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Carl Icahn

Carl Celian Icahn (born February 16, 1936) is an American business magnate.

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George Soros, David Koch, Ivanka and Jared, Carl Icahn in the Hamptons celebrating the press and the Pentagon Papers ht…
Note before this goes too far, other attendees: KellyAnn Conway, Carl Icahn, Maria Bartaloromo
Dina Powell, Carl Icahn, Maria Bartiromo... they're all in on it.
New: probing if the White House's Designated Ethics Official violated ethics rules with Carl Icahn
⚖️Notice the Chapter 11 references in the suit.⚖️. Place marker: Trump sold to to Carl Icahn . https…
The Taj Mahal was built for $1.2 billion, International bought it from Carl Icahn for $50 million:…
Somewhere in LA right now:. A white haired Mcconaughey plays Billy Walters, overweight Affleck plays Mickelson. Carl Icahn plays himself
Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters got his trading ideas from Carl Icahn, his broker says
Have Frank Langella and Carl Icahn ever been seen in the same room?
Frank Langella will do wonderfully as Carl Icahn in the miniseries
TIL the following are employed by/support Herbalife:. Madeleine Albright. David Boies (his law firm). Carl Icahn
Carl Icahn is cheering the departure of AIG's chief executive
Trump "special adviser" Carl Icahn admits he is advocating for a policy change that would benefit company he owns.
Carl Icahn's push to reform ethanol regulation just highlights how corporate interests pervade regulatory affairs.
$vrx Guys there is a lot of investors with DEEP POCKET here Like Bill Miller, Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn, all billionaires take over soon
Happy Bday Michael Dell! U had quite the battle w/Carl Icahn trying 2 take UR computer firm back 2 private. Investors big winners
Carl Icahn blasts N.J. pol as he announces he'll sell Taj Mahal.
Updated story on veto of the bill punishing Carl Icahn, now with quotes from Icahn and Steve Sweeney:
Using Lyft is boosting the fortunes of billionaire Trump adviser Carl Icahn
If only Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman had some way of making their voices heard!
Carl Icahn to be named Trump’s special adviser on regulatory issues
Carl Icahn tapped as Donald Trump's special adviser on regulatory issues
Donald Trump enlists Carl Icahn as his special adviser on regulations
Carl Icahn, a billionaire hedge fund manager, picked to advise the regulations of the SEC. How could Trump make such a wi…
JUST IN: Activist investor Carl Icahn will serve as Trump's special advisor on regulatory reform
Goldman Sachs execs and Carl Icahn who says a billionaire can't grow up to exploit the American people in this land…
Billionaire Carl Icahn will be Trump's advisor on regulatory overhaul
No other candidate would have been able to get a mind like Carl Icahn as an advisor.
Here comes all the liberals who are suddenly experts on "Carl Icahn". Time to make up fake stories about him although he…
Donald Trump’s new regulation czar is a conflict-of-interest disaster **Fox In The Hen House
Does Carl Icahn mean Florida is going to get reorganized and spun off to increase US' bondholder value?
This is the first pick that actually made me guffaw
Trump will be AMAZING for those of us with good stock holdings!
BREAKING: Trump to name Carl Icahn as special advisor on regulatory overhaul; Icahn also playing role in selecting next SEC ch…
Carl Icahn closed Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Now he's advising
Carl Icahn is the Corporate Raider that destroyed airlines in 80's! Remember TWA? Carl is swamp scum!
“Carl Icahn is what everyone hates about the American economy who’s not a billionaire” https:/…
I don't think anyone in Trump cabinet knows how to buy groceries or pump gas.Carl Icahn net worth is $16.7billion. . Trump…
Thank you! Although I still think Freeport should not have sold at distressed prices Buy hi sell lo is counter-Icahn
President-Elect names Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform.
Congrats for your appointment as Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform. Another patriot who…
Named today as Trump special adviser, billionaire wants to rewrite EPA regs hurting his refinery
Icahn is supposed to be punished for his shady dealings with Trump's casino. Who's supposed to punish him? Christie. htt…
President-Elect Donald J. Trump Names Carl Icahn Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform. ICONIC! ht…
Carl Icahn: "The economy is held up by the Federal Reserve."
