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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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Cari Champion was just takin up for me that's all that was KashDoll
First it was Cari Champion now it's Mya yall hate on ppl for chillin like how about you just chill out wit your ignorance
Cari Champion from Sportscenter says 'it's cold, it's cold!'
He's the dark horse candidate to be the World Champion. is a man on a mission. >>
Taylor Rooks is the finest women in sports broadcasting. Actually no... Cari Champion still is. But Rooks is a strong second
Women like Cari Champion be on ESPN speaking out for womens rights, rape, domestic violence, etc... All the time. Thats why BW the GOAT.
i ain't gone lie i liked Cari Champion better on First Take
I really hate the chick that took Cari Champion spot tho...
Taylor Rooks look good ashell 😍 but Cari Champion will always be number 1 πŸ’˜
where are you? I need to see you on Coast to Coast! I want Cari Champion! CARI! CARI! CARI!
I'm gonna let Cari Champion off the hook and not have her take me on a date anymore. . See how that looks?
cari champion still and will always be fine AF dawg
I love everything bout Cari Champion g
That lady Bama super fan is on with Cari Champion right. Cari got that "please don't cuss" look on her face while that lady talks. 🀣🀣🀣
So what's going to be Cari Champion or Molly
Cari Champion and all them ruined sportscenter tbh it's just dumb arguments now.
got the Cari Champion on speed dial
I think the Rams can beat the Bobcats Cari Champion
Cari Champion, Robin Roberts and for comic relief, Stacey Dash are far more appealing than Megyn Kelly.
I just saw your conversation with Cari Champion on SportsCenter. Tell me how I misunderstood you?
Cari Champion went to UCLA Makes sense she'd cape for him. Also spreading lies saying Russ doesn't take p…
Cari champion really can get it on the cool
Son joy taylor colder than cari champion im sorry
Man oh man i love me some cari champion
you give hope to average looking women . No way in you should be married b4 Cari Champion. Your dude must've not seen her first
Hope recovers ok.. that was a really bad beating. Fabulous performance by the champion though.
Since you've Never been a Champion or with one according to Cari, you are the only one who's SORRY! 😜
Why did Cari Champion have to leave First Take? Molly is just annoying
Well Cari Champion said we can't be together so cause she do journalism so I guess I'm a free agent
She think I care for her but I like Cari Champion
Cari Champion like me think we can't be together cause of our age I looked at her like play wit me and see who I am cause I ain't playing
domain names
SAS is a clown. SVP is the man though. He plus His & Hers is all I acknowledge there. And Cari Champion is 😍
I only flirt with Cari Champion, Keke Palmer, Nicki Minaj and Sanaa Lathan.
Fs1 even got better lookin women den espn other than the queen cari champion
cari champion had Mora top 5 in nation. Every fan base has the *** fringe
Now she's not cari champion fine but she's a cool 6.5
I just told y'all that to expose Cari Champion cause she a fake I already knew it
Ima tell you why Cari Champion is so beautiful cause she got a beautiful soul
Look like Cari Champion is the one to know who I am forreal
I'd rather have Mike Rupp and Kevin Weekes than Cari Champion and Woody Paige.
I still can't believe cari champion slid in my DM and I ain't reply. Tryna be faithful to someone I'm not with no more lol life so crazy bru
the top 5 is so god awful and cari champion is unbearable...please lose both ASAP
is bad and has been for a while now. But it's at an all time low with Cari Champion hosting.
Can we just address how absolutely gorgeous Cari Champion is 😍
Refuse to watch ESPN if Cari Champion is on
I don't know who is worse or more annoying, Cari Champion or Hannah Storm. Probably too close to call.
Cari Champion always looking fine on ESPN, plus she's talking sports. Every man's dream woman. 😍
Cari Champion on tv looking so right
I liked a video from Damian Lillard Calls Out ESPN’s Cari Champion for Saying Kevin
I added a video to a playlist Cari Champion Hot Must See Bikini
Does Cari Champion have a professional leg baby oiler?
Cari Champion and David Lloyd are so annoying they almost make SportsCenter unwatchable
Our favorite host is joining us in Houston for We can't wait to see you,
Bruh again Cari Champion's skin is flawless every day on ESPN like really lol
I'll never understand why other women go on sports center when my wife, Cari Champion, is on..she makes them all look like men
Cari Champion blocking me is the only one that stings. That hurts. LOL
I would like to be a political analyst on TV one day. Like Cari Champion from First Take, but for politics
Cari Champion is really fine af lol. So slept on
Cari Champion so fine she ugly.. does that make sense ?
