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Carlyle Group

The Carlyle Group is an American-based global asset management firm, specializing in private equity, based in Washington, D.C.

David Rubenstein John Major Booz Allen Hamilton Bin Laden Iron Triangle New York Bush Family Morgan Stanley James Baker Bay Area George Bush Sr Frank Carlucci

*** Cheney and the Bush Family are guilty of Geo-Engineering around the globe which is Crimes Against Humanity, "The Carlyle Group".
If Warren Buffett, The Carlyle Group and the sovereign wealth fund of Singapore invest billions in mobile home park…
Morgan Stanley wins approval to buy remaining stake in N.J. plant from Carlyle Group. Via
James A. Baker III was at the Four Seasons in Georgetown at a Carlyle Group meeting that a Bin Laden attended on 9/11.
JM a member of Carlyle Group's European Advisory Board since 1998 and was appointed Chairman of Carlyle Europe in May 2001.
Carlyle Group agrees to £1.77bn takeover bid for health food chain
"The Carlyle Group has joined Instagram," according to press release. Would like snapshots of fund offering docs, please.
The Russian billionaire who bought Holland & Barrett bought it from the Carlyle Group,…
Holland & Barrett, a chain of health food shops which dates back to 1870, was bought in 2010 by the US hedge fund The Carlyle Group.
Read Jonathan Buxton in on the sale of Holland & Barrett to Mikhail Fridman's L1 Retail
Carlyle Group co-CEO David Rubenstein on peak Trump trade and the Fed's path. Here's the new dot plot
Fridman - Holland & Barrett acquisition, our analysis in The NYT, "push-back against Amazon":
A reminder that Holland & Barrett is no longer a British firm, having been acquired by US private equity firm The Carlyle Group in 2010...
Carlyle Group co-founder appointed chairman of board
Interesting article about Uber via NYT by REUTERS
Fridman's L1 Retail to Buy Holland & Barrett for $2.3 Billion via
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Carlyle Group's David M. Rubenstein talks trends in investing but also gets personal at and mentions the recent loss of his mothe…
Carlyle Group co-CEO David Rubenstein advises crowd not to bank on 'big tax cuts soon.'
Carlyle group was meeting on 9/11 (2nd pgh) Shafiq Bin Laden, brother of Osama Bin Laden was there
The secretive Carlyle Group has tentacles in both the Was…
Married to a jew who works for The Carlyle Group. Of course, she's going to be defensive about these t…
I knew John & Pat Thomas in the late 70s from working at Atlantic Aero,now gone from NC owned to Carly…
Java's owners have deep pockets read up on Carlyle Group
CIA / Lockheed / Boeing / Carlyle Group...would never trust him with that information.
North Asian buyer nudges Carlyle out of Icon Group race, reports.
Swiss trading giant Glencore and U.S. private equity investor Carlyle Group have teamed up in an attempt to buy Morocco's only oil refinery…
Five years ago today listed with us at $NDAQ! Happy 5th listing anniversary to The Carlyle Group! $CG
Carlyle group, Bush & Bin Laden, family history (in French). Isn't it a time to arrest criminals???
Private Equity Jobs of the Week: Carlyle Group, General Electric, Bank of America are hiring
Carlyle on Game 2 win, "Tonight’s response after getting down 2-0 is a character builder for our group."
Just like Obama, Trump may not have been the Carlyle Group's fi…
Carlyle and CVC Capital Partners-backed Neptune Energy Group has acquired ENGIE E&P International for $3.9bn.
Whenever the Carlyle Group is involved you should be nervous.not to mention his ties to Soros.
Something GOOD came from the Carlyle Group: the Bush crime family piggy-bank?
Nice props to the Carlyle Group...the Washington DC boys choir...
Not a fan of anyone from the Carlyle Group.
Carlyle Group. Kurt is not a progressive, in case anyone forgot.
Private-equity firms including 3i Group and Carlyle Group have submitted bids for A-Gas Group
Heard what may have been the best commencement speech I've ever heard at my sons college graduation by David Rubenstein of Carlyle group.
