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Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest, (also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest) is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Dennis Green Bad Suns Diego Costa

How much would it cost for Biz Markie to do a Sophisti-pop cover of Bad Suns's song Cardiac Arrest?
Do you know the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?
Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Learn hands-only and you could save a life!…
Sam's cardiac arrest pose here is exactly the same as my Sunday morning hangover/regret pose
CPR can drastically increase survival from cardiac arrest. Be sure to get trained or renew your…
It would take nearly an entire day for a standard Vasopressin drip @ 0.03 U/min to deliver the cardiac arrest bolus dose of 4…
CPR alert! KC Fire adopting tech to notify bystanders of cardiac arrest
What to know about AEDs, from AEDs can save adults & children's lives during cardiac arrest:
In case you missed it: New Story: New Requirement. Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes Video https:/…
Only if you've had a cardiac arrest, Chris! The defibs won't do anything otherwise 😉
WhaT IS HE dOinG I'm going into cardiac arrest.
Bystanders saved his life. Heart attack victim Gordon Andrusiak and his wife Marilyn, urge everyone to learn CPR.…
Only arrest you can expect from Mbalula is a cardiac arrest at the thought.
What to know about AEDs. Devices are easier to use than you'd think & can save a life during cardiac arrest.
I've drank so much coffe I think I may go into cardiac arrest
Wife mistook her husband's heart attack as snoring when in bed next to her.
Central County Fire & Rescue is currently responding to an emergency incident for a(n) Cardiac Arrest Not Br.
Seems like cardiac arrest. I'm so so happy with him, sure we have our days but at the end of every one I love him even more
Cardiac arrest remains the only arrest doctors can fear🏻. Nairobi Hospit…
Animal study about the b-card... we need more data before everyday clinical use for cardiac arrest
everytime the phone rings I go into cardiac arrest
'Home Alone' actor John Heard died of cardiac arrest
Lindsay's Law is a new requirement for parents/athletes. Read on then complete in Final Forms.
Prehospital for cardiac arrest after penetrating thoracic trauma in the Netherlands. Paper:
Air Ambulance scrambled to after man suffers cardiac arrest
First do no harm: Echocardiography during cardiac arrest may increase pulse check duration.
Nearly gave me a cardiac arrest with that picture and the headline "India has changed beyond recognition"!
Just went into cardiac arrest reading this thread 😩😩😩
Central County Fire & Rescue has units responding to: Cardiac Arrest Not Br
Marked LVH with cavity obliteration in cardiac arrest survivor with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Wife mistook husband, 52, having a heart attack in bed next to her as SNORING – before son saved his life
Update your maps at Navteq
Would you know what to do if someone near you had a cardiac arrest? Find out how to learn CPR today: ht…
Nice free review on ECPR. Be the judge - are we over promising and under delivering?.
The Scheme is a First for Ballincollig. Once we go live with National Ambulance Service we will deal with Cardiac Arrest and Choking calls
Currently trying not to go into cardiac arrest while waiting for the trailer...
im so addicted to red bulls that I've accepted the fact I'll probably go into cardiac arrest. someone please help me 🤕🤕🤕
JUST IN: Former Vikings, Cardinals coach Dennis Green passed away from cardiac arrest this morning at the age of 67. https:/…
Condolences to the Green family Former coach Dennis Green dies of cardiac arrest (via
When the doctor says you're in cardiac arrest but you don't kno what that means
"Green died Thursday night from complications of cardiac arrest.". Pretty sure the "complication" was cardiac arrest. Who edits this stuff?
What are the statistics surrounding cardiac arrest in Ireland? Learn with our informative infographic:
A great example of the importance of CPR when someone is in cardiac arrest. Would you know what to do? https:…
Rian said I'm gonna give this man cardiac arrest 😂😂
Dennis Green, who coached the Vikings & Cardinals over 13 seasons, died Friday of cardiac arrest at the age of 67.
