Capital One & Alec Baldwin

Capital One Financial Corp. is a U.S.-based bank holding company specializing in credit cards, home loans, auto loans, banking and savings products. Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television. 5.0/5

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Okay so has the whole 'huge Actors refusing to endorse products (but for their voices in voice overs) here in America because it is/was considered beneath them' finally been shattered by Matthew Mcconaughey's Lincoln ads? Capital One boasted Samuel Jackson, Jimmy Fallon, Alec Baldwin, and now Jennifer Garner, but it'll be interesting if we start start seeing A listers as spokesman for a lot of products on TV (noticed the one exception prior to this was the Beauty industry where Halle Berry, etc etc even Ellen, replaced Supermodels in campaigns.)
Alex Baldwin at it again - sure glad I got my new Alec Baldwin inspired Capital One card
I've had it with Capital One, who took over the GM Card. I guess the calendar and the clock really don't mean anything. If I log on to pay my bill on the due date as many as four hours before midnight, somehow that day's date isn't that day's date -- it's in fact tomorrow -- and I'm charged a late fee? BS. I guess paying *** like Alec Baldwin means you have to squeeze as much you can out of a customer. I never have this problem with American Express; if it's before midnight, it's before midnight.
Alec Baldwin quitting public life has ripped his family apart as his brothers fight over who gets to do Capital One ads.
What’s In Your Wallet Capital One, big credit card company, asks the question “What’s In Your Wallet”. There have been numerous actors who have done this commercial, namely Alec Baldwin and now Samuel L. Jackson. They inform you of the perks and promises as to why you should have a Capital One card in your wallet. Supposedly it has a great interest rate of 1.5%, has unlimited cash back, can walk and talk and even drive your car. Naw, not true, but close. Everyone should have one. So tell me, “what’s in your wallet”. Let’s give this a shot, men have pictures of their kids and grandkids, driver’s license, credit cards (more than one), important phone numbers and money, “dollar bills yaw”. The women carry their wallets in their purses which also has pictures of kids and grandkids, important papers, driver’s license, credit cards (also more than one) and they are housed in several wallets, depending on the size of the purse. Oh yea, there’s money in there too. People carry ...
Would you want Alec Baldwin to visit your house instead if you opened a Capital One card? :)
I find it amusing that Capital One replaced Alec Baldwin with Samuel L Jackson, *** ! Lol!
Capital One: "What's in YOUR wallet?". Alec Baldwin: "A little bit less than before, thanks."
Whatever the reason he was cancelled, less Alec Baldwin on the tube won't hurt anyone. Now to kill the Capital One ads.
Why isn't Capital One airing the Alec Baldwin commercials anymore? " What's is your wallet? " uhhh not any endorsement checks, and probably not a capital one card.
What else has to happen for Capital One to drop that bum of a spokesperson of theirs Alec Baldwin. Narcissistic bully!
Just wondering... Why Alec Baldwin can spew hate, use racial and homophobic slurs and Capital One doesn't remove him as a spokesperson? When Paula Dean acknowledged that she had used racial slurs in the past (note the past) she was dropped like a hot potato? Just wondering. liberal bias?
Breaking: Capital One drops Alec Baldwin as spokesman, replaces with Fred Phelps
Capital One should tell Alec Baldwin to take a hike.
Alec Baldwin once again proves that there are some homophobic bigots who get pass after pass after pass from the *** activists" and "community leaders." Or have I just not noticed the calls for boycotts against Capital One and MSNBC?
Wait, did Alec Baldwin get replaced by Samuel L Jackson by Capital One?
I wasn't disappointed in Alec Baldwin cos whatever it's Alec Baldwin but Samuel Jackson is doing Capital One commercials now? Dang
Move over Alec Baldwin. Samuel L. Jackson is on the Capital One scene... now what's in your wallet?
So Gordon Ramsay has some Capital One commercials. I'm just waiting for him and Alec Baldwin to do a shoot together.
The funniest show on tv is these Capital One commercials with Alec Baldwin
C'mon... WeeBey would never let Alec Baldwin talk in the car, Capital One!
