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Petrol price strike flops in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos: The oil city of Port Harcourt, capital of Rivers St...
Svenska Capital Oil : May 2016 growth predicted as sluggish.
Key players in the industry expansion:
NEW DELHI: India's oil firms had a mixed bag in capital expenditure in 2015-16, with exploration firms spending...
Learn about the future of and industry in South and Central America and Caribbean:
If the FED hikes in June then it will only cause EM capital flight and lower the price of oil/other commodities which will then hit China...
Tulsa was known as the oil capital of the world, a symbolic place for a solar airplane to land
"It's better than free. No capital costs, free instal & equip, 50% revenue sharing till it's paid off."
Low oil prices have little impact on M&A in MENA. Our Middle East report is here:
Trial starts tomorrow of 4 men facing year in prison for protests in oil capital
"Choosing as final destination for was no coincidence," says via
Solar plane touches down in Tulsa, former oil capital of the world.
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a UFO, nope, it's just a really cool plane - check out a our slide show
Check up. Kicking the tires and checking the oil. At Capital Digestive Care.
Nigeria: Human capital is our best resource ( not oil). How do we build on it, if we are not investing in it?
If you missed the release of Q1 2016 GCC capital expenditures report, read it here ->
The socio-economic implication of deregulation of the downstream oil sector and new pump price - Roberts Boroffice.
Banks and Junk - any down day in oil will probably be a tipping point with large bands
April 2016 saw the biggest monthly rise in the market in 7 years Capital at risk
Waiting for Ifeanyi uba and capital oil to start selling fuel at 104.50
Doesn't Ifeanyi Ubah want to be our saviour again ni? Still expecting Capital Oil to sell PMS at less than N100. As people's person!
Highlands Natural Resources snaps up more acres in North Dakota
wow. So Venezuela (should be oil rich instead is everything poor) is the beacon? The murder capital of the world? Joke
This is the best time for Ifeanyi Ubah to show Nigerians how patriotic he is. Capital Oil stations should sell below 145
For Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, the billionaire businessman behind Capital Oil & Gas Industries Ltd, it's been one...
This is the picture of Ifeanyi Uba of Capital Oil. Not the picture of the Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi!
Capital Oil and Gas reiterates commitment to the Nigerian masses as Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah advices labour
With plunging oil prices, the capital raise to fund the budget deficit in is already being scrutinised by and 🤔
For the first Trader Tuesday of 2016, the focus is oil. Read more: Your capital is at risk.
Oil overhang may hit budget projections on trickledown effect
Kenya starts talks with Uganda on financing for oil pipeline
Update your maps at Navteq
Ooooe they coming to take back their oil, there goes the economy of the Capital...down the drain...Poor West going back to the middle ages.
I bought Fuel yesterday at capital oil for N86.50k
Oil prices recover in Asia after overnight selloff .
lol keep supporting even though she is $ Slave to Wall Street & Oil & Gas Industry.
Dolat Capital Market: Decline in cost of imported gas can be a key trigger for oil & gas. Seeing push in conversion to cleaner fuels.
Dolat Capital Market: Execution cycles to be shorter for Infra sector. Likely uptick in oil & gas volumes over next 2-3 years.
UK left oil-rich Saudi out of drive to halt death penalty: Country was only one with capital punishment missin...
it's not like you're in the oil capital of Europe or anything.
Global Oil Spill Management Market will reach to 114,306.1 million by 2022 – by Market…
Man who nailed 2015 oil plunge is predicting a dismal 2016
Just seen on the CBS evening news that Oklahoma is now the earthquake capital of the country. Like what?! *** oil and gas companies!
Oil and gas companies across the world to slash their capital expenditure in 2016
Capital of Kazakhstan, guess their oil money isn't being stolen from them
Never had truffles and thanks to Top Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen, I will never have truffle oil.
Dis year gives me sad memories 4rum d fire in a hostel in my school UNN to the explosion in capital oil station in my community
Oil group hits out at investor Capital
Here we go: Libya. I was raised close to The Oil Capital of the World in the 50's. A Fascist City in The USA.
Land,Oil,Gas.are just ENABLER you need HUMAN CAPITAL to put them to work. IGBO'S will make it w/o South South.
Big oil to cut investment again in 2016.
Oil group JKX hits out at Russian investor Proxima Capital -
Why the oil price crash is only a harbinger of worse things to come
This is folks. Oil capital of Canada and yet bike-friendly, even in winter.
