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Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera (born April 13, 1985 in Elmwood Park, New Jersey), is an American reality television personality and drag performer, known for appearing on the third season of the Logo reality series RuPaul's Drag Race, as well as its spin-off series RuPaul's Drag U.

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Link to watch interview with from this morning.
hope u enjoyed Dublin. All the best.
how are you so stunningly beautiful. Love you, you're an inspiration.
Fantastic interview on You looked absolutely stunning. Should be very proud of yourself & your achievements :)
The stunningon this morning,gorgeous inside and out!!💄❤
. looking very glam on Irish Breakfast TV. Well done!
"I don't do politics , I do beauty" Carmen Carrera you beautiful person ❤️
Tune in now to see on the Ireland:AM sofa!
.will be here at 10am. She is hoping to become the first transgender model for Victoria's Secret.
Tune into just before 10am as is being interviewed on
If your up nice and early try and tune into see the beautiful Carmen Carrera on Ireland AM on TV3 at around 9.50 this morning!
Please check out our petition to get gender neutral bathrooms on UNT campus!
I rly want to see Carmen Carrera perform for my 21st this yr. come to portland plz.
Hi :) please help me get these drawing to Niall Horan ? Thank you :)
Right, off to bed! Let me leave you with my latest of at Nighty, night!
Hmmm.this may be a small thing to other people but it is something that really does upset me. Carmen Carrera is NOT a transvestite, she is transsexual. There is a huge different so PLEASE do educate yourself. Rant over.
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Never seen Rocco get so nervous with Carmen Carrera via
Better looking than a lot of born women, lol, quite the legend :)
The meet 'n' greet with Carmen Carrera from Menergy Glasgow on 22 Feb 2014.
Photos from the meet 'n' greet at are now online!
Jesse Giddings for the E! Red Carpet can get it though... he reminds me of Carmen Carrera.
Found this old pic of Willie and I. The years fly by!
Carmen Carrera used to be a man and she's still ten times hotter than I'll ever be.
I really hope you get it! This world needs a huge change, and embrace true art!
You can kinda tell Amiyah Scott was a man but Sydney Starr and Carmen Carrera will get you.
I really hope auditions for VS fashion show. Cause I'm ready to see her stomp that runway, leaving all haters speechless.
I love you, you're my inspiration, you're beautiful inside and out ..
how come you're in Europe but you won't be visiting Italy? So sad :(
hi Carmen luv 'mon up 2 belfast after wee luv x
you showed me that even tho I was born a guy, I can still be beautiful. Thank you for everything💕
I feel like such a hipster when it comes to Carmen Carrera lol .
well doll have an amazing time while your here!! Stay safe and enjoy your trip :) What time you on at tomorrow morning?? 💚
We love Carmen Carrera, we watched you on and we watch you now, you're an x
do you know what time love? I won't be able to watch the whole thing 😔
you're so inspiration I'm literally crying and smiling at the same time. I love you girl, you're so beautiful!!! 💜💜💜
yea I had fun... Not sure if I'll be out late tonight... Thinking about cardio and a light meal... Gotta wake up at 5am
you hitting Dublin town again tonight? Hope you had fun last night ❤️
If Brando had played the role, he would have sent Carmen Carrera to accept on his behalf. Alas...
Loving in this months Glamour! Now I all my girlfriends here in the uk can also see how fab she is 💗
I hope to be as hot as Carmen Carrera one day, she is absolutely stunning.
Sweet! Cant wait ! maybe one day we will be in one together :)
Great weekend, got lots done. got a new phone and planned a well deserved hoilday.Went to howth. Meal with mates.Plus got to see the beautiful Carmen Carrera. Plus Victoria Tori-Secret and the other acts were brilliant last night
Since her appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race Carmen Carrera has become a major voice for LGBT equality and transgender women everywhere. Thanks to a ...
Tune into Ireland Am in the morning on TV3 to see the beautiful Carmen Carrera be interviewed. :)
I have to admit that I have a little crush on Carmen Carrera, I cant wait to met her tonight :P :P :P
As well as the beautiful CARMEN CARRERA joining the DRAGGED UP crew tonight. We have... Stephen Dowling on warm up duties Paddy Scahill after the Show on the Main Floor Pixie WOO up in the mezz with all ur cheesy favs.
