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Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a popular mobile phone game for smartphones and Facebook.

Candy Crush Saga Wall Street Pet Rescue Angry Birds Flappy Bird New York Stock Exchange

King, the Candy Crush dev, thinks Hearthstone's F2P model is the one to follow
Costa Rica Nr.1 Farm Heroes Saga - Limited: From the makers of the hit game Candy Crush ...
I love when people come to me for advice.on playing Candy Crush.
If you run out of lives on Candy Crush, set the clock forward on your iDevice to get a full set of lives.
Once upon a time, a cute little Asian woman told me to download a really fun app and play the game with her. That game was Candy Crush, and now, I'm pretty sure it's goin to be the death of me. The Brothers Grimm would have written about my tragic tale, and when they made a movie about it, Lucy Lui would play the wicked Vi Dao.
I love the informational online synchronous sessions that kick off each online course. So so awkward. So not good for my paying attention. Side note, these noodles are delicious. Also level 147 of Candy Crush is hard and I think I want to make dilly beans this summer. Sweet! New episodes of Mad Men are streaming! Imma get an A.
Hi everyone! To all those Candy Crush players DO NOT update. If you do you will lose the game altogether. Even if you delete it, you can't get it back. I was told about this last night. This has happened to Bingo Blitz also
Could i ask you if your idea of fun is playing Candy Crush, Dragon City, Pet Saga, Farm Heroes or any other FB linked brain numbing activity could you please unfriend me . It's getting rather tedious now . If you fancy bringing something positive into your lives i do know some great book titles to inspire you . Thanks
School really gets in the way of my dreams. Aka playing Candy Crush and watching American Horror Story all day and night
Finally in my bed with my trusted hair dryer going on my legs & feet until comfortable & comfy enough 2 cone out in la la land . Candy Crush & Farm Hero & Pet Rescue until sleep come ... Good Night All ... Be A Blessing & Not A Hindrance to others ... One Love All
Thanks for all the invites but the only games I play are the ones that involve me learning languages or music. .ok, ok sometimes chess. Pet Rescue Saga, Candy Crush and the like don't tempt me, sorry.
Fellow gamers, I have been gaining weight since I started playing Candy Crush. So I quit, and going out in the garage and yards. So you do not need to send me requests. Also quitting GSN Games, Pet Rescue, Hollywood Spins, Lucky Slots, Double Down Casino, Farm Heroes, Papa Pear Saga, Lucky Gem Casino, and Best Casino Slots. But, keeping Double U Casino only. So now you know. Thanks.
Great article on psychology of Candy Crush by Dana Smith, featuring our lab's via
Been stuck on level 37 of Candy Crush for about two months. Feels likes a metaphor for my life.
Candy Crush has more active monthly players than the entire population of Canada.
I reached a level in Candy Crush that No matter how I approach it I just can't conquer it. Kind of how I feel about being an audiologist in private practice.
Chargers for the suck. God, give us back Steve Jobs and take whoever came up with skinny jeans, Candy Crush &…
Lester Holt--"There's been a lot of tough news today--let's end on a happy note." Tough news = NCAA, Candy Crush, Will+Kate.
Michael Jackson ' s music will go on for generations. My 5 yr old Sasha listening to Dirty Diana on my IPad. I told her I was playing Candy Crush and she caught me recording her.
Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, The Book Thief and now Candy Crush!
Wall Street doesn’t have a sweet tooth for Candy Crush. Hear why with
Level 70 ya Candy Crush Saga is causing me sleepless nights. Eish I can't get past it.I should have just stayed away mxm..
Makers of Candy Crush see nearly $1bn wiped from the company's value on the first day of trading
Apparently the gamemakers at Candy Crush Saga haven't made any levels past Level 72 in Dreamworld, because I've beat it twice now, but every time I do, the game just freezes. If you try and refresh it, it just takes away a life, as if you lost the level. It's the most annoying glitch & makes me want to punch my computer. It's made even worse by that stupid drunken owl. Way to be Super Jerks, Candy Crush.
Candy Crush firm shares fall on debut: Shares in King Digital, the games developer behind Candy Crush Saga, fall...
Thought I would play a few games of Candy Crush before Trevor the Engine (David James) and The Traylor (Rachel Taylor) arrive to sample my fine foods that I've made for them
Candy Crush Saga is just for peopl who are willing to pay a lot of money to gt ahead,! nd if you manage to finish a level, as level 57 where the owl is, they don't return the owl, so you can't finish the game! They are CHEATERS, BIG TIME!
Candy Crush maker King Digital Entertainment kicked off trading today; it was last down 11%: analysts call it a "one-trick pony," comparing it to mobile game developer Zynga. Did you buy King shares today? Or did you expect shares to get crushed?
Wall Street not so sweet on Candy Crush? $KING shares start trading. Move lower in first few minutes
only in 'murica where Candy Crush is the big news on Wall St. Candy Crush… Wall Street. What are we doing, people??
Candy Crush maker has shares of stocks on Wall Street now !!!
As an Oculus rift Backer , I feel bad for not saying something worse about the acquisition of FB If I would have known about this , I wouldn't have bought it , I foresee Candy Crush, FarmVille coming ..
The guys behind Wicked Paradise are now quickly adding Candy Crush-like minigames to their VR sex game.
The National Security Agency has targeted popular smartphone-based social games like "Candy Crush" and "Angry Birds" to pilfer personal information, including phone numbers, e-mails and codes that identify the user's device, according to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Whil...
