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Cape Verde

Cape Verde , officially the Republic of Cape Verde, is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa.

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A tropical wave se of the Cape Verde Islands has a medium (40%) chance of development in the next 5 days.
“Faces of Cape Verde. CV's come in all shades
After a chilled week in Cape Verde, a messy night with the lads in London last night. Tomorrow it's back to work for me
I Liked this on Instagram: Met one of my biggest inspirations from Jamaica in Cape Verde!! ! My bredren. Capelt...
integration/migration of North africans (South of europe) and angolans and Cape verde in Portugal and Portugal migration to UK
don't be late like you were coming back from Cape Verde!! 😉
Per Potential for development with a few hundred miles south of the Cape Verde Islands..
I can't believe I missed the Cape Verde festival yesterday lol
cool. Just done Scotland. CAPE Verde next month and just booked up western Canada for June :-D open wallet surgery
Now I am jealous! Kyrgyzstan! Amazing.Im in London working like a dog but based in Stevenage. Next stop: Sep 28: Cape Verde
we are going to Cape Verde :-) I love turkey I have been to Gumbet x
Awaiting the arrival of the President of Cape Verde!
Fishing stoppage in Cape Verde is 'unavoidable' - FIS: Fishing stoppage in Cape Verde is 'unavoidable...
While HWRF 12z does little w/94L, a following wave in 5-days suggests Cape Verde season will perk up.
What if Patrick Sawyer had made it to the ECOWAS meeting in Calabar and all the delegates had gone back to their home countries (the other 15 member states); Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo infected with the Ebola virus? Does this not read like a Hollywood script for “Contagion”? Was this scripted? Who stands to benefit from the massive sale of a yet to be approved, yet to be human tested experimental drug to the approximately 340 million people of West Africa of which 170 million reside in Nigeria? Who will benefit most from the panic buying if the patent owners give the go ahead for its release? Hehehehehe…..Abeg me I just dey waka pass oh!
Listener stats for July 2014. People tuned in 97783 times worldwide. Last June 35417 peeps tuned in. India came in first for most listeners outside the U.S.( Must be all that George Harrison music) We welcome new listeners in Qatar, Cape Verde, Denmark and many other countries. Thank you all for your support. Woof
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MOROCCO 2015 QUALIFIERS Weekend Results Tanzania 2 - 2 Mozambique Lesotho 1 - 0 Kenya Congo 2 - 0 Rwanda Benin 1 - 0 Malawi Uganda 2 - 0 Mauritania Botswana 2 - 0 Guinea-Bissau Sierra Leone 2 - 0 Seychelles The Winners of the Tanzania/Mozambique match will join Zambia, Cape Verde and Niger in group F of the qualifiers which kick off in the first week of September year. Zambia's first game is on September 6 with Tanzania/Mozambique. The 14 teams above are battling over two-legged ties to fill the remaining seven places in the group stage. The second legs will be played on the weekend of August 1-3. Morocco hosts the Nations Cup finals tournament from 17 January to 8 February 2015.
Compared to many of its neighbors in Southern Africa, as well as other Portuguese colonies (especially Cape Verde), Angola's popular music has had little international success.In the 1800s Angolan musicians in the cities experimented with popular styles worldwide, including waltzes and ballads. With the first half of the Twentieth Century came big bands, who sang in both Portuguese and Kimbundu[2]The first group to become known outside of Angola was Duo Ouro *** created in 1956. After a successful sting in Portugal, the duo toured Switzerland, France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Spain. After them came Orquestra os Jovens do Prenda who were most popular from the late 1960s to the early 1970s and have continued to perform and record sporadically. The big band included two trumpets, a saxophone, four guitars and a half-dozen percussion instruments. They played kizomba (a native style based around the marimba xylophone), using the four guitars to approximate the sound of the marimba, and quilapanga.The ac .. ...
Only possible stumbling block for Germany is they can't face Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, East Timor, Macau, or Cape Verde in the final.
Now he's losing to Cape Verde Islands I've never even heard of them😳😂😂
Beach resort property investment in Cape Verde begins
lol SERIOUSLY!! Every time I say "Cape Verde" outside of MA everyone thinks I'm speaking in tongues.
PSA: Cape Verde is an island off the coast of Western Africa. Not an island in the Boston Harbor...
As Per the 2010 FAO world agriculture statistics, India is the world's largest producer of many fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, major spices, select fresh meats, select fibrous crops such as jute, several staples such as millets and castor oil seed. India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice, the world's major food staples.[3] India is also the world's second or third largest producer of several dry fruits, agriculture-based textile raw materials, roots and tuber crops, pulses, farmed fish, eggs, coconut, sugarcane and numerous vegetables. India ranked within the world's five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items, including many cash crops such as coffee and cotton, in 2010.[3] India is also one of the world's five largest producers of livestock and poultry meat, with one of the fastest growth rates, as of 2011.[4] One report from 2008 claimed India's population is growing faster than its ability to produce rice and wheat.[5] Other recent studies claim India can easily ...
Rawson is in Cape Verde for the next few weeks doing humanitarian work on the island of Mindelo. Look it up on a map...
Will pes 2015 have the national team of Cape Verde in african teams?? they're ranked 39 in the world and 5th in africa.
Cape Verde women RT"Any African women I'm sleep on? I'm up on Eritreans, Ethiopians, and Somali."
Are there many people from Cape Verde in Boston?
Ima take Alondra to Cape Verde on day. It'll be the best road trip ever.
