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Carl Hester

Carl Hester (born 29 June 1967, Sark) is a British Dressage rider competing at Olympic level. As of 8 August 2012 the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) rank him 12th in the world riding Uthopia.

Charlotte Dujardin Grand Prix Honorary Patron European Championships British Dressage Great Britain

Carl Hester tells us - 'On a freezing cold day like today, I am really looking forward to my trip Down Under!"
Do you ever open your yard up like Carl Hester to the fans? Would love to see it!
Watch Carl Hester of rides under the expert coaching of Jean Bemelmans
Carl Hester, can you explain or i did go to a French school when i was a boy, i did and of course there is...
Okay I have just been informed the first thing I'll be doing in Europe is auditing a Carl Hester clinic in Brussels, I have stopped crying.
All of you Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin fans out there will appreciate this video! Young Valegro even...
Here is the clinic progam for this Friday 12/01
Would you like to watch Carl Hester riding a horse, not in a clinic? Not sure where this is, but you might...
Carl Hester on his way to winning the dressage at Liverpool International Horse Show both he & Charlotte Dujardin w…
Fantastic evening at Liverpool International Horse Show topped off by watching Carl Hester take the Inter I Freesty…
So happy to have met Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin today! ❤️
Check out our rider signings: Friday 29th @ 5:50pm:. Signing - Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin
Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin to take rising stars to Liverpool - Dressage fans can look forward to seeing Car…
Carl Hester, airborne and wind in his hair!
Nearly 40 years old & I still get excited at seeing a 'superhero' lovely of Carl Hester to pop in & see us
Ik vind een leuk: One on One at Fifty - Gala Evening with Carl Hester
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A great article on the clinic Carl Hester taught in Canada after he was here in New England.
Carl Hester to compete at the Liverpool International Horse Show at Christmas (29th - 31st Dec)!
JUST IN: Former advisor to President Trump, Carl Icahn, has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern Dis…
Meet Carl Hester MBE at the Celebrity Signings on Saturday at 2pm http…
Always enjoy watching Carl Hester on H and C TV. Inspirational!
On October 14 and 15, 2017 I was lucky enough to participate in the Carl Hester Symposium hosted by the New...
Carl Hester: Talent is merely a base to build on *H&H VIP*
There are some superb prizes featured in Gala Auction including a chance to visit Carl Hester's yard! . 👉
WIN! Buy a Convention 2017 weekend ticket and be in with the chance to win two tickets to visit Carl Hester's yard! ht…
Carl Hester: what more do people want? *H&H VIP*
Carl Hester trains Katherine Bateson, what more do you need to know to want to watch?
“We have a president who lies on an unheard of scale in the modern presidency of our country.” - Carl Bernstein
Unless his name his Carl Hester I would be suspicious.
Loving equitana. Can't wait to see Carl Hester again. So entertaining might keep him.
to Carl Hester and 'Rolo' winning the Dressage Freestyle to music at Windsor this year!
to Carl Hester on Nip Tuck (GBR) winning the FEI World Cup dressage Grand Prix at Olympia 2016…
A little glimpse inside Carl Hester's world.
14 great training tips here from Carl Hester
Carl Hester is on with tomorrow morning
Dressage Hub: Isabell Werth, Carl Hester and Laura Graves in Slo Mo! Compare Their Piaffe and Passage! | Can you s…
Carl Icahn publicly stepped down from his position as President Trump's adviser as this piece was going to press.
'Carl Hester (Utopia performing Piaffe Small statuette)' by Lorne Mckean is available from
- News: Amy Woodhead: how working for Carl Hester has set her up for success
Watching Carl Hester makes my hairs stand on end
Here's what Carl Hester had to say about his ride in the Kür at the Euros:. "Close but not close enough! Frankly...
If services to sport are recognised throughout sport, then Sir Carl Hester one day will happen.
Carl Hester for Great Britain, riding Nip Tuck, takes 1st in the Grand Prix freestyle with a score of 80.571.
Check out this video of the amazing Valegro as a 5-year-old with commentary from Carl Hester! Special even then!
Superb from Carl Hester and Nip Tuck for provisional 76.778%
Find out how dressage rider Carl Hester employed the roles of a master herder during an Olympic Grand Prix test, at.
Kids today won't remember how dangerous Devin Hester was...