The thought of Alec Baldwin as a school teacher is terrifying. Must be Capital One's Halloween ad...scary!!
Alec Baldwin's Capital One commercials are just cruel reminders that Jack Donaghy will never again grace my TV with his awesomeness
Did anyone else notice that Weebay from The Wire plays the cop opposite Alec Baldwin in the latest Capital One commercial?
I find it interesting that it's not so much Alec Baldwin that is a spokesman for Capital One, but Jack Donaghy.
did you see Wee Bey in the Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin?
Yo, Capital One! Better tell your boy Alec Baldwin to quit askin' everyone “What's in your wallet?" before he catches a serious beat down!
I finally noticed today that the police officer sitting in the cruiser next to Alec Baldwin in the Capital One ad is Weebay from The Wire.
Is anyone else tired of seeing Alec Baldwin on TV for Capital One? He has grown very annoying.
Omg Wee Bey from The Wire playing a cop in a Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin lmao
Dear Alec Baldwin, Today I received a check from Capital One. It is for $.05. Yes, that is five cents. No explanation as to why but maybe they are downgrading your salary and everyone who has a card will get a bonus. I will try not to spend it all in one place. Thank you! Christine
Little Giant Ladders
So months ago Alec Baldwin made comments and statements against *** legislation and marriage.and decades ago Paula Deen said something she shouldn't have.I just saw a new Capital One commercial...Where is the new season of Paula's show.? Oh wait I forgot *** is the new black.
How does NAPA drop Martin Truex Jr, but Capital One keeps Alec Baldwin?
Gotta hold of on Alec Baldwin. He almost seems nice in all the Capital One commercials. Never guess he has anger issues.
Okay had a dirty dream about Alec Baldwin last night and how can I put this...ummm I was surprised by how big his ummm Capital One card was :)
Sadly I think the state of Texas would rather have Alec Baldwin teach the Capital One curriculum over science and history.
Switching to Capital One just cause they used Alec Baldwin in their commercial 😍
Every time I see Capital One's family reunion commercial, I think Alec Baldwin is there as Garth's romantic partner being introduced to Mom.
Does anyone know who the woman in the capital one commercials with Alec Baldwin is? And how might I get ahold of her?
I could literally be on the Capital One commercials with Alec Baldwin.
Capital One: Having someone like Alec Baldwin as your spokesman just screams, "We don't want conservative customers."
I don’t like the way Capital One is trying to turn Alec Baldwin into the Priceline Negotiator.
I would sign up for a capital one credit card if they showed Alec Baldwin getting disemboweled by the Barbarians in their commercials.
So if Alec Baldwin is getting a show on MSNBC, does that mean he'll stop making those god awful Capital One commercials?
trying to appeal to Comedy Central crowd w/Alec Baldwin. poster child should stick w/Capital One commercials.
I will never, ever, ever do business with Capital One as long as they have hateful, ruthless, hypocrite Libtard Alec Baldwin as spokesman
I have Words with friends. I also have a Capital One credit card. For Christ sakes..I'm 3 McDoubles away from turning int…
Eliot Spitzer asked Alec Baldwin if he could work him into the Capital One marketing campaign
I turn on the TV, Paula Deen is gone, but Alec Baldwin is still running ads for Capital One..
Definitely worthy of a try-ast! “Ever wonder who the hottie is in the Capital One ads w/Alec Baldwin?
I just saw a news release that the *** and straight coalition is calling for Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin for calling a news reporter a Queen. This is after the reporter made false statements about Baldwin's wife. I am calling for everyone to remind Capital One of our first amendment rights. If they drop Baldwin then I will drop them. I'm not a fan of his but I do not see that he did anything wrong. Don't give them any more room to demand they get their way. Why aren't they asking for the reporter to be fired? To demand that some one be fired just for saying something you find offensive should outrage every one. Where will they stop. Can some one please tell me the politically correct term for a Queen. I don't want to use the wrong word but If they are queens then they should know it!1
Is it bad that I watch the Capital One commercials just to see If Alec Baldwin will start yelling at people.
