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Cara Black

Cara Black (born 17 February 1979 in Salisbury) is a professional tennis player from Zimbabwe. She has won 1 WTA Tour singles title and 54 women's doubles titles.

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Caroline is slowly becoming my second song to drop last night.. Black Beatles forever.. And I still love Here by Alessia Cara.
They will welcome him with open arms because the only thing black liberals care about is his blackness not his disastrous…
"I'm sorry if i offended you mr. black neck" i-
One of my assets is my fitness. My fitness around the net and my mov...
Going to a kink party. It's themed but I'm going in black and praying I get a spanking.
💥 There a horrible double standard. If white people did this to a black Dem supporter you'd see riots, 24/…
Liam Gallagher . -my favorite on the show . -so precious . -frank is somehow his dad even though he black?. -makes sense ht…
- Why Cara Delevingne has a black line running from her neck to her belly button?. - Cause that's the trick of Ben ( Ros…
For every White person calling "racist", remember that if Black people didn't have humor, you all would be…
Chances of me dying if I don't have a cider and black fairly soon are very high
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Racism will nevwr end as long as white cara are still using black tyres.. Zimbabwe President
Bashy forever has a place in the UK rap hall of fame for the black boys tunes
lucius,septimius,bassianus aka Cara calla,first black emperor of Rome
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Award for longest distance walked by someone under 18yo - Cara (sp) Black.
But you want to go to a disabled, bespectacled, Autistic monoracial brown-skinned black girl with 4C nappy hair to uplift you.
Maybe you think "skinny shaming" is a thing because you fetishize women with curves and big butts. Particularly black women.
I ain't putting no disclaimer for you when I uplift large, dark-skinned and black women. Take it as it is and shut up.
I do have days where people in my kwn community *** me off. Black people (women) in particular. I have a lot of patience. Jesus.
Just a reminder. Because being anti-Black in response to someone Black engaging in a different type of bigotry, is not radica…
You can critique Black folks' bigotry without anti-Black stance that Black ppl should be superhuman/above it and owe morals b…
A black woman was verbally & PHYSICALLY harassed by a racist for weeks & now SHES the bully for reacting. I'm tired. http…
Black excellence doesn't only apply to those who have a college degree.
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Cara and Dee blonde annika albrite gets speared by a black pole: and Dee.
lol I'm pretty sure she has the all black ones
"Cara's into black guys". "She's going to have beautiful caramel babies" .
Cara and Beryl hot sits on a black *** and loves the ride: and Beryl.
From Black Hat: "La-Cara," an automated cash out machine that works on current EMV & NFC ATMs demo’d by Westonheck…
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I added a video to a playlist Cara Menginstall Call of Duty -Ghost- [Black-Box] . RAM Fix : 4GB
And I've also seen BW with natural hair spitting some of the most anti-black, white supremacist bs. So...yeah
(1of2) Finally finished my wife's cara.kj tea box. Hard maple and black walnut construction with…
That would otherwise call big butts on black girls gross.
Nah, skinny black girls that don't have big bums/breast are shamed. Fat people r always trying to make themselve…
try Mary Kay. They seem to be the only one that accommodates lighter shades of brown for black girls.
Honestly Cara is kinda Cute last seen with widow black dress watch out for those eyes cause she is already dangerous.🎶
As a black girl especially, there's added pressure to have some extra 'meat on your bones'
Black mothers can brag though 😂. Neighbour: How are you? . Your mom: I'm good, just stressful having a child who's a graduate…
Hip Hop is so accepting of that YesJulz girl, but not other black girls who are doing far more dope things than she is. It's w…
You just consigned a man calling me ugly. What point was that? You're friends with an anti-black mispgynist.
You use the same pictures when I call you ugly. You're a typical hurt black man wanting my approval.
Wish bbm still existed so i could change my dp to a black screen and my name to a dot to show i was actual through wit m…
you cute & don't let nobody, hurt black men OR insecure black women, tell you otherwise
Get out my mentions demanding me to make you feel better about not coming out as "stereotypically black" as me.
And I will continue to wear shorts with my big, thick black girl booty.
You're a Black liberal who wants to be included into the settler state using the word decolonization as a metaphor.
*me when Black people use decolonization as a metaphor but never acknowledge that we're colonized*
I read French much better than I speak.
so Indiana, some of the Midweat and the South actually would have more black people but large racial aggression too
with Indiana, we have more cities for black people to be located like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Gary, Evansville and
"Lol Indiana ain't got no black people!". Indiana actually has a higher percentage of blacks than California combined...
