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Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest, (also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest) is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Real Madrid Alfredo Di Stefano German Shepherd Chief Medical Examiner Diego Costa

great I just went into cardiac arrest thx shawn
if you did each other's make up I'll go into cardiac arrest
In just ONE episode of Criminal Minds I have laughed, had a cardiac arrest due to stress AND cried my eyes out.
well usually after I get over the cardiac arrest is when I start to feel good
LODD: Ky. fire chief dies of cardiac arrest
For God's sake, man is 50 years old, normal coronary arteries, normal heart function, cardiac arrest. . 'Your' insurance company at work.
In the insurance company's defense, it is still pending and will be based on medical necessity. Again, he SURVIVED A CARDIAC ARREST!
See the receipt for those bundles and almost go into cardiac arrest. Lmfao
Lemme calm down I don't need cardiac arrest in my life
Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a possible cause of death in patients with non-ischemic cardiac muscle weakness, i
Insurance company not approved defibrillator implant scheduled for tomorrow, still in review, 3 weeks: HE HAD A V-FIB CARDIAC ARREST!!!
I'm not grilling. . When you've recovered from your cardiac arrest, you should probably know it's night.
Blake and Daryl vs Adam and Roman. I'm going into cardiac arrest
Ambulance alert.Chelsea Manager got cardiac arrest.LOL
Got to 10 sit ups and fell into cardiac arrest
HEFT EMCast: TNKase in presumed MI in OHCA no mort benefit & incr ICH
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Ain't nothing better than going into cardiac arrest at a baseball game
This game will make me go into cardiac arrest
JOY: that's a shame Earl me luckio número is 13 can I change it?. Earl: strict here Blondie I wouldn't mess they ll cardiac arrest yo
Mar 2 incident on squid boat tied to cold storage. Emergency with crew member, cardiac arrest. Call to 911 dispatch.
Please keep Alvin Moore, baseball coach from in your prayers as he recovers from cardiac arrest suffered …
When I'm not close to entering cardiac arrest
Have you seen the FDA-approved CPR device that may improve a patient’s chance of surviving cardiac arrest?
beauty therapist had cardiac arrest, 'died for 30mins'. Saved by her dog barking! http:…
Jose Mourinho will get cardiac arrest tonight lol
Moses would go into cardiac arrest.
I've zero interest in this Chelsea match. Somebody let me know if it goes to penalties or Jose goes into cardiac arrest
Although rare, hyponatremia has been a culprit for cardiac arrest in marathons!
I hope Diego Costa gets a cardiac arrest but Chelsea goes on to win
Dear teachers, can u pls update ur grades b4 I go into cardiac arrest k thanks 💕
ZOLL ResQCPR system receives premarket approval from FDA: CPR device shows improved survival in adults with no...
Luiz to score a screamer, Diego Costa to get a cardiac arrest, will be the perfect ending to the game 👌
Check out for more detailed review of epinephrine in cardiac arrest
“CANT PIN ME DOWN literally call 911 going into cardiac arrest
ZOLL ResQCPR system receives premarket approval from FDA
Cardiac Arrest – box set review: a shocking portrait of hospital life | Guardian
I'm listening to Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns on Alt Nation at via
I added a video to a playlist Bad Suns - Cardiac Arrest
R.I.P HON OTIENO KAJWANG. I don know who your hv left the bado. mapambano for, but i blv, you were a great. leader. # Cardiac Arrest.
Police Activity - Newark, NJ: U/D Cardiac arrest victim is coming into the hospital via police...
Today Sept 16 Coronary angiography after cardiac arrest: where is the evidence? Giuseppe Biondi Zoccai
Thanks for all your phone calls and messages on our mom. Mom was taken to Mercy Hospital on Sept 6th because of to much fluid on her lungs which did cause her to go into cardiac arrest. Her legs are very sore from the build up of fluid which caused her to have large sores and cellulitis. She was moved Sunday to Skilled Nursing at the Dyersville Hospital for Physical Therapy for 2 weeks. Eventually hoping to be a resident at the Ellen Kennedy Assistant Living in Dyersville. As mom's home meant so much to her it is a huge adjustment to think about. With all your continued prayers and encouragemnent. We hope she will continue to improve to see her new home. Thanks for all your concerns and continue to pray for her. Thanks again!
The following is a narrative I wrote while thinking through my desire to become a paramedic shortly after I lost control one night. It mirrors in the extreme how I would like to be able to deal with others who's injuries are self inflicted when I'm a medic. I'd like to think that one day that simply being able to identify with a person, listening to another person, is as much of a life saver as the treatment given in a medical emergency. For both concerned. I'd be incredibly grateful if the story bellow could be read. (Many medical details may be inaccurate) A quit night. I was working. A somewhat quiet night. That in itself was unusual. My partner Sam and I were at the station on the outskirts of Melbourne. Sitting around. Sam drinking tea, me reading the same outdated magazine I had read last week. Time was passing apparently very slowly. I found I had no idea how long Sam and I hadn’t been on a call. “Wow it’s nearly ten at night and its only you and I who are currently not working.” Sam said. ...
Boom clap the sound of my heart as I go into cardiac arrest
Why are you not playing cardiac arrest?!
People often use the terms heart attack and cardiac arrest interchangeably, but they are not synonyms. The American Heart Association explains the difference between the two and what to do in each case.
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14 pt. screening tool will help Doctors/Coaches/Parents determine if youth are at risk of
Please pray for my cousin Kristin Hennessy. She is only 30 years old and on life support following cardiac arrest.
The day Chris came home from the hospital, I received the following e-mail from the Nassau County Executive's office: Margaret, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano would like to present a Citation to Bill Gerow for performing CPR on your husband on the LIRR. We would love to arrange for your husband Chris to be in attendance when the presentation occurs. Of course we realize that your husband is recovering from his recent cardiac arrest, so I thought I would begin with contacting you first, so you can let me know when you think your husband might be up to such a meeting. Once I hear back from you, I will then contact Mr. Gerow. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery! It's TODAY!!! We will be at the Nassau County Executive's office to see Bill get his citation, and we couldn't be happier!
LEON COUNTY, Texas — A 46-year-old medic died in the line of duty Saturday morning after he went into cardiac arrest while responding to a call.
provides Family Doc's / Parents / Coaches with 14 point tool for preventing in youth.
DLRAA provide advanced life support for patient in cardiac arrest
Sex hormone levels linked to risk of heart attacks.
New app could save your life during cardiac arrest.
Sex hormone levels in blood and Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Recent study finds potential link.
if fifth harmony win against beyoncé i think that they might go into cardiac arrest
Only arrest I'm giving out is cardiac , gone off that cognac ... Try to stunt I'll shoot the doors off your Pontiac
It's official my mom wants me to die from cardiac arrest...worst chore ever 󾌺. Cluttered garage + Arachnophobia =...
“I think I've entered cardiac arrest
When a cardiac arrest occurs the heart stops beating effectively. Whilst the heart is not beating toxins build up in the body and brain. You have approximate...
I love sharing hearts...might be the whole Sudden Cardiac Arrest thing...but this one really speaks to me. Are you r…
Actually I can't handle it nevermind my car, having a cardiac arrest here
Why do I have a variety of friends who are all so different in character? How is it possible that I can get along with them all? I think that each one helps to bring out a "different" part of me. With one of them I am polite. With another I joke. I can sit down and talk about serious matters with one. With another I laugh a lot. I listen to one friend's problems. Then I listen to another one's advice for me. My friends are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When completed, they form a treasure box. A treasure of friends! They are my friends who understand me better than I understand myself. They are friends who support me through good days and bad. Real Age doctors tell us that friends are good for our health. Dr. Oz calls them Vitamin F (for Friends) and counts the benefits of friends as essential to our wellbeing. Research shows that people in strong social circles have less risk of depression and terminal strokes. If you enjoy Vitamin F constantly you can be up to 30 years younger than your real age. The ...
