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Carla Connor

Carla Connor (née Donovan; previously Gordon) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera Coronation Street, a long-running serial drama about working class life in the fictional town of Weatherfield.

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It's like they took Jayden from ARI and put him in Connor. I both love and hate Carla.
It's obvious that Connor is an android version of Jaden - judging by the gameplay) Abo…
If Connor could "become human" he'd be Jayden, Carla is Mad: curious, fearless and passionate. I lov…
Gamers! Does anyone else think Carla Valenti (Fahrenheit) evolved into Norman Jayden (Heavy Rain), who has evolved into Connor (Detroit)?
SMH Connor. Carla deserves better than this!!!
"Your headlines tonight, Carla Connor to return as fiery factory owner on Coronation Street... due to this I have t…
Toyah aint no Carla Connor Mr Barlow, you'll realise that soon enough
hey guess what... I miss Carla Connor
the face is roasted off me but I'm still here for Carla Connor
know it's cringe but having Carla Connor on my screen & all the friends I made because of Ali helped me through so much& im forever grateful
Carla Connor is to return to THIS IS NOT A JOKE. is coming back.
Carla Connor and wine is the best relationship of all time
Being in Devon really reinforces the fact to me that this is not the place for Carla Connor... Not alone, anyway.
I actually miss Carla Connor more than anything, love of my life
my little mini Carla Connor. You are so gorgeous and I'm proud to call you a friend. I love you so much ❤️
Goodbye Carla connor so sad that she has left corrie wont be the same a true classic
• I made my mum watch the Christmas corrie's yesterday and she met the icon that is Carla Connor…
I'm gonna make my mum watch the 2015 Christmas episode so she gets the joy of meeting Carla Connor
Gardaí renew appeal to help find missing teenager :
Weekly reminder that I miss Carla Connor and Bea Smith
When you realise that you have lost Carla Connor 💔
Re-watched the trailer & spotted this. Is this Carla Connor?!?
Wednesday Question Time: . 1. What book was Peter Barlow reading in prison? . (Clue: He kept a photo of Carla Connor inside this book)
Frank and Anne Foster, Carla Connor and a very drunk Peter Barlow 😂
Alison King to 'return to as Carla Connor'
Not even we viewers were worthy of the glory that was Carla Connor.
Can Carla Connor just come back now!!!
Coronation Street: ITV auction off wedding dress worn by Carla Connor -
Why am I getting irrationally angry at the treatment of a fictional woman by a tv show AGAIN? This is Carla Connor all over again.
Coronation Street fans can actually bid to buy Carla's wedding dress
Own your own piece of Coronation Street.
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You and Carla can hang out with me tomorrow night...not Connor
Carla Connor's wedding dress is to be put up for auction to raise money for charity.
You could help a great cause and win Carla Connor's wedding dress! Click the link for more details!
Oo corrie tonight can't wait coz Carla Connor am so happy
look at her strutting outta there was that Carla Connor ?
Faye definitely looks like a mini Carla Connor here!
Carla Connor is such an iconic Coronation Street character
Watching the Carla Connor Best Moments video makes me so proud of Ali 😭❤👏🏼
no, they make a terrible couple please do what it right and get Peter Barlow down to Devon for a certain ms Carla Connor.
Paul, Liam & Carla, fair enough, but the rest of the Connor rabble suddenly appearing from nowhere *still* doesn't feel right.
please settle a row! Did Carla Connor buy half the pub a few years ago or not! Am sure she did when Tony tried to trick Liz.???
Carla Connor - Corrie . - Literal loml . - The best soap character, don't even argue . - I'll never stop being angry…
How many Likes can we get for. Carla Connor
I went out tonight and forced everyone to watch Carla Connor scenes xox lmao why am j like this xox
forever wishing Carla Connor would randomly appear in spoilers
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K, but Carla Connor was so close to being related to Gail Platt (for more than five minutes) and I'm not over it.
