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Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is a brand of rum produced by alcohol conglomerate Diageo.

Sailor Jerry Jim Beam Admiral Nelson Jack Daniels Captain Crunch Johnny Walker John Smith Crown Royal Premier League Leicester City

She's probs gonna kill me for waiting this late 😅😅 but Happy Birthday Captain Morgan!
The amount of captain Morgan chugs scares my liver
I start my day with Captain Crunch and end it with captain Morgan! It's a good life!
Look what me and have done to this bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. We are all looped up on it right…
yo Bart, were you the one that said Dr. pepper and captain Morgan was good for a mixer?
"I bet Captain Morgan slayed like no other."
Jack Daniels, Jameson, and captain Morgan lmao
So I accidentally bought Pens tickets for the Captain Morgan club 🐧😅
I really just asked for Captain Morgan in my family gift exchange group
Overheard in the coba lab: I love captain Morgan
What kind of boose should I bring to MFF? I'm thinking Jameson Black barrel Reserve or Captain Morgan Cannon Blast.
Set sail with captain morgan and never leave dry land
hey come meet me by the Captain Morgan box
A few more days for some good food and my specialty Captain Morgan Flan 😎
"Babe I just wanna let u know that u have 2 bottles of wine, 3 bottles of vodka, 1 bottle of Captain Morgan and 4 REDDS left in the fridge"
Gonna need more Captain Morgan at that bar if this keeps up.
Captain Morgan on a Monday night what was I thinking
Just drank a pint of Captain Morgan in 4 minutes. . Mood:
I know the kraken, mount *** Sailor Jerry, and captain morgan are all good spiced rums for it
Dipping grapes in a glass of Captain Morgan... you have to get your 5 a day somehow 🙃
I, like Trump, am also filling my cabinet with white men. Mine are named Jack, Jim and one's a retired captain named Mor…
I start my day with Cap’n Crunch and end my day with Captain Morgan. Apparently I want to be a pirate.
"Momentum is a big thing.". Is a pair of victories all need to solve their problems?.
That root beer would go well with Captain Morgan ☺
Young lifers: Let's learn about God Also young lifers: Captain Morgan is your God now
I scored the goal off a great assist from Captain Morgan. 🏒
Bingo night with friends, Captain Morgan, Ketel One, and Crown Royal always makes for a good…
This Fall cocktail is the perfect combo, our Captain Punch is made with Captain Morgan rum, pineapple juice, and...
Captain Morgan clearly loves me if he's willing to give me a hat and sunglasses for free
I wonder if any high school coach has ever gotten four bottles of Captain Morgan's down to the field before at Memorial Stad…
Can't drink my Jim Beam but I can always drink my Captain Morgan.
los culpables fueron Johnny Walker, Jim Bean & Captain Morgan. Better known as the three not so wise men
that was great the Captain Morgan rum guy. Thanks Mark Langston and Terry Smith. Am830
A guy dressed as Captain Morgan just threw out the 1st pitch at the Big A. I'm dressed as Captain Phillips & they won't let me on the field.
GOAL Leicester 2-0 Swansea (52 mins). Captain Morgan doubles the lead for Leicester, reacting first after the ball drops…
Sean O'Connell is rocking the house this Saturday! $3.00 Captain Morgan's all night…
Captain Morgan or Black Seal rum goes very well in Colas, Pepsi included. 😉
I bet Kenny Sansom is reaching for the Captain Morgan about now the fat pisshead
Captain Morgan pens new Leicester deal: The centre-back lifted the Premier League title as Leicester City ski...
Wacky Wings Wednesday starts at 2pm today with 50 cent wings, $5 Baby Guinness, $4 Captain Morgan's and $2.75...
Maybe we can have Game of Thrones / Orphan Black viewing parties ft Captain Morgan & Jim Beam in the near future?
Hillary looks like she's been "makin' out" with Jose Cuervo.Jack Daniels...Jim Beam...Johnny Walker~or Captain Morgan!!
