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Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda, GCIH (9 February 1909 – 5 August 1955) was a Portuguese-born Brazilian samba singer, Broadway actress and Hollywood film star popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

New Year

Bernard showed up to the Copa wearing a dress, stilettos and a Carmen Miranda fruit hat. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis sh…
Gareth does not like bendy bananas for his Carmen Miranda costume at the New Union. Drag Sundays. Brexit
More gems from the archive. going all Carmen Miranda with a pineapple & banana. John Inman "fr…
My answer to Daily's trivia question: actress Carmen Miranda and the town of San Diego
Listening to Joe talk about legislating is like watching the ghost of Carmen Miranda explain balancing fruit on her head
at least if you get bored you can do a pared-down Carmen Miranda impression. 😊
Swear I just saw a HuffPo piece about Carmen Miranda headwear being all the rage with health conscious millennials.
New Mar-a-Lago security protocol. Those arrested will be read the Carmen Miranda Rights:. The right to wear fruit on their head. 1 conga line
if you take a couple Ambien before the flight, you will see cherubs, unicorns, and a dog with the head of Carmen Miranda
I think now I understand why everyone is calling you "Carmen Miranda" 😂😂
Maybe he plays Carmen Miranda in his movie?
As long as I don't start dressing the dogs up pushing them in a buggy, with a Carmen Miranda esque fruit hat
Yo I am a die hard but why y'all always have just one token Latina who coincidently all stay rockin Carmen Miranda vibes?
I like Carmen Miranda, but you can never go wrong with The Fro.
Thinking of making my Mum a Carmen Miranda hat for mothers day.she can look cool AND stay healthy .
And the one and only Carmen Miranda !
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
You look like Carmen Miranda. What was the occasion you dressed up like this? Or was it just Wednesday?
Belly dancers, a roulette table and a chance to meet, Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda!...
I want $11500 and a kiss on the lips from Carmen Miranda.
Carmen Miranda created by student! She will be avail to purchase at Friday's RED is the Night! Ticket…
I adopted Carmen first and got miranda for some reason too. It's only fair I get carmen
Looks like Carmen Miranda is working hard to prep you all for the summer!
Never seen Beckmesser look like Carmen Miranda before. Still think Kranzle is giving the outstanding performance so far.Hanna Hipp excellent
Just to say I liked the flowery dresses in the magazine and especially the Carmen Miranda styles on page 32
the alternative would be too Carmen Miranda (if that's even a thing)
The vociferous great *** in the garden sounds like Carmen Miranda singing 'Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay I Like You Very Much'
if you have a yellow jumpsuit, then Kill Bill. If not, then Carmen Miranda, or I dream of Jeannie. Mary Poppins if cold.
"...and that's how they came to be known as Carmen Miranda Rights."
Consuming Carmen Miranda: Dislocations and Dissonances in the Reception of an Icon.
Joining on The Daily from 4PMCET are Mari Carmen, & Prof. Zhou-Feng Chen
fans might recognize this from the band's tuning jams. Carmen Miranda fans know it too!
Bought two beautiful bras yesterday that are hot, flamingo pink. Everytime I shimmy in the mirror now I feel like Carmen Miranda.
Meet Carmen Miranda from one of our for a Brazil themed event in summer
Guy at checkout legit upset that the clerk didn't know Carmen Miranda. I can't wait till I'm old, "darn kids don't know Gangnam Style!"
Gordon Motion, our Malt Master describes the Vintage 1998 as "Carmen Miranda's hat in a bottle!" Enjoy!
Untergang, Der, starring Carmen Miranda and James Marsden. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, music by Elastica. Budget: $500m
The Carmen Miranda look. A bit before your time.well, decades before your time. Lovely.
Decoupage woodburnt Carmen Miranda trinket box in progress and very nearly finished.Just got to…
Carmen Miranda is an underrated style icon, IMO.
I will never understand why they insisted on stinking up so many movies by putting Carmen Miranda in them.
kind of fruit bowl,ours looks like that!Not really Carmen Miranda but close!
Now all I can picture is an ensemble of pugs performing a Carmen Miranda number.
The original Carmen Miranda Rights: You have the right to wear fruit on your head. You're entitled to one conga line. If you cannot afford
Our of the day is Carmen Miranda!. Did you know she was also the first multimedia artist from Brazil?
