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Carl Paladino

Carl Pasquale Paladino (born August 24, 1946) is an American businessman and political activist from Buffalo, New York.

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I liked a video from Carl Paladino - CAUGHT on CAMERA "Telling Michelle Obama & Barack
Carl Paladino protest in downtown Buffalo outside city hall
And some of DJT's most visible supporters continue to spout openly racist views (see: Carl Paladino, Joe Wilson, list not nearly exhaustive)
More at the Carl Paladino protest outside city hall in Buffalo
Carl Paladino said he didn't mean to send racist remarks about President and Michelle Obama to a Buffalo Newspaper
I can't stress enough "Carl Paladino & friends" that can be found within a lot of prominent institutions of western New York. i.e. the media
Carl Paladino & friends is the blight that the Western New York region suffers from. These people harbor negative pathologies about society.
Trump ally Carl Paladino: I was ‘emotional’ when I wished Obama dead & insulted the First Lady.. still unacceptable
Yes & those of us familiar w/ Carl Paladino here in New York area, know his lunacy, as Frank Rich so described
If Dr Hannibal Lecter and Rasputin had a baby, it would be Carl Paladino
Carl Paladino is right. He's not politically correct. He's not correct. And he's racist.
Carl Paladino, a Trump ally, said Michelle Obama should be "let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe"
Carl Paladino is under fire for racist remarks he made about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama:
In a statement, Carl Paladino says his remark on Michelle Obama living with a gorilla in Zimbabwe has "nothing to do wi…
When I wake up tomorrow:. *Carrie Fisher on the mend. *Carl Paladino thrown off Buffalo School Board
Carl Paladino looks like a game of Tic Tac Toe where O went twice, used a sharpie, and then gave up.
Trump ally wishes Mad Cow disease death for President Obama, makes racist comments about First Lady Michelle Obama
Gov. Cuomo slams Carl Paladino's comments on the Obamas: "His erratic behavior defies any rational analysis and he has no…
And we wait for single public official in WNY to condemn Carl Paladino, who has proudly confirmed his statements.
Trump's NY co-chair wishes Barack Obama would die and Michelle ‘let loose’ in Africa.
My official statement calling for Carl Paladino to resign from the Buffalo School Board:
Carl Paladino is not someone you want in charge of your child's education.
County executive calls for Paladino to resign from School Board in light of controversial remarks:
Trump backer Paladino said the First Lady should "return to being a male" and he hopes Obama dies of Mad Cow.
Buffalo PTO calling on the removal of Carl Paladino from the Board of Education. Statement included: http…
Carl Paladino if you don't STFU with your ole Star Wars Dark Emperor headass...
I worked for Carl Paladino for 2.5 years. His vile comments today are not a shock to anyone that knows him or has worked fo…
Carl Paladino's comments are disgusting and absolutely abhorrent. I don't care what party you are apart of, his comments…
Paladino stirs outrage over new comments about Obama this man is a disgrace to the human race.
Carl Paladino is a despicable racist. But I appreciate his mullet. Real talk, he's so atrocious, I agreed w/ & I RT'd
Did u know: Carl Paladino is swamp scum garbage actual worst human alive
So Donald Trump ally Carl Paladino has gone FULL white supremacists with his extremely racist comments. He knows nothing…
Carl Paladino's remarks are just evil. If Donald Trump,who legitimises people like this,wants to be taken seriously - speak out against this
Trump supporters and staffers may denounce Carl Paladino, but he's merely voicing publicly everything they say in emails…
As of now, Carl Paladino owned Ellicott Development is still listed on 'official partners' page of the No co…
A personal statement from Betty A. Rosa on remarks today by Carl Paladino:
Co-chairman of Trump's campaign in New York Carl Paladino is evil, reprehensible, slime, & if Trump doesn't denounce h…
Carl Paladino should spend the rest of his life in protective custody at Florence Supermax.
Trump ally Carl Paladino slammed for 'racist' wish list for Obamas
Trump ally wishes Mad Cow disease death for Obama.
So Trump doesn't have to make racist/offensive remarks himself -- he's got Carl Paladino to do it for him.
The fact that Trump supporters are defending Carl Paladino blows their entire "I'm not a racist because I voted for Trump…
Just saw this—Trump's NY co-chair said his 2017 hopes are Obama "dies", Michelle 'set loose in outback of Zimbabwe.' http…
can you please share my petition to remove Mr Paladino? 200 sigs in 2 hrs!
Trump Team Responds to Carl Paladino's 'Reprehensible' Comments about Obamas - Breitbart via
Trump's NY co-chair says Michelle Obama is a man who should live in Africa with gorillas
This is shocking, even by Paladino's standards. He should be removed from the Buffalo School Board immediately. https:…
Turn to the expletive side It will make you strong. It will make you call Carl Paladino Carl PileOfDooDoo. Use The Force.
