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Capt America

Captain America is a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Iron Man Suicide Squad Winter Soldier Wonder Woman Chris Evans Captain America Johnny Storm Steve Rogers Civil War Tony Stark

"The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch" with Retired Capt Matt Bruce is LIVE tonight 2-6 AM ET across America on the...
Oh, man... Even I cringed at this one... . There's not much that can be said other than... Wow.
Like all weeds they must be pulled by the root and the root of America’s problem is liberalism...
Great interview w/& re: USA's empire. What's being done in our name, America,…
I love Chris Evans in that movie. More than i like him in Capt America. I don’t mind Wookie take a role of s…
Forgive me i misread that! I completely agree!! Finally, Captain America and Ultron agreeing on something!
I'm looking forward to speaking at the God Save America Conference tonight in Jackson!
49/ I've been saying it for months and will keep saying it: Trump and Sessions traded sanctions policy for Russian assist…
Bank of America puts a $700 quintillion valuation on the asteroid belt. you think we could name him President of North America ? Just a thought.
He was known by the FBI as Captain America. He secretly recorded hours of LA sheriff's employees accepting bribes…
Marvel are my fave...but I'm a super nerd about them. Those are IronMan, Thor, Avengers, Ca…
2 Questions 4 d t jr . 1 Ask What Coffee is . Served at Ma…
Ready to enjoy a great morning with crew & support Stee aka Capt America in open race 🏁
Scribe can y'all discuss the 70's Capt America movies with Reb Brown?
I'm just realizing that somehow in 7 years Jack Morrison went from a young and beautiful Capt America to aging like 30 years into hot dad--
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watching Capt America: Civil War. Steve Rodgers is bi and in love with Bucky . That is all
Capt.America & Black Widow as BFFs in Winter Soldier is the best dynamic
I'm thinking Capt.America because I found a really cute jumpsuit but not sure! How about you? Dressing up for Halloween?
I can't get into the in theaters tho pop Capt America Winter Solider on FX w commercials & I'll work from home for 3 hours in peace
Not completely silly. A lot of the older superheroes were jewish power fantasies ie Capt America punching Hitler in the face.
Isn't that the Black Widow sans the Avengers? Or has Capt. America forgotten to shave!
After watching Capt. America: Civil War I concluded that Steve Rogers is ***
this has been the clown killing America for years.
TREASON gets less coverage than the locker-room talk? . No wonder America thinks your a joke.
Liefeld stuffed Steve Rogers, Bucky and Sam Wilson all up in that uniform and called it Capt. America.
Capt America was used for WWII pro-war propaganda. Probably has to be white. Black Panther is African. Should be black.
Just watched the latest Capt America, loved it! But hate the fact that they always pronounce lagos as Lah-gos...Simple phonetics man!
You can't stop the true power of Capt. America 🌟✋🏻 for iron sharpens iron with thy heart of a…
So before lunch I sent the picture of Capt America in his grave to…
Like the new photo of you as Capt. America lol. You kind of like Capt. Social lol.…   10% Off
Who knew what getting a text could do... 😶 😂 If he only knew I called him Capt America...
While America swirls down the drain, Hungary moves forward.
It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.
my father would be disgusted by the media. AND HE WOULD HATE THE CLINTONS.He was WWII vet.Capt in Nav…
The old America that valued freedom of thought is dead. America is turning Soviet.
Tbh, I started following b/c of the bball team, but I stay b/c I learn much about feminism, mental illness, & Capt. America
To honor Capt. Khan we must stop - America is great because it is good, now is our time to prove it
This capt. America Civil War beginning is pretty depressing.
Apparently it's hilarious that I thought Capt. America slipped Fury $ because he figured the black guy must be doing a service of some sort.
I like that it deconstructs the genre. While franchises like Capt. America are great, it gets to be a bit self-important.
You never did see Capt. America in Harlem...
. Ken Bone found Capt. America frozen in ice while on vacation.
I think they did a much better job making capt America relevant than Luke cage.
I hope Ortiz gets the same enhancement Capt. America did, for the sake of authenticity.
Mr. Kahn is crying as fellow soldier of his son describes Capt. Kahn's heroism. I'm crying. America should be crying. I hate Donald Trump.
Don't think CNN is manipulating America?. They just got caught telling their focus group how to answer...BOOM. http…
YES! YES! YES! Trump points out that Capt Khan (the son who died fighting for America) would still be alive if he were pre…
I want to draw a Capt America: Civil War analogy to GOP but never saw the movie. Which was the bigot who was never a hero to begin with?