"Everybody knows everywhere we go from the black top to a green field we steal the show" 🎧
BRUH. It kills me POC don't know basic black history.
Nope.😂 black people would have been OUTTA THERE PRONTO
Orphan Black is so good, this tv show needs to be more recognised
Idc. You wanna be anti-black. Make sure to give it to all members of the black community instead of being selective.
so you saying i should say white men faithful & black men not? Then try to hate based on my skin tone.
Leave it to a white person to reposition a discussion about black intra-racial issues on them & their white feelings.
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How lovely. You want to choke on a black *** and guzzle a black man's *** but support them bashing black women 🤔
Non-black girls get their cervix pounded in by a black dude one time and think they can get bold with black women. Aight girl.
Dancing the night away with Cara Black and Tim Mitchell Richardson at NOIR Bistro & Bar.
Moderating the grand dames of mystery at SF Writer's Conference; Cara Black, Kathleen Antrim and Anne Perry!
Hi Thanks for sharing the list! Really humbled to be on list with Cara Black, Danai Gurira, NoViolet Bulawayo!
As orange is the new black me amam cara
Exactly. Literally, black woman/man. But everyone uses it like cara, meu, etc. Dude. No matter the color.
Fred's House, Blair Dunlop, Cara Dillon, Luke Jackson, Darren Black, and The Jigantics are all on one line-up in...
Of course I'm the only black person in my class
I reckon the black ones, but the gold ones are well nice👍🏼
she was an American cocker spaniel - black and white, but with brown eyebrows bold enough to rival cara …
Fav black outfits from the . All these looks are and
I kept looking at it, waiting for it to turn black! 😃 Takes quite some skill to brew up something like that. 👌
"You shouldn't judge a white appearing person because she's part black actually!" Didn't know. Doesn't look black so I wouldn't know.
Psh. Black men are only so eager to claim racially ambiguous to white passing women as "one of us" so as to have more options. Lol
Kaney was JUST talking about how racism don't exist, going full "New Black" like 3 months ago but yall ready to vote him…
Her dad is part Afro Puerto Rican but I hardly think she claims his black heritage.
Cara Delevingne wears a beaded star print dress with black heels
the ODR treats Black African ancestry as a contaminant.
*** with a clue know Trump not gone win. He ain got the Black vote or the Hispanic vote, same reason Republican los…
I don't play these, "I'm black...sometimes," game and you do not have the physical characteristics of it.
as much as I hate Rashida Jones, she said she was a black woman so she is. Still passes for a white actress tho.
I claim ppl who straight up say they're black or biracial. Not those who vaguely state their lineage
I don't know why some black ppl get pressed when I state facts. My pointing it out won't hurt her privilege. I have no advantage
Like...Tori looks white and has more or less distant black ancestry. That's that.
Anyway, people like Logic and Tori can identify as black although one never said they did. That's my point.
"Black people are being killed and you want to discuss colorism and white-passing privilege!?"
Black women who look nothing like her are. White passing people can PASS as in, no one knows their race right away.
Its important because if White ppl can be Black then they can accelerate the Black Genocide. Let's not encourage.
yeah, cause Alfred Roy is not black
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There's no such thing as "half Black" a human child is the RACE of its biological father(2001 Genome Project Study).
her dad is Afro-Venezuelan. Her great grandmother is the non-black Latinx. She said so herself.
besides I said she was white-ish not white. She still appeals to the idea that she looks "innocent" but sings like a black/DS girl
her dad is half black half Venezuelan
No we want to believe she's Black because she can sang but she's White cause her fathers White. TK
Mariah Carey straight up said who she was. Tori played the "ambiguous" game until after black people on sociap media called her out.
I saw it. She never said, "I'm black." Either way, still looks white. Still has proximity to that privilege. Point still stands.
I don't care to claim people who look white as black. They can be black all they want but it makes no difference to me.
Racists killing us cause we BLACK but we don't know the diff b/t RACE and ETHNICITY and Nationality? Must do better.
The Weeknd wearing the Adidas Pirate Black Yeezy Boost 350s during his performance
they can ID as me without lying and pretending our black is the same.
She is 1/4 black if that. She never said she IDs as black so I will assume her to be a light skinned woc.
hence why I said "ish." She is mixed but certainly not black nor IDs as such.
Omigod. Tori Kelly. Basic whiteish girl with a black girl's voice. Her voice does not set her a part. No different than other WW with "soul"
thank you, Jussie Smollett for saying Black Lives Matter on that stage.