We know how you all loved this video of Carl Hester's Travelling Groom, Alan Davies showing us how to produce...
Royal Windsor horse show begins this week and Carl Hester will be hoping to defend his dressage title, this time...
Newest addition to the PDS Carl Hester Collection, PDS Escapado Monoflap r. Available exclusively from Saddleworld.…
The new British Breeder magazine looking great with cover star Carl Hester and AES licensed U-Genius. We are...
Love this article!. "Everything happens from a corner. If you don’t get lessons, if you’re on your own at home,...
Carl Hester Clinic: Dressage fundamentals and fun dominate a VIP experience with five-time British Dressage...
Watch Carl Hester at home: ‘I can’t wait to get out of bed and train horses towards Grand Prix
Nah I'm just kidding. My super x men power would be to…
Carl Bernstein tells the press to follow not just the money, but also the lies. Okay, but don't stand too close to open wi…
Have a nosy at Carl Hester's stunning yard as he tells us why he loves show!
To read more tips for training from head over to our website
In the final instalment of our ‘Five Stars of Windsor’ series, Olympic Dressage star, Carl Hester, tells us why...
Carl Hester talking to Rebecca Ashton, interesting read, and fits in well with what Andrew McLean says:. “And also...
Tips from Carl Hester, and much more…. “There are lots of little tips that can really help people, because when we...
Carl Hester takes Olympia freestyle: 'It's so spooky out there Nip Tuck clings to me for help'…
Time for honoring the greatest. For sure Mr. Carl Hester must be the next SIR - - 👑🤺🏹
Our featured saddle of the week is the PDS Carl Hester Grande Dressage saddle! Crafted with calf skin leather and...
*Carl Hester yard visit/demo***. Friday 20 th January. . Limited places available pm me for more info. . You will...
We're celebrating Valegro's career with a competition.Enter FB page to a copy of Valegro the Champion signe…
Carl Hester takes Olympia freestyle: ‘It’s so spooky — Nip Tuck clings to me for help’
After winning the second Olympic medal of his career this summer in Rio in late October, Carl Hester chose Lyon... https:/…
If you missed the FEI World Cup leg from Lyon on H&C, here's Nip Tuck's fantastic test
The largest cheer was for Carl Hester
I wish Carl Hester would come down for a clinic
Carl Hester: Dressage is improving and ever-changing *H&H VIP*
Carl Hester has become British Dressage's first Honorary Patron, while Charlotte Dujardin has received the...
Next step a Knighthood? We think Carl Hester certainly deserves one!
With Valegro retiring, could Charlotte Dujardin be thinking about leaving Carl Hester's to set up on her own?
Equestrian Life - Kerry Mack reflects on a very special lesson with Carl Hester
Newly crowned Honorary Patron of British Dressage Carl Hester has paid tribute to Newe...
New Honorary Patron Carl Hester pays tribute to star horse who'll bow out at
Cool for Carl: Dressage worlds huge debt to Hester acknowledged
"This kind of exceptional conduct in the face of deep disappointment was something everyone...should cherish."
We couldn't think of anyone more deserving of this honour
Carl Hester becomes the first ever Honorary Patron of at the BD Awards 2016!
Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Rudall Rides With Carl Hester
Sark Olympian, Carl Hester, is named the first ever 'Honorary Patron of British Dressage'.
Ever wondered how our hit series 'Rudall Rides With' is filmed? Watch this clip from the upcoming Carl Hester show
I met Carl Hester for the first time at The London International Horse Show, Olympia in 2004 when I was the...
Well done Spencer Wilton, Fiona Bigwood, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin on the silver medal in team dressage
Gloucestershire medals as Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and the team battle for a brilliant second place.
Team GB's Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, Fiona Bigwood and Spencer Wilton have won the silver medal in the team dressag…
This is for Carl Hester, I hope he reads this, it's a real confident booster
Carl is the most unkillable person ever! I step on legos and cry this kid is my hero.
Order Miche Bag Online!
So Lucky!! I have always been wanting to meet Carl Hester, but I think I'd be too nervous to talk to him
Look who showed up to our pop up shop!!! 🙆 So honored to meet Carl Hester today!
The Carl Hester's heels down challenge, it really works, try it!!
