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Cardinal Pell

George Pell AC (born 8 June 1941) is an Australian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the eighth and current Archbishop of Sydney, serving since 2001. He previously served as auxiliary bishop (1987–96) and archbishop (1996–2001) of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

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Forthcoming trial of Cardinal Pell will flop into the hands of the trashy Murdoch media with disastrous conseqences:
"Perpetual Indulgence"... I'm sure Cardinal Pell would be there if he could :)
Fr. Tom Doyle, clergy sexual abuse expert, talks to about the charges against Cardinal Pell
Good piece in on Cardinal Pell. I've always felt he lacked the humility & compassion needed by priests
This is some amazing vision from 2004: Tony Abbott grilled by Tony Jones about his encounters with Cardinal Pell
Dominican Fr. Tom Doyle, major US expert on Catholic clergy sexual abuse, calls on Francis to suspend Cardinal Pell
Cardinal Pell will return to Australia as soon as possible "to clear his name," he said in new statement.
Disloyal Anglican. All things being equal, I'd rather be at Spanish Place with Cardinal Pell tomorrow than Diocesan Synod. Sorry Bishop!
Valda and Paul Hogan with Brian Cherrie protest Cardinal George Pell file handballed back to 3 times
There have been two updates to the George Pell book, “Cardinal”, since I bought the ebook. Never had that before but one can imagine why.
Can we also get a shout out for Cardinal Pell and the good Catholic paedophile priest brigade that white anted Aust…
How is it that the Pope's silence is deaf…
George Pell has been under heavy scrutiny for some time. But the Cardinal may still need to work on his PR game.
Catholic Church in Australia allowed decades of abuse by priests. Cardinal Pell serving in Vatican co…
It's interesting the way the ABC is vilifying Cardinal Pell when there appears to be no factual evidence to justify the allegations.
WATCH: A former student of Cardinal George Pell defends him against allegations of child abuse. Live on The Bolt Re…
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thank you for putting the truth about Cardinal Pell.John Clifton thx too.Pell innocent.Royal Com negligent
A different view on Cardinal Pell? Different to what? Different to weak, dishonest man who colluded…
Defensive wars they had to ride 1000kms to take part in? Cardinal Pell? Stolen generation in Catholi…
Is that like a catholic before Cardinal Pell?
Cardinal Pell lectures bishops over finances as...
Isn't that where Cardinal Pell lived for a while?
COMING UP: Has Britain imported the start of a civil war? Plus, a different view on Cardinal George Pell, from a fo…
I'd rather hear about the "real" cardinal Pell from the federal police thanks.
TONIGHT: How Britain invited in this terrorist war. Plus, the real Cardinal George Pell, by a former student. Live…
Gadfly on Louise Mulligan’s Cardinal - The Rise and Fall of George Pell and her publisher's race against the courts.
Listen to chat to about Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell.
"Cardinal has diplomatic immunity as a Vatican official" If police charge the Grub
. Imagine if, oh I dunno? The Catholic Church got embroiled in a child abuse scandal and Cardinal Pell was…
If that be so, why is Cardinal Pell bring protected by you?
Highly recommend Cardinal- Rise and fall of Pell.Brilliant investigative work and well written,disturbing…
Without media, there'd be no RC, no arrests, no trials at all, writes after book on Cardinal Pell https:/…
Cardinal Pell's media defenders have never shied away from causing more hurt to child sex a…
The fact remains that Cardinal George Pell is a proven pathological liar.
London: Cardinal Pell to ordain ten transitional Deacons for Ordinariate | Independent Catholic News via
Hand over the paedophiles you're harbouring. Starting with Cardinal Pell.
A book you should read... . Louise McMillan's book: "CARDINAL: The Rise and Fall of George Pell"
Robots and Artificial Intelligence present formidable challenges, but we need not panic, says Cardinal Pell
Police decision on ‘complex’ Cardinal George Pell investigation ‘not far off’ - ...Mmm
Cardinal George Pell: This wave of technology will transform politics
I highly recommend Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of George Pell by Louise Milligan
What's hold up? Police to decide if Cardinal Pell can be charged over historic child abuse claims
The people who Abbott has supported! Cardinal Pell, Kathy Jackson, Bronwyn Bishop oh and Father Nestor! Well done D…
please get Pope Frances to send Cardinal Pell his right hand man back to Australia to face charges
Brother 2 Brother [Mark and Craig Holden] EPstreaming at: including tracks : Mr. Berlusconi and Cardinal Pell
Case against Cardinal Pell widens as evidence brief is returned to Office of Public Prosecutions for 2nd review.