Former head coach, Denny Green has died of cardiac arrest at age 67. RIP, coach.
When the doctor says you had a cardiac arrest but you ain't taking no chances
Tickets for Deicide / Season of Suffering / Cardiac Arrest / Beyond De-th / Narcotic April 30th at Cobra Lounge...
phew thought you were gon say "get your facts straight" because I would have gone into a cardiac arrest. Glad it went otherwise
*** This hurt my feelings Watch "Cardiac Arrest Patient DENIED Treatment at NC Hospital" on
The small warnings before cardiac arrest via
Public Access Defibrillation units are being implemented in locations where there is a high risk of cardiac arrest.
Cardiac arrest, occurs when the heart suddenly stops. Save a life learn CPR and use of an AED.
When I see Porter Robinson live Im trying to pass out from cardiac arrest. His visuals better amaze me
Also if I see the words "those are the kind of people who shouldn't vote" again I might go into cardiac arrest. EVERYONE should vote..
A day before Nanay had a cardiac arrest, I was about to register my business. Now, I finally have the time to continue with this concept.
Do You the Differences between a Attack, Arrest and
Here at RTD we are peaceful musicians, but I do hope Donald Trump has a massive cardiac arrest. I think World War...
Eh in order to rehabilitate/waver? thy shoot regardless of cost thy cardiac arrest?: IqW
Teacher saved with Cardiac Arrest can strike any age, any location.
Arrest them. What if they cause a cardiac arrest to someone?
I'm furthering a cardiac arrest here, but at least fixing the roads is a public service
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm about to go into cardiac arrest smh
Aprils CPD education evening is being presented by on Paediatric Cardiac Arrest
Amid demand for his removal, NGT judicial member suffers cardiac arrest via
After 2 days I felt so bad, I lied & told them I felt better, even tho I was scared to drive & possibility of cardiac arrest omw home.
Student who barely survived cardiac arrest is on a mission to raise awareness. https:/…
What’s the difference between heart attack and Sudden Cardiac Arrest?
ECP just entered cardiac arrest due to a dab
okay but if he does that omg I think I'll need to book an or just in case they make me go into cardiac arrest
Whenever I think of SLFL or see 5SOS on my timeline, my heart flutters... . So much I think I'm gonna go into cardiac arrest
Sometimes ill look back on something I've said to a girl and go into cardiac arrest bc yes it was that bad
OHCA is our most time-sensitive emergency condition, how can EMS make a difference?
If she suffers cardiac arrest, her chart indicates/strict orders: no CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
I go into cardiac arrest every time kyla sends me a selfie everyone that goes to her store better pay just for her presence
😂😂 stop panicking before your BP rises & you go into cardiac arrest .. i know its a lot to take in but im here for you
I have the biggest test of my life tomorrow and all I've accomplished is a pre cardiac arrest with 3 red bulls
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The idea of Rick Scott as Trump's VP almost threw me into cardiac arrest. Congrats Rubio people, I found a scenario wher…
I would go into cardiac arrest from all the awesomeness
I really think the amount of butter that one uses says a lot about them. For me, it says I have no self control or fear of…
what doesn't put you into cardiac arrest makes you stronger! Remember that!
I just saw a vine of someone smashing an egg and I think I went into cardiac arrest
*googles chest pain*. turns out I'm having a heart attack and could possibly be going into cardiac arrest.
TIL that the first few methods to treat cardiac arrest, developed in the 1700's, included warming the victim, tick…
I'm around 2~ a day sometimes more. Especially when I drink :/ .that's when those dope *** cardiac arrest feelings come in
If I woke up and Wendy Williams was standing in my room , I'd probably go into cardiac arrest .