It's a *** shame what they did to Capt. America's girlfriend
Check out Marvel Avengers Assemble CAPT AMERICA Popper (2015) - New in its Orig Packaging via
Thank you TED CRUZ. For standing up for America!.
I have t shirts for all fandoms I love! A Star Wars One, Slytherin, Grimes/Dixon, Capt…
Capt America is a NAZI. Black Panther is the new globalist shill sent to destroy national identity. https:/…
Capt America & visit scholars on last day of school! "U are drivers of ur bus"!
Wanting to fight Nazis is the main reason why he even joined the Army/became Capt America. To strip that away 70 yrs later...
I don't understand how BvS is on your list and Capt America: The Winter Soldier isn't.
If the Russo Brothers demand a pay raise Marvel betta do their best to match it considering what they've done for the Capt America franchise
Yup. It was how Starks Dad was building their fortune. Making weapons like Capt America and his shield
Seriously!! Capt America is working out right next to there is the whole gym 😒
Between the Streams: Dr. Strange, Capt America love-fest, young Han Solo and more
Who knew, Capt America does the lab tech salute:)
Scar Jo bad af in these Capt America movies.
stand alone super hero films no longer exist. Even the new Capt America is an ensemble film. Should be Avengers Civil War
Chris Evans played the Human Torch & Capt America ☝🏽️ & he did both well!
Capt will die. . Bucky will be the new capt. America, if the filmmakers do it like the comics.
Guy. Supes ll sha beat Hulk and Bay ll beat Iron Man, Wonder Woman ll beat Thor and Martian ll beat Capt America.
Fascinating to watch the Marvel Capt America special back to back with the DC specials, bc their philosophical diff were really highlighted
How long has Capt. America held that rank? Shouldn't he be a major by now? (or admiral?)
did you create characters like IronMan, Capt. America and others bc those were the heroes you wanted to be?
Bravo on a Capt. America reference, about not understating capt. references, in a capt. convo, on Capts.
..when I was 10, a neighbor gave me a box of old comics from the 1940s..have loved Capt America ever since
I thought Capt America Civil War was actually about the Civil War, he goes back in time but joins the south n becomes Captain Confederacy
Marvel U Live's Capt America was on is married to villain & has pet goat.
75 years of Capt. America documentary type thing before Agent Carter was pretty cool. If you get a minute check it out
im watchin the first capt America nd look at Bucky he is so smol
The History of Furry Conventions in North America. In map form.
Finn and Capt America, he has a new BF. They live under the cistern, Finn squeals alot
well it's about Agent Carter, Capt America's old girlfriend. It's action and a bit sci-fi and based in 1940s America. I'd 7/10.
Progressives push & are fear mongers. Live in fear. Lose America.
that on top of Xmen, Deadpool, Capt America 3, and what not, this gonna be a good year
X-Men Apocalypse, Capt America Civil War, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman all come out this year! 😆
Ppl who thinks the Suicide Squad *** can go to your Civil War trailer and *** to ironman crying to capt america abt nt being his frnd
I don't think America is ready for that. Bernie could just as easily scare America back a few years.
lol fair enough I'm an American 2 hat off 2 Capt America shout out 2 Falcon as well that said The Bat still rules 4 me ;)
I know. I had to make sure I included "America" so you wouldn't think I was directly referring to you
accents to smooth out fully, then America got problems.
America always finds something to complain about. If we aren't used to hearing a multitude of accents by now & wanting immigrants
I know that. I don't even complain about Chinese accents anymore. But would America?
SPOILER ALERT:Capt America will officially go up a rank in upcoming marvel Civil War **unconfirmed**
Pfft, it's DC, go to Marvel and work on more Sons of the Serpent stuff XD Since it's Capt. America related it riles up Fox
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Why we haven't seen SpiderMan in any Capt America: Civil War marketing:
"Look for support and resistance to hold prior resistance and support." Oh bravo capt America bravo.
35 years after Reagan's inauguration we are "mourning" in America
did you see that Steve Rogers is coming back as Capt America in the comics w/a new uniform & shield? Opinions?
You're a comics guy, right? If so, did you see ABC TV special abt history of Capt. America yesterday?