Significant lead in case against Cardinal Pell via
Wasn't there something about secret meetings between Cardinal Pell and AG George Brandis?
GOD bless Cardinal Pell. Traditional Catholic Cardinal are much needed in these "modern" times of the Church. St. Mic…
From '13 but still relevant: Packer, Howard & Cardinal Pell part of secret Chartwell Society for Liberal MPs
"and who is Canada's George Pell? hint "no-fizz" jq. " explaining the Rise and Rise of Cardinal Pell
Tony Abbott defends Cardinal Pell's role in church handling of abuse via
Cardinal Cant the Condemner, George Pell of Rome, from his Vatican Bank Vault Coffin, dictates the terms,...
Tonight on a former ABC chairman on the witch-hunt against Cardinal George Pell
unless you're Christian...just look at Cardinal Pell as an example, getting let off for gross negligence & incompetence.
I added a video to a playlist Come Home (Cardinal Pell) - Tim Minchin
When are you going to sack that egregious arsewipe Cardinal George Pell? The world thought you were different Francis. Guess not.
ICYMI: are a bridge between the and the world, said Cardinal Pell
Cleary way too ill to travel. Or maybe the steak, chips and beer are more to his palate over there. Pell, a heart...
Just watched - great cast and powerful film. Cardinal George Pell should watch it and squirm in shame
Free Cardinal Pell to answer all the questions asked by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
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Listen to the shocked gasps from the audience. He is so clueless and apathetic.
That *** promoted Pell, a cardinal who testified that a priests pederasty wasn't worth his concern.
Cardinal «they will be looking for every mistake we make in the administration of money». via
Cardinal George Pell named Time Magazine Coward of the Year =>
Laity are called to bridge and the world, Pell says:
Cardinal Pell says he urges young Catholics and others of integrity to consider going into politics and finance
Cardinal Pell to See Financial Reforms Through: APSA was divided in two and now acts as the Vatican’s “treasu...
Cardinal Pell: a bridge between and the world.
Cardinal Pell: Laypeople a bridge between Church and the world: VATICAN CITY – Laypeople are...
Laity are called to bridge church and the world, Cardinal Pell says
Cardinal Pell says "prosperity gospel" is not what Jesus taught but living in Christian way can bring prosperity
Cardinal Pell: Those hostile to Christianity will be looking at every mistake we do with out finances.
Cardinal Pell speaks on responsible lay participation in church finance @ centessimus annus conf.
Cardinal George Pell 'wrong' to blame others for sex abuse cover up, inquiry told - via
Oh. Cardinal Pell is still alive. Hm... *looks at time* hrm... *taps foot* What's wrong god? Don't you want him up there with you?
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Cardinal Pell: too sick to come home, snapped out on the *** in Rome.
Cardinal Pell, who was deemed too ill to fly to Australia for the child abuse Royal Commission downs beer & steak
Cardinal George Pell downs beer amid claims of 'bad heart'.
Pell digging into a fatty meal - taking the *** out of survivors, thanks to his good mate & plant David Ridsdale!
Real Estate Agents credibility as low as Cardinal Pell...? They're a sleazy greedy lot who produce nothing.
Cardinal Pell pictured enjoying meal of steak and chips in Rome on April 18 and Australia's most senior Catholic ...
Cardinal George Pell enjoys big meal of steak, chips and beer
Cardinal Pell says Mother Teresa said money and sex are the biggest temptations -- and money is bigger
Catholic Pedo Protector Cardinal Pell claimed "too ill to fly" to testify, but can eat steak, chips, BEER
Cardinal Pell's credibility on the line as Catholic Church strikes back https:…
Cardinal Pell's credibility is on the line as Catholic Church strikes back | David Marr
Read this, if you don't come away outraged, you're devoid of humanity. Cardinal Pell's Royal Commission testimony https…
Hang on. We just spent months HOUNDING Cardinal Pell & Annabel Crabb says . eww about a man saying sex & love with kids is oh eee
The blackest paint ever! Just in time for an Archibald Prize portrait of Cardinal Pell's soul! .
Nope: Andrew Bolt now recants, tells Sky he owes Cardinal Pell an apology. This is getting very odd.
.on the roller coaster ride that is Andrew Bolt on Cardinal Pell's testimony:
Cardinal Pell in his personal phrases on the Royal Fee
Cardinal Pell tells Royal Commission into child sexual abuse he was showing paedophile priest ‘Christian’ kindness http…
Cardinal Pell in his own words at the Royal Commission via
Whether you believe the media set, or reflect, public opinion Cardinal Pell is bad news news Australia
Andrew Bolt sparring with Paul Murray, Derryn Hinch and Kristina Kenneall about Cardinal Pell and Bolt's about turn.
