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Carl Vinson

Carl Vinson (November 18, 1883 – June 1, 1981) was a United States Representative from Georgia. He was a Democrat and the first person to serve for more than 50 years in the United States House of Representatives.

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Apr 1994 for the Carl Vinson. 500 women checked on, two came to work for me.
This might be a great fit for you: barista - Store# 10730, WATSON BLVD & CARL VINSON PKWY - GA
Things have changed since I served 4 yrs on USS Carl Vinson CVN 70.
Great speech great ship I was at the commissioning of USS CARL VINSON what a patriotic day we are…
I liked a video Why the USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan brought groups of attackers
Squadron, but attached to the Carl Vinson (Trump's Korean armada). I never want to go there again :/
Go Navy ⚓️I was was there in 1981 on the Commissioning of the USS Carl Vi…
I serve on the USS Carl Vinson under CAG15 , Mr President.
That being said, I want to keelhaul the Navy secretaries who gave us ships named "Carl Vinson", "Ric…
"...our enemies will shake with fear...". No they won't: they know you have no clue what's going on…
I saw the commissioning of the USS Carl Vinson as a kid. Liz Taylor, then wife of the VA G…
Thank you Mr President for your dedication to our military. I am a plank owner of the Carl Vinson, thank you again sir.
No problem...just felt it was a slight to an honorable man. Other carrier names...USS Nim…
One of the coolest experiences of my life was standing on the active flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson…
Sailors conduct flight operations aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the Western Pacific Ocean, May...
Story for latest limerick, on the USS Carl Vinson carrier group:
And remember the time you said the USS Carl Vinson was headed straight for Korea but it was really…
F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets fly over USS Carl Vinson and ships.
Not exactly the USS Dwight D Eisenhower or the USS Carl Vinson o…
Whatever you do, don't come to the Carl Vinson!!! Lol
USS Carl Vinson was really steaming to Shangri-La. Nobody was faking. WH working w Hollywood for new production. Ever…
> Waves because he was kicked into the ocean from USS Carl Vinson
Had a great swim at this amazing facility in North Island Naval Station in the shadow of the USS Carl Vinson!
Home of the Carl Vinson. Military families deserve HEALTHCARE. To continue our efforts, the Administra…
USS Carl Vinson: Run away to Australia and ask for help when nor…
Lol JK guys! You're the silly one for thinking we were being for realsies.
Please please let me Captain USS Carl Vinson, if not USS Intrepid, or USS Ronald Reagan! I'm feeling good about thi…
Background to US and JPN statements at today. USS Carl Vinson, USS Ronald Reagan and JS Hyuga sailing together in S…
It was an amazing experience. More exciting after having spent a night and two days on board USS Carl Vi…
Wish the USS Carl Vinson had a purge day, I'm drowning the whole boat
you should come out to the USS carl vinson and judge what we eat on the daily basis
Shep Smith just needs to go. He's such a drama queen. He was so all about the Russian sh…
North Korea has issued a forceful warning as US warships head toward North Korea
USS Nimitz Tailhook Certificate...for successfully landing with 'less than mortal injury' 😀 (twice actually. On board Ca…
Not very well. And everyone thinks that's the Carl Vinson.
It looks like the other one is CVN 70 USS CARL VINSON
The other one is USS Carl Vinson I'm taking it?
10/10 Led by a Los Angeles-class fast attack, the USS Carl Vinson carrier group transits with ships at Malabar 20…
What a day!!! Check out these photos of the USS Carl Vinson transiting the Philippine Sea.
F/A-18 Hornets soared past the USS Carl Vinson as the patrolled waters off the Korean Peninsula with S. Korean Navy on…
wpbf: USS Ronald Reagan preps to replace Carl Vinson in Pacific
Adm Harris is a hardliner when it comes to China's aggressive Scarborough Shoal plan. He pushed for THAAD & dispatched Carl Vinson to SK.