Coronation Street is not the same without Carla Connor
that woman is me as soon as Carla Connor left Coronation Street ngl
Danny 😐 I am still so bitter about Alison King (Aka Queen Carla Connor) not winning that Best Soap actor award last year. 😠
Michelle needs Carla Connor in saying that so does corrie
She's acting more like Carla Connor than actual Carla Connor did
English prelim tomorrow and haven't revised one bit... watching old vids of Carla Connor is much more important
Ronnie Branning or Carla Connor — I adore them both but if I HAD to choose then Ronni...
remember back when Corrie used to be half decent AKA the Carla Connor Era
Nick Tilsley deserves happiness with Carla Connor, no arguments about it
Aaron Dingle is officially up with Ronnie Mitchell, Carla Connor, Ben Mitchell & Stacey Fowler as the most tragic soap character ever 😔👎💔
"Well call me big-headed, Mr Nash, but I'd like to think i'd make a better murderer than that!" - Carla Connor the queen of…
I love how in every video feels more confident, I really like it, congrats Connor
Carla Connor please send me a message
My new Carla Connor top came to day because I lost my old one and then I watched Corrie family fortunes with Ali on. God I miss her x
Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley set to lose control and attack Carla Connor?
'Alison King was last seen in Coronation Street as troublesome Carla Connor'.
OMG! Could Carla Connor be making a COMEBACK to
Coronation Street spoilers: Is this character returning to the street? 🙌.
corrie bringing in the likes of Nessa and Mary's son um no can we just have Carla Connor and Sian Powers back please & thank you
Coronation Street favourite Alison King in talks to return as Carla Connor just months after quitting the ITV soap https…
Would you like to see Carla Connor return to Coronation Street? Please vote and RT
Coronation Street spoilers: Is Carla Connor returning to the street?.
Is Carla Connor REALLY about to return to Make it happen, !
.bosses clear up Alison King return reports claiming she'll be back as Carla Connor…
We're SERIOUSLY excited about this star's possibly return!
Coronation Street's Alison King could be set for an explosive Weatherfield return as Carla Connor…
Coronation Street spoilers: Is this character set to return?.
Corrie responds to those Carls Connor return rumours:
responds to those Carla Connor return rumours
I miss Carla insane amounts but I'm glad. Ali deserves so much better than Corrie right now.
Just casually walked past Carla Connor from Coronation Street in Burton 😂😂🤔
Back on the cobbles? Alison King could be set to make a sensational return to ITV soap Coronati…
Is Carla Connor all set for a sensational return to
Carla Connor could be heading back to Coronation Street -
Would you like to see this star return?
Is Alison King returning as Carla Connor? have their say
Coronation Street: Alison King set to make a shock return as Carla Connor?
"I'm certain that you, Carla Connor, with all your flaws, are the woman I'm going to marry"
Worth the trip to to meet Alison King aka Carla Connor of Coronation Street
Might go Carla Connor style with my hair tbh seeing as it's like the same colour as hers anyway
I still can't get over the fact that Carla Connor went to the World Cup.
I just want Carla Connor back like right now because I miss her way to much
some times they redo actors like with Carla Connor she played another person before coming in as carla
Carla connor deserves so much happiness 💔 |
Carla Connor was just on my TV I cannot breathe i need air ASAP
I've discovered a plot hole! Carla and Jonny's last names are Connor but Carla only married a Connor, she wasn't originally one?
carla connor will forever be my Queen 👑 | trouble https:/…
Mrs Connor may be gone, but she'll never be forgotten!. Here's a few reasons why - . https:/…
It's worse enough that Carla Connor left corrie. I don't need bea leaving wentworth too!! Protect the milfs
"I found that if you don't laugh you cry and I'm too vain for smudged mascara." - Carla Connor
Wentworth's Bea smith looks like Corrie's Carla Connor.. Who's fitter, that's the question
Don't worry I still have my teeth, Connor isnt lost and Taylor isnt Bradley Cooper hot (Carla didn't Roofie us yet)
Thinking about watching Carla Connor from the start again, but also don't want to spend the whole summer sobbing myself to sleep
Vote for Carla's Connor to win Best Exit at the InsideSoapAwards, & ht…
Should Carla Connor return to Coronation Street? I think she should!! 👍💖💜💘
BREAKING NEWS: Carla Connor to return and MURDER Norris Cole in shocking plot twist
Alison King exclusive: 'Carla can slip back in at any time...'
