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Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen (born March 12, 1953) is an American journalist, columnist, and novelist.

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Geraldine Borella's BERTIE AND THE BLACK HAND "is a little like the YA eco-fiction of Carl Hiaasen with the crime f…
Thx for great reporting on the important issue of
Well done Including Arctic drilling in the is public policy-making at it…
We're led by the greedy, the uninformed and the shortsighted. Doesn't bode well for our planet or us.
Sounds like a good scene for a novel.
Great piece by on the year of the phony apology statement
This is where the "drill, baby, drill" mentality has gotten us. Cut funding for green energy, put mon…
Watch how he votes, not what he says
Miami Republican opposes allowing Arctic oil drilling in tax bill Curbelo is right to fight…
David Crosby talks Joni Mitchell, Carl Hiaasen, returning to Florida and more
"I’ve met Lauer several times, and he always seemed as decent and likeable as he was on the air.". Really? I found…
cartoon: Don't know if will still rally for in Pensacola after the Flynn news, but if…
Respect to Billy Bush for that piece. [And I never thought I’d type that sentence...)
Bottom line though Carl, has he really done those things! We’re all boys and you know the rules! We a…
‘I’m humbled and troubled — especially since I got caught.’ weighs in on the new apology template .
From Carl Hiaasen one of my favorite living Florida writers. (My favorite Florida writer of all time is Zora Neale.…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Tina Feys book was awesome - but totally “chick fic”. Love the comedian bios though. Can’t go wro…
How much do FBI supervisors get paid? A $6k Rolex watch?
Folks, this is Florida. Something right out of Nice of the folks to sober her up and re-hydrate her. https:…
Thanks for sharing Jondi. This about sums it up.
Best insight into the Trump supports mindset I've read.
The harasser's apology formula, dissected by
How many times have you asked the same question: "Are you really sorry, or just sorry you got caught?"
and has written great stuff on sugar industry... I believe it was key to…
On page 50 of 335 of Razor Girl, by Carl Hiaasen
Do you read Florida newspapers on a regular basis? Might explain it (see Hiaasen, Carl).
Yes I agree. This article gives an additional perspective re: ...…
Tip: Don't read Carl Hiaasen on codeine. "Oh! That sounds like a great idea!"
thanks to PREVIOUS FAF event speakers for their support: Let's keep Fla in t…
Novel characters abound...used to think it was an Fla. thing.
Pro-Mistress Caucus declares Murphy new poster boy, but may need to abort campaign kickoff due to pre…
Only thing Trump has got right is calling that place a swamp.
Rep. Tim Murphy resigns from Congress after allegedly asking woman to have abortion Now joining Pro-Mistress caucus
This sounds more like novel than a news story. Whoa.
Skipping this one, and thx for fair warning.
If that isn’t the start to your next novel I don’t know what is
Hurricane Inga sounds like she should have been a stripper in Carl Hiaasen's "Strip Tease."
Hm. Could make a good scene in your next book.
🐅. That's what people do when they find a special place that wild and full of life, they trample it to death. -Carl Hiaa…
On page 29 of 464 of Sick Puppy, by Carl Hiaasen: i like where this book is going so far...
It's hard to weird out us Floridians, but yeah, a little flowery on the details.
Sounds like a chapter in one of your future books!
Yeah. I read it, too. Now I feel bad.
It is too much information. I'm sure the write up about this crime could have been more discreet.
Real life is sometimes stranger than fiction.
I love that "Famed for smugglers and stone crabs".
It’s so time for Rubio to be replaced 😢
Yeah, I followed because I've read his think you couldn't make this stuff up
Your novels just write themselves don't they???
I read the article stomach is cast iron,,having lived here 14 years,,,but even I had to st…
Carl, why did you share this and why did I read it? Ugh. Oversharing at it's finest.
I can’t decide if I should read this or not. Thinking curiosity will get the better of me.