Cari Champion needs to be fired. Awful and awkward.
I know Cari Champion was taken aback when Trevor Matich used the term "drain the swamp"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Cari Champion got that stance boiii 😍
If Cari Champion is friends with a disrespectful jerk like this guy that shame on her character
would you rather have cari Champion or kristen Ledlow
to get mlre elaboration on how to develop better communication skills, I listen to Cari Champion.
Just turned to ESPN. ummm . I don't know who Cari Champion is, but she is absolutely beautiful 😍
Cari champion on sport center glowing right now 😍
If Paul Finebaum can swoop Cari Champion, anything is possible
Cari champion look good she look like she like freal *** like me
cari champion look nasty. Don't respond tho lol just mental note it.
Cari Champion with her pretty brown self
Why does Cari Champion keep looking to the side ??
Cari Champion the reason I watch sports center 😍
Cari Champion looks good every morning. But i'm really likin this mornings attire.
Cari Champion is slaying on SportsCenter right now 😍😩😍
try cocofrans. Cari the sweet potato. Champion weiii
Cari champion just bought my brother a drink in the airport. And he didn't shoot his shot because of a flight smh.
CARI CHAMPION: What are your views on Johnny Manziel's play?. STEPHEN A: HE'S AN ALCOHOLIC!?!?!?
Cari Champion can definitely get it?
what An Honor to Be Standing next to Miss Cari Champion..Wow..Good pic
Always Love A Champion...In My Case Miss Cari Champion..Best In Sports TV..Most Beautiful..on top of All that..I ju…
The way Molly look at Stephen A Smith when he talk is hilarious! Same way Cari Champion did
I hope Cari Champion is watching Durant eat
I know that much . It's not the same since cari champion & skip left. That show is not for max Kellerman
Cari Champion, David Lloyd & their producers put a lot of diverse voices on that SC that never were heard elsewhere.
Yo tell Cari Champion to allow me to eat her ***
baaad too ... Max the best thing to happen to the show since Cari Champion
Cari Champion is fine as slick frog hair
where's Cari Champion and Jemele Hill to discuss this horrific act of domestic violence? Oh they only chastise men.
Cari Champion looking like a snack why they let her wear that on SportsCenter
Is Cari she the finest black woman in America? she?
Is it just me or does it look like Cari Champion is wearing lingerie on TV? Seems like she challenges acceptable attire from time to time.
Cari Champion prolly taste like sweet potato pie
Only good thing on daytime tv is seeing Cari Champion. My goodness
Cari Champion & Windhorst on ESPN right now... god how much I dislike them
Cari Champion is definitely the best thing to happen to SportsCenter
I looked up and sportscenter was on. Cari champion so *** fine.
"To all the women...who put their faith in this campaign and in me...nothing has made me prouder than to be your champi…
What a classy woman. I hope EVERYONE listens to her speech and recognizes the fighter she is. You are still our champion HRC. πŸ’™
I'm willing to fight to the death for the hand of Cari Champion
Bruh...Cari Champion is the baddest woman on tv
Every time I see Cari Champion on ESPN she's glowing
Bruiser achieved his first World Champion Bull title under the love and care of stock contractor H.D. Page:
Cari Champion is a really fahn and seemingly cool woman. I feel bad for ever talking bad about her even though what I said wasn't TOO bad
Not really a Cari Champion fan. So few ESPN folks I do enjoy.
Cari Champion has the best legs in the business .Not up for debate
Had no clue Cari Champion was 41. Thought she was like early 30s
Cari champion just admitted to being a stripper this girl is crazy
She the next Cari Champion with curly hair.
Cari Champion need to come on and stop playing 😏
Just seen Cari Champion walking out of the espn studios and she was digging in her ***
Cari Champion see if 2pac like you challenging me
I love this picture with me and Cari Champion but I look so nasty in it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I definitely feel you on the Cari Champion part
i swear i only watch Highly Questionable, games, & Cari Champion when i'm home from work
I'm so surprised about one of my used to be favorite ESPN commutators Cari Champion smh
Cari Champion is by far the worst ESPN anchor.
We all need to appreciate Cari Champion more.
Cari Champion's skin be glowing every day on ESPN. She so fine.
