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Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University (also known as Carnegie Mellon or simply CMU) is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon Univ Defense Department Andrew Wilson

Hey, look, a "Mumford & Sons knockoff" (formed before Mumford in 2007) whose members went to Carnegie Mellon and...
As we recruit for great talent out of Carnegie Mellon, this is the same story I tell to our new hires!
My new sounds: UXDS061 :: Dan Boyarski of Carnegie Mellon University on
and you see its effects in Manning's visit to Harvard, in the hollowing-out of Carnegie Mellon by Silicon Valley
Lassiter WR received his 1st offer from Carnegie Mellon just a few days after making his profile:
Blessed to receive my third offer from Carnegie Mellon University!
Blessed to have received an offer from Carnegie Mellon University!
Study: Pittsburgh and its universities aren't leveraging full economic potential via
My grandpa once lectured me that my great uncle paid for 4 years at Carnegie Mellon by cadd…
Blessed to receive an offer from Carnegie Mellon
Columbus (Ohio State) and Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon and Pitt) also have a great chance of being the next…
I'm excited to say that I have received my first offer to continue my education and play football at Carnegie Mello…
I'd been accepted to Morehouse, Auburn, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, Alabama State, USC an…
Extremely honored to receive an offer from Carnegie Mellon!
Sadly he donated his fun money to Carnegie Mellon instead.
.Webler & team featured in for new rapid screening method for developing alloys for ht…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Thankful to receive my first offer from Carnegie Mellon University!
I could've lived if I'd gone to UT. Or why I didn't apply to Carnegie Mellon. Still shook I walked away my Ivy League acceptance.
Improving Web Security Without Sacrificing Performance - Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have d...
" Pittsburgh, Autonomous Vehicles, and STEMinists" - An Interview with Courtney Ehrlichman of Carnegie Mellon and …
Ten goats and a miniature donkey arrived at Carnegie Mellon University this afternoon to landscape (i.e. eat) an overgrown h…
Come to grad school, we have goats. @ Carnegie Mellon University
From Stanford to Carnegie Mellon, if you dream of working in tech, going to one of these schools could increase...
Sam - I went to school with his Dad at Carnegie Mellon and his Mom is a Michigan medical school grad.
will emerge as their own species by 2040 according to Hans Moravec, founder of Carnegie Mellon's…
Carnegie Mellon? I thought that was an engineering school
I'm a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon school of computer science and my name is also Josh... just sayin...
Old and new - outside the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon @ Carnegie Mellon…
As Subra Suresh steps down as president, Carnegie Mellon left in unfamiliar territory
Carnegie Mellon president Subra Suresh to step down
Carnegie Mellon president Subra Suresh to step down via
You might say, well why does Carnegie Mellon offer any majors other than computer science? ...
League of Legends College Championship: Robert Morris, Maryville, Carnegie Mellon and University of Toronto in the Final Four
Judith Light, Billy Porter return to Pittsburgh to accept Carnegie Mellon alumni awards
Wearing Central Michigan University swag in SV makes people think you wen to Carnegie Mellon
This day in 20,000 attend as the world’s richest man, Andrew Carnegie, dedicates Carnegie Mellon w/ a $…
Carnegie Mellon's University SEI found an iPhone bug used in high-profile terrorist case, according to a source.
Carnegie Mellon researchers use computer to "conquer poker" using GTX 1080 video card
A Carnegie Mellon team uses to create prosthetic devices for newborns.…
Carnegie Mellon-led non profit received $250 million to create a new institute
Carnegie Mellon-led nonprofit received $250 million to create a new robotics institute - Recode
Our sister, Faeverner Beese Kramer (Beta Nu - Carnegie Mellon), passed away at the age of 86. She was…
Andrew Moore, dean of Carnegie Mellon's school of computer science, discusses artificial intelligence and robotics. https…
From my alma mater Carnegie Mellon University. Rest in peace prof Stephen Fienberg.
...Carnegie Mellon, Temple Law, University of MD medical school, and professors at Harvard and Duke.
I heard a joke like this about Carnegie Mellon's comp sci department before they started quotas for women in 2000.…
Associate Prof Bruce Tharp addressed a panel on Discursive Design at Carnegie Mellon's School of Design:…
Even as a college professor at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford, I saw m...
10. One more thing! Qatar Foundation groups many prestigious US university under one campus, such as Carnegie Mellon and Texas A&M!