Amateur night tonight get out here and let's cheer them on $3 Miller Lite bottles and $3 Captain Morgan
The Sack of Panamá: Captain Morgan and the Battle for the Caribbean Captain Henry Morgan's Capture of the City of
I'm fairly certain that Captain Morgan is my spirit animal . Or its slightly more alcoholic cousin, Sailor Jerry's
but substitute Yager with Sailor Jerry's or Captain Morgan .
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
That's the stuff. Captain Morgan's to the rescue. Saviour of the weekend 😊😊 😚💖 xx
Jack, Captain Morgan, Everclear, rumpo, schnapps, Sailor Jerry, jager all of that foolishness from my white friends
Just some captain Morgan's to start the day!
Captain 'Wes' Morgan bottles launch in Leicester, as Diageo responds to fans' requests
Column: Which Eoin Morgan will turn up this summer? And does it matter?
hello, are the captain wes Morgan bottles available at Fosse park yet?
Any stores in or near Loughborough have The Captain Morgan Leicester City editions in stock?
Would recommend the captain morgan spiced root beer if you want to kill yourself
does this mean captain Morgan's canon ball is better for me?
afternoon do U know if the special Captain Morgan Rum is in Store Yet ? .
Make sure to take advantage of our promo. Buy Captain Morgan and get FREE Coca Cola. *while supplies last
I think me & Captain Morgan are gonna have to split up for a while.
Is anyone else in the mood to drink a gallon of captain Morgan or is it just me 🙃
I need a bottle of jack, captain morgan, a bunch of cigarettes, 2 black & milds, bud light and coors light. I don't need it. I want it
Now captain Morgan must add runs to his leadership skills for England, writes
Seriously ?. Mata, Pereira as AM. Herrera as CM. Morgan as DM. LVG: But, he is captain so he must play.
Ever wanted to live like the captain? Captain Morgan's campaign is on the Loop.
recalled to French squad due to injury. Great news for Morgan 😊
Breaking: Morgan Schneiderlin to replace injured Lassana Diarra in French squad for Euro 2016.
They've arrived! Click below for clubs and stores selling this weekend!
Tryna make out w someone tonight I'm drinking Captain Morgan tonight
has the limited edition captain Morgan arrived at any Leicester store yet? Thanks in advance
*** yeah😂😂 The captain Morgan hit me and I was ready to dance😂
My banana smells like Captain Morgan's. I don't know how I feel about this.
are there any limited edition captain Morgan's at any of your stores in particular the Humberstone lane store Leicester?
have Asda Hinckley had the Captain Morgan special edition in yet do you know?
ai come now Captain Morgan - it's WINE WEDNESDAY ! ;) don't let Wednesday Wackiness gets to u:)
Guess who I bumped into last night ? only captain Wes Morgan.
Feeling the summer vibes with the Captain Morgan White WOAHITO!!!
Also I dropped an empty half gallon of captain Morgan on my foot and it shattered and cut my legs 😭🔫
I told my mom I want a handle of Captain Morgan for my 21 and she looked at me like I was crazy 😂😂
I woke up this morning pour some captain morgan, I put on my rollie.
I woke up dis mornin. Poured sum Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan leads the ship pretty well
You must yell "Oh Captain, my Captain!" when seeing a picture of:. A. Robin Williams. B. Cap'n Crunch. C. Captain Morgan. D. All of the above
just wait until Captain Morgan makes his film acting debut as Satan
Really chugged half a bottle of captain Morgan with in the bowling alley parking lot😂
The Amazing Captain Morgan's Magic Shoes! A man of great talent AND taste.
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy Captain I guess it can buy happiness
Ryan: of alcohol! captain morgan, fireball..something. Let's go get drunk and play pool. Fo real
I woke up this morning poured some captain Morgan
I've come to realize that I don't like Coke anymore unless there's Captain Morgan in it. 🤔
I woke up this mornin, poured some Captain Morgan
Remember in college when Admiral Nelson was a splurge? Now we can afford Captain Morgan!. But the puking is the same.
Fun fact: Every year the Amish celebrate Rumspringa, which is a guy who chooses Captain Morgan over Admiral Nelson.
Dad and I are stocking the sailboat's bar with nautical themed booze. So far Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry's. Any other suggestions?
I tried this brand out instead of Captain Morgan's on one occasion and was surprised how ...
