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Carol Burnett

Carol Creighton Burnett (born April 26, 1933) is an American actress, comedian, singer, dancer and writer.

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50 years ago tonight.Carol Burnett is the guest on the premiere of 'Our Place' with Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber and Rowlf on
Start in your heads. "Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." Carol Burnett
OMG. Carol Burnett and Tim Conway. Just so funny. I do miss them
The Tim Conway "Old Man" character from Carol Burnett will play him in the movie.
Dr Nose James Bond spoof the kiss off lol Carol Burnett and Tim Conway . The Carol Burnett Show
June 18, 1982, the film Annie was released in theaters. Starred , Albert Finney & Carol Burnett.
Happy birthday to Judy Garland, born in 1922. She visited JFK w/Richard Adler, Danny Kaye, & Carol Burnett in the Whit…
Lisa Simpson was ahead three games to one versus Carol Burnett
LISTEN...don't sleep on this skit. Harvey Korman's high pitched laugh will make your day. Also, if u don't love Carol Burnett, leave my life
Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence cracks up when Harvey Korman comes out in drag 😂 . The Carol…
If I ruled the world and her crew would have a sketch/variety show like old Carol Burnett Show. They are hilarious!
I LOVE Carol Burnett! She had the funniest variety show when I was a little girl.Super…
I am 56 so you know I grew up waiting in front of the tv for the Carol Burnett Show! ❤️
I loved the Carol Burnett Show as a kid!!! Those were the days
When everything scares you lol Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence . The Carol Burnett Show . 1st…
Quiz: Name these Carol Burnett characters. I got 10 out of 11
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Starting to watch the Carol Burnett Show and it is Genius. Man
I've heard rumors of Reba, Cher and Carol Burnett... not sure Babs would do a broadway show.
Jesus, the Carol Burnett Show is hilarious ...
If you've never seen Tim Conway crack up *** Van *** Carol Burnett & Vicki Lawrence on Carol Burnett Show: .
Come rain or shine or aka singing in the rain overload lol Carol Burnett . the Carol Burnett Show
It turns out might have killed Carol Burnett's comeback!
.to pay tribute to Carol Burnett during celebration with and more…
Julie's Greenroom soundtrack just came out and everyone EXCEPT Chris is on there!! Carol Burnett, Titus Burgess, David Hyde Pierce,
I also like The Legendary Mr. Ricardo Montalbán and The Legendary Mr. Harvey Korman from Carol Burnett.
Still. Protect Betty White, *** Van *** Richard Simmons, Julie Andrews, and Carol Burnett at all costs!
Lenny Bruce, Carol Burnett, John Candy, Cheech and Chong, redd foxx. Way too many to pick 4
Watching Annie on Netflix. I love this movie. There is no Annie better than than our Aileen Quinn & Carol Burnett, best Miss Hannigan ever!
I'm really glad Carol Burnett played Miss. Hannigan in Annie. I love musicals, but it wouldn't have been as great without he…
THIS WEEK Around Boston MA ... Live Music at The Beehive ✽ Drinks at Lower Mills Tavern ✽ Carol Burnett at the Wang…
Carol Burnett will always always always be Miss Hannigan to me
When you question your connection with someone after unsuccessfully referencing both Carol Burnett and John Hinckley Jr. ⁉️
"I can express how I feel about you with one finger." -Betty White to Carol Burnett on "Hot In Cleveland."
Two comedy legends of Hollywood, Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball.
Trivia: Jill St. John, Jack Klugman, Diana Ross, Carol Burnett and _ have all worn braces as adults.
Carol Burnett, Demholm Elliott, Christopher Reeve, John's master work of dialogue and comedic timing.
Another repeat host but still no John Waters, Carol Burnett
I remember a time when late night t.v. made u laugh I love the Carol Burnett infomercials. Laugh in Bob Hope, Dean Martin
Taking the plunge and going to a comedy workshop tonight! Hoping for an ounce of Carol Burnett, and Lu…
I see Tim Conway on the intercom calling Carol Burnett to his office.
