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Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera (born April 13, 1985 in Elmwood Park, New Jersey), is an American reality television personality and drag performer, known for appearing on the third season of the Logo reality series RuPaul's Drag Race, as well as its spin-off series RuPaul's Drag U.

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from with repostapp. one of the queens that I love so mich.
Carmen Carrera is the most beautiful woman in the entire world 😍😍😍
Lightest with pics to follow beat by hair…
"Carmen Carrera, just go jump in the ocean, you won't drown. Silicone floats!"
I'd want to be like courtney act, Carmen carrera and joslyn fox serving tons of bodyodyody
For Christmas I would like to be Carmen Carrera okay
1 in 12 trans* people are murdered. What do you think is most likely the last word they ever hear?
GORGEOUS modeling our limited edition flower corsetry for captured by !
"bearwildered: Brian Green, a complete hottie!! cc: remember? I still have the poster.
Loved the i am a fan now Season 3 Queens¡
I should've known they we're CHEAP when they didn't want to pay booking fees. FASHION should never be CHEAP.
Me gustó un video de RuPaul, Tom Campbell, Raja, and Carmen Carrera on WOW Shopping Network
Carmen Carrera was so cute as a boy 😔
Carmen, checkout to connect with talent scouts at record labels and film companies!
Carmen Carrera tho I can't get over how hot she is she looks like one of those cardboard cutout models for a beer ad
Man or woman, Carmen Carrera is fine.
I love them too. i wish they made one without the cream.
Carmen carrera is more a man and woman than me!
I think everyone wants to look like Carmen Carrera
My is flawless and if you don't agree we can't even be friends.
Carmen Carrera is my girl crush, she's gorgeous with such a hot body 😍
The lovely and amazing shared my story on her FB page. I'm so honored!
I liked a video Carmen Carrera on TMZ Sports March 2014
Can fish be taught? Is it a either you have it or you don't have it?
she supports models like and Women w "BODY"
Just passed , she looks amazing, and should probably come in for some free starbucks later on.
The Heathers "Lady Marmalade" (Carmen Carrera, Raja, Delta Work & Manila: via fun drag mess to start the day
lol hella ppl didnt even know that lol. Carmen Carrera
lol u guys dont know she used to be a guy? Carmen Carrera look her up
First time at TrannyShack. Tonight: David Bowie tribute. As always, hope Carmen Carrera approves!
lowkey obsessed with carmen carrera after watching her season of RPDR
thank you for the inspirational words you have me in Orlando three years ago. It helped me out a lot!
"When the show is over, the heels come off!"-
Hm... Not sure I wanna go there but I think you might be right. :-)
Dating is a lot like walking in a snowstorm, you will encounter a lot of flakes.
Remember when Michelle Visage told Carmen Carrera to stop relying on her body and then Carmen went on to be a Victoria Secret model? I DO.
Juiced broccoli tastes like a fart. FART ROBOT APPROVES.
Me last night feeling fab upstairs hanging out in the DJ booth area with my sis and DJ…
I wouldn't know. I don't go around tasting them.
Meaningful lust passion is there with no strings it works
Ya, that can definitely be a problem. I do too, in a way, but not in a deep or committed way. Which is why I've got 4 ladies
Aww, don't give up. I'm a sweetie, we're out there.
I love my phone background. is so gorgeous.
I'm watching the whole season 3 of RPDR only4 u.. love u girl!
One of the constants in this world is cis *** men going to Carmen Carrera's FB page to yell at her
Carmen Carrera is so gorgeous I don't know what to do with myself. Why can't I have her face/figure
Carmen Carrera is the most gorgeous transgender woman I've ever seen! I wish I looked like her omg 😭😭😭😭
How could I never have heard of She is one hot, inspirational lady!😍😘
Seriously, I think she's freaking beautiful! 👍💕
...Give me a letter, the sooner the better.
ah don't say that... We're not all bad!
As a guy I am a little disappointed to hear that.But I also know that guys can be dense . Be into whoever makes you happy 😄
today is a wonderful day and wish you the best and enjoy this beautiful Saturday and God bless.
that story is from a year ago actually.. I couldn't help but look it up. =P
Don't let negativity take root boo! Youre a beautiful gal who has everything going for her. Hold that beautiful head high!
don't worry hun, we are here to support you. I understand the struggle... dating cisgender men as a transwoman is horrific.
you just need a good man. Weird cuz I just happen to be one. Lol
Thousands of these purple spheres were found in the middle of the Arizona desert. No one knows what they are.
