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Cardinal Timothy Dolan

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan was in Kingston on Saturday for this very special occasion:...
Christian leaders, including two who spoke at Trump’s inauguration - Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, and...
Honored to meet His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan today who is such a role model for Catholics like me in the chu…
As my first post on Instagram, I had the honor to meet His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan! Such…
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, left, leads mass at St.Francis University.
In this first episode of What is Lent?, Cardinal Timothy Dolan shares some reflections.
Homily about to be delivered by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York
Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the back of the procession
Historic vist this week! | Cardinal Timothy Dolan to visit St. Francis University
REMEMBER THIS? Trump says Melania "has it so documented", she will hold news conference on immigration...
Cardinal Dolan to read from book of wisdom at inauguration _ georgia bulletin - georgia bulletin New York Cardinal Timothy M. Podium ...
Neumann University president Rosalie Mirenda introduced Cardinal Timothy Dolan of NY at Charter Day.
Delighted and honored to be invited by Cardinal Timothy Dolan to sing at the St Patricks Day Mass on Friday...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan on how Pres. Trump can expand educational opportunity with a federal scholarship tax credit
“Prayer immediately turns us into something greater than ourselves." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan
how about the archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan
I liked a video Cardinal Timothy Dolan offers prayer at Inauguration Day 2017
Cardinal Timothy Dolan on relations 'We all want God' | via .
The rush to 'physician assisted suicide' is gaining momentum. Cardinal Timothy Dolan speaks powerfully & speaks out.
.allows all priests to absolve 'grave sin' of abortion. Cardinal Timothy Dolan says that's good news…
Statement of Cardinal Timothy Dolan on the Appointment of Cardinal-elect Tobin
The stunning St Patrick's Cathedral. Residence of the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is demanding an apology from Hillary Clinton has she done that yet has she been to confession
"Trump and Clinton dutifully paid tribute to the hideously corrupt Cardinal Timothy Dolan"
"I just finally thought: 'Darn it, let's do it,' - Cardinal Timothy Dolan .
Cardinal Timothy Dolan reveals he made Trump and Clinton pray together before charity dinner
Cardinal Timothy Dolan called for Clinton to disassociate herself from anti-Catholic statements made by...
Is good or bad? Catholics/anti abortion people should send the cardinal a slap on his FB page. New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan
This is the man who pulls both their strings. His name is Cardinal Timothy Dolan a member of the Knights of...
Trump to Clinton: "You are one tough and talented woman."-witnessed &reported by Man of God, Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Thanks to Maria Bartiromo, and Al Smith, and the good Cardinal Timothy Dolan, I would like to make a donation. God willing.
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New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan said the best part about this dinner was the prayer beforehand...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan says something rather interesting happened when he was with Clinton and Trump last night:.
World War II veteran, 95, gets a shout-out from Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Cardinal Timothy Dolan reacts to Al Smith dinner via
Cardinal Timothy Dolan played peacemaker on Thursday sitting between & at Al Smith Fundrai…
Tonight please join His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan for a discussion on the history of St. Patrick's Cathedral
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: "I have an obligation to welcome immigrants"...
Who else has been giving those "corrupt" speeches to Goldman Sachs? Laura Bush, Cardinal Timothy Dolan & Shaq
Easter Vigil Mass officiated by his Eminence Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New…
You. Will. Cry. - the message from Timothy Cardinal Dolan Archbishop of New York's words are especially moving...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York before today's Good Friday procession across the Brooklyn Bridge
Hundreds of Christians marked by walking across the in ceremony
Cardinal Timothy Dolan on ed. tax credit, "aid-in-dying" bill -
Cardinal Dolan: Can't March Madness Stop on Good Friday?: Two prominent Catholic universities are scheduled to...
Timothy Cardinal Dolan presided the mass for palm Sunday. I feel…
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With my catholic homie Cardinal Timothy Dolan. What an honor it was being able to serve mass…
Cardinal Dolan Comes To Albany: New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan came to the Capitol with other Catholic Church
"Can you think of a better place to be on asks Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York
Cardinal Timothy Dolan was at the Capitol today to discuss issues facing the Catholic Church
Life is a journey back to God. The best compass is THE Way is Jesus. ~Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Cardinal Timothy Dolan answers the question, "What is Lent?" In this video. Check it out!
"It is time to recover our nerve and promote our schools for the 21st century." -Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Cardinal Timothy Dolan statement on anniversary of Roe v. Wade
Cardinal Timothy Dolan (CNS) Cardinal Dolan has called on the US faithful to participate in a '9 Days for Life'...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan introduced - "we're both from Baldwin, MO & I still remember taking you to the Prom" 😂😂😂
Republicans currently hearing from Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, during the lunch hour in Baltimore.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan lunch speaker at Republican Congressional retreat on "soul, head & heart."
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, joined w/ Fr. Dave Dwyer speaks with Cardinal Donald Wuerl about his book: " To the Martyrs"
It was an honor to have His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, bless the start of the 2016 Legislative Session. I...
Read about how the Catholics and their religious allies want to get your tax money. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who...
Always nice to see Cardinal Timothy Dolan in the Capitol. He gave the invocation to kick off this year's session.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan gives opening prayer to kick off session; presiding
Archbishop of NY, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, opening in Basilica today at 3pm
Immigrants, indigent youth craft pieces for pope's Mass: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, right, archbishop of New York...