WEDNESDAY Noon Blue Plate Special.. Italian Pasta Bake Side Salad, & Garlic Bread. ALL day drink of the day..$3 Captain Morgan's
**WIN** there's still time to follow us &RT to win super limited edition Captain Morgan ht…
Captain Morgan's £4.6m campaign: Captain Morgan is rolling out a new £4.6 million marketing campaign with the...
Mother-in-law: was Captain Morgan good?. Red: yes mom, captain morgans always good. . . (Red is my fiance)
Leicester City news: Wes Morgan rum by Captain Morgan's is sensational
sometimes after, sometimes before. I've tested Bacardi Oakheart, Captain Morgan, and Kracken
got round for all people in the club Jagerbomb, I wish to have Captain Morgan instead cuz he's truly captain Morgan
Leicester have Captain Morgan and Drinkwater... Mate you can get drunk and sober at the same club
Captain Morgan is to release special edition bottles to honour Leicester City Football Club's captain
Enough already of Leicester. Press release showing Captain Morgan rum rebranded after the club's captain name, means shark has been jumped.
That moment a brand of Rum realise they’re not the most famous Captain Morgan anymore...
That is the first Premier League goal Man Utd have conceded at Old Trafford in 398 minutes. . Captain Morgan.
Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon with a full day all inclusive cruise by Captain Morgan,...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Literally just had to take my bottle of Captain Morgan's off Jordan hes slurring already
Rofl, Jonathan looks like Captain Morgan (Rum) gone decorator.
I blame Captain Morgan for my problems
Black Label x Captain Morgan killed me last night
I have (in order of preference) Old J, Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan's Spiced, and Kraken. The latter is a spiced black rum.
I went to an HBCU. Everyone drank Henny. I had Captain Morgan. That’s how they knew my black *** was in the function.
Is it just like Captain Morgan's? Although I've just seen they do a Black one too
FT: Leicester 1 - 0 Southampton . Captain Morgan scores the only goal of the game for SS1.
Black Beard, Captain Hook, Jack sparrow, Captain Morgan, and the pirate from Sponge Bob?
Gonna mix Wray & Nephew, Rivers, Mount *** Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Rivers & Jack Iron in one glass and see where my life goes from there 🙄
Wray, Jack Iron, Clarkes Court, Rivers, Mount *** Captain Morgan alla dat right now
Thirsty Thursday at Club B! Time to imbibe with $3.00 tap schooners and $3.50 Captain Morgan schooners. Join us at your friendly tavern!
Captain Morgan didn't let me down when I stand up it feels like the world is trying to hand me rainbows!
Einstok, Blue Moon, Allagash, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Fireball, Jacks is okay so that's fine.
Also excited for Jack Daniels Distillery even tho my JD experiences, with the help of Captain Morgan have not been pleasant 😷
Morgan and Hales bring up their 50 stand. England 168/2 in 34 overs. The captain has 29*, Hales 82*. Target 263
More spring events up on the site inc the swashbuckling "Captain Morgan & the Sands of Time"
Can you recommend anyone for this Busser - Captain Morgan Club - TX
“Morgan is our captain & our most experienced player, he’s played a number of times in India during the - Bay…
Bring me two pina coladas, one for each hand, let's set sail with Captain Morgan and never leave dry land.
Morgan shuts down KP recall speculation: England T20 captain Eoin Morgan has declared the 'door shut' on the p...
We went this weekend for Who was there partying along with us?!
please say thanks to Chabuds for the Captain Morgan's in Avoriaz
Tonight's the night! Our tour kicks off in style with Captain Morgan 2 at the Wickham Theatre 7:30!...
what about Luke Wright n Kp. I'd swap Kp for Morgan n make Root 66 captain...
Cricket: Bowlers to blame for England loss: England captain Eoin Morgan says the seven-wicket defeat to South ...
Caramilk and captain Morgan's Make it hard to lose weight.
Excited for Bristol alumnus return to the Wickham tonight for Captain Morgan 2: The Sea of Souls. Missed this in Edinburgh
England do have match-winning bowlers, insists Eoin Morgan despite flaying by Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla: England captain Eoin M...