US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and South Korean navy destroyers on its way towards…
What is it with you people? That's NOT a Strike Group. That's not the Carl Vinson. That's a Wasp Class LHD, The Boxer. htt…
BREAKING NEWS: USS Carl Vinson carrier-strike group redeploying off coast of Nova Scotia.
Japanese naval destroyers are conducting drills with USS Carl Vinson strike group -- for real this time
The USS Carl Vinson made headlines by being dispatched off of North Korea to guard against Kim Jong Un's...
South Korean Military prepares for joint exercise with USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) group as it approaches peninsula https:/…
Losing the USS Carl Vinson is on the list
Pilot aboard USS Carl Vinson being assessed after ejecting from aircraft
what civilian oversight of military is for. But Outside of SecDef ZERO of these jobs have been filled near day 100
F 18 from USS Carl Vinson heading to North Korea crashes near Philippines
IYO Was the USS Carl Vinson communication relevant this week? On an unrelated note, are you involved i…
USS Carl Vinson pilot ejects safely at sea
The Liberal MSM will blame Trump for this too, just like they blamed him for confusion re Carl Vinson's destination
Pilot from USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier safely ejected from fighter jet and was quickly recovered by helicopter.
New on The Blog: "USS Vinson fighter pilot ejects during routine flight" at
Pilot was forced to eject during an attempted landing on the USS Carl Vinson in the Celebes Sea htt…
USS Carl Vinson fighter pilot ejects during routine flight
CNN: USS Vinson fighter pilot ejects during routine flight
.says USS Carl Vinson incident shows approach “that smacks of the way a family business used to be run.”
F-18E Super Hornet crashed on approach to USS Carl Vinson in Celebes Sea near Philippines.Pilot ejected, rescued.
Recent episodes show that even seasoned military leaders can lose sight of the broader picture
jet from USS Carl Vinson heading to crashes near Philippines
I added a video to a playlist USS Carl Vinson pilot ejects safely at sea after plane crashes on
As US military does its thing, the Trump White House races to catch up (& spin) afterwards. That isn't strategy.
USS Vinson fighter pilot ejects during routine flight
The USS Carl Vinson is still nowhere near North Korea - Business Insider
US Navy F-18 from carrier Carl Vinson crashes off the Philippines
US F/A-18E Super lost today when pilot ejected safely on final to CARL in Celebes Sea https:…
USS Carl Vinson was sent to Indian Ocean, not Korean Peninsula
Spicer logic: if Carl Vinson has naval exercises scheduled for the Indian Ocean in 2018,…
We can only presume the USS Carl Vinson has been part of a new Philadelphia Experiment and may now be anywhere in time and space.
USS Carl Vinson commander just broke the bad news to families: "Our deployment has been extended 30 days" re: Korea. http…
While most only mention that GA-06 was held by HHS Secy Dr. Tom Price and Speaker Newt Gingrich, the seat was also once held by Carl Vinson.
WSJ. Asia jeers the White House's false narrative on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier— Wall Stree…
This is INSANE. Despite the admin saying so, we didn't send a fleet led by the USS Carl Vinson to the Sea of Japan. ht…
😂😂When the WH said the USS Carl Vinson was heading to the Korean Peninsula - it was going a different direction. 😂😂.
Japan wants to dispatch several destroyers as the Carl Vinson enters the East China Sea, relevant sourc…
Perhaps because Field Marshal Trump just told the Korean enemy his battle plans with the Carl Vinson grou…
North Korea's missiles can hit the Sea of Japan. USS Carl Vinson's missiles can hit the dent in Kim's matt…
Prayers with all our men and women aboard the San Diego based, USS Carl Vinson
North Korea missiles: US warships deployed to Korean Peninsula // USS Carl Vinson not newest but still class
USS Carl Vinson strike group headed back to Korean Peninsula as tensions remain high over North Korea
As USS Carl Vinson sails north, the North Korean navy has very little that can threaten them. Submarine overview
Third Fleet- USS Carl Vinson is making its way to the Western Pacific Ocean.
