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Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras is a cape on the coast of North Carolina. It is the point that protrudes the farthest to the southeast along the northeast-to-southwest line of the Atlantic coast of North America.

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JUST IN: 8 am update on Maria. It's slowly drifting north off NC coast. Centered about 155 miles E of Cape Hatteras…
I'll show some on the beach later. I'm at Cape Hatteras.
Tropical Storm currently about 145 miles east of Cape Hatteras. Will begin to turn away from the coast of NC…
TS MARIA. Maria is centered about 145 miles east of Cape Hatteras, NC and moving north at 5 mph.…
is located at 150 miles off the Hatteras Cape & we'll be heading back to sea. That's good news for the Carolinas.
We should the last effects of Maria on Cape Hatteras NC Quarterbanks region as she creeps slowly north and then nor…
Tropical Storm causing ocean overwash/flooding along Highway 12 on the into Thursday morning. Video via Cape H…
Cape Hatteras, NC on the Outer Banks continues to deal with about 3 feet of storm surge due to
Storm surge flooding covering the roads in about a foot of seawater in Cape Hatteras, NC. 🎥: ht…
A Storm Surge Warning has been issued for the coast of North Carolina from Ocracoke Inlet to Cape Hatteras https:/…
Hurricane Maria is Category 1 storm about 215 miles south southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Hurricane likely to move up SE coast; ppl from FL Keys to Cape Hatteras, NC should be ready to evacuate coast https…
Bookmobiles even make stops at lighthouses! Dare Co. Bookmobile @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse,1950.…
Our visit to Shelly Island, the new mile-long island formed this year at the tip Cape Hatteras. More on the blog s……
Happy national lighthouse day from off of the coast of North Carolina at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Island Rises Up off of Cape Hatteras : Image of the Day
Maybe God could park that iceberg the size of Rhode Island off Cape Hatteras for a while.
Our coasts are always changing! Great imagery of a new island at Cape Hatteras, NC
Right Now: Light Rain Fog/Mist and 73° at Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. radar -->
Summer is the best time to enjoy this national park.
A haunting moment as expedition reaches WWII U-boat, freighter wrecks off Cape Hatteras
First sea turtle nest of 2017 season spotted at Cape Hatteras
It has been almost 20 years since the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was moved from its perch on the oceanfront. . Did...
climbed 257 stairs for this pic with my 3 favorite buttheads @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
10616 Cape Hatteras Dr Tampa - Fl - Platinum MVP Realty, LLC anyone looking for houses for sale in: via
Cape Hatteras National Seashore” is coming out of its shell. 21 orders with 5 days to go!.
Is this Scotland? Looks a lot like Cape Hatteras in North Carolina
Cape Hatteras on my mind. beautiful day on the Outer Banks.
Careful while driving on Cape Hatteras' roads. Many of our deer-est visitors use the roads as well.
Check out 1960 Nautical Map Chart of Cape May to Cape Hatteras 1109 via
New paper in with observations of movements of our tagged Cuvier's beaked whales off Cape Hatteras
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We're in love with Cape Hatteras Island... On this secluded island you’ll find seven villages:…
OGMS students win $200 prize for National History Day project on Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
.Coastal Studies Inst. is researching ways to harness energy of gulf stream off Cape Hatteras (1 of 2 parts) https:/…
Surf fishing on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Connected to the Pea Island Wildlife refuge, a protecte…
Varsity Baseball vs Cape Hatteras today @ 7:00 ( 1st Rnd of 1A State Playoffs )
so if Trump thinks Cape Hatteras seashore needs condos, he just removes it from the National parks!
City of New York Baby story - Agency seeks sanctuary for WWII shipwrecks off Cape Hatteras
Cape Hatteras art prints will transport you to fresh ocean breezes and sandy beaches.
NHC says Matthew about 150 miles east of Cape Hatteras, NC, with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph - Reuters
If you're anywhere near the Atlantic coast from Cape Hatteras down to Miami, you really need to be getting way inland, NO…
Free travel to Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras! Like free stuff? Lyft $50 credit w/ code INVITES
Hart Crane's single mention of either frogs or toads, from a stanza in the Cape Hatteras section of THE BRIDGE
Did you know, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in the world?