I thought you were seeing someone ha xxx
WWYD Transgender Woman Insulted: via you are awsome carmen
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Trans Model Carmen Carrera Is Transforming Fashion | VICE - Carrera’s interested in what, for her, is an...
Watching RuPaul's Drag Race for the first time and Carmen Carrera is bald! (O_O) . What a transformation!
cus you always quoting rupaul lol. You can be the next Carmen Carrera
Carmen Carrera on Katie Couric, So happy she had the courage to stand up for herself 💕💕.
My mom:"ok is GORGEOUS. We know how to make them."
Where else are you going to share the STAGE with The Bianca Del Rio, Carmen Carrera, Nina Flowers, Joslyn Fox,...
Katie Couric apologizing for being kind of trash to Carmen Carrera . good yes
Congrats to everyone who's mentioned Carmen Carrera in a post or given their opinion on the matter. Tyra Banks, RuPaul, and Carmen are all geniuses for getting the hype up for Tyra Banks' new documentary on VH1 to air soon with CC's SMALL part lol. Better PR than Miley Cyrus...
tells us isnt reason for her success. No baby doll but he is responsible for exposure he gave you to be successful
Well I'll tell you what Carmen Carrera shot herself in the foot on this one.
This explains it all...especially the last line. Desperately seeking attention...sad
Carmen Carrera has an upcoming docuseries in VH1 produced by Tyra Banks, obviously she's using RuPaul to win an audience.
True T while everyone is GOING IN on this CARMEN CARRERA SITUATION realize she is ONLY DOING THIS TO Enhance her publicity SINCE her NEW DOCU-Series Comes out in the FALL!!! You Dumb *** cant even catch the Stunt!
U deserve all the backlash u're receiving right now. U chose to be ignorant and attack the person who gave you the platform.
U haven't done anything significant for the trans community yet while has done A LOT for the LGBT comm in general.
So I wonder who is still Carmen Carrera for all stars 2?
I think Carmen Carrera is using this beef against RuPaul to her own advantage. You're pretty, but ur personality is a MESS.
What's the drama with Carmen carrera
you are inspirational for standing up for yourself. You're completely right and these other girls are e…
Horrified by the transphobia being hurled at for standing up for herself and refusing to accept transmiso…
you're an inspiration for our evolving community...keep your head up...your voice is being heard EVERYWHERE…
*sends positive vibes* Transphobia shouldn't be tolerated from anyone, even LGBTQ celebs. Thank you!
Proud of for standing up for what she knows is right. You are an inspirational, elegant activist & I love…
I respect & 4 standing up for what they believe in but I h8 what this did to our community
Omg everybody is being so mean to carmen carrera. I guess everyone believes she backstabbed rupaul and people think she bit the hand that fed her.
Be honest, without you're still a tired, drag queen, club performer with a *** 😊
gave you the platform which brought you all the blessings you're receiving. Duh.
You took it too far girl. has ZERO intentions to be offensive by using the word tranny / she-mail. Duh.
I had to stop following Carmen Carrera today. There is a right and wrong way to go about promoting transgender/transexual acceptance and tolerance. And while she was, and probably is doing a lot of great things. She lacks the professionalism and poise to make a difference. Yes, going after the transexual sensitive comedic terms in RuPauls Drag Race was a good step. Yes, attacking the LGBT community and their lack of respect and correct termination for transexual men and women is a good move. HOWEVER, stepping all over the people that made it possible for you to stand where you are today and fight for transexual rights and tolerance is NOT the way you make a difference. In fact, being rude and disrespectful to the people who paved the way for you is a way to make your cause invisible to the public, and a way for you to lose your progress. Which is currently happening. I love you Carmen I do... And you're beautiful, and while I support your movement, I can't keep following and supporting you. Professionalis ...
. You're a super hero Carmen. Proud of you for standing up for yourself and other trans women!
The word is offensive 2 u but dont compare it 2 the word *** my peoples 350yr struggle is no comparison.
I love Carmen Carrera, but gworl, really... REALLY.
I'll keep it short, simple & moderately sweet:. Transphobic language is never acceptable. Love Ru, but is ri…
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will make Carmen Carrera cry!
I will always love We love our differences.I am her thank you ladies for the deb…
While y'all continue to bash she'll still rise on top!
I'm sorry about the transphobia you've been facing I love you babe. I'm sorry you have to deal with it
has a voice. and she deserves to speak it. Regardless of what haters say. feelings matter.
Fact Checking the and 'Tranny' Debate... - -
Your obsession with depicting as a transphobic villain is much more disturbing than his irreverent choice of words.
So my read is up! I can not take Carmen Carrera phony BS get your life together!!!...
do you think Carmen Carrera is a good advocate for the trans community?