Carlyle LP : CommScope founder honored by association
= owned by the Carlyle Group which is owned by Soros/Bilderberg/Rothschild. They distract the people a…
Blair did exactly same in Iraq as John Major did with Carlyle group+ Credit Suise,all scams through Iraq oil for food program
Carlyle founders take pay hit, still earned $212M. Read more: $CG
At $6B, $VSI and $GNC would be bargins! Carlyle Group Reportedly Exploring Nature's Bounty Sale
I'm the only one not blocked in the group chat, how fun
The people at Bilderberg, Davos, Trilateral Commission, Carlyle Group, et al.
Eenterprise Vault 7 Server/Veritas sold to the Carlyle group for $7.4B
Trump deals with the Carlyle Group which is partnered with the Saudis! Wow! How can you NOT know this?
keep an eye on Carlyle Group and it's board members
Inside the deal: Why changed the price it will pay for a Lakeland company. Read more: $CG
During the 2008 financial crisis, Kushner was bailed out by several investors:. -Trump property co-owner. -Carlyle Group . -…
The Carlyle Group was holding its annual meeting on 9/11 with George Bush Sr, James Baker and two brothers of Osama Bi…
time to look who owns shares in Halliburton,Carlyle Group,Ratheon,Thalyes etc
Blackstone and Carlyle seek to sell Service King Paint & Body for more than $2 bn. Read more: $CG
Revealing Humanity, A Guide of How to Whistle in the White House: This is the thirty-eighth…
Blackstone and consider sale of Service King: Bloomberg. Read more: $CG
Blackstone and Carlyle Group consider sale of Service King: Bloomberg
In bid to expand, McDonald's plans to sell bulk of China and Hong Kong business
McDonald's selling most of its China, HK business to CITIC and Carlyle Group LP
Carlyle promotes SE Asia buyout head Sunil Kaul to partner. Read more: $CG
Carlyle Group knows what's up in S.A.: Carlyle Group invests in Museum Reach apartments
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I'm all for joining knowing he's prob bang his way through the group week 1
Museum Reach apartment developer adds Carlyle Group as partner
Carlyle Group, one of world's largest private equity firms, invests in Museum Reach apartment complex
Carlyle Group invests in Museum Reach apartments via
Again, this would be Carlyle group's credit arm. So, George hw bush. Again.
Like he bended to get all that Carlyle Group $. better not throw too many stones or use too much glass…
The carlyle group knows the truth..
McDonald's sells China business to conglomerate CITIC and US private equity firm Carlyle Group for US$2.08b…
Halliburton & Carlyle Group were talked about a lot back then.
Former Africa heads at Carlyle and KKR to set up regional investment firm: Reut... Read more: $CG
$CG The Carlyle Group to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Financial Results and Host Investor Conf. From our Stock News Alerts App
GNews: CITIC Limited, CITIC Capital, The Carlyle Group and McDonald's create company that will act as ...
Carlyle seeks $5B for new US real estate fund - The Carlyle Group is looking to raise $5 billion for its eighth...
Where was MSM when Bush was leading us into Iraq war & HWBush had a billion$ stake in war profiteer Carlyle group. no where!
BRIEF-McDonald's sells China stake to Citic, Carlyle Group for about $2 bln via
Samira Madhany is now Director of US Real Estate, Washington at Carlyle Group (
Factbox: Trump to meet heads of Carlyle Group, Marvel, World Jewish Congress
Carlyle set to acquire stake in vaccine maker Bharat Biotech. Read more: $CG
Read article from the AI Summit in New York, featuring interviews with the Carlyle Group a…
War is what is being pushed. It's profitable for The Carlyle Group and their ilk
The Carlyle Group has taken over DC. "How money muscled out power on Washington’s A-list."
is that the Robert Carlyle series? Bc my year group was shown that in 2012 and we have a strong attachment too hah
danrocks: CG is number 56 for the largest percentage gain out of 100 stocks. $CG The Carlyle Group is up +7
Saudi Arabia is financing 80% of ALL Mosques. We Can Thank the Bushes and The Carlyle Group for Most of This..
