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Carol Channing

Carol Elaine Channing (born January 31, 1921) is an American singer, actress, and comedienne. She is the recipient of three Tony Awards (including one for lifetime achievement), a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

Tommy Tune Joan Rivers Ryan Stiles Hello Dolly Channing Tatum Elaine Stritch Louis Armstrong Liza Minnelli Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Liza Minelli Chita Rivera Las Vegas Susan Estrich Betty White Jimmy Durante Barbra Streisand Carol Channing the one that Ryan Stiles always used to do impressions of? [literally all I know about her]
Don't miss today's blog by Michael Spence as he shares "What I Learned from Carol Channing." It's a must read.
when you are talking to a dog and you realize you sound like Carol Channing.
2. Listening to I wondered why one of the few Black Roxy Hart's, was channelling Carol Channing's voice?
Why do I think of Carol Channing and Tatum O'Neal when I hear name? Be one *** of a sequel.
"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" was first introduced by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of...
Kidding Around with Carol Channing and the Kids SEALED LP vinyl record Caedmon
This Coke can says to share it with my "Better Half", so I'm drinking it while looking at a picture of Carol Channing.
CAROL CHANNING Peter and the Wolf Tubby the Tuba CINCINNATI POPS SEALED LP vinyl
I wasn't surprised at all when Carol Channing revealed she had black ancestry.
Well Since We Having the Party:. Carol Channing. The famous Broadway performer started her...
It's black people like Carol Channing passing for white to get a leg up in life. What was this woman's motive, Black Power? SMH???
Why didn't you make this fuss after Carol Channing claimed African descent? Shes in trouble over profound empathy?
Has anyone heard from Mrs.Fishbreath& Mr. Gingerbread ? The last time I saw them was in NYC sitting &"21" with Carol Channing.???
Said elsewhere: Perversely, I keep picturing Carol Channing getting up in Rachel Dolezal's face going "White girl! Who you trying to fool??"
Once Carol Channing admitted her daddy was Black...all bets were off for me.
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no kidding!!! That was my prom date. Boy the things she knew. My fav was the carol Channing position.
Just imagine me singing them... think Miss Piggy meets Carol Channing.
Remember that time I was a Carol Channing puppet in a world premiere play ?…
Definitely Ryan as Carol Channing and breaking the neon lights on Drew's desk with his head!
from one of the older episodes when Ryan was imitating Carol Channing and smashed his head on the desk lamp and broke it!
You know the infamous corn story regarding Carol Channing P.Wee ?
Just realizing that I talk to my dog like Carol Channing
Absolutely! Love Boat with her, Ethel Merman, Carol Channing- heaven! Sad I didn't get to see her in a Sugar Babies.
When did the little cute kid from The Cosby Show turn into Carol Channing?
Yeah, between her Carol Channing and Tatianna's Britney, it was a close one there.
"My favorite Christmas Carol is Carol Channing. We should see more of her."
For the record, I'm kind of upset I associate Carol Channing more with Bluth's Thumbelina than anything else.
I would like to see Chita Rivera and Carol Channing play Elphaba and G(a)linda, respectfully, in the
Liza Minelli, Carol Channing and Grace Jones have all just unfriended you.
I've decided to write the Carol Channing bio-pic. Carol should get her Oscar speech ready because I fully intend on having her play herself.
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"Did you know that Carol Channing is biracial?"
"I didn't know Harrison Ford did impressions. His Carol Channing was terrific"
I think this Iovine guy is Carol Channing in disguise.
Don't ask me how my thoughts went from Carol Channing to the song "Indian Love Call" by Slim Whitman - it just does. LOL!
A friend of mine's dad turned into Ryan Stiles' impression of Carol Channing for a moment and I can't get it out of my head!
So now just George Gaynes, George Kennedy, Al Molinaro, Carol Channing, James Noble and Bill Macy are some of my oldest fav living actors!
Why WOULDN'T you 3-D print a copy of Carol Channing's dedicated *** to hump to the soundtrack of Hello Dolly?
Babs with Carol Channing. There is no chill.
No magnifying mirror at this Hilton. Might leave here looking like Carol Channing. If I walk with confidence, think people will notice?
Life goal: have Ryan Stiles saying 'no, I'm Spartacus' as Carol Channing as my ringtone
I'm not sure how I feel about Throughly Modern Millie as a whole...but dadgum I love the lady characters in this thing. Esp. Carol Channing💕
Listening to the main villain in Tomb Raider just makes me think of Ryan Stiles' Carol Channing impression
Who in the Lewis Carol Channing Tatum are you?