He is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Team at Carnegie Mellon developing “self-destructing drones for Defense Department,” or drones that “disintegrate.”
Did you see HERB, the robotic butler, on 60 Minutes tonight? HERB was made at Carnegie Mellon University, the...
Try Carnegie-Mellon as a reach school too. I found it more fun than MIT
Happy birthday Cam!! Kick butt at Carnegie Mellon, best of luck😊
Why is Carnegie Mellon's admissions yield so low? by George Anders
Impressive piece by Carnegie Mellon's computer science dean who just "lost" 40 faculty members to
Why did the computer reject your loan app? Carnegie Mellon method holds algorithms accountable
Follow the top Carnegie Mellon University stories for Aug 14 on our topical page:
Might as well stay up, Ron's driving us to State and then Carnegie Mellon today. Get my full 8 hours of sleep in the car 👌😝
Introduction to Computer Architecture, the basic hardware structure of a modern programmable computer.
I was in the violin section and I shouted back when you said Carnegie Mellon!
degree but it's from Carnegie Mellon.
putting that work in at the Carnegie Mellon Elite Camp impressive day 1
I liked a video from College Experience - Engineering at Carnegie Mellon
So these are my friends & that is the head of musical theatre at Carnegie Mellon
Last day with my Reason... — feeling sad at Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie-Mellon researchers used to study how we think about abstract concepts. Your Weekend Read:
A new front door for campus life at -
My brother is a 19 year old physics and math double major at Carnegie Mellon.
Just want to leave everything behind and go get a Ph.D from Carnegie Mellon
Getting ready to do the Carnegie Mellon bball elite camp excited to be here
Leah C. has joined the Spivi network from Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, salute!
top mba programs in usa: MBA Programs - Top Business Schools. Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) - 2015. ...
Carnegie Mellon team tapped to hel... Read Blog:
Carnegie Mellon U aims to unlock industrial 3D printing potential with new consortium that...
I was a directing student and a production design student at Carnegie Mellon. I went in as a pro
Carnegie Mellon team tapped to help build self-destruc... via
You don’t need a Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon to practice user experience.
Carnegie Mellon "in a crisis" after Uber poached 40 of its researchers by via /
Carnegie Mellon tellin my I gotta take extra math and science SAT tests to apply
P'burgh has long been making a push to be Silicon Valley East, using the SV model (Stanfurd/Cal) focused on Carnegie Mellon, Pitt, etc.
When I start to get kinda excited for college and then I see a pic of Carnegie Mellon
Orientation Countdown: 8 Days!. Orientation starts in 8 days, but in 8 months Carnegie Mellon University's largest...
I wish I had the "use my finance degree from Carnegie Mellon" or be a "country singer" predicament
*looks up Carnegie Mellon dorm rules to see if Cathy can keep my lil oven but realizes they're a lot more strict*. *prays for Cathy*
Acceptances to Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon & much more top-tier universities. See full list:
EPA awards $750K grant to Carnegie Mellon Univ. to advance air monitoring technology
This is the same thing I preach to my classes and users... "A series of studies from Carnegie Mellon University...
1. When Nigeria is reinforcing the quota system, Rwanda has invited Carnegie Mellon to set up a campus in Kigali. It is u…
i highly doubt you attended Carnegie Mellon... If it's another school, please inform me.
Today's - school is work, right? Learn more Carnegie Mellon's Cycling Club!
SkinTrack, a technology developed by Carnegie Mellon ... -
Carnegie Mellon and Disney team up to create RapID using power of RFID.
Love to see millennial-scholars making waves in humanistic innovation! Carnegie Mellon students develop sleepingbag!.
Thanks to the sisters of Delta Gamma Beta Nu - Carnegie Mellon and brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi - Alpha Kappa...
Carnegie Mellon case western reserve Akron U and mount Union
come to Carnegie Mellon next year 😉 there may or may not be a Tepper School of Business (but I'll be at Heinz College)
My son Abhinav Sinha got admission in Carnegie Mellon for masters in ETC thank u Modern for shaping him
David Tepper (Alum of Carnegie Mellon *dust shoulders off*) is single-handedly ruining NJ economy by moving... I'm glad i went to tepper
Congratulations to BFA Young Artist alum Julie Lee, winner of the 2016 Concerto Competition at Carnegie Mellon...
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Carnegie Mellon to create genomics engine, precision .