Comprehension is impossible. Sleep is improbable. Hello, Captain Morgan.
England skipper eoin morgan happy with options in squad: England captain Eoin Morgan remains at ease that he h...
Morgan laments poor 'start': England captain Eoin Morgan insisted his bowlers just had an off-night as the tou...
England captain Eoin Morgan says bowlers 'didn't do that well enough' with the ball in defeat ...
KP ruled out of World T20 ... by captain
England captain Eoin Morgan says bowlers ‘didn’t do that well enough’ with the ball in defeat against South Africa
Captain Morgan Hurricane shots for the whole bar!.
I am the lady pouring the Captain Morgan lol
DTN Kerala: Star Line shines: Star Line, New Crown, Anantara, Captain Morgan and Garuda shone when the horses ...
Laying on my new living room floor with captain Morgan
I ordered a coffee shake from The Habit and I'm positive that it was spiked with captain Morgan 😂🤘
This vocal take's been brought to you by Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan in my postworkout shake?
That mountain dew commercial is awful. 2nd worst of all time behind that Captain Morgan musical crap
I should definitely take half of my dads captain Morgan as compensation
Went to the radio show at casino had a beer and some food got some autographs and got tickets in captain Morgan club, today was a good day
Get your iPhone insurance today!
"You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take" would be a great advertisement for a Captain Morgan special at the local bar.
I got captain Morgan tonight yo lol
Bought to holla at captain morgan since a *** off and probably be chillin Thursday
is it just me or does Bearcheese kinda look like Captain Morgan
Had captain Morgan for the first time since the summer after I graduated. Brought back so many memories lol
luckily economists who aren't captain Morgan social media marketers do exist.
captain morgan : m_shatts, Did u know u c0uld get an iPh0ne 6s with zero cost? Go read my bi0 :) Thx
Shoutout to the guy at Applebee's earlier who order black hot coffee and a shot of Captain Morgan, and poured his shot in his coffee.
They were out of Captain Morgan so I'm having Lamb's Black Sheep on the rocks with a bit of lemon. Yum!
Catalog of missing items: A Friend's PS4 & PS3, Ryan's Laptop. my Gackt Cross necklace, a bottle of Captain Morgan and a pair of my panties.
Need a night with Captain Morgan, Black Betty, Randy Houser, and
Captain Morgan white rum has a slow release formula.
useless natural fake stuff. A bottle of Captain Morgan black rum just a good as that stuff.
Captain Morgan fighting the Kraken in Malibu and Coke lmao. *** Ima die twice
I'm finna make a drink with Kraken and captain Morgan and Malibu.
*** you don't understand dawg. I'm gonna drown myself in captain Morgan.
I just saw the most disturbing Captain Morgan commercial, I thought I should stop drinking. ~I just decided to stop watching TV while I drink
Hi PCBWay is a PCB manufacturer who specialized in prototyping for decades, register and get $5 on
Logan: let's the do the Captain Morgan thing . everybody: yes
hope to see Captain Morgan next Saturday!
Bring me more Captain Morgan or whateva
The curse of Captain Morgan has led us to this fate
"I've seen the future and the future looks just like him" *points to molder in a captain Morgan stance*
I can drink captain morgan like its water.lmao 😋
Do I finish the rest of this tequila x captain Morgan mix??
Just hearing the name captain Morgan literally makes me want to puke my guts out
God I love captain Morgan spiced rum mixed with Coke or straight YUM YUM
Captain Morgan's Revenge by Alestorm (2008-01-29) -
My boys keep trying to get me to do single guy stuff like visit University of Arizona and chug Captain Morgan
The Captain strikes late in Period 2 to make it a 3-1 game!
Popcorn and Captain Morgan is a fabulous combination.
Plz plz plz discontinue the new captain morgan commercial
Coworker - "what kind of whiskey did you drink? Captain Morgan spiced rum?". Me- "um, that's a said in the name"
I'll just draw my sword and Captain Morgan the corpse. - pirate logic
Relationship status: Captain Morgan and I broke up. But it's cool, I still have my trashy side piece, Jack Daniels.
Our captain's name is Captain Morgan and all of the older white guys are making sub-par jokes about it
Captain Morgan is flying me to Colorado, great.
