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Cape Fear

The Cape Fear River is a long blackwater river in east central North Carolina in the United States. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Fear, from which it takes its name.

Cape Fear River Max Cady Robert De Niro Robert Mitchum North Carolina Cape Fear Museum Martin Scorsese Mary Williams Cape Fear Academy Juliette Lewis Cape Fear Community College Terry Sanford Nick Nolte Gregory Peck Cape Fear Fair

This journey may only be 8 miles, but this byway stretches for centuries with its unforgettable history:…
Are you an insurance agent in the Cape Fear region? I'm working on a story about flood insurance, and would love to talk with you.
One of the best episodes ever. When they beat Carlos with the bats I was laughing like t…
3 DAYS AND COUNTING UNTIL YOU COULD WIN UP TO $10,000!. Get your ticket while we still have 'em for Cape Fear...
"Smart guns" are guns that remain locked until they're in the movie, Cape Fear.
On April 29 at 7:30 pm and April 30 at 3:00 pm at Winter Park Baptist Church in Wilmington, the Cape Fear Chorale...
Some of the best of the ACC took on some of the best the Cape Fear has to offer in the ACC Barnstorming game.
Are blue crabs from the Cape Fear River safe to eat?
The Final Frontier: With help from GE volunteers, Cape Fear Museum was able to bring space a little closer to earth.
Michele C. Massari Thanks for the follow. Welcome to Cape Fear Outdoors
Clam siphon tip nipping by fishes in the estuarine Cape Fear River, North Carolina
Big one. Nationally-ranked Cape Fear vs. a Whiteville team with three wins over 4-A schools this season. Today at 6…
I think they just want to make sure your not Robert DeNeiro from Cape Fear. Your a nice guy Joe.
VCU, Charleston Southern & Georgia Southern are leading for Zo Tyson of Cape Fear CC.
Come see us at the Farmer's Market today. We are here until 5:30pm. @ Cape Fear Farmer's Market…
BRIDGE ALERT-The Isabel Holmes Bridge is set to go up at 730pm tonight - the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge around 745-8pm.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
A 1760s toilet & tunnel possibly first signs of indoor plumbing in Cape Fear
Hmmm sounds like Robert De Niro in Cape Fear...
There is never a shortage of great events taking place in the Cape Fear region! Take a look at what's happening... http…
Cape Fear, starring Geoffrey Rush and Martin Lawrence. Directed by Orson Welles, music by Chris Knox. Budget: $1m
makes me think of Robert De Niro shouting at Nick Nolte in "Cape Fear"
Back to back Cape Fear & Roaring Twenties means gotta skip MNF
Cape Fear football is set to battle Dudley for the 4-A state championship crown Saturday. Here's the breakdown
Marquel Evans picks off Sergio Gibson to give Cape Fear the ball back. Colts take over at Scot 45 with 3:14 to play.
Fun fact: One of Scotland's assistant coaches is roommates with a Cape Fear assistant. Think those two will talk much this week?
Duke Energy : invests $1 million to promote water quality in the Cape Fear region
I'm shopping with Lionel Blair for Cloaks and it's giving me Cape Fear.
I’m maintaining in the camp of just slightly offshore hugging the coast from Melbourne, FL to Cape Fear, NC. We’ll…
Me too Cape Fear's another classic + Heaven Knows, Mr Allison is as good as Huston's other two-hander African Queen
Carlitos Way is far superior to either version of Cape Fear. Seen Once Upon Time In America?
Is Bear trying to be Robert De Niro in Cape Fear? The clothes, the unhinged personality
If Trump is Travis Bickle, then Hillary is Nurse Ratched from Cuckoo's Nest, and Bill is Max Cady from Cape Fear.
I love Raging Bull, Goodfellas & Casino. Most of the others I admire. A few, like Gangs of New York & Cape Fear, I loathe.
I also love The Departed & The Aviator, Gangs of New York and Cape Fear.
1914 Director J. Lee Thompson and Robert Mitchum on the set of Cape Fear, 1962.
Was Jessica Lange campaigned lead for Cape Fear? Cuz I can't understand the Supp Actres Oscar nom for Juliette Lewis. Or was it a weak year?
