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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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Does a horrible job hosting on First Take. Knows nothing about sports or how to moderate a debate and brings nothing at all to the table. Does a disservice to all other knowledgable women sportscasters.
Cari Champion from Espn First Take looks identical to Khloe Kardashian's black friend on the show
I watch first take because of cari champion.
Stay strong you both are great! Hill Champion detail racial abuse on social media | Awful Announcing
. 1. Cari Champion. this should be undisputed. . 2. Sage Steele. 3. Maria Taylor
Lisa Salters, Cari Champion, and Hannah Storm(for nostalgia reasons)
Cari champion, Sage Steele only two "Who at ESPN is on your Top 3 list?"
Sage Steele aight but Cari Champion could have my dark skinned offspring..
Sage Steele can get the *** but she's not wifey like Cari Champion
"The next Cari Champion huh?? That's what's up. Good luck" yess i will be, thats my goal in life lol thank you:)
Sage Steele and Cari Champion have the same on screen personality. Lol
lol I'm tryna be the next Cari Champion...right in the debates lmao!
I'm not trying to give Sage Steele's job away -- I do like her -- but I wouldn't mind seeing Cari Champion at halftime.
or they expect every woman on tv to look like Cari champion
I never said you did. But I've never heard anyone say Cari Champion or Sage Steele shouldn't have their jobs
Fellas, Sage Steele or Cari Champion if you had your choice?
Shouts out to Sage Steele and Cari Champion!!! My favorites at ESPN.
Id like to see Sage Steel and Cari Champion fight to the death. And then the winner gets their head chopped off.
Listening to First Take. Cari Champion is annoying smh always .but fine for tv lol
Thim slicks might be the ones, yo. Sevyn Streeter, Cari Champion, Scarlett Johansson...
Cari Champion is that one Laker fan that you never want to be associated with.
The things I would do to cari champion, sheesh
ESPN Sage Steele vs Cari Champion - I would bet money that a lot of ESPN employee&visitors and viewers h...
Cari Champion is one of the only Dark skin women I have a crush on
if you're a girl reporter on ESPN, theres a 99% chance youre annoying as *** unless youre cari champion
Is it just me or is Cari Champion starting to show more and more thigh on First Take???
Wait wait wait a mf minute did Cari Champion really just reply back to flight!
Cari Champion and Charissa Thompson can wear the *** out of some dresses whew!
Cari Champion on ESPN's First Take, is the most useless person on television.
@ forget tiger stop cari champion. Can we have one show wo her background noise? Talk! stop with uh huh&heehees
March Madness was real this year. 7 seed is your national champion. Who woulda thunk...
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Cari Champion really slid in my *** Phil's mentions today, and I'm just sick.
Off work watching 2 things can I have Cari Champion's job & why does the game start so late tonight 😩
That was Cari Champion in my mentions. God you can take me now
Cari Champion in my mentions. Yeah my day is complete.
Y'all don't ever look at Jemele Hill and Cari Champion and wonder if they are dating on the low?
Did you know? Prior to joining ESPN, Cari Champion was an anchor and courtside reporter at the Tennis Channel. Additionally, she served as an entertainment/lifestyle reporter doing features for "The Insider", "Hollywood 411" and Starz Entertainment.
Lol I love Cari Champion tho. She be in the mix lol
Cari Champion always in the back tryna put her two cents in. *** shut up
Cari champion look so good those the women you suppose to wife up
Cari champion on first take lookin 👌
Cari Champion on First Take is so useless but so necessary
Cari Champion might be the baddest woman I've seen on ESPN. She just might
I know Skip was tryin to look between Cari Champion legs on today's show...if he real
Hope Pam Oliver was watching first take today Cari champion looked AMAZING
Cari champion looking real cute today
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Who has stole more money Jevon Kearse or Cari Champion?
First Take was always my favorite show, but when they added Cari Champion it made it a landslide...
Cari Champion lookin good af this morning smh
Hi def got cari champion looking wet tho
Cari Champion looking real sexy today
Cari Champion so fine dawg...the MAIN reason i watch First Take lol
Cari Champion getting a little big for her Britches!!
