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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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I thought cari champion's job was to moderate first take. Do your job and keep ur mouth shut. please.# moderator
Cari Champion you are a strong women you need to put Stephen A in check take
Cari Champion look like a life size praying mantis.
direct that to Cari champion, Jemele Hill and the rest of the women on TV
we can call you Producer Steve too. Fun to have cari champion on the other day. keep up the good work. winners tomorrow.
Lol Cari Champion said on SVP and Rusillo that Trick Daddy used to go smack in her DM's
I'm sure Cari Champion is just thrilled that SAS gave her permission to be extra-sensitive to domestic violence becaus…
Cari Champion needs to call out that bigot Stephen A Smithtake
Cari Champion cool, but they shouldn't get her opinion on stuff. Just be cute and host
Cari Champion getting on my nerves.
exactly, and Cari Champion act like she cool with Stephon
Cari Champion the type of chick you just don't pull out of
Cari Champion still pretending she's on ESPN for her opinion based on my TL yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Is there any way Cari Champion can get on an elevator with Ray Rice AND Solange Knowles?
They need to talk less & let Cari Champion talk more. She's the only one on that show that can calmly articulate her point
Lmao who gone be Cari Champion then? She too fine! smh
Cari Champion from First Take is my ebony celebrity crush
Cari champion be lookin aite on first take
Cari Champion is looking delicious on First Take, as usual.
From what I've seen Whoopi and Cari Champion are the only people who defended Stephen A... Did Skip Bayless defend him?
Cari Champion makes my balls tingle 😊😊
Why more chicks don't strive to be like cari champion, instead of reality tv ***
My first take watchers...y'all ever notice cari champion nice *** body?
Wait?? Did Cari Champion just ask on the set what day for college football play? Noo I didn't hear that
Cari Champion showing a lil thigh today
Cari Champion sexy *** the only good part of this morning
Cari champion really some work cyan tell mi nothing
Bruh Cari Champion and I would make gorgeous children. Think about it. Look at me, then go look at her.
I am still flabbergasted by Cari Champion is 39 years old. She is flawless, looking like she 25 years old hosting ESPN First Take
Makes me think about how Ima give Sage Steele & Cari Champion the diznik one day. Real *** ambitions...
Cari Champion is proof GAWD is real.
Cari Champion so fine.its a blessing to have her on my IG TL.
Glad is back! The chemistry seemed a little off between him and Cari Champion...hmmm
Cari Champion you can really get it
Cari Champion just said Lebron looks like a lil boy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Just hoping Cari Champion doesn't do anything to provoke Stephen A this morning!
Cari Champion. I wanna shoot her club up.
Y'all think Cari Champion got nice buns?
He was a guest for about an hour & a half with Cari Champion, Freddie Coleman & Jorge Sedano. FANTASTIC JOB!
Cari champion is the ONLY good thing about watching 1stTake with no Steven A or skip smh
I like First Take and all, but Cari Champion is annoying af when she tries to talk over everybody
Dog cari champion. Boy I tell ya Id spill in it
Like a 1/4 of the reason why I watch First Take is Cari Champion
Cari Champion you are looking so good this morning
Cari Champion is doing a good job tho
Cari Champion dressed like she going to a fancy picnic after church.
β€œactually my friend just me that text” HOLY GOSH! CARI CHAMPION JUST RESPOND TO ME!!! AHHH
Ain't nobody watching 2hours of Skip Bayless and cari champion. They both dumb as rocks with the hoops but Cari tender t…
I loved Cari Champion and had a lot of respect for coach Herm Edwards but everybody except Jason Whitman at all of you!
NEW His and Hers podcast: Cari Champion joins us to discuss how the Ray Rice fallout exposes problematic thinking about domestic violence.
we know that if Sage Steele, Jemele Hill or Cari Champion said anything to him he would be silent
Charissa Thompson & Cari Champion two of the sexiest chicks ESPN has had.
Cari Champion the Rocsi Diaz of ESPN ... I'm sure hella celebs done bent that over
I'm not a huge Cari Champion fan but to go from the greatness that is Cari to Jemele Hill always makes me turn the channel!
Cari champion was at the party I was at
you know I dnt mess with those monkeys. the farthest ill go is Cari Champion
Cari Champion is the only afircan american lady I find respectable
My the beautiful Cari Champion!! Ain't nun more sexy than an attractive woman who knows…
tgh sebok nak cari vt possibility handball min 90+ swkvsjdt. Whatever it is, JDT is MSL CHAMPION!