Corrie's Carla Connor will be in Towncentre next Saturday!!. Are you coming?.
As Alison King says goodbye, we take a look back at 10 years of Carla Connor!
'I'm torn between Peter Barlow and Nick Tilsley'~ Alison King on who is the love of Carla Connor's life ❤️.
Coronation Street star Alison King said she 'needed a break' from Carla Connor role
Pre-order now! The Little Book of Carla Connor, an unofficial Coronation Street fan book. http…
SOUTH MANCHESTER: Coronation Streets turn out to say ta-ra chuck to Carla Connor actress ...
Alison King films her final scenes as Carla Connor
Today is Carla Connor actress Alison King last day for filming on set of Coronation Street after 10 years. htt…
The o'connor family tree is the most confusing so is carla michelles sisterinlaw and cousin?
Ali King might not be leaving in your world, but I guarantee you Carla Connor is well and truly gone.😂😂😂😂
It's hard to keep upbeat about life when you've got eyebrows like Carla Connor
this is for you. And your Carla Connor / Barlow hand bag
Hope Nick doesn't leave weatherfield as well as Carla ~ even tho we want them to be happy we are already losing the beautiful Carla Connor🌸
Sadness in her eyes. My latest important work on
22 times Carla Connor could not actually believe that she was STILL in Coronation Street.
who needs sleep when you can have a 2015 Carla Connor marathon?!!!
oh I`ll make sure she becomes a connor because she won`t get any candy if she don`t
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I think it's because we are all influenced by Carla Connor
I wanna cry at how much work I have to do. My motivation levels are as low as Carla Connor's morals right now.
I added a video to a playlist Carla Connor - 30th March 2016
carla connor will forever be my Queen 👑 | trouble
"This was a man who had Carla flaming Connor at home". Innit, metro x
Coronation Street spoiler: Tracy Barlow warned to leave Carla alone or lose Robert
carla connor is such a babe, I love her so much.
"Kate Oates highlights Carla Connor’s shocking rape and Sally Webster’s cancer battle as two of her all time favourite…
What have they done to Carla Connor ❔I saw her as one of those iconic strong Corrie women not this soft centred housewifey
don't get me wrong theyre adorbs & I love them rn but it is boring compared to the others, Carla always needs something more
Carla Connor obviously, there is no one better than Mrs C
I've been on a sewing machine sewing hem's for over an hour and a half. Carla Connor u may hire me now x
Who would like a Carla connor storyline thread later???
Feeling a little stressed out? Watch Connor Franta's new video on this and how to help calm you down
Carla Connor will always be the most important person.
Don't underestimate Carla Connor let's be honest here she is more important than Nick like
"This was a man who had Carla Flaming Connor at home" 😇
Carla Connor is a precious angel who must be protected at all costs.
Coronation Street spoiler: Carla Connor left for dead as she prepares to leave the show
"Friendship could finally blossom into romance on Coronation Street as Roy Cropper and Carla Connor grow closer" I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS
Connor just keep on jumping into Carla conversation.
were is michelle Connor and carla Connor too
creating the character Carla and casting Ali king was the best decision corrie made! And you know it to death 👍👍
When you go on a date with Carla Connor, don't take her for a meal in Prima Doner.
Throwing it back to when Carla Connor first appeared at the factory in 2006!
All hail to Aiden's relative too.That delightful creature known as Carla Connor :D xxx
The factory workers aren't sure about new boss Johnny Connor. What do you think?
