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Cari Champion

Cari Champion is the permanent host of ESPN's First Take. She attended UCLA

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Why does cari always face Skip and not Stephen
They said we look alike someone sent me this cari champion lol
Cassidy Hubbarth & my bae Cari Champion ESPNs finest.
Really wish Cari Champion wasn't on First Take anymore
Cari champion from First Take is crazy 😍.
Hard to believe cari champion is 40 I need her in my life
I watch First Take just for Cari Champion tbh 😩😍
Cari Champion does not look like she is 39 😱😱😱😱
Cari Champion bath water prolly taste like Yoo-Hoo
Cari Champion is all my hopes and dreams
Cari Champion replaced Kelly Rowland as the baddest dark skin girl.
Cari Champion super extra during the Chris Copeland topic. Calm down. Nobody trying to stab you at Starbucks.
Cari Champion is such a lovely lady.
"Cari champion nudes need to drop" She got a padlock on the nudes smh
I get up at 10 just to watch Cari Champion gorgeous *** watch Skip and Steven A verbally abuse each others opinions.
I dream of one day giving Cari Champion all the D
he's a gentleman. That's why I said it. Unless he met Cari Champion
People always have something to say, they talk about Cari Champion, but I don't hear talk about the others
Sage Steele badder than Cari Champion. And they both know that.
Josina Anderson so much better than cari champion on First Take
"I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROAR" - Katy Perry
Michael Smith hangs with Jemele all the time, she's not a threat. Can't hang with Cari Champion solo. Smart man.
First Take without Stephen A. and/or Skip or even Cari Champion is a drag
Josina > Cari Champion on First Take. Please ponder this and make appropriate changes. Thank you.
I can't watch without Cari Champion, Stephen A. Smith, and Skip Bayless..
*** who look better cari champion or the lady now hosting FirstTake today
Cari Champion is fine and all but gahhh Josina Anderson needa take her spot on First Take
First Take just isnt the same without cari champion smh
Cari Champion is who you dream of ending up with... Josina Anderson is who you actually end up with lol.. thats fine tho
Anyone who listened to last pod,cari champion should be that person! First Take cari isn't nearly as good.
can we hear you style on Cari Champion?
your wife is cheating on you with Cari champion
This chick that replaced cari champion is mad ghetto. Smh
Please replace Cari Champion with Josina. How do you have a host that doesn't know about sports because of her looks?
I guess that people are not watching ESPN First Take since Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless, and Cari Champion are not on.
Interesting dynamic on First Take today: Guest moderator giving her opinion freely. No such opportunity for Cari Champion.
No Stephen A, no Skip Bayless, no Cari Champion, and no First Take for me today
This chick they got Moderating in place of Cari Champion on First Take today really makes me appreciate Cari lol
First Take is a joke without Stephen A and Skip Bayless and Cari Champion
Like I always said Skip & Stephen A IS but they had to have that Cari Champion there but I don't watch the show to see her
Now I see what's worser that Cari Champion hosting that nobody Josina Anderson along with the
interesting how Cari Champion's sub is allowed to speak and giver her opinion.
Nah man. No Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, or Cari Champion this morning *turns from First Take*
Cari Champion annoys Me IdK what it is about her but she's just annoying
jesus I just watched that clip, and his interactions with Cari Champion are so condescending, dismissive, and loudmansplainy too.
I didn't know Cari Champion was almost 40 😱😳
Cari champion really in her feelings about floyd. She loves kobe and he was accused of rape..just saying.
Skip Bayless and Cari Champion both in their feelings with what Ray Leonard saying lmao
Cari Champion is the whole package 😩
Cari champion would like to be one of mayweathers girls.
you was lowkey goin smack at Cari Champion today πŸ‘€ lol
Cari champion was looking fire today too smh
Cari Champion would be bae if she met me.
Wale need to get on with Cari champion
Idk wat it is about Cari Champion she's not that pretty but she is really sexy
*** wale slick was tryin to get at Cari champion πŸ˜‚
My favorite part of the day is with Her...
Is it me or is Cari champion showing off the goods for Wale on First Take.
Cari Champion looking like money today.
Cari champion laugh is so annoying !
Cari Champion gotta quit playing and give me my shot.
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*** Cari Champion was looking incredible today. Better than usual. Flashing thigh nd all got damnn
Cari Champion looks good every single day on First Take.
