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Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, aside from being a metonym for the United States Congress, is the largest historic residential neighborhood in Washington D.C., stretching easterly in front of the United States Capitol along wide avenues.

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WATCH: anchors a special report on the eve of Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill.
Jennifer Garner & champion child advocacy on Capitol Hill
In Seattle, someone vandalized Temple de Hirsch Sinai on Capitol Hill, painting "The Holocaust is fake history" on the building
Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley Jnr in attendance here at Speaker's Lunch on Capitol Hill
Join us for Camp Congress for Girls DC 2017 featuring a Day on Capitol Hill | Jun 26-30
Iowa Career and Technical Education students at Senator Joni Ernst's office on Capitol Hill speaking out for Perkin…
Crash near Capitol Hill elementary school at SW Spring Garden and 19th Avenue.
Video: Veterans hope visiting congressmen will take their concerns to Capitol Hill
students are visiting Capitol Hill for the first time and enjoying their tour around
Wish you could move to Ballard or Capitol Hill? Locals share tips for competing in Seattle's booming market.
Do Chinese spies really hang out at a Capitol Hill bar?
If had a real genie, I'd wish Trump, his team, his family, Pence, Nunes, Ryan, McConnell, Chafez out of WH and off Capitol Hill.
We're in Capitol Hill for now. Going to scope out different neighborhoods for a year or two before we settle down.
beginning to stick to the roads on Capitol Hill.
day of advocacy! Going to Capitol Hill to educate on important nurse issues tomorrow!
The snow's starting to stick over on Capitol Hill by Union Station,
students on Capitol Hill today advocating for research funding.
🌨️ "A reminder that sledding is allowed on Capitol Hill! We removed the ban last year." Thank you, DC Rep…
A waste like a tiny fraction of a percent that the city spends on worthless celebrations for the Seahawks?…
Spring is close! Join us for a jog or stroll on Capitol Hill March 26. Get your tickets today!
When going to Capitol Hill, whatever you're trying to tell them, tell a story. Humans make decisions based on stories.
FYI: Congress never approved TTP, it's fate was already bleak on Capitol Hill, so it has little to do w/Trump.
Capitol Hill dodged bunch of cronies.
VP Pence back on Capitol Hill tomorrow at Senate GOP lunch day after CBO released cost estimate on GOP health care law repeal/replace bill.
Eat Bar on Capitol Hill in DC. A few blocks from my pad
We drove around forever tryna find a parking spot...we eventually found one ALL the way at the top of Capitol Hill behind the building
With snow expected tomorrow, a reminder to DC families that sledding is allowed on Capitol Hill! We successfully removed…
Every day the White House shames or country further. Cowards, rats, and filth populate Capitol Hill and Pennsylvani…
Join and for a discussion on Capitol Hill with Jim Moran…
Michelle Dimarob of & Brandon Arnold of speaking at event on Capitol Hill
Tune into Shining a Spotlight on Capitol Hill and Congressman Elijah E. Cummings
SBA Pres. & CEO, Sara Struwe, is on Capitol Hill today working to secure funding for the NCBDDD's National Spina Bi…
be on Capitol Hill talking with our representatives about ending GBV!
Aref Nayed of met at Capitol Hill with 27 Congressmen for a Libya briefing on the current situation,
Funding for is "the most bipartisan thing going on on Capitol Hill" says
Dealers in the U.S. are going to Capitol Hill to oppose Trump's border tax
Delaware PTA attends Leg Con 2016: Heads to Capitol Hill in DC - via
With controlling the White and Capitol Hill, U.S. economic could get a boost...
On Capitol Hill, House members will start the debate on the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. President Trum...
Basement for in Capitol Hill, Inner-City, NW, 2 bedrooms - $$1100.00. Call for Availability Calgary
Biking to Capitol Hill to talk to my MA reps and senators about bikes, equity, sustainability!