I didn't recognize Carnegie Mellon's own Frank Gorshin in this ep behind the Tom Wolfe-like suit & giant glasses.
Our CEO, Andrew Wilson had a great time connecting with students at Carnegie Mellon via URinTheGame
FBI subpoenaed Carnegie Mellon's research to catch Criminals on the Dark Web
There's some Tisch 50th anniversary thing going on rn & I just walked in took some free food and left wearing my Carnegie Mellon sweatshirt
Tor open to snooping? Team denies Carnegie Mellon revelations have left anonymity network…
Hamilton Collection
Catching up with some of my favorite people in the world Carnegie Mellon Dean Ilker Baybars &…
Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, lecturing at Carnegie Mellon today. Neat.
Confirmed: Carnegie Mellon University attacked Tor, was subpoenaed by feds.
The truth comes out: FBI subpoenaed Carnegie Mellon research that led to Tor hack & Silk Road downfall
The funded the Carnegie Mellon University’s research on Hacking
(1) How badly broken is 3rd Party Doctrine and 'reasonable expectation of privacy' under the 4th Amendment?
Defense Department funded Carnegie Mellon's research to break Tor on
US gov paid Carnegie Mellon to hack Tor
Tor Browser news: Evidence confirms US gov paid Carnegie Mellon to hack Tor via
Judge confirms DoD funded research by Carnegie Mellon University to decloak users
The DoD funded the Carnegie Mellon University’s research on Tor Hacking .
>> Judge Confirms: DoD funded the Carnegie Mellon's research on Tor Hacking
Lorrie Faith Cranor, security researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, asks: What's wrong with your pa$$w0rd?.
Hiring a Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Planning at Carnegie Mellon Universit...
Ruling keeps lid on Carnegie Mellon hack of 'anonymous' Tor network |
Update your maps at Navteq
The DoD funded the Carnegie Mellon University's research on Tor Hacking
US DoD funds Carnegie Mellon project to hack Tor |
Carnegie Mellon professor José Moura, inventor on two patents that led to a $750 million settlement with Marvell T…
Will also ask Cornell, VCU, Carnegie Mellon whether their Qatar contract $$ disclosure is current. Northwestern and Georgetown seem to be.
Our visiting work group from university of Carnegie Mellon is in town this week. They'll be helping at the...
this particular girl is at Carnegie Mellon, Qatar. What a waist.
someone should tell Carnegie Mellon University, so they could do a study. Also, Rockefeller University.
"With Mr. Morris’s directing background from Carnegie Mellon, the company expanded past dance and the proscenium..."
The droids you're looking for: Hanging out with back in grad school at Carnegie Mellon. 2012?
Please support this great cause. Its for one my favourite University-Carnegie Mellon. If given a chance I would...
The Freshman Undergraduate deadline for Carnegie Mellon is Jan. 1st. Don't miss out!
Apologies for the last-minute notice, CLYLP alumni, but our graduate school scholarship partner - Carnegie Mellon...
very depressed after Carnegie Mellon rejection letter :(. I seriously expected my efforts to show I am a highly suited student for the school
Tor’s chief architect explains exactly what happened with Carnegie Mellon attack & what Tor has done to fix it.
Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan, Boston Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music. That's like 4 out of 22 though lol
Carnegie Mellon denies the paid for research
PopSci: Carnegie Mellon weakly denies that it got paid to help FBI crack anonymity tool
Carnegie Mellon University Responds to Allegations it Took $1m to Take Down Tor
Carnegie Mellon denies the FBI paid for Tor-breaking research
Carnegie Mellon University says it was not paid by the FBI to hack Tor, but its research may still have fallen...
Carnegie Mellon denies it accepted $1 million from FBI to break Tor anonymity
Carnegie Mellon: We Didn't Get $1M to Hack Tor: The university said it cooperates with subpoena requests but "...
FBI accused of paying Carnegie Mellon $1M to hack Tor network
Tor Project claims the FBI paid $1 million to Carnegie Mellon researchers to uncloak users.
says Carnegie Mellon researchers were paid "at least $1 million” to deanonymize users
So, did the pay Carnegie Mellon to the network? And were they successful?.
This smartwatch by Research knows what you're holding and responds to it
Tor director: FBI paid Carnegie Mellon $1M to break Tor, hand over IPs by
amecimx Tor Says Feds Paid Carnegie Mellon $1M to … , see more
Did the FBI pay Carnegie Mellon $1 million to identify and attack users? https…
Could the FBI have hired Carnegie Mellon researchers to find Silk Road 2 on Tor? via Forb…
Pat Smith on picking a college: "I couldn't go to Carnegie Mellon because I heard there were ugly people."