Coronation Street spoiler: Carla Connor returns to the cobbles, and extent of gambling ... - htt…
what?! Ali is my queen aka Carla Connor and Jane is Leanne Battersby 😂
Who loves Carla Connor? Well, Alison King's up for an award at . Vote here:
Little Giant Ladders
Either Carla Connor has another sibling or Rob has a child
Join us in welcoming Carla Garrett, new strength coach, to New Mexico!
Carla Connor is my ultimate woman, got her own business, loves a bev and a gamble..
My family said I was a mini Carla Connor
Just got back from the casino, i feel like carla connor😂
When I grow up I want to be Carla Connor!!! I love her so so much!!! 😘
Pink?? No way not pink I hate the colour pink
My little sister just said about Carla "she's pretty, I must say she's pretty " aww 😍
The more I watch corrie the more I fancy Carla Connor 😍🔥
Didn't know Carla had a BMW! Is this a new set of wheels for Mrs Connor? 🚗💨
Aww Carla stop pushing people away 😭😭
How the *** is Carla's surname still Connor? She's been married about 8 times. Did she not have a surname before she married Paul?
Right, I love Carla Connor so much but she makes such terrible decisions.
POTD: Corrie's Carla shares her secret via
It's been busy at AALB. Our orthotists, Connor Pardy and Carla Reimer, are great additions to our team and have settled in well.
well done Carla Connor, gambling addiction?
I'm so madly in love with Carla Connor
POTD: Coronation Street's Carla Connor shares her secret with Nick Tilsley
"One day you'll pay for this, I don't know how and I don't know when, but you will pay " ~Carla Connor 2009
Never thought I'd see the day where Carla Connor would be £3000 over drawn
Carla Connor saying 'I'm not that tough anymore' is heartbreaking
lmao can't believe Carla Connor has a gambling addiction
Carla Connor will always be my number one
Carla Connor has been playing on those slot machines again.
Carla Connor's bank balance looking a bit like mine at the minute
Carla Connor and Ronnie Mitchell are my faves ever and they've both had the worst/saddest lives but their eyebrow game is so strong
Ahh why cant it be 9 oclock all ready, I hope that Carla survives Carla Connor trapped in flat fire
Stacey slater 👌🏻 I bet Carla Connor is filth. I can just tell!
~ Would you rather spend a weekend with Carla Connor or a week with Tracy Barlow and why? X
Vote our very own Carla Connor aka Alison King in the British Soap Awards !
Coronation Street catch-up: Carla Connor quotes Taylor Swift as she breaks Peter Barlow's heart: When Carla Co...
Andrew Lancel who played Frank Foster was in it and when he was in resus I kept expecting Carla Connor to run in😂
If Alison King aka Carla Connor tells u to "Vote Corrie" then that's what U do
Revealed for the first time: what I really got up to with Carla Connor last week.
We Carla Connor on in a cute pink top DETAILS:
Just spotted carla Connor in a Segal film! Looks the same!
Peter Barlow Need Stop Drunk No Drink Apple and Orange and Cola and Water and Lemon Make Carla Connor Happy Will Love You
Coronation Street spoiler: Peter Barlow vows to accept blame for Tina McIntyre's murder from his death bed: Carla Connor visits Mich...
who would be better in bed ali king or kym marsh?? — Neither - carla connor
Carla's roller coaster in the union
So calls to tell me he's getting a haircut just so I can tag along to see Carla at the Silver Clippers.
Well, Carla Connor is one heck of a woman & certainly one of our favorites & She's not stupid - let's hope she gets closer to truth!
Fans of Carla Connor - we have some exciting spoiler pics ahead of next week's shows for you in a few moments... They're good!
Carla" I remember his face in the hospital, they were treating him for shock, I bet they were". Carla Connor 12th March 2…
Everyone, just a reminder of me and my best pal CARLA CONNOR. In case this had passed you by.