Cool to see & other colleagues repping on Capitol Hill. https…
Cat cafe entrepreneur scratches out lease - Capitol Hill Times -
It's a busy day 4 Alzheimer's on Capitol Hill! The Senate Labor-HHS Subcommittee is holding a hearing on NIH
Nancy Pelosi pictured below, meeting Russian President before 2012 election... by v…
Without y'all, there would be no US. . @ Capitol Hill
.others stage 'walk out' on Capitol Hill
It's lobby day on Capitol Hill. Hundreds of advocates will meet w Congress members. Wish us luck! http…
Living Donation = best thing I ever did. Giving was the reward. There should be no punishment.
Democrats on Capitol Hill say they're taking the day off for solidarity for Women--looks like a great time to get some needed legislation-
Reporting live from Capitol Hill for the Congressional walkout:
We're on Capitol Hill today to fight for the health, education & income of every person. Join us:
What do you make of the ongoing fight on Capitol Hill over Trump’s proposed cuts to Medicaid? Maybe that will come up.
"Democratic lawmakers just walked out on Capitol Hill"
NOW: from Capitol Hill. Democratic House lawmakers step out on Capitol steps in red to recognize…
YahooNews: WATCH LIVE: Democrats speak out at Capitol Hill rally on …
Call Capitol Hill. The DOJ felon is changing the TX voting rights decisions & suppressing the vote in Texas. Blacks & Dems- no voting rights
There is no sense of urgency on Capitol Hill. They need to develop Pres Trumps stamina. Get to work already.
Republican leaders on Capitol Hill back away from President Trump on his wiretap allegations
Members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. are on Capitol Hill today to meet with congressional leadership...
PFFPNC leaders Josh Smith and Scott Mullins meeting with Thom Tillis on Capitol Hill today.
Glad to be on Capitol Hill advocating for mental health with our Texas Team!!
Currently making southbound 12th Avenue passing Marion Street in the Capitol Hill area.
Happy to participate in Book festival on May 7 on Capitol Hill. Starts at 11 am. Hope to see you at Eastern Market!!
Lindsey Graham on John McCain: 'I love him to death': It's perhaps the most famous friendship on Capitol Hill. How…
House Speaker Paul Ryan is speaking at a press conference on Capitol Hill. Watch live on
Back at Capitol Hill speaking to urge Congress to support the "Wounded Warrior Service Dog" act. TY for sponsori…
Despite long odds, D.C. statehood bill is introduced on Capitol Hill.
My name is Ron Johnson. I come from Wisconsin. I work up on Capitol Hill. All the people I meet. CEASE AND DESIST!!!
By now, most of us have seen the viral clip of Ashton Kutcher testifying last week on Capitol Hill about his firstha…
Smothered in rhinestones and sequins, Melania thought 'Capitol Hill' was the fancy new 'Capital Grill' spinoff.
I live in the densest residential area in the city and I have to walk 20 minutes to get to the ONE block on Capitol Hill with legal weed.
Wisconsin county officials after a productive morning of Capitol Hill visits w/our federal delegation.
Ohio AAP is represented on Capitol Hill today by Drs. Bill Cotton & Colleen Kraft! https:…
Great to have alum & 23 time Olympic gold medalist on Capitol Hill today!
"Never feel like you don't belong on Capitol Hill. What we do here is important, makes a difference, gives you voice." Thank yo…
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In the DC area? will speak on this Thursday on Capitol Hill. More deatils:
Former Sen. Dan Coats will face questions today during his nomination hearing for director of national intelligence
dang! They are completely booked until 11pm. Must be good. Found one by our AirBnB in Capitol Hill.Akbar?