The 2nd lighthouse at Cape Hatteras was lit for the first time in 1870:
Another client order. 16x24 canvas of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and the Milky Way. Heading to KY soon.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
My favorites up on top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 😄
has become a tropical depression again as it crosses Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
VA Beach is more commercialized. Nags Head and Cape Hatteras are more my style. I'll take what I can get though! Only peace there
Yep, I know the road! This year I'm going to Cape Hatteras 🙌🙌🙌🙌 for a week! Cannot wait. Gonna go see my lighthouse.
Rounding Cape Hatteras. Gentle breeze out of the south. Should arrive in NYC early Sunday. Great sail so far.
Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets were carrying 4 crew members when they collided off Cape Hatteras
2 F/A-18s collide off Cape Hatteras. Two of four aviators walk off air-lift helo. All are OK
2 F-18 jets have reportedly crashed off of Cape Hatteras. Nothing on website and very little about it anywhere else online.
Good news in Navy Super Hornets collision off Cape Hatteras.
. "were involved in an 'in-flight mishap' at 10:40 ET, during a routine training mission off Cape Hatteras"
Two US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets crash off the coast of Cape Hatteras...
JUST IN: Two F-18s went down off Cape Hatteras. All 4 crew members ejected and have been reported as “alert" -
2 Navy aircraft have crashed in a routine training near Cape Hatteras.
Navy: 2 F/A-18F Super Hornets were involved in an “in-flight mishap” around 10:40 a.m. off coast of Cape Hatteras:
Stay in the shade with this spectacular covered patio! We love the Cape Hatteras Floor Plan! .
"The Navy said the Super Hornets crashed about 27 miles off of Cape Hatteras."
Spot6 - location only. Deployed off Cape Hatteras.
Navy calling crash a mishap that happened 24 nautical miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras.
Navy fighter jets crash off coast of Cape Hatteras, NC. Four people are being airlifted to the hospital.-
They were flying off the coast of Cape Hatteras as part of a routine training mission.
Bodie Island & Cape Hatteras Lighthouses are open for the season. Who plans on climbing one?
Navy, Coast Guard searching off Cape Hatteras for sailor who went missing from
NOW: Navy, Coast Guard searching for sailor missing off coast of Cape Hatteras via
Search and rescue underway for missing USS Carter Hall sailor off Cape Hatteras coast
Thanks to Philip Gerard for joining us about his new book The Dark of the Island, based in Cape Hatteras
Beautiful morning in Cape Hatteras, NC. Going to be great today in the Mid-Atlantic! via surfchex
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse by JenniferRivera1 ... Cape Hatteras and a North Carolinian sunset.
USA Today needs your vote to make Cape Hatteras for best East Coast beach! . | Vote - Cap…
Cape Hatteras straight went off! so gorgeous. Surfed Hatteras a few times this big, so much fun! best spot to...
Why did this ship sail into a Cape Hatteras storm?
domain names
I mean Cape Hatteras gets a winter storm warning before we do.. I would do just about anything to hear my tv beeping over and over again
- The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the US. I know I’m ready for sunshine, summer time, and boat rides!
I need of an adventure and warmer weather @ Cape Hatteras National…
the old site of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Thanks!
Uh oh, maybe more shipwrecks for Cape Hatteras!
it's always beautiful around Cape Hatteras!!
I want this lighthouse skirt from but it features a lighthouse that is clearly Cape Hatteras only it's red, not black & I hate it.
A4 I loved the Cape Hatteras National Seashore
That was a heck of a storm off Cape Hatteras North Carolina! .
Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative is topic of radio show by Island Free Press
Senator calls for investigation of cruise ship in storm off Cape Hatteras: The 1,142-foot "Anthem of the Seas...
Sign the petition to make Cape Hatteras a hope spot!
Offshore of Cape Hatteras on Sunday, 30-foot waves and hurricane-force winds force Royal Caribbean cruise ship to...
30-foot waves from a cruise ship off Cape Hatteras
Cruise ship that sailed in storm off Cape Hatteras headed back to home port.
Yesterday, encountered an unexpectedly severe storm off Cape Hatteras. Weather has improved & the ship is ope…
encountered an severe storm off Cape Hatteras sustained some damage to public areas & cabins
Cape Hatteras schools in Dare County are on a 3-hour delay due to over wash on NC 12.
The final was 40-38 Cape Hatteras Girls. The guys not so lucky FF won 83-51.