BatmanVSuperman. Capt America:Winter Soldier. Deadpool. Suicide Squad. Man, it is an amazing time to be a comic geek👊🏻
I just had to say, "Capt. America is NOT a battering ram!" Its time for wine.
The day we can get rid of BET is the day America truly will become a melting pot. Until then...we keeping it!
Now you have subculture within America...and there's nothing wrong with all.
ugh is it time for all the new movies. like Capt America and so forth yet??? Bol
Spawn was a tryout 😩 but if Human Torch can be Capt. America I don't see why we can't make this happen...
I'm afraid we're going have to be content with Capt America, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad & Rogue One!
With Deadpool, Capt America: Civil War, X-Men Apocalypse, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad, this is the year of the comic book movie.
ABC screwed the pooch on this one. Hardly any promos for it or the Capt America special.
a little bit. Especially considering their are issues with America and its POC.
yea me either but had to try to give a chance. Besides I missed the 75th anniversary special on Capt America. Fiddle sticks
We can agree that Iron Man, capt america, and hawkeye have the worst villains ever
Half the US professoriate hates America as-is. But I hope we can all agree actively helping out crosses some sort of…
we said, aye come to America after we make sure you not a terrorist
I find myself excited for all the superhero movies coming out, except for Capt America.
I need to watch that Capt America special tho...maybe tonight
Capt Grenfell of British Royal Navy made the brilliant argument in 1950s that mass nuclear war can't defeat America. Period.
I'll watch Capt America of course but I'm more stoked for Suicide Squad. I'm more of a dc fanboy.
Remember when people flocked to Wing Commander to see the new Star Wars trailer?. Well, Capt America: Civil War trailer at Star Wars.
"Not to take anything away from Capt America, he's a fine superhero. But ..." hero talking w/ http…
I liked a video from Population Elimination: Predictive Programming in Capt. America
Green lantern is now Deadpool. . Daredevil is now Batman. . Johnny Storm is now Capt. America. . Superman is The Atom. . What next? 😳
But mom! Sebastian Stan doesn't WANT Bucky Barnes to become Capt. America in the MCU!
omg Deadpool or Capt. America hoodie halp
Superheroes Monday in full effect rocking that capt. America tee
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
'Captain America: Civil War' news: Latest spoilers reveal movie details: Everyone's getting on board for "Capt...
Of course Capt. America is completely unaffected, bounced outta bed and went running🏃🏃 leaving me here in pain😕
is the man in the white hat, the Lone Ranger, 007, Spidey, Roy and Gene,Capt America, the Duke. The rescue after the Capone's!
Great result, but that is the most random thing ever. Ross, Capt America, Lord Grantham and Heathcliff on the same list ... ***
Best love interest in the mcu is definitely Capt America and Peggy,the things she does even long after he dies is just..gosh,Hayley atwell 😘
Exceeded 3g like crazy this month idek mans i hate it everytime i forget to on wifi when watching like capt america ffs i'm falling apart...
saw the stall how can I order the superman symbol & capt America shield visions on the heavier material Tia
So this weekend two bisons won a tournament in europe, and one bison got top 3 in america. All dictators channeling each oth…
I'm a white male in America I've got all the luck i need
Capt America: Civil War will see 'transformed' Scarlet Witch | Den of Geek
guess Capt America is finally the embodiment of wht the U.S.A. stands 4: privileged white men being above the law
Ayman al-Zawahiri calls to carry out suicide operations in America and the International Alliance
We need a better government almost as much as we need new Miss America judges. Shoot.
I'm glad I could do that for you ma'am! As Capt America says "I'm just waiting... for the right dance partner."
Most girls dream of being Miss America. I dream of being a Miss America judge. Like oh u want this crown? That hairdo says otherwise
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I'm trying to remember, did you tell me once that you still had a present for me or am I thinking of Capt. America?
mood: Sitwell being thrown out of a car window and getting hit by a semi in Capt. America Winter Soldier
Elizabeth Olsen on 'Scarlet Witch' in Capt. America Civil War! - Elizabeth Olsen on ‘Scarlet Witch’ in...
dude, you're Capt. America! Regardless of the situation, you ALWAYS win in the end.
Shield of faith from Ephesians.Capt America shield. all depends on your perspective 😂. Just so…
Marvel vs Capcom- finally got to hear my VO as Capt. America after all these years!.
I guess I accidentally started a Civil War with a girl in a capt. America shirt. Does that make me Tony Stark?
Everyone and their grandmother was today. Screaming kids scared Capt. America to the roof of the diner.
