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Carl Barron

Carl Barron (born 11 June 1964) is an Australian comedian.

Why is there a Carl Barron but no Carla Barron???.
me: 'what's that Underbelly with Carl Barron?'.. boyfriend: 'uhh Carl Williams?'
Daniel Townes celebrated the 100th episode of his podcast by interviewing Carl Barron! Pretty much required...
Stop it you're funnier than Carl Barron right now ;)
Australia's comes to the in March with a brand new show:
Aussie Alert! News: Australian Superstar Comes To The UK. Tickets on sale now here:
Brand new podcast with Australian comedy icon Carl Barron up now on iTunes: and non iTunes:
Mark Barron too. The chargers are a sleeper defense
Australian comedian is heading to the UK in March 2018. now open:
Australia’s number one LIVE STAND-UP comedian is coming our way! Catch Carl Barron at the at Eventim Apollo...
The 100th episode of my podcast is out today and the guest is Carl freaking Barron. I am very pumped about this.
NEWS: is coming to the UK and you can tickets early. Full details here >>
Australian comedian is bringing his stand-up to Hammersmith Apollo. Presale opens 10 Sept:…
Ticketmaster: Carl Barron is coming to London – get tickets early
returns to for more 'Drinking With A Fork' - 3 new Dec shows on sale now:…
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Going over to Ballarat to see Carl Barron! (Pretty sure game is April 25)
Shawnee Wolves play the finals of the Bill Tipton Classic today at Carl Albert HS vs Weatherford at 11am
I miss Bill Hicks being the one comedian ever musician knew that wasn't Carl Barron. I say this as someone who loved the Carl Barron romcom.
I can't find the comedy sketch I got that from, it's been half an hour, I give up. :P. One of Carl Barron's live shows.
Remind me Carl Barron: "There is sign says 'Koala Crossing from 4pm-6pm'. That's pretty precise for a koala." 😂
Elliot goblet, carl Barron, Trevor marmalade and that guy who sang about being a bogan.
Jack, you need to watch Carl Barron, preferably his one ended stick video, it really funny
A Day in the life of Carl sufferer with using to manage his
Get your skates on guys!! Carl Barron's Second show is nearly sold out!
Going to see Carl Barron next month. Can't wait!!!
Great to see Carl Barron getting a gig lighting the Olympic flame.
Wet your pants funny. Especially the guy laughing like a duck in the balcony 󾌴󾌴󾌴 — watching Carl Barron at Lyric...
Gee. Carl Barron could use your material . Lol
Aussie comedian Carl Barron is my new fave
Shawnee's steals second and takes third on an overthrow during the Wolves' 5-0 win over Carl Albert.
The Shawnee Wolves have punched their ticket to return to the 5A State Baseball Tournament with a 5-0 defeat of Carl…
The Shawnee bench was into the game Wednesday as the Wolves beat Carl Albert 16-0 in Regional play.
Wolves defeat Carl Albert 16-0 to advance to the Regional finals tomorrow at 6pm
Carl Barron was funny but like he's a comedian what did u expect
At the Carl Barron show in Melbs tonight. Few heads around though.. Feel like I'm at the zoo
I very excite for Carl Barron to appear on stage at any minute. Me & the 1000s of young white bogans here tonight.
Just arrived for Carl Barron. If you want water it's $5.20, seems like the jokes have already begun
Video: project leader (Carl Barron) explains how they analyze 2.6 terabytes of info
I liked a video from Pictures Of You - Carl Barron
update mum forgot we have tickets to Carl Barron, Tasha isn't meeting Tilly 💔
This weekend is going to be amazing. Footy tonight, Carl Barron tomorrow and movies on Sunday!
I can understand finding Carl Barron and Dave Hughes funny if you've had a hard day and have never been exposed to humour before.
we are literally the country that gave Carl Barron and Jim Jefferies a platform. We're still recovering.
Which Carl Barron DVD do you want to be buried with ? "Whatever comes next". ?
Just for the record if I die in mysterious circumstances please bury my with my Carl Barron DVD
domain names
I just seen ya on the telly. In the ad break from Carl Barron - he's a card.