Where to find Max Cady's shirt in Cape Fear?
My son reckons his imaginary friend will be coming on holiday with us. . By chaining himself to the car. Like Max Cady in Cape Fear.
The Stalking Heads™. Talking Heads cover band dressed as Max Cady from Cape Fear.
Kurt is like Max Cady from Cape Fear. Hope Christine locks her doors tonight
So excited to say that I'm going to have the opportunity to play volleyball at Cape Fear next year
softball wins 11-inning battle over Conley in Game 1 of Eastern Regionals
PHOTO GALLERY: softball tops Conley 2-1 (11) in Game 1 of Eastern Regionals
Conley and Cape Fear going to extra innings tied 1-1.
Cape Fear strands two runners. Still tied 1-1. We go to the 11th
KetrinThanks for the follow. Come on down to the Cape Fear and Enjoy!
Enjoyed signing off my last senior school day at cape fear, and now its time for one *** of a summer 🍾🎉🎓
Instant classic at Cape Fear tonight. Two great teams
Cape fear game was a great one. Hope they can pull thru for the 910. Worth paying the first entry fee I've paid to a game in 4 years
Cape Fear softball on the field before the start of Game 1 vs Conley.
Kayla Molivas draws a walk. Cape Fear have two on, two out
Some changes for Cape Fear since last game: Bri Bryant back to CF. Alyssa Goshorn in to 1B. Jordan Everett the DP.
Cashwell scores on RBI groundout by Bri Bryant. Cape Fear up 1-0. 1 out. Bot 1
Bri Bryant with a double but Cape Fear can't get her home. Colts tied 1-1 with Conley. End 6
Cape Fear's Bri Bryant on with a single. Aubrey Reep to bat. 1 out. Bot 9.
Bri Bryant stranded at 2B. Cape Fear and Conley tied 1-1. End 9
lemon and last exit are top, huge shout to Cape fear and the casino one too
Cape Fear walks off with a 2-1 win. Conley must win Thursday to stay alive.
You'd never guess who his favorite Cape Fear softball player is.
Follow for updates from tonight's 4-A softball regional at Cape Fear
Martin Scorsese's version of Cape Fear is underestimated & frowned upon
very cool! Duke and Wake in the front yard of Cape Fear!
Bri Bryant dribbler over the pitcher. Cashwell scores from third to end it. Cape Fear 2-1 over Conley. FINAL
River of terror: the role of the environment in Scorsese's "Cape Fear."
Life 90.5 FM can now be heard from the Cape Fear to the New River north, Little River South, White Lake west and...
.and crew are about to launch on the Haw River. They'll soon be paddling across all of the Cape Fear.
Hey legislators, while you're at it, may I suggest a state capital change? Write-in vote: Cape Fear
Museum of the Cape Fear presents Michael Zatarga, author of The Battle of Roanoke Island on April 14, at 7pm
Marine archaeologists in North Carolina think they have found the wreck of a Confederate blockade runner near the mouth of the Cape Fear
Imagine yourself on a cool summer night nestled on the banks of Lake Tahoe by a warm fire. CIS of Cape Fear is...
. I'll be your "Fast Car" by Tobtok (Cross the Cape Fear) feat. River! Can you keep KJR's Paws...Hands to Myself? I'm Waiting
Would you believe I have yet to see 'Cape Fear' (1962), starring Robert Mitchum as Max Cady? You had better believe, I will see it soon!!!
The only time Robert Mitchum was scarier than he was in "Cape Fear" was in "Night of the Hunter."
OK, now I must satisfy my curiosity and watch 'Cape Fear' (1962), directed by J. Lee Thompson, and starring Robert Mitchum. Pay attention.
Robert Mitchum's version of Cape Fear is on TCM at 3PM Central; think this is
Movies with revenge (not reconciling) as a theme Carrie, Unforgiven, Ransom, Cape Fear, First Wives Club, Taken, any Charles Bronson movie
Cape Fear is a site like Bowdoin College.
Final- MBB. Millbrook 81 | East Wake 55. Round 2 is Thursday vs Jack Britt or Cape Fear at HOME!