A lot of people have read this which is good but is right, TMI
Dictionary definition of Opportunist has photograph of Mr. Rubio w/detailed list of photo ops & oops!…
"Top surgery"=double mastectomy 4 teen girls.Sugarcoats horror story.Parents fighting Weirder than Razor Girl!TU
Group sex during hurricane leads to a decomposing body in the closet, cops say Way too much information
The Congress Members Receiving the Most N.R.A. Funding Florida's Marco Rubio makes the Top 10! We're so proud. Not.
On page 175 of 400 of Basket Case, by Carl Hiaasen
More and more Trump sounds like one of the inept politicians in a Carl Hiaasen novel based in Florida
One positive- After Katrina a boom in dolphin population due to temp decrease in fishing/ netting/crabbing.
I thought by the way our drear leader talked that Florida was all hunky dory? He did such a great job, everywhere
Breakout game continues with 6th Grade. Making playdough figures to go with their book Chomp by Carl Hiaasen.
And, wanting personal protection because he's afraid average Americans will try to harm him if given the chance.
Iced Coffee - forever will be Flush by Carl Hiaasen
And yet, as bad as it gets —and it’s worse each day — WE WERE WARNED. No surprises here. Each and eve…
POWDER BURN by Carl; Bill, Montalbano Hiaasen available to Providence Athenæum members as an eBook!
He's actually the pimp, prostituting the EPA.
Funny how Trump&Co. like straight talk when it comes to race& guns but environment, cops killing blac…
Go big, or go home Tyler. I'm sure there is a Carl Hiaasen-esque story about our favorite…
Carl Hiaasen’s books are now writing themselves.
Negligence - yes, but also legislative cowardice to blame for nursing home deaths
Carl Hiaasen: Negligence, legislative cowardice to blame for death of 12 at nursing home via
Req generators to power HVAC in nursing homes & ALFs, best solution 2 mitigate via
Carl Hiaasen at in Aspen Grove on Friday at 7pm --> an all time favorite!!📖
Meet Tues, 10/18 at 7PM! Get your copy of his new book coming out 9/6 here!
Try Class Dismissed by Frindle or Landry News by Andrew Clements, Chomp by
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Throwback to when I met Carl Hiaasen and the picture came out blurry and I cried for 3 hours.
On page 59 of 304 of Nature Girl, by Carl Hiaasen: clever and witty so far.
. Have you ever read a Carl Hiaasen book?
Carl Hiaasen writes great, funny novels about Florida, but many others do as well
Sounds like a plot for a Carl Hiaasen novel!
My driving record is not exemplary, but I have never had a speeding ticket over 100 m.p.h. I ca
.would like to see you outside, Steve ...
Florida where every day is like a novel come to life.
What is even happening here?!?! Sounds like the start to a Carl Hiaasen book or something.
3. Paradise Screwed 4. Dance of the Reptiles, both by Carl Hiaasen.
Thank excited to get my hands on razor girl. its been a while since I read some
. Congratulations my Dear friend,you deserve it 👍
From my experience, politicians are much more uncomfortable being made fun of than they are be
When you're given a newspaper column, you're not being paid to sit on a fence and scratch your
Another great conversation with a Los Angelan, who loves Florida for various reasons, but mainly because she loves Carl Hiaasen’s writing.
It happened in Orlando, but it could have been anywhere
LOVE UR BOOKS! But you are NOT doing voters justice with ommitting/misrepresenting candidates. Truly disappointed
FSU Man Kills Couple, Tries to Bite Face off Man can't write this awful up
I agree with you now stop endorsing him!
I always say the best things about moving to SoFL 23 yrs ago are Publix and discovering Not sure which one I like better.
I think he still thinks con man trump is better than Hillary. Shouldn't have made pledge tho imo
lil Marco Will vote for a crazy con man but Won't vote to save babies from Zika! Will Fl vote for him?
Obviously, if has no integrity and like any establishment they will say or do anything to stay relevant.
Only two to choose from . That is how bad Hillary is !!!