New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan steps into the role of head pilgrim this weekend when he leads as many as 200...
did you know they're quoting Cardinal Timothy Dolan in republican debates? You need to get control of that jerk like yesterday
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is not an elected politician. Why do we care what he has to say?
I'm from New York & I don't care what Cardinal Timothy Dolan has to say about anything.
- Cardinal Timothy Dolan orchestrated the intentional bankruptcy of the archdiocese in Milwaukee,...
All political power in the USA answers to/obeys Cardinal Timothy Dolan out of NY, he is, as they say, the BIG Kahuna.
What an *** Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Nativism rears its big-haired head
Blog: Cardinal Timothy Dolan compares AU to the KKK, and the Catholic League rushes to back him up. All right then!
Blessed are the poor.Cardinal Timothy Dolan's 30 million dollar residence in Manhattan
Register your discontent with the pastor, Father Rober Robbins via
Sign this to help save the icons at Our Saviour's NYC:
“We cherish true freedom, not as the license to do whatever we want, but the liberty to do what we ought.”. Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Petition to protect Church of Our Savior in NY.
URGENT: Sign Petition to Cardinal Dolan, to save the Icons at The Church of Our Saviour
Protest Iconoclasm Tonight at 5:30 at the NYC Chancery: Full story - icons of Ken Woo at Our Saviour
Save the Icons at Our Saviour! . Please consider signing and sharing this petition to Cardinal Dolan…...
His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Save the icons at Church of Our Saviour! - Sign the Petition! via
Prayer for hard times :"God, please, in a testament to your greatness, gloriously convert this anti-Christ scoundrel"
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Bishop DiMarzio and Bishops processing into the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph
Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared on the Today Show this morning with "mixed feelings" about the Pope's resignation
If you missed a Special Conversation w/Cardinal Dolan w/ Cardinal Timothy Dolan & his Family, check us out On Demand!
With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence we thank God for the great gift of our beloved country, -Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Rita Moreno as Grand Marshall danced on 5th Avenue during the Puerto Rican Parade.
The new blessed Trinity…"Me, Myself & I". - Cardinal Timothy Dolan on The world we live in.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan on why marriage is a bold move: Archbishop of New York provides insight
Cardinal Timothy Dolan nailed it when describing the current culture . "It's me,myself,and mine"
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Catholics and Jews must unite against the storm of secularism - Catholic...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is honored at gala
New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan has revealed that St. Patrick's cathedral was in dangerous condition before ...
Here and Now: Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in New York City with no public schedule. At 8:30 a.m., Cardinal Timothy Dolan,…
Cardinal Egan to be eulogized from pulpit where he preached: His successor, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, will be th...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan's linking of the IRA and Catholic Church is as idiotic as it is incorrect.
.at - Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Islamic State is Muslim like Irish Republican Army was Catholic
Irish Times … Aer Lingus to fly pilgrims from New York to Knock for first time: Cardinal Timothy Dolan: ‘It is...
"To listen with attention, sensitivity, and interest is a skill." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
"The minute we think we're strong and have mastered our sinful nature, we're setting up ourselves for a fall." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
"The wise Priest is acutely aware of his weakness, his inclination to sin, his dark side." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
"Our people do not expect us to be poor, but they do look for us to be simple." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
Appearance by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, film screenings, concerts and more free events in the city this week
Who will be a bigger NFL flop, Kordell Stewart, Cordarrelle Patterson, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, or
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, one of the nation's more outspoken religious leaders, will officiate mass in...
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Cardinal Timothy Dolan will celebrate and be the homilist at a Red Mass at the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Wheeling ,. WV, 6 p.m., January 24
Cardinal Timothy Dolan denounces Paris attacks, says satirists not to blame (RNS)
will be speaking at this Legatus conference and so will Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Pretty much the face of American Catholicism.
“We are in solidarity with you” ~ Cardinal Timothy Dolan told officials at St. Patrick's Cathedral Sunday.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan tries to make peace between NYPD and C
Did ya miss closing benediction at DNC by Cardinal Timothy Dolan?
Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that the pontiff wants the Catholic Church to study same-sex unions, ‘rather than condemn them’
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is also a great one for telling it like it is, but not without compassion. Love him.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan gives advice for troubled marriages
Could homosexuality split the Catholic Church?: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the ebullient ...
: In response to the news that the St. Patrick?s Parade in New York would now accept *** groups in the parade and that Cardinal Timothy Dolan would serve as Grand Marshall of the parade, Catholic Citizens of Illinois has sent an open letter to Cardinal Dolan, which is published below.
How do the Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church view Cardinal Timothy Dolan and others...
“Are Catholic conservatives turning on Cardinal Timothy Dolan?” (If influence more by evangelicals than Rome)
Cardinal Timothy Dolan has been announced as GM. But Maria would be a gr8 marshall for the Dub parade!
Are Catholic conservatives turning on Cardinal Timothy Dolan? via
Watch Video of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, FFHL board member at
cute story about the persistence of prayer via Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan - Pope Benedict XVI: Renewing the Intellectual Life of the Church -
Almost no one on Earth will ever live in a Madison Avenue mansion, but Cardinal Timothy Dolan has the privilege
While you would be an EXCELLENT choice, Cole, I meant Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Is there a cabinet position you would like?