Cape Hatteras blew by First Flight in girls basketball opener
Two new oyster treats to share: Cape Hatteras Salts by from North C…
Completed in 1872, the Bodie Island Lighthouse in Cape Hatteras beams 19 miles over the ocean with the power of...
Looking for a quiet space to finish your book or thesis? Consider an apartment on Cape Hatteras Island. Inquiries: bvb2
Flotilla 054-1604 observes Veterans Day at Cape Hatteras School along with members of USCG Station Hatteras Inlet...
Teal, former party boat, sinks off coast of Cape Hatteras, N.C.
Woman with chest pains airlifted from cruise off Cape Hatteras: A Coast Guard helicopter has airlifted a woman...
and joined at hip with Cape Hatteras
Cape Hatteras, in the Outer Banks, NC, doing its thing. Photo by...
Discovering the beauty of North Carolina today @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Cuz I miss the warm weather and being tan @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
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holy travel Cape Hatteras... Anybody else think 5.5 hours is a little over the top for a first round game?
11/1/1861: A hurricane, off of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, batters the Union ship fleet, who were attacking Carolina ports .
When NC's coast was settled, Cape Hatteras was a day's walk from the shore [REALLY?!] -Silman
No news on Ocracoke highway 12 or allowing visitors to Ocracoke. Cape Hatteras schools are closed today, assuming for high water
Cape Hatteras schools closed Tuesday as flooding continues
To catch this sunset again! The simple things... Nature at its finest! Cape Hatteras, NC
Total lunar eclipse and super moon from Cape Hatteras North Carolina
I don't know what lucky reporter got this assignment in Cape Hatteras but I bet he/she's loving it!
Water is rushing from under the Cape Hatteras Inn and onto highway 12
2nd Street Low-Tide. Cape Hatteras Schools are now closed. . Thanks Laine for the picture :D.
THIS JUST IN: Cape Hatteras Elementary and Secondary, closed today. All other Dare schools still on 2 hour delay
Cape Hatteras Auxiliary is proud of our Fabulous Fifth District's Michelle Thornton.
I have friends with a no refund vacation to Cape Hatteras, NC that refused to stay home. They are there now. A bit cloudy.
Hurricane Joaquin stirring up trouble at Cape Lookout & Cape Hatteras National Seashores.
For slick slaps and stunts on steep check these three
Stopped by Cape Hatteras. The tallest lighthouse in North America. @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
2:00am pressure in Hurr. Joachin reported. Sandy's lowest pressure of 940mb is the lowest for storm landfalling N° of Cape Hatteras.
Joaquin is moving closer to the coast. A diff beast than Sandy! My thinking is landfall Cape Hatteras to Cape May.
If you've been to Cape Hatteras in the past couple of years, you see how damaging Sandy was. How can it survive or more storms?
I'm pretty sure climbing the 248 steps of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse counts as leg day. We'll see…
the makes its appearance above the lighthouse at Cape Hatteras.
Supermoon over Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina via /r/pics
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Stone monuments in the foreground engraved with names of all the lighthouse keepers.
Did you know that 76 million people live in the Mid-Atlantic region from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras? At 25% of the...
I was laid up at Cape Hatteras today.
Lil man made it to the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.248 steps…
Record breaking year for Protecting nests work.
Latest GFDL has a Category 3 Hurricane push up into Cape Hatteras, NC. Unlikely, but should be monitored!!!
I know this is off topic but where does GFDL take Danny after regeneration off Cape Hatteras? Into New England? OTS?
Where does the GFDI model take Danny after regenerating it southeast of Cape Hatteras? Is it a threat to Southern New England?
GFDL continues to show Danny re-strengthening SE of Cape Hatteras... and it even has a 1008mb TS over Hispaniola:
the nights in NC were fun and full of mosquitos @ Cape Hatteras, OBX
yeah. But im headimg back actually lol. I was at Cape Hatteras camping. Im at bodie island right now actually.
the pic of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is NOT the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
GFDL shows a Category 3 Hurricane to the east of Cape Hatteras NC. Needs consistency and is still uncertain!!
