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Captain Falcon

, full name Douglas Jay Falcon, is a playable character in the racing video game series F-Zero. He first appeared in F-Zero, and has served as the poster boy/main protagonist of the F-Zero franchise.

Super Smash Bros Little Mac Captain America Big Blue Sam Wilson Fire Emblem Duck Hunt Foghorn Leghorn Steve Rogers

Nintendo will add Captain Falcon as a DLC character to MK8 to let us know there will NEVER be another F-Zero game.
Iron man has Rody, Captain America has falcon, even storm gave advice and friendship to professor Xavier
Ok wait if memes could bring Bubsy back why haven't all the Captain Falcon memes not given us a new F-Zero game?
and that's the primary reason I hate captain falcon mains.
We just got two F-zero tracks in MK8 and can dress as captain falcon. We're good. Al…
Ngl Captain Falcon brings back memories of Snake kicking my ***
This was like Robin when he fought against Captain falcon alongside with Lucina
the fandom is way too messy but you deff need to stan Sam Wilson aka Falcon AKA THE CURRENT CAPTAIN AMERI…
I can't believe you got to go to the set of The Hobbit and meet Captain Spock and the rest of the Millennium Falcon crew!
I'm waiting for them to throw in captain falcon with the Falcon punch
Nobody told zzzconcussion Rob Stone was cool with Captain Falcon?
Can you do a Link Cosplay video for Captain Falcon? This is the best combination I could come up w…
I really need that Winter soldier Captain America Also a Falcon as Captain America wo…
STEVE ENGLEHART on Captain America: So wish I could go back to those days, Golden era for kids and comics.
Let me know I'll pull up with that Captain falcon
Someone gotta edit this and put a combo counter and play Captain Falcon or Guile from street fighter themes
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Captain Falcon deserve to be one of top fighting characters list
can you photoshop Draymond Green and Captain Falcon together?
didn't the other smash characters sacrifice captain falcon to MegaCloud. or was that wario. or both
Is everyone's main captain falcon? I swear that's all I've been playing these past couple days
The Punisher in this anime is like Captain Falcon but with guns
Lol were you playing as Captain Falcon? "Show me your moves"
I just want you all to know that won tickets to the game tonight, and he isn't there
oooh waifu ace hue . SHOW ME YOUR TEAM *captain falcon voice*. there should be a better ace fo u somewhere...
Captain Falcon as Saitama (from One Punch Man). If you look from far away, he even looks bald. really far away
They need to see how the Falcon does it in "Captain America: Civil War."
I liked a video from Captain Falcon Cruz
A-Team Captain Ryan Rose & Newcomer Carter Dane gracing the cover of 'Sexflix and Chill' for Falcon Studios.
what if Captain Falcon could not AutoCancel his N air
I'm pretty sure that Luka Luka Night Fever has Captain Falcon doing back up singing
'I don't think you understand the concept of a getaway car' - Captain America, Falcon and Bucky all squashed into an old VW Beetle! 🚗 😂👏🏻
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Captain Falcon runs Ivysaur over, jumps out, and FALCON PUNCHES him deep into ***
but in the comics bucky and falcon takes over as Captain America when steve's isn't around xD
Reminder that Falcon went through the same thing when he became Captain America.
Im actually trying to think of a book that didn't do it. Captain Falcon did, Wolverine did, Thor FAMOUSLY did.
will the Captain America falcon pop, that was going to be in the Civil War box, get a release? I would LOVE it!
will the Falcon - Captain America Pop that was going to be released in the Civil War box ever be released?
Captain Falcon's looking like he's about hit the meanest whip of 2016
The only contender is black panther. He washed Bucky and falcon at the same time and gave Captain America work
"Has anyone ever questioned Captain Falcon's sexuality? Because he seems to only censor girls."
Is the Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson pairing called Captain Falcon
Hey! Check out these captain falcon shenanigans with ^_^
falcon becomes the new Captain America... I wouldn't mind lol
Seriously Falcon and Captain America are like, hot af
If Tony Stark dies in "Civil War"…. Marvel >>> DC. That'd be beyond bold. Captain America had Falcon & Bucky to replace him so… EH.
