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Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera (born April 13, 1985 in Elmwood Park, New Jersey), is an American reality television personality and drag performer, known for appearing on the third season of the Logo reality series RuPaul's Drag Race, as well as its spin-off series RuPaul's Drag U.

Laverne Cox Drag Race Katie Couric

Carmen Carrera could be the first transsexual Victoria's Secret angel, Video Photos / Showbiz…
slowly making my way through RuPaul Drag Race & can't get over how stunning is 😍😍
Omg I can't wait to see this week's episode only because I love you and adore you And adrian
To be fair though he may have a point. I've had Carmen Carrera's terrible reggae cover of Superstar stuck in my head for days.
I LOVE THIS. thanks for being a part of this with us!!
i am your BIGGEST fan EVER! i loved you on seasn 3 of Rupaul's dragrace when you got sent home I cried for two weeks!!!
via Lest We Forget... Immunity is not a given...
Great job on raising awareness for ❀️
Was a real honor to produce this. Thank you
A powerful story from about the hurtful stigma facing those with HIV/AIDS in honor of
(bows head respectfully). Just wondering, is the third woman to the right of you
Just been - huge tributes 2 ACT UP, survivors, campaigners, Harlem stalwarts + some glamour!
Will Victoria's Secret be next to fall to the Degenerate Poz Mafia? (admittedly, hard to hide salami in lingerie)
let model your stuff. It'll be good times :]
I know it is... So what's your point...
So excited to have as our spokes model! Look at her with
Hey Great dress on Carmen Carrera at your help with program is critical! Thank u for…
launches with a walk. KISS FEAR GOODBYE.
Waiting backstage to introduce Mayor Bill de Blasio to speak at the Apollo Theater on world AIDS Day
Hi Are you ready to with me and NYC?
Here's delightful snapping the crowd at the Apollo in Harlem on
I am thrilled to announce the launch of our newest city-wide HIV prevention campaign,
Carmen Carrera kissing Johnny Weir. This has got to be the hottest thing that's ever happened to Rupaul's Drag Race
Transgender model Carmen Carrera praises Bruce Jenner's interview: "I feel like I know him now."
Forgot to tell that Carmen carrera was at coachella 🌚 oops
So happy to see some bits of you girls on Bruce Jenner's interview. You are all heroes! πŸ’›πŸŒˆ
caught a glimpse of on the Interview last night!
Loved your interview today on Hope to see you out talking, sharing, and educating us by sharing your experience! :)
When u see carmen carrera hay gurl I still kinda hate u but das ok
you probably don't know me or remember me but we've met a lot at family parties just wanna say I love you :)
Um, yeah. Apparently, people don't know and –  10% Off
Watching this special I have so many questions to ask .
R u ? Do u want to b the nxt DM me. I will see if you have that spark!
This is who is a transgendered woman and she is so perfect
To make it clear Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera are by far my two favorite transgendered woman. I love those two woman!
Not that eats carbs, but I bet she'd slay a Hardee's commercial!
Still puzzled as to why Laverne Cox, Isis King, Carmen Carrera, or Chaz Bono wasn't interviewed.
Any advice for Bruce Jenner? I know you kept an amazing attitude in the face of adversity.
Nope. :/ Carmen Carrera was shown several times, tho!
Disgustingly sad when a leading woman in the transgender community is being shady towards another 😷
just saw your pretty face on the Bruce Jenner interview. Cover Girl!
I SAW YOU ON You are a transgender icon!
YAS at ur picture being in the bruce jenner interview
Omg you were on the bruce Jenner interview !
This is an important time to remember the Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox interview with Katie Couric.
Carmen Carrera (she/her) Transgender Model that was deemed unequal to other cis models... But she is. πŸ’œ
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
If everyone just answered simple questions like Bruce people could actually learn and understand. *cough* Janet Mock *cough* Carmen Carrera
That is so gross! And dammit, I LOVE Carmen Carrera! (I don't really know her, of course, so I could be wrong.)
I would hope so, but the Katie Couric interview with Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox left a bad taste in my mouth (1/2)
Wendy Williams is getting herself on Carmen Carrera level of annoying.
You're both making me VERY suspicious... I hope I'm not going to be disappointed. I wanna see my Heathers 😍
I write about in Global Beauty issue, plus interview w model http:/…
You might want to help address this transphobic FB post... 1212 Vine St. Cincinnati, Ohio
At -- Got to meet this lovely and amazing woman at work last night . so sweet .
Hello, Carmen! IΒ΄m from Sweden! May I just ask you when you went from being a guy to being a girl? Love you for doing it!!!