Donal Trump: America is tired of these Illegal Aliens destroying our country! . Illegal Aliens:
I approve of Cam Newton's adoption of the Capt. America shield. No one needs Superman.
Captain America Winter Soldier is bye chem
A Heartfelt tribute from Capt. America illustrator, Allen Bellmen for the son of slain Harris Co. Deputy.
JoJo's first day of soccer. Capt. America shirt and Jets hat. Overall success.
I can't stop but think about Caltex everytime I see Capt. America's shield.
You should do Capt. America..Lol, Im a bit obsessed with him.
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if I was capt America I'd rather have a booty shield
Wow what big guns you have Capt. America and what big horns you have Loki
I would of thought capt america would have gotten a promotion by now.
yas I've been eyeing for that new Capt America comic at the local nerd shop and when I have money(or bought Hawkeye stuff first)...
Also for rolling eyes re total uselessness of Capt.America's unbreakable impenetrable shield coz of laws of energy transference & momentum
Avengers/age of ultron capt america Winter Soldier
Someone care to explain this photo?. Why is Capt. America landing in Oshodi market?
My grandson told me Friday at his elementary school it was Capt America Day.Now I understand why!Way to go, Massey Ele!
Saw a 3yo kid in a Capt America mask & costume today & I swear, if I'd have had on my Iron-Man tee I'd have punched him square in the face.
Hulk, Thor, Ironman and Capt. America all contribute cool powers/things. BW just kicks people & Hawkeye uses antiquated weapons
"As the world's leading authority on waitig too long. Don't.". Capt America giving love advice to Bruce Banner. 😂
•Batman vs Superman. •Team Iron Man vs Team Capt. America. •Daredevil vs The Punisher. 2016 is going to be one *** of a …
Goforth bought matching Capt America shirts for himself and son. Was buried wearing the T-shirt under his uniform.
He needs to eat some spinach or a dozen chickens to up that body mass! Or is he pre-space marine serum, like Capt America was?
We need a Capt America and an Arrow themed game...kinda like the Arkham game series...obviously not Cap and Arrow together just to clarify..
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I like how you snuck in a little Capt America too (as you do)
HK Govt can't see the present clearly, much less the future. Plus, Capt America: Winter Soldier is a better analogy:
Nope. Evans is Capt America. Better watch Fantastic Four this year para makita mo kung sino si Johnny Storm.
don't you find it odd that no one has a problem with Capt America fighting Hydra - but call American Sniper a propaganda film?
Ah, actually saw Capt. America 2: Winter Whatever a few days ago on my movie package. First one was better.
Huh. Capt America found a Clairvoyant on the last train on Earth. Talk about Winter Soldier.
hi Gillie- heres my own religious trinity,"Dog, capt.america, and da Holy Corn".im not patriotic at
Capt America cause Do you even Merica bro?!
so torn 💚 Capt America but will be rooting for 's team.
Looks like Capt America is the key leader of the Tea Party slaves in steerage.
Wanted to wear my capt America one but Ironman is fine
There's no way Capt. America would win in a dance off!
Capt. America would win 👐 down. Sorry Can't beat logics from my 4y/o. is strong💪
In the between Capt America and StarLord...(seriously, did this even need to be asked)...Capt A hands down.
they were saying he couldn't pull off Capt. America because of his spud like acting range. LOL.
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But who's Iron Man and who's Capt America I have no idea.
I asked if she was in a snuggie, with the wine and a Chick flick ..she said naah, vodka, comforter, and Capt America 2..lls for sure.
I would've rather Capt. America and Natasha have a thing than Her and Hulk😕
Finally watching capt america the Winter Soldier and omg at this one part
no disagreement here, but he shows Dean Winchester over Capt. America. No matter what you gotta love the guy.
Not Another Teen Movie on Netflix. Yup. Capt America with a foam banana up his *** Still makes me laugh.
Holy Snowdrift, BatMan! The East Coast needs all the Super Heroes it can get! Guardians! Capt. America! Supes! Move it! (Dress warm.)
Robert Downey Jr interview about being a 'bad-guy' Iron Man in Capt. America...
Daily Sketch a true sketch of the Hubby's favorite super hero, Capt. America. I was informed that it was the...
S**t gets real when you start photoshopping someone else over pics of Capt. America.