Fortunate that highly successful people are willing to work for the country. Th…
Carl Icahn is a legendary businessman. Political hacks and lobbyist have failed. Icahn will help unleash America's full ec…
Thank you . Please help us run our country right. Merry Christmas!
Carl Icahn is a billionaire activist trader. What could possibly go wrong with him having early access to major regula…
Clearly most of Trump's voters were most concerned with which regulations and EPA and SEC chairs would be good for Car…
So Carl Icahn is going to have a non-confirmable job where he just rewrites regulations to benefit companies he owns?
White working class voters in the Midwest were very upset that Carl Icahn can't write regulations customized to his busin…
New cabinet appointment Carl Icahn is yet another billionaire who made shady personal deals with Trump
Now, Carl Icahn. Drain the swamp of lobbyists. Give the gov't to corporations. Trump cut out the middlemen. Welcome to the…
Trump adds the MAN "Carl Icahn" to his winning team YEAH!! Trump's Administration will be the best ever in DC🇺🇸
,The Cancer for American workers is teaming up with Trump. Ican has cost millions of jobs to disappear and $ into hands of 1%
Trump is hiring professional asset stripper, Carl Icahn, as a special advisor. . Let the VULTURE capitalism of selling…
Trump to name billionaire investor Carl Icahn as a special adviser on overhauling federal regulations - WSJ
Carl Icahn named a special adviser in the Trump administration: via
As a special adviser, Carl Icahn has been tasked with helping Trump overhaul federal regulations http…
Carl Icahn being named special adviser to Trump on regulation, including picking next SEC head, as PEOTUS looks to ease bi…
Now, THIS is obscene: adds billionaire Carl Icahn to team as special adviser on regulation.
Trump taps Carl Icahn as special adviser. He may choose an SEC chair who is tough on public boards. via
Carl Icahn on Donald Trump, market and Amazon risk to auto parts retailers
Now on I listen to Carl Icahn supporting Trump & accusing for its env regulations. European equivalent?…
Commented on StockTwits: I am going to hold $uvxy $ until vix shorts go broke carl icahn style…
"We're in dire need of a breath of fresh air!" —Financial Genius endorses
You have given him more time than Carl Icahn for God's sake! At least Carl can make us money!
got to opine on politics. Next up, rules on weekend movie debuts.Stop this,
2. Do you think Carl Icahn wants to hang in your town?
Market closes in less than 60 minutes and $HLF is tanking. Queue Carl Icahn to hobble up & throw away more of his investors' $IEP cash.
Uncle bought more $HLF shares plunge on the news. He really knows how to invest !
TGIF! My latest on America's Brexit or biotech moment:.
One has to wonder where $HLF would be trading if not for Carl Icahn.
Uncle Carl is toasting and roasting Ackman with a gassy Herbalife shake, or 2 million.
So what mean nothing.. , Carl Icahn, Peter Thiel are on the other side.
My latest: Is Carl Icahn the Trump of finance? via
Carl Icahn is upping his stake in Herbalife
Carl Icahn takes an even larger stake in Herbalife
Donald Trump called his Trump Taj Mahal casino "the eighth wonder of the world." Carl Icahn called it quits.
The Great Negotiator's buddy Carl Icahn drove the hotel into oblivion.
You do know that the Trump Taj Mahal is not owned by Trump any longer right? It's owned by Carl Icahn.
Look no further than Atlantic City for what the US would look like under Trump w/Carl Icahn as Treasury Secretary.
it's a shame that CNBC didn't confirm w Jeffries 1st before reporting it. WSJ screws us all
Carl Icahn buys more Herbalife shares, flouting Bill Ackman
Bill Ackman: Carl Icahn looks to sell Herbalife because 'he knows this is toast'
Don't doubt you for a 2nd, but it's semantics, Carl never gave the order doesn't mean it wasn't…
Bill Ackman: I was approached to buy Carl Icahn's Herbalife stake
EXCLUSIVE: Jefferies spokesperson confirms to me that never gave the firm an order to sell his $HLF shar…
Icahn calling out the amazing hubris of Ackman AND Twisting the knife that much more( 2.3mm times )
Billionaire Carl Icahn says he has bought an additional 2.3 million shares in Herbalif
Carl Icahn says he didn't sell shares of Herbalife:
LIVE NOW: Ackman approached to buy Icahn’s Herbalife stake + your midday stocks update
Oddly, most of the experts think the market is too high. Hm...
