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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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cari championon first take I though was horable and she's not that good looking either
Molly Qerim on (as a host) makes Cari Champion look like Robin Roberts.
Cari Champion don't do first take no more?
First Take isn't the same without Cari Champion.
First Take was so much better when Cari Champion was on
Timeout Cari Champion is off first take?
Cari Champion still the sexiest woman on television... despite that bad *** posture
Not complaining in the least bit about the new eye candy on but what happened to cari champion??
I'm real happy that Cari Champion is an anchor on Sportscenter. But First Take is garbage without her
Hey we need Cari Champion back on the show!
Congrats are in order for as she joins the team!
Wow Cari Champion and Jay Crawford on sportcenter together right now.
I like Molly Qerim on firsttake over Cari champion πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
I love first take, but the new chick don't do it for me like Cari Champion did
Since where did Cari Champion move up from First Take? Fire she on sportscenter though, daps to her
lol I wasn't really a Cari Champion fan, but I'm just not feeling this new chic. I'm so confused lol
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What I miss? Cari Champion don't do First Take anymore?
Cari Champion asked if Dantonio fears Harbaugh? apparently she caught some of Smith and Bayless's ***
my baby Cari Champion actually on sportscenter now. moving on up.
The new first take moderator is 10x badder than cari champion
Cari champion got a big ol head or she sitting closer to the the camera then Jay Crawford
Wait a minute. Cari Champion can actually talk?
Patiently waiting for that one day when Cari Champion and Sage Steele host SportsCenter together
Cari Champion on SportsCenter now.. First take will miss u 😒
Cari Champion is a host on Sportscenter now. Look at you. Congrats !
Cari BAE Champion is making her debut on SportsCenter. Love to see her progression
Cari Champion joins SportsCenter for the first time right now.
They done moved my girl Cari Champion to sports center
Cari champion finally on sports center
Cari Champion is on Sportscenter now, I just wanna thank
First Take without Cari Champion is wack.. Barely even watch it now
Checking Cari out on Sports Center!!! Very talented and a major pickup for the morning show... Working well with Jay Crawford!!!
Sports fans with ESPN support Cari Champion as she starts her SportsCenter duties tomorrow! Yah so proud! πŸ˜ƒ
I would love to see him smack bayless or Cowherd I would definitely watch sports center or maybe he gets at Cari champion lol
Molly is way more fire than Cari champion.
First Take just isn't the same without Cari Champion πŸ˜”
Some people wanted Cari Champion gone from 1st Take. Now that she is everybody want her back. So which is it people?
The chick that replaced Cari Champion is fire
The new chic on is so hot. Glad Cari Champion is gone.
It's still strange not seeing Cari Champion on First Take, but Molly Qerim is crazy bad. lol.
Southpaw was definitely better than rocky you can save your argument for Cari champion
Cari Champion called me a savage, and I ain't eem done nothin'.
Gorgeous And Very Beautiful Black Women!!! More importantly, very humble and outgoing. A combination that's hard to come by! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing her on SC. FT isn't the same!
This new woman on First Take might be the worst ESPN employee of all time. Cari Champion was so much better :/
I'm glad Cari Champion is no longer in First Take.
what happened to Cari Champion who hosted I liked her. She quit?
Dunno if i can watch first take anymore cause cari champion gone ):
All the best to ESPN's Cari Champion! She has paid her dues and is spreading her wings.
Cari Champion not being on First Take anymore is kinda depressing
I'm deadass in love with Cari Champion
Ima give the new girl a chance, but I miss my baby Cari Champion on First Take. Ha
you need to find a charismatic moderator like Cari Champion. First take is weak without Cari.
Jay Crawford, Sage Steele, and now Cari Champion ... That's the big leagues though so I don't blame them lol.
So glad decided to let Cari Champion go,is a way better talent,thank for classing up the show
Is cari champion not on ESPN first take anymore?
Cari champion ain't on fist take no more
ESPN made smooth transition from Cari Champion’s departure to Molly. Cari wants the stage to herself. She wants to be Oprah, so let her try
So far, I'm not feeling this new girl that's hosting First Take. Congratulations Cari Champion, you are already...
Cari Champion breaks free of Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and β€˜First Take’ OMG!
