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Carl Edwards Jr

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Remember folks. This is the same guy that suggested the giants trade Cueto fo…
Well I don’t want him leaving from the sport anymore since jeff Gordon Tony Stewart Car…
Who’d you meet at cubs con — justin wilson, eddie butler, and carl edwards jr!
After a somewhat stressful weekend, right time, right place... I just got Carl Edwards Jr to…
Need to get a video of Carl Edwards Jr. Doing the worm there definitely the highlight of the session.
I am old enough to be grown up but no longer flexible enough to even try to be as cool as Ca…
Have Carl Edwards jr.. trade for Happ?? voucher trade
Carl Edwards Jr Voucher 3pm Stage B for trade or will sell.
Have Carl Edwards Jr looking to trade only
Would you trade Bryant for schwarber or Carl Edwards jr??
When I grow up I want to be as cool as Carl Edwards, Jr.
And Carl Edwards Jr. still has the best intro music on the Cubs.
I got 2 Carl Edwards Jr vouchers to trade.
Hickey is a blessing. I'd bet dollars to donuts that we see a different arm angle from Carl Edwards Jr. thi…
If Justin Wilson and Carl Edwards Jr are consistently good this season it should be another 100+ win s…
I know what carl Edwards jr should be. best dance
Astros pitching in the 10th is Carl Edwards Jr. levels of bad.
When someone online says the Cubs should dump Carl Edwards Jr.
Actually, you can have Pedro Strop or Carl Edwards Jr lol
Carl Edwards Jr has got a little Betances in him though right, I know from watching that he can just s…
I could watch the clip of Carl Edwards Jr walking Yu Darvish on 4 pitches for the rest of my life.
Again, mismanagement of the bullpen. You're going to go to Carl Edwards Jr. over Kyle Hendricks? Give me a break.
Carl Edwards Jr. just rick ankiel’d himself.. the complete yips against a pitcher who was not trying to swing
if you love and support Carl Edwards Jr. you got this, keep your head up.
“This kid’s going to be so good." manager Joe Maddon on Carl Edwards Jr.
Jose Quintana enters in relief of Carl Edwards Jr., who walked the leadoff man, Michael A. Taylor. Cubs 9, Nationals 6, bo…
Carl Edwards Jr. has worse aim than a hung over Rick Vaughn
You *** right he had to put in a pitcher who I really hate Carl Edwards Jr. Give…
When Carl Edwards Jr is pitching, 5 outs is like 8 years of working until retirement.
Can't wait until 2019 when Carl Edwards Jr throws at Bryce Harper because of that moonshot
Points I like to make. . 1. Carl Edwards Jr isn't as effective pitching in back to back games . 2. Montgomery/Duensing faced Harper
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
It looked like Carl Edwards Jr. had no control tonight and just gave that cookie to Harper
Carl Edwards Jr. wants the ball right back — 'same sit..
Anyone happen to remember which two relievers got the across the finish line in Game 7 of the WS?
suntimes​.com >> Carl Edwards Jr. wants the ball right back — ‘same situation,’ he said
I'm just saying it wasn't a superstitious thing that it was Carl Edwards Jr being Carl Edwards Jr
Carl Edwards Jr. on hanging curveball to Bryce Harper: "As soon as I left it up, I was thinking it wasn't coming down anytime soon."
Column: Before you blame Joe Maddon, know that trusting Carl Edwards Jr. was the right move
My fantasy NASCAR picks this week are Robbie Ray, Carl Edwards Jr., Case Keenum, and Baker Mayfield. CC:
lefties hit .198/.242/.198 off Carl Edwards Jr. this season. Maybe Bryce Harper is just awesome and that was a hanger.
.Joe Maddon made right move in trusting Carl Edwards Jr.
Carl Edwards JR. Baby. Gotta love the baby face giving up a BIG BOMB to Harper. Nats by 50 next game.
When Carl Edwards Jr. hung that breaking ball
Carl Edwards Jr.: "It hurts. But we still have two chances to finish this thing off. I hope we can do it at Wrigley.”
Carl Edwards Jr. says it was the right pitch to Bryce Harper -- he just hung a curveball and didn't bury it in the dirt.
Presumably Carl Edwards Jr is going to hit Bryce Harper with a pitch three years from now.
What is on Joe isn't using Carl Edwards Jr. in that spot? What is on Joe is his insistence of using Ben Zobrist who isn't the…
Carl Edwards Jr. against lefties this season.