Baltimore County Police have identified the person found deceased in the 9000 block of Pulaski Highway Saturday as 66-year-old Clinton Edward Russell, a homeless person who frequented the area. At 2:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon, Baltimore County Police and Fire personnel responded to the area of the 9000 block of Pulaski Highway for a report of a cardiac arrest. When officers arrived on the scene, they found Clinton Edward Russell lying on top of a pile of rocks, covered by a blanket. A portion of the victim’s head appeared to be under a part of a rock. An officer that responded to the scene recognized Clinton Edward Russell as a homeless person that frequented the area. Clinton Edward Russell’s body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an Autopsy. While the autopsy is not yet final, investigators do not suspect foul play.
Selda Chender, Robert’s and my mother, died quite unexpectedly yesterday at the age of 91. She had been declining slowly, but was still strong and we had just started having 24-hour in-house care for her last week; she had a cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital to get an infection checked out. Selda was a very elegant, curious and kind person who was a friend to many of our friends. A holocaust refugee from Poland via Trieste who came alone to the US at 16 on one of the last boats that got out, she reinvented herself many times through her life with courage and determination. I aspire to show up the way she did.
Honestly I get so nervous at the dentist I don't know how I don't go into cardiac arrest.
That moment when you see an older person out jogging. I suffer cardiac arrest walking up Morton
Did you catch our cardiac arrest information yesterday?If not here's how you can help us to keep patients alive
someone help me I'm going into cardiac arrest
Sad news as Katy B’s brother tragically dies from cardiac arrest
Drink enough and you'll get a cardiac arrest, along. with retching etc.
I may go into cardiac arrest w that comment 😷😂
There will always be a soft spot in my cardiac arrest, and I will love you until I die from all of this.
Survival from cardiac arrest due to sushi suffocation.
Great article: Survival from cardiac arrest due to sushi suffocation.
Second job a cardiac arrest. Lucky I had my buddy with me on this one as full ALS was started immediately instead of jus…
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My alarm just nearly put me into cardiac arrest
.Please also visit for important updates and help beat cardiac arrest!
Ohio man goes into cardiac arrest, drives into I-90 median
spiders are merely ALMOST but not sufficiently as cardiac-arrest inducing—nice try, spiders
VIDEO: ETMC first in state to launch cardiac arrest help app
reply my texts before I go into cardiac arrest
Brilliant lecture by Roger Pye from St Vincents on extracorporeal life support in cardiac arrest
| Shooting | Kinder Rd and Lynwood Dr near the bike trail | Victim in cardiac arrest | Many units on...
In a similar incident 8 years ago, manhandling by ABVP activists led to the cardiac arrest of a professor causing his death (3/n)
Cardiac Arrest, 1940's style - before all those algorithms made things simpler
CRPF Soldier Dies of Cardiac Arrest in Jammu and Kashmir via
My partner Martin Anderson 45yrs, had a Cardiac Arrest just over a week ago now, on Saturday 19th July! He was resuscitated by paramedics in the Ambulance and rushed to Cairns Base Hospital Emergency Department. He was being treated with medicine to dissolve blockages i...
Ringco Pukhrambam 2 hours ago · Edited (Important information about Heart Attack in the form of Ques. And Answer.); Qn: What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart? Ans: 1. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil 2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk, at least five days a week; avoid lifts and avoid sitting for a longtime 3. Quit smoking 4. Control weight 5. Control BP - Blood pressure and Sugar Qn: Is eating non-veg food (fish) good for the heart? Ans: No Qn: It's still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it in perspective? Ans: This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups. Qn: Are heart diseases hereditary? Ans: Yes Qn: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress? Ans: Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life. Qn: Is walking better than jogging ...
Cristián Espinoza resuscitates a German Shepherd in cardiac arrest after being pulled from a fire (S. Riveros) Firefighters and rescuers saved the lives of two dogs after pulling them from a house fire in San Antonio, Chile. The German Shepherds, Apolo and Princesa, were suffering cardiac arrest and…
Alfredo Di Stefano is in critical condition, he has got cardiac arrest. Get well soon Alfredo!
Ok so doc gave me Percocet, 1 every 4-6 hours, it's been 2 1/2 hours. To take another 1 or not is the question, don't wanna go into cardiac arrest lol! He said if the ear doesn't open up & feel better by Sunday, he's going to admit me to hospital, what can they do there that I'm already doing, stick a piece of dynamite in to open the canal & help pain, didn't think so either.
I’ll try my best, how much do I invest? Like cardiac arrest, high voltage in her lips...
Cardiac Arrest is forever on replay
The combination of seeing Kanye West and Childish Gambino this year will actually send me into cardiac arrest
- A very richman called Nelson Mandela died of Lung cancer, and his money couldn't afford the price of LIFE! - Lady Diana died of car accident, her royalship couldnt favour her 2 live. - Kumlor Dumor died of cardiac arrest, his prestigious occupation couldn't save him. - Prof. Mills just died recently, his Excellency couldnt save him. -Tito Villanova(fmr Barcelona coach) died of throat cancer, nothing was able 2 save him. You are not as rich as Tito Villanova; royal as Princess Diana; Famous as Nelson Mandela; More fluent in English than Kumlor Dumor, but u are moving here and there without any illness. Take your Time and thank Him . You knw who. God Bles
I don't even like 1D but if I were to ever see Harry Styles in a store I would go into cardiac arrest
You see I loved hard once, but the love wasn't returned I found out the man I'd die for, he wasn't even concerned And time it turned, He tried to burn me like a perm Though my eyes saw the deception, My heart wouldn't let me learn From um, some, dumb woman, was I, And everytime he'd lie, he would cry and inside I'd die. My heart must have died a thousand deaths Compared myself to Toni Braxton thought I'd never catch my breath Nothing left, he stole the heart beating from my chest I tried to call the cops, that type of thief you can't arrest Pain suppressed, will lead to cardiac arrest Diamonds deserve diamonds, but he convinced me I was worth less when my peoples would protest, I told them mind their business, cause my s*** was complex More than just the sex I was blessed, but couldn't feel it like when I was caressed I'd spend nights clutching my breasts overwhelmed by God's test I was God's best contemplating death with a Gillette But no man is ever worth the paradise MANIFEST ~ lauryn hill
In 2012, 44 people died in a fire in London. 10,000 people had a cardiac arrest. We want as many as defibs as extinguish…
German Shepherd in cardiac arrest saved by firefighter’s mouth-to-snout resuscitation (VIDEO) » DogHeir...
at night Cardiac Arrest team can be v small, so finding+reading notes may be delayed
"After a day of sipping energy drinks on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico, 16-year-old Lanna Hamann went into cardiac arrest and died on June 14." You know, she just had, like, four sips and then BAM! heart attack. Nothing else she consumed or did that that could have caused that. "While the cause of Hamann’s death is still unknown..." Then why the *** did you mention energy drinks, sipped or otherwise?
Football legend Di Stefano hospitalised after cardiac arrest
*** how do u check b4 I die of cardiac arrest
People need to stop giving you babies before I go into cardiac arrest from adorableness. *-*
When ashton wears his hair like this, I actually feel like I'm going into cardiac arrest.
I wanna see trey in concert so bad but at the same time I think that If I did I would go into cardiac arrest
Front of house, shutters, porch furniture all power washed. Climbing the ladder to get the second story, let's just say it's a good thing I run our I'd have gone in to cardiac arrest. I don't do heights.
I am extremely troubled by a video that I saw posted today. It was a video of young people playing the "passout or knockout challenge". This video has since been deleted I believe. A person I know was tagged in the video and it breaks my heart. But I want to educate you and your families on the dangers of this game. This is a game where someone deprives themselves of oxygen by either strangulation with a rope, scarf, etc or by allowing someone else to cut off their oxygen to the point of passing out. More times than not it is done just see how a person reacts however there is reference to a temporary "safe high". What the participants don't realize is that this activity can lead to loss of brain cells, severe migraines, seizures, disoriented behavior, concussion, brain damage, cardiac arrest and even death. Please don't take part in this game! If already have, please stop!! I love you too much not to say something about this! Big hugs...
