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Captain Crunch

Cap'n Crunch is a product line of sweetened corn and oat breakfast cereals introduced in 1963 and manufactured by Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo since 2001. The product line is heralded by a cartoon mascot named Cap'n Crunch, a sea captain (full name: Horatio Magellan Crunch).

Raisin Bran Lucky Charms Sugar Bear Golden Grahams Captain Morgan John Draper Toucan Sam Corn Pops Frosted Flakes Apple Jacks Boo Berry Colonel Sanders

Captain Crunch, creator of the Blue Box and one of the original phreakers, to publish his life story in March.
Not only do I have Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Frankenberry, I also have the Captain Crunch with ghosts in it that turn the milk green.
Bros.peanut butter captain crunch with chocolate milk. Do it, love it, give me public credit, then shoot yourself
Captain crunch is really the cereal
Sheriff Captain Crunch resigned? Milwaukee will definitely be a better place now..
Captain Crunch does sound amazing right now.
I could eat only captain crunch berry for the rest of my life and be content
I don't have captain crunch so instead I'm sending you one piece of Frosted Flakes.
It's one thing if each player brings a box of captain crunch to the plate, but cc is right that bunting is stupid
Captain crunch and hot pockets... that's what I'm on right now
Capt Mal Reynolds is the best Captain ever... besides Crunch, maybe...
Captain crunch has had my back more than any one of you humanoid Ballsacks so yes I'll buy 200 boxes if I want
College is mostly the best because I just had a winning combination of pizza, sushi, french fries, and captain crunch fo…
Make America Great for Rating's . . You promote the black guy who hates black people and dresses like…
Captain crunch berries, tiny toast, and Raisin Bran made a new cereal m
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Looks delicious! I'm a bachelor this weekend and had captain crunch. I'd rather have your dinner
Captain Crunch with crunch berries in Christmasy shapes. It is, unfortunately, only a seasonal offering.
The biographical adventure of John Draper (aka Captain Crunch)
I see a Captain Crunch, a spider man, a de-coder badge and a Tony the Tiger medal. The *** Jack…
Hey Clarke, Captain Crunch called. He wants his uniform back,
No class oblivious *** I hope he falls asleep in his cereal bowl and drowns in his Captain Crunch.
Guac Takis and Monster together taste like captain crunch cereal lol ***
Captain Crunch is a very good cereal that only cuts the roof of your mouth sometimes
Where are the fruity pebbles, Lucky Charms, or captain crunch 🤔
I'm jelus of at least 50% of that and only because idk what Captain Crunch even is when you get right down to it
Just so u know. It was Captain Crunch. It went out like a true hero.
Can we send Shiva in the studio to greet Captain Crunch when he goes ?
Sheriff David Clarke is stepping down because he has been cast in the live action Captain Crunch movie. They race bent…
And I'll bet all those cookies are much less sugar than a bowl of Captain Crunch, Coco Puffs or Lucky Charms!
Why is Tito Ortiz dressed in the Audience dressed like Captain Crunch? He makes his ex wife look dignified!
Hamilton Collection
Eat the whole box of Captain Crunch. It was a direct order from a senior officer.
Captain Crunch cuts the roof of my mouth
I bet Captain Crunch has some amazing abs.
lol always with a fresh batch. . Captain crunch berries x Cinnamon Frosted Flakes and brookies
Why does my sister constantly leave cereal boxes open I don't want stale captain crunch
He eats captain crunch for breakfast
I walked into the break room and his girl was coming out with a gallon of milk, a box of captain crunch, and a bowl.
"Cereal is actually soup" my friend says as she is eating her captain crunch.
Does anyone else remember the captain crunch game or is it just me
Can we talk about how godlike captain crunch berries are?
Nothing says "Im a successful adult woman who can crush a mans head between my thighs" like eating Captain Crunch in handfuls out of the box
No but you can call me captain crunch cause I'm about to rip you to pieces if you continue this.