What happens when the price of oil drops? Report:
Great 60 Minutes story on the problem with olive oil imports in the US supermarkets. Buyers should be aware of what…
Wow, increase in Oil prices afta Iran clash with Saudi... wow wow, do help it's helps our 2016 budget via Capital Expenditure
Jefferies: only when oil majors' net debt/capital exceeds 30% I will be worried about too much leverage
Check timeline. He has Clarified the thorny issues. It's not Ifeanyi Uba's Capital Oil
Barren land biomass fuel cost less, it's lifetime unlimited and therefore has much lower capital requirment than oil
World Olive Oil Capital Jaén in Spain is also a Cultural Treasure.
Chevron slashes capital spending on oil exploration 24%, as Rystad energy warns of future price shock higher on cutbacks, lack of investment
Roc Oil Co. Ltd.: The Ixtaca deposit is an epithermal gold-silver deposit, mostly hosted by veins in limestone...
Chevron unveils large spending cuts: US oil group sets out plan to reduce capital expenditure by 24%
cyclops strikes again: poor planning leads to 85,000 oil worker Nice going
Other sectors of oil making a fortune. Refining is a good example. Capital costs paid off, you're safe...
How can O&G companies run more efficiently & release in this challenging trading environment?
Canada and Alberta need to reconsider oil royalty structure , capital will not invest at current uneconomic strips, industry needs support
So.who needs their oil levels topping up 🚘🚘😈😈
and industry needs to make capital discipline a religion if they are going to survive this. $KMI had it forced upon them.
now that is common sense, remaining ABTI,Glo, Dangote,Zennon' Capital Oil,Nig Breweries etc... E for make sense.
OIL-TRADING 'GOD': Now is not the time to exit the market via
"We spent less on capital when we earned more from Oil, today we must spend more on capital even as we earn less." - Fashola
Cheap gas celebrated by consumers while oil producers try to deal with the pain
Razia Khan at the Capital Market conference today was really on point on how Nigeria can finally focus on real growth devoid of oil rent
Oil really slipping now & glad I jumped out when I did. Preserve capital and manage risk.
Company will also reduce some production and revise oil and gas capital spending strategy.
Well.. not just like that,, Its all about Oil.. 37.16 again..
estimates oil company capital spending cuts of $220 bln in 2015. More to come in 2016. Will affect supply. https:/…
More & Oil & Gas part of Capital (run by Jr's former Sec of Commerce Evans)
yes. ex China, the USD oil neg-correlation works. gap CNH-CNY also due to capital flight. . nobody knows when PBoC devalues further
Junior oilpatch cutting costs, capital to deal with low oil and gas prices
will lead California to increase massively electric car usage by boosting electric charge infrastructure.
Reuters. by Aziz El Yaakoubi. Moroccan oil refiner Samir said it has won the backing of its extraordinary general...
Precision Drilling writes down assets, says capital budget will plunge in 2016
Oil firms are cutting operating costs and reducing capital expenditure
invests in Airborne Oil & Gas : CompositesWorld Through its venture capital arm,...
See our latest OK and click to apply: Electricians -
Oil replaced gold as arbitrary "unit" behind prominence. Us export of capital circulates back to Wall Street. Bigger factors
Soldiers take over Capital Oil, load drums...
Morgan Stanley, Iberia Capital see improved outlook for Core Labs $CLB
We're Read about our latest opening here: Electricians - OK
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Rockford is the olive oil capital of the Midwest
Germany (for ex) has staked its economic future on human capital; on oil. Time for a change?
Economic growth is a function of Labor + Capital + Land. . Nigeria won't solve any of the above. . But we insist on growth because, oil. . LOL
“There’s a strong symbolism when the capital city of an oil producing nation says ‘no’ to investing in fossil fuels”
Norway’s oil-rich capital first to divest from fossil fuels
Oslo city leaders announced that it will divest its £8 billion pension fund from coal, oil and gas companies!
The disclaimer in Renaissance Capital's note on is great -- and a sign of the challenges ahead
Unconventional hydrocarbons is Monday's topic - how might it relate to existing oil and gas operations?.
From lowering oil price to climate change propaganda it is all about capital restructuring
Climate leaders: Oslo divests $9 billion pension fund of coal, oil and gas investments
Greedy Frackers not only want to destroy Scotland's water table but our NS Oil ind .Don't need shale gas https:/…
Cost of capital is going up, but efficiency gains will bring the break-even points right back down
How to tell Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe; sooo many unreal cars.