These people dont even know what shade is, they think everything is shade lol
I LOVE but I do NOT appreciate what she said to/about That just makes me sad.
I love and support you. I agree with you. The needs to stop, intended or not. Our community SHOULD know better.
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girl you really need to let this tranny mess go, Ru never called you or any other transexual a tranny,
I peaked behind the curtain in OZ and I saw and scissoring all cray
Bianca del Rio said Carmen Carrera needs to take what's left of her *** shove it in her mouth, and STFU...
I love and watch constantly but im afraid ill be skipping the new Trans centred shiw due to
Doing the drag race cruise? Tell me again how has nothing to do with your income.
is perfect and beautiful and the kind of woman I aspire to be
Video: Rio tells to shove whats left of her.. well done bianca ! Al…
RuPaul reads Carmen Carrera by not even mentioning her by name. Lol I love both of them.
Dear Carmen Carrera,. From one Carmen to another, it's time to pay it. . Unless you're using this RuPaul beef for...
Well Bianca knows who signed her $100,000 check. And ladies and gentlemen that is why age prevails over beauty
And Bianca finally tells the T about carmen carrera.
Ru has NEVER used transfobic slurs...go and get your life
Carmen carrera is NOT a Drag Queen. She needs to shut the *** up. She's now a transwoman. No offesnse to anyone but if you've had work done to your body and gotten some boobs then you aren't a drag queen. I Live for rupaul but the others that I can't stand how something is said on a drag show can be offensive to someone who is not a drag queen. You are a Faux Queen. So just as bianca says
Last night was fun and I sending love to
Carmen Carrera reading the house down has officially made my day.
At one point and time I LOVED drag. I loved watching it and I loved being a part of it. I loved calling myself a...
Video: dragofficial: Bianca del Rio tells Carmen Carrera to shove whats left of her.. Queen Bianca!!!
This Carmen Carrera and Rupaul feud is so out of hand
A breakdown of the social media posts and facts related to the debate between RuPaul and Carmen Carrera over use the term 'tranny.'
So whatz on the menu becuz baby lastnite aka this morning was a Purge Game with Carmen Carrera and Terrance Brown yall too together was a scandal i swear im still gagging that DAWTA HM
I think Carmen Carrera just wants the attention she doesn't want to fade away from the news and TV and sits her fake *** in the couch waiting for RU to say tranny just to play victim
I find Carmen Carrera thinking it's appropriate to print Rupaul's name next to the N word fascinating. To me tranny is short for the word transexual which is why I'm having trouble accepting it's a slur. But what is the N word short for Carmen? And why is ok for you to print that?
So is all this tranny business really because of Carmen Carrera!? It's not Ru's fault you failed at both chances you had on the show Mary.
I am living for all of the comments on Carmen Carreras statement...even though parts of her statement are true "rupaul didn't call Dave LaChapelle" but thanks to Ru he knows who she is..and once again talent didn't get her booked or money...The amazing doctors who made her look that way help her make money..I have nothing against Carmen but it is what it is..
I wonder if Carmen Carrera had a problem with RuPaul's language before she used the show to get famous? Like the song "Tranny Chaser" off RuPaul's album Champion that came out a few years before she (Carmen) was even on the show.I'm not saying I agree with use of the word, or disagree with Carmen's right to be offended/speak's just a little sketchy to wait until after appearing on the show and subsequently becoming famous to be so openly offended and outspoken.
Bianca del Rio tore up Ft. Lauderdale last night, and threw some epic shade at Carmen Carrera (and everyone else).
Am I the only one who feels like carmen carrera has gotten annoying?
FOR REAL?? Carmen Carrera Vs. RuPaul Christopher Roman AKA Carmen Carrera - is sooo beautiful! i support you and send you lots of love! You stands up for what you believes in!...
Well sadly Carmen Carrera, is 'adding more fuel to the fire' on her page , as angry & frustrated as she is , reading the posts on her page, she's now making comments without due care, why isn't her manager advising her to stop ! Saying Carmen you must,' step away from the social media sights', let everything calm down, it's madness and sadly this may cost her dearly professionally as well as doing absolutely nothing to actually help the transgender community ! Some of the posts are vitriolic and hurtful and aimed at everyone across the LGBTQ community and must really stop, it's not going to be resolved this way !
Why is everyone so quiet? Well except Carmen Carrera . Talk to me lol. Not you Carmen
Ok I'm done following or liking Carmen Carrera. She's snart but so dumb about trans words. Idc if this gets reported on her page. If it wasn't for Rupaul she wouldn't be who she is today without a voice. You think she'd speak out with her own voice without getting on Rupaul? I think not but who knows. Rupaul paid her *** to be on the show. He probanly most likely paid her transition from the money she was on, on the episodes.
