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Capitol Police

Capitol police in the United States are agencies charged with the provision of security police services for various state agencies, but especially State Legislatures.

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.on Second Amendment: "When there was a shooter, luckily we had Capitol Police there with their own guns."
Steve Scalise thanks Crystal Griner and David Bailey, the Capitol Police who saved his life
Rep. Steve Scalise thanks Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey for saving his life
Capitol Police says it arrested 181 people today at health care demonstrations.
"Capitol Police" have got their hands full with these HEROES that are protesting the Republican HC bill.Forget the noise…
suspicious package found near Capitol Square - Capitol Police warn to stay clear of south west side near the Bell T…
Remember when Wasserman-Schultz threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police over a laptop - what was on that laptop…
Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner threw the 1st pitch at Congressional Women's Softball game Wed. She was hurt in G…
Flashback: Debbie Wasserman Schultz warns/threatens the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police about "consequences" for his b…
Who knew that all you had to do to get legislation passed for Capitol Police was for a R. Sen to get shot.(two word…
Sen Warren has private security at her home and Capitol Police for her in DC. No Military secu…
Where are the Awan Bros? Why are all Congressional members NOT talking about this?…
I have ordered the Capitol police to prevent congress from leaving town until they hand me a health care bill!
Police arrest over 155 health care protesters at U.S. Capitol
Find them at home when capitol police not around. They're like pesty little ants running for cover! Cowards.
It was Schultz own laptop capitol police have ... great update from Ed. via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Senators are, in fact, not moving rooms. And Capitol Police are saying we can't follow them down halls?. I'll be registering…
Capitol Police arrested 155 people in 45 locations, the most yet in a single anti-healthcare protest day. Here's why t…
Healthcare constituents arrested after occupying the offices of 52 GOP Senators. .
JUST IN: US Capitol police just announced they arrested 155 disruptive protesters in Senate office buildings today .
Capitol Police arrest 155 people at healthcare demonstrations
Anti-fascist leader arrested after Calif. Capitol brawl
Capitol Police arrested 155 demonstrators throughout the Senate today, most of whom were protesting GOP health care plans
Capitol Police are blocking reporters from chasing after Senators in a public building.
Proud to be one of the 155: Capitol Police arrest 155 people at healthcare demonstrations
Three Arkansans were arrested by Capitol Police today during health care protests outside the offices of Sen. Cotton a…
Health care activist being taken away by capitol police.
so senators are just walking away from reporters, who are told by Capitol Police that they cannot follow anyone.
Capitol Police arrest 155 people at healthcare demonstrations (Protesters don't want Obamacare repealed)
155 people arrested while protesting ObamaCare repeal on Capitol Hill:
Could have nothing to do with the Capitol Police evacuating buildings around the WH after a car ranged int…
omg she is a Violent Lunatic who protects Dr Ben Carson ? Secret Service ? Capitol Police ? They need to visit violent Mad Maxine
I would have the Capitol Police keep him off the grounds. He is certainly displaying no…
Bono met with staff today, and signed get-well-soon cards for Steve and Capitol Police.
And here I thought it was the Capitol Police
Steve Scalise is an anti-LGBT white-supremacist. Crystal Griner, a Capitol Police officer who helped save his life, is a…
Capitol Police officer David Bailey, who was injured in Wednesday's attack, throws out the first pitch
Dr. Sava gives an update on Rep and Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner.
David Bailey, hero Capitol Police officer wounded in shooting, throws out first pitch at Congressional baseball game. https:…
An emotional moment at Nationals Park. Wounded Capitol Police hero David Bailey throws out first pitch at Congressional Basebal…
Vice President Mike Pence offers prayers for Rep. Steve Scalise and praise for the US Capitol Police officers
The other wounded Capitol Police officer's name is Crystal Griner. She and her wife received a visit from the President l…
First pitch from Officer David Bailey. Thank you, & all the Capitol Police, for your bravery and strength
How US Capitol Police serve beyond Capitol Hill and stopped what was feared could have been a "large-scale massacre"
.This could have been a massacre if the Capitol Police hadn't stopped the shooter when they did.
