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Capitol Building

The United States Capitol is the meeting place of the United States Congress, the legislature of the federal government of the United States.

White House Washington Monument Supreme Court Capitol Hill Kennedy Center Embassy Row New York Bill Ayers Capitol Theatre American People Salt Lake City

The U.S. Capitol Building is currently in hair and make-up...
Sunrise over the Capitol building in from yesterday’s ride.
Oak tree shadows on the State Capitol building in Raleigh- very nice thinkfruitful :)…
has baptized 8 in first 8 weeks of existence. They meet under the shadow of the capitol building.
A better prediction would be the next target-I'm thinking the Capitol Building next, given GOP control.
DC selfie with the Capitol Building! -np
Bomb threat at office building near Richmond capitol
Christmas 2014 isn't over until the North Dakota capitol building dims it's lights…
For his design of the Capitol, he received $500 and a building lot
"NY police union's quiet protest disrespected the people of its state." -defenders of public unions who trashed the WI Capi…
"What did you do for break?" "Oh I went to the Taj Mahal, met Dan bilzerian, and smoked a Cuban cigar on top of the Capitol building"
behind the Capitol building lol that's cool..
A ghostly black cat, called the Demon Cat, for 100 years haunted the lower reaches of the Capitol building in D.C.
Are you sure the construction on the capitol building isn't adding a minaret?
Friends, By now, many of you know that the Colorado State Patrol resorted to telling a BLATANT LIE to cover up their unnecessary lockdown of the Capitol yesterday (if you haven't seen the clip, go to YouTube and search "CSP locks protests out of Capitol Building"). An...
Citigroup announced that it would move its headquarters from NYC to the U.S. Capitol Building in early 2015. Really.
Inside the 4th floor rotunda at the State Capitol. @ The OKC Capitol Building
If these provokes of democracy do not get any serious, that scene will turn chaotic. Supreme Court to hear why rate of injunction should be filed on midterm elections. If I were a judge, won't indulge any hearing but throw the case out. You are allowing these angry crowd to amass at such strategic location: temple of justice, the Capitol building and the executive mansion; it might get angry at police action and begin to throw objects and before you get to realize buildings are getting lit on fire.
Two lion statues that have resided atop the Oklahoma State Capitol building for nearly 100 years are calling Chickasha their new home. Fran and Jerry Morris purchased these two lions, which stand nearly eight feet tall and weigh 11,000 pounds each. Fran, who says she is a history buff, said she his…
December 1, 2014, at the Capitol Building in . Let's get this campaign started!
This guy vandalized a Capitol Hill condo building. Cash reward if you know his name. 1-800-222-tips.
Standing outside the large justice building in the new Capitol, he walked inside to find . After asking around l, he managed-
Participated in a protest at the capitol building in Lansing today!
It's pretty cool that I can see the Capitol Building while driving around the airport at work
First time seeing the trees in the Capitol building! Quite impressive. Tis the season!
Today's rally at PR's Capitol building. Thanks for your support!
Guess who joined us at State Capitol Building for Scott Wilk's swearing in for the Assembly?. These 2!...
Capitol Building gingerbread house in the American Adventure rotunda! So cool!!!
New artwork for sale! - "Utah State Capitol Building with Lion Statue" -
Flying objects seen circling the Capitol Building last year.
Dusk in Austin - view of the Capitol building from the Dallas Morning News office. @ Texas State Capitol
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Do you ever see somebody who's iPhone background is a stock image of the Capitol Building AND JUDGE THEM IMMEDIATELY?
ESPN always shows the old Capitol building. Weird that it was planned to be bulldozed when they built the new one. Bill Nelson saved it.
Tired of lawsuits making home ownership unaffordable? May be hope at State Capitol in 2015.
I just got a lesson in grammar & humility. CapitOl is a building, Capital is a city. ;)
I have seen it hundreds of times, yet seeing the Capitol Building at night never fails to amaze me
On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks’ quiet bravery inspired us. Here’s her statue in the US Capitol building:
I enter this phallic building every day. Typical Florida.
Building an empire in our capitol city: Providence, RI. Each and every Saturday night. ♠️🔱
If all goes as planned, the building will be back to operating as normal in two years with only decorative and...
Great 2 be in Capitol building as friends & others sworn in as California's newest State Assemblymembers!
Ms. Tasha Ferguson from the Capitol Building Maintenance Corporation came to CET today to talk to our students!
Catch me on channel 8 news at the state Capitol building
Nebraska, people might say you're super boring but your Capitol Building is out of this world.…
Jumping off the top of the U.S. Capitol building is political suicide
Recording strings at the Capitol building
Abandoned car still here at the Capitol building. It's been there since 830am. I called it in to report.
November 23, 2014—Saturday Night Live (SNL) spoofed President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration this weekend by airing an updated version of The Schoolhouse Rock.After shoving The Schoolhouse Rock's bill (played by Keenan Thompson) down the steps of the Capitol Building, SNL's President…
Fall Interns with New York's Robert Livingston statue during our tour of the Capitol Building.
CCA 7th and 8th graders are extending the classroom in Tallahassee! Students were able to meet Governor Rick Scott at an event held at the Governor's Mansion. They were also able to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the Cabinet Meeting and tour the Capitol Building.
John F Kennedy’s coffin lies in state in the Capitol Building
Time has just been changed to 2:30 at the Oliver Hodge Building in the State Board Room N of the Capitol Building! Be the…
Was refused entry to police union presser on Vonderrit Myers shooting for 10 mins. WaPo/Capitol Building id not enough to…
REP GABRIEL NYEKAN LIED - NEEDS TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE FOR HIS ALLEGATION AGAINST ME!! _ _ September 22, 2014 Honorable J. Alex Tyler Speaker House of Representatives Capitol Hill Monrovia, LIBERIA Honorable Speaker of the National Legislature: This communication serves to officially bring to your attention the following public comments made by Montserrado County District Eleven Representative Gabriel Nyekan about my person and my hard-earned reputation: 1. Rep Nyekan on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at a called Press Conference at the Capitol Building referred to me as a “jihadist and ex-LURD fighter” and splashed doubt on my Liberian citizenship; 2. At the same press briefing, he stated that there are court records to established that I stole 40ft Container from the Freeport of Monrovia where I served as Assistant Port Operations Manager for Container Operations and that I was convicted for the crime; 3. Rep Nyekan told the Press Conference and mentioned on Sky FM on Friday September 19, 2014 that my na ...
Pennsylvania Avenue, the view of the Capitol Building
Today we remember the horrific attacks of September 11th, I wrote this piece and it was originally posted on the LA Kings Fan Group "Die Hard └A Kings Fanatics"; On September 11, 2001 the world was shocked witnessing a terrorist attack against the United States Of America. Hijackers took control of four commercial airliners and struck the both Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York City, New York, and the Headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, The Pentagon, in Arlington County, Virginia, while a fourth target The US Capitol Building was saved after it crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after the passengers fought the hijackers. Everyone has their stories that they’ll never forget about where they were when they heard the news (I'm from the Los Angeles Area And I was waking up getting ready to work at the Long beach Arena for the LA Times Travel Show when I saw the events unfold on Television ), but the effects of the attacks were so wide-reaching. Among the 2,977 vict ...