I don't care what anyone says, I'm still convinced if they did a Carmen Miranda biopic would be the perfect star
maybe a Carmen Miranda thingy would be an improvement??
I do too I'm just always busy when you text me😅
Because people under 50 couldn't possibly ever know who carmen Miranda is. I hate old people
I am of a generation that recognizes Carmen Miranda. Of course in my memory she usually has fruit on her head.
Carmen Miranda, where in the world is Quenito?.
Strange Fruit was on media history final exam. But Trump prob thinks it's a Carmen Miranda song. RT
Trump would probably think it's a Carmen Miranda song.
Adopt Me! Carmen Miranda has a spring in her step, and really lives up to her...
Please let 2017 bless me with joy and good people 🙏🏻⚡🕊 @ Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Hollywood, it has treated me so nicely, I am ready to faint! As ...
Carmen Miranda, aka the “Brazilian Bombshell”, was a Portuguese-born Brazilian samba singer, actress and film star.
when he does the Carmen Miranda bit. 😂 😂 😂
If you read the article, you will find that is a very famous actress, Carmen Miranda, who is Brazilian but not known as such
Lucky PUP pets Addison, Boots, Isadora, Toby, Bonsai, and Carmen Miranda were all adopted before the end of the year!
The Dining Room had a little Carmen Miranda twist.
Xavier Cugat was born with the 20th Century, Jan. 1, 1900. . With Carmen Miranda. Two larger than life personalities.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Think I'd like to revisit this look in 2017. I think a Carmen Miranda/Jadis, Queen of Charn image is what 2017 need…
Loved the Carmen Miranda displays in Vienna and the joyful conducting of . Great start to an otherwise scary New Year
i want to toast Mickey in Carmen Miranda drag with Drano
tell your mom I said she looks like Carmen Miranda
I'll see your dancing Carmen Miranda and raise you a dancing one of these:
THE MAYBELLINE STORY : The age of Carmen Miranda movies and music had beg...
Is that from a carmen miranda movie?
I've chosen my wedding ring large and heavy to continue forever. B...
It's night on telly like tonight that make me pine for the halcyon days of Stanley Baxter kitted out as Carmen Miranda shaking some maracas.
If serves ice cream there in Carmen Miranda drag for an afternoon (for charity), would all be forgiven?
"Memories of Rio" (2016) 20"x26" oil on board. Carmen Miranda would've been a fun New Year's Eve date.
LOVE it when airs Carmen Miranda movies!! Here are 5 times she was Hollywood's fiercest fashionista…
People who had a good 2016:. Sterling K Brown. Carmen Cusack. Racists. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Russia. Pokemon. End of list .
WOWZA!!! Super fresh JAKEHEAD from now pouring... it's a fruity as Carmen Miranda's handbag!!! ;) x https…
Look at me and tell me if I don't have Brazil in every curve of m...
in the mean time, Carmen Miranda is on :) YAY! :)
Getting ready for New Year's Eve with my vintage Carmen Miranda noisemaker!
I think GG the BB would be a great nickname! You must get a Carmen Miranda style hat! 😂
Fruit is for baking in a crumble or a cake once you've admitted to yourself you are not going to eat it on its own. And Carmen Miranda hats.
„He was fond of the film stars Carmen Miranda and Betty Hutton.“ (via
50 First Dates, starring Carmen Miranda and Jeremy Davies. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Bobby Vinton. Budget: $250m
Germany: weeaboo Max Moon and Carmen Miranda impersonator sings song about trees, I think?
She's dressed as the ghost of Carmen Miranda
We can think of one thing that's even greater... you! Thanks for lovin' us, Carmen.
Nothing is more scary than me as Carmen Miranda!
I don't get how it was so easy for you to leave.
With the balloons in my hair I look like Carmen Miranda. Cha cha cha!
I must of been under a rock,missed you will not be ATK anymore...that's more scary than you as Carmen Miranda! Keep us informed!
Gizelle has to be the center of attention going as far as to look like Carmen Miranda minus the fruit bowl atop her head
I want to get a hummingbird tattoo 🙃
All purpose parts banner
The sweet tea from McDonald's is the best thing ever 👍🏽
I wasn't even dressed like I work there, I was wearing sweats and plain shirt?¿?
I went to rue21 today and like 10 people asked me questions as if I worked there and after a while I just helped them and went along with it
. Pitbulls go Carmen Miranda, I I I I I I I I like it very much...