From Cape Verde: I Pray for you today, every impossibility in your Life shall be made Possible in JESUS name.
That's even cool you know Cape Verde, many people don't know we exist. Lol...we do have beautiful women's thou.
Naaa, but my family is from Cape Verde, Portuguese speaking country!
Before no one knew what Cape Verde was or its location.. Now everyone's Cape.. But 🐸☕️
We have done it again!!! Year after year Cape Verde Independence day party is a success... First of all Thank...
You know you are obsessed with when you see a travel ad for Cape Verde and think of Neal
off to gatwick to catch our flight for our holiday to Cape Verde
Watching this carnaval video from Cape Verde and the girl who won queen is named Leniza. I'm not used to people having my name 😟
“Bet you didn't realise just how huge Africa is. no Cape Verde ? *** 😂
Off to the airport now Cape Verde here we come
Cape Verde, group of Islands near Africa. Yeah I'm okay thanks, when I'm back we'll have a massive catch up 😊
Cape Verde an fest is going on I might step up in the crowd
Apparently the loud music is from a Cape Verde independence day festival
Yes do so, and have a Great time In Cape Verde :)
Countdown to Cape Verde in 3 days... The island of sand dunes
Cape Verde is just an opening act for the real festivals to begin DR AND PR.
Cape Verde on Thursday. Cannot wait! 😃 Need a week in the sun with my boy ☀️
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Finding out my exam results when I'm in Cape Verde is probably going to be the best time to find out whether it's good or bad
Thanks to my dance coach, and to everyone we met at the Cape Verde Independence Festival today! What great fun.
off to Cape Verde later on in a few hours will be supporting your hubby in the darts as always
tony when are you flying to Cape Verde
Man just walked past me in Cape Verde and done ✋☝️ 😂😂😂😂
Beautiful day registering people to vote and collecting signature at the Cape Verde Festival!
Grubbing on some cachupa! Can't wait to go visit Cape Verde someday.
I took Cape Verde Islands to the World Cup semi finals and 8th in the world rankings...
Listening to music from Cape Verde last time it has made me more excited for holiday🎊🎉
The hotel Riu Touareg in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Pretty stunning don't you think?... @ Boa Vista, Cape…
Cachupa: making Cape Verde famous since the 1700s.
Trying to make lists of everything I need for India and Cape Verde is proving to be a difficult task
How's the cape verde festival looking like?
This Cape Verde fest kinda dope... Wish I ain't have to hit the road soon so I could see *** else they doing later...
Katie and Scott are going to Cape Verde ! Bring on September 1st 🍹☀️
D44TS (Cape Verde) spotted on 50104.4 at 1715z by K0HA Few callers now
That one car you see that's at the Cape Verde festival
Let's spread this shocking reality that exists in "paradise"!! Cape Verde.
he told me it was the wrong number lmfao (Cape Verde wanted me he was just on duty) 😂😂😂
Had in Cape Verde, they should be shipped in but the Niger Delta folks should know better.
Cape Verde celebrates its 39th anniversary of independence from Portugal. [1975 July 05] Cape Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country spanning an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. Located 570 kilometres (350 miles) off the coast of Western Africa, the islands cover a combined area of slightly over 4,000 square kilometres (1,500 sq mi). Three (Sal, Boa Vista and Maio) are fairly flat, sandy and dry; the others generally rockier with more vegetation. Historically, the name "Cape Verde" has been used in English for the archipelago and, since independence, for the country. In 2013, the Cape Verdean government determined that the Portuguese designation "Cabo Verde" would henceforth be used for official purposes, such as at the United Nations, even in English contexts. Portuguese explorers discovered and colonized the previously uninhabited islands in the 15th century. Ideally located for the Atlantic slave trade, the islands grew prosperous and often a ...
Happy Indepence Day to The Democratic Republic of Cape Verde (aka ). Everything I am is because of you! Alway…
ORGULHO DE Cabo Verde & USA PRIDE! Jair Carvalho Ribeiro CAREER: Anselmo "Jair" Ribeiro (born December 17, 1974) is a retired Cape Verdean soccer player. YOUTH: Jair emigrated from his native Cape Verde to the United States as a child, settling with his family in suburban Boston. He attended Madison Park High School in Roxbury, Massachusetts PROFESSIONAL: Jair began his professional career in Portugal, with the reserves of Sporting CP, although he never played a first team game with the team, and spent a great deal of time on loan at Portuguese second division clubs Alverca and Olhanense. After two years with CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria, Jair signed signed with New England Revolution in March 1998, and became a starter in the team's midfield. He transferred to San Jose Clash in the middle of the 1999 season in exchange for Jeff Baicher, having played 29 games and scored 4 goals for Revolution, a move which sparked concerns about possible conflicts of interest within the league. After a year with the Hampton Ro ...
"they'll shuck in the semis against the German machine" Cape Verde Islands could even push a draw against them
Cape Verde Islands signed the Driving license agreement and participated in U.N. treaty
Climate Change: 10 Islands that may disappear : Republic of Cape Verde:
well, a doppelganger has just landed on the Cape Verde Islands...
PSA for Today: Cape Verdean is not a phrase that I made up. Cape Verde is a group of islands off the coast of Africa.
Week today we'll be jetting off to the African islands of Cape Verde... Cannot control my excitement... EP
did Cape Verde's coach go on his own? Their FA thought it wise. Herve Renard n Zambia, too!. A right thinking FA, should.
what's been going on at west ham I.e transfers etc? On holiday in Cape Verde and have had limited access to the internet?