Carl Paladino saying his heinous comments about Obamas have nothing 2do w/race is like saying made most wh…
NEW: Carl Paladino's alma mater St. Bonaventure U. denounces his "reprehensible" comments on POTUS/FLOTUS. Paladino is a…
there is something deeply, horribly wrong with Carl Paladino
I call on all Trump supporters and staffers to denounce the comments of Carl Paladino. If not I assume you stand with Pala…
Spread this! Carl Paladino is a member on the Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education and he must RESIGN or be REMOVED!…
Commissioner of Education of the State of New York: MaryEllen Elia: Remove Carl Paladino from the Buf... via
Carl Paladino made racist, ugly, reprehensible remarks about the President & First Lady. My wish this season is for unity.…
To conclude, here is are some pictures of Carl Paladino. I imagine he is even more forthcoming in off-the-record conversations…
Sec of Def for Morning Bull... suggestions include Baby Joe Mesi, Carl Paladino with a baseball bat and !
Carl Paladino would be an asset to .Dept of Ed needs to be abolished.
And to deny that Trump supporters are deplorable we look forward to hearing from Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carl Paladino & S…
Carl Paladino says he’s going to start a foundation to commission a bronze bust of for the NYS Capitol.
We now have more copies of emails sent by Carl Paladino to another female anti-Trump GOP delegate, Kim Fralick. https:…
Also, this from Trump ally Carl Paladino: "Expecting a clear definition is a little bit much in the middle of a presidential campaign.”
We are angry about paying the highest income taxes and property taxes ...
The first graf of Carl Paladino's endorsement of Claudia Tenney cuts right to the chase
While I'm taking a break from most SM due to not having watched Thrones, I did just send Carl Paladino a connect request on LinkedIn.
And now Carl Paladino tgreatebs to whack delegates not voting for Trump. I think there might be laws against this! 😲
Oh that's right, Carl Paladino is a campaign co-chairman for *drumroll* Trump!
Carl Paladino threatens to whack any delegate who goes "off the reservation". Who the *** does he think he is?
Trump campaign official, Carl Paladino, prince of the publicity: We'll combat Clinton's cash with headlines 😉
Carl Paladino had espadrilles on his feet walking into Wegmans in West Seneca, exciting. And I thought this was gonna be whatever kinda day
Does Trump's breadth of surly misapprehension remind anyone of Carl Paladino's NY gov run? I keep going back to it.
My son was just born a few months ago and I was at every doctors appointment. He was a person immediately
.talks to Paladino about Trump. Carl says Hillary Clinton's big fundraising edge isn't that big of a deal:
NY Trump delegate, Carl Paladino, would "whack" a delegate if he votes his conscience & not FOR Trump??Nice guy,NOT!
Oh yes. Carl Paladino - another disgrace to American politics.
Carl Paladino sounds like someone I'd like to mute and never hear from again.
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With leading support in NY, I was just reminded of this allegation
.Carl Paladino has been ahead of the curve on the rampant corruption issue and many other issues for years. When...
Trump's co-chair Carl Paladino thinks Paul Ryan's a 'screwball' and Carl Paladino is right !! via
Carl Paladino deserves credit for this. In 3 yrs this is the first time I have ever seen the Bd of Ed go through the budget line by line.
The teenager who ran against Carl Paladino for a Buffalo School Board seat... is in trouble with the law. Details at 11.
Student who challenged Carl Paladino for School Board seat arrested for serving minors - The Buffalo News
Teen who ran against Carl Paladino for school board seat arrested
Austin Harig, the teen who ran against Carl Paladino for a spot on the School Board, has been arrested:
Wow. school board candidate Austin Harig raised nearly $7K for his run vs Carl Paladino, who spent $12K.
Our A block is about Carl Paladino basically being Trumpism's John the Baptist. Check it out!
I worked on Carl Paladino's campaign Rob Astorino's I guess u dont know the demographic of NY or that it's heavily liberal
When you get an email from Carl Paladino entitled, "Dear Kriner Cash".
Followed by Carl Paladino and Zephyr Teachout, is the MPC common ground for the Left AND the Right?
That also means 310 Niagara goes to Carl Paladino, and the Gazette becomes a tenant. Very interesting developments in Niagara Falls media...
Email forward from Carl Paladino: "Will you join the call and sign the petition to draft Trey Gowdy to be the next Speaker of the House"   10% Off
Credit failed GOP NY guvner candidate Carl Paladino with that one, only highlight of his campaign:
I want everyone to know, before I die tonight, I am sandwiched in between Doug Whaley & crew and Carl Paladino at soho hammered
Anyway, I'm tired of all the violence, I'm just curious, Augustus Sol Invictus is not Carl Paladino thinking he slick in the wig?
Where's Carl Paladino when you need em?
I had a dream last night that Donald Trump & Carl Paladino both moved to my street
"Donald Trump is the Carl Paladino of the U.S."
So, do you have to pay your 'enemy' Carl Paladino when you use his tactics, just asking questions.