There was a policeman just out of frame.. Maybe he was coming to read me my Carmen Miranda…
Broadcast Network For Independet Artists on Robbie Groove - "Carmen Miranda" - beauty! nice job on this track (8/10)
At least I think kale is a vegetable?😂
I asked Trevor to sadies with a really boring vegetable. 😂
Because our school doesn't settle for usual Barbie cake, Carmen Miranda-d Ken cake was a feature…
It's weird to think I'll probably never see you again.
I think there's one of these guys in all of us. Let your Carmen Miranda bird freak flag fly, everybody!!
Steve's dreaming of a threesome with Carmen Miranda and Wonderwoman.
Looking for a casual weekend activity? Why not make a Carmen Miranda cake?
She's got nothing on Carmen Miranda. Kids today are so deprived. It's a scam. They have no idea.
I'm at Barrio del Carmen in Puntarenas w/
Bostonians! Free entry to the Museum of Fine Arts when you tag a Carmen Miranda-style selfie cc
Bro and his gf ordered food online and sort of overdid it with the fruit so now it looks like Carmen Miranda exploded in our kitchen.
We think being able to transform a plain old cake into Carmen Miranda is a vital life skill:
I heard Rosa is going to start wearing a basket of fruit hat like Carmen Miranda in the 1940's movie
My flower crown was so big!! here is another final pic from my amazing Carmen Miranda inspired…
with the collar it's vaguely Carmen Miranda-ish. I dig it.
Who among us does not secretly want to be Carmen Miranda?
These Carmen Miranda-Esque sunglasses are my greatest investment besides college
I swear, all I did was get a Carmen Miranda hat and suddenly I feel miles better at Rocket League.
AP / The *** Pride Parade today, sponsored by Dole, was led by a dude cross-dressed as Carmen Miranda, CHICA CHICA BOOM! CHICA CHICA BOOM!
oh Jesus, you're turning into the Carmen Miranda of Subs
I added a video to a playlist CARMEN MIRANDA - BRAZIL
New artwork for sale! - "Carmen Miranda Balloon in Albuquerque" -
LADIES. This drinks are on us. Say the secret code, ‘Carmen Miranda’ and we’ll treat you.
Well there goes that really cool Clapton song. Thanks a lot Carmen Miranda!😎
So how about the story of Halle Berry or Rita Moreno or Carmen Miranda? Black actresses have a hard time as it is. .
l call it the Carmen Miranda syndrome. i i i i i i.
I fell asleep early and thought I would get a lot of sleep but I just woke up and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to go back to bed
the horrific name might not be the worst thing abt these, which seem made from remains of a Carmen Miranda-themed Piñata
Someone come up with a Ben Carson-Carmen Miranda .gif, please. Tonight, maybe make it a double.
it's the Carmen Miranda hat obviously
Happy birthday to the lady in the tutti frutti hat: Carmen Miranda! - CR.
Did I ever tell you about the time I found Carmen Miranda in my closet?
Beat me to it. I was going with the 'Carmen Miranda' Canine label, but you win the internet...this time.
to one of my first photo shoots! Carmen Miranda def wore it better.
It would be cool to get as much sleep as everyone else.✌🏽️
Maybe they're not that talented. Have you tried head-fruit like Carmen Miranda?
*** It's clearly Gandalf being attacked by . Carmen Miranda with a broom.
I should clean my room and do my homework but I've just been watching tv all night.
Maboneng people watching. Current Jhb coolster looks: baggy Moomin-shaped t-shirt dresses and Carmen Miranda hats.
It would be cool if I didn't go to work and still got paid. 👏
Add some more fruit and you have Carmen Miranda of the world.
Goodbye Wynn & your crazy Carmen Miranda, Willie Wonka love child of a buffet! @ Wynn Las Vegas
Excellent plan. Go for the Carmen Miranda fruit. Strong look.
Uh... actually, that DOES make you Carmen Miranda. It's in the contract.
A model? Ha! You're a chick with a selfie stick & no shame. I dance to LaBamba with kiwis on my head. Doesn't make me Carmen M…
I was vying against the guy in the coconut bra and Carmen Miranda headpiece!
Carmen Miranda visits Alice Faye on a film set ~ ORIGINAL 1943 on-set photo
Nothing says home like Carmen Miranda vomiting all over your head.
I miss my Carmen Miranda showerhead and rubber duck.