The Grinch's heart grew 3x that day, resulting in cardiomyopathy causing blood clots, shortness of breath and ultimately car…
but when my concert does happen I should bring life alert bc im sitting close to the front+ if one of them wave I'll go into cardiac arrest
Ive only listened to cardiac arrest so I need to check out their others stuff lol but I will start off with Salt (:
sometimes I go into cardiac arrest looking at pictures of harry
Car accident mile from home on dirt road. Made it to flight nurses-alive 45 minutes after crash before going into cardiac arrest and we lost him.
UPDATE: Various reports confirm that Alfredo Di Stefano is in a coma and remains in intensive care
Di Stefano had a cardiac arrest and is now in a coma
Like cardiac arrest. High voltage in your lips
honorary president, Alfredo is in a critical condition after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Sad news - Real Madrid Legend Alfredo Di Stefano is in critical condition. He has suffered a cardiac arrest. -FM.
I don't know how jb fans do it bc if someone were to touch 5sos like this onstage I'd go into cardiac arrest.
wishing the formal Madrid icon a quick recovery on his cardiac arrest suffered..
Just reading now that Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano has suffered cardiac arrest and is in critical condition. Ánim…
I thought she was going to go into cardiac arrest
Well tonight is hopefully my last regular shift in EMS. It marks a career as a medic that has spanned 18 long years. For on Tuesday I start a new career in the oil and gas industry. I have simply had enough of all the *** out there in and out of EMS. I can not begin to tell you how much EMS has changed since I got into it back in 95 and how dangerous the streets have become since then. It will be nice to have a job where I wont have the level of responsibility for so little pay and wont be drown in paper work. It will be nice not to have to put up with smart elic nurses in the ER that get mad because you didn't do an IV on a pt that doesn't really need one just to save them from having to do so. And nurses who give attitude after you just b snatched a cardiac arrest pt from the grim reapers grasp and brought them back because you didn't get every bit of information possible from the family members who by the way are border line cationic from watch their loved ones die.. I know there are some good nurse .. ...
So we stop in Rivergate to eat lunch and walk in to a customer going into cardiac arrest. Tabitha Alexander Daniels jumps in and starts giving CPR until help arrives, and then continues to give compressions on the gurney until the woman was loaded into the ambulance. That's my wife. She's pretty amazing.
In cardiac arrest patient doesn't have capacity. So clinical judgment can be it would be futil…
Laying on a driveway singing Cardiac Arrest.
Alfredo Di Stéfano hospitalised after suffering cardiac arrest
If you are curious what it feels like to be close to cardiac arrest, just put on an episode of Teen Wolf, and sit back.
Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stéfano, who turned 88 yesterday, is in a critical condition from a cardiac arrest.
When all of the links of the chain are acted upon, at least 40 percent of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims can be saved. by Robert S. Ambrose Heart disease has been America''s health problem since the turn of the
On one side iam feeling happy for argentina.. They are in semis.. On other side Legend Alfredo Di Stefano has suffered cardiac arrest. Feeling sad ! 😞 Pray for his healthy recovery. 🙏🙏
Last week Jeramie, Kyler, Juli, Jason and Jeremy from Reno County EMS performed joint training with Hutchinson Fire HFD on our new CPR Stat Pads that have a sensor that will monitor the quality of CPR that everyone performs during a Cardiac Arrest and provide verbal and visual feedback in real time on our Zoll E Series monitors/defibrillators and the Fire Department's AEDs. We will then be able to download data to analyze where improvements need to be made to assure we are providing the best possible care to our patients! We look to go live with these the first part of July.
Oco Poco diamonds flossin round my neck, walk off in the club *** at my feet like Cardiac Arrest
There's a Cardiac Arrest section in Tesco Metro now.
1st Patients in Medtronic Clinical Study: to Identify Patients at High Risk for Cardiac Arrest in Devel Countries
Cardiac Arrest and cpr, shocking figures!! - News - Bubblews
I wish to Informed to all my Relatives and friends that my Brother ' Rudy Accad had passed away last March 15,2014 due to Cardiac Arrest. His remains lay in state at 15th Street Barangay Outpost West Rembo. Makati City.Interment on Saturday @ 9:am at the Santa Marta Pateros Catholic Cemetery . San Joaquin .For Info /Dissemination
Reports from multiple sources are claiming that Rich Peverley went into Cardiac Arrest shortly after returning to the bench. He was given oxygen, had chest compressions, and later regained consciousness after a single shot from a defibrillator. It's scary to think that shift could have been his last. Glad to know he's ok now. Rich will always have a place in my heart because of his spectacular play for the Bruins when we had him. It's awful something like this happened-Kyle
Veteran Actor Roy Alvarez Died at 63 due to Cardiac Arrest via
Actor Roy Alvarez Dies at 63 Due to Cardiac Arrest: Last February 7, we heard the news about the death of Tadoa...
In the ICU since Saturday. Congestive heart failure sent me into Cardiac Arrest. Got a regular room late yesterday, home now. Tired and grouchy. Thanks for your prayers. Just got my phone back.
My Nassau county PD friends what are your AEDs set to when it comes to Shocks? Unfortunately my family had a Cardiac Arrest in which they responded to last night, with bystander professional CPR. They worked very hard however the outcome which looked promising unfortunately didn't end well. But my question is this the AED did 2 stacked shocks without directing to do CPR in between. Why?
Many who have Cardiac Arrest actually experience warning symptoms hours to weeks prior to the event.
I don't know why this is so funny to me but every time I see it I picture Gomer Pyle saying..."Cardiac Arrest...Cardiac Arrest!"
Nearly projectiled & went into cardiac arrest simultaneously cuz I almost fell down the stairs again
That awkward moment when I upgraded to and thought I lost over 15,000 pictures and approximately 3,000 documents. I didn't!! I almost thought I was going into cardiac arrest.
I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! I have been severly holding myself back from posting about this, and I feel like you should all know now. Ok. take a deep breath. Count to 3 and say the phrase "I will still love Christianna unconditionally after I read this post. " As some of you may or may not know, (in my world) the holiday season starts in September. I have tried to refrain from posting obnoxious things and such concerning the impending holiday season. As of 12:01am on November 1st, I will no longer restrain myself. I will start posting to my little hearts content anything and (almost) everything I see fit to post regarding the holidays. (Are you people still breathing yet? Ok, good.) If you haven't gone into cardiac arrest by the time you finish reading this, then (in my honest, and ever so humble, opinion) you're not as opposed to the slightly premature posting of holiday posts. ;-) Let the merry making begin!!
FB Friends: The son of a sweet friend of mine and one of Stephen's very best friends had a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and remains on a ventilator. They believe it could be from a previously undetected heart defect. Please pray for Logan.and his family. So scary and sad, because he is such a great kid and it could easily have happened to one of my own kids. So please pray. And go hug a teenager...even if you don't have one of your own.
I truly believe that I would have a panic attack and go into cardiac arrest if I ever got to see Afrojack and SJRM go b2b
I cannot... I would go into cardiac arrest.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
god forbid Seunghyun comes to L.A again I will go into cardiac arrest
Well, Jack didn’t stop. Neither did me.   California, 2013. I have stepped aside from my whole day circulation, timidly ended at the very pretty conclusion. Paths, shaded by old pine trees, a fading shadow hobbled away in the white bright light of East. It was Jack. It was him who was unfortunate to meet his premature conclusion of happiness. It was a bang. To the head, to the heart. Merry was what he lost. One day, I found him in a vintage shop, stumbled over an old Buddha’s idol, I have come across long ago in my homeland. Ah, my homeland. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack had a root to my land of temples.   I thought he walked away. Like I did. Sometimes priorities has to be well-practiced with your sense of indulgence. I did prioritize. So I went away. Walked off.   I woke up. A bright light on my face, night was over. Alarms, daily routines, breakfast. I forgot Jack. But I stayed at home. Found some old gramophones my grandfather used to track them, sitting over the decorated stool, with gentl ...
Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Approximately 890 deaths from coronary heart disease occur outside of the hospital or emergency room every day. Most of these deaths are due to the sudden loss of heart function or sudden cardiac death.1 In 2001 and 2002, there were 6628 workplace fatalities reported to OSHA; 1216 from heart attack, 354 from electric shock, and 267 from asphyxia. A number of these victims, up to 60 percent, might have been saved if automated external defibrillators (AEDs) were immediately available. Chances of survival from sudden cardiac death diminish by 7 – 10 percent for each minute without immediate CPR or defibrillation. After 10 minutes, resuscitation rarely succeeds. An AED is an electronic device designed to deliver an electric shock to a victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Ventricular fibrillation may be restored to normal rhythm up to 60 percent of the time if treated promptly with an AED, a procedure called defibrillation. OSHA does not have standards specific to automat ...
My sister Milea passed from cardiac arrest. As for my son, Payton, I just found out that they found no reason. I feel that God just took him home. My angel here on earth and now our angel in heaven.
Extremely sad to announce the news that our dearest friend Sameer Thakor passed away today afternoon after a sudden massive cardiac arrest. He was not only a close friend but an amazing person as well. He left us all the lovely memories. Hope his soul rests in peace :(
I would likely go into cardiac arrest if my planner ever went missing. It literally controls my life
I swear if Francisco Lachowski keeps on posting pics of him cheering for the Habs @ the game,I may go into cardiac-arrest.
In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, minutes count. For the best chance of a should be used w…
You will never have a bigger adrenaline rush than when you hear the cardiac arrest buzzer 😰
are you trying to give me cardiac arrest? :P
Louis Tomlinson or me going into cardiac arrest?
“52% of patients who had a witnessed cardiac arrest had bystander CPR Would have hoped for higher.
I would go to the ER but the bill would give me a cardiac arrest.
Lisa Salberg has lost seven family members to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)—and now works to save the lives of others.
I'll be damned if I help feed Pebbles son one more meal. I will NOT be held responsible for his cardiac arrest
Dude my English class is riiidiculous. I just went into cardiac arrest during that midterm.
Do you know the signs? Learn the signs for heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest.
This is not a test, oh no This is cardiac arrest Of a world too proud to admit our mistakes- Collapse Rise Against
whenever songs from uan play on my iTunes I literally go into cardiac arrest
I still went into cardiac arrest AHHH
Xmas 2006 I attended my 2nd call, the patient was in cardiac arrest, no 999 staff ask for a medal but fair pay and conditions are a start!
“Today I learned that choking during sex can lead to cardiac arrest. So glad I came to college?” 😳 that was awful.
Right now if my doorbell rang I'd have cardiac arrest.
I never win anything...if I ever won the lottery I would go into cardiac arrest
When I hear the I will probably go into cardiac arrest
AED more commonly know as a defib Please use if available in cardiac arrest easier 2 use than u think.
On December 4 the Nick of Time Foundation will conduct free youth heart screenings at Mercer Island High School to help prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth. The screenings will take place from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a leading cause of sudden death in young people and is typically the result of undiagnosed structural or electrical heart disease. Students must be pre-registered and scheduled for screenings, and must fill out a heart health survey in advance. More information about the event in the link below.
So far today we've received calls to 24 people reported to be cardiac arrest
I literally had cardiac arrest when i saw this
An unidentified Nigerian soccer fan living in Dubai has died after watching the Golden Eaglets hold Sweden to a thrilling 3-3 draw at the Kalifa Bin Zayed Stadium in Al-Ain City. According to eye witness reports here, the fan, whose name is yet to be confirmed from the Dubai police and hospital, died yesterday after suffering cardiac arrest after the game against Sweden in the bus conveying the Nigerian fans contingent back to Dubai. Sports Vanguard was informed that after the heart attack the deceased, who until his death, a businessman here, was rushed toDubai hospital for treatment, where he had been until he passed on in the early morning of yesterday. A close friend to the deceased said that his remains were still in the morgue of the hospital. Efforts to reach the hospital failed as at press time and when Sports Vanguard tried to contact the Nigerian Embassy here, we were told thatthe officials were not available to comment. One source said last night that the deceased was one of the vocalsupporters ...
A lot of people think it's breaking ribs. I had it a lot on my first cardiac arrest patient. Was told that it probably wasn't ribs.
A 46-year-old Egyptian in Central Prison has suffered cardiac arrest after becoming ill during a hunger strike by 1…
Tonight's 999whats your emergency was a fantastic documentary. That's what pre-hospital cardiac arrest and end of life care is really like. Think my career is still focused pre-hospitally. ECP perhaps? Let's see...
I might be in cardiac arrest right about now. Cant breathe for shiii
Text messages are saving Swedes from cardiac arrest
Powerful show. Gave my husband CPR after cardiac arrest-he survived & on long road to recovery. Essential life skill
My heart rate is high enough at the booty shorts gonna put me in cardiac arrest.
Hey any of my friends that will my brother in law is in the hospital and is in need of all the prayers he can get. They are running tests on him but we do know that he went into cardiac arrest and that he has diverticulitis and almost no potasium in his body. Thank you for any prayers for him.
Doing good quality chest compressions on someone in cardiac arrest can be the difference between life and death
Nothing like a run through the Westside of Cincinnati to make you feel like you're going into cardiac arrest.
Great advice “Follow this advice if someone goes into cardiac arrest
Someone told me they didn't know who Lucille Ball was today. I almost went into cardiac arrest.
Febreeze has a new air freshener scent called "Rick Ross". It smells of bad lyrics, cheeseburgers and cardiac arrest.
I was first on scene to a cardiac arrest yesterday.
Researchers find longer cardiac arrest resuscitation leads to more lives saved
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I am perplexed. How can one go out Friday night,.Saturday walk around the stone crab festival for almost 4 hours and not beable to simply walk around a field for 45 minutes on Monday without going into cardiac arrest.
just catching up with 999 what's your emergency. There's a Paramedic on there who thinks that "intervening after a cardiac arrest is unnatural"."There is nothing more natural than death". *** !! I hope he never has to save my life!!
Evening Chuckle LOL News Flash : Today the world was stunned by the news of the death of the Energizer Bunny. He was six years old. Authorities believe that the death occurred approximately 8:42 PM last evening. Best known as the irritating pink bunny that kept going, and going and going, "Pinkie" as he was known to his friends and family was alone at the time of his death. An emergency autopsy was performed early this morning. Chief Medical Examiner, Dura Cell, concluded that the cause of death was acute cardiac arrest induced by sexual over-stimulation. Apparently, someone had put the bunny's batteries in backwards and he kept coming, and coming, and coming...
This episode of 999 what is your emergency is the saddest episode I have seen. Seeing a cardiac arrest personally is traumatising so I feel for these ppl
Watching 999 what's your emergency and it got me thinking why isn't first aid and CPR made compulsory to learn at school in your last year.. Surely this is a much more valuable lesson to learn.. I actually wouldn't have a clue what to do if someone had a cardiac arrest yet it says the person has 4 minutes before brain starts to shut down.. Scary. Wonder how many people could be saved?
*** Did that ambulance crew just take a cardiac arrest out in a chair?...
First Aid Without The Kit Part 2 A guest post by Chris As we learned in our first installment, First Aid Without the Kit, there are a multitude of ways to deal with injuries while using common household tools. In this part, we’re going to hit on environmental emergencies that you’ll need little to no gear for. Since many of our preps involve leaving or bugging out (read: leaving our comfortable house for whatever reason), the environment is something that needs to be prepped for. Even for those of us who are Bugging In, we’re not immune from problems. Let’s get right into it, shall we? Some very surprisingly common problems that we may all run into are environmental, which are sometimes easily preventable but nonetheless treatable in most cases. Treatment of environmental issues is based on the premise that you should know what they are and how to prevent them before they happen. Understand the environment you live or work in and prepare for it. Some environmental emergencies are slow and sneak up ...
