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Carol Channing

Carol Elaine Channing (born January 31, 1921) is an American singer, actress, and comedienne. She is the recipient of three Tony Awards (including one for lifetime achievement), a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

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I just ordered the 1985 live-action Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. I was about the most excited girl in history. And then I found out that John Stamos is in it. It was too much. Especially when you consider it also has Donald O'Conner, Carol Channing, Harvey Korman, Scott Baio, and Ann Jillian, just to name a few. So excited to share this with Robert Eaton. And Babes in Toyland, which he has not seen.
Foto: Julie Andrew, Carol Channing, and Mary Tyler Moore leaning on each other near an aeroplane in the...
Judge Judy, Carol Channing, and somehow a return of Little Edie
Carol Channing just walked in to the theatre at concert...Still looks great!
With Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Della Reese , Ann Miller, Van Johnson, Cab Calloway and "The Love Boat Crew" ~ (1982) "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Jenna Bush sounds like Johnny Depp's impression of Carol Channing when he played Willy Wonka.
Sharing some more Black History Facts. The Ole Southern One Drop Rule! If these famous Black people had been born in the South prior to the Civil War, they could have wound up as slaves! Not listed in any particular order: 1. Carol Channing is a legendary Broadway performer who had always been accepted as another glamourous white star. In her autobiography, released in 2002, she dropped a bomb when she revealed that her father was actually a Bi-racial Black man. Her mother had revealed the secret to her when she was in college but Channing never said anything about it until she was in her 1980s, not wanting to jeopardize her career. 2. Mariah Carey reportedly receives more than 100,00 searches per year concerning her ethnicity. Carey’s father was of African American and Venezuelan descent, while her mother, Patricia (née Hickey), is of White Irish descent. 3. Rashida Jones is the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. 4. Gabrielle Reece, father was Afro-Trinidadian, her mother i ...
This is when I brought Carol Channing in 2006 to the Tampa Bay area.
Sid Caesar has very careful Jerry Lewis...Kirk Douglas...Carol Channing...Eli Wallach...Gene Wilder...Ed Asner...Doris too Abe ought a lock your doors there Fish !
Thanks to the generosity of my pal Max Kammer, I was able to have a wonderful evening at the theatre with old friends. I saw Lucie Arnaz at the McCallum Theatre -- wow, what a treat! Directed by my friend Douglas Denoff, musical direction by my friend Ron Abel -- and Lucie was superb! Her timing, her phrasing, her showmanship -- flawless! If you have a chance to see her new Latin Roots show, run don't walk to get tickets. It was also very satisfying to visit with Lucie after the show, say hello to old pal Gregg Oppenheimer (his father, Jess, created I love Lucy with Lucille and Desi), Carol Channing, Suzanne Somers and Larry Luckinbill. As many of you know, my activities are sort of limited due to my emphysema, but last night I not only went to the show but joined Doug, Ron and a few of Lucie's wonderful musicians at the Ace Hotel for some after-show storytelling. I had a blast!
My vote: Carol Channing, just because. Who should play Toronto's crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford on screen?
Exploring for Create Background Music :CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TODAY! Create Background Music The Prime 10 Most Popular Females With the Initial Title of Carol Or Carolyn The most popular persons (based mostly on on the net chatter) with the initial name Carol, Carole, Caroline, or Carolyn are: ten. Carolyn Warmus - Convicted for the murder of her lover's spouse 9. Carol Channing - Stage and Monitor Actress (Hello there, Dolly! Create Background Music Language of the Art Is there such a factor termed language of the Artwork or Art language? Is there a top secret to cultivating an creative expression? The remedy lies in knowledge the basics of Artwork language. There are seven factors of the language that organize and relate visuals on the portray which will animate and unify the several components in the portray. Superstar Vogue Phenomenon Who is your most popular movie star and tv star? Do you surprise what their particular everyday living is like? If you come across yourself constantly asking these con . ...
Who Know? amazing!! Carol Channing was born on this date , Jan. 31 in 1921. She's an African American actress. Huhhh??? She was born in Seattle, Washington. When she left home to attend Bennington College, her mother informed her that her father, a journalist whom she had believed was born in Rhode Island, was actually a light-complected African-American born in Augusta, Georgia who had passed for white, saying that the only reason she was telling her was so she wouldn't be surprised "if she had a black baby". She kept her heritage secret so she would not be typecast on Broadway and in Hollywood, ultimately revealing it only in her autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess, which was published in 2002, when she was more than 80 years old. As an actress, Channing’s career was built largely on two roles, Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Dolly Gallagher Levi in Hello Dolly!. She is easily recognized by her distinctive voice and wide eyes. Her first Broadway play was Let's Face It, where she was an un .. ...
Heard a producer singing the praises of a current rather bland Broadway star recently. And there I am nodding politely with a glazed look in my eye. Did you ever notice that the true Broadway musical superstars of yester year were all glorious freaks- wildly unusual and SPECIAL? Carol Channing., Barbra Streisand, Ray Bolger, Carol Burnett, Ethel Merman, Anthony Newley, Mary Martin, Yul Bryner, Gwen Verdon, Bert Lahr, Chita Rivera, Angela Lansbury, Tommy Tune and yes, Lauren Bacall. BLAND the new black?
Fun, fun day! Went to the newest star unveiling on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.Gavin MacLeod.Captain Stubing from the Love Boat!!! So many awesome! We all sang happy birthday to Carol Channing - turns 93!!! Kaye Ballard, Nancy Sinatra, Jack Jones (yes, he sang the theme for the Love Boat this morning.goosebumps), Joyce Bulifant who played his wife on the Mary Tyler Moore show and so many others that I can't remember them all. Then went down to Just Fabulous - bought 2 of his books and he autographed them for me and my mom. Took pics with him - he is so sweet, kind and funny! Will post pics after I sort through them all. Took so many that 1/2 way through the event, I had to start deleting old pics in my phone to make room for new ones!
Famous Quote Said On January 31 The next president is going to have to be prepared to immediately step in without hesitation and end our involvement in Iraq. Joe Biden, 2007 January 31 Birthdays Justin Timberlake turns 33 Jackie Robinson (1919 - 1972) Kerry Washington turns 37 Portia De Rossi turns 41 Danielle Campbell turns 19 Zane Grey (1872 - 1939) Nolan Ryan turns 67 Marcus Mumford turns 27 Tyler Seguin turns 22 Vernon Davis turns 30 Tyler Hubbard turns 27 John Lydon turns 58 Preity Zinta turns 39 Carol Channing turns 93 Minnie Driver turns 44 Ernie Banks turns 83 Jeff Hanneman (1964 - 2013) Elena Paparizou turns 32 Joel Courtney turns 18 Suzanne Pleshette (1937 - 2008) Jean Simmons (1929 - 2010) - All January 31 Birthdays January 31 History 1971 - American astronauts Alan B. Shepard, Jr., Edgar Mitchell and Stuart Roosa blast off to the moon aboard Apollo 14. Shepard demonstrated his golf skills on the moon. 1950 - U.S. President Harry Truman announces that development has started on the hydrogen bom ...