Carl Hester: Is the dressage world overreacting or just lazy? *H&H VIP*
Carl Hester is my spiritual good luck charm, I hear him talking to me through the reins when I ride
An update from Brand Ambassador Tammy Ruffles. Tammy was lucky enough to visit Carl Hester's Yard a couple of...
The best of the London 2012 Olympics: Carl Hester dressage
Carl Hester joins & Tim & Susie Dutta as judges for tomorrow's AEGT! Read more
Britain’s Golden Duo of Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin need little introduction, with Carl considered the...
Carl Hester who is has been the single most important factor in British Dressae shares his wisdom
Carl Hester has an excellent composer in his riding, I want to ride Exactly like that
"A brand whose saddle technology is coming to the fore." - Carl Hester on PDS Carl Hester Collection at
Nip Tuck thank you very much Carl Hester bags Olympia freestyle at last
VIDEO: talks to us about appearing at Your Horse Live without Carl Hester and her goals for Rio 2016
'Carl Hester' by Lorne Mckean is available from
The dressage line up for Olympia London International Horse Show has been announced.. fans will be disappointed...
.confirmed entry for FEI World Cup ht…
is Carl Hester joining in today with :) 🙏🏻
No Valegro, but a pretty excellent line-up at including Charlotte, Carl, Fiona, Edward and Hans Peter
Really looking forward to this can't wait to see again and Fiona Bigwood!
News - Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, Edward Gal but no Valegro: full line-up for Olympia dressage
8 brilliant books to curl up with this Christmas - 1. Valegro: Champion Horse Author: Carl Hester Publisher: Th...
We had such a marvelous day at Carl Hester's for the PDS Saddles / British Dressage competition! Great read in...
Well.. that's certainly one way to bomb proof your dressage horse.. Carl Hester shows how its done again!...
Go HesterDressage! Read more about his support of the campaign Decembeard_UK
Go Read more about his support of the campaign
I wonder what Carl Hester's new Dressage freestyle is going to be like, maybe it's going to be powerful and then classical, oh I CAN'T WAIT!
Here's a photo from Carl Hester that's sure to brighten your Monday! . Remember: Always practice your dressage in...
lauracatherine_: I've had such an amazing day going to Carl Hester's yard and meeting him, Charlotte Dujardin, …
Carl Hester: Missing a trick with the youth of today *H&H VIP*
Update your maps at Navteq
Devin Hester scores on the opening kickoff vs the Colts in Super Bowl XLI. (2007)
[Around Rings](ATR) Olympian Carl Hester says that for the first time in years, th…
Fans of Carl Hester will be interested to hear him analyze his GPS ride (with video) at the European...
Carl Hester analyses his GPS test at the FEI European Championship 2015
"To maintain balance when working your horse, use a lot of Half Halts." - Carl Hester
Carl Hester after a great GPS test - Interview - Aachen - FEI European Championships 2015 via
Interesting to watch. And interesting to see what bridle he has selected for Nip Tuck.
A great masterclass with Carl Hester and a gorgeous young horse...some great tips on creating a beautiful soft...
A rollercoaster week at Aachen, with double gold for Dujardin, a fall for Carl Hester, eliminations & controversies..
Aachen Europeans dressage: Richard Davison on being Carl Hester's 'eyes on the ground' *VIDEO* -...
Some of the behind the scenes happenings at the European Champs
Respect Carl Hester so much as an athlete
read the story of the world's best dressage horse out Sept 17
Ah lovely test from Carl Hester and Nip Tuck! GOOD MARKS, PLZ.
Carl Hester finishing his freestyle at the European Dressage Champs - he provisionally scores 79.571% on Nip Tuck.
Scrapped the snooze, now glued to the in Aachen on bbc2. Carl Hester on a massive pony - I WANT!! 💙
Richard Davison video on helping Carl Hester at the dressage European Championships
Carl Hester in is next with Nip Tuck! He was on amazing form yesterday..come on Barney!! Any guesses what music he's going to do?
Aachen Europeans dressage: Richard Davison on being Carl Hester’s ‘eyes on the ground’ *VIDEO*
looks it. I remember Carl Hester telling me last year how crowds had grown compared with 10 yrs ago. A real success story..
Carl Hester speaking to the press after his special in Aachen.