Pray for my aunt Lisa Locust either its cardiac arrest pulling and pushing on the job.
"999: What's your Emergency" Tonight showing terminal illness, cardiac arrest and death. I seriously implore that you all learn how to do effective CPR. Only 7% of people that have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survive. Be the change that improves that statistic.
999 what's your emergency is hard goin tonight...RIP all those who didn't survive a cardiac arrest!
On my way to the bootcamp!!! Just pray I dont go into a cardiac arrest! !!
'Interfering with a cardiac arrest goes against nature'... I seriously hope that paramedic doesn't attend if I ever have a heart attack!
Wish I ain't put this on now the only time I've had control of what I wanna watch cos my four year old rules my home n I choose a programme all about cardiac arrest
Closets torn asunder; bed stripped apart and overturned; every nook, cranny, and crevice poked into, prodded at, and laid open; sock, underwear, and t-shirt drawers rifled through; thorough mental recreation of all of the previous night's events made; checklist, of all numbers to be called and cards to be cancelled, made; heart almost completely given over to cardiac arrest... Just to find my wallet, completely intact, in the side pocket of my driver's side door, where I'd put it so that my butt wouldn't be sore from sitting on it.
When a person is in cardiac arrest and fighting for their life it is important to act quickly. With around 60,000 cardiac arrests taking place outside of hospitals each year it is necessary to be prepared. Every minute that passes by without CPR and defibrillation lowers their survival chances by 10 per cent. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are machines that can deliver an electric shock direct to the heart in the event of a cardiac arrest.
For anyone that loves and cares for anyone, I advise you to learn CPR. Rex's younger brother Phil would not be hanging on today if it wasn't for Brandi's quick action when Phil went into cardiac arrest at our family get together yesterday. Even though the Neosho emergency responders made it here in rather good time, the minutes that she jumped in there and went to action on him administering CPR was crucial. Thank God also for grandsons Blake & Brett taking the initiative to grab keys and moves cars out of the way and waving in the emergency crews, and distracting younger cousins by intertaining them downstairs in the family room. Heather, Brandi, Kyle, and grandkids, thank you for just taking care of everything else that needed to be done here while we went to the hospital. Quick thinking and knowledge of CPR is why we have hope that Phil will make it through this.
CYANIDE NOW KILLING TSHOLOTSHO CATTLE TWO CATTLE have reportedly died in Tsholotsho after they drank from a watering hole inside Hwange National Park amid fears the water was poisoned with cyanide. There are reports that at least 300 elephants have succumbed to cyanide poisoning blamed on poachers at the giant reserve. However, the Zimbabwe National Parks Management Authority (Zimparks) claims only 106 elephants have died. The reports of cattle dying due to cyanide poisoning would bring a new twist to the scandal that has seen Zimparks rangers reportedly descending on Tsholotsho villagers seeking information on the source of cyanide and people behind the poaching at the reserve. Patrick Ndlovu, a headman in the Tsholotsho area of Phelandaba, said two beasts had died of suspected cyanide poisoning. “We fear that we are going to lose more cattle due to the cyanide used to poison elephants, the rangers need to conduct a research and find out how many ponds have been poisoned,” he said. Ndlovu said the m ...
Well done to all the SJA personnel on duty at the marathon today in Dublin. Especially well done to the members involved in treating the cardiac arrest & the Limerick crew in SJ50 who transported the patient to hospital. Austin
I hope Shepard Smith doesn't have any romantic plans for tonight, as Dana Perino just ripped him a brand new one. They were talking about the Merkel cell phone spying. Perino said she thought there was nothing wrong with it, and Smith looked like he was going into cardiac arrest. He basically said we can't spy like that, and Perino responded that we should be spying on every country, that every country spies on each other, so why shouldn't we? Smith tried to bring the Constitution into the discussion, but Perino cut him off. I'm hoping that the segment get's posted. One other thing...Smith has gone left, and he seems to be struggling with the new format.
Inna Lilla hi wa inna elehi Rajioon... my friend 's bro just got cardiac arrest may his soul rest in piece. may Allah take him in d hollow of his hand. we miss you Shariq Zia
Everyone please pray for my mom and family. My mother suffered cardiac arrest and is being flown to Memphis
Maxwell's surgery went fantastic! It only took a little over two hours, it went much smoother than anticipated! He did not have as many adhesions as they anticipated so they were able to get into the abdomen much faster. The repair went well. They were still able to use the same muscle flap and did not have to use a patch to cover the hole! They sewed the flap to the back of his ribs this time instead of the small piece of diaphragm that was there along his back. This means it is once again highly unlikely for him to re-herniate. They aren't sure why he re-herniated this time but they speculate that the initial repair tore during his chest compressions when he was in cardiac arrest. They cut him open along the same incision from last time so he will not have a new scar. There was initially talk of doing it labroscopically but the hole was too big and in order to successfully use his flap without having to use a patch they believed cutting him open was the best bet and thankfully they were able to do th .. ...
Make ur girl have a heart attack cardiac arrest in my Cadillac
Feeling so happy right now. Some of you may know that 2 weeks ago a young girl aged 21 suffured a near fatal cardiac arrest in our HIIT class, we all done everything we could to help her. Her chances of surviving were very slim, but the paramedics said that what we all done had increased her chances. Now two weeks later her dad invited us to the hospital tonight to visit her and just to see her up laughing and joking and giving us hugs saying thank you has made my day. Im so happy for her and her family and wish her very speedy recovery :)
Please pray for my friend Logan. He collapsed this morning with cardiac arrest. The doctors are still trying to sort everything out.
SCA AWARENESS MONTH... Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) is the most common cause of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. VF is a disruption in the normal electrical rhythm of the heart and can often be corrected quickly with a defibrillator.
This is Garland's daughter Yvonne Nash Kleine . My mom Pauline would like everyone to know that he passed away earlier this morning due to cardiac arrest. Details for arrangements will be shared after tomorrow morning. Thank you all for being a part of his life. Whether friends or family I know that he enjoyed each and every one of you. Thank you for everything.
Watching "THE VIEW" talking about Juliet HOUGH going blackface FOR A PARTY ,GUEST HOST said yeah remember when WOOPIE did that w/ TED DanSoN? OLD BABS almost went into cardiac arrest!
Hillary Clinton is circling the wagons and salivating over a presidential run in 2016. The Clinton’s have no doubt has accrued massive power during their tenure, and now Hillary’s life-long dream of being POTUS is nearing. [H/T Adina Kutnicki] But not so fast Hillary. Take a look at the bodies mysteriously left in Clinton’s wake! Killary Clinton The Clinton’s have been under suspicion by many for their seemingly unchallenged circumstances involving 47 people with strong ties that either died or were outright murdered. Let’s take a look at these ‘suspicious’ deaths. James McDougal [H/T The Black Sphere] 1. James McDougal Convicted Whitewater partner of the Clinton’s who died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation. James B. McDougal, a former Clinton business partner who had been cooperating with independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr in the Whitewater investigation, died yesterday in a federal prison hospital in Texas. H ...
If you’re in the mood for a chewy snack that doubles as a phenomenal health food, look no further than pumpkin seeds.   With a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium and manganese to copper, protein and zinc, pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses wrapped up in a very small package. They also contain plant compounds known as phytosterols and free-radical scavenging antioxidants,1 which can give your health an added boost. Best of all, because pumpkin seeds are highly portable and require no refrigeration, they make an excellent snack to keep with you whenever you’re on the go, or they can be used as a quick anytime snack at home, too.     1.  Heart Healthy Magnesium  One-quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains nearly half of the recommended daily amount of magnesium, which participates in a wide range of vitally important physiological functions, including the creation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the energy molecules of your body), the synthesis of RNA and DNA, the pumping of yo ...
