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Capital One Financial Corp. is a U.S.-based bank holding company specializing in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products.

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Deep in .Week 1 analysis: What sort of history does want to make? via
"One's effectiveness as a legislator should not be judged by merely what we do in [the capitol] building" -
Is there one in Minneapolis too or do you mean the one at the Capitol?
We can meet up and I can give you one! I'll be on Capitol Hill this weekend!
Exactly one week from today Trump will be sworn in at our nation's capitol as the 45th President of the United…
Pence meets with Democrats on Capitol Hill — including one who says Trump has tried to turn him Republican
"In its first week of tests on Capitol Hill, the new administration came out the winner."
Trump already won his first week via
Working for the People :Donald Trump already won his first week
We're at Capitol One 360 Cafe (11175 Santa Monica Blvd.) in LA today. If you're in LA come through. Free entry & food.
as you are captain of i am dissapointed to not see you take a penalty in the Capitol One cup shootout. Hang your head.
The Blue 1/8th of Manchester can take solace in that the worlds most expensive squad won a Capitol One cup on pens
Is that the Morris Brown drumline on the Capitol One commercial?
When Fury is doing Capitol One commercials while Shield is getting their butts kicked.
Friday night on Long Island and people are hanging at picnic tables at the Capitol One bank
Texas Bank was my baby sitter, I know every square foot of that building, 4 stories, 3 empty now, Capitol One owns it, 4 people? America?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
love my Capitol one credit card! It's been hassle free using it abroad on my trip to Europe! Thank u!
“So it's you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.”
Barry had gotten all the gangs to turn on one another. The Capitol was a warzone. The Imps were trying to restore the peace.
“No one hates the Capitol more than her.
Join the one year march to the U.S. Capitol on sat., 4/11 at 2 pm
It is on the Capitol Lawn day!! Come one, come all to enjoy in the festivities. Activities start...
No one hates the Capitol more than her.
It says 'collaborators'. Could Demi be one of them? With JLo? Jlo is w/ Capitol or maybe Sam Smith omggg
Photoset: This is Cressida. In my opinion, one of the finest up-and-coming film directors in the Capitol.
Got one-way tick to Shanghai for ya, commie
A great article on one family's journey to the Capitol to fight for their rights.
One day, sir Benjie Pasco and I had the brightest idea of going to Capitol Commons :) We saw some students there...
Independent voters surge in CA, especially in Sil Valley (hint no one likes the tax/spend/strangle biz of Dems)
Another one I saw coming --“If they are going to up this can of worms,” he said, “we are going to shove it right...
she called GPD to come look for her car & she told them yall at capitol one . so thats on yall & john comin look for yall na
Are you a Wizard? A Couple With Capitol or an American Knight?. If you live in you could be one of these. Why? Wa…
I am the mockingjay. The one that survived despite the Capitol's plans. The symbol of the rebellion.
The 52nd, 1st Regular Legislation was one for the books. In a year that started with all new statewide leadership...
One last pitch-meet me tomorrow at 10 at Halifax Mall across from the Capitol...for the Triangle Walk Against...
One of my students was on a trip to the Capitol, ran into & asked "why are you taking our money away?"
Photo: The Beatles - Revolver Capitol (SW 2576) 1966 A study in songwriting this one.
over by CHC, one block is A St. NE then E. Capitol. Next block A St. SE. Lol
"If you think for one second that the Capitol will ever treat us fairly you are lying to yourselves!" ht…
"All it takes is one good guy with a gun." - 'NRA’s Latest Win: Gov Signs Law… Do they allow guns at Capitol
Capitol Hill location opening this Mon. April 6th! To celebrate, we're offering one month unlimited classes for $95!
I have a friend that works in the Capitol building that I know is one.
TAKE CAPITOL! Absolutely no one on it. Clear to Washington!
Congrats are in order for whose system just saved it $95,000 in one year: (
White House Madness 2016: Only one more weekend of basketball madness and the Republicans are falling...
Sunday school teacher accused of sexually assaulting at least one girl at his church
Protestors demonstrated in the Capitol against a bill similar to one passed in Indiana that they say will allow businesses to practice
We got a few capitol hoops plays of the day. shows off on this one
explain the situation to one of our excellent GMs and they will take care of you
not at all, we have a good selection of homemade beef burgers with all the fixings. Next one is on us
'You up??' asks spox late one night. Brown releases 113 pages from personal email:
And pulled from one end of the Tx Capitol to the other I expect & Yet Texans suffer
The CFPB is an outstanding agency. It is the brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Here’s some things they accomplished: (taken from their website) 1. The CFPB has successfully required credit card companies to return $1.5 billion dollars to the consumers they ripped off with deceptive and fraudulent add on products, and reined in the practices that led to those abusive sales Beginning in 2012, the CFPB has brought enforcement actions against Bank of America, American Express subsidiaries, Chase Bank, and Capitol One, resulting in more than $1.5 billion paid back to over 10 million consumers. 2. The CFPB has written rules to end mortgage loans that borrowers can’t afford to repay, and has limited high fees and abusive payment structures 3. The CFPB is standing up for borrowers and families struggling with student loans 4. CFPB data collection and analysis has exhaustively documented serious abuses in the payday lending market 5. The CFPB is working to ensure fair and equal access to credit in market ...
Stave looking sharp. I Remember when Hampton laid him out in the Capitol One Bowl.
I'll be on one of those Capitol shows with kids from 10 different blokes by the time I'm 40.
