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Candy Shop

Candy Shop is the second single by rapper 50 Cent from his second commercial album The Massacre (2005).

Grandpa Joe

I liked a video Jeffrey Dean Morgan Owns a Candy Shop with Paul Rudd
Two people are dancing to candy shop at the redmill.
You have to visit your friends at work whether it's a candy shop or a crêperie ✨🎉💝
Kind of just had that kid in a Candy shop type of after an unreal
Trying to buy a vehicle and Christmas shop... Umm everyone is getting a candy bar at this rate. 😂
🗣🔊Today is small business Saturday! Support your community. Shop at your local old fashion candy…
Rapping "candy shop" at the counter of beach bum like people can't see me outside 😂😴
If you're looking for a handmade creative gift in check out my mom's candy wreaths
Took YOUR *** to the candy shop he fell in LOVE 😍🍫🍭
Dani was singing Candy Shop by 50 Cent and his chewing gum fell out of his mouth into his car and I've never seen so much panic on his face
See my full collection on: Cool Christmas presents, Ribbon Candy, Carved Candle, White Can…
Boys are hard to shop for tbh. I'll usually give up and by candy for them instead
Jett: "There's no kids in this candy store.". Me: "It's a chocolate shop more for adults.". Jett: "So it's sexual chocolate?"…
Going to the Strip with Jeb makes me happy. @ Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop
We went on a candy adventure the other day. 🍭🍬🍫. @ Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop
Hey everyone don't forget Anderson's Candy Shop in Richmond is having customer appreciation this weekend June 25-26!!! Stop on in for some …
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Show me a girl that doesn't have some kind of *** flash back when she hears Candy Shop and I'll show you a *** liar🤗
Rock Calendar 4-2-05: Pope John Paul II, who led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 yrs, dies in his apartment. No.1 Song: Candy Shop- 50 Cent
The Magic Mike movies have ruined so many songs, can't think abt anything but Adam Rodriguez when "Candy Shop" comes on now *crying tears*
I'll take you to the candy shop. Boy one taste of what I got . Have you spending all you got . Keep going till' you hit the spot 🍬🍭🍫
What if 50 cent never took her to the candy shop?
Just watched candy shop by 50¢. Wondering why it was filmed at draculas castle in Transylvania
This sweetheart of a necklace features a pink candy jade stone with a white rose and antiqued…
I grow my daughter alone. I work in the shop as a seller-consultant. I have height abot 17...
Just got my hands on a set of audios I haven't heard before. I'm like a kid in a candy shop right now :-)
The AHS Intramural championship is tomorrow!. Tandy's Candy Shop, led by takes on Staff Team, led by
"Candy" Super trendy pastel color marble printed phone case 🙌🏼💕. . Click the link on bio to Shop…
its like saying "I take him to the candy shop" 50 taught us what that really means.
What if 5O and Olivia took us to the pawn shop instead of the candy shop?
I'll take you to the candy shop. I'll let you lick the lollipop. Only the sugar free ones. Because you're diabetic and I care about your health
It's like a little boy in a candy shop on Christmas morning.
Loving 'The Candy Shop'! Signed up to apple music specifically to tune in. Can't wait for more episodes.
Still planning to come back to the states this summer? The candy shop awaits...
What 50 cent didn't take her to the candy shop🤔
These fellas down here be jumpin to conclusions more then me going from candy bar to candy bar at a candy shop. Like ***
What if 50 never took her to the candy shop ?
Man I had some candy from this candy shop in Venice I want to go back just for that bomb *** candy
LMAO, currently watching traverse the Oscars in his newest vlog! So funny. Kid in a candy shop :D https:…
Click the shop link in bio to get your own arm candy!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t just LOOK like a kindly candy shop owner.
What if 50 cent didn't take you to the candy shop ?