--just saw Van Der Beek at Starbucks on La Cienega, & I've had dinner with Carol Channing. I'm like your goyim spirit animal
I've said Coworker is exactly Carol Channing in Alice in Wonderland but have I mentioned she's also exactly this?
Has anyone seen Carol Channing lately? I'm beginning to suspect she's Benjamin Buttoning into Kristin Chenoweth. 👀
I like her voice ♫ Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend by Carol Channing —
And I bet that voice sounds like Carol Channing.
Meeting and performing for the amazing Carol Channing again today. 94 and as witty as ever!
You would be lying if you didn't think this rabbit looked like Carol Channing.
Few things make me laugh as much as Ryan Stiles improvising something to do with Carol Channing.
Remember when carol Channing told me she's too young to be my grandmother
Carol Channing can beat Julie Andrew's *** any day.
It might be the booze talking, but I kinda want to be Carol Channing when I grow up. Or Channing Tatum. Or Tatum O'Neal. Whatevs.
Carol Channing XD My first exposure to her. I was twelve when I saw that on vhs.
I get a kick outta but it's bed time. Stay up and watch Carol Channing for me,
Also, Carol Channing and Whitney are here at the drags show. All the celebrities showed up tonight!
Hey. Do NOT diss Thoroughly Modern Millie. Carol Channing is sublime! But I'm ok with the dissing of the other two.
At 17, I saw my first Bway show, the tour of HELLO, DOLLY! starring Carol Channing.She was electric and it changed my life.
'Diamonds are a girl's Best Friend' - Carol Channing
Breast Cancer Awareness
Make sure to cast Carol Channing, Channing Tatum, and Tatum O'Neal as leads with Mary Beth Hurt and Mary Kay Place as support.
Maybe someday Wyatt can meet my Domestic Short Hair Dolly (as in "Hello Dolly!" The Musical - 1964) I love Carol Channing!
Carol Channing was the first Superbowl halftime show, so it's always been a weirdly camp oasis in a sea of football http:/…
Carol Channing for a Glenn Close style role in the MCU!
Just in case we haven’t covered this, Channing Tatum is not related to Carol Channing, Stockard Channing nor Tatum O’Neill.
Just got blu-ray of Otto Preminger's Carol Channing in her undies. Jackie Gleason on acid. Groucho Marx as God. Nilsson songs. WOW.
Louis Armstrong is reminding me of Carol Channing. Watching High Society on TCM. I am thinking Grace Kelly was not a huge loss to film.
Louise Slaughter sounds like a southern Carol Channing. I mean that in the nicest way.
The Southern California Motion Picture Council is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1936 to promote the best in motion pictures. One of the oldest Hollywood organizations, this prestigious group has been encouraging the production of diverse and international family oriented films and television programs for almost 80 years. We promote civic-minded, educational and cultural programs of exceptional merit and present Golden Halo awards for the best in movies, television, stage plays, and the performing arts. Our first honoree was Jean Harlow and our events are attended by Hollywood's greatest living legends including Academy Award winning actress Margaret O'Brien, Rose-Marie, Tippi Hedren, Carol Channing, Jerry Maren and many others. Held at the historic Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City CA, the walls speak of a star-studded past including Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert F. Kennedy, Spencer Tracy, and John Wayne. Our upcoming awards will be on October 13, 20 ...
I'd be just as impressed if it was Carol Channing.
Anytime someone says 'I'm Spartacus' I go to right to the scene from with Ryan Stiles. As Carol Channing.
Paris Gellar is looking less like Carol Channing this week, and I think that's just great.
So near and yet so far. Carol Channing will be full of chagrin.
Eddie Bracken & the inimitable Carol Channing take the cake in this weeks album:
Not even if it's a pic of a Carol Channing ventriloquist dummy reading your book?😕
I'm watching a Carol Channing documentary and she's speaking fake Russian and I think I'm dead?
Foto: Carol Channing, in the role of Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi in Hello, Dolly! 
This Carol Channing documentary is my life.
So you'll take Carol Channing, the actor, over Mike Tyson, the boxer? *** give me $50 on Tyson. lol
There's a really good Carol Channing doc on netflix and I think they bring that up?
Carol Channing and her husband are the actual cutest old couple I've ever seen in my life. This is not a joke. Watch her documentary. Dying.
that makes me think of Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie drawling 'WRASSberries'
Me I'll hire Rich Little to read them in the voice of Carol Channing.