'He could ride an elephant in a dressage test' - overheard about Carl Hester in the press office. Going strong with Ni…
The master Carl Hester is in now with Nip Tuck. He was looking brilliant in the practise yesterday - go Barney go!
Whoop! Hester goes into the lead on a score of 76.975% with the gorgeous Barney aka Nip Tuck. Carl is smiling!
Just awesome! A further supreme test from Carl Hester and Barney for 76.975%
Carl Hester & Nip Tuck win 1st place in freestyle at Hartpury
Visiting Carl Hester's stable in 2012. A beautiful stable with stunning horses!
Uptown Boy with Carl Hester at the Festival of the Horse, Georgie Day has the ride this year
Ah it's . If you haven't yet read autobiog check it out here
Going with Beth to Carl Hester's yard again Wednesday, then helping out at Leyland Court Thursday, so excited 😁😄 Do…
What a fantastic end to the week Mr Hester had, well done Barney (and Carl)!
WIN a copy of Carl Hester's book, a luxury saddle cloth +more!
Carl Hester managed to ride spooky Nip Tuck into first place at
Three Quick Questions with Carl Hester:. How would friends describe your personality? "I'm a loyal friend and as...
Carl Hester (GBR) and Nip Tuck (pictured) won the Grand Prix at the CDI5* at CHI Al Shaqab in Doha, QAT, scoring...
Carl Hester masters spooky Nip Tuck to win in Qatar
Carl Hester masters spookiness to claim victory in Qatar: Carl Hester has continued the run of British ...
Final touches to Nip Tuck before his Grand Prix test with Carl Hester (GBR) at
Carl Hester and Nip Tuck win the Grand Prix in Doha with 72.60%
Don't miss Carl Hester compete with Nip Tuck in the CHI Al Shaqab Grand Prix in Doha — watch it live on our homepage
Nettex brand ambassador Carl Hester is hosting an exclusive demo at his stable yard in Gloucestershire on 7th...
Carl Hester, Quartet Henriette Andersen, Natasha Baker and Lee Pearson have travelled to Qatar’s capital city...
I love watching Carl Hester ride young horses or schooling horses he's developing. I get a lot a more out of watching the development.
Cycle vibe was good tonight, first time ! Looking forward to a busy week next week training and yard tour at Carl Hester's.
A unique insight into the relationship of Olympic Dressage riders Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester
Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro (Blueberry) - Clinic with Carl Hester. A look into the daily training JBK Horse Shows Odense, Denmark 2014 ENJOY :-)
Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester are not only dressage legends, but have naturally both been Dressage Today's...
Your Horse senior writer Larissa interviews Olympic gold medallist Carl Hester backstage at Your Horse Live 2014. Find out the future for Carl and Charlotte,...
Cant believe toby is in a box at olympia with carl hester !! Lucky git ! 😔
"Anybody who rides does some form of Dressage". Carl Hester interview
Great to see that Alex Hardwick has had another fantastic training time with Carl Hester.
Very well done Amy at the Your horse Live demonstration given by Carl Hester. To be able to ride there in front...
Carl Hester welcoming his fans to the stand
TEAM NETTEX at Your Horse Live. Fantastic event, we hope you all enjoyed meeting brand ambassadors Carl Hester...
Met two of my favourite riders yesterday, so inspired! Mary King and Carl Hester😁😝
Met Carl Hester today at Your Horse Live 😊 such an inspiration!
It was awesome, got to meet Carl Hester& Mary King :) (with signed books) Can't wait to read them.
Just back from . Carl Hester gold medal winner 2012
Amazing day at your horse live met Carl Hester, Ben Hobday and Jason Webb!!
This is Nicola Crowther posing for a photo with dressage king Carl Hester! She's being doing demos at Your Horse...
Finished . Two days commentating with two quintessential professionals. Paul Tapner and Carl Hester.
Archie is getting a lot of love from Carl Hester's audience!
Carl Hester patron of Horses4Homes popped in to meet some of the horses available for rehoming.
I watched carl hester yesterday its was fantastic !
Got to meet my freaking idol! The rider I've look up to for years CARL HESTER!
Mams had a great day lots of shopping and great demos esp Carl Hester. She now would like an Archie
Meeting Carl Hester today at 'Your Horse Live' was amazing, what a showman!