I liked a video Who can jump over Captain Falcon?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I liked a video. What if everyone was Captain Falcon?
You always have a friend who simply juggles you on his Captain Falcon knee attack spam and then meteor smashes you into oblivion.
Captain Falcon is low key the best character in the game guys Lord Alpharad told me so
Yo hey Jakks Pacific could you please make a 4.5 inch action figure of Captain Falcon from F-zero in your Nintendo toyline
That moment when another piece of my childhood died... RIP Han Solo, Captain of the Millennium Falcon...😔
I have done the 3D model thing of R2-D2, the Millennium Falcon, and the USS Enterprise (which is by far, the worst, I'm sorry Captain Kirk)
Its vs in new concept art for Opens April 27 from...
What other details should I add besides asking for captain falcon drenched in sparkling justice?
Hot Toys' 1/6 Ant-Man from Marvel's Captain America: Civil War: While The Falcon and Hawkeye has been previous...
Hit em with that captain falcon spike
Captain falcon says yesz for 9:04 minutes via
It was interesting to see him play a character that doesn't reward hard reads as much as Puff, Captain Falcon or Fox/Falco does
If you don't play as pink Captain Falcon you are wrong
wii fit trainer, villiger, and Captain falcon
wii fit trainer, Captain falcon, and villiger
domain names
I liked a video from Recording with Markiplier (My Date with Captain Falcon BTS)
I liked a video from Captain Falcon Blooper Reel
I liked a video from My Date With Captain Falcon (Feat. Markiplier & Nikasaur)
What did I do? I've been here reading the Captain America comic where Falcon becomes Captain America.
Just watched Star Wars VII again..Chewie is really getting screwed on that upgrade time to captain on the Millennium Falcon...
I was asked by an 8th grader if I've ever been told I look like …wait, his exact words were "Captain Falcon"
Captain falcon is my life in a nutshell, he likes driving fast cars, and beating people up as a side job 😂
Falcon joins the lineup. Check out the images & info:
I think the biggest question here is... why Captain Falcon of all people?
Last one for today . Ganondorf amiibo training . Combo with Captain Falcon
3rd This *** is in the Captain America movie... The Falcon is in the same movie and the one before this one
The oilers have been playing the captain falcon taunt come on for sometime now and I'm super happy about this.
I love captain falcon way 2 much lmao
Remind me to never accept a ride from Captain Falcon.
Here's a picture of me cosplaying as Captain Falcon earlier today.
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Falcon was Captain America before Steve went go dying.
I love love how strong Captain Falcon is again in Smash Bros gamers.
I like Falcon as Captain America, Amadeus as Hulk, and Jane as Thor, but it *** that Marvel won't keep them because of movie recognition.
Have I ever mentioned I love Captain Falcon in those comics?
I'm lucky I play Captain Falcon, the most hype ninja in the game. It's impossible to be screamed at using Falcon
Captain falco dies & peach has to explain the concept of death to the ice climbers
I liked a video from Super Smash Bros Wii U For Glory - Captain Falcon
There will be a crew battle at 7pm EST tonight. It will be the Rosalina & Luma discord group vs the Captain Falcon discord group :D
Wow, my friend is currently down in Minneapolis and he's picked me up a Roddy Rowdy Piper Pop!, and Little Mac, Captain Falcon amiibo!
I main with Villager and Captain Falcon but have Falco and Toon Link as back ups.
I know you didn't just call captain falcon's knee a "front air attack"
I told you that Captain Falcon was the best
Captain Falcon training for my MM next Sat! :
I literally just said "Captain Falcon!" while mute city gets picked and a Captain falcon mii came over the hill. LOL
Here is when The Falcon joined The Avengers in 1978. Affirmative action hire becomes Captain America.
I'm currently waiting on a Falco video (37%), and I'll probably upload the falcon ditto next... ...assuming the wifi lets me
Awww, bummer. Well, upload what you can, if you can (Falcon ditto wink wink nudge nudge)
I'm Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon. And this is my son Ben, captain of wearing eyeliner & worshipping his gra…
There's a rumor going on that there's going to be a school shooting at my school tomorrow. *grabs trusty captain falcon amiibo*. Perfect
I feel like is a Captain Falcon main
I'm Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon & father of an annoying kid named Ben.