FACT: Did you know that David Silva of Manchester City and Spain is not Spanish? His Father is from the canary Islands while his Mother is Japanese. Also, did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo's Great Grand Mother is African? She was from Cape Verde.
In honor of Armistice/ Veterans Day this post will honor Cape Verdean veterans of American Wars. The Cape Verdean community here in the States should be very proud of all the Patriots it has produc...
Back in town: obrigado Cape Verde on
So jel of you girlies in Cape Verde !! Can't wait to get my trip there end of July :-) xxx
if you don't know what Cape Verde is.
Criolinha: Criolinha ~ Fantcha, Yanni (18)20 used & new from $1.98(Visit the Best Sellers in Cape Verde li...
Walk On the Wild Side by Lou Reed is number 1 in Cape Verde itunes top 100 songs
Eye of the Tiger (Single) by Eye of the Tiger is number 2 in Cape Verde itunes top 100 songs
Tryna persuade Ty to come to Cape Verde .
more about Cape Verde island and its History...
Just checked the countries where my website has gotten new viewers from. The countries are Cape Verde, a group of volcanic islands off the west coast of Africa and Guyanna, a country in South America that sits on the equator, boy would I like to go there for the winter, LOL. This amazes me, I better get bazizzle !
Cape Verdean is an ethnicity and black is a race. If you are born in Cape Verde your nationality and ethnicity is Cape Verdean. 😴😴
While Horace Silver was always labelled 'Hard Bop' in fact his music was much more eclectic. Lots of Brazilian, Cape Verde&Portgueese rythms
RIP “…born in Norwalk, CT. His father, John Tavares Silva, came from the Cape Verde Islands
Another one of those Wow Daddy moments.I was driving home from work and about 1 mile away from home I see a lady walking but struggling with some groceries. The thought passed my mind to go and offer her a ride.I pass the first turning lane then can't help it I turn at the next one. The thought passes through my mind that she isnt going to accept the ride because she wanted to walk but bought a little more at the store then she had anticipated. I pull into a drive and wait for her to get closer and open my window and offer her a ride. She stops and looks at me but says nothing. I asked again would you like a ride I saw you struggling with your groceries. Her reply was, noone stops and offers others a ride in this day and age. So I replied I do when told to.she looked at me and teared up. She said you are one weird stranger, she was smiling of course. She then explained that she was out walking because she had some things going on and needed to think. So I told her that I would pray that she get clarity in ...
Going on holiday to Cape Verde ? Need advice.. I lived there happy to assist DM me
Thanks to our new followers who love Cape Verde
Alpha Khan Goes Back To School From all indications it seems as if the President policy of the youth is slowly failing as the youths are still being left uneducated and unemployed while few people in his government are hijackings training programmes meant for the youths. In view of this, SALONE TIMES has authoritatively been informed that the Minister of Information and Communication, Alhaji Alpha Khan has hijacked the training on leadership and negotiation that is currently going on in the University of Harvard in the United States of America (USA) that was meant for a youth representative. According to reports, the Scholarship was given by the United State’s Government upon the visit of President of Sierra Leone Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to President Obama last year. The reports further state while Malawi, Senegal and Cape Verde sent young people to attend the leadership training, Sierra Leone on the other hand sent an over matured youth in the person of Alhaji Alpha Khanu. When SALONE TIMES put the quest ...
Just sorted a holiday to Cape Verde with heard good things !
My brother dee.tee.emm.eff going to Cape Verde this week, wish I was going but have fun and stay safe…
I really don't want a daughter but if I have one we're just moving to Amish towns or going to Cape Verde. That's all.
Levi Vance back to Cape verde, we walk together as did 3 years ago, when serving in Achadinha and Palmarejo. It was good to remember that grate time...
to Cape Verde with my sisters and cousins
ranking:Panama 31st, Cape Verde Islands 39th...Ireland are 70th. We cant even top the tax haven table!
FFS the Cape Verde Islands rank higher than Gareth's mob in the quoted FIFA rankings.
Watched a show RE growth of Cape Verde as holiday resort. Two locals passed in HoopsWHY. Larsons DADs CSC
So the welsh are trying to laugh at us? Well how can you have the right to laugh when Cape Verde Islands are higher than you on world rankings? At least England don't finish mid-table in the qualifiers...
Tim Goody is booking for Cape Verde as I type! !
lol I'll be nice okay EL - TIN. You can come w me to Brazil and Cape Verde, truce okay? 💃
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I voted Egypt or Cape Verde to win the football anyways sooo.. 🙌
Horace Silver's father was from Cape Verde. Full circle.
Charles Kasia Kafula Mwiche Chama mwenya how will the team travel after playing a game on Saturday then play in Cape Verde on Tuesday? Maybe we hitch a ride of the FAZ Charter?
my beauties watching the game in Cape Verde
All we do is party out in cape verde , Im tired of it already but its a vacation so why not party it up
Just booked Cape Verde Islands with the misses !! Looking forward relaxing on the Sunbed with a cold pint down my neck! Can't wait! Roll on 25th of September ✈️☀️🍺
Holiday booked Cape Verde can't wait ro_nina
I have an obsession with Brazil and Cape Verde. I must go!
Hot Fashion in Cape Verde!!! Hot swim / beachwear on the FestiTxada 2014 runway By Mirte da Graça. See the full...
