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Carlos Beltran

Carlos Iván Beltrán (born April 24, 1977 in Manatí, Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican professional baseball outfielder for the St.

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Carlos Beltran was part of a group of Royals who were super nice to me and a friend while autograph seeking during…
How much did a mean to Carlos Beltran? In the joy of 2013 pennant, his wife described it to me:
In related news, Carlos Beltran has to go into the Hall of Fame as a Met, right?
Carlos Beltran finally wins a World Series. Where he should have in 2004!
Carlos Beltran was holding the World Series trophy like a baby. He put it gently in his locker, behind a protective sheet…
In his 20th major league season, Carlos Beltran is a World Series champion.
Carlos Beltran was one of 3 active players with 2,500+ games played who had never won a WS. Still ring-free: Adrian Beltre &…
It's at least a little weird that Carlos Beltran got his ring playing for the Astros, considering the reception he got in Houston for years.
Carlos Beltran's first ring came in 20th season. Icing on the cake of Hall of Fame career.
Carlos Beltrán, future Hall of Famer and one of the most respected players this century, is 4 innings from his first
if Carlos Beltran decides to retire after winning a ring should the Astros offer him the vacant bench coach position
In his 20th season, Carlos Beltran finally gets his ring.
Congrats to ex-Yankees Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann for being able to call themselves champions.
Carlos Beltran sheds tears after Astros win Game 7 of the World Series, proves there actually is crying in baseball…
Happy for Carlos Beltran, FINALLY won a ring 💍
Carlos Beltran's exceptional MLB career wouldn't have been complete without a World Series ring. Now, he's got one. https:…
No one deserved a championship more than this guy right here. Nothing but respect for Carlos Beltran and couldn’t be happier…
Texas has its first World Series title. Carlos Beltran has his first championship ring. Jeff Luhnow has built a team that will…
Couldn’t be happier for Carlos Beltran, he really deserved it
Boom baby. With the prizes, I got 2004 Carlos Beltran, Orel Hershiser and Jack Morris.
Carlos Beltran unsure about his retirement plans
Quite a shot there of Carlos Beltran. Tears in his eyes after finally winning a World Series.
Carlos Beltran looking at his World Series Ring later like
If Carlos Beltran retires this winter, he'll do so as the owner of 69 career WAR.
How drunk did Carlos Beltran get last night?
It's safe to say that if Carlos Beltran didn't practice off of Mr. Clanky's pitch-o-matic as a kid, he wouldn't be here…
After 20 years, Carlos Beltran finally got his ring. Now, retirement could be calling his name:
What it looks like to win your 1st ring after 20 seasons.
No1 deserves this more than Carlos Beltran. HOF career &one of the most respected guys in the game. After 20 seasons, hes finally a Champion
. homered for in Game 7, won a title and retired. Will Carlos Beltran or Andre Ethier do the sam…
Carlos Beltran hits the final walk off hit in Shea Stadium history vs Cubs
Congrats to Carlos Beltran on finally winning a World Series! His contribution will never be forgotten in St. Louis!
The greatest Mets Centerfielder of all time, Carlos Beltran. Thank you
lost to the champs. Rings for Carlos Beltran (finally) and Brian McCann. Masahiro Tanaka, your move.
Good for you Carlos Beltran. Good for you!
I’m all for David Ross getting the fame he got last year. But how is Carlos Beltran not getting it this year. Been a GAM…
This is Carlos Beltran in his rookie season in 1998. . 20 seasons later, he's won his first World Series.
Tonight has been a long time coming for Carlos Beltran
Gotta love Carlos Beltran clowning on David Ortiz for not using any notes
Very happy for Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann for their first titles. Two of the really good guys.
Alex Bregman said that he was so happy to see Carlos Beltran win a ring.
Congrats, Astros! Especially, Carlos Beltran, former Cardinal and future hall of famer! ⚾️
Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Mike Sweeney, Carlos Beltran, and Joe Randa were all my guys.
Jose Altuve has 7 HRs this postseason. He's one away from Carlos Beltran's record of 8.