Teacher’s wish inspires Capitol One to donate meals to hunger-relief organization
Samuel L. Jackson sings a song to KILL POLICE as he collects MILLIONS from Capitol One, perhaps time to remove it from your…
Capitol One Bowl is running Instagram right now
My Capitol one card finally came in the mail 😁
I'm glad we got LFC in Capitol one cup semi, judging by their performance today we should be to strong for them over 2 legs. Bring on Stoke
This is one of my favorite songs. Recorded at Future Shock Studios, I wrote and produced it MYSELF!!…
I think we'll beat chelsea in the capitol one cup tbh
Capitol Report — Does only one party rule in Connecticut?
Out of the capitol one cup, cant beat sunderland. Odd pockets of good play and wins against big teams but who cares.
One could argue Bernie Madoff just didn't have any friends in the White House or on Capitol Hill...
When I see Jennifer Garner doing a capitol one commercial I think to her credit really that bad?
A look at the 2024 DC Olympics bid & the concern one Capitol Hill representative has about hosting:
Clip (Last One). What a time we had at Capitol Hill SDA Church!! It was truly a Christmas…
Take one round from Raffles Hotel to Capitol Bldg because why not?
Proud to be from Wirral but Liverpool is my regional capitol and it's one of the finest city centres in Europe.
if not I'll let you know when another one comes around. You'll love going to them I promise
Never a better excuse to buy! Especially when you've been so giving this Christmas. have a great one!
you need to go for real ... The next one is on spring break in SPI ... Google "UME 2015" ... See if you can make it
Sadly missing is more sista's in this pic (on Capitol Hill).I love your quote, Lady V! Eloquently spoken:...
'Happy Hunger Games Week' is trending. Excited to see children violently kill one another? You monsters from the Capitol …
Why is Samuel L Jackson wearing skinny jeans in a Capitol One commercial?
Don't forget to head over to Capitol One bank to get your free rally towel for game day Saturday! (While supplies...
Capitol One is better if your just starting out.. Have it for a year & then chase or any other bank will accept you.
Capitol One is now the title sponsor of the Orange Bowl, as well as the official credit card and bank of the CFP.
Why the hackers leaking nudes ? Why they can't hack Chase , Compass, and Capitol One ? Leak a few zeros to my bank account 😒
but at that age, Poldi needs to play regularly. I would use him for FA Cup, Capitol One matches, or subs in UCL.
Dear Sam Jackson; . I don't want a crappy Capitol One credit card!
My thought of the day. Today my neighbor was talking about the Capitol One commercial as Samuel L. Jackson ask... What's in your wallet? I told him that I have not seen my wallet since 1996 and again in 2005... I told him Kiara & Kayla has my wallet
DERN IT, I clicked on the Capitol One ad instead of Priceline now I get to watch Sam Jackson and not Kaley Cuoco.
The rate at which accident dey happen for stamford bridge ds days pass Lagos-Ibadan express way. Sunderland bus collided with chelsea's bus(Capitol One) Man city knocked out Chelsea from FA , Sunderland Mike Dean smacked down chelsea's Premier league title hope on the same bridge and last but not the least Atletico Madrid planted a bomb on d bridge at the count of 1,2,3 boom explosion on the bridge making Chelsea's special one a manager that went From the special one to No one..but thank God Julius Berger has just been awarded the contract to rebuild the STÀMFORD BRIDGE NO ONE.
Loving our new books, thanks Capitol One and Heart of America Foundation!
I guess you have to be a *** to play Capitol One's Bracket Challenge or did a *** steal my picks like the *** who hijacked my Quicken Loans. Typical *** like Warner Wolfe who still loves to have sex with Don Imus on the air. Wall Street is scared to death of one Richard Eline. Of course all those morons at Fox Business are scared of Eline. Maybe Eline should help out President Big Ears or is that too scary for you?.
Capitol One fine print says they may visit you at home; Company says they won’t: LOS ANGELES — Relax, Capital ...
Capital One says it can now show up at cardholders homes and workplaces. Amex said don't leave home without it, Capitol One will go to your home and take it and anything else it wants.
One of our smart, savvy clients needs to rent out their home. Contact them directly and live large on Capitol Hill!
Capitol One is the worst. A month ago, they tried to short me $2 by hiding their money in one of their envelopes expecting me not to open it and count it. Today, they tipped me in ripped one dollar bills that they taped together.
Vote With You Wallet . Capitol One is a TOP Advertiser on Al Jazeera America and does NOT deserve your support.
So is the face of capitol one card for sure now!! I like him better
talks about being one of the newbies on Utah's Capitol Hill (video)
Ugh, the one day I take the connector...
Suspicious package found in the Capitol parking garage. No one can come in or out. h/t
The one Arkansas House member Rep. McElroy who couldn't be at the capitol to vote on is a Democrat
I can get pure free checking with online banks, and I have Simple and Capitol One 360, but you can't make cash deposits to them.
Rememeber this, ONE person, Brian Epstein made the Beatles happen. While a commitee, Capitol, didn't want to release their record.
Catmeow Political Thoughts & News: Rep. Jon Cox - One of the 'New Guys' on Utah's Capitol Hill (Video)
Capitol Fax Behind the scenes: * My weekly syndicated newspaper column…. One of the reasons why people n...
One of two Bulfinch Gatehouses, formerly known as US Capitol gatehouses
Photo: “I am the MOCKINGJAY. The one that survived despite the Capitol’s plans. The symbol of the...