RIP to music legend and Earth, Wind & Fire founder, Maurice White. Thank you for everything
Hail, Caesar! was a blast! Now I so want a Carmen Miranda biopic starring !
thank you david! feeling a little Carmen Miranda today!
Glossy 8x10 photo of movie star Carmen Miranda
Can you pick out Carmen Miranda at this year’s “=)
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I don't know a lot about the character Carlotta Valdez, but googling suggests she's a Carmen Miranda type actress. So, yes?
It's funny how Clarissa thinks she can move
"Faith in God was always the secret to success."
We have surveyed 54 customers of Alain Pinel Realtors. Congrats on 9 yrs of earning
If I respect what you believe in, then respect what I believe in
Cozmo would look hot in one of these. would out do last weekends Carmen Miranda outfit 💃🏽
I'm listening to Carmen Miranda - Tic Tac Do Meu Coracao on Bombshell Radio with TuneIn.
I can't Camila Batmanghelidjh take seriously. She looks and speaks like Ronnie Barker as Carmen Miranda, even the pidgin English voice.
In Florida she'll be dressed up like Carmen Miranda. NC a NASCAR suit. NYC a Brooklyn accent ,,,etc,,etc,,
Things heard at the Haters Back Off office - "Miranda's house makes my teeth hurt"
Carmen Miranda is just absolute fashion goals 💃🏼🍇🍊
Pink or bright pink? Still can decide which one I like more. Roses Miranda and Pink Piano.
I knew I like Betty Grable & John Payne, but I'm surprised at how much I love Carmen Miranda. 💕🎥…
It was a bit like Carmen Miranda meets the man from del monte's wife
I've just realised that Carmen Miranda has been reincarnated.
Batmanghelidjh talks with contempt about the guy sent in to fix things because he doesn't dress like a conwoman Carmen Miranda.
Turned to Robbie Coltrane doing a Carmen Miranda drag act now?
Did you know Carmen's name is adapted from Brazilian singer and actress Carmen Miranda and San Diego, CA, USA? htt…
Lucie startled me with a loud guffaw just now: she found this Gary Larson cartoon. . (She's a big Carmen Miranda fan)
We love our Tinonee Gardens 2016 Calendar! . Feb showcases a gorgeous 'Carmen Miranda'. Grab your copy today!
But you get Carmen Miranda, Esther Williams, and like every Gene Kelly musical in one. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT
Young Carmen Miranda before becoming a star
Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha (Carmen Miranda). Singer and actress, born in Portugal but moved…
The lady in the tutti frutti hat, Carmen Miranda!
Carmen Miranda,beautiful Lady of the silver screen ,another star who left us too soon. Forever the lady in the tutti frutti hat
Had your 5 a day yet? The Safest Place For Fruit Is In Carmen Miranda's Hat by via
Oscar is trying to name my puppy after a drug lord 🙄🙄🙄
while you sleep I'll go and dognap chapito!😈
I feel like I'm going to go to bed early tonight 😴
good night I love toni jevon anabelle jor jane david bri miranda joye vic carmen hailey mimi iris dani and angie so much
Carmen Miranda auditions for the part of Miranda in BBC1's "Miranda". The role ended up with BBC funnywoman, Miranda
Carmen Miranda performs on the CBS radio program “Elgin Christmas Show”, December 1944.
CARMEN MIRANDA. If tucking a cluster of bright tropical flowers in your hair, like the models at Diane von...
That's ridiculous. Nobody was critical when you posted 45 second video of you dressed as Carmen Miranda singing "coconuts"
I need to be up in 2 hours why can't I sleep 🙃🙃🙃
My niece is the Carmen Miranda of Richmond Tigers caps. 👌🏼
I turn 16 tomorrow but don't have my permit or any idea how to drive 🙄
The Portuguese singer and actress, most Brazilian of all, Carmen Miranda is still the greatest icon of Brazil !!!
it's the last time I've given a chance to Carmen Miranda 😒
I'm at the point where I feel better but I'm still too sick to go out and do anything.
Summertime vibes, with thanks to Carmen Miranda. 👑
"But you don't look Hisp--" let me stop you right there *** have you never heard of Carmen Miranda
“What are your career plans after graduation?”
Arleen Whelan, Bette Davis, Carmen Miranda & Carroll Baker are down at the A.P.E!.