"I asked her to buy a new washing up bowl and she left the group chat"
Caring for a loved one w/ can feel lonely. Join our support group tomorrow,12/14, 10am at Carlyle Place
America is privatized into private hedge fund "Carlyle Group" now opened up to London and Europeans through...
Sadly a war USA should never have been part of. Bushes made a killing through their Carlyle Group connections. Real…
the morning after D Rubenstein of Carlyle Group said elites would slow roll the exit and kill it,that's what's happening
Featured Local Advertiser | LuxeGetaways Magazine > Learn more about Carlyle and Great American Restaurant Group:...
Carlyle Place, NH hosts an support group for family caregivers. Join us this Wed (12/14), 10-11am!
Suhit Gupta, CIO for asset management company Carlyle Group, maps out the impediments to artificial…
What Wall Street investors think about ecommerce
Hacker News - What Wall Street investors think about ecommerce
First Snowden, now this guy. both employees of Booz Allen Hamilton/Carlyle Group .
Change always creates opportunity for investors who are fully mindful of what’s driving these trends…
McDonald's (to Tap Carlyle Group (& CITIC Group to Buy its Mainland and Hong Kong Stores │
.How people shop and spend has changed rapidly in the digital era
PHILADELPHIA ENERGY SOLUTIONS AND THE CARLYLE GROUP ... past ties to the family of Presidents George H.W. Bush
As a boy, I dreamed of one day becoming the chairman of The Carlyle Group. Now that I'm grown, I really need to find a company named that.
Carlyle Group is nearing a deal for McDonald&China assets (MCD)
Thank you to the in-house comms teams at KPMG, EBRD, Carlyle Group, Morgan Stanley and Macquarie for hosting…
. Thanks to the PE firms, Apollo. Blackstone, Carlyle Group, KKR and TPG for putting on an awesome program today
The Bushes self-service was Carlyle Group and of course they support self-serving Clinton Crime Family's F
Ah the Carlyle Group no wonder. Will need to check this out thanks for sharing!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
One of the world's biggest PE firms is walking away from its fund investments, once worth $15B:
"Former President George Bush met with King Fahd, right, on a trip to Saudi Arabia last year as part of his work for the Carlyle Group."
Private equity giant Carlyle is shifting its focus from hedge funds to direct lending
Sitting on 3X, Carlyle eyes more in PNB arm. Read more: $CG
David Rubenstein selected for new role with the Smithsonian. Read more: $CG
The LP (cg) To Go Ex-Dividend on November 4th. Read more: $CG
Soros stake in Carlyle Group weapons comp w Bin Laden family mention one ref no MSM follow up
really Carrie? You've got your family trees knotted &party crosse…
Nuclear power is over in the U.S. without more government support, Carlyle Group says
Nuclear power will come to an end in the U.S. if the industry doesn’t steal more Taxpayer money.
Carlyle Group Turns Focus From to Lending bet on turns sour
Business Magazine says its the end for United States nuclear energy without MORE Government subsidy. We agree...
"We will see the end of the industry" (absent bailouts)
flawed-not the same as pensions as Carlyle is a hedge fund GP not an LP. Exiting not by choice. JP analyst spot on.
End of Nuclear in U.S. Seen by Carlyle Group Without Subsidies - Bloomberg
Investment firm Carlyle Group LP foresees end of nuclear power in USA, unless saved…
Pensions are dumping Hedge Funds. Insurance co. are dumping Hedge Funds. Now add Private Equity to that list.
Carlyle Group: "Nuclear power needs subsidies to survive" Corporate Welfare & they get to walk…
Housing PNB, connected to Carlyle group..all dc connected. Cookstoves? Holy crap! don't mess wit my cookstov…
Bush Family knew the Bin Laden Family well. GHW Bush belonged to the Carlyle Group, which was owned by the Bin Ladens.
