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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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Cari champion keeps tellin me she prego. Yall all better take care of that kid.
I was sad to see Cari champion go, it was a great show with her. But I gotta say, you are really awesome too Molly, keep it up!!
Get Cari Champion off of Sports Center please...
Anyone else catch Cari Champion fat shaming on Sportscenter?
Cari Champion😍 hands down baddest sports analyst of all time
tell Cari champion lol she will make you feel better
Show not the same without Cari Champion.
Gabby Logan is nice but Molly Qerim, Cari Champion, Rachel Nichols and Kristen Ledlow are babes
Tbh, since cari champion moved to sportscenter, His and Hers is now my fav show on ESPN
*** on ESPN this morning said Cari Champion should be Zola for Halloween lmao
you know you scum if Cari Champion block you
The new girl on First Take is extremely annoying. I miss Cari Champion.
Since ESPN don't want to give Cari Champion the main sportscenter job(which she deserves), should fill in for Jemele Hill when she's away.
The new First Take host is bae. I'm sorry cari champion.
everybody gone be weird nobody can compete with Cari Champion
Cari Champion is the only sports anchor to turn SportsCenter into FashionCenter!
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Dawg he told Cari Champion to be Zola for Halloween. I hope he don't get invited back lol
I'm always with Cari cause she's a Champion. πŸ˜˜πŸ’”
First Take hasn't been the same since cari champion left
Cari Champion killing it that dress !
Cari Champion on a hunnit thousand.
Just realized I was only watching First Take for Cari Champion
...Don't say kinda. Just say it. Cari Champion is fine.
I guess I never really noticed when she was on First Take, but.Cari Champion kinda fine.
My only regret is that I didn't meet Cari Champion first.
It's so great seeing Cari Champion on SC.
The way Cari Champion look this morning on sportscenter.. 😌!!
Lawd ha'mercy are you seeing Ms. Cari Champion on ESPN SC right now? She needs her own show shawty.
Cari Champion followed me. Made my heart flutter
I got metro so I can't do a poll. . Sage Steele or Cari Champion?
All I need in this life of sin, is Sage Steele and Cari Champion .
domain names
Cari Champion and Sage Steele are two of the most attractive media personalities in LIFE!! And they are great analysts!
Cari Champion, Sage Steele, K Foxx in no particular order
Sage Steele and Cari Champion are both my wives
A Cari Champion Sage Steele threesome would be sooo lit!
Son ESPN's cari champion just mentioned me!
Except Bomani Jones, Jemele Hill, Michael Smith, & Cari Champion. They're good people who know their stuff.
Since First Take I always had s thing for Cari Champion, that's low key my boo
Russ wearing a dress and Cari Champion has informed us that she owns the same jacket.But we are to…
Cari Champion and Sage Steele deserve it all bro.
Cari Champion look so good on ESPN.
Watching Sportscenter is so much better with Cari Champion
Cari Champion.girl you just don't know!!
Watching SC this morning and Cari Champion is on point. Nice addition to the team. Plus I like D Rose's post game interview.
GRACE UNDER FIRE! U R a true American hero and roll model, not to mention WORLD CHAMPION! Best wishes on your new journey! xo
awesome show!! Cari Champion just yapping the entire way.funny stuff
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How y'all feel about First Take without Cari champion now??
When we go video. Lol. Cari champion is useless without the visual
I added a video to a playlist Wendi Nix, Linda Cohn, Cari Champion (ESPN)
Josina Anderson and Cari Champion on this sportscenter set together being black and fine
I love seeing Cari Champion and Sage Steele on ESPN ..
Josina Anderson and Cari Champion tied for number in power rankings
Chris Sale Becomes 3rd Player in History with 12 Strikeouts in 5 ...
I miss cari champion.Bring her back,i cant watch after stephen A finish his comments.ESPN ,YOU KNOW HATERS OUT THERE,WHY PANIC OVER NEGATIVE COMMENTS.BEAUTIFUL FIT.
Sage Steele and Cari Champion fine black women that aged like wine...oh and they also work for ESPN
Y cari champion not on First Take no more??
Cari Champion needs to come back to First Take!