Funny we can cheer on Capt America fighting Hydra, but not Chris Kyle fighting Al Qaeda.
damm good Ant! Glad for Monday and another week to grind! I know what you better be for next Halloween, Capt America!
Wife: "Maybe THIS is the Capt. America version the waitress was talking about?". I'm being abused y'all
He is gonna make me not see him as the new Capt. America. C'mon Falcon!
this is disrespectful to the history of the capt. America will always be Rodger Dodger
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Way to smear Capt America, no wonder Tony Stark wanted to break away.
Good evening, AMERICA. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the...
Nah he's with a new crew called the Avengers now. Helpin out Capt America
Baron Zemo in capt america Civil War..godd marvel keeps gettn better and better
Reasons why Batroc is a great comics villain. He once fought Capt America for a bet, because his mates said he couldn't win.
Its like watching Hulk beat up Capt America and Loki at the same time in a triple threat match. Kudos to that.
Yeah. One line of comic makes falcon the Capt. America. But some comics have Hawk eye. Hatujui movie itaamua yupi
in the Comics kuna avengers Civil War. (movie to come out 2018). Capt America will go against Tony Stark. A war will start
One of America's best and most beautiful
Maher ..Shouldn't Capt. America be a General by now?
the Aging Capt America. Still sexy. Might need to take some computer classes.
Of course Khun loves Iron Man. Does he like Capt America tho
I was in a store today and I saw a kid with a capt America shield and his mom was like come on my little capt I was like omfg so cute
Iron Man 3 is on at the same time capt america 2 is on... THIS IS ILLEGAL.
I had a dream that Bucky from Capt. America was ... flirting?...with me. We were sitting by a pool with our feet in the water, just talking
All purpose parts banner
"We got the last laugh tonight." The Capt. of on his weekend in Columbus:
is Capt America, is the Incredible Hulk, is Loki, wishes he was Nick Fury
Hey, America. When your road is cleared from snow this week?. "You didn't plow that". Sometimes government helps.
it's annoying but fantastic four died. There's more success with capt America
somebody has to. White America will just keep drinking the Imperialist Kool Aid
Proud of my girl volunteering for & sending supplies to troops in Afghanistan. Capt America x 2.
“Ultimately is not even about Chris Kyle... Kyle becomes the stand-in for America’s imperialism.". https:…
These two superheroes made an epic bet for the Super Bowl. What they wagered»
Dreamt I was a superhero & saved Capt America AND Wonder Woman...but I melted the N Pole. . How did YOU sleep? 😜
Now that I have rewatched capt America it's time for Winter Soldier 🎯 (closest thing to bae's shield lol)
So difficult to say which Avenger is hotter. Capt America, Iron Man, Hulk or Thor. 😍
Bulls just made me waste two hours...I coulda been watching capt'n america 2 smh
it would mean the world to get a message from Capt. America. 5yr old Rourke Reilly is your biggest fan.
INDOCTRINATED *** ALLERT!!! Like you I hope they wake up but I'm not holding my breath.
to an extent Jenny Agutter did the same Capt America 2 although it turns out that it was actually black widow but nonetheless
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Whereas Agent Carter and the 1st Capt America film work for ppl like me who only really care about retro style & Hayley Atwell
Saturday home movie list is Marvels movie. Capt America winyer soldier and X men: Days of future past
Stopped by Toys R Us and they had all of the GOTG. 2 of each, hardly any Xmen line and Capt America line. Hope they open more boxes tomorrow
chal dear rape product and rape apologist m gonna watch Iron Man and Capt America united. u carry on with ur secularism
After last Capt America, would have told you I’d pay to watch Scarlett Johansson read a phone book, but just can’t get interested in “Lucy”.
Obama took America from That Shining City on the Hill w/ Capt America to guard her to the Love Shack w/ Pajama Boy mooching tea bags.
I'm still in total shock?!?!? How do we not have Capt America??? He has has more World Cup goals (5) than Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Wayne Rooney combined (3)!!!
I love where the Marvel universe is about the recent Iron Man, Thor and Capt America. Indicates Avengers 2 may well be epic
Just went to Capt America. Review: Scarlet have been inducted, officially, into the man-cave/top-celebrity list. But where do you go; before or after the following?: - Eva Mendez - Natalie Portman - Mila Kunis Suggestions?
Did you get to see Capt America? I watched Superman. Man, that Henry Cavill fella is a hottie.
