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Capitol Records

Capitol Records is a major United States–based record label, formerly located in Los Angeles, but operating in New York City as part of Capitol Music Group.

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i hope when 1D come back they sign with capitol records so they can actually win the grammys they deserve
On this date in 1990, MC Hammer released his second major label album, "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em" on Capitol Re…
Why is Capitol Records promoting lil yachty? He must be performing with Katy Perry tonight and releasing a new single. hmmm
THE BEATLES Four by the Beatles on Capitol EAP 1-2121 EP 45 With Cover
On this day in 1963, country’ music’s Buck Owens was at Capitol Records in Hollywood to tape “Act Naturally,” which became his first hit.
Katy Perry accepting a plaque at in honour of her 10 year anniversary with Capitol Records 🙌🏽
Capitol Records awarding Katy Perry with a plaque in celebration of her 10th year anniversary with them https…
Capitol Records: What do you want this era to look like? . Katy Perry:
Back in the U.S. Live 2002 2 disc set Capitol Records
12-26-63: Capitol Records finally releases "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in the US. Story:
let me ask you guys this you want me to read sign with Capitol Records in Nashville Tennessee let me know
are used to record for Capitol Records in 98 in Nashville Tennessee on end Avenue God bless you all
I used to be with Capitol Records out of Nashville starting in 98 - 2002
My dad just faxed me a cutout from on the history of the Capitol Records building. Because we are level of nerdiness.
.billboard! . 👀😎🎶🎉. (Located behind the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, CA)
September 4th: Niall with Kim at Capitol Records headquarters in LA
Breast Cancer Awareness
Q Artist getting to play his drums on the top of the Capitol Records building.…
Paul McCartney rejoins Capitol Records from Concord: Lucian Grainge, chairman and CEO of Universal Music...
Liam Payne has signed a deal with Capitol Records!. Former One Direction star Liam Payne is ready to start his...
Capitol Records is not with Sony at all and is also Simon Cowell's rival label...seems like someone's mad.
Capitol Records is now with Universal Music Group after Capitol EMI was then music distributors back then.
hey Dan ! Is your billboard at the Capitol Records still up ? I'm planning to drop by tomorrow :)
Life goal: play a show on top of the capitol records building
Capitol Records made this playlist with new releases from 2016 and they included Katy Perry 👀
Took a picture with this guy, Mr. John Herndon Mercer, co-founder of Capitol Records
Did best coast sign with Capitol records? Smh.. Did they though?
Work finally starts on apartments next to Capitol Records via
So according to Capitol Records PRISM sold 10M copies with TEA & SEA
Katy was spotted at capitol records twice in one week
Katy in late 2015 probably at capitol records once more
Katy leaving capitol records again yesterday
Luke featured on Capitol Records Instagram account! -K. 5 Seconds of Summer
The flashing warning light on the cylindrical Capitol Records tower spells out HOLLYWOOD
A private tour of the Beatles' Capitol Records tower https:/…
If I wanted to use a Capitol Records song in my indie short film, how would I go about being allowed?
Apr 9, 1964: Capitol Records won the rights to distribute the Beatles recordings in the U.S.
1963 - Capitol Records put out this comedy LP by Ferlin Husky:
I want to thank Atlantic Records and Capitol Records for allowing me to perform for them! Regardless of what...
5SOS flag outside of the Capitol Records building in LA!
'Lady Madonna', released today in 1968, was the last release on Capitol Records (US) or Parlophone (UK).
makes me mad lmao. Also down the street from Capitol Records is the apartment where Bill Holden's character in SB lived
Rock n' Roll Trivia of the Day. Gene Vincent's 1956 hit "Be-Bop-A-Lula" was first sent in to Capitol Records as...
Demo? We already cut a demo... So, we left Capitol Records thinking "WASTE OF TIME" - Tom Petty and the...
The have the orchestra in the theater orchestra pit after a few years down at Capitol Records studio. Louis CK was funny.
scoop: It's nice to have the orchestra back in the building. They played live at Capitol Records down the street in prior years.
Oh, and did I mention that the orchestra is back at the Dolby Theatre where it belongs? No more Capitol Records!
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Great to see the orchestra underneath the stage instead of at Capitol Records!
THE REGENTS live at the Discotheque LP gatefold Capitol Records garage rock
ned to Capitol Records that released the track as a single with ...
This day in 1964, Capitol Records released the Beatles' single "A Hard Days Night" and the album of the same name.
1987, the first four Beatles albums, in their original British formats, were released by Capitol Records on compact disc in North America.
I'm going to be at Capitol Records in Hollywood today. If you see me, come say hi!
I emailed Universal Music Group about it and nobody ever got back to me. The struggle😂 Why doesn't Capitol Records have an email?
Capitol Records is part of Universal Music Group. Paramount Pictures is part of Viacom, and so is CMT. Y'all got it wrapped up.
1st recording for the Nat King Cole trio was 72 years ago today Straighten Up and Fly Right on Capitol Records.
🚨 New Work 🚨. Capitol Records is releasing a new album from Pete Yorn, titled 'Arranging Time'. The…
right now I'm at Capitol Records and my mom is at Warner Brothers Studios
// // Officially signed to Astralwerks and Capitol Records on the Empire State Building, June 2014.
In 1955, Tennessee Ernie Ford recorded "Sixteen Tons" by Merle Travis for Capitol Records in Hollywood.
Merry Christmas Baby: Romance and Reindeer from Capitol Records by Various arti
the view from the clouds is insane @ Capitol Records
Website Builder 728x90
Capitol Records, MTV and MTV News IG posts on us winning the for Song Of The Summer 🎉
I didn't know that The Heirs were signed to Capitol Records just like 5SOS and Elton John!
rayland baxter acoustic jam in the capitol tower - amazing view for the backdrop! @ Capitol Records
The IHeartMedia Music Summit is where big labels, like Def Jam, Capitol Records and Republic Records, meet and tell about…
Katy Perry just greeted everyone at Capitol Records: "sup, fam."
Allen Stone makes love on top of the Capitol Records tower...: That's the name of the song! G...
The-Dream says his friendship with Jay Z played a major part in him leaving Capitol Records:
The-Dream talks leaving Capitol Records, partially due to them blocking him premiering music on with Complex
CROWN VIC NEWS Why The-Dream Really Left Capitol Records - The-Dream announced he was leaving Capitol Records and ...
On this day 1962, The Beach Boys signed to Capitol Records. For here's Junior Browns version of 409 with the…
Ringo & friends sing Happy Birthday at Capitol Records
Beatles' Ringo Starr to mark 75th birthday at Capitol Records in Hollywood
After Selena announced she would leave Hollywood Records, Capitol and Interscope fought for her to sign with them. http…
David Lynch introducing Ringo Starr at the Capitol Records, epic!