"I can't be the only one that thinks First Take is getting corny." I blame Cari Champion
Cari Champion is a beautiful woman, no doubt. Can I get a for that? Maannn
Cari Champion is one beautiful woman.
Cari Champion wants me either in or aro.nvm man
Cari champion really be setting up thirst traps
add stuck up *** cari champion to the mix. She be hamming it up for the camera.
Say bruh they gotta stop taking Cari Champion off First Take.
Somebody need to fire cari champion
Aaaaw shoot!!! Cari Champion is NOT on today's podcast. Thank you Jesus.
I like this China guy on first take. I hate Cari Champion on first take
when cari champion hosts it has more of a feel like ur watchin BET or ur at a ghetto barbecue with cari laughin
look at the night and day vibe difference when cari champion is hostin 2 when this Asian guy is hosting NIGHT AND DAY!
Where's my Baby Mama Cari Champion at this morning?
This guy filling in for Cari Champion on must be new to this.
Lmao Jemele Hill really did call Cari Champion "thirst trap queen". 😂😂😂
Cari suar (with Retno, Heidy Vita, and 4 others at Champion Futsal) —
I'm serious tho, but he's all up on Cari Champion, so even if I was serious it wouldn't matter
Cari Champion look 10 years older when she's not on First Take
This Friday (February 14th), Lil Wayne and Kevin Hart will be special guests on "First Take" as Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion come to New
Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless is coo... But I watch First Take for Cari Champion...
First Take is whack when Cari Champion isn't on
As much as Cari Champion is fine, she holds no chemistry. Jay Crawford and Dana had perfect chemistry with skip and the guests
Lol Lmaooo she is cute. Still have Cari Champion and Josina Anderson ahead of her
Boy Cari Champion could get that work.
appearance on ESPN’s First Take with Cari Champion, Skip Bayless and Stepen A. Smith.
Real talk!! Tha only reason I watch this show is because of Cari champion. She's queen martial!! Jus my type. Godson...
Ok I'm tired of not seeing skip stephen A and my baby cari champion
"I like first take with all men that's why I hardly watch it" You don't like Cari Champion?
lmao nooo I love Cari Champion she's foine
“Cari champion> Jemele Hill” sexism at it's finest cari barely talks on first take
I like this panel alot better then listen to Stephen a smith and cari champion and skip its nice to hear different voice
Espn First Take is so much better without Cari Champion
Man, I am watching my favorite show Espn First Take. Where is Steven A, Skip and Cari Champion?
to Cari Champion😍 for being the host of my favorite show
Espn First Take is phoney w/o the lexiconical Stephen A and the lovely Cari Champion.
Bruh.what is this on Espn First Take.where is Cari Champion?
Espn First Take really *** without Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion... The b team can't cut it...
First Take w/ no Cari Champion, no Stephen A., no Skip Bayless. what the ***
when come on but there's no Steven A. Smith, Cari Champion, or Skip Bayless.
FirstTake isn't the same without Skip, Stephen A., and of course my girl Cari Champion!
Not goin to watch First Take anymore until and Cari Champion come bck from their vacation
Oh. Ok. I got worried Cari Champion was leaving.
Morning all. Chillin and stephen a, cari champion, and Skip Bayless r not on 1st take boo. It’s time for the herd on espn u and espn radio,
First Take isn't the same without and the host and moderator Cari Champion.
pick me since I already have Cari Champion in my avi!
Can't believe I'm watching Espn First Take since there's no Cari Champion, Skip or Stephen A Smith.
What's up with this morning??? No Steven A, Skip, or Cari Champion???
No skip no stephen a no cari champion. get first take OUTTA HERE
First Take were is Stephen a Smith and Skip Bayless cari champion *** no yall outta pocket espn yall some pop tarts
No Stephen A.Smith, No Skip Bayless, and No Ms. Cari Champion. They should have cancelled the show all forgot they were all on vacation. Now what am I going to do? Lol..