Molly Qerim just sits there and never says anything on First Take. Please give me my nubian queen Cari Champion back
On First Take... They always say Stephen A Smith or Skip Bayless or before with Cari Champion but with Molly it's just Molly
I can't get over the fact Cari Champion has been on this earth for 40 years and looks that amazing. Bruh. I.I'm in awe
Never google Image search Cari Champion. It's too much natural beauty at once
I'm in love with you Way better looking than that manly looking whatever she was cari champion chick. Way smarter and beautiful
I could listen to Cari Champion talk all day. Thank God for this podcast. 2 hours of her today
I slick never really appreciated Cari Champion, till she got her new role and they let her stand up now! 😯😍
Cari Champion on Sportscenter with that red dress on 😍😍😍
I ain't mad at Cari Champion for that red dress...
Man I swear I can be your Cari Champion... No *** Lmfao
No doubt. Loyalty to Cari Champion best most natural studio host EVER!! Like all great ones makes it look easy.
i could listen to Cari Champion read the phone book breh her podcast voice is liquid gold
Cari Champion's voice on her podcast >>>>>>>
First Take is not the same without Cari Champion
I have yet to see Cari champion on Sportscenter
This new girl on First Take is just a daily reminder of how good Cari Champion really was at her job
In other news, Cari Champion was lookin amazing on SC this morning. Her and that blue dress
I love cari champion I swear and I'm not even n to the chocolate women…
Can cari champion come back to First Take? The dynamic is gone
Man. First Take is horrible without Cari champion.
The chick on First Take look good and she a Giants fan... Cari Champion won't be missed
Cari Champion is looking fire this morning. 40 looking like a fine 22
Cari Champion struggling with the TelePrompTer. Read like Floyd Mayweather
Cari Champion and Ed Lover Special Edition Of CMon SON! on ESPN First Take via 'This is too much playing!'
Okay my sweetie Cari Champion is on Sports Center now. Got it.
It's time for me to check out my dude Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless. Where's my girl Cari Champion?
I'm tryna find out why cari champion not married yet?
When I grow up I want to marry Cari Champion
I love cari champion I bet she has beautiful feet 😩
Molly cool, but I miss Cari Champion on First Take. Her adlib game was on tilt.
Who is this new chick on First Take and where did Cari champion go
I ain't really watched since Cari champion left. I work hella lol
I watch First Take everyday, and the female that replaced Cari Champion ... 😍
Stephen A. be talking to this new girl on First Take wreckless as *** lol, he never talked to Cari Champion like that lol
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First Take just not the same without Cari Champion
Didn't know that Cari Champion got promoted to SportsCenter Anchor
We're sure you played some role in Cari Champion being promoted to SportsCenter, and we thank you.
This new girl that replaced Cari Champion has no voice
Cari Champion is crushing the screen today
Cari Champion looks like she's wearing a picnic blanket on Sportscenter
Cari champion will be mine one day..
Good riddance you unqualified, bubble headed, loud obnoxious, skanky, dirt legged, weave headed moron. Her time on First Take was horrible, actually painful. Sports Center will soon tire of her unbearable presence and hopefully off the network entirely. Nobody in the history of the Network has been as unqualified to hold a position as that empty headed sleeze.
What they do with Cari Champion on First Take?! πŸ˜”
Really not a fan of the lady on First Take. Bring Cari Champion back!!
Cari champion responded to me again this time on the insta...needa make my way to Bristol!!
The new First Take host is bad as *** lol. Part of me is glad that Cari Champion left.
So they got rid of Cari Champion for this Indian chick?
First Take without Cari Champion is like the Mike Shula Era at Bama
First Take just isnt the same without Cari Champion. Smh.
New First Take mediator no Cari Champion, but she still A-1
Anyone watching First Take? The woman said "was an abbreviation for HATER.. Smh bring back Cari Champion
she isn't Cari Champion but she's ok for the moment.
I miss Cari Champion in First Take. This lady on here annoying and don't know how to regulate the show
Ain't watched First Take in a min...what happened to cari champion???
for a minute lol Cari champion left like rite after the NBA finals
New post: Lil Wayne talks about Drake vs. Meek Mill, C5 and more on Cari Champion’s β€œBe Honest” Podcast
Aisha Tyler and Cari Champion sound so much alike on their pods.
I agree..she needs whoever does Cari Champion hair to do hers
I'm trying to be the next Cari Champion. Time to step my game up!
50 women. Cari Champion is the only black woman on that list. Laughable but true at the numbers
shut up *** you 5'7 Cari Champion taller than you
Jesus Bill, Cari Champion cannot even read. How is she in this new position? Riddled with errors every appearance.