Fletch&Hindy - 1 Carl Barron - 0 ! Always get a laugh out of you's guys
I'm watching Carl Barron on Netflix right now 😂
$HTZ share repurchase program can begin today. Barron's article says stock could double from here. Lots of value here.
They still call them thongs in Australia. Go watch Carl Barron on Youtube and have a laugh. just search Carl Barron Thongs.
"Thank You" to everyone who came to the Saraton over the last 3 nights to see (and Laugh at) "Carl Barron"!...
great interview with the Bali boys. And a great job Chris with the Carl Barron interview, keep at it and bring us more stories.
I added a video to a playlist Carl Barron at the New Zealand Comedy Festival Gala
Former roof tiler turned comedian, Carl Barron, wishes he was taller. He likes banana smoothies and he studies French.
I really don't understand why we got rid or Barron
"Comb your hair, it looks like a half-sucked mango." . Carl Barron. Legend,
Carl Barron hangs out on the toilet wall.
Chatting to a manager at work about going to comedy shows and she says her favourite comedian is Carl Barron... Don't talk to me again.
Do you ever look in the mirror and think thank god for clothes - Carl Barron😂😂
best Aussie comedians followed closely by Carl Barron and Adam hills
I love Paul Kelly I was making the Carl Barron joke
Rove is slightly better than Josh Thomas and Id throw Carl Barron in with those two
One of the more exciting aspects of seeing Carl Barron tonight is the audience has a chance to be in his upcoming movie, Manny Lewis
Carl Barron performing at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in 2004. For tour dates and more visit
Intro - to carl barrons new 2013 show. I hold no rights to this. Carl Barron is a great comedian and i would just like to share it.
can u drive us Carl Barron stalking now
Watto after the third wicket was the ultimate Carl Barron Strike Face.
You are a philosopher and genius Carl barron - skit (looks cold outside) . on
The Shareholders Square Table: full text of Carl Icahn article from Barron's on Warren Buffett and Coke
Encore taken from the extra's menu of Carl Barron's third DVD "Walking Down the Street" Available for purchase on iTunes, and in all good re.
What do Carl Barron, Arj Barker, *** Molloy, Peter Rowsthorn and Lehmo have in common? They love ladies. If you do too, help set them free! Head to and SHARE this video on your wall - together, let's make battery cages history!
In bed, nice and warm, drinking an up and go while watching Carl Barron. (: ❤👌
Time to join Corban and watch carl Barron since he's watching it
Thinking carl barron and sleep this arvo :/
My article from Barron's on Warren Buffett's abstention from a vote on Coke's executive-pay plan now on
BUY THIS DVD NOW: Carl Barrons topics jump from one to the other and back again, until you find yourself helpless with laughter. ...
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talks Buffett and Coke in Barron's as posted on his FB page
Tom Cocksedge, Cassie O'Neill, Nathan Noof Rutherford, Joshua Moore & myself have all teamed up to do the 'Live Below the Line Challenge' this week. We can only spend $2 a day on food for 5 days. Chocolate, coffee, cheese, meat & lollies have been replaced with lentils, rolled oats (pronounced Carl Barron style), soup and homemade flatbread. We combined our allowance to give us a $50 budget and you can see from the photos below what we ended up buying. Will keep you posted on how we get on! Please go to and type in any of our names to make a donation. I am trying to raise $400 which would be enough to train two teachers in East Timor or PNG.
I just watched arguably Australia's best funny man Mr Carl Barron's newest show - a one ended stick. I haven't laughed so much constantly from start to finish like that in a long time! When you thought he couldn't get any funnier... He just did!
Having spent most of my final school year studying corporate governance, Mr. Icahn's Barron's piece is a case-in-point read.
Just received my Barron's in the mail; great article! Thank you for being a straight shooter. You're Corp America's last hope
Being a model is hard work! Carl, after his thanks2them shoot.
Did Carl Icahn's barron's piece just go from free to pay-walled in last hours, read the beginning then got phone call now can't finish...