Gutted I'm not going to see Carmen Carrera tonight
i wish i was as hot as Carmen Carrera :((
Carmen Carrera is to gorgeous. She must be DESTROYED! Lol
Last Nite was fun performing with Kleine Kim, Michael Nunes and Tierry Vietheer @ Club NYX in Amsterdam! And meeting the wonderful Carmen Carrera ❤️
The gorgeous Carmen Carrera is in The Dragon Bar tonight! I'll be on preshow as usual! The show will feature Dublins amazing Drag Queens Dolly Grip Pixie Paul Regina...and Victoria (LOL) show @ 10.30pm.
my Rated "R" performance of Aura by Lady Gaga, inspired by Carmen Carrera and conceptualized by yours truly...its daring but artistic! MUST WATCH... video courtesy: John Rhyan Parca ❤️❤️
What a start to the weekend. Won a free ticket to Carmen Carrera Tomorrow Night at Dragon. Plus spending the weekend with Colls :-) :-) Deserve a relaxing weekend after the week I ve had.
I'm after winning free into the Dragon tomorrow night for Carmen Carrera. I have to go! Anyone going ? :)
Meeting Carmen Carrera was lovely, and the endless fre champaaagne we received was just as nice last night with Alex Muñoz Pons.
Explore *** MTL on Carmen Carrera talks about being transgender, her new life in front of the cameras, and what she got up to in Mont...
Who wants to come with me tonight to see Carmen Carrera
No explanation needed. Just gag on the beauty that is Carmen Carrera.
Okay I want to see Carmen Carrera on Dancing with the Stars. Idk why I even thought of it but, she would be so great! And her body in those costumes.
I liked a video Carmen Carrera on Katie Couric
Episode 1 of season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race is online! Keep an eye out for Laganja Estranja, who will be performing at MENERGY with her drag mother Alyssa Edwards on 4th April! And, if you can't wait til then for your Drag Race live fix, come along THIS Saturday to see season 3's Carmen Carrera in the flesh! Tickets for all events
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Signs of End times? Shocking Photos: This is Christopher Roman,(now Carmen Carrera) Believed to be The Most Beautiful Transgender (Man Who Turned Himself to Woman)
Carmen Carrera wants to be known as a model, not just a trans model. Can she make it in the fashion world?
Carmen Carrera hopes to legitimize her career beyond the transgender community. But is fashion ready for a transgender supermodel?
Why couldn't Janet Mock, in her interview with Piers Morgan, be more like Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera in their graceful interview with Katie Couric? For good reason.
I'm TIRED of people who are not Trans* saying that we need to hear about the transition process of Trans people in every interview. Kouric did it to Carmen Carrera, and now Piers Morgan to Janet Mock. And then the The Young Turks commentary just threw me through the roof! If you're so fascinated by the actual experiences of transition -- read a book! Watch a documentary! There are tons now! It's so easy for a bunch of people who are not Trans* to sit around and tell Trans* people how they should feel about insulting and inconsiderate statements involving them. That makes me more furious than anything else! It's insulting to have people asking you on television "Have you had your genetalia surgically altered?". We don't ask about the surgical procedures of any other kind of person in the world. Why are Trans* people the exception to this courtesy and common decency? Who care's if you find it "strange" or "uncomfortable" or if it doesn't "make sense" to you. It's not as "confusing" and "brave" as you make i ...
Carmen Carrera & Laverne Cox change the conversation about being on Katie Couric show:
Recently, Katie Couric interviewed Laverne Cox and transgender performer Carmen Carrera. During this interview Couric asked that question you’ve probably asked a trans person before, too. She wanted to know about her guest’s genitalia. Have they had the surgery? Both women handled her intrusive and inappropriate (yet typical) question with dignity and grace. They used it as an opportunity to educate her, and subsequently the American public, about trans women’s rights, why objectifying trans women is so dangerous, and to reveal Couric’s question immediately as an integral part of the problem. After the interview, Cox wrote an entry on her blog about the experience, and further elucidated why it matters that trans women are objectified and depersonalized. She wrote, “It is my dream that by highlighting the deep humanity of trans people’s lives in the media, elevating actual trans voices to speak the truth of our lived experiences in ways that don’t sensationalize and objectify us, those human ...
what's wrong Carmen? I know your sad right know. And you so deserve better. Your beautiful woman know. I wish I saw you :(
Girl, you're a star cause you shine. 🌟
i feel that you should run for Ms. Universe .. You would definately win !!
you are loved and looked up to by so many :) I know that someday things will be so much better! :x
Yes you do darling. You're incredible. Never let anyone tell you that you don't deserve the world beautiful.
it's never fun ... But it passes and everything will be okay.
hang in there kitty cat! you are fabulous, Just look in the mirror and say, "I'm fierce and I'm amazing!" Love you doll! :-*
you will. It just takes patience. Then, when you are not looking...