Who made Cara Delevingne's black sandals and white star fringe dress?
Really? A song about a black man fits the social justice message?
Cara Delevingne pairs her Saint Laurent dress (and with Stuart Weitzman’s black Nudist sandals at the …
White girls hate Miley because she's a *** ." Most black girls hate her because she is misogynoiristic and a racist. Good reason.
"Oh, don't worry! She's a non-black woc so her appropriating black women is okay!"
Y'all know the black girl from Empire is only in Taylor Swift's clique as the token blaque
ASAP Rocky doesn't make me angry the way other black male rappers does tho.
I don't get ASAP Rocky. One minute he says ditzy things about race and black women and the next minute he's socially aware again.
Does he react that way to the WW next to him appropriating black bodies tho?
The black girl had the good dress and maybe cara if this was 2007
Seeing stars: shines on the red carpet in the NUDIST. SHOP: ht…
my sister is so stupid she thought this girl was cara delevingne and the girl was black she's so blind KDKNDND
Two of my roommates are talking about how they're black belts in Taekwondo and I'm just sitting here eating a cupcake
All of them look a mess except for Cara and the one in black next to her
here for the black girl slaying . and Cara. they all pretty though
I want to read African/black literature about average women of those times, not "tough" warrior men.
Do I really need to read African literature written by hyper-masculine and patriarchal black men to understand my African/black roots?
How hard is it to:. 1) Stream black magic. 2) watch the move Music video. 3) Watch BM music video. Even if you only do it a …
This is 4th Mixed doubles title partnering :. Lisa Raymond, Martina Navratilova, Cara Black & now with M…
Paes has 4 mixed doubles titles at all with different partners- Lisa Raymond, Martina Navratilova, Cara Black & Martina Hingis
Its 4th Wimbledon Mixed Doubles victory for (Earlier with Lisa Raymond, Martina Navratilova, Cara Black & now Martina Hingis)
Cara Black is 36. Lisa Raymond is 41 (turning 42 in August).
Another excellent win for Lisa Raymond & Cara Black over Kudryatseva & Pavlyuchenkova to reach the doubles QFs
Big thanks from GSC's Cara Black for lovely new kit for her doubles pairing with Lisa Raymond to
The movement cannot sustain itself without Black love.
I guess I'm just supposed to ID as black and only black and not other personal factors that marginalize me.
sporting the Cara Pullover in Grey/Black with thumb holes to keep your hands and fingers...
BM be posting these memes of some BW from their black rom-com movie holding a BM at gunpoint. Run like the wind if that's your reality...
Lotta MSWF arguments abt online harassment have anti-black misogyny baked right into them.
what you won't hear from Hillary: "when I ended the drug war..." Or "when I broke the police unions to protect black lives..…
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They never can LIST the what/how of their "free college just for existing while Black" claims are based on, other than their …
Meanwhile, greatest academic debt among PoC especially Black ppl since b/c of all those gaps I mentioned, need more $ than ju…
Only mediocre Whites ignore wage gap, wealth gap, access gaps, and actual HISTORY and REALITY to claim Black ppl go to colleg…
They basically compared symbol of racism, division, and enslavement to Black men having sovereignty over their own bodies. IR…
(TW) Narratives be like, "These people came over to this black indigenous land and formed relationships." Formed? You mean, raped? Coercion?
reminder: Don Lemon is the guy that thought a missing plane could have disappeared in a black hole
So many unarmed Black people being killed by police. If only the victims were armed. They could have prevented their own deaths…
Tinashe is a chill singer, so of course her vocals are going to be mostly chill and soft. Not every black female singer has to belt.
No amount of talent and good quality in work can excuse a BM who apologizes for WW's appropriation of black womanhood.
When people praise Keri for being pretty, I'm do know plenty of pretty Black women also achieve and don't excuse r…
LMFAO. We get it. Pathologize Black people + Be New Black™ = Make money. We get it Don, Raven, Charles, Morgan, Pharrell et. …
I was wearing a black vneck &then Cara needed it so we traded shirts in an alley & now I'm wearing this flower shirt http:/…
So sick of people praising white women for being black but don't praise black women for being...themselves.
Photo: Mini Cara Delevingne Bag Black Natural Leather ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more black rucksacks)
Omg. There goes the black mail. Lol! Thanks, *** 😂😂😂😂
Glad I've broken free of the indoctrination of "you 'owe' 'good' White folk!" That's taught in so many churches and Black spa…
Trust no black girl whose are usually of some non-black woman...