Ur statement on Capitol Hill WAS AWESOME, great going u inspire many, so cool that u have given so much BACK
I found one of your former students on Capitol Hill, he did a wonderful job speaking f…
With Dr. Weathered at capitol hill advocating for and patients
My day on Capitol Hill isn't very glamorous ;) quick lunch in between meetings on a window seal
Long-time supporter of smart foreign aid Sen speaks to vols in DC to lobby Capitol Hill
Chairman and I are at Capitol Hill lobbying for the residents of
Early childhood educators are making hundreds of visits to their elected officials today on Capitol Hill. This is how
SPOTTED: Mike Phelps on capitol hill. 📸 by
Ready for a day on the hill at the Capitol! @ United States…
We are excited to be at Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill with
There are 4 ways to participate remotely in inc watching Legislative Conference livestream TOMORROW
physician leaders & staff on Capitol Hill discussing important health care issues. Thanks for your time,…
Tonight @ 9:30pm on Capitol Hill for a march to the White House after
. US President Donald Trump goes to Capitol Hill tonight (Feb. 28) to address Congress, and his press…
On Capitol Hill today with to raise awareness of the importance of research, education, and care.
J Street activists are on Capitol Hill today. Join them in opposing David Friedman. SIGN CALL htt…
Tuesday Morning Briefing: Trump makes his debut on Capitol Hill
Spotted: Pence's motorcade at the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Capitol Hill.
staff members provide Political Issues Briefing at Conference, before Wednesday visits to C…
to support all of the Chapter Leaders on Capitol Hill TODAY advocating for WE…
Some participants at the HBCU conference on Capitol Hill today said they were "baffled'' by comment…
Out here on Capitol Hill pressing that where you live should not determine whether you live‼️ h…
I don't worry about who's using which bathroom. I worry about the men on Capitol Hill who are overly obsessed with contro…
Spending billions more on our military will NOT protect us from the TRAITORS in the White House & on Capitol Hill. Trump,…
'Gotta Make Work Cool Again': Mike Rowe testifies to Congress on blue-collar jobs
Testimony to be delivered at Tues. hearing on Capitol Hill re: anti-doping, including
He needs to start with Wall Street, Silicon Valley, & the entire Capitol Hill they're the real murders, drug lords, & criminals.
Capitol Hill aides say White House is moving to propose cuts to GOP targets like the EPA as it prepares its budget.
I wonder when all these babies on Capitol Hill will present with silicosis & mesothelioma bc demolition & new LUXURY CONDOS every block. Hm.
And yes, Capitol Hill matters, yes politics matter, but a whole generation is being taught by professors who...
Leaders from advocate on Capitol Hill for bills supporting improved access to care in ASCs:
Capitol Hill lands in Kansas. Details from the Senate Ag Committee's first Farm Bill Hearing, on RFD-TVs Rural Evening News
The specialty grocery giant will close its Capitol Hill location at 11th Avenue & Ogden Street this fall,...
Hey, Capitol Hill: is planning to close at 11th & Ogden this fall, just as it opens in Union Station.…
.reporting that Whole Foods will close its Capitol Hill store in Denver later this year:
He is still trying to find Capitol Hill where Parliament meets
Big 15th Avenue site on Capitol Hill may be sold. A 37,800-square-foot property on 15th Avenue East on Capitol...
Greg Glassman paid a visit to Capitol Hill w/ to call attention to soda industry involvement in t…
A new six-year term secured, Sen. John McCain is back to being a president's biggest headache on Capitol Hill
Had a wonderful meeting with Congressman Jim McGovern at Capitol Hill.
120 Muslims (80 men, 40 women) are going to Capitol Hill for talks w Congresspeople. Best of luck for open dialog!
I want one. Post a link. Somebody wears your old shirt here on Capitol Hill.
Share your story for Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill
I'm just a bill, a lonely old Bill, trying to stay relevant on Capitol Hill .
Robert Smalls (1839-1915) b. Beauford, South Carolina, went from slavery to Capitol Hill as a Civil War hero.
We love staging homes with the old world charm like this one in Capitol Hill. . A transitional…
Submit YOUR story to share w/ Members of Congress during Week on Capitol Hill by Feb 19
When planet earth slowly self destruct will Capitol Hill, Congress all fit in the nuclear bunker it has and where's my VIP seat, I'll cook.