High praise from one of DC's wise men for a good man in a tough job .
*He laughs too* True! Did you see the one with golden lipstick? They seem like from the Capitol! *Laughs againa and lays
Hello, Capitol friends! Here's a little light reading material to brighten your Monday. One hundred years ago, on...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
We the citizens of the Capitol thank the Districts for their sacrifice
Since no one in the capitol will say they will drink the water, I will volunteer to drink the water in all 9 counties.
So I recently had a false charge from Netflix when setting up a free trial, and I had insufficient funds in my checking account. Netflix didn't do anything wrong, and they credited it immediately afterwards, but it still caused an overdraft, from which Capitol One customer service took off once the credit showed up on my account. The part that is amazing is that the CSR actually credited me a previous Overdraft charge that was completely my fault. The guy literally did me a favor and he knew it too. Times are tough, and its good to know there are some kick *** people out there. Thanks Capitol One service rep guy. =)
it looks like the Alec Baldwin outburst a few weeks ago not only got his MSNBC show cancelled, but Capitol One as commercials.
Good morning Cupcake Nation!! It's another unseasonably warm November day so come on out and take advantage of the warm weather (and maybe grab some cupcake bliss while your at it)!! We are paring up with Capitol One today for a special event!! Come to the truck at 901 New York Ave., NW and buy one get one free!! We'll see you soon, at the curb!!
Samuel L. Jackson just tried to persuade me to get a Capitol One card in a commercial. I feel old.
I can't wait to see the version of the Capitol One commercial where Samuel L Jackson yells "What's in your wallet, mother…
So I guess Alec Baldwin couldn't cut it as a Capitol One spokesman they brought in Sam Jackson.
Samuel L. Jackson. Seems he is the new celebrity to promote Capitol One credit cards - The What's in Your Wallet people who used to have Alec Baldwin. Alec being too ballistic for everyone's tastes these days. The new commercial has Jackson saying you get 1-1/2% percent back "every *** day". Anyone else notice that?
Does Doug Marrone have a Capitol One in his wallet? Cuz he cud be a stunt dummy for Alec Baldwin!
A Capitol One credit card commercial with Alec Baldwin and Cameron said, "That's Mr. Conductor!" Yes, he has a fan base that spans across generations.
I was irrationally excited to see Wee-Bey in a Capitol One commercial with Alec Baldwin. Forget you, Baldwin. Let's have Wee-Bey be the new spokesperson, and have him tell us all about how he buys all of his aquariums and lake trout sandwiches with the venture card.
Jay Cutler does look like a young Alec Baldwin. I hope the do a Capitol One commercial together someday.
I wonder how Capitol One spokesman Alec Baldwin will treat banks in his new MSNBC show
FOOTBALLING SHOCK! Preston North End have not won the Capitol One cup! Speculation is they are focusing on the champions …
MAN UTD draw Liverpool in Capitol One third round. Match to be played at Old Trafford September 23. Luis Suarez...
I just thought the guy had dared tell the great Alec Baldwin that he didn't have Capitol One in his wallet.
I want to let Capitol One know that as long as Alec Baldwin is their spokesman, I will never …
Will Alec Baldwin's new MSNBC show be called "Capitol One?"
Well, I got a reply from Capitol One regarding my email to them about Alec Baldwin's unacceptable behavior. I'm sure it was a canned reply, but they did say they would pass it on to their advertising department, and wanted to assure me that they take emails from their customers very seriously. If you haven't written them already, please consider doing so.
A *** rights group thinks Capitol One should drop Alec Baldwin after he used a *** slur in a rant. What do YOU think?
Alec Baldwin makes a homophobic slur, yet is still a spokesman for Capitol One credit card. Double standards anyone?
with Alec on this one. He's an actor. He gets paid to act. That's why he's still employed by Capitol One. Freedom of speech!
just catching up on the news... could someone explain why Alec Baldwin still has a job as spokesperson for Capitol One?
Hey everyone, please do this, if like me you are a Capitol One credit card holder. Please go online and send them a message expressing your offense to Alec Baldwin and request they terminate him as their spokesperson.
Alec Baldwin - would somebody tell me why he made totally homophobic statements IN THE PRESENT and is still advertising for Capitol One (as of this morning) and paula dean gets booted for a remark 20 years ago.
So, years ago when we signed up for Capitol One debit cards, Scott and I opted to get the card that donated a bit of the proceeds to children's cancer research. The front of the card had this cool drawing of an orange tabby cat that was drawn by a kid with cancer. Well, these cards finally expired. Scott was sent a new generic card in the mail but mine never came. I called Capitol One to have them send me a new one and while I had them on the phone, I made sure that they'd send me another "kitty cat card". Well it came in today. Instead of my cool drawing, I have a picture is a fluffy kitten in a field of wildflowers. Don't have time to send it back before we go overseas. How am I supposed to pull out this fluffy kitty in Rome and keep a straight face?
Capitol One sent me a credit card application with a no postage necessary return envelope. I wrote a letter declining and printed out a large article about Alex Baldwin's rants. In the letter I explained the reason for the decline was their spokesperson. I used their envelope to send them the letter.
Apparently Paula Deen has made trouble for Alec Baldwin. As to what Capitol One will do, my guess is nothing...
Do you think Capitol One will release Alec Baldwin from him duties as spokesperson for them after using a homophobic slur and threatening comments to a British newspaper person from The Guardian less than 30 hours ago?