“Shell’s decision to halt exploration in the Arctic is a win for common sense and capital discipline, but why did...
Plan capital, manage projects, and procure all materials to build the assets needed in Oil & gas
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Dancers needed in Aberdeen Oil Capital make good money accommodation £15 per night  bo... -
Heat map of Indices, year to date. Best performing: Venture Capital +255.73%. Worst: Oil and Gas -74.69%.
Oil exploration's capital intensity city will be its downfall, not least because it can be effectively exploited by protesters.
“We’re successfully reducing our capital spending and operating costs, delivering competitive performance in today’s oil market …
How cynical: Big Oil Capital of the world wants $100mln from for polluting the air!
Just blogged: Capital to exhibit at Oil & Gas Share Fair 2015
-markets are punishing mis-allocation of capital to $50+ crude: its good, so long as Govts don't go bailing out oil co's!
Oil prices rose on Tuesday. Trade Commodities with Plus500, start now. CFD Service, Your capital is at risk
Apply now to work for Macquarie Group as Macquarie Capital Oil & Gas - Calgary in
Aside from natural gas, oil, human capital and agriculture, Iran a great source of mineral wealth
Don’t miss the Middle East's largest oil and gas exhibition on Nov.9 at the energy capital Abu Dhabi. Register here: ht…
capital of Kuala Lumpur is shrouded in haze. Could barely see the swathes of palm oil plantations earlier http:…
Barclays: Oil companies plan to cut $12.6B to $18.9B in capital spending in North America next year on top of a $68.3B reduction this year.
Oil producers can't keep sucking crude out of the ground without sucking more money from investors.
Investment firm Seacrest Capital Group will initially invest up to $200 million in a new oil and gas company heade…
$34,000,000 buyer of Chevron at the close. That's a lot of capital being pumped into a major oil company in one trade.
Rough bit introduction loans-chalk your junta pour oil on in order to value ingenuous capital: zDp
The importance of the capital intensive oil and gas industry.
Big In Big Trouble? Massive job losses and a drop in capital expenditure are hurting the industry
Europe’s capital where oil money pays for culture
Bill Barrett Corp. to sell Uinta Basin assets for $27M
Agree, analysis has focused on high cost capex & poor capital discipline by oil companies
Looking for a Macquarie Capital Oil & Gas - Calgary
Consequences of crude slump: Investors fear retreat of oil money from global markets
& Capital Projects series explores the issues of market volatility in detail
Bergen might be Norway's culture capital, but we have no need to be Europe's oil capital
new raps. skipping on the sea. listen to me rap. peace to Japan. peace to OliveOil
Trade and Investment Queensland hosts Australia's Anthony Lynham in Houston to pitch oil...
"Oil companies need to be founded where the oil is. Tech companies are founded where the human capital is."
Investors shud avoid oil, metal,airline, hotel, paper, sugar. Buy only stocks in pharma, FMCG, IT, banking and capita…
Hedges helped shale oil companies gain access to credit, so they can raise the capital needed to put their wells into production.
Why we banned some marketers from our depot - Ifeanyi Uba. Managing Director of Capital Oil and Gas Ltd, Mr.
In the spirit of transparency I hope the new boss will look into AMCON's dealings with Ifeanyi Uba(Capital Oil)
Capital Oil boss, Ifeanyi Uba, to remain in custody - Vanguard News via Police can only detain for 24hrs
The Managing Director/CEO of Capital Oil, Chief Ifeanyi Ubah has charged the U-23 National Team, Dream Team, to...
[PHOTO]Check out the queue for fuel at ifeanyi ubah's Capital Oil this morning
I'll like to commend the intervention of Capital Oil. Dr. Ifeanyi Uba breaking rank has shown patriotism. Where is Wale…
If PHCN is doing their job well, we won't have as much kegs as we have here at Capital Oil filling station along berger .Hm
Ifeanyi Ubah(Capital Oil) & Ernest Ndukwe(backed by Sir Emeka Offor) has also indicted interest. May d best man win
Iran to start swapping Turkmen oil products by next 4 months
Iran, world's 2nd biggest steelmaker in direct reduction method
Trade Forex, Oil, Gold and Stock Indices with FXCM. Practice trade in free demo Capital is at risk in l…
“favorable prospect in the country’s mining and oil sectors, are attracting significant capital inflows”-Gaimin on Kenya
Politics Ecuadorian natives protest Amazon oil drilling - Hundreds of Ecuadorians are marching through the capital...