Cardinal Pell has been accused of 'designing' Royal Commission evidence to deflect blame.
Cardinal Pell: "Bishop Mulkearns lied to me". "The Ballarat consultors deceieved me". "Archbisop Little deceived...
Cardinal Pell has admitted “regret” over not informing a bishop after he heard “rumours” of child sex abuse:.
Royal Commission expected to recall Bishop Mulkearns as Cardinal Pell begins day three of testimony in Rome
Cardinal Pell slams deceased Archbishop Little, compares him with Bishop Ronald Mulkearns
Cardinal Pell to face day 3 of Royal Commission into child abuse. Follow it live here:
Cardinal Pell agrees to one hour interview with Andrew Bolt?
Cardinal Pell tells the Royal Commission, Catholic Church had a "general practice" of not reporting sex abuse htt…
Cardinal Pell testifies about abuse: Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell says the Catholic Church has made ...
Ita Buttrose's defense of Cardinal Pell on Studio 10 is swimming against the current of panelists and society
Murmurs and groans in the Ballarat Town Hall as survivors hear Cardinal Pell say he can't remember certain…
Cardinal Pell spotted outside the embassy of Ecuador. oh no
Question to Waleed Aly who slimes Cardinal Pell: What about islam & Sharia approved pedophilia? Do you agree/follow? https:/…
Anthony Foster on travelling to Rome: "the intention is not to confront Cardinal Pell, the intention is to bear witness"
Rolf Harris should do a painting of himself pushing Cardinal Pell's wheelchair. That'd be FKN tops.
Gerard Henderson thinks Cardinal Pell is hard done by on - seriously. Pity about the victims, not.
Gerard Henderson presents friend Cardinal Pell as some kind of hero, fighting child-raping priests. He was an agent of…
Cardinal Pell about to have the biggest fall from grace from his home country since Cardinal Wolsey
Bravo for taking on Cardinal Pell. Brilliant song by - all in aid of justice
In support of the crowdfunding campaign to send sexual abuse survivors to Rome to hear Cardinal Pell give...
60 Minutes hits back over Cardinal Pell 'false allegations' claim
Abuse victims ask for a venue & seats in Rome to personally watch Cardinal Pell give evidence.
'Come home': Tim Minchin's lament to Cardinal Pell packs a punch, and a few abuses: George Pell is a 'coward',...
Tony Abbott is an embarrassment to Australia as is Cardinal Pell with child abuse they share a lack of vision …
Cardinal Pell told to 'answer questions over pedophile priests' via
It's simplistic of to suggest that Cardinal Pell is merely a convenient scapegoat for the mob
The Catholic Church sent out a statement this evening regarding Cardinal Pell's sickness.
"I think Gerry's been r**ting boys again': Revolting joke former altar boy claims Cardinal Pell told.
to reveal damning new evidence against Cardinal Pell, as he returns home to face the Royal Commission.
Cardinal Pell will "retain his own lawyers" to cross examine surviving victims. Who pays these lawyers, the new look Catholic Church?
Cardinal Pell on climate: Church "has no mandate from the Lord to pronounce on scientific matters". Simple truth, too hard for Kevin Rudd.
Here's the rundown on these final few days of the synod. And as Cardinal Pell said t'other day, His Holiness is a...
Cardinal Pell: Cardinal Kasper explained to us that there's no difference between so called Kasper and Ratzinger camps
Australian prelate Cardinal Pell denies he is a rebel at odds with the Pope: Cardinal George Pell has denied t...
Cardinal Pell: ‘I am not a synod rebel’ – Cardinal George Pell, the prefect of the Vatican secretariat for ...
Cardinal Pell: �the Pope lines up with me' – In a new interview, Cardinal George Pell emphasized that Catholi...
Cardinal Pell rejects conservative call for a walkout at the pope's summit via
[Cardinal Pell responds... Catholic News Agency (CNA)] ["Christ is the same, Present, Past, Future and eternally!"
"Some popes gave out the wrong message - and some archbishops too," said Bishop Robinson.That would be Cardinal Pell for one
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Pope Francis: Send Cardinal Pell back to Australia to appear at the Royal Commission into Institut... … …
Synod will endorse Church teaching on family – Cardinal Pell kids
Cardinal Pell - Catholic Church history there were 37 false or anti Popes. That is 14%
Michael slandered George Pell. No issue with disagreeing with the Cardinal BUT he personalised it & then 1/2
1. There is no shocking implication to Cardinal Pell's talk. 2. I believe they misrepresent the moto proprio. 3, As Card
what will Cardinal Pell be thinking?