Carol Channing had her own sitcom pilot "The Carol Channing Show" Produced by Desi Arnaz and co-starred Richard Deacon and Jane Dulo.
On this day in history: January 31: 1747—the first venereal disease clinic opens in London 1797—Austrian composer Franz Schubert is born (d. 1828) 1801—John Marshall is appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 1846—after the Milwaukee Bridge War, the neighboring towns of Juneautown and Kilbourntown combine to form the city of Milwaukee, WI 1865—Congress passes the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery and submits it to the states for ratification 1872—author Zane Grey is born (d. 1939) 1902—actress Tallulah Bankhead is born (d. 1968) 1919—baseball player Jackie Robinson is born (d. 1972) 1921—actress/singer Carol Channing is born 1921—opera tenor Mario Lanza is born (d. 1959) 1925—civil rights activist Benjamin Hooks is born (d. 2010) 1930—3M begins marketing scotch tape 1934—actor James Franciscus is born (“Mr. Novack”) (d. 1991) 1937—actress Suzanne Pleshette is born (“The Bob Newhart Show”) (d. 2008) 1945—Army private Eddie Slovik is executed for desertion, the fi ...
Today is January 31st, the last day of the first month of the 2014th year A.D. Notable birthdays: Justin Timberlake is 33 Portia de Rossi 41 Johnny Rotten 58 K.C. (Harry Wayne Casey) 63 KC and the Sunshine Band Nolan Ryan 67 Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub 83 Carol Channing 93 On this day in 1865, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed by Congress-It abolished Slavery in our nation (Ratified on 12/6/65) Coca-Cola was registered as a trademark in 1893 And on this date in 1940, the 1st Social Security Check was issued by our country.
January 31st, and the month is just about done. One for the record books, with all the snowfall. Now another storm looms for tomorrow for parts of the state. Let's see what happened over the years .. 1928, Scotch Tape was first marketed by 3M .. 1936, "The Green Hornet" was first aired on WXYZ in Detroit .. 1958, Explorer 1, the first U.S. space satellite was launched, and led the the formation of NASA .. 1959, Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) watched Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper perform in Duluth, just days before they all were killed .. 1963, 17-year old Neil Young performed for the first time at a country club in Winnepeg .. and in 1968, "Bend Me, Shape Me" went gold. Born January 31st were author Zane Grey in 1872 .. Eddie Cantor in 1892 .. Jackie Robinson in '19 .. Carol Channing and Mario Lanza, both in '21 .. Chuck Willis in '28 .. Chicago Cub great Ernie Banks in '31 .. Marvin Junior of the Dells in '36 .. Suzanne Pleshette in '37 .. Terry Kath of Chicago in '46 .. Nolan Ryan in ' ...
Theatremania on Carol Channing's return to the NY stage at 93 -
I finally saw Otto Preminger's infamous failed attempt at achieving honorary hippie status, 1968's "skidoo". While, yes, it IS a bad movie, one that boggles the mind when stopping to consider exactly WHAT were they were thinking, it's not quite as entertaining, awful-wise, as I would've expected. Jackie Gleason takes an LSD trip! Carol Channing strips down to bra and panties for Frankie Avalon! Groucho Marx plays God! These things all sound far more intriguing in cold hard print than they ultimately do up on the screen. But you've also got Mickey Rooney, George Raft, Arnold Stang, Fred Clark, Peter Lawford, Slim Pickens, and three Bat-villains emeritus: Frank Gorshin, Ceasar Romero, and Burgess Meredith, so this thing has a lot of star power, however dimming. Worth a look, even if it's not The Worst Big Budget Movie of All Time. (My favorite part was Harry Nilsson singing the end credits, names of cast and crew alike, even right on down to the copyright notice--now, THAT's entertainment!!..)
stud celebrated Carol Channing's 93rd last night in New York.
Thanks Daniel Nardicio and Justin Vivian Bond! Last night with Carol Channing was a delight. What an amazing lady!
Justin Vivian Bond and Carol Channing on a broadway stage singing Hello Dolly. Whew! I've never felt so *** What a love fest!
Natalie Johnson and Brian Nash killed it tonight at Therapy. What a musical cherry on the sundae of an evening. Thank you Carol Channing for being. Justin Vivian Bond for being an amazing performer. And Shane Smith for being a great friend
Wow, had an amazing night with Jackie Hoffman, Carol Channing and Justin Vivian Bond at Town Tall in NYC. The genius Channing/Bond combo was sublime.
Tonight I went to see Justin Vivian Bond and Carol Channing at Town Hall with Rob Sorce, Matthew Marks, and Joan Woytowitz. Good times! And dinner after at Il Cantinori!
Tonight's show "An Intimate Evening with Carol Channing and Justin Vivian Bond" was a evening!
I just had the most FANTABULOUS Opportunity to see Carol Channing live in a Q&A with Justin Vivian Bond at Town Hall in NYC. Thank you to Barbara P. for inviting me as her guest. Right before she sang this she did the Ephraim speech from Dolly and she was FLAWLESS! "I've decided to join the Human Race again. And, Ephraim, I want you to give me away." POWERFUL
Carol Channing at Town Hall was amazingly touching. Thank you Carol and thank you Justin Vivian Bond!
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Just came from seeing Justin Vivian Bond interview Carol Channing at The Town Hall. She's 93 (Carol, not Justin). It was WONDERFUL. Such a great night.
Justin Vivian Bond was stunning. And now a brief intermission and then the lady of the hour, Carol Channing
Seeing Justin Vivian Bond and Carol Channing. "Keep it shallow, keep it pretty, keep it moving!"
Tony Award-winning Hello, Dolly! star Carol Channing joins Tony nominee Justin Vivian Bond for a one-night-only night of music and celebration at Town Hall Jan. 20. 
Carol Channing. Justin Vivian Bond. Elisabeth Harris. An evening meant to be envied.
Seeing a public chat tonight between mixed-race Carol Channing and mixed-gender Justin Vivian Bond. In the future we'll all be mixed!
Very thrilled to be playing the truly "killer" opening set with Justin Vivian Bond in V's reunion with Carol Channing at Town Hall tonight!
Hope everyone's got their tickets for Carol Channing and JVB at Town Hall tonight. Just got totally bombed at lunch with Justin Vivian Bond. ThAt one. Sro tyalenteD. I'm sure V'll b fuine by tornight.