Raquel Welch, Star Wars, Lola Falana, Paul Simon, Carol Burnett and WOW is that a hard question.
Talking about Carol Burnett and Santa Clarita diet in about five minutes on on 720
Heh. Carol Burnett on this 1986 episode of The *** Cavett Show saying she'd love to have done a Dynasty sketch where she played Linda Evans
She is nobody and never will be a Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Betty White, Roseanne Barr, G…
I'm sorry Nicole's dress looks like the first saloon gown in Unsinkable Molly Brown or Carol Burnett's in Annie. Huh-uh
Watching a show from 1975, with Carol Burnett and Greg Allman. Amazing. Timeless.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner in that order.
Votes keep pouring in for Gilda Radner, Lucille Ball & Carol Burnett for funniest female. Who makes your "funny women" list?
Robert Redford, Carol Burnett and more stars pay tribute to 'rare and enormously powerful' Mary Tyler Moore
Amazing night watching Carol Burnett, Alan Alda and Bess Armstrong at a screening for…
Amazing to see the 35th anniversary screening of The Four Seasons with Bess Armstrong, Carol Burnett and Alan Alda!
I remember all those Bugs Bunny cartoons! Jerry Lewis, Carol Burnett. How the cultural climate has changed.
I will watch that infomercial channel that shows nothing but Time Life ads for Dean Martin roasts and Carol Burnett.
When You can't take the criticism anymore lol Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman and…
Setting simba into the wild lol Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett . The Carol Burnett…
Mama and Eunice with ed playing sorry 😂 Vicki Lawrence queen 👸 Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman
Eunice and ed argues about Mickey hart in the family sketch with Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman
When your date is a mama boy lol Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Joel Grey . The…
Stella getting cooked lol with Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman . The Carol Burnett Show . 7th…
Have my DVR set for The *** I think Kaitlin Olson can be in that tier with Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, JLD, Carol Burnett.
.. Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Betty White or really any old woman remotely related to the screen and/or stage
Hamilton Collection
Perfect present: Some of my hero Carol Burnett's memoirs read by the author! knows me s…
During the next few months, if ANYTHING happens to Carol Burnett, I’m killing people. This list is gonna grow.
Let's go ahead and bundle up Oprah, Jane Goodall, Ellen, Alice Walker, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews and Robin Roberts while we're at.
Just gonna pretend Paul McCartney, Stan Lee, Carol Burnett, Miyazaki, Lily Tomlin and Eric Idle have already died so 2017's more tolerable.
Too many beloved icons gone in 2016. So before 2017 dawns, I need proof of life from Betty White and Carol Burnett. Hang on! We need you!
Carol Burnett is one helluva actress.
Just bubble-wrapped house. Heading to flat next. Someone go to Carol Burnett's house. M…
Carol Burnett is banging Shaggy! The fictional character and not the recording artist! But, omg what if she was banging the recording artist
Carol Burnett is banging Matthew Lillard in this episode of Law and Order: SVU.
Has anyone checked on Julie Andrews lately, what about Carol Burnett or Betty White? 2016 is not taking them too.
Dean, Elizabeth Montgomery & Carol Burnett had moviegoers asking: ‘Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? in 1963!
SVU on IONDTV: 'Ballerina' - A former dancer (Carol Burnett) is caught up in the murder of a young couple.
My brother said he doesn't have any appreciation for the Carol Burnett Show. . I'm currently an only child now.
Kenan and Kel no doubt, Drake and Josh are debatable depending on if u watched the show, and Amanda was the next Carol Burnett
TV Fakery: 1991 Gulf War Fake News. This is like a bad Carol Burnett skit, only it's REAL. is
Never got into Carol Burnett. Always wanted to get the Prisoner DVD set(but its so expensive, BluRay is even more i…
They said Betty White and Carol Burnett was dead too.i use to believe this crap
Carol Burnett was funnier than any current female comedian. And most current male comedians. . Comedy was just better, back then.