Please vote for one of the wonderful creations below. We have Carmen Miranda, a clever man turned upside down to...
Now he's channeling Carmen Miranda. Someone drop a pallet of fruit on his head
How cld u not want to exp aftr seeing a old Carmen Miranda flick. Don't know what's there but it has 2b fun!
My faith is not unshakable. I still have doubts every so often, but then I remember all the incredible miracles that've happen…
Filmed in Cuba: Week-End in Havana with Carmen Miranda, Cesar Romero and Alice FayeFew American movies h...
So, Carmen left me a voicemail about her death??? Ok 😶😶
1) Dress as Carmen Miranda, 2) Apply loving blackmail to Posh Boys in HMGOV, 3) Treat funds as personal fiefdom.
little Carmen Miranda. I need oxygen after that. I wonder if some of the younger viewers even know who that is? Lol.
I don't know how my FaceTime session with Carmen turned me into Miranda sings but I regret nothing
Blown away by Catch their Carmen Miranda show before the band & bananas disappear!
Cookie said, "Carmen Miranda" love it, thanks for the shout out Cookie! 😘💕
"Carmen Miranda" she was Brazilian not hispanic Cookie!
First scene: I burst out of a taxi and my Carmen Miranda hat comes off.
Ambitious production explores life of Carmen Miranda
I added a video to a playlist Legends - Carmen Miranda: Beneath the Tutti Frutti Hat
I added a video to a playlist Carmen Miranda - Something for the Boys (1944) full movie
Website Builder 728x90
It will take unshakable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to choose the way to eternal life.
How can you see snow outside and not want to listen to Christmas music??
Carmen Miranda Earrings are back in stock! 🙋🍌🍍🍉.
aargh!!! Now my timeline is filled with Sid does Carmen Miranda pics :-)
In the Napoleonic wars, France awarded cash for a cheap way to haul vast qty of food by soldiers. The Carmen Miranda idea was a huge failure
The Brasilian Bombshell, Carmen Miranda! Larger than Life and twice as bootiful - wotta gal! via
I can channel Abraham Lincoln. He says he’s traded in his stovepipe hat for a Carmen Miranda style fruit hat.
Thank you for coming and supporting the first Pearls &Bo show! Performing my Carmen Miranda Act is…
should have worn a Carmen Miranda bowl of fruit to go with the bag of fruit
what happened to the Carmen Miranda hat?
Wow, the legendary Miss Carmen Miranda! Talk about her influence ir your art, for our viewers are amazed by it.
If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my hat. But I’m looking forward to it, being a Carmen Miranda impersonator.
The spirit of Carmen Miranda takes over Madonna. - "Where are my Maracas, my darling?"
.tells the tale of Carmen Miranda in Gimme a Band, Gimme a Banana
OMG! This popped into my head when I saw this feathered fellow! :0)
"We may not see ourselves as good enough, but God sees us as we truly are, as his sons and daughters." - Dieter F. Uchtdo…
This woman looks like she ate Carmen Miranda.
If Friday feels like a movie night, how about The Gang's All Here at the Ohio Theatre (Google Carmen Miranda)
The THIRD STREET SOUTH FARMER'S MARKET is tomorrow! Yes, you could fashion a Carmen Miranda-like hat or, better...
I know the feelings aren't mutual but I just can't do anything about liking you.
Carmen Miranda is a Samba legend from Copacobana, Brazil and the video attached is called The Lady in…
Mickey Rooney Imitates Carmen Miranda (in tribute to Rooney) via
Carmen is leaving for almost 2 weeks and I'm not mentally prepared for this 😥
I've been watching how I met your mother all day.
I have gotten no sleep in the past few days😩
Carmen Miranda was out sick as her impersonator Jacqueline Dalya has stepped up.
Rock your own style while swaying to Carmen Miranda sweet Samba sounds from Copacabana, Brazil. The…
why would I care when Jeffs birthday is? 😂
i thought you were talking about Jeff 😂
💯YES! The episode I watched was weird and had a different cat dressed up like Carmen Miranda.
Electronic Device Insurance
I know my dad's birthday is in the next few days but I don't know when and I'm going to have to just guess a date and hope I'm right 😂😭
Whenever I change my piercing I'm always scared that I'm going to lose the hole and that it's going to close up 😂😂
I'll do it to their face while they are leaning in 😂
It's really hard for me to open up to people
I searched it!!! And Carmen Miranda did full of grey as fashion style. Brazilian - live on
Carmen Miranda. Who do you think you're talking to??