In Austin Texas showing everyone "Maverick". Will be north of Capitol Building tomorrow on N Congress.
1989: Beastie Boys tagged all over the roof of the Capitol Records building. Cleaned but found this years later. RIP
Capitol building was lit up Gold tonight for pediatric cancer awareness! Next year we need thousands in attendance
My new apartment building is on top of a high hill and I'm on the roof deck. I can see the U.S. Capitol from up here.
Shot of the Utah Capitol Building and tower during sunset
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Get to fall asleep every night to the view of the capitol building 😉
Nebraska State Capitol Building lit GOLD tonight for childhood cancer. We are so proud of our state for making...
Walking around capitol park, looking at the landscaping, and the blue sky and the angels on the building, sometimes it feel like heaven.
Nicki minaj, kim k, iggy, jlo and Beyoncé are all in the same building that's like the *** Capitol of the world rn
People making ornaments at DNR building for U.S. Capitol Christmas tree from Chippewa Nat. Forest.
Early morning at the majestic state capitol building in Sacramento, California
Another perk is the "secret" tunnel that runs between the Capitol Building & the Library of Congress, which is very cool.
There was no separate building for the LOC at the time. The library was actually in the Capitol. So yes, it was deliberately done.
Are you tired of politics? Here is a better view of the capitol building. Visual improvement provided by Marisa.
One of the magnificent hallways in the Capitol building
The dome of the Capitol Building is plated in 24-karat gold to commemorate the state's Gold Rush days.
the Capitol building & beyond. I have to go really slow bc playing on grounded is *** near impossible
200 years ago today, soldiers of the Crown burned down the White House, the Capitol Building, and other buildings in Washington D.C.
I just opened my window to listen to the Capitol Steps rather than leaving the building.
My nana is telling me how she got arrested because she and a bunch of protesters stood in front of the state Capitol building so the
Andy shooting some super8 footage at the Capitol building on Olympia,Washington. @ Washington…
On the 8th grade field trip to DC I got sick and threw up in the capitol building and that's probably the most exciting thing about me
you guys said you can't sneak up on the clicker in the hollowed-out building before the capitol building in I beg to differ.
Largest state capitol building in the U.S. @ Texas State Capitol
New York vibe in the heart of Miami. Industrial Loft in the historic building. Capitol Lofts condominium
In Washington DC, no building may be built taller than the Capitol.
Thanks Springfield FD saved us from an elevator at the Capitol Building. Stuck for an hour, I muscled the doors open htt…
The US Capital Building before the imaginary attack from Mars.! @ United States Capitol
always reminded of the Union thugs that trashed the Capitol building during the recall election,and lost anyway!
Amateur architect who designed the Capitol building and Tudor Place
The Capitol building from Saturday. Really behind on the times because I am in fact on vacation 🙈😊
Come out to support my boo !! Thursday on the steps of the Capitol Building at 7pm!!!
Beautiful day today in Madison WI. Capitol building a block from my hotel.
Here at the beautiful state Capitol building.
What I learned on Scandal tonight: it's easy to get into the Capitol building wearing an explosive vest. Who knew.
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"Yes I work at the U.S. Capitol building"
Can Kris Bryant hit a HR into the Capitol Building?
.is ready to go! Its @ the beautiful Legislative Office Building next to the Capitol
Stopped by the amazing Illinois State Capitol Building and now having dinner down the street from Lincoln's House
Got an apartment in DC for fall right next to the Senate building and Capitol, very excited!
What up Olympia. The beautiful Capitol building in such a lovely city.
Nice view of the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building in the distance from my hotel room.
FYI: So how do you get your portrait in the US Capitol? (& today's other congressional stories):
Next mailer: "Klein's as ridiculous as a baboon playing the bassoon [Photoshop of that in front of Capitol Building]"
Very privileged to have just received a private tour of the State Capitol Building by Lt. Gov Brad Owen.
. Obama could behead a Christian in the Capitol Building + Boehner would say " we are only 2/3 …
At State Capitol Building for hearing on Senate/Assembly Select Committees on Aging and Long-Term Care.
TIL Oklahoma's state capitol building has corporate sponsors names written directly on the structure.
Lucky for all of you living in or visiting Salt Lake City, UT, you can now charge at the Capitol building
I'm at California State Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA w/ 3 others
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China brings us another gem with a that looks like the Capitol. Admit it, you’re curious... I am.
Remember Primary Polls close at 8PM - soon as they do, we'll go LIVE to the Capitol Building for in-depth coverage of
Also, tour of the capitol building by with of course!
Melrose Market in Capitol Hill. A few cute shops and eateries in one building. Homegrown = tasty. Victrola coffee around the corner.
Hidden blue tiles in the Pierre capitol building. They match!
I got a little excited at the Capitol Building this morning
Ford was also a man of the House and now has a House Office Building named after him:
is live at the state capitol building in Sac! Housing, infrastructure, manufacturing, workforce, etc on on the table.
they dont use those in Stupidville. They have the CAPITOL BUILDING! Woof-woof!
At with Glenda Humiston in California capitol building
With the Great March for Climate Action in Des Moines yesterday, marching to the State Capitol building.
what site do you mean? Do you mean in DC in the Capitol building where the Supreme Court used to meet?
TIL The Oklahoma state capitol dome lists corporate sponsors on the building itself.
Cardiff building up to the super cup final so many madrid seville fans great atmosphere in the welsh capitol !!
MSU followers there is also a vigil at the Capitol Building in Lansing. You can create your own on campus or you can take the bus
Many Boiseans may not realize that The Federal Building (1904) is actually older than the Capitol Building...
Leaving today. Stopped to catch a glimpse of the city's impressive building.
PEACEFUL Moment of silence and solidarity for victims of police brutality. Michigan Capitol Building, 8/14 7pm
TIL that out of 400 some statues in the Capitol building, only 10 are of real women.
Anybody commute from to Where exactly does the bus pick ppl up from on commonwealth or the capitol building?
I'm at United States Capitol Building - in Washington, DC w/ 3 others
Capitol is a building in which a state legislagture meets or, specifically, the building in Washington, D.C., where the U.S. Congress meets.
should be in Capitol Building as mascot of BS
Capitol building in the back drop. Music is the one thing I know makes me unstoppable. Finally getting…
*looks at the Capitol building from his seat on Flight 77* looks like a titty
*Driving on Grand Ave*. "What's that cool looking building?". My response.."uh that's the Capitol Building of Iowa.." 😂😂
Me and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) a few weeks back at his office in the Capitol Building.
(Yes it was an honor for The Hatcher Family today!) Challenger is a non-releasable Bald Eagle cared for by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation headquartered at Dolly Parton's Dollywood family theme park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Challenger was named in honor of the fallen space crew. For over 20 years, Challenger has been an ambassador for his species, making educational appearances across the U.S. and raising awareness about eagles. He is the first bald eagle in U.S. history to free-fly into major sports stadiums, arenas and ballrooms during the National Anthem! Some if the biggest appearances include MLB World Series, Fiesta Bowls, NFL Programs, BCS National Championships, the White House, Pentagon, U.S. Capitol Building, the WWII Memorial and numerous national TV shows including Dateline NBC, Fox and Friends, GMA, the David Letterman Show and Larry King Live. In 1989, Challenger was blown from a wild nest as a baby and was hand-raised by the people who rescued him. Unfortunately, he experienced too muc ...