Today in 1978 was the final episode of The Carol Burnett Show, what do I miss the most? I'll be honest, the catering htt…
Carol Countdown: 105 days until I see Ms. Burnett in Philadelphia.
Vicki Lawrence is still glad she had that “time together.” She's talking about Carol Burnett, of course. The...
1991 "Carol Burnett Show" last airs on CBS-TV Second funniest comedienne Luved the show
Carol Burnett's second attempt at a variety hour on CBS came to an end on in 1991 after just nine episodes. It...
It takes a lot to render me speechless... but, Carol Burnett. So glad we had this time together…
Went looking for some Carol Burnett Show stuff and found some legit Trek slash
See an all-star tribute to Carol Burnett as she receives the Mark Twain Prize, at 9/8 pm on KET2.
My favorite Carol Burnett lost episode is when she, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Lyle Waggoner and Vicki Lawrence crash on that desert island.
How to break up a happy couple Mary worthless style lol Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence and Harvey…
When your sister becomes happy to overprotective lol Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey…
Looking for a gift idea for the book lover on your list who’s really plugged in? Try an audiobook.
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Today in 1959: Carol Burnett makes her Broadway debut in Once Upon A Mattress
In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox by Carol…
A rare color photograph of Carol Burnett is Amy Adams's mom.
MSM laughing at Hitlery Hypocrisy: PRICELESS! Like Harvey Korman breaking on Carol Burnett Show!! The new comedians…
I think there have always been funny women, from Carol Burnett to ...
Props to Mary Burnett, Carol Ackroyd and other east London campaigners on whose hard work the report is based
I don't eat much meat, fish, or poultry.
always loves a good Carol Burnett reminder!
I wish I was the next carol burnett
Harvey Korman: Where did you get that dress?. Carol Burnett: I saw it in the window and just had to have it.
somehow, I think Carol Burnett would approve of that following her Christmas show.
Catching up on watching Carol Burnett say it's her 50 anniversary of her show. Wow! Loved going every Fri w friends
First spoof of Mildred Pierce with Carol Burnett and Mel Torme . The Carol Burnett Show . 3rd…
Do you remember signing Carol Burnett's autograph book after appearing on her show? I remember she had each guest sign it.
Hear this!: Great audiobooks for holiday giving. Amy Schumer, Bruce Springsteen and Carol Burnett narrate their bo…
My dad just turned off the game to watch the Carol Burnett Show. I'm done with him right now.
I cannot think of a video that makes me laugh harder and more consistently than Tim Conway's Elephant story on the Carol Burnett Show.
I wonder how many times is going to recycle the 2 interviews with Carol Burnett and Michelle from Handel show. I count 4 so far.
Don't miss today's show: The one and only Carol Burnett! Plus, pasta night - my Corny Carbonara
Comedy icon Carol Burnett will join Dave Plier to celebrate ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ on Thanksgiving Morning!
59 years ago today. . . Carol Burnett guests on the 90-minute Friday edition of 'The Garry Moore Show' live on
Respect to Carol Burnett, but you know KFI's audience is old and gaba if they keep having her on Tim Conway Jr.'s show...
I just need a day where I can lay in bed and have a marathon of the Carol Burnett Show
5 of 5 stars to In Such Good Company by Carol Burnett
Never cared for the show at all. Bring back Red Skelton and Carol Burnett and even HE HA which had more common sens…
I really loved the Carol Burnett Show.
Gotcha. For whatever reason I think of New Day as the Carol Burnett portion of the show.
Remember watching the Carol Burnett Show? OMGosh, its still just that funny! ROFL
Carol Burnett joined . Listen to the interview:
Did u miss interview last night with Carol Burnett? YOU NEED TO HEAR IT
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Join Tim Conway jr. Live right now interviewing the great Carol Burnett.
Coming up Carol Burnett at 6:05P! CarolBurnettFan What was your favorite sketch?
