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Carol Channing

Carol Elaine Channing (born January 31, 1921) is an American singer, actress, and comedienne. She is the recipient of three Tony Awards (including one for lifetime achievement), a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

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Enjoy! I saw Carol Channing in the role on Broadway when I was a kid.
I am one of the few that knew back in the day that Carol Channing was not White. Neither Rachel Dolezal 😀🌚🐑
Let's just talk about the fact that Carol Channing is 96. WOW doing good.
I just can't handle that he's startin…
I made a Carol Channing reference and my girlfriend goes "is she related to Channing Tatum?". "Think about what you just said" .
I saw Carol Channing final perf in 96 & thought it couldn't be topped & yet + entire cast of is blowing me away
When your mom tells you your Carol Channing impression is 9.5/10
I'm really wondering why I talk to my puppies in a Carol Channing voice. "Oh my goodnesh".
i'm always that kid in theatre who listens to the recording of the show and is like "carol channing is nowhere near as good as our Dolly"
I mean Carol Aird is mildly And I say on film because Margo Channing is on her way to West End. And next year, too!
Like the Carol Channing of First Ladies I think. Macron might be bit strange given their romantic history.
First show I ever saw was Carol Channing in HELLO, DOLLY at age 5. Life changing. Simply impossible not to grin wat…
Carol Channing crawls out of a cave somewhere 😂
Have Carol Channing and Channing Tatum ever met in real life
I love how this one tree, and just this tree, is dragged-out and fabulous. It's like the Carol Channing or Diahann…
Most delightful fact I learned at pub trivia this week: Carol Channing performed at the super bowl in 1972. Carol. Channing. CAROL CHANNING.
The Three Graces: Dame Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing salute Jerry Herman at the 2010 ht…
Dallas' Kevin Ligon has done 'Hello, Dolly!' 4 times, with Carol Channing and now Bette Midler | Theater |…
Carol Channing married a man named Charles Lowe, which is my great grandfathers name. Hmm, hmm...
I voted for "Guest Preformer (Carol Channing)" in a POLL: Who was the episode MVP in Rowan andamp via
Kelly's mom has a Carol Channing vibe, no?
Moriah at the reunion giving carol channing vibes..
Dame Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing salute Birthday boy Jerry Herman with a Hello Dolly!/Mame mash-up:
Happy birthday to Jerry Herman, here in rehearsal for JERRY'S GIRLS w/ Carol Channing, & Andrea McAr…
50 years ago this week - 3 Legends (Julie Andrews, Carol Channing and Mary Tyler Moore) came together to create...
Carol Channing is the source of my dad's "the first hundred years are the hardest" line?!?!?
The great *** schism: saying "Raspberry" like Carol Channing vs Hope Summers "Rosemary"
Carol Channing Fast Facts. Read CNN Fast Facts for a look at the life of award winning actress and singer Carol
Everyone else has that heart in mouth moment when they get their Carol Channing google alert email right
The that I remember from was from bob the drag queen impersonating
I sounded like Carol Channing the next morning when I gave it. Was exhausted. Wanted to vom. Congregati…
New show: Two on the Aisle - Broadway at its Best with Kim Corcoran - Just played: Before The Parade Passes By - Carol Channing, Ensemb...
I don't know what's better: The real Carol Channing or Ryan Stiles impersonations of her. via
That whole Balls - Bolas thing is surely ripped from Carol Channing/Thoroughly Modern MillIe??
Some day I aim to be funnier than Carol Channing
If only all automated voices could sound like Carol Channing.
Here's hoping this is a Whose Line tribute weekend and we also get John Wayne, Carol Channing and Michael Jackson.
I'm a little late- you recognized Carol Channing during your tony acceptance speech- you are the epitome of class and grace
Im just sitting here agreeing with you that Carol Channing is the greatest thing ever. I wonder if M…
.Your Tommy Tune piece made my day. Such joy. Tommy w/ Carol Channing's advice *as* Carol was divine ❤️
I love him but now Tommy Tune looks just like Carol Channing
Carol Channing just sent flowers to in celebration of this evenings opening night of Jerry Herman's "…
Back in 1965, Al Hirschfeld recorded all the stars (Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand, Carol Channing, Johnny Carson,...