Sunrise along the dunes of Cape Hatteras National Seashore in What a beautiful worl…
Rip Current Hazards - moderate risk Duck to Cape Hatteras
It's too windy so the deep sea fishing trip is cancelled 😒 and I'm all the way in Cape Hatteras 😭😭😭
A Field Guide to the Atlantic Seashore: From the Bay of Fundy to Cape Hatteras ... -
Katie setting a trap inside an exclosure at Cape Hatteras National Seashore
There is a moderate risk of rip currents north of Cape Hatteras today.
Well our summer tour has taken us to the beautiful Outer Banks today. We'll be performing at Cape Hatteras, Manteo, & Kill Devil Hills.
The 10 Best Beaches in the Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks via
Black sea bass season begins May 15 in waters north of Cape Hatteras. Read more.
Beautiful day with above normal temps across Eastern NC. Moderate risk of rip currents north of Cape Hatteras.
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Bodie Island LighthouseCape Hatteras National Seashore The Bodie Island Lighthouse is one of five Out...
I'm tryna take a trip to cape Hatteras again and go to the beach 💚💛💚
Cape Hatteras Dive Trip - Date Change!. We've pushed back the trip by one week: The new dates are 13-14 Jun...
rob_nicholson today's find is circa 1985. Might be an A-1 bottle for all I know. @ Cape Hatteras
US Scott 1448-51, 2c Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Sheet of 100 with oddity.
I got engaged at the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse ❤️! And the OBX is Amazingly Beautiful!
The Outer Banks of Cape Hatteras, N.C. Endless stream of beach houses and sand dunes.
One week until we hit for a week of and checking out the best spots from Salvo to Cape Hatteras!
A beautiful photo from Cape Hatteras last week.
rider skating 's bowl in Cape Hatteras. Shot with
At Cape Hatteras. Very cold day for the surfers!!
Cape Hatteras Light House in the evening at sunset. From the bottom up.
Great video on Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Of course the Ranger is our son Christopher Cabral.
MHX extends time of Small Craft Advisory for S of Cape Hatteras NC to Ocracoke Inlet NC out to 20 nm, S of Oregon Inlet NC to Cape Hatteras…
This lighthouse at has seen many things and weathered many storms.
Also sorry not sorry to Pesce who I called "cape hatteras" about a thousand times. Worlds best light house.
New artwork for sale! - "Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the Fog" -
Stratton: there is an 'imaginary line' separating fauna on the east Atlantic coast at Cape Hatteras.
Pinterest founder rescued off his gunboat after mast breaks off Cape Hatteras.
On this day in history, Jan. 31, 1921, the schooner Carroll Deering ran aground off the coast of Cape Hatteras.
Final update On "The Blizzard Of 2015" (though I think this tag may be replicated in a week or two). Follow radar progress by clicking on this link: storm is shifting to near Cape Hatteras NC and will track just to the left of the 40/70 Benchmark on Tuesday morning, from that point the circulation heads to the Bay of Fundy on Wednesday afternoon. 1) Thunderstorms show up on the UVV charts, even getting into the Quebec Eastern Townships tomorrow. It is quite possible some of the storms will be near or surpassing severe limits in an already extreme environment. 2) Long Island, Westchester County NY and most of CT, RI, and MA will take a dreadful beating from this storm. The attached accumulation chart should follow a 12:1 ratio, so amounts may be a bit higher than is indicated. 12 -24" accumulations will be common, but 3 foot stacks of snow could occur from the NYC metro and LI through the eastern half of New England. 3) Coastal flooding will be an issue along with 60 mph winds, separate from the thundersto ...
Three's a Crowd submission of Willets on the beach at Cape Hatteras NC. 1/25/15
Bodie and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse's. Great day with my daughter
A little history of the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse: Light Returns to Cape Hatteras Beacon, 1950 via
someone please tell your meteorologist Jill the diff between Cape Hatteras & Cape Cod! I know you forget about blue states, but plz
Cape Hatteras beach drivers could reclaim sections of beach previously closed to them.
Cape Hatteras - a picturesque beach where life goes on at a relaxing tempo
A WW2 German officer escapes his sinking U-Boat and lands on the shores of the U.S.
The Third Jetty and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the distance. If this Jetty could talk, the stories it could...
Finished Walk with on Cape Hatteras route, time 1:24:59, 3.34 miles, behind median walk 1:19.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
well whatever you wanna call it there's gonna be a hand off to the coastal hopefully around Cape Hatteras
Sun?? What's that?!?! Cousin is at Cape Hatteras on her Harley..I'm feelin' green;-)
If chilly days have you pining for warmer weather, why not dream of a little beach vacation?