Profile: George Pell's career in the Catholic Church - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
I wonder what our man in Rome, Cardinal Pell, thinks about all this? Can someone ask him?
Cardinal George Pell to speak at conference about people living with "homosexual tendencies"
PM Dudd Abbott, Barry O'Farrell had his full Confidence, Supported Bronwyn Bishop, Defended Brough, Said Cardinal Pell was a decent man
wen will fed polies & local mp's Q Attorney General George Brandis about meeting with Cardinal Pell & also what will do
"Rinehart, Murdoch and Cardinal George Pell as his witnesses".
You are correct; sure Cardinal Pell was also involved in a big way. :-)
Guardian extract of my tv encounter with Cardinal George Pell:
Cardinal pell isn't addressing the matter in a humane perspective, sure, some criminals are going to get away with their crimes because+   10% Off
He might have to be the first living saint if he outlives Pope Judas, (formerly known as cardinal Pell).
Pope Francis chose Cardinal Napier from Durban to be under Cardinal George Pell from St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney for Economy of the World
Well I'm as sane, as sane as my mate Pell, the first Cardinal-Prefect of the newly created (Papal) Secretariat for the Economy.
BREAKING: ABBOTT has just announced via Cardinal Pell that Andrew was indeed created 7days ago by God
Why did AG George Brandis meet Cardinal Pell before his evidence to RC? Suspicious much. via
Cardinal Pell destroyed the unity of the church's response to abuse by setting up his own protocol after threat from Jeff Kennett - Robinson
Bronwyn Bishop is about as "contrite" as Cardinal Pell, Kathy Jackson and Father Nestor!
Cardinal Pell wrong & Pope Francis right about "disturbing warming of climatic system" Pell is "on probation" like B Bishop
Whatever happened to Papal infallibility? Cardinal Pell critical of Pope Francis' stance on
BREAKING: Cardinal Pell rejects doctrine of Papal Infallibility; scoffs, knows better on climate...
Good article by re: Cardinal Pell's critics .
OpDeathEatersOz: ‘I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet’-Cardinal Pell
. Will sin-bin Cardinal Pell or Peter Saunders? Alternative - as with paedophile priests - do nothing.
Cardinal Pell thinks any adverse criticism of him is a cardinal sin. Why can't he be more like Pope Francis & just say mea culpa?
Gerard Henderson's Media Watch Dog is well worth reading through to the end. The attack on Cardinal Pell by some...
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Cardinal Pell given keys to the city of in 2004. . Mayor should ask for them back & give to Gordon Hill.
Pell really totally is the scum of the earth. Royal Commission told Cardinal Pell bought victim's silence via
Cardinal Pell allegedly asked abuse victim: "I want to know what it’ll take to keep you quiet"
Reform on the way? Think it's int how Cardinal Pell is at helm of this when everyone thought he'd been 'sent away'
Cardinal Pell and the Sydney archdiocese fought claim by abuse victim,to discourage others,, Royal Commission found
Cardinal Pell should look into why I was ousted: former Vatican bank chairman
Was Pope Francis criticising Cardinal Pell -- his handpicked advisor -- in his speech today?
CARDINAL PELL, who is no friend of Francis’s evangelical initiatives and religious reforms, explained how the financial scandals of the Vatican have been misunderstood and misrepresented in Western media.
There is a right way of living, and it is our task to try to find it and follow it. Cardinal George Pell
cardinal PELL and hundreds of millions of euro hidden in Vat
The reshuffle by gold as usual... *** are magical, Cardinal Pell says so".
they let Cardinal Pell escape to vatican without all Catholic Church case studies being heard
Vatican financial reforms: CARDINAL PELL, who is no friend of Francis's evangelical initiatives and religious ...
Tipsy Tony says Morrison is a decent human being.He thinks the same about paedaphile priest and Cardinal Pell.His idea of decent not mine
Cardinal Pell could've stopped so many child rapes He should have been castrated and the dollars he thought more important stuck up his bum
People on fb 'so nice to run into Cardinal Pell' 😑😑😑
Tony Abbott presents farewell card to Cardinal Pell
it's a Jesuit run Govt.Murdoch Papal Knight Abbott is mates with Cardinal Pell
they let Cardinal George Pell escape to Vatican before all cath church cases heard
All of you need to snap out of SELF IMOSED DAY DREAM no thanks PM who covered for
There's evidence Cardinal Pell was involved in helping pedophiles hide, and now that he's in Vatican City, isn't cooperating
Cardinal Pell played a large role in the covering up and protection of those guilty of sexual abuse of children.