Ashton Kutcher testifies on Capitol Hill on human trafficking - - During the month of February, NewsCha…
I remember driving to the Tacoma Mall from Capitol Hill to meet some sketchy guy to buy mine tax free. Sorry PS for…
Ashton Kutcher speaks about human trafficking on Capitol Hill
An encrypted chat app called Confide has taken over Capitol Hill and the White House, but what will mean for transparency? The post Encrypt…
Panel: Muni exemptions have support on Hill, see
No, it's not the steroid era. Congress actually held hearings on steroids, as opposed to the silence on Capitol Hill right now…
DC: Join us tonight on Capitol Hill as we and demand the Senate VOTE NO on Pruitt
Crisis atmosphere on Capitol Hill over Trump-Russia controversy
Flynn Resignation/ Larger Concerns on Capitol Hill Its only been 3 wks.!! Work WITH Trump instead of against him!
Former CIA deputy director David Cohen says Trump ought to look INSIDE THE White House or on Capitol Hill for leakers.
It’s great to be back on Capitol Hill to kick off a new effort, the “Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense.” https:…
News to folks on Capitol Hill, who would prefer Trump keep his tax plan to himself for now
Republicans on both sides of Capitol Hill will start looking into "modernizing" long-standing environmental laws
House wants state control over Bank Street when General Assembly moves down Capitol Hill
Any DC homies looking for housing near Capitol Hill? My friend is looking for someone to take over a 1-BR starting in May.
Surrogates used to try to soothe global leaders/calm markets/talk to Capitol Hill on TV. This administration's aides have au…
Janet Yellen heads to Capitol Hill. What to know:
Bald is beautiful. Beard trims are nice too. 🔮👶🏽 @ Capitol Hill
Check this out: There are 2 questions Yellen won’t be able to dodge on Capitol Hill this week - -. Evan Vucci/AP. …
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes go up in Capitol Hill neighborhood
Yeah, it was SUPER crazy when all those masked GOP Senators tried to set Capitol Hill on fire & started pepper spraying Dems…
More than 35 State Municipal League officials join NLC to advocate for city priorities on Capitol Hill.
Timothy Abram went from the classroom to Capitol Hill in just 2 years. How did he do it? 3 words: Campaign Boot Camp
Sen. Chris Murphy talks about Democrats' resistance strategy on Capitol Hill
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Great to have General Breedlove on Capitol Hill today. He’ll testify before the at 10:00 a.m. ET. Watch here: https…
Blumenthal: "Donald Trump needs to be better informed of what his nominee has said to all of us on Capitol Hill."
Thank you to Congressman Josh Gottheimer for seeing us at Capitol Hill & hearing about Vernon & Sussex County!
Meeting IEBC at Capitol Hill presupposes Raila is the candidate n furthers the Kenyatta/Odinga stale ping pong. Get creativ…
Stage set for Party Leader at Orange House... Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga will be at Orange House after the press conference at Capitol Hill
Yes! Excellent work women soldiers! Now let's get more female vets in Capitol Hill. .
Yesterday athletes convened on Capitol Hill for to protect opportunities for girls and women in sports: https:/…
Rex Tillerson talks tough on Russia in private Capitol Hill meetings
My friend actually walked into some Capitol Hill offices today, and here's her report. Keep. Calling.
If these folks on Capitol Hill had any sense most of these nominees should be denied. But they'll be confirmed because both sides suck.
Friends in Washington DC area, join us with free events organized by Rotary Club of Capitol Hill on February 24th,…
USEFUL ADVICE FOR ANYONE MAKING CALLS TO SENATORS, from a person who used to work on Capitol Hill fielding such...
The 2-day Fed meeting kicks off on Capitol Hill later this morning.
NAN's DC Bureau Chief, Ebonie Riley, joined the protest on Capitol Hill tonight in lieu of SC Nominee announcement to…
Capitol Hill buzz: Democrats were giggling with glee last night when they got back into the Capitol
When I run for president and get lambasted for my emails bc I'm a woman, pls plaster Capitol Hill with printouts of this.