Like someone eating Captain Crunch next to you with their mouth open.
The world evolves doofus.and so do the issues at hand. Pr…
I would not be opposed to having a nice dark and stormy with a bowl of Captain Crunch for dinner.
I just thought of Captain Crunch cereal with rum instead of milk and I almost vomited
.Captain Brett Howden has been stellar for the Syracuse Crunch so far
Bitter *** eat captain crunch with extra fruit. Das me
I can never just eat one bowl of captain crunch
My little brother bawled when my parents forgot to buy captain crunch. Reminds me of how small my problems are too.
"Ifw Captain crunch on a whole new level"😂😂
"You know you're when you start your day with Captain Crunch and end it with Captain Morgan."
The captain crunch sushi at sumo is really good!
A new favorite: You wasn't there ft. Lord Sherry (prod. captain crunch) by RATCHET GANG on
"I bet they got captain crunch, put it in milk, then strained all the milk out and sold it to us" -shelby on horchata
Captain Crunch scrapin tf out my gum🙄🙄🙄
I need to let this out. I'm a cereal killer. Yup Captain Crunch, I did it. Boo Berry and the others too, yup it was me. Cash me.
are sugar cereals like Captain Crunch etc. or the fake chocolate milk any better than Nutella?
Question...How many boxes of Captain Crunch could you buy with $10,000? 3483. Yeah.
John "Captain Crunch" Draper needs help paying for a surgery to avoid becoming paralyzed.
Sure, I'll cook dinner. How milky do you like your Captain Crunch?
Which cereal do you think has less carbs? Captain Crunch or Raisin Bran?
Where do I begin? Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Captain Crunch, Honey Smacks, Golden Grahams and Cocoa Pebbles are my top…
General Keith Kellogg is very much in play for NSA - as are three others - Captain Crunch, Colonel Sanders, and Genera…
Ate a huge bowl of chili and now I'm eating captain crunch... this is college
BRUH since when is is Cap'n Crunch I thot it was captain gn
Scraping the roof of your mouth is just part of the captain crunch eating experience
"I really need to eat healthy so I look good on spring break". *buys a family size box of captain crunch crunch berries for myself
Today I had a fruity pebble bagel and a captain crunch bagel😊😋
One plus side to American consumerism is that we super sized bags of cereal. And my berry captain crunch has marshmallo…
Captain crunch is a dangerous thing to have in my cupboard and NO that is not a euphemism
I just ate this donut captain crunch and not one bite was soggy. Not sure how I feel about that.
must of been Helen Keller mistaking them for captain crunch
I like to think my sisters buy good cereal like captain crunch and Lucky Charms so I have something to eat when I get drunk 🤙🏼
Listen to GUCCI BAG ft. lil goonie & bbygoyard (prod. Orcery & Captain Crunch) by on
Got Brown Sugar on and eating captain crunch.. I'm a happy gal.
I want a donut with captain crunch on it.
Today's snax is Chinese banana intestines with butt sauce. Mix some quinoa with some Captain Crunch. Yum.
Well those folks don't need to go to the airport to have their balls fondled by a sweaty guy dressed like captain crunch.
I forgot how much I loved captain crunch.
This French bread from Publix sharper than Captain Crunch.
Evidently the lady with the sexy Hispanic accent from Credit Relief Services that just called didn't believe my name is Captain Crunch and …
Captain crunch and a Modelo. Snack of a savage.
Gas mask and Captain Crunch it's a situation.
Super Wonderful Mario! oh and also Snow White. and captain crunch.
I just want a small bowl of Captain Crunch.
ME(sober): I'm not going grocery shopping. ME(on drugs): *saluting the burning Captain Crunch boxes* A proper funeral for a…
I know hey got captain crunch chicken and it's FIRE !
I want peanut butter captain crunch so bad rn
i mean i DONT but i dont think that correlates here! We are talking like, Captain Crunch cereal and not oatmeal???