Australian Cardinal Pell was removed to the Vatican months after a Royal Commission into the church was announced
Entertaining and interesting debate between Atheist/Agnostic Richard Dawkins and Catholic Cardinal George Pell.
Cardinal Pell should be thoroughly investigated regarding this terror attack.Muslim clerics assured us it has nothing to do with Islam...
● 13th Day Since Cardinal George Pell Said 100s of Millions of Euros Missing on Vatican's ... [Catholic Herald] |
Cardinal Pell- the only cardinal who appears to be equally beloved by both the pope and the pope's critics.
Cardinal George Pell is on a mission to sort out the Vatican’s finances:
if we are going to help the poor..the better we manage our finances, the more good works that we can do-Cardinal Pell
UN has asked Australia to explain its response to Cardinal George Pell/Vaticans refusal to hand over child abu
Pell economic minister of the finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away'
Australia's response to Cardinal George Pell queried by UN Committee Against Torture
PopeWatch: Cardinal Pell:   Faithful readers know that George Cardinal Pell was a hero at... - American Catholic
ICYMI: hosted and Cardinal Pell for a discussion of Pope Francis and the Synod.
Tony Abbott has full confidence in Cardinal Pell, Kathy Jackson, Mal Brough, Arthur Sinodinos, ... the list goes on.
Aust PM was in Catholic seminary & went to Cardinal Pell for pastoral counselling (nowbank)
Takes the driven, destructive Cardinal Pell out of the social debate in Australia and gets him to fix corr…
Vatican's Cardinal Pell quotes Margaret Thatcher: the Good Samaritan must have been a "little bit of a capitalist." http…
So it is on appeal to the Supreme Deity with the Dali Lama representing Francis and Cardinal Pell advocating for Benedict
The News re the Bishop for ADF- REAR-ADMIRAL/MAJOR-GENERAL Davis must have been a surprise to many.And the connection to Cardinal Pell
Cardinal Pell investing Peter Cosgrove with a Knight Grand Cross in the order of St Gregory
A way of choosing a replacement for Cardinal Pell. A cook off ? Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Paul Gallagher
via Cardinal Pell now takes his 'feet of clay' to Rome and David Marr gives him a rous(t)ing send off.
Cardinal Pell lied according to the lawyers at the time the church denied justice to one of the many victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic paedophile priests, including Abbott's friend Father Nestor...that 'beacon of humanity' according to Abbott. Arthur Sinodinos is in trouble with ICAC ('a fundamentally decent man", according to Abbott) and Joe Hockey who hurriedly has returned thousands of dollars of donations to his campaign made by Sinodinos's Water company. Gosh... Abbott are your friends in trouble??? It may kill you politically too... Wouldn't that be nice? Pell and Sinodinos in jail. Abbott out if office. Paradise!
LOL - on Cardinal Pell's legacy and Church's challenges in Australia - no mention of Opus Dei? via
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Ray Mouton, author of "In God's House" Pope Francis' administration is the administration of Pope Benedict. The is no difference at all between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict in terms of the appointments made inside the Vatican. In the following Associated Press article it is reported that Pope Francis has appointed his deputy secretary, Monsignor Alfred Xuereb, to be the No. 2 man in the Vatican's new Finance Secretariat. Who is Monsignor Alfred Xuereb? He served Pope Benedict as deputy private secretary, and when Francis became Pope, Xuereb stayed on as Pope Francis' main aide. In his new position in the Finance Ministry, Xuereb, will serve with Cardinal George Pell who was elevated to the head of finance from his position in Australia. Cardinal Pell had one of the worst records among Cardinals in regard to clergy sex abuse and he exhibited the most callous attitude among Cardinals toward victims in his public testimony before a Royal Commission in May of 2013. The fact that Pope Francis elevated Cardi ...
Cardinal Pell is new Vatican financial watchdog | National Catholic Reporter via
Pope Francis appoints Cardinal Pell to new, high position in Vatican, limiting his availability to Royal Commision into child sexual abuse.
Pope Francis appoints brilliant Cardinal Pell from Sydney to be no.3 power in Vatican. Australia will miss him but wor…
My latest post: Cardinal Pell is new financial watchdog | National Catholic Reporter:
''You want someone who is strong, who is decent''. Cardinal Pell, Ray Hadley, Rupert Murdoch, Mal Brough, Tony Abbott's men are moral wimps.