Making a "how to access screencast video & loathing for my own voice has no bounds. It's like cross b/t Carol Channing & Spongebob
oh just a story of friendship between a man and his $400 Carol Channing ventriloquist dummy
Ok! And high-five Carol Channing for me in return!
As a child, my parents took me to see Carol Channing as Dolly Levy.
Getting the feeling the people I'm with aren't interested in hearing about what I learned in the Carol Channing documentary I watched?
Broadway Legend (and I do not use the word “legend” lightly) Carol Channing is on the radar, and stage, once...
My handle on is Carol Channing Tatum, you guys
What wonderful time with Carol Channing! I love her!
I liked a video Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey
How long before the Countess' full transformation into Carol Channing
Carol Channing Tatum would be such an adorable duet/horrifying Human Centipede-monster
Carol Channing Tatum is literally the SCARIEST "Before and After" in recorded history, no?
Ppl at brunch gonna hear me sing Carol Channing's "Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday" if they want to or not (they do)
The safest place to be is center stage ~ Carol Channing
Yeah... and it was sung by Carol Channing.
After your success with "I Am Gold," you ought to put that idea to music. I doubt Carol Channing would mind.
Thanks for introducing me to Carol Channing! Loving her!!! ❤️
Surprised to learn that Carol Channing was part black (father)
Carol Channing waited 70 years to be reunited wkth her first love again. SEVENTY YEARS.
I thought so. I went for the Carol Channing doco instead
"Did you take out a neon light as well? Then it would have been epic! :D" Carol Channing is very dangerous
Staying at dad's. My Winnie-the-Pooh read by Carol Channing is still in the cassette player. This is the happiest I've been in some time. :)
Y'all, there's a Carol Channing doc on What a phenomenal lady. Cc:
"Not to be outdone by Lansbury's recently announced Blithe Spirit tour, Carol Channing announces her Hello Dolly tour!"
If you’re interested in making a Klaus Kinski biopic, just get Peter Stormare and put him in a Carol Channing wig and you’re 90% there.
Everybody should watch the movie about Carol Channing's on Netflix. Beautiful, touching. What an inspirational lady.
Carol Channing overrides dying goose any day of the week, I'll pray for you 🙏
mines a mix of Carol Channing and a motor boat
Think it's crazy that Joan Rivers has passed on? Betty White and Carol Channing are still alive and well.
I just found this pic of Carol Channing and I being interviewed by Dori Berinstein for Carol Channing: Larger...
You're starting to sound like Babs Brolin! Now don't do that !!! Remember Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey!
I don't think Zora appreciates the songs I sing to her in Britney Spears' and Carol Channing's voices.
*** Game had me in stitches. Pandora as Carol Channing + Tatiana as Britney = magic. Also, Jujubee giving shade. ❤
*slowly joins KB on the other side of the room* . "Channing I liken to nails scratching a chalkboard. .
Thoroughly Modern Millie is fun but enduring Carol Channing I liken to nails scratching a chalkboard. . *please no tomato throwing*.
Just saw 'Carol Channing:Larger than Life'. Tears afterward. You filled my heart with love. You are the
We lost some of the Greats this year. Despite this the Kennedy Center has failed to honor the likes of Carol Channing again
Have discovered in the shower this morning that if I try singing like Randy Newman, it quickly evolves into Carol Channing. Ponder THAT.
My only goal in life is to play Dolly Levi Gallagher half as well as Carol Channing
First Stritch and then Rivers; Elaine May and Carol Channing better live forever..
What do Carol Channing, Alan Alda, Diana Ross, and Harry Belafonte have to do with genetic testing? Vote & find out:
I've always endorsed that pairing. Another pairing I endorse: the Carol Channing doc and Get Bruce.
I still can't believe I got Carol Channing issue from 1955 for only $3 I almost cried :')
In light of Joan Rivers' passing, can we take a minute and acknowledge the fact that Carol Channing is still alive and kicking at 93?? dang
Every time a female, senior citizen performer passes away, I get more & more scared about the day Carol Channing dies.
OMG. Flipping around and saw what I thought was Carol Channing as redhead on
All this time I thought Joan Rivers and Carol Channing were the same person...
Settle down, Netflix. Yes, I liked Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work. No, you should not recommend a doc on Carol Channing or Bruce Villanch.
The 2014 Kennedy Center Honorees were just announced. ONCE AGAIN, Carol Channing has been SNUBBED. EFF THAT!
And here's a raspberry to for once again passing up honoring Carol Channing.
How in the world did Carol Channing survive Joan Rivers?