US deploys aircraft carrier for joint exercises with South Korea
UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government at our management team retreat the next 2 days! We're ready to learn more...
The US prepares to 'incapacitate' Kim: USS Carl Vinson carrying huge fleet of fighter jets arrives in South Korea...
North Korea faces USS Carl Vinson as warship arrives in Busan for war games with South | Daily Star
The US brought the USS Carl Vinson "threatening" the North: qua
aid in training & refueling of Super Hornets & Growlers on the USS Carl Vinson. htt…
Sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson prepare to move cargo during a replenishment at sea with the USNS Richard E Byrd…
The aircraft carrier "Carl Vinson" is set to join maritime self-defense forces for a military drill in the P…
The US just sent an aircraft-carrier strike group to mix it up in the South China Sea
"Sailors conducting Open 17.1-3 at sea in the Hagar bay of USS CARL Vinson CVN70 while deployed in the South China Sea." —Jef…
Also, the Carl Vinson CSG started ops with SK miltary a few days ago, surely to rile Pyongyang.
S. Korea, U.S. kick off Marine training with Carl Vinson
The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier has arrived in Busan to join exercises with the South Korean military
USS Carl Vinson visits S. Korean port city in move sure to irk the North,.
warns of massive strikes following arrival of USS Carl Vinson ,to the Korean Peninsula.…
F/A-18C Hornet from Blue Blasters of Strike Fighter Sqn 34 takes off from USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), NEAR THE KOREAN…
After exercising w/ the USS Carl Vinson arrives on the Korean Peninsula for http…
In March 2017, Josh Buetow was leaving on his first deployment from Shelter Island on the USS Carl Vinson. His...
Yesterday, I was given the chance to board USS Carl Vinson in the middle of the South China Sea, some 120-130miles…
The flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson shakes as a succession of F-18 fighter jets are catapulted into take-off, e…
Her motto: "Have gun...will travel.". F-18 from "Blue Blasters" SQ makes an arrested landing on USS Carl Vinson in…
We had honor of tour on USS Carl Vinson, thanks to LT Gilly Halling of Perry. That red spot marks where Bin Laden's…
I added a video to a playlist A day in USS CARL VINSON Aircraft Carrier
Check out member Carl Vinson Institute of Government, at the University of Georgia.
Did the Pentagon Chief Just Reignite South Sea Tensions? . speak with forked tongues, never trust a Yank https:/…
F-18E of VFA-81 launches off the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70
Love to hear from our customers!. Hello! . My name is Jeremy and I used to be stationed on the Carl Vinson. Me,...
Black Sea Battle was a mission in FC2. It's a fun Mission minus the Tomcats, B-52, and USS Carl Vinson aiming at you
I liked a video Thanksgiving aboard USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Gulf
I hope there's an aircraft carrier on it's way there now. The Carl Vinson was deployed last time.
I don't see the SEALS who shot him either. Or the chopper pilots. Or the Captain of the Carl Vinson. Or the...
GM3 Achaad Abernathy fires an MK 38 25mm MOD 2 machine gun during an exercise on the USS Carl Vinson fantail.
Check out this Outpatient Practice Opportunity at Carl Vinson VAMC in
I was in high school. Saw it at my buddy's house when his older brother, who was an AO on the Carl Vinson, rented it.
ah yes, that'll be it. I remember a proud American telling me how the USS Carl Vinson 'took out the trash'. I felt very awkward. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I am proud to say I served on the USS Carl Vinson, who dumped Bin Ladens body to Davy Jones locker.
eBay: challence coin and pin uss carl vinson…
Indian Ocean-- Aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in replenishment-at-sea with USNS Tippecanoe, viewed from USS Sterett
USS Carl Vinson is 1st CVN to have UAV command center
Welcome back USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70) transiting back to home port NAS North Island. @ Fort…
Awesome pic of the Michigan State vs Tar Heels game on the USS Carl Vinson
Can't wait for the 3 week USS Carl Vinson Detachment down on San Diego this Monday! Curious how life on a carrier is really like.