Cari champion moved up from First Take to Sportscenter anchor
Cari Champion & Josina Anderson running SportsCenter right now... 😍😍
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I can't wait until Cari Champion and I get married. put me on πŸ™πŸΎ
Of you ask me anything about Cari Champion the answer is yes
Hannah Storm and Cari Champion are both absolutely terrible.
Cari Champion so Cold ... Only reason they prolly moved her to be an anchor
Cari champion b looking hella good on sportscenter she turn to the side u an see that petite ***
Cari Champion on snapchat. All is well
Lil Wayne says he's a better rapper than Drake right now.
I learned yesterday Cari Champion isn't on First Take anymore. I see no reason for me to look at it anymore now.
Thank God Cari Champion doesnt have to deal with likes of you and Bayless..
thanks for giving me respectfully "just a taste" of the real Cari Champion... I'm hooked!
man. Josina Anderson and Cari Champion bad af.
Where did Cari Champion go? I'm not mad about the replacement though
Cari Champion and Mike Smith putting ALL the business out there, lmao. ESPN - First Impressions: 9/17/15 -
It's hard to be more annoying then skip..and she is. Where tf is cari champion?
First Take is gonna start losing viewers. The show just isn't the same without Cari Champion.
I miss Cari Champion, this show isn't the same.
I'm sorry but Cari Champion always just sat there when I watched. Never said much or added anything to the show IMO.
Cari Champion and Josina Anderson together on Sportscenter talking football is a nice sight to see
Cari Champion and Josina Anderson on the same panel. My Gawd 😍😍😍😍
wish Cari champion was still on FT i took her for granted
ESPN made a power move putting Cari Champion on its main show
Cari Champion is on Sportscenter dressed like she just got out the club
Cari Champion looking quite Nubian today on Sports Center 😍
I'm happy for Cari Champion that she's on Sports Center. She's the best female anchor
Glad that Cari Champion is on SportsCenter nowadays rather than the intolerable mess that is First Take.
Cari Champion is so annoying. She with. her theatrics. People are not tuning into to watch U. Maybe is with lube
Cari Champion looking delicious on sport center right now
Cari Champion looking good on sportscenter this morning.😍
Cari Champion went from the "dead end" job of hosting First Take to grading MLB player facial hair on SportsCenter.
First Take ain't been the same since Cari Champion got promoted
Well I certainly know who the Champion of rocking leather dresses on SportsCenter is. K.O. Cari
Cari Champion is BAD! Whoever is dating her is a lucky man!
Man, look at Cari Champion on ESPN this morning...My God
I just want meet the beautiful cari champion
Cari Champion fine, smart and a lakers fan! That is bae!
I agree...I think there is more to it..if it was Cari Champion winning grand slams I think she would get just as much as Maria..
I miss Cari Champion on First Take and I like Molly Qerim on there too. Dilemma.
all my favorite ESPN personalities right now are women. Anita Marks, Cari Champion, and of course the goat, Sage Steele
You look like a thick Cari Champion right here.
I remember listening to an podcast with Cari Champion&Jemele Hill. Also, Stephan A Smith discussed this same thing on First Take
Jemele Hill & Cari Champion are the reason I understand why domestic violence happens.
First Take just aint the same without Cari Champion
First Take is so much more enjoyable without Cari Champion.
Soon as Cari Champion left "First Take", I lost interest. I just watch now to see that pretty lady's face
Ion like how they replaced cari champion on First Take
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Catching up on First Take...what happened to cari champion?
ESPN's His & Hers > First Take since Cari Champion I'm tired of Stephen A. screaming all the time lol
What happened to Cari Champion on First Take ?
I miss cari champion on First Take. This new chick i gotta get use to
Molly Qerim ain't not Cari Champion but she still bad 😍😍😍 wonder if she still work for the NFL network!
When is Cari Champion coming back to First Take??
yeah to Sports Center right? What's her name tho. Like I knew Cari Champion but idk dis girl. Skip just called her molly I think
The female on looks disinterested alot of the time and I say that respectfully. Cari champion at least faked cared.
How does replace cari champion with the reporter from family guy?
ain't the same without Cari Champion but I'm glad she got a promotion
I really miss cari champion on First Take
I said it once & I will say it again it ain't the same without Cari champion. I miss my boo
It's been so long since I've watched First Take. Where's my Cari Champion???
I haven't watched First Take in a long *** time and all I want to know is where is my Cari Champion?
Except maybe for Cari Champion ... who didn't even sound like she was serious.