MLB said players for players weekend couldn't put brand names on jerseys or cleats. Carl Edwards Jr. found a loophole (H/…
Carl Edwards Jr. comin' up big. Strands runners on 2B and 3B by K'ing Saladino and Abreu and getting Melky to ground out.
[CTV News]Pedro Strop (3-2) pitched a scoreless seventh for the win. Carl Edwards Jr. and Koji U…
Chicago Cubs star relief pitcher Carl Edwards Jr., 25, skipped the team's visit to the White House today. This was his…
Carl Edwards Jr would rather check out some cool dinos!
Definitive proof that Carl Edwards Jr. is one of the filthiest pitchers in baseball -
Memorial Day is very special for pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. and Nette Smith. Watch their story ⬇️
A reminder that Wade Davis and Carl Edwards Jr. are ridiculous.
The today activated RHP Carl Edwards Jr. off of the bereavement list and placed infielder Tommy La Stella on the bereavemen…
[Daily Chronicle]The Cubs added two more runs in the fifth, and relievers Carl Edwards Jr. (two …
[Daily Herald]The Cubs added 2 more in the fifth, and relievers Carl Edwards Jr. (2 innings), Ko…
Tangentially related: I saw Carl Edwards Jr. bat today. It was pretty hilarious.
4-0 and take two of three from the Dodgers as Brett Anderson, Carl Edwards Jr., Koji Uehara & Wade Davis c…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Carl Edwards Jr. strikes out in a miserable at bat, but his swings were a hundred times better than when Ted Lilly batted
Forget a World Series repeat - my goal for this season is to see Carl Edwards Jr. get a hit.
Carl Edwards Jr. strikes out swinging stranding runners on 1st & 2nd to end the 6th the score remains 4-0
Interesting fact: Carl Edwards Jr. is exactly as wide as his bat. If he stands behind it, you can't see him.
Carl Edwards Jr. is taking hacks on CSN tune in
Adrian Gonzalez flies out to Albert Almora in center as Carl Edwards Jr. retires the Dodgers 1-2-3 in the top of the 6th
I may be alone in this but I am fully on board with the old nickname of string bean slinger for Carl Edwards Jr.
That's the Carl Edwards Jr we know and love
Carl Edwards Jr is now in to pitch as Brett Anderson's day is done
Carl Edwards Jr. & Mike Montgomery show how high (and low) spin rate fastballs can be effective. via
Come tomorrow night to support Cubs WS Champion and local guy Carl Edwards Jr (CJ) at 6pm!Great lineup of speakers! Free…
Carl Edwards Jr. 'nervous' in Cubs' World Series — but Mike Montgomery called it via…
Ill-fitting Carl Edwards Jr. jerseys about to experience a 12,000,000,000% spike in sales.
Jason your guy can play Carl Edwards Jr
"Hey, sorry. I can't talk right now. I'm looking to get the final three outs in the ." - Carl Edwards Jr.…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Carl Edwards Jr pitched in extras once in his career (11th inning of a tie game in Cincinnati) he retired Votto, Phillip…
I'm giving away something for you on CARL EDWARDS JR. (CUBS) 2016 BOWMAN PLATI. Get it here -
Carl Edwards Jr. said earlier in '16 he feels like kid from "Hardball," singing "Big Poppa" to himself in his head. It'…
Carl Edwards Jr. tying to close out Game 7. Has two career saves, including one on final day of regular season.
Carl Edwards Jr. is here to close your World Series G7 in a game where Rajai Davis and David Ross have homered. Nice littl…
Carl Edwards Jr in to pitch for the Cubs.
Carl Edwards Jr? So cool to see a driver's black son pitching to win the
Last night, Carl Edwards Jr, a 48th round draft pick, pitched in of the for the That's
yeah i thought Carl Edwards Jr was on the mound
Didn't recognize Carl Edwards Jr. at first, then realized that we call him Hardee's Edwards where I'm from
Carl Edwards watching his son Carl Edwards Jr. try to close out the World Series
Carl Edwards Jr. A 48th rounder in the 2011 draft is on to close game 7 of the World Series. . Don't ever let anyone doubt you!
Carl Edwards Jr. on Steve Bartman: I think we should have him throw out the first pitch at the 2017 home-opener. I…
If only pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. would've done a backflip after their win. https:…
Carl Edwards Jr closing out the World Series while his dad is on the verge of NASCAR Chase elimination. Emotional time for…
Carl Edwards Jr. was 1 out away from a WS game 7 save and then gets yanked. "This call to the bullpen is brought to you by ... heartbreak"
Mid Carolina very own Carl Edwards Jr. Will have a chance to win it for the .