I would be appreciative and I don't live in Florida. Thank you in advance.
I got overwhelmed by the magnitude of the celebrity culture in America. My background is as a n
Rubio is still better than Murphy or Grayson.
another rec, bought it cause I liked the cover. One of my favourite books ever.
This isn't what was meant by "keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
He used to have a future, didn't he? I forget.
Rudy has a point. Everyone knows that 9/11 happened while was in office. Bush is not to blame.
Marco must be defeated here in Florida.
- Little Marco is a little valiant by defying while supporting the con man Trump.
This is tantamount to Trump calling Hillary crooked when he spent years bribing and complimenting her.
Yes please do so and while at it fire Scott Bondi, and whole Republican leg. for approving dumping tox in hr water
Poor needs voters since he lost so badly in the primary. Sad!
. How are Floridians even considering re electing Rubio???
Great circus trick, speaking out of both sides of your mouth like that.
Marco Rubio would vote for any con man who can sell him shoes that let Rubio seem 1/2 inch taller
I'm glad I never supported him. Another establishment shill.
Read 's Dance of the Reptiles to truly appreciate the empty suit that is Little Marco
Why is Rubio standing with Trump, when everyone knows hes going to lose November. :(
Carl Hiaasen nails it again! Rick Scott, worst Governor in Florida History! For decades a solution has been known...
BITE by Mad Max meets Carl Hiaasen but with cannibals! For fans of who don’t need zombies
For you, Carl Hiaasen: Florida woman goes to hospital with dead shark attached to arm.
Mix of Randy Wayne White and Carl Hiaasen in 5 book series, Green to Go (Buck Reilly Adventure Book 2)
Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey always looking for new material.
Every bookstore in Florida should have a big section for Florida authors: Carl Hiaasen, John D. MacDonald and Paul Levine.
Carl Hiaasen: Polluters win again in the state Legislature
I spent an imprudent amount of time today reading Carl Hiaasen's "Bad Monkey." Think what you will of me, but that monkey makes me laugh.
The Downhill Lie: A Hacker's Return to a Ruinous Sport by Carl Hiaasen -
Marco Rubio's insane logic of arming terrorists.
Check out Carl Hiaasen Five Signed First Editions (just reduced) via
S1 Geographers you should jump in as well - how about some or some or even a touch of for your BGE
Carl Hiaasen: Rubio returns to Senate to cast gun vote
4 of 5 stars to Mordiscos by Carl Hiaasen
Teen pop stars and media feeding frenzies combine with Carl Hiaasen's wit in Star Island:
If only this was one of your novels.. The stooge would get his just dessert. There's an alligator somewhere waiting to Chomp.
Carl Hiaasen: Bulletin — Rubio sighting in the Capitol reports
Bartered sex, corruption and cover-ups behind bars They need a prison for all the bad guards
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Carl Hiaasen takes Marco Rubio to task for his latest vote on gun control legislation. via
The Swamp Heritage Festival is this Sat. Carl Hiaasen (11:30am) and Clyde Butcher (3pm) will be presenti…
Carl Hiaasen: Bulletin — Rubio sighting in the Capitol Great read. Love Carl Haaisen
Great article on the Cuban people .
"Without needing Mapquest he found his way to the Senate floor He even remembered where his seat was"
Got a feeling this is a rare occasion for this senator.
4 of 5 stars to Skin Tight by Carl Hiaasen
Marco Rubio votes against law to prevent persons on the FBI’s terror watch list from buying explosives or guns.
just finished a book by Carl Hiaasen, who's from Florida. Is he famous over there ?
Oops. THIS is the link to the NEW column! The other link is great to bookmark so make use of it!
I'm giving away something for you on Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen. Get it here -
Carl_Hiaasen: Carl Hiaasen: Bulletin — Rubio sighting in the Capitol via MiamiHerald
Check out this great item: Star Island by Carl Hiaasen (Hardcover)
SACRED SPRING~ A mix of Patrick Smith and Carl Hiaasen with the added intrigue of
Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen. If I'm keeping it 💯, the protagonist is kind of a rapist. Also, he's a DMB fan.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
4 of 5 stars to Lucky You by Carl Hiaasen
But definite lack of meth, and, separately, an addition could have done Freud proud.