Mhmm. Say somethan now gurrrl. http…
All my baes (, are at and I'm in my bed . What is life 😭😭
Stumbled into at Coachella outside of fka twigs and she was stunning I couldn't talk
I MET CARMEN CARRERA. And she said "I'm a totally different Carmen right now..." Um ok
I'm so lost with my gender I don't know what to do.
I had literally no idea that carmen carrera started on Drag Race!!
Finally got around to watching inspired by
one of the best lip syncs on the show. Rivalling the Raja/Carmen Carrera slutfest
if I see you at Coachella can I take a picture with you? πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ
I wanted to watch Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race but then I remembered I hated Carmen Carrera.
We salute 10 trans models including + more on htt…
They brighten my day, so follow them!
When told to stop relying on her body.
I also wanted u two to do something together. Carmen's body is to die for
Carmen is the real deal. I am like the vegan soy meat substitute version
Raja and Carmen Carrera's lipsynch for your life? How has no-one mentioned this yet? Yet to be topped (no pun).
I'm so happy and honored to have met last night at UCR. She is such an inspiration…
My Beast piece about and her quest to be the 1st transwoman modeling for Victoria’s Secret
We didn't get meet and greet for but we still took a picture. Calls us rebels.
is honestly just my face and body goals. I can't deal with how stunning she is. Urgh, I'm drooling.
thanks for hosting tonight! I love having powerful Latinas in R'House
domain names
Thanks so much for sharing your story at your thoughts on raising mindful children were inspirational! Get it girl!
It was so great to meet Carmen Carrera again!!! 😊☺️😚
Willam, Manila Luzon and Carmen Carrera are my all time RuPaul's Drag Race faves.
Carmen Carrera is the only Carmen I need in my life
Big thank you to for coming to UCR and sharing her story. We appreciate you :).
Happening right now ... Yall better roll through to the Carmen Carrera event happening in HUB 302 ... Community welcome!!
Doors open for in ONE HOUR!! Will you be joining us in celebrating this BEAUTY πŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ”₯
And Monica Beverly Hillz is still a drag queen even as a woman. Same for Carmen Carrera. They continue.
Hello Carmen, T Shirtz and Hoodies are named by you! BUY NOW!: .Thank you
Dads jumping next to their daughters is Japan’s latest amazing trend
The queens of the third season were the most beautiful of all!
Omg in so great watch this interview so awsome!!
Does anyone else think that looks strongly like ? .. she reminds me a lot of Carmen :) ..
I felt you got sent home too soon. I hope pull a and let you come back
did you know graduated from UCR? She's gonna be visiting campus soon πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜±πŸ’―
I'm praying gets to pull a later this season πŸ™πŸ™
I'm still kind of REELING from vs. . That was as awkward as watching Carmen Carrera get eliminated
The majority of my teen years were spent like.quiet and pretty and...hating Carmen Carrera's neck.
Do you know what it is to be on such a prestigious show like And that kind of shade? It was very Carmen Carrera.
The fact that is gonna be at UCR, my alma mater, makes me incredible happy!
is prettier than Carmen Carrera...and has more talent! Love love love! 😍
Tukt can skate to Carmen Carrera. did she release a song yet?. What am I saying? She's a RPDR alum. Of course she has.
if you wanna be called a women then be one keep off stages at drag shows REAL WOMEN DONT PREFORM AT DRAG SHOWS? Keep it real
Im at the up most rage about these pics I see of with hasstag words "I thought you is a women.
Have you had a chance to view my latest entry The Misconception Of Intolerance. If you like it, please follow
Drag Race tomorrow: I expect Trixie to be back. If Ru does not pull a Carmen Carrera, Kenya Michaels or Shangela then I'm gonna be upset.
so hot As a man. Like FML. But a beautiful woman!!!
I would sell my soul to the devil to look like the beautiful
This pic of is getting added to my list of photos I want to draw!
You're welcome. You're gorgeous anyway, but I just can't get over this photo lol. So beautiful!
In a emergency a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.
My editorial in the winter issue of NoTofu Magazine is out NOW at Barnes and Noble bookstores everywhere!
CNN: Is America ready for this top model?
Also, carmen carrera is so beautiful 😊
you've been my since Drag Race I love you!