Ludacris Gets a Fight Scene in Furious 7 - Actor and Rapper Ludacris tells First Take host Cari Champion how he go...
Time for ESPN to reconsider the shows format and it's host Cari Champion. Enough already.
β€œWhich female ESPN employee is ranked on your list?” Cari Champion
God, Cari Champion can be so annoying sometimes.
Cari Champion be working those dresses on First Take 😍😩
Some great captains joining me on Fan Health Network. Cris Carter, Marcellus Wiley, Cari Champion, Billy Horschel, Katie Smith, .
Cari Champion just be ta sitting up here looking beautiful and what not
Espn First Take doesn't even need cari champion
Cari Champion in her bag this morning
Past few weeks Cari Champion been having curls
why cari champion say Stephen A. look like ludacris 😭😭😭😭
Cari Champion lil petite self knows how to accent her curves. I see you. Bite sized
cari champion. I love a woman who knows her sports 😍😍😍😍
Cari Champion is a queen tho.sweet jesus
I love the NBA Lockdown podcast, but HATE when Cari Champion is on it. She is the worst. Literally just ruined my day.
β€œJosina Anderson or Cari Champion?” Slight edge to Cari Champion. Josina is cute when she's freezing on the sidelines though.
My Ex TL was hilarious... I remember when me and Cari Champion the 1st time... she was sick.
Cari Champion took it to the next Level Today!!!STAR!!
Annoying or not Cari Champion still makes my *** hard.
I love the way cari champion laughs
Cari Champion on First Take looking like bae and shid lol
I'm watching First Take and looking at how beautiful Cari Champion is.
Cari champion really a whole 39 out here. Now it all makes sense.
We already know who will be Cari champion's MVP...dismiss everything Steph Curry and James Harden does for their team
Cari Champion brag about UCLA Bruins like they are elite in football and basketballπŸ˜‚.
Cari Champion's looks are really growing on me.
Cari Champion this morning is too beautiful
Cari Champion so consistent and I think that's why her stock climbs so steadily every single day
I'm in love with Cari champion but I hate her "t's" pronunciation
I hope Cari Champion does SportsCenter today cuz I need to see a full body shot in that dress. ***
Cari Champion is easily the sexiest woman on ESPN. How are you able to stay focused for 2 hours?
Cari Champion be looking at Stephen A. Smith like "Chill out, it's not that serious bro"
Cari Champion is killing it right now in that black dress. Thigh looking delicious.
Cari champion is straight stone cold fox
is my favourite sports reporter! Love it when he argues with Cari Champion
Thanks again for the shout out...I used to be Cari Champion's Executive Producer in ATL, nice job 2night, great show
Cari Champion on Winning an championship: "Everything has to align"
Cari Champion is bragging about saying Westbrook was the MVP...before the all-star break. That, uhh, doesn't say what she thinks it does.
Cari Champion is unbearable to listen to on the podcast.
Cari Champion said Serena Williams with training could beat Rousey lol
I like Cari Champion. But Jay Crawford, Skip Bayless and Stephen A were the best on FT
At the end of the day Cari Champion still follows me and that's all that matters.
I wanna lick on Cari Champion... Her skin looks so succulent
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Cari Champion on First Take looking all flawless & elegant & chocolate as always 😩
Watching Cari Champion on First Take with these three clowns is sad
Please lord get cari champion off First Take please
When I think of Cari Champion I think First Take host so I admittedly tune out. I agree on Sage Steele. That is a good call.
Cari Champion. In a different way, Pam Oliver and Sage Steele. All great at their jobs too.
Convinced there is no other woman on this planet for me except Cari Champion.
Can Skip and Stephen A. hurry back from vacay, im tired of listening to Cari Champion fake *** πŸ˜‘
Cari champion did First Take herself πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ why
dnt ask ?s u knw the answer 2 black. Cari Champion 4sho
Cari Champion put her two cent in a lot of convos this week then she did the whole time she was mediator on First Take
When did Cari Champion get engaged? I don't watch First Take, but she started the show making sure to show off the ring lol Good for her
β€œCari Champion called DeSean Jackson a leader LMAO”Airhead broad man. Don't even know the meaning of sport. How she get wrk?