Carl Paladino takes shot at Mahoney, endorses Democrat in Conservative primary for exec -
Here's a bunch if Long Islanders channelling Carl Paladino. 'Murica. And ppl wonder how Trump is in the polls...
I'd prefer it was the Bachelor/ette honestly. Carl Paladino can try to give out roses before anyone else does.
Shortly b4 taking his seat on BOE, Carl Paladino told me, "it ain't gonna be pretty." Oh was he right.
Carl Paladino has business ties to wife of superintendent candidate, denies a conflict of interest: via
Speaker Elisa Schreiber called for Carl paladino's resignation from skool bd effective now. Audience applauds.
Can't wait to ref your games now that you guys have I Carl Paladino and his "Mad As *** campaign works
No fan of nat'l Super search, says of prior choices, "the people they brought in were failures."
Buffalo School Board President Jim Sampson & member Carl Paladino would welcome a state education "czar" to run the district if necessary.
Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out about this afternoon that a convoy for New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino will be rolling across upstate New York tomorrow with Carl Paladino. There was a rally scheduled…Read more →
Even a candidate as loopy as Carl Paladino managed to break 30% against Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Buffalo businessman and 2010 gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino will serve as the keynote speaker for the Hornell GOP Committee's 72nd annual Lincoln Day Dinner.
Paladino On Trump: ‘He’s Running’ Despite what appears to be a new effort to convince Carl Paladino to run for New York Comptroller the Buffalo Businessman says he has one focus right now. “Getting Donald Trump to run for governor,” Paladino said. The 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Candidate told Time Warner Cable News Reporter Ryan Whalen, Tuesday night, he believes recent public comments by State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long are designed to put pressure on Trump. “What they’re doing right now is playing cards. So Astorino and Cox and Mike Long, they’ve come out and they’ve said ‘Trump, make up your mind and tell us what you’re going to do.’ And I would expect that Mr. Trump is going to come out and say it very soon. He’s going to say that he’s running,” said Paladino. It’s not just Trump’s potential competition that seems to be getting antsy. Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy is hoping to get some answers during an afternoon meeting with Trump, Wednesda . ...
By Tony Farina With Gov. Cuomo’s stinging words that extreme conservatives have “no place in New York” still ringing in their ears, state Conservative Party leaders held their annual conference over the last two days near Albany and gave fiery Buffalo developer Carl Paladino a warm reception, listened to Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino make his pitch for support, and debated the possible gubernatorial candidacy of the absent mogul Donald Trump who reportedly had a commitment in Florida.“Carl received a great reception,” said Erie County Conservative Party Chairman Ralph Lorigo in describing Paladino’s speech on Sunday to the annual political conference of state party chairmen.“He [Paladino] is extremely sincere,” said Lorigo, “and he speaks from the heart.”  Lorigo said Paladino called Trump a “game changer” if heruns, saying we can’t have people like Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos, who voted for the Safe Act, representing conservatives on such important issues.Paladino ...
Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino told members of the state Conservative Party on Sunday that real-estate mogul Donald Trump is serious about running for governor this year, but remains leery of a Republican primary.
Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is so sure Donald Trump will run for governor, he's willing to put a nice Italian dinner on it. On Binghamton's WNBF-AM today, the Buffalo developer said he spoke to Trump via telephone last night for about 20 minutes while Paladino "was taking (his) daughter to taekwondo." Paladino apparently ended the conversation convinced Trump, the celebrity billionaire and host of "The Apprentice," would indeed challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo this year. So convinced, in fact, that he bet host Bob Joseph an Italian dinner at the Binghamton eatery of his choice should Trump not enter the race. If Trump does run, Joseph would have to travel to Buffalo to collect his meal. "I'll bet you a dinner in your favorite Italian restaurant in Binghamton," Paladino said. "And then, if I'm right, you're going to come up to Buffalo and then I'm going to take you out to my favorite Italian restaurant in Buffalo." The bet was made after Paladino unleashed on a number of prominent st ...
Sheriff Tim Howard and Carl Paladino. Tony Matuszak and Carl Paladino. The Shot Heard Around NYS, Concord New York. Springville Field and Stream, Inc. The best place to be today. Thank you to Richard for having us all there. Dave DiPietro was there too. Thanks to Dave and Tim as well.
Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino isn’t about to make it easy for Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino to seek the GOP nomination for governor. After Astorino visited Buffalo on Wednesday, in part to assuage Paladino’s concerns about him, Paladino told the Buffalo News yesterday that his sup...
Report from Buffalo: Carl Paladino likely to run for Governor if Rob Astorino won't support replacement of Skelos
FEMA Camps For The Homeless! The 99ers have been left Out in The Cold! When Jesus was born he was born homeless, and his Mother wrapped Him in rags and placed him in the barn feeding trough, because there was no room for them in the Inn. The word Inn in Greek means "all received" which is a name given to the Church. When Jesus was homeless there was no room for Him in the Church. When the Jews who are called God's children lost their homes and were forced into the Concentration Camps, the Church did very little to help them. See the "Bush Family Nazi Connections, and the Black Pope." Think about this for a minute, many American's are living from paycheck to paycheck and if they were to suddenly loose their jobs, within two or tree months they would be homeless. The average American ends up borrowing money to go to college and to buy a house. If you borrow 200,000 dollars to buy an average home, by the end of 30 years, you will have paid the bank almost 600,000 dollars, nearly 3 times what you originally b ...