Here’s my piece in today’s Barron's re Warren Buffett abstaining on Coke comp vote:
There's a guy here who looks like Carl Barron
great article in Barron's. sometimes you must "rock the boat".
hey Carly,do ya get paid based on how many clicks your story gets on Barron's site, or what? Sorry, I get da hard copy version
will join me Monday on The Halftime Show to discuss his weekend Barron's piece about Warren Buffett and $KO.
I’ve written what I believe to be an informative piece titled “Why Buffett is Wrong on Coke,” which will appear tomorrow in Barron’s
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Gotta love being chauffeur driven down to Canberra in your own car. Carl Barron's definitely making…
Theres a post of carl barron on tumblr with 130k notes and that makes me happy
"Sometimes when people laugh, their laugh doesn't match there head.."- Carl Barron
"I hate dates. I sit at home all day, and I don't fart once. I go on a date and I've got twenty in the bank straight aw…
i can also recommend Russell Howard and Carl Barron for the same reasons.
Catch Carl Barron @ Forensics Expo Europe today at 12.15pm as he talks about large scale using techniques
Steve Gibbons started his professional life as a plumber's apprentice in Harborne. He joined the Dominettes by 1960 to replace Colin Smith, who had left to join Jimmy Powell's backing group. Colin Smith later changed his name to Carl Barron and became the singer with The Cheetahs. An Elvis Presleyfa...
"The bearded lady tripped over the three legged man, accidentally headbutted Jojo the dogfaced boy. It was a freak accident." - Carl Barron
Have the bestest friend giving me my fav chocolate and Carl Barron when I'm upset :) don't know what I'd do without her !
I would really love to be married to Carl Barron! There would never be a dull moment 󾮗
Am I the only one who thinks Carl Barron is the worst comedian?
The awkward moment when someone doesn't know who Carl Barron is xx
A little bit of Carl Barron while eating some FERRERO ROCHERS should make me feel better.
in all the shows and movies when you pause it their faces look retarted but when you watch Carl Barron pause it and his face is normal
Trying to contain my laughter watching Carl Barron whilst he sleeps... Proving to be very hard! 󾍕
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Carl Barron really is the funniest man alive.
Carl Barron is the funniest person in the world. So proud he's Australian. 🙌
That moment when corban walks out with the carl barron dvd puts it along side dellys head n goes look thats u delly hahhaah
Okay I'm going to watch Carl Barron bye
Does my one have Carl Barron DVDs that I can borrow and watch I seem to have misplaced mine :(
Picked up the kids - ( they are playing upstairs, I don't always ignore them ;) ) Son: Mum - you really like Carl Barron don't you Yes I do As much as muscle man ? No I like muscle man more Could Carl ever be your boyfriend ? No Why Because he doesn't know me and I would probably never meet him, Son -That's lucky then me - Why? Imagine if you met him, then muscle man would look down on him and scare him because Carl is small and muscle man is big - that would be funny. tick tick ...their little brains ...tick tick...always thinking of you now.tick tick I think they think you are a bit of an Arnold lol
Carl Barron = legend. "You know when you're having a conversation with someone and it's not ending and you're waiting for the gap and you're thinking .'there's no gap.this *** s not even breathing'.."
Carl Barron kills me. Seeing him live was the best hour of my life
Carl Barron is excellent Search him on YouTube his funny
Carl Barron: I hate how people always want to know what's in everything, even friend's make me embarrassed when they ask like, "what's in the dressing? I need to know what's in the dressing. I'm lacto-basilious-chugus-fungus."
Had a wicked night!! Drinks at our new local, bowling & late night Maccas :)) Thinking bed, cuddles & Carl Barron is on the cards for the rest of the night AAT 󾬓󾬓󾬓
I think I'm more excited about turning 18 due to the fact that I will then be old enough to see Carl Barron live. I absolutely love that man
If the people you hang around won't laugh at Carl Barron jokes they aren't worth your time.
Never laughed so hard in my life, watching Carl Barron ha ha ha!
Everyone's supposed to love themselves when everyone secretly hates themselves-Carl Barron
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I spend too much of my time watching Carl Barron
Spent the day i Byron Bay at the markets. Didnt see Carl Barron such a drag.
