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Carmen Ohio

Carmen Ohio (Latin: Song of Ohio) is the oldest school song still used by Ohio State University. The song was composed by freshman Fred Cornell on the train ride home from Ann Arbor, Michigan, after Ohio State suffered an 86-0 loss to the University of Michigan Wolverines.

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For the record, Carmen Ohio makes me so emotional
And...Carmen Ohio makes the fireworks music! But of course.
Honestly Carmen Ohio gets me a lil emotional every time I hear it 😂
from prince to star wars to carmen ohio it's like I'm smokin the weed
in the news... Carmen Twillie Ambar will become Oberlin college’s 15th president and its first African American
Wait... did I watch the same fight?? Unanimous decision...Horn didn't win that fight lol
This goes for all of Northeast Ohio. If you live in Ohio or have followers from Ohio, plz RT. Thank you.
And going to a football game and sitting block O singing carmen Ohio. Like I can't wait to start my life
I sing Carmen Ohio to my 5 month old niece everyday in hopes she'll want to go to Ohio State.
This is what playing "Carmen Ohio" in Orton Hall bell tower looks like. My kid did it but didn't take a pic. 😐
Hbd em!!! Can't wait to cry tears of stress over nursing and also cry tears of joy while singing Carmen Ohio at foo…
Wish I could be there! Thank you to all who are attending! Sending positive thoughts from Ohio!!
Officials recommend 1-day suspension for Ohio officer who kicked handcuffed Black man in the head. Just wow... Fire hi…
Bach. Party in Detroit when the race is in Cincinnati. Then wedding in Ohio when race is in Traver…
Please be the GOATs and sing Carmen Ohio. That's all I ask.
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Hey !!! Script ohio presented by lady Jane's and stay for Carmen ohio thanks to usa insulation
Carmen Ohio never sounded sweeter for this Buckeye family. 🎶 Learn about a gift of song with a familiar ring. 🔔🔔…
One last Carmen Ohio for Symphonic Band seniors. We’ll miss you!
Looking forward to stealing from José this Friday & Sunday at .
You need a good buckeye by your side. And he'll sing Carmen Ohio whenever you need it... after buying you a blizzard.
I'm still floored that OSU's law school sang Carmen Ohio but didn't sing the national anthem or do the pledge at our graduation today. 😒
"Carmen Ohio" one last time for the Class of 2017. Commencement has concluded.
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Be my running mate!! Carmen Ohio can be our campaign song
Cie I know u only from being a Buckeye, 02 champ game, Carmen Ohio, but outside that u seem like GRE…
VIDEO: Ohio State players and fans come together on the field to celebrate beating Michigan, sing Carmen Ohio.
I got through most of graduation without showing any emotion, but I'm not gonna lie... the last two lines of Carmen Ohio had me in tears
When Carmen Ohio comes on the shuffle the day after graduation and you turn around and start scheduling summer classes
Alright playing Cie Grant's Carmen Ohio in honor of winning the title made my Monday morning a little better
Today can officially commence me crying every time I hear Carmen Ohio
Carmen Ohio ending by more than 11,000 graduates of The Ohio State University
Pretty awesome to sing Carmen Ohio with the newest members of the Buckeye Alumni Association.
Singing Carmen in the Shoe as a newly minted alumna of The Ohio State University. What a moment 🎓
Carmen Ohio from the view of my right hand
When you almost miss your final Carmen Ohio as a student cause you were trying to get pizza🍕
Straight blubbering through Carmen Ohio 😭😭😭 we're going back to school ASAP
Carmen Ohio hits me right in the feels every time
Anytime I hear Carmen Ohio or the fight song I get all tingly inside. Cannot wait to be a buckeye
I will probably tear up during Carmen Ohio
My cap has the alternate lyric of Carmen Ohio and it's kinda bothering me. Oh well
I have now facilitated two separate renditions of Carmen Ohio inside of very public places
At a graduation at Ohio State. They said to stand for carmen Ohio. No thanks!
Singing Carmen Ohio will never get old!!!
Don’t graduate without singing candlelight Carmen Ohio! May 7th at 9pm on the Oval.
VIDEO: Here's the Eden Hazard golazo that won Leicester City the Premier League title
Chelsea's worst Premier League season in years and we still win as many trophies as Spurs and Arsenal. Lol.
Are they going to play Carmen Ohio at graduation on Sunday? Cause I will definitely cry because I don't want to not be a buckeye anymore 😭
Fall is coming... Who's ready for Sundays?? (and Saturdays of course)✋✋✋. Congrats again guys!
you visited the falls in Ohio. stop by and se me please
GOAL! Alex Morgan with the hat trick now! 5-0,
GOAL! Morgan scores her second of the game! 4-0, 71'
Now 0bama is citing "security concerns" for not attending Scalia's funerals. How many of you are buying that?