Captain Falcon x Foghorn Leghorn is still my OTP in case anybody was wondering.
Let's be honest here. Captain Falcon is criminally underused.
I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that Falcon Punch! An amazing Captain Falcon custom via https:…
even though I don't do Christmas, but I love amiibos! I want a Captain Falcon amiibo FALCON PUNCH!!!
Question: When will Captain Falcon be immortalised in macaroni & cheese?. Answer: Never.
I liked a video What if Captain Falcon's Knee Was Always Active?
I liked a video from Gmod Castle Calamity Collab 4 Entry 1: Captain Falcon
hes chilling with Captain Falcon truly beautiful
Iwata can finally meet up with Captain Falcon and other dead characters
The font from the game I'm working on.
I just read this Captain Falcon like the bible
Ladies I don't mean to brag, but my Captain Falcon game is off the chain 😏
I finally won a set in Melee at a tournament! It was 2-0 against a Captain Falcon main and I was Fox.
Very much so! Your captain falcon is on point too!
📷 lesserdrawbro: Captain Falcon riding an Alpaca. Considering there’s gonna be a fighting game with an...
i don't want to live in a world where my Captain Falcon butt cover photo gets fewer likes than an Ariana Grande one
it's like how Captain Falcon's more important then the F-Zero series. A lotta people just want more Samus games.
Who would you rather see appear in the Captain Marvel movie as her War Machine/Falcon? . [requested]
"First rule of Captain Falcon: ...knee. Second rule: always go for the disrespect, because that's how to show how good you are!"
I liked a video from Captain Falcon Protects a Level 1 Bowser from Two Level 9 CPUs
My english professor is captain falcon
Question about the Avengers and Captain Falcon before Secret Wars. Spoilers there may be.: Right after Falcon ...
Captain Commando and Captain Falcon's suits are both blue...know what that means?
My area didn't get Marth, but it did get Greninja, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Zero Suit Samus.
The also had Fox, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Greninja, Lucario and Toad...I bought all but Toad.
They got Captain Falcon, Fox, Toad, and a few others
The Pirate Ship from Brawl is back!!! And there is a Ratholos, Toad, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Viridi Mii Costumes!
Additional costumes were made, inspired by Toad, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Viridi, from the World of Kid Icarus.
the new SSB4 DLC include Mii costumes for Captain Falcon, Fox, Toad, Viridi, and two Monster Hunter (Hunter and Rathalos)
A special Captain Falcon message to all taunters
Last nights reading involved half a dozen new Captain America comics, not sure on the Falcon as the captain broaden your horizons. This Captain has arranged your temporary re-assignment to USS Falcon, under command of Captain Taylor.
Wanna dress up as the blues brothers for Halloween, now I just need to find a John Belushi to pair up with
probably my main next to Captain falcon
i know what i want to get my friend 4 his bday but it'll require Extreme Luck and an Captain Falcon restock
I disagree. Captain America is a symbol that exists beyond Steve Rogers.
Captain Falcon can falcon punch me in the face
I liked a video from One Minute Melee - Captain Falcon vs Captain Commando
a falcon Captain America on screen would be awesome
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headingsouthart:. Captain Falcon VS Blood Falcon and Captain lost… or won?
Here's a suggestion! Show us you're moves on the race track OR play some Smash Bros For Glory with Captain Falcon!
It's ok, Captain Falcon & Wii Fit Trainer are broken to the max, but we whooped their *** anyway.
Awesome that Falcon Loves and respects Captain America so much. Cap is a leader, stands for the true. 'I do what he does, just slower'
Had a dream that I was Captain Falcon. It's time to work out
I also found a Captain Falcon at my Walmart despite the fact there wasn't a planned restock. Same with Villager.
I DREW THE KID ICARUS CREW BUT SHE WAS RIGHT SO I SAID YES!! and turns out she HAS played ki:u and she mains pit and captain falcon
I can see the RPs now:. After being spurned by Captain America, whose love for Bucky is strong, Falcon finds comfort in T'Challa's arms...