Game story, link to photo gallery from SMC basketball nearly knocking off league unbeaten Cape Fear.
"Its a mistake to teach women to tell the time. They'll always use it against you". Gregory Peck, Cape Fear, 1962
Cape Fear area friends. Don't forget about Tree Fest that will be going on today and tomorrow at independence mall.
And then you'll become a Juliette Lewis fan. Cape Fear - Bobby De Niro - Michelle Pfeiffer - Casino. 😜
Cape Fear is an underrated Robert Deniro performance
I need u to be right on this. I can't do this storm/tornado stuff. 😣 Cape = fear-mongering for ratings = not cool.😠
National Christian Academy wins it over Cape Fear Christian Academy 66-63
cape fear in North Carolina is a pretty sad name. Sounds Scary as well!
One hour. Bernie's doing bar-dips while the "Cape Fear" theme plays. Massive Howard Zinn tat on his back.
From Poultry, hog farms threaten Cape Fear River. ... Duplin/Sampson have lots of pigs:
1st round of the CCS Holiday classic, South View 59 Cape Fear 27. Final
South View killing Cape Fear girls right now 🙈🙈🙈🙈
1st round of Holiday Classic, seed South View leads seed Cape Fear 29-16 at the half
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
On location at Cape Fear Botanical Garden's Holiday Lights in the Garden
Could be some compelling races for next year in the Cape Fear.
Pigs and poultry threaten Cape Fear River:
The Cape of Fear (1993) - Documentary about the leaders of the Hard Livings gang in Cape Town
The old "Cape Fear" is so much better than the newer one. Deniro was great but Peck's character destroyed Nolte's version.
Poultry, hog farms threaten Cape Fear, riverkeeper says: Ask Kemp Burdette what worries him most about the future…
... (puts on cape). Fear not, I'm on my way. Hold a slice of pizza outside the window so I can more easily find you
Cape Fear High football staff took a Dad's day and took the kids to a movie and lunch.
Cape fear Public Utilities Wilmington NC ~ They Enjoy being Sadistic to the poor and Disabled
Great buildings lost in USA. HWF's most threatened list raises awareness in Cape Fear region and saves heritage.
Come watch Cape Fear Christian Varsity Boys play National Christian Academy (MD) tonight at Coach Miller's I-95. Should be a good one
"If you hold on to the past, you die a little each day.." -Cape Fear (1991)
presents Malik and Telly Johnson past Aj Baldwin via
Cape Fear Cyclist say they are happy with the new River Road improvements.
150th anniversary reenactment of the battle of Fort Fisher atvthe mouth of the Cape Fear River in N.C. USA.
4A XC East Regional Champ and XC All-State runner Paul Arredondo is joining from Cape Fear!
here are some bad *** place names from my home state of nc:. 1. Kill Devil Hills. 2. Cape Fear. 3. Great Dismal Swamp. 4. Bug Hill
John D MacDonald's Cape Fear - yes, it was a book before it was a movie, here's why you should read it
Don't leave alone at the arc. Finished w/ 28 & 8 in a win. 93-64 over Cape Fear https:/…
I’m watching the Frying Pan Tower Ocean Cam on streaming live from Cape Fear, North Carolina:
Congratulations to PHSC Volleyball for defeating Cape Fear! They now take on Catawba Valley Community College...
Craig and Sheila discover the wonders at the Cape Fear Fair and Expo. @ Cape Fear Fair & Exposition
We will start announcing WINNERS to The Cape Fear Fair and Expo TODAY! You must pick up you tickets at Cape Fear...
Cape Cod, Cape Fear, Capetown Races sing your song (doo dah, doo dah) ... oh, and too. How'd you miss it?
Okay Hampton Roads fans! Did you check out the action last weekend when our All-Stars took on the Cape Fear...
2016 Charlotte commit Quentin Jackson Jr. tells me that he won't return to Carlisle for his sr year, will attend Cape Fear …
The Best Villain performance in history, period. Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear or Night of the Hunter also good.
Some schools in Cape Fear region dismissing early today
CFCC Humanities & Fine Arts Center Sound and Space. First audience in the new, beautiful theatre at Cape Fear...
