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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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If my next girl a dark skin female. She gotta look like Cari champion or that right there.
I never thought Cari Champion was good lookin anyway. She look like a crack head in a BET movie.
I liked a video Artie Lang talks Apologizing to ESPN Cari Champion on Opie and Jimmy -
Artie Lange did this a week ago. He was promptly fired from ESPN.
Cari Champion without makeup is... Umm... Average I guess
Cari Champion from First Take is a cutie
NBA Lockdown - Enviable Positions: . Israel Gutierrez talks to Amin Elhassan and Cari Champion about...
Can we please please please get rid of Cari Champion? She just doesn't fit First Take. At all.
Cari Champion needs a sextape or an album to leak
A message to all men who feel entitled to women's attention: no one has to give a *** about your erections
Glad to see not a lot of black women criticizing Remember, feminist don't care about you either (i.e. Ca…
I don't know what it is about Cari Champion that's a tad off putting when I watch First Take. She's gorgeous. Maybe it's all the make up
Cari Champion makeup highlight is strong B
Cari Champion looking good in that yellow..
Cari Champion be lowkey trolling lol
Absolutely love . they have the best personalities on ESPN. From to skip and Cari Champion.
Most annoying voice and laugh on all of television: Cari Champion.
Find out how stays at the top of her game, no matter where she is in life:
Cari champion fine but annoying asf like most fine girls
Cari Champion lookin good this morning like always
Nobody cares about your erection, Artie Lange. And women don’t think it's funny - from
Artie Lange made a point to display his violent and misogynoiristic fantasies for the world to see & dumped it in Cari …
.Artie Lange, and the price of being a black woman in public
Michelle Beadle dare to mock the wife of Mr West but quiet as a church mouse when Artie was disrespecting Cari Champion?
So Jemele Hill was the only one to back up Cari Champion? Aight
Comedian Artie Lange is known for not only crossing the line, but denying that one ever existed in the first place. And he's done it again. This time, it's with ESPN "First Take" host Cari Champion...
Artie Lange made some really weird jokes about Cari Champion, a black reporter for ESPN. What are your thoughts?
Firstly, Cari Champion is class for being above the fray. And Jemele Hill is the homegirl supreme for riding for her friend...
So I guess Jemele Hill is gonna be the only personality from ESPN to defend Cari Champion smh
Artie Lange explains his racist sex fantasy about ESPN's Cari Champion
So what this Cari Champion incident demonstrates is that WM can be as vile as they want in public but as long as they 'lol' it, its defended
It's how this comedian disrespected the fuk outta cari champion, an some people have his back, for what? Why?
to prevent confusion, i don't find that dude's "jokes" about Cari Champion funny AT ALL. it's offensive and shameful.
If Cari Champion looked like Erin Andrews (white-blonde) ESPN would've bombed Artie Lange's house.
Now where are the women who supported the racist "street harassment" video at now?
So, apparently Artie Lang is out of his mind:
Black women are constant targets of sexual abuse. What Artie Lange did to Cari Champion was online sexual abuse.
Yeah, no comic would touch this: Comedian Artie Lange Makes Slavery Sex Jokes About ESPN's Cari Champion via
Looks like did get behind after all: Artie Lange(even apologized. Sorta.
ESPN has released a strong statement condemning Artie Lange for his comments on Cari Champion.
My biggest problem with Artie Lange’s jokes about ESPN’s Cari Champion is they weren’t even close to funny.
Thk you & others 5 supporting Keep up the amazing work & sharing ur thoughts w/ the word. http…
Even if it was a "joke", it wasn't funny and was in bad taste. Then in your sick lil fetish, Cari Champion is said slave.
NABJ News: Condemns the Racist and Sexist Attack on Host by Comedian Artie Lange
I love Cari Champion, she doesn't deserve that kind of harassment. And I like Artie, now I'm wondering how dumb could he be SMH
I don't know either of these people personally and I don't usually speak of people "owing" apologies, but I do think Artie Lange owes Cari Champion a big apology. The kind of public remarks he engaged in do nothing to promote men, women, comedy, sports, journalism, broadcasting or respect for one another as human beings.
The National Association of Black Journalists strongly condemns the racist and sexist attack on ESPN host and NABJ member Cari Champion by comedian Artie Lange.
Thansk to the idiocy of Artie Lange, I now know who Cari Champion is.