“We are, as ever, awed by the tremendous bravery of the Capitol Police,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said.
Just met with Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey at the hospital. Thanked them for saving my life.
This is David Bailey, the Capitol Police officer who this morning took a bullet and continued running to help Rep. Scalise…
Rand Paul: Shooting at congressional baseball practice “would’ve been a massacre” if not for Capitol Police
Rand Paul on shooting: Scalise being there with Capitol Police “probably saved everybody’s life" https…
Karen & I are praying for the Capitol Police, & all hurt for a speedy recovery. Our hearts are with them & their lov…
Grateful for quick response of Capitol Police and local and federal law enforcement this morning. They saved lives
Any word on the condition of the Capitol Police officer who was shot??
Shooting would have been 'massacre' without Capitol Police, Sen. Paul says - via
Ryan is rightfully praising the Capitol police heroes saving lives. We did not hear from him when 2 Americans dis defending a Muslim woman.
Two Capitol Police Officers shot today protecting GOP Congress members. Our heroes shot the shooter after they had bee…
Capitol Police ensure the safe exercise of the American people’s government. They have my immense gratitude.
Stunned & horrified by today's shooting. Praying for my colleagues, their staffs, the Capitol Police - who are true hero…
"Without the Capitol Hill Police, it would've been a massacre." -gives an eyewitness account of shooting in Al…
Members of Congress and Capitol Police rushed to help victims following the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia
My heart goes out the families of & the Congressional staffer and Capitol police wounded in today's shooting in
Meanwhile, nothing done or said about the domestic terrorist shootings in other parts of the country.
The heroism of Capitol Police officers saved lives this morning. I'm grateful for their constant service and sacrifice…
Cong. Scalise and Cong. Williams and our brave wounded Capitol Police are covered in prayer.
My prayers are with Zach and everyone hurt in this morning's shooting. Hats off to the U.S. Capitol Police for thei…
Speaker Ryan: without these 2 heroes (Capitol Police officers on scene who were shot) many lives would have been lost
too bad all victims of gun violence don't have Capitol Police in tow to save them.
Left-wing terrorism in D.C. as Bernie Sanders supporter targets GOP lawmakers...
.who was at baseball practice during shooting in Alexandria, Va. thanks Capitol police for their courage.
The shooting in Alexandria this AM was a senseless horrific act. My thoughts are with Rep. Scalise, the Capitol Police & a…
My thoughts are with my colleagues in the House, Congressional staffers and Capitol Police who were attacked in a sensele…
Ryan's praise for Capitol Police gets the kind of applause you usually only see at a State of the Union - and sometimes…
My staff and I are all safe. Thinking of my colleagues, Capitol Police officers, & all involved in this horrific incide…
Rand Paul was there. He said if not for Capitol Police it would have been a blood bath. Thankfully had security…
Maybe Dems, the left, Hollywood & Celebrities can stop calling for the assassination of our now. https:/…
UPDATE: Rep. Paul Ryan praises Capitol Police in remarks on Alexandria shooting:
The Capitol Police protect all of us who work at the Capitol complex every day. I talk to many of them every day. https…
Shoutout to the Capitol Police Special Agents who saved the Congressional members and staff today in Alexandria, Virginia.
Paul Ryan getting bipartisan standing ovations on the House floor as he praises the Capitol Police officers who were injured…
The Hero this morning is an African American Capitol Police uniform agent. He put the gunman down after getting shot and not…
Rep. Rooney thankful for Capitol Police's action Video - ABC News. What is this world coming too! Unbelievable!
.“I do believe that without the Capitol Hill police it would’ve been a massacre.”.
The capitol police were heroes today for their actions in the line of duty.