I mean he just kinda makes me smile like a little kid in a candy shop😌🍭
group of guys: hey you still wanna take me to the candy shop??? . me: JESUS CHRIST SAVE ME FOR I HAVE SINNED
— it, but it was evident. Before Nel could respond to the animalistic Grimmjow Jaggerjack, the candy shop owner walked out of —
Nineteen bucks at the South San Francisco headquarters candy shop.
She goes to the candy shop and licks the lollipop while I go to the market and eat the groceries
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i take you to the candy shop tutuyutu I let you lick the lollipop tutuyutu
11 years ago today, 50 Cent dropped Candy Shop
Mood: 50 Cent's laugh after he says "I'll melt in your mouth girl not in your hand" in Candy Shop
this was the Swedish candy i mentioned, but it was a bigger bag & mixed with soft/hard candy:
*She keeps attending to her shop, come get some equinox themed candy, or cookies!*
Charlie's Candy Shop is a gift from above
Ain't gonna never be this much trust in my relationship 😂
Then you may as well walk out with the whole shop, cause today IS the day for cookies and candy themed like the incoming fall. *She grins*
Had a delicious breakfast at Lexington Candy Shop - old school at its finest.
*talking about how someone has a side chick". Mr. Chambers- "it's just like a candy shop & he's keeping his options open" 😂😭
Well, I can only go on and make the other songs from the show after I finish this one. I NEED A GOOD ACAPELLA...
“The best candy shop a child can be left alone in, is the library.” . ― Maya Angelou
Fun fact 50Cent wrote candy shop about the clay center lollipops
Sneak peak behind the scenes of our new shop in
Photo: apriki: Riddle me this: you’re an invisible thirteen year old who has just snuck into a candy shop.
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if you follow me 😏💘 . I'II go to candy shop 🏃🍬🍭. and ask if they sell. NIALL HOREO. 🍪👆 and send to you 👈😂💕. x28.338
-[smiles] Yes we have that bread an pasta we also have candy and flowers at the shop, So how can l help you [he ask about] What's times are-
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: 🎉NEW🎉 Candy Jelly Doctor Bag. via
"this song is so inappropriate. I don't think it's about a candy shop." HM REALLY
Ciera won't stop singing Candy Shop and i s2g im about to strangle her.
We should live every day like a three year old in a candy shop!
The fall season only brings excuses for me to eat mass amounts of Halloween candy and binge shop for sweaters. 💁🏽
The sugar in this candy shop couldn't compare to how sweet this little girl is!
DC shop offers escape from serious Washington business:.
The first two songs mixed were 'Candy Shop’ and ‘Holiday Inn.’
EXCITED for the launch of CANDY SHOP tomorrow night !!!.
Magical Sweet Shop Voorhees Check out the review of this new shop to open in Voorhees
A completely new scent hitting the shop tomorrow crackin candy 󾔟󾔟󾔟󾔟
Keep your guests sweet with personalised sweeties:
Lucas knows every word to Candy Shop
Songs that madonna must not perform on the next tour: Vogue, Human Nature, Candy Shop, Hung Up, Ray Of Light(on guitar) and Like A Prayer
S/O out to the Sean John store in the Atlanta airport blasting My "Hitta" followed by Candy Shop by 50 Cent. Stay Classy ATL.
Up at 2:00am having terrible nightmares! TG I have an Awesome Counselor and Awesome Friends & Family! TY so much. If you had the chance to watch "Undercover Boss" 1/23/15, my Hometown of Camarillo, CA was on it for Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop. Love to you all! XOXOXO
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The world is filled with endless possibilities, but you have to look closely within as to which one calls the loudest to you and focus your energy on that priority. It can be tempting to muse all the possibilities, like a kid in a candy shop, overstimulated by the options, holding goals and dreams up on a pedestal, but never actually DOING anything to realise the possibilities. The next leap the mind often makes is this... "But what if I pick the 'wrong' one, or take the 'wrong' path, or don't know how to make things happen?" And the truth is that there is no wrong one, or wrong path. There are simply many options and you can to dance and play with life as you choose, venture out, learn, grow, contribute and shift directions day to day aligned to what feels good. You have to trust your intuition in a moment in time, to say "this feels good to me, this feels like the path for me, this feels like what I need to do" and to realise that your intuition will adjust and flow as you set forth. Should you need to ...