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Just type into youtube 'Coronation Street Carla Connor nearly gets hit with football' and it should come up😘😂 xx
The organizing committee for last night's Culture Night in Flowers Bay: (L-R) Jimmy Connor, Karen Forbes, Carla...
follow me connor Please i love you guys 💕
So I'm just hanging out with my best pal Carla Connor right now.
I love Carla Connor kinda partial to Eccles too
Does anyone else have a girl crush on Carla Connor or is that just me
Carla Connor is the most attractive woman on tv
Carla Connor from Coronation Street is silly, she defines filth
4 years yay go connor, I love your YouTube sososososo much x
The waitress today had the figure of Daisy Lowe with the face of a 20 year old Carla Connor. Fallen in love.
Agreed. Always said you looked like Carla Connor though.
Comes throw the door sees my son Simon Barlow he comes running up to me then calls Carla Connor Barlow on her phone and says to her im back from rehab i missed you both love you both so much
I'm literally dancing with Carla Connor from corrie brb
Sean Tulley is in here. Panicked and asked him if he was coming to FC next season. Were about to leave then we see Carla Connor. One more.
Carla Connor sounds more like Papa Lazarou every time I hear her speak
Try putting a muzzle on your girlfriend - ha ha I love Carla Connor
Before Corrie's Hayley, actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, leaves the Street for good, we took the chance to ask her your questions about quitting Corrie, Carla Connor... and cream cakes. Watch Julie talk about her final Coronation Street storyline Catch up with the latest from Coronation Street on ITV...
Wonder how Hayley Cropper will come to her end on Coronation Street ? Do you think Carla Connor will make that wedding dress for her, Roy and Hayley get hitched..and upon carrying her across the she departs from us, in his arms leaves her more passionate can you get?
Great way to kick off my day corrie catch up which means Carla Connor and kym marsh happy dayz
Coronation Street's Carla Connor is in for a shock later this month as she catches her brother Rob Donovan kissing Tina McIntyre. Tina (Michelle Keegan) has recently developed strong feelings for Carla's husband Peter Barlow, but an upcoming storyline twist sees the barmaid turn her attentions to Rob (Marc Baylis). Although Tina's attraction to Peter is as strong as ever, she grows frustrated over the way he is blowing hot and cold with her. In retaliation, she starts to give him short shrift. Focusing on Rob instead, Tina flirts with him over the bar at the Rovers Return and they soon end up kissing in the pub's back yard. When Carla (Alison King) heads out to have a word with Tina, she is taken aback to find them kissing passionately. Rob begs Carla not to tell his girlfriend Tracy, but how will Peter take the news? Coronation Street airs these scenes on Wednesday, December 18 at 7.30pm on ITV. Over on EastEnders, Charlie Slater returns to Walford on a big day for Kat and Alfie Moon. Christmas Eve is Ka ...
Will two of Coronation Street's most turbulent love lives entwine as Peter Barlow and Carla Connor get married?
I am going to watch every Carla Connor scene from the beginning just to remind myself what a fab character she is
Looking forward to an inevitable Carla Connor Tina -catfight?!!
OMG! Peter Barlow to cheat on Carla Connor with Tina McIntyre!.
Wanting to have a voice like Carla Connor is the main reason I still smoke
Carla Connor making me cry as soon as I wake up. These scenes are gonna kill me.
Ha ha. Carla Connor definitely brings an 'enhanced' viewing experience to a great deal of female viewers! ;-)
" 'Coronation Street': Carla Connor announces tragic news - video can not watch
I need to meet Carla Connor one day, she wouldn't know what hit her.
I have and undying love for Carla Connor
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I want Carla Connor to be my best friend
There is no soap character I love more than Carla Connor
I miss the days when every scene Carla Connor was in she had a glass of red wine in her hand...