Career Opportunities at Carnegie Mellon and Tepper -->
Want to get exercise in a fun, educational way? Try these West African Dance classes at Carnegie Mellon. No...
Distributed Optimization of CNNs and RNNs - William Chan - Carnegie Mellon University -
How Carnegie Mellon increased their percentage of women computer science students from 7% to 42% in five years.
Export more! litigious defenses by universities to protect their IP: note $1b Carnegie Mellon
The grill at the Carnegie Mellon Cafe has been offline for the past few days and will likely be repaired on...
Catch a rare Mozart opera collaboration and more music at Carnegie Mellon School of Music in October!
Off to Pittsburg to hear speak at Carnegie Mellon! Exciting!!
Office Assistant, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) - Carnegie Mellon Universit...
Why location data is one of the most coveted details apps collect about you - A new study from Carnegie Mellon rev...
Dr. Reynolds is currently teaching at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and he is the current President-elect of TESOL International.
just had the video cast with him...very intuitive and informative! Thanks Carnegie Mellon!
Carnegie Mellon researchers create 'Wikipedia' for neurons
Developers are creating an app that will help enable and users move without human...
'All Android devices' vulnerable to new LTE security flaw | CERT at Carnegie Mellon issues alert; VZ, AT&T at risk
Carnegie Mellon men’s soccer team remain victorious in their match against NYU last Saturday. Read how in Ian Tanaya’s article in the Tartan
Today I made friends with a costume designer who looked like Veronica from heathers. Carnegie Mellon, please love me❤️
IBM, create open platform to help blind navigate surroundings
Carnegie Mellon's study revealed that 4,311 or 10.2% of children had someone else using their Social Security...
Carnegie Mellon Students Debut Ed Software for Deaf and Hard of Hearing -- Campus Technology
University of Pittsburgh students can take courses in bagpipes or sneakerology at Carnegie Mellon (which is across the street)!
Dyslexia and learning sounds: Listen to this Post Dyslexia: News from the web: Researchers at Carnegie Mellon ...
New from PTN: Is Google approaching self-driving cars the right way?; What's Uber doing next to Carnegie-Mellon?
The CMU Philharmonic concert is this Sunday at 7:30pm! Get your tickets in advance using the link below! .
Carnegie Mellon as seen from the top of Pitt's Cathedral of Learning.
Julien Delange from Carnegie Mellon University about model complexity and benefits
It’s a similar story stateside. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that Muslim Americans also face...
Autonomous robots at Carnegie Mellon ask for help & bring you things like "object:coffee." Pretty cool!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Police needed in at Carnegie Mellon University. Apply now!
Congratulations to Cameron Pitts for committing to play basketball for Carnegie Mellon University next season!
Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual Carnegie Mellon Food Truck Block Party this Sunday, October 18, 2015, from...
Manuela Veloso is a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon and the keynote speaker at GHC
KimHNorris One honorary doctor of fine arts, Carnegie Mellon.
One honorary doctor of fine arts, Carnegie Mellon.
Looking forward to hearing from Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University, on Robotics as a Part of Society
Finally, Uber is investing with Carnegie Mellon to make self-driving cars to rid of human drivers. Hopefully saving billions
We are so excited to announce that we will be partnering with the brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi - Carnegie Mellon...
The panel: Leigh Halverson of the Heinz Foundation, Robert Cavalier, PhD of Carnegie Mellon, Valerie Dixon of Center for Victims & P.A.C.T.+
Uber gives $5.5M to Carnegie Mellon for robotics fellowships - Greenwich Time
Not to mention the generous endowment to Carnegie Mellon. That must've helped...
I guess recent TCS 's $35 million endowment to Carnegie Mellon was well-timed and possibly came in handy.
Carnegie Mellon gets $35-M gift from TCS: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has donated $35 million to Carnegie ...
Cecil speaking at the SATE at Savannah College of Art & Design, can’t wait for SATE 2015 at Carnegie Mellon
Tata Consultancy to Form Tech Center in Gift to Carnegie Mellon: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. will help fund...