We love Golden, CO!! Having 4th of July dinner in the first Capitol Building of the Colorado cool!
Awaiting Attorney General Kathleen Kane's findings on the AG's Sandusky investigation in the Capitol Building.
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Should be Screaming that from the steps of every Capitol building in REPUBLIC of USA
Could fit a ton of people, all watching the USA play the beautiful game in the US capital with the Capitol Building as the backdrop.
It should be an interesting afternoon at the Capitol since marchers should descend on the building.
Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil Date Country City/State Killed Injured Description 4/14/1972 USA New York, NY 1 3 Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding officers, killing one. 1/19/1973 USA Brooklyn, NY 1 1 Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the alarm. 7/1/1973 USA Bethesda, MD 1 0 An Israeli diplomat is gunned down in his driveway by Palestinian terrorists. 7/18/1973 USA Washington, DC 8 2 Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad. 10/19/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 1 Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead. 10/29/1973 USA Berkeley, CA 1 0 A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists. 11/25/1973 USA Oakland, CA 1 ...
Gotta keep your records somewhere, right? @ Tennessee State Capitol Building
By the police barracks and capitol building. This guy kept telling me I was "going to get my *** thrown in jail" etc, but the cop+
Yes along with one other sign should be posted in the Capitol building which reads: this sign is alright anyone trying to impose loss upon our rights will be executed immediately without trial and by firing squad
Saw the Capitol Building and Washington Monument from the road! 🇺🇸
Going up, ain't nothin' gonna stop us. @ The Tennessee State Capitol Building elevator
Came to visit the Capitol Building of Louisiana at Baton Rouge, Louisiana!!! It's the tallest capitol…
the Capitol Records building as the freeway cut past it. It was supposed to resemble a stack of records with ...
Did you know? March 1, 1881: first capitol building in was destroyed by a fire.
March to begin in about 15 minutes. Destination: capitol building. Stream coming soon :) Good morning, I love you♥
Selfie from the tallest capitol building of the US!!!
Worship this morning at the State Capitol Building! @ State Capital Building
On top of the tallest capitol building of the US! 34 floors high
Came to visit the capitol building of Louisiana
Lived in California all my life and I've never seen the Capitol building before :). Awesome view !
At the Colorado capitol building many folks might miss this at a glance however the statue in front is…
Kansas allows guns in Capitol building. What the heck HAS happened to Kansas?!
New Hampshire’s Statehouse was built in 1918 and is the nation’s oldest capitol building in which the Legislature...
We're having a moment in today's Top 10. Cool timelapse of the Capitol Building:
I can't see the politicians coming out of the California capitol building to meet their demands, as they want, but... yeah.
My friends and I at the rededication of the cornerstone for the California State Capitol Building with...
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This dude legit posted a pic saying he loves the White House, when it's actually a pic of the Capitol Building located in Sacramento. LOLLL
Lego Capitol building. Lots of details in the Miniland of Lego California.
Dear Journalists: It's Capitol Hill. With an O. Capital hill is something different. Presumably a pile of cash outside the Capitol Building.
The "White House"...or the Capitol building...whichever one feels like it is..
Selfie x6 with the Capitol building 🐂💯
Rachet street fight going on infront of the Indiana state Capitol building right now
Never thought I'd fall asleep on the sidewalk outside the capitol building
Blessed with a beautiful day! Colorado State Capitol building in Denver 🌞
I liked a video from The Last of Us Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 - The Capitol Building
The Capitol Building blew up.I guess that means the movie starts now.
Happy Solstice, everyone! I spent the afternoon with fellow pagans in our Capitol building's Memorial Chamber!
What a wonderful day for a wedding at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building and the Civic Club for cocktail hour.!
BIG $ OUT OF POLITICS!: The San Francisco Projection Dept. descended on Sacramento's Capitol Building last night to project the messages the March for Democracy are bringing to the Government. Tomorrow is their final day of walking tomorrow--from LA! Please join the California March for Democracy Arrival March & Rally:
KAHEA. 06/23/2014. State Capitol PROTEST So hereʻs how you can tell them what you have to say - Weʻre calling everyone to be at the capitol building from 9 AM to Noon on Monday to protest.
I will NEVER vote for a person who voted for the bailout. The fact that Mary Fallin voted for the bailout in 2008 (TARP) seems to get lost in all the recent hubbub. I had actually forgotten all about it until Steve Dickson mentioned it in an article yesterday. In the Oklahoma governor's race, the choice could not be more clear: ~ a politically connected incumbent governor with a track record of catering to the special/moneyed interests, who has shown disdain for her constituents (the Common Core debacle, medical issues, health care-OHIET), and who has vetoed good legislation (yes, there actually was some) seemingly out of spite because she felt like the priority should be on capitol building renovations :P , and yes, that bailout... OR ~ a person who understands that the proper role of government is to protect the life, liberty, and property of the people and the role of the governor is to govern the government, not you. Do you want more of the same or are you ready for a governor who you won't have to be ...
Well ...dc and each and every capitol building
First I would like to thank Jeanie McGuire and Lynn Delzingaro plus everyone involved with the AAWHA for asking me to be part of the rally in Washington DC and for the very kind words in the letter attached. We do not want everyone to stop breeding and showing the Tennessee walking horses. Just stop beating and making your horses suffer with unbearable pain. If you feel the way I do about horse soring, please let your congress men know. We are so close to shutting the door on this kind of nonsense. I have added photos of six sound, loved and very happy Tennessee walking horses that came to Washington DC. Are they not beautiful? They do not need pads, chains and to be soared to look awesome. I have all the photos posted on my web site if you want to see more photos from DC. THE ALL AMERICAN WALKING HORSE ALLIANCE WAS HONORED TO HAVE OUR HISTORIC EVENT THE WALK ON WASHINGTON DOCUMENTED THROUGH THE KEEN EYE OF PHOTOGRAPHER KEN SIEMS. HIS BRILLIANCE, PASSION AND COMMITMENT TO THE BEAUTY AND NATURAL ATHLE ...
On Monday, Senator John McCain will encourage Mississippians to get out and vote for Thad during a rally at 8:45 a.m. at the Mississippi War Memorial Building in downtown Jackson on North State Street (next to the Old Capitol Building). When you arrive, enter through the front door on State Street and proceed to the auditorium in the back of the building. Address: 120 South State Street, Jackson, MS 39201 The public is invited to attend to welcome Senator McCain – a legendary American military hero – to Mississippi and to show support for Thad Cochran as we approach the June 24, 2014, Republican Runoff election day.
NEWS FROM TALLAHASSEE: Today Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and members of the Florida Cabinet presented the Whitehead Family a Resolution in honor of Sheriff Jerry Whitehead 29 years of service and dedication to Union County and the Union County Sheriff's Office and for being the longest serving Sheriff in the state of Florida. Meeting was held in a "standing room only" packed Cabinet Room within the Capitol Building with dozens of Sheriffs, elected officials and friends from all over the state in attendance. More pictures to come as they are available from the Governor's Office.