Carl Paladino and the OBC crew at the taping of "The Tingler"
I'm sorry, y'all didn't hear me. DRUNK w/ folks in The Tea Party Candidate for New York Carl Paladino:
.Congrats to the Carl Paladino of the illiberal, child-butchering left. Happy Losing.
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GM! I know, crazy can spread rapidly. No longer restricted to 1 region of USA. Remember Carl Paladino running for NY Gov?
Carl Paladino takes aim at the school board president: via
When and if I ever get rich we are all getting one lol Hightoe Manunu Carl Paladino Sam Hugg Zach Kimmel Brandon McKeever
Sometimes life seems hard here -- the crowds, the expense, the 24-hour-living-and-working lifestyle...But then there are days, like yesterday, when we're ever so glad we live in New York City. Like when much of the rest of the nation goes a reddish color of Tea Party, and we stick to coffee and stay (largely) blue. Like when Andrew Cuomo wins against Carl Paladino. And like when the
I just want to say that Carl Paladino is a very kind man with a heart of gold. I would like to thank him for picking me up, dusting me off, kicking me in the butt, and being a wonderful human being when I was feeling a little hopeless and overwhelmed.
NYC has many *** and *** and I can tell you, the ones who were aware of my identity were not happy when I endorsed Carl Paladino for Gov.
I was reading the Buffalo News this morning and one of the writers printed a story in regards to the school board vote on Pamela Brown and one on the writers gave his view on it and he stated that Sam Herbert reference to school board member Carl Paladino as Mr. white man was unnecessary and that it wasn't about race. This writer is totally wrong and Sam's comment was very necessary due to the fact that they are trying to railroad Pamela Brown. As I stated before, it's not her fault that the schools are a mess. My hat goes out to Sam Herbert for speaking up on behalf of Pamela Brown and talking directly to Carl Paladino and expressing himself, that's take courage and that's what Mr. Herbert was doing, enough said!
Will the government shutdown if the argument on the Affordable Health Care Act continues? What did you think of the speech the President gave at the UN General Assembly? I discuss these issues and more with my guests, former Republican candidate for NY Governor Carl Paladino; and Democratic strategist Steve Pigeon on "Political Buzz" Sunday at 11am on WBBZ-TV, where every voice is heard! Watch on Ch 67.1; TWC 5; Dish 5; DirecTV 67
I just send Samuel Radford a note in regards to superintendent Pamela Brown and I would hope that he was in support of her keeping her job because he's on tv a lot making some noise and the Buffalo News is saying that he stated that we need new leadership for the Buffalo schools. I would like to hear his side before I call him out on this. We don't need a black man bringing down an educated black sister that's trying to do her best for the Buffalo schools and it's children. I know for a fact that Carl Paladino is racist and that has no place on the school board. We need Samuel Radford to stand behind Pamela Brown because she's made improvements and she needs more time along with help to turn around the schools. I have Samuel Radford as a friend and I'm calling him out on this.
Buffalo’s students face more of the same as effort to fire superintendent falls short Pamela C. Brown remains Buffalo’s school superintendent, but only by the skin of her teeth. She has lost the support of nearly half the School Board and, we suspect, about the same proportion of community residents. Brown on Wednesday survived an effort to fire her “without cause.” The resolution, offered by board member Carl Paladino, fell short in a 5-4 vote. Brown’s supporters said she needs more time, but Paladino and the three members who voted with him had the better argument: Buffalo students don’t have the time to provide Brown with the on-the-job training she needs. But she survived, so the question is, what now? She is politically hobbled by the public lack of support on the School Board and in the community. It is possible she can survive that, but at what cost to Buffalo’s students and, beyond that, to the city’s economic health? Families don’t want to move into a city where most of the scho ...
Go Carl Paladino..get the most dysfunctional school district out. Praise you my guy for putting up with the racist remarks. Many support you! The current board should be removed and you are the man to do it!
This is from my son-in-law Jeff. I love how Carl Paladino is accused of being a racist at the Buffalo School Board Meeting last night. Here is a guy who has earned plenty of money, and has no logical reason to even waste his time on the School Board. He isn't there for political gain, he is there go get results. I have an Idea, lets figure out why the district is cutting critical educational programs and Music at a catastrophic rate, but someone who displays such levels of being inept can earn $220,000, and then to help with her uselessness, they hire a "consultant" to help her at the rate of $300,000! Smart Play *** Believe me Carl has BIG shoulders... CAll him a racist, call him a "white man", call him CRAZY. But the one thing I don't hear any one calling him is Wrong.
