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Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, aside from being a metonym for the United States Congress, is the largest historic residential neighborhood in Washington D.C., stretching easterly in front of the United States Capitol along wide avenues.

White House Advocacy Day Susan Rice Queen Anne

Dignity and improvement of Vice President Joe Biden, to Capitol Hill, spoke on condition of anonymity.
Honored to have President to speak at 2017 event on Capitol Hill -
Full ride to Aggieland!. Got my Bachelor's degree at 20!. Did an internship w/ U.S. Legislative Branch on Capitol Hill!. Next st…
Found a Chris Cornell acoustic cover of "I Will Always Love You." . Not a lot of work getting done on Capitol Hill today.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department, in the face of rising pressure from Capitol Hill, named forme…
Cannabis business owners have come to D.C. to demand fair treatment – and politicians are listening
NJHA & members on Capitol Hill today to discuss top health priorities including preserving Medicaid & insurance coverage f…
Like Jesus cast the thieves from the Temple so shall The Teflon Don r…
Surprise, relief dominate Capitol Hill after special counsel named for Russia investigation
With the White House falling down, republicans in the house still protecting Trump? Capitol Hill will fall down on them too.
Rosenstein keeping busy on Capitol Hill. Briefed Gang of 8 today, will brief Senate tomorrow, and House on Friday --> https…
Why marijuana business owners are storming Capitol Hill
Bi-Partisan reactions and alarm on Capitol Hill via
Talk of Trump impeachment starts on Capitol Hill, but most lawmakers want the facts first.
Sigh of relief on Capitol Hill after special prosecutor named.
Of course the Capitol Hill Block Party has 2 be the last weekend before I turn 21 smh
Today we stand with on Capitol Hill. Largest delegation ever to discuss banking, taxes and more.
What does it look like when 250 marijuana professionals descend on Capitol Hill? Something like this.
I'm happy to be back to work on Capitol Hill after receiving a clean bill of health. Thank you for all the prayers and w…
On Capitol Hill, growing frustration with FBI secrecy about Russia probe - Byron York
Chaos on Capitol Hill as Republicans reel from latest Trump controversy - the guardian -
Just to be clear: we are not yet in month 4 of the Trump presidency and there is legitimate discussion of impeachment on Ca…
Utterly bizarre, but here is my gf Leona being interviewed on ABC7 in the US over the at Capitol Hill.
Please consider visiting one of the protesters in support of free speech. Or invite them to Capitol Hill.
Here's an article regarding the cyber security & elections discussion I participated in yesterday on Capitol Hill: . http…
Listen to the congressional GOP traitors on Capitol Hill. They knew all along trump was a putin stooge. & Rohrbacher you…
WHOAH--> Muslim Brotherhood superfan who called for jihad visits *70 offices** on Capitol Hill. htt…
Ground has shifted on Capitol Hill re: Trump/Comey. But won't know how much until after Comey's eventual testimony +…
Murmurs of impeachment stretched everywhere fr/Capitol lawmakers to cooks heard talking about it in the basement:
Month long residency on Capitol Hill with 7 new friends. Let's go!
Fear and Loathing on Capitol Hill as Talk Turns to Impeachment
Website Builder 728x90
The ground is beginning to shift for Capitol Hill Republicans
Capitol Hill! - there's a free show at Southeast Saturday! https…
🎥⇩If the Dems & RINOs on Capitol Hill plan to impeach President Trump on the lie he colluded w/ the Russians…it's a waste…
Surprise and relief dominate Capitol Hill after a special counsel is named for the Russia investigation
Meanwhile, —. who edits our Capitol Hill coverage — is almost at 5,000 followers. Follow her for wit and wisdom ASAP! ;-)
Conservatives from Capitol Hill to K Street begin to whisper: President Pence
It still baffles me that Alexander Stephens has a Capitol Hill statue.
Roll on Capitol Hill event on and complex equipment access slated in June.