Perhaps, but has THE greatest author book jacket photo ever taken.
True, although Tim Dorsey looks like on a wonky meth trip.
Remember, always says he doesn't make anything up -- he just reads the papers.
It's like a Carl Hiaasen novel come to life.
The evening news made her wonder if God was dead; the morning sun made her believe He wasn't ~ Carl Hiaasen
I want to bake a batch of nachos and read 200 pages of Carl Hiaasen tonight.
On page 277 of 476 of Native Tongue, by Carl Hiaasen
On page 252 of 476 of Native Tongue, by Carl Hiaasen
The novel I've been planning for NaNo is satirical/humorous. What authors (like Carl Hiaasen ) should I be reading?.
"My escape is to just get in a boat and disappear on the water." Carl Hiaasen
On page 242 of 476 of Native Tongue, by Carl Hiaasen
Uh huh. Huh?! Gaetz: Gun rights granted by God. God, so far, mum... v
Carl Hiaasen. Excellent piece, and I was definitely hooked by that clickbait
Carl Hiaasen: ‘Pure lunacy’ to jail this man for 20 years reports
Current-affairs book recommendation: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, more at
Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen. Seems rather appropriate, eh?
Been there a couple of times, and decided that I was content to just read Carl Hiaasen novels.
GOP Shameless shills for NRHiaasen: from God’s lips to Gaetz’s ears
If only we had the Bush Tapes circa 2002-3
‘The Nixon Tapes: 1973,’ Edited by Douglas Brinkley and Luke A. Nichter Tricky *** and his gabby band of felons
Just finished CHOMP by in one sitting. Couldn't put it down! Great Caudill to start with
I'm reading the very funny Bad Monkey by
.state rep says gun rights granted by God, not govt, tho Bible has no "Book of Glock"
I have no doubt Rick Scott is the worst governor in modern FL history Carl Hiaasen: Scott picks the public’s pockets
Carl Hiaasen: uses public money to cover up his violations of open-records & open-meetings laws
Sen. Menendez and Dr. Melgen: corruption or bro-mance? The latest from columnist Carl Hiaasen:
Reading Skin Tight, by Carl Hiaasen: I just finished Skin Tight *** Stranahan Book 1) an...
Don't know if you've read any Carl Hiaasen but this story fits naturally into his Floridian insights
Really enjoyed Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen. That was the first of his I've read, but won't be the last. Made me laugh out loud several times.
This really sounds like a Carl Hiaasen book: Tea Party hires actors to feign indignation over plan to save Everglades
i'm in a Carl Hiaasen kick right now myself
3 of 5 stars to Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen
"It's easy to get distracted by the vaudevillian aspects of the debate."-Carl Hiaasen
Jimmy Buffett, Carl Hiaasen rally for purchase of land from U.S. Sugar: With musician Jimmy Buffett s...
Saving the Everglades: Jimmy Buffett, Carl Hiaasen join Tallahassee rally in support of important land purchase
Don't let Big Sugar weasel out of land deal: pic via
Tomorrow, Robert Greenidge & Carl Hiaasen will be in TLH to support the
joined Carl Hiaasen and other speakers at the Day rally in
Carl Hiaasen: more people voted for than for the Speaker of the FL House!
Carl Hiaasen: Who’s the least worst for Florida governor?
Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading: The annual book festival celebrates its 22nd year with a roster of more than 40 authors, including R.L. Stine, Carl Hiaasen, Lisa Unger and The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi.
Carl Hiaasen: It's the season for sleazy ads via Rothstein and Batmasian Rick Scott's Sleaze Factor
A satirical that will appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Moore.
Little Giant Ladders
Carl Hiaasen. Thorne Smith. Craig Rice (the detective farce lady who I'd love to adapt). Straight Man by Richard Russo.
Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen - so funny you should probably read it (
Feeling sad, I turn to another master of funny to soothe my soul Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen.
why a rich Las Vegas casino owner is trying to prevent sick people 2,000 miles away from gaining legal access to pot http…
Carl Hiaasen: Cheney is wrong -- again - Fresno Bee - USA TODAY Carl Hiaasen: Cheney is wrong — again...
"All Aboard Florida is a train wreck for taxpayers"
Taxpayers, not sugar tycoons are stuck paying to clean up the Everglades as Scott & GOP live high on the polluter hog htt…
Sunday morning reading from Carl Hiaasen on how Rick Scott "flushed his integrity" down the toilet:
Hiaasen says Rick Scott "flushed his integrity down the toilet." I disagree. Scott never had integrity.
Sounds like Carl Hiaasen's editorials of the pollution of Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.
The latest from Carl Hiaasen: Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded
3 of 5 stars to Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen
Rick Scott won't answer questions about his hunting trip to King Ranch, bought and paid for by Big Sugar.
Tool, my favorite hirsute henchman from Carl Hiaasen's Skinny DIp
PAINTER OF THE HEAVENS. "... reads like the manic, adrenaline-fueled offspring of Carl Hiaasen & Elmore Leonard!".
On page 412 of 496 of Lucky You, by Carl Hiaasen
Carl Hiaasen: Scott's campaign raking in money from US Sugar
Anything by Tom Holland for factual / God Is Not Great - C Hitchens / Carl Hiaasen - Strip Tease (is hilarious)
Which Carl Hiaasen book do you recommend?
sounds like the basis for a Carl Hiaasen book!
4 of 5 stars to Una donna di troppo by Carl Hiaasen
On page 318 of 496 of Lucky You, by Carl Hiaasen
Who is going to the YA thing in September? Did you see who will be there?! Holly Black, Carl Hiaasen, Joan Bauer!
5 of 5 stars to Chomp by Carl Hiaasen
"These go down as easily as the sun dipping into the Florida Gulf at nightfall." on Carl Hiaasen's new YA novel Skink,...
On page 284 of 448 of Una donna di troppo, by Carl Hiaasen
Agreed! Just finished Bad Monkey, so funny RT: read all of Carl Hiaasen's books. Great author.
read all of Carl Hiaasen's books. Great author.
The kicks off today on the Delaware River in Tacony! I immediately thought of Carl Hiaasen's any other fans?
finished Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen and gave it 5 stars - great holiday read by the pool
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
My three favorite books are Flush by Carl Hiaasen, Sweethearts by Sara Zarr, East of Eden, and the Outsiders
Carl Hiaasen: Bought and paid for with a Texas hunting trip - Carl Hiaasen -
Listening to Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey on audiobook. Florida author, set in Florida, narrator sounds like Columbo
Since I read Chomp by Carl Hiaasen w/ my 10 y.o. son, I haven't looked at shows the same:
A mix of Patrick Smith and Carl Hiaasen~Sacred Spring by DiVoran Lites
Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, and Dave Barry get it right with every FloridaGonzo novel they write. Crazy from the heat???
Has anyone ever ready anything by Carl Hiaasen?. Reccommend or No?
5 of 5 stars to Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen
Carl Hiaasen: Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded - 07/19/2014 |
Fact: the best cure for a that's over an hour late (thanks, Bolt Bus!) is Carl Hiaasen.
Basically. Why change of heart, towards high speed rail, is tied to his and his friends' wallets.
getting ready to railroad FL taxpayers. . .again.
Carl Hiaasen quotes articles in column about AAF concerns.
Carl Hiaasen explains it perfectly: Rick Scott should have taken the $2.4 billion in federal funds for high-speed...
Thanks to Gov Rick Scott, Florida taxpayers are about to be railroaded.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"All aboard, suckers." - Thank you Carl Hiassen - common sense will hopefully prevail!. At this point,...