We have had the most fantastic day today meeting you all and having Nettex Brand Ambassadors Carl Hester and Lynn...
Hi I met Carl Hester at Your Horse Live. I had his Autograph. Thank you. That made my day. I have a lovely photo of me and Carl. From Anna
Front of the queue to see Carl Hester 😍 htt…
Front of the queue to see Carl Hester 😍
Apologies for no contact today. I am visiting Your Horse Live and currently watching Carl Hester's demonstration.
Heading to this weekend and can't wait to see Carl 'beautiful shoulders' Hester
Our fabulous brand ambassador Carl Hester MBE is one of Britain’s most successful dressage riders EVER and we...
Carl Hester Fantastic Elastic Reins are in stock - super Christmas Present & great for young horses and young riders too. $165
Winner of the Carl Hester Trophy - RDA National Champs gets the trophy from the man himself
Roll on and "Rock on" The SSE Arena, Wembley and the Spanish Riding School Live 2014 tour - Carl Hester and...
Video of Carl Hester test riding at the Danish Stallion Selection 2014
Carl Hester's Guide to Dressage: Olympic Gold medalist Carl Hester explains what is needed to excel at the equ...
Looking forward to Your Horse Live this weekend! Nettex brand ambassadors Carl Hester MBE and Lynn Russell (Top...
Early morning dressage clinic after a day touring Carl Hester's yard. I am channeling my inner Charlotte Dujardin.
I mean, come on. Carl Hester is verified. Why not Charlotte?
FOR SALE KWPN yearling stallion by Charmeur! Even Carl Hester know the talent of the offspring of…
Eh the Apollo Hester speech moved me.
Saracen Horse Feeds available in store and local delivery! If Carl Hester says its good then its good!
One of our instructors was over with Carl Hester over the summer 😍
Newton Credential - that is the name of Carl Hester's potential new future star. Horse & Hound reports that Carl...
Just Carl Hester talking about how lovely you are when you went to see Valegro ;)
Are you as excited to see Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin as we are? Have a look at this video made by BBC.
Carl Hester has purchased a potential new star from Devon-based — and he's adorable
Thanks for story about being new owner of Newton Credential (Charmeur x Rubinstein)
Want to know more about the The Dressage Convention 2014? Carl Hester and Richard Davison will once again be...
Always a delight to watch the dressage guru's masterclass - Mr. Carl Hester
Carl Hester is a national treasure in my book and, by proxy, every horse's in the land.
'Carl Hester (on Uthopia performing Piaffe statue/ Sculpture/ statuette' by Lorne Mckean is now available from
***AIDEN MILLHAM*** Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer is now teaching from my yard. Aiden has been head rider for both Anky Van Grusven & Carl Hester. Having a gentle but proactive approach. He has taken myself from novice - medium in 6 weeks! Can't recommend enough. Sessions £45 for an hour. Prices will be reduced if more book on.
forget the Carl Hester interview, Gracie has her picture in it so gotta be worth getting!!!
Top improvement for Carl Hester and Dances with Wolves looks like a WEG combination via
An exciting new name for the great London venue. On the 14th - 16th November, The Spanish Riding School Live European Tour will be visiting the newly renamed, SSE Arena Wembley. Where we will be joined for special opening performances by Natasha Baker Para Rider and Carl Hester. This will be an unforgettable show, so we recommend booking tickets early to avoid disappointment
Horse Hero celebrities in the news: Kiwi eventer and Horse Hero blogger Lizzie Brown Eventing came second in the 3* at Houghton on her 2013 Boekelo winner Henton Attorney General and Emily Llewellyn on Junior (filmed on Horse Hero) was third. Meanwhile, in dressage, Carl Hester won the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special at the Somerford Premier League on Dances with Wolves, produced by the late Jane Gregory, who was filmed riding him as a youngster on Horse Hero and the great mare Farouche won two Prix St Georges classes at the same show (filmed with Michael Eilberg on Horse Hero).
On Friday British Dressage Ambassador and Spanish Riding School Live UK host Nicki Chapman, joined Dressage Legend Carl Hester MBE at his yard for a special edition of Escape to the Country. We can't wait to have both Carl & Nicki join us on tour in the UK
We have a space for a dressage lesson with Natalie Allen on June 15th if anyone is interested to be held at our yard. Natalie is an excellent teacher of all abilities. Natalie has competed on the British Young Riders Squad and is lucky enough to train with Carl Hester.