Ecuadorian Natives Protest Amazon Oil Drilling: Hundreds of Ecuadorians are marching through the capital Quito...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tar sands oil expansion is risky valid concerns growing in WI and MN via
Oil and gas sales to Europe account for 10% of Russia’s gross domestic product, according to Capital Economics
2/3 of respondents think Calgarians are getting ruder as the city grows. The oil capital of Canada.
Crude oil leak in Lanzhou. 45% of a water supply is owned by a French company. Inter. Capital and infrastructure
Board of Olive Oil Giant Deoleo Agrees to Sell Company to U.K. Based CVC Capital -
The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has completed the negotiations with banks regarding the participation...
Work to begin on Casablanca port project: DUBAI: Wessal Capital, a Moroccan fund backed by oil-rich Gulf Arab ...
& - Al Rajhi Capital: Saudi Arabian Equities (Apr-14): The business cycle has reversed in the past f...
Man City winning the league, a club bought for political capital by an oil-rich Arab Sheikh, is ‘for the good of football’. I beg to differ.
Kilimanjaro Capital wants the World Bank to help it find oil in to fight extremism and bring stability/peace
Just had an interesting convo with a stranger about capital punishment & the death penalty at the express oil in Hornell
‘Liquids-Rich’ North American Natural Gas Will Attract Capital: The “shale game is the future for oil and gas ...
targets for long-term oil and gas resources development of - Trend.Az via
CVC Capital Partners will buy Deoleo, in a deal valuing the olive-oil bottler at $609.27 million.
Macassar oil varnishing-an capital exit en route to enunciate ideas over against your shellacking: cDYfl
Shocking photos from the capital of a country having the world biggest oil reserves & a beauty queens industry!
Fueling growth: The and sector focuses on strong returns, innovations and partnerships to survive
We raised $6 million lead by Founders Fund as covered in the to bring data analysis to oil and gas http…
Proud to announce that Dapper Beard Oil is now available at nrmlselect in the nation's capital!
This Silicon Valley startup just raised $6Million, and they use F
Sensex falls 104 points at Friday’s close: Automobile, capital goods, oil and gas, and bank stocks came under...
Oil flowing from Scotland into WM coffers, no money spared London Olympics infrastructure, try driving from north to O…
Great media profile for Aberdeen today! Makes you realise how little attention Europe's oil capital gets the rest of the time!
Trade forex, oil, and stock indices with FXCM UK. Register for a free demo to practice capital is at risk.
set to begin construction of its first indigenous Oil & Gas Trading System and Port
Norway gets twice as much income from its investments alone with the capital untouched than the UK gets from oil production taxes.
Many & companies, ploughing an increasingly unprofitable furrow as capital costs spiral via
Aberdeen is the oil capital. But if we go Independent a lot of company's will pull out their contracts as they invested in UK not Scotland 👍
South Sudanese rebels say they have seized control of oil-producing capital via
Oil and Gas industry gears up for Digital Conference - News | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston via
it'll be in oil capital of the UK London :/
oil is always the main fuel. Can't ignore capital income.
China is acquiring about 200bn USD every year. Where this huge capital will ultimately go? Remember saudi oil capital has created turbulence
“The province’s capital is studded with unfinished or abandoned low-rise buildings.”
Presumably today Aberdeen is the snake oil capital of Europe...
The British and Scottish governments were to hold cabinet meetings in Scotland's oil capital
Last RT, that's right folks, super fast broadband is only just arriving in the oil capital of Europe
Major events in Caspian countries' oil and gas industry for last week (Feb. 17-22) -
Oil companies face unstable market and increasing capital spending. We need to push forward plastic to oil...
Big 3 oil companies Shell, BP and ExxonMobil each have more capital than some country federal budget
Oil industry does not need tax breaks! Have u seen how much capital oil and gas companies have.
The upswing was led by the capital goods, banking, healthcare, auto and oil and gas stocks.
Where was NASS when Capital Oil was selling kerosene at N50/L? How else would subsidy be paid? Did they think he was running a charity show?
Kejriwal's argument's are not tenable. Gas and Oil exploration is serious business and it require huge Capital outlays..
Aberdeen's the oil capital of Europe yet we still pay some of the highest prices for fuel. You've done nothing for Scotland!!