LRT: and especially black women and children.
I guess it may seem like Tinashe isn't "staying" when you are someone who doesn't follow contemporary black music but you're wrong.
Hillary Clinton just said "All Lives Matter." Girl BYE. If you can't just say Black Lives Matter, then keep us out of …
FYI, if y'all are looking for great Black women writers to read, I follow a LOT of them. JUST SAYIN
Amazing how entitled people are for sport. Be a Black woman and say "NO" and watch the response...
State a boundary and this is the reply. Remember Black women not entitled to "NO." Even Black ppl think so...
Why are people mad when you dare compare another female artist (black) to a past legendary one? Being compared to women is not an insult!
Representation *** We got less than three mainstream shows about black people. Barely any shows about E. or S. Asians or other brown ppl
» Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne in love with girlfriend 232
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Lay a bet on 5 black. Always a winner. Good Luck Cara!
os cara cagaram no Call of duty Black ops 3
"Breaking windows doesn't help" "Please show what more effective actions you are undertaking that stop racist murders of Black…
Meanwhile, pharell and his new black are in chanel ads with cara.
Cara Delevingne works a seriously sexy black bodysuit in Las Vegas via
Murder in the Latin Quarter by Cara Black,SIGNED, 2009 HCDJ,1st Edition,Mystery
"I'm not a redneck, well number one I'm black" this guy is my hero
quando o cara canta black and yellow black yellow black and yellow ele ta falando black and yellow ou yellow and black. FICA AÍ A REFLEXÃO
Today Lily (our black and white cat who you saw in our furry friends video a while ago) had to be put down and I’m feeling v…
so should we focus on how to stop young black men being arrested at an alarming rate. There will always be bad cops
over 300 black lives have been taken by police in the U.S. this year! try and tell me that racism isn't a thing anymore
Gonna start watching orphan black rn
ASA find nude Cara Delevigne for Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume sensual and sexually suggestive so not for 100m of school or place (1/3)
I chose to be blind to all the stuff going on with cops and black men.
I see ppl posting extremely anti-Black statements from racist classist vegans & I'm tapped out on everything else going on. L…
Girl. I don't hear any stories advocating time outs for black boys.
Black Veil Brides performing at Monsters Of Rock in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo by © Camila Cara, Ale Frata.
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Sania Mirza-Cara Black lying fourth in Race to Singapore standings
- Qusetion: 1. who released a report on child poverty titled Children of the Recession? Answer: UNICEF Question: 2.Who won the DSC prize 2014? Answer: Cyrus Mistry Question: 3:Who is the new chairman of Microsoft? Answer: John Thompson Question: 4:Name of the south Sudan president? \Answer :Salva Kiir Mayardit Question: 5:Which country announced first ever Dadabhai Naoroji Awards- ANSWER- UK Question: 6: Which chief executive manager and managing director of Birla Sun Life Insurance is now appointed as the CEO and MD? Answer. Pankaj Razdan. Question7. Which Airports are declared as the International Airport of India recently? Answer: Bhubaneswar and Imphal Question8. Who won the women’s double Portugal open title 2014? Answer: Cara Black and Sania Mirza Question:9. What is the national game of Spain? Answer: Bull Fighting Question:10.Who is the author of Devdas? Answer: Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Andrea Hlavackov and Shuai Peng beats Cara Black and Sania Mirza 6-4 6-4 in the final at
All smiles: Peng Shuai & Andrea Hlavackova defeated seeds Cara Black & Sania Mirza in the final of the ht…
Andrea Hlavackova and Peng Shuai defeat Cara Black and Sania Mirza 64, 64 in the final of the China Open.
New York: Sania Mirza's partner Cara Black of Zimbabwe and India's she cannot make it after going down to Swiss-Italian pair at the Grand Slam occasion and Flavia Pennetta in straight sets here. The 27-year old Indian, who reached the summit clash in the mixed doubles category as well as partner...
No Bryan's in MXD.No Liezel,no Lisa Raymond.Good opp. for Cara Black & Leander Paes 2 make F &win. All they do is win win win no matter what
Top seeds Sania Mirza and Cara Black are out of the New Haven tournament with 6-7(3),4-6 loss in the quarter...
Sania Mirza, Cara Black Reach Second Round of Wimbledon: Sania Mirza and Cara Black beat Martina Hingis and...