Buffalo Board of Education member Carl Paladino says his Wednesday motion to have Superintendent Pamela Brown resign is based on competency and not racism.
Just watched coverage of the school board meeting in buffalo last night and an African American male addressed Carl paladino twice as you mr white man and nothing is being said about it! Let me tell you if the roles were reversed and it was a white male addressing a black man that way you could be *** well assured that it would be making headlines and everyone would be making a huge deal about race, funny how that isn't even close to being equal anymore!
Carl Paladino is very dismissive when asked about his opposition to Dr. Brown, Superintendent of the Buffalo Schools. He was asked about his opposition being about race. The votes were split racially for and against Dr. Brown and she prevailed. I'm not sure why Paladino thinks he knows more than anyone else about how to change things for the better in the Buffalo Public schools. I think given more time positive changes will happen. Paladino is just grandstanding.
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TO: SAM HERBERT you sir are a disgrace in every sense of the word... Why would you address Carl Paladino as "Mr. White Man"? CLEARLY you are NOTHING short of a racist PIG... Mr. Paladino is the ONLY one fighting for change, fighting for the educational future of OUR city, and trying to beat the status-quo of failure in the BPS system... Your claim that he somehow has a disdain for "educated black women" is so incomprehensibly ignorant, and just blatantly racist. You embody everything that is wrong in this country, and particularly with the minority aspect. I challenge your ideology, your intellect, your substance, and your spine. Sure, you'll stand up in front of a crowd of dumb and ignorant supporters, but will you go toe to toe using your ideology as your weapon? I DOUBT IT! YOU ARE A COWARD SAM HERBERT... I would love it if someone got this coward to respond.
BUFFALO NY and its billion dollar school system has a problem. Its the second poorest in city in the nation, the third worst graduation rate. New York State pays 80% off the financing for Buffalo NY City Schools.The School Board Superintendent and her assistant make over $570,000. per year with perks. Five black women are on the School Board,five white men are on the School Board.They voted to get rid of the Superintendent last night and lost. The last Superintendent Mr. Williams, left with a severance package, with his assistant that included lifetime healthcare and over $100,000 in perks. Are Superintendents getting Golden Parachute Contracts, like some smart Wall St executives contracts, that actually pay for incompetence? Incompetence knows no race,color or ethnicity,but somehow race was brought out at an open to public board meeting by a activist, who addressed a Board member as "White Man." Some felt the Superintendent had not been give a fair chance to prove herself. Some felt she missed a critic . ...
I want the black community to know that pastor David Keaton has apologize to Carl Paladino for the comments that Sam Herbert made calling Carl Paladino white man. I feel that Sam Herbert was right about his comments and I feel that pastor David Keaton shouldn't have apologize for any things, just my opinion.
Carl Paladino ripping them a new one! Mayor of Buffalo in the near future?
I think Carl Paladino should come to the district Parent Coordinating Council meetings, to show that he really cares about kids, held every first Tuesday
Many community members believe it was no coincidence the vote on Carl Paladino's motion was split down racial and gender lines.
I want to thanks the people of Buffalo, N. Y. for standing up and speaking on behalf of school superintendent Pamela Brown and I want to also thank the five black women on the school board that voted in favor of Pamela Brown keeping her job. Pamela Brown gas made great improvements in such a short period of time. Pamela Brown is committed to the children of the Buffalo schools and we should allow her to do her job without any distractions from Carl Paladino of anybody for that matter. We as a community did come together for the sake of the children and maybe now the board can move forward in a positive direction.
So the school board in the city is getting it's way. Brown stays, 5 to 4 vote. The leaders say it is them against the KKK, meaning 4 white members are racist. They have been called the sisterhood. So it's the sister hood vs the KKK? Whose racist here? I still say these meetings violate Roberts rules of order. The beginning of the meeting was pure straight out attacks on Carl Paladino. Calling him a racist. Under RRoO there are to be NO personal attacks allowed, the chair has to keep the meeting in an orderly, professional manner. Theses meetings are run like a zoo or a circus where it is an all out free for all. Is there any wonder, any wonder at all why the Buffalo schools are a disaster? It is time for King to come in and take control of these meetings. Yes, I am calling for the state to intervene. This is an abomination.
Please join Carl Paladino tonight for the Buffalo School Board meeting at 5:30. It will be held at Council Chambers, 13th Floor, City Hall.
We as a race should stand our ground and demand that school board member Carl Paladino be removed ASAP! The same way we came in numbers to protest for Trayvon Martin, we can come in numbers for this because we're talking about the children of the Buffalo public school system and this *** is causing disturbance for no reason and we as a race have to stop him ASAP!
Extracted from Carl Paladino's September 9, 2013 Memo to BOE President Barbara Nevergold, Supplement to CPP Agenda for meeting of September 11, 2013: B.) Issue # 30. Motion Dismissal of the S...