PITTSBURGH FURRIES do any of you go to Carnegie Mellon? If so you should be my friend :D
And so it begins...Carnegie Mellon reels after Uber lures away researchers via
Taking my wife to the game today after dropping our daughter off at Carnegie Mellon.
Steelers game, Pirates game, Carnegie Mellon move in day. 376 construction inbound and outbound.
They even got Carnegie Mellon Univ, London's school of energy, adjacent to other cool campuses. A city for school 😂
"Bill, Steve & Mark are all dropouts—I did the opposite and dropped into MIT, Stanford & Carnegie Mellon" https:…
‘Drinkable book’ could provide millions with purified water fortunate to have Carnegie Mellon here
Report: Dark web marketplaces complete up to $500K in transactions daily
Right now I'm down in Brazil. How good is the CS course in Carnegie Mellon?
Did you applying to Carnegie Mellon or were you literally just invited? (Asking because I read your wonderful QA)
Financial Intern needed in at Carnegie Mellon University. Apply now!
yep. was 3 units and he reconnected the house (remembering that pgh was where Carnegie, Frick, Mellon.robber baron central)
Carnegie Mellon University is hiring! Financial Intern in apply now!
Welcome Carnegie Mellon University students to college! We look forward to seeing your students on
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
There are bad university websites,. then there's the impossible task of trying to find information from Carnegie Mellon's website
Carnegie Mellon researchers reveal how mindfulness training affects health
I am not sure that it is the problem by computer itself or by programmers: . Carnegie Mellon University...
Locks on the bridge near Carnegie Mellon.
To improve access to clean water, colleague invents book that has pages that can be torn out & act as water filters:
Apply now to work for Carnegie Mellon University as Financial Intern in
Report: marketplaces complete up to $500K in transactions daily | by
Julia from Carnegie Mellon: "Make it work" approach to digital access: Dropbox, reading room computers.
What does the future hold for mobility? Carnegie Mellon students offer three pretty big ideas:
Carnegie Mellon University is hiring a University Health Services, apply now!
are rooted in research from Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative. Carnegie Innovations, an arm of CMU, was 1th investor
Carnegie Mellon University is awesome.Tyler is a great tour guide! Also learned of smash tourneys there
JuRo regular, Carnegie Mellon University junior Miguel Gatmaytan, gets his haircut from Jude Hipolito prior to...
Princeton's Marlow and the Stanford & Carnegie Mellon-trained scientists say Ma Nature can't explain it.
Authorities: CMU student was hacker who developed, sold malware | Pittsburgh ... - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
gender is a publisher that is part of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Paloma Guzman Net Worth: She subsequently went to study in the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama that’s situated...
Google is outfitting with smart tech to create a "living lab":
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow on CMS - Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Physics - U...
Very proud to represent my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, tomorrow night with my good friend Ju…
The great Dr. Lynn Fiellin presented today at the Serious Play Conference at Carnegie Mellon University in...
Google recruits Carnegie Mellon University to create a "living lab" of smart city technologies
: Authorities: CMU student was hacker who developed, sold | Pittsburgh ... - Pi...
From the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon: The Missing Metrics of (add'l great resources!)
Carnegie Mellon professor has developed a retinal prosthesis that restores sight to the blind:
University, 2015: sensors record when students arrive, which professors are in their offices etc, and share the data. htt…
Carnegie Mellon University v. Marvell: $1.5 billion at stake at the Federal Circuit
Yes! They can then apply to multiple colleges within Carnegie Mellon under regular decision and send an updated essay.
Carnegie Mellon has a brony club... I'm sold
MOVIE TRIVIA!. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama in 2003. He was nominated for a Tony...
I get a crazy German vibe off Carnegie Mellon / Pittsburgh. Kinda rad here. (Gothic cathedrals and gloomy boxy architecture)
I'm at Carnegie-Mellon University and just heard that President Obama is also visiting Pittsburgh.
"I just ate eraser shavings off my desk thinking they were crumbs from my croissant so that's how my day's going." — Carnegi…
A Carnegie Mellon study finds gender discrimination in ads shown on Google. .
"A heart shape pizza just means less pizza and that's not a sacrifice I'm willing to make for love " — Carnegie Mellon University
Is there disparity in targeted online job ads?
Google is funding a project at Carnegie Mellon to embed the campus with sensors. Here's what they would do:
Uber hires 40 robotics researchers from Carnegie Mellon research center, leaving the institution in a crisis.
this is where stupid Jim Murray should say "how about MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Drew Fustin, Mazz?"