You would think Capitol One would pull the plug on Alec Baldwin. Not holding my breath for that to happen!
I'll try to be as Politically Correct as I can here. Alec Baldwin can get kicked off an airplane and then make a Capitol One commercial to mock what happened and all is forgiven. Now this week he makes racial slurs about *** apologizes again and all is forgiven. WOW.I must be getting to old. Looks like double standards to me.
•£• Everyone is jumping ship on Paula Dean yet Alec Baldwin who is known for his raving rants & *** slurs is still shilling for "Capitol One" What's in your wallet?
Plausible deniability is the name of their game. No one knows...not Eric Holder of the Dept. of Justice, not...
One of 2 types of cookies that we provided for the Louisiana's Old State Capitol this past weekend. This basic...
Apparently ate at Mamnoon one day after my first visit there. I loved it, too! via
After heading back to Washington from the April recess, things picked up quickly on Capitol Hill. Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee, on which I serve, began the mark-up process on the Gang of Eight's immigration reform legislation, hearings were held in the House of Representatives on the Be...
+Maeve - jasonkydd-d1: The capitol. But I live in one. *smiles* so are you a career chick? Or are you just...
Obama is the side show in America's political circus. Like if you are tired of his lies!!! MP
PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed a proclamation declaring Friday, May 17, as “Al Neuharth Day” in South Dakota.   Neuharth, 89, a native of Eureka and University of South Dakota graduate who rose to prominence as the founder of USA Today, died at his Florida home April 19.   “From Eureka to USD to USA Today, Al Neuharth was a great South Dakotan who revolutionized the media industry,” Gov. Daugaard said.  “Even as he became one of the nation’s top media figures, he never forgot his roots, and was a generous supporter and frequent visitor to Eureka and to the university.”   The University of South Dakota will host a public tribute to Neuharth on May 17 at the USD campus in Vermillion. The memorial celebration will begin at 10 a.m. CDT in Slagle Hall’s Aalfs Auditorium, 414 E. Clark Street.  The doors will open at 9 a.m., and a lunch reception will follow at the Al Neuharth Media Center, 555 Dakota Street.  The tribute and reception are open to the public.   Flag ...
You don't have to vote for them all, but the first one is a biggie. Best Republican Elected Official.
Applied at capitol one..pray i get it...gotta switch my hair up though!
I have a free 12 week online subscription to the NY Times. Who wants it?
Think today may be a good day to see what will bring to the Capitol for me to eat. Gonna be a long one.
Hey friends, i'm racing the Capitol One Race for Kids on June 1, and we're raising funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Help my team reach our goal!
The person that decide to make Capitol one lane is the dumbest person ever...
This month the first medical cannabis dispensaries are expected to open in the nation's capital, including one...
House Speaker Davy Carter (R-Cabot) kept the trains running in the 89th General Assembly and pulled off the trifecta of tax cuts, the private option, and Big River Steel. Who else stood out? Read on.
We’re pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Canadian Cinema Editors 2013 Awards by Deluxe which will be hosted at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto on June 6th 2013.
THE THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS Marie-Julie announced the three days of darkness during which the infernal powers will be loosed and will execute all the enemies of God. "The crisis will explode suddenly; the punishments will be shared by all and will succeed one another without interruption ..." [January 4, 1884] "The three days of darkness will be on a THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady ... three days less one night." "The earth will be covered in darkness", says Our Lady on 20th of September 1882, "AND *** WILL BE LOOSED ON EARTH. Thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in My Power, to die of fear." "During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once ..." "The sky will be on fire, the earth will split ... During these three days of darkness let the blessed candle be lighted ...
Only employees and patients registered with the District of Columbia Department of Health will be allowed inside the dispensary once weed sales officially commence.
Sitting in State Capitol waiting 4 hearing one comes to appreciate lone star on staircase & wonder what it has heard
(B) two equal horizontal stripes, the upper stripe white, the lower stripe red, each having a length equal to two-thirds the length of the flag; and
Biggest event in town, the only place to be this thursday may 16th for opening night of at the capitol ladies free b4 11, also we have pre sale tickets so hmu asap if u want one
"Watergate, no one died. Libya, people died. Obama lied, people died." — cestusdei
The man convicted of killing Jackson Police Department Sgt. Rickey Joe Simmons with his own weapon in 1992 is up for parole in August, and some police and police supporters have taken to social media to speak out.
"One would hope that the number and severity of the scandals would put to rest for all time that…" — Frank Johnson
Congratulations to Morgan Gizzi, who was recently announced the winner of the 2013 Congressional Art Contest. At a reception held at Garden Spot Village, Congressman Joe Pitts (PA-16) honored Morgan for her charcoal drawing titled In Loving Memory – Pipercub. As the winner, Morgan will have her piece displayed for one year in the Cannon Tunnel hallway leading from the House office buildings into the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
A Mayan pyramid that has stood for 2,300 years in Belize has been reduced to rubble, apparently to make fill for roads.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was quick with the retorts when reporters sought his perception of the effects of corruption charges filed recently against state lawmakers.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The IRS is getting dragged before Congress. Here are some questions they should get answers to, and in some cases, answer themselves.
Abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell has been convicted on three counts of murdering babies in gruesome abortion-infanticides. In one week, a jury will decide h
Tim Bosma, a 32-year-old husband and father, disappeared May 6 after taking two men for a test drive of his truck which he had posted for sale online. He has not been seen since.