I happened to mention the scheduled Buffalo School Board meeting set for tonight where the board may consider the termination of School Superintendent Pamela Brown. Board member Carl Paladino says she's incompetent and doesn't have the management experience for the job. I then questioned where the problem is with Buffalo Schools. Is it the leadership? Is it the teachers? Is it the students themselves? Their parents? Nobody wants to take the blame. Fingers always point in somebody else's direction. Teachers are quick to point the blame in the direction of the family dynamic that seems to be unique to Buffalo. Is there an answer? What do you think? -Dale
Sharon Belton- Cottman: You are in breach of your duties and responsibilities as a member of the Board of Education (BOE). Your insular and arrogant behavior is improper, out of line and disrespectful to the BOE, the community and the children in our school system. I submit: 1). You intentionally misrepresented and lied at the recent meeting of the BOE when, without prompt, you commented to the BOE on what was said by Dr. Tiggs as the reason she was not at the meeting and her feelings concerning the dismissal of the Superintendent. 2). At your sub-committee meeting last week you shut down discussion and deprived me and others of a fair opportunity to question Mary Guinn, Scott Joftus and the Superintendent concerning the undated and fraudulent Cross and Joftus consulting contract with numerous blanks not filled in and a description of responsibilities not referred to and incorporated into the document. Obviously the document was created after the fact and counsel refused to sign off on it. Is that why ...
Carl Paladino (yes, "that" Carl Paladino) has bought the former Holy Angels Academy building in Buffalo.
REPOST: A GREAT MEETING FOR UPSTATE CONSERVATIVE COALITION WITH G. GORDON LIDDY - FULL GAZETTE STORY Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - Bethany Bump Watergate character Liddy speaks to Saratoga conservative group SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Upstate Conservative Coalition has had its fair share of local luminaries speak at its monthly events. There was state Sen. Kathy Marchione, R-Halfmoon, and U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook. There were lots of candidates running for elected office hoping to score an endorsement, and once even 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino showed up to speak. On Tuesday, the Saratoga Springs-based conservative group added its most interesting visitor yet to the list. The infamous G. Gordon Liddy, the man who organized the Watergate burglaries in 1972 and served 4 1/2 years in prison for it, shared his thoughts on all things political with about 75 local conservatives Tuesday night. “Part of our mission is education,” said UCC organizer Ben Potiker, “so we’re always ...
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The Buffalo Public Schools graduation rate is now down to 48% and Carl Paladino wants to get on the news and point the finger at the black woman who just got in as superintendent. Now I'm a Christian woman so I will not use profanity, however, there is obviously a momentum that has been moving in a negative direction for some time since 2011 the BPS grad. Rate was only 49%. That woman is not and has not been in the classroom teaching buffalo students. How about all the suburban teachers that have been in their just place holding and collecting a pay check and not teaching. That's why they don't want teacher evaluations because most of them are not doing their job. As an educator I know how difficult it is to reach inner city kids with all the different issues that they face on a daily bases before they even make it into the classroom. Honestly, they live in the suburbs and their children are getting a great & fair education. It's disgusting that the students are sacrificed for the political gain of folks ...
Carl Paladino on Capital Tonight. (Photo: Republican Carl Paladino, who badly lost to Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in 2010, is predicting his former electoral foe will lose his re-election bid n...
Rob Ford is what would happen if Carl Paladino smoked crack cocaine.
Anyone know how to block emails from Carl Paladino?
On the set of the movie, The Romans, featuring Carl Paladino
And just did a shot with Carl Paladino. Like what?! Awestruck
Carl Paladino resurrected his trademark orange-and-black campaign signs from 2010:
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Carl Paladino may have won big for Board of Ed but he's trailing big in winners of week vote
Case in point, Carl Paladino is now on the Buffalo School Board. Anger wins sometimes, the Left needs to use that.
Newly elected Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino could have pivoted from campaign mode to governing mode in his day-one missive to his fellow board members — but then he wouldn't be Carl Pal...
Paladino to Buffalo School Board: Surrender to Carl this guy is nuts
Carl Paladino on comeback trail- smashes libs in Buffalo School Board.
Slouching towards idiocracy: Carl Paladino wins board of ed seat in Buffalo.
Mark my words. W. Carl Paladino on Buffalo schl brd, about to witness unprecedented deluge of Tea Party wingnuttery inflicted on education.
Carl Paladino off to auspicious start. Accuses Buffalo Supt. of fraud for working w. teachers union on -
Baseball Season Now, Carl Paladino has won elected office and can no longer just throw stones.
Three new faces are preparing to take over the school board but one school board member isn't waiting to make a big splash.
Carl Paladino's new target: Buffalo schools: He did not go away after losing the governor's race. Carl Paladino,...
A look at Carl Paladino's goals as a new Buffalo School Board member...
Buffalo, NY -- Fresh off of his victory for a spot on the Buffalo School Board, businessman Carl Paladino called for change at Wednesday night's school board meeting.