Just as I'm googling Carol Channing, up pops the passing of A pretty good age I guess but unexpected & wish I'd seen her live.
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I was going to post the lyrics to "Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday" but I realized Joan Rivers isn't Carol Channing.
My Mount Rushmore of (popular) female comedians of the mid-to-late 20th century: Lucille Ball, Carol Channing, Carol Burnett & Joan Rivers.
I need someone to sit me down—look me in the eye—and explain why Carol Channing hasn't been given the Kennedy Center Honor yet.
I've had a Carol Channing song stuck in my head for 25 years, no lie.
I'm here with Zelda! Doesn't she look a lot like a young Carol Channing?
I’d like to hear the annual excuse for not giving Carol Channing a Kennedy Center Honor
Yes, yes it is. Brian bets that Mike Tyson will beat Carol Channing in a boxing match.
talking in a Carol Channing voice and screeching like a primate. Seconds of my life I'll never get back.🙈🙉
4Chan? That's some kind of Carol Channing appreciation forum, right?
My favorite player of the white queen will always be Carol Channing.
At the end of season two, Will Graham ends up doing two shows a night in Carol Channing drag at the Sands in Las Vegas.
This is not Carol Channing. Squirrel mask! $39.99 ea at
So, Carol Channing recorded a countrified version of "Hello, Dolly" which is currently assaulting my ears on Rdio.
serving us up a mixture of Carol Channing and Dorothy Hamill last night at the Emmy's! you are way off.
Carol Channing is in her bra on Frankie Avalon's round bed with zebra strip sheets.
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Carol Channing and Tommy Tun Debuts Tonight in "An Evening With Carol Channing" Look at the Old Girl now, fellas
Wonderful show with Carol Channing & Tommy Tune - knew all the songs
Photo: Carol Channing and Tommy Tune. Can’t believe Bob Mackie might be in the house soon!
If it's any consolation: I'm sure Carol Channing and Joan Rivers are immortal, so there won't be an opening any time soon.
You guys would love my Carol Channing impersonation, it's not as good as Steven Tyler's but to be fair, he's been doing it longer.
Matthew Lombardo and Rick Murray present multi-Tony Award winners Carol Channing and Tommy Tune in “An Evening With Carol Channing” on August 7, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall Theatre in Provincetown, MA. The performance will be the first stop for the legendary duo in an evening that chronicles…
Carol Channing and Tommy Tune make Provincetown debuts in AN EVENING WITH CAROL CHANNING →
Mom is now playing Carol Channing's "Hello Dolly" not cannon, but genius for the drive up.
On this date in 1965, Carol Channing closes in her original run in Hello, Dolly! on Broadway. 49 years later, she...
Well Hello Dolly - Carol Channing and Tommy Tune tonight and amazing jazz with Manhattan Transfer tomorrow
Wow, GW's camp. Susan looks like Carol Channing, Claire looks like A Lansbury. So does Paul
Worst of worst: NKOTB, Carol Channing, Timberlake/Janet*boob*, and the Who.
Carol Channing and Tommy Tune in Provincetown on Thursday - Cape Cod News | Cape Cod Events
The voice I think to myself in somehow got switched to Carol Channing and now I really want raspberries.
Looking forward to seeing Carol Channing and Tommy Tune tomorrow evening.
Go see Carol Channing at the Crown & Anchor all here in
just realized Elvis Costello and Carol Channing kind of have the same singing voice.
. And haft time show was Carol Channing.
Broadway icon Carol Channing, now 93, will share the stage Thursday with Tommy Tune at Town Hall
Really great documentaries to watch: Life on Four Strings, ParticleFever, Final 24 -Sid Vicious episode! Carol Channing-Larger than Life
Would love to hear what these two have to say! and will chat in Aug. 7.
OH MAH GAH-- a used Carol Channing ventriloquist dummy is on her way to my house. DREAMS COME TRUE!
Good advice from Carol Channing on how to be interviewed by a journalist: "Decide exactly what you want to talk about and stick to it."
I... I hate Carol Channing. She scares the *** out of me.
you have the entire Library of Alexandria in your hand right now and you won't look up Carol Channing?
I hate Carol Channing as much as the next guy, but jeez.
I had to google lol. Carol Channing is 93. God bless.
are you asking about Carol Channing or Chappell? lol
My wife has just proved that the least sexy thing a person can do is a Carol Channing impression.
showstoppers from Carol Channing, Zero Mostel, Elena Roger & more on
Who would win in a street fight, Carol Channing or Carole King...?