FINALLY, at least something: ESPN’s Statement in Support of Cari Champion & Against Artie Lange vi…
I've never like Cari Champion, Jemele Hill, or Erin Andrews. Their opinions on sports aren't wanted.
Sam Ponder is a much higher-profile media person. I mentioned "Cari Champion" in the SI newsroom and got mostly "who?"'s
Skip Bayless on Saints. vs Panthers...This may have been bad luck until Cari Champion blessed off on it...LOL!
Why am I listening to Mike Greenberg and Cari Champion on right now, the exact same segment as last week?
not believing Cari Champion is 38. i need proof.
Skip Bayless is a *** and I never watch or listen to him, but credit to Cari Champion for being professional and not knocking him out.
Cari Champion on first take is phony as *** and im tired of her presence. All she do is finish skip n steven sentences and really has no knowledge of sports
Cari Champion looking like a librarian on First Take! Aw dam
First take got me rolling. Cari Champion&Skip Bayless
Somebody get cari champion off of first take.
Cari Champion really gotta learn to shut up and get outta the way.
Cari Champion is annoying to me. Let the men talk!!!
Cari Champion don't know if she wanna organize a bookshelf or give a *** a tip drill
Cari Champion looks like a hybrid Japanese schoolgirl, Nikki Manaj mashup this morning.
Cari Champion is a GREAT addition to First Take!
oh no you didn't girl! You done put your girl Champion on blast like that!!! Better get her back Cari!!!'
Cari Champion swear we not getting married
Cari Champion is becoming more annoying on Over talking the actual STARS of the show, and being over dramatic. She gotta chill.
Absolutely! She's a great, smart advocate for books, would be a champion handseller.
Did anyone else see how fine cari champion looked on first take 🔥
I swear I'm the only one who thinks cari champion is cold
Cari Champion is nice but her weave ain't working for me today!
Don't like the beautiful Cari Champion with this bang on First Take today
Oh! So Cari Champion finally changed her hairstyle lol
Cari Champion swear Skip dem gaf bout what she gotta say.
Cari Champion be on looking too good. does Stephen and Skip focus? A goregous woman who knows sports!?
Cari Champion just b at da desk agreeing wit Skip and Stephen A. don't know what she b talking about lol   10% Off
I ain't feeling Cari champion weave on first take lol
So when did Brandi join the guys on first take OH NO its Cari Champion. oops
Cari Champion is by far the most annoying person on
I love Cari Champion but them bangs gotta go dawg..
I want a birthday message from you cari champion
How Beautiful does Cari Champion look right now???
Cari champion from first take is so fine 😍😍😍😍 *** bruh
Cari Champion looks like Lil Mama with that weave 😕
Lmao cari champion look like a fool
Jemele Hill and Cari Champion detail racial abuse on social media -
don't be the next Cari Champion be the next YOU!!!
Somebody hand Cari Champion a Newport, Winston, Martini! And to put some clothes on!
Ion really like the bangs on Cari Champion lol...makes her look like she's 12
Cari Champion on espn first take is dee most useless woman ive ever seen
Every minute I'm not married to Cari Champion is another minute wasted
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lmaooo on FirstTake Skip and Stephen A are going at it and Cari Champion just says random words every so often 😂 "yeah" "ok" "mhmm"
Cari Champion my little chocolate sensation 😍
I wonder if Cari Champion has a boyfriend...
Cari Champion look like she give some A1 top
Cari champion so fine but I just found out she was born in 75 lmao
Cari Champion looking good this morning
Cari Champion never knows anything about sports.guess it isn't her job...
Have a half day before i go into work, got to watch ESPN First Take for the first time in a while.Cari Champion is terrible as a host
Cari Champion is still the worst mediator/host I have ever seen on a tv show. Happy for her success, but beauty can get you places.
First Take needs Jay Crawford back. Nothing against the fabulous Cari Champion. I just need cold pizza.
Cari Champion and these thirst trap photos. Whew
Ok am i the only person who didnt know that Cari Champion from First take is 39 years old maan Black dont crack cuz i love her
Another great show of First Take today without Cari Champion..