Carol Channing | aquarius. actress who starred on broadway in musicals like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes & Hello, Dolly!. Ja…
Gilbert Gottfried is the straight male Carol Channing.
excuse me, DwarfELLE. Also starring Carol Channing, Phillis Diller and other Great Wymyn
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"I didn't know Harrison Ford did impressions, his Carol Channing is terrific!" - Rip Torn on Larry Sanders.
I'm not saying I would pay money to see Carol Channing play Shug Avery in "The Color Purple"...but.I'm not...not saying that.
🔊 of Carol Channing performing "Hello, Lyndon!" We believe it's from the 1967 state dinner.
*** JUDY, BETTE, CAROL *** The Judy Show! hits the boards tonight with Carol Channing & Bette Davis! Come join us...
Yes, so very funny! It's has Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Channing in it as well, it's just brilliant!x
. Carol Channing, Pearl Bailey, Ethel Merman and now Bette Midler!. No better choice could be made.
OMG Brad Bradley just sent me this! Remember this Justin Vivian Bond it was 3 years ago! Carol Channing.
Carol Channing is one of the top artists working into their 90s. My story on the top 10:
my name is carol channing. idk who to pair that with. good one, write that down. ARE YOU KIDDING
Going to force to record selections from Ragtime as Carol Channing for release on Just try and stop me.
Starting a Google Doc of songs I should sing as Carol Channing.
I love that St John knows who Carol Channing is! Thanks for making me laugh at least once a day!
Finn Town’s team will name drinks after Mae West, Carol Channing, Harvey Milk, Diego Rivera, Robin Williams .
Many people are saying the French green pastel redness is under Carol Channing spaghetti telegram. 👍🏾
shaped like Carol Channing from her different musical roles. I call them
My wife is sitting next to me repeating Spock’s dialogue as Carol Channing. And you think you live an odd life.
I'm a Carol Channing guy in the stall next to me and my dog smh at what's happened to all the people who used to be on this website.
There's nothing like Nashville for making records.
Name Channing Tatum makes me think of Carol Channing. Then Tatum O'Neal/Ryan/Ali/Steve McQueen/Farah in that order.
I love Carol Channing so much can we just always talk about her all the time
I now require a cooking video of carol Channing explaining how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.
Last night I busted out Carol Channing singing Shaggy's "Wasn't Me" so, still relevant.
Judy Garland and Bernadette Peters adore you, Carol Channing wouldn't mind doing a tap number with you, Gwen Verdon says hi.
Patrick keeps "impersonating" Louis Armstrong but he sounds more like Carol Channing.
this morning I woke up from a dream with you in it...Carol Channing & Tony Curtis were also in it, so I may have a tumor.
Carol Channing had the most interesting voice. Something so charming about her
My dog got groomed and he looks like Carol Channing!
tonight. Only cabaret show in US where Liza,Barbra & Carol Channing are impersonated by women
Conversations you overhear at Joe Allen: "is Carol Channing still alive?"
The chewbacca impression of trumps most other impression on this show...maybe not Ryan's Carol Channing, but most others...
I swear to god I just thought I saw Carol Channing walking down a side street in Metairie
If Carol Channing were to marry Channing Tatum, her name would be Carol Tatum.
Broadway Legend Carol Channing is my guest today on my Sirius/XM radio show. 6pm East/3pm West on Sirius Stars. Siri…
are u going to sing w I bet ur carol Channing would impress her or ur Liza !
PB PHOTO aan-616 Carol Channing Actress with Danny Thomas and wife
Sunset at the Villa Thalia ends 4 Aug. channelling Carol Channing!!
Lets fuse famous people together withtl the hashtag I'll go first: Carol Channing Tatum
I actually realized three months ago I didn't know who Carol Channing was apart from Ryan's impressions.
David Lee Roth did a FAR better Carol Channing impression.
Carol Channing sings 'Jam today' song in bizarre Irwin Allen TVM of Alice - has to be seen to be believed
Audiobooks read by Ryan Stiles doing his Carol Channing impression.