Justin Vivian Bond on Carol Channing's art and influence.
Who's going to see Carol Channing, with Justin Vivian Bond tonight? I sure as *** am!
"If I say the word 'corn' to you..." A hilarious conversation with Daniel Nardicio Events and Justin Vivian Bond before their show with Carol Channing tomorrow.
well I'll tell you how it looks on Monday, but Monday's Venn diagram has 3 circles: *** Carol Channing, Justin Vivian Bond
Carol Channing & Justin Vivian Bond perform at Town Hall, NYC on Monday, January 20th at 8pm
I just got a call from someone big! Will not tell you who but it has to do with my big weekend! What a weekend ahead of me! In an hour, I go to pick up Marge Champion to take her to CUNY Studios where she will be joined by Lee Roy Reams and Sondra Lee for Theater Talk to discuss Hello, Dolly! (Thank you, Scott Mallalieu for making this happen! Tomorrow is the HUGE New York Sheet Music Society Meeting celebrating the legacy of Dolly followed by Peggy Herman's show at The Laurie Beechman Theatre with guests Jerry Lanning and Tony Sheldon. Sunday afternoon, I am throwing a reunion party at Sardi's for 80 cast members from Dolly followed by Peggy's show with guest Lee Roy Reams. Monday night, Daniel Nardicio's Icon Series starring Carol Channing and Justin Vivian Bond. I take a deep breath and then I see Kevin Dozier's show on Wednesday Night.
Jan. issue of Palm Springs Life magazine has my feature on author Andrew Neiderman as well as my Social Life section (10 pages) while new Rancho Mirage magazine created for the city of Rancho Mirage and just launched includes my feature on Carol Channing.
AKRON, Ohio Sally Struthers says the iconic role of matchmaker Dolly Levi is actress-proof in "Hello, Dolly!," having been played by stars as diverse as Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Mary Martin , Pearl Bailey, Betty Grable, Ginger Rogers , Phyllis Diller , and now, her.
On This Date By The Associated Press 1547 Ivan IV (popularly known as "Ivan the Terrible") was crowned czar of Russia. 1920 Prohibition began as the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution took effect. 1942 Actress Carole Lombard, 33, died in a plane crash near Las Vegas. 1944 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower took command of the Allied invasion force in London. 1964 The musical "Hello, Dolly!" starring Carol Channing opened on Broadway, beginning a run of 2,844 performances. 1969 Two manned Soviet Soyuz spaceships became the first vehicles to dock in space and transfer personnel. 1973 The final first-run episode of the long-running western "Bonanza" aired on NBC. 1989 Three days of rioting erupted in Miami when a police officer fatally shot a black motorcyclist, causing a crash that also claimed the life of a passenger. 1992 The government of El Salvador and rebel leaders signed a pact in Mexico City ending 12 years of civil war that had killed at least 75,000 people. 2003 The space shuttle Columbia and its crew ...
I’m going to get a little theatre geeky right now, but indulge me… Fifty years ago today, January 16, 1964, my favorite show of all-time opened on Broadway. Doing and/or seeing it with Victoria Clark, Tovah Feldshuh (even she couldn’t kill my love for it), Beth Leavel, Klea Blackhurst, Sally Struthers, as well as one lousy girl from Upper St Clair High School circa 2000 who came down in magenta (WFT!), I witnessed how each brought her own sparkle to the part and yet, come whoever may, no one can completely equal the original, Carol Channing. How could they? Part cartoon, part Iron (wo)Man, a simple, complex phenomenon/perfect storm. I got to see on this force of nature in her last pre-Broadway tour when it came through Pittsburgh in 1994. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon at the Benedum; my mom took me. I remember where we parked, I remember where we sat. I remember that we got there late during “It Takes A Woman.” Even then, at age 2 1/2 (**cough**), I knew that I was lucky to see an original s ...
Jack and I just saw 'Hello Dolly' at the Robinson Center. It got better and better with cute and funny Sally Struthers, and by the end, the audience was standing and cheering at wonderful Dolly. I could just hear my mother telling the story to my brothers and me years ago after seeing it with Carol Channing on Broadway with Aunt Jean and Uncle Buck Remmel. Nobody could tell a story like mom. :)
See Justin Vivian Bond and Carol Channing perform together at the Town Hall NYC this Monday night:
'Just Shut Up and Look Beautiful': my interview with Carol Channing and Justin Vivian Bond in
Here's a fun slide show and article featuring Carol Channing, & I in Rancho Mirage from
At Rancho Mirage in Palm Springs, Carol Channing and Justin Vivian Bond strike a pose. read more
Tonight at 7pm on WBAI/NY 99.5FM and streaming at, host John Riley interviews Health GAP Director of Global Campaigns, Paul Davis about a secretive trade treaty affecting the health of people with AIDS worldwide. The Obama Administration has created another NAFTA like trade agreement which activists say will have devastating impacts on medicine availability, cause the export of jobs, diminish internet freedom and damage the environment. AIDS activists in particular are concern about its impact on generic AIDS drug availability internationally and drug prices in the US. More at Brussel brings us a discussion by African LGBT activists about the slow process of change in Africa in light of regressive anti *** legislation such as that which passed in Nigeria yesterday. Marle Becker brings us an interview about Justin Vivian Bond's public interview with Carol Channing, which will include a ticket give-a-way. Show available in WBAI's Archive at 10 minutes after broadcast.
Just bought Hello Dolly tickets! Yippee. Sally Struthers playing Dolly. Ive seen Carol Channing at the PAC years ago. She was awesome and of course I've watched Barbara Streisand a million times play her on film.
What Becomes a Legend Most - Carol Channing to be joined by Justin Vivian Bond at Town Hall, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, a one-night only event, January 20th
Love Boat: Broadway Follies: Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, Carol Channing and Della Reese on the cruise boat stage...
ABSOLUTELY FREE! This Thursday night @ 7pm at Film 4M! Otto Preminger's "SKIDOO"! Starring Jackie Gleason and Carol Channing, Groucho Marx as "God", Harry Nillson does the soundtrack! At the Black Forest Inn Banquet Room (across the patio from the bar). Check out the link to the trailer on YouTube!
Songwriter Jule Styne was born in London on December 31, 1905, as Julius Stein, to Russian immigrants who owned a grocery. He grew up in Chicago, where he took piano lessons and was found to be a prodigy. He began writing songs at age 16, and became successful in Hollywood in the 1930s and ‘40s composing songs for movies. In 1942 he met lyricist Sammy Cahn, with whom he wrote "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" and many other songs. In 1949, Jule (pronounced “joo-lee”) moved to New York and collaborated on a series of blockbuster musicals that made him a Broadway icon. These included “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1949), which made Carol Channing a star; “Bells Are Ringing” (1956), with Judy Holliday; “Gypsy” (1959), starring Ethel Merman; and “Funny Girl” (1964), which made a star of Barbra Streisand. A handful of his enormously popular songs includes "Three Coins in the Fountain," "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Just In Time," "Let Me Enterta ...
