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Car Rental

A car rental or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time (generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks) for a fee.

Thrifty Car Rental

Love the of here! Riding in a private car like a Planning if I will depend on cheap car rentals
Rental car with driver for TOYOTA NEW CAMRY car rental with driver. - A meeting of company executives,...
Top Mobility Solutions and App Building Services Company in India, App Design for Auto, Taxi Booking and Car Rental.
Big fan of Skurt. Avis, Hertz, & traditional car rental companies are archaic.
Calling it right now. is a disrupter and going to be a huge problem for traditional rental car companies.
And then the rental car place gives you a town and country. See also:…
Tap a button, have a rental car delivered.
They give you two keys for the rental car but cable lock the keys together so...
Does your credit card cover you in the event you crash a rental car |
Car rental guy apologized for his "cologne" smell in the car. Didn't know they'd come out with "4 months of used Marlboros" in cologne form.
So my rental (since my car is in the shop from getting hit) got hit while parked today, it's fine 😅
ASCAP health, dental, and life insurance plus hotel and car rental discounts and all these other benefits are enticing... but I just can't 😩
Terror on four wheels! rental car confirmed...and with as my co-driver, expect TOTAL CARNAGE!!!
Fiat 500. Not exactly the coolest or most practical rental car for three people + luggage. But we had…
Any info on the art installation in the new car rental garage? and I are curious:
Then a rental car while we're up there.
domain names
Is it not than no choice but to rent a quiet car rental in that case
Worldwide, get the best rates from the best car rental companies.
Finally get to utilize a portion of my car insurance I've been paying for since 1992: the car rental. Suck it, smelly courtesy car!
In Mexico Car Rental we have nice cars like AVEO. with all insurance and taxes included.
Perks of driving a rental car = parking wherever I want with no trace back to my name 😎💁🏼
signing with ASCAP comes with hotel and car rental discounts 👀
Skurt — Tap a button, have a rental car delivered. - “ BIG fan of Skurt. I first used it three months ago in LA sh...
Or what type of rental car? Prius to sneak up on them or a minivan to jump out quickly?
Driving a rental car for business or pleasure? and rent a car ‘like a boss’. Enjoy the ride!
Just reserved the rental car for voodoo! Only 23 more days!!!
Trying out for the first time this week, an airbnb-for-cars car rental service.
Excited to try this week. They pick you up from the airport w/ your rental car. On Product Hunt today:
All the talk on the cost of car ownership and no mention of car ownership alternatives like Car sharing & Car Rental?
adds 200 locations to expand European presence.
We hope you have a fantastic trip! Let us know if you need a rental car for your next getaway! Coupons:
Sent this to a newlywed couple who lost EVERYTHING,including car,when rental home flooded.Found a new home,starting over.😘
Judge orders Arizona to refund millions in rental car taxes used to fund stadium
Going on vacation, learn how to avoid rental car charges.
How to See Invisible Infrastructure: “So what brings you to Atlanta?” the man at the Alamo rental car desk ask...
I had some bad rental car experience a few years back, started taking photos of the car at drop off. especially after-hours drop.
Oh! By the way, do not (I repeat: DO NOT!) book a rental car via or you'll get T&C'd to the tune of 100% ££ at the airport. RT
Driver guide who understands English with Vietnam car rental
Integration of car rental fleets? August 14, 2015 at 09:40PM Travel, Must Read
my dad stayed home from work and is driving rn to go pick up our rental car. Like i cant stand him
We, have a building with car parking for rental at Avanashi Main road, Very near to Tirupur Railway Station-...
Humans: can't get on planes, can't get on rental car shuttles, don't understand shelves. No wonder we blow each other up.
Kids love joining Peppa and George in this truly amazing Peppa Pig kiddie ride car!
DTN USA: Las Vegas 101: Renting a car: Enjoy all Vegas offers and venture beyond the Strip and Downtown with a...
Surprisingly everything fit in the rental car
Somebody take me to the car rental place, I have gas
Judge orders Arizona to refunds millions from rental car tax...
story from when we went to LA a few months ago:. I was at the rental car place and the woman had my ID and asked "is your name [deadname]?"
Judge orders State of Arizona to refund collections of rental-car tax that a year earlier was ruled unconstitutional.