.interviews Carol Burnett tonight at 6pm! Listen live or online with the App!. Read more:…
Carol's back goes out before meeting a health nut LOL Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and Vicki…
Ladies and gentlemen, my teachers and friends ❤️ Germaine Salsberg if Carol Burnett was a tap dancer, she would...
Don't forget, tonight at 6pm, will be interviewing Carol Burnett! . Read more:
Carol Burnett joins tonight at 6pm! Listen live or online using the iHeartradio App!. Read more:…
Crazy Kaine looks like Harvey Korman from the Carol Burnett Show!
notes that Tim Conway cracks up Harvey Korman. I've heard this directly from both Carol Burnett & Mel Brooks.
Carol Burnett to star in Amy Poehler-produced ABC comedy pilot via
Carol Burnett makes return to TV: report.
One of most loved guest star to Star In Amy Poehler's Family Comedy Pilot for ABC
i would watch anything with Carol Burnett in it.
Carol Burnett to Star in Family Comedy from Amy Poehler with Put Pilot Commitment at ABC
Comedic legend Carol Burnett to star in ABC comedy from Amy Poehler
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Carol Burnett is coming back to TV, with Amy Poehler’s help
TV icon is returning to TV in a new comedy exec produced by
I Love Carol Burnett. I watched you with my parents on your show. It was great watching you try not to laugh with Tim C.
First, I'm going to see her next week at and now Carol Burnett is returning to
I grew up watching The Carol Burnett (sp?) Show. They r HILARIOUS 😂 I still watch it on Antenna TV. You should buy a DVD
Carol Burnett is plotting her return to the small screen in an Amy Poehler-produced comedy pilot! 👏 https:/…
Get to know cast member: "I’m inspired by big physical actors like Carol Burnett, Lucill…
I'm sure Lizz Winstead, Carol Burnett, Stephanie Miller, Melissa MaCarthy will want to know. So I'm gonna tell them.
I'll be watching METV ( Andy Griffith with Barney Fife, Happy Days, Gilligan's Island, Hogan Heroes and Carol Burnett. Keep sane
I just watched Carol + 2 with Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, and Zero Mostel. They pulled it off. Granted it was only 1 special.
Comedy legend Carol Burnett can't pronounce 'Galifianakis,' but she can read lips better than Jimmy Fallon:
Me gustó un video de Carol Burnett is honored with the SAG Life Achievement Award.
For 1, Carol Burnett was a booked guest. I waited. Why y'all think she's dead? . For 2, Did u see Wayne Newton in the band? Ha!
I thought carol Burnett was trending bc she died y'all scared me
this bit was so funny I was crying. Carol Burnett is still THE best.
I liked a video from Funny Lady from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)
Carol Burnett was trending and I just had to make sure everything was okay.
One of my all-time idols Carol Burnett being hilarious on ! Love!
Without DVR, Carol Burnett had her lunch priorities straight!
Carol Burnett did the whisper challenge with Jimmy Fallon? I gotta find that sometime!!
Duude!!! Carol Burnett is the BEST! LOVED that Whisper Challenge!!! Thanks for having her on the show again. :)
This cracks me up.The Whisper Challenge with Carol Burnett
Carol Burnett on new book, who she'd cast in 2016
Carol Burnett always has the most sweetest hellos! "I'm gonna do this!" - Carol
Oh how I love Carol Burnett! :D -- The Whisper Challenge with Carol Burnett via
I liked a video The Whisper Challenge with Carol Burnett
Saw Carol Burnett trending & got scared to death she was the latest victim of 2016 Red Wedding, but thank God she was…
Sooo apparently I'm not the only one who got freaked after seeing Carol Burnett trending...She's fine...whew
Carol Burnett Heads to the Mother Church - -
Saw Carol Burnett trending and almost started crying. Glad she's okay ☺
Carol Burnett's spoof of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is on tonight, so that is definitely this week's 'must see TV.'
Which Vicki Lawrence character originated on the Carol Burnett Show went on to get her own spin off?
Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence and Joanne Woodward-Everything old is new again . The Carol Burnett…
I think Carol Burnett was having a fun time feeding spoon feeding Vicki Lawrence LOL (I will…
Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett in a stolen life spoof . The Carol Burnett Show . 9th season…
Vicki Lawrence as Princess snaps at Tim and Carol Burnett crack herself up as the queen LOL . The…
I liked a video Carol Burnett discusses Vicki Lawrence -
Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence having dinner the other day
I miss the Carol Burnett Show :/ she & Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and Harvey Korman were FUNNY together
It’s Thelma Harper and Eunice aka Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett!
Carol Burnett as Hillary and Vicki Lawrence as Chelsea would be an hilarious sketch
Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett fighting over Tim Conway also with Sammy Davis Jr. . The Carol…
We all need a little Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. ;)
Carol Burnett! ❤ Foxy Farce you have a way with your words that makes the ladies swoon. 😍😍😍
Only I can change my life. . For me this is no-one else can... - . /Carol Burnett /
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I liked a video from Carol Burnett Show outtakes - Tim Conway's Elephant Story
I saved a playlist Carol Burnett Show: Outtakes and
I must say I love the taste of my fellow I could talk about Kate Mulgrew/Kathryn Janeway and Carol Burnett all day!!
Keep it in the family Carol, Vicki, Harvey, and Lyle. The Carol Burnett Show . 6th season finale…
We're always working to add more content to our service! We'll share your request for Alice & The Carol Burnett Show.
Carol Burnett on a Saturday night because YES
Vicki Lawrence revenge on having to be quiet lol . The Carol Burnett Show . 6th season…
Thank you for your wonderful tv selections. I love all the old shows!! Any chance Alice and The Carol Burnett Show will be added? 😊
I liked a video from Carol Burnett Lost Episodes Exclusive Clip - Undercover Couple
Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore & Lucy 💕. They can turn the world on their smiles.
"Roast me. now we all know what Carol Burnett's and Harpo Marx's love child would look like.
"When you have a dream, you have to grab it and never let go." - Carol Burnett
I love the writing. I love the idea of typing and seeing it on the com... that Carol Burnett GWTW sketch. ha
Everybody I know who is funny, it's in them. You can teach timing, or ...
If they still had shows like Carol Burnett, we would have a TV!.
It's also selfish because it makes you feel good when you help others.
It's been a sad week in America. It's time for a bit of Carol Burnett. . Carol Burnett Show Blooper Reel via
When you move and don't have cable for a few days, it's the Carol Burnett Show, A-Team, Miami Vice, I Love Lucy, etc... Not bad TV!!
Celebrity was a long time in coming it will go away. Everything goes away...! [Carol Burnett]
At the end of the Carol Burnett Show she'd tug on her ear, as a special signal to her victims. They knew they were next, a…
Watching Carol Burnett play Ms. Hannigan will never ever get old.
I'm not always optimistic. You wouldn't have all cylinders cooking if you were always like Mary Poppins. - Carol Burnett
Loved hearing her reminisce about Jimmy and Jack Benny. Podcast Episode Carol Burnett - Jimmy Stewart Museum
Carol Burnett was just on the news; I told my mom I had no idea she was still alive. It's been that kind of year.
"I'm so glad we had this time together" Carol Burnett wraps up Cancer Moonshot Summit
Bill Richmond, writer for Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis, has died.
LIMITED TICKETS RELEASED for Carol Burnett at Queen E Theatre this Saturday! This will sell out quick - don't wait!
highlight - comedy legend Carol Burnett is at the QE Theatre this Sat. . Tickets:
Did anyone else catch that wink from Tom Browning? Do you think he was saying hi to Carol Burnett's daughter?
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just saw Carol Burnett's show in SF and she showed a clip of the two of you! Did you have as much fun with her as she did with you?!
Carol Burnett singing the theme song funny and Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman and Lyle Waggoner…
Vicki Lawrence-Bend me shape me (the Carol Burnett Show February 1968).
Carol Burnett, who played Miss Hannigan in 'Annie', is as funny as it ...
If you want to see funny, go on YouTube and watch every clip you can find of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnett Show.