First Cardiac arrest call as a student nurse.!! Totally unexpected and really scary.! What an amazing feeling though actually helping save someone's life.!! And I got a big pat on the back.!!
ok my christain family need an avolanch of prayers. have a friend that went into cardiac arrest this a.m. hes in a induced coma not a christian please pray. OUR GOD IS BIGGER. love u all thanks.Teresa
Dev Anand: Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand (26 September 1923 – 3 December 2011), better known as Dev Anand, was an Indian film actor, writer, director and producer known for his work in Hindi cinema. Part of the Anand family, he co-founded Navketan Films in 1949 with his elder brother Chetan Anand.[1][2][3] Anand is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema.[citation needed] The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in 2001 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2002 for his contribution to Indian cinema. His career spanned more than 65 years with acting in 114 Hindi films of which 104 have him play the main solo lead hero and he did 2 English films. Early life Dev was born Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand on 26 September 1923[4] in the Shakargarh tehsil of the Gurdaspur district in Punjab (British India) (present-day Narowal district of Pakistan). His father Pishori Lal Anand was a well-to-do advocate. Dev was the third of four sons born to Pishori ...
dead bodies at City Mortuary all with big smiles on their faces. After the autopsies, pathologist reports to the police. Pathologist: 1st body is David from Machakos, 60 years old. Died of cardiac arrest while making love to his mistress hence the smile. Pathologist: 2nd body is Edwin from Kisumu, 25 years old, won a million bob in charity sweepstakes, spent it all on expensive whisky and cham, died of alcohol poisoning hence the smile. Inspector: What about 3rd body? Pathologist: This is unusual, never seen it before. Johnny from Kakamega, 30 years old, struck by lightning." Inspector: So why the smile? Pathologist: He thought he was having his picture taken.
Loving friends,God gave us a new gadget, a life saving device. Its called an implanted cardioverter de fibrillator. Jam is ironman now with that gadget inside his body to prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We are at telemetry now improving and recovering. God is great! final battle with lungs and kidneys. Then claiming for discharge this wednesday.To God be all the glory and praise.
Ghost Confessions Stories # haunted call center :gurgaon ncr Untold Stories : Dead Girl living, Saffron BPO (horror) This is one of the most shocking untold stories from a bpo in Gurgaon called Saffron. Some details might not be very accurate and though the management tried its professional best to bury the story, such a tale never goes untold. Saffron was built on top of a graveyard and most employees claimed to have seen or had absurd experiences. So this is what happened : Saffron had a blended process which was one of the best revenue generating mediums for the company. Now like every garden has its best plant, this process had a girl named Rose (named changed). Rose was the brightest star on the production floor. The top, medium and lower level management looked upto her in terms of inspiration. She was the heartbeat of the process and the soul of her colleagues. One day towards end of shift, she received an inbound call and being the person she is, she took it knowing her colleagues would be in a hu ...
Fan submitted question: in your security career what was the most intense and stressful situation you dealt with? April 17th, 2007 I had a report of a female unconscious and not breathing in the foodcourt of Marlborough Mall, upon arriving on scene it was clear female was in cardiac arrest. I had to delegate my officer to conduct breathes while I handled the chest compressions, while doing so her boyfriend began yelling and swearing and trying to pry me off her, he said we were hurting her. While this was all happening her child was screaming for his mommy while in the shopping cart. We eventually revived her after what felt like half an hr, but was really only over 40 seconds. EMS then arrived on scene and took over from there. I then had to calm the child and boufrien down, as the boyfriend was almost arrested for public disturbance and assault. I elected to not arrest as I understood the panic he was in, and figured the child didn't need anymore stress of losing his father for awhile also. That was by ...
I'm inviting members of the public to come to Borough Hall tomorrow between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m, when several FDNY units will be on hand in front of the building for a event marking Fire Prevention Month. The event will take place on the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy striking New York City. The superstorm triggered many major fires, including one in Breezy Point that consumed 135 homes. Tomorrow’s event will also take place in the wake of Friday night’s Bronx apartment fire that killed three young children. Officials have said the blaze was sparked by a candle and that the apartment did not have working smoke detectors. During the event, the FDNY members will help promote public awareness about fire safety and prevention, including the importance of having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They will demonstrate their equipment, provide tours of their vehicles and offer fire safety tips during tomorrow’s event, which will be free and open to the public. FDNY-themed children’s c ...
Pune Symbiosis girl died of excessive alcohol intake The Maharashtra CID today informed the Bombay High Court that the death of a girl student of Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune, last October, was due to excessive alcohol intake. In an affidavit filed before the bench of Justices S C Dharmadhikari and Gautam Patel, the CID denied that her death was due to unnatural causes. It said she died of cardiac arrest due to excessive dose of alcohol.
My fon suffered a cardiac arrest this morning, i am trying desperately together with a team of seasoned phone doctors to resuscitate it.
Forward: 3RD NOVEMBER SPONSORED RIDE IN AID FOR SOMER, PLEASE HELP AND READ ON 12 year old Somer has always been a keen horse rider despite what a hard life she has lead. When she was born she was diagnosed with Noonans syndrome which included heart and growth problems and scollosis. At the age of 2 somer had open heart surgery to close a hole in her heart and also have a donor valve put in to try and help the problems, this was another 3 trips to the hospital but she did recover and lead a reasonable life for a few years and finding her passion for horses. Last Month somer under went more surgery to have pins put in her back to help straighten her spine. It went really well, then disaster struck. Somer went in to cardiac arrest. After a long 20mins they got her back stable. She is now paralysed on one side of her body and brain damaged. She cant even communicate with her parents. Her family are now trying to raise money for somer to buy her equipment for these hard few years ahead. Lets hope we can get h ...
From what I have been told my teacher has gone into cardiac arrest. What a monday
Now I'm not confused anymore on my meds for this acls free watching this untold stories of the er and the patient when into cardiac arrest in front of the dr :) thank u :)
Very proud of our son, Anthony, who just received the Department of Public Safety Employee of the Month for pediatric cardiac arrest. This was undoubtedly the worst call he has ever had (as many of you can well understand), yet he stayed with the mom the entire time until the doctor came in with the news that no parent wants to hear. Love you Anthony!
8 Foods that Could Kill You (If You Eat Enough of Them) Cherries, Apricots, Plums, Peaches: Cyanide Don't freak out if you accidentally swallow a cherry pit-they're rarely poisonous when eaten whole-but whatever you do, don't eat a broken pit. Rice: Arsenic Rice (especially rice grown in Texas) contains arsenic, a toxin that can cause bad things like vomiting, abdominal pain, and vertigo when consumed in large quantities. The highest levels are found in brown rice, the lowest in instant rice. Rhubarb: Oxalic Acid Brightly colored rhubarb stalks are great in cocktails and for making tangy-sweet pie fillings, but the plant's leaves contain oxalic acid, a chemical that's also used in household bleach and anti-rust products (yikes!). If that wasn't enough, eating the leaves can cause burning sensations in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, and even death. Even cooking the leaves won't get rid of the acid. Potatoes: Solanine Depending on how they're handled, potatoes can produce solanine, a n ...
I am stressed... I am going into Cardiac arrest. Numb sensation is coming back.
The good: I made it off the train (more like carried) so there was no delay. The bad: I fainted and actually lost consciousness this time. The ugly: The took 30+ minutes to respond and the single paramedic who came on foot had a huge bag including a cardiac arrest resuscitator... Really? If it was that I think you'd be too slow.