Watch Carl Barron Walking Down the Street online for free on Flash host, a 2009 movie streaming,
It just occurred to me now when i was watching Carl Barron on the plane, i was probably lauging really load while everyone was sleeping 😂
Just barfed after choking on cordial while watching Carl Barron
Here's a tip... Get the new Carl Barron DVD!... Awesome to have a ripper laugh before I go back to work tomoz
if you are Australian and don't love Carl Barron I'm ashamed for you.
Watching Carl Barron with Bryson & ALL the times we watch it, I look at him & he just looks like a 5 year old again laughing Soo Hard 󾌴󾌴󾌴
Got 1 ticket spare for Carl barron on Saturday night. 1st Feb. $48. Group of 9 going
"Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow."~T.A. Carl Barron
Snuggled up in bed with Hannah and Kye watching Carl Barron :) love family time
Huh lol my son is obsessed with carl barron :-D everytime the tv is on I turn around its carl barron lol one ended stick
There's a guy on my train who looks suspiciously like Carl Barron, but acts like the characters from Housos.
Carl Barron is one of Australia's most popular comedians, and he's getting ready to make Kiwi audiences laugh.
Love comedy? Don't miss two of the worlds best comedians at the Theatre Royal Nelson. Carl Barron and Rhys Darby.
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I will never get sick of watching Carl Barron.
Curled up next to my man watching carl Barron
No one makes me laugh more then Carl Barron 󾌧󾌧󾌧
Carl Barron and Hugo Weaving are new additions
Hey did we ever go see Carl barron together or am I imagining that???
Yes! I love Carl Barron too. He is hilarious.
“Caught a cab the other day. I said “Hey mate, can you drive me into town?” He goes “Too easy….” I said “Righto do it blindfolded.” — Carl Barron
Quiet night in recovering from last nights antics... Fish n chips, Carl Barron, expensive red wine and good company
“Do you do those secret farts at the supermarket. Quickly *** off to another aisle.” — Carl Barron
at for Carl Barron performing at the Montreal Just for…
After an awesome day at the park with mates, good to back home, showered and relaxing with Carl Barron new stand-up dvd :D check out this sample :)
Ok, what has Nicholas got planned, after seeing Carl Barron with my mate, I'm going to do a Comedy Course, Travel around Aust. as a Stand Up Comedian, looks good, check it out
You know ipswich is a hole when even carl barron pays it out
Wine time, Can't Say, Boney, Carlton Club, a Carl Barron DVD and now my cat is literally trying to suffocate me. I think we won last night. Almost. Please send help.
3 hours sleep if were lucky, time to lay in front of the heater watch carl barron while Ash makes eggs and bacon hint hint Ashlyn (; ehh, pretty sure I'm still kinda drunk but had a good as night
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On our way to Longreach! Birthplace of Carl Barron. Bring on the drive!!
Watching Carl Barron, never laughed so hard in my entire life!
Volcano erupts in queen street .its a bit hot(carl barron)
Had the best new years day chilling at my.sisters new year recovery party. Swimming, brunch and watching carl barron dvds . Laughing my *** off great way to start 2014.
Watch Carl Barron a One Ended Stick online for free on Flash host, a 2013 movie streaming,
Funniest night watching Carl Barron!! Nancy Cats, Daniel Pettit,Lara Pettit,Zak Spagnolo, Steve & jacko!! Thanks for dinner and dessert too xox
Just finished watching Carl Barron, soo sore from laughing soo hard. Definitely one of the funniest men alive
Farewell 2013! Bon voyage, good riddance and as funny man Carl Barron would say.Get Farrkked! Bring on 2014, it's going to be good one! Happy new year everyone!
Have just finished watching Carl Barron, he'd have to be the funniest comedian in Australia. You laugh even before he says something funny.
This is for the Hodgson boys Nathan doing a Carl barron
Watching Carl Barron,,bring on the tears-of laughter,sore ribs an sore cheek bones LMFAO
Schmetaling (or however it's spelt??) is German for butterfly. Thanks Carl Barron XD
just chillin in wooli watching carl barron Like for a fb marriage
So my birthday is in two weeks - some I please buy me the Carl Barron DVD set please! I've currently misplaced my set! Thankyou
Don't think ill ever get sick of Carl Barron and The Castle.