2 sleep again. Bt d cardiac arrest scare did not end. Just when I was starting to panick and stuff bae called we chatted for abt 15 minutes
Tbh has it leaked in full yet bc if it has I will go into cardiac arrest
Bitterly cold drive to support crew with cardiac arrest member also up @ this ungodly hour
The weird signal that you're just days away from cardiac arrest:
don't ever look up UK unlimited data charges unless u want an envy-induced cardiac arrest
Why do we do active shooter drills but we don't do Sudden Cardiac Arrest drills? - Lisa Salberg YES.
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Jk cardiac arrest nothing to play with, but still. The pain in my chest was no joke
I just played 2 games of ball & I went into cardiac arrest 4 times
Please excuse me while I go into cardiac arrest while Valentine limps and grabs his knee.
"Does early withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment increase mortality after cardiac arrest?" vi…
Michael Lester will be telling his personal Cardiac Arrest story at . Book now: https:/…
Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation for Cardiac Arrest from Trauma (EPR-CAT) soon ready to go.
I'm still sick but I'm not going to hospital in case I go into "cardiac arrest" 😂😂😂🖕
After running one cardiac arrest I told my husband I never wanted CPR done to me.It's a violent way to leave this 🌎
Bulimia can cause: Electrolyte imbalance, which can lead to cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, and even death
School boy saved by friends after suffering a cardiac arrest during PE: https…
Very busy night last night for Keele CFR. We attended 9 incidents ranging from Cardiac arrest to Falls.
[ Heart Diseases ] Open Question : When does an ICD give up?: If someone had a cardiac arrest their ICD would ...
Tranquilizers at the ready! . Almost went into cardiac arrest last game! Not TO EXCITED!!!
The chain of survival for cardiac arrest is: Early access, early CPR, early defibrillation and early advanced care!
Yet again I appear to have suffered a cardiac arrest! Can I have my money back or monitor that works!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes fast: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the single most common cause of death in th...
I enjoy jogging in the mountains because nature is beautiful and cardiac arrest excites me.
Going on a Fox & Friends at 7:15 Discussing football deaths related to Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Commonly used in cardiac arrest research for obvious reasons.
A JEMS article concludes:  patients ventilated w/ BVM alone more likely to survive than those ventilated w/ airway .
Txfr s/p cardiac arrest 3 amps of bicarb and epi no amnio given and medic report 'he's having funny runs'
Ever witness someone close to you going into Cardiac Arrest? My wife and kids have. Think of them.
Like cardiac arrest high voltage when we kis
Five things to know about waveform capnography in cardiac arrest.
Fourth week already and I only wished to die of cardiac arrest 87 times.
Me having heart problems, I would go into cardiac arrest if Kendrick pulled me on stage.
Ambulance response time to a cardiac arrest is 8 minutes... how good are your CPR skills??!!.
not to forget for playing Cardiac Arrest. amazing job.
Novel way to consent trauma arrest victims in trial of hypothermia. Via
Great quick article on 5 benefits of in
Hamilton Collection
I said "I'm going to bite you" and he said "please" and anyway that's the story of how I went into cardiac arrest
Pretty sure my anxiety is going to send me into cardiac arrest
Challenging the assumption that outcome is universally poor in traumatic cardiac arrest.
Young Karla was saved by education & preparation from her school. Parents pushing for in CA schools http…
Maybe if I make it a brisk walk I wont keel over and die from cardiac arrest...
the *** out of the twatbag yesterday, but it came into its own at the cardiac arrest where there WERE NO PINK CANNULAS ON THE CRASH TROLLEY
Those that sent doctor Murray to overdose him with propofol knowing well it'd lead to cardiac arrest and death eventually
Breaking: Former Governor of Bayelsa State Diprieye Alamesia has died of Cardiac Arrest in PortHarcourt Hospital. May his…
Is your service utilising a 'cardiac arrest checklist'?
Acute Care Team - no reduction in cardiac arrest numbers yet, but case review suggests need for more DNAR discussions
Some patients were already living in a nursing home before cardiac arrest and CPR.