And when u see pics of Cari Champion without makeup your like wow... This is truly a beautiful woman...
No CARI Champion and First Take has been tough the last week.
Cari Champion is 40 years old but doesn't look a day over 35!
and on "PMVBC members elope with First Take hostesses", Tim Cummings hightails it to Cabo with Cari Champion, baddest jawn on daytime
I'll bang the purple nd gold right outta cari champion word to Kareem she need it..
Cari Champion speaking that gospel this morning
Cari Champion the only one with sense over there..
I only know of one female that knows her sports off the top of my head. And that's Cari Champion lol
I really hope ESPN opts out of Cari Champion's contract.
You what's funny Cari Champion got a video on WSHH ask supposedly real "Heat fans" who were some players before Bron an them got there lmao
What happens when looks for in Miami? This video makes us look bad
Michelle beadle look better then Sage Steel an cari champion its not cuz she white but she just do *shrugs*
Never watch first take but man cari champion on first take is beautiful
Real Miami Heat Fans? - Caris Court: Host Cari Champion holds court on South Beach in search…
Cari champion exposed all those heat fans lmfao
Cari's funny interviews proved that some Heat fans unquestionably ride the bandwagon. VIDEO:
I did this morning cari champion soo ugly
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I love that video with Cari Champion & those Miami Heat 'fans'
you could have her bruh I'll stay with wifey cari championπŸ™Œ
This Is Pretty Sad: Real Miami Heat Fans? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Cari Champion is Bae for life for this
Cari Champion quizzes real Heat Fans on their knowledge of the team
can I be Sage Steele, cari champion & Jemele Hill combined or yeh
Was Kerrie Washington's named changed by the suits at the Mickey Mouse parent company to Cari Champion?
Cari Champion's stock is high enough that a pair of pantyhose on her head, ironically, WON'T make a dent. She is TEFLON fine.
Thought of how I would act/what I would say if I ever met Cari Champion, while showering. Would that be considered a *** moment or.?
ESPN First Take is just not the same on days when faces other that Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Cari Champion is on there..
Cari Champion touched me a week ago. I'm still not over it.
Cari as in Champion as in the host for 1st take.yea that's bae 2
Cari Champion from First Take is an English major. That gives me hope that one day, I can look as sexy as her.
Cari Champion from first take is bae
who has the deeper voice? Skip, Stephen A or Cari Champion? Someone needs to check her for an Adam's apple
I didn't notice how cold Cari Champion is
Update your maps at Navteq
Cari Champion really is all I want from life 😍
Cari champion be wanting her salad tossed lol
Like... I'm going to the studio asap "Cari Champion is perfect."
Did Skip Bayless just say if Spurs win next game he's going to twerk for. Cari Champion?
I would love for my Spurs to win in 5, I would celebrate, I would consider twerking for you Cari Champion. . -Skip Bayless. 1st Take-
Skip Bayless just said he'd Twerk for cari champion
Skip said he would Twerk for Cari Champion if the Spurs win in 6.
Lmao did jus say he gone twerk on cari champion?
"Cari Champion is not a crowd pleaser...bruh I can't stand her
Cari Champion needs to stop playing and marry me, so we can watch Lakers games together forever
You think Cari Champion be getting popped off by the athletes on first take... Just saying lol
Cari Champion looking good in South Beach. good lawd
I would lick every inch of cari champion body
Cari Champion is not a crowd pleaser...
I can't take Cari Champion she cute but her Uh huh yeah drives me crazy !!!
LMAO @ Cari Champion saying to Heat fans "You guys act like you're down 3-1."
Lord. Ok. Imma go smoke. Cari Champion got me got
I would do anything for Cari Champion
Oh lord jesus said he's going to twerk after game 6 in Miami for cari champion
Skip said he would twerk for Cari Champion lmao
Cari champion so happy the heat down 3-1.
Why is cari champion still on first take she is annoying
Cari Champion is so fine, and I can't forget about my boo Sage Steele.
Cari Champion looking delectable as always. Lord
Sage Steele or Cari Champion ?? Who ud like to spend a evening with fellas?
β€œSage Steele or Cari Champion who you got?” Cari easily.
Sage Steele or Cari Champion who you got?
we still have to meet Cari Champion
β€œSage Steel > Cari champion ...”. If they were the same age... Sage gotta be pushing 40 lol
Cari Champion looked like she been cheated on before..