Out in today advocating for Brain Tumor Awareness on Capitol Hill!
These Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are making an impact on Capitol Hill.
Kansas Senator Jerry Moran spoke on Capitol Hill this week about damage to the wheat crop from the recent snow.
Lost: Grey/Silver Patagonia Jacket in Capitol Hill (1200 Logan St): I know this is a serious long…
.Surgery residents with :Gr8 mentorship @ preparing for a…
First Iraq War Deception on Capitol Hill . Claims of abuse later refuted by human rights monitors.
The Lie That First Got Us Into Iraq. Iraq accuser 'Nayirah' turned out to be daughter of Kuwaiti Ambassador to U.S.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Great article by faculty in Capitol Hill newspaper - The simple solution to fight the opioid epidemic
Teamed up with on Capitol Hill to discuss how we can continue to improve our communities!
Hay WASHINGTON D.C. and all of you Sentators & Congressman Capitol Hill. YOU can't keep closing blind eyes to the HOMELESS VETERANS
Do you remember the 'nurse' who testified to Congress about Iraqi soldiers pulling premies f…
Hey why don't your self-checkout machines work late in Capitol Hill?
Capt Turner, MSHP Troop F and SOMO athlete John Paul Hill representing all athletes at the Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremon…
I want the fat comfortable *** up on Capitol Hill to have the same insurance they offer the peasants.
I'm just a bill (that will kill). Yes, I'm only a bill (that will kill). And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.
Who cares apparently not the scary *** on Capitol Hill if they are believe in why don't they have balls to stand up to The Extreme
Just turned on the news to learn that the GOP emerged from its Capitol Hill chrysalis today in its resplendent fina…
Follow Rev. Patrick Mahoney speaking on the topic "Making the impossible...Possible!" from Capitol Hill. On with...
You have issues. I presume this is the way the rest of your Capitol Hill GOP buddies think too. I'd say pack y…
In lively Capitol Hill, Aesop trades in the company of legendary stores such as
WWF activists speak out for conservation on Capitol Hill | Magazine Articles | WWF
Key takeaways from FBI Director James Comey's hearing on Capitol Hill
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
No, health care is what you get from doctors and nurses and such. It does not come from…
My sign at the anti- Trumpcare rally on Capitol Hill was "Trumpcare Kills"
Congrats on LifeZette getting credentialed on Capitol Hill. Good job Laura.
Join us Tuesday, May 23 on Capitol Hill with Senators &
Sputnik denied Capitol Hill press pass for being state-sponsored news: Report
Jimi Hendrix and rainbow crosswalks in Capitol Hill. @ Seattle, Washington
I don't believe so, we did Ballard, the "Up House", Capitol Hill, Gas Works Park, & dow…
Asking only rich-man wages. She comes looking for exemptions. And she gets it from the ***
"Capitolism" is evil, if by that you mean the ideology of DC elitism and co…
So proud of my nephew for graduation high school today! . Next stop: NYU!. & then probably Capitol Hill…
Russian outlet Sputnik falls out of D.C. media orbit with denied bid for Capitol Hill credentials
Scarlett Johansson was bout fine as *** on Capitol Hill in Winter Soldier 😩
Redhook owner will close and sell large Woodinville brewery, focus on Capitol Hill brewpub | The Seattle Times
Evening Edition: Health care will drive elections from state level to Capitol Hill
Access to Complex Rehab Technology is Focus of 6th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill
Lee Enterprises legislative reporter gives an update on Capitol Hill happenings in Des Moines at 6:10 a.m. on KXEL.
These doorknobs came off of a wonderful 1920's Capitol Hill apartment complex .
FBI Director James Comey will testify Wednesday on Capitol Hill, a day after Trump and Clinton criticized him
At least 30 bullets are fired into residential community on Capitol Hill
United Continental CEO Oscar Munoz apologized again Tuesday, this time to hostile lawmakers on Capitol Hill, for...