If Carmen Miranda were alive today she'd wear Check out her collection of…
I've been up for at least 24 hours and I'm not even tired
Emerald Street recently talked about 5 red lipstick icons, reminding us of the wondrous Carmen Miranda who became...
Getting a strong Carmen Miranda vibe here and I like it.
u poor baby, who did this 2 u? U are not Carmen Miranda...The things humans do
Good morning texts can make my day. Long messages can turn my day from a bad one to a good one. Little things just mean so…
I want more than anything to be able to be myself around everybody.
Normally I don't like to read but The God Delusion is such a good book 👌👌👌
Dear future husband and hey mama are really good songs but they're so sexist
Carmen Miranda costumei I designed and made.
What?! I have a Carmen Miranda hat?! I guess Mom hasn't had the nerve to try it on me yet! 💜XOX
Nice loot, Roxie! Can't wait to see you in your Carmen Miranda hat! :3
you should dress as Carmen Miranda for your next music video/photoshoot/live performance!
I'm in the last generation that will understand a Carmen Miranda reference.
Carmen miranda is in Reading tonight!
Whenever I see a big hat I want to cover it in fruit a la Carmen Miranda. I do not think hats when I see fruit though.
just saw this photo of you i took when I paused on one of your videos "DO THE MIRANDA"!! LOVE YOU👌👑🌼
Press referenced Carmen Miranda when writing on Zuzu Angel's designs, which were derived from black religious femininity.
ooh, Craig, its like Carmen Miranda on our verandah.. Lush.
New GIF tagged black and white, vintage, retro, beautiful, hair, carmen miranda via Giphy
Ghostly Spectre on a Doily and Steampunked Version of Carmen Miranda.
We've updated this style. Now you can order 12 cm and 15 cm heel! :)
This is in line w/my questioning a WaPo article on Sofia Vergara & Carmen Miranda (Portuguese), calling both Latinas
Pineapple vape tastes like it was possibly made from wax pineapples. Or Carmen Miranda's hat.
Put it on your calendar, people. Or Carmen Miranda's Ghost will haunt you on Dawson's Christian..
I'm so grateful for Athena, Carmen, Stephanie, and Miranda. Without you guys I'd be dead.
I'm in the same boat! I got caught doing Carmen Miranda and ended up doing it for a school show.
That time I got obsessed with Carmen Miranda and her headscarves... Didn't use fruit though!…
Shout out to Miranda Carmen Eakins for throwing such an amazing event today! Who would have thought we could party so *** the CTA!
I send snap chats to Carmen of my forehead cause she just gets me
any more on that hat and you'd have to give a Carmen Miranda warning.
Sofia Vergara, Carmen Miranda and Latina legacy and stereotypes ...:
Very Carmen Miranda - don't think it's quite making the cut tho. . Nice pineapples btw
One match, Paul Pogba is just going to come out with a bowl of fruit on his head, like Carmen Miranda.
She named me after the Chiquita banana lady actress Carmen Miranda
Coloring Carmen Miranda by the light of The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Lamp!!!
The persistence of Latina stereotypes in the media - "How Sofia Vergara picked up Carmen Miranda's legacy"
It's called a nap Miranda you aint special
"Senator Cruz, what is your stand on Carmen Miranda rights?"
How Sofia Vergara picked up Carmen Miranda’s legacy — and ran with it
I'm going to cheer myself up with a dose of Busby Berkeley and extra portions of Carmen Miranda's fruit hat!
"Why do you flinch so hard?". Maybe there was a time when someone wasn't kidding when they swung at me
I just want one full night of sleep.😪
Miranda Kerr getting blown . . . and Wednesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers
Well, Einstein & Carmen Miranda were at dinner with Elvis & Santa... And the fantasy dinner got rowdy when Elvis tried to eat Carmen's hat.
It really doesn't help that the tragic heroine is, in this production, dressed like Carmen Miranda.
I want to find something I'm good at.
I look up and see these that remind me of Carmen Miranda and her glorious headwear...
I'm thinking it has to include a Carmen Miranda headpiece.
first speaker channeling a veggie Carmen Miranda; speaking to understanding faculty needs
Today's Toy . Pineapple Delight Plug. From Crystal Delights . You may not be Carmen Miranda, but you…
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