Cari Champion and Sage Steele not the same person?
Actually Cari Champion is Bae. good lord I love that woman
Cari but Sage probably suck better *** β€œSage Steele or Cari Champion who finer ?”
Sage easily β€œSage Steele or Cari Champion who finer ?”
β€œSage Steele or Cari Champion who finer ?” Sage easily
cari β€œSage Steele or Cari Champion who finer ?”
Sage Steele the espn anchor woman on the NBA countdown crew is gorgeous. It's a toss up btw her and cari champion
Yo Cari Champion is 1 of the biggest flip floppers on tv
By Danny M Earlier today, Lil Wayne made an appearance on ESPN's β€œFirst Take” sports show in Miami, Florida to chop it up with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Cari Champion. During the conversation, Weezy F Baby spoke on why he is a Los Angeles Lakers fan, how he feels about the Miami Heat...
Idk who I admire more, Sage Steele or Cari Champion. They're both beautiful and inspiring women though πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Cari Champion >>>>> Jamele Hill and I don't even like cari champion that much either. /// Who actually made this a comp?
Cari Champion caught up with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and decided to do a selfie interview with him! Check it out and find out who he wants t...
Yup. is a national champion. How cool is that!!!
say fellas, Sage Steel from the halftime show or Cari Champion from ESPN first take?
Cari got swag! Dig her style. Women take note, she's the real deal.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Don't know why Sage Steele so hyped... She ain't no cari champion..
They say anybody wey beat barca na em de cari champions league!real madrid dne proof to d world dt d theory is just an ascertion dt is nt subjected to proof!
I wonder who was responsible on making the final call to hire Cari Champion. Whoever that was needs a raise lol. Very smart move
Cari suar.. (with and 2 others at Champion Futsal) β€”
First take's Instagram is just flooded with thirsty *** talkin bout how they'd pipe cari champion lol
Cari champion is growing on me. I'd do her.
I just fell more in Love with Cari Champion b
Today's First Take on ESPN with Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Cari Champion and Michael Eric Dyson has been the best thing on TV in a long time. Much needed and must be watched and listed to.
Cari champion is pointless on first take she corny yo
Cari Champion and I are gonna be together one day.she don't know that yet tho.
*** wrong with Cari Champion hair today
Cari Champion is overwhelmed by the real g argument goin on
I want Jemele Hill & Cari Champion to have a sports debate, and everyone should take note of how one sided it is
Cari Champion is the whitest black chick ever.
Cari champion doing a good job too. Cause these two going at it. Skip said eff it.
Cari Champion not letting em flourish
Cari Champion suck man she gotta get outta there
Cari Champion has the most pointless job in ESPN
Cari Champion needs more camera time.rather watch her legs than these *** fake debate
Cari Champion, please relax with the makeup.
Cari Champion has to know tht with Michael Eric Dyson and Stephen A. that no one gets a word in. You have to cut them off asap
Thanks Cari Champion for turning off Dyson's rap.
Poor Cari Champion gotta sit there and listen to this smh
Can we all agree that Cari Champion on First Take is bad af
Cari Champion is lowkey a funny instigator and i love her
I don't like cari champion, she can go.
Cari Champion underwear is moist listening To Michael Dyson spit that knowledge!!
They love themselves some CARI Champion. IS that name on her birth certificate. Please channel
Some jokester comes on first take and the first thing he does is start hitting on Cari Champion
I would probly take Cari Champion to Olive Garden and it usually take me a while to do that
Michael Eric Dyson spent the first 15 seconds tryna mack to Cari Champion smh lol
Why do you have some makeup on Cari Champion? Smh.
But shout out to Cari champion for looking extra Friday fine
If Stephen A Smith was a bishop...I'd go to his church! That man can speak and break down a point. And I guess Cari Champion can be over the children's ministry. Yes Gawt lol
The fact Cari Champion look good and has a superior knowledge for sports 😍😍that woman is blessed
Dawg i hate Cari Champion. She so useless
Cari Champion is the worst mediator ever. She has no idea about the content Skip and SAS debate on a daily basis.
I want a kiss on the cheek from Cari Champion
Cari Champion probably taste a fruit salad from Hawaii and her bath water taste like a glass of glacier water from the Himalayas
Cari Champion low key bae, she be looking like money of First Take 😍
Aye man! Yu betta check for jamel hill or sum! That's mine homeboy lol β€œboy Cari Champion looka hea”
Ryan Clark should've been on for the last topic. Cari Champion who usually HAS to say something was mute last topic..