Why the Carlyle Group's vanishing stake in Booz Allen will be good for the contractor - Washington Business Journal
7 users on Vetr are bullish on The Carlyle Group L.P., indicating a BUY Rating (4 stars) for $CG
2 the brutal, bloody interests of the War machine, Carlyle Group or the Banksters. We will no longer let the 1% take away our choice
wondering what the carlyle group and the CFR is up to rn ..
Yes they were. Bin Laden family bailed out Arbusto Energy, and were partners with Poppy Bush in Carlyle Group.
BRIEF-Commscope Holding announces sale of 20 mln shares by affiliate of the Carlyle Group
CommScope : Announces Sale of 20 Million Shares of Common Stock by Affiliate of The Carlyle Group
"The $5.5bn price tag for 62% of Barclays Africa now looks to be within Diamond’s reach."
Atlas Merchant Capital, Carlyle Group team up to bid for Barclays Africa Group
I added a video to a playlist The Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed
What you're not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden - Truthloader -the Carlyle Group cabal owns
It’s one of the biggest firms in the world.. Apollo Global, KKR, Blackstone, Carlyle Group
Actually yes I do know about Carlyle Group. I have leaked much of their intel before.
Could be a Limited Hangout, that series. Carlyle Group is still there..since Obama, you have not heard of it.
Jeb will do it if the Carlyle Group tells him to.
I didnt know he took1.2billion a year from saudi arabia at tha time,butnow do.And carlyle group got wiped out.After so.Its clear doublecross
New York, April 27 (Reuters) - Private equity firm Carlyle Group LP bucked its sector's trend on Wednesday by posting first-quarter
Carlyle Group to raise $1bn for new Asia private equity fund
Great group of grade 4&5 teachers in Carlyle represent their learning on balanced literacy!
Whenever John Major gums out some BS, you know he is babbling for the interest of the arms dealers, Carlyle Group. Another t…
Blair was front for Carlyle group I would guess.
John Major was made european chairman of soros backed carlyle group after "incompetence" gave soros £1 billion to invest in…
Bob Diamond teams up with Carlyle Group to raise funds and put together bid for Barclays Africa Group
Verisk in Talks to Sell Health Data Unit to Carlyle Group: Reuters - Insurance Journal
FUNNY HOW THE NAME.CARLYLE GROUP.and Saudi BinLaden group...keeps popping up on any BIG Business deals...
Carlyle : After helping deliver NYU campus in Abu Dhabi, rugby man ready to tac... Read more: $CG
Interim PartnerRe CEO Zwiener engages with Carlyle Group as an Operating Executive. alerts from
Tommee Tippee is at the centre of a takeover battle between Chinese private equity group CDH and Carlyle.
Have they rolled out Dame Pauline yet? Somebody should ask her about QinetiQ/Carlyle Group/scanners when they do*&* MoD sell…
The Carlyle Group is believed to be considering an offer for Ardent Leisure [ASX: AAD], the Australian Financial Review
David Zwiener `77 engaged as Operating Executive with The Carlyle Group's Financial Services team:
Yuki? 15 years ago, the Carlyle Group hired someone to threaten my life and my family's life. Can has flash mob?.
yes, after Dirk let me hear the screams of a girl about to die, Mike used "Carlyle Group" to say "i can kill you".
Mike: I Am a member of the Carlyle Group, you know. Me: Ya. Mike: You hear? I'm a member of the CARLYLE GROUP. that was a threat.
Scorch anyone licensed by the Carlyle Group named Mike.
Bernie's line "speeches behind closed doors" burns the Bushie/Carlyle Group. Oh, Mike said he was Carlyle. Bragged it. "I have a license.."
I saw a documentary (Canadian?) about The Carlyle Group and the Bush Family. I bet it was never shown in the U.S.