The future of the (back in 2000): Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran, and Jermaine Dye
ICYMI: Former great Carlos Beltran has a chance to finally win a World Series. The 40-year-old and the Astr…
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What current players will be the biggest hall of fame conundrums? Bball: Vince Carter. Baseball: Carlos Beltran. Fball: Phil Rivers/Frank Gore
Then you have the group that's going to the playoffs. Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday, Chase Utley, Rajai Davis...
Gary Sanchez looks like a chubby Carlos Beltran.
I laughed about this during the WBC when they hyped Puerto Rico as led by Carlos Beltran and Yadier Molina.
Carlos Beltran has 1584 career RBI. Just one more and he will be alone at 41st in history, passing Harmon Killebrew and Rogers Hornsby.
With 2 RBI Wednesday, Carlos Beltran has 1,584 for his career, tying Hall of Famers Rogers Hornsby and Harmon Kille…
not gonna lie Carlos Beltran > Mike Rutherford but, National University... *** bro, must've been a…
2004: Carlos Beltran to BOS (for Kevin Youkilis and Kelly Shoppach) or NYY (for Robinson Cano).
Some are students of the game. Others are teachers. . OF Carlos Beltran is the latter.
Ryan Howard, Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran are all names that come to mind for me. Jose Reyes, maybe.
Carlos Beltran hasn't played outfield since May so the Astros wore black tops & held a funeral for his outfield glove,…
Players with 25+ HRs as members of the Cards and Mets:. Keith Hernandez, Gregg Jefferies, Bernard Gilkey, Carlos Beltran, Todd Zeile.
Carlos Beltran (including the year he was traded), Jose Bautista, Cecil Fielder, Dean Palmer, and Jay Bell.
Rick Porcello got Carlos Beltran a homer for Father's Day. That's sweet.
Mike Napoli has left the game with back spasms, Joey Gallo is at 1B. Joey Gallo fails to field Carlos Beltran's hard grounder
Neil Walker Jake Lamb Adam Liberatore and cards Carlos Beltran are the mt Rushmore of BR
Carlos Beltran hit his 427th career home run, tying him with Mike Piazza for 49th in major league history.
Cozart is the first visiting player to homer in 5 consecutive games at Wrigley Field since Carlos Beltran in 2004, tying record…
Astros DH Carlos Beltran belted his longest home run since August of 2015 during Tuesday night's matchup against...
Last night, 40-year-old Carlos Beltran homered off 43-year-old Age is just a number, kids. http…
May 4, AB 5: Nomar Mazara flies out to left fielder Carlos Beltran.
Closer by committee working well. We should trade Melancon for Carlos Beltran or Mike Leake or something
Holliday was teammates with Albert Pujols, Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, Lance Berkman, Carlos Beltran, and Matt Ca…
Matt Holliday has played with studs, Todd Helton, Albert Pujols, Carlos Beltran that's one *** of a compliment to Judge
Astros have Carlos Beltran in left tonight. Robinson Cano doubled to left on a play that Alex Gordon would've made w/ his eyes shut.
PR about to catch a L bigger than this one, Carlos Beltran, you wilding 💀
I never cheered against Carlos Beltran when he left the Astros, but I will be cheering against Lukaku.
I hope someone told Carlos Beltrán to get rid of this before the Dominicans rightly and w/o mercy roast him tonight
Id be dammed if we lose to Carlos Beltran with a blonde beard tonight.
A great read on team of the future by his former employer. .
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Carlos Correa on teammate and mentor Carlos Beltran: "He has an old body, and a young soul.''
Donald Trump watches Carlos Beltran strike out looking to end the Met’s 2006 season
Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and Carlos Beltran catch up during batting practice. https:…
Not counting Carlos Beltrán, I think the most important Astro will be Chris Devenski.
The Mets started the blonde! TJ Rivera, Rene Rivera, Seth Lugo have took the blonde to Puerto Rico including the likes o…
On Carlos Beltran, Carlos Correa bridging generation gap with
1\2 WOW looking stats Carlos Beltran the oldest player in team PUR have reach basel how many times is amzng
I don't think we've talked about Carlos Beltran's beard enough.
Carlos Beltran has a blonde beard...
It's was a freewheelin' free-form fun discussion, with a digression about Carlos Beltran's beard
Carlos Beltran, Carlos Correa bridging generation gap with...