Disgraceful customer service, charged my account for damages to a rental car we absolutely did not cause.
Congratulations to Bryan Hogan on his victory at the 2015 Southern Texas PGA National Car Rental Assistant Championship.
Judge: Arizona must refund millions from rental-car tax that pays for stadiums
Hoping that the rental place runs out of every car except luxury cars and I get to drive a mustang instead of a jetta
I'm suppose to be in my rental car and gone by now
I've had sort of a rough week, you'd think the universe could have worked out a better rental car than a stupid Elantra to make up for it..
we got burned by hertz.. Air travel/ car rental isn't what it once was..
Anyone got a sat nav they could lend me for October? Hiring a car but cost of sat nav rental makes it cheaper to buy one!
Museum quarter Moldova of History-, Art- & Ethnographic Museum reopens 2016 after restoration, ht…
Plan your getaway this weekend by booking a personal leisure rental at
Huge shoutout to Al from for helping me find my car rental reservation. So nice!
Develop Get your cab on your destination. htt…
Police say man used stolen credit cards and IDs to spend thousands on hotel room, clothes, rental -
Kicking Off Enterprise and Nationwide's Rental Car Reimbursement Campaign today! Check out this funny video at:...
I hope I can get a rental bc I can't not have a car rn.
On-demand parrot that sit on your shoulder and repeats "NO" until the rental car place just gives you the keys.
I could walk to Providence before I get to the rental car area in this skywalk...
Get the FORD FOCUS. for rent in affordable rate it´s possible! Only with Mexico Car Rental:
Members: Register for free webinar 8/25, noon | Milton to talk rental car coverage
Working at a car rental place today, all I have to do is drive all the cars to the car wash
Job openings in our area. Go get one! . Enterprise Car Rental. Crossmark (in-store food & non-food demos).
Booked car rental, was told I would be called before booked in, wasn't. has been booked for the wrong day £30 to cancel!
No rental car in That's ok because the bus is easy to catch.
Mom got a Prius for her rental car never felt so *** riding in a car
grabbed this after all the car boot "only friends tapes" jokes😃 Friends Series 1Ep1-4 ex-rental
Demolition derby for people who opted to get the additional car rental insurance and need to get some value out of it.
Advantage Rent A Car - Car Rental - Inglewood, CA - Yelp: “A very good place, and quickly becoming my ...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
To the Dads that can't handle any talking in the rental car while they’re driving in a foreign country: ❤️
30min waiting for the rental car shuttle, 1h waiting in line to get my rental cars in Vegas. Worst rental car customer service ever
The literal second we return rental car, our first flight is cancelled. So... We're trying to see what's up. 💩
I get my rental car on Monday so I'll come over!
Everything, not only car rental, in Corsica is more expensive than anywhere else because of certain taxes, if you know what I mean.
Somebody broke into our rental car... Thankfully nothing was stolen. Glass everywhere
Tips on How over against Crave Cheap Car Rental mod Dubai: VkDzu
Discount car rental deal $25 cash back with promo code RSTEPHENSON1
Hi, trying to book a rental car, calling your toll free number but keep getting cut off
I had a jetta as a rental when my car was being repaired and I hated the angle of the back window. Not large enough!
Back to my hotel in Baltimore with rental car in tow. Holy *** people were losing their minds at BWI tonight. Weather delays happen
It is 2:45am, and I am waiting for a rental car because United and storms suck.
The car rental comp. made the biggest mistake of their life givin my brother a charger. Why do ya think I got a mustang & he got a 94' truck
My answer to How can I create a car rental website in WordPress to search cars & book them online?
Took the rental car for a drive out to Madera today
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I'm waiting at the airport for our rental car I'm tired af I'll be exciting again once I wake up tomorrow
Nothing like dinging your rental car and having them advance your visa $6500 for the excess!
Alex's rental car smells like pickles
I hate this rental car. Everything about it
Avis Car Rental - Malawi's Leading Car Rental. Welcome to the new look Avis website with preferred rates.
he did offer to "help". But even if he covered hotel and car rental, tickets would've been over $2k. So...
Get your at Shift Car Rental for 1,735 AED/month. Give us a call at 800 SHIFT (74438)
I love you too baby. But umm.about the Rental Car. Do you still have that?