I actually liked Cari Champion on ESPN's First Take, its a shame it had to end that way...
they have let Colin cowherd leave, Svp is now doin prime time only, cari champion will be doin sports center only. *** u ESPN
I liked a video E:60: Cari Champion tells the story of Panthers QB Cam Newton Newton, along with his
Cari Champion really left first take
I didn't know Cari Champion was 40 😳! That's amazing πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
First take not the same without Cari Champion πŸ˜•
why is Cari Champion (after 4 weeks) still listed as being on in major tv guides when Molly Qerim is the new host?
.talks to about the moderator role at First Take:
I was watching Espn First Take and was wondering what happened to Cari Champion, I ain't know she left lol
this is like a really bad dream. Cari Champion could hold her own with those 2 *** Molly looks like a cardboard prop.
Ok, seriously... *** happened to Cari Champion? She's not the moderator on anymore?
Is Cari Champion on vacay or something??πŸ˜•
Without Cari Champion fine *** hosting First Take on ESPN, this show is boring...smh
What is it gonna take to get a suitable replacement for Cari Champion on First Take, I mean ***
First take seem different without Cari Champion there anymore
Who's homegirl subbing in for Cari Champion on First take this morning?!?! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
first take not the same without the Queen Champion
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Cari Champion spoke out about the ceiling at First Take and how she wishes she could have spoken out as moderator http…
Where's Cari champion on first take
I'd like to take this moment to thank GOD for removing Cari Champion from
Get on your game Cari Champion has moved on!
I thought Cari Champion was comin back lol where she go?
Molly Qerim does a good job hosting First Take. Doesn't constantly interrupt them like Cari Champion did
Wait, I didn't know Cari Champion left First Take...didn't think I was working that long to miss her leaveπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
I was sad to see Cari Champion leave first take at first.. Idc no more cuz Molly Qerim is gorgeous. 😍😍
is not the same w/o Cari Champion. Didn't think I'd miss her. But I do.
Molly qerim is so much better than cari champion on
Wow, Molly Qerim is so much better as a host than Cari Champion. She seems a lot more knowledgeable and contributes to the show.
First take just isn't the same without cari champion
.wait .NO CARI CHAMPION!?.I'm bout to sacrifice a lamb and thank God for this blessing...
I absolutely do not like Cari Champion's replacement on First Take πŸ˜’
Cari Champion ain't on First Take no more ?
Congratulations Cari Champion on becoming the newest anchor on ESPN's Sports Center
One of my dreams in life is to take Cari Champion on a dinner date in NYC. I don't care how old she becomes.
πŸ‘πŸ½true, but she ain't no Cari Champion.
I didn't know Cari Champion got promoted to SportsCenter
First Take ain't the same without Cari Champion
your presence is a privilege and seeing you win by being successful is awesome! Your name suits you Cari CHAMPION
maybe we found our Cari Champion Jimmy
Are you and Cari Champion going to anchor 11 am Sportscenter Jay?
Cari Champion gotta get back to being lowkey πŸ˜•πŸ˜©
You ugly. Look like an off brand version of Cari Champion. Most 'big girls' can take your man boo with no hesitation
Cari Champion is absolutely beautiful ok back to the show
Every since Cari Champion left FirstTake it hasn't been the same. They've only been on for 1 day this week? What's up with that?
Shocking revelations. What was behind the split up at First Take. Please RT
i love 1st Take but its not the same without Cari Champion
Tbt " I just wanna know can take name be carried as a champion? Hey cari champion😘. I know s bad…
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Loved chatting to before the yesterday, that neon green dress looked amazing! .
I may have to retire from the BeyoncΓ© stalker club... Wonder if Cari Champion got space in her club. πŸ‘€
You are going do great for Sportscenter I love you Cari Champion reply back
Why does Cari Champion look disgusted with Rhonda Rousey for calling out Floyd for his habitual woman abuse?
Jimmy Butler shooting these 15 footers at Cari Champion on her podcast
Jimmy Butler opens up to Cari Champion about Derrick Rose, leading Bulls and his non-tourage
How is First Take going now that Cari Champion is off? All she did was annoyingly laugh and interrupt Stephen A and Skip
Cari Champion is the next big thing for ESPN.
U can tell Cari Champion taste like that water
I like all of them, I don't like cari champion jemelle hill you get the point
Cari Champion looks like a real good time
Why Cari champion ain't on first take. I liked her. She was a good moderator minus Lakers talk.