Carlos Beltran, Carlos Correa bridging generation gap with Astros
The first HR at Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is by Carlos Beltran, down the left-field line against Oliver Perez.
Here is Carlos Beltran working with Jose Reyes . Listen ppl; no matter how good you are you are always learning...
José Reyes taking batting practice with Carlos Beltran earlier today. "Beltran my teacher".
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Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran are taking batting practice together right now, according to Reyes' Snapchat.
Jose Reyes got hitting advice from Carlos Beltran. Oh good, I have someone to blame if Reyes has a bad year.
Jose Reyes got hitting advice today from Carlos Beltran
Veterans Josh Reddick, Brian McCann & Carlos Beltran join the young core in 2017! Hear from manager on
This ESPN post says that Carlos Beltran will be the next to wear a cap in the Hall of Fame:
Carlos Beltran and Adrian Beltre who both debuted in 98 are the active Position left that played in the 1990s...Bartolo Colon
The have agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Carlos Beltran. Welcome back to H-Town,
talked about Carlos Beltran last night on mentioned the no trade clause.
Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon, who have an average age of 40, combined to sign for $49 million this winter.
The last time Carlos Beltran played for Houston they had Jeff Bagwell. This year is Bagwell's seventh on the HOF ballot.
Colby Rasmus for $15.8 million last year. Carlos Beltran for $16 million for this year.
Don't underestimate Alex Cora's presence as Astros bench coach when it comes yo signing Carlos Beltran
Friend of Carlos Beltran thinks he'd fit in Boston because of relationship with Victor Rodriguez and Allard Baird, who drafted him in KC
I was once at a game where David Ross hit a flyball and nearly ended Mike Cameron's career on a collision with Carlos Beltran.
Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Carlos Beltran all have a stolen base this season
Carlos Beltran gave the scoreboard operater a break by literally tallying his own hit. (via
Tanaka just walked a batter. Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran, and Alex Rodriguez were all the last time Tanaka walk…
In keeping with history we could have a platoon in right. Possibilities: Amos Otis, Johnny Damon, Bo Jackson, Carlos Beltran
What if the Rangers still had Omar Beltre, Engel Beltre, signed Adrian Beltre, and now got Carlos Beltran? Have you ever thought about it?
A historic stretch of success is coming to an end. The Yankees have waved the white flag and stepped into a new era. http…
It said to see Carlos Beltran,Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapmen, Ivan Nova go but what a great job by Brian Cashman
By adding Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Beltrán, the Rangers position themselves for a deep playoff run.
Carlos Beltran Is a sexy trick that dances butts
Carlos Beltran and cash for Dillon Tate, Erik Swanson and Nick Green: Carlos Beltran is a Texas Ranger, with ...
Yanks send to Rangers for three prospects
Carlos Beltran Is a sexy boss that *** farts
Yankees shipping Carlos Beltran to Rangers for pitching prospect
Rangers make splash at deadline, fortifying lineup with Lucroy, Beltran (by
Yankees embrace future while Mets double down on present at trade deadline - USA TODAY
ICYMI: Carlos Beltran bids farewell to the after spending 3 seasons in New York:
"The have acquired Carlos Beltran and Jonathan Lucroy." . 👆🏻 that still hasn't sunk in yet 🙄
Carlos Beltran Wants a farty gangsta that smokes jugs
Carlos Beltran: Yankees trading me was smart... Via News Break:
I think Ima miss Carlos Beltran the most
MLB trade deadline Mets add Jay Bruce to offence; Yankees subtract Carlos Beltran in search for prospects
After all these trades the Yankees have made, I'm excited for the future, but *** I'm going to miss Carlos Beltran.
OFFICIAL: trade 2016 All-Star Carlos Beltran to Texas for trio of RHP prospects:
Ex-Falcon pitcher Nick Green is reported to be 1 of 3 players traded by Texas to the Yankees for Carlos Beltran.
The win final trade day with Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Beltran and Jeremy Jeffress, emerging as AL favorites https…
With Carlos Beltran trade, Yankees raise another flag -- the white one -
THIS JUST IN: Rangers agree to trade for Yankees OF Carlos Beltran. (via
Carlos Beltran Knows a hot trick that programs thugs
Rangers clear favorites after adding
Red Sox had shot to get Carlos Beltran from Yankees... Via News Break:
Rangers stand out on busy trade deadline day: Jonathan Lucroy got a deal he liked, Carlos Beltran joined him ...