Just listened to Timothy Cardinal Dolan interviewing Rep. Paul Ryan on the topic of subsidiarity. Really quite interesting.
Timothy Cardinal Dolan deposed in the case of ex-Missouri priest on ...
was un-American;it was unbiblical; it was inhumane.”-Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan Countries ARE!!
Pope Francis Appoints Three New Bishops for New York Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has appointed three priests of the Archdiocese of New York to serve as Auxiliary Bishops to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York. The announcement was made today in Rome and in Washington. Bishop-elect John Jenik, 70, currently the pastor of Our Lady of Refuge Parish in the Bronx, Bishop-elect John O’Hara, 68, currently directing the archdiocesan planning process Making All Things New and former pastor of Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus Parish on Staten Island, and Bishop-elect Peter Byrne, 62, currently the pastor of Saint Elizabeth Parish in Manhattan, all bring many years of experience as pastors to their new roles as bishops. Cardinal Dolan praised the appointments, saying, “All three bishops-elect are seasoned pastors of the archdiocese, with years of acclaimed ministry in all areas of the archdiocese. “ The three new bishops will be ordained as bishops on August 4, 2014 in Saint Patrick’s Cat . ...
Charlie Rose in Rome for the Canonization of Pope John XXIII & Pope John Paul II with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and Cardinal Donald Wuer...
Pope has the Church stepping the soul game up- Free Booze! Hmm, I'm thinking... "Wall Street Journal U.S. NEWS The Cardinal Cordially Invites You to…a Dance Club By JOSH DAWSEY It seemed like another night at Sankeys NYC, a Midtown dance club: As Rihanna's music blared from speakers and lights pulsated overhead, bartenders beckoned with drink specials and black-shirted bouncers guarded doors. The only difference: all those church pamphlets positioned by the exits. The 200 or so mostly millennials in attendance on a recent Wednesday night were guests of the Archdiocese of New York, which had secured the venue and ponied up for dozens of pizzas. Partiers walked to the club after attending a Roman Catholic Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, presided over by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Some had been to confession, too. Church volunteers herded the flock down Fifth Avenue, making sure none strayed along the way. Some attendees got a head start, ducking out before Cardinal Dolan finished his post-Mass Q&A session. ...
The office of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who heads the Catholic archdiocese of New York, said the archbishop is “fully supportive” of the Church’s teaching on “homosexual activity, “particularly as it is expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” The Catechism says that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered,” are “contrary to natural law,” and “under no circumstances can they be approved.” (2357) NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory interviewed Cardinal Dolan and asked him about football player Michael Sam, who recently came out as an open homosexual, and who likely will be drafted by the NFL this fall. “How do you view it?” said Gregory. Cardinal Dolan said, “Good for him. I would have no sense of judgment on him. God bless you. I don’t think – look, the same Bible that tells us, that teaches us well about the virtue of chastity and the virtue of fidelity and marriage, also tells us not to judge people. So, I would say bravo.” Gregory noted that Presiden ...
PLEASE BEWARE of a possible IMPERSONATOR of His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Your take on this is...
Just got a friend request from Cardinal Timothy Dolan. NOT! If it was truly his acct., their would be a picture...
Novena for Religious Freedom begins TODAY and continues until May 8 “Time is running out and our valuable ministries and fundamental rights hang in the balance, so we have to resort to the courts now.” - Cardinal Timothy Dolan
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Six steps to joy Recently, I had coffee with a fellow Catholic who gloomily shared his ongoing struggles with living out his faith openly in the world and his reluctance to discuss his faith with others. He made it clear that going to Mass on Sunday was all he could or should be doing. After a few minutes of discussion, it became obvious that there was a connection between how my coffee companion presented his faith to the world and how others view the Catholic Church. Why do some Catholics lose their enthusiasm for the faith? Why do some leave the Church? Why do those curious about the Church have reservations about converting? The unfortunate truth is that many (not all) of us make being Catholic look about as exciting as having a root canal. Non-Catholics may be looking for inspiration from people who are truly joyful about Christ and the Church he founded. They want to see in us genuine passion for the Eucharist and the other sacraments. They would love to see us have prayer lives worth emulating. Doe ...
Cardinal Dolan: "We need competent lay people to represent Catholic Church" or comp clergy who won't lay everything?
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: "We need competent lay people to represent the Church" …
Cardinal Timothy Dolan Is a total disgress! Perfect example I don't consider my self as a catholic, disgusting!
U.S. Cardinals to gather in NYC for CUA America’s Catholic cardinals will gather in New York City on Friday, May 30, to raise money for college scholarships at the 25th American Cardinals Dinner, to be held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the New York Archdiocese, and John Garvey, president of The Catholic University of America, will serve as co-hosts for the dinner. All proceeds from the event will benefit CUA scholarship funds. Prior to the dinner, Cardinal Dolan will serve as the principal celebrant and homilist at a 4:30 p.m. Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral at Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st streets. Visiting cardinals, bishops, and clergy will concelebrate the Mass, which will be open to the public. The reception at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 301 Park Ave. will begin at 6:15 p.m., followed by dinner at 7:30 p.m. Nine American cardinals are expected to attend the dinner, including those who currently serve or have served as archbishops of U.S. ...