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See if you can get him to sing a few bars of "Carmen Ohio".for us OSU people...
On a day the Magic set a course towards eternal mediocrity OCSC shows it's willing to do ANYTHING to bring Orlando glo…
.makes it official. They have signed Antonio Nocerino.
President Obama didn't have a problem blocking judicial nominees when he was a senator.
With what Ohio State has to offer.. the only way that someone can't be successful there is themselves
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Ohio invented the lightbulb and airplane so not only were we the first to be lit but also the first state to be fly
If you're a student at OSU and leave the game before Carmen Ohio you might as well just sell your or lose
Yup, that's Carmen Ohio I hear in the background of Thad talking.
One time, Carmen Segrest accidentally stubbed his toe. It destroyed the entire state of Ohio.
Ah, yes. Carmen Ohio is my background 🎶
.was a big reason why Gov. Kasich was so ready for tonight's Thanks, Tajh!.
A bulwark against the rampant liberal assault on the Constitution. A great American.
too many great people dying 😔 RIP Patty, I'll sing Carmen Ohio extra loud for you next time.
Gorgeous Carmen and her beautiful body and I love her from COLUMBUS OHIO USA
.is up on 2-0 at half. Michela Paridiso's goal was a screamer from downtown! https…
."The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don't trust the media.…
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I have Carmen Ohio stuck in my head
Carmen Ohio following win at Rutgers via
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Video from all the stops Urban Meyer made Monday promoting his book, and sad Michigan fan pumpkin: Buckeye Breakfast ht…
your Carmen Ohio is the only Carmen Ohio
Every home football Saturday, the Glee Club sings Carmen Ohio in the Thompson!!!.
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When I start to miss Ohio I listen to Cie Grant sing Carmen Ohio.
If you don't belt Carmen Ohio after a win at Ohio State football games, you ain't livin
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Tune in to Title IX sports tomorrow and hear the dulcet tones of as she sings Carmen Ohio.
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OTD in 1902, U-M pounds Ohio State 86-0. Legend has it OSU freshman Fred Cornell, on the train ride home, pens the words to "Carmen Ohio"
Oct 25 in University District History: "Carmen Ohio" written by member of losing Ohio State team on train home from Ann Arbor. In 1902.
Love the fact they sing Carmen Ohio before the race.
If Jaguars and Bills are half as good as Ohio State band's pregame show we'll have a game here in London.
Ohio State football: Watch the crazy postgame scene after the Buckeyes win over Rutgers (video): See Carmen Ohio…
Watch the crazy postgame scene after Ohio State's win over Rutgers - Carmen Ohio and more
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The OSU football team singing Carmen Ohio to the section of the stadium with Buckeye fans.
When Ohio State players lines up to sing Carmen Ohio after the game, Jones and barrett were side-by-side. Arms on each o…
Thanks for letting us come out Ohio!
Carmen and Arizona! For Carmen Ohio and the location of the championship!
Check out this at Carmen's Group in
Cried in my dream when Carmen Ohio came on after the Buckeyes won. I guess you could say I'm an Ohio State fan.
I'm just glad the $1,000+ I would have spent is in the bank still and not in nyc
*** is this. Good thing I didn't make this trip. *** poor effort on d today
Two great balls lead to a goal way to play like a team 👏🏻
better than the leaked 3rdfial Tifo
1969 Press Photo Furniture repair by Carmen Vitale at Goodwill shop in Ohio
COURTOIS penalty to win Chelsea the game ! Unstoppable !.
Arriving at the hotel in New York with a lot of fans of I have never seen that in the
I know before I move out of NE Ohio, I am gona buy like a bunch of Carmen's and freeze it to take with.
Flower babies of Ohio! 🍄. I am singing in Toledo at from 7:30-8:30 tomorrow night (: if…
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Heading to Ohio. In Kentucky as of now. What're y'all doing today ?. I want a tan & burrito. That's just me.
If Friday feels like a movie night, how about The Gang's All Here at the Ohio Theatre (Google Carmen Miranda)
I will miss you when you move over there :(
trying to get 6 together. Might be moving to
I wasnt sleepy when the game started. These dude are putting me to sleep
In Chicago? At NU we had a lot of Carmen's in Evanston. Or if we were downtown the original Uno's on Ohio/Ontario was great.
This Red Card has been overturned by MLS according to .
How am I going to memorize Carmen Ohio when it took me 10 years to memorize the BL fight song?
