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Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a popular mobile phone game for smartphones and Facebook.

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My Aunt Rosie has sent me so many Candy Crush invites that I've legitimately stopped loving her
Someone send me a ticket on candy crush so I'm not so bored 😩😩😩 lol
Once i start playing candy crush theres no stopping me
Win sweet items from the Candy Crush official store! Enter today here:
In addition to my Candy Crush exploits, I've thrown a kettle over a pub. What's Harrington ever done?!
Are you playing our sister title, Candy Crush Soda Saga?
What celebrities do you think play Candy Crush Saga?
New to Candy Crush or do you simply need a recap? Watch this video to see where the FAQs are!
no it isn't...there's bloody hundreds of levels. I've got candy crush and candy crush soda on the go!
My mom yells at me for always being on my phone but she's addicted to candy crush & ignores you when you try to talk to her
Now I really need to play candy crush to distract myself. Please.
For some reason i decided that it was a good idea to start playing candy crush again
No tia, I don't want to play candy crush
If my grandma doesn't stop sending me candy crush invites imma delete her
Does anybody still play candy crush? I NEED a ticket. Please. This is urgent.
Just beat a level of candy crush that I've been playing for like 3 weeks so that's pretty exciting
The popular game Candy Crush makes over $600,000 a day.
A man brutally killed his girlfriend in a bust-up over mobile phone game Candy Crush.
This is why I never have mimzy in my room anymore... She needs constant attention and a *** just tryna play candy crush 😲
No I do not want to play candy crush stop w the invites
You must have a lot of free time on your hands if all you do is play& invite me to play candy crush etc. Start knitting or something instead
So will my father be happy when he finds out i use my money to buy boosters for candy crush. . 😂😂😂 smh.
Debating whether to download candy crush again😂 what has my life become oh god😩😩
"u shud have played the cheat version jare.. Beta that way Candy Crush cannot even dash somebody lives ehn. Must I wait 30min"
Jacob Zuma playing Candy Crush underneath that table, We know what you doing there Mr President 😂😂
Never received the invitation I want most--to play golf at Augusta National. Yet everyday people I don't know invite me to play Candy Crush.
We see more of candy crush doe"Holdup!!! So you purchase Candy Crush bars, yet you don't pay your child's maintenance??!! Wooow"
Kelly Pochyba want to get FREE Lives on Candy Crush ? u best check this [link removed]
basic instinct Candy Crush got SECRET on add Lives&Lolipops u gotta check this
Trivia Crack is almost as bad as Candy Crush! Ugh! I guess at least I'm learning some totally random facts!
So.everyone is on Trivia Crack now? How long is this one gonna last? Candy Crush lasted a good minute. Fruit ninja too. But what about Words with Friends? Or Draw Something? Remember those? Me neither.
It's past addiction when me mam has set an alarm, titanic ringtone may I add, so she knows she has lives for candy crush
candy crush won't open since my last update. Is it a bug?
What game is everyone playing on their smartphone? Is Candy Crush still cool ;) ?
I just scored 2727000 on Candy Crush level 374
give me a sign :). maybe "Candy Crush". I'm an *** for not asking for your number. Oh what I would do between your legs for hours
Candy Crush Saga by Limited. Can you turn off the annoying music.
So sorry your cat died. I would love to be a source of support for you during ur hour of need but right now I'm busy playing candy crush.
Stop inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga, I'm not interested
I never thought another game could be more addicting than Candy Crush. Congratulations Trivia Crack, you have accomplished the impossible.
Old weird *** dude stay on candy crush at break with his speaker all the way up, he ducked off then you hear "Tasty" "Juicy" 😂
With a heavy heart, thinking about the needy in the poorest countries in East Africa today,. How can we help them avoid Candy Crush invites?
Journalism will be selling candy grams and 'Crush' sodas until Friday, February 13. Order forms need to be...
Which level? "This year will be great, I just passed the level I av bn trying to pass since last year on cand…
Why the *** do I have Candy Crush's ads even here?!
