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Career Day

Career Day often refers to a day in school where students learn about different careers and vocations.

South Central

Tiger Woods presenting to Mrs. Todd's 3rd grade class for Career Day! Thanks for taking the time to meet our kids!❤️ http…
Career Day will be 8/20 at 12PM at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Bldg
Eberhart students explore all of their options at Career Day!
Visit our stand at Career Day today at the Nile Ritz Carlton hotel in hosted by
Thank you Tracey Early from for coming to our Career Day! Students enjoyed learning about news casting!
Live from's Career Day! Bill Geyer from Pax River Test Pilot School shares how planes are constructed.
Staburo took part in the second Career Day at the Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry on 11 May 2016 in Munich
It's a busy week at SPSCC! Tomorrow is the Health and Wellness Fair, and we also have Career Day, the Filharmonics and so much more!
Hello Ms. Perez, I'm a guidance counselor in Ft. Greene an would love to invite you to our Career Day on June 10th.
with was asked to speak at Career Day at Noble Prentis Elementary today!
Career Day tomorrow - Wed May 4th for all grade 6, 7, 8, and 9 students. Parents may jump in as well and listen to our guest speakers.
We'll be at S. Bruce Smith’s Career Day tomorrow to talk about careers in welding. APTC is staying in touch with our community!
BOMA International is pleased to host a special Career Day event, where college students and veterans transitioning…
Career Day at school. I dressed like Precious Mama (Mary) 😂😂😂😂
Just Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the...
The last game on New Year’s Day was 1/1/12 at the caught his 1,000th career pass in…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
One day, Talipoo, you will talk to me about boys and career goals with a huge, huge on…
Coincidentally on the day I felt the worst, I rejected the worst weld in my career.
Great day ahead! I get to meet w/ my sophomores in Mrs. Miller's & Mr. Killian's English classes for career exploration!
The day I met kabukinyc was one of the best moments of my career. Your work is an inspiration!…
Rob could take home several club thots & bang them in one night & the next day show up w *** She only cares abt what he does 4 her career.
NJSIAA transfer rule is clear, however time for a rule change. Three 'free' transfers per HS career "no 30 day sit" http…
I wish you good luck with your future career, all the happiness to your family and have a wonderful day *hugs* ❤
Today's career of the day is 35M Human Intelligence Collector
Aobtained, a career defined, a life changed...all in one day!h…
If elections were held the first Tuesday after Tax Day we wouldn't have career politicians. .
It's not too late to register for any of our courses on our "4 Day Career Masterplan…
Presented career change, showing only two meals per day on food journal from this day onward
organises a 1 day field trip 4 all our students to Museum. and guiding process.
Considering a career in research? Want to know more about career progression and research fellowships? Click here:.
With Mars in his first full day in retrograde motion in your career sector during the Sun's last full...
At the same time that the Sun is spending his last full day in your career sector Mars is spending his...
Workwide brings a new experience to career changers: experience and work in a company for a day! https:/…
Keeping putting your career in ur bio, maybe one day u'll believe it.
Urban Outfitters-career day on Tuesday 19th April 1pm – 7pm in our Marble Arch Store - London. Bring your CV along!
Considering law? solicitor reveals the every day trials of a shipping
Ah thank you! What's that they say.. "If you find a career you love, you will never have to work a day in your life" - so true xxx
My sister trying to kick off her YouTube career back in the day 😂😂
Change Career Now! Help others, become a our APT team on 24 April
Cambridge 1 Millwall 5. 15 years to the day one of the greatest days of my career!.
Legendary shoes for a legendary career. Make your own Kobe XI iD tomorrow.
Our boss shares with students of Amman National School brief abt TactiX as part of the school career day
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day.” Why it's so important to love what you do:
Want to be successful every day at work, in business and in life? Grab this journal!
Teacher: Would you bring a knife to a gunfight?. Kid: no. T: Then why bring your *** accountant dad to career day?. *9 c…
Great & emotional day for me.The last time I felt this way,was at AFCON 2013.So Excited!1st league Win in my career. htt…
Ladies.ur education, career, and money will never wake up one day and decide to leave u :-)
At House of Judah Church with P/O Scott from for Career Day. Telling young men about our great dept! htt…
Class of 2000! Chef TJ & Lawyer Rob reunited on campus for Career Day.