Ackman claimed Icahn was unloading shareslll
HLF is still a MLM scam that preys on vulnerable & poor ppl. Watch FTC Head's press conf.
(Wall) Street fight! puts MORE of his money into Herbalife. You got that, Bill Ackman?
I disagree w/Ackman on HLF, don't short based on morality-Primerica is another MLM scam, but been in business forever.
UPDATE: Carl Icahn says he has never given Jefferies an order to sell Herbalife shares, today bought another 2.3 million
my gut told me ackman was FOS this am. Thanks for clarifying
What do you have to say about UBS downgrading Icahn Enterprises LP (IEP) from Neutral to Sell with TP of $30?
We appreciate the support of all of our investors and are particularly grateful to Carl Icahn and the conviction...
Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman: A Wall Street soap opera in 6 acts 🔓
This is the man Trump cites as an expert on the economy. Icahn Buys 2.3 Million Herbalife Shares. What can I say...
Tl;dr: this photo is now an awkward tbt for Ackman, Icahn.
No,they settled because the FTC had to save face so they had to pay ransom in order for the FTC to give it up
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Carl Icahn buys 2.3 million Herbalife shares, bringing his total stake to more than 20% 🔓
Icahn reignites billionaire battle with 'obsessive' Ackman
yeah right, he is the only bid out there. Good luck monetizing that trade
Bill Ackman vs Carl Icahn is just too good lol.
MORE: Carl Icahn buys 2.3 million more shares of Herbalife after WSJ report said he was shopping shares
Carl Icahn Buys More Herbalife Shares: Carl Icahn bought more shares in Herbalife Ltd. on Friday after the st...
This story is just getting crazy. I would not be surprised if the SEC gets involved.
Your party should get along with Japan. God bless you.
Paul Tudor Jones is more bearish than George Soros&Carl Icahn based on surge in S&P puts
Carl Icahn to close Trump Taj Mahal at summer's end
How many of you *** posting this know 'Trump Taj Mahal' is owned by Carl Icahn?
1,000 workers go on strike against Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Casino in Atlantic City (It's now owned by Carl Icahn) https:/…
News Update Activist Investor Icahn Buys More Shares in AIG - Activist investor Carl Icahn has raised his stake...
Oh the of you,Calling me,DrBen Carson,Allen West,Sen.Jeff Sessions,Carl Icahn, Chris Christie, etc blind sheep
New Video: Billionaire battle of words: Warren Buffett laughs off Carl Icahn
February 11th became known as the "Jamie Dimon low", will April 28th become known as the "Carl Icahn high"? $SPY $ES_F
We had the Jamie Dimon bottom and the Carl Icahn top
One of Apple's biggest cheerleaders is selling: Carl Icahn, a major Apple shareholder and cheerleader, told C...
A Trump administration will restore Jackson, but put an image of Carl Icahn on the other side of the $20.
Obviously Jackson should have been replaced with Carl Icahn.
Carl Icahn told me to stay away from airlines. In good times, the unions ta...
Like Mark Cuban, Terrell Owens, Wayne Newton, Carl Icahn, Jan Brewer, Jerry Falwell, Jr. to name just a few of the 1000's.
Mark Cuban, Carl Icahn, Wayne Newton, Terrell Owens, Jerry Falwell Jr., Ann Coulter and thousands more might disagree with you.
Carl Icahn and David Einhorn lighten up on Apple, while Berkshire Hathaway takes a new stake in Kinder Morgan.
. Carl Icahn "I think he has absolutely touched a nerve and it's time the RP coalesced and said …
Carl Icahn, owner of Trump Taj Mahal, is miffed at plans for casinos elsewhere in N.J.
What changed for markets while you were sleeping: Carl Icahn is one of them, Warren Buffet is the other. The b...
Depends where they went to school or if they own certain types of biz. Jack Welch, Carl Icahn, the late Peter Drucker
Just to equalize Ron Perelman and Carl Icahn are two notorious Jewish Magnates who have the worst kind of enviro blood on their hands
I fantasize cabinet, no *** Caroline Kennedy Amb to Japan, but real bad *** like Carl Icahn at aTreasury. etc 2016
How cute. Have fun not having me to push around suckers! No hugs for you!