New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan reveals his communication strategy
In Rome, the EWTN News Nightly team heard Timothy Cardinal Dolan speak about Church communications at the...
Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan proves that pedophilia pays, specifically $20K in his diocese
Pope Francis, I'm not coming back until Cardinal Timothy Dolan is expelled for supporting pedophile priests and demeaning the victims.
Check out the stories we were talking about this week, via
"The world doesn't come to an end when you empower people and give them choices, it gets a lot better."-
Cardinal Dolan says buy your birth control at the 7-11. Cool story bro.
According to Cardinal Timothy Dalton, to get contraception " all you have to do is walk into a 7-11" via
It is beyond time to tax churches and these other religious groups clearly sticking their noses into politics. Right Cardinal Timothy Dolan
ICYMI: You can still listen to & discussion on the need to advance in America http:/…
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Cardinal Dolan thinks women can just walk into a 7-11 for
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, says he can't say whether he would vote for Republican Jeb Bush for president, but he certainly likes what Bush would bring to the table. I like Jeb Bush a lot. Whether I'd be for him for a presidential candidate or not,...
To bring young people to mass, Cardinal Timothy Dolan is taking selfies, talking beer and throwing club parties.
Thank you to the New York Daily News for their endorsement and support of legislation, S. 4099-A, which I am sponsoring, that would create an Educational Tax Credit here in New York State. Working with my colleagues in the State Assembly, including Assemblyman Michael Cusick, this should be the year to get this done. NY Daily News Editorial in support of the Education Investment Tax Credit. Private money, public gain Give kids options. Public and private schools alike would get a much-needed shot in the arm under an education tax credit being proposed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan and a growing coalition of religious, labor and community leaders. It’s a promising and creative way to boost charitable giving for a critically important cause that Gov. Cuomo and lawmakers should back. Under the plan, the state would offer up to $300 million a year in tax credits to New Yorkers who donate money for primary and secondary education. Half the amount would be earmarked for contributions to public schools, including ...
An Earthquake why that's nothing to the like' of certain entertainers; Look at this why this is the center of the Universe for you what you can be so Picky, Picky, Picky you will only be able to procreate with yourself after this; Pope Francis has expressed his desire for the Catholic Church to “look into” the reasons some states across the country have chosen to favor civil unions for *** individuals, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said Sunday. The pope last week suggested he could be open to such unions for people in “diverse situations of cohabitation.” But, Dolan said, the pope has not disclosed his outright approval of such marriage agreements.
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Cardinal Timothy Dolan talks about Pope Francis' evolving priorities and vision on *** marriage. - NBC News
teh Nu diverSItee: Thiz mornN, Cardinal Timothy Dolan will shoutout at Cathedral HS on an…
Da new diversitee: Dis mornn', Cardinal Timothy Dolan will holla at Cathedral HS on 'n…
Digest For Sunday, March 9 Here's what happened today at On Top Magazine Dr. Ben Carson on Saturday reiterated his opposition to *** marriage during a CPAC address Iranian pop star Googoosh has released a video featuring a *** couple In interpreting Pope Francis' remarks on civil unions, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said that the pope is simply questioning the appeal of such arrangements Actor George Takei, who is best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on 'Star Trek,' has criticized Arizona lawmakers for approving an anti *** bill Top Oregon Republicans gathering at this weekend's Dorchester Conference for the first time endorsed *** marriage Ralph Reed on Friday said that Eric Holder should be removed from office for advising state attorneys general that they do not have to defend state bans on *** marriage A housing facility for LGBT seniors officially opened last month in Philadelphia with a giant rainbow bow and a tag that reads 'gift to the community' British electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boy ...
“Timothy Dolan Uncomfortable as Pope Calls for Study of Civil Unions :Too bad, Cardinal Dolan!!!
Day 7, Mass at St. Patrick's with cantor, choir and His Emminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan as celebrant and homilist.
NYC Cardinal Timothy Dolan LOVES being in the spotlight... What a shame the closeted Catholic leader continues to...
The sheer brilliance of Cardinal Dolan is 2nd to none. His intellect woven like a rich tapestry within his...
Is Cardinal Timothy Dolan a Good Catholic Cardinal or is he liberal? I just can't figure him out!!
Cardinal Dolan is asked 3 times about civil unions comment, then admits he's "uncomfortable."
I really like the pope and cardinal Timothy Dolan :)
The Pope doesn't support same-sex marriage -- but he wants to know why some states do: Cardinal Timothy Dolan ...
today I am extremely happy to share that I was held under Cardinal Timothy Dolan's grasp (strangled)…
Interesting ... Crummy little Catholic nobody Cardinal Timothy Dolan gets to tell the Pope what he thinks!
By Kate Sheppard. WASHINGTON &Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New ... -
I missed Meet The Press this morning, But Cardinal Timothy Dolan is most impressive.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan "Meets the Press": I always enjoy watching Cardinal Dolan handle the media.