Rand Paul on MSNBC says Scalise being there likely saved everyone because his presence (he's leadership) meant Capitol Poli…
Our Capitol Police are heroes everyday, but especially today. You undoubtedly saved the lives of many this morning. Th…
Pres. Trump: "Many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police Officers" who to…
Prolonged applause from the House as says "an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us" praises Capitol Police
Deserved, prolonged ovation for the Capitol Police.
Either we all get a Capitol police security detail, or none of us get guns.
Trump hails 'heroic' acts of wounded Capitol police at baseball field shooting
Capitol Police deserve gratitude for heroism; stops shooter of GOP Congressmen in VA; thank God for sacrifice of law e…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Scalise being there saved lives. As leadership, he gets a Capitol Police detail. Good guys w/guns. Otherwise it would hav…
Sen. Jeff Flake leaves the scene of the Congressional baseball practice shooting with a Capitol Police escort
Our thoughts go out to Congressman (Majority Whip) Steve Scalise & Capitol Police shot in Virginia at a charity…
My thoughts and prayers are with my colleague, Steve Scalise, and the Capitol Police and staff shot today at a ballpark.…
Horrific. Praying for Steve Scalise, congressional staffers & Capitol Police who were shot in Virginia.
News keeps saying if Minority Whip wasnt there, there wouldnt have been Capitol Police or anyone with guns there.
My heart is with my former colleagues, their families & staff, and the US Capitol Police- public servants and heroes tod…
Congress’ secret police - how the Capitol Police exempted themselves from and accountability h…
BREAKING: Dan Heyman from has been arrested at the WV State Capitol by Capitol Police for trying to ask Secretary Pr…
US Capitol Police reports an accident at Louisiana Ave and Constitution Ave NW. The following streets are closed: C
US Capitol Police reports the incident has cleared and the following roads have reopened: . Constitution Ave between
U.S. Capitol Police officers arrested seven marijuana activists on federal charges Thursday as they gave away free joints to Capitol Hill s…
Townsend man leads Capitol Police, Dover Police on chase after fleeing courthouse - WMDT
Police respond to Capitol Hill incident; shots fired
DC Police tells me "preliminary" info suggests vehicle seems to have attempted to strike Capitol Police officers who we…
Interesting after this we have a psycho go crazy with her car at US Capitol almost ramming Capitol Police 🚔. .
Thanks to the US Capitol Police for all you do to keep the Capitol safe.
Update: Police say a man drove into police cruisers and attempted to run over officers near the U.S. Capitol
Capitol security on guard after woman drove into police vehicle
So we still have no idea who this *** is who crashed into the Capitol Police car...
Shots were fired at the Capitol after a driver struck a police car and tried to run over several officers
Shots are fired after a US Capitol police cruiser was hit. A suspect is in custody.
Woman who drove into Capitol Police cruiser taken into custody, authorities say. No injuries reported. Live blog:
Shots fired near Capitol Hill when driver attempts to run over officers, D.C. police say
Suspect taken into custody after driving into U.S. Capitol Police car, attempting to hit officers.
DC police: Driver struck a Capitol Police cruiser then tried running over other officers who were on foot -
U.S. Capitol Police fired shots at driver who tried to ram a police vehicle near the U.S. Capitol, driver in custody htt…
DEVELOPING: Police on scene at U.S. Capitol after reports of shots fired
We are grateful today and every day for the valor and dedication of the Capitol Police.
BREAKING: Shots heard near Capitol building after a man attempted to run over Capitol Police officers http…
Police secure US Capitol perimeter after woman allegedly tries to ram 2 officers. Shots fired Everyone is ok. https…
Update: Shots fired as police tried to arrest "erratic" female driver who nearly ran over US Capitol police officers
🚨 Radical liberal taken into custody after trying to run over police officers at U.S. Capitol. . Like Isis they now use cars…
Driver ran into Capitol Police cruiser in DC and attempted to run over officers, authorities say. Watch:
Driver rams into Capitol Police cruisers as car chase ends in Hill scare |
Woman in custody after 'criminal' incident near Capitol; police say 'no nexus to…
Police respond to an incident near the U.S. Capitol; A witness says shots were fired.