Chef John at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's Career Day - 2 more pics
A Curtis Middle School thank you to for helping to make Career Day a great success . . .
Project Manager, Matt Sallee and Senior Estimator, Craig Preston enjoyed their time at Career Day
Joe Cravero, Christie Bailey, and Mr. Hester from Chili's present to 3rd grade Panthers on Career Day!
is holding a Career Day on Mon, April 4th 10am-2pm at South Campus in room 274.
Career Day at SCMS! Dozens of Leaders from Spencer County and Louisville talking Seven Habits! Thanks
Career Day at Beverly Hills High School on March 30 from 8-12:30pm .
Keynote speaker Dr. Lauren Esposito from kicks-off our 3rd annual S.T.E.A.M. Career Day
So I spoke for 8th grade career day and had a Q&A session. 8th grader:"how often do you wear khaki on khaki." . Me:"3 times a…
Today was probably the most interesting day of my high school career
Congrats to Myah Morse on her signing day!! She will continue her softball career at Meredith College!!
If I ever do finally get into a filmmaking career one day, I'd definitely need to hire as the head of wardrobe.
it's Career Day at Pinewood Elementary... When she grows up she wants to be just like Bayley
Great day meeting at the Ft Hood SFL TAP career fair! Find our next event: htt…
Great day at career fair in San Diego! Explore careers for h…
Laurent at any given point in time: just killed another career, it's a mild day 💅
Thanks to everyone for reminding me how lucky I was to be traded on this day.Everyones career should have a defining moment.
So tomorrow I attend Career Day at my daughter's school as a presenter. I'm so excited!!! I just hope my daughter...
Mollie and I were going to go to career day until we realized it's Western night at Zaxby's
I moderated two Career Day panels today and added a little advice of my own
Another former Dolphin that will have a career day against Miami, lol
I added a video to a playlist Career Day|| bones||Stay positive
I think I've reached the point of my career where I'm going to skip classes to play at the SRC 1-5 every day now
No More Waiters: How I finally got an agent, quit my day job, and made $85,000 acting on TV.
In partnership w/ we’re taking steps to build a supportive workplace for women https…
American Canyon High School will hold its annual Career Day on Wednesday, March 16 from 8:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.
Thx for a great day & for creating career opportunities for women in the industry
Busy Busy Busy! Juggling booking Y12 students for work experience,helping learners with completing career quizzes, preparing interview day!
do you have any interest in talking to my wife's class in the Bronx for career day in June? It's 4th grade spec and gen Ed
According to your career, you must stay in a cheesy hotel some day ;-)
Go to OAB broadcasting career day, still can't get away from 😂
We are out & about today with students from for a Career Shadowing Day!
Diet is going well so far, I gave away all the candy I got at career day which made me really sad
Ben Bentil's career day pushes Providence past Butler in Big East Tournament via
Highlight of my day: female high school senior reached out to me to ask advice and how I got established in my career.
Scandal-plagued hacker journalist Hawke is after story 2save his career DayOne
The SC Career & Technology Education Administrators are official. SC CTE Administrators can join us in Mt. Pleasant for day 2 of Spring Mtg.
Lol. 😂 I'm from peck elementary. You came with with Ms.Zuniga for college and career day
Hey Goose Gossage. It's OK man. It's tough getting old and learning your place in this culture that changes every day. Props to you/career
Had a blast at LA Academy Middle School Career day! Good to see everyone and
Sample minis ready for Linda Jobe students on career day. I can't say enough good things about the schoo, it's...
are you interested in speaking at career day with Rugby Middle School students in Henderson County?
Is sleeping in the day the key to success? The career women who swear by an afternoon nap
I'm on a panel at City of Music Career Day this Sat. for people btw ages of 16-24. FREE. & htt…
Neat Alberta Career of the Day: Musical Instrument Technician! Check it out here:
- Passionate about Personal Care Brands-This might be your Lucky Day!