India's Sania Mirza and Cara Black def Martina Hingis and Vera Zvonereva in the Women's Doubles. Good start for the Indo-Zim pair.
India's challenge came to a grinding halt at the Aegon International, the last tournament in the lead up to Wimbledon, with the defeats of Sania Mirza and Leander Paes in their respective events, in Eastbourne. In the women's doubles, third seeded pair of Sania and Cara Black recovered from a first set rout but ended up losing 1-6, 6-3, 7-10 against the unseeded Taipei pair of Hao-Ching Chan and Yung-Jan Chan in the quarter-finals. Paes, who had partnered with Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, also lost at the quarter-final stage in the men's event. The second seeded Indo-Pak pair lost 3-6, 4-6 to Treat Huey of Philippines and Briton Dominic Inglot. Wimbledon championships, the third Grand Slam of the season, begins Monday.
Hi Friends! I'm going through my book collection and have decided to get rid of the ones that I don't plan on reading or already read. If you are interested in reading the book, let me know and it's yours! Otherwise, the leftovers will be donated or re-sold to a bookstore. Unless it says claimed, the book is available. An Asterisk (*) Indicates it is a Hardcover Alicia Erian - Towelhead Henrik Ibsen - Hedda Gabler Gail Tsukyama - The Samurai’s Garden (claimed) Gail Tsukyama - The Language of Threads *Cara Black - Murder in the Bastille *Nicole Mones - The Last Chinese Chef Euripides - Medea and other plays James Ellroy - The Black Dahlia James Ellroy - Crime Wave Michael Crichton - Timeline Michael Crichton - The Lost World Michael Crichton - The Andromeda Strain *Michael Crichton - Airframe *Kathy Reichs - Deja Dead Christopher Marlowe - Doctor Faustus *Alice Sebold - The Lovely Bones Christian Lander - Stuff White People Like (Claimed) Kim Wong Keltner - The Dim Sum of All things Anchee Min - Becoming ...
Sania Mirza and Cara Black brushed aside the challenge of Jelena Jankovic and Alisa Kleybanova to reach the women's doubles quarterfinals but Rohan Bopanna's campaign ended at the French Open following his defeat in the mixed doubles quarterfinals on Sunday.
Current Affairs at Glance May 2014: - 15th Prime Minister of India is Narendra Modi. Nripendra Misra appointed as Principal Secretary to PM. Sushma Swaraj became the first woman External Affairs Minister of India. Rajiv Mathur takes over as new CIC( Chief Information Commissioner). Malavath Poorna of Andhra became youngest woman to climb Mount Everest. New Element with 117 protons set to join periodic table: Name is Ununseptium. Richest Persons in UK is Hinduja Brothers. First Women to head UN Peacekeeping Force is Kristin Lund. 26th Chief of Army Staff is Dalbir Singh Suhag. 67th Cannes International Film Festival inaugurated: Kamal Hassan led Indian Delegation. WTA Portugal Open 2014 Women’s Double title won by Cara Black and Sania Mirza. Sania Belongs to India and Cara belongs to Zimbabwe. Vijay Raghavan elected to Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences. New Prime Minister of Libya is Ahmed Maiteeg. Alenka Bratusek, First women Prime Minister of Slovenia, resigned. Chandra Babu Naid ...
NEWS AT NIGHT THE HEADLINES * Telangana becomes a reality from midnight; TRS government headed by K Chandrasekhar Rao to be sworn-in tomorrow morning. * Prime Minister to meet his council of ministers tomorrow to focus on efficient governance and delivery and implementation of programmes. * Narendera Modi, addressing BJP workers emphasizes the need to display country's potential to world powers. * Rajasthan Congress suspends party MLA for accusing national leaders for defeat in recent elections. * More reported case of alleged molestation and murder put Akhilesh Yadav Government in UP on defensive; State BJP demands Chief Minister's resignation; Mayawati reiterates demand for President's rule. In Sports, * IPL final, Kolkata Knight Riders put Kings Eleven Punjab into bat. * Sania Mirza and Cara Black enter quarter-finals of Women's Doubles of French Open.