Women on Capitol Hill have had enough of incompetence
some kind of basketball homecoming at Capitol Hill High School
Seattle Central offering sites on Capitol Hill for new development
Members of RSI's Gov and Public Affairs Committee and meeting this morning before heading to Capitol Hill to me…
Capitol Hill staffers secretly worked on order
Tensions emerged in the White House and on Capitol Hill following Trump’s immigration order.
How 'll then tell nations about democracy yet truly democratically elected president is facing backlash from Hill
Mr. Graham, 78, a two-term governor of Florida and three-term senator who left Capitol Hill in 2005, Mr President
During 300 Capitol Hill meetings last year, we conveyed one clear message: Farm Credit’s mission remains vital.
making a run at Capitol Hill you got my vote.
Be sure to follow for latest updates on ACA discussions on Capitol Hill.
.celebrating 20 years of dancing on Capitol Hill
Janet Yellen to Testify on Capitol Hill on Feb. 15 - Wall Street Journal
Editorial cartoon: The Orange Meanie. I was tempted to make him the Fool on the (Capitol) Hill but this was a better fit. http…
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has pledged to fight Trump’s immigration ban in court and on Capitol Hill via
McConnell is: 'looking forward to making new laws in 2017' 'the shrewdest tacticians on Capit…
"The lack of consultation has set off a wave of resentment on Capitol Hill.'We're getting tired of the chaos.'"
MT When CAPITOL HILL acts like The Washington Post is their hometown newspaper.
Right now, Justin of and others are fighting for the ACA on Capitol Hill! Show your support!…
For Americans have claimed to be on top of the world now see true human nature of selfishness among the top Hill
Watching MSNBC on my flight to Washington D.C. on the day of these nominations + knowing I'll be at Capitol Hill tom. is a w…
Thanks for meeting with us and for the great tour of the capitol, Senator Rozenboom! It's great to have an advocate…
A few of our students are at Hill Day at the Idaho State Capitol. Thank you for representing Nicholas Jay Academy!
Some things don't change. White House spokesman now bemoaning obstructionism on Capitol Hill.
Congress' voicemails full, so citizens are at Capitol Hill to demand answers from senators trying to repeal our hea…
War of words on Capitol Hill over AG nominee Sessions THIS IS PURE PATHETIC WHAT DEMS ARE DOING
/."Each new revelation sets off alarm bells on Capitol Hill where GOP confronts repeated bouts of chaos of the administration's own making.
Do we really, I mean really have to bear four years of this "American Horror Story. : Capitol Hill"?
His Majesty King Abdullah II arrives at the Capitol Hill - Learn more about the Congressional Committees h…
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People in "deserve better" representation on Capitol Hill than by you. Send out resumes now in preparatio…
If you want to advocate for healthcare issues to your representative, join us on Capitol Hill in March!
Today representing IC students' interests on Capitol Hill.
Spotted by a friend on Capitol Hill. Sadly the possum was actually dead.
Resistance on Capitol Hill- all 12 Dem senators on Finance Cmte boycott votes on Trump HHS, Treasury picks
Really, what is wrong with Bet he wants to keep Capitol Hill, Georgetown& Foggybottom
In the troubled days of early 2017, Capitol Hill residents found solace in a park on pavement painted to look like a video game...
I've gone from leading prayers on Capitol Hill to being banned from entering US for no reason but my nation…
here’s the PR. Wonder if presser postponed due to “Too much f ckery going down on Capitol Hill today.”
The frustration on Capitol Hill among Republicans boils over President Trump's refugee order
Get your character on with in Musical Theater tonight! 7:30 PM at Capitol Hill!…
Relatedly, there any good karaoke in Capitol Hill on a Friday?
Key appropriators on Capitol Hill don't know how Pres Trump can order construction of border wall w/o Cong approval,
Ghost Note’s next measure of Capitol Hill coffee: craft subtlety, no tipping, and Bellevue Ave’s first……
Democrat or Republican, no one on Capitol Hill is sure what the Trump era will bring. reports:
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Lost White Luggage with Pig Statue and skulls inside (Capitol Hill)
Map of gridlock caused by protesters on Capitol Hill highways. Chants heard blocks away
WATCH- VP-elect arrive on Capitol Hill for the of htt…
Thanks to the Capitol Hill Club, Dow Agro & ABC for hosting a great reception w/ Congressional delegation!
