Capt America & Chris Evans

Captain America is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Christopher James Chris Evans (born 1 April 1966) is an English broadcaster, businessman and producer for radio and television. 4.7/5

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I love Chris Evans in that movie. More than i like him in Capt America. I don’t mind Wookie take a role of s…
Chris Evans played the Human Torch & Capt America ☝🏽️ & he did both well!
Cuz... you could so be Capt America's (Chris Evans) body double. You two looked so much alike in the new Capt American that just came out, especially when he had the baseball hat on. — with Nick Loren. (8 photos)
I dressed as Capt America, but unfortunately am no Chris Evans xD
FACT i just learned now, Jensen Ackles was 2nd choice for Capt America but lost to Chris Evans and had to decline too cause of Supernatural
PSH as Art Howe AND Buck? Next thing you'll expect us to buy is Chris Evans as The Human Torch & Capt. America.
Real Talk. Can I please be cast as Capt. America's love interest? I know I don't act so I'll just fall in love with Chris Evans
Great song. I also never realized how much Ricky Nelson looks like Capt. America himself, Chris Evans
Chris Evans, the things I do for you.
I just think Chris Evans played him better.. Maybe it's 'cause Capt. America's too... serious?
Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson were love interests in the Perfect Score & Nanny Diaries. This only fuels my Black Widow/Capt America feels
okay lang. Pag romance ka lang. Ako pang action. Chris Evans as Capt America and Chris Hemsworth as Thor ;)
Chris Evans when he comes out of that machine in Capt. America >>>>> 😍
They have Capt. America on Netflix, but idk if i should watch it because everyone keeps telling me that it was really bad. i liked Chris Evans in the Avengers, maybe it was just the sequence of the movie or that it was low on action 'cause i think he makes a great Captain America.
Very pleasant evening, even saw Chris Evans - the ginger one not Capt America!!
Although I don't have that many exes - let alone evil ones. My favourite one would be Lucas Lee 'cause Chris Evans and he's Capt. America.
Like chris evans too (capt. America) :D RT-Chris Evans- Hollywood Actor. he's my inspiration!"
THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN IS TRULY AMAZING! Andrew Garfield/Spiderman, I'll forget Chris Evans/Capt America for you. I love you!!
Chris Evans is in PUSH, adding that to being Capt America x2, Johnny Storm x2 and a super powered actor/skater I think he's being typecast
I always like Chris Evans and him as Capt America is uber amazing...Capt America is a gentleman~ I like
After my 2nd viewing of Marvel's The Avengers I must say it is pretty much everything you could ever want in a popcorn summer flick. The Marvel universe finally, truly explodes onto film in grand fashion. All your favorites are here rocking it with RDJ in all his Tony Starkness and equally familiar and satisfying turns from the rest of the group. The highlighted performances for me come from Chris Evans who is wonderful and boyscoutish as the fish-out-of-water Capt America, Tom Hiddleston as the newer much more threatening Loki and especially a fantastic performance from Mark Ruffalo as not only the tragic Bruce Banner but as a HEROIC Hulk (something not done his predecessors). I was concerned when Joss Whedob was hired to write AND direct about his ability to handle this monumental challenge but Whedon manages to absolutely nail this flick with crowd cheering moments, massive action sets, epic battles and even some darker character moments. He even manages to avoid overshadowing some of the more importan ...
I don't like that Marvel & Dc Comics use da same actors for different characters. Like Chris Evans was Human Torch & Capt America
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