Watching a documentary on Carol Channing and I have a master class with Patti Lupone's a great night :]
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Already here it is - for anyone that cares - My Top Ten  WORST Movies of 2013 Just Missing out on the top 10 R.I.P.D. Jobs After Earth The Hangover III Safe Haven Worst Films of The Year 10.  Identity Thief If you have seen the trailer, you've seen all the good parts.  Skip it - move along, nothing to see here. 9.  The Hobbit:  The Desoluation of Smaug -  If it were some other fantastically horrible films, this would be just out of shear protest.  I hate the films.  I hate Peter Jackson for aborting what was a really good book.  And I hate Peter Jackson for castrating a really good story for dollar signs.  A book that is not even as long as one Lord of The Rings books, needs to be made into 3 3 hour movies?  No thanks.  Whereas the first movie should have been called "A Journey that Never Happens," this one should be called "The Desolation of My Patience."  I'd rather be tied to a chair and force to listen to Carol Channing over and over again. 8.  Romeo and Juliet I get it - adaptation is ...
Watching Carol Burnett makes me think of all the old school entertainers I have seen live on stage...Joan Worley and Carol Channing in Hello Dolly (separate shows) Harvey Korman and Tim Conway on stage.the Rockets, Patti Lupone, Chita Rivera, and so is but a journey!
I loved the episode called “Love Boat Follies.” I got to sing with Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Cab Calloway and Van Johnson!
One of my favorite episodes on “The Love Boat” was called the "Love Boat Follies" where we got to sing and dance with some of the greats from musicals -- Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Cab Calloway, Van Johnson and so many others. It was actor's heaven!
Jerry Herman's musical, "Hello, Dolly!, which won 10 Tony Awards including best musical, director and choreographer for Gower Champion and best actress in a musical for the one and only Carol Channing, closed on Broadway on this date in 1970 after 2,844 performances. Photo of Channing as Dolly Levi from the L.A. Times files.
Carol Channing, Bernadette Peters, And Patti Lupone have a little christmas cheer for you.
I'm singing Silver Bells in the style of Carol Channing! Making myself laugh! Try it, you'll see what I mean!
Guess who is seeing carol Channing and billy Joel yes this 5"2' elf
The cartoon Thumbelina is amazing simply for the fact it has both Charro and Carol Channing.
Just watched a documentary: "Carol Channing - Larger Than Life". They used one of my photos of Carol and her husband from a Concord, NH performance I photographed! I had been told it was one of their favorites - I'm very honored!
Is it a Carol Channing or an Channing Tatum?
My remaining grandmother just announced she is the same age as Carol Channing. I don't think this is a coincidence.
Look what Carol Channing got me for Christmas! In celebration of my Wonderland show this year!
Where do I find the 1972 halftime show with Ella Fitzgerald and Carol Channing? This is need to know.
Thank you, babies, for giving everyone the opportunity to do a Carol Channing impression.
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Carol Channing fought very public battle with marionette lines. Way more brave than Mike Wallace's crappy clinical depression.
My favourite carol is definitely Channing.
Carol Channing is a wonderful documentary tonight.Hello Dolly
Can I go just hang with carol Channing
Carol Channing ("Hello Dolly") takes the old Fats Waller song "Ain't Misbehavin'" and gives it her own unique Channing touch - while simultaneously sounding ...
Jewel channeling Carol Channing on her esses apparently.
The glitter tops make me want a live version of Year Without a Santa Claus with Carol Channing as Snow Miser & Liza Minelli as Heat Miser.
Carol Channing and I have the same birthday.
"I'm on a TRIP!"--Jackie Gleason, SKIDOO. Plus a see-through outfit for Carol Channing. It was the 60s.
Bachannarama: what happens when Carol Channing joins the 80's girll group and sings "Venus"
Ooooh he did not go to Jared. He went to Carol Channing's jewelery box.
Carol Channing is welcome. Carol Brady stays. But NO Christmas Carols allowed! Got it?
A producer asked me to pay a return visit to a show, specifically to check out one cast replacement--a newcomer whom the producer insisted is such a strong performer that I'd want to write about how great he is. So I go to the matinee performance, as requested--and find that the newcomer is out that day, and an understudy is covering for him. And I tell the producer what happened. And the producer gets back to me a few days later, after checking, and says the newcomer was out that day because he had an audition for something else. I have no words. In my head, I can hear Carol Channing telling me (as she often has): "The first rule of show business: you NEVER give your understudy a chance to go on for you."
Watching a documentary on Carol Channing. Merry Chrishmash to you all
Hmmm what has been on tv in our house for the last four days? Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and It's a Wonderful Life, lol. Plus, a toasty fireplace scene and Christmas karaoke in which Hanna channels the spirit of Carol Channing without much effort at all. Carol Channeling...She should be draped in a feather boa, nursing a cigarette and spilling wine on a grand piano, so reminiscent of an aging diva. Ya otta see it indeed.
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All of a sudden I started singing like Carol Channing ! WHY YESH SSSTTTHANK YOU !
I suppose everyone does go for who they think is better looking. But the spectrum is broad. Steve Carol > Channing Tatum
Shopping with the stars~~ Wanamaker Yul Brynner visits Wanamaker's department sto Wanmaker Carol Channing Bob Hope was giving the key in Dec 1973, that must of been the year Bob was in the Thanksgiving parade, I seen him on a float.
As I was leaving the mall parking lot, a handsome gentleman asked me if anyone had ever told me I looked like Carol Channing..I politely said "no"...I didn't know whether to laugh or cry..decided to laugh..he did say she was one of his "favorites" ;)
I had fun not having to perform for A Christmas Carol Channing last night, and I hope everyone else did, too. Last night, I was dressed as the scariest entity known to Christmas, the one that haunts the minds of all who approach it- No, not Krampus. I was the "Christmas Spirit!".
My voice is so horse this morning I sound like Carol Channing! "RAZZBERRIEESS!"
Virgo Rising-Virgo ascendant-Virgo on first house Virgo rising symbolizes that the development of efficient methods, techniques, and skills is very important to you. Looking for perfection everywhere makes you aware of every imperfection, and you can be very self-critical as well. With your power locked up due to Leo on the twelfth house cusp, you have a greater sense of power than you can express. This can result in feelings of inferiority, and the lesson of Virgo Rising is in humble service to others. Virgo's greatest expression comes through the patient, willing service of others: here you can get beyond yourself and the nitpicking and criticism. The routine jobs with endless details can be very satisfying with this end in mind. The house your Mercury is in shows experiences necessary in developing self-awareness and your expression as an individual. Mercury's sign and aspects will indicate your ease or difficulty in doing this. You look a lot younger (ten to fifteen years) than you are, since t ...