I'm supposed to be at the library but my mother wanted to get brunch. Yet here she is choosing candy crush over me
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
. Download candy crush , it's so interesting 😍✨
One more candy crush invite and I will kill you
I dare someone to challenge my scores on Candy Crush Soda Saga
I feel like a 40 year old, just sat at home eating biscuits and getting excited when I finished a level on candy crush
Why are people still sending me requests for candy crush. Surely everyone who played it has completed it by now. 🙉
Just been invited to play Candy Crush. This weekend is going to be great.
Instagram got boring so I started playing CANDY CRUSH (and ALL the sister games)...and now I'm ADDICTED!!! What's wrong with …
It's 2015 and I still get Candy Crush and FarmVille requests. What is wrong with this world?!? 👿✋
does your library get requests for extra time on computers? we want to combine with Candy Crush so they get extra time if they clear a level
whatever... I'm just over here getting Brazilian Waxed and playing candy crush at the same *** time.
friday night and all I'm busy with is candy crush 😂 wbu ?
Ok I'll just play candy crush instead :)
And the Oscar for Best Original Score goes to: Candy Crush Soda Saga!
Extent of conversations with my mother: "Kate has invited you to play candy crush."
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
James Cleverly MLA: What the Conservative Party can learn from Candy Crush - Conservative Home
Candy Crush Soda Saga on will we have to wait 2 years like the first Candy Crush ?
Russell Wilson is crying. Marshawn Lynch is already in the locker room playing Candy Crush.
If I had a pound for every time a friend invited to play Candy Crush, I'd easily be able to hire an assassin to kill every last one of them.
Life hack: change your mobile's date to get Candy Crush's full lives.
Your call is important to us.. Please stay on the line while we finish this level of Candy Crush
I am playing Candy Crush Saga.Join Me! See if you can beat my score.
Woman on the train is reading The Tempest and making notes in the margin. I've just opened Candy Crush. I think we know who's winning here.
The guy next to me is playing candy crush while waiting for his next flight
Morni ppl, so bored..playin Candy Crush Saga da whole day 2day lol
Sincerely hope Candy Crush do not update their game so often!
Current situation at work: Playing Candy Crush online.
Candy crush notifications still active ,Gosh 29 notifications :-P
I finally caught up with on Candy Crush. MF was *** far. Well i think he quit playing
don't even get me started on candy crush soda ! X
Was finna play Ruzzle or Candy Crush I changed my mind tho
People are so fed up with Candy Crush requests that they will do anything to stop people from playing it :D
😂 I'm. Or ignoring you i was playing candy crush
we're all the way out in ithaca on this hill looking for this house and I'm just playing candy crush lol
My friend's mom keeps inviting me to play candy crush every 3 hours on fb help me please i beg
Dreaming about beating level in Candy Crush.
And I also told myself I wasn't going to get addicted to soda crush like I did with candy crush. Just kidding take my mo…
The only fb notifications I get now are from candy crush
CANDY CRUSH PROJECT. [ Banilla puncH ]. it'll be released on Jan 20. preview
Lol, you *can* have a FB account and not play Candy Crush. It is possible. :P
I didn't understand quite everything she vsaid, but I still approve this message. Some PPP people ate tirrreed. Me nah want to crush candy, no candy crush me cause candy dies give pp diabetes, me nah want to rescue no imaginary pet nor farm no imaginary farm.alright.Lol
This girl wouldn't follow Me back on IG but got the nerve to send Me a Candy Crush invite on FB...The nerve of these ***
7 TOP Qualities Of A BIG BOY You see... Being a BIG boy is all about Growing up and letting some things go rather than trying to fight tooth and nail Just to win an argument. What's the use? Many call themselves BIG BOYS according to their own standards but things have changed. What then are the Top Qualities Of A Big Boy? 1. He doesn't show off before ladies. Some guys are simply funny. They sight a pretty lady and they start acting like "junkies", No naaa! The girl is in your taxi that's why you brought out your Samsung Galaxy Tab and start playing compulsory Candy Crush and Temple Run Oz that you haven't played for a long time. There is God ooo! 2. He doesn't "pursue" Ladies on the streets. To some guys, Jungle never mature oo! After NYSC, they're still disturbing the girl's life with "oh baby, wait na, I have something to tell you" lol...You wan preach the Word of God? I'm not saying you can't stop a girl NICELY to share your affection. Make sure you're just not pursuing her. Be mild in your "desperat ...
