading in light of the Caroline Kennedy news: on the murky world of classification
My stalker is outside babbling about Caroline Kennedy, and Teresa Heinz & John Kerry. It's like a crazy politico commentary
VIDEO - on Trade: I’d Much Rather Have Henry Kravis or Carl Icahn than Caroline Kennedy
Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, special guest at the World Ballet Festival
I call like 10 guys my boyfriends but actually Caroline Kennedy is my girlfriend so
Trump on Ivanka:'My daughter likes Caroline (Kennedy)and says she's nice person. I don't want a nice person. I want a killer.'
Donald Trump's new target for attacks: Caroline Kennedy. Wonder when he will get to the Pope.
Trump says he "cherishes women" but he wants to kill Caroline Kennedy because she's "too nice".
Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg on Admire her tons, even if politics differ. What a life she's led & not an ea…
Japan PM: "no apology". Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg may disagree, but I don't think that one "so solly" is going to do it.
O overturning all that JFK put in place for all these years. Caroline Kennedy must be very sad. ;Her dad would be GOP today.
John Kennedy imposed sanctions on Cuba for a great reason. O blatantly in face of Caroline Kennedy, overrides JFK.
Neil Diamond wrote Sweet Caroline for the child Caroline Kennedy.
MARK SHAW. Jackie Swings Caroline with a Young Kennedy Cousin Looking On, ca. 1963. Mark Shaw is best known for...
listening to Trump slam Caroline Kennedy was sickening, he's a pig.
American royalty, Jacqueline Kennedy with her daughter Caroline, 1960.
Sweet Caroline is about Caroline Kennedy, but also a love song for his wife then Marsha.
Caroline is on an extended vacation that involves going to cultural events and cocktail parties... Because her name is Kennedy
Trump sings praises of every other country but USA, then disses Caroline Kennedy. ANd the crowd cheers.
it was written about Caroline Kennedy and her pony, which Neil Diamond had seen a photo of in a magazine
Caroline Kennedy and her pony, I should add
President Kennedy's daughter was the inspiration "Sweet Caroline."
Sweet Caroline originally said to be diamond's wife (not named Caroline) but later said is Caroline Kennedy.
good morning Tom, Caroline Kennedy was one of the muses, got that song on her bday
Caroline Kennedy is the answer. Sorry I'm late but I'm not in my car yet.
I cheated and googled the answer with my pocket computer handy. I got Caroline Kennedy and he sang it to her at her 50th.
song is about former president JFK daughter Caroline Kennedy. Marsha didn't rhyme Caroline did.
Former President JFK daughter Caroline Kennedy and wife Marsha. Marsha did not rhyme Caroline did.
. President Kennedy and daughter Caroline having breakfast together .
Caroline Kennedy got the job because she supported Obama, thats sick, no experience or nothing?
Jackie and Caroline Kennedy at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in the summer of 1960 • photo: Jacques Lo
Caroline has moved on, maybe you should too is no leprechaun, darling! (
Let's start counting how many times Hillary's says. Uh...uh...uh...uh...(I think she has Caroline Kennedy beat.)
Caroline Kennedy helps free Toyota exec via
Caroline Kennedy helped secure Toyota exec's release in Japan drug case
Jack and Jackie Kennedy photographed with baby Caroline at home in 1958. (image credits: Ed Clark)
Please feel free to take the song for the radio and play it on overseas channels Credit CAROLINE
this is what ambassadors/embassies do: help Americans caught in foreign legal systems
US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy played an active role in securing the non-prosecution of Julie Hamp.
The Kennedy touch: Ambassador helps Toyota exec go free via Why can't they negotiate Marine from Iran jail?
Thank goodness we have an Ambassador like Caroline Kennedy in Japan who will challenge the Japanese government on whale killing
Caroline Kennedy chows on a cheeseburger in D.C.
Caroline Kennedy: White House Nannie: My Years with Caroline and John Kennedy, Jr.: With close-up photo of Caroline
Caroline Kennedy: Arabeth Kennedy first born daughter of John F.Kennedy President of the United States and Caroline c
Caroline Kennedy: Sweet Caroline: Last Child of Camelot: She is the heiress to a legacy of power, wealth, unfulfilled
Caroline Kennedy: The Right to Privacy: Can the police strip-search a woman who has been arrested for a minor traffic
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