A Sudden Cardiac Arrest and a heart attack are not the same thing! We'll tell you the difference:
Watch my new video for Cardiac Arrest (Wangechi X WAngechi) here
💒Taking time off from freeing 👻's for Mother Nature before my bleeding HEART GOes into cardiac arREST. 8
when is Cardiac Arrest hitting iTunes? I need the song on my playlist 👌🏾 Great video.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
p sure I went into cardiac arrest when Shump put that shot up at the buzzer. classic game
Another cardiac arrest today, we spent so much time together.
The CARDIAC ARREST video is so POWERFUL! Great work I'm so proud of you!
Cardiac arrest survivors with discrete problems that try to function at the same level as before, seem to suffer the most.
[Yahoo News]TOKYO (AP) — Former Japan captain Yuji Nakazawa says he is still in shock afte…
Political worker tortured to death by police or cardiac arrest, don't bring city to halt..It is your loss.
Having slept 3 hours each night for 3 nights, it's all coming together where I die of a cardiac arrest as planned.
Active rehab leads to faster return to work for post cardiac arrest patients.
Post cardiac arrest call debrief tool vital to enhance learning in the team
Wangechi finally drops video to her latest single ‘Cardiac Arrest’
Firefighter to be moved to hospice after cardiac arrest. via
I go into cardiac arrest when I misplace my journal
Why must playoff hockey be so cardiac-arrest inducing?
Your snapchat has me going into cardiac arrest 😂
Please Just hang on Hawks. I don't need to go into cardiac arrest😅
I'm gonna hear where do broken hearts go live... I'm actually gonna go into cardiac arrest
b careful not to overload her w/ kittens I've seen her close 2 cardiac arrest before
I do it just to put her in cardiac arrest
Once again Hawks are gonna make Chicago go throu cardiac arrest
The are going to put me into cardiac arrest!!!
I was in the melting pot and cardiac arrest came on
*** I hope you hear this song and go into a cardiac arrest, my life will be so much better if you dropped dead".
NO Dan 😂😂😂 I'm about to go into cardiac arrest homygawd
by watching that game I know I'd go into cardiac arrest like 4 times
Sudden Cardiac Arrest alert for AED Link in NAPLES, FL. 3 AEDs found
I may have just had the most upsetting cardiac arrest so far
I'm legit in cardiac arrest my childhood is OVER
Erykah Badu brings out Jill Scott to do "You Got Me" together backed up by Roots Picnic I might go into cardiac arrest
yas I literally went into cardiac arrest while looking at those picture 😫
I like the whole album equally, except I do like cardiac arrest and rearview a little more than the others.
Website Builder 728x90
I saw Jesus he was amazing to let me go back to earth I was almost announced dead at a heart test I went to cardiac arrest 😳
remember that one time I hugged you & you almost went into cardiac arrest
Lead the way in protecting student-athletes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest via
Lower-league footballer Tim Nicot becomes the second Belgian player to die of cardiac arrest in the last two weeks.
I think you might be suffering from pre-cardiac arrest. Ma'am pls contact the nearest hospital.
currently going into cardiac arrest I'm pretty sure
My sisters literally putting me into cardiac arrest
if Lauren posted selfies as often as Normani I would go into cardiac arrest
😂😂😂 She called her an it ha im going into cardiac arrest
Here's the Triple Zero phone call that save an Attwood dad's life. .
Thx 4 making me go into cardiac arrest for this due date ❤️ so much love
One day Aish and I are gonna meet and I'm gonna go into cardiac arrest
If you seein drake this weekend n you not goin into a cardiac arrest, then something wrong with you 😂
It's Did you know that Wake County has the highest cardiac arrest survival rate in the country?! It's true! …
I'd go into a cardiac arrest and die before I even jumped off the cliff.. NO
If you know me at all, you know why I went into cardiac arrest laughing at this.