I L-O-V-E these three to the stars and back! We put 1,014 miles on the rental car! I can't wait to…
What a scam Enterprise Rental car has going. Why should they open a full day Sat. or at all Sunday when they can close and get full rentals.
Get the five-star treatment with Bidvest Car Rental’s chauffeur service.
Getting the rental car again today *Thank You Christ*. Have so much to do!
more people are traveling. I work for a rental car company so I know prices are high that weekend
Car rental (and insurance) places in Manitoba are closed Sundays, so if you hit a deer on Saturday night, you're SOL.
A massive 2 million-square-foot rental car facility is almost ready at San Diego airport for $316 million:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I took my car in for some major service in May. At the time I had a rental, so I figured if any extra needed to be done they'd tell me.
Dante's got nothing on a rental car waiting line.
EVERYBODY from here b asking me where hertz car rental is lol that's crazy
Love this "Accomodation for your car in A'dam in Amsterdam" vacation rental on
I feel like the car rental place actually does have my bag but they're just keeping it
guess I'll get a rental if my car gotta stay in the shop
This was a rental for a GF who's car was stolen. I kept it for almost 6 weeks after. More fun than my 5-series at the time
Yes we do! We have many hotel, car rental and vacation deals like Disney. Our members enjoy many of the same benefits as AAA.
claims he didn't bring this rental car with him from UK
Lord of the Rings has a great vehicle rental service, you just walk in and get a sports car. But one does not simply walk into a four-door.
How to navigate the jungle of hidden car rental fees abroad
Find car rental hire in Woodland California
Awesome to partake in SixT Car Rental's store front window perf install! A superb job done well!…
Best customer service among car rental companies! You guys get it right all the time!
My car loan finally got paid off today! New car here I come (one month later). Someone buy me this rental car. I love it.
So class 45 and 39 services for these guys. car rental & parking
It's not a Prius but I'll take it. (at Car Rental in Dallas, TX)
This is possibly the most ridiculous thing in car rental. All companies do it. It should be stopped.
Someone wasn't looking and nearly backed into the rental car. I can't take this much excitement!
Bro my dad argued with the car rental guy for a good 20 min about barca vs Madrid . It's 4;30 am
my gets hit by ur client, u say you'll cover the rental car, and this is what I get??
In the rental car with josh he speeding I told him slow down 😎
Enjoy at an affordable rate in this C250:
My rental car reeks of dog. It's as bad if someone smoked in the car.
The rental car gave us 2 keys too bad they are latched together
We're staying at Kihei, but we have a rental car.
I have an 2015 Infinity Q50 for a rental car for the next two weeks. I am really liking this and may buy one for...
My mom just said she doesn't want to pick me up from the airport so she's gonna send me a rental car lol. What a weirdo.
Cheap Car Rental Hull | Car Hire Hull: You have decided to visit Hull. Great! It is impossible to g...
No more car, took the rental bacc now time to use my cheverlegs-_-
when I wrecked my car I had a white rental. And it was gorgeous 😍 but I live on a ranch so maybe that helped with how dirty it got
and I trying to get convinced someone stole my rental car! 😂😂😂
Can you live without your car?. If not, make sure you have rental reimbursement coverage on your auto insurance. Contact me to make sure.
got my folding chair , sunscreen,hat , just need to get my rental car & Im ready to roll !
Local Car vs Hire Brokers: Need to Know for via
Slow Trains are on a Fast Track in Italy
Lesson of the day don't let your mom pick out your rental car 😓😂
Some videos from our car rental adventure. . Overview of the cars. RX-7 and NSX up...
"In most rental cars you can go in and –if somebody’s paired with it—see their …
Left my Ray Bans in the rental car that I returned a week ago and just realized today...I'm so smart
Cheap Car Rental Brisbane | Car Hire Brisbane: You have decided to visit Brisbane. Great! It is impossibl...
Unless someone can come to CHATT airport and pick me up cause I really don't wanna spend an extra $204 for this rental car.
got the 2015 Chevy Cruze as my rental car again ✨
Have a reservation for 5/6 to 5/10 in Austin. Anything special if we have our car seat for our 2 year old? 1st Silvercar rental!