Captain Morgan is the only thing getting me through this game
Shout out to my mom for sneaking some captain Morgan into my green tea 😂♥️
two taco Bell bags and an empty captain Morgan in the back of my car 😤😤😤
Could care less about this game all I care about is captain Morgan tonight
didn't catch that from the Captain Morgan club. Have a minute to meet a couple subscribers?
Thass when i hit my captain morgan pose😂
Karen's fall from grace came at the hands of a handle of captain Morgan, a hash pipe and a midget. It was epic.
State-Approved Drinking Salt Lake City Weekly Avast ye! This may not be Captain Morgan, but it…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
sorry to hear that bro, just make sure you watch out for his buddies John Smith and Captain Morgan!
dad after drinking a few: do you not see me drinking Captain Morgan? Its cause Im the captain. Captain Todd. Hey can the captain get a drink
Having xmas party with friends - Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, John Smith, Captain Morgan, & Jack Daniels, that'll get me in the xmas spirit!
It's Wicked Wednesday! Pints of Moose Drool for $3 and Captain Morgan cocktails for $2.50 all day!
it's like watching two pissheads after two much Captain Morgan's rum stumbling down Croydon High Street.
My best friend is Captain Morgan and tonight I'm bringing along Jack.
If Santa brought me a pack of cigarettes, a handle of Captain Morgan, and a rack of coolers I think I could get into the Christmas spirit.
Copping the liq now. I think Captain Morgan and Grey Goose will be just fine.
📷 Had sooo much fun tonight with the Captain Morgan promo!
So, this is a pretty excellent thanksgiving. — drinking Captain Morgan at The Husk Downtown Wilmington
Jameson. MacGregors. Jim Beam. Guinness. Bailey's. Captain Morgan. These people have your back.
-. Encyclopedia Brown and a Case of Captain Morgan
it's weird seeing ex's married or with kids like here's me and my husband Jack Daniel with our beautiful son Captain Morgan
FOUR PINOCCHIOS: Carson's claim that the Whiskey Rebellion began when General Jack Daniels was killed in a duel with pirate Captain Morgan
Jungle juice, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, beer pong, Heineken, Bud Light, *** moh how did I do it Lls
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Last time I had a night full of Captain Morgan, I scarred Garrett for life 😳😂 💯
You and me under a street light making out with a bottle of Captain Morgan. Wiz Khalifa - Promises
My Brother-n-law has drank 7.5 million gallons of Captain Morgan, he's your biggest fan.
Join us at The Factory tonight for our Karaoke Dance Party! $4 Captain Morgan's until Midnight! Happy Hour from...
Man if isn't using Captain Morgan cannon blast as a sponsor what is any of this mean?
your middle name is Captain Morgan too!?
CC replaced the 3 boxes of Cap'n Crunch he was eating a day with 13 shots of Captain Morgan
- Please no CC jokes like he went from Captain Crunch to Captain Morgan
had apparently gone from Captain Crunch to Captain Morgan.
CC Sabathia gave up Cap'N Crunch for Captain Morgan?. *sees self out*
I would drink a while fifth of henny any time. I be feeling good af. Imma by that new Captain Morgan drink n some Arbor Mist for her lls
Say no more Captain Morgan's Macaroons that's good enough for me 😁😁
Dave over here mad AF cause they won't update on Lacy. Told him "Captain Morgan" downgrading to "MD 20 20" this week 😂
And if I lose, Captain Morgan eases the pain 😂😂😂 xx
Captain Morgan's after a trip to the bookies. Watch the footy 😊 xx
Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, then there's the ol' Admiral.
When Sailor Jerry is cheaper than Captain Morgan you know it's gonna be a weird night
Captain Morgan is real and his first name is Henry
I intend to! Might be joined by Jim Beam, Captain Morgan & Sailor Jerry 😉
Lets celebrate with shipmates Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan! ⚓️
Why do NO bars have Captain Morgan anymore?? I hate you Sailor Jerry's. Don't talk to me.
I've gotta stop going drinking with Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry.
Von Miller did the Captain Morgan pose on top of Alex Smith.