Who would have thought Coach Blair could play Carmen Ohio on the piano too! Who doesn't love him?.
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Love the synergy of my Spieth column on how he doesn't care what people think coinciding with this pic getting out: htt…
Spent the past 2 hours on hold with various offices at OSU Med Center and this elevator music version of Carmen Ohio is driving me insane.
I hope that Kasich, after a seven hour address, closes out with insults directed at Alabama and Oregon. Everyone sings Carmen Ohio.
My drinking game is references to Carmen Ohio. Only two. Boo.
The Carmen Ohio reference tally is up to 5.
A lot of references to Carmen Ohio at this event, but I WANT SINGING
Two speakers, two "Carmen Ohio" references. I don't know why I noticed that.
I'm going to vomit seeing Carmen Ohio + John Kasich together.
It's tradition to sing Carmen Ohio every time I cross the Ohio border.
Videos: The Big Ten Championship trophy presentation, the team singing Carmen Ohio, and a locker room getting down.
Video of Ohio State singing Carmen Ohio after winning Big Ten Championship
Story from the vigil for Kosta Karageorge, with a heart-breaking version of Carmen Ohio
A team struggles with a loss of a teammate and JT's breaks an ankle & a former Team Captain gets canned in Lincoln..figure Buckeye Nation could use a smile or two. Is there any better way to celebrate a win over that team up north than by doing Carmen Ohio on the 50 yard line of The Shoe? Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise And songs to Alma Mater raise While our hearts rebounding thrill With joy which death alone can still Summer's heat or winter's cold The seasons pass the years will roll Time and change will surely show How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!
As a preview to the game with That School Up North, here's a look at what it means to be a Buckeye at The Ohio State University. Song: Carmen Ohio by The Ohi...
Let's watch Saturday night's Buckeye Swag and Carmen Ohio again, because, why not?
VIDEOS: Carmen Ohio, Urban Meyer's presser, and Ohio State dancing the night away after toppling Michigan State.
You don't know Carmen Ohio till you've heard Cie Grant in person. An amazing person/player and even better singer.
Ohio State players sing Carmen Ohio after beating Cincinnati.
No event is complete w/o it ... O-hi-O. Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2014 sings Carmen Ohio. Congrats! htt…
Cue the beautiful words of Carmen Ohio! Way to go boys!
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A little something to wet your appetite. The stadium singing "Carmen Ohio" after last years win at _ichigan:
Congratulations, you clearly bleed Scarlet and Grey! Woody Hayes would be proud to know that you so wonderfully represented THE Ohio State University. The Best *** Band In The Land will play Carmen Ohio in your honor, my friend. Buckeye Nation salutes you! Now Share this with your friends, and ensu…
Carmen Ohio written out in letters taken from every state's license plates.
Check out Carmen's fresh new style! Hair by Jaquelynne at our Upper Arlington, Ohio salon
Nothing gives me chills more than hearing Carmen Ohio.
Not ashamed to say I started tearing up at Barnes & Noble when I saw a wall hanging with Carmen Ohio on it
Love it. I rank it close to Cie Grant's Carmen Ohio.
I've had Carmen Ohio stuck in my head all day
The pep band closes the Bash with Carmen Ohio:
NEW: Holiday travel nightmare. 40+ car pile up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio http…
Donate to Ohio SPCA · Raise funds to rehabilitate abused animals. · Causes
If you go to Ohio State, all the classes you took when we were 24-0 don't count anymore since we lost to Michigan State according to carmen
Carmen in Columbus Ohio agrees with Columbus Arthritis Center at WomTown >> FREE local listing
I didn't know Carmen Electra was from ohio
Carmen who came from Westchester Ohio admires WomTrader. >> Insanely great! > Surprising people.
I thought this was cool that the TV net allowed the traditional "Carmen Ohio" singing at the end of the game without talking all over it. The video shows the...
Unless you're a true Buckeye you won't understand the words behind Carmen Ohio and how those words mean to us Buckeyes
Being the only ones in Plaza and singing Carmen Ohio was the best way to end this amazing trip. I can't wait for our reunion
Jealous of everyone leaving Ohio this break
To top off a great week, we all sang Carmen Ohio together and got an ice cream party 🍦🙆
Dec 19 in University District History: Torchlight walk on snowy Oval, singing of Carmen Ohio are part of campus Xmas tree-lighting. In 1922.