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Wow I didn't know that I'd actually miss Cari Champion lol, but on to bigger and better things.
was hoping for a big name like Cari Champion or Skip Bayless smh
Bruh espn got some jawns. The one girl with the Indian-esque name. Cari champion. Bruh. They hire well
Cari champion then offered her nanny on sportscenter since she got hired as an anchor,i seen it on tv a few times
Cari Champion on that list and im swan diving into her DMs
What if Cari Champion is on this list? Or Jemele Hill? What if it's low key LIT?!! JihaD
Please let Cari Champion and Chris Broussard be on that ESPN 100 list PLEASE!!!
and Beadle, and Cari Champion, and Hannah Storm...and...and...
Obviously I've slept since then lol but is Cari Champion no longer on First Take?
*** people ask Sage Steele or Cari Champion? I struggle with that choice all the time. I will go Cari but she looks expensive
ESPN should expect that female commentators look fit and athletic, like Sage Steele and Cari Champion..too many are matronly..
Wow they took cari champion off First Take n put her on Sports Center πŸ˜”
Cari Champion is the best thing ever to happen to ESPN she's gorgeous smart and elegant
Cari Champion is a great addition to sportscenter
Cari Champion might agree with whatever they say but Molly isn't playing those games.
molly doesn't wait to piggy back on Stephen a's thoughts like cari champion did she has her own INTELLIGENT thoughts
I don't like Cari Champion not being on First Take.. 😐
I was watching SportsCenter (which I never do) and noticed Cari Champion. Nice that she is no longer with those other dudes...
I'm just happy cari champion is gone. I couldn't take it anymore
Can't even watch Sports Center anymore. It's like tmz. Plus these anchors are the worst. Especially Cari Champion.
Cari Champion is having lots of unnecessary outbursts on Sports Center. Jay Crawford plz hold her down. lol
I love how the new chick on 1st take does not feel the need to chime in on the guys debates wit useless banter like cari champion! NICE!
Cari Champion Is probably the worst espn anchor ever
Wish cari champion was still on First Take.but at least she on the afternoon sportcenter now.
The new host from First Take Molly got Cari Champion beat she so bad
Your opinion on women is trash if you think Cari Champion is badder than Molly
I miss Cari Champion on First Take.
cari championon First Take I though was horable and she's not that good looking either
Molly Qerim on (as a host) makes Cari Champion look like Robin Roberts.
Cari Champion don't do First Take no more?
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First Take isn't the same without Cari Champion.
First Take was so much better when Cari Champion was on
Timeout Cari Champion is off First Take?
Cari Champion still the sexiest woman on television... despite that bad *** posture
Not complaining in the least bit about the new eye candy on but what happened to cari champion??
I'm real happy that Cari Champion is an anchor on Sportscenter. But First Take is garbage without her
Hey we need Cari Champion back on the show!
Congrats are in order for as she joins the team!
Wow Cari Champion and Jay Crawford on sportcenter together right now.
I like Molly Qerim on firsttake over Cari champion πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
I love First Take, but the new chick don't do it for me like Cari Champion did
Since where did Cari Champion move up from First Take? Fire she on sportscenter though, daps to her
lol I wasn't really a Cari Champion fan, but I'm just not feeling this new chic. I'm so confused lol
What I miss? Cari Champion don't do First Take anymore?
Cari Champion asked if Dantonio fears Harbaugh? apparently she caught some of Smith and Bayless's ***
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BEEN tellin yall...on achors i acknowledge on espn is Cari Champion, Josina Anderson, and Molly Qerim. Maybe Sage Steele
my baby Cari Champion actually on sportscenter now. moving on up.
The new First Take moderator is 10x badder than cari champion
Cari champion got a big ol head or she sitting closer to the the camera then Jay Crawford
Wait a minute. Cari Champion can actually talk?
Patiently waiting for that one day when Cari Champion and Sage Steele host SportsCenter together
Cari Champion on SportsCenter now.. First Take will miss u 😒
Cari Champion is a host on Sportscenter now. Look at you. Congrats !
Cari BAE Champion is making her debut on SportsCenter. Love to see her progression
Cari Champion joins SportsCenter for the first time right now.
They done moved my girl Cari Champion to Sports Center
Cari champion finally on Sports Center
Cari Champion is on Sportscenter now, I just wanna thank
First Take without Cari Champion is wack.. Barely even watch it now
Checking Cari out on Sports Center!!! Very talented and a major pickup for the morning show... Working well with Jay Crawford!!!