*** rights campaigners are calling on bosses at banking giant Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin as a company spokesman following his homophobic online outburst. The "30 Rock" star posted an ...
I learned that Alec Baldwin can probably say *** and still have a job with capital one.
Capital One urged to drop Alec Baldwin after *** slurs: *** rights campaigners are calling on bosses at bankin...
Alec Baldwin v Dirty D from Pootie Tang (Reg E Cathey) for Capital One is solid stuff
Capital one should replace Alec Baldwin with a squirrel. "What's in your walnut?"
A *** rights group thinks Capitol One should drop Alec Baldwin after he used a *** slur in a rant. What do YOU think?
It's so weird to see Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds in those bizarre Capital One commercials with Alec Baldwin.
So Paula basically has her career ruined but I just saw a Capital One commercial with Alec is that right?
*** rights campaigners want Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin after *** slurs.
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Capital One commercials are so strange, but atleast Alec Baldwin gets work. It's nice to see special needs people getting acting jobs.
Why is Alec Baldwin still working for Capital One?? Because you are all about politics and could really care less about Racism or Homophobia! It only matters to you when you can make it political and bash Republicans.
Is Alec Baldwin really the problem with Capital One?
Why does Capital One still use Alec Baldwin as a spokesperson?
“We urge all Americans to ask themselves, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets,” said *** conservative strategist and GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia of
I've been waiting for days for Capital One to fire Alec Baldwin. If it's good enough for Paula Deen, then...
Paula Deen gets "booted"? I say Alec Baldwin gets the "Left Foot of Fellowship" from his Capital One endorsement deal.
While at Walmart yesterday, I noted that all the Paula Deen merchandise was marked with red tags for clearance sale. Somehow, I still see Alec Baldwin commercials running for Capital One. I guess what something someone said 30 years ago holds more weight that something someone said last week.
I just saw Alec Balwdin in a Capital One credit card commercial. Now Paula Deen got dropped by all of her sponsors for a racist slur she used 30 years ago. Alec Baldwin used a *** slur and threatened violence about a week ago. How come Alec gets a free pass? does Hollywood hate women?
Must read from Leading Conservatives Call on Capital One to Fire Alec Baldwin.
dear Capital One please explain to me how Paula Dean can suffer such back lash from something said 30 years ago and yet Alec Baldwin can spew such hatred even toward his own child and still you have him as a spokesman for your credit card co. and bank. is it because he's liberal and thats what's expected of him. just sayin'.
After the Recent comments made by Alec Baldwin was does Capital One credit card company continue to use him to promote their Card? After the many Racist comments made by Al Sharpton, why does MSNBC continue to spill his filth on TV. I guess Paula Deen is easier to pick on. For something she said almost 30 years ago.
So, I see Capital One hasn't punted Alec Baldwin after his recent homophobic tirade. Maybe Paula Deen should contact them for some work.
Paula Deen is the subject of a lot of attention for hurtful remarks she has made. She is paying a hefty price. What puzzles me is why only her? What about Alec Baldwin? He made some very nasty and threatening homophobic remarks to a reporter but we still see him cavorting all over TV whether being interviewed on Inside Edition, playing his role on 30 Rock or as the humorous spokesperson for Capital One. Where is the outcry against him? His remarks were not made 20 years ago but rather NOW. This isn't the first time he threatened people. Where are the retributions by sponsors and networks? Is Walmart pulling all his DVD's? Has NBC cancelled any contracts it might have with him? Athletes commit crimes against animals, wives, girlfriends, and society and may face suspensions but we still see them play and we still see their products for sale. Celebrities often say and do offensive and criminal things yet few are ever ostracized or castigated. I watched Justin Bieber pull off a hit and run on camera but his t ...