@ The U.S. Postal Service handles over forty percent of the world's mail volume.   @ The U.S. produces enought plastic film annually to cover t5he entire state of Texas.   @ The U.S. produces more tobacco than wheat.   @ There are ten towns named Hollywood in the U.S.   @ Thre are 365 steps on the front of the U.S. Capitol Building--one for every day of the year.   @ There are more telephones than people in D.C.   @ The Capitol Building in D.C. is lower than Mount Vernon across the Potomac River. This was done on purpose when drawing up the plans for the nation's capital by George Washington who wanted his house to be at an elevation higher than the national capital facility.
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The LHHS markup today is now at 2:15 in Room S-128 in the Capitol Building.
is at the Consultative Meeting with DILG Field Officers of LGUs with Recivery Assistance for Yolanda (RAY) and Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA) Poograms at Capitol Building
Starship of the Imagination should've flown over of the Capitol building when he said that line (Or buzzed Sarah Palin's house)
I can already see the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument and I'm about to cry.
DC at night is even more impressive @ United States Capitol Building
Enjoyed a tour of the beautiful Wyoming Capitol building- we even got to meet Governor Mead! I was very honored to speak to the Voc Rehab counselors this afternoon- what an amazing group of people! Headed out soon for a dinner date with my handsome travel partner. Such a great day!
"White Men Or White Women Have Tried To Attack Me With Dogs At Least Seven Times!" The first time I was on Osborn and Central Avenue. I went up on the Light Rail Platform and told him I was going to press the red/Emergency Button. Then he went down the street. I heard that then the dog attacked him because that is the way it works. The second time I was walking up Roosevelt Street to go to the Apartments to the Metra Platform. A black younger female was following me. I then cut through a side road. When I came out I did not see the black and/or colored female. Then another time on Roosevelt. It was early in the morning. Every time the man would get close to me with the dog I would move. When I got on the train there were only dark/black haired people who said that is what we were trying to tell you. Another time a white man followed me with a dog from the McDowell Platform to the Cambell Platform. I pushed the red/Emergency button. He got on the next train while I waited for the police. A white female fol ...
I really don't like stopping by Pierre, epically at the capitol building, because then I never wanna leave
Must see AUSTIN LAND MARKS - In a city as unique as Austin, there are tons of local landmarks that are known to Austinites and visitors alike. Whether they're historically significant like the Texas State Capitol Building or a product of local culture like the Cathedral of Junk, each one adds to the city's vibrant atmosphere. Brought to you by York Real Estate Services
FLAG DAY AND NATIONAL FLAG WEEK, 2014 - - - - - - - BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION Over farmlands and town squares, atop skyscrapers and capitol buildings, the American flag soars. It reminds us of our history -- 13 colonies that rose up against an empire -- and celebrates the spirit of 50 proud States that form our Union today. On Flag Day and during National Flag Week, we pay tribute to the banner that weaves us together and waves above us all. For more than two centuries, Americans have saluted Old Glory in times of trial and triumph. Generations have looked to it as they steeled their resolve, and an unbroken chain of men and women in uniform has served under our flag. From the banks of Baltimore's Inner Harbor to European trenches and Pacific islands, from the deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Afghanistan, they have risked their lives so we might live ours. When we lay our veterans to rest, many go draped with the stars and stripes upon them, and their families find ...
Our Capitol building is one of the most beautiful in the country.
I didn't go to pre-school or kindergarten. When I was in the 8th grade, the "graduation trip" as I recall was a trip on the bus to see the Capitol building in Raleigh and the cost was like $5 for lunch. Nowadays kids wear caps and gowns for kindergarten graduation, and the school trip is to Disneyworld. I am not a parent, so I am just wondering if all kids get to go, or only the ones whose parents have the money to send them.
Blood Moon lunar eclipse phases over the Texas Capitol Building.
Education Secretary Armin Luistro and Maguindanao Gov. Esmael Mangudadatu have agreed to convert into a public school the P120-million capitol building the Ampatuan clan built in 2006.
when they finally come up with a vaccine for stupidity...they need to send the entire shipment to the White House and the Capitol Building!
If we can't pass a constitutional amendment to get pvt money out of politics, how bout passing one that says states pay the salaries and expenses of their reps and senators? That would also include the state setting their pay by statewide vote. Meanwhile, no federal taxes would go to pay for more than the physical up keep of the Capitol building. I'm actually not joking about these things.
As we were landing in DC my mom just tried to argue with me for 10 minutes that the Capitol Building was the White House.
The gold man on top of the Capitol building in
Just ran into the current CO of HMX-1 outside the Capitol Building! Ha!
I'm back home and settled in after a week at the annual atomic physics conference in Madison Wisconsin. I went to a bunch of talks about really, really, really stable clocks. They are closing in on an accuracy better than 1 second in the age of the universe - a truly remarkable achievement. I also got to see lots of people I only see once a year at these conferences, drank lots of beer and generally had a good time. Here are two photos: first a shot looking back from the conference center toward the state capitol building and second the title slide from my old thesis advisor's talk. I was entertained by him describing himself as "Leverett Professor Physics, Harvard University" (it's a little hard to read in the photo) but his result: twelve-fold more sensitive measurement of the electron electric dipole moment is truly impressive.
Beautiful view of the Rockies from the Denver Capitol building! I wish I had time to actually go to the mountains.
I checked in at U.S. Capitol Building on
My girlfriend and I took a picture in the Texas capitol building.
The first State Capitol building of Missouri while they were building the permanent Capitol in…
Texas Truth: The Capitol Dome in Austin is the only dome in the U.S. which is taller than the Capitol Building in Washingto…
Did you know that you can have a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol building through Sen. Hatch’s office? Click here:
fighter jets scrambled over DC b/c propeller plane got really close to capitol building
the Capitol building got evacuated today!!!
I know! Nuts! In my state (WA) you can bring a gun into a state capitol building, but not a small protest sign. 2nd trumps 1st.
My son-in-law, Ian Pitts, is on the far left. The architectural firm that he works was a major force in the renovation on the Kansas Capitol Building. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I don't know about you guys, but I don't think driving up I-15 to the Capitol building really qualifies as an adventure.
Trying to talk my cousins into dropping me off at Capitol building with a dozen eggs.
I want to thank everyone who came to our wedding! Even though Ted and I were trapped in the capitol building while all the guests were in the basement at the reception for a short period because of a tornado warning, it was all wonderful and the best day of our lives :) We are so excited to kick off our life together in New Orleans later today!!
Opponents of marriage equality will gather for a morning rally on June 19, 2014 at the Capitol Building in...
The Capitol building looks more like the White House than the White House does
Remember to join us in prayer today 3:00-4:00pm on the lawn of the Capitol building! Hope to see you there!
Plane from Westfield flies into restricted airspace near in Washington
Ironically, slaves actually assembled the famous 'Statue of Freedom' in 1863, which sits on top of the U.S. Capitol building
Capitol Records building. Not best pic, sorry folks! .
I got evacuated from the capitol building yesterday and had a panic attack, I'm very tired of patriotism right now, home sounds great.
June 13th, 2014 - State of Oklahoma Capitol Building. Be there if you care!
28 floors above Capitol Club 16 in the Wells Fargo building on Fayetteville St.
This is the Capitol building that they closed. It's much prettier than the actual Capitol.