I'm going to go into cardiac arrest from studying
First 100 of the 500: okay I got this . Halfway through the 3rd 100: I think I'm going into cardiac arrest
I would legit just go into cardiac arrest
Decreasing cardiac arrest&mortality as the number of hospitals implement RRT in Australia-Michael DeVita http:/…
he would answer, but you know... Cardiac arrest and all.
The Cardiac arrest track by is dope...Thanks Lord for a Stronger W_angechi
You give me heart palpitations. And not the butterfly kind, the cardiac arrest kind.
stop before I go into cardiac arrest
Walker dies from suspected cardiac arrest at Roseberry Topping: A MAN has died after suffering a suspe...
really interesting presentation on Cardiac Arrest in Drowning by Prof Charles Deakin.
For the best outcome the brain needs to be cooled before the pt goes in to cardiac arrest-Charles Deakin
significantly enhances chances of survival in Cardiac Arrest in Drowning
When drowning, the longer it takes for Cardiac Arrest to occur the better as cooling effect is circulated a…
Recapping on drowning in cardiac arrest with professor Charles Deakin
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Poltergeist star speaks out on the most CURSED movie of all time via
Woot another cardiac arrest save under my belt 😎
Was good to see medical director Professor Charles Deakin giving a talk on cardiac arrest in drowning at
“CARDIAC ARREST. This is what happens every time chest compressions are interrupted during CPR!.
"I wouldn't be here…if it wasn't for someone who knew Read Brittany's story
finish vacating people are about to take Cardiac Arrest 😂
Sudden Cardiac Arrest-SCA is a leading cause of preventable deaths. The app alerts you to a SCA near you. http:/…
Award: Station 83/A Shift for successfully resuscitating a pt in cardiac arrest
Hopefully this game doesn't put me into cardiac arrest
I could walk in to an ER and be like “I got this dude going in to cardiac arrest. Gimme the saw”
If you see the news about the girl who goes into cardiac arrest at Ed Sheeran it's me
Firefighter health & safety: cardiac arrest: chain of survival
I'm okay. I meant the near cardiac arrest this team are likely to cause. Lol
god I'm so glad I'm off tomorrow!!! And the two days after to recover from the near cardiac arrest. Ha
actually I think science tilts in your favor if you make it 6 hours after the handshake line without cardiac arrest.
first outdoor run of the summer and I believe that I have gone into cardiac arrest
Traumatic cardiac arrest algorithm the same as adults in kids. Including thoracotomy, chest decompression, splinting, blo…
When your friends ask you not to go into cardiac arrest in front of them...
Boys who dress like this put me into cardiac arrest ok bye
I can save your life now. So feel free to pass out, choke or have a cardiac arrest. I got your back!
Neurologic function, temperature management in patients after cardiac arrest
you can't even cycle to the end of your road without having a cardiac arrest. Pipe down fatty 🍔🍕🍟🍗
.easy with the EXCITING NEWS or somebody'll have a cardiac arrest
Sudden Cardiac Arrest alert for AED Link in George Town, KY. 5 AEDs found
SCAS15 viewable online. Links to video, photos and the Scottish OHCA strategy at:
Kelzgotswagg just followed me on snap!! I think I'm about too go in cardiac arrest!! This can't be real!! 😍😍😍
i may have gone into cardiac arrest. it's alli'm Fine
Belgium - how tragic yet another sporting young life cut short apparently by Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the space...