All purpose parts banner
Hurricane Floyd made landfall at Cape Fear in 1999:
Tuesday's prep roundup: Fayetteville Academy still unbeaten in soccer; Cape Fear wins weekly golf match: Here is…
I liked a video from Max Cady from Cape Fear coming back stronger against attorneys
"I am like God, and God like me. I am as large as God, He is as small as I..." Max Cady - Cape Fear
ACTOR-FILMMAKER PARTNERSHIPS:. This is great. Martin Scorsese & Robert De Niro on Cape Fear.
Weekend adventures right here at home - exploring the Cape Fear River
I obtain all my guidance on life from the hero's tattoos in the original version of Cape Fear. THE MITCHUM IS THE MESSAGE.
...last time seen a face bite that bad was Robert De Niro in 'Cape Fear'. The DAX struggling to 'save face' so far: .
Robert De Niro spent $20,000 for a dentist to mess up his teeth for his role in the movie, Cape Fear.
You don’t have to be a prominent multinational giant to successfully do overseas:
I think I'm actually gonna go to Cape Fear's homecoming game. It'll be nice to see everyone who I didn't fw in high school 😂
Want to know how Archadeck of Cape Fear can transform your backyard? Check out this before and after from our latest project.
I really need to meet some fun people at cape fear cuz ya girl is bored 24/7 if i'm not at work
Ready to go back to busco or cape fear
I checked in at Cape Fear Sportwear on
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
My order from cape fear games has shipped, soon I'll have delvers & Pyromancers IRL.
18 yrold ME and a baby girl in a movie called 'That Night'. I did Cape Fear right…
I need to go and block all the cape fear kids and redo fts y'all actin up
USS North Carolina getting positioned in her new home in the Cape Fear River in Wilmington NC. http:/…
I just checked in at Cape Fear Valley Bladen Medical Associates with Download today!
Caught these Cape Fear students doing the marshmallow challenge in Mr. Weathington's class - great teamwork exercise
Visited Gray's Creek, Cape Fear and West Brunswick today. First day in Cumberland and second day in Brunswick. Good job in all programs
JHS hockey women finish 2-2 after O/T but lose to Cape Fear Academy in penalty shootout that ensues. Great effort Falcons!
A nice evening for a cruise on the Cape Fear River.
Falcon hockey girls going into overtime with Cape Fear Academy after 1-1 reg time finish
Early in 2nd half it's South Brunswick leading Cape Fear Academy in boys soccer 2-1.
Y'all come watch us play Cape Fear tomorrow 4:30 @ Cape Fear
oh okay cause cape fear is in Fayetteville and they're band is amazing and huge. Oh nice what state
this ain't our first rodeo @ Erin E. Mcneill Fine Arts Center, Cape Fear…
JHS & Cape Fear Academy 1-1in field hockey with 16 mins left. Beautiful evening for some field hockey @ JHS!
The HMS Bounty visits the Cape Fear 5 months before she went down in hurricane Sandy. God Bless their souls.
After Hours, King of Comedy & Cape Fear underrated. Didn't really get Last Temptation of Christ. Not seen Bringing Out the Dead
About the museum... In 2007, the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex Foundation...
Really like cape fear, Wilmington is growing on me
Doesn't while golfing in Cape Cod Massachusetts hear how many are fleeing in fear for their
The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation has initiated an investigation of former Cape Fear Community College...
My man Roy Fowler from Cape Fear down in SC stopped by yesterday- always love having other pros stop…
Quiet currently for the lower Cape Fear region; storms already developing across around the Pamlico Sound counties.
3 confirmed reports of dog flu in NC, no reports in Cape Fear region - Fayetteville Observer
Dad and Chris Dawson on the Cape Fear River
movies for this weekend? Cape Fear, Martin Scorsese, with Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Nick Nolte, Juliette Lewis, an horror crime movie
Supreme Court decision a relief in the Cape Fear region; focus moves to Medicaid - Fayetteville Observer
THE PACT WITH GOD. . 2001 I dedicated my life to the Great Spirit while sitting at Cape Fear Studios in...