The Capitol -one of the oldest structures in Capiz |
Gov. Mark Dayton is scheduled to sign a bill Tuesday afternoon that will legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota. But opponents of the legislation argue even though they lost this round the issue is not settled.
And the Minnesota Freedom Band will lead the walk from the Capitol to the celebration at Ecolab Plaza!!
We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings, that "except the Lord build the House they labour in vain that build it." I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better, than the Builders of Babel: We shall be divide...
On Capitol Hill, first one here and ready to document for The Planetary Society!
7 DAY RESILIENCEY TRAINING: Resiliency Training for Family Members, Couples and DA Civilians. The entire course will be presented as a 7 Day course on Fort Stewart May 14-17 & May 20-22, 8:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ACS Bldg 87. Bounce back through Self-Awareness, Enhance your ability to Handle emotions, understand your Family and know yourself. Advanced sign up is recommended. Child Care may be provided thru CYSS. To sign up or for more information call Becky Sellars, 767-3863. TREE DEDICATION, May 16: The Third Infantry Division holds a tree dedication ceremony 9:30 a.m. May 16 at Warriors Walk. The event is open to the public, please arrive early. Parking is available at Newman Fitness Center. Traffic Warning: 6th St will be closed in the area around Warriors Walk, and Gulick will be affected. Motorist are encouraged to seek alternate routes. Range notice: A range check-fire may be issued in support of this event, 8-11 a.m. AER Campaign, May 15: The installation has currently reached 87 percent of its goal of ...
In the wake of revelations that the IRS targeted the tax filings of conservative groups, Ways and Means Committee member Rep. Todd Young (R-IN9) spoke with C...
Bubbled under the Billboard Hot 100 at in October 1962. B-side of "If a Man Answers" which itself charted at "A True, True Love" was the love theme...
1st medical cannabis dispensaries expected to open in Washington, D.C. later this month, one just blocks from Capitol
A suspect in the case of a missing Hamilton man is due in court tomorrow, while police focus their investigation on the suspect's property.
Lawyers representing Tea Party groups are disputing the Internal Revenue Service's claim that the discrimination against Tea Party and conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status was initiated by l
You might think a proposal to force undocumented immigrants to be background checked, fingerprinted, photographed and entered into a database would be an easy sell with Republican lawmakers. But, you’d be wrong.
The left didn't care about Obama scandals...until one of their own was involved. Now that AP (Anti-American Press)...
Politico: One-third of all House GOP committees are currently investigating the Obama administration.
Wow. From of House committees are...investigating some aspect of the Obama administration."
"Roughly one-third of House committees are engaged in investigating some aspect of the Obama administration."
Fusion will be a collage of some of the best musical talent in the 518. R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop will come together under one roof. Along with exceptional music. Come celebrate music. Come celebrate the diversity of talent that lives and thrives in The Capitol Area. Please support local talent by joining us at this event. Thank you.
The cost of getting a driver's license in Oklahoma will go up by about $12 under a bill making its way to Gov. Mary Fallin's desk.
Two Bushes in the Capitol is worth One Bird in the Hand.
Latest news on John Boehner. Includes blogs, videos, and pictures about John Boehner.
Well, for one thing we'd have to up the insurance on the capitol building.
The release of the grant is contingent upon the building owners securing the additional $9.5 million needed to complete the rehab.
Foxâs Jesse Watters went to Maryland to investigate a major scandal in the Baltimore jail system.Watters interviewed a former inmate who highlighted the major flaws in Maryland prisons, including the
REVIEW Immigration - Border Security: The Senate Judiciary Committee took up more than 30 amendments on border issues, rejecting GOP proposals to tie the potential for legal status for illegal immigrants to beefed-up security. They agreed to a measure to expand increased border security to all border sectors, rather than just high-risk areas. Immigration - Merit-Based System: The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering a comprehensive immigration reform package proposed by the Senate “Gang of Eight.” It includes a provision that would shift the visa award process from one focused on family reunification to a “merit-based” system that gives preference to professionals with advanced degrees. The draft measure would raise the cap on H-1B visas for highly-skilled workers from 65,000 to 110,000 and allow for it to rise as high as 180,000. Click Here to voice your opinion on this issue. Full Faith and Credit Act: The House passed a bill requiring the Government to prioritize all obligations on the de ...
A recent report, co-produced by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Program, suggests a ban of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may be needed to protect the health of future generations.
CHRISTIANS! Seriously people, knowing this, how can anyone with even a spit of common sense give the bible any consideration at all. Put aside the fact that it would all be fictional even if it were not such a convoluted mess, but since it is, and knowing the ways of men, ignorant men at that, how can you possibly expect to confess a belief in "the word of god" without expecting to be laughed at.
PBS and library documentaries and how to videos were how I was preparing for college through the years without the capitol and what my children were seeing growing up. School and entertainment are influenced by commercial slave mentality a stealth, psychological means that is illegal according to our constitution and is an extreme detriment to society; since our children belonged to us and we pay taxes to fund their education they should be applying what they learn to keep our homes prosperous and learn from the example of those self sacrificing teachers to apply their energy to the care of our society instead of the reckless, careless pursuit of power and wealth. Love a teacher.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
They were standing next to each other in the pouring rain in Morrisville's Williamson Park, but they didn't exactly see eye to eye. Onstage, an anti-gun violence rally was in full swing, with...