Carl Hester explains why he chooses PDS Saddles
Have you downloaded our free app? Get free programming, plus subscribe to watch our entire Carl Hester back catalogue
Do a Babbit thumper stomp. I'm going to bed now with Carl Hester :-).'s book
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
We had a great day today with Carl Hester and Nicki Chapman filming for The horses enjoyed...
Activo-Med rug worn by Valegro and Uthopia, plus a signed copy of Carl Hester’s new book available.
Carl Hester makes laugh so much oh my
In our June issue, we chat with British Olympian Carl Hester, learn about the making of his protege and dressage...
it looks like Carl Hester but I could be miles off!
Somerford Premier League: Dances with Wolves comes of age: Carl Hester rode Dances with Wolves to a resounding...
Close control, precision, hard work, practice, Edge Coaches watching Carl Hester last week at Somerford
A great weekend for Suregrow’s Carl Hester who took 1st place with Dances with Wolves at Somerford Park. It was...
Always love watching Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin in action
Love Carl Hester? He has his very own minisite on Horse & Country, with photos, videos and more
If going to the catch signing copies of on Thurs and Fri!
Carl hester and Nip Tuck in Saumur :) x
Great interview! with and after winning en Saumur vía
Dressage Tips from Carl Hester by June Brewer • April 6, 2013Carl-Hester & Liebling IIOlympian dressage rider Carl Hester give some tips and advice on how to get the best from their own horses to Equine World UK readers.“People should bear in mind that dressage is basically gymnastics for horses,” s…
Let me rephrase. Anyone want to come to Badders for free Thurs afternoon & meet Carl Hester?!
Really Exciting News: . GFS will be sharing our stand no.C118 , they have now sponsored Carl Hester; Carl will be...
We've got Carl Hester visiting our stand at Badminton on Thursday, don't miss him!
Use leg-yield in canter to make your horse more aware of your legs. "Carl Hester" :)
Meet Carl Hester and his team and see Charlotte Dujardin riding Valegro *After the Olympics* Here is Charlotte Dujardin on CNN
Thought for the day - how long do you allow for warm up before schooling your horse? Carl Hester & Charlotte Dujardin say they have a rider prepare the horse with a 15-20min hack, then a 15 min warm-up. Then Carl or Charlotte get on board for 25 mins training. Afterwards they hand over the horse for another hack and cool down. Great! Do you know what: I really find it difficult to get the staff so Rosie makes do with a couple of laps of the school in walk before and after :D :D :D
Enjoy yesterday's freestyles from Carl Hester with Nip Tuck and Charlotte Dujardin with Uthopia
I'm off to Badminton Horse Trials on Thursday and Friday where I'll be with Carl Hester doing lots of book signings. Aren't I a lucky girl?!
Some one please buy me this book. I love Carl Hester! :)
Super result 70,4% in our first ever Grand Prix Freestyle with Talent in Saumur! 4th place after Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin. Many thanks to my team, special thanks to Alexandre Ayache for all his effort. A big thank you to my new sponsors Luc Childéric Sellier and Arkadiusz Kierecki from AK collection. Congrats also to Alexandre for fantastic 3rd place in GPSpecial
SAUMUR, France, May 4, 2014--Carl Hester on Dances With Wolves on Sunday repeated as winner of the CDI3* Grand Prix Special as the British partnership did in the Grand Prix two days earlier
Not long now. We'll be live at 8.30 every day. Starting with Dressage commentary on Thursday with Carl Hester & Pammy Hutton.
Missions Update. Thank you to pastor Vernon Jarvis and pastor Carl Hester.
Carl Hester. With Uthopia and Charlotte winning the freestyle, Saumur will not be forgotten quickly! three wins,...
With a horse who is trained to do collected canter, you want to aim for a speed where someone can walk alongside you. "Carl Hester" :)
SAUMUR, France, May 4, 2014--Charlotte Dujardin rode Uthopia, the horse she and Carl Hester have traded as a mount for the past year, won the Saumur CDI3* Grand Prix Freestyle Sunday while Carl was runnerup on Nip Tuck in their international debut
Carl Hester wins the Special and Charlotte Dujardin the Kur at the 2014 CDIO Saumur
Well done Team Hester! 👍 You truly are an inspiration to so many of us. Carl which ones going to rio? 😉
Carl Hester needs to chill! I'm getting jealous of all these massive competitions he's going to and winning with amaze scores!