We had the oppurtunity to bring back a patient who had gone into cardiac arrest.. To suddenly feel the thump of the heart underneath ur hand while giving first such experience...Enjoying medicine posting in M2 unit
This is to inform those of you who don't know yet that my mother expired on 2nd October 2013 due to cardiac arrest. I didn't have much courage to post this earlier. I just want to request you all please pray for her forgiveness. May her soul rest in peace and may Allah give us strength to bear the loss. Ameen..
is going to cause me to go into a full blown Sons of Anarchy cardiac arrest. You amaze me man, truly! You have a brilliant mind!
Shastri's sudden death immediately after signing the Tashkent Pact with Pakistan has raised many questions in the minds of Indian citizens. The Prime Minister of India going to Tashkent for a pact and never coming back has not been accepted easily by Indian citizens. His health was fit as per his personal physician, Dr. R. N. Chugh, and he had had no sign of heart trouble before. Shastri's sudden death has led to persistent conspiracy theories that he was poisoned.[24] The first inquiry into his death, conducted by the Raj Narain Inquiry, as it came to be known, however did not come up with any conclusions, and today no record of this inquiry exists with the Indian Parliament's library.[25] It was alleged that no post-mortem was done on Shastri, but the Indian government in 2009, claimed it did have a report of a medical investigation conducted by Shastri's personal physician, Dr. R. N. Chugh, and some Russian doctors. Furthermore, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) revealed that there was no record of any ...
Do you send your child to a school where few if any adults are aware of the warning signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest?. htt…
Need your share of d cardiac arrest? u wana give people heart attacks with these calls!
Great day yesterday.We got great news on my brothers wife.No heart damage.From the cardiac arrest she had on Monday... Still here
After tonight's small explosion, I'm going through cardiac arrest every time the duty phone rings.
Saved the life of an old women who suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest on the street today...
For resources and information on Cardiac arrest and Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Extreme sad news to share, Our friend Arun Bal, left for heavenly abode today morning due to massive cardiac arrest. He was Joint Secretary (Defence), Govt of India, New Delhi. Son of Prof Gangadhar Bal, he was 1986 IAS West Bengal cadre. My childhood friend from Lal Bazar in Baripada ( one year to me). He leaves behind wife Nibedita, daughter Ananya and son, who is in 3rd year engg in VIT.
Cardiac arrest survival triples after Denmark's CPR push. Kids began learning CPR as early as elementary scho…
Latest revision as of 2 Blue Blue October2013 Delhi gang rape case The 2012 Delhi gang rape case involves a rape and murder that occurred on 16 December 2012 in Munirka, a neighbourhood located in the southern part of New Delhi, when a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern[2] was beaten and gang raped in a private bus in which she was travelling with a male friend. There were six others in the bus, including the driver, all of whom raped the woman. The woman died from her injuries thirteen days later while undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore.[3][4] The incident generated widespread national and international coverage and was widely condemned, both in India and abroad. Subsequently, public protests against the Government of India and the Government of Delhi for not providing adequate security for women took place in New Delhi, where thousands of protesters clashed with security forces. Similar protests took place in major cities throughout the country. All the accused were arrested and charged wi ...
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MT Bystander CPR shown to 3x survival rates for out of hospital cardiac arrest in new JAMA study. http…
Governments play big roles in determine of cardiac arrest survival. . It triples after Denmark's CPR push.
cant sleep (,-_-) just keep thinking and thinking and thinking and trying to figure out just what this life will have in store for me who will i be now i have to say this grieving thing really *** when i want to hug my husband i hold his ashes tight i feel him there i cry alot but i do feel him there he hasn't really left me i feel his spirit with me but is that enough ? it has to be because this was part of gods plan to make me stronger ?. maybe to learn from it ? maybe , i have to believe in my heart that something good will come from what i seen what i lived watching him get sicker and sicker watching him come back fighting after a cardiac arrest dieing twice and still survive then a doctor telling me he is going to die and this time he wont pull through was our hard work worth nothing NO i don't think so i would do it over and over again, even our love could not save him because believe me i tried it was time for him to rest i think god decided that i really do so im excepting what god decided e ...
Oct 2: Remembering Lal Bahadur Shastri Lal Bahadur Shastri – a less- fortunate figure with an unfortunate birthdate- 2nd Oct! On that day people herald the glories of Mahatma and paste a sentence or two about Shastri at the conclusion of their speech. He is like Sardhar Patel, his former colleague, as the achievements of the both are ‘carefully suppressed’ from getting popularity among the public. Shastri took the office at such a crucial juncture when the country was receiving a terrible threat for its security from outside. He had to pay the price for the follies of his predecessor. The nation was just recuperating from the deadly onslaught of China and Nehru passed the burden of preparing the country for another battle on Shastri’s shoulder – this time with Pakistan. But Shastri, unlike his coward predecessor, displayed a great deal of leadership by inspiring the soldiers to reply the enemies in their own language. He appealed the countrymen to observe fast on Monday since the country was fac ...
With a friend in the hospital after a cardiac arrest (he woke up yesterday-big step, but no guarantees!), I have been unable to concentrate on national politics. One thing is for sure, though, if they're really getting paid for this bs, they should be rounded up and smacked where it counts. All of 'em! ;)
Harry can run for thirty minutes straight. I can't even walk up my stairs without going into cardiac arrest.
5 Things You Need to Know About Fall Rescue and Retrieval One of the most neglected aspects of Fall Protection is the rescue and retrieval plan. Sure, you've selected your harnesses and lanyards, debated the feasibility of railings, and calculated your fall distance, but what do you intend to do once the worker has fallen? While the worker is dangling from the structure is not the best time to develop a plan. The time is now, before work at heights begins. Here are five things you need to consider when developing the rescue and retrieval plan: 1. You Don't Have A Lot Of Time Whatever plan you come up with needs to happen fast. Orthostatic Intolerance – also known as Suspension Trauma – can occur in as little as 20-30 minutes and sometimes less, depending on a person's health and/or the nature of any injuries sustained in the fall. Rescue needs to begin immediately. But what is your plan? Are you positioning a lift beneath him to which he can be lowered? How long will it take to get the lift t ...
Hottest pic of justin ever like im literally in cardiac arrest
Preparing the breakfast of champions. Or possibly of cardiac arrest. Need fuel today.
Hello night owls. My roommate's snoring sounds like a bear going into cardiac arrest, so I decided to stay up and catch up on some work and then sleep during the day when I would have done it. First thing on my to do list in the A.M. is to find another room mate.
like please bring waterproof mascara Friday for puppies on the're gonna go into like cardiac arrest holding one 😂😂
Dad is about to be operated for his bed sores... but he had cardiac arrest and revived after 15mins... he is not yet stable... please pray for my dad...
PROPHETIC GUERRILLA WARFARE SEASON 4 (WAR AGAINST MAMMON DEMONS).Glory be to God for the conclusion of this Season 4 Warfare.It was awesome!What a glorious time I had in His presence. I believe heaven has answered your prayers.Just be expectant.Financial miracles are heading your direction with the speed of light.Stay focus.Let your faith and imagination run wild.Doubt is a killer.Never allow a tiny bit of it to find its way into your mind.Don't forget to live a pure holy and obedient life. Am just so excited because I can feel that something unusual is about to explode in someone's life this year that will give the enemies cardiac arrest. Are you the one? Jesus remains THE CHIEF SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE UNIVERSE.
if my heart is open, I'm probably in cardiac arrest . . . ;)
Set de fotos: sirmarcobodt: im going to go into cardiac arrest
When I think about you, my heart beats so rapidly I think I might go into cardiac arrest. No joke.
Celebrate 2day for a great personality "LAL BAHADUR SRIVASTAVA SHASTRI" jayanthi. Y people forgot 2day is also a birthday of a greatest person than any 1 in the congress party who was killed by his own party in Tashkent meeting, who was poisoned & the GREAT INDIAN GOVERNMENT released no information abt his death & media was kept silent saying his death was caused by Cardiac Arrest which is untrue. Kuldip Nair filed a RTI access the info abt Lal Bahadur Shastri's Death but the GREAT INDIAN GOVERNMENT replied as expected statement "PMO citied exemption from the disclosure of the plea that it could harm foreign relations, cause disruption in the country and cause breach of parliamentary privileges." The Direct Beneficiary of Lal Bahadur Shastri's Death. Gulzarilal Nanda was the interim Prime Minister of India after the death of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966. Indian National Congress then systematically elected a new prime minister. "Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi" Till Our Government proves otherwi ...