Sports fans with ESPN support Cari Champion as she starts her SportsCenter duties tomorrow! Yah so proud! πŸ˜ƒ
I would love to see him smack bayless or Cowherd I would definitely watch Sports Center or maybe he gets at Cari champion lol
Molly is way more fire than Cari champion.
First Take just isn't the same without Cari Champion πŸ˜”
Some people wanted Cari Champion gone from 1st Take. Now that she is everybody want her back. So which is it people?
The chick that replaced Cari Champion is fire
The new chic on is so hot. Glad Cari Champion is gone.
It's still strange not seeing Cari Champion on First Take, but Molly Qerim is crazy bad. lol.
Southpaw was definitely better than rocky you can save your argument for Cari champion
Cari Champion called me a savage, and I ain't eem done nothin'.
Gorgeous And Very Beautiful Black Women!!! More importantly, very humble and outgoing. A combination that's hard to come by! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing her on SC. FT isn't the same!
This new woman on First Take might be the worst ESPN employee of all time. Cari Champion was so much better :/
I'm glad Cari Champion is no longer in First Take.
what happened to Cari Champion who hosted I liked her. She quit?
Dunno if i can watch First Take anymore cause cari champion gone ):
All the best to ESPN's Cari Champion! She has paid her dues and is spreading her wings.
Cari Champion not being on First Take anymore is kinda depressing
I'm deadass in love with Cari Champion
Ima give the new girl a chance, but I miss my baby Cari Champion on First Take. Ha
you need to find a charismatic moderator like Cari Champion. First Take is weak without Cari.
Jay Crawford, Sage Steele, and now Cari Champion ... That's the big leagues though so I don't blame them lol.
So glad decided to let Cari Champion go,is a way better talent,thank for classing up the show
Is cari champion not on ESPN First Take anymore?
Cari champion ain't on fist take no more
ESPN made smooth transition from Cari Champion’s departure to Molly. Cari wants the stage to herself. She wants to be Oprah, so let her try
So far, I'm not feeling this new girl that's hosting First Take. Congratulations Cari Champion, you are already...
Cari Champion breaks free of Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless and β€˜First Take’ OMG!
I actually liked Cari Champion on ESPN's First Take, its a shame it had to end that way...
they have let Colin cowherd leave, Svp is now doin prime time only, cari champion will be doin Sports Center only. *** u ESPN
I liked a video E:60: Cari Champion tells the story of Panthers QB Cam Newton Newton, along with his
Cari Champion really left First Take
I didn't know Cari Champion was 40 😳! That's amazing πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
First Take not the same without Cari Champion πŸ˜•
why is Cari Champion (after 4 weeks) still listed as being on in major tv guides when Molly Qerim is the new host?
.talks to about the moderator role at First Take:
I was watching Espn First Take and was wondering what happened to Cari Champion, I ain't know she left lol
this is like a really bad dream. Cari Champion could hold her own with those 2 *** Molly looks like a cardboard prop.
Ok, seriously... *** happened to Cari Champion? She's not the moderator on anymore?
Is Cari Champion on vacay or something??πŸ˜•
Without Cari Champion fine *** hosting First Take on ESPN, this show is boring...smh
What is it gonna take to get a suitable replacement for Cari Champion on First Take, I mean ***
First Take seem different without Cari Champion there anymore
Who's homegirl subbing in for Cari Champion on First Take this morning?!?! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
First Take not the same without the Queen Champion
Cari Champion spoke out about the ceiling at First Take and how she wishes she could have spoken out as moderator http…
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Where's Cari champion on First Take
I'd like to take this moment to thank GOD for removing Cari Champion from
Get on your game Cari Champion has moved on!
I thought Cari Champion was comin back lol where she go?
Molly Qerim does a good job hosting First Take. Doesn't constantly interrupt them like Cari Champion did
Wait, I didn't know Cari Champion left First Take...didn't think I was working that long to miss her leaveπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
I was sad to see Cari Champion leave First Take at first.. Idc no more cuz Molly Qerim is gorgeous. 😍😍
is not the same w/o Cari Champion. Didn't think I'd miss her. But I do.
Molly Qerim is so much better than cari champion on
Wow, Molly Qerim is so much better as a host than Cari Champion. She seems a lot more knowledgeable and contributes to the show.
First Take just isn't the same without cari champion
.wait .NO CARI CHAMPION!?.I'm bout to sacrifice a lamb and thank God for this blessing...
I absolutely do not like Cari Champion's replacement on First Take πŸ˜’
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