Via: North Carolina Beach Buggy Association Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee - Markup Consideration Scheduled for S. 486 Preserving Access to Cape Hatteras Beaches Act URGENT TWO ACTIONS NEEDED ASAP Yesterday, I advised you of the hearing scheduled for Wednesday May 15 by the House Natural Resources Committee and ask you to contact the committee and committee members to support HR 819. Today, we learned that the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has scheduled a business meeting for Thursday, May 16 at which time S 486 will be considered for markup to the full Senate. Just as I asked you yesterday to contact the Congressmen on the House committee, I ask today that you contact the Senate committee and its members to urge their support for S486 at that business meeting. Members of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee are listed at . You can contact the Senators using one or more of the following methods: Email: Some Senators have public email addresses but most require the use ...
The Weirdos were knockoffs of Big "Daddy" Roth, actually; I have a Weirdo LP ("Swingin' Daddy/The Happy Suburbanite..." still rings through my head) I've held on to since childhood. The models weren't nearly as cool as the Roth Rat Fink, Surf Fink, etc., but they were still part of the Kustom Kar Kreatures bonanza of the Sixties.
A Brief History Of National Police Week In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15th as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15th falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others. On average, one law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty somewhere in the United States every 57 hours. Since the first known line-of-duty death in 1791, more than 19,000 U.S. law enforcement officers have made the ultimate sacrifice. National Police Week 2013 will be Sunday, May 12th through Saturday, May 18th.  National Police Week is a collaborative effort of many organizations dedicated to honoring America's law enforcement community. Principal organizers of National Police Week are: •National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), which sponsors the annual Cand ...
Watch this great video that teaches you the basics about Shavuot (Pentecost) - the day when the Jewish People received the Torah on Mount Sinai. You are guaranteed to learn lots of new things about this powerful Jewish Holiday. You may want to...
Shalom Everybody! This coming Wednesday and Thursday Jews worldwide will be celebrating SHAVUOT – the day the Jewish people received the Torah on Mount Sinai. You probably saw the movie….but don’t forget to read the book!
There are some who deserve what they get, whether karma or God catches up with them, but there are others who do not. How far are we willing to go for justice…
President commends bravery of law enforcement during event honoring "Top Cops," again calls for tougher laws
The Madison Mallards and Madison Parks are teaming up to host the Moonlight Movie Series celebrating the Madison Parks Foundation’s 10 years supporting our community’s parks. Join us throughout the summer and early fall for outdoor screenings of family-friendly movies, sponsored by Zimbrick Honda. B...
I'm a little late to game on sharing this, but if you haven't already heard: here's the official Minnesota Senate vote count on HF 1054 - Providing for marriage between two persons of the same sex. Kudos to the DFLers who made it happen! Only one Republican crossed, but give him his due: Branden Petersen (Dist. 35). Three rural DFLers voted no, boo to them: LeRoy Stumpf (Dist. 01), Dan Sparks (Dist. 27), and Lyle Koene (Dist. 17). On to the governor. He's scheduled a signing ceremony on the Capitol steps tomorrow at 5pm Central. Congrats to all those who worked so hard to make this happen. Now, on to a gazillion other major issues that need urgent attention. Go, Minnesota, go!
what, no love for my second love the 'toppers and the Sun Belt? Big Red's made the Capitol One Bowl 10 straight years!
Georgia SOUTHWESTERN STATE University getting some love from Capitol One!! Watch the video...
ATLANTA -- The NCAA, Capitol One and Turner Live Events has announced the lineup for the 2013 NCAA Big Dance Concert Series, a three-day free music festival at Centennial Olympic Park on April 5-7.Headlining the concert series is the Dave Matthews Band, Sting and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals on Sunday, April 7.The Dave Matthews Band's latest album, Away From The World entered the Billboard 200 chart at Number 1 last September. This winter, the band has appeared at the Sundance Film Festival and the Winter X Games. They're looking forward to an appearance in late April at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.Sting comes back to America on his extended Back to Bass Tour after a swing through Europe, Asia and the Middle East over the past year. This marks the first of two scheduled appearances in Metro Atlanta this year for Sting -- the second will be at Chastain Park Amphitheater on June 10."Capital One is excited to bring two giant names in music to Atlanta during the Final Four," said Roger Ferguson, ...
Really want to get back at the around with cash for a month and don't use your credit cards. 1. doesn't give the banks a % of every sale 2. gives more money to your local retailer which in turn they will return into the economy 3. saves you money in processing fees also 4. those milage or points from Capitol One/etc.those are paid for by the retailer you use your credit cards at, it's not the credit card company that gives you back
It seems whenever I post my opinions on government issues, just like my mom, da cold shoulder. My mom loves Obama, and she think what he is doing by increasing the national dept is a good thing. That's how she thinks, that's fine, I still love her the same. So I'll give you an easy example how I think what Obama is doing is not good ! Not good for the country, the future of the little ones, social security, and medicare. To prove my point in this example YOU will be playing the role of Obama, the private sector and it's employee. But, you need to be currently employed ! Here goes: Do to your good credit, you just recieved a Capitol One no hassle credit card, a $25,000 limit. Remember now, you only have $3,000 in your checking accouint ! As a responsible (leader), you ain't going keep spend, spend, spend to MAX out the card ! If you do, you're in trouble ! You're going to budget so the dept can be payed off in the near future, to avoid piled up interests, and so (YOU) the businesses/citizens no have to pa ...