"Yeah, our carrier is named after this obscure representative, you've probably never heard of him.". -me, writing about USS Carl Vinson
God bless you Zac and all the crew on the Carl Vinson be safe
USS Carl Vinson! CVN 70 heading out of San Diego. Be safe my lovelies. We love you.
Carl Vinson V.A. Medical Center hosts mental health town hall: Veterans and their families got to ask questio...
First aircraft carrier in the U.S. fleet to install an unmanned aerial vehicle command center
Just accepted a job as a Budget Analyst at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at UGA! And now I don't have to go back to school!
USS Carl Vinson installs the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) command center aboard an aircraft carrier.
. She is a pilot candidates . Said that want to fly from the Carl Vinson .;-)
We got a tour of the USS Carl Vinson, an activity duty aircraft carrier currently stationed in the San Diego Bay.
Remembering the legacy and impact of Georgia’s own Carl Vinson.
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) prepares for flight operations in the Arabian Gulf.(U.S. Navy)
i got put on CVN 70 USS Carl Vinson
Carl Vinson, I'm surprised we can turn a light on in that mf 😂
Looks like I'll be part of the Carl Vinson if they do any warm-ups within the next couple of months. 😒
It happen today: Carl Vinson unveils new carrier air traffic control simulator - Hanford Sentinel What do you think?
ATC simulator is first of its kind to be installed aboard a carrier
wreck with apparent injuries at Carl Vinson and leverette in wr.
San Diego picture update: USS Carl Vinson carrier at sunset. The same carrier that buried Bin Laden at sea.
Carl Vinson is currently undergoing a CNO planned incremental availability period in preparation for future sea operations.
A few of the crew from the USS CARL VINSON now stationed here in San Diego are going to enjoy a...
This Friday, March 4, Mathew Hauer of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government will give a presentation entitled, "The Socioeconomic...
We were honored to be a part of the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center's Black History Month Program. Hallowed...
early April I got stationed on the USS Carl Vinson out of San Diego for the next 2 years 😬
Got to see Daniels ship today. USS Carl Vinson ⚓️
NO JOKE! Sessions is like Carl Vinson, Strom Thurmond and James Henry Hammond rolled into one
saw ur profile, USS Saratoga 88, Still in when they decommissioned her in 94. USS Lexington 79, USS Carl Vinson 95. (Memories).
The Carl Vinson has also been in dock for months.
Color guard members prepare to shift colors as the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson…
Sometimes idk how to feel when I wake up thinking I'm on out to sea on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN70). These dreams...
Jaime Lutts loved her career in the U.S. Navy. She deployed with USS Carl Vinson to the Persian…
met him on the USS Carl Vinson while shooting "Behind Enemy Lines" off the coast of San Diego... Owen Wilson & David Keith too.
The USS Carl Vinson is at San Diego port today Amazing
I'm a veteran, USS Carl Vinson from 2011-2015. We don't need money, we need help. San Diego has the highest veteran homeless rate.
Ricky smiley I need you and your agenda to help fight the carl vinson vamc from there discrimination practice
no one will listen how loud must I scream to be heard,,,the carl vinson va is like a Hitler camp
head on our here to the Carl Vinson in San Diego we got one
INS Shakti replenishing USS Carl Vinson in pic. Today she's on her way to aid relief efforts for
from all.things.aviation EA-18G growler Aboard the USS. Carl Vinson! PARTNERS ❗️
It is always great to meet and do business with like minded people. Thank you Carl Bigthangs Vinson, you are truly a blessing!
Go Navy! is the Carl Vinson on any of these?
USS Carl Vinson & FS Charles de Gaulle in the Northern Arabian Gulf .
USS Carl Vinson alongside the French navy nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the northern Arabian Gulf.
Great photo of the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego Bay!
Catching up with Admiral Jim Loebein, Commanding Officer, Carrier Strike Group 1, aboard the USS Carl Vinson
Good times yesterday getting back together with my old USS Carl Vinson Crew!
Carl Vinson died? Wow... How am I gonna get to Russell now?