Cari Champion 2pac said he will show you something
Today we are proud of these most influential black women: . Cari Champion - host of Sportscenter
Cari champion is to be protected at all times
Yo cari champion came out like boss
Not understanding why Artie Lange keeps trying it with Cari Champion. This has been on going for a few years now. It's disgusting.
eh she's alright not nearly as annoying as Michelle Beadle and Cari Champion
her, Cassidy Hubbarth, Jemelle Hill and Cari champion are all dope at their job high key
Cari Champion in response to how White Sox fans are feeling today: "I think everybody would be happy for the city."…
Cari Champion saying that she thinks even white sox fans are happy today…. m think thinks a TAD differently
Im Glad Cari Champion moved up but First Take been wack ever since lol
Cari Champion and Molly Qerim both are top 10 women I've ever seen.
Bruh does that girl on First Take even know sports? At least Cari Champion and Jemele Hill could debate a little bit
True. I believe progress has been made in the area tho Cari Champion, Sage Steele, Jemele Hill come to mind.
It's not they didn't mention Cari Champion or Jemele Hill and very small part on Pam Oliver
All the people who used to host First Take went on to blow up on ESPN. Sage Steele, Cari Champion, Jay Crawford.
ESPN & Sportscenter got sumn fine black reporters. Cari Champion, Sage Steele, Josina Anderson.
I dislike Michelle Beadle and pretty much all of the ESPN chicks except for Cari Champion and Molly Qerim
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Cari Champion just put Mo'ne Davis in her top 5 Philadelphia athletes of all time..TOP 5 and left out Mike Schmidt lmao ESPN please fire
I'm still waiting on Cari Champion to call me..
says the dude white knighting for Cari champion
says the dude tryna white knight for cari champion LOL
Cari Champion really got herself a new ***
Anyone got the pic of Cari Champion with the upgraded wagon?
Cari Champion is a very young looking 40. I thought she was early 30's
yes lawd. I give her molly quierm and cari champion the dark chocolate pipe. *** them kids on dem melons
KD still not a top 5 player to some people lol well to Cari Champion. Hopefully she changed her mind after last night
Cari Champion delivering sharp sports commentary looking like greatness, as usual.
Cari champion is the finest thing on television
Cari Champion of ESPN is drop dead gorgeous. See how that melanin is displayed? You better work, sis.
Cari Champion seem like the type to "accidentally" bless us with some leaked nudes
I had no idea Cari Champion was 40. Black don't crack
we all can't have Cari Champion's professionalism. That might be the worst fail of all time. wow!
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Always a champion. Keep being Cari. Never change. The camera loves u and so do the ppl who watch. SC is lucky 2 have u.
Cari champion is so bad. Good morning everyone
I didn't think it was that bad. lol Cari Champion also blocked me. 😭
A reminder of what Cari Champion thinks about Kevin Durant
For Cari Champion to say that Kevin Durant doesn't have any heart. That's a bit much.
she can ALWAYS come home lmaoo Cari Champion my real babe anyway
Staying on The Move. . Healthy Appetite. High Metabolism. Just looking for a Champion like Cari.
Cari champion is the best thing that happened to ESPN
I think I'm the only one that prefers Cari Champion to Molly Qerim
I got a mention from Cari Champion .. I'm one step closer to being her husband
So sick of cari champion on ESPN, always wins this stupid top 5 segment which is by far the WORST segment on get rid of it!
Cari Champion is the black queen I'm looking for πŸ«πŸ‘‘πŸŒΉ
Seventeen take their second win on 'Show Champion'
If I could choose a personality to date it would have to be cari champion if I wanted a psycho death when or if she don't like my 3 maybe 4
does Sage Steele or Cari Champion have a sleeve ? lol nah the one I want is on my side
Little Giant Ladders
Can't wait til they move Molly Qerim up to Sportscenter. She and Cari Champion co-hosting would just...😍
I hope there is a game 7 in the finals.. Stephen A. Smith, Cari Champion, Molly Qerim and yourself made First Take great
I think Cari Champion is one of the top 5 most beautiful women in the world.
Cari Champion got that body...and a lot of guys have seen that body
please take Cari Champion off the air. It's painful to watch her. I almost feel bad for her.
Wow. So y'all would smash Jemele Hill over Cari Champion or Molly Qerim?
I don't think Cari Champion is hot for real. I know that's an unpopular opinion
Molly Qerim look better than Cari Champion & Jemele "Grinch" Hill tbh
Cari Champion on ESPN right now looking gooder than 3 Reese's.
