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Senator Harris: What's most insidious about the DACA issue is that we gave these kids a promise as a country.
What are 3 adjectives ppl use to describe you when not in room - Awesome career advice by Carla Harris. And mention…
When you see them trying to get me to date ugly black women or women it's because SYLVIA daughter DEA CARLA the one…
Carla Harris the investment manager wraps up as Carla Harris the singer!
Carla Harris shares her valuable pearls on career success. So exciting to have you here Carla!…
Carla Harris's Performance and Relationship currencies... Her strategize to Win is a must, must read.
Working hard is just not good enough. A lesson learnt and one shared by one of Wall Streets, Highest Ranking Africa…
Morgan Stanley's Carla Harris talks with to discuss the importance of "relationship currency," how to lever…
DEA Carla fed me dog food so the poison butter at Harris teeter here in Fairfax is mild compare to that abd stop sh…
Words of wisdom from Carla Harris, on how to get ahead.
Kamala Harris and Cory Booker just made Senate history
CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Carla Harris​ on the release of her companion Planner uniquely designed for Girls and Youn…
Secrets of the Wealthy Women of Wall Street is one of my favorite new podcasts. Come for Carla Harris, stay for Bar…
Right now I've been listening to:. Carla dal Forno. Ichiko Aoba. Shiina Ringo. Karin Dreijer Andersson. Liz Harris
I love this post by Carla Harris from program w/ Longevity App. (created with a.…
A couple books by Carla Harris and Ed Ruggero
Fear had no place in your success equation- Carla Harris
We are very excited to welcome Carla Harris of as this year's keynote speaker at 2018:…
Fear has no place in the success equation. -Carla Harris
Carla Harris gives life and career advice in powerful talk to her 25-year-old self.
Your authenticity is at the heart of your power. It is your distinct competitive advantage - Carla Harris ^AC
Carla Harris honored at Moves’ 2016 Power Women Awards Gala receiving the award
3 crucial people(s) that play key roles in helping you advance your Great tips by
Congratulations to Carla Harris and Phadi Abrham on winning X 2 tickets each to
.covered Carla Harris saying, "Don't be distracted by anything anybody else tells you."
"A song is not a song until you sing it" Carla Harris gives such a powerful speech tonight
The power of relationships at work: explains why relationship currency matters
Carla Harris shared valuable pearls of wisdom at the 3% Conference.
To Robert Miller, to Robert Callahan, to Stephanie Stone, Carla Harris Ross to Terry Simms, to Thomas Williams of...
Meet Kamala Harris. Senator-elect could become the first woman president ➡️ via
Hi Carla. Any early indications whom will replace Kamala Harris as our AG?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Carla Harris was amazing! Boldly intentional and inspiring!! What can you do if you are not scared?
Today, I attended a session from Carla Harris and I will be forever changed.Thank you Carla and
Carla Harris inspiring women to be bold.
Honored to have Carla Harris at this year. Learn more about here:
"Success does not just happen. You must be aggressive about using the resources that have been given to you."- Carla Har…
Every experience gives you one of two things- a blessing or a lesson and both are valuable . - Carla Harris
Carla Harris shares tips about how to have the life and career you deserve.
Carla Harris didn?t get to be Vice Chairman, Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley by luck
When Morgan Stanley's Carla Harris offers up advice, you definitely want to listen.
Front row and center for Carla Harris and her dynamic backing choir last night at Carnegie Hall!! What a show!...
Spotted at the Carla Harris lecture? See the photos.
Carla Harris, chair of the National Women’s Business Council, said many women of color
"When you in women, you see returns." - Carla Harris
The price of inaction is greater than the cost of a mistake - Meg Whitman quoted by Carla Harris (mb)
Carla Harris is very powerful sista she is a real black woman we need more women like her and not trap queens and milk Marie
Carla Harris: Managing Director of Morgan Stanley & recently appointed Chair of the Nat'l Women's Business Council by Pres. Barack Obama, was the invited keynote speaker for the 2014 City Year Denver- Women's Leadership Breakfast this morning. Last night at the VIP Reception for her and the leadership team we all learned she has an amazing talents & passion: (my apologies for the focus & lighting- it was very impromptu!)
Had a pretty good week @ work. Monday I sat in on a presentation by Carla Harris a managing director at Morgan Stanley; Author of "Expect to Win". And to top it off she is a 3 time gospel recording artist. She is fabulous! Tuesday and Wednesday worked from home. Thursday I had a training until noon that was awesome (I hate training classes especially repeats) and while in class the Lord was showing me all sorts of ways to incorporate what I learned into a my next message (some folks don't know I am a licensed Evangelist in COGIC). Today - Friday vacation just because I had more than 20 plus days to schedule between now and December. Thank you Lord for calm somewhere because other things surely kept me in prayer this week! the faith. on until change comes.
President Obama appoints Carla Harris as Chairperson of the National Women's Business Council -
I read this and started to tear up. I am so excited. Monday I start my Beth Moore Bible Studies with Carla Harris and then that Friday I am headed to Gen225. I believe God will move in a mighty way as long as I let him have control.
Morgan Stanley Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor, Carla Harris, Talks to CNBC about Women in the Workplace:
Tickets are available for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. HARTFORD ALUMNAE CHAPTER's 28th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Breakfast at the Connecticut Convent Center on Jan. 21. This year's keynote speaker is Carla Harris. Call (860) 306-8785 for more information.
one of the testimonies from tonight Again, I decree and declare I'm healed... Haven't taken my bp pills in three days... After a weekend of eating out and buffets, my bp reading is 116/75... Took it a second time 122/78... My readings use to be 140/96... Bottom number would sometimes reach in the 100's... I will live and not die... I will eat right... I will eat to live ONLY and NOT live to eat... I will not succumb to stress and worries cause God already knows and He's working on it as we speak...God is a healer!!! I dare you to just put your trust in Him!!! P.S. My vision is clearer too... glaucoma you have no chance!!! — with Carla Harris and Brandon Harris.
Sitting here missing my Texas family! Carla thank you for being the dearest and most loyal friend a girl could have. You put up with so much this weekend and even got a tattoo! I love you more than you will ever know. Carla Harris thank you for the beautiful light that you are and thank you for sharing your home last night. I love u! are so cool! I instantly knew I would love you..heres to 25 years of a new friendship! Kathy.thank you for just being you. Your smile and laughter will stay with me forever! Douglas...what can i made my weekend! I am so glad that you and your beautiful wife showed up on Friday. I love you friend! Kevin and two are troopers ...thank you so much for driving over so late last night, sharing in my pain and for the conversation...I am missing you both already! Don love! I am so, so glad you and I were able to spend the time we did together! I love, love, love you! Lorri.oh are truly one if the most amazing women and i kno ...
I've heard from some phenomenal women this week; movers and shakers and done deal makers. The women were intelligent, successful, giving, frank, funny, and so much more. Carla Harris, Donna Brazile, Peggy Noonan, Michellene Davis, (Gov's. Conf.) and many more. I then heard Sheila Brooks speak at the NAWBO dinner meeting; what an awesome story. She share both the good times and the serious challenges of business ownership. As a savvy smart and astute business woman, Sheila was able to overcome some really challenging times. She gave great tips and strategies that I am sure were of great value to the women business owners in the audience.
"Fear should never be a part of your decision making." - Carla Harris
Lord, Dee is alive. Speaking of Legends, I saw and spoke with 3 today -- Bill Cosby, Cicely Tyson and Carla Harris. What a moment!
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