---POPE & ABBOTT COLLIDE- ABBOTT IS ON A COLLISION PATH WITH Pope Francis. Following comments by Pope Francis, Abbott can no longer hide behind the frills of the Roman Church, nor can his friend & mentor Cardinal Pell continue to back up his sinful ways , that is if the Cardinal wants to retain even a small semblance of the Christian he would like people to think he is. Its a hard ask for the Cardinal & is getting harder the more Abbott crucifies the workers. This is what Pope Francis had to say about Unions & Capitalism : Quote "Trade unions have been an essential force for social change without which a semblance of a decent & humane society is impossible under capitalism." Un quote.- And another bit he had to say . Quote" The promise was when the glass was full ,it would overflow, benefiting the poor . But what happened instead ,is that when the glass is full ,it magically gets bigger ,nothing ever comes out for the poor." Un quote .- Let not the hypocrisy continue. We can do without make believ ...
Cardinal Pell's Christmas message knows as much about compassion as an amoeba knows of relativity.
: Cardinal Pell's secretary Brian Lucas admits he co...
CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT Cardinal Pell defends Pope Francis, criticizes Bp. Fellay and SSPX "In actual fact, the Lefebvrists – many of them - have misread the situation for decades." November 06, 2013 08:40 EST By Carl E. Olson Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, is one of eight cardinals chosen by Pope Francis for a special papal advisory council. He was recently interviewed by Gerard O'Connell of Vatican Insider and made some rather interesting remarks about the Holy Father and various Vatican-related matters: • On the SSPX and Vatican II: Bishop Fellay has denounced Pope Francis as “a genuine modernist”, and charged that while the Church was “a disaster” before he was elected, he is making it “10,000 times worse”. What do you say to this? To put it politely, I think that’s absolute rubbish! Francis said he’s a loyal son of the Church, and his record shows that. He’s very, very concerned for the day-to-day life of the people, and for those who are suffering, those not well ...
Pope Francis I takes a moment to bless disfigured man without a face via Cardinal Pell can't do that
I just watched the last item on the ABCs 7.30 regarding the completion of the Victorian commission into child sex abuse in that state. The overwhelming finding was that the Roman Catholic Church has been the major player in covering up pedophilia among their clergy and religious, in destroying documents relating to such deeds and in not bringing the culprits to justice. Already there are hundreds of RC priests and brothers in jail in Australia, let alone those in the rest of the world. As far as Australia is concerned I feel that Cardinal Pell of Sydney and Archbishop Hart of Melbourne should be jailed too for their complicity. How anyone can be a Roman Catholic after this whole situation is beyond me. I left the RC Church in my 30s but went back to it for a brief time in my 60s. I walked out in absolute disgust when I heard some of their priests defending others and many of their communicants siding with the priests. Their attitude led to my research into religion in general and I walked away from all of ...
Full house at for David Marr speaking about his on Cardinal Pell.
Reading David Marr's 'Quarterly Essay' on Cardinal Pell. It is devastating. And this the man who's Abbott's spiritual adviser?
'He ought to have known what was going on': David Marr writing on Cardinal Pell in Marr's latest Quarterly Essay
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The influence of Cardinal Pell over Tony Abbott. Church lobby in win over charities watchdog
Cardinal Pell: Pope Francis’s good press won’t last forever – Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has said that ...
Breaking: Abbott agrees to debate everyday until election. IF Cardinal Pell & get to ask questions.
'Pope Francis's reception in the secular press is too good to last,' says Cardinal Pell:
BREAKING. Cardinal Pell says he is thrilled with campaign for a NEW POPE
So if, God forbid, Abbott wins, we will have the ultimate 'faceless men' dictating policy. Cardinal Pell and the reptile Murdoch
Hope Cardinal Pell is limbering up to help TA. Judging by this press conf TA wi'll need all the help he can garner
true &we need more of them! funnily,Cardinal Pell encouraged young people to have 'lots of children' who will be raised in the faith
Mass with Cardinal Pell at Iguazu Falls. Homily spoke of St Ignasius &Jesuits perfect way 2end retreat
. Cardinal Pell sees victim's claims, not the evil acts of some clergy as the problem. That's the real problem.
Quit making false allegations then. Cardinal Pell had nothing to do with it. Your posts make it clear you hate catholics.
Cardinal Pell has had nothing to do with the McAlinden case. He has never been bishop of that diocese. You just hate Catholics
In this interview, Cardinal Pell shares his personal reflections on in Rio de Janeiro!
Cardinal Pell Reflects on WYD Rio Experience - Interview at Iguazu Falls: Cardinal Pell and a group of Sydney ...
‘‘I wanted to know why did no-one stopped him before he got to me,’’ No apologies Cardinal Pell, can you answer this Fr McAlinden victim?
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Read today's Catholic news from All in OneCatholicNews paper:. Cardinal Pell's Catechesis Session at WYD Rio - 24...
What was Frank Devine's relationship with the Catholic Church, Cardinal Pell and News Ltd?