Check out Hello, Dolly! (Soundtrack) This is not the best. Carol Channing version was.
This sounds a lot like Carol Channing, don't it? But Norman "Hurricane" Smith was an EMI producer fo…
“GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES" with Carol Channing, illustrated with scenes, 1949
- loving your Carol Channing / Oprah Winfrey excitement voice today!
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Hello, Dollys! and Carol Channing meet for the first time.
Our new magazine is out – it includes an exclusive interview with Carol Channing plus Charlie King discusses Worry in Healthy Performance.
Oh wow, I had no idea that Carol Channing was half black
Carol Channing is 95 years old. Not her birthday.
I like for Brian, not because they're like the Carol Channing of the drag world
to be fair, Carol Channing is STILL fabulous
I remember hearing the Carol Channing "I don't remember having corn" story in a *** bar, NYC about 15 years ago. EPIC!
When took over the on as Carol Channing, I fell off my chair. Hilaracle!
Last week I met a Unicorn...the one and only Carol Channing...
Carol Channing live at the Fillmore Theater at !
you're gonna be like Carol Channing in Hello Dolly.
You'll be like Carol Channing playing Dolly into her 70's...which I think is AWESOME!
I added a video to a playlist PAYDAY 2 Christmas Carol 2014 XMAS SONG
I do think I've seen that fish before & it had been way too long. I want it to start singing Hello Dolly ala Carol Channing.
Lookin' good, handwritten thank-you card from Carol Channing to Cole Porter on personalized stationery.
Hamilton Collection
I REALLY want 2 meet Carol Channing!! Someone I know must know her...who can make this life long dream of mine come true??
nah, he just got the lead in the Carol Channing biopic...
Carol Channing, the original Dolly Levi, shares her memories of
Susan Estrich must hear often that she sounds like Carol Channing when she speaks. I'd love to hear her take of "Hello Dolly."
Believe in REINCARNATION? Someone ask Susan Estrich to sing 'Hello Dolly"! Gotta be Carol Channing's doppelganger, even the Pop Eyes!UTube
Our new printed magazine is out and includes; Joan Collins, David Bedella, Carol Channing and Sheridan Smith.
I really pray for the day that you give the KCH to Little Richard, Burt Reynolds and Carol Channing! Their protégés have been!
Would also be stoked to hear more about minority celeb's at that time: Sammy Davis Jr, Cantinflas, Hattie McDaniel, Carol Channing et al
Just saw commercial for the Carole King show & said aloud, "Someone did a musical about Carol Channing's life?!" It's the end of term, obvi.
Here is a public service announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, Carol Channing is weird as *** That is all
ten years after I first saw it I still draw breath of life from Ryan Stiles's Carol Channing impression
Alan Cumming spills on his night of drinking vodka with Mrs. Brady at Carol Channing's 95th b-day
I didn't know Pete Wentz, Slash, Jennifer Beals, Carol Channing, Wentworth Miller are black..This article is dope!
I love you Michelle but Carol Channing didn't do the voice of "Lambchop". That was Shari Lewis. Have a great day!
Five days later and I still sound like the *** love child of Harvey Fierstein and Carol Channing.
How hot was Hello Dolly when it originally opened? Carol Channing was chosen to sing at the halftime show for Super Bowl IV and VI
Just realizing that we're going to be alive when OUR legends die. Aretha. Carol Channing. Angela Lansbury. Barbra. Liza. Barbara Cook. Audra
Got my picks in. Gene Wilder and since someone took my Carol Channing pick from last year I went with Cher. 💁
I want Carol Channing to be my friend
honestly though Carol Channing is the queen of everything…her and Cruella de Vil basically shaped my mannerisms
Yes, I see your point... but Carol Channing.
What a thrill for me to fondle an envelope, even in transit! (at the Oscars) -Carol Channing
Oddest autograph attempt at "Johnny, do you like Carol Channing?" Man holding Carol Channing autobiography for Johnny Depp to sign
consider this credit from Carol Channing's career: . Hello, Dolly! (1964; 1977; 1981; 1994)
Carol Channing still lives. . So there's hope.