Our Attorney's and Investigators will be out at Hickey Elementary tomorrow, participating in Career Day! Looking...
to that time I was a bum for Career Day in High School
I just spoke at Career Day at Oakland International HS, where all students are immigrants. I started out by asking, “What is ‘news’?” (1/2)
Lyme disease forces musician to give up his dream career with Sony. via
Mercy Medical Center, Clinton Iowa will host a Health Care Career Day for high school students on Thursday, April...
Today was probably the most stressful day of my career.
I'd put up Hillary's career against Bernie's any day: real record of improving lives of kids through access to health, educ…
Got my laptop and backpack stollen a day before my midterm so I'm pursuing my backup career as a stripper now
I can't wait for the day I wake up in my own apartment completely Inlove with my career & current place in life
the happiest day of an nfl players career is when they leave Cleveland
One day people will make a conscience decision on having kids. Try this: education, career, marriage and then baby. It's so much easier
A parent of here to present for STEAM day! Kids loved hearing about her career at HP!
Today was the last day of cycle 2 for my KTIP and I am SO loving the direction that my teaching career is headed!! 🙌🏼👍🏼
This was a great week... Career Day! In Peachtree City. The season has begun...bookings are…
Heading back from Career Day at CLC. We just passed the Veterans Cemetery. Hi Grandma. Hi Grandpa. I miss you!!
Kinders want to be Marines like their dads!! College and Career Day at San Onofre
Our own educator of the year, Brenda Johnson, sharing our profession with the students! HGMS Career Day!
Seeking professionals in NYC to interview youth on Career Day at Randolph High School on Thursday March...
Crosby High School Alumni, Heather Adams Taylor, Class of 2004, presenting to CHS students on Career Day! Thank...
The theme for tomorrow's boys basketball game at 7 is Career Day!! Come out and support as they play Brandon Valley!🏀
Thanks Mr. Schmidt and the Carthage Community Foundation for the grant for College & Career Day!
College & Career Day! Thanks again Carthage Community Foundation for your generous grant!
College and Career Day! Thanks to the Carthage Community Foundation for a grant to make this program possible.
.we are looking forward to meeting everyone for Career Day at the Bryce Jordan Center.
Girls in grades 6 -12 - LOVE Science? Seats still open in: . PSU Expanding Your Horizons STEM Career Day for Girls!.
📷 darrennchris: Kids, we have two very special guests here at the Harvey Milk School for Career Day and...
Check out the DKL Career Day at Pace academy on Periscope
Artistic Director, Ms. Mimi Worrell, takes a few dancers to assist for Career Day at Dutch Fork Middle School.
Our students were inspired and informed at the Career Day hosted by Holy Cross Germantown Hospital. Many thanks...
will be at Lebanon Valley College on 11/6 for the PT Career Day! PT alum are welcome!
Claggett Creek 8th graders heard about career options at AVID Career Day event yesterday
Career Day was a success! A huge thank you to the Counseling team at Claggett Creek for their continued support...
Just finished speaking at Career Day at Dr Ronald E McNair Middle School. Love talking to young people.
there is Career Day at Cent Comm College on the Hastings campus, Nov. 17 11-1:30 Dawson bldg gym
Thermo Fisher Scientific Women in Engineering and STEM Career Day drew more than 100 high school students to campus. htt…
Our team had a great afternoon at the SCSU Career Services Center's Career Day!. If you attended and would like...
Career Day at BJHS- Principal Melissa Blossom gets into the spirit of the day with her "Secret Service" contingent.
We're so excited to meet the Wildcats at CSU Chico today at the Career Day in Bell Memorial Union Auditorium at 10am!
Paul Mitchell the School is ready for Career Day! — feeling excited at Cy-Woods High School
Atmos Energy employees at Career Day meeting students and talking about their future opportunities.
Saint Elizabeth Health Career College in Victoria is holding a Career Day on August 15th!
Can I make a career out of laying on the couch and watching Netflix all day
I can't wait til the day I start my amateur career ☺
Want FREE coaching? TODAY 07/19 is the last day to enter to win coaching with completely FREE!