Captain America: Civil War, Winter Solider & Falcon on the Run.. new buddy, old buddy, threesome bro
That's what it's like when you first open it. Captain America Falcon patch and Superior Iron Man badge
Just had a dream I was a captain Falcon styled powertech and I had a frontal cleave Falcon punc...
Captain America (on right) and Falcon (left) are BFFs and are hoping to find a home together!
Idk whose side I'm on. Captain America cuz of Falcon or Iron Man cuz of Vision & Black Panther.
.Captain Falcon. Only Captain Falcon helmet can fit his hair.
Watch my captain Falcon highlight video!
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Captain Raja Ray handing over the Manx Ensign to the master of the Falcon Bay at the naming ceremony in China.
"Is really important to me that the captain never finds out about this...". Falcon and Ant Man figures…
A Sheik vs Captain Falcon for glory match coming up ;)
Why r ppl making snake the creep like I get captain. Falcon. But snake??? All he does is like smoke and be edgy
How did I only just find this: A Day At The Office With Captain Falcon via
It bears repeating that I'm completely and utterly in love with Ronda Rousey. I hope she likes Captain Falcon
Captain America being replaced by Falcon means Captain America is really bad memory is...
The only chance they have of getting out is if Shield is involved. As far as Shield knows Falcon and Captain America are ~
Captain America is totally a Democrat who can explain to you because he's friends with the Falcon.
If you need a 🔥 verse you can count on me / You know I'm goin harder than Captain Falcon's knee
Falcon got his *** kicked by Ant-Man, then hopes Captain America never finds out about this lol... via
Captain America is just a ripoff of Captain Falcon
We already have Pit & Dark Pit, so why don't we have Captain Falcon & Blood Falcon in Smash Bros
It's funny how if you beat somebody with Little Mac, they either go Captain Falcon or pick Little Mac.
Yes. Getting Wii Fit Trainer, Captain Falcon, Little Mac and Villager in box for thst
Captain Falcon: Front Air Attack. There's a violent knee jab at the start of this move. Connect with that for some serious launching power.
F-Zero didn't die. It just turned into a fighting game with Nintendo characters fighting Captain Falcon.
like, instead of just racing, we actually see Captain Falcon fighting more than just in Smash and in that anime?
I wonder how he's going to be? Maybe like a Captain Falcon fighting style?
I liked a video from Epic Fight: Sonic vs. Captain Falcon
I should revive my account and only write stories about Captain Falcon x Foghorn Leghorn.
Finished already with Mario, Peach, Bowser, Ike, Duck Hunt, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Lucina. Don't need to do Mewtwo for this Challenge.
200cc, Mute City, Big Blue, Blue Falcon Kart, and a Captain Falcon Mii Outfit. Can we get a DLC pack 3 with the actual Captain Falcon?
Big Blue from F-Zero in DLC pack 2? Yet no Captain Falcon. I think should put Captain Falcon to use. Publicity.
Also, they have Mute City AND Big Blue and still no Captain Falcon?.
So to summarize things, Mario Kart now has :. Anti-gravity. The Blue Falcon. A Captain Falcon costume. Mute City. Big Blue. "Fast" (200cc lol)
Not stream-related, but was working on this alongside those doodles. Punch-Out!! style Captain Falcon.
The trailer should've been Captain Falcon landing his punch and Lucina losing her head.
What dou you think about Captain Falcon? — Falcon punch up my ***
"Is there Captain Falcon? Reverse punch. I'm learning as I go."
Alright. Crunch time. I need a new groomsman. will you... dress Captain Falcon up real nice for me? He's needed.
She gonna catch a fade featuring the spirits of Ray Rice, Chris Brown and Captain Falcon “
My nephew is crying over losing to Captain Falcon on Super Smash Bros... We've all felt that "FALCON PUNCH" before... Just the name ✊😩
And that's about it. Tomorrow I search for the Captain Falcon amiibo with any luck he's not gone. Maybe Little Mac too.
The perfect movie: Captain Falcon (Patrick Warburton) must save the world, and his true love (Emma Stone), from Kevin Spacey.