Carmen Carrera is so amazing and beautiful and inspirational.
girl, you're strong, beautiful, and amazing. Don't let the haters get you down.
with great success comes criticism. But no worries, to many people's eyes you're an incredible woman.
You can't let something like this be a destructive force in your world
shut up and come downstairs and have breakfast with us. So good bloop
in time it'll happen .. And at most of it .. It's when we least expect it !!😔😌😌
you have the whole world! Youre my idol and an inspiration to millions! Keep up what youre doing girl because youre amazing
you deserve more than that. We love you Carmen
-It's not all it's cracked up to be. =/
I thought Carmen Carrera was a lady
I remember when carmen carrera called me dumb for stating the fact that she used to be a man 😭
You look so amazing love u. Kiss from France .
I HAVE to see you and Latrice in Brisbane! When do you come to Brissy??
You go girl! Defend our Queens!! Pisses me off to hear this happened! GRRR
Carmennn! Hows miss body beautiful doing today??!
I want to meet alyssa edwards raja gemini & carmen carrera.
Performer extraordinaire Carmen Carrera longs to be the first transgender Victoria Secret model. Add your name to her petition. Help her live her dream.
Stellar analysis from in on and interview on show: http:…
So earlier this week I showed my sister the Marco Marco show & she said "JESUS SHE'S LIKE A VS MODEL!" . -It'll happen! 💋
is walking over to my place as we speak. God help the drivers on the road as she stops traffic with all th…
fantastic interview, congratulations! Greetings from Chile ❤️
One of my favorite Spotlight segments today on talking trans issues with &
Still can't believe this used to be a man, well she's a gorgeous woman. I love me some carmen carrera
.new song with Rihanna reminds me of .reggae on .
So lucky to have met the inspirational, beautiful on Tuesday 💋💋
I'm still processing irony of Carmen carrera doing pretty hurts
Again, this is why we need amazing folks like & to battle this sickness.
This is why we need more amazing folks like to combat this sickening trend.
there is too much to talk about. Carmen Carrera was real. The body
I love me some Carmen Carrera but if anyone was gonna walk for Victoria Secret as the first Trans model it would be Ines Rau.
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I have decided that Carmen Carrera is the most beautiful woman in the world.
Oh my god Carmen Carrera I can't even.
“…by focusing on bodies we don’t focus on the lived realities of that oppression and that discrimination.” - Laverne Cox This is so important. "On Monday, transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange...
Carmen Carrera just followed me back on Instagram. First Chase, now Carmen. What is my life right now? Lol
After questioning trans women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox about their genitals on her talk show last week, Katie Couric said she wanted to air the 'teachable moment.'
Neither Cox nor Carmen Carrera were having it.
The appearance of transgender icons Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera on Katie Couric's talk show, "Katie," earlier this week sparked a crucial and groundbreaking mainstream dialogue about the way we talk about the experiences of the transgender community. When Couric's questions for Carrera turned fro...
Carmen Carrera is even more beautiful in person. Not a single flaw detected.
Carmen Carrera sits at home and speaks about the stupidity from some people on her social media. on Instagram ...
Transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox appeared on Monday’s episode of Katie Couric’s talk show to shed light on their experiences as high-profile transgender women in entertainment. Unfortunately, Katie Couric couldn’t help but inquire about both women’s genit...
My editorial for ELLE magazine on genital-gazing by journalists (see: Katie Couric) and the powerful trans sisterhood exhibited by Laverne Cox + Carmen Carrera.
You may have seen that Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox were on The Katie Couric Show to promote their current projects. Carmen Carrera is trans* model of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame and Laverne Cox is a trans actress who portrays … Continue… [ 404 more words. ]
Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox were guests on the daytime show "Katie" on Monday. They were asked very awkward questions about their bodies but turned it into an opportunity to talk about real issu...