Cameron bringing cabinet to oil-capital Aberdeen is No campaign's biggest mistake yet. Might as well stick flags on oil rigs.
and will be only seven miles apart today. The Oil Capital of Europe is better with
Azerbaijani oil process for Feb.17-21: On Feb.17-21, the average price on AZERI LT, exported...
reminder to the Union Cabinet meeting in Scotland's oil Capital. Sir Walter Scott said. "London is licking the butter of our bread"
Heh oil capital of Europe suddenly becomes an interest . More like Alex is screwing this country over.
Two-thirds of and executives plan to accelerate their growth strategies over this year
PM & Cabinet will travel to Aberdeen, oil and gas capital of Europe, to campaign en masse against Scottish independence!
Funny that he picked the UK oil capital for cabinet meeting ? Freudian thinking maybe ? :)
Not to mention capital flight tht occurred in Venezuela as soon as Chavez nationalized oil. Venezuela still faces this capital flight today.
why would the party of the rich be in the oil capital of Europe suddenly?
Salmond and Cameron fighting about North Sea Oil. Meanwhile the oil capital of Europe will have no Fire or Police control r…
So first we’ve no oil & it’s worthless. Now Cameron is to come up here &visit the oil capital to tell us we’re too stupid to…
24th Feb. Mainly Tory jolly arrives in oil capital to tell us how to make them more money from our resources. Am I missing something?
are to bring their Spring Conf to Aberdeen, yet their centralising agenda continues to disregard the 'Oil Capital of Europe'
Procedure in contemplation of yield small capital fatty oil from spending a material wealth wherefore pill yet potio
TODAY: Texas has 48% of the US oil/gas rigs bringing jobs and capital to Permian and Eagle Ford!
i do. My girlfriends loves you. We saw you when you did cracking up the capital a few years ago!
It appears unlikely South rebels will be able to seize capital or even hold onto regions ahead of talks in
I stay in desert I work in oil and gas industry...theatres are in muscat.., the capital of oman
Look forward to welcoming Kurdish trade delegation to UK next week from Erbil, longest inhabited city in world and oil exp…
Oil and Gas capital of the world. Great to be living in the most growing city in the country.
predicts oil production growth at 90,000 bpd in 2014 - Trend.Az via
Worldwide capital expenditures among and companies increased 13%
Big news in Germany from Aberdeen the oil capital of Europe: Pro independence campaigners in Scotland via
Canada benefit is illusion. 71 per cent of tar pit profit goes to foreign owned Big Oil. Capital Extremists raping our land.…
...If PDP's better future is in removing Tukur,the absence of party ideology becomes more conspicuous and the bleakness of dat future can't be brightened even wit free kero from Capital Oil. Societies reproduce itself positively when Institutions,rather than Personalities are strengthened. Our political doom lies in this present PDP led leadership,no will,no character,no direction. Where is SACRIFICE?
Many ask me y nnewi people do hate peter obi & apga administration..???..I said is bcuz he never mention any tangible thing he had done for the good people of ADAEDO & more over we do nt hate him bt we all love DR PATRICK IFEANYI UBA.(( oil and gas))...cuz he is the one that will lead us to the promise land...please let's once again vote LABOUR PARTY for chairman and counselors.LP forward ever.
Lagos Fire Victims Count Losses 10 Jan 2014 Chiemelie Ezeobi who visited the scene of the tanker fire that killed 15 people and razed over 50 shops in Lagos on Tuesday, writes that it was a new year gone bad for the victims It is no gainsaying that people often approach a new year with hopes and aspirations of better things to come and it was no different for the residents and traders that dot the stretch of road that makes up the Berger Suya area in Lagos. But on Tuesday, December 7, their dreams and aspirations came crumbling like a pack of badly stacked cards. Before the midnight fire, the day started normal for the victims without any insight into what the day had in store for them. They made sales and closed for the day around 10pm. But the next day, their world as they knew it had changed. A midnight fire that raged till the next day had burnt their shops, destroyed their wares, left many injured and killed 15 persons. Venturing into the street which is just off the Berger Cement Bus-stop, with co . ...