Rangers have acquired All-Star OF Carlos Beltran and cash from the NY Yankees for RHPs Nick Green, Erik Swanson and Dillon…
Yankees is winner as seller so Cashman is one of a kind (How could get Carlos Beltran for Dillon Tate with TBD)
2015 4th overall pick Dillon Tate is now w/ after being traded for Carlos Beltran. 👓 go well w/ pinstripes! htt…
Rangers to acquire Carlos Beltran from Yankees for Dillon Tate,... Via News Break:
.acquire Carlos Beltran, cash from for RHPs Dillon Tate, Nick Green, Erik Swanson. http…
The have acquired RHPs Dillon Tate, Erik Swanson and Nick Green from Texas in exchange for OF Carlos Beltran
If the can get Dillon Tate for old *** Carlos Beltran, imagine what the could've gotten for Kemp...
Carlos Beltran is the anti Lance Berkman. This could end up ok.
any chance we can have a reunion on Ruben Tejada and Carlos Beltran? Because we need an SS and OF is becoming an issue...
So, Aroldis Chapman and Carlos Beltran for Kris Bryant and Jake Arrieta, right?. Who says no?
One trade that may be possible in the upcoming fun days, but a long shot, is that the Mets try to reunite Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran
Reports that the Marlins on verge of a huge deal sending Tyler Kolek to the Yankees for Carlos Beltran (
The discussed a trade earlier this season that would've brought Carlos Beltran back to Kansas City:
Carlos Beltran with his 522nd career double tying Johnny Damon, Garret Anderson & Ed Delahanty for 46th all-time. Next up Willie Mays at 523
Rumor: could find a home for Carlos Beltran with the White Sox, a report says:
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ATM Carlos Beltran's INQUIZIE ranking is 1,682. Agree or disagree?
2016 MLB All-Star Game: Carlos Beltran, Andrew Miller, and Dellin Betances will represent the Yankees
How about having Carlos Beltran in the Homerun derby. When will that be announced?
Carlos Beltran is gonna represent the Yankees in the All Star Game and then get traded. Possibly same for Andrew Miller. Bummer
Shocker. is petitioning to trade Carlos Beltran. Never seen that one before...
Here's a piece from ESPN about the Yankees situation with Carlos Beltran. Must read.
I yelled "Carlos Beltran is an all-star!" while riding the Gatekeeper at Cedar Point 😊🎉
And Carlos Beltran still plays baseball. Crazy world.
Carlos Beltran been playing baseball in the MLB since I was 5 years old..
If Carlos Beltran still plays baseball, well, so does Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., and Nomar Garciaparra.
Yankees in desperate need of a big bat, especially since they're gonna trade Carlos Beltran at the deadline
Carlos Beltran has more Homeruns this season than Trout,Cabrera,Gonzalez, and Stanton
Carlos Beltran being voted onto AS team by players when he can't play a defensive position is an insult to other snubbed stars
Carlos Beltran is slugging .571. That leads all American League outfield qualifiers.
Carlos Beltran: "Oh my God, man, you make 39 sound like it's horrible."
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Doubles from Carlos Beltran & Mark Teixeira in the 4th help lift the to a 5-0 lead vs Chicago! https:/…
Yoenis Céspedes will be first Mets player to start as an outfielder in All-Star Game since Carlos Beltrán in 2007.
Yankees should let All-Star Carlos Beltran go try to win a title
Carlos Beltran on earning a spot in the 2016 at age 39.
Congrats to my fellow Puerto Rican Carlos Beltran for making the All Star Game Roster!! Also big congrats to Adam Duvall for being selected!
Beautiful work from How We Play Baseball in Puerto Rico in the
Carlos Beltran, Dellin Betances & Andrew Miller to represent in 2016 https:/…
Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, and 39 yr old Carlos Beltran are the Yankees Representatives in the 2016 MLB All-Star Ga…
Jun 9, AB 3: Alex Rodriguez out on a sacrifice fly to center fielder Mike Trout. Brett Gardner scores. Carlos Beltran to 3rd.