Grumpy old Guy's voice is making me think of Carol Channing. 😬
like, I cannot fathom that Carol Channing would clench up and tsk-tsk at the idea of *** couples. Her life wasn't sheltered.
Hot Clip of the Day: Carol Channing bumps it to
can do a carol Channing impression perfectly.
Friends I expect to gain in 2016: Dwight Schrute, Seth McFarlane, The Dude, Matt Damon, Carol Channing, and Deadpool.
when Carol Channing broke her arm in rehearsal, she draped her cast in strands of diamonds/rhinestones.
The first eighty years are the hardest. -Carol Channing
I'll go to my grave remembering the tears and laughs I didn't get. -Carol Channing
I added a video to a playlist Little Girl from Little Rock - Carol Channing
😂 I watched : The Buick Berle show with her and Carol Channing, The End of the Line, and I'm watching her Emmy TV legends 😊
TWO months from today...I'll be back. AND attending Carol Channing's 95th birthday party soiree
How dare you! Carol Channing is an American treasure.
Late response to the NMSU color voice: I had it narrowed down to either Carol Channing, or one of Bart Simpson's aunts.
Ape dances to Carol Channing as Dawn grooms herself.
Not forgetting Carol Channing, going strong at 94.
If you love Logan's, Judy Garland, PearlCarol Channing,Liza Minnelli, turn on GET TV. I felt like I missed so much, but glad I was
GET TV, CHANNEL 495 on FIOS, AWESOME. I just watched Judy Garland show and am now watch' Pearl Bailey & CarolBroadway, awesome!
If me being the girl is canon, you're a junior dressed as Carol Channing at the 2008 BU Drag Ball.
Things I have learned from Neko Atsume by changing cats' names 1: Carol Channing loves red rubber balls.
Both Jerry Herman and Carol Channing won Tony Awards in '64 for their talents on this musical
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The McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, CA will celebrate the 95th birthday of Carol Channing on March 5, 2016.
Della Reese, Cab Calloway, Carol Channing and more on The Love Boat...fabulous!!
Hello, Dolly. So, was everything coming up roses? Also a good before & after for Wheel of Fortune: Carol Channing Tatum
ton of musicals growing up & 1000% b/c of my dad. My mom still can't let go how much he made her listen to Carol Channing's Dolly
Our own Carol Brady, Carol Burnett, and Carol Channing as the from
Watching an Ozsploitation mondo called The ABC Of Love And Sex, 1970s *** cattiness got preserved in a time capsule, Carol Channing disses!
I sent my laptop to get fixed and forgot to change my wallpaper from a close up of Carol Channing's face to something less creepy
Carol Channing ... that . would explain a lot. midn…
Carol Channing ... that . would explain a lot.
If Channing Tatum married Carol Channing his name would be Channing Tatum.
This waitress at Olive Garden is talking to us like Carol Channing. . "Oh look at all that yummy cheese on there yeah"
If Carol Channing married Channing Tatum, her name would be Carol Tatum.
I was at Super Bowl VI, and yes Carol Channing performed. *** yeh, I was 11 1/2 yrs old, and I was in Tulane Stadium on NO!
COLDPLAY??!! This is NOT happening!! I beg of you to bring back Carol Channing instead.
Carol Kane, Carol Channing... I think I'm doing this wrong.
I hope Ne-Yo is giving Carol Channing residuals for the Cecilia Sisson whistle he's using.
And I love 'Hello, Dolly!' and I love Carol Channing, but Pearlie Mae’s is my favorite recording of it.
I just figured out what Ne-Yo's speech affect reminds me of. Carol Channing saying Raspberries
Super Bowl IV had Carol Channing perform at halftime, but that still doesn't sound as bad as Coldplay.
I can't help but always, without fail, use a Carol Channing voice whenever this song is on. Thanks, h…
Learning the monologue for "Before the Parade Passes By" and all I really want in the world is a hat like Carol Channing had.