Carl Hester in pictures: from the archives
Fantastic update from Carl Hester overnight - "That's the result we like, 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Golly (D w W) won...
Handy links: CDI Saumur with link to livestream. British top riders Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin are...
Carl Hester and Dancer with Wovles beat Charlotte Dujardin on Uthopia in the 2014 CDIO Saumur Grand Prix !!
Carl Hester and Dances With Wolves won the GP in Saumur, France, with a 74.340. Thanks to Top Iberian for live feed.
Carl Hester and Dances With Wolves going down centerline. Dujardin leading with Uthopia. Hester 2nd with Nip Tuck
Buy Carl Hester's new book from our stand on launch date - 8th May!
Charlotte Dujardin and Uthopia take over the lead from Carl Hester in the Grand Prix in Saumur.
Dressage from Saumur being live-streamed NOW! Carl Hester currently in the lead on Nip Tuck.
now Inter B and begining of the Grand Prix at 10h45. Carl Hester will be the first to start. Live results here.
A year on and Sark's postbox still glistens gold. Carl Hester's achievement immortalised for all to see!
Well what a day, Carl Hester demo was absolutely brilliant, saw 6 of his horses being ridden and schooled, starting with a 4 year old up to nip tuk his Grand Prix horse, Carl rode 2 all were absolutely gorgeous!! His yard is out of this world! An amazing day!!! :)
Hello Everyone, I'm really hoping the doctor will have good news for me when I see him on Monday & if so, I'll be able to return to teaching on Wednesday 12th March for jumping at Warminster Saddle Club (open to everyone, book directly with Shona Crawford) & I'll then be back at Heywood on 14th March for poles with Bath Riding Club. Just to make sure I haven't forgotten how to teach I have also booked myself in to various training days over the next few weeks, including a day at Carl Hester's, a day with David Hunt at Catherston & Advanced Medium Judge Training at the BD Winter Championships ... so hopefully I'll be healthy & super inspired when I see you all again!
Carl Hester & Dances with Wolves warming up at CDI*** Compiègne
Troy is an 8 year old 16.3 chestnut WB gelding who is currently competing medium/advanced. He is by Brae Galaxy, a son of Argentille Gullit who represented Great Britain at the 2000 Olympics ridden by Carl Hester. He has a lovely swinging walk with great overtrack, an expressive, uphill trot and a balanced, powerful canter. Troy was bred by us and has been ridden by a small adult and young rider throughout his whole career. Troy is established in all medium movements including a super powerful extended trot and clean, easy flying changes, he has recently begun schooling advanced movements including canter pirouettes and tempi changes every 4th and 3rd stride. He is a gentleman to handle. Easy to catch, shoe, worm and to float. Troy is up to date with worming, the dentist and all vaccinations including Hendra. Troy is for sale due to no fault of his own as his owner is currently completing her HSC. He is an easy and sweet horse, sound and vice free. Please feel free to PM me for more information or ca ...
A bit about our speakers... Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer owns a training and competition yard in Gloucestershire. He was born in Germany but moved to the UK and became a British Citizen in 1995. He is principal trainer to his daughter, successful Olympic Dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer. He has also supported and trained many other top dressage riders including Carl Hester. Dr Bechtolsheimer has competed at top level eventing and dressage representing the UK at the European Championships in 1995. His philosophy, shared with another leading dressage trainer Klaus Balkenhol is to to ride in a way that is good for the horse physically and fair to him mentally. Harmony is the goal.
Had a amazing time at London Olympia for the International Horse Show. The Dressage Kings and Queens were there doing their thing Charlotte Du Jardin and Carl Hester won again. All Good then the Spanish Riding School came on with their Andalusians and showed you how dressage should be done. Horses in complete trust of their riders doing things that make you go Wow! Came home really buzzing to say the least! O yeah and saw Jimi Page of Led Zep in Harvey Nics, while we were having lunch, good day methinks!
Have you seen our latest video? Here, Paul Tapner, Carl Hester's Equine physio Marnie Malgarin, and Dan Skelton...
watching a show about Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin and sobbing because I miss horse riding so badly
Olympic horseman Carl Hester highlights why he is an ambassador for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.