Cuz... you could so be Capt America's (Chris Evans) body double. You two looked so much alike in the new Capt American that just came out, especially when he had the baseball hat on. — with Nick Loren. (8 photos)
Yo. What movie should i see later? Draft day. Capt America or bad words
After reaching out to a couple of marvel experts. I gotta say. I'd certainly prefer to Capt America
Part I liked most of Capt America: Neat avoidance of the UK/US "table this discussion" meaning difference. And Jenny Agutter.
Okay, playing catch-up on the Marvel universe and something in the Capt America. At the end of Cap 2, Sharon Carter is shown at the end with a CIA t-shirt on practicing in a firing range. Also, Maria Hill is at a desk at Stark Industries. I interpreted this to mean Fury had recruited them from their other responsibilities to help Cap. Now I wonder if this is where they went to ground after the events of the movie. And, dang, we stayed to see the clip during the credits but from a comment I saw I guess there was a second later clip back in the Smithsonian.
Saw Captain America Winter Soldier today with the kids. We loved it. Fantastic action, great humor, another great cameo by stan lee, stay till after the credits for a glimpse of the next one. I do have a problem though, and will for all the marvel movies. When things get really really rough for Cap, why doesn't he just call on the Avengers? Seems to me that any of the Iron Man, Capt America movies, Hulk, the question will be the same. If things are so bad and so bleak, why not just call the avengers??
Deadpool sold out. Capt America in store. Iron Man due next week.
THE Winter Soldier kicker is Capt America & Nick Fury watching Under the Skin with their jaws on the floor..
Man marvel studios know what they doin. Capt America was on point. Ctfu my babies wanna see it again already.Jus what momma needed
Ok everyone ...go see Capt America .it was a great movie ..highly recommended. there were a few surprises I was not expecting .and to think Marvel Comics have more movies coming out! and a new X-men movie .
So I just returned from Capt America: the Winter Soldier. I can't stress how good this movie is. Marvel Studios outdid themselves. It is a political thriller. It is no different than watching a Bourne movie that just so happens to have Marvel characters in it... and no Jason Bourne. Though the Winter Soldier fits the profile. You will understand it when you see it. I am quite angry that Marvel and every entertainment place spoils the identity of the Winter Soldier. Since his identity is hidden until 2/3 through the movie. If you have somehow escaped having that spoiled for you, congratulations and you shall enjoy that reveal ever the more. Avoid anyone talking about the movie from here on to avoid it being spoken though. Anthony Mackie was just plain great as Sam Wilson/the Falcon. He might be my favorite character in the movie. And a fun fact so you understand why he is important to the Capt America story. The Falcon was Marvel Comic's first African-American character back in 1969. He was technically the ...
Anybody up for Captain America tomorrow ? Shopprix & in 3D? If u are up for it... See there then! N plz... Don't kill me for tellin u this. But Winter Soldier a.k.a Bucky is Steve Rogers a.k.a Capt America's best frnd from 40's! N he has been brainwashed by HYDRA ! Thank u...! Luv u too!
Capt America 12m at Tinsel bring your American flag attire and join in
drive to Lincoln today see Capt America with me and we will get hammered this weekend.
87 and cloudy in Paradise, What a Great day. The Little Bride got a good report, the Dr's are amazed with my hearing. I can hear a gnat poot a mile away. Watching NCAA W tonight, gonna be a BB nite. Buried a former student of mine today, it was tough. The funeral was great, people were not afraid to show their emotions. I think us so called Christians are gonna be blown away when we get to Heaven. I think we really do not know how to worship the Living God. We have put so many rules into worship services the real worship is snuffed out by legalistic rules. Do not be afraid to tell God how you feel and do not be afraid to do it in front of anybody. We are afraid of what people will say and think, ya know those people are not in charge or are they who you are having to please. They have no power, only The Living God is in control. God luvs ya and so does The Cathey Clan, Capt America, Dogs, Cats and all.
Captain America : The Winter Soldier was not that fantastic, its a pretty decent storyline with nice action scene but really unexpected surprises :D Cant wait for Capt America : The Age of Ultron :D
Green Lantern shall watch his fellow superhero Capt America
Just met Anthony & Joe Russo at a special screening of Capt America: The Winter Soldier that was shown at MCAS...
Good Lord ... there are movies a month till Sep starting next weekend that we will be at. April - Capt America. May - X men, Spiderman 2, Maleficent June - transformers 4 & 22 jump St. July - Hercules (the Rock) August - Expendables 3 & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Spring and summer at the movies and drive in. CAN 'T WAIT!!!