From Harvard to Carnegie Mellon: 5 of the best computer science classes in the U.S.
Carnegie Mellon buying this much space at the Tonys is like David Ives advertising at The Drama Desk awards.
"If all else fails, floss and wear your sunscreen."--Alan Alda in his commencement speech at Carnegie Mellon.
brain drain: Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering center in crisis: 40 scientists left to join Uber ht…
The main characters can be four *** 20-something Stanford/MIT/Carnegie Mellon white dudebros in their respective start-ups/companies..
So, it is official. After visiting Carnegie Mellon, and Northwestern University, and seeing Berklee and Hartt,...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Crystal Rugege says that in 2014 women were the top performers at Carnegie Mellon University..I think I'm proud to be a woman in Rwanda yeey
Major development news in the district! Carnegie Mellon announces plans to transform Forbes Avenue .
Carnegie Mellon's College of Engineering brings Thermodynamics, Acatar to Coursera via
Three Sisters at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama: Director Pamela Berlin draws from the cast provide an experience…
The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University Is Hiring. Join us at our invitation-only career...
Officially going to Carnegie Mellon this fall, hello Pittsburgh!
Fascinating initiative to show how can be leveraged to achieve quantifiable results in
Student-designed black box from Carnegie Mellon teaches Braille writing in India, Zambia
Delivering a cloud-based analytics system for reducing energy and facility operating costs
MGOLF: Senior Jordan Eck finishes as runner-up at Carnegie Mellon
My answer to How difficult is it to get into Carnegie Mellon's MS in software engineering program? What is th…
re: women in tech, thought you might be interested in this from Carnegie Mellon scientists
So proud of one of my closest friends for deciding on Carnegie Mellon 🎈🎉
Hyliion is a finalist in Carnegie Mellon Business competition .
Fulfilling a life long dream of speaking at respected a university like Carnegie Mellon.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Stanford, Carnegie-Mellon, and University of Calgary are working to create a global 'oil' climate index. Attached yo…
Deloitte is looking for a Business Technology, Consulting - Carnegie Mellon in apply now!
So awesome to meet Shani Davis at the Deloitte USOC Roadshow at Carnegie Mellon University
"Unlimited coffee should be provided at all 8am classes. " — Carnegie Mellon University
Hi, I have a Master's Degree in Literary Theory from Carnegie Mellon. Where did you get your expertise in language?
Carnegie Mellon's (alma matter) College of Engineering brings Thermodynamics, Acatar to .
Carnegie Mellon robots: Way less scary than Ava of Ex Machina, says
Zumba friends! I am still teaching class today - 5:00 - 5:45 pm in the University Center at Carnegie Mellon! Hope to see you there :)
Two more senior athletic commitments: Jake Bentley to Carnegie Mellon and Paxton Fleming to Millsaps College both for football. Go Saints!
Artist Doug Cooper talks about his University Center Murals at Carnegie Mellon
From my alma mater Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon creates 'Institute for Politics and Strategy' under Reagan foreign policy expert
David Morrison, new Nest Series - opens soon at the Hunt Institute at Carnegie Mellon. Yes, that is…
Top computer science school can't do email right - Carnegie Mellon tells 800 rejected applicants they're in.
Opps! Carnegie Mellon mistakenly tells 800 rejected applicants they're in:
Carnegie Mellon tells 800 applicants they're in, then out via
Salesianum trying to be like Carnegie Mellon
Carnegie Mellon University wrongly tells 800 they got in
Don't make the mistake that Carnegie Mellon University made this morning! Eek! . We can create, send and...
Top story: Carnegie Mellon computer glitch mistakenly accepts 800 applicants see more
This is so sad omfg. Can you imagine.
2/2 - and then have to cope with the loss of being rejected it's a harsh situation. Some diligence goes a long way.
1/2 - I know mistakes happen, but when 800 people get mistakenly admitted due to being "incorrectly flagged"
"If you replace the 'W' in the words 'When', 'Where' and 'What' with the letter 'T' then you have answered the question." — …
Well this is ironic.. and these 800 applications should consider that when looking for a computer science program.
well that *** Carnegie Mellon fulfilled, then horribly crushed, the dreams of 800 budding computer scientists
Tech glitch by a tech giant. Carnegie Mellon joins MIT, Johns Hopkins and UCLA by mistakenly admitting 800 students.
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