The episode of the Muppet Show with Carol Channing used to give me nightmares as a child.
nope carol Channing is the carol Channing of the 21st century
Hi Im Keith Morris and I am the Carol Channing of the 21st century.
I found a record that's just Carol Channing reading A A Milne poems so don't ever DARE tell me my mom didn't have EXQUISITE taste.
Been signing some of my Christmas cards, "Love, Carol Channing," because it feels really right.
From now on, I am speaking in the voice of Carol Channing
A christmas carol channing, by janice dickenson. Tonight at the blue moon.
I'll see your Ethel Merman and raise you a Carol Channing.
When my kid sings vibrato she sounds like Carol Channing.
I have laryngitis. I know i sound like a y to cross between Carol Channing and Chewbacca the Wookie. I don't think karaoke is happening tonight.
Here's a shocking Photo! BFF's Ken, Harry, Carol Channing and me with Golden Blonde Hair!!!
Busy night with A Christmas Story Live Read and then off to The Blue Moon for A Christmas Carol Channing. Oh my.
Making a late lunch/early dinner before an ugly sweater party and A CHRISTMAS CAROL CHANNING at Blue…
TONIGHT! Come see our delightful tale of a Christmas Carol Channing ,;* see yinz there
There's a woman at the gate who sounds almost exactly like Carol Channing. I really hope I don't have the privilege of sitting next to her on this flight.
As you can see, Nate is super stoked to be home.and to start reading Carol Channing's memoir
"The problem with the theatre is the theatre comes's a selfish life." -Carol Channing
Carols in the Domain is the sequel to Under the Dome but it’s just Carol Burnett and Carol Channing fighting it out
Are you still awake? Watch Carol Channing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shill for Atari.
somehow in searching for a way to watch jurassic park 2 for free online I found the Carol Channing documentary. It will suffice.
Is that where your friends kidnap you, dress you like Carol Channing and then let you go? Great friends.
QotD, talking about the movie Skidoo: "Carol Channing shows up at the end and sings the theme song, and it's like a 1960's acid trip gave birth to a muppet-impression of Lady Gaga dressed as Captain Crunch."
I'm seeing in Netflix the episodio where you act like Carol Channing and...My God, you're a true artist,you should have won
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The Carol Channing look isn't working for you.
I just learned that Carol Channing's father was black AND her hair is a lie!
Honey if you talk in your sleep... don't mention my name. -Carol Channing
Happy Holidays! Start your day right with these gifs of Carol Channing dancing (via
Carol Channing actually looks like the caricatures that are drawn of her.
Carol Channing should work to build a bear
Now that we are all over the "Duck Dynasty" stuff- can we focus on Miss Carol Channing coming to town!? Justin...
Carol Channing never fails to make me smile. Happy Friday!
Someone explain to me why Katy Manning now looks like Carol Channing.
When your feeling sad, just listen to Carol Channing
Oh yeah? Then what does Carol Channing say when someone offers her some raspberries?
Watching the Carol Channing doc on and who do I see but That's what I call swanky.
Carol Channing performs for Her Majesty The Queen at the 1979 Royal Variety Performance, held at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London. No infringement of co...
Can anyone link me to a recording of Carol Channing covering The Rolling Stones' "Angie"? I doubt she ever did it but if she did... I NEED to hear it.
So I had yet another surreal vivid dream..(go figure). I don't know why..but for whatever reason ..anytime I have confusion or unanswered life questions..I am always visited by Carol Channing. It is the weirdest thing! She always shows up in my dreams, and always says something very crazy, very off the wall, VERY Carol Channing...and somehow seems to make some kind of cooky sense!! This time she said "Stop! Haven't you learned anything?! Dancing life in this kind of weather is silly! You just can't hold on to anything without your mittens..You'll get sick dear...You could DIE! I know! Just sit right here..right here with me on this rock. Wait out a few numbers, because you know what? It's really not very clever to be a tap dancing chicken among sharks. Just think of it! All that mess down there, and you'll be up know what that means don't you sugar? You'll be DRY Jen! Oh isn't that something?! Take it from one who's all cheese and *** .without your mittens, Leonard Bernstein is n ...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Watching Carol Channing at 90 doing her "thang" at 90 (documentary)--amazing and inspiring
Xtina's duet with Carol Channing was kinda cute..
"Wayback Wednesday"... photo with CAROL CHANNING at the late LENA HORNE'S 80th birthday celebration reception dinner at LINCOLN CENTER.
"Look girls, it's your favorite! Carol Channing!" --- the 1,072nd thing I never thought I'd hear myself say.
Ummm... I understand being different and marching to your own drum etc.. But Lady Gaga looked like Carol Channing .. Crooked wig and all.. Weird
When I grow up I want to be Carol Channing.
Lady Gaga serving Carol Channing realness right now
Whoa...mind Blown. I was about to crack a joke about Lady Gaga channeling Carol Channing and then...BAM Christina Aguilera shows up. I still think Lady Gaga looks like Carol Channing despite rubbing her face all over X-tina's boobs.
Lady Gaga is rockin' the Carol Channing look on The Voice tonight.
I saw a blurb on TV earlier that Bruce Jenner is (supposedly) going to get his Adam's Apple shaved. I think he's trying to look like Carol Channing... and he's so close already that might do it.
Did you all know that Kris Humphries, Slash, Jennifer Beals, Carol Channing, Wentworth Miller and Pete Wentz are African American. Things that make you go Hm?
Wowsers. That was even more special because of the carol Channing special I'm watching.
A question for today: As an actor, I would describe myself as such: I'm a male version of Helena Bonham Carter with the self deprecating humour of Paul Giamatti and the joy of Carol Channing. As a person I would say, I'm a work in progress. I'm not who I was yesterday, and I'm not yet who I'd like to be. I'm self aware enough to know that I'm self aware, and I don't like peanut butter. I'm a little more cafe than bar, and I'm a little more breakfast and a walk than dinner and a movie. I've got friends who are wonderful, and I've got feelings that are not. I talk too much, and I take the lives of character's in the video games I play and the comic books I read far too seriously. I'm afraid of people in morph suits, and I'm no good at conflict. I've got strong views on religion. I've got stronger views in support LGBTQIA rights, and I've got amorphous views on politics (maybe fiscally conservative, Socially? I don't think I know what's right for everyone). I'm not sure what the right thing to do is regardle ...