Last week Hollywood leftist Alec Baldwin flipped out and hurled homophobic attacks at a Daily Mail reporter in his latest violent tirade. Today several conservative leaders joined together to denounce Capital One for continuing its support of Alec Baldwin as…
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"Actor Alec Baldwin called a black New York Post photographer a *** " a "crackhead," an "ex-con," and a "drug dealer." (The photographer was in fact a retired NYPD detective.) But Baldwin is a prominent liberal, so all is forgiven, and he is still the spokesman for Capital One." - What I'm trying to say is that if you're going to crucify Paula Deen, then even the playing field and take some endorsements away from Baldwin too. Oh wait...magic word: Baldwin.
I'm just curious as to why Capital One and NBC hasn't dropped Alec Baldwin for his tirade using *** slurs yet Paula Deen has been vilified and dropped from everything?? I realize there is an ongoing trial in Deen's case but she hasn't been convicted of any of that yet and a person is innocent until proven guilty in this country. Yes, she used an offensive term and that was wrong, but it was many years ago and it was while she was held at gunpoint. The man who held her at gunpoint has apologized to her for doing that and has accepted her apology for calling him a name. If using an offensive term can ruin a person's life in career then it should apply equally to ALL offensive terms used by ALL people no matter how long ago. That means Alec Baldwin should be out of a job and drummed out of Hollywood. Al Sharpton should have been knocked out of the public completely after his rant agains Jews several years ago. Bill Mahr should be vilified for using the C word to describe a woman and using the term reta ...
If anyone else, who has a Capital One card, has had enough of their spokesperson, Alex Baldwin, you certainly, like us, can call and express your views. It doesn't matter had badly he acts, nothing ever happens to him. Why is he above everyone's radar with present day bad behavior when the reaction to Paula Deen has been so fierce? Like Josh, from Good Morning America, stated this week - "the silence from Alec Baldwin's latest outburst is deafening". Therefore, I called Capital One and voiced my opinion of him as their spokesperson and really as my spokesperson, since I have their card. If you agree, let your voice be heard. Just think about the difference between Paula Deen's situation and Alec Baldwin's situation. There have been so very many newspaper articles from the black community here in Savannah supporting Paula Deen, but look at what's happened nation wide with her but Alec Baldwin can use any language (in present day) and nothing ever happens!
At my job they gave us a talk-down on how to deal with people complaining about Alec Baldwin. That's Capital One for you...
Afraid if I stand in front of this Capital One long enough Alec Baldwin will jump through the window break and into show tunes about anger.
Seeing a lot of Alec Baldwin in these Capital One commercials. Which one does he snap and start screaming homophobic slurs about what's in my wallet?
Paula Deen gets dropped from everything, but no report Alec Baldwin has been dropped by Capital One.
Capital One sticks like glue to Alec Baldwin; Made quick distance from Rush Limbaugh via
Alec Baldwin, the reason Capital One isn't in my wallet.
Maybe everyone who has a Capital One charge card should consider if they are tired of what the spokesman, Alex Baldwin, seems to be allowed to get away with. There have been so many instances where this man has done inexcusable things -a few examples are the message he left for his child on an answering machine several years ago, the episode on the airplane and his latest outburst several days ago. At least, he attacks everyone. Like Josh on Good Morning America said this past week - the silence from the reaction to what Alec Baldwin recently said it deafening. If you, like us, don't think it's right for there to be no consequences for his action, you should contact Capital One. They were extremely easy to talk to and the representative took our complaints then wanted us to talk with his supervisor as "that would push this important along to the right people". Like we told them, every time we pull out our Capital One card, we see Alec Baldwin's face rather than just Capital One. And he certainly do ...
Exactly. Paula Deen gets slaughtered for using the famous "N" word 30 years ago, but Alec Baldwin goes off on a homophobic rant a few days ago and nothing...not a peep. Will he lose his Capital One commercials? Same with the Zimmerman case. Every day kids are slaughtered in the streets and somehow one man defending himself against a thug is daily news. If Zimmerman was black, not a peep. Wonder if the media are looking to stir up a little news-worthy riot??? Critical thinking is gone from most of society. As such, I'm going to a party tonight with some co-workers and get stanking drunk.
Apparently being a ranting, raving lunatic towards anyone and everything is perfectly acceptable. So word of advice for Paula Deen: go to the Alec Baldwin School of Crazy and all will be right with the world. Just my thought after seeing one of his Capital One commercials this morning. I am not justifying her use of the n word, I just find it interesting that there is such a Double Standard.