[Ringo] Ringo Starr Celebrates His Birthday at Capitol Records in Hollywood Jackie, the phone screener, got to sing …
i was in Hollywood today and i had no idea Ringo was there too at Capitol Records, life is suffering
Today at the office I bumped into...ringostarrmusic !!! @ Capitol Records
I just drove by the Capitol records building NICE
Three Quarters of a Century! Ringo Starr to mark 75th birthday outside Capitol Records in Hollywood
It took Ringo's 75th birthday celebration at Capitol Records to finally get on Happy Birthday &
Great fun sharing some Peace & Love at Capitol Records for Mr. Starr's 75th. Happy Birthday, Ringo!
On this day in 1950: June 16 -- Nat King Cole's Capitol Records single "Mona Lisa" is on Billboard magazine's...
On this day 1942, Glenn Wallichs launched Capitol Records in the US. Label home to Sinatra, Beatles, Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Steve Miller
Best Coast looks to soar even higher than Capitol Records' roof - Duluth News Tribune
The fact that the place I'm going to live in LA is almost next to Paramount Studios and my school next to Capitol Records.
Gavin James becomes first artist since Beastie Boys to perform on roof of Capitol Records
1956 – Capitol Tower, home of Capitol Records, was dedicated, making it the first circular office tower designed in the United States.
Rock Calendar 4-6-56: The 13-story home of Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA, is dedicated. It was the first circular office tower in the US.
Did you know... . ... that today is Capitol Tower Day? Capitol Tower, the home of Capitol Records in Hollywood,…
wow so CL will debut under Capitol Records. same record label as 5SOS im crying
Capitol Records building. Johnny Mercer knew the score.
Afrika Bambaataa and Family press photo, Capitol Records (ca. 1988; from the Bill Adler archive).
Fact Record sales from musician and singer Nat King Cole contributed so greatly to Capitol Records' success...
8:19pm House of Mirrors by David McCallum from The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records
"Dance to the Bop" was released by Capitol records on October 28, 1957. The song spent nine weeks on the...
Los Angeles--The Capitol Records Building is the site of the historic Capitol Studios, where Frank…
Have an original 1964, Meet The Beatles, Capitol Records ST-2047.. my grandpa gave me, worth some serious scratch
Maggs, I feel we need this today. ♫ Digster ESSENTIALS 80's CLASSIC HITS Capitol Records
Great article about an amazing artist, I was honored to produce and direct his video for All I Have.
- 1963 - Capitol Records releases the Beatles' s
Wow, that was four days after Capitol Records released "I Want To Hold Your Hand." for the U.S. market! =D
1963 - Capitol Records releases the Beatles' single "I... -
Another for Capitol Records Hill area; just outside of the estimated
"Person who actually kicked everything off was Joe 3H from Capitol Records" Kanye x Joe 3H x Big Sean
look what is in the Capitol Records window so proud of you lads xx
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
All Posts - MAD CAPITOL RECORDS - ROBINLYNNES PRODUCTIONS: Wess Musiq bringing in the new years with Lola B Sh...
Rainy day LA on the 101 Fwy - passing the iconic Capitol Records building
This is what you do when your outside Capitol records 😂
It seemed like a way for Capitol Records to pump up artists under contract or the Dylan catalog. It all seemed stilted.
On this day in 1952, Nat ‘King’ Cole recorded his future Top 10 Hit ‘Pretend’ for Capitol Records.
Fun to decorate the City of LA float at float decorating! See palm trees and Capitol Records building?
Capitol Records Studio A - humbling and beautiful experience stopping by this studio. I'll be back for…
Tina and Nancy Sinatra were on hand for the Capitol Records tree lighting ceremony last night - and we captured the event for you to see!
I liked a video Jackie Gypsy Cross Country to Capitol Records. Behind the Scenes with Asterino Part 2
2ne1 signed to capitol records and debuting next year here in the us FYEAHH
Happy Birthday to Korel Tunador, born December 13, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter living in Los Angeles, California. He plays a number of instruments including: guitar, keyboards, saxophone, and accordion. Tunador is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated with a degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. In Boston, he also started playing guitar, singing, songwriting, and touring with the well established Boston band, Shockra. After several years, he moved back to Pittsburgh and played in a number of bands including: Crisis Car, The Crawlin' Low Band, The Johnsons, Lovechild, Margalit and the Liquitones and Opek 15. In 2001, Korel also won an endowment from the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, a Creative Achievement Award grant, as an Emerging Artist. In 2003, Tunador moved to Los Angeles to continue his music career. He began working as a touring musician, and his first tour out of Los Angeles was playing keyboards with Mississippi songwriter, Charlie Mars. ...
Status Check on All Supremes (Real, Possible, Fake, and Rumored Members) Part One. Betty McGlown-Travis (Pre-Supremes): Died of diabetes in January 2008 at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan at the age of 66. Maxine Precious Ballard-Jenkins: Just Reunited with her sister Florence Ballard(and other siblings) her husband Milton Jenkins and her Parents Jesse and Lurlee on Dec. 13, 2013 at the age of 71 Mary Wilson: Wilson married Pedro Ferrer in Las Vegas, NV on May 11, 1974. Their union produced three children: Turkessa, Pedro Antonio Jr., and Rafael (deceased). Wilson and Ferrer divorced in 1981. Wilson is also adoptive mother to her cousin, Willie. In January, 1994, Wilson and her 14-year-old son Rafael were involved in an accident on Interstate 15 between Los Angeles and Las Vegas when their Jeep Cherokee veered off the highway and overturned. Wilson sustained moderate injuries; Rafael's injuries were fatal. There is a rumor that sparked that if Cindy get better and Mary and Cindy gets equal pay Th ...
"Mistletoe And Holly" is a 1957 Christmas song recorded and co-written by Frank Sinatra. The song was released as a single on Capitol Records. The song was w...
I am not thinking of YG approaching first Capitol Records (a major American record label) to release I AM THE BEST again. I am thinking of Capitol Records is the one who made the first act and start negotiating YG about the song. Not being arrogant but it is very unusual for a song owned by a Korean company to be uploaded again by another big agency in America. More like, maybe Capitol Records saw the potential of the song that is why they get the copyrights from YG and release it again.
I thought that the 2NE1 American album is confirmed and they are signed in Capitol Records? It turned out to be a rumor. []
I don't recall seeing this album art in my whole life before. Nor does 2NE1 releasing songs under Capitol Records
"YGFanboy: Psy and CL are under SB music while 2NE1 will be under Capitol Records, sounds awesome"
At least 2ne1 signing with Capitol Records dismisses them silly disbandment rumors that were flying around! Congrats girls
"2NE1 have been signed by Capitol Records to start their international SLAYAGE."