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Where exactly does Captain Crunch get his berries from, Hm?
Someone can catch these hands for stealing my bag of captain crunch
This bowl of captain crunch about to make my day
Looking forward to being done with work so I can go home and eat captain crunch👌🏻
Or a strawberries and creme frappucino with a shot of the toffee nut tastes like Captain Crunch.
The amount of Captain Crunch I eat could be in the record books
I finally got captain crunch I've been waiting for this to get back in the commissary for two months 👏🏾
So I may or may not have just eaten an entire box of Captain Crunch and now my mouth is bleeding 😷
Day 47 of working at home: operations running smoothly until family feud runs on CW, reserves of captain crunch running low, send help.
Some captain crunch sound legit asf right about now!!
Every successful man starts off his day with 37 bowls of Captain Crunch.
My dog really just turned down captain crunch 🤔
you aren't a real captain. I'm on to you crunch
What are you eating rn crew I'm eating captain crunch with the berries in em
Captain crunch berries will always win
And now, watch my dog fail miserably to catch Captain Crunch in her mouth
i had a dream that i was eating cereal and now i want some Captain Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Had a Michelob ultra and Captain Crunch without milk for dinner. Rock bottom
TIL of John "Captain Crunch" Draper, a phone phreak who used a toy whistle from a Cap'n Crunch cereal box to hack …
Come on ! We all know peanut butter Captain Crunch is the best. Get on the bandwagon.
Colonel Sanders, Captain Crunch, Admiral Ackbar I think to name few
If you did not grow up eating Captain Crunch & watching Captain Kangaroo... We just might not can be friends.
Technically, they are part of a complete breakfast. Golden Grahams, Captain Crunch, Honey…
Wait til she finds out Captain Crunch was a mere Chief Petty Officer.
Hug for u newt Gingrich, Chris Christie ,and Captain Crunch
Did you hear that Captain Crunch, Sugar Bear, Tony the Tiger, and. Snap, Crackle and Pop were all murdered re...
Captain Crunch is a new addition to the HSCA cat colony! This four-year-old boy is a little timid at first but...
they're not as scrumptious as Captain Crunch with Crunch Berry's
On my lunch now, getting my captain crunch and chill.
but I keep eating your crack of a cereal Captain Crunch
y'all are buddy buddy with Captain Crunch right
I hope captain crunch or Lucky Charms aren't in your bottom five. You'd be wild af if you did.
Name: Justin Timberlake. I'm a boy and I like urine and Captain Crunch.
I wish my teeth weren't so sensitive. I haven't been able to eat cereal in...idk how long. I'd love a bowl of captain crunch.
I want a big bowl of Captain Crunch 😩
When you need to go run 7 miles but you just want to keep eating Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. 😂😂🙌🙌
Captain crunch mixed with co co pebbles
“What wine goes with Captain Crunch?” ― George has been that kind of day!
I slightly conserned on what type of captain crunch u are eating😂
other teams are doing the same thing. Losing decent young players due to captain crunch.
Nothing I want more in life than a manicure and a giant bowl of Captain Crunch
Make me believe in miracles buddist monks and captain crunch cereal
Float like a butterfly sting like when the roof of your mouth does when you're eating captain crunch
I'm craving captain crunch so bad right now and the last time I had captain crunch was probably 2002
Start my day off with some captain crunch.
Spike Lee at the BET Awards looking like the black Captain Crunch
Eating a bowl of Captain Crunch is like eating a bowl of milk soaked razor blades. I'd be damned if it ain't tasty, though.
Eating a captain crunch cookie dough twix flavored ice cream at the kithtreats X…
So doughnut flavored captain crunch is a thing apparently, and no one felt the need to tell me about it.