This ep on is nuts. Cameos so far: Milton Berle, Steve Allen, Carol Channing, Florence Henderson, Robert Reed
Ann Jillian is the mirror image of Carol Channing in the 1988 CBS TV series, Alice In Wonderland.
Just ran into a vball teammate at then a doppelgänger for Carol Channing, Kim Davis, and Bernie Sanders
The most surprising person that I just discovered was half-black: Carol Channing
Carol Channing. Ethel Merman. Elaine Stritch. . What are ladies I'd love to lunch with. (Yes I know Ethel is dead.)
just got home last night too! Went to auction in WON A GREAT CAROL CHANNING SIGNED PHOTO! you ever met her ??
If you were paying attention at the NYFF Opening Night prom, you would have seen/heard my awesome Liza Minelli and Carol Channing imitations
I don't want to hear about the moon on the news anymore unless it blows up or turns into Carol Channing's head.
Had a customer today who sounded like a teenage Carol Channing. Lol. I was dying of laughter inside.
The was AWESOME this year! I bought 2 vintage Carol Channing playbills & an ensemble track in
Another one that blew my mind was CAROL CHANNING!!!
Carol Channing Yodels For Square Raspberries is so sweet for you to download and enjoy. But beware of splinters
Ep 3-28: Carol Channing Yodels For Square Rasperries just posted for It's All About M.E. Podcast. Go check it out.
If there is anything worse than Felger, it's Felger Wanna-Bes. For your next impersonation, try Carol Channing.
Our tunes at the terminal this am have ranged from classical piano, Muzak'd Smash Mouth & now Hello Dolly w/ Carol Channing.
Why is Asher blowing Carol Channing off? I can't call her anything else b/c of lol.
Carol Channing, Poly Styrene, & Jackie Collins at some mystery event of the cosmos:
CAROL CHANNING in the original story Gentleman Prefer Blonds Vinyl LP33 Album EX
Just referenced the Carol Channing ALICE IN WONDERLAND thusly: "I saw that in the original airing." And in that moment, I turned to dust.
Your latest was GANGBUSTERS! Carol Channing finally emerged from the grape Jell-O & is seeking work as a female Barney now.
I wonder what Carol Channing is having for breakfast today?
Carol Channing is only about 4 months away from turning 95!
I pride myself on my Carol Channing impersonation
Or as Carol Channing one famously said: "corn? I don't remember eating corn."
…but Carol Channing is still available for a reunion!
Dear movie software AI: I guarantee you when I search for "Channing" I am not looking for films with Carol. Learn that. TIA. cc
Thought Macklemore was Carol Channing. So that's my level right now
Mary Martin. A true Broadway Classic. Like Ethel Merman and Carol Channing. Never see these types again.
Day turned down THE GRADUATE and Albert Brooks' MOM. Will Clint's long-ago co-star Carol Channing be in it too?
• Lily Tomlin, Joel Grey, Carol Channing, Shirley MacLaine, and Raul Julia were also there as presenters
Hello, Dolly! by Carol Channing:. You fellers may have heard ole Mike speaking to RJ and Brad on the return of WWC…
Great photo's of Dinah Shore, Carol Channing. & Eve Arden. All so talented! Carol Channing the one that Ryan Stiles always used to do impressions of? [literally all I know about her]
Don't miss today's blog by Michael Spence as he shares "What I Learned from Carol Channing." It's a must read.
when you are talking to a dog and you realize you sound like Carol Channing.
2. Listening to I wondered why one of the few Black Roxy Hart's, was channelling Carol Channing's voice?
Why do I think of Carol Channing and Tatum O'Neal when I hear name? Be one *** of a sequel.
"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" was first introduced by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of...
Kidding Around with Carol Channing and the Kids SEALED LP vinyl record Caedmon
This Coke can says to share it with my "Better Half", so I'm drinking it while looking at a picture of Carol Channing.
CAROL CHANNING Peter and the Wolf Tubby the Tuba CINCINNATI POPS SEALED LP vinyl
I wasn't surprised at all when Carol Channing revealed she had black ancestry.
Well Since We Having the Party:. Carol Channing. The famous Broadway performer started her...