Mussolini! 😂😂😂 Let's hope Don & Melania don't end up being hung upside down by their ankles on Capitol Hill!!!
FWIW: the Mexican place on Capitol Hill was far more crowded than the sushi/pan-Asian restaurant after the inauguration
Trumps, Obamas head to Capitol Hill in presidential motorcade for swearing-in ceremony
Donald Trump's children arrive at Capitol Hill for his inaugural swearing-in ceremony
Hillary and Bill Clinton arrive at Capitol Hill for the inauguration
you've still got time to check in to the NBC4 Inaugural Café, coming from the Hill Center Capitol Hill. : 
White people tearing up capitol hill. Lol this is gonna be a fun weekend.
If you missed it, a bill aimed at moving waste from sites like intro'd on Capitol Hill:…
invited for the first time in many years to an Inaugural Ceremony at Capitol Hill
Tears in my eyes. I just witnessed Marine One fly over in Capitol Hill. A moment I'll never forget. . Thank you,
Lol just got this picture.. Didn't think it was this deep.. Capitol Hill is empty. Wow
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World is never going to be same: Obamas depart Capitol Hill after the of President ...
It's time to charge Trump with TREASON and EVERYONE lnows it including GOP, Capitol Hill, FBI, CIA
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Laura Bush arrive at Capitol Hill for Donald Trump's
and on way from so carriage entrance Capitol Hill.
While things in capitol hill were happening...
'You will never be forgotten again': Watch President Trump's passionate close to his inauguration speech…
Chants of 'Free Israel' from MAGA group entering Capitol Hill Metro station.
My dad was in the military and studied, worked in, and taught government. My brother works on Capitol Hill. They both understand more about
President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama arrive at Capitol Hill for
Has anyone done an edit of trump coming out of Capitol Hill to the imperial march from Star Wars yet?
Look at the crowd Obama pulled in for Capitol Hill vs Donald Trump. How embarrassing. No one wanted to go see boo boo the fo…
President-elect and VP-elect make their way to Capitol Hill from Pennsylvania Avenue. ht…
President Donald Trump has been signing papers on Capitol Hill, taking his first actions as the new U.S. leader.
WATCH: Barack and Michelle Obama depart Capitol Hill after the of President Donald Trump
.takes part in signing ceremony on Capitol Hill
JUST IN: Obama, Trump arrive on Capitol Hill ahead of the inauguration ceremonies.
Even if college athletes win the pay-for-play fight in court, they may lose on Capitol Hill. My latest:
Now underway on Capitol Hill, testimony from former Texas Gov Rick Perry, nominated for Energy Secretary
"It doesn't get better than Florida House on Capitol Hill" -Bart Hudson, President and CEO of
.on Capitol Hill tomorrow, meeting with House members, then has Florida Sunshine Ball at night.
Controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs has been removed from Capitol Hill
‘Boot Camp’ teaches Utahns how to make their voices heard on Capitol Hill
Senator introduces Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson on Capitol Hill this morning. Watch here:
When I support "TERM LIMITS " on Capitol Hill, I think immediately of Rep. John Lewis *and* of Sen. Harry Reid.
More battle lines drawn in Capitol Hill war over police-as-pigs "art"==>.
Painting that depicts cops as pigs will be taken down next week.
Hey Mr. Trump, you can't actually Make America Great Again without first getting rid of the zionist traitors on Capitol Hill.
A lot going on at Capitol Hill lately. When are they going to listen? My painting, "Separation of Church and State." htt…
"I will fight to defend this young man's right to express himself."
Trump's transition team discussing with Congress how to proceed with childcare tax law touted by Ivanka Trump…
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60% of Congress is using software with "virtual constituent" data and not real constituent info-duped aga…
spoke on Capitol Hill against bill to begin process of repealing the Here's…
~That~ painting is against the rules, Rep. says, so it's allegedly coming down permanently on Tuesday. http…
Award-winning painting of cops as pigs to be removed from Capitol.