June 12th is Yankees Old Timers day. Scheduled appearances by Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Carlos Beltran and others.
Carlos Beltran is really turning back the clocks this year
now move Avisail Garcia & Carson Fulmer to the for Andrew Miller & Carlos Beltran then we're contenders again. Go Rick!
If I'm the Yanks I'm offering the Cubs Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran for Kyle Schwarber, Ian Happ, Duane Underwood, and Jeimer Candelario.
Carlos Beltran: "There wasn't anything on the field Bernie [Williams] couldn't do."
Carlos Beltran may be phasing out A-Rod before he even returns Kevin Kernan reports
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Carlos Beltran is a Hall of Famer. So are Andruw Jones, Curt Schilling Mike Mussina and Jeff Kent. Helton, Walker and (maybe) Edmonds?
Carlos Beltran at 399 career HR, Mark Teixeira at 397. Maybe they can hit their 400th back-to-back Jermaine Dye/Paul Konerko style
What are the odds that Gary Cohen brings up the Mike Cameron/Carlos Beltran collision at some point this weekend? 4 games …
Jimmy Rollins, Alex Rodriguez, and Carlos Beltran are three. I can't think of the fourth.
With Alex Rodriguez on the DL, Yankees manager Joe Girardi has Carlos Beltran batting third and as the DH. Aaron...
Just mentioned on the telecast: Carlos Beltran's 1st inn. double ties him with Babe Ruth/Jimmy Rollins for 54th all-time (506)
Carlos Beltran just tied Babe Ruth for 54th on the all-time doubles list with 506.
Update: Carlos Beltran hits a solo Home Run off of the Nick Vincent.
Last time the Mets hit three homeruns in an inning in a road game was July 16, 2006 when Cliff Floyd, Carlos Beltran, David Wright did it.
The last time the Mets hit 3 HRs in an inning on the road was July 16, 2006 at Wrigley. Cliff Floyd, Carlos Beltran, David…
Every time I see Jonathan Niese, do I think about Carlos Beltran offering to pay for surgery on his busted nose? Yes, yes I do.
I have jay Bruce, Mark trumbo and Carlos Beltran if kemp doesn't hold up
@ B1-1o: Carlos Beltran singles on a ground ball to 3B Josh Donaldson.
Carlos Beltran confident he can win World Series with Yankees - New York Daily News
Mark Teixeira rips an RBI single into left scoring Carlos Beltran to give the a 2-1 lead!
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.you wrote "David Ortiz"; you meant "Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and CC Sabathia"
Slade Heathcott & Carlos Beltran just had a near-collision in RF. Heathcott, as usual, running all out. Could hear "I got it!" from here.
For what it's worth, Alex Rodriguez (40), Carlos Beltran (38), and Mark Teixeira (35) all will have played in... https:/…
how about when they signed guys like Keith Hernandez, Robin Ventura, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, traded for Delgado or Carter
Yes, my accounting wasn't factoring in payments to Carlos Beltran, Bret Saberhagen and Bobby Bonilla. Sorry.
Carlos Beltran and Andrew Miller for Lance McCullers and George Springer from Astros would be legit
It makes me sad if Jim Edmonds gets no HOF traction, both because he deserves induction and because Carlos Beltran has the same case.
You'd think. The decline of defense is a steady slow, like a wedge. See: Beltran, Carlos. Power can be unplugged.
With Roberts and Cervelli out, Carlos Beltran is going to Tigers, confirmed.
Yankees' Carlos Beltran offers support to ex-Mets teammate Jose Reyes after domestic violence ...
Eventually the entire Yankee roster will consist of Carlos Beltran, CC Sabathia, Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley.
Carlos Beltran goes on tour with T. Swift. Jacoby Ellsbury tastes octopus for first time. Justin Wilson is cold. Brett Gardner eats a spider
Carlos Beltran, Bret Saberhagen and the best players to play for both the Mets and Royals:
Shout to Zack Grienke. Shout to Jermaine Dye. Shout to Mike Sweeney. Shout to Carlos Beltran. Shout to Johnny Damon. Shout to Joe Randa
I'm still complaining about Carlos Beltran and the curve ball from Adam Wainwright.