Christmas is so close 😁😁😁😁 I'm outta here on Christmas Eve...y'all can have the snow in Ohio
OK Here is the deal! The Ohio State Buckeyes play on First Friday January 3rd and we AIN'T MISSING IT! So if you come to the Precinct and wear your favorite Buckeye gear you will get a $1.00 off mixed drinks and .50 off beers till Kick-Off. We have 7 TVS and all will have the game on! The Oklahoma State/Mizzou game would be on if we lived in Oklahoma or Missouri. Music will feature Hang on Sloopy, Carmen Ohio and We don't give a dam about the whole state of Michigan! The dancing will be in joyous celebration of a Buckeye Victory and the only food served will be oranges! So come on down and celebrate First Friday with the Buckeyes First Victory of 2014! Stay Safe this Holiday Season from The Precinct where we still think Merry Christmas is the right thing to say!
Congrats to Gage Hair and Alex Collins. On their acceptance to The Ohio State University. Today was fun as the Top 20 went caroling and we reviewed the words to Carmen Ohio. They will be great Buckeyes.
Carmen Ohio in the middle of Birmingham mall. Whoever said osu was the most arrogant was right. 🌰
will you please do an entire Christmas album? You can close it with Carmen Ohio!!
I want to come to ohio like PLEASE GOD IF YOU CAN DO THIS FOR ME
"He moved to," -- .
So chelsea is singing Carmen Ohio at commencement...
Twas the night before THE GAME, and all around and the big house, everyone was antsy even the mouse. The jerseys were hung in lockers with care, in hopes that Saint Woody soon would be there. The players were nestled all snug in their beds, as visions of touchdowns danced in their heads; and Shelley in her in Buckeye shirt and Urban in his jacket had just settled down because they knew the game plan was set. When just outside there arose such a clatter, Urban sprang from his desk to see what was the matter. Away to the door he flew like flash, just to see his Buckeyes ready to smash. The moon had rest on the new fallen snow, gave the luster of gold pants of old. When what to his wondering eyes should appear, but a past coach and eight players in gear. With a strong old man so lively and witty he knew in a moment it must be Saint Woody. More rapid than eagles his curse words they came, he whistled and shouted as he called players by name. " Now, Miller! Now, Hyde! Now, Guiton and Basil! On, Heuerman! On .. ...
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All the Buckeyes in C-bus were getting their kicks From visions of glory on Jan. 6, When Braxton would romp from the spread and the pistol, And Urban would hoist a football of crystal. But the Grinch who lived north of East Lansing was hating Thoughts of those Fans From Down South celebrating. “Oh, they’ll crow and they’ll cackle, and crow once again, “ And sing Carmen Ohio on ESPN. “Now that the Wolverines failed to derail them, “I must find a way for the Spartans to nail them!” So the Grinch slid to Walmart on a ramshackle sleigh And bought himself fabric of scarlet and gray. By stitching and sewing, this detestable varmint Fashioned a credible gridiron garment; Then donned a few other special effects, Like foam-rubber biceps and prosthetic pecs. And in the first quarter the scheming pretender Entered the game as a Bucks pass defender! Which serves to explain why the Spartans’ young heaver Found many an open Spartan receiver. Then the Grinch slunk away with his eyes all aglow And the Buc ...
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So I was on my break and just heard that after the game Saturday night the team didn't stay on the field to sing carmen ohio.don't know how I feel about that.what do you guys think??? All of our fans stayed and sang!!!
INDIANAPOLIS – If you want to know how badly the Big Ten championship loss wounded Ohio State, consider this: After Michigan State had finished harmin' Ohio, the Buckeyes bagged "Carmen Ohio." At a school that takes its traditions seriously, that will be considered sacrilege by some fans. Under former coach Jim Tressel, the ritual was non-negotiable: Win or lose, the team would gather postgame before the marching band and sing the song, written more than a century ago by an Ohio State student. For 24 games under Urban Meyer, that continued. Game ended, players gathered, song was sung. Meyer, a self-proclaimed lover of Buckeye lore, was always front and center, flanked by players on either side. Made for a nice photo op, at the very least. Of course, for 24 games there was never a loss, never a chance to test the commitment to tradition in a time of adversity. Saturday night, that changed. Saturday night, Meyer's Buckeyes finally lost – and did so in shocking fashion. They fell behind the Spartans 17-0 ...
Born in Ohio, lifelong Buckeye fan, alumnus of The Ohio State University and am unapologetic about it. Anybody who just chooses to cheer for UM and hate on OSU, understand that OSU is much more than just a team to me. I get fired up hearing Buckeye Battle Cry and Across the Field, and emotional when I hear Carmen Ohio. GO BUCKS!