How to avoid a car rental surprise via
At the airport picking up a rental car for the week. So sad to be here and not be headed to DisneyWorld 😭
My rental car until my baby comes out the shop
Parked my little rental car & had to snap a pic. This is probably what all 5'3" of me looks like in the weight room 😂
Think twice before pairing your phone with your rental car
And 6 days into my trip, I find the USB charger and aux port in the rental car.
continued... Why will you not pay for the one day rental car and cab fee to get another car?
Earn 1,000 BONUS points when you rent with Car Rental.
I incurred 2 tolls in a rental car last week, I don't have a penalty number. I am not in Ireland. How can I pay?
Jasmine tryna get this rental 😂 she want a fast car so she need somebody 25 & older to get it for her
Me: "I didn't bring my umbrella into the rental car, I left in my car. . My mom: "You'll be okay.". Me: *looks out the window* *cries*
largest car rental service Drivy acquires Buzzcar and raises €8m for international expansion…
And it wasn't even my car it was a rental
we can't make a pit stop, we gotta get our rental car back early or we will get charged a late fee. Our car broke down lol
Neisha got the car today and we suppose to get our rental car tomorrow 👌💪
Aussie Bargain Car Rental Learn to be exquisite. How to be earnest. How to be adored. Sunshine Coast Qld Australia
Getting a rental car today. THANK YOU GOD
SAIF may invest in car rental company ZoomCar - Times of India
And this, I begin the long trek home. (@ SFO AirTrain Station - Rental Car Center in San Francisco, CA)
Blog Feed Tips to Rent a SUV or a 4x4 Car Rental at best prices
The of your dreams can become a reality; prestige from IX Rental.
Rent a car from MLB Rental in Marrakech is to have the assurance of being fully satisfied: it is unlimited...
I actually like them, there is a car rental service here that uses them.
M.L.B LOCATION is a car rental agency that offers a wide selection of vehicles, ranging from economy size , 4x4...
Alone in the rental car shuttle at 4:00 am as "Purple Rain" plays is the only appropriate way to end this trip
Rental car company won't let me rent a car for only a few hours. Do they think I'm hooking up with a call girl?
Latest Travel News from Nazia PashaAvis Budget changes name of agent rewards program
Avis Budget changes name of agent rewards program
Not the ideal start. Q'd over 2 hours to pick up a Orlando rental car at what was 3am for us. How hard is it to hand over keys!
Rental car returned, now to shuttle over to make my flight!
At this time we aren't offering any coupons. However, our best rates can be found online at Thanks. - Mo
Oops? Baby accidentally books rental car online for $600
On the road to shine: Drivy raises €8m and acquires Buzzcar
A big week for acquisitions...acquire to become largest operator with 500k members
Europe's largest peer-to-peer car rental service acquires and raises €8m for international expansion http:…
Now I see why rental car places have Fast lane or Express service lines. Most people stand at the counter for hours asking dumb questions.
When you know you have an early flight is when the rental car company is not open at 3:56am.…
Looking through the rental car blue tooth phone entries and found this. Had to share
If my car not fixed by the first I'm getting a rental
Choosing a rental car: camaro, challenger, charger, Chrysler all available. But my dad decides to choose the Chevy impala.
we're stuck in out rental as well. Have moved the car several times, still says no connection
We're going through 17 states and 2 countries in a rental car this summer, San Fran to NYC
I'm trying to end my rental and my car "cannot establish a connection". I've been on hold for 10 minutes. Please help!
Today I got a cool hat. Matt got to drive a rental car. And now we're going to see a cute baby…
Well, I was supposed to be at home an hour ago, but now we are trying to get a rental car. Worst day ever
Excellent rates and convenient process to secure a rental car...
Update your maps at Navteq
I am in my rental Ford Taurus. Car next to me at this hotel is a bit nicer.
My car, rental or own, and the GPS... Often takes the route "automatically", of the of adamo tampa
How To Avoid Hidden Rental Car Fees, Ombudsman has been a staple in the back pages of Traveler, answer...
I just saw my rental car in Asheville!
Couple on vacation carjacked at a gas station in Vehicle is silver 2015 Nissan Versa rental car with Nevada plates.
I don't wanna give back this rental car. We've bonded.
You or anyone you know flying to Touchdown is in Keflavik, not Reykjavik - little known fact! More KEF:
Hope joy let's me pick our rental car for the week. 😬
VIDEO: Don’t let your wallet get dinged for other people’s previous damage on your rental car. via
The rental car people just hit us with the okie we go from a car with xm and a screen to the basic 6 cd player?