Carmen Carrera hit the headlines for accusing the show of transphobia. Im not a fan
Finding out i own the same pink victoria secret skirt as 😍😍😍
It's my friend DutchRodent's birthday, could you send him a bday wish? (just put an @ before his name, sssh it's a surprise)
On S3 and can't decide my ultimate favourite. Either and
My girl, my friend and my sister with Beautiful
I'm so happy, I hug today but I don't have pictures :(
Remember when all of you told trans people to "get over it" when Carmen Carrera wanted to boycott transphobic slurs...
The cis *** are throwing a fit over Dolce&Gabbana but when asked them to stop saying tranny, she was being "too sensitive"
IDK who "Dinah" is all I recognize is Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera who are trans..,?
...that time when and I became best friends.
ur beauty leaves me speechless. Im so proud of u. ❀ .
tru! Raja was born for the runway and I think she's v talented and doesn't just rely on looks *cough* Carmen Carrera.
Carmen Carrera I love you baby keep on keeping on - You are a inspiration to millions me included! National...
So obsessed with Carmen Carrera it's ridiculous
Giving me real mermaid couture in this dress. What a supermodel πŸ’–
Carmen Carrera has to be the most beautiful transgender woman I've ever seen omds😍😍😍
It was nice meeting you, you are an awesome and beautiful human being
Carmen Carrera is probably one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, and she started off as a guy. Does it matter? No, but it rocks
Carmen Carrera will always be my angel
So two Heathers are coming to the UK... But not at the same time. UK tour please?!
I don't know what is waiting for? Supermodel and the world are READY
I've got a good feeling that they're gonna bring Tempest back later like they did with Carmen Carrera in season 3!
And now Carmen Carrera from Rupauls Drag Race Season 3!!! I love her so much, some of my performances are...
Carmen Carrera would have been perfect for the first challenge on Season 7
I'm gonna end up strutting about like Carmen Carrera one day!
I bet this first challenge has gagging!
es but I think they could have saved this for later on in the season.
Where is Carmen carrera when u need her?!?
and the Spanish one remind me of Carmen carrera but a lower budget one πŸ˜•
This might as well be called the carmen carrera challenge.
If we're talking runway nudity, let us never forget vs
Nude illusion? and would have KILLED the challenge!
Carmen Carrera would have rocked this challenge
Carmen are you gonna be watching the season 7 premiere?
Season 6: When the show suddenly got politically correct and dropped "Ooh Girl You Got SheMail!" And Carmen Carrera milked it for publicity.
Doing a project over mama and two of the most influential people I look up to. πŸ’–
I discovered so much about myself through their stories and I thank them☺️
πŸ˜ƒ I am so proud of doing what they do πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰
Michelle's outfit looks like something I've seen on & !✨
I hated your attitude on , but your beauty and grace is UNDENIABLE. My mom and I adore you (:
Looking forward to meeting you one day...
πŸ˜†I wouldn't be surprised if worked their magic in canceling that show with and Sidney Starr πŸ™Œ
🐸so did they cancel that show with and Dont win when u play dirty...two media attention *** πŸ˜©πŸ˜±πŸ™Œ
I am so obsessed with and how gorgeous she is πŸ’–
hi carmen, was just wondering if you have an email I can reach you on? Would love to interview you! X
Rewatching season 3 with and my favorite heather of all
I'm so sorry to hear that. We're here for you πŸ’
I still think should release her own music. I listen to the Heathers song just for her verse!
Time, positive energy and looking forward instead of back.
I liked a video TS Madison addressing Carmen Carrera
Jesus christ. is unfairly pretty. The world is blessed with an angel in the flesh, hot ***
Carmen Carrera is life, one of my favorite people by far ❀️
When God reinvented the temptation was born She's incredibly beautiful and…
.is so beautiful. It's blows my mind.
DAT BODY THO.😘 (is it ok to call her TransWoman or nah⁉️)
It's unreal how much I fancy . I love you...
I'm literally beginning to question my sexuality because of her! AND I happen to be a transwoman! 😍😍😍
Carmen Carrera has the best TUCK OF ALL TIME! . this is undebatable
With we invite you to Chile, most beautiful country in South America 😍
It's one hot day in the Amazon, let me tell you!
She is beatiful . You're a great person I love your show I admire πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ‘‘πŸ‘Έ carrera πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘πŸ’Ž
lol yasss girl!! You better know Shangela, Carmen Carrera, Tyra and my favorite Miss Roxxy Andrews!!!
No real Role Models?? Umm have we not heard of Miss or girl have several seats.
Can't believe is here in colombia and she won't perform in bogota!
I just want u to know I look up to u a lot, I messaged u on FB awhile back it's much longer than this and I hope u look @ it
Follow these lovelies while I wait for the whiskey to whisk me away -->
I'm the founder of a cannabis dispensary, nail salon, & outside theater coming to Denver. One day you'll visit us!