Dressage superstar Carl Hester and Uthopia are getting set to compete at the European Championships today - do...
Yet another top performance from Activo Med's Carl Hester and his Olympic champion, Uthopia. We love this video...
BD Members - Issue 5 of the BD magazine is on its way with a fab pic of Carl Hester on the cover. Find out more
From Carl Hester - training words of wisdom: These are Carl's 35 top tips on everything dressage - from finding the right horse, to training and stable management techniques: 1 Dressage is not just for competition. It is gymnastics for horses and all horses can benefit from it, as they are more likely to stay sound with a long, stretchy neck, soft body and easy movement. 2 You don't have to spend a fortune on a horse for dressage - as long as the basic paces are there, the rest can be acheived through training. The main paces to look at are walk and canter, as with a bit of work a horse with a very normal trot can trot beautifully. In walk, the horse should use the whole of his body and have a good overtrack, where the hind foot lands in front of the print left by the front foot. A good canter has a bounding stride, with the hindleg jumping right underneath the horse and the front end lifted. Above all, though a good, natural rhythm is essential and is always more important than big movement. 3 When a hor ...
I enjoyed watching their show on Horse & Country and now Carl Hester has shared some training tips. Evelyn
you're kidding me. I'm in love with Carl Hester like omg
Ben having his lesson on his new pony. shortening his reins. five minutes later off the lead rein asking for free walk on a long rein. Job done Carl Hester eat your heart out.
"Create a work station on your yard, where everything to do with work happens – for example, tacking up and washing off – and keep his stable for relaxation only. Then your horse knows he can totally relax when he’s in his stable and won’t be expected to work." - Carl Hester This is why I don't encourage tacking up in stalls. The grooming stalls are just for this purpose! I also don't like giving meds while they are in their stalls, makes them shy of being handled in stalls with you have anything other than a halter.
It is not a moan because I've honestly enjoyed Murray's success & can only admire his complete dedication to his professionalism over the past 14 years. However I'm struggling to understand why once again - Dressage or Eventing (forgetting Racing) which is equally as demanding, requires years of dedication, financial loss & the ups & downs of fit/lame horses, and training & is potentially more challenging & dangerous. why there are huge margins in our nations sports the prizes & recognition of our famous world recognised riders; Mary King, William Fox Pitt, Carl Hester, my inspiration Charlotte Dujardin. Their trainers & their horses!!! Sorry it just saddens me that such a competitive sport is becoming harder to host events & riders are frustrated by their achievements being unheard. I just wanted to say a thank you to our wonderful riders, the trainers, judges, writers, and their horses too, you inspire us & truly motivate all us riders to get out & compete, support & value everything thing you do!
Cant wait until I see Florida-Georgia Line at carl black in kennesaw.
Layla Ellen Maidment is our winner, a pair of brand new Carl Hester gloves are yours. Please message us your details.
'Any horse can wind himself up and be silly, we just smile and ignore it' -Carl Hester
** FAB VIDEO ALERT ** DRESSAGE **. Watch Charlotte Dujardin as she and Carl Hester's Uthopia WIN the NAF...
Charlotte Dujardin riding Carl Hester's Uthopia at Hartpury winning with a score of 82.625
Olympic Dressage Gold Medallist, Carl Hester, talks to us ahead of his and Charlotte Dujardin's demo on Saturday the 6th of July.
Carl Hester says 'In my opinion Equi-trek build the safest and best value horseboxes on the market' . Contact...
Activo Med's Carl Hester has worked with Charlotte du Jardin and his Olympic mount Uthopia, with the pair taking...
What an amazing weekend with some amazing friends!! Thank you Carl Hester for a fab party on Friday night and a big well done to my dear friend David Rumsey on his cdi debut on d r florina I am so proud of you !! :-) and one last thank you to mr Wayne Jammy Garrick for as always providing ever lasting entertainment !!! Off to bed now to rest up for the big party week Ahead !!! Night :-))
Random ~ MYRTLE and ALMA, my two Grandmothers first names; wonder if these names will become popular again...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Had a lovely evening thank you Carl Hester, Claire Hester and Ben Neal for the bacon butties and Maggie Jackman for the giggles!!!
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