About to watch England Cape Verde style come into the town full of raheem sterlings 😳 we're not scared
Anitta shared... He is one of the best bass player in Cape Verde, 22 years old. Please post him photo on your page. Thank you. Good night
This time next week I will be chilling in the sun with a nice cold beer in Cape Verde with
My holiday to Cape Verde needs to hurry up!
Not much longer to wait now, Tony. What is it you're most looking forward to in Cape Verde?
Probably true...Cape Verde 494,000 (FIFA ranked 39th) nearest that comes to mind
it's because the best teams didn't qualify! Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Egypt.
to 25th from progressing. Would the likes of Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia have impressed so much recently without
12 year old me in Cape Verde for the 1st time!
When Cape Verde makes the World Cup my Hi5 is gnna be jumping 😂😂
my findings: various types of Strombus latus, Sal, Cape Verde, found dead
Because the country ruled out translations a few years ago, like Cape Verde just did.
iv made one gin fresh orange and lemon it's called a Cape Verde special lol
if Cape Verde was in this World Cup do you think we would go far?
From Mickie Igwe Ever wondered why African countries don't win the World Cup? Well, the World Cup tournament is played by Human beings not animals. Check this out; Elephants of Cote d Ivore,Super eagles of Nigeria, Squirrels of Benin, Leopards of DR Congo, Antelopes of Angola, Blue Sharks of Cape Verde, Wild Beast of CAR, Crocodiles of Lesotho, Wasps of Rwanda, Eagles of Mali, Lions of Cameroon. You still wonder how animals will play with Humans and win?
Risk of attacks on tourist facilities in Cape Verde remains low despite ... - IHS Jane's 360
LOS ANGELES - Jazz musician Horace Silver, a composer known for pioneering hard bop, has died, National Public Radio said on Wednesday. He was 85. Silver, a native of Norwalk, Connecticut, was shaped by the Portuguese influence in the islands of Cape Verde, from where his family emigrated to the United States. Alongside playing with noted jazz musicians such as bassist Oscar Pettiford and drummer Art Blakey, Silver, who played piano and saxophone, recorded exclusively for Blue Note Records over three decades before founding his own label, Silveto Records. Silver composed music featuring percussive, hard-driving beats that was inspired by his philosophy of holistic self-help, jazz critic Leonard Feather wrote in his "Encyclopedia of Jazz." His most notable works include "Song For My Father," inspired by Cape Verdean folk music and gospel-driven "The Preacher." His work also appeared on a number of Miles Davis' albums, including 1954's "Walkin'." NPR said Silver's son Gregory had called it directly with the ...
I would like to say congratulations to Heidi Moreno Rodrigues from Cape Verde the former Miss West Africa Holland for her great representation at Miss West Africa International 2013. I recently was selected out of 63 applicants to represent West African's in Holland. I am originally from the Gambia. I love my country, and I love the West African region, and also my West Africans and our culture in Holland. I hope I will make all West African's in Holland proud and hope you support me to. Thanks.
okay pal, but Egypt and Cape Verde are defo worth the look x
So while I am anxiously waiting to here if our mortgage conditions are satisfied...I am thinking of the fact that while I have lived in Wareham my whole life that in the last two months we had the opportunity to think about where we want to live for the rest of it with our family. I can't lie there were thoughts of other towns near and far but they were fleeting thoughts erased by my memories of growing up on Onset Beach, July 4th Fire Works, Harvest Moon Festivals, Cape Verde Festivals, Marc Anthony's Pizza, meeting Jeffrey in Kindergarten at Hammond School and then there is the Swan Festivals, the open trails around for walking all the beaches and parks that the "Cousins" have spent such good times together. Then there are the experiences of our boys in the Wareham Public Schools. All three have had good even great experiences and opportunities with Mentors like Nichole Stahmer and Kim Palker and many others over the years making a difference in our boys lives. With Coaches like Joseph Silvia (Jamie) .. ...
Hope he's having a good time in Cape Verde 😁
lol! It’s mostly people from the Azores and Cape Verde.
Little known fact: Horace Silver's father John Tavares Silva was from Cape Verde.
24 days and I'll be on a beach in Cape Verde. Cannot express how happy that thought makes me. ☀️
What a great few weeks in Mindelo - Cape Verde, on and off the water! Had a awesome time, learned a lot, got some nice numbers of Blue marlin, (got a tad more wind than desired ;-), met some nice people and most of all enjoyed it all in great company! Cheers to all you good people & thanks a million for the good times Michael Wright & Matthias Atlantic Fishing Charter Now its time to get back home (after some ´chill time in Lisbon) and get it all ready for the Bazaruto Marlin Season!
Leadership, or the lack of responsible political leadership, is sub-Saharan Africa’s major challenge. This common wisdom was confirmed Monday when the Ibrahim Foundation’s prize committee refused for the second year running and the fourth time in seven years to find any recently retired African head of state or head of government from any of Africa’s 55 countries worthy of receiving the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership (worth $5-million over ten years, plus another $200,000 a year for life). President Joaquin Chissano of Mozambique received the prize in 2007, the first year of its existence; President Festus Mogae of Botswana, who had just left his post, was awarded it the next year, and Pedro de Verona Pires of tiny Cape Verde in 2011. Since then the Ibrahim Foundation has found no recently retired former president to have been sufficiently effective while in office as a promoter of good governance to be awarded the prize. The prize is given to an African political leader who ...
avin it large in Cape Verde too watchin the footy !!!