I don't know what is going on between RuPaul and Carmen Carrera but I wish it would stop. Now.
I have a huge *** crush on her. Transgender model, celeb, Carmen Carrera.
Thought of the day: Is all this hoopla between RuPaul and Carmen Carrera merely a publicity stunt? I would venture to say yes as it seems LOGO is thinking about taking Drag Race off the air. Hm...people have done worse to try to keep themselves relevant!
and Carmen Carrera, for you to have had the opportunity to marry into money, afford to have work done, had the chance to have someone lift you to their platform and give you a stage to shine, and then have the NERVE to disrespect said platform then use the word UGLY, calling others that!?, I hope karma doesn't come in the form of a head on collision or a pet ape ripping your face off, so that you can deal with that image that matches your insides, beauty is not just your appearance. you dumb ignorant ugly clown *** mess
I can't believe how horrible RuPauls Drag Race fans are being to Carmen Carrera just because she spoke out about transphobic language being used. Just because she got her initial break on that show and said nothing at the time doesn't mean she can't criticise RuPauls response now from the perspective of a trans woman. What? These people (who I thought would be allies) are hurling abuse at her on various social media sites, that is so sad. Mean people begone!
I self identify as a Human Woman who is Mexican American that happens to be a tranny. Being tranny is just a part of who I am. My life does not revolve my genitalia.It does not mean im "ignorant" or that I am a "bully" because I self identify as a tranny. I do not advocate any trans person to be identified as any thing they dont want to be identified as. I let non trans people know that just because i self identify as tranny doesnt mean others do. I'll tell them the prefered term is trans woman. If the way i self identify is harmful to others then that is something they need to work through not me. Saying i am wrong to self identify as a tranny is like saying that a Mexican who self identifies as a Latino is wrong and they need to identify as Hispanic or else they are ignorant and using bully terms. Or that because they identify as Latino they are hurting other Hispanics. Being a trans woman and being signed by Elite Models is HUGE. Carmen Carrera is paving the way for futurec trans people. Kudos to her. ...
Never cared for carmen carrera point blank
I love how Carmen Carrera was perfectly happy with being on drag race but now is too good to be looped in with the same people who gave her that fame!
In striving to get people to accept her, and others like her, for who they are, Carmen Carrera (RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3) has essentially waged war on society because she finds certain words to be offensive. She does not like the words "tranny" or "shemale" used as terms for transgendered people. She now has many who agree with her. To this end, I say this: Let's not use the word fat, because it may offend overweight people. Let's not use the word black to refer to African-Americans, because they are not black, they are brown. Let's not use the term Asian, as some may feel that is insulting to their true heritage. Let's not refer to colors by their names, because those that are color-blind May be offended. Carmen Carrera's heart is in the right place, and I believe that everyone should be accepted for who and what they are. But, she has pushed this issue to the point where many in the straight and *** communities are looking at her and those like her as militants bent on changing society's way of think ...
Carmen Carrera is a trans warrior Goddess.
this Rupaul / Carmen Carrera feud is so much better than television.
I want to send out a big hug to Carmen Carrera , but I'm worried it would be seen or taken for something other than that a 'hug' , a way of saying 'OMG' how upsetting it must be for you, to have all this thrown at you and I think anyone else who have seen her timeline would agree , it's upseting, it's angry and it's unpleasant and not helpful either .I totally understand and can see why the use of the word and way others were used are offensive to you, as a trans person, that said , can you not except that for other 'Trans' who led the way before , back in the 60's used the word to empower themselves and can you not see how , it did help them strive onwards, right up to today. Just in the same way I call myself *** rather than *** it made a more powerful impact and I reowning the word , that was once shouted at me , to hurt, to intimidate and crush me , it lost it's power , it became part of my life. Now, I know not everyone likes that word still today, in the same way , not many people like the 'N' ...
Carmen Carrera needs to stop talking. She has no idea how much she's digging herself into a deeper hole.
Never was a Carmen carrera fan , never will be. Without rpdr, you'd be nothing. Remember that !
Okay, Carmen Carrera is REALLY starting to twerk my dayum nerves attacking Mama Ru Paul, no she betta don't.!!! Nobody even knew who you were before the show, appreciate it for what it gave you and quit tripping off words.Your a TRANSGENDERED WOMAN, aka TRANNY, get over it.!!! Your amazing and you look fabulous, but your recent jaunts against Ru and Logo and so on and so fourth is making you look really really UGLY.!!!