Transgender icons and television stars Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera sat down with Katie Couric on "Katie" yesterday to discuss issues specifically affecting the transgender community, as well as their own personal journeys as trailblazing LGBT pioneers. Carmen Carrera of "RuPaul's Drag Race" fame,...
Yesterday, Katie Couric sat down for a kiki with transgender superstars Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera to discuss everything from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Orange is the [...]
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Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox straight ghosted Couric, love it
Thank you Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox for going onto Katie and talking about your situation and being as you put it possibility models it's important to educate people and to eliminate phobias this world may have.
Trans trailblazers Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera turned a potentially awkward, body-obsessed daytime TV interview into a masterful discussion about trans people and issues.
An online petition to make Carmen Carrera the next Victoria's Secret Angel is making headlines … because Carmen was actually born a man.
Did y'all see Carmen Carrera on Katie Courioc today? It re-airs at 3 a.m.
My idols! Carmen Carrera, Jenna Talackova & Kim Petras You don't have to be born female too be beautiful. ❤️
Glad to see Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox portraying us in a positive light!
Carmen Carrera and Lavern Cox on Katie Couric, this should be awesome!
so PROUD of Carmen Carrera and Lavern Cox today on Katie Couric. Great job and very well spoken !
CARMEN CARRERA AND Laverne Cox BETTER REPRESENT! Those girls just brought me to church with their interviews!
Carmen carrera is on Katie's show and she looks amazing!
Watching Carmen Carrera on Katie with my mom! she looks mom is gagginggg lmfao
Hey check out Carmen Carrera on katie right now
Victoria Secret is having Carmen Carrera, be their 1st transgender model! Wow! That's is incredible
ok, carmen carrera.the new face of Victoria Secrets. look the chic is all im gonna think about is thats a man. thumbs down Victoria Secrets
Carmen Carrera is on Katie right now!
tuning in to watch Carmen Carrera also learning new things about finances.
Carmen Carrera will be on the katie show 1-7-2014 @ 3:00pm Ch. 7 abc
Carmen Carrera was so beautiful. My legs are sore in all the right places. And those dancers were scandalous. Oh saturday why did you have to end?
Carmen Carrera At Splash San Jose tonight! EKKK Omg im suppose to be stayin in but MY LAWD I LOVE CARMEN!
Carmen Carrera at Splash. but id rather see my bae's djing at The EndUp tonight. see ya'll there =)
Carmen Carrera is on KATIE on Monday. She's being billed as a Transgender Trailblazer. You go girl!
Carmen Carrera was a former contestant on Logo's Rupaul's Drag Race.
Will Carmen Carrera be the first transgender Victoria Secrets angel in 2014?? We support Carmen and we support for all.. What do you all think? Does she have what it takes??
i love that Carmen Carrera just like my status, she is really all i inspire to be in life!
I wanna see me some Carmen Carrera... Sexy ***
Carmen Carrera performs pretty much naked at the Finale Party. Great performance!
Carmen Carrera shows off her assets, performing a double dose of sexy with the songs, "Big Spender" from the show Sweet Charity and "Shoop" by Salt-N-Pepa ...
Carmen Carrera for Maxim's hot 100. I just wrote her in.
Carmen Carrera is so so so important
Carmen Carrera @ Hype Dance-Club Saturday night! She's amazing and just as sweet as can be!
Carmen carrera in an episode on HLN called "What would you do?"
MY CHOICES FOR TRANSGENDER 󾬐 ANGELS󾬐 at next years 󾬑VICTORIAS SECRET󾬑 FASHION SHOW are. Me of course , Carmen Carrera, yasmine petty, Claudia Charriez , Shaela Chanel , hmmm.. who would you like to see slay the runway?
and moi at Escape last night! Highlight of my career sharing the stage…
Carmen Carrera without make up is actually hot.
Heaven night! I adore you and so stunning...Absolute highlight of my career sharing the stage with you both
One week from tonight...Carmen Carrera takes the Hype stage along with the men of Hype's Male Revue & Nicki Adams...
Amazing night last night with the three of the greatest :) stephencraddock
Carmen Carrera is a beautiful trans model who is probably going to take over the fashion industry.
the best candidate is Carmen Carrera though
“ON ON MONDAY I'M SO EXCITED” will be sure to watch Carmen! Sent a DM, hope u can uncover it...
Anyone watch Sunrise this morning? Kochie was interviewing Carmen Carrera about becoming a Victoria Secret model. She is currently in Australia.