United CEO Oscar Munoz promises DC lawmakers, 'We will do better' - ABC News - via
Editor's Picks from United Airlines’ CEO takes his apology tour to Capitol Hill
Today's session about reusable rockets on Capitol Hill was fascinating. It's becoming clear that reusable rockets benefit…
Thank you ladies for helping to educate Capitol Hill!
Republican or Democrat, we all love our dogs. Meet the pups of Capitol Hill!
New client: on Capitol Hill now pouring Mai Oh Maibock
United CEO, airline executives to face grilling on Capitol Hill.
Fabian Moreau will bring his skills to Capitol Hill! . Get ready for a playmaker, fans!
Excited to be here on Capitol Hill w families from all 50 states for urging Congress to https:/…
We urgently need you to be heard for imprisoned Pastor Brunson. He must be released without further delay.
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A terrifying shootout in Hill East near Capitol Hill, DC. Parents threw kids to ground to protect them.
Improve Advanced Illness and End of Life Care briefing on Capitol Hill kicked off by Tom Koutsoumpas
Cong. Prayer Caucus co-chairman will be co-hosting the Observance this Thursday ev…
WATCH LIVE: United CEO testifies on Capitol HIll in wake of passenger dragging incident
The State of the Bond is strong. It's a privilege to be w/my brothers for Kappas on Capitol Hill and an…
Caught a bit of the Capitol Hill hearing w/ the airlines & love the line, 'have you ever asked the customers (what they need/want)
Today we are headed to Capitol Hill for Proud to join with babies from all 50 states to tell Congress to…
ABA's Insider is out! Check out news on member news and news from Capitol Hill.…
Do you hear that? The babies are here! Today @ 12pm ET we'll take over Capitol Hill. Watch live:
Elliott Bay Book Co. building on Capitol Hill has sold for $14M. An LLC related to Michael Malone and his firm...
🎶These 3 Goons of Capitol Hill'll . Take our healthcare 'n our free will. If we let them, If we don't vet them. We will ha…
United CEO on April 9th incident: “No customer and no individual should ever be treated the way Mr. Dao was.”
.slams government spending bill: We do not have a Republican Party on Capitol Hill that can get its act t…
WATCH LIVE: is on Capitol Hill for the re-introduction of the Equality Act
GOP aides on Capitol Hill, the White House have been unable to explain why unleashed a plethora of baffling claims…
Like to haul in the congress/Ask Y R they so suckie @ thier job?! UAL CEO Testifies on Capitol Hill: Live Blog |
Join us on Capitol Hill tomorrow as we educate about Advance Care Planning!
At a shell station on Capitol Hill, they always have them
Legislative fly-in brings veterinary voices to Capitol Hill. Read Blog:
Few things get my head straight quite like a 2 hr walk fr Queen Anne to downtown to Capitol Hill to South Lake Union. Nice day for it, too.
Every 1 of these GOP jokers on Capitol Hill swore they'd vote to repeal Obamacare.So,either they're liars,or cowards,there's…
Tomorrow I'll be on Capitol Hill telling our reps about the value of the arts & lobbying for the NEA & our
Sean Callan and Amy Hebbeler of our office were on Capitol Hill lobbying for the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act
Laura Ingraham: 1 thing I know for sure, Sean, is that we have way too many people on Capitol Hill who are not on president’s side of this
Public health advocates and go to Capitol Hill urging lawmakers end deaths globally
Anyang' Nyong'o won in Capitol Hill or Kisumu County coz hia on th gr…
I'm just a shield from capitol hill
"Breitbart will lose its credentials to access Capitol Hill after May 31."
. seeks feedback on three late-night paid parking options along Broadway, Pike/Pine in Capitol Hill https:/…
Why don't you go to Capitol Hill? That's where you will find the people who don't want to fund the Wall. Makes no sense.
HBCU Day of Action coordinated by is right around the corner to be held on 4/27, on Capitol Hill.