Um, you've got to be kidding me right, Cardinal Timothy Dolan? If the Pope were genuinely focused on radically changing the lives of the poor in the world, the coffers of the Catholic Church would not be filled to overflowing with over a billion dollars, would it? What are they saving it for - a rainy day? And we are not called to judge? Really? You say, "Bravo," to Michael Sam for coming out of his private closet into the spotlight of new-found stardom as he is being shamelessly praised on parade by the Obamas, Hollowood, and the rest of the progressive elite? This does not compute!
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York says Pope Francis believes the Catholic Church needs to examine why some...
Cardinal Dolan on 'Meet the Press': Pope is Not for Civil Unions, and It Would Make Me Uncomfortable — VIDEO today's Meet the Press, David Gregory asked NYC Cardinal Timothy Dolan about the Pope's statements this week that seemed to suggest the Catholic Church might support civil unions. Said Dolan: “He didn't come right out and say he was for them. Once again in an extraordinarily open, sincere, nuanced way, he said 'I know that some people in some states have chosen this. We need to think about that and look in look into it and see the reasons that have driven them.' It wasn't as if he came right out and approved them. But in a sensitivity that has won the heart of the world, he said, 'Rather than quickly condemn them, let's see. Let's just ask the questions as to why that has appealed to certain people." Gregory then asked Dolan if that would make him personally uncomfortable. Said Dolan: "The civil unions? It would. It would in a way, David, because I don't think, um, marriage between one man and ...
I heard the most effective pedagogy from his eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan on wide array of issues at NBC Meet the Press: social justice, peace, equality regardless of gender, on same sex marriage etc.. The Catholic Church should do this more in the open. This kind of pedagogical evangelization of the gospel is what nations and peoples need at this time: so pragmatic: shooting one straight to his heart and mind!..that really energized my mind and made my phantasms activate my creative imagination!!
Cardinal Timothy Dolan was on Meet the Press this morning speaking about the Catholic Church. Please take the time to watch this. Beautifully spoken ,I will try and post interview latter. It on NBC for the west coast family.
NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan is amazing! Such enthusiasm, down to earth way of speaking and contagious excitement! Reminds me SO much of Uncle Bart!!
Cardinal Timothy Dolan just told David Gregory that Pope Franky wants to restore the luster of the Church...I didn't think they had lost their lust...ZING!
Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Catholic Church is "being picked on" in relation to priest molesting and raping children. What an absolutely despicable response/stance to make. Surprised Dolan didn't try to blame "Bush" ! Just sayin, pathetic.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan will be a featured guest on NBC's
On Meet the Press, when asked his opinion on some athlete who recently came out of the closet, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said: "Bravo!"... "Bravo"??... Hmm. Me thinks His Eminence just sashayed out of the closet himself!
Archbishop of NYC, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, on Meet the Press this morning. To use his on word, 'Bravo!'. Well worth the time. The Catholic Church, of which I am not a member, but a recent fan, has seen alot if turbulence over the years. Just as troubles 'bubble up' and surface, so will good things and good people.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan gives a very good interview on meet the press.. He is a great ambassador for the Catholic Church
Catholicism and Islam has more murders under their belts than all Tyrants throughout history combined! I accept all challenges on that FACT! Nevertheless, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City, is the most impressive speaker since Frederick Douglas!
Watching Meet the Press and Cardinal Timothy Dolan! He is awesome!
Dan Dennehy, Chairman, National & NYS Immigration Committee The AOH National Immigration Committee has produced a new lapel pin to wear and present to congressional leaders in Washington DC on Wednesday March 12th for “Irish Lobby Day” on Capitol Hill. Also, the NYS AOH has sponsored ”The Story of St. Patrick” children’s book distributed this week to all elementary schools in NY Archdiocese with the blessing of Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan says he has 'no sense of judgment' against University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam
Mayor De Blasio And Cardinal Dolan Visit Wakefield Catholic Mayor De Blasio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan toured a pre-K classroom at the Catherine Corry Academy at the Saint Francis of Assisi School in Wakefield on Thursday,…
This is the weirdest "star studded" anything ever...Martin Sheen, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Queen Latifah, Joe Namath, Bruno Mars, Vin Scully and Philip Philips. Fox Sports, who are you?
Catholic bishops push Boehner on immigration Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York sent a letter to Speaker Boehner on Thursday urging the House to pass immigration reform legislation by the end of the year. “The House has a responsibility to debate and attempt to resolve public policy issues that challenge the nation. Immigration is a challenge that has confounded our nation for years, with little action from our federally elected officials. It is a matter of great moral urgency that cannot wait any longer for action,” Dolan wrote in the letter. Dolan serves as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has significant pull on Capitol Hill. In the letter, Dolan wrote that the House should pass immigration reform “as soon as possible, ideally prior to the end of the calendar year." President Obama pressed GOP lawmakers in a statement from the White House last month to do the same, and said he’s open to accepting any immigration legislation as long as it includes a path to citizenship ...
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In their first meeting since Bill De Blasio became Mayor of New York City, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Mayor De Blasio expressed a shared desire-- to bring Pope Francis to New York City. ABC Local reports that De Blasio expressed his "fervent hope" that New York City would be included in any future t...