Can people stop comparing the "N" word with other slurs. That word carries a heavy, dark history and is in no way comparable with words we empower to make them more offensive than they are (I'm not saying they don't carry weight, but it is not the same). Carmen Carrera Being *** will never be the new Black... At one point African-Americans were property; ignorance...
Since mad people wanna go on a "World Police" rant because of words like *** and tranny, let's get real cuz no ones vocabulary is without sin: *Puts on Reading glasses* GHETTO: An Itallian word, it refers to a quarter or street separated from the other parts of the city, in which Jews lived in the Middle Ages. The Nazis revived the Italian medieval ghetto and created their compulsory “Jewish Quarter” (Wohnbezirk), where all Jews from the surrounding areas were forced to reside. The ghettos, surrounded by barbed wire or walls, were overcrowded, unsanitary and sealed from the world without food, medicine and heat. Daily, people died in the streets from starvation and disease. The Germans constantly harassed the Jewish residents of the ghetto, randomly seizing people on the streets, raiding their apartments, and subjecting them to beatings and humiliation, leaving them to die in the streets. The ghettos were established mainly in Eastern Europe (e.g. Lodz, Warsaw, Vilna, Riga, Minsk). All ghettos were ev ...
Carmen Carrera learn it, and learn it well!
As a trans person who believes in the promotion of education and awareness of all LGBT issues especially trans issues, I am honestly dumbfounded at Carmen Carrera, RuPaul, Logo, and every single *** person who has made a comment about the controversy being made about the "T-word". No real discussion about the issue is being had. It's just become a really pointless battle of the blows over social media by mostly really self-righteous and egotistical people...which only fuels stupidity, confusion, and frustration. If anyone wants to have an intelligent discussion on the matter, I would totally be down...but reading people's comments and statuses directed at people who are most likely too self-involved to respond back is just upsetting..
Carmen Carrera Those who really know you and understand you are the ones who love you !! I know you are a strong person, but don' let anyone bring you down!! Just keep doing your thing ! - Love, Your Primo ♥
Wow I can't believe that Carmen Carrera is bashing on RuPaul. I use to like you Carmen but the way things are going I'm disliking you right now . Just cause you came on RuPaul Drag Race . Doesn't mean you have to be talking ish about RuPaul
Ok-Carmen Carrera is doing the most. We don't fight ignorance with ignorance.
My god. This beef between RuPaul and Carmen Carrera is getting exhausting.
I'm done with Transadvocate and Carmen Carrera. No compassion or care.
I don't remember ever following Carmen Carrera but her recent updates piqued my interest at first before quickly becoming too much. What is she trying to accomplish? It all seems stupid to me. Unfollow.
I loved Carmen Carrera but rule one in life is to not bite the hand that feeds you. If it wasn't for RuPauls drag race you wouldn't be a "tranny" you will still be a drag queen performing in Jersey. So get a grip and get over it. You got Shemale
This Carmen Carrera vs RuPaul battle is getting ridiculous. They both have a point, but it is getting blown completely out of proportion. Neither one of them know how to drop it, and they both have to have the last word. Just drop it already. Its done, its over with. Think Frozen and LET IT GO!!!
The *** is going in on Carmen Carrera. Lmao I'm team Rupaul all day...tho
Tranny,Tranny,Tranny That the are so wise but got their fame from Rupauls Drag Race and now throwing fits over the word Tranny ,and shemail .Really Carmen Carrera and the rest of you that got your start from rupauls drag race really need to stop ...
I love carmen carrera but she needs to calm down with tgis whole tranny thing!! Girl no matter how much u kne ur a woman people are always gona say wuts the truth an thats not for u to get affended by an thats the T!
Carmen Carrera girl Puff your brakes boo! RU is not The enemy, get it together!
Just "unLiked" "unfollowed" Carmen Carrera... She is one GORGEOUS WOMAN!!! However by us labeling ourselves we label each other!! People are people, and love everyone for who they are NOT WHAT THEY ARE!
I think it's time to UNLIKE Carmen Carrera's social media everything.
I was called TRANSPHOBIC just because I stand against what Carmen Carrera is doing lol omg!!! Really??
Thinking im about to do a read rant video on Carmen Carreras *** !! Shes team way too much right now
I assume that if Carmen Carrera has such an issue with Mama Ru then she must stop accepting gigs all over the world under the RuPauls Drag Race banner. No more cruises for you, ***
Very proud of Carmen Carrera for this. She's taking a lot of undeserved abuse from one of her communities for standing up for the other. Lend her some support if you have a moment. and if you have the spoons. Beware, there is a lot of entitled cis dude rage going on.