β€œCari Champion called DeSean Jackson a leader LMAO” She's not too smart for this. Stick to the Serena/Rousey talkπŸ˜‚
Cari Champion looks like she don't give a crap about this Chip Kelly talk going on right now
Cari Champion is the worst "moderator" there are 3 dudes literally shouting at each other at the same time as she sits there
Cari Champion always been my wife forreal
Cari Champion wanna tell them to stfu so bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cari Champion just needs to marry me. Let's stop these games girl.
Cari champion is the example of my dream, beautiful, knows sports, n got her own carrer.
First Take host Cari Champion says the Chicago Bulls 'championship hopes are over' with Derrick Rose's injury problems
Cari Champion says she's "not a believer in Atlanta Hawks" on NBA Lockdown Cari rarely givers her opinions on ESPN FirstTake
If I worked at Espn and my co host was Cari Champion. I wouldn't be able to concentrate. Boo is totally gorgeous.
The myth of liberal Hollywood doubles down on slavery rape jokes about ESPN's Cari Champion gets invited back on
Cari Champion always has more of an opinion when Stephen A. And Skip are off.
if you're not watching Cari is rockin that dress like a champion! Dress
Ima get hired on by ESPN in the future and then I will marry Cari Champion
I'm not about to fall for Cari Champion's thirst trap on IG
I hope my wife ages like cari champion. Lol.
Gah daaammmnnn cari champion is beautiful bruh. I NEED somethin like that lol.
Cari Champion got him beat by a mile
I can b the male version of Cari Champion lol..can b the middle man while ya'll duke it out! 😁😁
Tamron Hall and Cari Champion are the best on TV right now...My opinion of course..
Cari Champion showing off cause Skip and Stephen A. not in the building. I feel you Scoop! Bulls have best roster minus injuries
Cari champion looks like she smells really good
Cari Champion pissing Scoop Jackson off being the sassy woman.
Cari Champion lookin like million bucks this morning
Cari Champion is fine as *** especially in that all white. Another reason to watch First Take everyday
15yrs. Bob, do you know, the Duke , cari champion great
Cari Champion is wearing that right red dress man. Have mercy
Cari Champion so fine to me lol Black really don't crack
Sage Steele. Cassidy Hubbarth. Cari Champion. Erin Andrews. Charissa Thompson. Can we get a sports version of The View
β€œFirst Take needs a new host. Cari Champion talks way too much” lmao deadass bring back jay crawford
Cari Champion be looking so fine up there on 😍
Cari Champion vs Josina Anderson in a DSL battle...who ya got fellas
I wanna have sex with Sage Steele face...and Cari Champion *** *** ..
Feels like Cari Champion & Sage Steele got the classiest nudes of all time.
Sage Steele and Cari Champion are putting on for the sistas in sports
Stephen A Smith face is hilarious when Cari Champion tries to give her 1cent ... Lol.
β€œNot watching First Take right now but I’m sure Cari Champion is babbling as always” bring back jay Crawford
Just waiting for Stephen a smith and Cari champion to cosign Skip Bayless to death
Nobody cares about your erection, Artie Lange. And women don’t think it's funny | Roxane ***
I kissed Cari Champion hand too. It felt like silk tasted like chocolate. Stephen signed a big contract and act like he too good.
Cari Champion is a dime, she makes First Take that much more enjoyable
Cari Champion forever has the key to my heart
Cari Champion is all turnt up on the road, in studio she is BORING must be all those athletic men visiting the show!
Cari Champion blessed me with a pic after the show
Jerome really jus had Cari Champion backin it up on him..lucky dude
Cari Champion. Let's go to Jared's... Every kiss begins with K...
Watching First Take and Cari Champion just said to Blake Bortles: "I'm taller than you... This is weird..." Lol poor man...
Every morning Cari Champion can get it lawd
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Cari Champion would probably make the perfect wife
"All ages... sizes, shapes... Boy, girl, man, child, woman, father, son, daughter." Cari Champion's strong suit is not going off script.
Assuming they could get Cari Champion out in time, I'd probably be OK with a drone strike on the set of ESPN's "First Take"
Myself & Cari Champion Flick It Up on the set of The biggest Football game…
Cari Champion's skin looking smooth and silky as usual 😌
HI fives for the GORGEOUS Cari Champion &
Cari Champion is a fine 39 years old woman
Court is in session, honorable judge Cari Champion at the helm!
Didn't know cari champion.was almost 40 .she look good today
I'm pretty sure cari champion checks the net worth of all the players that come in the show !