Police say Capitol Hill incident appears to be criminal in nature, with no nexus to terrorism
Incident involving driver who hit Capitol Police car appears to be criminal and not terror-related, police say.
I'm always skeptical when people allegedly try to run over officers. Most people are just trying to get away.
Police say a woman described as 'erratic and aggressive' drove a car into a U.S. Capitol Police cruiser. So, an average de…
WATCH: Suspect taken into custody after apparently driving into U.S. Capitol police car
Someone tried to run over Capitol Police & hit pedestrians at Washington and Independence Ave in DC. This nonsense has to s…
- Suspect arrested for trying to ram police car near US capitol: media
Woman strikes Capitol Police cruiser, taken into custody
Woman arrested for driving into police car near US Capitol
A young black woman tried to run over Capitol Police in Washington DC today.
UPDATE: Police opened fire on suspect who crashed into a police cruiser outside a House office building, police say
Woman strikes Capitol Police cruiser, taken into custody.
.Senator Tim Scott stopped 8 or 10 times by Capitol Police? Uh, is it just possible Senator Tim Scott doesn't drive very well?
“...the [U.S] Capitol Police, which suggested that the letter be sent.”.
think US Capitol Police are stooges like the humps at the Wisconsin Capitol and will put up with their ta…
I don't know what the Capitol Police are going to do to a bunch of angry people in Wisconsin.
Curious as to what authority Johnson thinks the Capitol Police have in Wisconsin where the town halls are sought.
I was in D.C. on 1/21. It was entirely peaceful, the Natl Guard, Capitol Police, Sec. Guards were all welcoming. No violence.
Delta Theta Sigma, is in cahoots with U.S. Capitol Police
Jeff City Fire and Police, the FBI, Capitol Police, Cole County Emergency Response Team and other agencies are participating.
In order to reduce the federal budget, Mitch McConnell claims, we should get rid of the U.S. Capitol Police
Police are investigating after a man was fatally shot in Capitol Heights overnight
DC Police reporting Southbound lanes in the 4100 blk of South Capitol St. SE closed due to a blown transformer. Pepco on scene.
Police in Prince George's Co are investigating a shooting in Capitol Heights. Man found shot on Kenilworth Ave.
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a hidden police trap on E Capitol Dr, Shorewood on - Drive Social.
Illinois proposes legislation that would give police more web training ^JT
so police are definitely planning on pushing protesters up Capitol Hill again?
Dammit, no wonder it was traffic for me to get home. I live a block away
The Oil Company's had his Staff LIE to U.S. Capitol Police alleging I made threats to them!
GSP working an auto accident with injuries on I-20 EB @ Capitol Ave.All lanes blocked. Avoid the area!
San Jose Police SWAT team surround house on Capitol Ave.
Official # from US Capitol Police is 1240 arrests since April 11th related to 300 of those just today at
. : Man suffering opioid overdose saved with Naloxone in Capitol Hill
Flash bangs at scene of SWAT standoff; neighbors say house has illegal casino.
Uglem says he just bought an expensive handgun, nearly $1,000 , worried about Capitol police needing to insure.
Schneiderman sues RensCo DA in wake of police-involved shooting
SWAT officers using flash bangs at standoff on Capitol at Alum Rock.
Live video from scene in San Jose where SWAT surround home on Capitol Avenue.
Cuomo names search committee to help pick new State Police superintendent:
I saw this earlier while on my way home via
WATCH LIVE: SWAT surround home on Capitol Avenue in San Jose.
San Jose police SWAT bust going on right now on Capitol Ave. Stay tuned for updates.
Heavy police activity near Capitol Ave. & Alum Rock in San Jose. Swat team on scene. Live report at 8:30am. http…
A big thanks to Capitol Police and all the first responders today. My staff and I are grateful for your dedicated service.