I don't see Capital One dumping Alec Baldwin so obviously he has a Double Standard pass card in hid wallet.
“Why can Alec Baldwin make a *** slur and still have a Capital One commercial?” JLo sang Happy Birthday to a Dictator who has the Worst Human Rights records in Asia, and Charlie Sheen whose offensive outbursts are well known and then you have Paula who is being vilified over something she said many years ago, Why is there a Double Standard? All I have seen this week is about Paula Deen, LET IT GO!!! I have barely heard two words about the 19 Brave Heroes who died this morning in the fire in AZ!!! Get your Priorities straight media!!
Capital One you need to can Alec Baldwin or else !
Saw a Capital One credit card commercial today with Alec Baldwin, but I'll probably never see Paula Deen on TV again. It's never really about what a person says, it's about who says it...
I want to know why we are not seeing Capital One pulling the plug on Alec Baldwin? Sick of this PC Bullsh**!
Alec he going to lose advertisers...???.Capital be the first one...unless you are hypocrites.
Anyone else wonder why Paula Deen is suddenly a hot potato while Alec Baldwin never gets dropped by Capital One...
Why doesn't Capital One fire Alec Baldwin for his homophobic rant 2 days ago ? This was recent and not 30 years ago??
Dear Capital One: The barbarians in your commercial are *far* more civilized than Alec Baldwin.
do you think Alec Baldwin should lose his job with capital one? I do!
Walmart can't handle what Paula Dean said years ago. Capital One, you're cool with Alec Baldwin?
I don't suppose Capital One or any other companies involved with Alec Baldwin is going to drop him now, are they?
So, has Alec Baldwin been fired by Capital One yet?
Definition of irony - Paula Dean's contract isn't renewed due to a derogatory slur she use some 30 years age. Alec Baldwin remains as Capital One's spokesman after making a derogatory slur this week!
How about Capital One drop Alec Baldwin for all of his indiscretions. Or better yet call them up and close any accounts with them.
Still waiting for Alec Baldwin to apologize on "Today"...and see if Capital One wants to keep him...
Don't worry, Capital One, Alec Baldwin redefined word "queen" so he's not homophobic after all. Stupid is better, right?
She could have set HERSELF on fire to no avail. Oh look - Capital One commercial w/Alec Baldwin. (seriously)
Capital One: How can you continue to have Alec Baldwin as a spokesperson for your company? He has been given many c -
I can't watch Paula Deen on Sat morning anymore but I still have to suffer thru Alec Baldwin's *** Capital One ads.
Fire him. The vikings are funnier anyway. ● Company mocked for PR fail after epic Alec Baldwin homophobic meltdown.
Alec Baldwin fits right in with his Capital One 'what's in your wallet' Viking brethren. Fear the wrath of the Norsemen
Support for your agenda tends to wane when you destroy one woman's career on a comment made 30 years ago, yet not one company...aka Capital One, has dropped Alec Baldwin for his *** slurs made this week and in the past.Hypocrisy doesn't advance your agenda. Why the witch hunt for Paula Deen and not one thing has happened to Alec Baldwin?
Where's the liberal outrage over Alec Baldwins homophobic rant. he needs to go by way of Paula Deen, who I believe has been mistreated for something said 26 years ago, really. Alec Baldwin just made his nasty remarks, Capital One needs to review its association with this guy.
Why does Alec Baldwin get a pass on his homophobic slurs? Capital One hasn't fired him, and yet Paula Deen has even been dropped by her publisher, with her unpublished book at on Amazon. And why is "creepy a** *** not a racist comment? I am so confused.
It is past time to fire Alec Baldwin. His insensitivity is unspeakable and directly relates to your company. Show your support for the *** community and let Baldwin GO!!!
Is it just me or is Alec Baldwin a lot skinnier in those Capital One ads than any other time?
Capital One crossing over their 'vikings' and 'Alec Baldwin' ads. Has GEICO ever had the gecko, pigs, and cavemen meet each other?