Tony Stark to Capt America - "You're pretty spry,... for an older fellow."
Fan appreciation day? Iceman? and I still have to earn him it's not a giveaway? Whats next double cost Aqua Man? Lame. How about removing the nerfs you put on Capt America and Rescue?
Okay I may be sad but watching Avengers Assemble and had a smile on my face when Iron Man backed up Capt America to AC /DC…
>> to be followed by meeting up with Avengers, except that Capt America was actually Johnny Storm... *goes for a lie down*
I think the true origins of is forever lost...much like the Capt. America signed Barbie drums from L.A.
You should cloth diaper, then. The cuteness is ridiculous! We just ordered a Capt. America diaper for Samuel.
I would SOOO wear this and anything Marvel; Capt America, Thor, The X-Men, The Avengers, etc ...
like I now have my pony shirt and nirvana and NASA but nO I CAN'T FIND CAPT AMERICA
Isn't that how Capt America's super soldier serum worked?
If you can't trust Capt America, who can you trust?
Ok, Capt. America is by far the most depressing Marvel adapted movie like ever
comment on his awesome capt. America tattoo is.
Is it me or do I hold an uncanny likeness to Capt America
Wish there were girls more like me and less like Capt. America.
you really do love capt. america, don't you? ;) IKAW NA PO ;)
Super heroes save cat from burning home. And then she swats & hisses at them. LOL! -
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7NEWS - Men dressed as Batman, Capt. America rescue cat from house fire - Story via
I'm surprised the shooter hasn't been linked to or a Muslim terrorist group! Capt America must be disappointed.
ICYMI: Men dressed as Batman, Captain America rescue cat from house fire and give it mouth-to-mouth:
Now time to ogle over Capt. America then get my *** down to the gym. 🇺🇸
Ambassadors from the Capt. America, Batman, Ironman, Thor, Wolverine, & Hawkeye Koinonias have a meeting at lunch tomorrow!
Seen capt America *** jiggle while punching the punching bag should go for my shower now and go to bed! My night is complete!
Imagine if I had the same serum as Capt America, I think people will commit suicide. It amplifies my sarcasm and craziness.
For all Americans crying n hauling abt being Indian,here is another 1.Even capt America Is an Indian
Truth : I have never watched Captain America or Thor before. Fact : I'm gonna watch Capt. America now
Well dis is awkward considering that I got a capt America shirt on
Don't you love Capt. America LOL Jimmy K is nuts.
make a suit out of capt. America shield
A new Thor...XMEN.Avengers. ..Capt America. .also next year. I'm just abit more than stoked. And...a reboot of the Fantastic 4.
its funny cuz I never brought Capt America out during the picnic LOL
Put on my Halloween costume today to show my son, now he thinks I'm the real Capt. America. I love a 3 yr olds logic :)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Mama capt america and teacher are same." Why? "I don't like when she talks. She not fun like Iron Man or hulk"
I dressed as Capt America, but unfortunately am no Chris Evans xD
Capt. America and Ironman are great fall backs.
on my route home, saw spiderman, capt America and possibly superman plus the speed camera! Great entertainment for kids!
Life is too short to allow yourself to become trapped in 1 chapter.You learn what you can, you stand up and you move forward. - Capt America
Wearing my capt america hoodie while eating tacos
So of COURSE the day AFTER the con weekend my Capt. America helmet actually comes in
the capt America female costume is awesome
lol silly boy calm down your days in the boyscouts didn't make U all high speed so take off your capt America shirt and shh
This just in. There has been a Wonder Woman sighting at Domino's Pizza Rockland, ME this past weekend. Batman, Spider-man, Capt America Larry the Lobster and now Wonder Woman. Rumor has it Ninja Turtles or even other Avengers may make appearances in the future. Serving hot fresh pizza saving the world and crossing the DC/Marvel universes are just a few of the things we are proud to be a part of!
Here is Korbin with the Super Heroes. This is a very brave young man who has had an extremely hard life. We were expecting Thor as well but he never made it. Justin's friend Cody was Capt America (cool shield) and Batman is the one who put the super heroes together. Nice job guys.
Well today i was beaten by Mo, Bekele, Haile, Superman, Capt America, Wonder Woman but i was in front of some Penguins, The Hulk and Paddington Bear - but the best news of all it was my best Half Marathon this year and only needed one shoe stop
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