Espn First Take came on I didn't see Cari Champion, Stephen A Smith, or Skip Bayless. Therefore im not watching this.
No Skip no Stephen A or the bae Cari Champion 😒
Can't find the words describe what being an Olympic champion means Extremely honoured to represent Canada with all…
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Champion OMG! wat am I gonna do from 10 to 12 all this week wit my fav trio gone?! :-(
that's the same lady from last year. Cari champion not a athlete
She aint nun in my baby cari champion
Were all the black women busy? Jemele Hill, Sage Steele, Cari Champion, Pam Ward?
Sage steel look way better than Cari Champion and she more professional
Cari Champion.. It can be a restaurant get my drift
Cari Champion is just a pretty face that always gets ignored on the show, lol
the real question is Cari Champion single?
I can't watch First Take when Stephen A's on the road and plus I don't like Cari Champion as host. I prefer Jay Crawford or Dana Jacobson
Cari Champion the host for First Take is a beautiful, fine black women 😍✊
Cari Champion is always 3rd wheeling.
I watch First Take on ESPN because of Cari Champion!
Used to watch first take for the debates,now i just watch it for cari champion..
Cari Champion is looking mighty lovely this morning.
I would eat cari champion's little *** up bro
Cari Champion looking flawless again today… 🙏
Cari Champion is so beautiful it hurts. I love and want that woman.
Im sorry but am I the only one that thinks Cari Champion from first take is not attractive at all...i dare say ugly
I wish Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless would not yell at me every weekday. I bet Cari Champion has to be dried with a squeegee from all the spit they spray on her every show
If Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith ain't tag teamin Cari Champion behind the scenes then idk what they life is about
God bless Cari Champion for dealing with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on the regular.
Michael Smith, Jemele Hill and Cari Champion recap the best and worst moments of their time in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend.
watching espn 1st take.m cari champion got them eric benet chocolate legs.if you never heard the song by eric benet what you waiting on?but back to cari champion good lord -yes!and her shoe game is mad drink kool aid out her pumps.dont laugh. I would.and dip her toes in there too.
Boy, did these Bobbleheads get their pick wrong. Picking the Broncos: Tedy Bruschi, NFL Live analyst and three-time Super Bowl champion: 27-23: “Peyton Manning has too many weapons for the Seahawk defense to handle. The second half is when the Bronco offense finds its groove.” Frank Caliendo, comedian/impersonator and Sunday NFL Countdown contributor: 31-24. “Peyton Manning will show he can play in cold weather and will finally be able to quit his second job at the pizza place.” Adam Caplan, NFL Insider: 24-20: “The Broncos will win this game for one primary reason: They are the one team capable of spreading out the excellent Seahawks secondary and finding favorable matchups.” Cari Champion, First Take host: 31-26: “Peyton Manning is a surgeon. He will carve up the defense and go down as the greatest doctor in NFL history.” Colin Cowherd, Seattle native and host, ESPN Radio’s The Herd: 26-20: “The story of the game won’t be the Seattle defense. Instead, it will be Denver’s much imp ...
I actually preferred Jay Crawford to Cari Champion as the host of Espn First Take. *** I liked Dana Jacobson .
01/24/14- Roland Martin talks with ESPN’s Cari Champion, “First Take”, about the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl and whether or not it will be a successful…
cari champion in any of the four major sports in America wow!
Cari Champion, the Pro Bowl should go back to "AFTER" the Super Bowl so those players can play too.
Cari Champion, (suggestion) score 6 points then move the football to the goal line for 2 point try. Bring back Goal Line Stand
Cari Champion?, Why is no one talking about the interviewer who stuck that mic in Sherman's face just after the play?
Cari Champion from first take so fine!! 😍😍😘😘
Cari Champion of is stunning. I guess I never noticed between the heated arguments of Skip & Stephen A.
“Did Cari Champion just say she's going to Applebees??? My kinda woman! Marry me! lol”
Cari Champion prolly eat a double order of riblets no problem
Cari Champion is getting better. The chemistry is there now.