Yippee 2 days in row NO Cari Champion , she's not hijacking show Now ! Somebody give her a show on Cartoon network Plz
I refuse to believe Cari Champion is almost 40
Real downer that cari champion isn't on first take today
First take been so much better without cari champion
So why Cari Champion hasnt been on First take the last three days? Dont tell me theres trouble on set. Please dont
As dope Cari Champion is I prefer the Asian dude hosting First Take because Cari doesn't shut up
This *** Kev said Cari champion in his top
bruh Cari Champion so overrated son. Give me Cassidy Hubbarth on a bad day before that FUFU weave wearing chick lol
Cari Champion is mos def in my top 3... she is the perfect wife... she knows sports,,, pretty... and is a Laker fan
none i got me you jon brich, 2 *** from last year and cari champion. Send me the emails im gonna make another league
Boy Cari Champion and Kerry Washington would def get the shoulders grabbed! And they clubs would be shot up
Cari Champion isn't at the first take desk and it's already 100% better
Cari Champion ain't ever on first take anymore
I want to marry Cari Champion will someone make that happen? Pls
Cari Champion absent getting her bangs tightened.
The dude subbing in for Cari Champion is so far over his head. He's watching Stephen A and Skip just like me!
is way better off without Cari Champion or anyone else but Ms.Champion goodbye
Hamilton Collection
Cari Champion is ok to look at but is better when she is absent
No Cari Champion on It's okay they have Cary Chow.
Cari Champion off today.bout to change
you're point is valid. We just might need one for this. Who's our Cari Champion?
“Do Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith realize how horrible Cari Champion is?
I think cari champion is so sexy dawg
Cari Champion up on set lookin scrumptious
Ms Cari champion you where dress I like your hair is beatifull and where those heels God bless you honey
Cari champion on espn first take. One good lookin black woman awww lord. Got me like 😍
Cari Champion just need to eat some meat and potatoes
"Kobe looks like he's playing well? Just one preseason game!"..Yea he do but Ms Cari Champion yo lakers still no juggernot !!
Cari Champion be clocking out when First Take talk college football
Look at Cari champion tryna act like she knows about the conversation that's going on lmao stop it mane !
Cari Champion is so irrelevant to First Take, she never has anything to say. she nice to look at though.
Cari Champion got some legs on her...
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Cari Champion dickeating rn but she still beautiful
Starting not to like Cari Champion and her 148 inch weave
Cari Champion look like a bootleg Brandy Norwood right now lmao
I like her but as First Take's host Cari Champion is so annoying.
Cari Champion ain't nothing but eye candy
Cari Champion getting my tomorrow I'm telling you now
Claudia Jordan is the Cari Champion of the morning show.
A premiere for a TV show?! This is just one example of many that demonstrates chumpions ineptness. What a total *** It's never ending with this scatterbrain.
How does this moron continue to keep her job ? She's the absoulute worse as a moderator that I have ever seen on TV.
Im making cari champion my in three days
This is probably a weird complaint, but why does Cari Champion always defer to Stephen A. first for new topics on First Take?
first time I'm able to watch you alive, I'm feeling great. Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion
Cari Champion is so fine... I don't even hear what these guys are talking about.
Give me Cari Champion's job. She just sits there and lets Skip and Stephen talk anyways.
I think the only reason I watch this show is to see cari champion
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
got Cari Champion throwing up the hooks
Look at Stephen A Smith giving the Ques a S/O on First Take & look at Cari Champion secretly throw up the hook.
Cari Champion gets on my nerves. She has to shut up & let them speak.
Cari Champion liked my Instagram picture today... Yes, I fan-girled for a minute.
Somebody gotta tell Cari Champion that she needs to let me take her to
Cari keringet ceritanya... (with Titis, and 2 others at Champion Futsal) —
Cari Champion, Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Rebecca Grant, Ronda Rousey, and Paige from WWE are all winners.
Cari champion is in East Lansing? 😳 I got a sudden urge to get one 127 and ride out
YESTERDAY CARI CHAMPION said to Anthony Anderson u didn't invite us to the Premier of Black-ish. He said there was no premier. iDied
Cari champion is so professional as well as beautiful! # champion
Cari Champion looks great.made up! I wouldn't call her a natural beauty!!!
Cari Champion could sit on my face and never leave
Alot of dudes be thirsty ova Cari champion & she cool but i personally think is the baddest up in bristol lol 😍
Cari Champion don't know sports bro lmao.
I always think I want Cari Champion's job but id probly get fired for trying to jump in the debate. Lol
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I swear Cari Champion hates Skip and Stephen A. They never let her talk lol
Cari Champion could get all these 5 and a half inches
I feel bad for Cari Champion. I wish she had more input in the show.