Sania Mirza and Cara Black go down in straight sets in the quarter finals of the Italian Open in Rome to second seeds Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci
Current Affairs:- 1. India has successfully test-fired its first indigenously-developed air-to-air missile Astra from a Su-30 combat aircraft. A DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) release said that this Beyond Visual Range (BVR) air-to-air missile was successfully test fired by the Air Force from a naval range in the western sector. 2. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has underscored the need for joint initiatives between Bangladesh and Myanmar to stop human trafficking as well as arms and drugs smuggling. 3. The Indo-Zimbabwean tennis pair of Sania Mirza and Cara Black has won the WTA (Wiesbaden Tennis Open) Portugal Open women's doubles title. 4. Rahil Gangjee birdied his last five holes to produce his best finish since 2007 on Asian Tour as he ended fourth at The Championship at Laguna National in Singapore. 5. Turkish invertigative journalist Ahmet Sik won the 2014 UNESCO Guilermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize About Myanmar : 1. Capital – Naypyidaw 2. Currency – Burmese . ...
Fabulous first day of Tucson Festival of Books. 2 sell-out, standing room only panels and two signings--one of them sitting next to Richard Russo. Holy cow--Richard Russo! And the other the adorable Craig Johnson. Panel with Jacqueline Winspear and Rebecca Eaton was so interesting, I just enjoyed chatting with them. And met lots of lovely fans from all over including two who missed my signing in Naperville, IL. Then dinner with lots of mystery friends including Anne Perry, Cara Black, Libby Helmann etc. Today more signings and more panels.
LATEST UPDATE!! Sania Mirza and Cara Black are through Quater Finals at Qatar Open after putting up a tough fight against the Czech twins Karolina Pliskova and Kristyna Pliskova Sania - Cara seeded 4th after scoring 4-6, 6-2, 10-4 The quaterfinals match is today at 7.30 pm Wishing them the very best to make it to the finals!
Serena Williams beat Makarova while Ivanovic beat Kerber in close matches on Tuesday. Ivanovic to face Venus Williams in the next round. However, India's Sania Mirza and her doubles partner Cara Black lost in the first round.
Sania Mirza failed to defend her title at Dubai. she along with Cara Black lost the first round, 7-6,5-7,1-0(9)...
Sania Mirza/Cara Black (3) go down fighting to Pavlyuchenkova/Petrova (7) 6-4, 4-6, 12-14 in the Doha quarterfinals.
Sania Mirza/Cara Black save 6 match points but go down 12-14 in match tie-break at Qatar Open .
Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza and her Zimbabwean partner Cara Black have been ousted from the Australian Open following their defeat in their quarter-final clash of the women's doubles at Melbourne Park.
India enjoyed a good day at the Australian Open on Saturday as Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna won both their respective doubles and mixed doubles matches to enter the third round of the showpiece event here. However, Mahesh Bhupathi's men's doubles campaign came to an end after a tight defeat. (Click here for latest on Australian Open) Sania first took the court for the women's doubles event and along with Zimbabwean partner Cara Black cruised to a 7-5 6-1 win in the second round against Monica Niculescu from Roumania and Klara Zakopalova of Czech Republic. (Federer eases into pre-quarters | Sharapova makes last 16) Later, playing with first-time Romanian partner Horia Tecau, she won her mixed doubles first round against Hao-Ching Chan of Chinese Taipei and Robert Lindstedt from Sweden. The sixth seeded Indo-Romanian pair erased a one-set deficit to win 4-6 7-6(3) 10-8. Veteran Indian star Leander Paes and his Czech partner Radek Stepanek, seeded fifth, recorded a comfortable 6-1 6-4 win over Italian Danie ...
Last year’s Australian Open saw Novak Djokovic take on Stanislas Wawrinka in a five set classic that the other players would later vote the finest match of the season. Wawrinka has progressed tremendously since then, climbing from No. 17 to No. 8, and reaching the first Grand Slam semi-final of his career in the US Open. How will he fare against a dominant Djokovic, who has yet to drop a set en route to the quarter final? Don’t miss Djokovic vs Wawrinka, LIVE at 1:30 PM on Star Sports HD 2 and! Fans of Indian tennis can also catch Sania Mirza and Cara Black face Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci LIVE at 11:30 AM on Star Sports 4 and!
Its been a great day for Sania Mirza on the court today After winning both her matches in Women's doubles and Mixed Doubles she has made it to the quarter finals !! Along with her Women's doubles partner Cara Black they played opposite Canadian - Russsian pair E. Bouchard and Vera Dushevina scoring 6-4, 6-3 and scored 6- 2, 6-2 along with her Mixed doubles partner Horia Tecau against Anastasia Rodionova and Colin Flemming Heartiest Congratulations to Sania and her partners!