If ur 'boyfriend/girlfriend' has the will power of a toddler in a candy shop I feel so sorry for u in this 'Dinyero' era we r about 2 enter
I dreamed that Quinn Fabray asked me to help her out by closing down the Rosewood candy shop where she...
I still can laugh about them working candy shop
Why have I never been to this candy shop before 😮
HAppy M L K Day everyone. I'm like a kid in a candy shop. Trying to decide what to do with my day off.
Where's that candy shop you visited in your video?
On the bus on my way to candy shop :)
Candy Land Cake.from My Little Kupkake, daughter's shop!
taeyeon and i bought this at the candy shop . she bought one for Yura .
A little piece of web candy: and the proper comment: ... :'D
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sweden was the 1st country to produce candy cane in red & white stripes apparently
I had a dream that Ed Sheeran and I won the hunger games.Then he turned into Robert Pattinson and we got married in a candy themed body shop
Beat drab January with a stunning splash of colour. Shop our neon jelly bags |
Check it out!! candy shop with irridescent nail foils over it and holo studs from…
I'll take u to the candy shop boy I give you a taste of what I got
Once, at a candy shop in New Orleans, I saw a life-size saxophone made entirely of chocolate
“Quote this with good throwback songs!” 50 Cent - Candy Shop
"Nothing dammit." He walked along the sidewalk with the female on his shoulder,seeing a candy shop across the street. ***
Did 50 cent ever take her to the candy shop
Keep going till you hit the spot, I'll take you to the candy shop 🍭
.just promised that we'd hold a Passover Seder at the Candy Shop and I AM HOLDING HER TO IT
umm Michael loves karaoke...especially if it's Candy Shop...
Who drives by Pleasant Grove elementary school , blasting 50 Cent " Candy Shop " , with all four windows down ? This girls right here !!! ( time to rattle their little sheltered cages a bit )
Black Angelika White girls take on black *** - Candy Shop: White girls take on black *** - Candy Shop
...I miss American breakfast though sob! You can buy loads of your 'candy' in a shop in Bluewater (I treat Chris!) yay!
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I love living in Denver and going to the weed shop like if it was a candy store lol
Il take you to the candy shop il let you lick the lollipop 😘
Who's gonna take me to the Candy Shop?
Feeling like a kid in a candy shop... Today is the big day!!! New beginnings oh and rise and grind you know what they say the early bird gets the worm!
“B.A.P 4th Japan Single Limited Version Special Goods: Matoki Gummies and keyholder”. when did TS had their candy shop
You could have it your way. How do you want it? - Candy Shop — lol..
we got the plug at the candy shop. Tho mite as we'll spend that bread with pie
So like I'm listening to pandora and then the song candy shop by 50 cent comes on .. Lmao totally off genre of my station
Morning! Happy Friday! Come on, its nearly the weekend. Why not treat yourselves? Candy Shop towers smells like a proper sweetie shop...
“Candy shop - 50¢”hold up, what you know about that? You stay listing to Spanish music ✋
yeah...okay :) when u go to the shop can u take a pic and show me? I wanna see ^_^ or maybe you can buy Niall ^_^
*** stay thirsty". Why you dress like the candy shop is open if it ain't for sale? Lol
Little Terry got a gun from the store, with the money from his chores. He robbed a candy shop, told her lay down on the floor.
Sweden out of context:. "Jamie will you take me to the candy shop?"
We always feel like we're kids in a candy shop whenever we we're in our stores. 😛🍫🍭🍬
When i die lower my casket into the ground with candy shop by 50 cent playing in the backround.