In Super Smash Bros. 4, the ability to act out of hitstun from Brawl has been removed when being sent further distances, making true combos possible again, but a bit harder to perform due to many attacks having higher base knockback in general. The ability to air dodge out of a tumble also makes combos a bit harder to do than in previous iterations. Despite these changes, some characters, such as Jigglypuff and Captain Falcon are indirectly buffed, as their comboing abilities from previous games have been restored.
Main characters I'm good with as of now are Captain Falcon, Fox and surprisingly ROB
personally I'd go with captain falcon but ness and luigi are more dynamic and I think it's more your style
Duck Hunt, ROB, Game and Watch, Ness, Little Mac, Captain Falcon (some of those could come back, hopefully).
//jfc omg I've always just called it Captain Falcon or American Airlines omg that's so much better
How to WIN at Mario Kart 8! I show you just what to do to win at Mario Kart 8. Take a picture, upload it, hashtag it and let's bring back F-Zero! The year of Captain Falcon is coming! Check out THIS Videogame channel: From: Thomas Flaherty Views:...
Photoset: Pacific Rim AU; Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers as the pilots of the American jaeger, Captain Falcon
I just realized that if Sam Wilson takes the shield then he'll be...Captain Falcon.
So Falcon became Captain America.I'm only calling him Captain Falcon...Nintendo predicting the future lmao
Captain Falcon returns to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, along with 2 newcomers from Fire Emblem. News By: Ashley Jenkins Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins Musi...
Fire Emblem newcomers Lucina and Robin enter the fray as Super Smash Bros. veteran Captain Falcon punches his way into the spotlight.
I liked a video from Robin, Lucina, & Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros Discussion -
Captain Falcon retains his role while Lucina & Robin take the stage in the new Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS
Am I the only that desperately wants Captain Falcon's Saint Seiya reveal trailer costume to be in the final game?. It's so ornamented ~~
"Happy Independence Day, America! Captain Falcon and Falco are also celebrating their independence. They will not return this time."
E3 is so close... Just my own thoughts and opinions on characters and such: - Captain Falcon is probs gonna make his appearance at E3, same for other veterans like Ness - Characters I'd like to see include Shadow and/or Tails, Snake was cool and would be welcome, maybe a different Starfox rep if Wolf isn't back, and I can always dream of Roy but that's what Project M is for I guess - I personally think chaos from Sonic games could make for a good assist trophy, as well as Pac Man even though he's basically de-confirmed - I think they'll add diversity to the final smashes so there aren't any clones like the Links and Zelda/Shiek - Team Rocket needs some rep in smash, imo - It would be neat to have alternate costumes as color changes - I would have preferred a different Link to appear than Toon, not a Celda fan Your own thoughts and opinions?
A self-narrated punch dealt by Captain Falcon (of F-Zero) in the Nintendo video game Super Smash Brothers.
will MAA ever have homages or easter eggs to non Marvel related stuff (like... for example Captain America as Captain Falcon)
Tonight's rehearsal went ok. I really enjoy Dr. Leslie's (UNLV) interpretation of Sanctuary. It's going to be a rocking concert! I also ran into some Summer Music Institute campers, Sam Dial and Caleb Cook. Tomorrow, the 3 high school bands arrive, and the Captain Falcon boys (Caleb Cook and Colton King) could have the chance to reunite. It's going to be a wild weekend!
Captain Falcon has the two best taunts in Super Smash Bros Brawl and if you think otherwise you're wrong.
I think he'd enjoy that, he likes Captain Falcon.
omfg I completely forgot about that... Thank you for bringing that memory back
I was in 1st grade and I don't think I experienced it because if you're still a "kid" your parents will try to hide their emotions from you.
I'm sorry but if you atleast weren't in kindergarten you dont really remember 9/11 and the emotions everyone was feeling.
Snap chat me so I don't have to do homework.
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This makes me want to break out my Captain Falcon, I miss melee
I didn't forward those messages on MySpace.
alright I probably wont be. Goodluck though.
ill be there tomorrow :D don't worry
I didn't see you practicing today. Porque?
oh thanks Gaby. Tomorrow will be perfect then.
It's way past scarce, I could find more hot girls at a homeless shelter. Theres some hot girls but not as many as I expected
I bet the girl game at City is as scarce as Mission. Feel your pain brotha.
The hot girl in my Administration to Justice class didn't sit by me again. It lightweight ruined my day.