No fewer than 15 people lost their lives after a truck laden with 33,000 litres of Premium Motor Spirit lost control and rammed into vehicles in the Kirikiri area of Lagos State on Tuesday. PUNCH Metro learnt that the truck split all its content, which ignited a fire, burning 11 vehicles and 60 shops. The Director of the state fire service, Razaq Fadipe, said the fire was probably caused by a suya seller, who was making use of fire at the bus stop. Our correspondent, who visited the area, also observed that a Sterling Bank branch located at Berger Suya Bus Stop was severely burnt in the inferno forcing it to suspend all its operations indefinitely. A commercial bus driver, Murhi Lawal, who spoke to journalists while weeping profusely, said his bus was completely consumed by the fire. He said, “Around 10pm on Tuesday, my bus developed a fault so I parked in front of Sterling Bank. However, the guards on duty said I should move my vehicle elsewhere so I parked on the other side of the road so I could buy ...
Fully loaded petrol tanker explodes in Apapa, killing several fully loaded petrol tanker was involved in a horrible accident last night that took the lives of atleast 10 people, destroyed several cars and a few buildings. According to eyewitnesses, the tanker, carrying 33,000 litres of fuel, lost its brake, somersaulted and exploded around Beggar Suya Bus-Stop on the Apapa Expressway around 11pm yesterday. About 10 people were said to have roasted in the inferno that ensued, while several cars parked in the area were razed. A few houses, including a bank branch, were also razed . Over 8 fire service trucks including two from Julius berger and one from Capital Oil and Gas came to the scene to put the fire out. See more photos after...
God i thank u for saving our plaza frm the fire incedent that burnt down over 50 shop including the sterling bank beside our plaza and kill over 20 people. I also thank Capital oil and gas fire van dat came for our rescure dat nite. To God be the glory.
Tanker explodes in Lagos burn 15 to death The inferno, which started at about 11p.m on Tuesday, was finally put off at about 1a.m. by a deluge of fire servicemen and rescue operators who thronged the scene of the accident minutes after it happened. According to an eyewitness report, the tanker had somersaulted while trying to avoid the huge craters on the road and then exploded from the impact of the crash. All attempts by the combined team of fire fighters from the Federal and State Fire Service, Capital Oil, Julius Berger and Swift Oil, to limit the effect of the inferno proved abortive as it spread rapidly, engulfing over 50 shops including banks, shops and residential buildings. Asides the buildings that were razed, the fire also burnt over 20 cars as well as goods and properties running into millions of naira. While attempts were on to put off out the fire, THISDAY gathered that emergency rescue operators also put up a valiant effort to rescue persons who were trapped in the buildings in the path of ...
Corporate capital and education is like oil and water. That sh!t don't mix!
Oil and Gas:. The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has Selects Engineering Firm Fluor, to Provide Consultancy Services, Supporting its Capital...
A review of global and companies working performance reveals further improvement
I live in the drone capital of the US. Clear skies (minus chemtrails) and the *** here dgaf especially with their oil $$$.
Record number of oil & gas profiles in upcoming Feb 2014 edition of RS... says something about where the risk capital is going atm?
Oil glut increases pressure to relax US export ban: WASHINGTON -- As a new year dawns in the nation's capital,...
This 4 ft square oil painting is on its way to Senator Mark Warner's Capital Hill Offices.
The $8B in 'Oil Subsidies' you cite is normal depreciation on capital equipment that EVERY company gets. What attack energy sector?
Looking for Information Management Leads to support capital oil and gas projects. Candidates should have at least 5 years experience in Information Management roles in the Upstream/Downstream environment, and have past experience as a Data Control Lead, Document Control Lead.
Alberta Oil in China: Journeys to the East - Companies crisscross the Middle Kingdom on a quest for capital
One of every six companies that began investment in Turkey last year was backed by Iranian capital.
Fluor to support Kuwait Oil capital expenditure programme
Lagarde: One thing to discover oil&gas&geothermal; but it's better to unleash human capital to fully exploit those resources
As of Jan. 6, 2014, over 1.84 billion barrels of oil have been shipped since June 2, 2006 up till now from the...
Northland Capital Partners View on the City: Eland Oil & Gas and Noricum Gold
John Burbank believes the oil-rich kingdom, that is Saudi Arabia, has the makings of a global winner
And why do you say "if true"? I lived it in the capital planning department of major oil corp.
Addax Petroleum has reiterated its support for human capital development in the oil and gas industry
Empire World gets credit for transforming Erbil in this write up on the up-and-coming oil city
Two-thirds of oil and gas companies planning higher capital expenditures for 2014 - Oil & Gas Financial Journal
"Emerald Oil initiated by Iberia Capital at outperform. $11.00 PT. $EOX"
US oil glut stirs up political dilemma: WASHINGTON — As a new year dawns in the nation’s capital, the Obama ad...
government forces retake Bor the capital of the oil-rich Jonglei state.