It's black people like Carol Channing passing for white to get a leg up in life. What was this woman's motive, Black Power? SMH???
Why didn't you make this fuss after Carol Channing claimed African descent? Shes in trouble over profound empathy?
Has anyone heard from Mrs.Fishbreath& Mr. Gingerbread ? The last time I saw them was in NYC sitting &"21" with Carol Channing.???
Said elsewhere: Perversely, I keep picturing Carol Channing getting up in Rachel Dolezal's face going "White girl! Who you trying to fool??"
Once Carol Channing admitted her daddy was Black...all bets were off for me.
no kidding!!! That was my prom date. Boy the things she knew. My fav was the carol Channing position.
Just imagine me singing them... think Miss Piggy meets Carol Channing.
Remember that time I was a Carol Channing puppet in a world premiere play ?…
Definitely Ryan as Carol Channing and breaking the neon lights on Drew's desk with his head!
from one of the older episodes when Ryan was imitating Carol Channing and smashed his head on the desk lamp and broke it!
You know the infamous corn story regarding Carol Channing P.Wee ?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just realizing that I talk to my dog like Carol Channing
Absolutely! Love Boat with her, Ethel Merman, Carol Channing- heaven! Sad I didn't get to see her in a Sugar Babies.
When did the little cute kid from The Cosby Show turn into Carol Channing?
Yeah, between her Carol Channing and Tatianna's Britney, it was a close one there.
"My favorite Christmas Carol is Carol Channing. We should see more of her."
For the record, I'm kind of upset I associate Carol Channing more with Bluth's Thumbelina than anything else.
I would like to see Chita Rivera and Carol Channing play Elphaba and G(a)linda, respectfully, in the
Liza Minelli, Carol Channing and Grace Jones have all just unfriended you.
I've decided to write the Carol Channing bio-pic. Carol should get her Oscar speech ready because I fully intend on having her play herself.
"Did you know that Carol Channing is biracial?"
"I didn't know Harrison Ford did impressions. His Carol Channing was terrific"
I think this Iovine guy is Carol Channing in disguise.
Don't ask me how my thoughts went from Carol Channing to the song "Indian Love Call" by Slim Whitman - it just does. LOL!
A friend of mine's dad turned into Ryan Stiles' impression of Carol Channing for a moment and I can't get it out of my head!
So now just George Gaynes, George Kennedy, Al Molinaro, Carol Channing, James Noble and Bill Macy are some of my oldest fav living actors!   10% Off
Why WOULDN'T you 3-D print a copy of Carol Channing's dedicated *** to hump to the soundtrack of Hello Dolly?
Babs with Carol Channing. There is no chill.
No magnifying mirror at this Hilton. Might leave here looking like Carol Channing. If I walk with confidence, think people will notice?
Life goal: have Ryan Stiles saying 'no, I'm Spartacus' as Carol Channing as my ringtone
I'm not sure how I feel about Throughly Modern Millie as a whole...but dadgum I love the lady characters in this thing. Esp. Carol Channing💕
Listening to the main villain in Tomb Raider just makes me think of Ryan Stiles' Carol Channing impression
Who in the Lewis Carol Channing Tatum are you?
--just saw Van Der Beek at Starbucks on La Cienega, & I've had dinner with Carol Channing. I'm like your goyim spirit animal
I've said Coworker is exactly Carol Channing in Alice in Wonderland but have I mentioned she's also exactly this?
Has anyone seen Carol Channing lately? I'm beginning to suspect she's Benjamin Buttoning into Kristin Chenoweth. 👀
I like her voice ♫ Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend by Carol Channing —
And I bet that voice sounds like Carol Channing.
Meeting and performing for the amazing Carol Channing again today. 94 and as witty as ever!
You would be lying if you didn't think this rabbit looked like Carol Channing.
Few things make me laugh as much as Ryan Stiles improvising something to do with Carol Channing.
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Remember when carol Channing told me she's too young to be my grandmother
Carol Channing can beat Julie Andrew's *** any day.
It might be the booze talking, but I kinda want to be Carol Channing when I grow up. Or Channing Tatum. Or Tatum O'Neal. Whatevs.