MT Let's all sit &think about the man who views Cardinal Pell as his 'spiritual&moral advisor'.
Mass and Adoration tonight with Cardinal Pell was a fitting way to end our retreat at Iguazu Falls!
You are, in fact, arguing for a public space "free from sexuality"; Cardinal Pell. What even is that?
Inspiring catechesis session by Cardinal Pell at in Rio.
Cardinal Pell blessed the chapel our built in a shanty town in Check the video below -
Did Toni Abbott and Cardinal Pell work together when Abbott he was health minister to block the morning after pill
Catholic priests and nuns have expressed concerns about the growing influence of Opus Dei. They have problems with Opus Dei's ultra-conservative approach to Catholicism, which Cardinal Pell from *** supports like his mentor Pope John Paul I, who canonized its founder, and made him a saint. Australia's Prime Minister in waiting,Tony Abbott, is cut from the same cloth. Many years ago when I first met him as a student politician, he was not a Liberal, but a right wing Catholic supporter of the Democratic Labor Party, and the National Civic Council (NCC). The NCC, and its founder Bob Santa Maria, successfully kept the real Labor Party out of power for 23 years 1972. Maybe Bob Brown should write a book about Opus Dei, the NCC, the Democratic Labor Party, Cardinal Pell and Tony Abbott. It would be a best seller for sure!
Last Monday's grilling at the Victorian Inquiry is a small taste of what is to come for George Pell. He is expected to be a key witness at the Royal Commission. There he will face days of intense questioning from professional lawyers and the Commissioners themselves, which include two judges, a former police commissioner and a Rhodes scholar. The Victorian inquiry has heard the sharp contrast between the multi billion dollar assets of the church and the compensation paid out to victims. A Fairfax report put the church's revenue in 2005 at $16.2 billion. The Australian Catholic Church owns a $30million residence in Rome. Meanwhile, victims in Melbourne were paid up to $75,000. "We don't need to sell investments at the moment to pay our damages." Cardinal Pell said last week. American victims receive on average settlements of $1million including legals.
‘I won’t be recommending Vatican III’: an exclusive interview with Cardinal Pell on his new role advising the Pope:
Cardinal Pell admits Catholic Church covered up child abuse Here he is on AIDS
2/5-Cardinal Pell is one of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen.” - Tony Abbott on Cardinal George Pell
Australia is just about the only place in the world where you can't sue the Catholic Church for child sexual abuse. You can sue them in England, Wales, Canada and the United States. In fact, in England and Wales the law deems the church's property trust to be liable for the criminal actions of its priests. Cardinal Pell has now pleaded with Victoria not to pursue legal reforms which will end the Catholic Church's protection from huge court-awarded compensation claims. He is afraid this will bleed the church dry.
Advice for Cardinal Pell: When you’re talking about coverups of child rape, it’s best to stick with apologizing
Cardinal Pell, the final witness at the Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child abuse, spent more than four a ...
Cardinal Pell has shown us how truly evil the Roman Catholic Church is.
Australian Christian Lobby: what do you say about Cardinal Pell's apology about the cover up and abuse of children by clergy?
Cardinal Pell to appear before Victorian inquiry today - The Victorian Premier has urged Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal Pell, to apologise for child sex crimes committed by members of the church when he fronts a Victorian parliamentary inquiry today, reports AAP in The Sydney Morning Herald.
Dear all, It is frustrating that the NCC decisions about Islam are being focussed on individuals, e.g. Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and various News Weekly writers deleted from the NCC website, and on terrorism, instead of a consideration of the Islamic scriptures. One gets the impression that the NCC executive have not read the Quran - Cardinal Pell said that he found so many incitements to violence in the first 50 pages that he gave up counting. Below are a few quotes fyi, and read also Fr. Stenhouse's articles. Muslims can deceive when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for deceiving when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can deceive without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. Deceit in the defence of Islam is approved even applauded in the “holy” books Muslims are permitted to deceive: (1) to save their lives, (2) to reconcile a husband and wife, (3) to persuade a woman into a bedroom and (4) to facilitate one on his journey. ...
After all the lies! Its good to see SMH (Fairfax) finally apologised to our Cardinal Pell!...
wants to see either Cardinal Pell, Cardinal Turkson, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, or Cardinal Angelo Amato as the next Pope! Mainly because their theologians.