Haven't seen First Take in a while. Forgot how lame Cari champion was
Couldnt co-host a show with Cari Champion cause Id be too tempted to bone her on set
Cari Champion comes to yo house in nothing but a robe, yall smashing her or not?
I really wish ESPN would do away with Cari Champion. Jemele is super annoying, but at least she can speak facts
When i got to hold Cari mm mm
Skip Bayless needs to quit interrupting Stephen A. Smith when he's talking. Cari Champion too.
Cari Champion be looking like just wrap it up son
I just want to see Cari Champion fine *** 😍😍😍
Lmao cari champion tryin to stay awake during First Take
Who told Cari Champion she could speak without being spoken to?
Cari Champion like hold up player, your Oprah reference is Ed
ESPN know they keep Cari Champion laid
Yall can have Cari Champion, she's gassed. Josina Anderson is bae.
nah after some googling I'd still take Cari Champion over Sam ponder.
I'd love to be in Dallas watching First Take right now, if only so I can try & put my face between Cari Champion's legs.
Cari champion can get this pipe lol
Both Cari Champion and Sage Steele can get it
Cari Champion can catch this wreck tho
I'm sorry. Cari Champion looks and acts like shes a character from the Zoolander movie. Constant posing and sickening pandering to audience.
Cari Champion is looking exceptionally good today
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Im kinda bored of Cari Champion...maybe they need a fresh face.
Cari Champion playing Boy Who Cried Wolf. called for security 3 times now. What happens if there is actually an issue?
I need a young Cari Champion in my life.
I HATE Cari Champion with a Passion! She is just a nemesis to me
I aint know Cari Champion was that old. She almost the 40 lick.
Hard with security being *** but closest shot I could get of Cari Champion
Cari champion is fine in person let me holla at you right quick ;D
Which of these ESPN beautiful ladies is the better sports journalist? And who is better looking? A) Cari Champion, B) Lindsay Czarniak, C) Sage Steele
Cari Champion felt some type of way when Stephen A talked about calm happy wife equals success
Cari Champion has been super vocal in Dallas.. I LIKE IT!
Cari Champion siding with Romo and the Cowboys smh
Okay Cari Champion just won my heart with the Cowboys pick! I love you!! 😍
Cari Champion said she prefers Rkmo over Aaron Rodgers. She's clearly on First Take just to read questions ...
See Cari Champion was my girl but then she just said she'd take Romo over Rodgers. Smh I'm gonna have to let her go smh
Cari Champion say she riding with the Cowboys. Told y'all we one of the last two teams with swag.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
β€œI ducked with Cari Champion til now... πŸ˜’β€what happened
I love cari champion even more for picking Dallas to win
Romo over Aaron Rodgers. Cari Champion needs to stfu lol.
I ducked with Cari Champion til now... πŸ˜’
Cari champion looking kinda good up there lol
"Cari Champion still lookin like butta doe"
Cari Champion has the easiest job on earth
First Take bout to come on.Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Cari Champion bout to get it crackin
Towards the back. We'll be standing. We should be behind Cari Champion.
Yal stay tryna get at my bae Cari champion
I liked a video Cari's Court: Cari Champion Joins the ManiAACs
want to give a shout out to miss Cari Champion it's great to see an intelligent woman do her thing.
Funny how First Take will close with Cari Champion saying there's more to come from Dallas but won't say SportsNation. Hmmm wonder why.
Cari champion low key ruined First Take smh. Women
The things I would do too cari champion smh
Cari Champion called Darren Woodson the best safety ever. No, that IS the joke.
Cari Champion so fine boyyy...I could watch 1st take all day
I really got a crush on Cari Champion. She a fine dark skin woman
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith and Cari Champion share memories of their beloved friend and colleague, Stuart Scott.
Cari Champion rocking the Pam Oliver collection weave
Eric Allen gon smash Cari Champion during commercial breaks now that Stephen A and Skip aint on set...
Cari Champion is beyond sexy on First Take, what is she wearing a leather dress 2day.
That's Bae right there bro lol β€œCari Champion is beautiful I tell you that πŸ˜˜β€
Cari Champion today made me wanna go get these bangs TA-DAY!