Carmen carrera, Never bite the hand that feeds u!
Carmen Carrera should just shut up now before Rupaul pulls a Bianca and cuts up all of her wigs.
I used to LOVE Carmen Carrera, but she just keep been the "victim" and keeps talking about RuPaul and the show. Is sad how people can be so ungrateful and forget who help them succeed. "Never bite the hand that feeds you". Is ironic that when she was on the show she has no problem with "You Got She-Male". But now she does. How sad, well I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions.
Unfollowed Carmen Carrera cuz im oficially over her n her dramatic tranny *** ! It is wat it is tranny!!!
You know the tranny Carmen Carrera should actually be thanking RuPaul, had it not been for RUPAULS show and her terminology Carmen would still be a boy in a dress doing drag in whatever town she came from.
And that, kids, is when I stopped paying attention to Carmen Carrera.
Oh gosh. Carmen carrera and rupaul are going back and forth. Let's see who wins this.
Carmen carrera is just plain stupid. Even when she was a boy...sprepper...
Lol instead of getting people to back her up, carmen carrera is making people go against her.
I think I have had it officially with Carmen Carrera.
Anyone who is a fan of Rupaul's Drag Race knows that the Heathers were definitely the most popular girls of season three. Raja, Carmen Carrera, Manila Luzon, and Delta Work teamed up once again to give Heather fans around the world what they have been waiting for since season three ended.
Someone tell Katie Couric not to mention this: Carmen Carrera auctions off photos of his *** via
Fargo-Moorhead! Fill tonight with laughs, glamour, & fun with the Comedians of Chelsea Lately and RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons! All attendees at the Chelsea Lately event will receive a coupon to enjoy 2-for-1 drink specials all night long at the drag show! (Limit $5) Comedians of Chelsea Lately feat. Josh Wolf, Brad Wollack & Jiffy Wild - 8 pm at The Fargo Theatre RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons feat. Michelle Visage, Jinkx Monsoon, Sharon Needles, Carmen Carrera, Ivy Winters, Pandora Boxx, and Phi Phi O’hara - 10:30 pm at The Hub Entertainment Destination Can I get an amen?! Find tickets at
Link to watch interview with from this morning.
hope u enjoyed Dublin. All the best.
how are you so stunningly beautiful. Love you, you're an inspiration.
Fantastic interview on You looked absolutely stunning. Should be very proud of yourself & your achievements :)
The stunningon this morning,gorgeous inside and out!!💄❤
. looking very glam on Irish Breakfast TV. Well done!
"I don't do politics , I do beauty" Carmen Carrera you beautiful person ❤️
Tune in now to see on the Ireland:AM sofa!
.will be here at 10am. She is hoping to become the first transgender model for Victoria's Secret.
Tune into just before 10am as is being interviewed on
If your up nice and early try and tune into see the beautiful Carmen Carrera on Ireland AM on TV3 at around 9.50 this morning!
Please check out our petition to get gender neutral bathrooms on UNT campus!
I rly want to see Carmen Carrera perform for my 21st this yr. come to portland plz.
Hi :) please help me get these drawing to Niall Horan ? Thank you :)
Right, off to bed! Let me leave you with my latest of at Nighty, night!
Hmmm.this may be a small thing to other people but it is something that really does upset me. Carmen Carrera is NOT a transvestite, she is transsexual. There is a huge different so PLEASE do educate yourself. Rant over.
Never seen Rocco get so nervous with Carmen Carrera via
Better looking than a lot of born women, lol, quite the legend :)
The meet 'n' greet with Carmen Carrera from Menergy Glasgow on 22 Feb 2014.
Photos from the meet 'n' greet at are now online!
Jesse Giddings for the E! Red Carpet can get it though... he reminds me of Carmen Carrera.
Found this old pic of Willie and I. The years fly by!
Carmen Carrera used to be a man and she's still ten times hotter than I'll ever be.
I really hope you get it! This world needs a huge change, and embrace true art!
You can kinda tell Amiyah Scott was a man but Sydney Starr and Carmen Carrera will get you.
I really hope auditions for VS fashion show. Cause I'm ready to see her stomp that runway, leaving all haters speechless.