Some accounts work so hard for their sunshine's follow and get nothing but a newborn can get their attention like a fat kid I a candy shop 😭
I have always wanted my own clothing line that would be so fancy..of we could have a candy shop because that would be yummy
“You guys are really hurting my feeling can you kill your self to make me feel better. Lol” not very candy shop of u
I finally get to wear my top shop romper😍
The best thing about Austin is honestly Big Top Candy Shop
I take you to the candy shop . I let you lick my lollipop . Go ahead gurl don't u stop . Keep goin till u hit the spot woa…
I could make u feel like a kid in a candy shop give u everything a got girl💯🎧
ok I'm done, but i'm listening to candy shop, js
Did you miss last week's episode of The Candy Shop? Check out this snippet of and Lucky.
And then I find Candy Shop on an old CD. OKAY
are you in that candy shop in port A?
To the Candy shop! *Flippy points at the direction to the Candy shop*^^
SMH ma Contrinia Whitfield and my cousin Regenia Gaynor loves "Chocolate", I rather have" Red Hots" so I guess we can't go candy shopping together!
Josh is singing candy shop I can't even
I really want "candy shop" to neatly sum up my life, but sadly I think "lovefool" by the Cardigans is more accurate
Just wanna intruduce 2 new members of the Integritybullsva D-line.Mike Dawson.and ...kid in a candy shop..aka "CANDY MAN".DLINE..comn to a RKC ring in the near future.salute.thanks Terrell Quincy.
I'm currently in the largest candy shop in all of myrtle Beach so nah(; love and miss you though! ♥
I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I walked into 😍👌🙌
I was too excited when they told your name,like a kid in a candy shop lol, its impossible to be disappointed to your performance
great to see you commenting on the indycar race , you were like a kid in a candy shop Steve , racing was awesome
A candy counter in a small New Hampshire town that you just won't believe...
Chris got that smile like a kid in a candy shop
"They look like the girls in the Candy Shop video!" Step Up was made in 2006, ladies and gentlemen!
Thx to candle, my house now smells like a taffy/popcorn/cotton-candy shop at the beach. It doesn't get much better.
Oh how I wish I had a spare $768.93 sitting around. Would be like a kid in a candy shop at Newegg.
But candy shop is on tv, I'm laughing idek
When the truth came out Tony grinned like a kid in a candy shop. "Wait.. New Director? That's amazing!" He would have been~
This hotel in staying at has a Starbucks, candy shop, pool slides, and a frozen yogurt shop IM IN LOVE
Maria Sharapova's 'pop-up' candy shop in Wimbledon criticised - BBC News
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Malachite and Porcelain arm candy. Set of two bracelets. On my etsy shop. Link above in profile. Free…
At goofys candy shop with kmz81397 and rachelzetak
All of these players opting out gives Pat Riley the ability to work his magic. Like a little kid in a candy shop.
I love listening to someone talk about something they love. They're like a giddy little kid in a candy shop There's true beauty in that.
Vans off the wall is my candy shop 👅
Soon the woman lead the other into a candy shop. The shop had every type of candy in it. "Well. Pick what ever you want?"
I'm actually praying that I don't get fat from working at this candy shop
I can play the song candy shop on my recorder.
50 Cent - Candy Shop ft. Olivia: for work rest or play.
this a candy bag we designed at my shop. the designer of this product was my boy Irvis 'Sloth' Feliz. great job.
Where does the movie "Willy Wonka" take place? 2/3 of the people in town are British. Also, who let the pedophile run the candy shop?
2008 - Madonna - Candy Shop [Live at Hard Candy Promo Tour in Roseland Ballroom]
Photoset: "Harmony said he wanted the movie to look like a candy shop, very colorful, and I thought maybe...
If pink isn't your thing, blue bats have been added to the shop!
Ill take you to the candy shop whoop ! Aha
Take you to the candy shop, let you lick my lollipop.