Cari Champion is beautiful I tell you that 😘
Cari Champion be havin that Moesha swag πŸ˜‚
Drinking Game: every time Cari Champion on bobs her head or agrees w/ anything Skip says, drink. You'll be drunk in 10 mins
Why Cari champion always trying to add stuff into the middle of people's sentences lmao like Sh
Cari Champion looks great today on First Take! πŸ‘
WHY ON EARTH IS CARI CHAMPION ON She's AWFUL. She must be sleeping w/ w/ her 'hehe' style of him.
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Who's a better hypeman\ co-signer, Cari Champion or Spliff Star??
Idk if there's country for Cari Champion haters. Take that is elsewhere.
I still want to know who that woman that replaces Cari Champion when she is not on???
Gilley's restaurant on the 5th to see Stephan A, cari champion and skip? Bet. I'm in there like swimwear
Hol up cari champion lookin right this morning
Cari Champion is ride or die for Kobe
Cari champion from got that grade-A brown skin! Be making me lose focus before lunch time!
Cari Champion did call Lakers win at Spurs
Cari Champion is a perfect example of an annoying Lakers fan
Cari Champion is slaying on this fine Monday. Her hair has the moves like Jagger. Werk.
I just hate skip. And First Take as a whole. Except Cari Champion. She can get away with anything.
Patiently waiting for a Cari Champion slavery sex joke. The comparison is not complete until.
on Champion League draw:We have been well served in recent years.Maybe I'll go to church this weekend"dh susah baru cari tuhan
Cari Champion is 40 next year. What a gem she is
The things I would do to Cari Champion.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
seriously try to get Cari Champion on the show
You couldn't warn me?!πŸ˜’ You don't look like Cari Champion anymore
Cari Champion is extra hype right now
Skip what did Cari Champion tell you today on First Take ? This was their Championship.
yep Cari Champion is the one. Sage Steele too skinny for me
don't tell me you putting Sage Steele Over cari champion
I wish I had Cari Champion job.Fake laugh at Skip jokes, smile and pretend I know what they're talking about when they talk football.
I'ma see if cari champion give me a shout out lol
I really think I'm in love with Cari Champion
Cari champion's voice makes me want to kill myself
Too funny watching Cari Champion trying to get an insightful word in between Skip and Stephen A
we can replace Skip Bayless, Steven A. Smith and Cari Champion when they retire πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰
I don't like Stephen A, Skip Bayless or Cari Champion so why do I watch First Take.
There is no way Cari Champion is 39 years old
Cari champion is horrible on First Take. Annoying
has really grown on me. And so has Cari Champion 😍
Cari Champion is the babysitter to Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless today.
Cari Champion seem like she'd be annoying af in a relationship but who cares cuz we'd all still hit
Michelle Beadle's cave dwelling *** blocked me because I called her out for not supporting Cari Champion. At least I know she read it.
Cari Champion is one fine piece of chocolate
β€œCari Champion really sexy af”- BRO! I thought it was just me. I just said this a few days ago guy
Cari champion of ESPN First Take she is a very beautiful woman
Cari Champion look good af today but tomorrow she might not. Baffling
Still not sure if Cari Champion is fine or not
Whenever i see Cari Champion or Keri Hilson one of two songs play in my head...
That dress look like it's fitting Cari champion nice today
That lady cari champion from ESPN First Take I would let her sit on my face right after she woke up
Cari Champion could get the inches tho
Cari! first sight I thought "who won beauty of the year BET award"? its only Cari Champion! looking from lips to legs Damm!
bra she retarded I swear the worse sports mind ever bra she just be up there talking at least Cari Champion look good lol
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Cari Champion looking scrumptious this morning
Let me go look at some pics of Cari Champion & Sloane While I wait for SNF to kick off (taking suggestions as well)
maybe you wouldn't, but Cari Champion would get Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, and Malcolm X's ghost over in a heartbeat
Cari Champion is cute but she talks way too much.
I'll love you Cari Champion for as long as the Lakers will suck.
Cari Champion on the TL just fine for no reason.
Aw man Ray rice won his appeal now First Take bout to be the Cari Champion show
Who ever this new lady is on First Take need to stay on the show and get rid of Cari Champion lol
That First Take mediator fill for cari champion prim whatever her last name is was on again today and she is just too fine Bruh oh lawd 😍
Yo the Cari champion sub is bad tho-
Made a valid point but it's debatable. Prim Siripipat the most gorgeous woman at ESPN. Cari Champion in that convo too.
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