1/24/1915 – Idler, a yacht, was lost off Cape Hatteras. 12 people died.
This day in NC history: Light Returns to Cape Hatteras Beacon, 1950 via
Guide to Identification of Marine and Estuarine Invertebrates: Cape Hatteras to
A proposal under debate in North Carolina would expand fisherman and 4WD vehicle access to the Cape Hatteras...
Expanding access to Cape Hatteras National Seashore would provide additional access to threatened piping plover and sea turtle nesting areas
proposed in Cape Hatteras National Seashore would expand access for fishermen and 4WD users
Looks like there might be some changes coming to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore... Find it. Rent it. Love...
New law could open the way for more beach access by four-wheel drive vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. see
The Lighthouse was lit for the first time after a 14-year hiatus in 1950:
On this day in history, Jan. 23, 1942 – The Empire Gem was torpedoed and sank by the U-66 off of Cape Hatteras. A... http:…
Cape Hatteras is home to one of the East Coast's most picturesque lighthouses. RP by Splashtablet iP
North Carolina Trivia: What year was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse relocated?
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The 2014 Daughtridge Christmas Update Once again, the Daughtridges rocked it in 2014. Suzie and Ed continue to be happily in love (with each other), gainfully employed, healthy, and enjoying life in Wilmington. Delaney would like to report she successfully graduated 4th grade and entered 5th grade. She completed surfing lessons in the summer and even learned a few tricks, like a 180 switch. A summer trip to Cape Hatteras gave her more opportunities to perfect her killer wave shredding techniques. When school started, so did her hip-hop dance classes. Once again, killer techniques are being perfected. Delaney was also recruited for a special math club and participated in the Geography Bee. Good grades and a rising GPA are the new reality. Halloween brought a special evening with her friend Madison and her first night of trick or treat without close parental chaperones. Thanksgiving was a memorable feast with lots of relatives. Christmas has had numerous celebrations with family and friends and lo ...
Record cold is in the forecast for many parts of North Carolina tonight. Lows will be in the teens and 20s with the "warm spot" being Cape Hatteras in the 30s. Be sure to watch TWC News NC for your complete local forecast. You can also go to our web page for forecast details.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse...located in the Outer Banks on Hatteras Island! I took a photo of the inside…
On this day in history, Oct. 25, 1990 - A rapidly deepening coastal storm just east of Cape Hatteras, produced...
Love being down at Cape Hatteras. Something about this place that is so soothing and relaxing and makes me realize I still do have a soul
Mom and I took on the 193 foot, 257 step climb to the top @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
The best lighthouse is hatteras light on cape hatteras
Now we can officially tell everyone.WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! 👰💍 @ Cape Hatteras
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse : 2-3 ft + - waist to stomach high and poor to fair via
I uploaded new artwork to - 'View Off Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 5' - via
I uploaded new artwork to - 'Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 2014 14' - via
Last evening’s sunset. I had to share. . Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
Just got home after a great competition in Cape Hatteras. Super stoked to have won this competition together with...
Cape Hatteras Wave Classic – Kevin Langeree click on link to read article
cape Hatteras, NC forgotten world, over 40 years since beach nourishment, critical need, no help here
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So yeah, Rob and I are on day one of a week long windsurfing holiday. Cape Hatteras is a kite surfing/ wind surfing Mecca. Pics later!
On our drive down to Cape Hatteras this morning.UFO's!
Had a chance to visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse today!
Explored my favorite lighthouse today 🌞 @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Kevin and Jalou Langeree were ripping it up in the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic this week -- both won 1st place,...
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Photos doesn't do it justice. So beautiful.
We are on the road headed to Cape Hatteras for a windsurfing holiday. Whe.