Indian players in Australian Open: Somdev Devvarman is the only Indian singles player Rohan Bopanna with Aisam-ul-Haq Aureshi of Pak Leander Paes with Radek Stepanek of Czech Republic Sania Mirza with Cara Black of Zimbabwe Mahesh Bhupati with Rajeev Ram of US Divij Sharan with Yen-Hsun Lu of Taiwan
Preliminary Examination 2013 Supplement-Part 02 (Octomber 2013) *Which team won the Champions League Twenty-20 title 2013? Ans. Mumbai Indians Note: They defeated Rajasthan Royals by 33 runs in the finals held in New Delhi on 6 October 2013. *Sania Mirza won the China Open tennis championship trophy (women’s Doubles) with Cara Black on 5 October 2013 in Beijing. Cara Black is from which nation? Ans. Zimbabwe *Election Commission on 4 October 2013 announced the dates of holding the General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of 05 States whose terms expire around the same time together. Name these 05 states? Ans. Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Delhi Note: Election Commission holds the General Elections as per Article 324 and Article 172(1) of the Constitution of India and Section 15 of Representation of the People Act, 1951 Poll Schedule as Announced by the Election Commission • Chhattisgarh- 11 Nov 2013 (Phase I), 19 Nov 2013 (Phase II) • Madhya Pradesh- 25 Nov 2013 • Raj ...
US open 2013 this was 133rd version of the game played in New York. Men’s singles title was lifted by Spaniard Rafel Nadal, this was his 13th title and 2nd US open title and he defeated Serbia’s Novak djokovic. In women’s singles Serena William of USA defended her title successfully by defeating Belarus’ Victoria Azarenka .in men’s double India’s Leander Paes and Czech Republic’s Radek Stepanek won the title. Korea open :- World No.4 Agnieszka Radwanska claimed her thirteenth career trophy and the third title of the year after triumphs at Auckland and Sydney at the start of the season as she won the KDB Korea Open by overwhelming Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in a nearly three hour epic in Seoul on Sunday. Pan Pacific open:-Sania Mirza of India and Cara Black of Zimbabwe won the Toray Pan Pacific Open tennis championship women's doubles title by defeating Hao- Ching Chan (Chinese Taipei) and Liezel Huber (USA) in final at Tokyo. And Petra Kvitova of Czech republic won singles title. By defeating ...
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Totally loving my new Cara black longline bra from dunno why I ever buy from anywhere else!
Sania Mirza and Cara Black are into the Quarter-finals with 2-6,6-0,1-0(7) victory in just over an hour !!!
Sania Mirza and Cara Black will be in action tomorrow in court 3 at 7:30 am IST !!!
Sania Mirza join hands with Veteran Cara Black in the Toray Pan Pacific Open in Japan !!! In first round the duo...
Great to see Cara Black today. My fave French crime writer.
Cara Black is a great author and sweet woman filter:images
'Cara black lace dress' 58 x 79cm ish, acrylic on hand-made paper, 2013.
Thanks for everyone who joined us! Signed copies of Laurie King's and Cara Black's books are available at
Hey Cassie! A question regarding the Cara Black books...should I start from book 1? Or just pick up the one in the picture?
{Book Talk} In case you missed it, here is a videocast of our conversation with Cara Black and Denise Hamilton...
Love Lisa Raymond's net play. Only current player who can match her is perhaps Cara Black.
Historic Events on 4th of July 2012 A biblical picture of Samson and a Hebrew inscription is discovered in an ancient synagogue in the Galilee region of northern Israel 2012 Standard and Poor's credit rating agency increases the rating of the Philippines to BB+ 2011 Famed 'Harry Potter' author J.K. Rowling leaves her agent, Christopher Little, ending their 15-year working relationship 2011 UK Researchers report a study showing that the use of drugs during vitro fertilization may increase the risk of Down syndrome for their baby 2010 An Iranian woman convicted of adultery is sentenced to death by stoning; Iranian human rights activist Mina Ahadi tries to stop this barbaric act 2007 BBC journalist Alan Johnston is freed by Palestinian kidnappers 2004 Wimbledon Men's Finals, Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick 2004 Wimbledon Men's Doubles Finals, Todd Woodbridge and Jonas Bjorkman beat Julian Knowles and Nenad Zimonjic 2004 Wimbledon Women's Doubles Finals, Cara Black and Rennae Stubbs beat Ai Sugiyama and Lieze ...