Welcome to Urban Meyer OSU. Not classy enough to sing Carmen Ohio after a loss Playing ranked teams is ***
They talked of what being a Buckeye is about, which is more than winning football games. And that’s the thing — as Buckeyes, we attend the greatest school in the country, and just about everyone you meet here firmly believes it. Being a Buckeye is singing “Carmen Ohio” with your arms wrapped tight around your best friends’ waists Because at OSU, we expect to win. But we still stand together when we don’t. -Caitlin E. All about that buckeye pride
Yahoo Sports has some stupid writers, we win 24 in a row and when we lose it's obvious that Urban an the team are upset. Yahoo Sports is making a big deal about the team not singing Carmen Ohio after the game.
After Michigan State finished harmin' Ohio, there was no "Carmen Ohio" for Urban Meyer, and his wounded Suckeyes !
Thinking Meyer should bench himself for bowl game. Not because he abandoned Carlos Hyde but because he didn't have the team sing Carmen Ohio. Win or lose you sing! More disgraceful then flipping the bird.
Carmen Ohio at the Buckeye Pep Rally before the game.
Urban Meyer was late to Carmen Ohio so he had to stand on the end with Brutus is Brutus tim tebow??
Ohio State coach Urban Meyer was joined by family members to sing Carmen Ohio after beating San Diego State:
Must remind you of the goosebumps-inducing singing of Carmen Ohio by Cie Grant in 1/03. ❤ that day despite ❄.
Just listened to the OSU fight song, Carmen Ohio, and Hang on Sloopy. Needless to say sleep is not I'm the neat future
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A capella Alma Mater; curveball today. 'Carmen Ohio kickstarter' is up.
Almost to the 2 month mark until the start of football season! Now is as good a time as any to change my alarm ringtone to "Carmen Ohio" How firm thy friendship...
Scenes from day 2 of OSU orientation
I wanna go fishing but my fishing buddy Carmen Jordan has a big gurl job and my aunt Pamela Ritter has to live all the way in Ohio. She spoiled me last week.
Couldn't be more ready to leave for Ohio!! Summer Leadership Convention here we come. So pumped!
Changed my cover photo..this is Carmen(the pretty monkeye w/the Ohio State shirt,not the singer,sorry Carmen Vélez Vocalist)..she is traveling across the USA to some of the members of one of my favorite FB Buckeye groups called Buckeye far she has been to Texas,then nothern Ohio,then me in southern Ohio,and now back to Texas..yes..this girl gets around..and if u are wondering where this Buckeye girl got her name..Carmen Ohio...Beloved song of the Ohio State University..My Alma Mater..She has been a wonderful house guest...and my cats,even whiney Winnie,as bonded w/her :)
Just saying. Refs and the magnets leave it wide open. I must say one thing that irritates me about the Lebron fans is the name king James. Guys c'mon, grown men now let's be real. Did we ever call mike prince, king, lord, majesty, all mighty. Too funny, that has always got me. Always wondering why grown men agreed with that. Just saying. Called this like I had the stern button. It's your preference if you like calling another man king beside god all mighty. Just saying, don't call your pops Ir yourselves King but call bron King like you have sleepovers with Bosh bust saying. To each it's own, just think about it. Spurs fans sorry, game 7 will be a blowout. Heat win. Please help me understand fellas. I know they gave him a lot before he proves himself, but let me in in why that name. He is a physical beast, just need to play with kill attitude all the time. If his mentality was like Jordan and Kobe. He would have 3 rings already. Correct me if I'm wrong. Jordan, Kobe nd even Isaiah Thomas had the kill ki . ...
"O-H-O" is basically what people do with their arms at the end of Carmen Ohio anyway
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Can't wait to sing Carmen Ohio after we win
Looks like shopping today in Playa Del Carmen with the whole family. Booked the Girls Spa Day... Massage on Thursday Why can't we vacation all year long !
Not sure why Carmen Ohio has been stuck in my head while I'm working but I really don't mind, makes me excited for football games.
It's a good night when the last thing you do before bed is sing Carmen Ohio with friends and buckeyes!
Did not know Carmen Electra is from Ohio? lol
Nothing beats singing Carmen Ohio in the car in Illinois
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African safari was an awesome trip today. Thanks to my best friend in Ohio for letting me and kids go. We laughed so hard, it was great!
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Father's Day is Sunday, June 16. I remember Dad fondly, miss him terribly and LOVE him dearly! I wrote this for my Dad a while back and I wanted to share with you. “I wasn’t there that morning When my Father passed away I didn’t get to tell him All the things I had to say I think I caught his spirit Later that same year I’m sure I heard his echo In my baby’s newborn tears I just wished I could have told him in the living years” These are the last two verses of a song by Mike and the Mechanics entitled “The Living Years”. Every time I hear that song, it makes me think of my dad RICHARD AVILA RODRIGUEZ To his friends he was known as Riche, Ricardo, or Richard Rodriguez. To his family he was Husband, Father, Grandpa, Richard the Great (as he liked to refer to himself), but to me he was MY DADDY I remember the day my father passed away, it was Sunday, March 10, 2002, and I was in church. I didn’t want to go to church that morning because I just knew I needed to be there. But Carmen and I we ...