Someone buy me all the Carl Barron DVDs, I will love you forever!
there's no such thing as too much Carl Barron
So luv Carl Barron, chillaxing with Craig this arv watching Carl's latest DVD :: What a crack up!!! Lol !
Carl Barron: A One Ended Stick (2013) Australia’s most popular comedian is back with his fourth live recording “A One Ended Stick”, and it’s his best yet!! Filmed live in front of a packed house at the beautiful Lyric Theatre in Brisbane. Come on a journey with Carl in this intimate 90 minute perfo...
On the couch about to watch carl barron x4 thanks to the bro
Seen as my night out didnt happen.. now a night in with brydy .. includes late night swims, waffle cone icecreams & our Carl Barron care package ♥
*Starts watching Carl Barron* Carl: Werid things always happen to me after each concert, expecially this one time in Bundaberg. Me: That's Bundaberg for ya.
I just love carl barron, just watched his latest dvd. He is so handsome & gorgeous & funny & i have not been hacked.
Sitting back drinking wine and watching Carl Barron...night couldn't get much better 󾌵
Might go finish cleaning my room then go lay in bed and watch carl barron 󾮗 sounds like a plan! Also; Someone should text or inbox me, please and thank you! (:
Watch rest of Carl Barron then bed again really don't feel well so catch ya laters xxxooo 󾬐
Just got told to turn Carl Barron because I was Laughing to loud. :-(
Hi lolly lovers...Were you all naughty or nice Christmas Day? I must of been good as the big red jolly fat man delivered me Carl Barron dvds, Cher & Catherine Britt music cds & makeup. Love them all. Now I feel like the big red jolly fat man as I ate a wee bit too much, lol! What did you all receive from Santa as I'd love to know if you were all well behaved? I'll be having a little break to recharge & to create some wonderful new gifts for you in store but the lovely Aimee will be looking after the shop with her beautiful smile. Our hours over the Christmas break will be: Closed today 26th, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th & Sunnday 29th December. Reopening Monday 30th December. I hope you all have a well deserved break while recharging, relaxing & re-energizing for the start of 2014. Today sit back, feet up & enjoy family & friends that are around you. Travel safe & be good all. x
'She went off like a fish milkshake' - Carl Barron
After a big day with my wonderful family it's time for bed n Carl Barron xxx
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Finishing up Xmas day watching some Carl Barron! Nearly bedtime cause I'm almost out of beers..
someone come over & watch my new Carl Barron DVD with me 󾌧󾌧
My oldest boy got me Carl Barron dvd . It is hilarious i think I am going to cry ... So, so funny! Thanks jake xx
Ending christmas day watching carl barron with mum and dad. Best ending to a nice relaxed day
So good to just do nothing and relax...just watched Carl Barron...kahoona making his secrete seafood sauce...peeling prawns...all that's left is a nana nap and a walk...perfect day 󾔓󾔒󾔐
hey, do u have a fav comedian?. I'm watching Carl Barron and Dave Chappelle at the moment. Absolutely hilarious! Wanna join me? X
Carl Barron and Danny Bhoy . . . Perfect friday night with my boy ♡
Who is the comedian telling these jokes? Carl Barron? Ross Noble? Billy Connolly?
the Carl Barron presale code is CARL. I know you’ll want to get into that one early.
omg Carl Barron has a new dvd coming out November and he starts touring October!
Oh Gordo u crack me up. U r the Carl Barron of Charnwood!
Met some Aussies who suggested I YouTube Carl Barron. Look him up if you have a sense of humor
YAY THERE'S A NEW CARL BARRON DVD COMING OUT. this makes me really happy.
Carl Barron is doing a show in Adelaide omfg 😂👌
Jim Jeffries is gold!!! Check out Carl Barron too if you haven't seen him before
if mum doesn't get my Carl Barron tickets I will actually cry
Then laughed awkwardly and I was just in the car pissing myself laughing cause I did a Carl Barron and replied "thats right ***
maybe if it was urthboy and Carl Barron
I hate girls who think they have to be funny all the time! Sweety you aren't carl barron.