A quick bike ride to the Texas state capital building. @ Texas State Capitol
Kapitan Piroco Mansion,Boac,Marinduque - THis old mansion served as the capitol building during the American period where Governor General Howard Taft spoke to the leaders of the province on one of his visit here in Marinduque
Today is the opening of the Steven Smith wing at the Old Capitol Building Museum. See you there!
the Capitol building and Smithsonian museums on the Mall.
Workers gathered around The Goddess of Liberty statue before it's placed upon the Texas State Capitol Building c.1888 h…
At Washington state in front of building that I don't know 😛 @ Washington State Capitol
A couple poses for a photo--for us--in front of the Leyte capitol building in Tacloban City.
U.S. Capitol Building evacuated briefly after airspace violation
Instead of sleeping my mom wanted to see the Capitol Building at night... she loved it lol
plenty of excitement today.we were waiting just outside the capitol building to get through security so we could take our tour when at least a dozen police officers ran around a corner towards us yelling go! go! run! run! they kept herding the crowd until we were over 4 blocks away. weve heard differing stories as to what happened, either a small aircraft crossed into capitol air space or someone left a black backpack in the building. so needless to say the brooks' didn't get their tour :( with Neil Brooks and Debbie Brooks
Dawson is all signed up for YMCA Camp and very excited!! He will be going to Cedar Point, a Tigers Game,the Capitol Building taking a tour,LugNuts too,the Detroit Zoo and much more!!!
So nothing like getting a phone call from your son who is out of town in Washington DC saying that they had to evacuate the Capitol building. Thank God all is well they say it was a false alarm.
Is it me, or does the Exploited Album "Live at the White House" feature the ruins of the Capitol building instead? Figure if ya go to make a point about it and have an artist draw the cover, maybe ya should get the location right first.. huh?
Wow, what a CRAZY afternoon! Our whole school group was at the Capitol building for our tour. All of a sudden, the staff came running and telling us to get out! Sirens blaring, running thru the underground tunnels, military yelling at us, scary stuff! We were evacuated all the way to Union Station, about 4 blocks away. Turns out an unauthorized plane had entered the airspace over the Capitol. Very exciting! My adrenaline was certainly high! We are all doing well now!
In Washington DC and there was a bomb threat at the Capitol building
Wow! You sure gotta climb a lot of steps to get to this Capitol Building here in Washington! Hey who's that sad little scrap of paper? You really wanna know? I'm just a bill Yes, I'm only a bill And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill Well, it's a long, long journey To the capitol city It's a long, long wait While I'm sitting in committee But I know I'll be a law someday At least I hope and pray that I will But today I am still just a bill Thanks to my daughter, I can't stop singing this song.
The Senate chambers are directly across from the those of the House of Representatives on the third floor of the Capitol Building. The chambers are slightly smaller than the those in the House, though just as regal.The painted plaster ceiling depicts angelic women playing music through horns, an obl…
Update your maps at Navteq
Guitarist, and local firefighter, David Gresham dropped by the Roast Grill Hot Weiners this afternoon! What a great guy - in one of the greatest Johnny Cash tribute bands ever - Johnny Folsom Four! Check them out next week at North Hills new concert venue on the lawn beside Chuey's Mexican Restaurant! Thanks for the kind words David! The Johnny Folsom Four band is so good that the true spirit of Johnny Cash will give you goosebumps! Gresham Drops By The Roast Grill :40 HD Video by Randy Bryant EVERY HOUR IS A HAPPY HOUR at the Roast Grill Hot Weiners -- We're open Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM!!! We Burn 'Em For You! • Good Friends, Good Dogs, and Good Times • Afternoons at The Roast Grill are a Raleigh, North Carolina Tradition • Since 1940 WE DO TAKE-OUTS TOO • (919) 832-8292 EASY DIRECTIONS • EASY TO FIND 7 S West Street Raleigh, NC 27603-1831 • We're at the corner of the 400 block of Hillsborough Street and West Street just four blocks down from the Capitol Building - Look left for ...
COME JOIN US FOR THE 2014 TORCH RUN! The 2014 Larimer County Torch Run is set to take place Friday, May 30th at 8:30 a.m. Each year, Torch Runs are held across the state to show support for Special Olympics athletes. The torch is eventually delivered to Grand Junction, the site of the 2014 Summer Games. During the month of May every year, hundreds of Law Enforcement Torch Run officers and Special Olympics Colorado athletes carry the Special Olympic Flame of Hope through their communities. These runs accumulate more than 1,500 miles total, in anticipation of the Special Olympics Colorado Summer Games. On the West Steps of the Capitol Building in Denver, three flames are unified into a single torch, which will then head down the 16th Street Mall to the Pepsi Center, before arriving at its final destination later that week, which is Grand Junction. All law enforcement related folks, friends and family members are invited to do this fun run, and all proceeds will benefit the Colorado Special Olympics. The ...
Saw 60 Minutes and they were showing the Capitol Building. It is in need of repair, rust, falling tile, then towards, the end Senator Nancy Pelosi, made this statement, "we approved appropriations to have the dome repaired for the American People", does she have a clue, that the American People are her employer. We pay the salaries of all Congressional members, they forget that they work for US and supposed to do what we want, not what they want.trying to force undesireable amendments down our throats, raising taxes for expenditures they approved, raising their salaries they approved, what did WE THE PEOPLE approve, not a *** thing.I hope that most of them are gone during the upcoming elections, they should only serve two terms like the so called president.make a new amendment for that.
60 Minutes tonight. Nancy Pelosi tells host: "It belongs to the American People" (talking about the Capitol Building and the repairs on it's dome. I would like to remind her, so does the Constitution and God!
Wilson Middle School representing Wyandotte and the "D" at the Capitol Building in Washington DC.
Former Addict Demands New Drug Laws Mr. Emmnanuel Fahnbulleh A group of concerned Liberians last Thursday staged a peaceful march at the Capitol Building in demand of the passage of the New Drug Laws. The group headed by a former drug dealer, Emmanuel Fahnbulleh said they were staging a march to draw lawmakers’ attention for the need to pass the anti-drug law. Mr. Fahnbulleh said the passage of the law is important to save the future of the country. According to him, the use of drugs in the country puts the country in a dangerous position in terms of progress and development. The former drug addict said he foresees trouble and a damaged future for the youths who are consider future leaders of the country. The group carried placards with several inscriptions such as, “pass the new drug laws and save the future of Liberian youths” amongst others. The New Drugs Law before the National Legislature is amongst other things calling for making the use and trafficking of illegal drugs a capital and non-billa ...
Today consists of breakfast, check out, Capitol Building, Air and Space Museum, lunch, Iwo Jima, Arlington, Supper then load the bus and head home.
At a meeting in the Capitol Building and am totally geeking out. Glad I felt well enough to come in today.
Washington Monument, Capitol Building, Supreme Court, The White House, Ford's Theatre, Holocaust Museum & the Pentagon all in one day.
The South Dakota CASA Commission will meet on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. in room 412 of the Capitol Building in Pierre. The primary focus of the April 23, 2014 meeting will be consideration of grant applications.