Turned on First Take and saw Cari Champion...Skip and Stephen A. are so lucky
Cari Champion actually lookin bad today
Cari champion is fine ... they need to replace her with Pam Oliver .. cant stand looking at her .. ughh
when you get to espn slap Cari Champion on the booty for me and tell me how it feel
Pretty sure that every "celeb" who joins the First Take desk is chosen by Cari Champion.
U telling me to stop staring at Cari Champion?
They should do a First Take where they have Cari Champion give opinions instead of mediating.
I wouldn't watch First Take as much if Cari Champion was ugly.
Cari Champion has a ring on. Is she cheating on me?
Cari Champion looks so clueless on "First Take" sometimes...
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Cari Champion top 5 prettiest black girls , but she's *** in cuz she knows sports
Cari Champion is jaw dropping me anyway
Cari Champion still has no clue what she's doing. Wake up
Cari champion is one beautiful chocolate woman
Cari Champion have my kids girl GUIDE DAYUM ET!!!
Is it a sin to lie? Cari Champion of first take just told Stephen A. Smith that he was handsome. I'm just saying tho
Cari Champion is beautiful but I miss Cindy Brunson!!! Jamell Hill would be great on FIRST TAKE!
I can't take another FIRST TAKE with Cari Champion! Please God tell me her contract is up soon!
I think Cari Champion on First Take is gorgeous! 😍
still waiting for the day I bend Cari Champion over that Espn First Take desk and beat that thang up.
Cari Champion is made from the best stuff in Heaven.
Cari Champion lowkey flirted with Stephen A. Smith lol. But she's so pretty tho. Man.
"@ First Take on ESPN 2 now w Skip Bayless & Cari Champion & Stephen A I watched this show
I need parts so I can flirt wit Cari Champion lol
Cari Champion is a horrible moderator and clearly shows her West Coast bias towards the Lakers.
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They should fire Cari Champion and have Michelle Beadle moderate Skip and Stephen A. on First Take.
The best part of First Take is Cari Champion.. Lord Jesus
Cari champion so beautiful to me off first take
if I ever met cari champion im proposing to her right then and there lol
Cari Champion is so irrelevant to the show but I have mad respect for her cause of what she is doing and where she is.
I will never forget when Cari Champion DM'd me that was the best day of my life lol fan girled to the fullest
Cari Champion and Ryan Clark looking awkward around each other on First Take, like there's a backstory to that situation.
I think Im in love with Cari Champion from on LOL
A lot of Sports fans watch First Take to see Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless go at it. I watch it to see Cari Champion!
Best part of Espn's First Take is Cari that girl is bad!
S/o to MLK for this day off from school, home relaxing watching my favorite show First Take with the beautiful Cari Champion
Cari Champion is *** sexy.i love pretty brown skin women.
Can we please petition ESPN to get rid of Cari Champion? Am I alone?
I must say, I believe cari champion may have my heart. Lmao
Cari champion is gorgeous first take
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Cari Champion is tough to watch on First Take. She is kinda corny.
If you get a chance, join me on ESPN 2's First Take from 10a-12p with Skip Bayless and Cari Champion. Blessed to get a great opportunity to be a part of it.
Cari Champion On NFL’s Rooney Rule, A-Rod Doping Controversy Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Despite the Rooney Rule, the lack of Black coaches in professional sports is apparent with no signs showing that it will get better any time soon, but with Mike Munchak getting fired from the Titans, this may make room for Todd Bowles (pictured) to join the ranks of the four other minority coaches in the NFL. Cari Champion, host of ESPN2′s “First Take,” spoke with “NewsOne Now” about the lack of color in coaching. “There’s only so much that can be done in terms of forcing people to hire Black coaches,” said Champion, “and the fact is, you can hire what you’re comfortable with, who you know, people who have been through the system.”
I love looking at cari champion on first take...:)
- Subscribe to ClevverStyle! In the second episode of Phases of Fashion, Nina Garcia welcomes Cari Champion; host of ESPN2 Firs.