Best car rental in wide area - GoGet CarShare Pod. Visit this place
Using this rental car is too *** annoying. Can’t sync my Bluetooth. And I forgot how hard life is w/out keyless entry and push to start. 👎
Sitting in this car rental office waiting...and is daydreaming of "Bae!!"
Flight booked for Omaha. Hotels booked for Keystone and Denver. Rental car is pending. My wallet is not happy; my brain is beyond psyched.
Now attempting to get a rental car...
Thrifty Car Rental in NE is one of the largest car rental companies in the world.
I just went to the car rental place today and asked
Someone left their gun in their rental car at the airport. Makes tracing it to an international hit that much easier.
Not happy about a planning application for car rental site opposite our house! Planning consultation is awful. A4 sign on a lamppost is all!
Every time my rental car GPS announces, "You have arrived" I high-five myself.
My quest to find the cheapest car rental: High- and low-tech tips in this week's column -RS http…
I'm planning a trip towards the end of April of northern Italy. Where would I park my rental car if I stayed there? Thanks!!!
I'm going on a trip with my sister, and so far we have every meal planned, but no rental car or hotel.
Hunter baby shower today and my rental car man is not at work 😒.
Car rental insurance coverage in Spain
does this small sign really constitute the entirety of local public consultation? We don't want/need a car rental office!
Car rental insurance coverage in Spain -
The rental car blasting dancehall...that's us
maaan, I was even planning on getting a rental car and going til I found out it was 21+ lol 😔
I dont wanna drive me car that far so ima try to get a rental car probably
All purpose parts banner
Prius in the shop after my mom crashed it. So we get a AWESOME rental car!
really confused by how I'm paying $200 a week for a rental that doesn't function. Try to swap it and all locations are car-less?
plan is still on! We got to figure out tickets and rental car!
Don't get stuck paying out of pocket for a damaged rental car, find out how to fully protect yourself with insurance.
Before you buy rental car insurance, check with your credit card company to see if you're already covered.
So much for a one stop fix thru you, Car rental company called asking when I need a car during my repai
Takahiro Kido (Anoice) took charge of music for a commercial film of Leaseonline, a new Dutch company for car rental. htt…
Anyone at trouble in Vegas GOP might be a wee bit late, rental car fiasco
I wonder if rental car counters ppl take enjoyment in freaking you out into buying all the extra coverage...
rental car guy just told me I don't know wat snow is... where??
NEWS: Travelport signs new agreement with Bidvest Car Rental
Alamo rental car at the Miami InterContinental completely overwhelmed, waiting an hour. Worst car rental ever.
Hertz Car Rental - Save 15% off on your next weekly or weekend rental starting on April 7th. En...
Right now anyone can book a car for rental in Ayia Napa
lol I actually do need a rental car! My car is going to go in for repairs soon
My entire paycheck is now going towards a rental until my car is fixed. I hate my life.
Lol my rental car. This is going to be interesting.
trying to return car fob from a rental returned. No one answering your phone. Pls respond w directions.
I just checked in at Thrifty Car Rental with Download today!
Some dude crushed my rental car while it was parked.
Best car-rental experience ever, Starring pro-bono beers and laughs w/ this guy and his crew. -->
Next time you're on Whidbey, try the clam and garlic pizza at Village Pizzeria in Langley! Worth a flight/fe…
Looking for a car rental deal? Join Alamo Insiders. Find discounts, coupons, and last minute specials from Alamo Rent A Car.
Dads of the world, rest easy. Watch National Car Rental’s Control Enthusiast show you how to handle your daughter’s first date.
Car Rental Reception - A ar rental company based in johannesburg by ORT airport is looking for a receptionist with the following: Matric,Drivers lic...
HEY!! All hurlers: Don't forget to keep selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a trip to Ireland!! Remember hurling fans, you can buy your raffle tickets for $5, or a book of 6 for 25$ for a chance to win a trip for 2 people to Ireland with a 10 day car rental and $1000 spending money!! There is also a $1500 gas voucher and a $500 Visa Gift card up for grabs as 2nd and 3rd prizes.. All money raised helps Friends of Irish Studies in the West (FISW) and all things Irish in Montana (That's Us) So players, get selling!! If you're not in, you can't win... It could be you!!