May 15, 2014 Bikers Inside The Beltway National Lobby Day Motorcycle Riders Foundation is pleased to report that the 6th annual Michael “Boz” Kerr Bikers Inside The Beltway will be held Thursday, May 15th in the nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation will have secure free parking for motorcycles just steps from the U.S. Capitol Building. Last year this event drew hundreds of motorcyclists from across the country. Don't miss out on the greatest gathering of politically active motorcyclists in Washington, D.C. 9:00 am to 11:00 am is arrival, registration, instruction and lobby material pickup. Meet at the motorcycle parking area on 3rd street, map below. The MRF encourages you to schedule appointments with your Representative and Senator’s offices. Plan your appointments according to your arrival time. If you plan to arrive promptly at 9:00 am, you can schedule meetings anytime from 9:45 am on. If you plan on arriving at 11:00 am at the latest then you can schedule meetin ...
Statue of Helen Keller on the lower floor of the Capitol Building @ United States Capitol
It is that time y'all! Tomorrow at 4:30 we March from City Hall down Congress to the South Steps of the Capitol Building, in Austin, TX. You have seen how draconian these drug laws are, come out and voice your support! SHARE this event and INVITE all your friends :)
Need plans for tomorrow? Join the first at 11 at the Capitol Building
COLONEL ALLEN WEST JUST GAVE A SHOUT-OUT TO LOCAL COLORADO OUTREACH EFFORTS HEADED BY DERRICK WILBURN AND SEVERAL GREAT CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS IN THE COLORADO SPRINGS/DENVER AREA Greta had Colonel Allen West on a few minutes ago to refute Charlie Rangel's current quote about the Confederate Flag being a common symbol of the Tea Party in some areas. West's opening counter was to mention that he had just recently posted a photo of Colorado's Black Tea Party Group with banner from last summer. So congratulations to Derrick Wilburn and Casper Stockham, and all the other great folks now being more commonly known as American Conservatives of Color or Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives who are taking the battle forward to reach out to those being controlled by race-baiting liberals. Part of that outreach will be this weekend in Denver at the Cinco De Mayo gathering Saturday and Sunday in the big park west of the Capitol Building. Cinco De Mayo Information: Location: Downtown Denver in the Capital Hill Area. Corne ...
Washington D.C... Meeting with the US President ... Lol! (1st Part) !!! Capitol Building This is where Congress meets and conducts business. It is located on the east end of the Mall. Construction of the building started in 1792, and its design was modified several times, until it was finished in 1865. The Capitol's most recognizable feature is the 180-foot-high cast iron dome of the Great Rotunda. In addition to its historical association, the Capitol Building is also a vast artistic treasure house. The works of such famous artists as Gilbert Stuart, Rembrandt Peale and John Trumbull are displayed on the walls. The Great Rotunda is decorated with a massive fresco by Constantino Brumidi. A monorail subway joins the House and Senate wings of the Capitol with the Congressional office buildings.
I am amazed that Dirty Harry Reid is painting the Bundy's and all their supporters as domestic terrorists. What Hypocrisy! One of Obama's staunch supporters and friend is none other than Bill Ayers. Wikipedia---He is known for his 1960s radical activism as well as his current work in education reform, curriculum, and instruction. In 1969 he co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group[2] that conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings (including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon) during the 1960s and 1970s in response to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. I don't Reid saying anything about Him other than he is a good man and a staunch supporter of our great president. HYPOCRISY AT ITS WORST
LANSING - President Wolfer and the Republican Congress congratulated Spartan Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio and several other members of the Spartan football team Thursday at the Capitol Building.  The team was honored in the Republican Senate where Dantonio spoke from the rostrum and encouraged both Republicans and Democrats to set aside their differences and work together as team, much like the Spartans had done.   After a less than mediocre beginning, the Spartan football team was able to pull together and win a league championship for the first time since 1988.  Though the team had played its home games in Sparta in the former Spartan Empire, an early enemy of the Republic, many Republicans including President Wolfer counted themselves as Spartan football fans.  This fact was put prominently on display during Spartan War II when both the Spartan Empire and the Wolfer Republic agreed to a one day ceasefire so that the Spartan football team could host their arch rivals (a game the Spartans won in ...
Corbyn, Juneau and Kinglsey enjoy giving info cards to visitors at the West Lawn of the US Capitol Building during Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2014. Inf...
YOU ARE INVITED TO CELEBRATE PALM SUNDAY AT CENTRAL UNITED METHODIST CHURCH! April 13 at 9:30 a.m. at Central UMC, 215 N. Capitol Ave. across from the Capitol Building. Join us as we walk with Jesus in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, gather with his disciples in the Upper Room, and walk with him to his cross in Living Worship. We will move from jubilation to confrontation where we meet the miracle of time, Death and Sin addressed with Life and Forgiveness. We will be joined in worship with a very special guest preacher and teacher, the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Lyman, Samuel Garrett Professor of Church History Emerita for the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, author and priest. Her sermon is titled “Walking with Jesus”. Following worship, Rev. Lyman will offer a class titled “Our places of grace; the spiritual history of Holy Week”. Palm Sunday will be blessed as Central’s choirs share the rich and meaningful beauty of music throughout the service. We look forward to seeing you on Palm Sunday! F ...
We had a wonderful time at the Pitchin' Poster Contest at Capitol Building!
today i ate mexican food and ran across the street and almost puked in the yard of the Capitol Building
Iconic Capitol Theatre To Reopen In A Year The historic Capitol Theatre in North Bridge Road will open its doors again in about a year, almost 17 years after it screened its last movie in 1998. The former cinema, fondly known to many as The Grande Dame, is part of a major heritage redevelopment project, Capitol Singapore, covering 542,000 sq ft. The project, valued at around $1.1 billion, is nearly finished. It comprises three conservation buildings - Capitol Theatre, Capitol Building and Stamford House - opposite St Andrews Cathedral. They are being redeveloped by Capitol Investment Holdings, a joint venture between Perennial Real Estate Holdings' president Pua Seck Guan, Pontiac Land Group's co-owner Kwee Liong Seen and massage chair firm Osim's founder Ron Sim. Mr Kwee said at a ceremony at the site yesterday that the building structure has been completed after 21/2 years. But extensive restoration works at the theatre, built in 1929, mean the public will have to wait a little longer to set foot in it. ...
Nearly 1,000 citizens gathered at the Capitol Building in Springfield today, loudly denouncing a House committee vote in progress that stalled Fair Tax legislation in the short term, while standing with Sen. Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) and a dozen other legislators to demand Springfield politicians pass the Fair Tax Act.
Here's a. Shot of the Washington Monument taken from the bus on the way to the Capitol Building.
About to get a tour of the Capitol Building before our SOLD OUT show tonight. What a day DC!
Went to Nashville and visited the Capitol Building today with Youth Leadership!
SPRING INTO AUCTION LIVE AUCTION ITEMS     Top Ten Reasons to Bid on This 2 VIP tickets to a taping of LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN plus Sunday or Monday night stay for two at New York MARRIOTT MARQUIS. Donated by CBS3 and New York Marriott Marquis   Sea This!  Two-night stay at the ORLANDO WORLD CENTER MARRIOTT plus 4 multi-park tickets to SEA WORLD and AQUATICA. Donated by Orlando World Center Marriott and Sea World Orlando   Inside the Beltway 4-person VIP TOUR PACKAGE to Washington including Senate & House of Representatives Gallery passes, tour of Capitol Building, Kennedy Center, Supreme Court, & Library of Congress, reservations to the Bureau of Engraving & Printing & in the Senators Dining Room, PLUS deluxe room for 2 for Friday or Saturday night with breakfast at the Washington Renaissance DuPont Circle. Donated by Senators Robert Casey and Pat Toomey Washington Renaissance DuPont Circle   All Aboard! Enjoy a boat trip for up to 15 people leaving from Longport, New Jersey. Take a cruise a ...