Cari Champion's hair looks awful this morning
LMAO "Cari Champion hair is mighty thick today. New hairstylist?
Boy Cari Champion lookin fine this morning...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Cari Champion 38 years old lookin better than some 18 year olds I know.
Cari champion is attractive sure but other than just sit there & take them to commercial break what does she do
The things I would do to Cari Champion
everybody on Cari champion I'm on Sage Steele lol
terrible misconception if true, however I do think Cari Champion has rode a few athletes. Doesn't mean she knows less though
Cari Champion talks too much during first take. You're a mediator, not an attraction
Why can't I find a girl like Cari Champion?! Stupid hot and knows more about sports than probably any guy I've ever met!
I'm gonna take Cari Champion's place on first take .
Yup no way I'm pulling out RTβ€œCari champion from first take could get it”
Cari champion in hd...ugghhh...u see that nose on a widescreen...she look like the last person you want to be locked in an airtight room with... she takin ALL the oxygen...
"give me a beat fool...oops" Cari champion. white folks at Disney just kicked something
I've never seen Cari Champion not looking good on First Take
I swear I need Cari Champion's job on she doesn't even know what's going on πŸ˜‚ she needs some juice from Jemele Hill
Cari Champion serves no purpose on first take, but to read off the topics and pretend to know what skip and Stephen A's talkin about.
Cari champion on first take is so hot 😍😍
The fact that the first thing I see on my TL is Cari champion quoting 2 chainz tells me it's time to go back to sleep
are you trying to explain to us how you dated Cari Champion?
imagine how cari champion must feel w/skip and Stephen a...
β€œSage Steele > Cari Champion” Cari got the better body. Sage has a slightly better looking face.
I'm also extremely grateful for Jemele Hill and Cari Champion. thanks espn
Cari champion got that "I give some mean *** head" lips. She could get AL THESE INCHES!
"Sage Steele could have all my *** a threesome with Sage Steele and cari champion would be EPIC!
Sage Steele and Cari Champion need to be in a calendar of some sort
I'll take over Cari Champion.ANY DAY! Y'all can have Cari.
Cari Champion probably be thotting out here low key lol.
cari champion is FOREVER bad, like ive never seen her not looking good.
First Take is weak w/o Skip, Steven A Smith and Cari Champion.
Cari Champion the baddest on ESPN. 2nd is Josina Anderson
Get Cari Champion off of first take!
Had a dream I was in line at McDonald's and offered to pay for everybody (mom, step dad & Stephen A. Smith) Cari Champion took our orders
Hamilton Collection
Cari Champion is pretty gorgeous..and she like sports.
Cari Champion is like the Mama on first take she be having to tell them *** to be quiet lol. β€” watching ESPN First Take
Cari Champion be lowkey instigating lol
Watching Cari Champion on First Take but hearing Stephen A Smith voice is so misleading -_-
LMAO at Cari Champion. β€œWe are gonna fire our coach! We are, I don't know when, but we are.”
I swear I hate Cari Champion.Why does she have a job?
Cari Champion def one of the best lookin women on TV
An attractive woman that can debate sports, *** that's the dream. Cari Champion 😍😍
I proposed to Cari Champion. Wedding is next September.
Cari champion on espn first take fine af
Does a horrible job hosting on First Take. Knows nothing about sports or how to moderate a debate and brings nothing at all to the table. Does a disservice to all other knowledgable women sportscasters.
Cari Champion from Espn First Take looks identical to Khloe Kardashian's black friend on the show
I watch first take because of cari champion.
Stay strong you both are great! Hill Champion detail racial abuse on social media | Awful Announcing
. 1. Cari Champion. this should be undisputed. . 2. Sage Steele. 3. Maria Taylor
Website Builder 728x90
Lisa Salters, Cari Champion, and Hannah Storm(for nostalgia reasons)
Cari champion, Sage Steele only two "Who at ESPN is on your Top 3 list?"
Sage Steele aight but Cari Champion could have my dark skinned offspring..
Sage Steele can get the *** but she's not wifey like Cari Champion
"The next Cari Champion huh?? That's what's up. Good luck" yess i will be, thats my goal in life lol thank you:)
Sage Steele and Cari Champion have the same on screen personality. Lol
lol I'm tryna be the next Cari Champion...right in the debates lmao!