Cari Champion look better than Jemele Hill if we being honest
If me and Cari Champion got married I’d take her last name
Still tryna understand why they had to take Cari Champion fine *** off First Take. I need answers lol
She might be added to the list of my celebrity crushes with Rihanna and Cari Champion. How old is she? Let me do my googles.
she better than Cari Champion? πŸ˜• Cari forever gone be bae. And Josina Anderson 😭
U are proof that beautiful women like U, Cari Champion, and Josina Anderson can thrive in sports reporting. U guys keep inspiring.
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Yep she all so sensitive and chooses her spot to enact her feminism BS. Cari Champion & Josina Anderson needs their own show
Julie Foudy to ESPN's Cari Champion on pay inequity in soccer, other sports: "Let's open the…
US Soccer legend Julie Foudy chats with Cari Champion on equal pay in sports.
"I feel like I've grown up almost with Kobe." . Jemele Hill, Cari Champion say farewell to Kobe. WATCH:
Y'all *** trippin if you think Josina Anderson looks better than Cari Champion
All depends on who the woman is! Cari Champion, Molly Qerim, Michele Beadle, NO. They are just a face...
Aye Sage Steele man. Cari Champion too I saw you earlier.
I love me some Cari Champion she has a positive glow about her which is nice and refreshing
I'd probably eat Cari Champion out and just dip afterwards.
I see you tryna take cari champion job
Omg.. Cari champion is edible today on sports center ... She definitely in my top five... 😘😘😘😘
Whoever made the decision to put Cari Champion on sportscenter is a genius
Cari Champion on ESPN making my heart stop
I can't believe the body on cari champion πŸ˜‹
Here I was thinking Cari Champion was absolutely perfect and then she goes and names the Nuggets' Mascot over the Philly Phanatic
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Cari Champion looking like dinner and desert on Sportscenter right now 😍
Dawg, do y'all see Cari Champion today? My God
Women's rights champion on stage now at Hub! Come join us,
Cari Champion on sportscenter looking like my future ex wife
Cari Champion is the only reason I can keep ESPN on for more than 10 seconds
Cari Champion on ESPN looking like the best glass of chocolate milk God ever created!
Waiting to see my bae Cari Champion 😁
Cari Champion on ESPN right now looking like the best woman ever. lol
It is amazing how bad Cari Champion is. It floors me. "Gangsters move in silence". Really? Disney, anyone awake over there?
Cari Champion just made my day better
what is the difference between Bayless' LeBron junk and Cari Champion saying Kevin Durant has no heart?
I'm listening to espnW presents Be Honest with Cari Champion in the ESPN App. Check it out! - via App
I need a threesome with Cari Champion and Sage Steele
Ppl gotta stop payin attention to what Cari Champion says. When yall gone learn..
Cari Champion gotta be the finest woman on TV right now.who else is in the discussion? Kerry? BaeLo? Vergara? Jane the Virgin? Quantihoe?
Cari Champion using a Game Genie but I'm just gonna act like I never saw the before pics..
He be promoting this podcast thing he do.. He got Cari Champion on there
Cari Champion be on SportsCenter looking like a goddess man
This sports reporters name is Cari Champion. That's like a meteorologist having the name Blizzard McGee.
I didn't realize Cari Champion still worked for espn...
"Why is that? I'm confused." Out-of-context quote by Cari Champion on SportsCenter that describes her career.
Cari Champion over here lookin like sex..
I bet Cari Champion looks delicious in some lingerie and heels
Bro Damian Woody just hit Cari Champion with a slick move. "What A Time" am I tripping? πŸ˜‚. The look on her face.
Cari Champion sit on my face and read a book
I want to kiss Cari Champion on the forehead
Cari Champion is beautiful. She is looking so good on my television. Hey Boo 😘😘
The Seahawks safety joins Cari Champion to discuss an incident in Redmond, Washington, where a gy... - via App http…
Yall remember when Cari Champion said (with the right skill set) that Serena Williams could beat Rousey in a fight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cari Champion's top 5 NBA players of all time was riveting. Wasn't she on the tennis channel last week. Just like Stephen A, she put in work
How long has Cari Champion not been on First Take? I havent been able to watch this show in about a yr or so..
hey Cari Champion. The NFL wants Manning to go out on top
Cari Champion turnin up to Future while she's watching the AFC Championship Game
I like what Hannah Storm, Linda Cohn and Cari Champion are offering this morning πŸ™πŸ½
Cari Champion looking splendid this morning on SportsCenter.