Did black ppl low key know/think Carol channing was part black? I knew she didn't admit until just before dying but looking at pics... ?
Carol Channing has said that being on Richard Nixon's Famous "Enemy's List" was the Highest Honor in her (cont)
Those were the days! When Halston began with us, he designed hats. And Carol Channing wore them.
like Ryan Stiles saying is as Carol Channing?
I want to hear Susan Estrich sing "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" She does a better Carol Channing than Carol Channing.
Is Susan Estrich the secret daughter of Carol Channing?
Watched the Carol Channing documentary last night on Netflix. Was fantastic. I highly recommend. I caught myself...
Holy crap. Just realised that Carol Channing is still alive.
tribute to the one and only Carol Channing. In 1977 she played Dolly Levi in the HGO production of Hello Dolly!
Actress Carol Channing made a visit to The Slipper back in the day! Check her out with Malcolm Lozin at one of...
In "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" she starred with Jane Russel, many thought Carol Channing should have gotten that role.
Why aren't more people like Carol? I HAVE THE DEEPEST LOVE FOR MS.CHANNING ❤️💃
Light My Fire:. This is a pretty good album. The guy who sings The Crystal ship sounds like Carol Channing, tho.
Britain's Lorelei Lee. DORA BRYAN, It may have been Carol Channing on Broadway and Marilyn in film but in the UK
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Someone asked Dino what I was like in bed. . I told him to say, "Like Carol Channing on speed."
I wanna hear you sing 'Live and Let Die' like Carol Channing again.
Sis. Carol:Channing Tatum is certainly a beautiful specimen. Emily:Beautiful? GORGEOUS! God was like I'll just pour a little extra sexy on u!
We are all extensions of Carol Channing's will.
I took the "Can We Guess Who You Are In 20 Questions?" quiz, and they incorrectly guessed that I was Carol Channing.
Now, now, there's a little Carol Channing in there.
.ended up talking about Macy Gray. Then I started to sing like her. And realized I sound like Carol Channing when I do.
Um - I have had a lifelong fear of Carol Channing thanks to this movie. This picture is terrifying.
Up all night w a head cold trying to convince Petruzzo my Carol Channing impression is real and unparalleled
I honestly am going to lose it when Angela Lansbury, Carol Channing, or any of those other amazing performers similar to Elaine passes...
Nothing makes me happier than watching Ryan Stiles do his impersonation of Carol Channing
- documentaries on Carol Channing and Elaine Stritch have to be seen
Its from a Party Quirks round. He has to be 'Carol Channing Whose Head Sticks To Everything'
"Heh. I'm tugging your ear like I'm Carol Channing and you're Carol Channing's ear." sleepy Cynthia is next level weird and adorable
I liked a video Telephone Starring Christine Pedi as Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing
All purpose parts banner
Jazz Baby. Jazz BabyCarol Channing | Format: MP3 Music 13 days in the top 100(1)Download...
The Vow is the most unrealistic Rom Com ever b/c no woman would wake up from a coma w/o her memories married to Channing Tatum & question it
Whenever I'm sad, Carol Channing tends to come on the radio. It is magical.
if I cannot erase the image of Carol Channing from my mind, there will be NoPlace for to hide.
I love Carol Channing. She's another one whose mold was broken. Surely there was only one of her.
if you think Carol Channing is sexy
After watching documentaries about Elaine Stritch and Carol Channing, the acting bug has risen. Very useful for the camera, webcam that is!
Watching a documentary about Carol Channing. She's so filled with love for life and her work that the energy is contagious. What a delight.
OMG! Watching Carol Channing: Larger than life and thought of
Yes, I am crying while watching a documentary on Carol Channing on Netflix.
that's great! There's still a slot for my Carol Channing!
Carol Channing reference to start the show...this is gonna be good
Oh gosh...I was just thinking that the day Carol Channing leaves this world I will be a total mess!!! I hope she lives to be 110.
will their be mass suicides after Betty White and Carol Channing die ?
my God, she looks like Carol Channing !!
how the *** did Carol Channing outlive Elaine Stritch?
apparently I'm in a docu mood, 1st it was Elaine and now I'm watching Carol Channing
*** near 6am and I'm about to dive into another Broadway broads documentary. First Elaine Stritch, now Carol Channing. I love it!
Love this! Three women I would never imagine together: Carol Channing, Gloria Swanson and Tallulah Bankhead.