Anyone watching first take catch Cari Champion almost say "fo" instead of "four" 😂 she had to catch herself
I wish Cari Champion would let me beat
Cari Champion does too much but does so little all at the same time, I think it's time to go...
i gotta super krush on Cari Champion
Cari Champion low key be trying extra hard to look good doing absolutely nothing during the show
Cari Champion just responded to Skip and saying "Kobe might have trained harder, but in no way, shape of form is he better than Jordan" with
U see da big difference when Cari Champion is on First Take!
There is no way in *** I kould work with Cari Champion every day without trying to do strange things to her
When Cari Champion throws in her opinion..
It's very simple cari champion. some people in society say blacks are supposed to act a certain way or arnt 'black' enough
Cari Champion just asked Anthony Anderson why he didn't invite espn to the "premiere" of Black-ish. He was lost. It's a tv show. Not a movie
I got to see Cari Champion stand up..creep mode for 3 seconds baby..shawdy got ***
Cari Champion is just one tall glass of fine
Bout to react on all the *** in my bae Cari Champion mentions yo
Bill Simmons got suspended and Cari Champion wasn't on first take today? Best day ever lol
Cari champion prolly the sexiest espn female personality ever. Her and Erin Andrews in a threesome LAWD
Cari Champion is why I watch it too 😍😍
Cari Champion gotta lose some of the make up, it's doing more harm than good.
Cari Champion who cares what you believe? It was a dirty hit. Stop guessing.
Cari Champion wearing Seattle colors this morning
Cari Champion is legit to me ion know why
Champion is uniformed and lacks any knowledge concerning sports, and judging by her performance probably isn't the only subject she's deficient in. Her contant uuhhuhhs feigning understanding of the subject at hand in which she seldom has a clue, that awful laugh, her ill-timed remarks, the reading off of the computer in front of her mug further illustrating she hasn't a clue. Maybe those nasty weaves of hers is cutting the supply of oxygen to what little brain she might have. Hey, other than those complaint, along with the numerous others I failed to mention, she's great.??
Also: No persons of color identified in that piece. Cari Champion? Jemele Hill? Etc.
Issue No mention of ANY women of color. All the women mentioned in that piece are awesome but Cari Champion? Jemele Hill?
I need Cari Champion’s nudes as well. Make that happen. First Take will NEVER be the same.
Can we get Serena Williams & Cari Champion nudes while we're at it?
when we getting them Teyana Taylor, Cari Champion & Miracle Watts nudes though
Let me get some Cari Champion nudes..
Imagine if cari champion nudes get leaked...bruh.I'm passin out
The hackers might as well get Cari Champion since they going after fine black women 👀👀
Did Erin Andrews get leaked? We need her, Sam Ponder, Cari Champion and Sage Steele next
Football is on so it's only right some Cari Champion nudes leak
I wanna see k Michelle, free, brandy n cari Champion
Cari Champion stay thirst trapping every NFL Sunday lol
Cari Champion thirst trappin on the gram. Good Sunday indeed.
Yes lol but I'm a lil more opinionated "you trynna be Cari Champion? lol"
Ya'll plotting on Cari Champion nudes ya'll savage 😂
Cari champion nudes floating down the TL or nah?
Call me when Cari Champion nudes drop
Y’all think Sage Steele or Cari Champion got any iCloud gems?
Bayless, cari champion, Jemele Hill and Michael smith, Colin cowherd all blocked so far.ESPN ur running out of talking heads
agree with Robert 100% and disappointed with Cari champion on this.
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Right now that's just speculation.. I first heard that from Cari Champion tho.
attention Cari Champion you are not the Al Sharpton of womens rights , your rhetoric is predictably ridiculous, please stop
When Cari Champion slowly walks by... "I'm not sure why this is necessary on set but...
Cari champion thinks she should be debating with skip and Stephen a smith.
Am I the only one who doesn't really care for cari champion on ...I'd rather have more skip...and tha…
Have you heard the scandal going on Involving Ray Rice &the Baltimore Ravens. .Go to Cari Champion time line. .
That asian chick that was on First Take looks better than Cari Champion, in my opinion.
Cari champion get on my dam nerves now lol
Cari champion still needs to get off the show though so annoying
Why don't the bring back the McManus, Cari Champion, Jemele Hill and Sarah Spain panel they did on the radio a few days ago?
Cari Champion said "a black man should never call another black man a donkey" lol you mean Donkey Kong? Just sit and be pretty
Na Cari Champion got to much confidence somebody needa humble her
Cari Champion should just stay quiet and need for her input.