I love you, you're my inspiration, you're beautiful inside and out ..
how come you're in Europe but you won't be visiting Italy? So sad :(
hi Carmen luv 'mon up 2 belfast after wee luv x
you showed me that even tho I was born a guy, I can still be beautiful. Thank you for everything💕
I feel like such a hipster when it comes to Carmen Carrera lol .
well doll have an amazing time while your here!! Stay safe and enjoy your trip :) What time you on at tomorrow morning?? 💚
We love Carmen Carrera, we watched you on and we watch you now, you're an x
do you know what time love? I won't be able to watch the whole thing 😔
you're so inspiration I'm literally crying and smiling at the same time. I love you girl, you're so beautiful!!! 💜💜💜
yea I had fun... Not sure if I'll be out late tonight... Thinking about cardio and a light meal... Gotta wake up at 5am
you hitting Dublin town again tonight? Hope you had fun last night ❤️
If Brando had played the role, he would have sent Carmen Carrera to accept on his behalf. Alas...
Loving in this months Glamour! Now I all my girlfriends here in the uk can also see how fab she is 💗
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I hope to be as hot as Carmen Carrera one day, she is absolutely stunning.
Sweet! Cant wait ! maybe one day we will be in one together :)
Great weekend, got lots done. got a new phone and planned a well deserved hoilday.Went to howth. Meal with mates.Plus got to see the beautiful Carmen Carrera. Plus Victoria Tori-Secret and the other acts were brilliant last night
Since her appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race Carmen Carrera has become a major voice for LGBT equality and transgender women everywhere. Thanks to a ...
Tune into Ireland Am in the morning on TV3 to see the beautiful Carmen Carrera be interviewed. :)
I have to admit that I have a little crush on Carmen Carrera, I cant wait to met her tonight :P :P :P
As well as the beautiful CARMEN CARRERA joining the DRAGGED UP crew tonight. We have... Stephen Dowling on warm up duties Paddy Scahill after the Show on the Main Floor Pixie WOO up in the mezz with all ur cheesy favs.
Gutted I'm not going to see Carmen Carrera tonight
i wish i was as hot as Carmen Carrera :((
Carmen Carrera is to gorgeous. She must be DESTROYED! Lol
Last Nite was fun performing with Kleine Kim, Michael Nunes and Tierry Vietheer @ Club NYX in Amsterdam! And meeting the wonderful Carmen Carrera ❤️
The gorgeous Carmen Carrera is in The Dragon Bar tonight! I'll be on preshow as usual! The show will feature Dublins amazing Drag Queens Dolly Grip Pixie Paul Regina...and Victoria (LOL) show @ 10.30pm.
my Rated "R" performance of Aura by Lady Gaga, inspired by Carmen Carrera and conceptualized by yours truly...its daring but artistic! MUST WATCH... video courtesy: John Rhyan Parca ❤️❤️
What a start to the weekend. Won a free ticket to Carmen Carrera Tomorrow Night at Dragon. Plus spending the weekend with Colls :-) :-) Deserve a relaxing weekend after the week I ve had.
I'm after winning free into the Dragon tomorrow night for Carmen Carrera. I have to go! Anyone going ? :)
Meeting Carmen Carrera was lovely, and the endless fre champaaagne we received was just as nice last night with Alex Muñoz Pons.
Explore *** MTL on Carmen Carrera talks about being transgender, her new life in front of the cameras, and what she got up to in Mont...
Who wants to come with me tonight to see Carmen Carrera
No explanation needed. Just gag on the beauty that is Carmen Carrera.
Okay I want to see Carmen Carrera on Dancing with the Stars. Idk why I even thought of it but, she would be so great! And her body in those costumes.
Episode 1 of season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race is online! Keep an eye out for Laganja Estranja, who will be performing at MENERGY with her drag mother Alyssa Edwards on 4th April! And, if you can't wait til then for your Drag Race live fix, come along THIS Saturday to see season 3's Carmen Carrera in the flesh! Tickets for all events
Signs of End times? Shocking Photos: This is Christopher Roman,(now Carmen Carrera) Believed to be The Most Beautiful Transgender (Man Who Turned Himself to Woman)
Carmen Carrera wants to be known as a model, not just a trans model. Can she make it in the fashion world?
Carmen Carrera hopes to legitimize her career beyond the transgender community. But is fashion ready for a transgender supermodel?
Why couldn't Janet Mock, in her interview with Piers Morgan, be more like Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera in their graceful interview with Katie Couric? For good reason.