Maybe if Arnell Williams played Candy Crush or Candy Soda or Cop Pop. He be that charming person in reality he pretends to be. Learn to play
Sorry friends: have had to change over from broken Google Chrome to old Internet Explorer, and cannot download Flash. Cannot therefore play Candy Crush and cannot supply extra lives, etc.
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I think it would require both working together. But they couldn't help you will Farmville or Candy Crush.
There's been a distinct lack of progress on Candy Crush today. On the other hand I've reached Menai Bridge.
Do you Mark Zuckerberg have been challenged on New Year 2015 for shutting down fb for 24 hrs.Eradicating game requests was popular suggestion with one user claiming he would win a Nobel Prize if users who sent Candy Crush Saga requests could be deleted.
First sky train trip to the west end after moving. One person studying for their Canadian Citizenship, one angry person playing Candy Crush with head phones and very vocal when they lose and the guy at end firing lasers from his fingers making a "pz, pz" sound.
the priest at my old parish just sent me a Candy Crush request
Happy New Years! Celebrity news, Winter Olympics, Candy Crush - what did you most search for in 2014?.
Resolution: delete anyone who keeps inviting me to play candy crush
"Music and sleep, two great ways to escape from everything." Nahh.. There's one more.. 👉 Playing Candy Crush.. 😜
The makers of Candy Crush were suing for use of the word "Saga". So in solidarity hundreds of devs made games.
I wish Janelle's sister would stop sending me Candy Crush Saga invites
I would beat the last level of candy crush in this episode right now 👿
I Lord that is not good , I dont like candy crush If I want to crush something I play THE HOBBIT/LORD OF THE RINGS on piano
My New Years resolution is to eat more healthy. And to stop staying up late playing Candy Crush Saga.
Yay. 2015. Can I get back to level 57 on candy crush soda now? Thank you.
Last year I wept on New Year's. This year I was 15 minutes late cause I was watching animal planet and playing candy crush.
I was trying to end the year by passing a candy crush level but I guess I have to keep trying this year... Great.
Smart TV... can I play candy crush on the tv? ... only Michelle.
Some times when I close my eyes I see candy crush games.
Over editing yourself should be left in 2014. Along with chokers, invites to candy crush and terms like "bae" "turnup"…
girl. Candy crush soda. That's where it's at. On the real tho
I'm just trying to play candy crush and eat french fries.
My dream is to be good at candy crush one day💁
These candy crush commercials are so
it's the only game in town for me. Candy Crush is dull.
I have come to the conclusion that I've not ready to have kids. It's so hard to play Candy Crush while holding a crying baby 🙈
Looking forward to accepting your candy crush invites in 2015 👌
Nap til 11:30. Wake up and play candy crush. Watch the ball drop. Go back to sleep.
If you're feeling down about your night just know that millions of people around the world were sending candy crush reques…
Nobody knows how to see the hobbit for the second time today to FINALLY beat that candy crush level with literally one more move...
Lol my mom is still in 2014 because she wanted extra lives in Candy Crush.
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Please, please, please. Leave your candy crush invites in 2014.
"it's a New Year but I'm still stuck on the same level on candy crush" -tanner
Doesn't do a freaking thing except play Candy Crush Saga. But your for I have know idea thing of it is you probably don't know why.
As I listened to my pug snore and the computer game sounds as my Mom played Candy Crush, I knew this New Years party was off…
I've not obliged to Candy Crush requests since a year. Still recieve them in dozens. I can imagine how god feels recieving prayers now"
Hi edu Wanna get INFINITE LIVES on Candy Crush? Checkout this secret tricks:
New Year's resolution: defriend anyone who asks me to play Candy Crush.