Yesterday I went to gathering with the Dream Defenders and Ohio Student Association and met with Harry Belafonte and Carmen Perez. The meeting was humbling, motivating and cleansing. I realized, I have been obsessing about making the National Student Power Convergence perfect. When the reality is, I want to create a space that reflects our movement. That space is messy and real and human- its no where near perfect. I need to embrace the choas and recognize that the chaos is just power. unadulterated, unapologetic, raw power. I am SO excited to build with all of you!
Reflections and Carmen Ohio after day 1 of . The adventure and experience continues tomorrow!
It's a BIRTHDAY PARTY for Vanity Halston!!! This Sunday I will be in OKC at The Boom celebrating one of my oldest sisters birthday! Hopefull I will run into Josie Du'coll and Carmen Deveraux. Even though everyone hates her and she can't go in places cause of her mouth, Jak'kay Monroe better grab a bite with me.
Hoping all my Ohio friends and family r safe. Luv to u all.
OK, change of plans...Florida trip is off. Bonnie will be here tomorrow (Wednesday night), and I gave away a lot of the money I put away for Florida, so we're staying local, That means Thomas Hansen, Diana Ciccarelli, Frankie Gee, Donya Lane, Grace Mastrangelo, Rick Raymond, Carmen Cordero & all our Florida friends have to come up here! :)
Friday.I'll be there with Bonnie Egerer;Kaitlynn Pierce;Randy Egerer;Angela Wynne;Frank Barnett; and Carmen...Also I hope to see my 2nd Uncle from Ohio.
Jell-O shots and other candies and sweets that contain liqueur are technically illegal in Ohio because they are not regulated.
To all my new friends let me know where you all are living now? I'm in Salisbury, Maryland.
It was good to get back to S. Fla for a few days. Had some fun, did some work. However I find myself anxious to get back to Ohio and complete R&D by months end. On my way in 3 hours. Watch for some updated posts On EternaTile's FB page over the coming weekend. l-) ...Future so bright I gotta wear shades!
Has anyone ever seen a pure black squirrel before?
My son Anthony n neice Dejha I am so proud of these two n all that they have accomplished n all that they will accomplish. Congratulations my loves Class of 2013. We finally did it long days n nights azz whooping arguements but my bonnie n clyde we did it n yes coming from flint mi this is a blessing.2 of the most well rounded young adults coming from this city leavin goin on to college Ohio State n Atl. To my loves I love u 2 more than life it self Good luck can u say PROUD PARENT
Not looking forward to today or the next month. Knowing I am driving my youngest son to Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for a big major surgery that will hopefully make him healthy for the 4 th time in his young life. So please keep up the prayers. We will stand as a family n fight by Matt's side. Love goes out to my other wonderful Son Jason n his beautiful girlfriend Stephanie for staying brackets at home n keeping life going while Dad travels with us. You have no Idea how I love both of you.. My family is my life, so I will use every ounce of strength God gives me n ask for more, just to fight along side him. So hard to know there isn't anything I can do to fix this, when he was small I could kiss the boo- boo n make it better. Now: I will be strong for you, stand by you, hug you, pray for you, never stopping to be mean if you just can't push through. You are such a strong an amazing young Man, god gave me many blessings n I pray for more after this is over: I NEED A LONG VACATION N THE Promise you Made me St ...
kid from OSU started singing Carmen Ohio "Oh come" and I replied "all ye faithful" woops
This is such a awesome photo I just had to share it. McClain and Carmen went to Ohio for the GTAC swim meet. You...
One of the hymns we are singing at church is the tube of Carmen Ohio. Will I OH on the middle of church? Probably.
North 3B Austin Luchowski will play in the Ohio Varsity All-Star Classic June 23 at Classic Park.
Miami's Alma Mater is booty compared to Carmen Ohio
nice! How bad did it hurt? I'm thinkin about getting the first verse of Carmen Ohio on my ribs
One of the greatest would have to be The Script, Carmen Ohio, Hang on Sloopy and Buckeye Battle Cry.