Ramsey wud like to go to spain at some stage in his career. But for now he wants to be at Arsenal. He cud leave one day. Wud be a big blow
Good cops see the problems every day. They can't call anybody out, it's a career ender or worse.
The 6 affirmations you should be telling yourself every day to find inspiration in your career and k
I will ALWAYS focus on education and gettin a career rather than on relationships bc at da end of the day money pays ur bills not love 💅🏼💯💸.
New 1 Day Beauty Courses designed for anyone who wants a career change or to start a new hobby.
I'm literally so excited for college that's all I've been thinking about every day is one step closer to my career
At skul 4 this thing called "Career Day" and t'so fvuqen boring from the teachers to err'thang sh!t I wanna goh home
one time I forgot to check my sim's career outfit so she went to her first day of work completely naked
Late night thoughts: I can't wait until the day Harry Styles pursues a solo career 😍 could be the next Justin Timberlake
I hope after I graduate college and get a career that there are night shifts available because I honestly don't function in the day time 😅😂
What's a career where i can ask questions all day and get paid major money?
“This guy is just a superb, great receiver and I think he’s going to be dominant Day One." ~ Raiders legend Tim... featured in NBC s Science of Love
I've never been to a business day in my entire high school career
Last day to see is at the Career expo in MELBOURNE tomorrow. Look at all the free stuff Steph got!! What a legend...
I want a career where I can suit up every day.
They never mentioned this option on career day. I'm sold!
Biggest day of my youth career this year... Better have my phone blowing up aith good luck texts
Ive got a trial soon at Old Trafford,to see if Sir Alex Ferguson will use me.To be honest,its the biggest day in any yo…
Ever think that one day you will have a career, a family and your own house, car, kids, etc.
I thought had a career to focus on instead she has to be with Joe every single day
Jack Rogers got drunk tonight and that was the best moment of my entire day camp career
I'm still lowkey mad I was suspended on career day 😕
Stressing over my career choice: day 2.
I've chosen the right career field. Playing with doggies all day is the best job ever. 😀🐕🐶🐾
Waiting for the day my career is started and I have the life I want.
is that one day you read this..Me'm so happy for you to accomplish your dreams and start your amazing solo career,👏👏
How do PGM majors spend their summer days? A Day in the Life of the RC:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
As I continue to pursue my career choice I become less and less soulful each day
Kobe is good. Yes but LBJ at the end of the day will have a better career
Today, I got to work with my friend who did a day on Billions with us. A career highlight. And Penn brou…
Cant wait to go to school for something i love & get a career doing what i love every day...goals
There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful and amazed at the awesome career I have :)
Sure you can have a lucky day, but you can't have a lucky career
What is a normal day for a web developer?
Being funny wasn't a career choice growing up, it was my way out of situations; a way to survive another day. Tracy Morgan
On this day 25 July in 2004 . scored his career best 143 runs as defeated in Asia cup . 👏👏👏
Day 41 in the books! Buddy Dave gets his 16th win at EmD & Mary Lois gives trainer Howard Belvoir his 1,997th career victory!
CYPRUS: UCLan is organizing an open and career day - ...
I been a fan of yours since day 1. Listening to your old tracks and excited for you career to take off.
The Singular Mind of Terry Tao - Gareth Cook: That spring day in his office, reflecting on his career so...
So me and my mom were talking about my music career and she said "you never know maybe one day you might be touring with 😭💕
“I want a career oriented man that can text me all day” -Women
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"Nobody loves athletic training more than me!" -Shone Gipson, AT, speaking at Career Day.
The APU Career Day is happening now for IT & Engineering students @ Asia Pacific University in Technology Park...
Career Day @ Forrest Hills shout out Halemah my student escort.
Thanks to and all the great presenters at PHS Career Day! What a great program by PHS Guidance.
Talked about civic engagement and the importance of an education with students at PS 85 during Career Day
The Ambassadors have done the following: hosted Information Night, Counseling Day, and Career Day, Middle School Recumrui…
HPD Bomb Squad discusses Law Enforcement tactics with Smith students on Career Day.