Carla Connor is looking foxy tonight
"you know i'll always have your back, don't ya?" -Carla Connor💞
please get Alison King and Chris Gascoyne (carla connor and Peter Barlow) to come on celeb juice in your new series! :-)
Highlight of my day today was serving Carla Connor from corrie today in work 😍😳 she is so hot
I wonder if Carla's gonna take Peter's name when they get married or if she'll keep Connor. Or it could become Carla Connor-Barlow.
&Street&Carla Connor announces tragic news - video
All the Corrie cast comes in my work but I still haven't seen Carla Connor ughh
Aww this is so sad :-( Coronation Street': Carla Connor announces tragic news - video via
'Coronation Street': Carla Connor announces tragic news - video:
Carla announces Hayley's cancer in uncurable;
“'Coronation Street': Carla Connor announces tragic news - video Ooh so sad :-(((
'Coronation Street': Carla Connor announces tragic news - video
Carla Connor will be left shellshocked when she hears that her partner Peter Barlow is risking bankruptcy at the betting shop. With business bad at the bookies, Peter tries a short-term fix by offering the most competitive odds in town, hoping to bring in new customers. Peter's only problem is that one lucky accumulator bet could bankrupt him. Carla is unaware of the liberties that Peter is taking with their business until a clued-up Michelle fills her in on the implications of what he's doing. Alison King who plays Carla, told TV Times: "Carla hasn't really got her eye on the ball. She has dealt with her brother and is finally on top of the factory and the last thing she expects is for Peter to be in such financial trouble. When he tells her about the 'competitive' odds he is going to offer people, she doesn't really understand it. Carla is desperate to put Peter on a pedestal, but he is not scrambling onto it!" Kym Lomas who plays Michelle, added: "When Steve tells Michelle about Peter's scheme to offer ...
Carla Connor has some really funny lines. And Alison King is just as good at performing comedy as she is at (cont)
On screen lovers Carla Connor and Peter Barlow - played by Alison King and Chris Gascoyne…
"I really don't want to see my brothers tackle!" Carla Connor, we love you.
New producer Stuart Blackburn teases Cropper, Barlow and Platt storylines, and hints that Stella WONT die in the fire! New Coronation Street producer, Stuart Blackburn, has revealed some details regarding some of the shows most loved characters including Roy and Hayley Cropper, Peter Barlow and Carla Connor, David and Kylie Platt, Tracey Barlow as well as a huge hint about one person who was rumoured to be perishing in the great Rovers Return fire, Stella Price! As fans of the award-winning soap will know, Stuart Blackburn took over from Phil Collinson at the beginning of this year after his stint at ITV rival soap Emmerdale, and has already ruffled a few feathers with his drastic action plans with regards to the current cast. So far, since Blackburn took over, several new storylines, and a few shock departures have been announced, with many more expected throughout the rest of the year. In particular is the fire at the Rovers Return pub. The decision to burn the iconic ale house to the ground was not dow ...
oh yeah and Carla Connor what an absolute slice of a MILF she is! Michelle Keegan is different standard all together though
Lynda Block is a HILARIOUS drunk. Carla Connor should be more like her ;-)
Yes I am Kat Moon Carla Michelle Leanne Connor you are not
How many likes can we get for Carla Connor?
This lass on Silent Witness looks like Carla Connor and Billie Piper's love child. I think it's a good thing.
aww its carla connor's brother I fancy!
I just love Carla Connor even with the alcoholism
Hey movie fans. We're putting together a list of memorable questions in 80s movies. What are some of your favorites?
Carla Connor wearing my All Saints cardi from 3 / 4 seasons ago.
Everyones going spaced about these protests? Fs remember were yas are from..
Who's going to be Carla Connor's skivvy now? That is assuming, of course, that Carla stays with the factory.