What is this Hail to Old IU? Let's get some Carmen Ohio up in here
Yianni is a 20 year old guy with a huge heart and a love for life. He went to PerryHigh School where he played football. He loves hanging out with his friends, working out, and FOOD! The evening of Friday May 3rd. Yianni was on his way home from work on hismotorcycle when he had to come to an abrupt stop forcing him to lay his bike down. Yianni was not wearing a helmet. His brain injuries were so ...sever the doctors didn't want to operate but his Mom told them to give Yianni a chance. They never expected him to make it through surgery, but he did. The doctors never expected him to show signs of brain activity, but he is. They said he will never be himself again, but we know HE WILL! This page is dedicated to keeping everyone updated on his progress through this journey. It is also a place where his family can come for encouragement. So please like his page to show that we are all united in prayer. WE BELIEVE! John 4:50
Honestly can't wait to move to Ohio. I need to be for the release
Someone just played Carmen Ohio on the juke box
I didn't know Carmen Electra was from Ohio. should have known, she has big boobs too
I didn't know Carmen Electra was from Ohio!?
Carmen Electra is from Ohio and so is rob dydek and they were just talking about kings island😱
I had no idea Carmen Electra is from ohio!
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I'm listening to some 90's artists from here in Ohio, Kevin Raleigh and Eric Carmen.
Ohio retailer Sole Classics teams up with Vans Vault on a sneaker entitled "Carmen" ->
Hate the new Carmen! It was just fine the way it was. Apparently, if something works well, Ohio State changes it.
Singing carmen Ohio with 11,000 fellow graduates is one of the great moments of my life
Tennessee has been ranked as the best place to retire.
Three Missing Women: Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, Ashley Nicole Summers found together in Ohio years later :Neighbor "Charles" explains first finding the miss...
We are so proud of our son Joshua as he will be receiving his Bachelor's degree of Landscape Architecture tomorrow May 5th, at The Ohio State University. Can't quite express the emotion and happiness that we feel as he has accomplished this chapter in his life. We Love you very much Joshua!!!
Has anyone heard about this??? This is the first I have ever heard of a "Beat up a White Kid Day".
and I want you guys to come back to columbus OHIO!
Never thought i'd miss Ohio...then I woke up to 6 inches of snow./:
Waking up and IPod is on "Carmen Ohio" makes the next 165 days 2 hours 29 minutes feel like a lifetime.
If you do join my "Carmen Ohio" group on you may use up to two brackets.
i just set up a free tourny bracket group on called "Carmen Ohio". Feel free to join tweeps!
Be sure to check out Hands-on with iBooks Author workshop this Friday!
Very enjoyable! >> Impressive people. > Carmen who once lived in Nelsonville Ohio advocates WomTown.
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TY to for including us in Carmen Ohio! What a wonderful sb family you are building in Buckeye Country! GO BUCKS!
better enjoy his shoutouts, cuz he's gonna be singin Carmen Ohio in late-march
Back to ohio in the a.m but until then off to coco bongo in playa del Carmen !
Just sang Carmen Ohio as a cheers before shots. This St. Patrick's day couldn't get better.
Thank you to and Carmen for volunteering at our Merch table tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio!
Just sang Carmen Ohio in a bar in Florida and got a standing ovation. I'm never leaving
Carmen Ohio makes me happier than a slinky on an escalator
If you don't do Carmen Ohio on the beach, you aren't a buckeye
Two kids were kidnapped from West Virginia and taken to Ohio 😦
What a great evening last night, dinner at Happy Dog and a concert by the Ohio State Wind Ensemble. They finished the evening with Carmen Ohio and Across The Field. Working on a possible Alma Mater and Fight Song for the new high school. Good thing I had good theory teachers at Kent State.
Cie Grant singing "Carmen Ohio" at the Nat'l Title celebration in the shoe
Cie Grant singing Carmen Ohio always gets to me.
A Celebration of Perfection! Ohio State saluted it's 12-0 football team with a special ceremony at St. John Arena, December 7th, 2012. Included are highlights from speakers Mayor Michael Coleman, OSU President E. Gordon Gee and, of course, head coach Urban Meyer. And to wrap it all up, a performance of Carmen Ohio with some of our favorite scenes from the evening!
GO BUCKS! With Sam Schumann at the Ohio State vs. Michigan game, keeping DW Sandy Schumann who's providing relief efforts on Long Island updated via texts. Season finale, The Rivalry, de facto bowl game and undefeated season all rolled into one wild, exciting contest played in the 'Shoe with the chill winds of November and occasional light snow flurries. Capped with Carmen Ohio and Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" - good times never seemed so good! How sweet it is, indeed!
Ohio State students sing Carmen Ohio at the Beat Michigan Pep Rally at the Ohio Union Monday night.