Iran to increase oil product swaps to prevent fuel smuggling
In an Oil-Rich Nation “A series of bombs has killed at least 14 in capital, Reuters reports. More soon.”
Remember you can also follow our sister company - connecting Businesses to PAs in the oil capital of Europe
There’s no income tax or capital. taxes in UAE. The country doesn’t need to tax your. income simply because oil revenue
The regime in Khartoum to be blame in what is happening in Juba the capital of S Sudan# control the oil region in a mid of CHOAS !
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
3 mass graves discovered, UN says Our statement on risk of oil role in conflict: h…
.perhaps this makes clearer re roads- -road to Malakal (oil capital) is better than any on W bank
oil. Actually the three states where fighting is raging have the bulk of the oil deposits. Bor is Capital of Jonglei.
Warning issued for crude - AlbanyBakken shale crude, which has become a common cargo on Capital Region rail...
What is hapening,can sombody gest me small about dis our company (capital oil)?
Happy birthday 2 u Capital oil, and happy new year.
Meet, most likely, your next CBN Governor! Aig-Imoukhuede (The just retired CEO of Access Bank) In many quarters, Aigboje is not your average Santa Claus, and is not very liked. Every other month, there's bad or awkward publicity. From alleged 6AM Monday meetings in Access Bank , or N2million employment bonds, or recruitment processes requiring participants to bring deposits into the banks, or the controversial N200m cash paid out to Mariah Carey for a musical performance, or the sack of 200 (or slightly under 25, depending on what you are reading) senior staff of the bank, or the mass layoff of erstwhile Intercontinental bank employees after the acquisition, or the infamous Coscharis/Capital Oil mêlée, or the million other controversies surrounding Aigboje’s regime, yet the well spoken banker has certainly come up to the surface on every count...
So Pastor David Oyedepo is now the owner of Capital Oil.
Anambra State Governor Peter obi toured Capital Oil and Gas Limited and Praised Dr Ifeanyi Patric Ubah for his hardwork and success.
Pls Vote wisely, make sure you vote the right for me i will go for labour party with Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah(Capital Oil).
INFORMATION ALERT! IS IFEANYI UBAH'S PROMISES SURE? I have been very skeptical about the promises made by Ifeanyi Ubah that he would make Anambra the Industrial hub? But I wish to ask. 1. How many of Capital Oil & Gas is located in Awka Capital territory? 2. How many States are Capital Oil & Gas located or isn't it Sole Proprietorship? 3. Is Capital Oil & Gas quoted? I need to be cleared. Conversely, Fidelity Bank is a global bank quoted with strong capital base. It is Public Limited Liability Institution. Isn't it enough to declare WILLIE OBIANO the very best candidate?
Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, by their fruit ,we shall know them,am from Nnewi, the man Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is developing his community Umu anuka, Otolo, Nnewi. He owns a lots of companies like Capital Oil and Gas,that employs over 3826 Anambrarians, building a Cathedral for Roman Catholic Church,paying school fees over 10,000 Children,helping over 16,000 Widows,under Dr Ifeanyi Ubah Foundations,donating to other all other churches Anglican churches and Pentecostal churches. Dr Ifeanyi Ubah touches many lives, distributing kerosene to the poor free of charge. He went to China Jail and Brought our brothers out paid their fine.Dr Ifeanyi Ubah is a man of his word, his actions speaks louder than others in this contest, so lets vote Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. Labour Party
Ubah’s Uncommon Energy Ayo Akinola writes that the candidate of the Labour Party Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, in the November 16 Anambra State governorship election carries on with an uncommon energy that typifies one with an eye on the goal The biblical cliché in the holy writ of proverbs which says: “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before men of low estate” aptly describes Chief Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, the Labour Party governorship candidate for the November 16 governorship election in Anambra State. That Capital Oil and Gas Limited, which he founded and manages, is today a leading force in the downstream of the petroleum sector of the Nigerian economy is a testimony of a man with an uncommon vision, energy and propensity to turn ordinary stone into precious gold. Knowing Ifeanyi Ubah at a close range has afforded me the opportunity to appraise him in an objective manner. You cannot work with him if you are the lazy type. He is passionate with littl ...