I didn't watch the ESPYs last night but it was on in the gym and Cari Champion looked amazing
I didn't know Cari Champion left first take
Cari Champion in her 40s but still is gorgeous
Cari Champion looked upset but than realized thats Ronda Rousey lol
Oh wee! ESPN's Cari Champion on red carpet at ESPY's. by "Dress by ...…
Not Cari Champion but still a looker
Correction : she's the new host , she'll be replacing Cari Champion .
She got Cari Champion beat by a whole 1.5 miles
Wait so Cari Champion isn't on First Take anymore ?
I'm voting you to replace Cari Champion on 1st Take
Cari Champion is off First Take now? Might need to watch again.
This woman Roslyn Gold Owunde I think should of took Cari Champion spot!
I'm so glad Cari Champion won't be on First Take anymore.
goodbye Cari Champion, we had a good thing going but it's time for us to move apart.
She fine but so was cari champion annoying *** €¦.
So Cari Champion ain't gonna be the host of First Take anymore 😭😭
Rosalyn Gold-Onwude and Cari Champion on the same set?
Cari Champion lost her job? Heard there's a new First Take host.
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First take nailed it. Cari champion is hot. But this chick...
Looks like I need to start texting Cari Champion again...
My *** said Cari Champion is more attractive than Roslyn Gold-Onwude
*** I thought Rosalyn Gold-Onwude was takin the over from Cari Champion on First Take.
I can't stand it. Only good thing is that cari champion is a babe.
Cari Champion got promoted to a better job on espn
Agreed! If one thing was clear. Cari Champion had control of the set. Hopefully she will too ! 😁
Thanks Cari Champion wasn't doin it for me lol
Cari Champion left She was the only reason I watched that show. 😍😒
Cari Champion has moved to sportscenter. Stephan A and Skip are on vacation like stated
Cari Champion is getting replaced on
Great news from replacing Cari Champion, bout time!! good luck to the new moderator
What is your take on the Cari Champion firing??
Man I thought Cari Champion got the boot from First Take, but she making big moves.
The new host is cute. But you know that glow and glitter that's comes from Jesus when he picks his fro?. That's Cari Champion.
Definitely gonna miss Cari Champion on First Take , she definitely one of best on ESPN
When you find out Cari Champion leaving first take
Josina Anderson >>> Cari Champion >>> that black woman at the college fb games >>> a few of the white women on ESPN >>> Jemele Hill
I like Josina Anderson as a replacement to Cari Champion on
love women in sports broadcasting, but this is good for First take lol "Cari Champion moving on from FirstTake.*sigh*"
I don't remember the last time I watched First Take.They just lost their mojo..Cari Champion is still bae though
Watch me live for First Take on ESPN2! Finally made it into the main room! Skip Bayless, Stephan A. Smith, & Cari Champion!
Catching up on my Cari Champion 'Be Honest' podcast
Hannah Storm makes my ears bleed. Bring Cari Champion to everything
Henry Carr, 73: Olympic champion was humble and caring
Now she ain't no Cari Champion but still tough nonetheless lol
ESPN be showing Sage Steele & Cari Champion full body shots but Jamele hill gets shoulders and up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sage Steel and Cari Champion know they're bad 😍😍😍
I'm liking where this is going, but who will be our Cari Champion moderator?
"Sage Steel or Cari Champion??" Sage. She doesn't talk like she knows sports or depend on her looks like Cari.
Shout to the African American women for SportsCenter. . Sage Steele, Cari Champion, Jemele Hill.
Cari Champion can get my social security number and credit score lol
Sage Steele isn't attractive to me. neither is Cari Champion
Cari Champion just doesn't even know.
Where is Cari Champion when you need her?