Ad really like to visit Cape Verde, Fiji, New Zealand,USA and India
fly to the rui touareg Cape Verde on July 7th. Can't wait. First visit to Cape Verde
we all agree that he is not Kenyan but JALUO right! whether Somali Jaluo,Cape Verde Jaluo, Chinese Jaluo he is still a JALUO right
even Cape Verde would have played better than Cameroon. Cameroon always fight over bonuses!!!
Cape Verde, yes. But more so Burkina Faso, Egypt, Senegal or Zambia. Cameroon essentially given a free ticket to Brazil.
Cameroun was never ready for this cape verde was rigged out by hayatou after struggling to qualify...If na to thief Nigeria land now una go sabi...
Thanks for all your birthday messages everyone :-) currently en route to Gatwick ready for my holiday to Cape Verde!!! Been thoroughly spoilt by my family and Ross Catchpole :-)
The embarassment that Cameroon has become to African soccer on the world stage is probably good in that it brings to the fore what has been swept under the carpet for too long. Cameroon did not qualify to go to Brazil on merit, but on the basis of boardroom politics. Cameroon was soundly beaten by a sleek Cape Verde side, that arguably would have performed better and raised Africa's flag high; unfortunately for them, Issah Hayatou, the CAF president, is Cameroonian.
Getting ready for holls Cape Verde here we come
Waiting to board the plane to cape verde! See you in 2 weeks people!
In the first place cameroon did not qualify for the World Cup on merit,they got bashed home and away by lowly cape Verde,Cape Verde were only disqualified for using an "ineligible player" Points were also deducted from Togo for similar offences and Cameroon found themselves in "fantasy land"where they have successfully displayed their stupidity,embarrassed the whole of African continent and threatening to bring the World Cup and the beautiful game of football to disrepute... Fifa must come *** Cameroon,they should be banned from 2 subsequent World Cups,this is the most indeciplined team I've ever watched at the World Cup,Smh!
Happy wedding anniversary to my mummy and daddy Hope they have a lovely holiday in Cape Verde! 10 days for Egypt for me! and been at apricot 5 years today 💗
Cameroon focused on bonuses even before kicking a ball in Brazil. Uncoordinated troop movements.misguided you want to be rich or world champions.Cape Verde could possibly been better.remember the dodgy qualifiers.
I know what the problem is. The same African teams are typically coming to WC representing Africa and they are totally complacent and no longer hungry. Next WC, we need send Burkina Faso, Guinea, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, and Libya. Let others go too and see what they can do.
Horace Silver (born Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva, September 2, 1928 – June 18, 2014[2]) was an American jazz pianist and composer.[1] Silver is known for his distinctive humorous and funky playing style and for his pioneering compositional contributions to hard bop. He was influenced by a wide range of musical styles, notably gospel music, African music, and Latin American music and sometimes ventured into the soul jazz genre.[3][4] Contents 1 Early life and career 2 Blue Note years 3 Influences 4 Later years 5 Legacy 6 Discography 6.1 As leader 6.2 As sideman 7 References 8 External links Early life and career Silver was born on September 2, 1928, in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. His father, John Tavares Silva, was from the island of Maio in Cape Verde while his mother was born in New Canaan, Connecticut, and was of Irish-African descent. Silver began his career as a tenor saxophonist but later switched to piano. His tenor saxophone playing was highly influenced by Lester Young, and his pian ...
Excited to watch England in Cape Verde tomorrow!
Cameroon could've let Sudan or Cape Verde play in WC!
Only booked to go to back to Cape Verde in November.
That's the reason why I don't root for African teams coz they make you cry Stupid Cameroon Next time don't ever complain against Cape Verde
Horace Silver Pages The Silver Vault Fan Feast Latest News When Horace Silver once wrote out his rules for musical composition (in the liner notes to the 1968 record, Serenade to a Soul Sister), he expounded on the importance of "meaningful simplicity." The pianist could have just as easily been describing his own life. For more than fifty years, Silver has simply written some of the most enduring tunes in jazz while performing them in a distinctively personal style. It's all been straight forward enough, while decades of incredible experiences have provided the meaning. Silver was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on September 2, 1928. His father had immigrated to the United States from Cape Verde---and that island nation's Portuguese influences would play a big part in Silver's own music later on. When Silver was a teenager, he began playing both piano and saxophone while he listened to everything from boogie-woogie and blues to such modern musicians as Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. As Silver's piano trio ...
So incredibly ready for my week in Cape Verde! Next Thursday cannot come quick enough 👌👙👓
today: Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Germany, India, China, Brazil, the UAE, Cape Verde...what country are YOU joining from?
Cristiano Ronaldo is from Portugal, since he was born in a Portuguese Island called Madeira, Funchal. To be more precise, Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Santo António, which is a small neighborhood in Madeira. He's the son of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and José Dinis Aveiro. Cristiano Ronaldo has some family roots from Cape Verde, since that's where his great grand-mother was from. Ronaldo lived in Madeira until he turned 12 (1997), before leaving his island to the mainland, to start playing for Sporting C.P., one of the biggest football clubs in Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo is from the Madeira island, in Portugal Even though Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the World's most famous celebrity, some people still thinks that Ronaldo is from Spain, just because their geography knowledge isn't good enough to put Portugal in the map. For those who have doubts about where is Cristiano Ronaldo from, you can write it down that he is from Portugal, an independent European country, that is located near Spain in the ...