CFCC's Lori Drake headed to High Point: Lori Drake has stepped down as the Cape Fear Community College women's…
The Cape Fear Baptist Church graduation service went great! Glad to be graduating with such a great…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Like Sideshow Bob (K Grammar) singing HMS Pinafore, on the Cape Fear episode of
As the weekend fades, plan to join us next week for Cape Fear Independent Film Fest + Shakespeare on the Green + Battleship 101 + more!
coach how are you!! Are you coming back to Cape Fear next season?
Can someone explain to my butler what "Dry Clean Only" means? It's impossible to strike fear into the hearts of criminals in a tiny cape.
Beautiful day on the Cape Fear River, with conditions of a strong incoming current & opposing NE winds creating brisk following seas.
'What d'you wanna watch?' 'I dunno- the kids have put me in an Apocalypse Now/Cape Fear kinda mood'
I'm sorry but I'm highkey judging you if you swim in the Cape Fear River
kayaked our way through the Cape Fear River. 8 miles. We killed it👌🏾
And I FINALLY found a DVD copy of Martin Scorsese's remake of "Cape Fear" and yet...I had not enough. I spent too much on "Bubble Ghost".
Coming this week in The Fayetteville Observer, we announce All-Cape Fear region teams in baseball, softball and girls' soccer.
Saddened to hear of the passing of the incredible John Derr. Thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him last year.
The only answer to this is.fear. Why else would they go through these drastic measures?
Photo: The Giant sloth is my spirit animal. (at Cape Fear Museum)
Last night whilst driving home from dinner, a rat crawled over my windshield and tried to Cape Fear its way home with me...I know, "aw!"
Great day on the Cape Fear River with with Cape Fear Garden Club supporting bird conservation on our sanctuaries.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
So does this mean your parents are dead and you're going to run around in a cape striking fear?
Welcome Anthony Vanhook to and The Cape Fear CC All American will have an impact!
😂 how far you stay from Cape fear hospital ?
I thought to live at the cape. But the wave always fear me.
C'mon Cape Fear come to me. Just get past those 53.5 kB/s
Good times at Cape Fear Beer and Hymns! thx
Gladding Hearn delivers second pilot boat to Cape Fear:
We all are vulnerable in some ways. Its not just the masks, we do pull the cape to fight & conquer our fear-challenges too.
Rising Ashley Senior Ryan Powell competing in the Cape Fear Clash as a member of the Cape Fear Shamrock Elite
OC United at Cape Fear Clash. Great job on the win.
Christopher Lucas will be the new women's tennis coach at Cape Fear High School this spring.
What do Tom Breese and Cape Fear have in common? knows:
Very excited to announce that my series pilot Bounty Momma has been nominated for best comedy at the Cape Fear...
Ronan is Max Cady at the end of Cape Fear, speaking in tongues as the ship goes down.
Got your teflon cape ready, Hun? I hope I'm in error, but I fear you going to need one.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Read my chat with Sam Rockwell in which he compares the 2015 Poltergeist to the 1991 Cape Fear
Robert De Niro in the movie Cape Fear!! What an actor!
when is drip club restocking front street?? N We need cape fear in Huntsville al. Damnit man
Great atmosphere at Cape Fear with standing room only (literally) around the entire field.
Do you want Cape Fear Juice for your local vape shop? Let us know!!! . Photo Credit: South Lake Vape
WOW! Last saw the score, they were up 5-4. Cape Fear lost 2-1.
Cape Fear softball's historic season ends with 2-1 loss to Greenville Conley in fourth round of state 4-A playoffs
s/o to cape fear for repping Cumberland country
There goes the huge crowd that NCSU was expecting with AC and Cape Fear.
In the Cape Fear region this weekend? Come to a service! We're starting our series on the book of James.
We passed an Outback, went through Cape Fear & survived a near drowning of Sprite. We made it safe to our hotel.
John remembering his cadet days at the Cape Fear Museum
Cape Fear lost to DH Conley in softball 2-1
Cape Fear's Mary Williams being considered for national softball player of the year.