. Yes they R. Bilderberg group, Carlyle group, Bank of Int'l Settlements (Swiss). All pieces of Rothschild family empire
the 80s , start of the carlyle group.. ne pas bon and afghanistan... and Heroin is still being pumped out of Afghan.
Christina carlyle grudge unturned out-group raintight-incarnate be agreeable to pectineus fish day book review: GAID
How The Carlyle Group uses to build its business via
Great older article on the Carlyle Group ->> totally accurate description of a successful sociopath
Great older article on the Carlyle Group...
That's some serious inflation since the days of $10-20K per speech for members/staff/associates of the Carlyle Group and/or PNAC.
Pick your Bush 41 or 43 or Jeb, they were all terrible. The Carlyle Group business with Bin Laden. Cheney with Genie Energy
Can somebody get this low IQ Carlyle Group pawn off the air. Beyond INCOMPETENT
Trust me Carlyle, we WUSS inna the group.
. True Am Zionists are war mongerer and MIComplex, Carlyle group members
Carlyle Group-backed housing project to break ground
Carlyle and Blackstone Group are the real terrorists.
Tony Blair -sold us lies weapons mass destruction John Major - part of Carlyle group uses other people's money and Gordon!!
Wholesale Trading Co-Op is Acquired by The Carlyle Group and Rebrands as Wholesale Trading Insurance Services - PR… ht…
David M. Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group asked an audience at a conference to whom, among the presidential hopefuls…
Private Equity Industry Shows Tepid Support for U.S. Candidates: David M. Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group aske...
It's key to follow your key vendors and product lines as consolidation continues in the tech space
The Carlyle Group and have agreed to cut top line purchase price by $600m! >
Andrew Chung, ex-Carlyle Group employee, takes lease in Midtown for new RE firm IPG management. Story:
Congratulations to our client on their investment from The Carlyle Group, proving that talent is key in investment decisions
The Carlyle Group kicks off 2016 with two new funds
US Carlyle Group to buy corrupt EADS contract in Romania according to HANDELSBLATT
what about Bush (Sr.) a member of the Carlyle Group. The firm is almost entirely made up of...
Carlyle Group's deal to purchase Symantec's Veritas was set for $8B and dropped to $7.4B -
Carlyle Group drops price for Symantec's Veritas to $7.4B via healthcaredive
so its blackstone and the Carlyle group working with the Saudis to bankrupt the little guys is what they mean by that
Saudis ‘will not destroy the US shale industry’ | via Blackstone & Carlyle Group to the rescue? Right
EXCLUSIVE: Carlyle Group invests in housing project via SFBusinessTimes
Hillary Clinton's speaking fees. It would be interesting to hear her speech to the Carlyle Group which is the...
Did Business Talent Group (Sen Warrens's daugher's co) help get Anthony Welters (VP-UHC) on the board of Carlyle, a client of the firm?
The Business Talent group hails Carlyle as a client, where VP to United HC Anthony Welters sits as chairman
With Carlyle Group buying up all fresh-water fed local water companies around world & in Montana, Flint Michigan today, tomorrow the world..
EXCLUSIVE: Carlyle Group invests in Oakland housing project via
EXCLUSIVE: Carlyle Group invests in housing project
Muddy waters: What exactly is The Carlyle Group up to? Last week, The Carlyle Group appeared to sell Mountain Water…
Herbert Smith Freehills advises PA Consulting Group on investment by the Carlyle Group
Reagan's former sec of defense Frank Carlucci, then head of the Carlyle Group was there
Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein says the U.S. can expect a recession in 1-3 years
Carlyle Group bets on Bay Area mobile home park
Carlyle Group tests out new path in mobile homes:
What makes mobile home parks worth the Carlyle Group's while?
SOLD 39.75p taking profits ahead of its takeover by Carlyle
Carlyle Group's $992M Japan raise: D.C.-based private equity giant The Carlyle Group is at it again, a day after we…
Carlyle Group LP raised $4.2 billion for its seventh U.S. real estate fund, meeting the top end of its target...