Bravo Zulu to USS Carl Vinson (for reaching the 10,000th launch and recovery milestone!
Don't miss these photos of homecoming from its 10-month deployment!
lol yeah I take E-5, I'm pretty sure Ima make it with ease. And I'm on the Carl Vinson. ABEs be doing hella work lol.
The USS Carl Vinson off in the distance. Can't see it in the photo, but a nice lighted "Fly Navy" sign on the right.
They should've put me on the Carl Vinson. Seems like my whole A school crew gonna be on there.
I'd rather have ship named after a pile of dog crap, than Carl Vinson. oh wait, Vinson IS/WAS a racist pile of dog crap. touche hatriots!
for hatriots objecting to USS Gabby Giffords, better read up on USS Carl Vinson. Vinson NEVER served in military & was a KKK creep!
Aboard the USS Carl Vinson for fireworks on the 4th
Memories of my sleeping area (middle "rack") for nearly 2 years aboard the USS Carl Vinson..commissioned, plank owner
Dublin VA director touts progress, but says wait times are still too long: The Carl Vinson…
Dublin: Long VA wait times: The Carl Vinson VA Medical Center is making progress in reducing… |
Photo: Aircraft assigned to Carrier Air Wing 17 fly in formation over the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson...
An F/A-18C Hornet breaks the sound barrier over the USS Carl Vinson PD …
Carl Vinson aids in rescue of North Mason boater in Pacific - Kitsap Sun
Exciting day on Naval Air Station North Island - welcome home USS Carl Vinson and Strike Group from a long 10 month deployment!
We are welcoming home USS Carl Vinson and its Carrier Strike Group this morning as they return from a 10-month deployment.S…
USS Carl Vinson lvg Middle East as long deployment draws to close via
Welcome home sailor Joseph *** who has been serving on the USS Carl Vinson in Persian Gulf Operation Inherent Resolve.
No burial at sea for Osama Bin Laden, body parts tossed over Hindu Kush: American scribe - The Economic Times
[Reminder] MT My son was on the Carl Vinson when they did it, turned off carriers TV’s, complete shut down, don’t know why?
Awesome carrier work. Check out USS Carl Vinson (conducting training with Malaysian Navy
USS Carl Vinson Carrier Group with Malaysian Royal Navy This type of working with allies is critical
domain names
USS aircraft carrier Carl Vinson heads to Perth after attacking Islamic State
That "no funeral" bit is the easiest to disprove. Should be lots of video from the Carl Vinson. Waiting for its leakage.
Great photo is that the US Carl Vinson?
EA-18G Growler launches from USS Carl Vinson in the Celebus Sea, May 13 2015
The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group wrapped up operations in the Western Pacific and reported for duty in...
I meant, the USS Carl Vinson of the 7th Fleet is in the pacific command isn't it? More than enough to fit them.
Check out this photo of the Carl Vinson conducting exercises w/ the Royal Malaysian military, h/t http:/…
Story on 3 proud moms w/ children serving on USS Carl Vinson re-airs at 5
> he looks for USS Carl Vinson records. And some of Bob Gates written comments make a lot more sense from this angle
An MH-60S Sea Hawk helo transports supplies to the USS Carl Vinson as the USS Bunker Hill transits the Gulf of Oman.
This rpt makes mockery of claims by of inaction on
HMS Kent joins USS Carl Vinson battle group in fight against ISIL in the Middle East.
ISIL strike mission launch off the USS Carl Vinson
Respect to all serving on the USS Carl Vinson
Vets air frustrations to new director of Carl Vinson VA hospital -
More than 1/3 of US airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq, Syria come from nuclear powered tip of the spear USS Carl Vinson
Sky News having another warwank on the USS Carl Vinson.
Fascinating insight into life on the USS Carl Vinson by Well worth a watch!