U.S. Capitol Police showed once again today why they're America's Finest. I'm constantly grateful for their heroic servi…
All office DC staff are safe and accounted for. We are thankful for the service of the Capitol Police.
Thank you Capitol Police for your service and keeping us all safe!
Good thoughts to all involved and a huge thanks to the Capitol Police as well as US Secret Service for today's swift response, my mom 👍🏽
My entire DC staff is safe and no longer on lockdown. Thank you to the Capitol Police for your service and bravery today …
Shooting at CVC comes at start of the new Capitol Police chief's second week on the job via
Capitol Police top cop Verderosa: "It appears the screening process works the way it's supposed to."
US Capitol Police chief to brief media shortly, live on
Due to police activity, Capitol Police have issued a shelter in place for the Capitol complex. Please stay in your…
Disband the Secret Service and the Capitol Police. Then watch how fast US officials start taking Islam seriously.
Thus far, both US Secret Service Uniform Division and US Capitol Police officers have sent me information about the Miriam Carey shhoting
Cheesehead Report - New US Capitol Police chief has been with agency 3 decades
US Capitol Police confirm: It's your hill, America. Get your sled on.
Mo feels safe now, protected by capitol police, and he doesn't want a shooting in his workplace.
He lies! Sweden is the rape Capitol of the world now followed by Germany! I would be ashamed to be that police commissioner
So the Capitol has excellent police protection and does not need private firearms, why don't the rest of us deserve that?
so Mo opposes guns in the Capitol because he feels protected by Capitol police and does not need helpful citizens to save him?
Maybe Trump has it. Alert the Capitol Police, call the FBI to help locate the GOP plan on healthcare.
Inslee backs 'data-driven' measures to cut gun violence
.says Assistant Police Chief "personally supervised the investigation"
Capitol Police have given the all clear -- no sign of smoke or fire. I'm not yet sure what set off the alarm though
US Capitol Police has given the all clear at the Capitol Power Plant via
Due to police activity, E Street between New Jersey Avenue, SE and South Capitol Street, SE is temporarily closed.
Why don't they take the guns away from the agents and Capitol Police that protect them. See how safe they feel.
Police: Felon tied to November Capitol Hill shooting caught with gun
Apparently so bad that the Capitol Police weren't even there to bust up those ne'er-do-wells sledding
Police: Felon tied to Capitol Hill mass shooting caught with gun
Capitol police at DC car wash find customer with gun. Car wash owner keeps sign with unique finds. Story to come.
Great to see Lexington Police Chief Mark Barnard and NAACP President William Saunders at the Capitol today.
Capitol Police Sgt. Lee and I presenting KASM (Kansas Active Shooter) to Kansas Department of Administration.
The Duck tried to climb Capitol Hill only to be cuffed by Capitol Police.
A vote made on Capitol Hill will result in a huge hit to local law enforcement's pocket books. Full story here:
Reid put himself through law school by working as a Capitol Hill Police Officer. Respectable but he's no Dan Inouye. No one is.
dont 4get obama pal Ayers and Weathermen bombing things like police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, Pentagon
From 2011: "Wisconsin Police Union Announces Solidarity With Occupation" of state capitol, and some cheered
Police responding to a reported crash involving three vehicles and a garbage truck on SW Capitol Hwy near Galeburn, S. of I-5.
Number of alcohol cops drops as industry grows
Music our hands at those abs of a police that was spotted at capitol fm's summertime ball doesn't want to her audience.
So tired of the racism. Let's deal with the real issue at hand; the oppresive federal government
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Their police patrols yes, their stunt at the Capitol, no.
Drone flies over Capitol to photograph changes: State Police allows Bloomfield Hills firm to fly drone Monday ...
maybe if the Capitol Police had to carry muskets, they wouldn't leave so many in restrooms.
.Google & how she was shot like a dog w/her baby in backseat by Capitol Police
Capitol Fax Stuff that works: * Fox 32…. In the wake of another police shooting, Mayor Rahm Emanuel cal...