A positive article about Carmen Carrera xoxo SVJ...
A positive article about Carmen Carrera xoxo SVJ
Tonight ladies and gentlemen and appearing at Escape!! See all you gorgeous people there!
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Get Your Tickets for SUGAR's NYE and L!VE's 3rd Anniverary with Carmen Carrera and St. John
This is include my favourite Starring Carmen Carrera By...
She’s large, in charge & all about the body! Latrice Royale is heading to Escape Bar!
. just started season three. Carmen Carrera!
Friends! Check out this amazing shot of done by the talented
If you like this shot I did of Carmen Carrera that I did recently, PLEASE SHARE IT. Let me know what you think...
Was interviewed for this story on my sis DePaul University. By
You are truly a Master of your body, and yourself! That is really impressive. Thanks, Carmen!
Crazy night at with and ! Thanks for coming and playing ladies!
can't wait to see you in dec in January for the battle of the seasons
Just got home from & your show at Connections tonight. U were both so amazing! thank u for coming to Perth!
I liked a video Carmen Carrera on Australia's Sunrise on 7 Morning Show
"So does your family know your straight"? -
is a man and she's STILL sexier than 97% of the women on the planet.
We just can't get over Carmen Carrera!
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If I had to date a women, would be the one.
L!VE San Jose with Carmen Carrera at Splash San Jose. Friday, January 3rd. Meet and Greet Tickets Available...
PERTH: & hit TONIGHT! Follow us for more amazing shows down under:
Jaja Carmen Carrera is just letting everything show. Ay, I miss Shannel.
yes, I've already signed! Your already did? Well, what are you waiting for to break the limits?
Transgender model Carmen Carrera stopped by HuffPost Live today and discussed her fans' petition to have her be the first transgender Victoria's Secret model, as well as the transphobic comments surrounding her transition coming from the mainstream media and various entertainers. Carrera specificall...
Transgender model and "RuPaul's Drag Race" season three contestant Carmen Carrera unexpectedly became the face of a petition last month to make her to first transgender Victoria's Secret Angel.
Sassy talks with her transgender sisters on the red carpet at the Glaad Manhattan Event in New York City. Actress Laverne Cox, Fashion Model Carmen Carrera, ...
"who allways keeps itselfe happy will see how much love comes back" -Carmen Carrera. I was just complimented as deep... indeed. There is far more to live than we luv to kno...
I first saw Carmen Carrera as a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race and have been a huge fan of hers, and the show, ever since. She famously became the first contestant to come out as a transgender woman and transition after the show. Since then she's been a successful model doing ads for Orbitz, featu
Fans of transgender model Carmen Carrera were left disappointed after a petition to include the model in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show failed, but ... We caught up with Carmen Carrera at her recent photo shoot with Mike Ruiz, and asked "The Body Beautiful" about her style, her fans and her inspirations. posted by friends: (1) Watch a behind-the-scenes video of at the recent shoot on
Transgender model Carmen Carrera wants to be the next Miranda Kerr at Victoria's Secret. She chats to Sunrise about her plans.
I got to meet and talk to Latrice Royale and Carmen Carrera! Both such amazing people. Can't wait until the professional photos come out.
Natalie from Mob Wives kinda looks like Carmen Carrera
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Alex Hysenaj, a straight, somewhat kooky 19 year old male, knows Carmen Carrera and Courtney Act by name and, without force or suggestion, sat through two episodes of RPDR.
Transgender model Carmen Carrera did not walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, despite speculation that she would participate.
Carmen Carrera serving up fishy realness.
With a flawless figure and skin to die for, Carmen Carrera is ready to face the competition on RuPaul's Drag Race. Not one to sit still, this multi-talented
TONIGHT! we welcome Latrice Royale and Carmen Carrera at SWAGGER! New Venue! Full details here, doors at 10pm
I was just compaired to Carmen Carrera.
The Trocadero is having a RuPaul's Drag Race thing in January and Manila Luzon and Carmen Carrera are gonna be there. Ahhh
Sheer queerness with Latrice Royale and Carmen Carrera at The *** Bar & trash alley mayhem @ ARQ Sydney last night
So I'm sitting outside work, and who walks past? Carmen Carrera, and Latrice muthaf**kin Royale!!! Kicking myself I didn't stop them to get a photo :(
The thirst was real last night with ms Carmen Carrera
TONIGHT: We are giving tickets & priority to meet Latrice Royale & Carmen Carrera next Friday. You just need to buy a drink in the lounge tonight from 8-10pm to go in the draw, so make sure you come in for a casual cocktail with Scarlet & BarbieQ.