SLAY & RT! . 2NE1 Signed with Capitol Records and Re-releases Smash Single "I Am the Best"
recording at Capitol records earlier for our last DWAB episode! we💖💖✨✨
12.12.14. Recording live in Studio A at Capitol Records. Dreams become realities.
Morrissey has reportedly been dropped by Capitol/Harvest Records
Tonight was a movie. Shoutouts to and friends. Great session. @ Capitol Records Building
“5sos and Halsey's records right next to each other at Capitol Records!
I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to see you again; been supporting you since your Capitol Records days. WPB was lovely
😂. 2NE1's radio play in the USA. IATB re-released under Capitol Records. CRUSH album on Billboard's…
Saw the baes at Capitol records today
As you can see, the thing confirmed now is that IATB in US Itunes is under the label of Capitol Records^^
R.I.P. American singer, actor, and filmmaker Frank Sinatra (1915-1998). He would've been 99 years old today! Beginning his musical career in the swing era as a boy singer with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra found success as a solo artist from the early to mid-1940's after being signed by Columbia Records in 1943. Being the idol of the "bobby soxers", he released his first album, The Voice of Frank Sinatra, in 1946. His professional career had stalled by the early 1950's, but it was reborn in 1953 after he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in From Here to Eternity. He signed with Capitol Records in 1953 and released several critically lauded albums (such as In the Wee Small Hours, Songs for Swingin' Lovers!, Come Fly with Me, Only the Lonely and Nice 'n' Easy). Sinatra left Capitol to found his own record label, Reprise Records in 1961 (finding success with albums such as Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, Sinatra at the Sands and Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim), tou ...
JODY MILLER Jody Miller (born November 29, 1941) is an American country music singer. Born Myrna Joy Miller, in Phoenix, Arizona, she was raised in Blanchard, Oklahoma, the youngest of five sisters. Career Discovered by actor Dale Robertson, she began her career in the early 1960s as a folk/pop singer, singing in the Los Angeles area and appearing on Tom Paxton's television series. She released her first album on Capitol Records in 1964 and had a modest pop hit that year with "He Walks Like a Man". In 1965, she participated in the San Remo Festival as a team companion of Pino Donaggio. Since the Festival was created as a composers' competition, Miller and Donaggio presented differently arranged versions of the entry "Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te)". The song came in on # 7 and was only a moderate hit until Dusty Springfield recorded an English version in 1966 which was eventually released as "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me". Also in 1965, Jody Miller released an answer record to Roger Miller's blockbuster ...
Benji and Joel Madden formed a pop duo and are now making indie/folk on Capitol Records? I don't know what to make of this.
How is it a year already since 5sos announced that they got signed to Capitol Records :')
The Beach Boys formed in 1961 in Hawthorne, California, and originally comprised brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine. Managed by the Wilsons' father Murry (not "Murray"), the Beach Boys released their debut single, "Surfin'," on the tiny Candix label in late 1961. A few months later, it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, topping out at 1962, the group was on Capitol Records, where they enjoyed such hits as "Surfin' Safari," "Surfin' U.S.A," "Little Deuce Coupe," "Surfer Girl," "Shut Down," "Be True To Your School," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "I Get Around," "California Girls," and "Help Me Rhonda." The band's early music gained popularity across the U.S.A. for its close vocal harmonies and lyrics reflecting a Southern California youth culture of surfing, cars, and romance. By the mid-1960s, however, Brian Wilson's growing creative ambition and songwriting ability would dominate the group's musical direction. The primarily Wilson-composed "Pet Sounds" album and "Good ...
Now, the popular power drink is being sued by two major companies, Capitol Records and Universal-Polygram International Publishing , for copyright infringement involving several songs from the Beastie Boys.
Capitol records knows me... I wrote 'don't cha' 'toxic' and a whole bunch of other songs...
I think it was 1st come first serve? I got them from Cheli who worked at Capitol records
a rare LP, Saloma and Ramlee on Capitol Records from the series "Pop music of the Far East" (series…
not sure when they are landing mate! Signed to Capitol records now! The remix package is HUGE
Listen to Booty featuring Pitbull by Jennifer Lopez on Rhapsody: nice
I still have warm memories of Capitol Records splitting apart in Sensurround.
we all know why I took a picture of capitol records
Fantastic photo of the Capitol Records building under construction!
we're back!!! is recording at Capitol Records in just a few minutes.
U're so good too! "Layin down some new sounds at Capitol Records on Sinatra's Mic-- life is good!
Fulfilled a lifelong dream today! Wow what a feeling it was to be there. — feeling thankful at Capitol Records
Goodyear blimp passing over the Capitol Records building. Beautiful day.
Capitol records hasn't been the same since they pulled their deal for kanye west. I know they're sick!
This Kodachrome image is one of the best documentations of Capitol Records under construction I’ve ever seen!!!...
In a time where labels don't matter so much, Capitol Records is winning right now! They have some of the dopest artist signed & sealed
SO EXCITED!! Going up to Capitol Records today!! I can mark this off as something I've always wanted to do.
The Capitol Records building was much smaller than I had expected. I guess they don't need much room to store mp3s.
tomorrow, meeting at Atlantic Records, session at Capitol Records ✌️
so this person in the pic is signed with Capitol records? hm..
so she is with Capitol Records and her new manager is Scooter lol interesting
My friend Francesca is a record rep for Capitol Records & she worked w/ nasty *** 5SOS today I hope she showers soon😞
Oh how different things would be if Kanye had signed with Capitol Records
Congratulations for being on Capitol Records and & on Billboard for newest CD: Victorious!
Did you ever meet Don Zimmermann of Capitol Records? I'm a Ventura journalist who worked with him.
is capitol records from the city Paderborn?look on sound cloude and spotify in my Playlist,good.
On this day in 1962, Bobby Darin recorded his own composition “You’re The Reason I’m Living,” his first single for Capitol Records.
Made for the owners of Tower Records by Capitol Records in 1972, this is a rare & special find indeed!
Briefly misread as "Kremlin Adviser Says Russia Should Return to Capitol Records." Add Putin to the tower mural?
Replica of Capitol Records tower in light and silk, LA County Fair
Genius new terrarium from inspired by the Capitol Records building!
Lyric video for a beautiful song :) copyright goes to Sam Smith and Capitol Records, I do not own ANYTHING, I have only produced this for entertainment and i...
Troye's favorite and lucky number is 18 and Troye got signed to Capitol Records on his 18th birthday. i'm totally not crying
Are 5sos signed to Capitol Records UK or Capitol Records US?