So what car rental places in Greensburg rent to people under 21?!
Welcome to Zipcar. Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing and car club service. We are an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership.
nope flying! But I think we are getting a rental car
So, I need suggestions on car rental companies in Maui...sketchy ones to avoid, fair prices that sort of thing?...
On our way to pick up our rental car... And look who's with us sprout!
fr hope mom gets a rental car from work so I can have the car tomorrow 😁
Gonna try my hand at this rental car thing agin tmrw 🙏
oh hey even better that you have some choice. Do you get a rental car?
😂😝 got everyone at LAX riding rental car shuttles out of the airport to get picked up. Thx for the ride. 😎
Excellent. Hope the rental car is good too. Welcome to Sunshine state
The car rental struggle is real... Which one hm 🚗🚕🚘🚙
My rental car here in Dallas is a 2013 Chevy Impala. Let me tell you, there's no better way to experience 1991...
My Car in the Shop already I'm Getting a Charger for a Rental
Offering an outdoor pool, tropical gardens and a private beach area, Costa las Ballenas is located on Las Bonitas Beach in Las Terrenas. Free Wi-Fi access is available in public areas. Bungalows at Costa las Ballenas have a balcony with views of the pool, gardens or sea. All bungalows include a private bathroom with a shower, hairdryer and towels, while some also have air conditioning. At Costa las Ballenas you will find a restaurant serving breakfast and dinner, a horse back riding ranch and an on-site surf school. The property offers free parking Costa las Ballenas is situated 3 km from Las Terrenas town centre, where you can find shops, restaurants and bars. El Limon Waterfall and Samana El Catey International Airport are both within a 25-minute drive. We speak your language! Hotel Rooms: 32 No credit card needed! Facilities of Costa las Ballenas Bedroom Wardrobe/Closet View Pool view Outdoors BBQ Facilities, Outdoor Pool (all year), Grounds, Terrace, Sun Deck, Patio Activities Golf Course (within 2 mi ...
but either way no one is doing a rental car for I am here and we can spend all de money on rtx things. Save save save!
If you get a rental car & it snow real bad do they charge you for the days you stuck?
I know from experience (as rental car employee and former drunk) that they wont rent to you if appear drunk. Most anyway
no I wish! 😭 It's my moms rental for right now, the car I get will be brookes lexus!
Why tf would I pay for a one day car rental when it's just you sending me off to the same place & back home?
Plane tickets and rental car along with tickets for one of the two games in Minneapolis booked!
View the latest car rental tarriff in Tolmezzo Italy
I feel like a basic hood rat without my car get that rental tomorrow tho
We think you deserve a getaway! Grab a rental car and some friends and take a road trip!
Come on by car rental we would be more than happy to help.
Cheap Rental-Car Uk Favored By Travelers was recently created at
First song that comes on in the rental car is Drive by Incubus so I can already tell this will be a good trip
I don't think I'm ever gonna give my rental car back tbh
'No more Birds' rental hire car stalking me again this morning. Either Christian Right or Feminist Prudes -or maybe BOTH!? I waved them off.
Pretty convenient the rental car they gave me has a full tank and mine was on e 😊
rental car envy. I had it in October.
My answer to: What is the statue of limitation on a lawsuit from a car rental in New York?
You all know Valentine's Day is coming up plan ahead on
I can't drive the rental car😭 I'm stuck at home with nothing to do😑
View the latest car rental deals in Montefrio Spain
Rental Car Company was expecting me to return this in 1925.
We hope you have safe travels. Let us know if you will be needing a rental car.
We hope you have a great vacation. For your next vacation, grab a rental car for a nice road trip.
Want to take a rental car out of state? Most agencies have GPS tracking that can detect where you’ve driven the car:
& then parking/rental car costs factor in. I've done this drive a few times tho.
That would be nice! You could grab a rental car and take a long road trip!
Vacations are the best! Maybe go on a road trip with some friends and a rental car.
I really despise this rental car. But 15$ for 2 weeks of driving is pretty snazzy.
Why you should rent a car at least once when travelling -
Come explore our vw scirocco for rental , get a change to drive your dream car today with us Interested should Wh...
LOL at this National Car Rental ad - "I don't have to talk to any humans, unless I want to. And I don't." Pretty much.
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