That's what I've heard. It just makes a cumbly mess on my coffee table when I crush candy on it. ;-)
wow it hasn't even been 2015 for an hour yet and I've already received a candy crush invite.BYE FELICIA
My New Year resolution is to go to Vaishnav Devi and pray for extra lives for those friends who still send me Candy crush's life requests.
Happy New Years Eve! In a classic Candy Crush Saga tradition, it's time for COLORBOMB FIREWORKS! :)
Hi Azael López Rocha Wanna get INFINITE LIVES on Candy Crush? Check this secret tricks:
Today's brain teaser, LOL Is there a way to find a post that is more than a week old? Is there also a way to stop Candy Crush or any other games from showing up in my activity? It makes it harder to find what I am looking for. Hope my question makes sense this early in the morning.
Alpo is visiting a toilet brush. Brown and Creamy are eating corn. Bryan Cranston and Brian Clough are playing Candy Crush.
You're like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of Candy Crush, and I'm the Yankees. I'm WAY AHEAD of you! :)
Loved this quote: "You're competing against Candy Crush and everything else."
The cop-killer - anyone with half a brain knows Kim Jong Un was playing Candy Crush on his country's only working computer!
Wanna know who still plays Candy Crush? Flight Attendants. All of them.
I agree with Ian Hislop, 'Candy Crush' does sound like the name of a 70s pop group.
Got addicted to Candy Crush , Words with Friends & Trivia Crack during Finals week was not a good idea. To all my friends that are currently playing against me, 'til next week my friends.
Go back to playing Candy Crush babygirl.It'll b ok,the adults can handle mature themes
An MP admits he was on Candy Crush during a parliamentary meeting! Can't see anything wrong in that..
British MP caught playing Candy Crush in parliament. “I shall try not to do it again.” :/
a British MP was caught playing Candy Crush Saga during a debate on why games are so addictive
I asked to tell me what made the Candy Crush music so catchy. It reminds of Giacchin…
HoC is not investigating the MP who played Candy Crush during a House of Commons committee meeting - but the person who …
What next for as Candy Crush maker chairman resigns
I don't believe that anyone ever gets the 'jackpot' when spinning that wheel on Candy Crush.
King backs new Candy Crush game with global ad push: But when she starts playing Candy Crush, the street becom...
"I have to wean d young kids away from YouTube,from WhatsApp, from Candy Crush and make 'em read my book." Guess who!
Nice effort by writer Chetan Bhagat to wean the young kids away from the so-called entertainment "YouTube", "Candy Crush" etc..
I'm at the Jack Wagner Concert and my mom is still requesting lives on Candy Crush! lol
So, Candy Crush is totally that ST:TNG episode "The Game", right? Patrick tried to get me on it last night and I had to We…
Candy Crush sequel Soda Saga now available worldwide
Candy Crush on its own was not enough, these people had to come up with Candy Crush Soda Saga 😒 *downloads*
Ok, so I have had this video for like a year and just haven't posted it. We were staying the weekend at the lake. This was when Candy Crush first came out. My sister Paulette Meadows is trying to teach my brother in law Allen Meadows how to play, and some how they start quoting the movie O Brother where art thou. Lol! Listen and enjoy. Its hilarious.
I liked a video from London Symphony Orchestra making the soundtrack for Candy Crush
My hubby Mark Willis needs some helps with his games. He plays Candy Crush, bubble witch 2, and cookie jam. If...
First she was playing Candy Crush, now she's watching music videos on her phone WITHOUT headphones!
Stock market hammers King despite new Candy Crush game: Above: Candy Crush Saga is still making money, but Kin...
Here's the latest excuse to ignore family and friends, new Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda Saga launches:
Our preview of Candy Crush Soda Saga - "Candy Crush addicts will love it"
Has anyone ever made the Jackpot in Candy Crush Saga Daily wheel spin? This isht is rigged!