I'm definitely not the best right now then.
I feel like me being able to salsa would blow peoples minds. Like what a white guy doing the salsa, are pigs flying now too.
I liked a video A Day in the Life of Captain Falcon
Travelin soldier by the Dixie Chicks>
Admit it. All the kids out there only know Captain Falcon because of Super Smash Bros.
lol when i used to play, I used to always pick Captain Falcon
I realize that I've horribly stereotyped Captain Falcon all along, Maybe he's not such a misogynist jerk who hits it and then quits it,
Danial Bryan new finisher really is THE KNEE OF JUSTICE from Captain Falcon. YES!!
that's the one with Captain Falcon right?
Anyone who uses captain falcon already lost
I'd mop the floor with marvin using captain falcon aha
At this time tommorow night I will be ending life with captain falcon
Captain Falcon needs an energy drink.
I think it's usually in march. I'm not sure though, I just know it's second semester.
My Stats teacher is Mrs. Worden minus her obsession with moles and calling people sexy.
Wario, Captain Falcon and Peach have had alternate costumes already. Do et.
Girls that party all the time are rarely gf material
Just caught a guy picking his nose in the library, he saw me catch him too. Yeah, you can say he feels awkward now.
Best part about college is showing up 20 minutes late and the teacher doesn't give you a twenty minute speech about being on time.
I’d easily drop $50 on a Link, Kirby, or Captain Falcon.
We put the settings on Super Smash Bros to all computer players and we're taking bets on who's gonna win. Lets go Captain Falcon
Who would win in a fight: Gordon Freeman, Master Chief, or Captain Falcon?
i am now under the assumption Chris Redfield is Captain Falcon. therefore, he is batman.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Samus, Captain Falcon, Pit, have been the only playable characters of their games. Who else of their franchise could be a good addition to the new Smash Bros? ~Akira
Back from London Expo and an AMAZING weekend, too many good points to mention so here's a few. The Naruto photo shoot with the funny and great Naruto cosplayers, getting ravished by Orochimaru ^^ Lee and myself having a hug competition as our characters (results coming soon!), getting Falcon Punched by Captain Falcon!!! The cosplay competition, Edgar Wright panel. Meeting the Cosplay winner Dragonfly, who dressed as Danerys Stormborn Sat and Cap America Sunday, Rebecca Stacey's signed photo of her as Gwen Stacy! Huge thanks to Lee Graham, Elise Betts, Mark Jackson and Emma Thomas for making the weekend so much fun. And a big shout out to Lynda Biggins for her epic quad-suit Rainbow Dash! ^^
All Super Smash Bros Infinity Characters announced! First nineteen are starters. 1. Mario (F.L.U.U.D Burst, shoots out a blast of water nat any opponent in the way) 2. Pikachu (Electro Ball, Paralyuzes an opponent then launches a electric like ball at the opponent several times for MAJOR damage) 3. Link Same as Brawl) 4. Kirby ( Swallow Truce, Swalloows and becomes that opponent until the knockout of Kirby. FULL Moveset compatible) 5. Tails (Tail Hurricane, Creates a Hurricane with the tails and deals lots of damage to opponents) 6. Bowser Jr. (Bullet Bill, Goes offscreen, and uses its bullet bill cannon. Minor damage for small ones but major for the large one. 7. Megaman (Mega Regain, Becomes giant and complety heals and becomes invincible but a little weaker than normal) 8. Captain Falcon (Same as Brawl) 9. Lucas Sinnoh Champ (Turtwig, Prinplup, Infernape) (Summons Dialga or Palkia and chooses an opponent and deal HUGE AMONUTS OF DAMAGE. 10. Roy (Great Ether, same as Ike.) 11. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Ma ...