So I just checked my Capitol One credit card online like I do every few day and there is a charge for $3,423.77 that I didn't charge! I had to look at it several times cause I couldn't believe it!!! On the phone with Capitol One right now as I type!!! Still can't believe it...:(
By vinay.vinz:- Eden hazard, in a sheer act of frustration, kicked a ball boy while attempting to take the ball away from him in Chelsea's Capitol One semi final game against Swansea. He was later shown a red card for his act.
Is it the end of the road for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal? 4 Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is under- pressure after the clubs exit from the Capitol One at Fourth tier Bradford City. With every passing season without a trophy more and more questions are asked about Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and his grip on the club. It almost feels like déjà vu writing this article, because last season the same questions were being asked about whether Wenger could turn Arsenal’s season around. Bailed out Last season Arsenal were struggling badly, before Robin Van Persie hit top form and bailed the Gunners out. The Dutchman’s goals made sure that Wenger’s men finished in the top four, when it looked highly-unlikely. However, this season Arsenal don’t have the goals of the prolific Van Persie to fall-back on. It doesn’t look like they currently have anybody capable of being that white knight this season. That must really worry Wenger and Gunners fans. Legend Without doubt Arsene Wenger is a managerial legend. He is on ...
Obama demands the National Credit card to be raised yet again!! as if $16,500,000,000,000.00 is not enough. What a joke! there is no end to this madness and all you Obama Sheeple are totally brainwashed with this insanity. Go open a Capitol One credit card with 21% interest and buy yourself a clue please. Xooxox have a nice day
Dave Adams says Georgia is coming down from the Capitol One Bowl and will be on the field for the second half so everybody will keep watching. Lol.
actually he ended his college career by blowing out Michigan state in the Capitol One Bowl.
So has Alec Baldwin lost weight or is Billy doing the Capitol One commercials now?
The Last time Preston and Crewe met was last year in August in the 'Carling Cup', (now the Capitol One cup because of some capitalist corporate interests) in the first round. We prevailed that day, goals from Mellor and Hume, and a cheeky own goal from the beautifully named Tootle allowing us to perform a stunning comeback to prevent a 2-1 Crewe win which, at the time, would have been somewhat of an upset. I (Ryan) personally have fond memories of that match as it was in fact my second match as a fan of Preston! My older brother went with me to this match via train to see us beat the Crewe side 3-2 in a fairly scrappy contest. The winning goal scored by Iain Hume which was a great header from a cross in the dying minutes of the match is a memory that will be remembered for a while for me. I think a good tactic for the lads would be to look back at that victory and try and make it another win against the 'Railway men' in tomorrows league 1 clash with Crewe! COME ON YOU WHITES! - Ryan & Dan
Don't have much faith in none of the B1G bowl eligible teams! UofM pose 2 get TAMU n the Capitol One Bowl. Johnny Football gone do work 2 UM
(I think this was originally a Letterman list...some of it sounds familiar. I plucked it from NYT comments.) "Ten Things That Tell You Times Are Tough" * 1.You get a pre-denied credit card in the mail from Capitol One. 2. CEOs have to play miniature golf. 3. Exxon-Mobil lays off 25 Congressmen. 4. Motel 6′s light is turned off. 5. A picture is now only worth 100 words. 6. Lawyers are keeping their hands in their own pockets. 7. Commodity speculators actually use their own money to buy something. 8. Commodity speculators actually buy something. 9. Prices for reduced/free lunches in public schools increase to pay the higher costs of food that farmers are losing money on. 10. You call the crisis hot line, get a call center in Pakistan; you tell them you are feeling suicidal, they get all excited and ask if you know how to drive a truck.
LONG in line last night at 6pm to do a verizon signing at 8am today for tha Specialties. Then hit up Hard Rock Cafe to get James Casey at noon then off to Capitol One bank at 4 to see J. Joseph Now shower time and off to do a Limu Party at 7.
Photographs from the NYPD A pair of armed robbers went to the trouble of wearing some spooky masks before robbing a Capitol One branch in Bay Ridge—but another surveillance camera captured them before they put on the masks! According to the police, the two men entered the Capitol One
You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join @ Texas State Capitol
An explanation for the hippies sitting in the Capitol building? I don't have one
He hasn't been the same for the last couple of matches compared to the capitol one match.
Chelsea now are suffering from fielding their senior players in the Capitol One match.
Capitol One Bowl while im at Disneyworld
totally agree! There was a Capitol Deal for there a while ago and I almost made everyone buy me one. We should go play in DTSS!
Getting ready for the jets game. Like capitol one . What's in your wallet?
So far his Capitol Commercials are the only one's no one seems to complain about 'cause they are funny to watch.
Lets say we make it to Indy and lose: Would it be the Capitol One Bowl again? And if we dont make Indy at all...Outback?
I hate a Capitol one *** *** that's always tryna see what's in ur pockets
That baby that always says no to Jimmy Fallon in the Capitol One commercial is wise beyond her years. Capitol One cards are a bad idea.
In one hour IO's Dale Butland on WBNS 10TV's Capitol Square discussing elex results & what's next. Tune in
Mr. Odair, I think I love you. - one of your million capitol lovers || Me: yeah but he loves me.
*** if we lift the Capitol One Cup, I'll *** all over the place..
Had the pleasure of going to the with the one and only Jesse Pinkman! @ Capitol Theatre
Want to Vote for DJ Swearinger for Capitol One Impact Player of the Week?!?!