Donald Trump was "just endorsed" by Carl Icahn again. Icahn endorsed him last September.
Trump: "I was just endorsed recently by the great Carl Icahn."
Trump notes recent endorsement by "the great Carl Icahn, a great businessman."
OBOINGO had 200 paid operatives in IOWA in '08, how many does Trump have?
This stuff is reminiscent of video near the August 24 lows. Buy 👍
It's Soros this time playing the market turmoil/Carl Icahn no bounce lie card. If Icahn was saying things bad we'd be back at all time highs
kinda surprised to not see Carl Icahn up there.
- Carl, watch this short film and and let us know your thoughts...When the Herd Turns:
.weeps for the suffering of a small tribe of Americans: the CEOs of US-based, multinational corps. https:…
Wouldn’t surprise me, since Carl Icahn endorses him every other day… Among all his other lies.
It is ridiculous how cheap $GILD is. Mgmt needs to start bringing out value & making acquisitions.
Philly to ask Carl Icahn to keep Pep Boys local
Trumps cabinet so far: Carl Icahn, Bill Gates, Omarosa, Pastor 'stone the *** Manning
Jessica Jones Easter Egg (sorta): Jessica name drops AIG's Carl Icahn. He fought for control of Marvel Comics in the 90s.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Nice quick read on Carl Icahn selling Fontainebleau and other happenings on the north end of the Vegas Strip. (PW)
Mornings with Maria: Carl Icahn on $150M PAC for corporate tax reform, & AIG breakup via
Carl Icahn: "No way" I would be Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary: Carl Icahn has zero interest being the Trea...
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is launching his own super PAC - Business Insider
Carl Icahn warns about the dangers ahead via /r/Libertarian
A big deal if it were Warren Buffett or Carl Icahn. But Steve Ballmer? Meh!
Cameron Fous Alerts : Learn How To Day Trade Small Caps and Penny Stocks.. ..Carl Icahn should have been in on this!
Carl Icahn is very vested in Trump "brand". repeatedly has bailed out
Carl Icahn: I think the Volcker rule is magnificent.
I blame myself for Obama. His entire political career was the result of a stupid bet Carl Icahn and I made after watchin…
Paying attention. He got the endorsement of Carl Icahn and Grover Nordquist blessed his tax plan. Rubio GANG OF 8
New post: "5 things that keep Carl Icahn up at night"
Carl Icahn says he will not be Treasury Secretary for Donald Trump: The billionaire activist investor pla...
TRUMP: Carl Icahn will give Danny DeVito a piggyback ride into the room where he'll negotiate w/the Chinese. It'll totally freak them out.
Carl Icahn's power to make a stock instantly go up amazes me.
Why do we put unqualified people in positions of power? Why would we not use powerful negotiators? Carolyn Kennedy vs Carl Icahn. Really?
Trump wants Carl Icahn to oversee "deals" with China. Does that mean I need Icahn's approval to buy some teacups?
What's the center square in Trump speech bingo? Yuge? Wharton? Carl Icahn?
VIDEO - on Trade: I’d Much Rather Have Henry Kravis or Carl Icahn than Caroline Kennedy
When you look at the people that Trump wants to bring aboard his team, Jack Welch, Henry Kravis, Carl Icahn, it's amazing.
America great, offer free community college and trade school, for all Americans, how to pay for it, ask Carl Icahn
you did say this. The junk bond market 'is having a coronary'
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says that billionaire hedge fund manager Carl Icahn accepted his offer to be Treasury Secretary in
Carl Icahn and Elliott Management are the two best known horsemen of the software-defined moronocalypse.
Sorry but our complacency in holding elected reps to their oath of office, is destroying the nation
I've said all along that Trump has been successful because he surrounds himself by good people and let's them do... http:/…
$GTATQ shareholders need a real activist who will fight and make sure the right things are being done.
yes you are in charge of South East Asia best wishes and success
Mr Icahn what do you think about Apple dumping it's crrent tv plans and instead going for a Netflix-like straming service?