Amilcar Cabral, a Afrikan revolutionary who brought liberation to Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau.…
Amilcar Cabral is popularly eulogised as the best President both Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau never Had!
if a black girl got good hair she already saying she mixed with European, Cape Verde, Indian, Spanish 😴😴😴 she everything
MTV AWARDS And the winners are… South Africa lit up with African superstars at the 2013 Channel O Africa Video Music Awards in Durban tonight Saturday 7th June, 2014. And of course, Forumspotz_crew was there LIVE. The show was hosted by American actor, Model, Producer, Comedian, Writer, and Director of movies: Marlon Wayans . There were loads of memorable performances including that of the Mavins: Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, Phyno on ‘Surulere’, with Tiwa Savage taking home the ‘Best Female Act’. Davido & Mafikizolo were definitely the stars of this year’s ceremony; with Davido clinching the Artist of the Year award coupled with ‘Best Male Award’, for his hit track ‘Skelewu’ and Mafikizolo with ‘Song Of The Year’ and ‘Best Group’ See Full List Of WInners Below MUSIC CATEGORIES Best Male: Anselmo Ralph (Angola) Davido (Nigeria) – WINNER Diamond (Tanzania) Donald (South Africa) Wizkid (Nigeria) Best Female: Arielle T (Gabon) Chidinma (Nigeria) DJ C’ndo (South Africa) Efya ...
Wish I was still In Cape Verde like this time last week
This morning I will mostly be wearing a straw hat, sitting on a plane and daydreaming about the surfing/canoeing/diving in Cape Verde.
Singer Cesária Évora, known as the “Barefoot Diva” for her habit of performing without shoes, is one of Cape Verde’s most famous exports. She popularised Cape Verde’s morna style of music, characterised by its haunting melodies. Even after her death in 2011, her voice still inspires “visions of faraway islands out in the Atlantic, swept [...]
Duarte Rato in Cape Verde: Duarte Rato in Cape Verde Captain Duarte Rato checked in with us, all the way from ...
Paula is black bro, they consider you black if you have more than 25% in you. And Amber Rose mother is from Cape Verde.
Cape Verdes - Amelia raised 9 Blue Marlin, looking for the Women's 20# record.
The End of an Era – Cape Verdean Public Dances In March of 1978, with the hopes of becoming the Cape Verdean Jackson Five, my brothers and I decided to form the ban
Soz pal,won't be here for this one,got an event in London with my hopefully newly acquired suntan from Cape Verde.
It was an honor to perform with Matias on the CVMA (Cape Verde Music Awards)... the "Grammys" of Cape Verde Music.
Exciting times ahead :-). What are you looking forward to in Cape Verde?
I love light skin girls 😍🙌 especially Cape Verde and Dominicans 🙈😍
Our Cape Verde 1 group, on their way to church.
Recording whale calls will help protect threatened humpbacks off Cape Verde
Spent a week in Cape Verde taking full advantage of all inclusive alcohol and not one hangover. Have one night out in L…
I just received an email claiming I'm an expert on Comoros. You write one paper on Comoros and Cape Verde in grad school...
so excited just booked Cape Verde for next month great deal thank you :)
Two bedroom apartment for sale in Cape Verde
If I have to tell Bella the toilet is not a toy one more time, I'm sending her to Cape Verde 😩
When Cape Verdeans Maria Roderiques and Josefino Lopes Cabral were married in 1928 in Nantucket, MA, they had to settle for a rectory wedding. As people of color, they were not allowed to be married in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Isle Church. 24 years later, their daughter Norma married Albert…
Kids playing in the street of Praia - Cape Verde - 1997
Cape Verdeans shout on the phone whenever their talking to relatives in Cape Verde!
Don't miss next Sunday's Cape Verde music with Francisco and his band SODADE! . Learn about Cardiff's musical roots!
Tourism in Africa The countries of Africa can be divided into three groups relative to tourism: 1) those countries with a developed tourism industry; 2) those with a developing industry; and 3) those that would like to develop a tourism industry. Countries like Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia have a successful tourism industry. Countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Mauritius can be considered as countries that have steady and consistent income from tourism. Countries like Tanzania, Algeria, and Burundi are countries that have little to no economic benefit from tourism, but would like to see it expand. The successful countries in tourism are thriving due to a variety of factors. Counties like Morocco and Tunisia benefit from their beautiful beaches and their relative proximity to Europe. Tourism in Egypt is based on the rich history of Ancient Egypt, pyramids and artifacts. South Africa and Kenya benefit from wild safari expeditions, attracting tourists to see the wildlife of Africa. Tou ...
Me and the boy enjoying the windy Cape Verde sunset ☀️
Sun setting over the Atlantic in Cape Verde tonight ☀️
Can't wait to get my holiday booked for September. Either Riviera Maya Mexico, Cuba or Cape Verde
Seriously need a holiday. The fact my mum and dad are away in Cape Verde for a week next week is killing me 😩
My pretty mummy all the way from Cape Verde ❤️
Cape Verdes - Capt. Marco Canu on Nha Cretcheu went 1-2 on Blue Marlin, saw 2 more.
I worked with one lady and I asked her where she is come from .She answered Africa. I smile and which part of Africa and she said Cape Verde :) Hmmm so I was wonder where could be this Cape Verde Islands and I found amazing picture which I want to share with you.
When are are you heading to Cape Verde?
24 hours time I will be in Cape Verde soaking the sun drinking beer and eating a club sandwich. My 2nd 3rd and 4th favourite things and even better my number 1 is coming with me :) Laura Clayden
Which one of the following territories was NOT a Spanish colony?. Western Sahara. Ceuta. Equatorial Guinea. Cape Verde
A little sound of Cape Verde at the celebration of the day of portugal. Amazing
Early night before a very long hop to Cape Verde and back tomorrow!