"Things like Candy Crush Saga or stalking your ex-girlfriends Instagram feed " 😂
Listening to Dad and my brother break down Candy Crush.. its morning in America
New Jersey looking to cash in on social games like Candy Crush
have avatar/logo in head. Crazy eyed gummie wearing a cowboy hat sitting on the john playing Candy Crush
To the game designer who created those tornados in Candy Crush: I will track you down & give you an Atomic Noogie. You've been warned!
Not been on Candy Crush for about 12 month's just had a quick go at a level for Rochelle that she's been stuck on...
For the executives of Candy Crush maker King Digital Entertainment, Wednesdays initial public offering couldnt have been more sour.
The only crush left in life, after getting married is... Candy Crush 😂😂😂
King's Candy Crush can't monetize with "failed to connect"
I think that King Games is out of ideas. Every single game they run an ad for looks like some variation of Candy Crush. I'm on to you, King.
Super bored! Weekend off with nothing to do. Oh well. Guess imma download Candy Crush again. I wish Tony...
Join us for the Candy Crush 5K and 1 mile run on November 1st in Snellville GA!
Inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga is like handing a meth sandwich to a methhead. I won't do it. I'm about to...
Diamond Digger Saga for all lovers of Candy Crush, great new game!
John Mayer and Candy Crush cause I'm stuck in 2013.
check this out Harrods launches Stiletto Wars, new shoe matching game: Is this Candy Crush fo...
10 things that Indian iPhone users do: 1. Although iPhone is the only Apple product they use, they give long lectures on how all Apple products are superior. 2. Treat other huge brands like Samsung and Nokia like they are fake Chinese brands. 3. Every time there’s a discussion on phones they parrot the line ‘If you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have iPhone.’ 4. Cover up the iPhone with such tacky looking covers that even Steve Jobs wouldn’t be able to recognize it. 5. They look down upon Android users as though they have some contractible disease. 6. They go on and on about the amazing productivity of an iPhone but in reality only use it play Candy Crush. 7. Even if the topic of conversation is ‘global warming’ or ‘terrorism’, they bring it back to how cool their iPhone is. 8. Their selfie-habit becomes even more out of control once they have an iPhone. 9.They automatically form a cosmic bond with fellow iPhone users around them. 10. Anytime a non-iPhone user asks if they have a ...
"My Google Nexus has way more features than the new - guy who only uses his Nexus to text & play Candy Crush.
I would have wanted to elude these challenges, but Subhayu Sarkar leaves me no choice. I always found him quite intimidating… and anyway, this can't be too bad an exercise. And accepting this does not mean I am going to heed any Candy Crush requests. My top 10 make the list for quite different reasons - one stayed the longest with me, one shook up my world the most, some moulded life-long interests and some work as the best stressbusters. In no particular oder: 1. The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. The only reason I don't read this more often is that the collectors' edition volumes are too heavy to handle. 2. The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Predictable again. I have even got myself to like the colonial superiority and the Victorian morality! 3. Anatomy of a Death Foretold (Gabriel Garcia Marquez). I loved this one more than any other Marquez. Yes, even more than 100 Years of Solitude. 4. The Nanda Devi Affair (Bill Aitken). I first read it while at JU, and this was instrumental in developing that lifelong love ...
Hey man do you know that girl from Australia's IG? The one who played Candy Crush in the middle of..
Candy Crush should be you crushing me w your body and feeding me candy mouth-to-mouth. But good candy like mini almond joys.
How many games do you have on your phone? — Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz.
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S/O to the generations who played tag & boys catch girls instead of farmville & candy crush.
‘Candy Crush’ has turned sour, so is it game over for King Digital?
No more candy crush invitations please...