That's the most I've ever heard Jin sing, and having him start out the song basically put me into cardiac arrest.
Why do Muslims slaughter the animal in a ruthless manner by torturing it and slowly and painfully killing it? "ISLAMIC METHOD OF SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS APPEARS RUTHLESS". The Islamic method of slaughtering animals, known as Zabiha has been the object of much criticism from a large number of people. Before I reply to the question, let me relate an incidence about a discussion between a Sikh and a Muslim regarding animal slaughter. Once a Sikh asked a Muslim, "Why do you slaughter the animal painfully by cutting the throat instead of the way we do with one stroke i.e. jhatka?" The Muslim replied "We are brave and courageous and attack from the front. We are marad ka baccha (macho men), you are cowards and attack from behind". Jokes apart, one may consider the following points, which prove that the Zabiha method is not only humane but also scientifically the best: 1. Islamic method of slaughtering animal Zakkaytum is a verb derived from the root word Zakah (to purify). Its infinitive is Tazkiyah which means pu ...
“We’re down to days, at this point. Respiratory and cardiac arrest are sudden. His heart could stop anytime.”. I can't take this anymore
Anyways a prayer for my step dad I love u death and back and it was so hard to see you today go into cardiac arrest and even harder to tell then no resuscitation , as your wishes me and u talked about ... But so glad u decided to stay with us . Love you truly and god bless you poppa al ... God bless you ... God bless you .
We iz just havin bad time postin prayers to night been trying for over an hour...hope this time works...God Bless! Please pray hard for peanut! ♥ Please Jesus our furiend Barbara Pattys Dad had a cardiac arrest on Wednesday and him in intensive care. He is still on the ventilator and hasn't woken up yet. Jesus please helpz her Dadz wake up and start the healing process, and comfort this family through these tough times, wrap your armz around them and give them peace. Amenz♥ Jesus please help my sweet furiend Mimi healz her back, cause we lubz her ♥ Please help our dear furiend, Ms Becky to haz strength and comfort, and know that she is loved Amenz Jesus special prayerz for my BFF Peanut, please let himz be alright we needz him. Extra prayer for Rufus the Cancer Pitty him iz not doin goodz either. Jesus please let our friend Mimi heal her back completely, we all lubz her very much. Amenz Jesus we pray for Wrigley Bruce himz will be operated on Monday dor hiz tooths, him haz some health issues Jesus a ...
In the News Bystander CPR Initiative Saves Lives Campaigns encouraging ordinary citizens to learn and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of an emergency can make a difference. Less than 10 years after Denmark began taking steps to increase the number of bystanders stepping in to perform this lifesaving procedure, the percentage of cardiac arrest cases in which a bystander performed CPR had more than doubled and cardiac arrest victims' chances of survival had tripled. The initiative in Denmark included making CPR training mandatory for elementary school students and driver's license recipients, distributing training kits, offering over-the-phone guidance to bystanders, and placing defibrillators in public places.
Happy birthday to Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, one who had a small reign as the pm of our country yet the country achieved fastest growth rate ever under him, sadly there was a conspiracy to kill him and the media was asked to stay silent, as per official records he died of cardiac arrest, he laid the foundation of bal vidya mandir school(s), also today as everyone knows is mahatma gandhi jayanti.
yeah Kev can say he ran laps around the pool, I can say I almost went into cardiac arrest. Me-mo-riez
State Lawmaker Calls for AEDs in All Public Schools in Pennsylvania Our speaker is Senator Andy Dinniman of Chester County, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Education Committee, and sponsor of the legislation. Senate Bill 606 would reinstate a state grant program that hasn’t been in operation since 2002 that would provide grants to school districts to help them purchase Automated External Defibrillators, a portable medical device designed to analyze the heart rhythm and deliver an electric shock to victims of cardiac arrest to restore the rhythm to normal. The legislation was prompted by the 2010 death of seven-year old Aidan Silva of Chester County who died at home from cardiac arrest. Aidan had no symptoms of a heart condition prior to his death. His parents have made it their mission to make sure that all school buildings in Pennsylvania have an AED available should a student or a school employ suffer cardiac arrest. Also speaking at today’s State Capitol news conference were Steve Silva, father ...
I would've went into cardiac arrest up in that car. someone would've had to drag me to the ER. because, it ain't no way.
Cardiac arrest survival triples after Denmark's push cardiac arrest survival is something we can cl…
Health and Safety Fair for the employees at SMWD. Kicking off the "National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month". Take a class and make a difference!
Call ya peoples check on em even when you feel like you don't need em cause it's gon be like cardiac arrest when you can't see em
AHHH it was crazy! So many script flips. makes me go into cardiac arrest weekly.
We take a brief pause in our station identification for another stoner moment creation. OK take 2 hot dogs and 2 cups of ur fav chili with beans cut hot dogs and fry then add chili while heating toast 2 pieces of bread put chili on bread then top with shredded cheese. *** yeah a meal worth dying for from cardiac arrest and heartburn. Enjoy
Friends/family: so most of you don't know, but i was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Drs. Think I actually have right ventricular dysplasia-which would explain my original cardiac arrest, my current stacking up cardiac issues & my rare non genetic long QT syndrome. My right ventricle pressure is high, ejection fraction low, & I've been having problems catching my breath. I'm having a nuclear stress test next week to find out more. I'm hoping it's not ARVD. I'm well aware of the struggles ahead of me in my life-my heart will eventually fail & I'll need a heart transplant. My message to y'all -please don't say sorry or feel bad for me. Because I don't! I struggle trying to wrap my head around it, my mind makes me think a lot, I'm trying to grasp what's going on & plan for what I can do to help me stay as healthy as possible. I'm also worried about putting stress on the people around me & I'm trying to focus on getting get back to my normal-so I'm slightly preoccupied & not myself. I know I s ...
I'll probably go into cardiac arrest
100 old news 1. The UN General Assembly on 15 May 2013 adopted a resolution calling for a political transition in Syria 2. IMF on 15 May 2013 approved a three-year, 1.3 billion dollars loan for supporting Cyprus’ attempts to stabilize its financial sector. 3. Rajasthan Royals cricketers Shreesanth, Ajit Chadila and Ankeet Chavan arrested for their alleged involvement in spot fixing in the 6th edition of the IPL. 4. The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) on 15 May 2013 decided to launch Inflation Indexed Bonds (IIBs). 5. Backward Region Grant Fund was increased to 818.17 crore rupees for 2013-14 from 667 crore rupees for Utatr Pradesh by Union Government. 6. Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka launched India-Lanka FTA Handbook on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in Colombo on 15 May 2013. 7. To promote India as a filming destination, a delegation from I&B and Tourism Ministry participated in the Cannes Film Festival. 8. Cloned human embryo was created by the American Scientists by using Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer ...
This French homework almost sent me into cardiac arrest 😰 I made it doe
Sadly, another young life lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Cardell Lee was only 15 years old. It is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness month. Please look into getting CPR/AED training, getting your children screened, and check to see if the schools or places in the community you visit have AED' many of these precious lives could be saved!!
you have a good message, but really, when will I ever witness a cardiac arrest with RICKY RUBIO? .
Everything is better fried.until you go into cardiac arrest. Gotta keep it fresh, boo! Like Subway.
sometimes having a cardiac arrest is good for a nation, all you have to do is to defibrilate her. Perhaps in the process, a nation is "born again". Of course, if God wills it.
October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) month. 80% of SCAs occur at home. Please take the time to learn CPR and how to use an AED. Save a life.
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