Crossin from made 9 in a week. I have a bank of 15 more poppy ones.
Here in Los Angeles in color is the Capitol Records Building under construction, mid-1950s:
why didn't you come see me at Capitol records
Hello Capitol Records, here is one of my song and videos. Please check it out.
we've been waiting at Capitol records for 2 hours with 30 other people what the ***
Weird dreams continue: Took a tour of the exterior of the Capitol Records building in a flying bus.
HEY LA!! Jack&Jack are coming to see you tonight from 7:30p - 9p at:. - Grauman's Chinese Theater. - Capitol Records building. …
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Photo: theniftyfifties: Frank Sinatra in the studio at Capitol Records, 1950s. Photo by Sid Avery.
1989: Beastie Boys tagged all over the roof of the Capitol Records building. Cleaned but found this years later. RIP
28th July - ON THIS DAY 1954, The first press interview with 19-year-old Elvis Presley was published in the 'Memphis Press- Scimitar'. 1956, Gene Vincent made his first appearance on national TV in the US on The Perry Como Show. Vincent had released ‘Woman Love’ the previous month, but it was the B-side, ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula,’ that eventually made the top 10. The song had been purchased from a fellow hospital patient when Vincent was recovering from leg injuries. A demo of the song made its way to Capitol Records as part of an Elvis sound-alike contest and a re-recorded version gave Vincent a hit. 1960, Cliff Richard and the Shadows were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Please Don't Tease', the singers third UK No.1. The song was chosen for release by a poll of Cliff's fans. 1960, Roy Orbison entered the UK chart with 'Only The Lonely', which went on to give Roy his first of 3 UK chart toppers. As an operatic rock ballad, it was a sound unheard of at the time, and is seen as a seminal event in the ...
This day in music history: In 1989, Paul's Boutique, the second studio album by The Beastie Boys, was released on Capitol Records. Featuring production by The Dust Brothers, the album was initially considered a commercial failure by the executives at Capitol, but has since been been certified Double Platinum and touted as a breakthrough achievement for the Beastie Boys, ranking on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (July 22nd): 1941: George Clinton, (Parliament, Funkadelic ) was born 1944: Estelle Bennett (The Ronettes) was born -- she died in 2009 1944: Ric Davis (Supertramp, keyboards and vocals) was born 1947: Don Henley was born 1963: The Beatles kicked of a UK tour with Gerry and the Pacemakers and Tommy Quickly 1963: The first pressing of The Beatles' first US album, Introducing The Beatles at Vee-Jay Records -- upon the album's release in January 1964, Capitol Records filed for an injunction against further production, distributing and advertising the album. At the trial, Vee-Jay gained the right to release any Beatles records that they had masters of until October 15th, 1964. After that date, they no longer had the right to issue any Beatles recording. 1965: Three of the Rolling Stones -- *** Jagger, Keith Richards, and Bill Wyman -- are found guilty in London's East Ham Magistrates Court of "insulting behavior" for urinating on the wall of a gas station in London when the owner re ...
All rights go to Bob Seger, his band, and Capitol Records.
**Events - July 19 1909 - The first unassisted triple play in major-league baseball was made by Cleveland Indians shortstop Neal Ball in a game against Boston. “Yer out! Yer out! And you, sir, are out number three!” 1914 - Boston began what was called its miracle drive as the Braves went from worst to first in the National League. They won the pennant and the World Series as well. 1939 - Jack Teagarden and his orchestra recorded Aunt Hagar’s Blues for Columbia Records. Teagarden provided the vocal on the session recorded in Chicago, IL. 1942 - The Seventh Symphony, by Shostakovich, was performed for the first time in the United States by Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra. 1946 - Marilyn Monroe acted in her first screen test. She passed it with flying colors and was signed to her first contract with Twentieth Century Fox Studios. The first of her 29 films was Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! 1949 - Singer Harry Belafonte began recording for Capitol Records on this day. The first sessions include ...
Various Music Events On July 16 July 16, 1955: 'Billboard' reports on success of R&B, with Sammy Davis, Lavern Baker and Sarah Vaughan, and many covers of black songs, on pop charts July 16, 1955: Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on the national charts as "Baby, Let's Play House" enters the Cash Box country charts at Hank Ballard and the Midnighters' "Finger Poppin' Time," "Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go," and his original version of "The Twist" are all on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, the first time any act has had three charting records simultaneously. July 16, 1962: The Beach Boys sign to Capitol Records following the success of their independently released 45, "Surfin'," and a four-song demo recorded the previous month, featuring work versions of "Surfer Girl," "409," and "Surfin' Safari." July 16, 1966: Ex-Yardbirds guitarist Eric Clapton forms Cream, the original "power trio," with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker of the Graham Bond Organization. July 16, 1967: Today's Newport Folk Fes ...
THE BAKERSFIELD SOUND The Bakersfield sound was a genre of country music developed in the mid- to late 1950s in and around Bakersfield, California.[1] The many hit singles were largely produced by Capitol Records country music head, Ken Nelson.[1][2] Bakersfield country was a reaction against the slickly produced, string orchestra-laden Nashville sound, which was becoming popular in the late 1950s. Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, Tommy Collins, and Merle Haggard and the Strangers, are the most successful artists of the original Bakersfield sound era.[1] Other major Bakersfield country artists include Wynn Stewart, Jean Shepard, Susan Raye, and Freddie Hart. The Bakersfield sound was developed at honky-tonk bars[3] such as The Blackboard, and on local television stations in Bakersfield and throughout California in the 1950s and 1960s. The town, known mainly for agriculture and oil production, was the destination for many Dust Bowl migrants and others from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and other parts of the Sou ...
Counting Crows have released a short film directed by Bill Fishman for their lead single, "Palisades Park." It's from their previously announced studio album, Somewhere Under Neverland, which will be released in North America on September 2, 2014 via Capitol Records and worldwide on September 15,...
Once a Christian singer herself, Katy Perry is being sued by a group of Christian musicians for apparently ripping off their music for her hit song "Dark Horse," and tainting it with what they call "black magic." The musicians - Grammy-nominated rapper Flame (Marcus Gray), Chike Ojukwu, Emanuel Lambert and Grammy-winning rapper LeCrae (Lecrae Moore) - filed a lawsuit in in St. Louis federal court Tuesday against the pop star and Capitol Records, claiming Perry's hit single is a rip off of their 2008 song "Joyful Noise," according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The suit claims that Perry, 29, Juicy J, producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin, and other associates "infringed the copyright" of the Christian rap song, and have "exploited and profited" from its use. It also lobs that "Joyful Noise" - a song that has won awards in the Christian and Gospel music world and is featured on Flame's Grammy-nominated album "Our World: Redeemed" - has been "irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, pagani ...