On Friday, March 14th, the President traveled with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to the Capitol Building for the annual Friends of Ireland Luncheon, where ...
Okay folks, here is one of the things that disgusts me the most with some of our self-styled messiahs. Ever since the National Legislature passed into law the " controversial act" amending portions of the act creating the Central of Liberia, there emerged wide spread criticisms contained in unpalatable words unleashed against the law makers from some quarters of our society notably led by Mr. Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon and Mr. Mamadee Diakite. But my greatest disappointment now is resident in the fact that, since the President singed this much hated bill into law, all of the negative publicities against the law have dissipated in tin air, while the chief critics have dramatically shifted their attentions to different subjects. If this Law was as bad as it originated from the Capitol Building, it is equally bad even as it takes it rest in the Executive Mansion. For me, this is double standard.
Day 66: (Washington D.C) Amazing day in the capital, freezing cold at -2 in the snow so we decided to see all the breathtaking buildings: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, The White House & Capitol Building!! So happy to enjoy it with my First Lady :)
PRESS RELEASE: Conneticut State Senator calls for Justina Pelletier to be released to her family, not CT DCF New Haven, 3/4/14-- Senator Senator Joe Markley will share his concerns at a news conference at the Connecticut State Capitol. The news conference will be on Wednesday, March 5, at 10:00 A.M. in the Hall of Flags at the Capitol Building. Senator Markley will also be sharing a letter he is circulating to his colleagues that he will be delivering the head of Connecticut DCF. Lou Pelletier, the father of Justina Pelletier, and family spokesperson Rev. Patrick Mahoney will also be in attendance. Connecticut State Sentaor Joe Markley states: "Justina and her family have suffered enough from the interference of state bureaucracy. It's time to reunite the Pelletier family and end this distressing situation. We encourage the Connecticut DCF to respect the notion that parents know what is best for their children and not government agencies or courts." -Josh Craddock, "Free Justina Coalition"
I read 'Command Authority' by Tom Clancy recently and the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula was spookily accurate. Following on from Tom's 'Debt of Honour' (1994) when a vengeful attacker flies a plane into the Capitol Building (and not the twin towers) it makes you think. How much of recent history has been predetermined? Creepy!
Why haven't there been any GSID monthly meetings this year? There must be candidates to hear from and issues to discuss and petitions to get ready. In my Staten Island club with a standing room only crowd, we heard from Brooklyn Councilman Domenic Recchia, nominated by SI County Committee to oppose the only Republican Congressman in NYC, our disgraceful Michael Grimm who on tv after the State of the Union threatened to throw a Channel One reporter off the balcony in the Capitol Building and break him like a little boy, aside from fund-raising violations being investigated against him. We also heard from a blind Puerto Rican woman who is very educated and sharp, running against a Republican incumbent Assemblywoman. Recchia's petitions are ready for pickup on March 1. That's my SI report. I would like to see what's going on in Manhattan politics at a GSID meeting.
On a you'll have the opportunity to visit the U.S. Capitol Building, Embassy Row, Ford's Theatre, & the Kennedy Center.
Some reminders before we all rush off to enjoy the weekend: If you haven’t renewed your membership for the 2013 – 2014 year, it’s not too late! - Tuesday, February 25th - 5:00 - 7:00 pm - Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center - Tuscaloosa Arts Council “Arts Conversations” - Saturday, March 1st - 10:00 - 12:00 noon - Battle-Friedman House - Mardi Gras Jazz Brunch. Masks, Beads, Friends, Food, Drink, and Fun. Jazz by Tuscaloosa County High School Jazz Band. $5.00 Society members; $10 Non-members. Funds support repairs to the Old Tavern. Laissez les bons temps rouler! - Thursday, April 3rd thru Sunday, April 6th - Heritage Celebration 2014 - A “Capitol” Idea, Tuscaloosa 1826 - 1846. Celebrate Tuscaloosa during the Capitol Period. Meet with past governors of Alabama and their wives, tour historic homes, enjoy a Twilight Cemetery Tour, family day at Capitol Park (the site of the original Capitol Building) with period games and carriage rides, and learn about antebellum gardens at the annual ...
On This Day In TCXPI History – We Must Never Forget! Rev. Henry Highland Garnet, a former slave and pastor of the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., became the First African American to speak in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. His sermon “Let the Monster Perish,” was delivered on Sunday, February 12, 1865 within days of Congress's adoption of the 13th Amendment banning slavery. A number of Republican leaders thought the occasion merited a public religious service to commemorate the event and they extended the invitation to Rev. Garnet. See more at:
Gov’t Admits To PR Spending The ruling Unity Party (UP) government has admitted to recent report by the United States Department that it spent money on public relations and lobbying abroad. The Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA), Ministries of States for President Affairs and Finance were invited by the joint committee comprising Judiciary, Ways, Means, & Finance, Good Governance, Public Account, among others at a hearing at the Capitol Building on Friday, February 7, 2014. The committee is headed by Representative, Counselor Garya Karmo of Bomi County. The presidential appointees who attended the hearing are Finance Minister Amara Konneh, LMA Commissioner, Beyan Kesselly and Minister of State without Portfolio, Comanny B. Wesseh. All of these officials admitted to claims that government through the Executive branch has been spending funding on public relations abroad. Maritime Commissioner Kesselly has been quoted of government spending US$50,000 yearly for public relations abroad. He however refused to ...
From J Mark Fescemyer, a good friend of the page: Our government cuts veterans benefits and pensions. If you remember back after the 2010 elections, Scott Walker in an effort to balance the budget and get Wisconsin out of the hole that they were in, sought to cut back on teachers pensions and have them contribute more to their healthcare plans. This brought riots and protesting as well as an occupation of the Capitol Building in Madison. The media was all over it. It also lead to a recall election of Gov. Walker which thankf...ully failed. Where are the protests and riots and occupation over the military veterans benefits which they actually earned? Where is the media? The teachers acted like spoiled little brats who just had their favorite toy taken away. Our veterans, ever the adults in the room have expressed their outrage quietly, calmly, and with dignity. They aren't looking for a handout. They simply want what was guaranteed to them when they enlisted, and is guaranteed by the Constitution. TO RAISE ...
WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND SISTERS: OKAY FOLKS – I NEED YOUR HELP! Received word this morning that our Bill, HB275 establishing March 29 as Vietnam Veterans Day in Utah will come before the House Committee tomorrow morning – 8 a.m., Utah House Room 20 on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City. Testimony will be given regarding our legislation. This Committee will decide if the Bill goes to the House with recommendation to pass and it then goes to the Senate. I NEED AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE TO BE AT THIS SESSION TOMORROW MORNING. I will meet anyone who can be there at 7:30 a.m. sharp, on the East side of the Capitol Building – there should be plenty of parking. Our efforts have come to this level. It is our day, our recognition and I need as many as possible to help me show that we want it. This includes members, Associates and supporters. Email me back to let me know you can be there. On top of that I remind you of tomorrow night’s meeting – 6:30 – Layton Post. Thank You and Semper Fi Den ...