So many people are having kids and I'm still trying to figure out if I should get one or two boxes of captain crunch
Currently eating my body weight in captain crunch berries
Can't wait to have Captain Crunch when I get home
This popcorn tastes like Crunchberries from Captain Crunch 🤗
Captain Crunch is actually a commander
this dude is literally drinking a cup of Captain crunch lfg
Thinkin bacon, eggs and captain crunch
in order to find that pic, I googled "sexy captain crunch" lmfao
I'm told I'll be all grown up by the weekend by my medical physician Dr. Captain Crunch.
Does he eat cereal or bereal? Does he prefer Captain Crunch or Baptain Brunch? Cocoa Puffs or Bocoa Puffs?
We're gonna have the band come back up. If you want deliverance from Captain Crunch, I'm gonna give you a chance to come up on three
Trey Anastasio recalls partying with Prince in 1996; a weird night that included Captain Crunch and Boys II Men
I'm confessing my life as a cereal killer. I just finished off the Captain Crunch. Now that fuking leprechaun, silly rab…
1. Frosted Flakes don't get enough credit. that's the best cereal next to Captain Crunch.
"If you believe that a case is brought up against an individual is in contradiction to the…" — Captain Crunch
The other night I murdered Captain Crunch in front of Toucan Sam and the whole dam bunch, that's life what can I say I'm a cereal killer.
Replace all my meals with Captain Crunch, that's the American dream
1- Any cereal that's not Cinnamon Toast, Captain Crunch berries and regular, coco pebbles, fruity pebbles and Apple Jacks is trash
📷 tgposeys: I need coffee, beer or captain crunch.
Every night at 4am I like to have a bowl of captain crunch and the giggles
I'm not sure if I fw captain crunch
My body is ready for this captain crunch.
I want some captain crunch so bad rn 😩
That moment when u eating captain crunch and can't even taste it bc of how sick u r... K😑
I am killing this bowl of Captain crunch
I enjoy singing and eating captain crunch into all hours of the night w
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Eat some captain crunch before bed 😋
Is it worth it to get out of bed to get a captain crunch from Starbucks or not is my biggest decision at this point in my life
I really want some cereal. Like some Corn Pops or captain crunch.
Just saying the off brand captain crunch berries with marshmallows is legitness 💯🙌🏻
Captain number crunch strikes again
My love bug snicker doodle captain crunch
Vincent Kompany declared fit for crunch tie with Spurs
Manchester City handed major boost as captain Vincent Kompany is declared fit for crunch ti...
Brandi gave me the rest of her captain crunch 😍😭
I didn't put enough milk in my Captain Crunch and I don't want to go downstairs for more. This is a serious problem. Help
I'm eating a bowl of what is, at least, three servings of Captain Crunch
MMMHNnnfff goodnifht mymylucky charm my hunny bunchesof oats my the captain (crunch) of my heart love u
I want a body pillow with captain crunch
Make me believe miracles, Buddhist, monks and captain crunch cereal
FAVORITE if you remember the rotary version & the 1st
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I'm trying to eat captain crunch in peace and im choking this wasn't how I'd thought it turn out
I have an intense craving for captain crunch right now call 911 🚨🚨🚨🚨
Craving chicken and broccoli and Captain Crunch. What even
I'm pourin lean on my captain crunch
"Why do you have the box of captain crunch in your room Larissa?". "So nobody else can eat it". "Being greedy gets you nowhere". "Too bad idc"
How come your such a fussy you man? Don't want no captain crunch, don't want no Raisin Bran.
Bout to eat some captain crunch gonna be Lit
Captain Crunch for Milt Palacio was by far the worst
Peace punch captain crunch brick wall waterfall girl u think u got it all u don't I do so POOF with that attitude
I want Lucky Charms or Captain Crunch so bad right now.
Totally buying a box of Captain Crunch tomorrow
Pretty sure Captain Crunch is acceptable any time of day at any age!
"vapes are mouth fedoras". Fedoras full of breathable Captain Crunch. Bite me.