Marina had a tough day in the office losing both her matches. In her third round singles match she lost to up and coming British player, Laura Robson 1-6 7-5 6-3. Marina had one match point but failed to convert (if I had to serve to take the match in front of 2000+ Brit fans I think I would do the same!!! :P ) . Her day got worse when she and Cara Black were upset in the women's doubles draw by reigning Wimbledon girls doubles champion Eugenie Bouchard and her partner Petra Martic 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-4). Marina has a day off then she will be back to play for a third round spot in the mixed doubles with Ivan Dodig. Good Luck!
Reminder for tennis fans:Aisam ul Haq and Cara Black play Kristina Mladenovic and Daniel Nestor today at 2PM in the Roland Garros semifinal.
Erakovic still alive in doubles: New Zealand's Marina Erakovic and her Zimbabwean partner Cara Black are still...
Erakovic advances to double quarter-finals: Marina Erakovic and Cara Black have advanced to the doubles quarte...
New Zealand's Marina Erakovic and partner Cara Black are through to the doubles quarterfinals at the French tennis Open in Paris.
Marina and dubs partner Cara Black advance to 4th Rnd with 6-4 7-5 win over Schiavone/Stosur
Erakovic and Black progress to doubles' third round: New Zealand's Marina Erakovic and Zimbabwe's Cara Black have...
Tennis: Erakovic into WTA doubles final: Kiwi tennis pro Marina Erakovic is through to her second consecutive WTA doubles final after teaming with former world No1 Cara Black (Zimbabwe) at th...
Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and Lucie Safarova have won the doubles against Cara Black and Maria Erakovic 2-6, 4-6.
I finished Waiting for Sunrise by William Boyd. Now reading Murder in Passy by Cara Black.
Sania Mirza and Bethanie Mattek-Sands are playing awesome!! They are leading 5-2 in 1st set against the dangerous duo of Cara Black (ZIM) and Anastasia Rodionova (AUS) in the Semi-Finals of Dubai Open 2013 !!!
Update from DDF Tennis Championships: First up on Centre Court is Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Sania Mirza vs Cara Black and Anstasia Rodionova. Play starts at 2pm. Al Ain Water will be there to refresh the players and fans.
Not sure what was the highlight of my day at the tennis.great tennis on Rod Laver Arena, watching the legends doubles of Martina Hingis/Navratilova V Lindsay Davenport/Cara Black or spending the day talking and laughing with Jeanette Daw!!
Zimbabwean tennis ace, Cara Black and her Australian partner Anastasia Rodionova have progressed to the third round of the Australian Open thanks to a 6-4, 6-4 victory over Shuko Aoyama and Irina Falconi. Black and Rodionova who have been in form since reuniting on the doubles arena are yet to concede a set in their first two matches at the Australian Open. Following the second round victory, Zimbabwe’s top tennis player, Cara Black will now shift focus to the mixed doubles where she will team up with Australian Paul Hanley. Black and Hanley will clash with Liezel Huber and Max Mirnyi in the first round.
Congrats to my sis and her partner Cara Black on winning the doubles title in Traralgon Aus! Welcome back Cara!
finished the audio book "Murder at the Lanterne Rouge" by Cara Black (a good escapism, mystery set in Paris) a couple of days ago and now into "Dead Souls" (a revealing portrait of 19th century Russia) by Nikolai Gogol.
The countdown for Paris has begun, 34 days. My little group of 11 will expereince the joy of shopping for brocante in Normandy, visiting Giverny and many hidden gems in Paris. I am owrking on an itienrary with noted authour, Cara Black. We will visit the "Murder in The Marais" and so much more. Keep an eye fo rthe details.
oh congratulations Cara Black & new baby, i was wondering where she gone..great dubs player, are there any singles left 4me? :p
Apologies to Oakland To those planning to attend tomorrow evening's Oakland Public Library panel, "Mysterious Places," with Cara Black, Rhys Bowen, and me, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to make it. Personal life steps in the way again...sadly, for I was really looking forward to this event. Anyway, once life has gotten back on track I'll try to make it up there for some other event, and when that's arranged I'll let everyone know. Just wish I could be there with Cara and Rhys for what I'm sure will be a great time. I envy all of you who will be there!
Just finished reading Cara Black's Murder at the Lanterne Rouge. This is maybe the 7th in her series about a female detective which is set in Paris. Each novel is set in a different part of the city, so part of the pleasure of her novels is being able to vicariously live in Paris. However, the problem with murder mysteries is that the stress of turning out a book a year begins to show in the declining quality of the writing and plotting. And this is a wretched book. It was a chore to get through, and that's sad. I'm a big fan of this series.
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