Carl Edwards Jr.? . Did they run out of pitchers and move on to NASCAR drivers?
Carl Edwards Jr in spring training?? Loved this commercial.gave me the feels
Did you know relief pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. is from Prosperity and went to Mid-Carolina High School?!
Carl Edwards Jr. making his two top fans proud
Scott Bakula must have leaped into Carl Edwards Jr last night and set right what once went wrong - giving us a timeline with a Cubs win.
Congratulations to Carl Edwards Jr., a graduate of Mid-Carolina H.S., on winning the 2016 World Series!
Congrats to Carl Edwards Jr. for winning the Sprint Cup last night
Carl Edwards Jr saved two games in Chicago this year, one in Iowa. Now he's on to close out GM7 of the
Carl Edwards Jr., the String Bean Slinger, needed a little help to get the Cubs to the finish line h…
Hendricks looks like my mailman. & Carl Edwards Jr. looks like a skinny Damon Wayans. Very skinny.
Carl Edwards Jr. trying to become the first pitcher ever to finish out Game 7 of the World Series while two dimensional
Carl Edwards Jr a 48th round pick just got the Win and ended the Cubs 108 year World Series drought..
Joe Maddon: hey Carl's Jr. Thanks for the pitching. . Carl Edwards Jr: no problem john madden
According to Baseball Reference, Carl Edwards Jr. is nicknamed "The String Bean Slinger." So he's got that going for hi…
Carl Edwards Jr. is 2 outs away from free deep dish, Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs for life.
"Carl Edwards Jr. was never a blue chip prospect..." is how the movie trailer will begin. (Direct quot…
they've sent a guy name Carl Edwards Jr. In to pitch. That's a NASCAR driver, right?
yeah, only about 10x happier to see Carl Edwards Jr. try and close it out than Chapman
Carl Edwards Jr. is a 25 yro rookie looking to close out World Series game 7 for a franchise that hasn't won a WS in 10…
Right about now Dr. Sam Beckett is leaping into Carl Edwards Jr.'s body. "Oh boy!".
So, Carl Edwards Jr. gets the 10th. This one ain't over yet folks.
Carl Edwards and Carl Edwards Jr. Wow... What a gene pool. Some families just have all the luck
Carl Edwards Jr slowly creeping up on the likes of Bryant and Hendricks into "Rick's favorite Cub" territory. Love everything about him
Aroldis Chapman, Hector Rondon, and Carl Edwards Jr. all have 95+ averages on FBs. led MLB w/.291 average o…
you mean prospects like Kyle Hendricks, Justin Grimm, and Carl Edwards Jr.?
Going to 11! Cubs are down to Carl Edwards Jr. and their starting pitchers. The Giants have Will Smith, Lopez, Kontos, Casi…
Carl Edwards Jr. strikes out Jeff Mathis swinging stranding 2 to end the top of the 8th trail the Marlins 4-1
Jeimer Candelario, Dan Vogelbach, and Carl Edwards Jr. for Miller. Yankees get a 1B/DH, 3B and Setup man
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Pedro Strop, Hector Rondon, Carl Edwards Jr, Travis Wood, and I'd say Justin Grimm has looked pretty good.
Carl Edwards Jr. is wearing the big pitching hat. Can you confirm?
Carl Edwards Jr. Reminds me of a Dave Chappelle baseball skit... Tall skinny throwing much harder than anyone his size should be
Corresponding moves: RP Carl Edwards Jr. has been demoted to AAA Iowa. 1B Matt Clark has been DFA'd. Garret Richards moves to the bullpen.
The today recalled RHP Carl Edwards Jr. from to serve as the 26th man for today’s doubleheader.
Bartolo Colon and Carl Edwards Jr, but for a different reason
Also making his way to Des Moines: RHP Pierce Johnson. RHP Carl Edwards Jr. will be back as well.
Obvious to any1 else why Carl Edwards Jr has had shoulder problems? Hope is by now. Not Mark Prior, but...
Or if the bright lights don't get to him, Carl Edwards Jr. Could make it... Lot of options
Sounds like we are going to get to see Carl Edwards Jr. called up today.
longterm projection for Carl Edwards Jr. Starter or reliever? Mike in chicago
On this day in 2013, received Carl Edwards Jr., Justin Grimm, Mike Olt and PTBNL (Neil Ramirez) from Rangers for Matt Garza
okay Carl Edwards Jr...we get it you drive a Ford but reality is you'd drive anything make so long as it pays the bills
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