"dad, what does the Carlyle Group want me to say?"
no I don't agree. You got another liberal group Kuntz. Carlyle was rude and butted in on every body
Yep, happily working for the Vush family's investment firm The Carlyle Group!
Carlyle says it has raised $992 million for Japan fund - TOKYO (Reuters) - U.S. private equity firm Carlyle Group ...
With the Bush Family heavily invested in the Carlyle Group, any military action creates $$ revenue for the Bush Family. War--> u $$
look out for new Carlyle Group project by subsidiary Mostly(?) STEM/research >plastics. C
partnering with the Carlyle Group of course
Carlyle’s third Japanese buyout fund raises about $1 bln - The Carlyle Group said Wednesday that its third Japanes...
The Bush & Clinton Crime Families & the Carlyle Group As well as the Khazarian Zionist mafia need to ALL be in prison for treason.
Why aren't we told what happens in Bilderberg Group meetings, or the Carlyle Group
I like this game. I would like: The staying power of the mid-calf sock, Canadian masculinity + Carlyle Group Undone
Carlyle Group raises $4.2B for new real estate fund: From the New York website: One of…
The Carlyle Group and The Chertoff Group Acquire Majority Stake in Coalfire ... - Business Wire (press release) http:/…
NEW - The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group
SYMANTEC: Carlyle Group agreed to buy Symantec's Veritas data-storage unit for $8 billion in the biggest U.S. leveraged buyout this year
There goes the Nation, The largest one is California Teachers Association-Hedge-fund owned by the Carlyle Group...
Who owns public water systems in the West? In legal battle between Missoula & the Carlyle Group, Missoula is winning: ht…
George H. W. Bush gave lectures and joined corporate boards for firms like the investment giant the Carlyle Group.
Buyouts Snapshot: Talking top quartile with Allan Holt of Carlyle Group: Allan Holt, co-head of Carlyle’s U.S.
if fair were fair every time you talk about Jeb Bush you'd bring up Carlyle Group but you won't. Creating appearance, only
The Carlyle Group has sold French software company Metrologic Group to Astorg Partners for an undisclosed sum. More to follow.
Carlyle to sell Majority Stake in Metrologic Group, a provider of 3D inspection software, to Astorg Partners
Firms owned by Carlyle Group such as Hertz & Loews donated to Booz Allen Hamilton - alone - gave it $1-to-5 million
Let's go there! Let's compare House of Saud & Carlyle Group to Clinton Foundation & Global Initiative. FUN!
Bush, Blair & Major seem to be associated with The Carlyle Group
traditional taxi group acquired by Carlyle now in distressed due to Uber.
Why did the never hold Cheney/Halliburton and Bush/Carlyle Group to the fire as they do Hillary?
This is nothing but a "BS" book promotion of a Murdoch operative. Bush and Carlyle Group or GOP Koch goes unmentioned.
Christina carlyle look to decanal side kinship group tight-commence watered sphincter on the double airing: KhbX
NISKA, owned by The Carlyle Group & Riverstone Holdings has collapsed due to low oi... via
CFR puppet Reagan helps set up the CFR's Carlyle Group CFR's Carluccci
.uR a CFR mbr how much of the Def Bud become CFR Carlyle group profits? …
Actually you'll find Labour started the privatisation in 2005. Carlyle group currently holds £1b of NHS contracts.
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9/11 was also good for The Carlyle Group.
Not only is his BS an affront to democracy, John Major is a director of the ridiculously shady Carlyle Group which profits from war
Booz Allen is The Carlyle Group. They suck to work for.
was he blackmailed or corrupt when he crashed the economy then became chairman of SOROS backed carlyle group?
Why will Carlyle not play zone with this group?
Clinton s chief of staff was also on the board of the carlyle group.
John Major, PM during 'arms to Iraq' scandal & ex-Chairman of war profiteering Carlyle Group warns us about "a recipe for mayhem"
when you hold a glass of water under the spigot; remember that you are trusting Carlyle group with your life
Carlyle Group will acquire a majority stake in asset services firm Conifer Financial Services
Falling Energy Prices Dent Carlyle Funds: Falling oil and natural gas prices took a bite out of Carlyle Group’...