Paladino: "Today the children of the City of won a big, big battle"
.Paladino to Buffalo School Board: Surrender to Carl
Carl Paladino confronts BOE mbrs & Superintendent Pamela Brown on the heels of his Park District win. Brown responds,see it at 11p
Paladino to Buffalo School Board: Surrender to Carl
Congratulations to Carl Paladino Congrats to Carl Paladino on Winning the School Board Election
Three incumbents will return to the Buffalo Board of Education, and three new faces will join them, city voters determined Tuesday.Board President Mary Ruth Kapsiak will retain her seat for another three years, as will Sharon Belton-Cottman in the Ferry District and Jason M. McCarthy in t... - The B...
Looks like Carl Paladino is now making his first remarks to the Board of Education as a member-elect. He takes off in July.
Carl Paladino wins spot on Buffalo School Board
So pumped Carl Paladino won, i don't care about the school board, but he's hilarious
has updates from tonight's Buffalo School Board meeting where Carl Paladino will address board for first time since victory
Carl Paladino on election to Buffalo School Board: "Amateur hour is over"
before I've even arrived in town I've found something to share. The Art Voice has released its [Best of Buffalo](
Carl Paladino expected to speak at tonight's Buffalo SB meeting...what do you think he'll say?
Undermine the educational system and you can reduce the population to a manageable bunch of ignoramuses ... enter ...
Cuomo said he has "no reaction" to Carl Paladino's school board election.
Carl Paladino elected to SCHOOL BOARD? Did I hear that right?
Which school will Carl put a billboard on first?
Does the City of Rochester need someone like outspoken Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino to shake things up?
Carl Paladino won his Buffalo School Board race by a landslide
Carl Paladino ranting at school board meetings should be fun.
."We" didn't elect Carl Paladino to the school board - the part of south of the Maxon-Dixon line did.
Carl Paladino wins seat on Buffalo Board of Education
Former New York Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino was elected to public office, even if it is on a smaller scale. Paladino was elected to the Buffalo Public School Board of Education winning 79 percent of the vote in Buffalo’s Park District.
Can't believe Carl Paladino is now a Buffalo School Board Member.
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Developer and former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino was overwhelmingly victorious in the race for the Park District seat on the Buffalo School Board.
In other news, Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino who ran NY Governor in 2010, was also elected as a school board member today. Crazy night!
BREAKING: Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has defeated Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a special election in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District. The win caps a political comeback for Sanford, a Republican, who made national headlines in 2009 after admitting to an extramarital affair with Maria Belen Chapur, now his fiancée. More:
Results starting to come in from Buffalo School Board elections...
Today is Election Day for the Buffalo Board of Education, but last-minute mayhem has heightened voter confusion in the final hours of an already confusing election season.Whoever wins today will spend the next three years overseeing a $900 million public institution responsib... - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Board of Education is comprised of 9 members: 6 district representatives elected in specific geographic districts and 3 at large representatives elected by the entire city. This year all 6 district seats are up for election. Election day is Tuesday May 7th, 2013.
Newark— Linda Newton enrolled her 8-year-old son at Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School to shield him from the ills that afflict many of Newark’s regular public schools. She has regretted that decision every day since. Last summer, nearly all of the troubled school’s two dozen teachers resigned, and…
Date of election: Tuesday, May 7The election: 13 candidates for 6 available openingsTerm: 3 yearsNote: This year's elections are solely by subdistrict; the three at-large spots on the nine-member board (5-year terms) come up for election in 2014
The best can't find you, until you put the worst behind you.
On April 28th, the Buffalo News' editorial page offered up its recommendations in the upcoming school board races. One of the most intensely watched races is that of developer and Tea Party gadfly Carl Paladino. While the News expressed support for Pal...
The *** in NYC probably hated me when I endorsed Carl Paladino and opposed Andrew Cuomo for governor.
NEWS RELEASE: New York’s Shot Heard Around the World. NYS Governor Cuomo drew a line in the sand by arrogantly ramming the Safe Act (gun control) through the NY legislature. Spineless lawmakers obeyed their ruler and passed what they knew was an unconstitutional law. The people of New York quickly met Cuomo’s challenge and began mobilizing resistance to insane governance. Within days – on Jan 19 huge crowds showed up in Albany and Buffalo with deafening roars of objection (over 7,000 in total). On February 12 another large, loosely connected group of New Yorkers returned to Albany accompanied by noteworthy Speakers from Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, Montana and led by outspoken Carl Paladino from Buffalo leading the cants of “we will not comply”, Repeal Repeal”. “Impeach Cuomo” and other loud cries of discontent. Follow by a statement from Paladino, “We will return”. Return is what New Yorkers did – with the largest gathering in Albany history. They showed up on the gray, rainy, cold Thu ...
On Thursday, Buffalo developer Carl Paladino made clear his intentions to run for a seat on the school board. For years, Paladino has been the board's most vocal critic.