When it comes to All Aboard Florida, "Scott’s either clueless, or lying." Read and share:
"Carl Hiaasen: Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded" It's how Rick Scott rolls
Please please send this scumbag packing come election time
Carl Hiaasen: Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded.
Carl Hiaasen: Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded - Carl Hiaasen -
Carl Hiaasen: Florida taxpayers about to be railroaded
Hiaasen’s now in paperback!: Carl Hiaasen's amazing comic novel, Bad…
frm Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey, now in paperback!
Have no idea what this is about yet but title sells it “Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey, now in paperback!
Carl Hiaasen's amazing comic novel, Bad Monkey, is now out in paperback; I reviewed it last year in hardcover:...
sick puppy by Carl Hiaasen if U like crime or I guess detective books . He writes I think for the Miami Herald.
Book reccomendation: Tim Dorsey's Serge Storms books. They're a mashup of Dexter, Carl Hiaasen and Hannibal.Check them out!
I've just started reading a delicious book, Isle Of Dogs by Patricia Cornwell...It's very different from her Kay Scarpatta series...This one already has a playful cynicism to the writing that is charming...I know playfulness and cynicism seem like opposites, but it worked for Vonnegutt and works for Carl Hiaasen, as well as P.J. O'Roark It also has a side character that is quickly becoming my most favorite one since Christopher Moore's Abby Normal in You Suck, and Bite Me.Her name is Windy Breese, and she uses a lot if cliches, but she mangles them. Examples: "Marching to a different color", "Writing off into the sunset", "A stitch in the hand is worth two in the butt"...Her coworkers have stopped trying to correct her, and now, no matter how badly she mangles a cliche, most people know what she means and have become a little vague on what the original phase was...So they have started using hers..."He needs somebody to pass the scapegoat to...". I'm going to enjoy this book a lot.Very tasty...She alrea .. ...
Just saw Carl Hiaasen's byline on the Human Rights Ordinance defeat byline. history!
Update your maps at Navteq
Muddying the waters far from home Carl Hiaasen chiaasen@ Your tax dollars hard at work: The state of Florida has joined a lawsuit aimed at blocking a massive cleanup plan for Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay. And, no, you can’t make this stuff up. Last week, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed a brief — paid for with your taxes — attacking the legality of the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint. The plan was devised by six bay area states, the District of Columbia and the federal government. Its mission is to improve water quality in the rivers, streams and estuaries of the Chesapeake region. A federal judge upheld the terms of the so-called blueprint, which will limit the amount of pollution being dumped, but the ruling is being appealed. Why would the state of Florida try to obstruct the cleanup of public waters hundreds of miles away from our own? Because Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott are complete tools. They aren’t suing on behalf of the citizens of Florida; they’re suing ...
MANY new arrivals here at Maya Books and Music! Including but not limited to: -Tom Robbins -Ayn Rand -William S. Burroughs -SIGNED Carl Hiaasen -Pablo Neruda -Edward Abbey -J.D. Salinger -Randy Wayne White -MANY new mystery books -MANY new world and military history books -Antiques -Art books And SO much more! Stop by this weekend and check us out. OPEN- FRI until 7:00pm, SAT 10:00-7:00, and SUN 12:00-5:00
.hm.82% support!!!. Floridians will have a chance to vote on legalizing medical marijuana, the state’s Supreme Court ruled Jan. 27., setting up a major battle in the populous southern state, and some searing commentary from legendary author Carl Hiaasen. A Quinnipiac University Polling Institute survey in late 2013 showed 82 percent of the public supported medical marijuana, which is great because unlike California, Colorado, or Washington, a constitutional amendment in Florida requires 60 percent voter approval for adoption. Naturally, elected Florida leaders are deeply opposed, including Florida’s entire Republican Party all the way up to Gov. Rick Scott. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and the state’s Republican leadership even sued to block a vote on medical marijuana, but the Florida Supreme Court narrowly ruled 4-3 to allow the vote to go forward. Reuters reports Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor of Florida who is running for Governor as a Democrat versus Scott in November celebra ...