If I were a fella, I'd deffo want Carla Connor to suck my *** :'D
Corrie Spoilers: Marc Baylis reveals that Carla Connor will offer Rob Donovan his job back, but is it enough for the ambitious ex-con?…
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her bes... — Actress - Alison King - Carla Connor, bladdy love her...
one of my top 5 shows ever. Luis Amor Rodriguez was riding Linda Block aka Carla Connor
So many assignments due for next week :( kill me now lol just threw them at us :(
Coronation Street star Marc Baylis has revealed that he wants his character Rob Donovan to have a slow-burn impact on the cobbles. The actor signed up for the part in May last year & was introduced on screen 2 months later. His current storyline sees Rob trying to steal away Underworld's clients after his sister Carla Connor sacked him from the factory. Speaking on Daybreak yesterday morning, Baylis praised Rob's development over the past few weeks. Baylis commented: "He's really starting to come into his own. I'd rather it be that way as a process on the job myself - the slower that it unravels for me, the more interesting it gets to play. It feels that over the Christmas & New Year period, there's been a bit more interest in what's going on with the storyline, which is great." Baylis also spoke further about Rob's upcoming romance with schemer Tracy Barlow, hinting that it begins when she lands a job at the factory. He said: "Kate's been an absolute dream to work with. It is slowly bubbling under the su ...
I know mad Carla Connor, back to the factory!
carla Connor is the 3rd hottest woman closely competing with beyoncé and Megan fox.
Day 3 of "Operation go to sleep seems to be working!! Both kids asleep & time to watch a movie with hubby!!
Coronation Street businessman Rob Donovan is a man on a mission in his current storyline as he hopes to show his sister Carla Connor that she was wrong to sack him from the factory. The Weatherfield charmer lost his job at Underworld after trying to scam Carla (Alison King), but is now plotting to steal away her clients as he attempts to become a success on his own terms. Digital Spy recently caught up with Marc Baylis, who plays Rob, to hear his thoughts on the storyline and his time on the cobbles so far. How easy has it been to settle in at Coronation Street? "It's been the easiest start to any job that I've ever had. The cast and crew are absolutely brilliant. Because everyone's working so hard, there needs to be an element of fun at the same time. Without that fun, it would just be a lot of hard graft! But the balance is very fine-tuned and it's been an absolute joy over the past seven months." Are you pleased to be exploring the Rob and Carla dynamic properly now that Alison King is back on set? "Ab ...
"single" is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others :)...thanks Carla Connor for boosting me up love you and miss you friend!!:(
And now... Carla gets married to ? Rylan on saturday and becomes carla-alison connor-clark?
So, he's happy to leave with Leanne but not his own dad and the beauty that is Carla Connor? Get him to the doctor, this child has issues.
If you could be any pro athlete for a day who would you want to be.
Who is the most likable current character in Weatherfield? For the next few months we are going to find out by posting 'How many likes can we get for...' each current character. This time, we will reveal the latest standings of number of likes every week so we can see who is in the lead. :)
TV character analysis: Carla Connor, from Coronation Street - by Elizabeth Nuttall - Helium
actually I am. Cause Noah is asleep & dads in the shower & Connor is awake now. Lol
some muppet called Connor only joking he's a sound lad! You know when your next working? X
Apparently Halyor has been confirmed to have broken up as Taylor had still been texting her ex, Connor, and Harry found out.
So apprentally 'Haylor' is over! I'm sorry but i'm not going to jump around the room getting all happy & excited because they broke up! Ever thought that Harry might be actually upset by this! When a relationship is over, it's actually upsetting for them both :/ I know that a lot of people doesn't like Haylor, i don't ship it at all but i thought at least this fandom will have some respect for them & be upset about it. Maybe the reason they broke up was because of the hate she was getting, it's insane. If i had it deal with that much hate for being with someone, i wouldn't be able to take it. I feel sorry for Taylor & for Harry, i feel guilty for the things they've been through even though i've said nothing negative about them, they don't deserve it. Just remember when Haylor was a couple, if you've ever sent Taylor hate, you're hurting Harry as well, i don't want to see him cry because of hate ever again :'( It doesn't matter now since Haylor is over, i'm not happy by it even though the majority of this ...
people slag off Carla Connor like she's some sort of fictional TV character or something.