Cari Champion is so beautiful. Don't believe me better go watch Espn First Take
Cari Champion lookin magnificent on First Take rockin that green dress, hair lookin all nice wit her edges all in place
Cari Champion greatest moderator ever n by far the loveliest if you heard it from the GOAT it's true
Cari Champion the only one I like forreal
10:00am.. The herd or First Take? Hm.. No brainer, Cari Champion is a smoke show! Luckily, the Herd goes to 1:00, get em both
Just saw Cari Champion stand up.and I think I just fell in love
Cari Champion on FirstTake can get it lol
Cari Champion, Pam Oliver & Lisa Salters 🙇💭 I'm just trying to be great like them.
I've criticized her a lot so I have to give props when due. Cari Champion has really improved on
ok Cari Champion but will that be enuff?
Cari Champion is making my morning right now.
Cari Champion just be at the table looking fine for no reason smh
Talk some tennis tomorrow with Cari Champion. How many majors for Serena this year?
how about Cari Champion switch seats and talk some Australian Open.
I seriously waited for Cari Champion to get up before a commercial! She was wearing leather pants. My day is great.
This man serge said he would hit Jemele Hill but not cari champion.sir.
lol I love the sound of that. It works out perfect cuz just like cari champion, Dev laughs thru the whole program
I wasn't aware that First Take was the "Successful" Cari Champion show!
Cari Champion or Lisa Salters should get Pam Oliver's job
Pam Oliver looks awful. Her weave always looks like trash. Put Cari Champion on the sideline. I hate trash weaves man
She geting replaced tho by Josina Anderson and cari champion
I'm sure Cari Champion talks so much junk about Pam lol
Pam Oliver and Cari Champion got juice in my book
how is Cari Champion gonna feel about you putting the cape on for Pam Oliver dawg?
Saige Steele might be the baddest of all though, Cari Champion is a close 2nd
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to *** what josh says Cari champion is nothing less than beautiful !!!
I want to host with Cari wonderful Champion.
tom says if you Skip Stephen A ,you will Cari a champion. ..get it? Lol
cari champion aint never gonna follow me back and let me DM her..ima just unfollow her right now
I didn't mean to call Cari Champion fine *** a *** either lol
Cari Champion. Knows her sports. Ridiculously beautiful. Double-Takes watching First Take. Legit!
I think Cari Champion and Darren Woodson are together lol
Cari champion *** *** deff gave some top for that shirt 😭
Sage Steele or Cari Champion? Jemele Hill has no part in this contest
Couldn't tell you how Cari Champion has a better job than Cassidy Hubbarth
I should deff take Cari Champion day just wait on it
NBA Countdown is so boring without my main man Magic and Wilbon; Bill Simmons is whiny and Doug Collins voice puts me to sleep. And I can't tell the difference between Sage Steele and Cari Champion, although they both are doing their thing!! Lol
she is but her commentary is essentially fodder. Cari Champion looks better IMO and has better comments.
Sage Steele is the outcast to me now. guess they needed a lil eye candy, but I doubt ppl tune in to see her. She aint cari champion
All i need is cari champion in my life.. even thou she a laker fan, i can accept that.
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Cari champion is good. But I can see as her successor on
My love for Cari Champion grows stronger every day.
I think Cari Champion is extremely sexy! Espn First Take
Watching first take, there's nothing like a woman that can talk sports! I love me some cari champion
Check me out on First Take on ESPN2 today at 10:30a with Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Cari Champion. Should be fun and hope that if you watch, you will enjoy. :)
Cari champion is an embarrassment on first take
Just moments ago I heard one cari champion on first take call texas the most legendary program in history... in what world!!?? They r nowhere close to having the most national championships and only have 2 heisman winners! I'm always one for giving credit where its do so I will say its a solid program but certainly not legendary. Not sure why they always get more credit than is due. Legendary is a school like notre dame or my ohio state buckeyes with 7 national titles and 7 heisman trophy winners yet they never get the kind of talk and hype texas does
Cari Champion look good and all but i think Jay Crawford was a better host for First Take
Listening to Cari Champion on decide to Google her... what the heck people, why is Cari Champion feet the second result.