⚠Captain Crunch⚠ : breannaheckner :) Did u know that u could get an iPhone 6s without buying it? Read my bi0. Thx
My pee smells like captain crunch cereal
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I've never felt this sick. I honesty feel as if my life is ending. If I die I'm giving all my captain crunch to
Ate a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries this morning. With blatant disregard for the roof of my mouth. . -thug life
I had a beer and a bowl of Captain Crunch for dinner
Throughly enjoyed "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland. Feeling nostalgic for all nighters fueled by Captain Crunch, screen glow, & lava lamps.
Legendary computer hacker John Draper ("Captain Crunch") will be joining us at our booth during
Does Dan look more like Captain Crunch, or the Quaker Oats guy? -Charlie
I remember General Mills making Captain Crunch look more like George Lucas
Sex is so overrated. I'd rather have a Captain Crunch shake topped with loads of Nutella and a side of bacon. Crispy bacon.
Captain Crunch turned up at this Tor meeting :)
So at least we know that CC didn't gain the wight from the captain crunch he's been eating, just the alcohol!
I liked CC better when his addiction was Captain Crunch.
Just laughed out loud, now expecting Captain Crunch to appear on my computer.
Captain crunch is my fave cereal oml I could eat a whole box by myself
Can twist my mustache now. Out here looking like captain crunch 💯
I seriously could eat a whole box of captain crunch if I allowed myself.
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If Odin *** Captain Crunch is def replacing Marcus in my wedding
Oh yeah Captain Crunch? It was accident you put all berries in this cereal? I don't think so. You knew what you were doing.
CC replaced the 3 boxes of Cap'n Crunch he was eating a day with 13 shots of Captain Morgan
Surprised it wasn't the captain crunch that did Sabathia in
I thought CC needed rehab for his Captain Crunch addiction
- Please no CC jokes like he went from Captain Crunch to Captain Morgan
Reminiscing about when I got in trouble on Wikipedia for putting Captain Crunch as a distinguished Carroll graduate 👽
Alcoholism is nothing to joke about, but I'm honestly curious if refraining from Cap'n Crunch a few years ago was code for Captain & Coke.
Slept before midnight, got Captain Crunch PB cereal, 3 of my fave writers updated fics. Today is going to be a good day. A GOOD DAY.
had apparently gone from Captain Crunch to Captain Morgan.
i guess CC doesn't mean chili cheese dog or captain crunch, but Captain and Coke...
Other then fruitty pebles, & Captain crunch, What kinda edibles y'all like?
I guess life got a lil too hard after he gave up the Captain Crunch
CC switched from captain crunch to Captain Morgan
I wonder if they will ever master a Captain Crunch that doesn't cut the roof of your mouth.
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Captain Crunch wasn't the only thing in that stomach boa
CC Sabathia gave up Cap'N Crunch for Captain Morgan?. *sees self out*
Locked in Mariah's wine cellar all I had for lunch,. Was red wine, more red wine, and Captain Crunch
Makes you wonder about that Toronto altercation. Used to be the only thing you'd have to worry about CC is too much captain crunch
Watching pokemon and eating Captain Crunch. This is adulting.
CC Sabathia finally let his Captain Crunch addiction get the best of him. Now he's off to rehab.
Maybe the Captain Crunch wasn't the problem after all. // CC Sabathia enters alcohol rehab center, to miss playoffs
yeah he snapped when his captain crunch was taken away... Then he knew he had a problem
Eating Captain Crunch is better than sex
CC Sabathia have up captain crunch and picked up the booze. Legend in my eyes
Hey CC its the playoffs bro. Eat some Captain Crunch, sober up, and play ball. Do you even need to be sober for baseball?
how has nobody mentioned Corn Pops or Captain Crunch?!
Here's another mock-up for Captain Crunch: The Movie, starring Johnny Depp!
My point was not made in order to discuss captain kangaroo! LOLOLOLOL!!! Let's discuss Captain Crunch instead! :-)
What was that sandwich Ally Sheedy's character made on the Breakfast Club? It looked good, kind of a Captain Crunch/sugar thing on white...