I'm the sickest I've been in years! I can't seem to shake this flu. Really hoping I wake feeling better! Or at least good enough to get Connor to school! Thanks to my babe for taking care of me for the past 3 days!❤
Carla Dorsch at Four Winds: Connor was reminiscing about his days with you guys and wondering if anyone remembers him! LOL. He also was talking non-stop about the mashed potatoes that you all serve - he wished that he had a "whole bowl" of them. He was just raving about them - couldn't even remember what mine are like!
The official letter came today. Connor can be a Coug if he wants! :)
SO PROUD SO PROUD one proud momma connor got student of the week this week YEP YEP YEPPPY go connor go connor 1 down and 2 to go :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Carla Connor has a hairy face, it's really visible
Carla Connor shared the following link and had this to say about it: .
My son is full of cheek he's been such a naughty boy tonight
Just got back home after a great day on the water, with Tyler, Connor and Carla. Speer fishing around Swansea channel and out of the heads . A little sun burnt. Small price to pay to swim with the fish. Oh and the cuttle fish we caught. Bit of fresh bait. Life good.
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Already missing my Connor and she is probably just getting into Wilmington now. Enjoy cheering tomorrow and hope UNC-W wins! Enjoyed having you home every minute I could spend with you and so glad that you learned how to shoot *** with Papas before you left! Love you bunches!!!
Thinking of Ken & Shelly, Connor and Evan as they drive home today. It was a very beautiful service for Shelly's dad. Bill & Leora picked me up at the airport yesterday noon, thank you, and Carla picked Keara up, our last of the Christmas holidays now over. Thanks for making that work Carla. Plane got in right on time last night and was a very easy trip home to Reston. Grant was waiting with tea and bagels at 1:45. Day complete.
Has just filled out Gabriel's application 4 primary school. I cud cry!!! He is not ready 4 school, he is still a baby!
If you could put a character from Coronation Street w... — I'd put Carla Connor with Jack Branning, they'd make ...
I want to say thank u to all of the ones that have been there for me. Each and everyone one of u will always be in my heart. The year may seem like it got off on the wrong foot but it really hasn't. I closed a chapter in my life and a new one has opened. I have become stronger this past year, between my career getting to a great start, my children completing new goals in life. Dakota has really bloomed this past couple of years and I am so very proud of him. And Connor watching him grow and looking up to his brother for his future. And the love I once had that was never mine to keep. But because of him I have become a better person, and stronger. And even though we hurt because he is moving on we can move forward with out him. Because we would not have what we do now if it wasn't for him. I don't regret every meeting him. So thank you all for every thing from listening to when u don't have to, for telling me I am stupid when I should know better. For being there when I need to vent. And when I just need s ...
Carla Connor from Corrie has been spotted in Knutsford
CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. -- Robert E. Bradley Jr., a veteran firefighter and product of a family of police and firefighters, was sworn in on Friday night as the city's second full-time fire chief in 24 years.
Was it Daniel Maitland that jumped off the bridge?
In the long run this could damage my career and is making my life very difficult. Please don't get me wrong I do feel that if children are misbehaving then they should be punished but why send him home. Gone were the days when you had to sit outside the head masters office or sit in a room of your o...
Anyone know anywhere does nice reasonable blinds? And comes out to fit them?
Carla connor in Coronation Street yes pls
Sleep over tonight my connor and marley my abigail and carla all enjoying iceland nibbles and mint choc chip icecream. Gonner turn the music on and have a dance off xx
Thank you everyone for your kind words and support this week. Thank you to my wonderful family especially Ann Anderson Garrison and Robin Dyer Day for the wonderful suppers you brought us. Ann, I think butterscotch lush is my new favorite dessert, even if Connor thinks it's puke.
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