Get outta here, Cari Champion is far finer than Sage Steele .. not even close
yall probably think Cari Champion bad too huh
I can tolerate Sage Steele. but when I tell yall I cannot stand Cari Champion
Sage Steele and Cari Champion gotta be the most beautiful sports anchors
yallcan have her though just give me Cari Champion
She be looking smack like Cari Champion off first take
Cari champion do have some nice lips tho
Sage Steele or Cari Champion is the new Biggie or Tupac debate.
bruh, i am in love with Cari Champion from First take tho
Sage Steele needs to replace cari champion I miss her face
Sage Steele is 8 billion times better than Cari Champion
Sage Steele better looking than cari champion
I'll probably never get a follow from Cari Champion but that's cool tho lol. I'll still follow
Cari Champion gotta follow you back now
Skip Bayless and Cari Champion are Lebron Haters to the point that it's sickening
im tryna get there lol i need to see Cari Champion
Cari Champion has the easiest job in America. I'm honestly curious if she really watches sports.
ESPN Radio - ESPNW presents Be Honest with Cari Champion -
Cari Champion looks good.. But she's mad annoying.
cari you don't have to be sorry to be a champion. Pssh girl you the real deal
"Entourage" actor Jerry Ferrara tells Cari Champion that he thinks LeBron James is "starting to en... - via App
I'm bout to go in Cari Champion's DM's
If you really listen, Cari Champion says the most savage one liners on
Cari Champion would be a smh...
Cari Champion's giggle is annoying as *** I turned off first take.
Cari Champion is on TV right now. just FYI.
com'mon Cari champion skip was wrong that one time don't start kissing his *** too ***
Cari champion don't know wat she be talking bout she just Be agreeing wit them
They are just Cari Champion fans, I'm sure
Hey cari champion the matchup is king james vs the babyface assassin
Cari Champion is OD annoying in the background while heads are talking on first take
Boy Cari champion would get it all . ALL 😩
when I get on first thing I'm doing is boggin cari champion
Cari Champion has the same look in her eyes that you would see in a hostage.
Cari Champion posted a pic of Marilyn Monroe, and they tracking mud all on her couch, comments lit
I wanna hit every black woman on ESPN Cari Champion, Sage Steele , Jemele Hill and like Sam Smith I know I'm not the only …
I like Cari champion on tennis channel .. She was hot
Cari Champion is pretty talented. ESPN kinda selling her short using her as a moderator
Can I be Cari Champion when i grow up
Cari Champion engaged us all with the realities of Momentum in our lives and careers! Thank You, Cari!
Cari keringat (with Ryan, Khurriy, and 3 others at Champion Futsal) β€”
More fun with the amazing Cari Champion from and my good friend itsmemichellep and the awesome…
When Cari Champion replied with a fierce belief
On the slick they late cause I said Id do that to Cari Champion a couple years ago smh
"Are you built for this life? If you're not happy, change your circumstance. You're entitled to do that." -Cari Champion
Cari Champion '98 host of ESPN2 First Take - Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Cari Champion is under used on First Take I'd like to see her somewhere as more than a moderator. I want her more in the conversation
I wanna go see Cari Champion when they come to Cleveland 😍
Whoever was filling in for cari champion today on first take was fine
I love Cari Champion but that lady that filled in for her today is too bomb😍
Whoever this lady is replacing Cari Champion on First Take is beautiful
Shorty filling in for cari champion tho
Cari champion is beautiful and fine all roll in 1 and her skin glows
Cari Champion don't take no days off, I can't imagine how little they pay her for that pointless fake moderating she be doing
if you only watch First Take to see how fine Cari Champion looks
Don't know who this woman is that's standing in for Cari Champion but I wouldn't be mad if she took over from here on out..
It's a always a good day when Cari Champion isn't on First Take
Who ever replaced Cari Champion on first take today kinda bad lol.
Yo first take is so much better when cari champion is not hosting
Not gonna lie First Take is better without Cari Champion yelling over Skip and Stephen A. like she's important to the show lol
I feel bad for anyone who fills in for Cari Champion on First Take. I don't feel like they can handle Stephen A when he gets passionate lol
First take is so much better without Cari Champion 😏
I hope this chick on is here to stay I'd rather look at her than Cari Champion
feel bad for the lady who has to fill the High Heels of the beautiful & talented Cari Champion. Such an impossible task
The girl on first take today is better then Cari Champion
thanks for sharing Cari Champion, have a great Friday :) (insight by
I'm convinced Jamelle Hill & Cari Champion are in a relationship.
The only way Dwight Howard becomes a Champion is if he marries Cari Champion and takes her last name.
The crew on First take was a joke today. Total amateur hour. And someone tell Cari Champion nobody cares about her takes on sports
nope cari champion doesn't like Lebron.