Cheniere CEO won't roll over for Carl Icahn, analyst says via
Trump says going to be appointed his man to tame China.
Apple television set is coming Carl, and it's going to sell for $3,000
I had to steal this from :. Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. Me, I make money studyi…
"I hope Clinton's followers accept the facts of the lying, betraying thieves BOTH of them ALWAYS were…" — annarose13
is also holding a large amount of shares and occasioned the acquisition of Allergan Plc (it's now Allergan Plc)!
Then man oh man am I glad I never worked for a company while you owned it.
So out of touch. Millennials hard working & mature, not 15!
This recent piece shows other investors are concerned about a bond ETF crisis too. More to come on this soon: http:/…
Promise unlike Geither, you did fill in your tax form correctly
One of the best trades over the last decade: Carl Icahn $NFLX
$IEP vs S&P 500 (1 Yr Return): -30% vs 7%. Who's volunteering to have that talk with about enhancing shareholder value?
For $4390 fee gives you video interviewing himself as Carl Icahn while choking a chicken
Carl Icahn's sobering analysis of an important market:. via
Carl Icahn: Cheap money, crummy managements mean good times for activist investors prin
Warren Buffett? - Donald Trump: Warren Buffett is the sort of guy I'd hire as president -
Need to get more aggressive and accelerate the share buyback.
Someone Owes Carl Icahn An Apology - Hey WSJ, Uncle Carl is looking for you... and he wants to kick your ***
.this is funny as *** man, you will like it. about Joe Jamail and Texaco deal by Carl Icahn:… …
.Chairman of Icahn Enterprises L.P. accepts offer for Secretary of Treasury.
Someone Owes Carl Icahn An Apology: . Still umblemished… and waiting for your apology. A year ago, a little...
Mr Trump asked me to tell you he's serious about the commerce role, and that it could actually happen.
Donald Trump mentioned 'terrific' Warren Buffett when he was asked about potential cabinet pi…
Govt by the 1%, for the 1% ~. Carl Icahn will serve as Treasury Secretary . ~ will you be Labor Sec?
Kenny Polcari's old school gesticulation is not as good as Carl Icahn's accent--but it's pretty *** close.
Carl Icahn rips Larry Fink on national CNBC while he sits right next to him.
Carl Icahn told Larry Fink that Blackrock is dangerous to his # | 14
Carl Icahn and David Tepper are only investors ever to average over 30% annualized in stocks and both bottom fish in de…
It's relatively invigorating to me when I see people like Bruce Berkowitz and Richard Perry and Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn on my team. $FNMA
BOSTON (Reuters) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said thanks but no thanks when real estate mogul turned Rep...
Carl Icahn has made more money on $AAPL stock than Tim Cook's entire net worth...
another union protest outside Trump Taj Mahal in AC scheduled for Thurs 5 pm to protest Carl Icahn re health insurance
Tonight I learned that although Carl Icahn and Leon Black have more money than me, I am funnier than both of them.
$1.6 million raised for melanoma research at leveraged finance event tonight. Carl Icahn and Leon Black:
Carl Icahn is a modern day Gordon Gecko..please crawl back under a rock and let Apple be.
Carl Icahn is pumping $100 million into the ride-sharing outfit Lyft, and the company actually welcomes the investment.
Carl Icahn said this week that Apple is really worth more than $1 trillion: $AAPL
Carl Icahn’s deal for Trump casinos on hold - Carl Icahn and Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City Carl Icahn’s...
McClellan: Stan Kroenke joins our Rogues' Gallery: Other members range from Carl Icahn to William Stiritz to August…
Oil’s drop hits big investors hard via John Paulson and Carl Icahn in focus.
Carl Icahn and John Paulson, among others, have suffered large losses as their energy-related bets have soured.
Carl Icahn, John Paulson are among the big-name investors taking big hits in oil's slide:
There have been warnings from everyone from Alan Greenspan, to James Rickards, Mark Faber, Jim Rogers, Robert Wiedemer, to Prime Minister David Cameron, Jaime Caruana from the BIS, Christine Lagarde at the IMF, to the FSB and the G-20. Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller, Hedge fund king Carl Icahn, and Ex-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin have issued warnings. A very easy Google news search even finds reported warnings by Mark Hulbert at MarketWatch, Steve Blumenthal at Forbes, and Steve Keen at CNN. Plus a billionaire.