PLEASE WATCH THIS & BE INSPIRED.HOW DO YOU SPELL DIVA/DIVO??? watching this video you'll spell it like me...A.R.E.T.H.A.!! I LOVE the video below more than I have words to say. 'The Queen' didn't have a thing left to prove, but she more than earned her title when she took the stage at the Grammy's for Pavarotti with 22 minutes notice and sings, "Nessun Dorma."  One of those jaw-dropping moments. Every performer I know has a great 'defining moment' story. One of my favorites is the Debbie Allen, 'Raisin' '. But, you don't have to be artist to have a great, 'step up to the plate' story. Here's one of mine: With less than 12 hours notice, I was informed I would be going on for Leslie Uggams in "Jerry's Girls." That was bad enough. But the true terror came with the reality that I would be sharing the stage, as an equal, with a living legend, Carol Channing, and as nice a woman as she is, she wouldn't hesitate to 'rip me a new one' if you made her, myself or the show look bad. I knew she knew that I hadn't be ...
Jimmy Durante and Carol Channing join Robert Siegel and Terry Gross on a solute to the old Prairie Home.
like which Broadway stars are secretly cats? Like how Carol Channing is totally a cat. Open secret.
Football is all well and good, but how many players on the pitch could successfully name a film starring Carol Channing?
I heard Susan Estrich before I saw her & thought "Why is Carol Channing on ?"
"I can't believe Carol Channing is still alive! Carol baby, if you're out there, contact me ASAP!!! I have...
“Last half-afternoon, I was having a raw salt meal with Paul Sessa, Carol Channing, and Lakshmi Singh. Lakshmi brought along her trained mongrel, Sharon, and we traded eye contact”
Typical Friday night. Mopping and singing today's hits in the style of Carol Channing.
Clint casts stage stars in "Jersey Boys" If only he'd directed Hello Dolly! Carol Channing would have had the role!
Actress CARLA LAEMMLE from the Original 1925 movie Phantom of the Opera, had died. She was the niece of Universal Studios founder Carl Laemmle. She always attended the (here's a pic with me and one with Carol Channing). She was scheduled to attend in July. She was just 104 and a 1/2.
I've started talking in a Carol Channing voice and now I can't stop.
Failing to put Carol Channing in a studio to cover Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" is leaving millions on the table. "Who dat, who dat? CHAN-N-I-N-G!"
Carol Channing, Frankie Avalon, Austin Pendleton, and Robert Donner may be all we have left from SKIDOO. That and trauma.
Great end to a CRAZY day! Photo with James Arnold Taylor! We even exchanged Carol Channing stories!
I wouldn't be mad if I was Carol Channing
How in the name of Carol Channing do you fail parenting? Like you threw a baby at your mom and it hit the wall. Your excuse was “I missed”.
Mary Martin, creator Steve Silver and Carol Channing celebrating our 4,000th performance!
Eric Cantor will now follow lifelong dream of becoming a Carol Channing impersonator...
When it came to Super Bowl halftimes, Carol Channing set the tone - Before her 1970 appearance, Super...
I guess when Tatum Oneil and Carol Channing have a baby they call it ?
But the role of Carol Channing is still available.
I found this picture of AWESOME women (Carol Channing, Nora Ephron, Florence King, among others) in the Union archive
My new favorite character is that Carol Channing lookalike. I'd only like her more if she was supposed to be Carol Channing in jail.
Am I watching a biopic of a Carol Channing? Obviously.
carol Channing didn't share she was black till she was about 80.
I keep hearing Carol Channing sing "Before the Parade Passes By" and it's not the most pleasant experience
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Fun photo of Carol Channing with the wonderful Enjoy!
I imagine that's what Carol Channing looked like in her war movies.
Who wouldn't want to be Carol Channing?
That woman just reminded me of Carol Channing and now I'm laughing like a madwoman.
I always mix up Channing Tatum with Carol Channing. This has led to some very weird ideas.
"Rocky at is like carol Channing at the Superbowl." -celebrity correspondent.
If Carol Channing marries Channing Tatum, her name would be Carol Tatum.
Barbara Corcoran on reverse cowboy and dressing up as Carol Channing. Not what you think. Better. Way better.
FYI: & musical theatre is tradition. His appearance with Carol Channing in 2004
She already is, but will become a legend in her own right. . Along Barbara Cook, Carol Channing, Chita Rivera.
But have you ever sung through Chicago as Carol Channing? Because I have. And it's FUN.
Not the first rap on the Tonys. LL rapped Hello Dolly with Carol Channing dancing in 2004
LL Cool J and Carol Channing - Still the best rap at the Tonys to date!
VIDEO: That wasn't the first time rapped on the Do you remember this number with...