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STUPID Ohio State TRADITIONS 1. The band wears berets when not marching on the field. This is French, and quite effeminite. 2. The team colors are the same colors of the Vichy French -red and black. This is French. 3. The band plays French tunes. Pregame, they play "Francais Nationale Defile March." During halftime, they play the 1812 Overture simply so they could play the French national anthem. 4. Their mascot is a bearded mime. This is French. 5. The mime is known by the of Brutus. Aptly named, Brutus derives from the Latin brutus, meaning "heavy, dull and stupid." 6. After a rare TD, the Ohio State Band celebrates in the gayest way possible. They give each other piggyback rides, band members celebrates by swinging a stuffed banana around and around. 7. Sweatervests are very big among French men. This is French. 8. Carmen Ohio has Ohio State fans mimicking the hand motions for Y-M-C-A. 9. Ohio State thought so little of their Buckeye Grove tradition (where a Buckeye tree is planted for each Buckeye to ...
the looming 3rd down bell heard at Ohio Stadium. Also the joy of hearing Carmen Ohio after every Buckeye victory!
The sound of Carmen Ohio being sung by everybody in the Shoe after a big Ohio State win, nothing compares.
The Ohio State Marching Band playing the chimes of Carmen Ohio
I can not wait to buy this shirt! Literally, I'm going to buy it tomorrow. Brings back amazing memories from my freshman year at Ohio State: Meeting a certain sousaphone player, the Mirror Lake jump, singing Carmen Ohio with the elderly couple in the seats next to me, and of course, cheering obnoxiously loud any time my cousin, Michael, was on the field.
sitting in the horse shoe listening to the 110,000 fans yell O-H-I-O and singing carmen ohio after the game
If I can concede that many didn't like the ending of LOST, Mitt can effing concede Ohio.
Buckeye swag and Carmen ohio was too good after this win.
Romney campaign not conceding Ohio. - says MSNBC
Cie Grant at the National Championship celebration singing Carmen Ohio
Coming up ever so short, as Ohio has been called for the President. We must retrench, and move on. Much work lies ahead.
Breathe easier! Most exit polls show Obama will win Ohio. Networks have an incentive to draw out the drama.
Projecting for in that's game boys and girls!!
teaching Carmen Ohio when waiting for election results to be announced
It all comes down to Florida and Ohio.
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2 and a half months into the semester and I FINALLY learned Carmen Ohio
Florida &&` Ohio need to hurry up so ii can take my *** to sleep . . . !
Obama leading in swing state Ohio, 55% to 44% - 27% of vote counted
Dear Florida and Ohio, You're really stressing me out right about now.
Obama has 64 electoral votes & Mitt has 40 so far, we need Florida & Ohio to take this home!
OHIO: PLS vote NOW & move our country Go to for info. RT!
Great Ohioans: MGK, Kid Cudi, Clay Brown, Carmen Electra even Rob Dyrdek, Ohio is just that awesome
In a close U.S. election, first clues to winner could come early via
"Lol Obama was on a radio campaign ad and said "I need Ohio to vote, I need you all to turn up.""!
OHIO EARLY VOTE: More troubling for Obama than in VA. Turnout down 4.1% vs. '08 in Kerry/Obama counties, UP 14.4% in Bush/McCain counties
Urban Meyer was fired up after the win, and instead of going directly into the Alma Mater Carmen Ohio, he gets the crowd going. Sorry for the shakiness of th...
Tomorrow our fate will be decided by the whole country. And by the whole country, I mean Ohio.
performs at the campaign rally in Columbus, today at 3:30pmET
Election season AKA the one time that Ohio actually matters.
Carmen Ohio sends chills through my body every *** time.
Oh. We were in AA deck. We always stay til after Carmen Ohio, it would feel weird to leave before it was over lol
Ozone Video: Check out our footage of Carmen Ohio after the win over Illinois. (via
Ohio State dances and sings Carmen Ohio after victory over Illini - YouTube (via
Could never get sick of singing Carmen Ohio.. Especially with my little
I cried during the game today which means I think Ive cried during every home game. Mixture of loving Ohio State and America so much
I was so confused today. Half the time I was singing Carmen Ohio and the other the Rossford Alma Mater
John laing's thought on Norte dames Alma Mater-- it's like Carmen Ohio, but *** and I don't like it.
That notre dame Alma Mater, kinda like carmen Ohio but *** and I don't like it. -john laing
so you would be so proud of as she got all choked up while signing Carmen Ohio
The fact that knows all the words to Carmen Ohio and she doesn't even go to OSU
Saw singing Carmen Ohio looking scared as ish
Jack Mewhort is holding the Illibuck during Carmen Ohio. Before the song he held the trophy up and gave a gladiator yell.
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