Had so much fun at friend's Candy Shop
Me: (singing) I'll take you to the candy shop. Robert: okay let's go . 😂😂😂
Did you know that DTW has a Dylan's Candy Shop? Sweet.
What kind of neighbour listens to Candy Shop at this unholy hour? Anyone up for smashing some windows?
"My dad is like a kid at a candy store when he's at yogurt land 😄" or just a guy in a yogurt shop making a nice bowl
If theres such thing as a ice cream shop and candy stores then I wanna see a cereal store.
The guy at the tattoo shop gave me cotton candy because my nose hurt that bad 😂
Micayla pulls up to my house playing candy shop by 50 cent
I work in a vape shop. Most regulars are 40+ yo women who love candy flavors. I'm 20 vaping coconut banana almond and vanilla.
Just straight jammed to Candy Shop in the corvette and I don't care who saw.
"Do not fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and I will take you to the candy shop."
I wouldn't recommend going to a candy shop owned by 50 Cent & Lil Kim. . There'd probably be way more *** shaped things than you'd expect.
Take me to the candy shop. Let me lick your lollipop
If you didnt have a neighboorhood candy lady/ shop on yo corner to buy flamin hots w/ cheese n the…
That shop at wet seal and play candy crush.
If you never been to a neighboorhood candy lady/ shop to buy flamin hots w/ cheese or the quarter juices
Scarlett just told Chris she wants to take me to the "special candy shop with milkshakes"(its one of our favorite places in Ellicott city) for my birthday. She said "its my special plan for mommy's birthday!" My sweet little baby bat!
50 Cent - Candy Shop (Andrew Luce Remix) The best TrapStep tunes delivered to you everyday. I'm pleased to share a banger coming straight from my home-base, ...
Another 2015 date gone & another gorgeous venue. Kid in a candy shop with all the work for this year & next & all the venues. Do love my job, great people, great locations, what's not to love?
Susan's Candy Shop this morning - so full & fun!!! Full of new taffy of so many great flavors, full of new gummies, full of bubble gum crayons, full of candy pillows, full of jelly bellies, full of lollipops, full of FUN! We have packages of beautiful little "puffy poles" that would look great at birthday parties & weddings for fun, too! COME have fun with us!! (grin) Have a beautiful day!!!
Look what we FINALLY got back in stock! Candy Shop Maxi in Coral and Grey! SHOP Here
I have such a weakness for girls with tattoos and piercings. Like a 4 year old kid in a candy shop, I just can't get enough. 😜
Good's Candy Shop this Friday - 1st concert of their summer concert series starring the Lapel Community Band at...
Downtown Disney , candy shop that makes caramel apples
uGH if only my MOm would let me ride my bike past 4:30 in the afternoon id so go to the candy shop and give them all a…
I miss you so much I was just looking at pics of the loft.. Please come over soon "I'll take u to the candy …
.so much to do! Then repeat! Oh and throw in the candy shop and deck
:( I qam candy floss but shop not open fml
“50 Cent throwing out the 1st pitch 😂😭 I'll take you to the candy shop!
Break out of neutral with new candy-colored handbags in cool, structured silhouettes.Shop now: h…
I do have to admit I have a crazy crush for guys from HONDURAS there I candy to me, like a kid in a candy shop jaja loll
I am becoming way too familiar with the Stop and Shop candy aisle.
Where should you never take a first date? — the candy shop
Yo my teacher is thicka den a snicka & I love the candy shop. Seriously. My teacher reminds me of J.Lo. K. Bye
So 50 Cent threw an awful pitch at a mets game..spending a bit too much time in the candy shop there 50.. A bit too much
Visit our Candy Shop and get your favorite treats😍
But what if I actually wore these bc it dylans candy shop
Just figured out how to make media queries work. This old woman feels like a kid in a technology candy shop.