I got a blank space baby and I'll write your name (even though I did the whole group project)
Carlyle Group to acquire Conifer Financial Services.. - Finextra (press release): Carlyle Group to acquire Con...
Carlyle Group buys majority stake in admin firm Conifer.
Carlyle Group to acquire majority stake in hedge fund admin Conifer Financial Services (firm combined AuA of $100bn).
QinetiQ, the Carlyle Group even gave John Major a job after 1997. Sir Michael Spicer and have been / are my MP's
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If Mr. Shade is a Carlyle Group asset then control passed from BRICS to the World Bank...just like Ukraine.
Does the Carlyle Group and Blackstone Imdustries own Freescale and thus Mr. Shade?
Group(PBR528) to acquire majority stake in 200 client $100B in assets Financial Services. $CG
Carlyle Group is most bullish on this: Rubenstein
Puckett: Carlyle Group paid $111 million for AVR parent company in 2011. Divide that by the 3 units and it's $36.3 million per unit.
Carlyle group oil is best investment right now
it sure is, we all know that Halal money REALLY goes to the reptilian guarded Carlyle Group vault under Building 7
Carlyle Group CEO: Oil is best investment right now -
think about it. The Carlyle group. The Iran Contra affair. Every administration treats the villain w …
Carlyle looks like genius now. He somehow guided this rag tag group of ne’er-do-wells to 21 wins & a .563 win.%
Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein finding value in the beaten up energy sector
Why Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein is not waiting for the oil bottom »
Why I'm not waiting for the oil bottom: Rubenstein: Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein told CNBC he is not waiti...
Carlyle Group sells Pure Student Living to LetterOne for £532m
Sick lying propaganda for their corporate masters and the Carlyle group
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
you may like this re MH370. Near Agreement to Buy Freescale Semi. Carlyle Group, Blackstone owners
Feb 26 Reuters - Carlyle Group LP paid its co-president who was hired last year from JPMorgan Chase Co 31
He was treated like garbage, just like Carlyle. The management group is AWFUL in Toronto.
One of my NGo group fundraising in maryale northern cape VALENtinEs day
Carlyle, Warburg to Challenge Ratings Agencies: Officials with private-equity firms Carlyle Group LP and Warbu...
Carlyle Group continues to reduce stake in Booz Allen Hamilton
George Soros, Bill Clinton and Carlyle Group would not have it any other way.
"London VFX software developer The Foundry, has been put up for sale by its owners Carlyle Group."
I love that other investors are doing musical holiday videos! Check out this one from (Carlyle Group)
'Corporate mezzanine, private equity,. Carlyle Group is the place to be.' via
"Cheney's link to Halliburton and Bush's link to the Carlyle group are examples of politicians aligned with warmongering corporations."
The just released a holiday video inspired by Click here and see the Co-CEO drop some rhymes.
Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein goes to the studio to record a private equity rap video.
Giant Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein sends out a holiday rap to investors
Who are The Carlyle Group, and how are they conne…: . One Of The Most Powerful Private Equity
““Carlyle Group puts The up for sale - Wow. Big news!
Televisual is reporting that The Foundry is being put up for sale by private equity firm Carlyle Group
I actually LOVE the Carlyle Group private equity rap by David Rubinstein. Thought I would hate it.
Carlyle Group puts The Foundry up for sale
One of private equity giant Carlyle Group CEOs raps his holiday message to investors
NOW u'll Understand why USA spends 60% of budget on defense! Watch 48 min expose of Carlyle Group:"The Iron Triangle"
One of the most powerful CEOs rapped his holiday message 2 investors brilliant marketing
What do Ringling Bros, Carlyle Group, URS, have on common? Nefarious investor Richard Blum
GH why is the NSA-CFR connection missing from the debate?
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