The list of people to play for the Mets and Royals includes Carlos Beltran, Angel Berroa, David Cone, Jeff Francoeur, Jose Lima, Hideo Nomo.
how long before they start talking Kenny Rogers and Carlos Beltran? Geez...
TD in '12 get HRs by Allen Craig, Daniel Descalso and Carlos Beltran, twice, propelling them to a 12-4 win over Nats in the NLDS.
So 10 years later, who's career is better, Bernie Williams or Carlos Beltran?
Oh did you forget Carlos Beltran turns into Ted Williams in the playoffs?
Josh Rutledge singles on a line drive to right fielder Carlos Beltran.
Carlos Beltran grounds into a double play, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to second baseman Josh Rutledge to first baseman Travis Shaw. Alex Ro
Reminds me of the Mike Cameron & Carlos Beltran collision at Petco Park in '05 😁
Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann both go yard as Yankees defeat Mets, 5-0.
Gary Cohen and Kieth Hernandez agreed that Carlos Beltran was the best Mets OF ever. And suggested that
@ T6-1o: Dioner Navarro singles on a pop up to RF Carlos Beltran, deflected by 1B Greg Bird.
Yoenis Cespedes for NL MVP? If Manny Ramirez didn't get it in 2008 or Carlos Beltran in '04, then no way has Cespedes earned it.
Not to mention Ryan Howard over Carlos Beltran in 2006.
Bob Lutz: After examination, Carlos Beltran belongs in the Hall of Fame
Greg Bird, John Ryan Murphy and Carlos Beltran each homered in an 8-run 2nd inning that put the Yankees way out...
in the past 5 years, the only acquisition for the Giants that failed was, ironically, Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler
Carlos Beltran's first RBI was Johnny Damon, by the way. Dwight Gooden started for Indians in that game. I got to wondering.
sounds like the Giants trading Zack wheeler for an old(but great for you guys the next year lol) Carlos Beltran
Carlos Beltran has now hit safely in 15 of his last 17 games with a stand-up double in the 4th!
I just got Carlos Beltran and Lance Berkman mixed up I feel ashamed
...if you just can't forget the 2006 NLCS just watch this clip of Carlos Beltran, Endy Chavez.. Molina
Carlos Beltran with his 382nd career home run ties Jim Rice and Frank Howard for 65th all-time.
In an effort to improve our offense, I've acquired OF Carlos Beltran. Off to the Bronx goes Lucas Duda/Curtis Granderson/Michael Conforto.
Dellin Betances and Carlos Beltran gotta be related
Carlos Beltran: 381st career HR , tying Albert Belle for 67th place all-time.
When broke off a wicked Uncle Charlie to Carlos Beltran in the 06 NLCS Just got chills thinking about it..
Trout becomes the 4th active player to get a hit in his first 4 ASG. The others: Josh Hamilton, Carlos Beltran, David Wright
in early 2000s Royals had Jermaine Dye, Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltran & Mike Sweeney in their primes. Couldn't get votes.
From the blog: When Garrett Jones and Carlos Beltran play OF, the 2015 Yankees pay the price for their origina...
A-Rod getes 5 RBIs, Carlos Beltran homers from both sides of plate in rout  -via ESPN
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GONE! Carlos Beltran goes deep off Ian Krol to give the a 9-0 lead over the
RBI single for Carlos Beltran! Headley scores.A-Rod thrown out at home. But we get another run and extend our lead over Miami to 2-0! #
Carlos Beltran singles to score another run. A-Rod attempted to score but was thrown out at home to end the inning.
I would have risked Alex Rodriguez getting out at home to if I knew Carlos Beltran and Steven Drew were coming up next.
Garret Jones & Carlos Beltran in the outfield is a real problem & you sacrifice Upside bat in Flores for a glove in Ryan.
Carlos Beltran: Find and go see them try to earn a spot in the playoffs! TIX
Carlos Beltran will forever have a special place in my heart ⚾️💙💙
Carlos Beltran just gunned out Mike Trout trying to tag-up from 1st to 2nd -- had 1st & 3rd no outs and didn't score.
ana, 3, David Freese flies into a double play, right fielder Carlos Beltran to shortstop Didi Gregorius. Mike Trout out at 2nd.