Mistress Mei showed me this: Falcon Punch (Super Smash Bros. Cocktail) Ingredients: 1/2 shot 151 Proof Rum 1/2 shot Watermelon Pucker 1/2 a glass of Punch Mix (1 gallon of regular Hawaiian Punch and 1 gallon of the Berry Lemonade flavor Hawaiian Punch with a bottle of Everclear/Grain alcohol) Directions: First fill a glass about halfway with hawaiian/lemonade punch. Then pour the Pucker into a shot glass and layer the 151 over it using a spoon. Light the shot on fire, yell “FALCON PUNCH!” in the most Captain Falcon-esque manner possible, drop it into the punch, and chug. Once done slam your cup down, perform a 2 finger salute from your brow to the next person and say “Show me ya moves!”. That person is then next in line to do a Falcon Punch, or it is grounds for a “party fowl.” ~Ariel
Nintendo Franchises that NEED to be saved. The Wars Series - Better known outside of Japan with the name Advance Wars, these games are also developed by the creators of Fire Emblem, Intelligent Systems. However after Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on the DS back in 2008 the series has been totally silent. This series could really use a reboot on Wii U or 3DS. F-Zero - It's been a *** of a long time since the last F-Zero game this ultra high speed racing game best known for the flashy and stylish protagonist Captain Falcon hasn't had a game since the GameCube era. F-Zero made a minor appearance in NintendoLand so maybe we'll get a new F-Zero game on Wii U! Star Fox - Recently Star Fox 64 received a remake on 3DS but the series' last new installment was Star Fox: Command on DS and fans have been clamoring for a new installment since. Perhaps a new 3DS title is in order? Or maybe a full length console experience on Wii U? Kid Icarus - BUT METAGROSS!!! KID ICARUS UPRISING WAS THE SAVING OF KID ICARUS!! Slow down ...
Reading the description of Captain Falcon's outfit reminds me that I need to read Sword Art Online when it was only a light novel.
It is time for Captain Falcon to make his appearance! A new episode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is here!
We have a Big Garden Birdwatch quiz for you today: how many books can you name with bird names in the title?
Round 5. Here is my favorite song from LP: There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface. Consuming, Confusing. This lack of self-control i fear is never ending. Controlling, I can't seem, To find myself again. my walls are closing in. Without a sense of confidence and i'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take. I've felt this way before, so insecure. Watch Nick get it right. -.-
Today’s events direct our attention to the exploration of boundaries, both physical barriers and cultural “walls”. In several cases from the early 20th century, events related to the conquering of new lands came to the forefront. Several explorers (Yes, Heather, I know that these were men, but the w...
.ha make him play as Game & Watch next tournament. I always liked Ness. Marth and Captain Falcon were my boys though.
Along with Captain Olimar and Captain Falcon and... I guess Captain Rainbow things could get pretty intense.
Bruh Kirby was raw lol once you unlocked Captain Falcon, it was over for him though
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Using fox and captain falcon pretty much says you suck and have to use the best characters to win
Pick any Super Smash Bros. game. Any one of em. I'll murder any competition using Fox or Captain Falcon.
"I'm Captain America. I stand for all the stereotypes of White America. Also this is Falcon he talks to birds he's my nig.buddy"
Alright listen up Mariachi del Rey! We have MASBA prelims tomorrow and we find out if we make it to state :O! So I made a list of things you may (or may not) need to to bring x) your uniform, bow, boots, trumpet, violin, vihuela, harp, guitar, guitarron, mariachi belt, guitar straps, rosin, a chinchilla, wire cutters, tachyon converter, portable flux capacitor, steel plate armor, a giant's toe, vampire teeth, frog legs, dog tails, toe nail clippings, snails, evil monkey, and a banana :) just in case the monkey gets hungry ^-^ good luck tomorrow guys! :D
In Brawl comment on who you think is gonna win Samus Captain Falcon Falco Fox Stage - Hyrule Castle
Me and Lindsay bisbing just won on a team in smash as Kirby and Captain Falcon
When you die in Halo 4, you sound just like Captain Falcon I swear to God.
Ok here's the question of the day!! How many characters were in the original Super Smash Bros?? Can you name them all??? ~Adam ^_^
It's Friday and time to announce the Member of the Week, this week it's Dustin Desjardins. Congrats, starting tomorrow you will recieve 15% off. New Question: What do you consider your greatest gaming achievement?
Anyone else agree that when driving on the motorway in heavy snow, they actually feel like they are the captain of the Millennium Falcon and they are just about to jump into hyperspace?!
These guys will destroy anything that gets in there way
101 years to the day that captain scott arrived at the South Pole. Respect
I think you should get captain falcon out of your computer...