Why was Captain Crunch afraid to go outside? . He heard there was a cereal killer on the loose.
South Park Cows acquire QB Captain Crunch from the Quaker oats company
We've got Karate Steve, Out of Shape Kotaku Guy, and White Knight Pistol or Sword Duelist. Who's next, Captain Crunch?
The only cereal that matters at the end of the day is Captain Crunch. (Apple Jacks and Honey Combs are also acceptable options)
"You smell like Captain Crunch, but you look like Golden Grahams."
Remember all for dinner all we ate was Captain Crunch. Now we blow big blunts on the way to brunch
Good morning! Box of Captain Crunch + empty gallon of milk = smile, then eat snack bar before arrives...
Captain Crunch with the lil berries 😍
Captain Crunch made an "all berries" cereal, so why can't Lucky Charms make an "all marshmallows" cereal???
ever have them as rice crispy treats? Captain Crunch treats I guess you could say
So there's this new Captain Crunch cereal that's supposed to be doughnuts but tastes like rice crispy treats in a cereal
In the same boat as melly mel.. just poured a perfect bowl of Captain Crunch.. but.. 😑😑
"1. Change last name to Crunch.2. Join the military.3. Work my way up to Captain.4. Become Captain Crunch."
I have grown to respect Captain Crunch so much more in this past year.
Meanwhile, aboard Bomb Ship Terror anchored at Edgewater, Chef Carlos is serving Captain Crunch.
I am so glad I know Cheerios supports *** marriage. Not knowing was killing me. I wonder where Captain Crunch is on the flag...
Where's captain crunch when ya need em
Because my captain crunch was calling my name
You dont Know nun bout dat lol i want some captain crunch.
Promethazine on everything. I pour lean on my captain crunch.
First time ever eating captain crunch...
yay! 😋 and Omg just ended my hunger with Captain Crunch Peanut butter 👅
I packed this bowl for two, but I'm hungry and it is captain crunch so all me
"I should've made a bowl of cereal, mom got captain crunch berries!" -
Nothing like captain crunch at 4am after a fun night
The new captain crunch Cinnabon delights are so delicious😋
I'm trying to tell u captain crunch berries the best
Salty that they ate my captain crunch😒
Aww I craving some captain crunch rn 😕
Tony is so cute bc he picks all the berries from captain crunch berries for me bc I don't like the regular ones
Twix ice cream bar, cake, or captain crunch cereal?
Blueberry lemonade and captain crunch... definitely not a lovely combination.
OMG mom bought captain crunch and pizza rolls which one should I eat ?
but it's the captain crunch without the berries, do I still go through with it?
Captain crunch. Or make another sandwich
Bout to eat a huge bowl of captain crunch😋😋
The kitchen smells like captain crunch and bagels???
ALSO I don't effing know what's on the secret menu. I have no clue what is in a Captain Crunch frappucino because that sounds terrible.
bruh they are life. I've got Apple Jacks and Berry Captain Crunch
First gotta eat my bowl of captain crunch 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Me and captain crunch have amplified the song name game you cant sit with us
Cap'n Crunch's full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch and the number of stripes on his uniform indicate a rank of Commander, n…
So much for camping. Looks like it's captain crunch and Archer on Netflix
bruh they slick make a captain crunch with Lucky Charms marshmallows at Aldi
Captain Crunch, French Toast Crunch, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops and Honey Nut Cherrios .. I don't know which one I want lol
With all of his service time in the imaginary Navy, you'd imagine Captain Crunch would have been promoted to Admiral by now.
only certain cereal I guess. Frosted Flakes, Captain Crunch, and Raisin Bran
Don't wantno Captain Crunch don't want no Raisin Bran don't youknow that other kids are starving in Japan So eat it just eat it
, day 3653. Breakfast becomes a hostage negotiation with 4 kids and one bowl of Captain Crunch. Loser gets Raisin Bran.
Captain Crunch and Brunhilde production cel by Jay Ward Studios.
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