Some do well after they leave, I guess. But many don't. Harvey Korman bombed on his own sitcom after he left Carol Burnett.
My lady my lady... the great Carol Burnett (Unis), Madeline Kahn (Mavis) and Harvey Korman (Ed).
We all need to laugh more! I used to love the Carol Burnett Show, with Vicky Lawrence and Harvey Korman! Thanks...
Oh my gosh -- I LOVED the Carol Burnett Show!! Some of my favorite scenes were watching Harvey Korman try to keep...
Carol Burnett opened Fibber McGee's closet in the National Radio Hall of Fame Gallery at the MBC in Chicago today.
I just watched Carol Burnett receive the Mark Twain prize on When anyone says that women aren't funny, I point & say Carol ...
A movie where Molly Shannon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus play my *** moms. And Megan Mullally is my crazy aunt & Carol Burnett is my grandma
is the closet you could get to Carol Burnett without being Carol Burnett. This is insane. She is the PERFECT Miss Hannigan. 👏
Now I want there to be a Penny Marshall movie with Sally Field, Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, and Julie Kavner
Carol Burnett (83): In 1933, Carol Burnett was born on this date in San Antonio, Texas, USA
Happy Birthday to the amazing Carol Burnett! We loved her already but she stole our hearts as Aunt Deb on
Kerry Sayers announced the *** Cavett Show with Carol Burnett was from 1974, but it was from 1971.
1964 Press Photo Garry Moore and Carol Burnett in Password - mjx07874
My having a crush on Jonathan Banks/Mike Ehrmantraut reminded me of Carol Burnett's song, "I made a fool of myself over John Foster Dulles"
Was Stewie from based on Harvey Korman's Alfred Mundane character on Carol Burnett?
Carol Burnett to perform at Heinz Hall on Oct. 27. The comedy legend will take audience questions. Tix on sale Friday for $57-$175.
Listen ALL WEEK for chances to win 2 tix to Carol Burnett at Heinz Hall!
Carol Burnett in Annie is so freaking great. And Tim Curry. And Bernadette Peters. And Albert Finney. And whoever is Grace (sorry, Grace).
False for Bat Boy, alien invasion, Tom Cruise, Carol Burnett, Shirley Jones... Surprised you can even read.
With Michael Cain and Carol Burnett? Yes! It's a great movie and follows the script fairly closely.
Take a look at our pink carpet coverage with Carol Burnett, Blake Jenner, Brooklyn Decker, and more!
// What if someone were to RP Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway & Vicki Lawrence? My God. It'd be the death of me. 😩
Carol Burnett, Chandra Wilson and Jesse Plemons earlier today at press conf
in honor of Carol Burnett. I had tears flowing from laughing! GB Tim Conway
Carol Burnett, Chandra Wilson & Jesse Plemons are honored at this evening's -
Just a comedy genius or 2 at the showroom. Carol Burnett & Chandra Wilson thanks to .
LIVE on Listening to Carol Burnett, Chandra Wilson, and Sony's Michael Barker about Texas Film Society
I like that Carol Burnett will do Q&A with the audience. Bet this'll be a fun show.
I love watching the old Carol Burnett Show. Classic comedy at its best.
try Mrs Brown's Boys if you can get it. Reminds me a little of Carol Burnett Show when it was televised live.
Carol Burnett paved the way for women in comedic entertainment in the 1950s-1960s and I truly don't get why Joan River is put on a higher +
A delightful spoof on the Rogers-Astaire films from the great Carol Burnett Show:...
Ya I saw,that J Carson show of Shoulders as big as Carol Burnett in the Gone With The Wind dress
We talk with Carol Burnett, who will be inducted into the Texas Film HoF by Maya Rudolph! https:/…
well since your up you can come over and watch the Carol Burnett Show with me 😂😂 I should be getting ready for school tho
Do you think Jonah Hill tipping an empty cup when introducing Future on was a direct nod to you, like Carol Burnett's ear tug?