Thailand or Cape Verde for our honeymoon. We both want all inclusive for two weeks (still working on sitter) need prices, peace and tranquility, you know when they wait hand and foot, bit like being a princess coz that's how lady Melarky rolls ha ha xx
what currency would you recommend taking to Cape Verde a lot of people saying take euro rather than escudo
Go see Teddra at 11101 Elaine St. Today from 2-4!! Horse property. See Myndie in the Colonies at 4612 Cape Verde from 2-4!
Flipping *** What's this thing. Pretty cool. I guess you are talking about Cape Verde? Most amazing marlin destination in ...
And the fact I will be reunited with Cape Verde pizza this year is like 😱😏😈
Cape Verde is proving to be delightful so far
CAPE VERDE - FashionTV heads to the sunny beaches of Cape Verde for a luxurious vacation filled with enough sun, sand, sea an...
Cape Verde is an untouched paradise, sadly in 15 years this is gonna be like the canaries. Get here before it changes I say
No bs I wanna go to Cape Verde with my kids & never return!
☀️ 2 weeks time we shall b sunning our selves in Cape Verde can't wait ☀️
hey Keith ! I'm booked I'm booked to Cape Verde next month! Have you been? What should I expect?
These guys really know how to fish, deep sea, trawling, vertical jigging,
because that's when a goat tried to push me off this cliff in cape Verde
Mourinho's friend central to Cape Verde fairytale - The Real Madrid boss was likely to be the one doing the...
Cape Verde should be in the World Cup
Last night Clube Vicio "Football Flag party" . Started the evening representing Cape Verde (even though they are...
you'll be pleased to know that I've downloaded the last few months of WFPI for my flight to Cape Verde!
My missionary's streaked hair from the Cape Verde sun!
going to Boa Vista tomorrow in Cape Verde from Gatwick what type of plane will it be are there inflight films?
i got u in Brazil, Colombia, Cape Verde, South Africa, Guam, Oakland, etc etc. Keep killin em 140 at a time!
When people think im CV I hit them with the
Anyone any experience of Cape Verde or Phuket please? Looking at winter sun spots & can't decide ...
And so we have finally booked a holiday, phew! Thank so much Angela Blackshaw for your help in helping us decide on a destination! And so we have booked the Cape Verde Islands for 11 nights.thoughts everyone! Have we done the right thing, lol? I always do this when i finally book something! We have booked the Rui Karamboa on Boa Vista island x
lol nobody believes I'm part white and Cape Verde until they see my grandma or my aunt
I wish Cape Verde was representing us at the World Cup this year ✋
My mom really wants me to go to Cape Verde so bad .
well Cape Verde should be placed on alert,not time to waste abegi
In that case Joanne, we're sure you're going to love it - Cape Verde's such a relaxing destination - and the weather's stunning!
I want to travel to : Senegal, Cape Verde,Mauritius, Singapore,Laos,Hong Kong..So bad! aarrgh!!
“were they(cape verde) cheated?” No, thy fielded a player who was suspended.
Like I sad last year, Cape Verde deserved to go to the World Cup not Cameroon.
Holiday to Cape Verde with booked & a Bramwell BBQ. Very decent Sunday
went to Cyprus in 2005 but not been to Morocco or Cape Verde - which would u recommend?
Everyday stick it on Angolans lool sometimes stick it on Cape Verde too!
2nd June 2015 I will be getting on a plane at 6am to go to Cape Verde! 5* hotel, all inclusive, 10 nights, with my wonderful boyfriend Jae, ekk can't wait!
Think me and got approached by someone from or a coach from the Cape Verde Olympic team talkin to us...
How exciting to hear, Joanne. What are you most looking forward to doing in Cape Verde?
I come from an Alien planet Called Cape Verde Island . The UN calls it Third World. third world but hate & ignorance, I'm above that💝
My last holiday snaps from Cape Verde
Just 3 days until my to Clubhotel Riu Funana, The Cape Verde Islands, it’s 25˚C today!
Follow Airton & Matchu from Cape Verde in this awesome Kitesurf session!! Click here for daily X-Treme Videos: Airton Cozzolino and Matc...
“Cape Verde... Where/what is that? 😂”. An tiny island outside West of Africa .. Lol
which Cape Verde island are u from there r loads? — No there isn't ?
Well cases all packed, Cape Verde here we come. Surprise holiday picked by Kevin Oliver and Katie Oliver going to celebrate our silver wedding, better be beautiful or your both in trouble lol
Sal-Rei – 7 June-The President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, defended this Friday, that Cape Verde should create a real cluster of tourism, i...
Whoooho one more day and we be on route to CAPE VERDE here we *** carnt wait with Paula,Karl,Davey Fiona Gaul and my beloved Darren Slimpickins Stobbs xx
while you are in Africa you should visit Cape Verde. It's a beautiful island off the coast of Africa.
THE African continent is a continuous landmass with outlying islands such as Madagascar, Zanzibar and Cape Verde. It is vast; if it were a separate country, it would be the largest nation in the world. One could put Russia (17-million square kilometres) and Canada (10-million square kilometres) inside the continent, which measures 30.2-million square kilometres. Canada, the second-largest country in the world, and the US, the third largest, can also fit comfortably inside Africa. You could place the US, India and all of Europe, including the UK, inside Africa and have territory left over. Put another way, a United States of Africa would be the world’s largest nation in terms of territory, and the third largest in terms of population after China and India. The continent is not poor, although its people are often in poverty. Africa has enough arable land to feed the entire world, yet in some countries people regularly confront hunger. This is what others have called the paradox of Africa: the richest land ...