Whenever talking about Carl Barron you MUST use this emoji 🚶
LMAO did you watch Carl Barron or something ? 😂 . Well technically when you set foot in Australia, you're entering my territory BUT
do you wear your thongs when it is hot? (Carl Barron reference) sometimes over the sock?
At the chicken farm... Who decides which chickens become roast chickens... and which chickens become chicken salt? Surely fruit flys are healthier than normal flies how do you no if uve got memory loss? Carl Barron
definitely anything to do with Carl Barron, or Will Smith! Funniest lads ever.
Last night I found out that my friend doesnt like comedians. She doesnt think Carl Barron is funny. The only one she likes is Kitty Flanagan
my grandpa Carl was his Uncle. So I'm in his family too.
There is a mini Carl Hall on this team
If you've never herd of Carl Barron you have not lived, trust me
Ten past seven! (It's clever if you've seen Carl Barron)
Carl Barron DVDs and chocolate, bloody *** night made
Watching Carl Barron videos that I've seen at least 50 times, still find it funny!
Nothing like watching Carl Barron to cheer you up, that legend 👍
Sorry your name reminded me of Carl Barron
my definition of "so funny" is Carl Barron so that will explain it.
Just bought tickets to see Carl Barron. Aw man, fangirling so hard right now 🐩😂
Our teacher reminds me so much like Carl Barron, he rules
Someone needs to sort Carl out the nobhead
Out of a rating of 10, how much do you love Carl Barron?
After Barron's profiles Carl Icahn, $IEP jumps from 56.5 to 61.96. There goes that idea.
doesn't suprise me you're like a girl version of Carl Barron
GC Suns v Brisbane Lions this weekend and Carl Barron in like 3 weeks. This is living.
carl barron is the funniest person I've ever come accross
Send us in some carl barron memes and ill upload and give credit.
Carl Barron you sir are a brilliant comedian lmao! 👌
if you haven't heard of Carl Barron WATER U DOING WITH UR LYF
I will get a picture with Carl today!
Tears rolling down my cheek..from laughing!! God this man is funny---> Carl Barron - Aussie comedian: via
yo! Carl Barron is coming to Brisbane 26th of April. Wanna come with me and Chelsea ?
Russian and you just found out Carl Barron is your father
Just watched Carl Barron's first ever TV appearance. It's so cute. He's got the biggest smile everytime the audience laughs and claps.
Good stuff today from guys like Todd Erdley, Joe Barron, & Carl Hess. All working hard to make SC a startup town.
same!! It *** !! Thats why im watching carl Barron, always makes me feel better :)
Carl Barron do comedy shows anymore?
what's funnier than good looking successful people :) K-Best you need to slum it playa... you know what's funny .. Carl Barron.
please tell me you have heard of Carl Barron... He's a legend! Aa
Watching Carl Barron.. "I went to school with this girl, she was Chinese. You know she probably still is"
She better survive, not Carl, just Stella
“Can you put chicken salt on chicken?” —Carl Barron
Man that guy looks like Carl Barron
Can be bring in my 21st on the couch with the boyfriend watching Carl Barron :) Matt Wickham
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Take a trip back to 1997 and check out Carl Barron's first ever TV appearance on Channel 9's NRL Footy Show. After this he became one of the shows most loved...
Let us know your favourite Carl Barron quotes!
At home watching Carl barron the best
You should all probably stop ovaryacting
I hate when comedians just come out with different jokes every sentence. I like the ones that have a funny story. *Carl Barron*
Inbox us if you wanna chill tomorrow in woongarrah with me Ashlee Stanford and Xylia Dredge :) if keen :)
If its one thing I must do in life before I die it's to go to a stand up comedy festival !
I'll jump into a cubicle when I please 😰 "that's right, let all the flies in"- Carl Barron (speaking about his father)
Who do you want to see play the Central Coast in March?
Love seeing someone seriously fighting off a fly. Hate it when you get too close and that fly starts attacking you lol
Be back for a visit early feb balranald ! Looking forward to catching up with you all
Aircon, recliners, full bellies, Carl Barron and besties...awesome last Saturday night together
Freaking out over how words were created and getting hammered
going to see Carl Barron with the best friends 👌
Thinking bout stuff 4 Carl's 30th next year I no it's a while away can't wait 2 c him dressed as a baby lmfao
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this is probably the part where you quote Carl Barron...