Might be a slight chance of me going into cardiac arrest tonight. Can you feel the tension in the air right now?!
depends how fast I go into cardiac arrest
If u don't agree w/ me, idgaf. I'm not about to send myself into cardiac arrest arguing with you b/c you don't think like me
Sudden Cardiac Arrest alert for AED Link in MINNEAPOLIS, MN. 10 AEDs found
Maybe adding "cardiac arrest" to my running playlist wasn't my best idea
Therapeutic hypothermia in paediatric cardiac out of hospital arrest - no clear benefit but study may be underpowered
If ever announced a new album I wouldn't be able to hear it cause I would go into cardiac arrest and slip…
One in 25 emergency intubations have cardiac arrest -high risk w/ or existing hypoxia and hypotension
About 1 in 25 intubations associated with cardiac arrest
How sad, so young! 2 footballers in the space of a fortnight - Cardiac arrest kills Belgian player
"I'll try my best. How much do I invest?. Like cardiac arrest. High voltage in her lips" 🎶
Every day, thousands of people suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Would you know how to help? ❤️
me: I'm overweight . *** im morbidly obese and have 32 days before I die of a cardiac arrest
my kids always come Caps might make me have cardiac arrest tonight so I'm saving my own life ;)
23-year-old left-back Tim Nicot (of Belgium) has died of cardiac arrest. R.I.P. 😔
If lana performs off to the races at my concert I will go into cardiac arrest no joke
He is the reason I'm going into cardiac arrest
Firefighter Cardiac Arrest: Chain of Survival - Firefighter Cardiac Arrest: Chain of Su... htt…
Every year, roughly one in 1,000 Americans will go into cardiac arrest, and only 8% who suffer away from the hospital will s…
Having to play it cool for the first for five minutes of form when secretly you're having a cardiac arrest
The safest place to suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the U.S. is a casino
A run always seems like a good idea until you actually start running and realise you're nearing cardiac arrest
A new favorite: Wangechi Ft Wangechi - Cardiac arrest by on
great I just went into cardiac arrest thx shawn
if you did each other's make up I'll go into cardiac arrest
In just ONE episode of Criminal Minds I have laughed, had a cardiac arrest due to stress AND cried my eyes out.
well usually after I get over the cardiac arrest is when I start to feel good
LODD: Ky. fire chief dies of cardiac arrest
For God's sake, man is 50 years old, normal coronary arteries, normal heart function, cardiac arrest. . 'Your' insurance company at work.
In the insurance company's defense, it is still pending and will be based on medical necessity. Again, he SURVIVED A CARDIAC ARREST!
See the receipt for those bundles and almost go into cardiac arrest. Lmfao
Lemme calm down I don't need cardiac arrest in my life
Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a possible cause of death in patients with non-ischemic cardiac muscle weakness, i
Insurance company not approved defibrillator implant scheduled for tomorrow, still in review, 3 weeks: HE HAD A V-FIB CARDIAC ARREST!!!
I'm not grilling. . When you've recovered from your cardiac arrest, you should probably know it's night.
Blake and Daryl vs Adam and Roman. I'm going into cardiac arrest
Ambulance alert.Chelsea Manager got cardiac arrest.LOL
Got to 10 sit ups and fell into cardiac arrest
HEFT EMCast: TNKase in presumed MI in OHCA no mort benefit & incr ICH
Ain't nothing better than going into cardiac arrest at a baseball game
This game will make me go into cardiac arrest
JOY: that's a shame Earl me luckio número is 13 can I change it?. Earl: strict here Blondie I wouldn't mess they ll cardiac arrest yo
Mar 2 incident on squid boat tied to cold storage. Emergency with crew member, cardiac arrest. Call to 911 dispatch.
Please keep Alvin Moore, baseball coach from in your prayers as he recovers from cardiac arrest suffered …
When I'm not close to entering cardiac arrest
Have you seen the FDA-approved CPR device that may improve a patient’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest?
beauty therapist had cardiac arrest, 'died for 30mins'. Saved by her dog barking! http:…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Jose Mourinho will get cardiac arrest tonight lol
Moses would go into cardiac arrest.
I've zero interest in this Chelsea match. Somebody let me know if it goes to penalties or Jose goes into cardiac arrest
Although rare, hyponatremia has been a culprit for cardiac arrest in marathons!