Christian hip-hop duo Flame and LeCrae sued Katy Perry, Juicy J, Capitol Records and others on Tuesday for copyright infringement in a federal court in St. Louis, MO. According to the two rappers, Perry's song "Dark Horse" infringed the copyright of their Christian song "Joyful Noise". Flame, LeCrae and the rest of their God-loving posse also claimed that in addition to ripping off their song, Perry tainted it with "black magic". Waddaya think?
FREDDIE JACKSON - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - WEDNESDAY - AUGUST 6, 2014 - 3:00pm PST on TJ RADIO on FACES OF SUCCESS RADIO 101 FM .TUNE BY LINK BELOW OR CALL AND LISTEN AT(323) 642-1569 Born in Harlem, Jackson was trained as a gospel singer from an early age, singing at the White Rock Baptist Church. There he met Paul Laurence, who would later become his record producer and songwriting partner. After completing school, Jackson joined Laurence's group LJE (Laurence Jones Ensemble) and played the New York nightclub scene. During the early 1980s, Jackson moved to the West Coast and sang lead with the R&B band 'Mystic Merlin', but soon returned to New York to work with Laurence at the Hush Productions company. He sang on demo recordings of Laurence's compositions, and also served as a backing singer for Melba Moore after she saw his nightclub act. In 1985, Jackson landed a recording contract with Capitol Records, and issued his debut album, Rock Me Tonight. The Laurence-penned title track stormed the R&B charts, s ...
sorry late, but its on Argyle & Hollywood Blvd behind the Capitol Records
the Capitol Records building as the freeway cut past it. It was supposed to resemble a stack of records with ...
Mark G. Gough knew today's pop quiz answer: "Bad Man's Blunder," the Kingston Trio's eighth chart record, made its debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on June 20, 1960. Folksingers Gilbert V. "Cisco" Houston (who frequently toured and recorded with Woody Guthrie) and Lee Hays (a member of the Almanac Singers and the Weavers) wrote the song, which Houston had recorded under the name "Bad Man Ballad" on the Folkways label. Houston had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer by the time that Capitol Records released the Trio's recording of "Bad Man's Blunder," which reached No. 37 and remained on the chart for 10 weeks. It was the last single by the first-generation Trio (which included Dave Guard) to make the charts. "Bad Man's Blunder" was included on the Kingston Trio's "String Along" album, the group's fifth consecutive studio LP to reach No. 1 on the album charts. Liner notes by Robin Callot and Paul Surratt for the "Kingston Trio Collector's Series" CD and by Ben Blake for the "String Along" 1992 ...
Not long ago, Katy Perry said she'd like to have her own record label. Well, now her dream has come true. It's called Metamorphosis Music, and it's a joint venture between her and her label, Capitol Records. Katy's first signing is Ferras, a singer/songwriter who's been a close friend of hers since 2007. You may remember his song "Hollywood's Not America," which was used as one of the "exit" songs on American Idol season season seven. He's also written songs for Adam Lambert and Ricky Martin, among other performers. Katy duets with Ferras on his brand-new EP, which is now available as a digital download, and she is also executive producer of the project. In addition, she's bringing him with her as an opening act on her Prismatic World Tour.
Dean Cyril Reed (September 22, 1938 – June 13, 1986) was an American actor, singer and songwriter, director, and social activist who lived a great part of his adult life in South America and then in East Germany. Dean Reed was born in Denver, Colorado, and moved with his family many times, living in various cities in California and Utah, and later returning to Colorado. He graduated from Wheat Ridge High School in 1956, where he was a star athlete on the track team. After a couple of years at the University of Colorado, Reed moved to California after realizing he had some talent as a musician, and recorded "Once Again" for Imperial Records as a one-off single to see if reaction to it would justify a full contract. No contract was offered by Imperial, but Reed subsequently signed a long-term recording contract with Capitol Records in 1958. Capitol groomed him to be a teen idol and he produced some modestly popular singles, including Annabelle, The Search, No Wonder, A Pair of Scissors, I Kissed a Queen, ...
Jennifer Lopez has long been a jack-of-all-trades, excelling in acting rolls, as an on-stage entertainer and in her assorted business ventures. “A.K.A.” marks the eighth studio album for the songstress, and first with Capitol Records. An eclectic mix of sounds ring throughout the set
[Perry Launches A Record Label, Duets With First-Signing Ferras On “Legends Never Die”] Who knew Katy Perry was such a baller? The serial chart-topper announced the launch of her own record label today (June 17). Metamorphosis Music, a joint venture with Capitol Records, is not a vanity project either. The company has already signed Ferras as their first artist and wasted no time releasing his self-titled EP digitally. If the name sounds a little familiar to you, it’s because Ferras was signed to Capital Records at the same time as Katy and even had a minor radio hit way back in 2008 with “Hollywood’s Not America”, which was used to promote American Idol. The Jordan-born singer/songwriter didn’t quite take off but he certainly left an impression on his then label-mate. “I believe [Ferras] is going to be an important artist to watch unfold,” the “Birthday” diva said in a statement. “I am so ecstatic the world gets to hear his music now both online and on tour with me.” She’s ref ...
Classic Country Music History for June 16: 1939 - Billy "Crash" Craddock, born "William Wayne Craddock," Greensboro, NC. 1939 - The Rouse Brothers recorded the first version of "The Orange Blossom Special." 1951 - Hank and Audrey Williams, held the Grand Opening of their "Hank & Audrey's Corral," western store, at 724 Commerce Street, in downtown Nashville in 1951. The opening celebration was broadcast by WSM. 1951 - Lefty Frizzell topped the charts with "I Want To Be With You Always." 1959 - Buck Owens recorded "Under You Spell Again" at Capitol Records, Hollywood. The record was released on July 13, 1959, and became the first of Buck's compositions to become a country standard. 1967 - Marty Robbins' movie, *** On Wheels," premiered in Nashville. 1967 - Wynn Stewart was on the charts with "It's Such A Pretty World Today." 1978 - Kenny Rogers records "The Gambler" in a morning session at Nashville's Jack Clement Studios. Rogers returns in the late-afternoon to cut "All I Ever Need Is You" with Dottie We . ...
Music video by Meredith Brooks performing I Need. (P) (C) 2011 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applica...
Capitol Records building. Not best pic, sorry folks! .
Ringo and friend on top of the Capitol Records building promoting his next to last Apple album, Goodnight Vienna in 1974.
A relatively rare beatles 45rpm, before they signed with capitol records.