Watching the old 80s *** Cavett interview show and Carol Burnett is on talking about her biography. Drunk parents, etc.
watching The *** Cavett Show from the '70's on the with Lucille Ball .. Carol Burnett and Lucie Arnaz .. what a hoot
Carol Burnett failing at sugar Ray Leonard jumping rope lesson lol with Vicki Lawrence and…
Carol Burnett,Sissy Spacek,Steve Martin,Beyoncé,Jim Parsons,Tex Avery,Nolan Ryan, etc all born in Texas pardons us for Cruz coming from here
Brush up on your Carol Burnett before she gets her Life Achievement Award at the
Cruella DeVile, Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan, Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls, Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter
Carol Burnett's Miss Hannigan is my favorite sad drunk character. (This is me writing)
Carol Burnett is hysterical. Ann Reinking is a gorgeous dancer. Sandy is cute. Aileen Quinn is just right.
Rare and wonderful sketch with Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis.
How's this for a concert announcement? Carol Burnett at the Beacon Theater, Sept. 16 & 17. Tix on sale 2/11 at 10 am.
I want a heist movie starring Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews, Liz Torres, and Kelly Bishop. They sing and dance and lay waste to a bank.
DAY-YUM, Carol Burnett has mastered the art of de-aging, really beautiful. Kevin, you know you're pretty.
Listen to Carol Burnett on comedy: "I would like to see cleverness come back."
With the legend that is Carol Burnett - congrats on her honorary award at tonight.
Carol Burnett, Viola Davis, Leo DiCaprio Share Advice with Backstage at the SAG Awards via
Congratulations 🌟Carol Burnett 🌟for winning the Lifetime Achievement Award Thank You for making us all so happy wi…
frankunderwood: Carol Burnett greets Kevin Spacey in the press room at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan …
Carol Burnett surprises Kevin Spacey with a hug in the photo room. by usatoday
All that's missing is a curtain rod. Throughout high school I would come home after school to watch Carol Burnett...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Sweet moment when Carol Burnett stepped up to congratulate Kevin Spacey.
Judy Garland, Carol Burnett and Danny Kaye visiting with President John F. Kennedy at early 1960s. htt…
I added a video to a playlist Carol Burnett Show (Bar pick up skit)
I saw Carol Burnett at Kennedy Center Honors panel at Paley. Nice that SAG included clip of Gary Moore.
Just when we thought we couldn't love Steve Carell more, he helps Carol Burnett up to the stage. ❤
If anybody out there is a fan of comedienne Carol Burnett, a Hollywood High School and UCLA alum, tune in to...
Pioneer for women in comedy Carol Burnett 'gobsmacked' at SAG lifetime award at 82 years old via
Congrats to 1 of favorite comedy actresses Carol Burnett for nomination for Screen Actors Guild 2015 lifetime achievement award!
I absolutely LOVE Carol Burnett, she is amazing and well deserving of the SAG lifetime achievement award. .
So is Jada Pinkett-Smith ok with Carol Burnett getting a lifetime achievement award or should that go to Tyga or something?
Tina Fey & Amy Poehler to present Carol Burnett with lifetime achievement award:
When Vicki Lawrence stole one off Tim Conway the Carol Burnett Show bloopers…
Vicki Lawrence the airhead character lol the Carol Burnett Show 11th season 1978
Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence will forever my idol💕
I love this part💞💞 Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence love keep us together 💞 the Carol Burnett…
Vicki Lawrence-the night the light went out in Georgia 💞 the Carol Burnett Show 11th season 1978…
Carol Burnett gives Vicki Lawrence a oh snap moment LOL when Vicki said she not a child LOL…
Hi everyone. For those of us North Americans who remember 70s tv, here is Carol Burnett's parody on Mary Hartman. 😄
Last time Vicki Lawrence played this character (the Carol Burnett Show 11th season 1977)…
Sweet moment between Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence and the funny moment when Tim moves away…
Vicki Lawrence bring out her son (the Carol Burnett Show 11th season 1977)
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