One of the most unusual Alcatraz movies is the 1968 comedy "Skidoo", directed by Otto Preminger, The movie was a was a notorious bomb, despite an amazing cast which included Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing, Frankie Avalon, Ted Cassidy, Fred Clark, Michael Constantine, Frank Gorshin, John Phillip Law, Slim Pickens, Peter Lawford, Burgess Meredith, George Raft, Cesar Romero, Mickey Rooney and Groucho Marx playing "God" (in his final film appearance). Singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson not only plays a guard, but also sings the entire closing credit sequence (all cast, crew, and copyright information). And like all good Alcatraz-as-prison movies, there is an escape.
The talent at Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs is amazing. I attended their annual 'All Star Holiday Concert" Loved it . Just wanted to share a few pictures with you ... PS ... Carol Channing Made a guest appearance
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Watched "Thoroughly Modern Millie," a children's movie, from 1967 over the weekend starring Carol Channing, Mary Tyler Moore, and Julie Andrews. Well, I guess some things have changed over the years... Cantonese laundry men (Jack Soo, Pat Morita, and that "steal the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper" guy) in league with a chopstick-coiffed white Dragon Lady (Beatrice Lilllie, in her finest final post-vaudeville performance) in white slavery: drugging and kidnapping single, orphan, young women for export to.? Best line, by Julie Andrews at the very end to her beau: "I don't want to be your equal, I just want to be a woman!" Yep, I guess things have changed a bit since '67...
I don't know why, but I really want to hear Carol Channing cover Lady Gaga's APPLAUSE.
Last Sunday I attended a most memorable event. The Wedding of my good friends Gary Hall and Gerald Green. It was every joyous holiday rolled into one... Rio Carnival and Valentine's Day ...Forever! May their lives continue to be joyful and colorful. Who else can say Carol Channing sang at their Wedding?
Wow, Carol Channing. She's explaining seeing Ethel Waters sign Suppertime in SF theater under a man hanging from a tree as a kid.
Thoroughly Modern Millie. Carol Channing and Julie Andrews? Watch it and enjoy!
"The problem with being in the theatre is that the theatre always comes first." ~Carol Channing
Just watched Joan Rivers comedy special and now a documentary on Carol Channing. Missing Phyllis Diller right now and the Golden Girls. Gosh I love my talented old women! :p
Highly recommending Netflix streaming doc: Carol Channing: Larger than Life, but only if you are one of my comedy friends, into musicals or old. Loved it. Love her.
Go to Amazon to order...Speak & Act for Success with .Joycelyn Engle When DAVID LETTERMAN talked about his record collection on his TV show, and mentioned Prince Charles, Carol Channing, William Shatner and Film Producer and Speech and Image Consultant Joycelyn Engle, Letterman did not pronounce Joycelyn's first name properly...OH COME ON DAVE!
Thoroughly Modern Millie is on, starring Carol Made me think of nurse Mary ...I have to sneak a pic of her!
Thanks to our guest Carol Channing for sharing her perfectly broiled Porterhouse steak, which she prepared fresh from our new Prime Steaks Online program!
Broadway legend Carol Channing married a childhood friend, who she hadn't seen in 70 years, and recorded a new song about her hometown called, 'Modesto, You'...
Everyone is talking about the new Beyoncé album and I'm sitting here watching a documentary on Carol Channing
Recounting her time in Vegas, Carol Channing relayed some advice given to her by comedienne Sophie Tucker. Sophie Tucker: "When you're in the casino, Carol, it won't help you to dress sexy. Believe me, baby, to all the boys around the Crap table, a low-cut dress is just another place to lose the dice." Carol Channing: "Lose the dice down the front of your dress?? Did that ever happen to you, Ms. Tucker?" Sophie Tucker: "I not only lost a pair of dice, but I also lost the stick man who tried to get them out."
For more on the great Carol Channing, read
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The safest place in the world to be is center stage... -Carol Channing-
CAROL CHANNING is still FAB and full of fun. Getting my mani/pedi with Hello Dolly today! in her big white furry coat and Silver Sequined Ugg boots
Pretty sure we just saw Carol Channing by the Target over here.
Just finished the documentary about Carol Channing. It is on netflix, please go watch it. She is the most amazing example of and honest, true, loving person with a work ethic that is astounding. I aspire to be as great as she is, both professionally and personally. She will forever be a true star.
Don't forget to come to our Winter Showcase this Friday during blocks 3 and 5 (mods 6/7 and 11/12) in the Carol Channing Theater. We will be performing everything we've been working on. :)
Just picked my 2013-14 Dead Pool, but I have 30 days to amend I'm open for suggestions. This years list thus far is Abe Vigoda, Ed Ames, Sir Run Run Shaw, Burt Reynolds, Fred Phelps, Ruth Channing, Barys Kit, Carol Channing, Jimmy Carter, and James Garner. Good luck to all the unwitting participants on my list...
This Carol Channing bit is the best!!!
Carol Channing was deeply saddened she did not get the movie role. It was the biggest disappointment of he life!
Look later tonight for the flyer for "A Christmas Carol Channing: A Novel By Janice Dickinson."
Spirit animal for my early 50's: Carol Channing.
Who knew! Carol Channing is from San Francisco! Grew up at 124 Sloat Blvd-
Photo by Michael Davis With her saucer eyes, rasp of a voice, and razor-sharp timing, Carol Channing has long been a show biz treasure and a *** man’s fantasy figure. Famed for originating roles
A great group of honorees this year, Helene Galen, Mariah Hanson and Carol Channing!
"The safest place to be in the world is center stage." - Carol Channing
That's okay. I used to get confused between Katherine Hepburn and Carol Channing. I still don't know why.
Little Giant Ladders
Carol Channing, Self: Carol Channing: Larger Than Life. Carol Channing was born January 31, 1921, at Seattle, Washington, the daughter of a prominent newspaper editor, who was very active in the Christian Science movement. She attended high school in San Francisco and later worked as a model in Los…
It's like I've been possessed. I'm still talking like Carol Channing.
The CVRep Holiday Party is today from 5:30-7:30 and you're all invited! Food and drinks from LULU/Acqua Pazza, live entertainment, and some amazing items for the Silent include Lunch with Carol Channing, eight lithographs donated by Tommy Tune, plus gift certificates and merchandise donated by many local shops, attractions, restaurants and artists.
Last night I cherished watching Carol Channing: Larger than Life (available on Netflix). My favorite part was when Carol saw a poster for the Broadway production of Mary Poppins. She defiantly pointed at the poster and asked, "Who dares do Julie's part?" I think lots of people asked the same question last weekend.