Bruh cari champion look like she was sculpted from a Hershey bar Jesus
Cari Champion and Josina Anderson on one screen. Thank you SportsCenter .
Cari Champion probably taste like hot chocolate with marsh mellows smh
I love you Miss Cari Champion... Have a Great Day..can't wait for Sports center..
On the real, Sage Steele is wifey material. Same with Cari Champion.
Both yall trippin. Cari Champion the truth
Cari Champion, Sage Steele, and Josina Anderson be on ESPN looking wonderful
Hi Seth, big fan. Why is Cari Champion still employed? She is abysmal.
the Most Beautiful Woman on sports Television Miss Cari Champion... no doubt..
When I seen cari champion on First Take for the first time I was like "who is this black queen here?" Lol
Why Cari champion not reading my snap πŸ€”
Cari Champion got some underrated titties, if you don't believe me look at her snapchat
The new chick on First Take is beyond irrelevant bring back Cari Champion
Now I would've been wrong if I told Cari Champion that ESPN First Take upgraded when they let her go for that new chick Molly
Cari Champion just gained me like 200 more followers lol
I need a Cari Champion-ish dress for this fight tomorrow lol
Cari Champion looking like lamb chops straight off the grill in that pic
I felt some type of way with First Take replacing Cari Champion for Molly...but Molly stood up and that wagon was back there... GAAWWDDD! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
Cari Champion looking sweeter than some candied yams fresh out the oven. Good Lord
Yo idk if the cameras are just better on Sportscenter vs First Take but Cari Champion is looking right on Sportscenter geezus
I'll be in the NBA in 3 years, so after draft night tell Cari Champion I'm taking her on a date.
Thankful for fearless leaders like tireless champion of a woman’s right to choose.
Them sportscenter lights got Cari Champion looking thick.
Is it just me or does Cari Champion look like Serena Williams in the face?
Cari Champion is so corny.but she's so *** beautiful
I like the new girl on first more then cari champion annoying ***
Can we talk about how fine Cari Champion is on Sports Center right now?
Bae gotta look like the goddess that is Cari Champion
I used to love cari champion but this new girl on First Take 😩😍
Id give up my whole tax refund to sniff Cari Champion's cleavage
So I'm feeling Cari Champion so tough right now. Can't wait to see her on Sportcenter 😍😍😍
Cari Champion is one. She said Drummond dunks too much and doesn't want to be great. Is First Take contagious?
Cari champion, bomani jones, and Stephen a smith all have me blocked. Blacks.
She looks like cari champion from ESPN
called ESPN told them to change it or hold ima hold Cari Champion for ransom. lol
ask him if Cari Champion scrapes her teeth
My friends in my group message were telling me "You see Cari Champion this morning?" I see why. Jesus.
Whatever happened to Cari Champion? Did she really upgrade by leaving First Take??
where is cari champion.She really new moderation during rebutles.
EA said that 2 of the 3 females she'd sleep w/ are Serena Williams & Cari Champion. I think she likes dark girls more than dark guys...
I was really grumpy about Cari Champion leaving First Take, but I've decided that I really like Molly.
Cari Champion on the snap hitting on all the men making them uncomfortable lmao
Cari Champion on SC.have mercychicken dinner
At first i thought ld be mad about Cari Champion leaving First Take but I like me some Molly Qerim πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. don't have to look great to secure that gig. Erin Andrews, Cari Champion, Molly Qerim, must.
To be honest I'd rather see Jemele Hill old ninja turtle face on ESPN programming than Cari Champion. Atleast Jamele knows sports.
Is this the Cari Champion on ESPN that yall said was fine?
HEAD2HEAD: It was never in doubt! has beaten to remain our champion on Total Access! https:/…
I'd love to take a nap on Cari Champion's thighs.
Not Sure how you can put up with Cari Champion.
LIVE on commercial break with Cari Champion.
Cari Champion on my screen looking like a main dish
Hello Ms. Champion, I find you to be and babe! Cari, my sister it's refreshing that
Do you feel under appreciated in your career? Listen to Holly Holm's interview with Cari Champion.
Best I can boast is Cari Champion from like two years ago lol
I don't miss Cari Champion on First Take at all.
Cari Champion coming over for thanksgiving
Cari Champion and these legs on Sportscenter
cari champion mentioned Luke Walton as the new head coach last night
Jemele Hill welcomes Cari Champion and Roland Martin to the show. -
I can't stand Jemele Hill and cari champion
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