Julie. Please. Ask the audience to make a photoshop of a GIF of twerking Carol Channing
Good for you Jessie Mueller, I hear your Carol Channing is genius :)
I want someone to accidentally say that Jessie Mueller is playing Carol Channing...just ONCE
winner '60 the amazing Carol Channing for
Very nice, but where is Carol Channing?
Remember when carol Channing and ll cool j did a thing at the Tonys 10 years ago?
Petition to get Liza Minnelli, Jennifer Holliday, Elaine Stritch, and Carol Channing on Orange is the New Black.
* TODAY ~ SUNDAY MORNING AT 10:30 June 1 celebration with Rev. Judith Churchman While Dr. Arleen recovers from a minor illness this past week, Rev. Judith will step in tomorrow to give a dynamic message on successful living. We're always grateful to have Rev. Judith share her clear consciousness of spiritual truth with us. She is a delight and an inspiration and we appreciate her so very much! Rev. Glenn Stocking will preside over this celebration Plan to join us at 10:30 and bring a friend! OUR MUSICAL PERFORMER THIS SUNDAY IS DAVID MEULEMANS David is an accomplished performer, as comfortable on the big stage as he is in the most intimate of venues. His musical artistry has enabled him to perform with musical icons ranging from Carol Channing to Davy Jones and many others. He has been featured in Cabaret Stars of Tomorrow at the International Cabaret Conference at Yale University in 2011, which was followed by his debut performance at the famous "Don't Tell Mama" cabaret in New York City in 2012, from th ...
In 1964 these people were all on Broadway at some point during the season. In no particular order: Carol Burnett, Carol Channing, Barbra Streisand, Bert Lahr, Robert Morse,Richard Burton,Talullah Bankhead, Mary Martin, Robert Preston, Alec Guiness,Georgia Brown, Angela Lansbury, Sandy Dennis, Jack Cassidy,Steve Lawrence, Eva LaGalliene,Albert Finney, Beatrice Lillie, Tammy Grimes, Claudette Colbert, Cyril Ritchard, Hermione Gingold, Kirk Douglas, Eileen Brennan, Dom Deluise, Tessie O'shea, Robert Redford,Elizabeth Ashley, Josephine Baker, Lee Remick, Joanne Woodward,Paul Newman, Helen Hayes, Martin Sheen, Michelle Lee, Rudy Vallee, Diana Rigg, Colleen Dewhurst, Charles Boyer, Charles Nelson Reilly, Julie Harris and Julie Christie. Many of my friends in the business (and some perhaps who may NOT really be my friends) have advised me quite strongly against speaking out about today's Broadway, and particularly against those in power who largely determine what we see and DON'T see, feeling that it is against ...
A MEMORY OF WORKING IN PUERTO RICO IN THE LATE 1960S. The El San Juan Hotel attracted Vegas-style headliners who appeared in the huge Club Tropicoro (designed to resemble the famed Tropicana Club of Havana). These included Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Nat King Cole, Milton Berle, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Mathis, Ray Bolger, Sophie Tucker, Eddie Fisher, Carol Channing, José Greco, The Supremes, Betty Grable, Paul Anka, Xavier Cougat, Maurice Chevalier, and Liza Minelli. One time, Jimmy Durante, the great comedian, was going to open at the next door Reform Immigration FOR Americana. I went there with a photographer, to snap some shots for the local press. Mr. Durante came down from his room and met me by poolside. I brought with me my little son David, around age 5 at the time, and Jimmy made a big fuss over him, then smiled and posed for the photos.
This day in music history: May 9, 1964 “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong hits on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week also topping the Adult Contemporary chart for 9 weeks on March 28, 1964. Written by Jerry Herman, it is the biggest hit for the legendary New Orleans born jazz musician. The title song to the Broadway musical starring Carol Channing in the title role, Armstrong will record his version on December 3, 1963 originally as a demo recording for the song publisher’s use in promoting the show. Kapp Records releases it as a single and it becomes an unexpected hit, temporarily ending The Beatles fourteen week long hammer lock on the top of the pop singles chart. Sixty two years old at the time, it will make him the oldest artist in history to top the pop singles chart. “Hello Dolly” will also win Grammy Awards for Song Of The Year and Best Vocal Performance, Male in 1965. Armstrong will also perform the song with Barbra Streisand in the 1969 film adaptation of the hit musical. Louis Armstrong ...