I never usually miss an opportunity to take some photos but this afternoon I just sat played candy crush on my phone and threw the ball for pixie and chloe ...I guess my dogs are pretty sick of me taking their photo all the time.SO while on a lost ball retrieving mission sam decided to help himself and took some SELFIES
Market sours on King Digital as Candy Crush sags via
Everyone getting into uni, whilst I'm just about getting myself into the next level on candy crush
More than $1.4bn wiped off King as Candy Crush Saga appeal wanes - Telegraph -
turtle firewalker Stephanie Dorothea Neumann and Sissi Fleischer Rasmussen invited you to play Candy Crush Saga.
Can anyone please help me unlock the next episode in candy crush? please!!! :-)
Tech Five: shares dive more than 20%: It’s a sour day for the makers of mobile hit Candy Crush Saga . Here…
Samoka autoupdate now I can't play Candy Crush huhu
SAME. Tho I have 2 of em is of em is Candy Crush
When your aunts make an fb and add you to only send Candy Crush requests and get more lives.. Smh
From now on I will accept candy crush invites as consent for sexual activities. Proceed accordingly.
Cant believe on fb and candy crush at 4 am knowin I have things to do and then go make this $$$ but I will pull this threw lol
WAIT WHAT I WAS JUST PLAYING CANDY CRUSH omfg is this really the U.S I'm praying🙏
Play game,Download the game candy crush
Best feelings:. 1. Laughing myself to sleep. 2. Not being ignored. 3. Discovering my crush likes me. 4. Falling in love http:…
King Digital Entertainment has largely struggled since going public early this spring — and adding to
I have just gave in, I accepted Liam McMahon's candy crush invite after a relentless campaign from the D12 native...I just hope he realises u can't keep coming back to the same well for water
Playing Candy Crush This Morning? Didn't Think So: Opening Line - . How was your game of Candy Crush on. the way in...
My dear frnd n well wishers, with deep sorrow , grief, and with very heavy heart let me inform you that i m after very long association , passion n love , tdy i m saying Good Bye to my only friend of good time,it was very difficult for me to take this decision but some tym you hve take such decision in ur life, I must acknowledge the support of my frnd when i was really in need of their help , thy were always there with new life for me, when ever i was stuck up my frnd rescued me, i m thankful n really obliged to each n every one , this association was one of my most enjoyable period of life , I will miss you my sweet frnd , you were source of enjoyment for me n i m sure will keep enjoying so many other ,, Tdy is youm e Azadi , and i m so lucky to have the blessing of Aazaadi from CANDY CRUSH ,, Good Bye CANDY CRUSH ,, SAY NO TO CANDY CRUSH,,,
I probly won't be on here like 24/7 and candy crush I play when I'm not listenin to music or gamin or if Im on break at work
Hey Chris Miller sorry boet I don't want to and AM NOT interested in playing Candy Crush Saga .
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I'm requesting everyone pls stop sending me Candy Crush Saga request.bloody annoying .if anyone does that again then I would have no option, I will simply remove from my FB
Candy crush is the only crush, hated by most people.
To all ma loved ones..I know u guys wna play candy crush...but I dont play des plsss yaar candy crush ya kisi aur games ke request mat bhejo..pls!!!
Someone help me on candy crush pretty please. :) I need one more ticket.
Need help to unlock level on candy crush sad I know but crazing me x
Tham man stop with thes candy crush request its hella of anoying the same people all the time sending me them !!
Candy Crush people I need one one person to unlock me to next level. Please unlock me today or I will cry lol
Plz plz plz don't send request of candy crush.
Plz dnt send me request for any candy crush or any game...
Come on people send me my candy crush tickets. :-)
Ha! Just figured out I can block all Candy Crush Saga invites! Happy day!
One more candy crush invite and I'm gonna .
This is not a show of!!! this is a Prove that Candy crush the game Cheats! check out the Pics as Prove!!! after id play the game so many time i thought i take a picture to proves IT...!!!