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan said they would love to roll out the red carpet for Pope Francis and help spread his mission for fighting for the poor to New Yorkers. During the
words of Craig Hardegree: "Why do conservatives want to do away with Pope Francis’ First Amendment rights? Why do they want to restrict freedom of speech for the Holy Father? Why can’t the Pope stand up for his religious beliefs without being attacked and threatened by conservatives? Why are conservatives trying to silence God? Ken Langone, the billionaire who put together the initial financing for Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus to start Home Depot, has delivered a threatening message from another millionaire to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, warning that if Pope Francis doesn’t quit talking ugly about rich people’s lack of compassion, rich people are going to quit donating money to the church. If you don’t see how that is a huge affront to the Holy Father’s freedom of speech, I’ll translate it down to where we can all understand it: How would you feel if some cable channel warned some actor that if he didn’t quit talking ugly about *** people, the cable channel would quit paying him money to act ...
In a look back at the biggest game changers of 2013, ABC's This Week singled out Pope Francis for how he's changed the image of the Catholic Church worldwide, stylistically more so than substantively. Cardinal Timothy Dolan praised the new Pontiff, saying he's shattered the caricature of the church…
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, on Sunday praised Pope Francis for changing the way the world views the Catholic Church. Dolan has been part of the problem so his words are interesting to hear him speak of what he calls the ‘Francis effect.”
Timothy Dolan In contrast to the words of Pope Francis — who said "Who am I to judge?" — Cardinal Timothy Dolan maintains that the Roman Catholic Church hasn't revised anything about its opposition to homosexuality. Earlier this year, Dolan, who is the archbishop of New York and the nation’s highest-ranking cardinal, told a group of reporters that the pope was “articulating … the traditional teachings of the church,” and clarified that the church still believes “homosexual acts” are a sin. This may be a case of two seemingly opposing ideas both being true simultaneously. The pope's statement did signal a real change, but it also isn't a departure from Catholic teaching. Meanwhile, Dolan has spoken out quite often about his antigay views — which also contradicts the pope's advice that "it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time." During the Democratic National Convention last year, he famously prayed that national acceptance of marriage equality would decline, and he was ...
God works on His time, not ours. Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Large crowds that included Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, filled a pub Sunday to show support for a family devastated by a fatal car crash this fall.
I Would Like To Disagree with Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Bill Donohue; Children do not have the capacity to know whether they are homosexual or not, they cannot fight back when a priest is cornholing them. That is called RAPE! Not consensual sex! These are evil men.
“God is constantly revealing himself to us. He whispers to us, he doesn't shout — Advent invites us to listen and discover His grace and mercy.” Cardinal Timothy Dolan
In two weeks, 75 percent of the world will come to a stop to celebrate a mother and the birth of her baby. Millions of children will point to the newborn baby in nativity scenes throughout the world and ask, “Who’s that?” and parents and grandparents will whisper, “That’s Jesus, our Lord and Savior.” Then they’ll point to Mary and inquire, “And who’s that?” and the answer will come, “That’s His mother, without whom Christmas could not have happened.”~~Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Big news in Somers this week! . Cardinal Timothy Dolan weighs in on the crèche controversy...and speaking of...
Had a chance to meet this wonderful man, Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Thanks Doug Milford! He's everything I've...
A new issue of Yorktown News is out! We were able to catch up with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who was in Town last...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is obviously the Rawls equivalent in this scenario
Cardinal Timothy Dolan has claimed that the Catholic Church is not anti *** Dolan's right. The Catholic Church isn't anti *** but evidence suggests its bishops certainly are. Catholic bishops' opposition to marriage equality is intense, if not particularly effective.
Though both Pope Francis and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, among other Christian faith leaders, have offered high praise to former South African president Nelson Mandela upon his recent death, pro-life leaders are urging caution since Mandela also had a role in bringing abortion-on-demand and homosexual “marriage” to South Africa. “Mandela should be congratulated for fostering a relatively peaceful transition from apartheid to whatever South Africa has become,” Paul Tuns writes in the Canadian pro-life and family publication, The Interim. “It is a little much to say that South Africa is a functioning democracy because it is effectively a one-party state with loads of corruption. That one-party state has moved South Africa firmly in line with the ideology of the international left on a host of issues, including moral issues.” Tuns expresses his concern that strong pro-life ...
In an interview with David Gregory, scheduled to air Sunday on "Meet the Press", Cardinal Timothy Dolan reiterated the Catholic Churches strong opposition to *** marriage in the United States. ...
To All Catholic Christians: "We ourselves are the first to need re-evangelization." - Cardinal Timothy Dolan
"When we admit our faith is weak, when we admit our faith is shaky, when we admit that our faith isn't what it should be, actually we're exercising it, and we're making it more and more firm."- Cardinal Timothy Dolan
With the Supreme Court slated to take up the battle against the Obamcare HHS mandate early next year, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said the Catholic Churc
The Christian owners of a bed and breakfast are sued for discrimination, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan claims that the Catholic Church has been out-marketed. …read more
Just sent my column and Cardinal Timothy Dolan won't like it. Read it mañana.
"We Catholics would call this a two-collection crowd."Cardinal Timothy Dolan at annual Wall Street Dinner sponsored by UJA-Federation of NY.