The arrogance of the Hollywood Left is laughable. Don't be surprised when the Cowardly Lyin' (why didn't you move like you promised?) Alec Baldwin portrays George W. Bush. If you feel like boycotting something, think about Capital One (what do you have in your wallet?) who foolishly uses the traitor Baldwin as their spokesman in commercials.
Why is Capital One still running these commercials with Greg Anthony's terrible fake laugh and Alec Baldwin's terrible jokes?
Matt Damon narrated Inside Job and does ads for TD Ameritrade. Alec Baldwin went down to Occupy Wall Street and does ads for Capital One.”
Between Jack Donaghy and those Capital One ads, it's getting harder and harder to remember how much of a flaming liberal Alec Baldwin is.
Oh, Alec Baldwin... You are just lucky Jack Donaghy can't see those Capital One ads.
Breast Cancer Awareness
In a capital one commercial Alec Baldwin said that Charles Barkley was blacked out of his flight. Whoops. Poor choice of words. =)
Very cool to see the Kidz Bop karaoke machine in the new Capital One commercial with Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin!
Idc what anyone says Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin are hilarious in the Capital One commercials.
The next time the Capital One commercial where Alec Baldwin makes fun of Charles Barkley's underwear, keep your eyes on Greg Anthony
Outtakes are funnier than spots. 'Alec Baldwin and Charles Barkley Strike Up March Madness Bromance for Capital One'
Alec Baldwin and Charles Barkley strike up a March Madness bromance for Capital One.
Hey Alec Baldwin: please tell the wolves at Capital One to stop hunting me over a 10 year old $1,000 bill.
Alec Baldwin is wearing a pageant-load of makeup in those Capital One commercials.
Im probably the only one in the world that likes the Capital One commercials with Alec Baldwin
5 Celebrities Who Shill For Pathetic Junk Food and Drinks Beyoncé for Pepsi, Jennifer Aniston for Smartwater: Many celebrities shill for products that are worthless, or worse. January 14, 2013 | Super Bowl season is upon us, and with that time of year comes a slew of new celebrity endorsements on our TV sets and billboards. Last year around this time AlterNet published an article about celebrities with endorsement deals for dubious products and financial services – think Hulk Hogan for Rent-a-Center and Alec Baldwin for Capital One. This week, in a blog post for the New York TimesMark Bittman wondered why celebrities think it’s acceptable to shill soda -- “a product that may one day be ranked with cigarettes as a killer we were too slow to rein in.” That made us think it’s time to update our year-old list with an exploration of questionable food and beverage endorsement deals. But first, let’s hear more from Bittman on why he’s so bothered by stars selling their likeness to soda companies: ...
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon have never done a Capital One commercial together. This is a missed opportunity, Capital One.
I wonder how much Capital One spends on CGI to take 300lbs of Alec Baldwin in those commercials.
It's that time of year again! I get to break out with my favorite holiday movie quote, "son of a nut *** " And now, thanks to Alec Baldwin in his Capital One commercial, I shall add "it really jingles your bells, doesn't it!" Lol!!
So they took the woman away in an ambulance, refueled the jet, and just when we thought we were finally going to leave two air marshalls boarded the plane and hauled off some *** who swore at the flight attendant when they asked him to turn off his phone. I'm guessing he did not fly out of Philly tonight! Obviously didn't watch Alec Baldwin's Capital One commercial.
The reason why Alec Baldwin ranks so highly is because he has endorsements with Capital One and a few others
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My much anticipated Capital One Venture Card commercial with the one and only Mr. Alec Baldwin! I play his assistant and file his nails on the airplane lol. ...
Every time Alec Baldwin comes on with that capital one card my daughter says there goes Jack Donaghy.
I find it funny that Alec Baldwin is so liberal and anti-corporation...Yet he is a spokesman for Capital One.
Capital One could save some money on commercials by substituting Alec Baldwin for Billy or Daniel.. Is it really not all the same in theory?