I hope Diego Costa gets a cardiac arrest but Chelsea goes on to win
Dear teachers, can u pls update ur grades b4 I go into cardiac arrest k thanks 💕
ZOLL ResQCPR system receives premarket approval from FDA: CPR device shows improved survival in adults with no...
Luiz to score a screamer, Diego Costa to get a cardiac arrest, will be the perfect ending to the game 👌
Check out for more detailed review of epinephrine in cardiac arrest
“CANT PIN ME DOWN literally call 911 going into cardiac arrest
ZOLL ResQCPR system receives premarket approval from FDA
Cardiac Arrest – box set review: a shocking portrait of hospital life | Guardian
I'm listening to Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns on Alt Nation at via
I added a video to a playlist Bad Suns - Cardiac Arrest
R.I.P HON OTIENO KAJWANG. I don know who your hv left the bado. mapambano for, but i blv, you were a great. leader. # Cardiac Arrest.
Police Activity - Newark, NJ: U/D Cardiac arrest victim is coming into the hospital via police...
Today Sept 16 Coronary angiography after cardiac arrest: where is the evidence? Giuseppe Biondi Zoccai
Thanks for all your phone calls and messages on our mom. Mom was taken to Mercy Hospital on Sept 6th because of to much fluid on her lungs which did cause her to go into cardiac arrest. Her legs are very sore from the build up of fluid which caused her to have large sores and cellulitis. She was moved Sunday to Skilled Nursing at the Dyersville Hospital for Physical Therapy for 2 weeks. Eventually hoping to be a resident at the Ellen Kennedy Assistant Living in Dyersville. As mom's home meant so much to her it is a huge adjustment to think about. With all your continued prayers and encouragemnent. We hope she will continue to improve to see her new home. Thanks for all your concerns and continue to pray for her. Thanks again!
The following is a narrative I wrote while thinking through my desire to become a paramedic shortly after I lost control one night. It mirrors in the extreme how I would like to be able to deal with others who's injuries are self inflicted when I'm a medic. I'd like to think that one day that simply being able to identify with a person, listening to another person, is as much of a life saver as the treatment given in a medical emergency. For both concerned. I'd be incredibly grateful if the story bellow could be read. (Many medical details may be inaccurate) A quit night. I was working. A somewhat quiet night. That in itself was unusual. My partner Sam and I were at the station on the outskirts of Melbourne. Sitting around. Sam drinking tea, me reading the same outdated magazine I had read last week. Time was passing apparently very slowly. I found I had no idea how long Sam and I hadn’t been on a call. “Wow it’s nearly ten at night and its only you and I who are currently not working.” Sam said. ...
Boom clap the sound of my heart as I go into cardiac arrest
Why are you not playing cardiac arrest?!
People often use the terms heart attack and cardiac arrest interchangeably, but they are not synonyms. The American Heart Association explains the difference between the two and what to do in each case.
14 pt. screening tool will help Doctors/Coaches/Parents determine if youth are at risk of
Please pray for my cousin Kristin Hennessy. She is only 30 years old and on life support following cardiac arrest.
The day Chris came home from the hospital, I received the following e-mail from the Nassau County Executive's office: Margaret, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano would like to present a Citation to Bill Gerow for performing CPR on your husband on the LIRR. We would love to arrange for your husband Chris to be in attendance when the presentation occurs. Of course we realize that your husband is recovering from his recent cardiac arrest, so I thought I would begin with contacting you first, so you can let me know when you think your husband might be up to such a meeting. Once I hear back from you, I will then contact Mr. Gerow. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery! It's TODAY!!! We will be at the Nassau County Executive's office to see Bill get his citation, and we couldn't be happier!
LEON COUNTY, Texas — A 46-year-old medic died in the line of duty Saturday morning after he went into cardiac arrest while responding to a call.
provides Family Doc's / Parents / Coaches with 14 point tool for preventing in youth.
DLRAA provide advanced life support for patient in cardiac arrest
Sex hormone levels linked to risk of heart attacks.
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