So the ever so jolly Cardinal Timothy Dolan was asked by David Gregory why he thought the Catholic Church was losing the battle on *** Marriage"... And His Eminence said it was because the "other side" (including Hollywood) was doing better "marketing". It doesn't surprise me that a public relations obsessed politician like Dolan would see this as a Press problem rather than even considering the possibility that the truly moral argument usually wins out in the end. Thank goodness that the New York Cardinal's glad-handing approach didn't land him that bigger job in Rome... Francis instead of Timmy.. almost restores my Faith in the power of The Holy Spirit.
In his never-ending quest to find an excuse for his inability to stop the momentum for marriage equality, New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan has a new explanation: the Catholic Church was "outmarketed." In an interview on Sunday's Meet the Press, Dolan complained that the entire universe was aligned…
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, right, speaks to the media after Mass, Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, at St. Patrick's Cathedral...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan says church should not be a "scold," but rather a "loving mother" who periodically corrects her children.
Cardinal Dolan Stands Firm on Tough Issues: Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that he will continue to speak against *** marriage and abort...
After mass, Cardinal Timothy Dolan called Pope Francis a "breath of fresh air." "He's our Mariano Rivera...a great relief to all of us."
Mass this morning with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York.
When said the Church's narrow focus is driving people away, he should've added that so is Cardinal Timothy Dolan.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan on CBS, I cant get over how well spoken and charming he is.
Update your maps at Navteq
NY addresses Pope Francis' remarks on *** marriage, abortion:
Intriguing interview by Cardinal Timothy Dolan this morning. Preaching Christ crucified while talking about the church!
Cardinal Timothy Dolan on CBS Morning now ... love this man!
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is on CBS This Morning, and I really like him.
Pope Francis Comes Out of the Closet: 'I Have Never Been a Right-Winger' Michelangelo Signorile | September 19, 2013 1:16 PM ET Read More: abortion, archbishop timothy dolan, Catholic League, National Organization for Marriage, Pope Benedict, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Maggie Gallagher, vatican, same-sex marriage, Pope Francis, Catholic Church, bill donohue, contraception, Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis contraception, nom, Pope Francis abortion, Pope Francis *** marriage, marriage equality, Pope Francis I have never been a right-winger, *** marriage, Michelangelo Signorile It's just stunning to see Pope Francis chastising his own church and its leaders for using Catholic beliefs in a determined drive to discriminate against people. But make no mistake: That's exactly what he did in a new interview, forcefully taking on bishops, cardinals and lay leaders who've often used homophobia and attacks on women as means to raise lots of money and wield political power. Pointedly criticizing the church for bein . ...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan Tells Muslims 'We Love God and He is the Same God' - Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York...
one of my favorites, Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrates Stepinac anniversary. find out more beg @ 5:15pm news12live
Bishops Stand Fast on HHS Mandate-Bill Donohue comments on a letter sent yesterday by Cardinal Timothy Dolan-
We are excited to welcome Cardinal Timothy Dolan this Wednesday, Sept 18th, as he comes to Stepinac to celebrate The Mass of the Holy Spirit
It was really nice. Father Trans sister is a nun in Vietnam and when they found out that the Cardinal had accepted...
To the keynote speaker Cardinal Timothy Dolan I was so blessed to be able to be there
we met Cardinal Timothy Dolan and he was so sweet🙏 wooo catholic power
Check out photo of at this afternoon. Recognize anyone?
Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that sinful clergy behavior is 1 of the main reasons people are leaving Roman Catholicism
I added a video to a playlist Cardinal Timothy Dolan's (Archbishop of New York) WYD 2013 catechesis -
"As Pope Francis said at World Youth Day, our God is a God who surprises! So don't categorize Him or box Him in!"-Cardinal Timothy Dolan
From earlier today: Cardinal Timothy Dolan reacted to the news of Alex Rodriguez's 211-game suspension |
A Yankee fan by occupation, Dolan talks A-Rod suspension on weekly SiriusXM show:
Don't care what this creep has to say “[LISTEN] Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Rodriguez and the Yankees |
[LISTEN] How about a Cardinal's take on the suspension? Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Rodriguez and the Yankees |
Newly released court documents make it shockingly clear that Cardinal Timothy Dolan shielded millions of dollars from victims.
Jeff got a head-pat from His Eminence the Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and he still came home grumpy.
That time when Cardinal Timothy Dolan put his palm on my head while I edited photos from his Mass in Gettysburg.
Mass in a field w/ Cardinal Timothy Dolan(!!) to pray for the soldiers who died for their country in Gettysburg.
Blessed to have just met Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is a very immoral man. FACT! .
Cardinal Dolan hid $57m from sex abuse victims and paid priests to leave the clergy: Cardinal Timothy Dolan, t...
Cardinal Dolan's Response to HHS Final Rules – Here is the statement of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of th...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan caught lying (again) about efforts to shield himself from priest sex abuse scandal
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Hiding priests' sexual abuse of children AND paying the criminals tens of thousands of dollars for their troubles.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
New York Times Editorial is indictment of Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the Vatican. -
.Now that you are exposing Cardinal Timothy Dolan, how about an editorial exposing the truth about your CEO
editorial board exposing the truth about Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Will they ALSO expose the truth about CEO
Yay God! Court documents make it shockingly clear Cardinal Timothy Dolan shielded millions of $ from abuse victims
The Times details the revelation that New York’s archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan, while serving as archbishop...