On the occasion of Jamie's 18th birthday. It’s easy to get a laugh from a baby. Blow on their tummy and make raspberry noises. Works every time. A couple years later, popping up in the window next to their car seat while pumping gas would start the giggles. Then it’s silly puns, jokes or songs ruined by my changing the lyrics. There’s introducing the things that made you laugh as a kid and sharing those. There’s the joy in discovering new laughs found together. And, of course, there are all the laughs she’s given back. As her teens approached, I braced myself for the surly years. The time when my humor would be lost on her - which in fairness, would place her with a great many people. Instead, she remains my proverbial “laughing place.” Her easy smile and giggles, her ready sense of humor always close at hand. So much so, that to this day I can wake her early in the morning for school, playing a goofy moment on the laptop, or doing an impression of Carol Channing (or something else ...
watching a documentery on CAROL CHANNING. I love her so much
Llama recommends watching the documentary "Carol Channing: Larger Than Life" We shoulld all have such stylle, dhallinks
A Guide Vocal I sang for CAROL CHANNING!! When Carol heard my voice on the demo she said, "I don't really have to go to the studio -- you've ...
Gym, pasta, beer and a documentary about broadway legend Carol Channing. That's how I role baby!
TODAY IN TV HISTORY: Emmy and Peabody Award winning animated holiday special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” debuted in 1965 on CBS. Also on CBS, and in 1985, was the debut of the first part of “Alice in Wonderland,” a two-part adaptation of Lewis Carroll's “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel, “Through the Looking-Glass.” The cast included Carol Channing, Red Buttons, Jayne Meadows, Roddy McDowall, and Anthony Newely
Saw and took pics of autographs from Liberace, Chita Riviera, Tim Curry, Eartha Kitt, Bob Hope, Ray Charles, George Hamilton, Rachel York, Jerry Lewis, Red Skelton, Sutton Foster, Tommy Tune, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Yul Brynner, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, and Carol Channing who all performed on the Fox stage.
If I ever go insane, I hope the tiny person who lives in my tooth and tells me to set things on fire is Carol Channing or Angela Lansbury.
If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~Miltoduty, Laughter is a reward, Carol Channing
Carol Channing. Carol Channing was already making a splash on Broadway in productions like “Gentlemen Prefer...
CAROL CHANNING: LARGER THAN LIFE is now on Netflix if you want to watch something just irrepressibly delightful.
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I keep picturing Bradley Manning being released from jail in 35 years dressed and looking exactly like Carol Channing,
I am not to be toyed with where Carol Channing is concerned.
*buys 6 cast recordings* I mean I had the carol channing cast recording of Hello Dolly''s carol channing
I'm an appreciator of the Elaine Stritch's, Carol Channing's, Paula Kelley's, Chita Rivera's, and
I just realized Carol Channing will be onstage with on MLK day- coincidence?
I'll only accompany you on your neighborhood caroling if it means I can belt out my spot-on impersonation of Carol Channing at each house.
Another drawback to fantasy football: cannot draft Carol Channing, whom I'm certain would do well in redefining the rules.
I know you know, but it bears repeating- Carol Channing and Justin Vivian Bond share the stage for a reprise of...
Tonight, I watched documentaries on Robert Wilson and Carol Channing, so that gives you a brief insight into my theatre interests.
Biopic on Carol yes please
Watching a Carol Channing special, OMG She is so freaking funny! And the love story...OMStars I love her and her hubby so much!
I have a love/fear relationship with Carol Channing.
Watching 'Carol Channing: Larger Than Life' right now. So fun, and worth seeing. Check it out, folks!
Just saw a very wonderful documentary on about Carol Channing.
I've always said you're the Carol Channing of everything.   10% Off
Everything I do this season is certainly more affected. You could say that I'm the Carol Channing of Christmas, really.
The Channing's. Award show for people who look like Carol Channing.
I have singing "On My Own" like Carol Channing stuck in my head...and I like it.
Never bend your head, Always hold it high, Look the world right in the duty, Laughter is a reward, Carol Channing
Can someone please tell me why Carol Channing is "talented"? I just don't get it.
watching doc about carol channing. WHOA.
This is the best time in my life - the first eighty years are definitely the hardest. - Carol Channing, actress
Hello Carol! Lovely documentary now streaming on Netflix: Carol Channing: Larger Than Life
Because I watched "Randy Orton, the Evolution of a Predator" thinks I should watch "Carol Channing, Larger Than Life."
If only I had been born Carol Channing.
Being super *** and watching a documentary on Carol Channing on netflix!
I can do ur theme song as Elvis, Bill Clinton & Carol Channing. Is there somethin wrong with me?
Carol Channing: Larger Than Life is living up to its title.
Finally home from work. Unwinding with the Carol Channing doc on Netflix.
Today's Question: What 1963 production did Carol Channing and Gene Wilder star in?
I want to hear what you think of Streisand as Dolly. I saw Carol Channing when I was little in the stage show. ;D
Watching a clip at - Carol Channing seeing the '64 World's Fair with schoolkids she "borrowed from PS 101 in Queens." BORROWED?
lemme find 1 of Carol Channing songs and sing me a song
no shade Dihanne Carol has never been blond thats Carol Channing ke
I'm terribly shy, but of course no-one believes me, Come to think of it, neither would I, - Carol Channing
"There you are at your first rock concert... Carol Channing was on fire that night!"
Now eating another slice of pie and watching the Carol Channing documentary. And to all a good night.
My dream man will be a hot, male Carol Channing...
Carol Channing is so delightful. She's made my heart happy today
Carol Channing was great singing Anthem before Dallas game.
Why is my family making references of Carol Channing?
*in my best Carol Channing impression* CRANBERRIES!
Carol Channing reprising her role as Dorothy of the Wizard Of Oz
NOT A DRILL: The Carol Channing documentary is now streaming on Netflix.
Kellie Pickler lip syncs with the movements of Carol Channing thrown in. Weird.
I'm sorry, but I really detest the Carol Channing version of Hello Dolly. Dreadful. Barbra Streisand, Walter Matthau, Louis Armstrong all the way.
What connection does have with Julia Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, and Carol Channing? They all performed in
I finished watching 'Downton Abbey' Tricia, Scott, Denise you were right, Obsessed... I have to work on my Elizabeth McGovern accent though, mine sounds more like Truman Capote meets Carol Channing
The World As A Musical Category: Blogging Sure. The world might well be a much nicer place if it was a musical. I'd love to see how the local green-grocer stays angry with his wife while singing and dancing with a mop and bucket and with a dozen local dance school kids shuffling in the shape of a V behind his sorry *** But I imagine such a world would also come with certain draw-backs. For one thing, you would never know when a ninety-two-year-old Carol Channing was about to pop out of a cake. That would freak me out, twenty-four seven, fifty-two twelve. And you got to know there would be some all-sparkling, brylcream-swathed, walking grin of a guy tap dancing over all your lines, over your meaningful pauses, over your determined stares into the middle distance. The old testament would come into its own again, for sure. Its popularity would ebb and wane like that of the yo-yo, hula-hoop and other hyphenated recreational art forms. Robin Williams would reprise some long forgotten role. Disney would do an . ...