Retired coal miners were all over Capitol Hill today. But Kentucky's two senators didn't even say hello:
USA: 'The 2017 Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival opens May 4 with a screening of 'Free CeCe,' about...
In D.C. To play at the Library of Congress tonight and talk on Capitol Hill tomorrow to some…
GSUSA and joined forces with and to champion for girls at Capitol Hill: htt...
Adm. Harry Harris, the military's hard-line commander in the Pacific, comes to Capitol Hill
I'm very liberal and willing to be taxed heavy given I make a good wage. However, I'm not in favor of supporting an…
Like what you're seeing from the feckless Republicans on Capitol Hill?? Me neither. Which is why I support
We're here meeting with our representatives on Capitol Hill talking about what our communities need.
Capitol Hill restaurants serving support for Dining Out For Life to support
Breaking: denied permanent Congressional press passes
Breitbart News is denied permanent Capitol Hill press credentials & their temporary passes won't be extended in May https:/…
.on Capitol Hill today advocating for increased funding in…
I set my camera up on a busy street corner in Capitol Hill with a big sign that read, "FREE PORTRAIT".…
Tonight's show was shot from in Capitol Hill!
Capitol Hill correspondents committee declines to credential Breitbart
Tomorrow 4/26 at 4 pm ET, celebrate Innovation: Improving Lives, on Capitol Hill with USPTO. More info:
Many will be OK with this. Sadly they believe EVERYTHING told to them by politicians.…
Thank you Capitol Hill for sticking to your standards.
The real clowns are those bozos on Capitol Hill
.^^ Same day the Entire US Senate summoned to White House (instead of Capitol Hill for some reason?) for NK…
Recess is over for Congress and a government shutdown looms. Stay informed with our Capitol Hill newsletter:
News: Mnuchin & Cohn will meet with Ryan, McConnell, Brady, Hatch tomorrow on Capitol Hill to discuss Trump's tax plan roll…
Central Co-op is dropping its bid to be a tenant at the Capitol Hill light-rail station:
THOUSANDS of people walking down Capitol Hill, along Pine St. in Seattle's
U.S. Capitol Police officers arrested seven marijuana activists on federal charges Thursday as they gave away free joints to Capitol Hill s…
Curious about the buzz on Capitol Hill? Follow what members of the State Legislature are saying
Faith leaders to talk about ways to show Love in Action during Capitol Hill event starting soon in The Summit. Some tho…
Lawmakers came together to before members lobbied for music legislation on Capitol Hill ht…
I'm lobbying on Capitol Hill tomorrow and yet I forgot lipgloss and a hairbrush. It's like I'm not even trying anymore.
to last month, when nearly 200 Advocates headed to Capitol Hill for our annual Call to Congress. https:/…
New AARP Kentucky State President Charlotte Whittaker is on Capitol Hill today meeting w/staff
Come get a free portrait for the Capitol Hill chapter of People of Seattle, TOMORROW afternoon, and get a…
Put the snakes in the Massachusetts Statehouse or on Capitol Hill in DC. they can help with the lack of term limits.
Most people outside our area don't know we have no reps in House/Senate. It's just Washing…
Creating a new Capitol Hill neighborhood around — and in — an old D.C. school
DC pot activists arrested at 4/20 Capitol Hill protest. Small quantities are lawful in DC, but not in Fed. law...
Had this convo tonight at Q&A with Marcia Fudge in Ohio. B. S. is a government "lifer" with…
I can tell you that Republicans on Capitol Hill do not agree with this assessment at all
Thank you for sharing your experience at the State Capitol Hill visits!
The president sent the OMB director to Capitol Hill to say he was moving on if the bill didn’t pass
Trump returns to false election claims | Capitol Hill Blue
Capitol police arrested pot advocates for handing out joints to hill staff — even tho it’s legal in DC…
Pro-marijuana group is handing out free joints on Capitol Hill.