Stop ✋ definitely just heard candy shop on the radio 👍👌
I accidentally left my phone on text-to-speech and it started texting the lyrics to candy shop by 50 Cent 😂
Someone take me to big top candy shop, I've never been :-(
I simply can't decide a theme for summer mini sessions, so. Let's take a vote! You have four choices, and these may be able to be combined depending. 1. Patriotic- red, white and blue 2. Beach 3. Camping 4. Candy shop Ready, get set and vote! (Comment below on your choice)
As Tirum took off the helmet, Gaen smiled like a boy in a candy shop.
I guess Candy Shop is close enough.
Was there ever any doubt. He acts like a kid in a candy shop when Adam's around.
Wo we can make it official!!! We are moving to Darwin! Yay!!! Dates are to be finalised but we are aiming for August! Excited like a fat kid in a candy shop! What that means for Touka??? Post move we will be close for 12 months while renting (too messy to plaster) and so that we can source everything up there! So that means get your plasters while you can
trying to lose weight. Working at candy shop
... can I take you to the candy shop? .
is Candy Shop an appropriate song for field day?
Lauren went to Canes and thought she was going to a candy shop.
I love the candy in the Disney candy shop!
~ Shout out to the candy man that came by the shop today thanks for the free sample
Here's some Eye Candy to delight every lover! on for
Smiling from ear to ear... Like a lil child in the candy shop... Oh
Something NEW is coming to the Cotton Candy Shop!!! Get excited :) I can't wait to share it with you all!
Things are certainly sweetening up in The Loop this summer thanks to Rocket Fizz, a franchised soda pop and candy shop that opened on Saturday, May 24 at 6303 Delmar Blvd.
Rollercoastin’ city anthem exploding with flavour, carelessly swingin’ hook to hook through a candy shop to turn that frown upside down, spinning vibes from all sides with a taste for your headspace.
Had a great day. Today was spent with my sweetheart Jaydon and Seester Roselyn in Winthrop. Me and Jaydon took old school pix, went to the candy shop, and played putt putt golf =)
Another Wednesday, another dio pic. This is a table top diorama my wife and I made, just showing off two rooms of a house at Christmas time. It's been redecorated a season or two throughout the years, and even served as a Candy Shop and Office for a while. It was very versatile. The floor is hardwood. The door is handmade, and works on hinges. My wife made the little Christmas Card holder for the door, modeled after one in our own home. The loveseat is handmade, oak. The end table was made by another artisan, and given to us in trade. featured in NBC s Science of Love
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My whole team is going crazy tonight!! SAXITY at Chita & Ivory Frizzo & Tobias Portugall at Candy Shop, Rudas Studios Capilari & Salvavida, Lifekiss&Hoover with da-one-and-only Monkey Miro and Sean Bradford (who is featuring the next Saxity single!!) at ART OF HOUSE // Cologne Ciki Dizdaroglu hosts Sweet Monkey's with DJ TEDDY-O at Wuppertal Tobie le Freak & DJ CREAM at First Club Magdeburg Okay Germany are you prepared??? :D
President Koroma’s Headaches And Problems By Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop) Let me breast-beat myself a little here: Since President Ernest Bai Koroma came to power in the September of 2007 to date; I might have been the only person who has told him to his face that I’m not envying his job because it is fraught with lots and lots of headaches and problems. It was on a Thursday night at his Hill Station State Lodge’s office, and it was way past midnight. I thought the President would have shown surprise at my audacity. But in his usual fatherly thoughtfulness, he said: “Mohamed One Drop [he has never used my surname. It is always “Mohamed”, or “Mohamed One Drop” or “One Drop”], you can say that again. The headaches and problems are enormous”. That was the first time I was accurately able to give an interpretation of the President’s white hair. Headaches and problems now seem to be the two defining adjectives of President Koroma’s second term in office. And surprisingly, the headaches a ...