Okay, DeeDee Monahan has given me 8. Here I go: 1. I'm extremely arachnophobic. 2. I love the smell of gasoline and glue - that's where those brain cells went. ;) 3. My full name is Francis Gale and I don't really care for it. 4. People mistake me for a woman on the phone frequently. I don't correct them because I think it's both awkward and funny. 5. I have a strange tick that I do when I get excited - we call it "wheeting out" and no I will not demonstrate! You'll have to catch me in the act. ;) 6. My sister used to force me to do the truffle shuffle from THE GOONIES. 7. I do pretty fantastic impressions of Cher, Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Angela Lansbury, Bill Clinton, and Barney the Purple Dinosaur. 8. In college, my party tricks were inverting my feet, having fake seizures in command, and reading the urban dictionary as Carol Channing. There you have it. Like it and I'll give you a number. :)
US New movies for November 15, 2013 Caravans (1978) An American diplomat heads into dangerous lands to retrieve the lovesick daughter of a famous politician in this adventure adapted from James Michener's novel. It's up to agent Mark Miller (Michael Sarrazin) to track down the politician's headstrong daughter (Jennifer O'Neill), who married an Iranian colonel but ran off with a rebel leader (Anthony Quinn), and return her safely to the United States. Christopher Lee and Joseph Cotten co-star. Into the Cold: A Journey to the Soul (2010) This poetic documentary captures environmental activist Sebastian Copeland's grueling two-month trek on foot to the North Pole, a tour de force of human perseverance commemorating Adm. Robert Peary's 1909 expedition. Carol Channing: Larger Than Life (2012) The astonishing life of Carol Channing unfolds in this entertaining biopic, which captures the bold Broadway legend's outsize personality. Batting her lashes, Channing shares (in her trademark rasp) sweet and sour memorie ...
A Carnegie coworker said that I remind him of Carol Channing. I googled her in order to find out more. Carol Channing was born on January 31, 1921. She was an actress, singer and comedienne. Channing is best remembered for originating on Broadway the musical comedy role of bombshell Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. My step daughter has always called me a blonde with black hair.
Happy Veterans Day, Bernadette Peters, Chita Rivera, Angela Lansbury, Elaine Stritch, Carol Channing...! That is who we're honoring, right?
Can someone please remember that next year I want to go as Carol Channing for Halloween?
Laughter is much more important than applause, Applause is almost a duty, Laughter is a reward, Carol Channing
Q: who wants be Carol Channing, Bret Michaels or Donatella Versace for Halloween? raise your paw!
Carol Channing on the go dot tumblr dot com @ Palm Springs Convention Center
thank you Mr/s. Carol Channing Tatum O'Neal for the RT!
Excited to announce that Carol Channing is joining us for Garden Party on Saturday!
Have you invited Carol Channing on "RuPaul Drives" yet? Please, please, please!
It's the *** Carol Channing and the hot One Direction boy's beard
When my love swears that she is made of truth, I do believe her, though know she liest, neither would I, - Carol Channing
I love Carol Channing!! And now I need to watch Thoroughly Modern Millie...
Why do I fail to get appeal of carol Channing... I figure there's something I missed maybe it's a sex tape. Worked for Kim and Paris
I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body tduty, Laughter is a reward, Carol Channing
congrats to for landing Stockard Channing, or was it Tatum O'Neal, or was it Carol Channing? At any rate, well done.
Will probably just spend the rest of my night practicing my Carol Channing, Donna Murphy, and Bernadette Peters impersonations.
.He is everywhere, at every time. We are all of us Channing Tatum. Except me. I'm Carol Channing Tatum. It's not pretty.
Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing reverse roles and sing the title songs from Hello Dolly! and Mame:
I sound like Carol Channing! Voice is still rough... and it makes me annoyed because I NEED MY VOICE!
Lmaooo this lady I shuttled talked exactly like carol Channing 😂😂😂
carol Channing is amazing I would YouTube some of her stuff. Too bad she isn't performing anymore. :-(
wow I never knew Carol Channing's father was black!.
The woman newsreader looks like Carol Channing.
"JAZZ BABY" - Carol Channing - Thoroughly Modern Millie. Years from now if there were a time capsule I'd want to...
...and Carol Channing would be on the couch, and she'd just laaaugh. Whatta card!
The easiest way to make me laugh is to slip Carol Channing into conversation
I remember that! He was playing Carol Channing and his head was magnetized to everything!
Carol Channing is 1/4th black. This is really blowing my mind right now.
It's because she looks like Carol Channing
How can people like Carol Channing as Dolly she has such an awful voice
Murder She Wrote to be rebooted with Octavia Spencer. Is Angela Lansbury black? You can't always tell. I know Carol Channing is.
Honestly, l feel really stupid for holding on to things that just keep on hurting me,t, neither would I, - Carol Channing
My dream would be for George Gaines & Carol Channing to have their own podcast
Close your eyes. Can you tell the difference between Carol Channing and Macy Gray?
The narrator isn't Carol Channing, is it?
O man you are busy for the world, and the world is busy tryingduty, Laughter is a reward, Carol Channing
No offense! Translation: "I'm about to offend you, and you're gonna be okay with it,"t, neither would I, - Carol Channing
Apparently searching Amazon for Carol Channing will get you soap that looks like poop with corn in it.
actually, no. It's a life story of Carol Channing.
The fact that Carol Channing is a voice in this movie doe >>>>>
Maybe I'm sleep deprived, but I think I just saw Carol Channing at Utopia.
Casually been listening to my Peter & the Wolf cassette tape in the car all day. Carol Channing narrates. It's awesome.
Anyone know a way that I can get a letter to Carol Channing?
The always lovely Carol Channing and her number one fan VP Hector Moreno!!
Hello, I'm Carol Channing. No one talks about it, but 90% of children will be kidnapped by ninjas at some point...
Are there now or have there ever been Carol Channing superfans?
Remember the time we were talking about how we didn't know who Carol Channing was, then we walked past a picture of her?
This morning, my hangover churned out of my brain your Carol Channing story. Thank you all over again.
Callie is shaking her birthday moneymaker CAROL ChANNing
Of all the people Johnny Depp could have channeled in Charlie&Choc Factory, not sure why he chose Carol Channing.
His sister Carol Channing Tatum is a dog.
Café Muscato: Carol Channing, self esteem, Leo Lerman, and how we see ourselves...
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