Celebrating GREATNESS during Black Music Month…Thursday, June 5, 2014...The Flavor Unit “A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16 KJV Part 2 of 2…Flavor Unit Records and Management (Flavor Unit Entertainment) It was great receiving feedback from former Flavor Unit colleagues. Lynn Scott commented, “We were so young and doing BIG things.” Rebekah Foster added, “We were all learning and growing together—a real family.” And Kobie Brown profoundly said, “God puts us where we’re supposed to be for his purpose and time.” Those are my sentiments exactly. When I look back and reflect on that time in my life, I am reminded that Shakim was blessed with extraordinary vision. We all bear witness to that vision today. Although some of us didn’t go the full distance, we were a part of something that was destined for greatness. I remembered when I was leaving Flavor Unit, Shakim had a cow. He asked me to stay, but I felt in order to grow and develop . ...
Luther's star is in front of the Redbury and across from Capitol Records bldg. Clive Davis, Nile Rodgers, Johnny Gill, one guy from Troop, and others were there. I had a good time!!!
Also, I'm happy to say our new album SOMEWHERE UNDER WONDERLAND is out this Fall on Capitol Records!
Arcade Fire from the roof of Capitol Records playing the best track off Reflektor. True artistry at work, pls watch.
Friends reunite to give Doug Stegmeyer's last music project a push - Inside the Capitol Records...
The Morrissey / Pamela Anderson video at Capitol Records is really quite beautiful. I'm probably the only one that thinks that as well.
Mini update on our book project: All is going really well. The layout is almost complete. We are still awaiting news from a few places from whom we have asked permission to include images. One of these is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association who don't meet until July. JFYI - anything Disney related has been a no (or they want a giant fee)...and also the Capitol Records building wanted a fee, too. Most everyone else has been incredibly lovely and supportive and sent back immediate YESSES! There is still a lot to do in the meantime in terms of the actual creation of book - i.e. writing descriptions and credits for each image etc, perfecting the intro and acknowledgments, awaiting news from a big name to write the foreword, designing the cover, creating a website...and biggest of all putting together a press campaign and press kit and getting it out there. So, it looks like we will be aiming to publish in September, or thereabouts. :)
On a panel at Capitol Records rockin the T-shirt. CC :
Congrats to for getting signed to Capitol Records & Universal!
Another precious pic of David Dalla G and myself, this time on the roof of Capitol Records in Hollywood!
Check out Vintage Vinyl LP 1963 Glen Gray Themes of the Great Bands Capitol Records T1812 via
Good morning, let's panel on with publishers & labels @ Capitol Records
The Jon Butcher Axis Capitol Records promo pic - For all your Rock News (and more), "like" Marshall of Rock...
capitol records in LA, my current favourite building i get to look at.
what's up Chingy you remember me? I met you years ago with obsession! (Kira) at capitol records before you came out!
Jean Marsalais competed at IMTA LA 2014 and was the winner of the male dance category and other awards. After the Convention, he signed with David Kohl Management. He was cast in a Capitol Records music video and can be seen with singer Sky Ferreira in the video for her single "I Blame Myself". Congratulations Jean! We are so proud of you! The official video is on youtube (link to the video is below in comments-please note the video begins with adult language).
I'm bored and I'm looking at record companies on Wikipedia and I'm looking at there artists and Capitol records has😂😂
Happy to announce that Secaina Hudson has signed her record with Capitol Records UK!
she shouldve gone to Capitol or RCA! She'll be a better artist there. Epic ruined them
Capitol Records Tower (LA) antenna light spells “Hollywood” in Morse code, and has since opening in 1956
SOE in studio A at Capitol Records with the sync mission delegates. Chris Jackson Director of Music NBC...
The Wailers with Joe Higgs - "Slave Driver" - Capitol Records, CA, USA, 1973 One of my favorites songs by The Wailers!
Jsun going up with his boy wild child in beverly hills toniggt for record labels warner bros an capitol records god be with me on this journey to this music business
Leaving the tower after a great day in studio with Eden! @ Hollywood Capitol Records
At the UK Consul Generals house. Getting ready for my panel at Capitol Records tomorrow.
I liked a video Capitol Records Recap - May 2014
And there's me looking weird in front of Capitol Records
Met a woman who works for Capitol Records tonight, and got the chance to see Bastille perform live.
Rock Me Gently was a Billboard hit song for Andy Kim in 1974. The Canadian singer, who had achieved several hits from 1968 to 1971, had not had a Top 100 single since September 1971, and had been without a record label since early 1973. Nevertheless, he said in a 1974 interview, "I never mentally admitted defeat in spite of three years off the charts." He formed his own label, Ice Records, and personally financed the recording session that produced "Rock Me Gently". He could afford to record only two sides, and deciding the second side was good enough to be an A-Side, he put an instrumental of Rock Me Gently on its B-Side. The single impressed Capitol Records executives, who signed Kim to a deal. "Rock Me Gently" debuted on the Hot 100 on June 22, 1974, and took 14 weeks to reach on September 28. It also rose to on the UK Singles Chart. The Rockin' Apple
Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I lived in Concord from 1951 thru 1973. I remember most of what you all describe. Brings back a ton of great memories. I graduated from Clayton Valley High in 1966. I was a member of the local rock band, The Bristols along with Rick & Jerry Nicklas and Kip Sheldon. We played all over the Bay Area, and eventually were hired as the tour band for Capitol Records Country artist Stoney Edwards for a couple of years. Still doing the music thing, and have a recording studio in my home in Arnold, Ca. I retired from Antioch Police Department as a Captain in 1997. I look forward to reading all the interesting posts here!
Birth of Capitol Records | Regarding musical entertainment and for our listening pleasure any time,
June 4 1942 : Johnny Mercer's label Capitol Records becomes the first record company to give an album to a radio...
"Capitol Records to Release Box Set of Japanese Beatles Albums" -More, this topic ICYMI
Today in Music History: June 4, 1942 | The label Capitol Records became home to such artists as Fran
1942 Glenn Wallichs, owner of Wallichs' Music City, launched Capitol Records in US w/ assistance of Johnny Mercer
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
June 4th 1997: Ronnie Lane, bassist & songwriter for The Faces died of pneumonia after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. He was 51 years old. 1994: Mike Mills of R.E.M., Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs & Dave Grohl of Nirvana performed together at the MTV Movie Awards. It was Grohl’s first public performance since the death of Kurt Cobain. 1993: Nirvana singer & guitarist Kurt Cobain was arrested after a dispute between Cobain & Courtney Love over Cobain’s collection of firearms. 1988: The Scorpions peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with Savage Amusement which was their third and final top ten album in the U.S. 1986: The Conspiracy of Hope tour, which featured U2, Sting, Bryan Adams, Lou Reed & Peter Gabriel kicked off in San Francisco at the Cow Palace. 1986: The producers of Broadway’s Beatles tribute Beatlemania! were forced to pay $10 million in royalties to Apple Corps Ltd. 1984: Bruce Springsteen released his seven ...