TOMORROW - February 4th - Education Hearing on HR 486 - Constitutional amendment to allow independent school systems in Georgia again. Room 515 in CLOB. Arrival of 12:30pm for seating is highly suggested. The hearing generally lasts one hour, and begins promptly at 1pm. If you take the MARTA you will get off of the Capitol stop. If you drive we suggest parking in the Pete Hackney Garage ($5, cash or credit card) Once you reach the Sloppy Floyd Building, cross the street and walk along side the Capitol Building (heading south). Cross the street one more time and CLOB will be on the south side of the Capitol. Remember picture identification for being able to enter CLOB.
I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G NEWS! ~~Senate Halts Confirmation Hearings~~ Members of the Liberian Senate of the 53rd Liberian Legislature have halted confirmation hearings for presidential nominees. They have embarked on silent protests against President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for failure to implement their recommendation against Police Director, Col. Clarence Christian Massaquoi, who they want disrobed. Prior to their annual break, the senate recommended to President Sirleaf to immediately disrobe Col. Massaquoi for trooping officers on the grounds of the Capitol Building when he was summoned to state why he should not be held in contempt. After a protracted delay from the chief executive, President Sirleaf wrote plenary of the Senate upon their return from recess that she has ordered Col. Massaquoi to be suspended for two working days and should have written a letter of apology to the august body. But from all indications, the senators are resolved that they will not do business with the executive branch of gov ...
ALERT! MORE BLATANT MEDIA DECEPTION! FIGHT BACK! On Wednesday of this week, the Associated Press (AP) will be hosting a pre-session discussion with candidates for Florida Governor and Attorney General at the Capitol Building in Tallahassee. Their statement reads, "gubernatorial and attorney general candidates are scheduled to address the group." However, we've just received confirmation from the AP that Adrian Wyllie and Bill Wohlsifer are NOT invited...and they are NOT welcome to attend. The incestuous relationship between the corporate media and they two-party duopoly continues. Is this responsible journalism? Why is the AP colluding with the establishment candidates, while banning Libertarians? DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! Let them know how you feel about Libertarian candidate for Governor Adrian Wyllie and Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General Bill Wohlsifer being intentionally excluded from this event. Contact: Associated Press Tallahassee Office: (850) 224-1211 Regional Office: (800) 824-54 ...
Dinesh D'Souza has a debate coming up on the 30th of January with Bill Ayers. Ayers, who was with Weathermen Underground, whose organization was formed to "create a clandestine revolutionary party for the overthrow of the United States Government", who was also a known Marxist/Leninist/Communist and is a friend of Barack Obama. One week before that debate Dinesh is brought up on Federal charges and is given a bond of half a million when he supposedly made an improper donation to a political campaign (involving much less money than his bail). Ayers' group was responsible for the following and he walks free: Bombings of Federal buildings including the US Capitol Building and the Pentagon Bombing of banks Jailbreaks Robbing a Brinks armored vehicle which resulted in the deaths of three peopleand last but not least? Declaring a state of war against the US Government. Uh huh. That's right. He's cool and part of the Chicago Machine.
We need to find a home for this piece. It is 10 feet by 26 feet, it can be configured to go in a smaller space, Any ideas?Jan Zach, Sculptor I would like to write this article with the hope that it will be seen by the right person. Jan Zach was the head of the University of Oregon Sculpture dept. for many years. I met him after he retired from teaching and he became my mentor. I was studying under Weltzin Blix who studied under Jan Zach. If you have seen the fountain in front of the Capitol Building in Salem then you have seen a piece of Weltzin Blix’s. Jan Zach died in 1986 and Tommy Griffin who was the executor of his legacy made sure that his widow was able to stay in the house she and her husband shared until she too died. Jan Zach’s work can be seen throughout the Northwest; The Capitol Art collection, Salem, Oregon City of Eugene, Eugene, Or Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, Salem, Or. The Lane County Courthouse, Eugene, Or. Museum of Modern Art, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, National ...
OK Folks...Jim Cantore is ensconced on the National Mall just across the street from the US Capitol Building...where he is just waiting to become a human popsickle in the name of science...the end of the world is less than one hour away to the northwest...
Ambassador Vijavat hosted a Luncheon in honor of three of the Co-chairs of the Congressional Friends of Thailand Caucus: Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, Congressman Michael Grimm and Congressman Adam Kinzinger. It is very unfortunate that another co-chair, Congressman Earl Blumenauer was not able to join us - also that photography is not allowed in the room. It's my first time there at the Members' Dining Room in the U.S. Capitol Building, where reservation must be made by Members of the Congress - we by ourselves cannot. Simple food with good service which comes with service charges and gratuity.
So so so extremely exhausted this morning... However.. pretty excited about today! Going to the Capitol Building for a House & Senate Appropriations meeting to cover the discussions about the D.O.E & the University System of Georgia.
Make your voice heard! Join us for Kentucky Alzheimer's Advocacy Day on January 29 at the Capitol Building, Frankfort or join us for Ohio Memory Day on April 2 at Ohio Statehouse, Columbus. Contact Steve Olding, Director of Communications and Public Policy, to sign up or for more information - solding
John F Kennedy's coffin lies in state in the Capitol Building (Nov. 1963)
Today in Pittsburgh's progressive history: On January 5, 1932, Father James R. Cox led a “Jobless Army” of over 15,000 men from St. Patrick’s Church at 17th Street and Liberty Avenue (Pittsburgh’s Strip District) to the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, starting on this day. After their plea to Congress and President Herbert Hoover for jobs and financial relief, and warning that, “something must be done to avert violence,” they returned and held a rally at Pitt Stadium, attended by 55,000. Cox was deemed the “Shepherd of the Unemployed,” and announced himself as candidate for the President of the United States for the newly-formed Jobless Party.
CSX has proposed expanding and shifting the Virginia Avenue Tunnel, which runs through Capitol Hill mere blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building, beyond its current right of way and vastly increasing the amount of freight (which CSX has admitted includes hazardous materials and crude oil) shipped thro...
Planning a trip to the nation’s capital? My office can help arrange tours of the White House, Capitol Building, Pentagon, Supreme Court, and more! Visit
From today's New York Post: "When George Pataki became governor in 1995, he ordered the name of Mario Cuomo, the man he had just defeated, be removed from all highway signs — saying they shouldn’t be used to promote a governor. "Now, Andrew Cuomo, in an unprecedented move, is doing just the opposite — putting his name on the state Capitol Building, the neighboring Empire State Plaza, and other state buildings in the Albany area. "Cuomo’s aides claim it’s part of his effort to recognize the state’s significant buildings and said posting the governor’s name is merely 'protocol' for new signs, an obvious falsehood given Pataki’s action. “'What this is about is the governor’s ego growing even larger as he approaches re-election, and you have all these political flunkies tripping over themselves to try to show how they’re working to promote his image,'’ said a longtime Democrat who knows Cuomo well."
Testing out equipment in Sacramento. DJI Phantom with GoPro HERO2. View of Cal Expo main gate, Capitol Building, Tower Bridge, and Raley Field.
Wake Superior Court judge rules that state NAACP can hold rally today on NC Capitol Building grounds.
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