KSU's Dr. Gavin Washington heads to Capitol Hill to advocate for health & physical education
They tried to give away joints on Capitol Hill but police were waiting
USA: Activists arrested handing out joints outside Capitol Hill on 4/20
Pro-pot activists to pass out free joints to legislators, media for event at Capitol Hill. Who’ll be first in line?…
DCMJ is unbowed. They plan a public smoke-in at the Capitol at high noon on Monday, April 24. "We call on...
White House remains confident health care showdown will happen next week. Capitol Hill leaders are not so sure.
FoodCorps is investing in a D.C. presence to advance policy work on Capitol Hill.
Seattle's Capitol Hill has plenty of guys walking around in salmon colored pants -- skinny tight ones.
Ralph E. Madsen, 'the Tall Cowboy' at Capitol Hill, shaking hands with Senator Morris Sheppard 1919 . photo by Harri…
Mrs. Eimer and Cranford Alum Caroline Eimer met on Capitol Hill with reps from Senator Booker and Menendez regardin…
What's up with ppl on blugeoning each other? I guess it's good I didn't go for Capitol Hill.
We’re headed to Capitol Hill on April 27 to ensure all HBCUs have access to three things:
Protester arrested on Capitol Hill for distributing Joints via
4/20: D.C. pot activists arrested during free marijuana giveaway on Capitol Hill
. want to join us for National Golf Day on Capitol Hill next Wednesday? will be there!
Spending the day on Capitol Hill w/the Borg Warner Trophy. Honor to meet all the House Members &
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Will you be hosting a Take Your Child to Work Day event on Capitol Hill next week?
Do you live in ? may be available for AdvocacyDay 2017 on Capitol Hill. Ask us…
Officer saves overdosing man with CPR early this morning on Capitol Hill.
Golf industry leaders, including head to Capitol Hill for on April 26.
It's terribly considerate of Jason Chaffetz to announce his resignation the same day people are giving out free weed on Capitol Hill.
Hula Hula tiki/karaoke bar opens in Capitol Hill on Friday after relocating from longtime Queen Anne spot…
The US Council of Muslim Organizations' National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill is in May - Don't miss out!…
We have extended the deadline for FREE ESA Member registrations for Day on Capitol Hill! Register NOW!…
One Center City panelists discuss ways to make Capitol Hill a better place to live
Day 2 takes us to Capitol Hill where our friends at are discussing Mobility as a Se…
Meet us on Capitol Hill to advocate for Our Day on the HIll event will take place on April 25 at 8:30am…
DC marijuana advocates are going to Capitol Hill to hand out free pot for 4/20 day
Great day on Capitol Hill on behalf of UNICEF! Exciting!!
I want Leslie Jones to spend a day on Capitol Hill, grabbing politicians by their junk. They cannot relate.
Highlights from a busy day on Capitol Hill. Thx to all who joined! ⚡️ “Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill”.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Capitol Hill day! Advocating for biomedical research funding.
What an incredible showing by today on Capitol Hill for their big Advocacy Day!
Vaisakhi at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C | US congress recognizes Vaisakhi Day as creation of Khalsa:
Check out the HBCU Day of Action on Capitol Hill with the on April 27th!
Don’t miss National Day, April 26th on Capitol Hill in DC! Join the convo with & >>
In D.C. - Actress Angelina Jolie greets a Capitol Hill staffer from the office of Sen. Richard Lugar
New level of senioritis: When people say "the Hill" I now think Capitol Hill, not the Gordon Hill. Send a transition team, please.
Great time showing students the during their annual trip to Capitol Hill. Proud alumna! Ph…
Through a book swap at the railway station I picked up a little gem: 'Murder on Capitol Hill' by Margaret Truman, a Washington DC whodunnit
Marijuana advocates to give away free joints on Capitol Hill - The Hill
It’s easy to be called "thirsty" on social media. What about on Capitol Hill?