"Ocean around Cape Verde. The boat looks like it is floating in the air
CONTRACT, the movie about one man's quest to reunite a long lost uncle in São Tomé for 44 years with his family in Cape Verde, was very well received at the closing night ceremony of the Cape Verdean American Film Festival 2014 at the GALA Theatre in DC, hosted by Tim Reid. Actor, director, producer and founder of the Legacy Media Institute International Film Festival, Mr. Reid said "Pires’s story is very powerful, emotional, touching and lovely. Guenny knows the story he want to tell. He tells the story of his mother; we all have mothers and this pulls you in emotionally. He choreographed the story in a way that took us on a journey. There was a release and pleasure through the tears and there was joy at the end. He gives you what Hollywood won't; a winning moment at the end". The audience in the 320 seat auditorium traveled with Pires to São Tomé, Fogo, Cape Verde and Boston, Massachusetts in the 79 minute documentary, and experienced the grief, the sadness, the joy and excitement of the director ...
Since Cape Verde is not in the World Cup I'm going to choose ivory coast as my African team
My brother going to Cape Verde, Senegal, Ghana and London all just this summer. And he's currently in Colombia right now
Inter-Island sea transport in Cape Verde to be run under a concession scheme - Macau Daily Times
that's what I always say lol this is like the last get together for the summer, except for the Cape Verde festival in onset.!
Cape Verde national team this summer💯
I know this boy did not just ask me does Cape Verde have a beach , like bish what ???
I only tell people I'm Angolan because I cba to explain Cape Verde 😒😒😒
lol thought it might be family guy or something like that! Just got back from Cape Verde x u good?
Liberia Goes from Warzone To Surfing Mecca: Forget surfing favorites like Cape Verde and...
They speak Portuguese in Cape Verde don't they? Always wondered where he's from
Hope the Mother has a great time in Cape Verde...I aint jealous or nothing
I never paid Cape Verde much attention until yesterday I was late on turning the channel to avoid House Hunters International.
I've decided my hair is at Cape Verde stage 😎😎
Tough life. Enjoying the sun and great new friends in Sal, Cape Verde
Final event in the Virtual Cape Verde series: Reconnecting Your Roots, Saturday, May 31.
This weather is depressing, two months tomorrow and we will be out of here & on our way to Cape Verde baby! ☀️✈️
South Africa lifts itself from depths of despair - Although it couldn't hold on to the lead, Cape Verde's draw...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Holiday fact of the day..all the water they use in Cape Verde has to come from the sea and gets de-salanized
I get that it's so annoying I'm in Cape Verde on holiday and the internet keeps disconnecting try watching vids now
So jealous of off to Cape Verde tomorrow! Have an amazing time 😘☀️☀️
oh, what a bummer! But I hope you'll have a great time at the Cape Verde Islands! Let me know how you find it ;)
So, I told my Mom that I got laid off… she wants me & my gf to move to Cape Verde & run the family business.
pretty please can we book a london trip for after cape verde.I need some girl time in the city :)
VIDEO DROP: The Free Episode “A different kite movie feat AIRton Cozzolino and Matchu Lopes Almeida from Cape...
Deals at - Up to 80% off: Find Cheap Hotels in Mindelo, Cape Verde
We all remember Dennis Oliech vs. Cape Verde? yeah we do, we nicknamed him Mkombozi, he scored the goal that send us to AFCON.
yeh I think Cape Verde and Blyth are twinned lol
Stay the night at Hotel Verde in Cape Town, Africa’s Greenest Hotel – Cape Town Tourism
Help Alcatraz village save its turtles! Maio Biodiversity Foundation, our Cape Verde partner, is running an Indiegogo campaign to support community-based conservation of the remaining Loggerhead turtles on the island of Maio.
which race(s) would you date — Spanish( mostly Puerto Rican and Colombian), Native American, and some Cape Verde...
Cape Verde into quarters after late comeback - Heldon Ramos powered in a shot from a loose ball after the clock...
Help Alcatraz village save its turtles – an project from our Cape Verde NGO partner
Just booked a flight to Cape Verde. Going to visit a friend involved in tech incubation there. Excited to visit a new African country.
Geneva – 28 May - Cape Verde should diversify their sources of income to reduce vulnerability to external shocks, said yesterday, Monday, in Geneva, t...
Waterbury cape Verde club have a good time
Its official. My first house will be a villa in Cape Verde
Five days off, Moved house and bang back to work tomorrow! Quick cheeky Ibiza in the morning then 4 nights in Cape Verde :)
Grab your lunch and watch this today as you eat your sandwich, the tale of Airton Cozzolino and Matchu Almeida Lopes from Cape Verde, two young riders who have changed their lives through their love of the ocean. With the love and support of some important people along the way, these young friends
Cape Verde trying to enjoy moment at African Cup - The team from the tiny islands off western Africa earned...
Two weeks all inclusive to Cape Verde next year. Don't mind if I do. Way to go mumsy. Xx
65 days till we jet off to the Cape Verde Islands :D
Nice movie about Think different and
hey. I have only been to Tunisia. My trip to Kenya this year got canceled so im now going to Cape Verde Islands instead
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