Children defy police in Washington, purchase lemonade at Capitol via
Police seek man who robbed, sexually assaulted woman on Capitol Hill
Will & dispatch NC Capitol police to Oregon? They have experience arresting people in public buildings.
I found the drone operator. He's permitted to survey the Capitol from the sky. State police trooper assisting.
The push for independent prosecutions comes as support builds for criminal justice reform on Capitol Hill. Both...
Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 45 year old, Joseph Herman of Capitol Hill,...
Pair in custody after early-morning chase: Capitol Police took two people into custody early Monday after a vehicle…
Capitol Police chase early Monday ends near railroad tracks at SE 4th and Jefferson with 2 in custody.
Female driver wanted after leading on Chase wth the details
COMING SOON. refuse to go to a shelter. or police will tase you. to death to warm you up. that's how commie cuomo rolls.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Black Panther Party met on capitol steps by state police&informed they R allowed 2keep weapons if cause no trouble
Recruiting at Seaman HS, discussed future KHP career opportunities in dispatch, fleet, Capitol Police and Troopers htt…
Yeah, you are wrong. I can't go in to the Governor's mansion/police station/US Capitol and say "this is mine"...
Capitol Police reports the police activity in the 200 b/o Constitution Avenue NW, has concluded and all streets are open.
UTAH AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY. Rally at the Capitol on January 25th!. First day of the legislative session!. Please...
Any1 recall .& .calling for Nat'l Guard to arrest these people who occupied gov bldg?
Why would you bring back the Capitol Police when every time they've existed they've failed?
Black open carry protest that didn't result in a shoot…
"That, or because Capitol Police officers are no longer allowed to drink on the job."
US Capitol Police report seizing shotgun & shotgun shells from car parked on Capitol grounds late last week
Nevada Department of Public Safety, Capitol Police, is accepting donations for: TOYS FOR TOTS...
. Here's First Test - hold in Contempt of Congress & send Capitol Police to seize Documents!.
Nation of Islam leaders accept an apology from U.S. Capitol Police after saying a rally could spark violence
Nation of Islam leaders meet with U.S. Capitol Police
Email sent to all US Capitol Police officers warns of violence from Farrakhan and his "minions" in DC this weekend https:…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
White House staffer shoots at Capitol Police officer in lover's quarrel, police say.
Capitol Police, K-9 unit and Missouri State Highway Patrol vehicles lace the sidewalk of Truman building
Her name is and she died under police care. Continue to mention her. . The media isn't.
Maybe this could help keep the Senator's signs safe, if Capitol Police would approve.
Brookfield Police in pursuit in Wauwatosa, around 124th & Capitol
Seattle Police Tweak Tactics as Shootings Rise: Neighborhoods from Rainier Valley to Capitol Hill have seen a ...
A clear-cut case of Walker Derangement Syndrome. Governor Scott Walker Scott Walker Republican Party of Wisconsin
UNHINGED anti-leftist calls in bomb threat to state capitol, gets arrested.
Police Academy 8. The reunion is on it's way. I saw the first one at the Capitol 6 theatre in 1984.
D.C. police have arrested a suspect in the brutal -- and fatal -- beating of a man on North Capitol Street last week.
Seattle police tweak tactics as shootings rise citywide: Neighborhoods stretching from Rainier Valley to Capitol…
Police use of force under microscope at State Capitol via
Capitol Police officer just asked me if I'd seen Taylor Swift.
Do police in Utah have enough training? Tools? Trust? Important discussion today at the State Capitol. On 2News at 5.
It does absolutely no good to contact the police about garage break-ins. Last year they caught two guys break...
Arrest made in bomb threat at state Capitol: Madison— The Capitol Police have arrested a man suspected of bein...
Passionate discussion at the Utah Capitol between police agencies and lawmakers on the use of force.