Check out & learn about the High School Leadership Institute in Capitol Hill's Urban Dweller
Great day on Capitol Hill. Teaching California and Washington State congressman and senators…
and are on Capitol Hill today talking about NETEC (here with from Nebraska):…
Lots of Advocates. Advocacy Day. Learning about new lung ca research. Next? Capitol Hill.…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Republicans on Capitol Hill are in active discussions with the White House to resuscitate Obamacare repeal effort
Story Book Charm Awaits in this 1904 Cottage in the Heart of Capitol Hill!
Vice President Pence just left Republican senators lunch on Capitol Hill...AHCA 2.0?
More than 150 PAs/PA students from lobbied on Capitol Hill for 6 bills! Each bill would improve PA access t…
It's a beautiful morning on Capitol Hill ☀️ We are so excited to meet with representatives to fight for higher education f…
Democrats don’t want a wall, but they’re happy to join Republicans in putting more drones on the US-Mexico border
Counseling Today is on Capitol Hill today for ACA's Congressional briefing on opioids. More coverage coming to
Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly emerges from meeting with on Capitol Hill
Join DOs and students from across the US as they meet with legislators to express hopes and concerns at https:…
Nothing wrong w a D WH providing info to Ds on Capitol Hill, but if the Trump WH provides info to Nunes - that's wrong! h…
Top Trump official trekked to Capitol Hill last night to urge Democrats to work with them on infrastructure, taxes.
We don't care 'bout no stinking snow! Taking pictures of this ADORABLE 1 BR/1 BA Capitol Hill…
Jeremy Kroll at & meetings with for to promote growth in
Bernie is a far better politician than Hillary. He's…
doing our part to advocate for and early career researchers on Capitol Hill.
And today they make less than men on Capitol Hill. Start there first then you might have room to talk.
Can't wait to fill up a trash bag with popcorn and watch Susan Rice get skewered on Capitol Hill
Is anyone on Capitol Hill going to call out the hypocrisy of that turtleheaded yard McConnell?
I know capitol hill can work smarter than it does. It appears to the but 3rd aimed eye that a lot of tim…
Join me and all your Capitol Hill Mommy friends for Mommy & Me fitness class Thursdays 11am at…
Inside the battle for MoneyGram: Chinese billionaire bidder Jack Ma and Kansas rival take the fight to Capitol Hill https…
It’s Easy to Be Called ‘Thirsty’ on Social Media. What About on Capitol Hill?
Looking forward to seeing all of our Capitol Hill friends at Movie and TV Magic Day this afternoon!
Help us bring the movement to Capitol Hill! Intern with us. Apply today:
“Everybody keeps thinking the next war is all gonna be about missiles. It’s already a war, and it’s all about data."
Great to see my friend and our former intern Rachel Lewis on Capitol Hill today for the htt…
“Science is the best method we have for understanding... It should be an open process, used to serve all people"
on takeover battle for MoneyGram International. Money-transfer firm was based in Minnesota until 2010:
Popular Seattle neighborhood news blog, Capitol Hill Seattle by is going on sabbatical.
Rice doesn't commit when asked by if she's open to testifying on Capitol Hill
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Seattle’s March for Science will start on Capitol Hill
The National Cotton Council was on Capitol Hill today, outlining cotton's priorities for the new farm bill.
I joined my co-principals and in hosting a delegation from the at Capitol Hi…
After nearly two decades in Capitol Hill, Dazzle Jazz is picking up and moving downtown.
DC activists planning pot giveaway, Capitol Hill 'smoke in'
Think he's referring to the famous "Sermon on Capitol Hill" from Bismarck 12:1-25.
Getting on the bus for Advocacy Day. Next stop, Capitol Hill!
I bet the Dems start every meeting on Capitol Hill by shouting at Republicans "We learned it by watching you!"
Seattle residents voted on the design for the new Capitol Hill parklet. PacMan was the winner.