Activist hedge fund manager Carl Icahn is expecting a market sell-off any time within the next three to five years. Icahn made the prediction during the Reuters Investment Outlook Summit in New York.
The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett read online : Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, and George Soros all started with nothing---and made billion-dollar fortunes solely by investing. But their investment str
So what does Michael Dell think about Wall Street and Carl Icahn? Not hard to tell from this nice piece:
Carl Icahn is the most annoying investor out there for corporate America...I wish the dude would just go away...
Carl Icahn just predicted he wants Apple stock to be worth twice as much money, Apples Market Cap to be worth a trillion dollars. Not news.
$SRPT with 100% chance of approval. All we need is to get involved to support DMD children + call for shares!!! Carl?!
When mom n pop ask for physical delivery of shares. Game over wall st
Nice link to our Money Laundering post on
$SRPT call for your physical shares this weekend! 12m shorts will be forced to cover. Ask for physical delivery.
Politicians of all stripes gathered on the Boardwalk Friday and accused Carl Icahn of orchestrating a campaign to force concessions from Trump Taj Mahal workers.
Carl Icahn rips Marc Andreessen over Venmo Lucas deal, says VC has 'screwed more ...
A billionaire tycoon with a taste for publicity hardly needs more support, but the inescapable truth is Carl Icahn is right about the iPhone. In a widely anticipated open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook posted Thursday, the so-called “activist investor” argued Apple’s current share price significantly…
The Taj is filthy! Take a good look at carpeting,bathrooms not working.💣
BBC News - Investor Carl Icahn urges Apple to step up share buybacks Icahn is a "Corporate Raider...!"
Carl Icahn forecasts watch ASP of $450, 20m units in 2015. Does he listen to the Critical Path?
Sure it is a billionaire investor that is saying this - but he is bang on right !! (APPL’s always gonna rule !!!
Mac Tips: Carl Icahn claims Apple valued at only half its true worth: If Tim Cook thought that the commencemen...
Quote of the Day: "You learn in this business: If you want a friend, get a dog” ~Carl Icahn
Carl Icahn is that guy at a party in your house who just badgers you to redo your kitchen — and he knows the guy to do it. H…
"Carl Icahn wants to rescue investors from a record high stock price and flawless balance sheet  "
"Carl Icahn expects Apple to crush the 4K TV market" | by for
Carl Icahn says that Tim Cook is the "ideal CEO for Apple": $AAPL
please, please, please get rid of that bum Paul Ricci. Us little guys need a voice.
Carl Icahn predicts Apple share price will more than double
Carl Icahn's praise should help create a floor for shares of Apple, RBC says $AAPL
Check out On Apple, Carl Icahn has a point on
Aren't The kind of Upset given compared them to the Floor of Cars? $AAPL Gone Wild
Carl Icahn is right: iPhone users are never going to drop Apple
..Mr. Ichan we have waited five years for them to miss a bond payment...Save Atlantic City The Taj is a gorgeous property..
Memo to Carl Icahn:. Which one is the Volkswagon?. $AAPL
Carl Icahn is the kind of investor that'd claim gravitational prejudice when losing a game of Connect 4.
Carl Icahn is the kind of investor that'd throw you a life vest lined with dried concrete mix if you were drowning.
Carl Icahn is the kind of investor that'd run into a grocery store, take all the free samples, flee to the parking lot & charge you to taste
Carl Icahn thinks his Apple stock should be worth double current value
Carl Icahn and a letter to Apple. A very good read.
So that you with your knowledge and talent could take over and make the Taj Mahal as fabulous as it once was, truly yours Judy
Mr. Icahn No one believes politicians. May I say this we the Taj employee's have prayed that the bondholders miss a payment.
Here we go again: Carl Icahn to send "interesting" letter to Apple CEO via $AAPL http…
EBay Inc., the world’s biggest online marketplace, said it would split off its payments arm PayPal, finally bowing to pressure from activist shareholder Carl Icahn after nine months.