SAVE ASUU, SAVE NIGERIA STUDENTS, SAVE OUR FUTURE. Hopefully b4 4pm, Nigerian Student would dance to the music MOBO LOWO WON. Yet their re questions to b answer, nd nt appropriately answer future strike is possible. 1. How much does the NIG govt carez 4 d students. 2. How has the educational tax been executed. 3. How has fees paid by students administered. In previous year, the F.G govt bail out the textile nd film industry by 100 bn,jst last week,CBN gave a life line of 1trn to bank. I could remember during the victory of the super eagles @ CAF almst all states gov enrich their acct with millions,private companies are nt left out,the F.G ws on top. Pls, all states gov u can do d same to Nigeria studnt jst as u did to Eagles, all national assembly member u can raise 2 million each, all states house of assembly member u re capable of raising 500 thousand each,all former govt position holder,u can raise 100 thousand each 4rm d one u embezel. Aliko Dangote,Mike Adenuga,Femi Otedola, Ubah of Capital Oil nd .. ...
Come November 16, Anambra will either be subject to Fidelity Bank, Capital Oil or Bourdillon. We'll have to choose one.
Capital oil"What company sponsred the first maiden edition of ? anticipate
Did you know that the Capital Oil listed on the NSE is different from Ifeanyi Uba's?
I wonder how people like Ifeanyi Uba of Capital oil who got so much ill gotten wealth will do with Anambra's destiny. Ha ha ha
All the Anambra pple pls get ready to vote for the oly man who is capable! Dr Ifeanyi Uba(capital oil and gas)
Tho we lose but another match most win need dat Øf capital oil ifeanyi uba our next Governor
Ifeanyi Uba's Capital Oil was taken was over by AMCON. Now a man who could not run his own business wants to run a state. Incredible.
no to Capital Oil and no to Bourdillon
"We don't want Anambra as an extension of Fidelity Bank" - great, but would you rather have it as an extension of Capital Oil or Bourdillon?
Ubah promised to create 50k jobs in 6months. Can we doubt this considering his Capital Oil business? Its left for people to decide.
It's actually between Ngige and Fidelity Bank. Capital oil can never win. He's wasting the remaining money he has.
anambra state is between Fidelity Bank nd capital oil. I have *** on ground forget this online shenanigans ngige is doing.
nope, am not. But I'm interested in the (Fidelity Bank) vs (Capital Oil) duel
Certain people think Ifeanyi Ubah of capital Oil is spending too much on his gov campaign. What's your opinion?
The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria(AMCON) has taken over managment of Capital Oil & Gas Industries over an alleged N48.014bn debt.
Capital Oil is involved wit subsidy fraud. Also has a criminal case wit Coscharis. Yet he wants to be Govnor. Chukwu aju
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
:Pls what's ur Capital oil issues wit AMCON.Did they take it over or what? Its a serious concern
E concern dem.buh I'm votin for him"But will it count? "Am so Voting for IFEANYI UBA(CAPITAL OIL)..
I listened to his live broadcast on AIT 4rm Lagos Please tell Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah to go and manage his Capital Oil business.
Anambra for christmas and new year come join Me... Capital Oil campaign Org..
PR Newswire Photo: BORON CAPITAL OIL RIGS: America is expected to become the world's largest total supplier of...
We did not seize Capital Oil – AMCON: The confusion that followed the takeover of Capital Oil and Gas Industri...
Market News! - Crosstex Energy downgraded to Sector Perform from Outperform at RBC Capital:
Chai so Capital Oil Ifeanyi Uba is now broke? Banks refused him loan and friends ain't sure he can win as Election get to crucial stage
: By Citizens Platform  The alleged takeover of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd by the Asset Management Cor...
If elections are won by media advert, Capital oil Ifeanyi Uba will succeed Peter Obi as Anambra Gov in 2015. He reminds me of Ikedi Ohakim
Our mandate is to manage Capital Oil for two years – AMCON boss
Are anambra state people voting for ifeanyi ubah or capital oil? *sigh*
"Mr. Uba’s extravagant style is particularly curious in light of reports of his massive indebtedness to banks. Last week, the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) announced its seizure of Mr. Uba’s firm, Capital Oil. AMCON plans to run the company for a period of two years. Is Mr. Uba desperate to grab the governor’s post because he’s been fired, even if temporarily, from running his own company? Does it make sense for the people of Anambra to hire as their governor a man whose firm is so mired in debt that he’s no longer permitted to run it?" Okey Ndibe
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