Carol Channing XD My first exposure to her. I was twelve when I saw that on vhs.
I get a kick outta but it's bed time. Stay up and watch Carol Channing for me,
Also, Carol Channing and Whitney are here at the drags show. All the celebrities showed up tonight!
Hey. Do NOT diss THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE. Carol Channing is sublime! But I'm ok with the dissing of the other two.
At 17, I saw my first Bway show, the tour of HELLO, DOLLY! starring Carol Channing.She was electric and it changed my life.
'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' - Carol Channing
Make sure to cast Carol Channing, Channing Tatum, and Tatum O'Neal as leads with Mary Beth Hurt and Mary Kay Place as support.
Maybe someday Wyatt can meet my Domestic Short Hair Dolly (as in "Hello Dolly!" The Musical - 1964) I love Carol Channing!
Carol Channing was the first Superbowl halftime show, so it's always been a weirdly camp oasis in a sea of football http:/…
Carol Channing for a Glenn Close style role in the MCU!
Just in case we haven’t covered this, Channing Tatum is not related to Carol Channing, Stockard Channing nor Tatum O’Neill.
Just got blu-ray of Otto Preminger's Carol Channing in her undies. Jackie Gleason on acid. Groucho Marx as God. Nilsson songs. WOW.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Louis Armstrong is reminding me of Carol Channing. Watching High Society on TCM. I am thinking Grace Kelly was not a huge loss to film.
Louise Slaughter sounds like a southern Carol Channing. I mean that in the nicest way.
The Southern California Motion Picture Council is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1936 to promote the best in motion pictures. One of the oldest Hollywood organizations, this prestigious group has been encouraging the production of diverse and international family oriented films and television programs for almost 80 years. We promote civic-minded, educational and cultural programs of exceptional merit and present Golden Halo awards for the best in movies, television, stage plays, and the performing arts. Our first honoree was Jean Harlow and our events are attended by Hollywood's greatest living legends including Academy Award winning actress Margaret O'Brien, Rose-Marie, Tippi Hedren, Carol Channing, Jerry Maren and many others. Held at the historic Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City CA, the walls speak of a star-studded past including Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert F. Kennedy, Spencer Tracy, and John Wayne. Our upcoming awards will be on October 13, 20 ...
I'd be just as impressed if it was Carol Channing.
Anytime someone says 'I'm Spartacus' I go to right to the scene from with Ryan Stiles. As Carol Channing.
Paris Gellar is looking less like Carol Channing this week, and I think that's just great.
So near and yet so far. Carol Channing will be full of chagrin.
Eddie Bracken & the inimitable Carol Channing take the cake in this weeks album:
Not even if it's a pic of a Carol Channing ventriloquist dummy reading your book?😕
I'm watching a Carol Channing documentary and she's speaking fake Russian and I think I'm dead?
Foto: Carol Channing, in the role of Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi in Hello, Dolly! 
This Carol Channing documentary is my life.
So you'll take Carol Channing, the actor, over Mike Tyson, the boxer? *** give me $50 on Tyson. lol
There's a really good Carol Channing doc on netflix and I think they bring that up?
Carol Channing and her husband are the actual cutest old couple I've ever seen in my life. This is not a joke. Watch her documentary. Dying.
that makes me think of Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie drawling 'WRASSberries'
Me I'll hire Rich Little to read them in the voice of Carol Channing.
Making a "how to access screencast video & loathing for my own voice has no bounds. It's like cross b/t Carol Channing & Spongebob
oh just a story of friendship between a man and his $400 Carol Channing ventriloquist dummy
Ok! And high-five Carol Channing for me in return!
As a child, my parents took me to see Carol Channing as Dolly Levy.
Getting the feeling the people I'm with aren't interested in hearing about what I learned in the Carol Channing documentary I watched?
Broadway Legend (and I do not use the word “legend” lightly) Carol Channing is on the radar, and stage, once...
My handle on is Carol Channing Tatum, you guys
What wonderful time with Carol Channing! I love her!
I liked a video Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey
How long before the Countess' full transformation into Carol Channing
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