Here are just some of the voices I will be doing today at the Viva Las Vegas Event Center on Las Vegas blvd just south of Charleston from 5 to 8. Johnny Cash, *** Jagger, Bob Dylan, Julio Iglesias, Kenny Rodgers, Macy Gray, Billy Joel, Steve Martin, Roy Orbison, Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Robert Deniro, Carol Channing, Brooks and Dunn, .maybe even Cher!
Ad from The Ziegfeld's 1950 production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Carol Channing. Why not,…
Here's 2 of my fav legends friends in my head Kaye Ballard and Carol Channing
Here's 2 of my fav legends Kaye Ballard and Carol Channing
A few years ago, Carol Channing told me (sorry for the name drop) that she loved Liza Minnelli because she was 'violently talented.' That phrase came back to me as I was watching Neil Patrick Harris tear up the stage as Hedwig last night. I haven't walked out of a theater so jazzed since Jennifer Holiday told us all she wasn't going.
I just ordered the 1985 live-action Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I was about the most excited girl in history. And then I found out that John Stamos is in it. It was too much. Especially when you consider it also has Donald O'Conner, Carol Channing, Harvey Korman, Scott Baio, and Ann Jillian, just to name a few. So excited to share this with Robert Eaton. And Babes in Toyland, which he has not seen.
Foto: Julie Andrew, Carol Channing, and Mary Tyler Moore leaning on each other near an aeroplane in the...
Judge Judy, Carol Channing, and somehow a return of Little Edie
Carol Channing just walked in to the theatre at concert...Still looks great!
With Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Della Reese , Ann Miller, Van Johnson, Cab Calloway and "The Love Boat Crew" ~ (1982) "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Jenna Bush sounds like Johnny Depp's impression of Carol Channing when he played Willy Wonka.
Sharing some more Black History Facts. The Ole Southern One Drop Rule! If these famous Black people had been born in the South prior to the Civil War, they could have wound up as slaves! Not listed in any particular order: 1. Carol Channing is a legendary Broadway performer who had always been accepted as another glamourous white star. In her autobiography, released in 2002, she dropped a bomb when she revealed that her father was actually a Bi-racial Black man. Her mother had revealed the secret to her when she was in college but Channing never said anything about it until she was in her 1980s, not wanting to jeopardize her career. 2. Mariah Carey reportedly receives more than 100,00 searches per year concerning her ethnicity. Carey’s father was of African American and Venezuelan descent, while her mother, Patricia (née Hickey), is of White Irish descent. 3. Rashida Jones is the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. 4. Gabrielle Reece, father was Afro-Trinidadian, her mother i ...
This is when I brought Carol Channing in 2006 to the Tampa Bay area.
Sid Caesar has very careful Jerry Lewis...Kirk Douglas...Carol Channing...Eli Wallach...Gene Wilder...Ed Asner...Doris too Abe ought a lock your doors there Fish !
Thanks to the generosity of my pal Max Kammer, I was able to have a wonderful evening at the theatre with old friends. I saw Lucie Arnaz at the McCallum Theatre -- wow, what a treat! Directed by my friend Douglas Denoff, musical direction by my friend Ron Abel -- and Lucie was superb! Her timing, her phrasing, her showmanship -- flawless! If you have a chance to see her new Latin Roots show, run don't walk to get tickets. It was also very satisfying to visit with Lucie after the show, say hello to old pal Gregg Oppenheimer (his father, Jess, created I love Lucy with Lucille and Desi), Carol Channing, Suzanne Somers and Larry Luckinbill. As many of you know, my activities are sort of limited due to my emphysema, but last night I not only went to the show but joined Doug, Ron and a few of Lucie's wonderful musicians at the Ace Hotel for some after-show storytelling. I had a blast!
My vote: Carol Channing, just because. Who should play Toronto's crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford on screen?
Exploring for Create Background Music :CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TODAY! Create Background Music The Prime 10 Most Popular Females With the Initial Title of Carol Or Carolyn The most popular persons (based mostly on on the net chatter) with the initial name Carol, Carole, Caroline, or Carolyn are: ten. Carolyn Warmus - Convicted for the murder of her lover's spouse 9. Carol Channing - Stage and Monitor Actress (Hello there, Dolly! Create Background Music Language of the Art Is there such a factor termed language of the Artwork or Art language? Is there a top secret to cultivating an creative expression? The remedy lies in knowledge the basics of Artwork language. There are seven factors of the language that organize and relate visuals on the portray which will animate and unify the several components in the portray. Superstar Vogue Phenomenon Who is your most popular movie star and tv star? Do you surprise what their particular everyday living is like? If you come across yourself constantly asking these con . ...
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