A few days ago, I wrote a notation to myself about paying my auto loan through Capital One, which I wrote as, "capone." This is the moment I realized that I'm paying Al Capone for my car and his spokesperson is Alec Baldwin. Oh dear...
Capital One in hiring Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin has made the grave impression that NBC endorses their brand.
Great shoot today with Alec Baldwin for new Capital One spot. It's going to be a funny one...
I feel like it isn't Alec Baldwin, but Jack Donaghy in those Capital One commercials.
I'm not sure what exactly it is about Alec Baldwin riding out of someone's fridge that gets me every time but... Capital One
So does that mean Capital One will now fire Alec Baldwin? Don't hold your breath.
Capital One commercials with Jimmy Fallon > Capital One commercials with Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin kill me on these Capital One commercials. lolK8JQ
My dad signed me up for Capital One only because he likes Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin 😂👨
Capital One has ads with Tim Thomas and Alec Baldwin. That’s America.
Odd, but acceptable: Just watched a Hulu clip of Alec Baldwin in an SNL skit—prefaced by Alec Baldwin in a Capital One commercial.
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Capital One, of the nation's largest banks, was fined tens of millions of dollars for deceiving customers. Read what the bank did to deserve this unprecedented fine.
Capital One Financial agreed to pay $210 million to resolve charges by banking regulators that its call-center representatives misled consumers into paying for extra credit card products.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Wednesday delivered its first enforcement action against the financial industry, fining Capital One for pressuring and misleading more than 2 million credit card customers.
New Consumer Agency Announces First Enforcement Action, Accuses Capital One of Deceptive Marketing - Isn't that the company that uses Alec Baldwin in their commercials???
yes Alec Baldwin does joke about his WWF issue on that plane in one of his Capital One Venture Card commercials
I like the new (actually all) the Capital One TV ads with Alec Baldwin. They are creative and funny. Alec Baldwin is creative, funny and not a traditional kind of guy. I like Alec Baldwin. Capital One's TV commercials with the Barbarians are funny too...some of them are!
that won't happen with a James Bondman marriage agreement (Alec Baldwin voice from Capital One venture card commercial)
The New York Philharmonic announced they had received a $1 million donation from Alec Baldwin, just two days after his star-studded wedding to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas. The Wall Street Journal reports Baldwin's donation comes from his earnings as a Capital One spokesman, championing the bank'...
Liberals: gotta love them If Alec Baldwin’s not punching some photographer, he’s making showing how clueless he is in some other way. He’s out there making commercials for Capital One while declaring his solidarity with OWS squatters. Things that make you go hm.
I heart Alec Baldwin but... he works for Capital One & supports Occupy protesters ... seems like one conflicts w/ the other. Just sayin'.
Would rather this video of Alec Baldwin be repeating on TV instead of that Capital One commercial
Alec Baldwin: Star on 30 Rock, new movies every year, Capital One spokesman, Radio Show on NPR. Why is he also narrating shows on Animal Planet?
Me: So, what brought you in to Capital One today? Customer: Alec Baldwin. Ha! From one Smart-A*s to another, I say Touché. :))
Capital One Commercial with Alec Baldwin is getting really old!
A Canadian actress accused of stalking Alec Baldwin was upbeat Monday about the case as her lawyer said she had a legitimate reason for contacting the star.
New capital one ad with Alec Baldwin. Man pointing at his phone: "can you play games on that?" Alec: "Not on the runway!" hehe
anyone see the Alec Baldwin ad for Capital One where he mentions...ummm...playing games on his phone during taxi? very funny:)
I think its hilarious that Alec Baldwin promotes the Capital One flying card
Alec Baldwin REALLY cracks me up! The man rallies behind the Occupy Wall Street movement yet he stars in and promotes Capital One in commercials? FAIL! LOL
I get a kick out of Alec Baldwin. He's a big supporter of the "occupy" movement. But he gets payed to be a spoksman for capital one! *** ??
Why is Alec Baldwin doing Capital One commercials? Why would a conservative ever hold this card?
Why does Alec Baldwin hold that sword like a complete *** in the Capital One commercial?