I'm not trying to give Sage Steele's job away -- I do like her -- but I wouldn't mind seeing Cari Champion at halftime.
or they expect every woman on tv to look like Cari champion
I never said you did. But I've never heard anyone say Cari Champion or Sage Steele shouldn't have their jobs
Fellas, Sage Steele or Cari Champion if you had your choice?
Shouts out to Sage Steele and Cari Champion!!! My favorites at ESPN.
Id like to see Sage Steel and Cari Champion fight to the death. And then the winner gets their head chopped off.
Listening to First Take. Cari Champion is annoying smh always .but fine for tv lol
Thim slicks might be the ones, yo. Sevyn Streeter, Cari Champion, Scarlett Johansson...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Cari Champion is that one Laker fan that you never want to be associated with.
The things I would do to cari champion, sheesh
ESPN Sage Steele vs Cari Champion - I would bet money that a lot of ESPN employee&visitors and viewers h...
Cari Champion is one of the only Dark skin women I have a crush on
if you're a girl reporter on ESPN, theres a 99% chance youre annoying as *** unless youre cari champion
Is it just me or is Cari Champion starting to show more and more thigh on First Take???
Wait wait wait a mf minute did Cari Champion really just reply back to flight!
Cari Champion and Charissa Thompson can wear the *** out of some dresses whew!
Cari Champion on ESPN's First Take, is the most useless person on television.
I just wanna talk sports with Sage Steel & Cari Champion πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
@ forget tiger stop cari champion. Can we have one show wo her background noise? Talk! stop with uh huh&heehees
March Madness was real this year. 7 seed is your national champion. Who woulda thunk...
Cari Champion really slid in my *** Phil's mentions today, and I'm just sick.
Off work watching 2 things can I have Cari Champion's job & why does the game start so late tonight 😩
That was Cari Champion in my mentions. God you can take me now
Cari Champion in my mentions. Yeah my day is complete.
Y'all don't ever look at Jemele Hill and Cari Champion and wonder if they are dating on the low?
Did you know? Prior to joining ESPN, Cari Champion was an anchor and courtside reporter at the Tennis Channel. Additionally, she served as an entertainment/lifestyle reporter doing features for "The Insider", "Hollywood 411" and Starz Entertainment.
Lol I love Cari Champion tho. She be in the mix lol
Cari Champion always in the back tryna put her two cents in. *** shut up
Cari champion look so good those the women you suppose to wife up
Cari champion on first take lookin πŸ‘Œ
Cari Champion on First Take is so useless but so necessary
Cari Champion might be the baddest woman I've seen on ESPN. She just might
I know Skip was tryin to look between Cari Champion legs on today's show...if he real
Hope Pam Oliver was watching first take today Cari champion looked AMAZING
Cari champion looking real cute today
Who has stole more money Jevon Kearse or Cari Champion?
First Take was always my favorite show, but when they added Cari Champion it made it a landslide...
Cari Champion lookin good af this morning smh
Hi def got cari champion looking wet tho
Cari Champion looking real sexy today
Cari Champion so fine dawg...the MAIN reason i watch First Take lol
Cari Champion getting a little big for her Britches!!
"I can't be the only one that thinks First Take is getting corny." I blame Cari Champion
Cari Champion is a beautiful woman, no doubt. Can I get a for that? Maannn
Cari Champion is one beautiful woman.
Cari Champion wants me either in or aro.nvm man
Cari champion really be setting up thirst traps
add stuck up *** cari champion to the mix. She be hamming it up for the camera.
Say bruh they gotta stop taking Cari Champion off First Take.
Somebody need to fire cari champion
Aaaaw shoot!!! Cari Champion is NOT on today's podcast. Thank you Jesus.
I like this China guy on first take. I hate Cari Champion on first take
when cari champion hosts it has more of a feel like ur watchin BET or ur at a ghetto barbecue with cari laughin
All purpose parts banner
look at the night and day vibe difference when cari champion is hostin 2 when this Asian guy is hosting NIGHT AND DAY!
Where's my Baby Mama Cari Champion at this morning?
This guy filling in for Cari Champion on must be new to this.
Lmao Jemele Hill really did call Cari Champion "thirst trap queen". πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cari suar (with Retno, Heidy Vita, and 4 others at Champion Futsal) β€”
I'm serious tho, but he's all up on Cari Champion, so even if I was serious it wouldn't matter
Cari Champion look 10 years older when she's not on First Take
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