Captain Morgan and blueberry lemonade... Yes honey
Every time she drinks Captain Morgan she jerks me off, so now we just call it rubbing alcohol.
Morgan relishing ODI battle: England captain Eoin Morgan hopes his team can take the next step in their develo...
I will quit drinking once captain Morgan puts his foot down.
Cricket_Record:. Morgan 74* and Smith 90 - total 164 runs - this is jointly the highest aggregate of both captain in a T20I match.
I had such a badass dream. I woke up to the site of my room filled with bottles of Captain Morgan everywhere😏 only a dream though 😕
Alex Hales can open for England in Test cricket, says one-day captain Eoin Morgan: Adam Lyth has st...
Our pilot's name for our flight to Vegas is "Captain Morgan"... Very fitting
Captain Morgan is ready for "Lunch by the Bay" starting at 1pm with all the you love! ~
My wine rack consists of 7 cheap bottles of white wine, half a shoulder of Captain Morgan, and a bottle of 90% absinthe.
I will quit drinking when captain Morgan put his foot down.
One of our specials on now at Oliveri's IGA Liquor:. Johnnie Walker Red Label OR Captain Morgan…
The England captain has praised Steelbacks star David Willey
Dad told me to drink straight rum to help with my sore throat and now I'm alone drinking captain Morgan from the bottle
Read our report as England won a thriller by five runs in the NatWest T20i vs Australia:
England's one day captain Eoin Morgan in favour of a city based Twenty20 tournament as counties prepare to meet
Another mention of players' survey here:.
My mom got me a Captain Morgan shirt lol. Thanks for the support mom💁🏽
England's one day captain also calls for city based Twenty20 tournament as counties meet today
Eoin Morgan in frank form about the 'waste of time' World Cup and England's new one-day mood
- Eoin Morgan would rather England be more reckless than reserved as captain prepa... via Disc…
just want a wad of cash and pint of Captain Morgan to cuddle with
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Another Bobby Award from this time for Captain Morgan!
well, I'll have you now I have many friends. Jim, Jack, Captain Morgan, Gordon…
I'm sure that sweat smells of Captain Morgan, Mike's Harder, and Jack.
Because there never anyone recording video. Who let Captain Morgan grab the mike? Sounds like a USC tailgate.
just finished Real Pirates of the Caribbean: Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, Captain Morgan, Black Bart, Calico Ja...
Admiral Nelson, Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry set course for Parrot Bay in search of a strong elixir for repressed homosexuality
Enjoy $4 Stoli Vodka, Tullamore Dew, and Captain Morgan drinks all day today!
*hears loud music coming from down the road* . *looks outside and sees Captain Morgan bumpin through the streets*
Clearly, I'm doing my best Captain Morgan pose on a giant tree trunk.
it's looking like Captain Morgan by a short neck
Best Reddit comment 2k15: The quality of the rum is inversely proportional to the rank. Sailor Jerry's. Captain Morgan's. Admiral Nelson
£2.99 for double Captain Morgan's and Pepsi in the wetherspoons next door. Happy days
The Rum Navy is *** backwards. How the *** does Admiral Nelson outrank Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry?
Starting slow with a nice cider and bbq. And then we pull out Captain Morgan and other stuff. Happy saturday.
Some of my best friends that never let me down are: Captain Morgan, Brandy and Jack Daniels.
Breast Cancer Awareness
they should have picked Gould so he can be brand ambassador for Captain Morgan
Do not take Captain Morgan shots and chase it with mikes hard lemonade.
"Captain Morgan was the corner stone of my childhood"
Volatile mix of Jägermeister,Captain Morgan,Tequila Rose,and Alfonso doesn't feel so good in the long run
I feel like my insides are filled only with Jagermeister, Alfonso, Captain Morgan and Tequila Rose. Bare with me, Liver
Captain Morgan pilots his ship into uncharted waters up on the Mountain
Random but theres also the Captain Morgan hat and Jack Daniels socks lol
Camp Bastian, Captain Morgan, Walking in Memphis and an Italian. Just wanted to say them really
Yes he learnt that fielding position from watching Captain Morgan in the one day internationals against New Zealand!
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