Well I better get ready for Latrice Royale & Carmen Carrera LIVE | SYDNEY AAH!!!
Photo: Mike Ruiz for NewNowNext Carmen Carrera is making a bid to become Victoria's Secret first transgender Angel. The RuPaul's Drag Race alumn (she made it to the final five in the thir
I miss you Tequila! I love playing the video over and over just to hear you laugh. I LOVE that Carmen Carrera posted a picture of us 4. What an epic day that was. I'll never forget the moment I saw you on the escalator. "I have been living for those tights all day!" My life is a smudge better now that I know you. Xoxo
AUSTRALIA, meet Carmen Carrera: the transgender model breaking stereotypes, breaking hearts and breaking the mould.
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OMG Bryan Baggio sent me a video of Carmen Carrera say " I love you" in sign language to ME!! I'm so happy because she is my favourite celebrity trans girl. Bryan is with her in Sydney. Hope I will meet her in one day ❤️
I actually cannot believe that I'm meeting the gorgeous Carmen Carrera tomorrow!
better be in next years or I'm not watching!
I still think they should've had Carmen Carrera @ the VSFW like c'mon look at her!
you'll have your wings one day boo & show them a different kind of beauty. They're missing out this year. Next year boo 😘
Thank god they didn't put carmen carrera in the show. She CLEARLY does not belong.
Sketch of the always fabulous, Carmen Carrera.
““You know there's Transgender VS model? Cus there is” WHO”. Carmen Carrera
Who wouldn't wanna take a ride on that Carrera? Beautiful! is petitioning the lingerie brand to enlist model Carmen Carrera, who originally appeared on 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' as their first transgender model in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion ...
I hope to see Carmen Carrera on the next
.says she'll train up, audition for 2014's / PETITION:
Sad that Carmen Carrera is not on the /:
Who cares if Carmen Carrera is trans she's still hotter than you and/or out of your league so...
I liked a video Carmen Carrera photo shoot with Mike Ruiz - NewNowNext - LogoTV
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Did Carmen carrera just walk down the runway?!!😍
Trans model pledges to train up, audition for 2014's
Carmen Carrera didn't get to rock out for the . BO, it's 2013 cmon now
Carmen Carrera | Hotshot model Carmen Carrera is sick of answering questions about her genitalia | Newcastle | AUS |…
The babin' giving some fierce face for our shoot.
starts in 5 mins for West Coast--will respond to this petition with 44K+ signatures?
Thank You House of Priscilla! Carmen Carrera and Latrice Royale LOVEDDD your shop :o)
Boycotting the because is not in it. And on
I want it to be wcw already. Just so I post the gorgeous, Carmen Carrera as mine! She's beautiful. She was a hot man too though!! 💕
I realize everyone is buzzing about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and rightfully so. But clearly you haven't heard of Carmen Carrera
Wish was walking in the fashion show tonight, soon!
But the real question is why isn't Carmen Carrera a VS angel yet?
I'd watch every minute of the vs fashion show if walked in it.
I don't have time for VSFashion Show if they don't have time for Carmen Carrera !
Still would've liked to see in the show
The fashion show will be more interesting next year when they let Carmen Carrera walk.
Carmen Carrera better be the first transgender VS Angel on the VSFS runway next year
Hoping that next year Carmen Carrera will be in the
EXCLUSIVE: looks positively ANGELIC in photo shoot
Victoria Secret Fashion Show was amazing as usual sad not to see Carmen Carrera there though then I had a crack head try to tell me foolishness lol I'll say my day was complete ;) muahh goodnight FB
"Within a few days of being posted last week, a petition pushing for model Carmen Carrera to be the first transgender Victoria's Secret Angel had ...
Mike Ruiz did an amazing job wit this Carmen Carrera u look fabulous
I swear that I am not being shallow when I say that Carmen Carrera could have me any way she wanted me. She's gorgeous, yes, but she's also an absolutely amazing person. Love her.
*** Victoria Secret ...Carmen Carrera would have slayed that runway show is she was in it ...I guess the world is still not ready day day
With or without Victoria's Secret, Carmen Carrera is our angel!! (Video)
Explore *** MTL on Carmen Carrera was one of the first contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race to come out as transgender. When she takes ...