I'm just waiting on to holler back 😘
Most LGBT adults familiar with Carmen Carrera dislike her for disrupting the community, and that's exactly what these kids are doing.
my dress featured in Maxwell Magazine
2012 Celebrity Grand Marshal Carmen Carrera won the internet today!
Carmen Carrera reputation is just plummeting ... she's so messy and nasty...
I can't believe the Goddess was on the Gold Coast and I missed her.
Rewatching season 3 of and love that is constantly blurred in the workroom! You show that body girl! πŸ’—πŸ’—
Sending love and hugs to counter the horrible, ignorant folks you have to deal with. You are amazing and inspirational!
I love Carmen Carrera, I really do, but she should keep her mouth shut and leave social media for a while
Y'all can say what you want, but is beyond perfect. She is someone everyone should look up to.
Carmen Carrera's IG post started this thing in my head. Should trans folks be considered straight in their new gender? Personal opinion, No.
hey guys, trans guy from NL, Canada fundraising for top surgery! RT.
Must follow! They're as awesome as chocolate cake! ->
I want to be like Carmen Carrera well someday i hope very son but 'm still loving my body...
drido faz carmen carrera depois de alexis falar 'I don't think you're pretty!'
MT Spotted on the R train: poster featuring
Spotted on the R train: poster featuring
Carmen Carrera (the woman in the pictures) is a really inspiring trans icon, you should read about her!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
First item in my list, use guidelines
Last minute to one of the most beautiful transgendered woman. 😍
Anonymous said: What did Carmen Carrera do? I actually googled it and even searched the tumblr tag and...
I would like to follow me. I would love
She does not speak for me! I speak for myself and my own beliefs
Hope all of u who support Carmen carrera doesn't support all trans people and has used the n word numerous times
Ur opinion, if anyone agrees with you or not, is still valid. Only U can change it if needs to be. Doesn't
well it's not like I meant like a dog 🐢 I live this experience. I've met the entire spectrum. I think I know.
because it's not important. Some people want to sit around and look to point fingers but what is the point? Intentions?
"put down" is very different than "brought down a few not notches." A lot of straight people said the first about you.
A stunningly callous dismissal. And missing the bigger picture, ironically. But you know. You do you.
it's how I feel. Some girls need to be brought down a few notches. Some influenced the ignorance to begin with.
It's not saving lives. It's not changing the world. I have my views and my focus is on the bigger picture.
You claimed you wanted to be 1. Not liking someone is one thing. You said some pretty awful things, tantamount to execution.
I'm a model, striptease performer, and reality tv star with opinions. My full time job is not "activist". Get over it βœŒοΈπŸ’•
how have I ended up on Carmen Carrera's Instagram instead of doing this essay oops
i saw a post re: carmen carrera's comments about TS Madison saying that cis people shouldn't talk abt respectability politics for trans +
Erika Ervin, Andreja Pejic, Isis King, Amiyah Scott, Lea T - trans models that deserve support more than Carmen Carrera
Such a great time with such great people.
Meeting this morning was probably the coolest thing. She's doing great work and is just so nice!
Sorry for fangirling so epically. You're just so wonderfully flawless I couldnt contain myself.
One day carmen_carrera will marry me, Until then I'll just dream of her every night,
β€œ"i would never date a trans woman" boy these women wouldn't date you in your dreams baby Carmen Carrera🌹
I love u ur awesome keep keeping on
Carmen Carrera may be a pretty on the outside but hes ugly on the inside
I'm so obsessed with Carmen Carrera she's so pretty ***
. Will Laverne Cox or Carmen Carrera be hosting it?
the raja / carmen carrera lip sync competition was not a performance it was a religious experience hallelujah mi seΓ±or jesucristo amen
Carmen Carrera and Gigi are so beautiful literally I'm jealous
Meh, she's just an old Carmen Carrera.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Ever wonder why Amiyah gets it so bad and Carmen Carrera and others don't? R E S P E C T given and it was received
β€œ"I'd never date a trans woman" you wish they wanted you Carmen Carrera my lord
And of course the body beautiful Carmen Carrera. Always been a huge inspiration.
Carmen Carrera is a gross person please don't praise her
Carmen carrera and the other one idk
Carmen Carrera will be more beautiful than I'll ever be and she was born a guy
Carmen is far more beautiful and more respected than Kim.
Bruh Carmen Carrera is pretty as a boy but drop dead gorgeous as a woman.