KARAOKE TONIGHT COSMOPOLITAN Phillip Street Parramatta 8.30pm Come watch me and George do Candy Shop and marvel at the seductivity... lol
if we did this your song would be Candy Shop
Motorcycle trip to meadows of dan. Nancy's Candy Shop and Janes Country Cafe for… (at Jane's Country Cafe) [pic] —
Should I buy the Fireworks, Candy and Puppies shop?
The other new song he has released Pilot, is such a classic 50 Cent song. Candy shop esque!
Tony is like a kiddie in a candy shop. Planes planes everywhere.
i would to see someone try the "i wanna take ya to the candy shop, du duna du...". xD
I feel like a kid first came to a candy shop
Going to my friend s house is like going to the candy shop! Lotsa cool guitars and a cute cat. This is an old Castelluccia guitar.
This Dj wack AF . He took it all the way back to "candy shop" by 50 cent
go, go shawty. It's your birthday. I'll take you to the candy shop. Many men, many many many men wish death 'pon me. 21 questions
Hooters, candy shop and a sex shop w da homies was cool and I like Carmel apple suckers
I'm tasting every drop Like at the candy shop I'll lick your lollipop I'll put that thing on lock .
Feel like a kid in candy shop when I'm at home. So much to read, so little time because Hunter's Dry gets lonely
I'm tasting every drop , like it's the candy shop . 👅💦
Took it to the chop shop, Got the *** top dropped, two colored flip flopped, Candy red lollipop
6.30am outside favourite record store and I am still 12 in queue! Still, like a kid in a candy shop!
Where did the terrigal candy shop go?!?!?
My little brother is singing candy shop by 50 cent LAWD
Idc of it ain't tbt but here is one for u candy shop by 50 cent and lil bit
My son got a new toy this week.a pressure washer. He was playing with it this evening and sprayed down Meme's car and mine. Then sprayed some of the driveway.yep now there are clean spots. And then he sprayed down the sidewalk up to the front's pretty clean and white now. He was like a fat kid in a candy shop...LOL.
Hasenpfeffer . for Easter! I picked up the main ingredients today at Parkside Candy Shop.
The down side to having an 18 year old is he's like a kid in a candy shop at Dan Murphys. I swear we will never get out.
My creativity for art nd music is of a kid in the candy shop I'm always willing to evolve into matrix mode and journey onto a world of vivid thoughts...What a Passion!
I want some Chocolate covered espresso beans so bad! Thank you Christy Price Coppens!! That's all I have thought about tonight! Does anyone know if the new Candy Shop I. Cabot has them?
The Water Mill Penny Candy Shop on June 16, 2012 … … and as it looked in the 1950s. The postcard of this view is for sale on eBay. I visited the wonderful Long Island hamlet of Water Mill on Saturday,...
13 more days till I get my new phone.. I'm so excited I can't wait. I'm like a lil kid in a candy shop lol I'm silly
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
am feeling like a kid in a candy shop LOL
🎶 I'll take you to the candy shop al let you lick the 🍭🎶
Take u to that candy shop and u gonna like that lolly pop
Happy as lark...Loyd Wylie Campbell is home after 4 days in Georgia. In about an hour I will be happy as a kid in a candy shop. Blane Campbell Lindly will be home. By 10 tonight I will be like a pig in slop. Logan Lindly will be home. Love my all my men.
My wife letting us go to Guitar Center alone is always a bad idea. We are like 3 kids in a candy shop.
$23 in a candy shop! Yeah it's clear me and Brandon Ratliff don't need to go in candy shops no more!
It's 5 dollars piercing today at the candy shop in Arlington I need to go lol
Buying a chocolate Easter bunny? Get it at Nora's Candy Shop here in Rome!