Sorry f.b family ...I don't do candy crush...bubble witches .farm saga saga or anything thereof .just don't have time for games
Those who want to unfriend me, do it quickly because i am gonna start playing candy crush :P
To those who know and love me - don't ask me to play games or learn how to cook - I cant cook and have no intention of learning and further more i don't want to. As for games I don't have the time or inclination so Pete no more candy crush whatever that is. Now on a more serious note to my models and friends. do you have any clothes or shoes that can be of benefit to a group of gorgeous girls that i am teaching we need dresses and shoes so if you are about to throw out send them my way please - you can drop them into the studio - buzz me before you come to make sure I am here. Yhank you in advance xx T
I'm out if candy crush lives :( so I guess I'm calling it a night /.\ good night to everyone :)
A baby playing with a 6th sense gadget makes much more sense to me than a girl playing candy crush!
Please stop inviting me to Candy Crush. I dont want to play. Jitte piet!
I asked FB friends to follow and got three new Candy Crush requests.
Candy Crush is turning into the next stock market disaster
Kovic and Bruce talk about Candy Crush popularity declining, and what that means for the mobile game space. PS4 vs Xbox One: WHO WON Gamescom?
Aniasayo!!! :D Wating for life... :P yeah I mean Candy Crush Saga Hurry up :D :D :D
I'm out of candy crush lives. What's a brother to do?!
I don't know which is more dad or the fact that I'm having trouble beating level 452 on candy crush
I'm over here playing candy crush. 😩😂
When you run out of lives on candy crush and have to get off your *** and do something.
Kids are in bed!¡!!!¡ We gonna get CrAZy Up iN hErE lol candy crush show down lmao
Dear family & friends, I no longer play candy crush. Therefore, I unfortunately can't fulfill your request of giving you a life. Sorinotrlly
Will someone tell me why I can't sleep? Guess I will candy crush for a while!!
Stop sending me candy crush requests.
Stage 43 beat...Candy Crush Saga needs to speed up the Dev of new levels on mobile devices... @ Binary…
Candy Crush is the most stressful thing in my life right now
Just when I was beginning to think nobody loves me...I receive an invitation to play Candy Crush. . Convinced.😩
Tomorrow I'm just going to say that I'm addicted to candy crush
saving my candy crush lives for when I'm sober
I would really appreciate it if everyone would stop sending me candy crush invites.
King games needs to pay for my therapy because candy crush tells me 20 times a day that I failed.
Random announcement. I started playing candy crush in december of 2012. I got to level 12 and noticed that the music was sadistically suicidal. So I took it off my phone before I BLEW MY FRICKIN BRAINS OUT! So if I dont accept your invitation to play please forgive me. And as far as FB messenger it is too invasive and wont be on my phone!
*** I been stuck on level 125 on stupid candy crush. I can't seem to pass it. But when I have a few jellies to pop, I run out of moves
Sandra Pettigrew-Gabriel Andrea Booker Shad Snow Weaver have yall gotten passed 620 yet on candy crush I been waiting for a month for new level
Candy Crush Saga may finally have peaked… but you'll hate what ...
If he invites you to play candy crush, he's to young for you bro
Literally been stuck on board 140 in Candy Crush for 6 months, I gave up and Shawn'Neka Bush-Johnson, saved me. Thank You so much. Sorry Candy Crushers, if you been asking me for lives wasn't ignoring you, just gave up. I am back on now. LOL.
I want to apologize for sending all of you Candy Crush notifications all the time but... you guys are my only chance to get to the next episode!
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Ever since I added my uncle on fb he won't stop sending me request to play candy crush -.-
"New levels for Candy Crush mobile OUT NOW! Play and tell us what you think of them!
Back on that candy crush grind. I didn't ask for this.
ENOUGH w the diamond dash and candy crush I CANT.
Invite me to play Candy Crush Saga, so I know it's real..😏
Sometimes fb is really annoying. It's not real you dumb mfers...everyone tries to judge u by fb like stupid I can type anything stupid. Think ima spend tomorrow deleting some *** Fb is like candy crush to me. Can't really eat the candy dummy lol...fukin dummies.
I will never play Candy Crush Saga with you, or Dragon City just putting that out there.
Could u please take me off your candy crush invite, don't make me. Nvm lol
I'm serious people. Love you all but if you send me another candy crush invite, you will no longer be my internet friend. Said this before but sticking to my word now.