Cari Champion getting bold finally lol
I'm starting to not like cari champion
Cari Champion sonned Stephen A like a lil boy
I like cari but I don't watch first take for cari champion but lately she's been talking a lot 😒
Cari Champion thinks Donkey Kong is a donkey.. lol /rolls eyes
Lmaao Cari Champion really think she can talk
Cari Champion is looking real nice on first take
Stephen A. goin on a tear talking abt this Mayweather fight. Cari Champion has a look on her face like *** he talkin bout?
I'm starting to think Cari Champion doesn't like Stephen A Smith at all
Cari Champion so fine with her black ***
Am I the only one that watches espn first take just to see cari champion lol
I hate cari champion on espen first take
Cari Champion bad but I know she got an attitude tho
Cari champion lookin delicious right now
I like Cari Champion but she be HYPE to tell the world every day that Ray Rice knocked out his fiancée
Cari Champion is healthy.looks vegan
U ain't lying bro“Cari champion looking good in dress today
Cari Champion looking good this morning as usual 😍
Cari champion looking good in dress today
I truly dislike cari champion. Her face, her voice her opinions just everything about her
What Cari Champion love life looking like?!
Stephen A. Smith & Cari Champion both TRENDED today. Here's why:
I'd wife Cari Champion. We'd have some tall ahh kids too.
I need to start a petition to get on in place of Cari Champion.
I thought cari champion's job was to moderate first take. Do your job and keep ur mouth shut. please.# moderator
Cari Champion you are a strong women you need to put Stephen A in check take
Cari Champion look like a life size praying mantis.
direct that to Cari champion, Jemele Hill and the rest of the women on TV
we can call you Producer Steve too. Fun to have cari champion on the other day. keep up the good work. winners tomorrow.
Lol Cari Champion said on SVP and Rusillo that Trick Daddy used to go smack in her DM's
I'm sure Cari Champion is just thrilled that SAS gave her permission to be extra-sensitive to domestic violence becaus…
Cari Champion needs to call out that bigot Stephen A Smithtake
Cari Champion cool, but they shouldn't get her opinion on stuff. Just be cute and host
Cari Champion getting on my nerves.
exactly, and Cari Champion act like she cool with Stephon
Cari Champion the type of chick you just don't pull out of
Cari Champion still pretending she's on ESPN for her opinion based on my TL yesterday 😂😂
Is there any way Cari Champion can get on an elevator with Ray Rice AND Solange Knowles?
They need to talk less & let Cari Champion talk more. She's the only one on that show that can calmly articulate her point
Exactly, Cari Champion on ESPN1st take condemned Mayweather, but she still would watch him box.
Cari Champion needs to leave first take... She can get her own show... Please bring back Jay Crawford
Lmao who gone be Cari Champion then? She too fine! smh
Cari Champion from First Take is my ebony celebrity crush
Cari champion be lookin aite on first take
Cari Champion is looking delicious on First Take, as usual.
From what I've seen Whoopi and Cari Champion are the only people who defended Stephen A... Did Skip Bayless defend him?
Cari Champion makes my balls tingle 😊😊
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Why more chicks don't strive to be like cari champion, instead of reality tv ***
My first take watchers...y'all ever notice cari champion nice *** body?
Wait?? Did Cari Champion just ask on the set what day for college football play? Noo I didn't hear that
Cari Champion showing a lil thigh today
Cari Champion sexy *** the only good part of this morning
Cari champion really some work cyan tell mi nothing
Bruh Cari Champion and I would make gorgeous children. Think about it. Look at me, then go look at her.
I am still flabbergasted by Cari Champion is 39 years old. She is flawless, looking like she 25 years old hosting ESPN First Take
Makes me think about how Ima give Sage Steele & Cari Champion the diznik one day. Real *** ambitions...
Cari Champion is proof GAWD is real.
Cari Champion so fine.its a blessing to have her on my IG TL.
Glad is back! The chemistry seemed a little off between him and Cari Champion...hmmm
Cari Champion you can really get it
Cari Champion just said Lebron looks like a lil boy 😂😂😂😂
Just hoping Cari Champion doesn't do anything to provoke Stephen A this morning!
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Cari Champion. I wanna shoot her club up.
Y'all think Cari Champion got nice buns?
He was a guest for about an hour & a half with Cari Champion, Freddie Coleman & Jorge Sedano. FANTASTIC JOB!
Cari champion is the ONLY good thing about watching 1stTake with no Steven A or skip smh
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