Two errors do no damage because of Carlos Beltran!! Lmao what
Carlos Beltran threw out Mike Trout... what the ***
How on gods green earth did Carlos Beltran just throw out Mike Trout. The man can barely throw a ball
For me it’s Carlos Beltran, his only movement the buckling of his knees, as Wainwright’s fastball goes 12-6 to end the 2006 NLCS
Just shook hands with carlos beltran, adam warren, arod, joe girardi and Mark Teixeira
We could use Carlos Beltran now. Should we undo the Wheeler trade too?
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If Carlos Beltran was Italian, would you touch him on the shoulder? — no
NEW YORK -- After missing Wednesday's and Friday's games because he fouled a ball off his foot, Carlos Beltran
I remember when people used to get on Carlos Beltran. Those same people would give an arm and a leg to have a guy like him now.
Remember when Carlos Beltran was left for dead a few weeks ago?
Yo! Carlos Beltran began to flower in May
Yankees' lineup vs. Los Angeles Angels: Carlos Beltran back in right field
FINAL: the score 6 in the 1st, defeat the 8-2. Brian McCann: 2-run HR. Carlos Beltran: 2-4, RBI, R
RBI base-hit for Carlos Beltran and take a 7-0 lead
Another run for the Carlos Beltran with a RBI single, 7-0 over the in the 2nd.
Carlos Beltran bloops a RBI single into right-center. It’s 7-0 Yanks.
Carlos Beltran: Find and see if they can take home a championship this season! TIX
So we've had Rigo and Carlos Beltran, and John and Julio and Matt Franco ...
Carlos Beltran takes time to sign with fans at spring training practice in
I would rather see Slade Heathcott than Carlos Beltran. Beltran stunk last year and has not improved this year.
Why were Carlos Beltran and Larry Walker IBB'd more often than ARod?
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Jacoby Ellsbury has left the game with what appeared to be a leg issue. Carlos Beltran enters.
That audio clip was when John Sterling used that as his home run call for Carlos Beltran.
Stephen Drew, Didi Gregorious, Garrett Jones and Carlos Beltran. All need to go. Get them out. Spend the money, and minor league players
Brett Gardner ties Brian McCann, Chase Headley, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and Garrett Jones for the Yankees’ team lead …
Alex Rodriguez, Chase Headley, Carlos Beltran, Brett Gardner and Mark Teixeira all hit HR's in the
Obviously you wouldn't promote him straight from AA, but it's almost a given that Aaron Judge could outperform Carlos Beltran right now.
yeah they've been good but we still need someone who's better than that bum Carlos Beltran and who can pick up the slack for
Since it's Pile On CC Day, maybe we should also discuss why Carlos Beltran is still allowed to draw breath?
Espn just listed Carlos Beltran as the 8th greatest CF of all time...changing channel
ESPN just listed Carlos Beltran as 8th greatest CF EVER! Am I missing something?
Seems like as good a time as any to link my story on out-of-position players once more:
Fair or not, Nash is on course to become the Rangers' Carlos Beltran
Joe Girardi is the only manager in baseball that thinks Carlos Beltran is better than Chris Young and Chris Young should …
Carlos beltran can't hit homeruns this year neither can Gregior petit
Carlos Beltran is the biggest joke.
I'm not sure that there are things in life slower than Carlos Beltran roaming an outfield.
It is absolutely, absolutely incredible Carlos Beltran is under contract to Yanks for '16. Oldest-looking 38 year old I've ever seen in MLB.
Goins is at third with a standup triple because Carlos Beltran has the knees of an arthritic 83 year old woman with osteoporosis.
Carlos Beltran is so butt. No hustle whatsoever
When was the last time Carlos Beltran put any effort into baseball? 2 years?
The entire American Revolution could be fought by the time Carlos Beltran could run down a line drive
look up Brian Runge/Carlos Beltran for a laughable incident. Ump doesn't have to stand his ground if Votto makes contact.
I'd trade Carlos Beltran for Curtis Granderson in a heartbeat!
On a scale of 1 to Tony Womack, how useless is Carlos Beltran?
I think I'm over Carlos Beltran and Stephen Drew wearing yankee uniforms
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