First take gon b in Oakland smh I need to b there soo I can swear cari champion
Cari champion wants the lakers to be good so bad lol!
Cari champion would catch the hands
Cari Champion trying to tell us that Curry is a better player than Lebron.
Cari Champion: "Kobe doesn't take too many shots, Dwight was the cause of their problems" lmao
Podcasts used to be so underground, now there's TV commercials for em πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Cari Champion doesn't need a commercial ESPN...really.
Cari Champion is thee reason why I watch ESPN first take everyday faithfully 😍😍
They made Cari Champion work with the 2nd string today
Cari Champion be talking so much when Stephen A and Skip not there
First Take lead by Cari Champion and the B-team
I might have a crush on Cari Champion. In what part of the world do they make women like her. I'm trying to move there.
"Im a champion"? never knew he was related to Cari..
Tryna have a 3some with Sage Steele & Cari champion
I need to see cari champion there next year
Ayesha Curry in my top 5. Right up there with Cari Champion in the I will eat your *** with no hesistation
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cari Champion because I made a joke about her not being a good moderator cuz she let Stephen A talk for 6 hours
Actually I joked about Cari Champion thirsting after Jerry Jones, in jest, and she blocked me. I don't think I've cracked on her weave.
Bomani I called him corny. Cari Champion I cracked on her weave. And Jason Whitlock. Don't know why to this day.
Listening to Cari Champion's podcast and I really like it. I love how podcasts have changed how we share thoughts and i…
Cari Champion flirting wit JR on the low I caught that
How Cari Champion gonna have a show called "Be Honest" when she don't even wear her real hair?
Notice how Cari Champion on riding Turtle from entourage's *** on TV. That *** really wanted the D during the break
being called "handsome" by Cari Champion is cooler than winning an Oscar.
Why Cari champion put those glasses on
Cari Champion effing up all kinds of ways on first take right now
Cari Champion is fine, but what does she bring to First Take?
Somebody told me Cari Champion is a *** i hope this isnt true.i planned to marry her
Makes me want to beat the *** out of the entire ESPN crew minus Cari Champion.
please, please no more Cari Champion on the podcast. No relevant NBA info, just a biased Laker Fan Boi/Girl.
Who tf cares about what Cari Champion has to say on First Take??
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First Take done turned into Stephen A and Skip just yelling at each other about nothing and Cari Champion laughing in …
Yall just think Cari Champion is bad because she's on TV. Looks very average to me.
Cari Champion can get hesitation
Cari Champion was looking too good on FT this morning OMG 😍😍😍
*** Cari Champion in that all white...
Cari Champion and Sage Steele wats up tho. Like FR. 😍
who is that Cari Champion look alike co hosting)? She's cool, funny and beautiful.
only b/c I have a secret crush on Cari Champion. But Skip and Stephen A, I just can't take it.
Cari Champion is some of God's best work.
This guy smith is a coward and a uncle tom love to down black people at all cost Cari Champion has more balls
Cari Champion with them glasses on 😍
Cari Champion's weave be killing me man
Cari Champion is becoming yesterday's news and what is her purpose on "First Take" again? I see no value at all but a pretty face.
Cari Champion isn't hiding her weave/wig addiction!
Why does Cari Champion have a job? All she does is either agree or disagree. Has no real knowledge
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Skylar Diggins Cari Champion and Kerry Washington all my wife
Rachel Nichols, Hannah Storm, Sage Steele, Michelle Beadle and Cari Champion can all get it. ESPECIALLY Cari Champion
Cari Champion needs to stick to her "mhmms" and "skip what's your take" role
Chris Webber & Reggie Miller bout as beneficial as Cari Champion
Nelly: "Maybe I should just leave.". Cari Champion: "I was just gonna say that. See you." *waves*
Cari Champion lowkey got some big titties
You should have included more women, like Lisa Salters, Sage Steele, Rachel Nichols, Heather Cox, Cheryl Miller, Cari Champion.
Cari Champion:Awesome on the radio but has a (beautiful) face & smile for TV
that last lockdown pod was awful. Too many "ro ro" drops. Too much BeyoncΓ© talk. Too much of Cari Champion interrupting everyone.
Cari Champion has really turned into a manifestation of First Take and ruined whatever show she's on as a result
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