KNOW YOUR CARDINAL PART II Cardinal George Pell OF AUSTRALIA Cardinal George Pell was born in Ballarat, on June 8th 1941, and was educated in that city at Loreto Convent and St Patrick's College. He studied for the priesthood at Corpus Christi College, Werribee, and Propaganda Fide College, Rome, and was ordained a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Ballarat by Cardinal Agagianian in St Peter's Basilica, Rome, on December 16th 1966. On May 21st 1987 he was ordained an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and Titular Bishop of Scala by Archbishop Sir Frank Little in St Patrick's Cathedral. On July 16th 1996 Pope John Paul II announced Cardinal Pell's appointment as seventh Metropolitan Archbishop of Melbourne. He was installed as Archbishop on August 16th 1996 in a ceremony at the Exhibition Buildings, and received the Pallium from the Pope at St Peter's in Rome on the feast of Sts Peter and Paul, June 29th 1997. On March 26th 2001 the Holy Father appointed Cardinal Pell the eighth Metropolitan ...
Witness to a Beautiful Farewell - Cardinal Pell: The Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell was one of arou...
Cardinal Pell: Vatican governance needs new Pope's attention – Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, has s...
Cardinal George Pell Archbishop of Sydney, Australia A no-nonsense Australian who takes an uncompromisingly conservative position on social issues, Cardinal Pell, 67, would delight conservative and traditionalist members in the Church if he were elected. Since being elevated to cardinal in 2003, he has taken a high profile on a wide range of issues, while adhering strictly to Catholic orthodoxy and supporting traditional liturgy. He rose to prominence at the World Youth Day the Pope attended in Sydney last year. A climate change skeptic, he once criticized “hysteric and extreme claims” about global warming as a “symptom of pagan emptiness.” Warm hearted and with a wry sense of humor, Pell stands more than 6 feet tall and is a keen sports fan and a former rugby player.
12th Nov 2012 - “Cardinal Pell told The Weekend Australian on Friday that he accepted children were abused by priests, and that this was then covered up by other clergy, but these crimes were largely historic and not part of a systemic failing within the church.” some of the news articles of 2013 (released over the past 33 days): 4th Jan - Second Catholic priest charged with concealing child sex crime - Another priest to face child abuse charges - German priest admits 280 counts of sexual abuse - “A Catholic priest in Warwick has resigned as pastor of a church after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. Jan - Abuse victim became heroin addict: court Jan - Church Apology after Damning Abuse Report Released Jan - Alleged abusers still paid by Catholic Church Jan - Jailed ex-priest recants guilty plea for sex abuse Jan - Brady to Step Down as Catholic Leader Three Years After Child Abuse Scandal Jan - L.A. church leaders sought to hide sex abuse cases from authorities Jan - Ex-priest sentenced to ...
Oh my goodness. Cardinal Pell is in Scotland it seems
A face from my past ... John Ellis received an apology from Cardinal Pell after the missive.
new photos of Tony Abbott visiting cardinal Pell to get blessing for election and have budgie smugglers ajusted
Naughty soapy Cardinal has applied to court for material about the case
Your bishopric should revert to the gift of the Divine Imperial Crown in NSW
Expelled: St John's kicks out students after bullying rituals. Good to see that Cardinal Pell has sorted that mess.
I refuse to vote in the arsehat of the year poll, because Cardinal George Pell is not a candidate.
Cardinal Pell still argues the point
PS: Alan Jones ruled ineligible following "Wreck the Joint" mass protests. Cardinal Pell not considered on religious grounds
love to see the private conversations between Tony Abbott and cardinal Pell
Naughty, soapy, Cardinal George has applied to the court for material about the case
Is Cardinal George Pell in denial over sex abuse by clergy?
Catholic Cardinal George who was resisting the idea of a Royal Commission to the end
Pell: Your bishopric may yet revert to the gift of the Crown in New South Wales
False to Australia: George Pell's coat of arms Excommunicate the Vatican!
I am not confident of your carriage as Catholic Cardinal
is known to everyone the state of a person’s soul is for God alone, or the king
Good news for Aust new papal oversight of 71 yr old Cardinal Archbishop Paul Gallagher named nuncio to Aust
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
2) Richard Dawkins and Catholic Cardinal George Pell discuss religion, morals and evolution.
Sir, I've seen your debate with Cardinal George Pell. I'm not an atheist nor an agnostic but nice argument on evolution
AUSTRALIA: Cardinal George Pell urged to close order over abuses
Hmm Adam n eve a myth!? Still looking for the video, im so curious! Esp since it came from a cardinal!
I will b very interested to see that cardinal pell react when the Royal Commission holds a long overdue formal...
question for what do these have in common shirt lifters, priests, Cardinal Pell, Madmonk, rock spiders and royal commision
admitted friend of Cardinal Pell, Peter Slipper Ashby backer and very close friend of many Catholic shirt lifters
Going to Mass and Carols with Cardinal Pell tonight at Holy Family Catholic Church
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