No filter just beautiful morning in cape hatteras @ Cape Hatteras, OBX
Try my nuts has some good tasting nuts. — at Cape Hatteras, OBX
😍 I'm going to cape hatteras NC and playing with the horses on the beach bye
max and i were waiting to hear the voice @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Victory in Cape Hatteras, lovebirds on the beach, a call to save birds & more in August newsletter
It was around this time on this date 29 yrs ago Hurricane Gloria made landfall near Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks
Tiffany L.'s Review of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - Buxton (3/5) on Yelp
Decided to share something: I had a meeting with the new acting superintendent of the Cape Hatteras national Park Service, the assistant southeast director and the head of the Cape Hatteras group for national park service two days ago. My trip to Washington DC in June meeting with director Jarvis of NPS started this process. Director Jarvis was very nice, seemed to really care about the Cape Hatteras national park. He agreed that Buxton needed sand, that it was critical. After it was announced last week by our county elected officials that it would be another two years before Buxton got any sand, I called Washington DC and asked to meet with him again. Director Jarvis asked if I would meet with the regional people first. I agreed and the meeting was two days ago, over three hours long. I had not spoken to a person in a NPS uniform in over 20 years. Many of you know that didn't even allow NPS on my property or businesses. I've been very enlightened this year on many things, meeting Dr. Stan Riggs and findi ...
Frank M.'s Review of Dairy Queen of Cape Hatteras - Avon (2/5) on Yelp
Great trip to the grand lady of lighthouses. Cape Hatteras Light.
Cape Hatteras style clam chowder, fried oysters, and ice tea with a view of the bay doesn't get any…
Bermuda is located about 580 miles ESE of Cape Hatteras, NC.
I cannot wait till I get some time in Cape Hatteras
August 26, 2014. Cape Point reopens to off-road vehicles. .
Ahead of Labor Day weekend, National Park Service OKs off-road vehicles at Cape Point (part of Cape Hatteras shore)
Central Park: overflow parking lot for when the beaches are full.
Flew right over my old stomping ground Naval Air Station Oceana en route to Cape Hatteras. Look close, those are F18s http:…
Wildlife Advocates Score a Win at Cape Hatteras | Audubon Magazine via is what I signed for!
On this day in history, August 26th, 1957 - The Tarpon, a submarine, sank off Cape Hatteras while being towed.
Home in Cape Hatteras and Gonna do a little late night 'inspired painting', while I'm on the screened in outside...
New post: "sun rises over cape hatteras lanscapes"
Congratulations to the volleyball teams for wins over Cape Hatteras today. The varsity team won 25-14, 25-18, and 25-17. Great job, ladies!
Happy birthday Great day to visit Cape Lookout or Cape Hatteras Natl Seashores as summer winds down!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
NOAA report finds 570 gas seeps from Cape Hatteras, NC to Georges Bank, MA releasing streams of methane gas.
Sunken WWII ships off Cape Hatteras are being mapped.
Selfie with the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse-beautiful day together!!! @ Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
.ship to chart the shipwreck battlefield of WWII Cape Hatteras
A recent court ruling upholds law protecting wildlife habitat from off-road vehicles.
Realized that I inadvertently match the Cape Hatteras Light House today.
Bring your kids to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Pavilion today at 2:30pm so they can design their own arrowheads!
ship and to chart the battlefield shipwrecks of WWII, off Cape Hatteras: via
Celebrate the 98th birthday of the NPS at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Pavilion with special programs at 12:15pm & 4pm!
JV/V Volleyball host Cape Hatteras today starting at 4.
The drive from Manteo airport to Cape Hatteras...ahhh
The first known shipwreck off of Cape Hatteras was the Tiger—flagship of Sir Walter Raleigh's 1585 expedition.
About to go climb the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse! Wish and me luck!!!
This beach house in Cape Hatteras is going to be bae for a week
Real Watersports, Cape Hatteras. Exceeding expectations by a mile and then some. First of many trips…
At the top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 😍
Ice cream vending machines in cape hatteras
Bodie Island Lighthouse OBX Cape Hatteras North Carolina by digidreamgrafix, Royalty free stock photos
Good luck to team rider competing in the Ripcurl Grom Search this weekend in Cape Hatteras NC
I added a video to a playlist The Lighthouse Lady visits Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
I liked a video from The Lighthouse Lady visits Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
At Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the Outer Banks, my Dad made us take a pic by a sign that said, "Do not molest the wildlife."
Ready for a Cape Hatteras getaway.tomorrow
Both Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and The Ohio State University were established in 1870. Both are awesome.
life ain't always easy, but the simple things do please me @ Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Enjoying the day with the family at cape Hatteras.
Island visitors take not of the updates to Cape Point!
Oops, our profile subject is from Hatteras Island, not Cape Hatteras.
A profile of an interesting person doing interesting work with fishermen around Cape Hatteras, NC. Meet Susan West:
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