Confusing story, or not, by Sky on USS Carl Vinson. "A warship at war" but "No targets, only air support to Joint Tactical Air Control"
Great to see take on ... See Special Report: On Board IS-Fighting Warship USS Carl Vinson
Awesome firepower USS Carl Vinson is the bomb! About time Britain got her new carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and the new F35 fighter
Via Special report from aboard USS Carl Vinson in the Gulf flying stories against IS targets
A great collection of reference pics taken from the USS Carl Vinson after it was overrun by a sandstorm.
My boys plus our friend Nick on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson. @ Port of Jebel Ali
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) flight deck as shot by Petty Officer 2nd Class John Wagner.
How a sandstorm over USS Carl Vinson looks like "Biggest Sand Storm this cruise.God I hate the Gulf. Lots of...
Bit of game time for v USS Carl Vinson . U missed the action. Thanks
Maritime Security Carl Vinson visited by Congress: ... Inherent Resolve, strike operations in Iraq and Syria a...
the ship they dumped Bin Laden's body off of was named the USS Carl Winslow but they changed the surname to Vinson out of embarrassment
My report on the airstrike operations against onboard of Carl Vinson/ aircraft carrier/ the
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Sneak preview of the opening to our special report from USS Carl Vinson. Sky News, Sat & Sun - 1430, 1830 &...
Thanks to USS Carl Vinson for a great visit of friends from Dec 1. Fantastic ship, amazing crew.
On Saturday: my extended special report from onboard the USS Carl Vinson, striking IS:
An F-18 Hornet returning to the USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf after bombing mission over Iraq:
Nice programme by on on USS Carl Vinson in the Persian Gulf ! Must be a *** experience! when's repeat ?
War on ISIS. My report from on board USS Carl Vinson in Persian Gulf will be on @ 930 am. Pls watch. htt…
About to board E2 A Greyhound to spend 2 days on board USS Carl Vinson to cover anti ISIS operations off Persian Gulf ht…
Inherent Resolve, fight against ISIL: E-2C Hawkeye on flight deck of USS Carl Vinson | Latest:
- Remember Everyone Deployed 'til they all come home. USS Carl Vinson -Op Inherent Resolve. Standing w/you htt…
Modern bomb vs medieval belief: The bomb-bay of the USS Carl Vinson, filled with laser-guided and cluster bomb...
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) conducts flight operations in Iraq and Syria: via
Rafale launches for carrier qualification from in Persian Gulf. USS Carl Vinson supporting anti-ISIS ops.
.sailor signals to launch an C-2A Greyhound during flight operations aboard the USS Carl Vinson
Carl Vinson plays key role as launching point to fighting in the Persian Gulf
Jim-Bob Smith :Carrier Strike Group One is lead by USS Carl Vinson not the Vincent
THE WAREHOUSE THAT'S BEEN SEALED UP! Sailors on the USS Carl Vinson stated on record did not witness an at-sea burial of Osama Bin Laden
NEW “USS Carl Vinson” art is an update version of a classic French advertising piece by - SP!
San Diego aircraft carrier Carl Vinson sends home the cutest greetings.
Operation Inherent Resolve: Flight operations on the USS Carl Vinson | The fight against ISIL:
USS Carl Vinson followed by the USS Bunker Hill - great overhead view
she's in the navy and the ship was the USS Carl Vinson! Look it up I swear
Warning: Watching this will enhance your holiday spirit and your American pride. Share this video to thank the Sailors on USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) for their protection this holiday season.
IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH A THIRD TERM AMBITION AS A LEGISLATOR? HON. DAYO SAKA FAFUNMI, IFAKO-IJAIYE CONSITITUENCY 01 LAGOS STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, ON MY MIND. There’s no doubt that Hon Dayo Saka Fafunmi has been one of the best legislators (if not the best of them all so far) representing the Ifako Ijaiye Constituency 01 at the Lagos State House of Assembly (LAHA) in terms of active performance at the house and constituency projects beneficial to residents of his constituency. Surprisingly, interestingly though, few people who are still withholding their support for his reelection openly admit and confess to his high and unequal performance. They testify that they and their family members, as well as associates, have greatly benefited from his people-oriented projects in the constituency. Illogically, though, the problem according to those few is that he’s running for the third term. This led me to asking: Is anything wrong with a third term ambition as a legislator, whether at the local, state or ...