Wow... Sad to see Cape Fear Softball fall to Conley! Great season Lady Colts 💪🏼
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
D.H. Conley will host Apex in the 4-A Eastern Regional next week. Vikings take down Cape Fear 2-1 to upset the No. 1 seed
It's over. Called third strike. Cape Fear falls to D.H. Conley, 2-1. Conley will get Apex-South Central winner in 4-A Eastern best of 3
Conley strands 2 in the 7th. They lead 2-1.. Last chance for Cape Fear with 7,8,9 at plate.
Conley strands runners on 2nd and 3rd to end the top of the 7th. DHC 2 Cape Fear 1
I know majority of the ppl from cape fear since I live right beside it 😂😂
Cape fear football giving back to the community!
A beautiful Friday evening on the Cape Fear River.
Cape Fear retired in order in the sixth. Conley leads 2-1 going to 7th. 7,8,9 hitters will be up for Colts in the 7th.
Can't not fear the consequence dude its exams! CAPE!
All lanes open after Cape Fear Memorial Bridge accident - The accident on the outbound lanes of the bridge...
Mary Williams allows one more hit, gets two more strikeouts, to end scoreless 6th. Cape Fear trails Conley 2-1 coming to bat.
Cape Fear gets a double from Haley Cashwell in the 5th but strands her. Conley leads 2-1 going to top of fifth.
Maloney makes a catch down the third base line to end the 5th. Conley 2 Cape Fear 1
Cape Fear Colts Football Team helping the community with a roadside cleanup!
Conley turns 3 hits and an error into 2 runs. Takes 2-1 lead over Cape Fear going to bottom of fifth.
Hot smash to third by Rachel Weidner drives in Conley's 1st run. 1-1 with Cape Fear in 5th, 2 out, Conley batting with…
Cape Fear in first real jam. Runner at 3rd, one out in top of 5th. They lead Conley 1-0.
Cape Fear strands a runner at 2nd in the 4th. They still lead Conley 1-0 going to the top of the 5th.
I'm going to watch two movies 2nite - Cape Fear (1962) and it's 1991 remake. It's going to be an scary night. :-O
The director originally wanted Hayley Mills for a key role in this film, but she was under contract w/ -
I will find a way to get to Wilmington and finish out school at cape fear
about to do my application for cape fear.. cause I definitely fell in love with Wilmington today 👅
Remember those pepto and bourbon cocktails the sheriff in Cape Fear drank...gonna need one of those.
silence of the lambs.. Cape fear.. Panic room..psycho.. Dark Water..
dude needs some Cape Fear DeNiro hair.
Boating season is in full effect!! Check out our great friends at Cape Fear RV & Marine. Mention this ad and...
2 still alive. Bunn SB advances to fourth round Friday night in Bunn. Heritage heading down to take on Cape Fear tomorrow night. Good luck.
Caleb Bissette throws six scoreless innings for Fuquay in 9-0 baseball win over Fayetteville Cape Fear.
The winner of tomorrow's Heritage/Cape Fear game will play Conley in the fourth round.
Rachel Weidner strikes out the last batter with bases loaded to advance to the 4th round. Will play the winner of Heritage and Cape Fear.
Picture of the cape fear mixing with the ocean. Great day on the boat!
Freedom’s Barrier chooses Cape Fear CC for soccer: Freedom senior two-sport standout McCartney Barrier has now...
The psychological thriller Cape Fear, starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum, was released 53 years ago today http:/…
Could you imagine if I drove to Cape Fear for that playoff game only for it to be cancelled?
Cape Fear softball has postponed until tomorrow.
The 3rd Round Softball Playoff Game scheduled for tonight, Tuesday, May 19th at Cape Fear High School has been CANCELLED due to rain.
Just watched Cape Fear again. You rule. Robbed of the oscar!
Sunbeam breaking through the clouds over the Cape Fear River.
Watching cape fear for my essay on a fictional psychopath I hope it's good
Cape Fear region has four honored at Highway Patrol ceremony - Fayetteville Observer
I’d ask for a cape, but I fear they are all in Vienna.
So what's up around 7 for Terry Sanford, Cape Fear here and Pine Forest up in Fuquay-Varina?