Thanks for allowing me to teach the students during Career Day what Early Intervention is all about at
Career Day at John Hanson was a great success! Thank you to all of the outstanding presenters.
Career Day with 3rd graders in South Central! @ 122nd Street Elementary School
Career Day with 5th Graders in South Central! @ 122nd Street Elementary School
Headed on a field trip during Career Day but I had to get pics on the Hall of Fame…
Enjoyed speaking with the 8th Graders at Bessie Coleman Middle School at their Career Day.
Honored 2 be a part of Skyline High School College/Career Day. Impacting the lives of our future
Beaver Local graduate Mike Ross opens Career Day discussing how perspective can change…
Last-minute request: Do you have time this Thursday morning to talk about AmeriCorps at a Career Day? A small...
Just spent the afternoon presenting at Career Day @ Central Middle School. What a great group of kids!
EHBA and the Nathan Hale-Ray High School host successful first annual Career Day event. Thank you to all the...
STUDENTS! Check out our NEW Federal IT Career Day program! Be a change agent in govt! How to register -->
A day full of both of my jobs...talking about Creative Juices by Kari at Career Day at Timber Creek high school,...
Friday:. Kari will be volunteering at Timber Creek High School's Career Day. She will be speaking about her...
Career Day at St John Neumann HS, MIFR FF/ Medic Chris Bowden speaks to students about the Fire / EMS service
Excited to be a part of Roosevelt High School's Career Day. Thanks to for organizing!
So honored to be participating in Career Day at George Jackson Academy!
BSMS Needs Volunteers for Career Day. If you are interested in participating, please contact Kim Davis @ 301702-7500.
Very nice to be participating in Career Day at Douglas College today! Focus on your brand, and dazzle!
Thank you, John Frizzell for speaking about veterinary medicine at Career Day.
Calling all Employers! Kwantlen Polytechnic University is hosting a Career Day on March 3! More info:
Karen Buchholz DPT is participating in King George Middle School's Career Day this morning!
I had a great time at Saldivar Elementary's Career Day today! Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Monica Alonzo also joined in on the fun.
Jonah this morning at the bus stop. Career Day is today at Lincoln Elementary School and my baby say…
Career Day at Bishop Kelley! We welcomed dozens of professionals to our classrooms to share with our students.
Career Day - Wähle das Top Thema für eine Präsentation am Campus Bad Reichenhall: Marriott Hotel - Your Success Begins Here Bring us your passion and your determination to succeed. We’ll show you a world of opportunity that reaches every corner of the globe. From our leadership development program, to internships and entry-level jobs, Marriott is a great place to put your education to work. Kurz-Vortrag zu den Themen: - The Voyage Global Leadership Development Program Marriott offers an extensive program giving recent graduates opportunities to develop leadership skills for management roles throughout our company. - Internships, Apprenticeships, and Trainee Positions Experience the hospitality business, and discover what it takes to build a career in a leading global business.
At Global Leadership Academy Charter for Career Day--looking forward to speaking w/ the Scholars!
Here's what my first Career Day as a professional was like:
Mark your calendar for the 9th Annual FPA MN Career Day: Friday, February 27th (DoubleTree Hotel in St. Louis Park)
Happy to announce that Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. has registered for the 2015 HTM Career Day!!!...
What would a trip back to my alma mater for Career Day be w/o a selfie w best calculus teacher ever?!
Day 3 spirit week (Western r Career Day) n I will now present your 2014 Lawyer.
9th grade students learn from many career guest speakers, including a U.S. Marshall for College and Career Day!
10th grade students work on the OhioMeansJobs site for College and Career Day!
College and Career Day at Salazar High opens up opportunities for Pico Rivera ... - The Whittier…
NATPE (National Assn. Television Program Executives) is coordinating a free Career Day on October 25 at UTA for...
NYPD Career Day at Park 10/18/2014 Register your bike, phone and computer. prevention
Enjoyed speaking to the students on Career Day at Sevier County High School.
Update your maps at Navteq
Career Day at Joslin, students meet community relations, health and civic engineer professionals.
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