Love Dollhouse Sign to Capitol Records: Welcome to the Dollhouse. The Love Dollhouse, that is. Urban pop trio Love Dollhouse have sig...
A few pics of hollywod blvd in LA, the first one being the one I like the most (find the famous hollywood sign, do you see it?) , then, going down Vines towards Sunset, I took the one showing Capitol Records and again the hollywood sign, James Brown s star and finally one pic at Mels Drive Inn with my dear friends Mono Santini and Carlos Henao ...
Finally found it again!! Went here after our tour of Capitol Records a few years back.
Just holding some old Beatles master tapes at Capitol Records in LA. No big deal
Today in Rock History: June 4 1942: Capitol Records is launched. 1956: Elvis Presley makes a second appearance on the Milton Berle Show. He's presented with two Billboard Triple Crown awards for "Heartbreak Hotel." It was on the pop, R&B and Country & Western charts. 1967: The Monkees' television show won an Emmy Award for outstanding comedy series. 1975: The Rolling Stones become the first Western rock band to receive record royalties in the Soviet Union. 1977: Supertramp's "Give A Little Bit" is released. 1983: Steve Nicks releases "Stand Back." 1984: Bruce Springsteen releases his "Born In The U.S.A." LP. The album tops the chart for 7 weeks and spawns 7 top-10 singles. 1992: The "young Elvis" stamp beats out the bloated "Vegas Elvis" stamp in a contest conducted by the U.S. Postal Service. More than a million votes are tallied. 2000: Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker suffers a broken pinky after being attacked by two men outside a fast food restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Barker had argued with the ...
Trivia Time! On this day in 1942 Capitol Records opened it's first office! This is certainly one of the most...
On this day in 1942, Capitol Records launched in the US. Today is also the 30th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen's album "Born In The USA"
doing some spoken word on top of Hollywood's Capitol Records building via
I thought Capitol Records were Universal so how would Warner own the new album?
Accidentally ran up to the Capitol records building again...I think it's a sign...🎤
Mastering our new album at Capitol Records 📀 @ Capitol Records
Pop quiz! What year did Chris LeDoux sign with Capitol Records?
Fancy some live music tonight? performs his album at Capitol Records on at 11pm.
June 4, 1942…Capitol Records opened for business, becoming the first major record label based on the U.S. west coast. The company had been established earlier in the year – by songwriters Johnny Mercer and Buddy De Sylva with Glenn Wallichs – as Liberty Records. It was Wallichs, Capitol's manager, who invented the art of record promotion by sending free copies of new releases to disc jockeys.
Nelson NEVER lived in our estate while Mr Barnes owned it. As a serious researcher, I take offense to the snide innuendo posted here and the “assumption” that Nelson Eddy never was found at 1441 Angelo Dr, just 1330. That’s just not true. Just because Sylvia Durando states that Eddy was not a renter while her grandfather had the property, does not mean he was never there. This last weekend, I spent over three hours combined on the phone with Sylvia, Jeff Hyland (who sold the property to Paul Allen) and my source (Madeline Bayless) who visited Nelson Eddy at the “cowboy bunkhouse” at 1441 on a number of occasions. I believe we have now sorted out any confusions on this and if Sylvia chooses to post here again, I’m sure she will back up everything that I’m posting here regarding her end of the story. Both she and Jeff were very friendly and helpful in sorting out this matter once and for all. First, though, I will give the background of Madeline Bayless, the now 91-year old who actually WAS TH ...
Really happy to announce that I've just signed a record deal with Capitol Records.
OMG Capitol Records?? it is amazing. Tori kelly is with Capitol and she has the same vocal coach as selena. can they please become friends?
When Jim Croce and I fell madly in love, I was a 16 year old artist, a gymnast, a folk singer, a high school sophomore and thought business was a “four letter word”. It was the early Sixties and Jim was a college Sophomore at Villanova University. We met at a contest, and he asked me if I would sing with him. We wrote songs, got an album deal with Capitol Records, and travelled a hundred thousand miles a year throughout the United States, in our beat-up VW, singing our songs. Jim was determined to be independent and make music his profession. When we discovered we were going to have a child, he wrote “Time in a Bottle”, “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim”, “Operator” and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”. After 300 days a year, for two years on the road, Jim’s songs finally hit the top of the charts. We moved to San Diego so Jim could host the Johnny Carson Show and do a movie with Cheech and Chong, but at the peak of his career while on tour, Jim Croce died in a plane crash in Natchitoches, Lou ...
Okay, FIFA isn't the United Nations. So I guess they also aren't Capitol Records b/c that World Cup sing is awful.
MIKE CURB One of the worst pieces of timing in my career was meeting Mike Curb too soon. I met Mike shortly after he had made a deal with Capitol Records to distribute the film score from "Wild Angels" with Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra. He had just opened offices for his Sidewalk Records at 9000 Sunset Blvd. His sister Carole was his "right hand man" and handled all the business for him. Looking back I realize he was struggling to get his company off the ground but there was something about Mike that very few people's called charisma. From day one Mike looked successful. He was young, confident and could generate excitement for a project. From artists/writers to record company executives...every one wanted to jump aboard his train and ride it to the top with him. In 1966, I signed a band from Canada called "The Unforscene". They were just 15 and 16 but their songs and talent blew me away. I brought their demos to Mike and he immediately signed them. I truly believe the sessions I did wit ...
A timeline from 1964-just think all this stuff is 50 years old too! 1/8-Lyndon Johnson announces the "War on Poverty" 1/10-"Introducing the Beatles" is released 1/11-US Surgeon General Luther Leonidas Terry reports that smoking may be hazardous to one's health 1/16-"Hello, Dolly!" opens in New York's St. James theatre 1/18-Plans to build the New York City World Trade Center are announced 1/20-Capitol Records releases "Meet the Beatles!" 1/23-the 24th Amendment (abolishing poll taxes) is ratified by the US Senate 2/1-"I Want To Hold Your Hand" becomes the Beatles first song in the US 2/9-The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show 2/25-Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) defeats Sonny Liston in Miami Beach for the World's Heavyweight Boxing championship 3/9-the first Ford Mustang 3/13-the Kitty Genovese murder in NYC 3/14-Jack Ruby found guilty of killing JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald 3/15-Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor marry for the 1st time in Montreal 3/27-the Great Alaskan Earthquake 4/13-Sidney Poi ...