Hey keep your eye out for yet another new Capitol One commercial. It's w/out the baby but still super funny lol!
Forgot to mention that is in another new Capitol One Commercial. Saw it last night & he's without the baby in this one.
Sis did you see other New Capitol One commercial yet? It's without the baby & he's dressed as different ppl.
It's a cool new Capitol One, Jimmy Fallon is dressed in different characters.One of the is Bond lol
Hey Jimmy Fallon has yet another new Capitol One commercial w/out the baby.
everybody says Atlanta is the number one *** capitol lol ..
even the capitol one cup I also don't mind man.
compare the ranked teams of each conference those Pac 12 teams are garbage ..Capitol One Bowl caliber music city bowl teams
Okay the end of that new Capitol One commercial is pretty sexay. What's that about???
GQ, stop creating perfect men. I would have any one of these gyys any day of the week
*IF* Carolina beats Clemson and Clemson still goes to a BCS bowl and we are stuck in the Capitol One again I will just wither up and die.
I got one ring n da Capitol city lol
Not hope at epl or champions league. I just want this squad will do well in capitol one cup and fa cup... Need a mental boost quickly.
Let me enjoy my one night at home because tomorrow and the rest of the week it's NYC and hotel living
Wrapping up my last cops shift before the move to the Capitol bureau. Last day was a busy one.
I must say is one of the sexiest mf-ers I have ever seen. *2 snaps* You do that lol
This was one of the first things I saw when I had just moved out here almost th @ The State Capitol Building
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
in one league I'm 4-5 in second place in my division and and in another league I'm 5-3-1 in second in my division.
I'm serious tho. One season Arthur looked like a Magic Mike stripper and the next a twinkie away from death. But he's getting back there
And another one on the way. Don't come in between our love
I decided not give one anal expulsions in repose to the flatulence that spew out of Capitol Hill before, during and after the elections.
LSU gon play in the Capitol One Bowl.
No one from other states can remember our capitol and if they can they can't pronounce it
Auburn making one too many completions right now. Let's go Dawgs!
One of my favorite places to walk around.
Capitol of the world.. One day i'll be there ...
Oh the mall... The one place that shows me davis isnt the dbag capitol of the world
Here again is our number one pic so far for the song we will be recording as our first single for Capitol Records...
If Jen could have taken one thing from THG's set she would have taken Katniss' bed from the Capitol.
AJ won didn't he? I think he can cry all he wants. Have fun in the Capitol One. :-)
oh what happened in the Capitol One Bowl game a few years ago
*** (Capitol letters) just give us the address lol... One accident too many!!
Capitol One suite, chic fil a, chilling all day.
there's a trick! Turn on north Capitol towards the Capitol... Took a while to learn that one- hate that intersection!
"My collabo with The Banishlands, will be one of my most major efforts." ~
Just saw video at Capitol Hill - says congress' job is to create one voice from many. Maybe someone ought to make congress watch.
LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN FLORIDA !!! ALREADY PUT IN MY VOTE , . . . . .the WBZ must be in capitol letters
"Did you know? Hanya Arteta main full dari awal musim kecuali di Capitol one cup.. Chin up mate.. Keep support the players!!"
But this season, Arsenal will atleast end up with the Capitol One cup and FA CUP
My Daughter Sarah is going to be in Israel for 6 months on coop. We are looking for a US bank that doesnt have heavy conversion fees. I used to always use Capitol One when I was traveling because of the 0 fees but thats no more.. Any Ideas?
I've heard it a million times, but still crack up every time I hear Jerry Stiller say "I get it, but I don't like it." in the Capitol One ad
Democrat Elizabeth Warren is touting her work setting up a consumer protection agency in a new ad for her US Senate campaign. Warren notes that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently required credit card giant Capitol One to pay $210 million in refunds and fines for deceptive practices. “...
Bank robry Capitol One, 13344 Franklin Farm Rd., 1:48 p.m.BOL for WM,all black clothing; call police,don't approach.
Some are in all competitions(EPL,Capitol One, Community shield,CL,Emirate Cup) jes to make up the numbers *** holes...Lmao
The exterior shot of "Olaf's Pizza Palace" in the Capitol One commercial is clearly a Bass Pro Shop.
Rush Limbaugh is an obnoxious mysogynist lying POS Capitol one is still advertising on his show
House could suspend its 11 p.m. curfew tonight. No one wants to be here Thursday.
Don't get an STD in the STD Capitol of America. Everyone in Baltimore has one.
Auburn is the capitol of cayuga county.if it had one
Pffftchyeaah. Your the one who missed of you're full stops and capitol letters.
I truly do not understand why no one has covered the bain capitol that just closed a company adding to the jobless. Why?
Are the Capitol Steps still a thing? Because I'd like to hear "99 Problems (But a Mitt Ain't One).
Was it the one released in the middle of last year? It had Gale going to the Capitol and it was just really crazy. :P
When they try 2 belittle u,no that there is a small b & a big one. Put ya thinking on CAPS and come write back Capitol mother-fuxkin-lized!
One Week From Now we will Be Featuring our First Beer Dinner Hosted by an Actual Brewmaster (Capitol Brewery). Reach out for Details NOW!!!
geese are also terrible. No one goes to Capitol Lake in Olympia because those *** are ruthless.
Congratulations to Cheryl Nance - Collins Lane teacher honored today at the Capitol as one of the best!
One of three looking for a home. Young male Pitt mix, wonderful temper and can b @ Old Capitol Mobile Home
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