Worked in foreign policy on Capitol Hill. Our best interns were home schooled. You've made a great decision!
Putin's number one stooge on Capitol Hill is not happy about how this week is going
There's obviously no room for on Capitol Hill. I'm thrilled to see that they aren't allowing this crap to h…
addresses Resolution on Capitol Hill. There is no question, a
99 problems but a pitch ain't one A Republican says the Capitol Hill painting by…
We can meet up and I can give you one! I'll be on Capitol Hill this weekend!
Pence meets with Democrats on Capitol Hill — including one who says Trump has tried to turn him Republican
"In its first week of tests on Capitol Hill, the new administration came out the winner."
A Blue Lives Matter flag is now afixed to the wall above the controversial pigs as police painting on Capitol Hill https:/…
TBT to Washington DC, Sept 2016. Visitng Senator Ben Cardin, House of Representatives in session at Capitol Hill, Pe…
Clinton at portrait unveiling 12/2016 on Capitol Hill for outgoing Sen. Harry Reid More makeup, but still haggard.
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Chairman of FDF, Rev. Dean Nelson leads black pastors in support of Sen. Sessions on Capitol Hill yesterday
Chairman of FDF, Rev. Dean Nelson, lead black pastors who support Sen. Sessions at press conference on Capitol Hill.
Lion Chaser Rev. Dean Nelson facilitating on Capitol Hill at the press conference in support of Jeff Sessions...
Speaker Paul Ryan proudly shows Boris Johnson a bust of Winston Churchill in his office as they meet on Capitol Hill.
Hillary will attend the inaugural but only if the Mariah Carey Dancers carry her up the Capitol Hill steps.
It's a perfect clear day to tour this contemporary view home on Capitol Hill! Open today & tomorrow from 1-4pm:…
A San Diego congressman removed a student painting from Capitol Hill wall following complaints it was offensive
Ditto for me. I walk through Capitol Hill to Eastlake every work day, and this is one of my least favorite……
On Capitol Hill to welcome the new Congress! We're still here fighting to so consider yourselves on notice.…
GOP holds press conference on Capitol Hill to talk about repealing Obamacare. First question from press was about Russian hack…
VP-elect meets with lawmakers on Capitol Hill
Dems just don't get that it's a PUBLIC office! Not about your failed 'legacy' your Legacy is why 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Do you think by discussing it he can make your motorcycle less noisy?
Capitol Hill is becoming a war zone with in the middle of it. Here's what happened today:
Today's one of those days where we all do our part. We owe our democracy more than the occasional vote. Capitol Hill.
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With options limited, Obama heads to Capitol Hill today to rally Democrats on health care
I liked a video Bernie Sanders speaks on Capitol Hill
VP-elect arrives at Capitol Hill to meet with GOP leaders about plans to repeal and replace
.arrives at Capitol Hill to meet with Democrats about
Speaker Ryan says "we have plenty of ideas" about how to repeal and replace Obamacare.
OBAMA tells Dems that voters will PUNISH Rs for repeal and urges them to use TEA PARTY tactics and storm town halls
TRUMPCARE Will Make America Sick Again-GOP's plan to Gut Obamacare will leave people Without Healthcare https:…
Bittersweet meeting today on Capitol Hill w/ proud of all we've accomplished together, but sad his Presidency is…
Pence on Capitol Hill to discuss replacing Obamacare with the GOP plan. Except Obamacare was the GOP plan. So, this. htt…
Ryan lies & lies & lies & Capitol Hill/MSM has been letting him get away w/it for 8 years.
Today Obama heads to Capitol Hill to fall on the sword for his craptacular health care bill.
VP not sworn in yet already on Capitol Hill tackling Obamacare. Passed on lies! Keep your promises! Thank you!
New rule bans lawmakers from taking video in House chambers, raising fears about less transparency on Capitol Hill.
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