A little feedback from Key West Literary Seminar. First, one would be hard pressed to find a more convivial, out going group than mystery/thriller writers. As a group, we seem lively, enthusiastic, perceptive, and more than ready to have fun. Probably the greatest mystery of this sort of gathering is precisely how we all think up the things we do. Twists and turns, tension and stress, characters that are put in anxiety-producing situations. Gunfire and bodies. Dark, moral, ethical questions abound in all the prose -- only to be contradicted by the often hilarious way we all engage with the world. I think the thing I've taken away from this weekend is that we aren't the people we create on the page. We may have some of their traits and some of their foibles -- both for good and for bad -- but they aren't us. Close... but... maybe just near relations... or good friends... or... Anyway -- a few observations about some of the other panelists. Carl Hiaasen is categorically one of the nation's great treasures. ...
Gillian Flynn & Carl Hiaasen discuss Gone Girls and Bad Monkeys this morning.
With panelists like Joyce Carol Oates, Scott Turow, Gillian Flynn, Stephen L. Carter, Carl Hiaasen, and Laura Lippman (just to name a few), I'm worried I'll never make it to the beach. Off to Key West everyone!
What's better than a sale at the mall? South Square Mall has a secret buried under the fountain at the food court. The mall's slick owner can't believe what could happen to him. If like Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry, or Donald Westlake, give Shopping Bagged a try. To order it, go here:
We have an entire bookshelf unit full of James Patterson novels near the front door. In that same area are 2 shelves of Clive Cussler & 1 of Carl Hiaasen novels. ~ Judi
Sounds like an ending to a Carl Hiaasen novel - “Passenger falls from small plane flying at 1,800 ft. over ocean SE of Miami”
Well here it goes... 5 Random Things About ME: 1 - Wander Lust: did over 12 cross country treks after High School: YUP, my Mom's worst nightmare, bought a van and drove the US for 3 years. NH to FL, FL to CA, CA to MI, MI to NC/FL, FL to MI, MI to CA... over and over again LOL. It is amazing to see the country from back roads and small towns, before the day of Superstores and Megamarts. I have hiked 1/2 of the Appalachian Trail. 2- For a few years I was Vegan and a weight trainer. I benched press 85 lbs for a work out (not bad for a chick) 3- I worked for a Mobile 5 Star Chef, and ran his restaurant and pub in Charlevoix MI for 2.5 years, also acted as his a pseudo-Sommelier with help of Mickey Baskt before the age of 23. 4 - My favorite authors include: David Sedaris, Bill Bryson, Carl Hiaasen, Feynman 5- Wonder Lust: Jack of all Paths, I have a insatiable appetite for anything Spiritual, Metaphysical and Wholistic - I studied Therapeutic Touch, Herbalism, Meditation, Energy Work, and other alternati ...
7 Facts About Myself 1. My favorite author is Carl Hiaasen. 2. I have lived in Florida for 3 years. 3. My dream is to visit the UK and see the tomb of Queen Elizabeth the First. 4. In 1999, I attended WCW Nitro when I was nine months pregnant. 5. For me, there is no better place than the beach. 6. Filth E. Colt and I honeymooned in Victoria, British Columbia. 7. In 1985, I was sworn in as a US Citizen at Faneuil Hall in Boston.
Free: Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. Check it out -
I've never seen the movie Striptease. I firmly believed I never would. However, after learning it's based on a Carl Hiaasen book, I'm in.
Nah. Carl Hiaasen took the brunt of the criticism.
More like a Carl Hiaasen novel, but yeah.