Mobile payment service PayPal is splitting from eBay and will become a separate and publicly traded company next year. Almost a year after billionaire Carl Icahn opened a proxy fight and pressured eBay for a spinoff of PayPal, eBay President and CEO John Donahoe announced the split Tuesday, calling the separation the best path for growth and shareholder value creation for each company. Donahoe will step down as CEO of eBay after overseeing the separation of the two companies. eBay Marketplaces president Devin Wenig will become CEO of the new eBay, while American Express executive Dan Schulman will be the new president at PayPal, becoming CEO once the separation takes place.
Biz Vancouver: EBay, bowing to Carl Icahn’s pressure, will split off PayPal via
EBay announced it will split from PayPal sometime next year, following a plan laid out by activist investor Carl Icahn 9 months ago. Is the split a good move?
eBay & PayPal are going their separate ways:
I know I speak for most people but the world is going to be a better place when you're dead and in *** .
EBay Inc. said it will spin off its PayPal unit into a separate company next year. That result is what activist shareholder Carl Icahn sought earlier with resistance from eBay CEO John Donahoe, who is on his way out.
PayPal and eBay to become separate companies next year: Move comes months after investor Carl Icahn suggested ...
Carl Icahn's revenge: EBay to spin off PayPal
Carl Icahn told eBay split with PayPal. They won a proxy battle to prevent it. eBay now says they will split off PayPal in 2015,
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hopefully Ebay will get back to its core business and stop the flood of sellers disappearing to Amazon!
Love him or hate him, billionaire is killing it lately .
EBay breaks up with PayPal: Ebay is finally following the advice off Carl Icahn and spinning of PayPal in 2015...
You win, Carl Icahn: eBay to spin off PayPal as separate company (Video) via
Carl Icahn says splitting eBay and PayPal is a "no brainer" that needs to be followed by additional strategic moves.
Billionaire Carl Icahn is considering spending $100 million to save the Trump Taj Mahal casino from closing. But the offer comes with considerable strings attached: Icahn is willing to bailout Taj Mahal 'if and only if' he gets steep tax breaks from Atlantic City, $25 million in funds from a New Jersey redevelopment agency and the union agrees to give up pension and health insurance. The $100 million Icahn would provide to the troubled casino would be used to defray cash shortfalls and upgrade rooms at the older of the casino's two hotel towers. Trump Entertainment, which recently filed for bankruptcy, said the company is losing $7 million a month, and anticipates running out of money the week of Dec. 19.
eBay and PayPal to split on Carl Icahn pressure (via
NONE of them are "competent" Corn--they are all prostitutes turning tricks for Carl Icahn and others criminals.
must be in an Ebola play the man is in everything that goes up :-)
Carl Icahn keeps shaking up companies through his brand of activist investing:
Today eBay announced that its fast-growing PayPal division will be spun off as a new company in 2015:
After months of resisting the idea, eBay officials have decided to spin off PayPal into a separate company. The big winner here is Carl Icahn, the activist investor who has been pushing for the split all year. VIDEO
An interesting look at why Icahn leads the pack of activist hedge funds from Novus' Stan Altshuller:
Carl Icahn: PayPal must eat or be eaten to survive in payments: Carl Icahn, the activist s... jsmceowen
Carl Icahn is an animal. If I could be anyone it would be him.
Carl Icahn is getting his way after all, as eBay splits with PayPal:
Carl Icahn made a killing on eBay via
eBay & PayPal are going their separate ways:
Icahn Wins Again: EBay To Spin Off PayPal: Carl Icahn wins again. The resisters at eBay surrendered to the fam...
eBay to spin off online payments giant PayPal as separate company in 2015 after pressure from ... via
For this to be decided by a hedge fund specifically Carl Icahn is nuts. Large investors & hedge funds only care about returns NOT product
Things are about to get interesting at and Just worked through a split at my last job - hang in there…
spinning off First repercussion of Apple deal? or both?
Icahn praises "no brainer" PayPal spin off, says PayPal should consolidate industry with M&A
eBay's decision to give in to Carl Icahn's rabble-rousing gives rise to more questions:
Then and now: What eBay said about PayPal and Carl Icahn (who’s been calling for a split for months).
Activist investor Carl Icahn: PayPal spin-off is good, now let’s see some M&A $EBAY
Ebay defends spin-off plan for PayPal: Move follows pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn
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