Not gonna lie kinda hooked on candy crush right now!!!
I'm sending Micheal myers to the next person who sends me a candy crush invite.
Totally over Candy Crush since I have been stuck at level 70 for months. Now I am addicted to Puffy Pop! Stuck at level 45 at the moment but worth a bit more of my time, not going to buy anything to pass levels..once it gets to that point I am done. But Candy Crush friends ..try Puffy you will love it!
The only crush left in a girl's/boy's life, after getting married is ;. 'Candy Crush'
Think its time I got up been playing on candy crush for half an hour x
I apologize for not sending candy crush request back to my friends. I haven't played in weeks. I'm waiting on new games. I've completed all 620 levels. (Just saying) LOL
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
All people I'm not pointing anyone out but plz stop with the *** game requests! Like I'm gonna play dragon city and candy crush. Really?!
Well off to bed. A sore tooth, due to root canal. I hope it feels better tomorrow. It should. I made it to in Candy Crush, but can't figure it out, even though I have checked out the tips and cheats as they call it. doesn't make much sense to me?? Probably another 2 weeker - I played 3 games, used up my lives. Good night all. Please keep Michael in your prayers. Thank you!!
Level 25 of Candy crush is impossible! Anyone else having this problem??
People please help me with candy crush tryna get to the next level helped whoever out wit please help me out need two more people..
Man listen y'all I don't wanna play Candy Crush Saga
Ok I've let it go for a long time, but PLEASE stop sending me candy crush requests I do not play!
Just found out this evening I got to have eye surgery on both eyes So I better set it up for after the 8th of Sept.Hope they do a good job on my eyes cause I need them for Candy Crush and other games lol
Please help me unlock the next level of candy crush I'm having withdraws lmao.. Ah
I would like to thank my 2 friends WASILA and JENNIFER for helping me board in Candy Crush Saga.
Candy Crush, clothes shopping, crosswords or coffee? We want to know - what's your addiction?
Hey! Philippe Courtais your invitation to play Candy Crush Saga 3 to 4 times a day its the most annoying one. Please modify your settings. Thank you
Jason Evers invited you to never invite him to play Candy Crush again. Ever.
Candy crush invites = unfriending Seriously, stop asking me to play candy crush.
"Candy Crush over Dr. Pietsch" Man - Really!??? Im gone to bed on that one! Sorry Kellye lol David got me started!
Well I'm tired, gonna feed the kitty's and call it a night, slept like crap last night (when I slept) and got up at 430. Some of us have to work for a living, we don't get to stay home, sleep in and play candy crush all Debbie Hoffman
People would put more time into playing Candy Crush Saga than they will building their business. IJS. Don't get mad at me for telling the truth. Download a game called 3left 3right it's more fun.
Well, that's it..I've made it to the end of candy crush! You all can rest easy, there won't be anymore requests from me.
For the love of all things good! Please I beg you please! Stop sending me frickin requests for FarmVille and Candy Crush. I DONT EVER WANT TO PLAY!!! EVER!
As head of the Thought Processing Department of the Christine F. Abela Body Corporation, The Brain would like to express its thanks to the other parts of the body for their co-operation during the recent Period Of Convalescence. The Airways Department have done a sterling job in keeping the coughing at bay, as the pain currently felt by the Scaffolding Department, in particular The Abdominal Muscles, will attest. However, it has been decided that the Period of Convalescence will be over from midnight tonight (Thursday 14 August 2014). After this time, the Bridge Over Troubled Water Department, in particular The Nose, will cease its constant dripping, the Vision Sub-Departments will cease their itching, and the Lower Extremities Department, in particular The Feet, will stop imitating ice blocks. For it's part, The Brain hereby pledges to stop aching. There have been far too many games of Candy Crush played during the Period Of Convalescence, and besides the Fuel Intake Department just consumed the last o . ...
Can I get 3 tickets plss my candy crush people
Can someone send me a candy crush train ticket.
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