Stephanie Draper (Anna's niece) calling Don from LA w/the Capitol Records in the background.
Happy Birthday to the rocker William Haislip "Billy" Squier (born May 12, 1950) an American rock musician. Squier had a string of arena rock hits in the 1980s. He is best known for the classic song "The Stroke", from his 1981 Triple Platinum breakout album release Don't Say No. Other hits include "In the Dark", "Rock Me Tonite", "Lonely Is the Night", "Everybody Wants You" and "Emotions in Motion". Squier continued to perform and record throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He released Hear & Now, which featured the singles "Don't Say You Love Me" (which hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and went Top 10 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart) and "Tied Up." In 1991, Squier released Creatures of Habit. It peaked at on the Billboard Album Chart. Squier released his final album with Capitol Records in 1993, Tell the Truth, which featured different sets of musicians performing the various tracks. He called it his finest album since Don't Say No, yet Capitol did little to promote it, and Squier walked away from the music ...
California's In the Valley Below specializes in sensual electro-pop. "Peaches," the lead single from the boy-girl duo's first Capitol Records release, turned heads with its uplifting opulence and caught the attention of Bloc Party leader Kele Okereke, who gave the track a sprawling dance
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC MAY 4th (Don't forget to "LIKE/FOLLOW" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1886: Chichester Bell and Charles Tainter received a US patent for the graphophone. Their invention was meant to replace Thomas Edison's phonograph and featured wax-coated cylinders which were considered an improvement over the phonograph's tinfoil cylinders which had been delicate and difficult to remove. 1945: Stan Kenton recorded "Tampico" 1956: Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps recorded “Be Bop A Lula” for Capitol Records at Owen Bradley's studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The track was written three days before the session. The song became a 1956 US No.7 & UK No.16 hit single spending 20 weeks on the US chart. In April 1957, the record company announced that over 2 million copies had been sold to date. 1956: Lonnie Donegan quits the popular Chris Barber Jazz Band to form a skiffle group. 1956: England's New Musical Express erroneously reports that "Elvin" Presley wil ...
today in 1953 - Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle became a team this day at Capitol Records in Hollywood. Sinatra’s new musical style, under Riddle’s direction, brought the crooner to the top of the record world for the second time in his illustrious career.
San Francisco Bay Area: Whatever happened to Miggs? actually, all that happened to miggs is; they changed members- several times- but michael and don remain, they moved- a few times- but the Bay Area is where they began just read their bio, they got signed and dropped and signed and dropped and now are signed to Elm City which is a Capitol Records distributed company-Thank God, they've toured the country a million times, played the storied Fillmore even and never stopped loving the city by the Bay. Where did you see them last? Cafe Du Nord (R.I.P.)? Red Devil Lounge (R.I.P.), some Borders bookstore one Friday or Saturday night (R.I.P.). With American Drag (R.I.P.) or Thriving Ivory (R.I.P.) or Silver Griffin (R.I.P.) or Smithpoint (R.I.P.) Well, those were fun times but let's make TODAY THE GOOD OLD DAYS. miggs never stopped playing and are are back on a small club tour that hits Oakland, tomorrow, on April 29th at the New Parish and they want you to come out. Bring your friends. Remember why you had fun ...
-Bruce Bye, the engineer in the Two Louies basement studio, had been drafted and sent to Viet Nam as an Army infantryman. He won a Silver Star for rescuing a downed helicopter crew overrun by North Vietnamese regulars. We became buddies, formed a partnership and signed Johnny & The Distractions to a five-year exclusive personal management contract. With Jon’s first Distractions demo we headed south to Hollywood to pitch the act to Bruce Garfield at Capitol Records. “Rock Me Tonight” Recorded in producer Ron Stephens’ basement, backed by members of the Wasted Rangers: Tom Johnson on drums, Bill Feldmann on guitar, Hank Rasco on piano, Rick Edwards on bass and Ron Stephens on guitar and sax. Recorded on a 1/2 inch 8-track machine (w/o the DBX option), a Tascam Model 5 mixer, SM-57s, No limiters, delays or other FX-except a spring reverb-and mixed to a 1/4 inch 4 track reel-to-reel machine @ 7.5 ips.
(C) 2013 Capitol Records. Jennifer Lopez, RED ONE, All Rights Reserved. * There are some cut parts, I'm sorry because I need to do this, if not YouTube will ...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Here's an exclusive clip from "Dark Horse MS" featuring Capitol Records' signee Tito Lopez. Tito takes us to the location of his old childhood home and looks...
Last Friday 4/4/2014 marked the last day of my employment of 12 years with EMI Music/Capitol Records, as most everything has been moved over to Universal Music now. It is time to start another chapter.
hahha oh I so expected this to be a photo of something exciting or a selfie but Capitol records lol
i saw Capitol Records from afar today
I dunno but we've been looking for a long time apparently Capitol Records has one in stock but it's being rented at Coachella
We met the son of the guy who owns Capitol Records, he was 13. And drunk as hel 😆
Good vibrations? Hardly! Find out why The Beach Boys sued Capitol Records for two million dollars here:
we ouchea s/o my man from E1 records reppin the capitol trill movement.
I need to download Sam Smith's new album "In the Lonely Hour" when it comes out in May if Capitol Records doesn't just exclude it to the UK.
Capitol Records posted the winner on their Insta a while ago
'Capitol EMI Records selected my version. Of the Star Spangled be a part of the United We Stand Vol 2 Red
The fun, fun, fun and good vibrations between the and came to an end 45 years ago:
Today (Nov. 27) in 1967, the album 'Magical Mystery Tour' was released on Capitol Records in the U.S.
a song to serenade you as you SAVE THE DATE for 4/24. Capitol Records peeps, you're...
Once signed to Jive Records and Capitol Records.. R.A. The Rugged Man is a veteran of the music industry. You must listen to this song, it exposes exactly what it takes today to be famous.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Here is some Bakersfield California country music for you a tear jerker for a Monday 1967 Red Simpson "He reminds me a whole lot of Me" it's a Capitol Records Radio DJ Promo 45rpm.. Love it!
Capitol Records turned down the option to release "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" by The Rivingtons? Big mistake!
so? That was their decision! But I thought they were still with Capitol/hi or hey records
Before the famous Capitol Records building. NBC, ABC, Capitol Records and The Broadway all within walking distance of one another! If that doesn't shout "old school LA" nothing does!
still mad Capitol records chose the gayest drawing as the winner for LA
Today 25 years ago, the self-titled debut album from then-newcomer Garth Brooks is released by Capitol Records
Records show overlap between campaign contributions and legislative agenda:
Pure Gold - Move your sexy body 1981 on Capitol Records.
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