Police arrested Daniel S. Veerhusen for last week's Capitol bomb threat via
Capitol Police travel all the way to the hospital to give cyclist a speeding ticket
you are correct, filming is not allowed and we did not approve, we will review with Capitol Hill Police. thank you.
Police identify man who called in Capitol bomb threat
Police release name of Wisconsin Capitol bomb threat suspect.
No word on motive yet in arrest of suspect in last week's Capitol bomb threat.Arrested is Daniel S. Veerhusen, 55, of Madison, police say
WABA's on ticket-the-cyclist-first bias in DC: "It’s fair to say that all police need to be educated.”
Are Capitol Police, U.S. Park Police as well-trained as MPD at investigating bike accidents in cc:
Instructor Jerry Thompson at the Command Leadership Institute in Dover - hosted by Delaware Capitol Police.
Capitol Police are directing tourists away from the East Front of the Capitol, due to arrival. Biden on the Hill to sell the Iran deal
How about reforming Capitol Hill. 2016 is an important year. Make your vote count. Police Reform, Voting Rights, Racism, Mass Incarceration.
" should be no repercussions for somebody coming & informing Congress" Really? My w'blowing to Intel Cmtes suppressed ht…
After reports of Capitol Police leaving guns in bathrooms, top brass pursues...whistleblower who reported incidents
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Andami ko lang lakad today. Like I have to go to mexico for my police clearance, capitol for nbi, sacop for my sss, st. jude for philheath.
I’ve the Richmond police, the State police, VCU police and the Capitol police today… Richmond fully loaded out here. lol
From DOA spokesperson: State Police made an arrest related to last Thursday's bomb threat at the Capitol.
From DOA: Wisconsin State Capitol Police have made an arrest related to the recent bomb threat at the Capitol.
Police made an arrest in connection to a bomb threat at the state capitol last week.
Capitol Police sergeant suspended in gun-in-bathroom probe, sources tell
Lockdown at with Homeland Security, DC, Metro Transit, US Park, and Capitol Police all on the scene.
Capitol Police cleared House Foreign Affairs Committee room with "nothing hazardous found" after called-in bomb threat.
US Capitol Police arrested man who "exposed his genitals" and engaged in lewd act on Capitol grounds, "in plain view of pedestrians"
Jimmy Kimmel spoofed Capitol Police's plans for potty training (video)
House appropriators urge Capitol Police to allow sledding on the grounds via
ALERT: Update: US Capitol Police give 'all clear' at Cannon House Office Building; says nothing hazardous found - NBCNews …
Re-upping this, which says, lawmakers can have guns in Capitol, and not required to alert Capitol Police.
ALERT: Capitol Police: Some rooms in Cannon House Office Building evacuated after suspicious powder found - washingtonpost …
Reid is protected by a selective Department of Justice, a stonewalling Capitol Police, & a compliant mainstream media
Capitol Police says no more drunken parties
Capitol Police says no more drunken parties. THIS HAS GOTTA SUCK FOR THE
is already CNN: First on CNN: Capitol Police to Congress: No more drunken 4th of July parties
TODAY: Why did Secret Service & Capitol Police fatally shoot Miriam Carey in 2013? We'll speak to
People believe the U.S. Capitol Police, US Secret Service, Department of Justice and Metropolitan Police propaganda about Miriam Carey
I had to write a note of thanks for special segment on inexcusable 2013 shooting death of Miriam Carey by Capitol Police
No enforcement of ban on Capitol Hill today. Thank you Capitol Police!
Copies of sled ban handed out today: "Alas for the Capitol Police, some of these kids aren't old enough to read."
Capitol Police arrest lawyer for shouting question at James Clapper about NSA surveillance https:/…
Capitol Police arresting protester after outburst at Armed Services Committee.
Britney Spears & Mary J. Blige at Two US Capitol Police officers look out
U.S. Capitol Police provide 24-hour protection to House Speaker John Boehner and other congressional leaders, but the level of scrutiny they provide fluctuates depending on what, if any, threats they know about against the individual leaders.
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