If you have a playoff game tonight, follow He is tracking storms that could impact Cape Fear region contests.
For anyone who uses theenergy saving light bulbs. Cape Fear Habitat ReStore has these bulbs in 4 packs for $1...
The address for Cape Fear is 4762 Clinton Rd Fayetteville NC 28312 for those who need it!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today is the day!!! It's game day! Your Lady Huskies will be traveling to play number 1 seed Cape Fear at 7!!
I almost failed at cape fear. Sorry I'm not perfect:(
910Preps Podcast: Cape Fear softball, Terry Sanford baseball and girls' soccer continue to roll via
Good luck to our Lady Huskies as they battle Cape Fear tonight in the 3rd Round of the NCHSAA State Softball Playoffs!
Mary Williams pitches no-hitter vs. Clayton to carry Cape Fear into 3rd round
After further review, it's a no-hitter for Mary Williams with 15 strikeouts, Cape Fear wins 6-0. Faces Heritage-Wilmin…
Back in Cape Fear.. Wilmington, NC.. Home sweet home. Had a great time up North. Still excited to…
// it's a must! Have you seen Cape Fear with Jessica Lange? A must watch!
The world premiere staged reading of "Downrange: Voice from the Homefront" will be held on May 1-2, at Cape Fear...
If you're living the Cape Fear region, watch "State of Mine: The Jim Hunt Story" tonight on at 7p.
The Stagville exhibit opened today at the Museum of the Cape Fear!
SO.Netflix's BLOODLINE is like The Affair meets Mystic River meets Cape Fear meets Wild Things, with a soupçon of Brot…
Fayetteville Police Department are setting up a perimeter around the emergency room of Cape Fear Valley Hospital
Someone just tried to sell me the cape from Cape Fear.
he was great. Had that Cape Fear thing going.
Catching up on last weeks Gogglebox.. 'That's what madonnas got, Cape fear' 😂😂😂
Cape Fear Sportswear is the best on and off the water. You owe it to yourself to check them...
ILM issues Small Craft Advisory valid at Apr 4, 12:00 AM EDT for Coastal waters from Cape Fear NC to Little River Inlet SC out 20 nm, Coast…
Loved you since Cape Fear and now ADDICTED to Secrets and Lies!
My very best friend is your Cape Fear High School FFA Sweetheart! 😸
Going missing at sea has always been a dark fear of mine.
I rated Cape Fear 7/10. Not Scorcese's best, but great performance by Robert De Niro
Cape Fear Heroes' Patrick Pinkney giving back to the game: The camp f...
The antagonist in has a De Niro in Cape Fear-level of creep to him.
I would too. But Miami has already said he's "too popular to sign". That tells you they already fear his cape.
I'm playing with cape fear, hopefully I see yall!
I feel every dude Roseboro hates my guts😂😂😂 but everyone at Cape Fear loves me cause I'm so chill
Hey everyone. We just got an email saying that Cape Fear Raptor Center, Inc.'s application for State Farm...
Folks are starting to line up at Hoke Fest sponsored by Cape Fear Valley Hoke Hospital !!! join us
As of 5:00 pm tonight the East side of Cape Fear Blvd will be open to traffic!
Congratulations to Cape Fear Precast for being recognized by in Precast, Inc.
I offer 20% off services to UNCW and Cape Fear students. Refer a friend and each get a $15. Full size retail of your choice.
WSOC: The Pinecrest - Cape Fear match scheduled for tonight has been cancelled.
Is it just me or has Kenton has come over all 'cape Fear'?!
Never know what you'll find in Cape Fear area.
The first winner for the free piercing with jewelry is Kristen Atkinson!! And the second winner for free piercing...
Gov. Arthur Dobbs penned the first written record of the Venus Flytrap in 1759:
From the Outer Banks to Cape Fear, are the best bits of
Cape Fear's Anthony Vanhook is fun to watch. Guy is 6-foot-4 and is awesome in the post. Like a slender Adrian Dantley.
03/11/1865: Union flotilla sailed up Cape Fear to Fayettville to rendezvoused with General Sherman's army.
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