I can't tell if that's Alec Baldwin or Jack Donaghy in those Capital One commercials.
Alec Baldwin made me laugh in that last capital one commercial.
Alec Baldwin hypnotized me with his whale unicorns. I was waiting for Visigoths and a Capital One pitch.
The Capital One Commercial with Alec Baldwin and the Vikings reminds me of Game of Thrones. Of course Alec is Tywin in the commercial.
Tina Fey for Garnier, Alec Baldwin for Capital One, Chris Parnell for Nokia, Jane Krakowski for Tropicana...what's Tracy going to endorse?
: heh - aren't the Alec Baldwin ads produced by "Capital One" even more ugly?
Still cashed the check tho...Alec Baldwin: Working for Capital One 'might not have been the smartest move'
Alec Baldwin speaking at Arts Advocacy Day was pretty cool. Fun Fact I learned tonight is that he takes his entire salary from the Capital One commercials and donates it directly to arts charities.
Alec Baldwin took some pretty big digs at "Today" on Wednesday, blasting his network's morning show for camping outside his apartment.
Celebrity Birthdays: Alec Baldwin is 54 and engaged to girlfriend, 28: ... latest Capital One commercial), is ce...
You know your "career" as an actor has officially been flushed when ur doing "Capital One" commercials. Hello, Alec Baldwin.
The problem with Frozen Planet on Discovery is that I keep thinking Alec Baldwin is going to try and get me to switch to Capital One
“I liked the Alec Baldwin with sword Capital One commercial. The first 10,000 times I saw it.” LOL
"Can you play games on that [phone]?" "Yeah, but not on the runway." --Alec Baldwin on the newest Capital One commercial.
Alec Baldwin in new Capital One commercial, my hero. Freaking awesome!
LOLing at the Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin
Really Alec Baldwin? Why not do an ad for a credit union rather than Capital One?
LMAO!! @ Alec Baldwin's Jet Blue diss on the Capital One commercial..
Lol @ Alec Baldwin and his "Not on the runway" comment in the newest Capital One commercial! He's such a jerk & I love it!
The new Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin is good. He makes fun of himself refusing to shut his phone off during takeoff
Irony Sean, Alec Baldwin's Capital One commercial is running during your show - in the Atlanta area !
Alec Baldwin in new Capital One spot with brief reference to that hilarious time he broke federal aviation law. Advertisers love THAT stuff!
The sarcasm in the new Capital One TV commercial with Alec Baldwin is classic. Love it!
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Is the Capital One commercial supposed to represent a world with two Alec Baldwins, or two opposing facets of Alec Baldwin?
Lol at Alec Baldwin's "not on the runway" comment in that Capital One commercial
I just got that Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin
Love the new Capital One commercial! Barbarians AND Alec Baldwin? Perfection. Plus making fun of his wee encounter on the plane? Too funny!
My dad just recited Alec Baldwin's newest Capital One commercial word for word, sounding just like him...
I love the Capital One commercial with Alec Baldwin!
Loved the joke in the new Capital One ad with Alec Baldwin, the guy asks him if his phone plays games, he says not on the runway! Ha
Lol I think it's awesome Alec Baldwin did that Capital One commercial and he made lite of "using your phone on a plane".
Kinda hard to take Alec Baldwin's political positions seriously when he's shilling Capital One credit cards on the side.
I'm slow. I just got Alec Baldwin's Capital One commercial. Slow Jason is slow.
Why is Alec Baldwin doing commercials for Capital One "reward cards"? He's liberal, politically active, and rich enough as it is
Alec Baldwin, you're a *** and your Capital One commercial is stupid..along with all other Capital One commercials
"You guys think it'll be overkill if we show Alec Baldwin commercial like, EVERY break?" "Nope." -- Capital One marketing team
I probably have ignored it everytime it's shown, but the Alec Baldwin "not on the runway" line in the Capital One commercial is good stuff.
The State Farm fan cam commercial is genuinely funny. Alec Baldwin and Capital One are not
not sure how Alec Baldwin wearing a tux and giving a speech to vikings is supposed to sell Capital One.
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