You know what I love most about Carl Paladino being thrown out of the school board meeting last night? That come this summer, he will never be thrown out by that School Board again! Carl Paladino WILL be on the School Board so ALL parents can rejoice in knowing that there will be a very loud and powerful voice representing their kids. Love him or hate him, Carl is needed for this shake up.
HAPPENING NOW IN ALBANY New York THEY HAVE MARCHED ON THE CAPITAL EN-MASS In a stark rebuke to Governor Cuomo and those who voted for the bill referred to as the "Safe Act", thousands of New Yorkers will gather at the NYS Capitol on February 12th to rally and meet with their representatives. This event is being sponsored by many pro-Second Amendment Groups, including the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA), S.C.O.P.E, and Turn Albany Upside Down. The rally will take place from 11-2, and features speakers such as Senators Kathy Marchione, Greg Ball and Lee Zeldin; NYSPRA president Tom King, Former Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Arizona Citizens Defense League Charles Heller, Assemblypeople Steve McLaughlin, Steve Katz, Claudia Tenney, and George Amedore, among many others. Local 1300 radio personality Melody Burns will emcee the event. From 10-4 attendees will meet with their representatives in the legislature. Gun Rights Lobby Day ...
News from New Your State: Letter to Senator Mark Grisanti from Carl Paladino; Kind of long, but worth reading to the very end! (Please feel free to pass this email on to your friends and family.) Mark, You are now a confirmed RINO (Republican In Name Only). It wasn’t always that way. Prior to being first elected you appeared to have values and a spine. Unfortunately as a political neophyte your christening in the treachery, illusion and theatrics of the most corrupt state government in America was too much to handle. The fact is that until the last moment you did not want to vote for the *** marriage bill but you received unbearable pressure from your campaign manager Joel Giambra. He told you that you owed him and it would look very bad to his boss, Al, the fixer, D’Amato, if he didn’t get you to vote for the bill. Cuomo had commissioned D'Amato to get him the Republican votes he needed so he could pound his chest and tell America that he could pass any liberal legislation that he pleased in New .. ...
Carl Paladino tells he's interested in running for School Board
Friday night 10PM Within the past couple hours all *** has broken loose in Wyoming County. An emergency meeting was called and a motion made to have a no confidence vote on Chairman Gordon Brown, it passed by 75% of the vote. Then another vote was called for immediate resignation of Brown. In Browns arrogance and indignant attitude he said, go ahead and call it, there is no way in *** I am resigning, you'll have to wait till September. Or words to that affect, I was not in the room. The vote passed and Brown will have to step down and a new Chairman elected. I thing Gordon Brown will now regret attacking Carl Paladino in a county where Carl won decisively. Good Bye Gordon, I hope more chairman fall from grace just like he did, they all deserve it.
The cartoonist for the Buffalo News thinks the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, his information officer and two former navy seals was trivial...He depicts Repbulicans as being silly and he views the failures at Benghazi to be just a little molehill.I WILL POINT OUT THAT 94% of voters in Erie County supported Tea Party activist Carl Paladino for Governor...WESTERN New Yorkers WOULD NOT SUPPORT THE NEWS CARTOONIST WITH HIS STUPID VIEW.
Award-winning MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow brilliantly presents her groundbreaking new theory that Carl Paladino, Republican Teabagger candidate for gover...
to hold rally with Christine O'Donnell, Sharron Angle, Dan Maes, Ken Buck, and Carl Paladino.
October 18, 2010 -- In a debate expected to be dominated by top New York governor candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is To...
Life Technologies - Grand Island, New York...makes some interesting stuff.experimental...I have some relatives who worked there at one time...some may still be there for all I know...AND - a guy from there intends to TAKE ON BRIAN HIGGINS IN A DEM PRIMARY! A friend of Carl Paladino too! Never know!!
Video on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir interviews New York businessman and 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino, who says Mitt Romney’s decision to ignore Newt Gingrich during the New York primary is a major mistake, and also says that Romney is no conservative.
Carl Paladino called Mitt Romney "a chameleon who will say anything to get elected" on Martin Bashir. He's right.
ROFLMAO, Martin Bashir is interviewing that psycho Carl Paladino about Newt Gingrich having a resurgence in Buffalo. Resurgence or heartburn? Paladino says, "I don't like the negative advertising." This from a guy who sent racist emails about the president. Paladino may have a diseased mind, but like a clock he's right at least twice in his life, saying Rmoney is a chameleon. The other thing Carl got right was his own name.
Martin Bashir and Carl Paladino is a ridiculous combination on MSNBC right now
Carl Paladino just said on Martin Bashir that Newt was "just beginning". He's blown out of his mind. Martin looks beyond mortified!!
The AP: Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is scheduled to appear at a western New York rally later this week with developer Carl Paladino, a former candidate for New York governor. Paladino says Tuesday the rally is meant to counter what he says is candidate Mitt Romney's negative ad ...
Show Plug 2: Mort Lindsey conducts the orchestra. Who do you like for Worst? Beck, Derbyshire, or Carl Paladino's pix of Palominos?
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