Operation Inherent Resolve - the fight against ISIL: EA-18G Growler off flight deck of aircraft carrier Carl Vinson
CARL joins the fight against relieves launches strikes Sunday from Persian Gulf
.F/A-18 launches from the USS Carl Vinson in support of Operation http:/…
I've launched from that precise spot MT An EA-18G Growler launches from carrier USS Carl Vinson.
Last night was the City Council Work Session and the same few citizen faces were there once again. Hopefully more will come out for Thursday's Council Meeting since all Hahira citizens got notices of the public hearing for the water/sewer rate increase. Not that it will matter what you think. I was informed by a councilman last night that majority rule is not at all appropriate for governmental decisions. We were actually discussing the proposed Council discussion to spend $1800 for a Carl Vinson facilitator to come present the benefits of a Downtown Development Authority (DDA). I have been to numerous of these facilitator meetings for a plethora of venues and their total purpose is to arrive at consensus for whatever the promoters want to happen. I could save them the $1800 and conduct it exactly by design except I would allow a balanced discussion with honest questions & no Delphi methods would be allowed. I could even help serve the pizza. Consensus means you manipulate all questions & answers ...
This speaks of Rome and the USS Carl Vinson (bless her) but this is so applicable to every Veteran and how she or he feels about Great Britain,
To the Captain, USS Carl Vinson: A brave pilot made the ultimate sacrifice for us. This loss wasn't in vain. It's felt by many Americans.
Hamilton Collection
The USA Carl Vinson is in the early days of a very long deployment in the 7th Fleet. Let's please remember these...
- Robin, you have a twin currently deployed on the USS Carl Vinson.
RHS Graduate on USS Carl Vinson planned search for downed pilots this past week
Hearing about how the Carl Vinson Institute helped Macon and Bibb County consolidate.
Prayers go out to the two pilots on the Carl Vinson.
Physician, Medical Officer of the Day (MOD): Dublin, GA - The Carl Vinson VA Medical Center (VAMC Dublin) is...
Mr. Blazevic wrote a touching and insightful letter. Food for thought
A must read. This means a lot to us.
A letter to the Commanding Officer of the USA Vincent from an ordinary cab driver.
An EA-18G Growler from the Cougars of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 139 on the flight deck aboard USS Carl Vinson
Taxi driver pens letter about the price of and he's absolutely right.
LT Poloski was commissioned in the Navy on May 22, 2009 from the United States Naval Academy, and served as a F/A 18…
This is headed to Middle East now. USS Carl Vinson. They will take the fight to ISIS
A must read message from one American about the cost of freedom. via
OKAY FOLKS! I need your help! :) A wonderful friend of ours (The whole family!) was deployed on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson out of San Diego a couple weeks ago! It is a 10 month deployment. His Mom, Toni Tidd, is arranging to send Christmas gift bags to those brave soldiers! We need cash for shipping and cost of buying materials for the bags we'll make! Also could use gifts *** socks, chapstick, puzzle books, etc. We need your help! Those soldiers are fighting over there for our freedom. Let's show we care! We're thinking about them, they matter!! Please help!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
being on a deployment is pretty cool. what 21yr old can travel the world for frere and get paid for it. would be nice to get some letters, emails or care packages. the address is Abedrabbo, Jacob Michael Air/V1 Uss Carl Vinson (CVN 70) FPO AP 96629-2840 Thank you everyone
Strike Fighter Squadron 94 on USS Carl Vinson, with pilots participating exchange with
From USS Carl Vinson (arrives in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, the 7th Fleet area of responsibility
Photo: What a great shot of the Pres & First Lady, amazing lighting and sunset in the...
Our 15th deployment in 32 years, Carl Vinson and her strike group arrive in the
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) has a new CO. Not his first time aboard Chucky V.
USS Carl Vinson honors sailor with burial at sea...
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