History regurgitates itself. Read any history or biography—from Renaissance to Reconstruction, from Galileo to U.S. Grant—and you need only change dates and names to arrive at USA Today. That’s the time and place, not the newspaper, lest anyone think I’m warning against books as holiday gifts. While we keep saying that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, we overlook that those who do know it are doomed to watching everyone else repeat it. So why read it? As is true of everything else, the more you know, the more jokes you get. And, yes, the more pain you can withstand, the more controversy you can understand. With parallels on the front pages of any newspaper today, three books are sure to satisfy history buffs on your gift list: * The Third Coast (2013) by Thomas Dyja. Among Dyja’s dozens of double takes in time is how a Chicago marketing firm guessed that a weathered cowboy on the new device called television would erase public concern for the health effects of cigarettes: ...
I would concur, vonnegut is a great fun read, I would also add Christopher Moore and Carl Hiaasen to your list
Train running late, the guy next to me is playing LOUD Bollywood through really tinny speakers and I can't concentrate on reading Gittos on liturgy and architecture. Or Carl Hiaasen come to that. Irritating.
If I could write like Carl Hiaasen I would be happy.
Whatcha Readin' Wednesday! I'm currently reading Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen. What are you reading this week?
Have anyone read the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen???
Is it true Carl Hiaasen knows good places to dump a vagrants body? "Carl Hiaasen's Drifter Graveyard"
Carl Hiaasen, genius: "Anybody who thinks Florida voters won’t get fooled again has been dipping into the bath salts".
Carl Hiaasen: Charlie Crist is back, but doesn't deserve free pass.
Live from the NYPL: Margaret Atwood and Carl Hiaasen Very awesome!
by Elizabeth Bernstein When being alone turns into loneliness, there are ways to fight back Occasional Loneliness Is a Near-Universal Feeling, Therapists Say, That Individuals Can Identify and Work to Change by Elizabeth Bernstein wsj 4 Nov 2013 Loneliness is as strong a predictor of early death as alcoholism and smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and it turns out you don't actually have to be alone to feel lonely. Elizabeth Bernstein has the latest research and Leeanne Rebic Hay shares her experience. I spend a fair amount of time by myself. One recent day, I worked, read, cleaned my desk, took a walk, made soup and chatted with my best friend on the phone. By evening, I felt productive and content. Then, for the first time in hours, I checked my phone. There was not one new text, call or email—not even from Groupon. Wasn't anyone thinking of me? It got me thinking: How does being alone turn into being lonely? Some people crave time alone, but experts say occasional feelings of loneliness are a near-universa ...
“White guys were truly pathetic, the worst, when it came to fretting about their *** ” - Carl Hiaasen
Carl Hiaasen: Charlie Crist will not get “free pass”.
Well no, not after reading Carl Hiaasen, I guess I don't. But you don't really want to live in permanent darkness ;-)
Columnist Carl Hiaasen: No free pass for Charlie Crist: By Carl Hiaasen Good-time Charlie Crist is back. He wa...
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Charlie Crist is back, but he doesn’t deserve free pass - Carl Hiaasen -
"Richie Incognito would beat [Rick] Scott if the election were held today." Big deal, says columnist Carl Hiaasen:
Every time I read a Carl Hiaasen novel or newspaper column- I never know if I should laugh like *** or cry (?)
Only Carl Hiaasen could have named the protagonist in the Dolphins drama "'Incognito'.
2 of 5 stars to Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen
Thanks to Christy, I have a new book to savor. Loved it from the very first sentence. I'm beyond thrilled! Try "Skinny Dip" by Official Carl Hiaasen Page
Just arrived in time for holiday car rides. The following audio books have just hit the "NEW" shelf in the Junior section of the library: Kenny and the Dragon By Tony DiTerlizzi The Mostly True Story of Jack By Kelly Barnhill Island of the Blue dolphin By Scott O'Dell Neversink By Barry Wolverton The Wednesday Wars By Gary D. Schmidt The Great Cake Mystery By Alexander McCall Smith Julie of the Wolves By Jean Craighead George Hoot By Carl Hiaasen Fablehaven by Brandon Mull Mr. Popper's Penguins By Richard and Florence Atwater The Sign of the Beaver By Eilizabeth George Speare
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