Kim Kardashian who? It's at midnight. My favorite possessions, signed this to me…
remember the feud between RuPaul vs Carmen carrera
when will Carmen Carrera return to Jane the Virgin?
And that's a wrap! Much love to my hermano, jercams40! And Ms. Body Party,
This is a piece I participated in, put together by for Transgender Awareness Week
This Friday! Carmen Carrera and Gia Gunn will be part of the Indy Tapas Pageant!
Only 3 more days until I will be in the same room as featured in NBC s Science of Love
People can change but their personality never will. I love . And who man stay mad
My dad just FB-shared a picture from Carmen Carrera's FB so maybe the world can change for the better.
It's strange, but I remembered precisely this moment yesterday and thought that I miss you together.
the best moment in Rupaul Drag Race!
That person was incorrect. There is no transgender VS model, just the petition that went aroun...
btw, will ALWAYS be my fave, she's THE QUEEN OF QUEENS, slay bae πŸ‘Έ
β€œHow about you text me apologizing instead? THATS CARMEN CARRERA
I agree! All around beautiful and sexy woman!
I'm pretty sure I just watched on lmao how random 😍
It was the first time I heard about you, you are so brave, strong and yes gorgeous. I am so envious of you.
Watching,The Amazing,and Beautiful on A Episode of On πŸ’– htt…
Can I just say I πŸ’• you! Your such an inspiration, can wait to see you do more great things.
Chicago fans! Join Carmen Carrera and VH1 for a special performance at The Back Room this Wednesday! Don't miss...
From RuPaul season number 3 the beauty talent in elegance of Carmen Carrera, Friday November 14th Doors open at 9:00.
Join Carmen Carrera for a special free performance at The Back Room, 937 Rush Street, Wednesday, Nov. 12.
I'm still slayedT by Carmen Carrera's look at the Marco Marco SS14 show. She's hot. I'm turning straight (???) for ha.
ok Carmen Carrera was on Jane the Virgin and i am completely here for her having a continuing supporting role
that's when you wake up and just say 'she caught me slippin' & take the L I guess.
based on your comments toward her, I think you'd still smash. Lol
I like to keep it politically correct.
no. But hella women can't produce children.
β€œI'm not a man you *** € can somebody explain 'transbeauty' to me then.
I hope they were carne Asada nachos!
I think I'm actually in love with Carmen Carrera so you're not alone
this is a man. Life getting so stressful β€œKiss my *** if ya hatin'
Photo: warloq: carmen carrera keeping it 1000% real as always
wow that made me tear! Beautiful, and thank you Carol wherever you are! Xo
had a chance to say hi to you the other day in Chicago but I was to nervous. Should've. My mistake
"A bewitching hour in New Orleans beautiful nj chick!
I had a dream I met and she was so beautiful and she gave me a hug and we took a selfie.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Proud to join + on Carolina's list of influential women!...
Hey Carmen Carrera, I'm sorry for my lame joke , i have now fired my comedy writer (me). love ya.
I think there's a lot of lovely mtf ladies out there like Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera but I feel like all we have is Chaz Bono
Transgender icons and television stars Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera sat down with Katie Couric on "Katie" yesterday to discuss issues specifically affecting the transgender community, as well as their own personal journeys as trailblazing...
from with repostapp. one of the queens that I love so mich.
Carmen Carrera is the most beautiful woman in the entire world 😍😍😍
Lightest with pics to follow beat by hair…
"Carmen Carrera, just go jump in the ocean, you won't drown. Silicone floats!"
I'd want to be like courtney act, Carmen carrera and joslyn fox serving tons of bodyodyody
For Christmas I would like to be Carmen Carrera okay
1 in 12 trans* people are murdered. What do you think is most likely the last word they ever hear?
GORGEOUS modeling our limited edition flower corsetry for captured by !
"bearwildered: Brian Green, a complete hottie!! cc: remember? I still have the poster.
Loved the i am a fan now Season 3 QueensΒ‘
I should've known they we're CHEAP when they didn't want to pay booking fees. FASHION should never be CHEAP.
Me gustΓ³ un video de RuPaul, Tom Campbell, Raja, and Carmen Carrera on WOW Shopping Network
Carmen Carrera was so cute as a boy πŸ˜”
Carmen, checkout to connect with talent scouts at record labels and film companies!
Carmen Carrera tho I can't get over how hot she is she looks like one of those cardboard cutout models for a beer ad
Man or woman, Carmen Carrera is fine.
I love them too. i wish they made one without the cream.
Carmen carrera is more a man and woman than me!
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