US Cardinal Timothy Dolan is a disgrace. He should follow Benedict's example and resign.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, tried to shield church assets from victims of clergy sexual abuse:
In other news; Here I thought Cardinal Timothy Dolan seemed like one of the good-guy, "regular Joe" Catholics.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan transferred money and then lied about it. Tell him to resign.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is under fire after news broke that he hid $57 million from the victims of the Roman Catholic Church’s pedophile priest sexual abuse victims.
The U.S. Supreme Court decisions June 26 striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act and refusing to rule on the merits of a challenge to California's Proposition 8 mark a "tragic day for marriage and our nation," said Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said today, "The Supreme Court ruling today is the greatest disaster in history of this nation." Gee, I thought Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were pretty bad days, and the Titanic was a biggie, not to mention the Civil War. All this from a guy who dresses like Liberace.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan: ‘Today is a tragic day for marriage and our nation" Seriously - because my loving nurturing relationship of 17 years with my husband is the root of all that is evil in America today? Unbelievable...
Religious Right activists are none too pleased, to say the least, about today's DOMA decision. Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, United States Conference of Catholic Bish
Cardinal Timothy Dolan today said that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage is “a profound injustice” that threatens the “preservation of liberty and justice.”
HOME SUBSCRIBE DONATE CONTACT US Does Cardinal Dolan really believe Mother Mary worshipped Allah? Please click here to send your email to Cardinal Dolan and his staff. There is great danger when prominent Catholic and Christian leaders proclaim that Allah is the same as Jehovah and that followers of Islam value the United States Constitutional liberties more than Sharia law. Sadly, many American’s will blindly follow their lead to the spiritual and political empowerment of Islamists. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, made his first appearance at a mosque in New York City. The StatenIsland Advance reported: "You love God, we love God and he is the same God," the cardinal said of the Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths. Cardinal Dolan stressed that Catholics and Muslims have a mutual love of the United States and of the religious freedom that this country affords. Your love of marriage and family, your love of children and babies, your love of freedom -- religious freedom particularly-- y . ...
No doubt they lied to him too. via Cardinal Dolan makes first visit to NYC mosque, meets with Staten Island Muslim leaders | Staten Island, N.Y. -- Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbisho...
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York City visited a mosque in Staten Island this week where he met with Muslims and other faith leaders. During his visit, he made the controversial statement that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.
Priest for 25 years, persecuted for Traditionalism by N.Y.'s Timothy Cardinal Dolan, resigns. Go to, on L2233's page, to see his resignation letter. It is Very sad that Cardinal Dolan won't allow ANY Traditional Churches in his Archdiocese, including excluding Traditional groups accepted by The Vatican like the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, but now this is sinking to a new low, forcing a priest who says the Traditional Tridentine Mass to resign.
Last Wednesday (June 3rd), Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated mass for the young professional community here in... http:…
Greetings from San Diego: By Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Greetings from San Diego, where I have joined with my brot...
BROOKFIELD, Wis.-- Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Cardinal James Harvey will be featured along with seminarians at the Saint Francis de Sales Seminary’s 11th annual dinner event on Friday, September 6. The fundraiser to support priestly formation is hosted by Archbishop Jerome Listecki, Auxiliary Bishop...
DISPATCH FROM DAKOTA TERRITORY: Great news, Nardello's Restaurant is opening in Bismarck. The menu will include; 'New York style pizza, Philly cheese steak, and Sicilian hoagies. Hope they will also offer; veal and eggplant parm, mussels, and calamari. Steve Nardello, owner, said, "I think people around here need something different." "Yah you betcha, Signore Nardello." Mr Nardello is from "NEW JERSEY" WOOOHO! So if you folks that live on the east coast are ever up this way, be sure to stop so you can 'feel at home.' Especially youse guys that are in the groups, "I Grew up in Paterson and I am a Conservative" (Liberals are also welcome) - "Remembering Paterson" - and "I Lived in Paterson in the 50s and 60s" and anyone else. If anyone out there has some connections, see if you can get Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Gov Chris Christie, to attend the 'Grand Opening." Thank you for your support.
This is the complete speech that Cardinal Timothy Dolan made after accepting the 2013 William Wilberforce Award in Washington on April 27, 2013.
My friend Bill posted this pic of the 4 of us on the inaugural of the Breakaway. Was back in NYC for our companies National Conference and we were invited as the top agency Avoya Travel for Norwegian to sail on the Breakaway for her inaugural. Mayor Bloomberg, Prime Minister of Bermuda and the Bahamas, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, The Cake Boss, Jeffrey Zarkarian and the cherry on top, The Rockettes who are the God mothers of the new ship were all onboard.. Busy busy week but a fulfilling one..Avoya Travel/American Express a great Host company that we are associated with. We have blessed lives.
Last November, while promoting the canonization cause of Dorothy Day, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said, “I am convinced she is a saint for our time.”
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is known for his homophobia. However, he took it to new lengths when he used the New York City Police Department to bar LGBT Catholics and their allies from worshipping at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The upheaval began as a protest to Cardinal Dolan's "All are Welcome!" speech, i...
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