Get the latest regulations & legislative news from Capitol Hill via
Susan Rice "certainly deserves her turn under oath on Capitol Hill." Indeed she does.
Obado and The Sultan today at Capitol Hill. Meza wembe!
Hey Capitol Hill, stay in the loop! Check out the most recent newsletter!
Are there any hearings going on today on Capitol Hill? If not, why not??
Hey make sure you write those letters. We're up on Capitol Hill today!
Ant Financial and Euronet take MoneyGram fight to Capitol Hill
Mombasa governor and Migori’s Okoth Obado meet at Capitol Hill Secretariat; condemn
Governors and Okoth Obado hold talks at Capitol Hill over chaos that rocked an ODM rally in Migori yeste…
Vice President Mike Pence went to Capitol Hill last night to talk a health care bill compromise
Democrats have a new and surprising weapon on Capitol Hill: Power
A letter circulating on Capitol Hill suggests the administration may take a less extreme approach to negotiations than expected. h…
Schuylkill County Woman Testifies on Capitol Hill on the Challenges of Alzheimer's Disease.
Main Floor for in Capitol Hill, Inner-City, NW, 3 bedrooms - $$1199.00. Call for Availability Calgary
That sorry bunch of Capitol Hill access journos need to watch old videos of Dan Rather/Nixon & Sam Donaldson/Reagan & learn.
Police respond to Capitol Hill incident; shots fired
Shots fired near Capitol Hill when driver attempts to run over officers, D.C. police say
Police say Capitol Hill incident appears to be criminal in nature, with no nexus to terrorism
Shots fired Capitol Hill outside Rayburn House Bldg. Someone in custody. Roads blocked for the investigation. Avoid the area if possible.
JUST IN: One woman reportedly in custody after shots fired near US Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The woman rammed into a police cruiser.
BREAKING: shots fired at Capitol Hill outside Rayburn bldg after driver refuses orders to stop.
We're on Capitol Hill with a West Virginian constituent discussing and public health funding!
DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton had a tough time parking on Capitol Hill. Watch video here: htt…
Retired Kentucky Union miners return to Capitol Hill to fight for their earned benefits
Donate to me and I will open a little caesars in capitol hill
Advocate for issues that impact the athletic training profession May 16 at Capitol Hill Day! Register now:
Headway promotes its educational and awareness initiatives at Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill
excited for opportunity to advocate for medical imaging research this week on Capitol H…
HISTORICAL WEEK!!! No, not on Capitol Hill .GAMECOCKS!! Going to Final Four!!! Bring in Gonzaga!
Tomorrow morning I join 1,200 Advocates on Capitol Hill to compel Congress in ending this insidious disease!
*** is going on with Capitol Hill? I know don't have the votes but do we have 2take to the streets every weekend?
.headed to Capitol Hill to talk to to talk
great job showing life on the Capitol Hill in tonight's episode keep it up!!
Tonight we'll be at Optimism Brewing (1158 Broadway) in Capitol Hill!! Join us there from 3pm to 8pm.
so should I stroll around downtown DC/Capitol Hill in hopes for some hat spotting this week?
We need to send the two of you to Capitol Hill to knock some heads together
On Capitol Hill, all a President really has is political power. Historically, a major loss & members begin eating the corp…
Great time prepping for visits to Capitol Hill! and
As long as drug companies keep their powerful lobbying grip in Capitol Hill, American people will never get decent heal…
Alumni mentors from the share their experiences during a week of civid education in Washington D.C.
I would love to be there. It always conflicts with our CHC Capitol Hill trips.
i've heard coffee shop is a good place to stop when on Capitol Hill.
Let us put another SC voice that can speak with the weight and force of our history where the speaking will be heard: Capitol Hill
A Sec Svc agent 60MM-ed to "A lot to watch next week on Capitol Hill". Trusting my Fri, May 17th travel's been resc…
Donald Trump loses his first game in the big leagues on Capitol Hill
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