Can't wait to take the kids out when Carl Barron gets in from work.
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We got no kids!! Having a few beverages & Watching Carl Barron, laughing our *** off!!
I love how everyone is like woo Janoskians and me and are like woo 1D, Degrassi, food, air con, toilet breaks, Carl Barron.
Aahh. Champus and Carl Barron. Love, love, love him!! ha ha
Works continue until Friday 18 January with one lane closed Geelong-bound 24 hours a day with the speed limit reduced to 40km/h.Drivers are advised to allow extra time if travelling through the area.
Hey found this in the archives.. Carl Barron gig?
Carl Barron came into my work, complimented my coffee. Boo. Freaking. Yah.
went to a catholic school when i was k kid, was an alterBoy for a while... Its Alright nothing happened, i was a fast runner. - Carl barron lol
When I go on my morning walk/run and the people jogging past say "morning" As if I don't already know?
5 of the biggest coyetes ive ever seen just outside the fence line! I need too heal up fast so I can shoot without falling over!
Life is so unfair. Larry walked past Hugh Grant today. Hugh Freakin' Grant. Just here, on OUR street. On the way to OUR Sainsbury's. I never see anyone famous. The most famous person I have met is Carl Barron. Or Malfoy from Harry Potter. Saw Mister Maker once. Sigh.
Spending some time watching Beachbody and Carl Daikeler videos on You Tube and recovering from getting my gallbladder out yesterday. Feeling good, but sore. And bored! Cannot wait to back to my normal routine. Doc says no lifting for at least 2 weeks. Boo! Was looking forward to starting a TurboFire/ ChaLEAN Extreme® Hybrid sooner than that. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
No i actually think i'm really funny, i could be the next carl barron 👌
Is Davydenko Russia's version of Carl Barron the comedian?
Can't wait to see Carl Barron next month. It's going to be so much fun. :)
What are you looking forward to most about 2013? — 3 things: going to Carl Barron, going to one direction & goin...
love comedians. Love carl barron and russel brand. Havent seen russell peters tho. Ill haveto google him
Really missing the Dri emergency dept days today, crazy but miss the great people I use to work with. Big love to you all
Why sleep when you could be watching Carl Barron :)
If tiffany isnt on her phone shes on her lap top.. I may as well just chill by myself ffs
Have you had much to do with Carl Barron, Cal ? Have you run into him at any comedy shows ?
going to Carl Barron with ma bestest buds ya 👍
Had some awesome laughs tonight with Melissa and Abigail while watching some Ellen stand up followed by 2 Carl Barron stand ups. Great night!!! :D
I had the bank ring me up for the first time ever and cannot believe how nice they were, they said, "mr hills, you have an outstanding account". I said "Thankyou !!! no one else seems to notice" very nice of them :)
Bit early but, while I think about it can do lifts Saturday night to town/pub/your grandmas wherever you need to go lol 07502 222895
There's nothing worse than sitting down on a toilet seat in winter...if only I had a little ray of sunshine to shine out my *** to warm it up before sitting down
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Looking up places to do another stand up, it will be in Brisbane so if you can't make it, thats fine ill just upload it!
Failing at sleeping even though I got to wake at 5 to exercise!!!
Watching Carl Barron with Renae, we just need cuddle buddies now :) apply via inbox ;)
I wouldn't watch Carl Barron if you need to laugh... It's a tall order...
I'm not spose to be "stressing" in anyway... I need a laugh so I'm watching Carl Barron on YouTube. Might even crack a smile...
Hi. Who wants to watch Carl Barron with me
There's chocolate under the fridge.
"Humour has become so cliche and boring that nothing's funny anymore unless it involves something totally disgusting that offends somebody or makes them feel really uncomfortable" - Tom Deolnge
thinking of going to the Fringe this year, can anyone suggest a good comedy act?
My brother got given Carl Barron tickets for Christmas and he doesn't even know who he is, hardly seems fair
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