Victoria Secrets is gonna have its first transgender model Carmen Carrera. So neat to see progress!!! I for one will be watching.
*** way too late to buy meet and greet tix to see my idol Carmen Carrera :( not sure if I should buy a general admission ticket anyway and just hope she noticed me in the crowd
Like most women, Carmen Carrera finds it a little rude when strangers ask questions about her genitals. But Carrera, a reality TV star, model, and, potentially, one of next year’s Victoria’s Secret’s…
Good Monday morning to my family and peeps! Wishing my sista's Latrice Royale and Carmen Carrera the best as the go turn Australia out! Graduation is Thursday! The MOB WIVES of Richmond will be arriving Wednesday and I am so excited! these women will defiantly get the party started! for those who would like to come support and yell and scream for a chick, come on out to the Broward convention Center at 5 pm Dec 12! Live Love and Eat well!
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SHE has taken the New York and LA runways by storm and there are calls for Carmen Carrera to be one of next year's Victoria Secret 'angels'.
Eat same blend stuff,less taste bud stimulation more variety,the more foods to CRAVE. - RTSometimes I need to tell myself...
Yeah, it is. And WAY hard to stop at times!
The day I'm not at work Carmen Carrera shows up -_-
I think we all deal with this problem 😂 fatty4life
on social: is sexy as a boy, instagrams “The Girls” and more.
Is it just me or does look like in Kanye's video for
Nice photo essay of some who've been brave enough take, and talk about, their journey. (Thanks, Ann Master)
Check out/help fund PIER KIDS, a powerful film about *** & trans homeless youth ($8,000 to go) pls RT
Dan Damon made some very cissexist remarks in his interview with . do better. Don't othe…
OUT LASTNITE WITH Charles Voltaire no shade it was cold but the folks in nyc still party and my new lady .love so much ms lady Carmen Carrera...yea the new one
O My! Daisy Fuentes looks so much like Carmen Carrera on the AMA' heard me right...Daisy looked like Carmen. Carrera totally should've been a presenter
girl, you and Daisy Fuentes could so be sisters!
I always think she is carmen carrera whe i see her
I just noticed something looks like 😱
Diego Arias interviews Carmen Carrera for Al Rojo Vivo with Maria Celeste at her NJ townhouse. November 2013.
It would be so amazing if Carmen Carrera could walk in the Victorias Secret Fashion Show.
Thank so much for being so sweet and nice to me in Houston when I asked for a pic! you're the best! Now I love you more 😭❤️
, yes i did and I must say u looked Beautiful ;~}
Grrr I can't understand it but you're gorgeous, gurl.
Firmado. Make the first trans VS model.
Carmen Carrera is so hot Idgaf whoops
Watching performances on YouTube and wondering which songs she'll perform in Melbourne next month ❤️
I'm watching Heathers and all I can think about is 😂😭😂
☑"Is Victoria's Secret ready for a transgender model? (They should be!) Meet
I sign too"37K+ have asked to make their first trans supermodel. PETITION:
Oh God, I'm still amazed what u really bring in video for w magz.. Such a diva! EPIC!
I couldn't be more agree if u should be the 1st Transgender who walk as VS Angels! Your body is perfecto! U Go girl! ♥♥
“I just don't get the Dr Pepper appeal.”
Hey carmen !!! How do u deal with some many notifications popping up on your phone 24/7 from all the social networks ??:D
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She's SO beautiful, no need to even think about it. ♡ Victoria's Secret Transgender Model Petition: .
“miss you!!!” Hope all get to hang Wednesday night - I wanna have some fun.
her name is Carmen Carrera. Google her.
baby r u going to be at Secrets/Zigfield's DC tonight ?!? If so please let me take pictures with you! I Love You ❤️😘💋
December is going to be an awesome month getting to see and :-)
Over 17,000 are urging to make history & name their first transgender model
Should probably sleep soon. I wonder if I'll dream of again tonight 😎
hey girl! Will you ever come to San Diego to perform?
YAS at Carmen Carrera trying to be the first Transgender Victoria Secret Model!
A transsexual model named Carmen Carrera is going to be Victoria Secrets newest model. That's so awesome :D
i fully support Carmen Carrera with her VS campaign, i think she deserves it.
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