We've found a wallet on the harbour if anyone asks send them to The Candy Shop please xx
The gem show is here, the gem show is here! We are like two kids in a candy shop. Mmmmn! Can't wait to pick up some new goodies. ♥
We are getting tires on the van today. John is like a little kid in a candy shop, looking at all the model cars
Yesterday late afternoon a glorious event happened and I was too busy working to post it. My beautiful eldest daughter Brittney Axelrod and my now future Son-in-law Patrick O'Rourke got engaged. I knew a month ago about the plan and was like a kid in the candy shop in anticipation all day yesterday. I couldn't possibly be any happier for the both of them. The center diamond is the same one her Mom wore. With a very heavy heart I can positively 100% say I'm sure she is smiling down from the heavens in approval. Congrats Kids, you will be soul mates forever. Love Dad
i want to be a candy shop manageress ~ its gonna be fun with candy around the world :D
I take you to candy shop girlz tell me wat u want
Got everything mapped out for Az. All we need to wait on is the day to come :) ain't gunna lie I didn't do nothing but I'm feeling pretty *** good right now! Nice to see Hoskie Haswood excited.. like a kid ina candy shop
I take you to the candy shop and let you lick a lollipop ! a.K.a da plug
Guess I should go to sleep and see how my, Mandi and Chad s candy shop is doing lol. Benadryl dreams are cra cra !
My dad got an early birthday present today from Traci Keene Atz! His dream dog... a golden retriever puppy! He is like a kid in a candy shop.
I just wanted to thank Next Consignment for Helping me choose this beautiful dress for the Ronald McDonald house in Chapel Hill gala I attended. It is my FB pic right now. And Sweeties Candy Shop is have a contest for pop top collections for local schools. Classes that collect the most can get ice cream party or pizza party or here comes the best "sweetie $'s to spend at candy shop!!! Call for containers and get signed up. Thank you
My son was pretty stoked! Peter authographed this Creepy Horse guy I picked up at the Buzz Fizz Candy shop.
What a great start to our vacation. Stopped for family pictures on our way to Charleston yesterday. Then spent the day with my family, unplugged. Went downtown with Kaden to Market Street and hit up the candy shop, and had dinner with Heather Carleton Ranew & fam at the crab shack. Today we went out on the boat and had a camp out party with smores and an outdoor movie. Tomorrow I get to see a long time friend Cassandra Chapin for the first time in a few years! Thankful for this quality time!!
Stars and Stripes Forever-John Phillips Sousa and Candy Shop-50 cent are both 120 BPM. I feel a mashup song is in the near future.
No words can describe my little sister. She will take you to the candy shop.
Goodbye Texas! It was fun. Oh and a candy shop named after me :)
It is down right TORTURE to Easter Candy shop for our Church children while swearing off sugar!! I will sacrifice for the children but.
We went to a little candy shop today to get some bubble gum for my little bubble gum machine when two women decide to start arguing. One saying the other is rude and the other firing back. Lol. This is a candy store for crying out loud, a happy place. The clerk tried to get them under control but couldn't. She should have given the a lollipop and told them to get out. When they left one called the other the B word and the other threw out the F bomb. Lol. It's always entertaining when you go to the mall.
We have added Finkel Frogs Candy Shop into the Frog and Fly!! From old fashioned candy to the latest in yummy treats we have a great selection to choose from! Come down and find some great last minute Easter goodies for the home and the tummy!
Remember that little candy shop by Harrison school on the corner of E. 10th? Very handy for kids if they had a penny - they could buy something.
AHORA SI QUE... Ill take you to the candy shop ! lol XD
It was another "Kid in the Candy Shop" day for me yesterday!! I got my new Mia Bella "Smoothie" Scents in and all I can say is WOWWWZA! The Strawberry Smoothie and Peach Smoothie smell so Yummy and just like the REAL THING!! And they wonderfully complement our previously released Raspberry Smoothie! I LOVE them All!!! Remember Mia Bella Candles are "Clean & Green" and...NO Calories!! :) You can check them out on my website - or if you're local come sniff them for yourself!!! :)
I wanna take u to the candy shop tatarata ... hihi
The 118-year-old Rockland County candy shop sells out at Easter (and it’s no wonder why)
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