Cari Champion from first take is sweet
I love the dress. Great choice for Cari Champion. :-)
I honestly think Cari Champion knows more about football than Skip Bayless
Someone on tumblr said that she should get with Cari Champion's hair stylist. I wholeheartedly agree with this
Hannah I think u would fill n good for cari champion on first take one day
im done with for a while. Cari Champion can't save them anymore
Lots of great talent on US U20 women's roster: + two from college champion
Follow the steps of greatness! In the sports world I admire Cari Champion in Entertainment Karen Civil&Yandy PA management luv me sme RICI!
Cari Champion would be wifed up immediately.
Cari, we never hear your playoffs wildcard weekend..who do you have Ms. Champion?
the key is style of play..what is the identity..iso..pick n roll..this is a job for Phil Jackson Cari Champion..
Cari Champion is really my baby, One of the reasons I love First Take
l would lick Cari Champion's sugar bowl bruh
I know I'm not the only person who thinks Cari Champion is sexy lol
cari champion really only on first take for her looks and I dont mind at all lol
Ill lick Cari Champion's sugar bowl bruh
Cari Champion looks like Mary Poppins with those *** glasses on
Cari Champion from First Take is a beautiful woman
Cari Champion kinda reminds me of Ericka Dixon.both are very pretty.
Josina Anderson looking fine.add her and Cari Champion to my Crushing On You list.
Josin anderson from espn be lookin mad cute somtimes but i like cari champion betta
sitting here watching the show Cari Champion needs to eat a meal or two!
Cari Champion is on First take only for eye pleasure
Cari Champion need to take them glasses off... lol
Cari Champion just don't know how good she looks in front of my TV, EVERY MORNING!
they need a new host. Cari Champion ruins it
Cari Champion on First Take ain't half bad ..
Cari Champion looks great, per usual.
I'm not too crazy over Cari Champion.
Cari Champion is my ideal Cougar and Sugar Momma
Cari Champion need to let me put it in her for bout 5 minutes
If I had Cari Champion I'd be playin with that bean till it fell off
Cari champion could do anything she wants to to me
I said it once I'll say it again, Cari Champion is sexy!
Cari Champion from first take is A1 󾮟󾮟󾌧
Cari Champion from first take is A1 👌👌😍
Cari Champion gettin me through this morning.
Nah they got bae cari champion in the studio alone smh
Jemele Hill + Cari Champion = thank you ESPN for these beautiful Black women in powerful positions
Cari Champion whole crew look like they dtf
Give me 10 min with Cari Champion and I only need 30 sec with Jemele Hill
Cari Champion knows more about sports than me because she hosts first take
Cari Champion is terrible. What's wrong with you.
Cari Champion is fine as *** ..she is the leader of brown skinned queens.
They got cari champion at the desk by herself. Lemme fill in one of those seat I don't even gotta talk
Cari Champion got *** tendencies, I still love her though.
Someone needs to tell Cari Champion the Rose Bowl is in fact a BCS Bowl game, and kind of a big deal.
Cari Champion has ruined First Take for me.
These are the women on tv I think are beautiful Erin Andrews,Josina Anderson ,Cari Champion,Erica Hubbard,Cyn Santana & Erica Mena
Im gunna be the next Cari champion, Pam Oliver, or Sage telln yall.
Man I love watching first take just to look at cari champion 😍
Cari Champion didn't have no more vacation time? Lol
Cari champion should show more leg on the show
Cari Champion so fine….and she not throwing that box out there everyday like Sage Steele….makes her even finer
Cari champion is finee and she knows her sports. You really can't go wrong dating a woman like her
Cari Champion is really hot made up. Im sure shes tragic without makeup tho..
Oh how good head from cari champion must be smh
*** no Skip Bayless or stephen A atleast sexy *** cari champion on
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