I'm TIRED of people who are not Trans* saying that we need to hear about the transition process of Trans people in every interview. Kouric did it to Carmen Carrera, and now Piers Morgan to Janet Mock. And then the The Young Turks commentary just threw me through the roof! If you're so fascinated by the actual experiences of transition -- read a book! Watch a documentary! There are tons now! It's so easy for a bunch of people who are not Trans* to sit around and tell Trans* people how they should feel about insulting and inconsiderate statements involving them. That makes me more furious than anything else! It's insulting to have people asking you on television "Have you had your genetalia surgically altered?". We don't ask about the surgical procedures of any other kind of person in the world. Why are Trans* people the exception to this courtesy and common decency? Who care's if you find it "strange" or "uncomfortable" or if it doesn't "make sense" to you. It's not as "confusing" and "brave" as you make i ...
Carmen Carrera & Laverne Cox change the conversation about being on Katie Couric show:
Recently, Katie Couric interviewed Laverne Cox and transgender performer Carmen Carrera. During this interview Couric asked that question you’ve probably asked a trans person before, too. She wanted to know about her guest’s genitalia. Have they had the surgery? Both women handled her intrusive and inappropriate (yet typical) question with dignity and grace. They used it as an opportunity to educate her, and subsequently the American public, about trans women’s rights, why objectifying trans women is so dangerous, and to reveal Couric’s question immediately as an integral part of the problem. After the interview, Cox wrote an entry on her blog about the experience, and further elucidated why it matters that trans women are objectified and depersonalized. She wrote, “It is my dream that by highlighting the deep humanity of trans people’s lives in the media, elevating actual trans voices to speak the truth of our lived experiences in ways that don’t sensationalize and objectify us, those human ...
what's wrong Carmen? I know your sad right know. And you so deserve better. Your beautiful woman know. I wish I saw you :(
Girl, you're a star cause you shine. 🌟
Little Giant Ladders
i feel that you should run for Ms. Universe .. You would definately win !!
you are loved and looked up to by so many :) I know that someday things will be so much better! :x
Yes you do darling. You're incredible. Never let anyone tell you that you don't deserve the world beautiful.
it's never fun ... But it passes and everything will be okay.
hang in there kitty cat! you are fabulous, Just look in the mirror and say, "I'm fierce and I'm amazing!" Love you doll! :-*
you will. It just takes patience. Then, when you are not looking...
Carmen Carrera is so amazing and beautiful and inspirational.
girl, you're strong, beautiful, and amazing. Don't let the haters get you down.
with great success comes criticism. But no worries, to many people's eyes you're an incredible woman.
You can't let something like this be a destructive force in your world
shut up and come downstairs and have breakfast with us. So good bloop
in time it'll happen .. And at most of it .. It's when we least expect it !!😔😌😌
you have the whole world! Youre my idol and an inspiration to millions! Keep up what youre doing girl because youre amazing
you deserve more than that. We love you Carmen
-It's not all it's cracked up to be. =/
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I thought Carmen Carrera was a lady
I remember when carmen carrera called me dumb for stating the fact that she used to be a man 😭
You look so amazing love u. Kiss from France .
I HAVE to see you and Latrice in Brisbane! When do you come to Brissy??
You go girl! Defend our Queens!! Pisses me off to hear this happened! GRRR
Carmennn! Hows miss body beautiful doing today??!
I want to meet alyssa edwards raja gemini & carmen carrera.
Performer extraordinaire Carmen Carrera longs to be the first transgender Victoria Secret model. Add your name to her petition. Help her live her dream.
Stellar analysis from in on and interview on show: http:…
So earlier this week I showed my sister the Marco Marco show & she said "JESUS SHE'S LIKE A VS MODEL!" . -It'll happen! 💋
is walking over to my place as we speak. God help the drivers on the road as she stops traffic with all th…
fantastic interview, congratulations! Greetings from Chile ❤️
One of my favorite Spotlight segments today on talking trans issues with &
Still can't believe this used to be a man, well she's a gorgeous woman. I love me some carmen carrera
.new song with Rihanna reminds me of .reggae on .
So lucky to have met the inspirational, beautiful on Tuesday 💋💋
I'm still processing irony of Carmen carrera doing pretty hurts
Again, this is why we need amazing folks like & to battle this sickness.
This is why we need more amazing folks like to combat this sickening trend.
there is too much to talk about. Carmen Carrera was real. The body
I love me some Carmen Carrera but if anyone was gonna walk for Victoria Secret as the first Trans model it would be Ines Rau.
Oh my god Carmen Carrera I can't even.
“…by focusing on bodies we don’t focus on the lived realities of that oppression and that discrimination.” - Laverne Cox This is so important. "On Monday, transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange...
Carmen Carrera just followed me back on Instagram. First Chase, now Carmen. What is my life right now? Lol
After questioning trans women Carmen Carrera and Laverne Cox about their genitals on her talk show last week, Katie Couric said she wanted to air the 'teachable moment.'
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