Seventh TAS match. Italian duo decides to go for some team work and rape team Captain Falcon & Pikachu in less than 2 minutes. I control both characters at t...
Post 79 They never touched the ground but kept aloft by the perpetual motion of the breeze. “What is it?” Simon said, repeating himself absently. “I’m not sure. I know it’s not good.” Then slowly the air in the mountain sucked like a swimmer pulling in air before diving in the water. There was absolute silence over the entire mountain. Simon and Lionel could never have been prepared for what happened next. Suddenly the sound of a thousand claps of thunder rolled out of the mountain. Dust and stones were belched out of the mountain. Debris careened for thousands of feet out of the two cavern openings. The shockwave hit Lionel and Simon and their horses a moment later. So intense was it, that they were all picked up and thrown like toys down the trail. End over end they all tumbled in the air. It had happened so quickly that none of them had any time to react. They were just trying to get their bearings in the air as to prevent landing on their heads. Far away in Falcon’s Rest Captain Regi ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
(Carter) If you were forced to pick one of the core four Avengers not to appear in "The Avengers 2", who would it be? - The most liked idea for killing off Nick Fury in the MCU came from Brandon Weeks, who said, "the serpent society raids the helicarrier, forcing him to scream 'i'm tired of these motha f'ing snakes on this motha f'ing plane!'"
I liked a video from Nintendo Land - (Co-op) Captain Falcon's Twister Race
Im takin dem hoez back wen da Falcons beat da niners ! den imma go buy me some falcon draws!
Looking forward to my favorite Falcon being an honorary captain for the NFC Championship Game this Sunday!!
I want a new F-ZERO game. I need more Captain Falcon in my life.
two fun facts today: 1) Today in 1778, Captain James Cook became the first European to discover the Hawaiian Islands and 2) today in 1912 Robert FAlcon Scott reached the south pole, only to find he had been beaten there by a month. He died in the journey back to his base camp.
PM hopes to follow Scott's footsteps: The Prime Minister hopes to step in Captain Robert Falcon Scott's ...
Dear Nintendo, Please add Earthworm Jim to the next Super Smash Bros and I may start liking you again. Sincerely, Disgruntled fan
level 3 super could be like Captain Falcon's Final Smash
Sack the selectors, sack the Chairman.
Lol thats easy, Wang-Tang from Power Stone! I get to travel the world, and meet other people to fight against!
Captain Robert falcon Scott once famously said "I'm goin out and I maybe some time" when exploring the North Pole. The way people are here are goin on we've got the same weather conditions have we?! If so good luck people.
If you don't know who captain falcon is, KILL YO SELF
blue and orange, if you really want you can go costumes. A mix is never bad. Just make sure everyone is doing one or other
Real talk tho, I'd give almost anything for a proficient marth. Shoutouts to the top level Marth mains out there.
:** me too! My fav game of all time, captain falcon pink suit xD and falco and samus and that *** ganandorf, hbu? :pp
Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World come out this year... In 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is to be released. Then in 2015, The Avengers 2 hits the box office. Can't wait for The Falcon to show up! Like if you agree Marvel rocks!!!
41.9degC in the shade at my house!!! sheet I betta get out of the shade!
is a golf god. And has a pretty cute dog too. 😊🐶
Back, who wants to Smash tomorrow Theo Kanning Zeke Johnson Nick LaMoore Grant McCormack Derian Andersen Will Rock Andy Dang Captain Falcon feel like I mighta left someone off, sorry Theo is planning to show up around noon Eat/bring your own food if needed because I just got back and have not had a chance to get groceries/snacks yet I don't expect most of you to show up (in fact one of you I know for certain cannot make it and only tagged him so he wouldn't feel left out / forgotten about)
The history of comic books is full of superheroes who embraced the dark side, and here are some of the most notable.
that's your problem lol Samsun or link or captain falcon is where it's at
Captain Falcon won't be judging next year's Miss America pageant since he was escorted out after demanding the models, "SHOW ME YO MOVES!"
Beat doms captain falcon with 2 lives left
//Its true we don't we a Bright Noa, but we do have a Captain Falcon.
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