Will Candy Crush's IPO be sweet?: CNN's Samuel Burke reports on the popularity of the game Candy Crush and pre...
Which MF linked candy crush to FB.I swear I will pluck every single hair from his balls with my bear hand and make him regret througout his life.
Finally finished all my homework and now when I close my eyes all I can see are equations. 😩 it's kinda like when I got hooked on candy crush and every where I looked i saw moves I could make.. Dass weird. 😐
I don't like talking or chatting about CRUSH. I hate people saying CRUSH. Better you playing Candy Crush than talk about CRUSH. Sorry.
I didnt realize it was so late so into candy crush better hit the sack so good night everybody
I'm tryna prepare for this moot but you guys wanna send me candy crush requests?
Welcome to Candy Crush Match! This is part of our match 3 puzzle saga, and will make you fun for hours! Enjoy this free game matching jewels, and making killer combo...
Candy crush gives you some levels that make no sense 😑
Candy Crush Saga and beyond: takes a look at the freemium boom and the games defining it
The most advanced most forward thinking technology in the world... So people can play candy crush on the train.
What the hellhas happened to candy crush, its put me on level 1 again no, scratch that it was on a mad one.
Candy Crush level 137, how the heck do u do it?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
What I want to do when people brag about their level on candy crush and keep asking me if I play it.. Man, I don't play baby games.. I play hardcore and competetive games..
It's four in the morning and I'm playing candy crush lmao kmn
it's terrible I'm the same playing candy crush awake since before 7 and still lying was thinking of ringing in sick 😱
I need someone to unlock my candy crush level 😩😩😩😩
Well am on level 158 *clap* Am one level from being right behind Lakendra Somerville *** in Candy Crush Saga.. coming for that *** Lol
Candy Crush Saga a never ending game...fnished all the stages but again a new stage is added:) So, there is always a chance for others to win
Do you want to join the rush of CANDY CRUSH? Make profit from it TODAY! Double your income in 60 seconds! Join here:
"invited you to play Candy Crush Saga" REALLY, TASHA, REALLY?!
Help .unlock to next level pls love candy crush
Ppl plz don't invite me to play games if you know me you know i never play any of these games ever! Me play Candy Crush? Plz
Hi to all to all who play candy crush can u all sent me lives so I can unlock more levels have a good night
I'm gonna drop kick this girl playing candy crush out loud on the bus...
I'm playing candy crush now let's see who's going to give me some lives so I can keep playing!
*** candy crush and candy kept me up all night! Lol, gn
Candy Crush is going to the stock exchange today --->the best news I've heard today
Hmmm...some of my friends invited me to play Candy Crush Saga, im busy now a day's we gonna play it nxt time ok..? love u all..!!
Candy crush game is unlock pls help
Back on the candy crush band wagon.
Candy Crush IPO only proves that you don't even need to promise money for the ponzi to work.
'Candy Crush' maker King Digital to go public; could be valued as high as $7.6 ... - IBNLive
Please don't. I'm too old to play Candy Crush!
Level 257 of Candy Crush is really making me mad 😠
Annette Ortiz is a candy crush *** Always asking for lives all times of the day and night '.'
FB friends and family please , please no candy crush and saga game invites sorry but I haven't got time to play busy mom work ect.
I want a Candy Crush Saga in the streets and a Flappy Bird in the sheets
Candy Crush developer due to price IPO: King Digital Entertainment (KING), the developer of the "Candy Crush S...
Candy Crush developer due to price IPO
Seeking Alpha: Candy Crush developer due to price IPO
I sure love my Candy Crush partners... Thanks for giving me lives. Y'all the best!!!
Is there a cure for candy crush addiction... lol
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Pssst...i can't complete the level 34 in my candy crush..
I'm 25 levels from the end of candy crush! I deserve a medal! 🏆🏆🏆
A big screw you goes out to candy crush
Nearly missed my bus... To busy playing candy crush lol
how to beat level 23. For more candy crush level subscribe to Good luck! ;)
Candy Crush taking someones Idea, lame-o!. on
I feel like I spend a majority of my life waiting for candy crush lives.
When you have no more lives on candy crush and you don't know what to do with your life
Candy Crush completely stole this guy's idea, and here's his open letter to them
Candy Crush developer due to price IPO $KING $IPO
[BREAKING] Super Junior Yesung reported to date Crush member - Candy for we-dont-know-how-long.
Now I'm feeling some type of way. I mean, can't nobody help me unlock my level on Candy Crush. As many lives I give out! Really?
Candy Crush level 109 is driving me nuts!
I Vickky Lynn just uninstalled Candy Crush Saga.What?!?!! I know I'm shocked too.
Lol playing the last level of candy crush or Flappy Birds
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Hello, sheeple. I just wanted to let you know that President Obama has handed in the U.S.' s control of the internet! Whats next, you obviously DIDN'T ask? Global governance. Maybe you didn't hear it because CNN/FOXNews/(Insert Candy Crush Addict's favorite news station here) is too busy shoving flight 370 down your throat all day. But, since you don't care until someone takes the television remote out of your hand (who am I kidding, that won't happen), continue to fall in line!
Seems like I'm the last person on this planet to start playing CANDY CRUSH — playing candy crush
Candy Crush bosses set to taste sweet success with flotation of gaming firm via
Need three train tickets for candy crush plz help by sending me one plz an ty
Level 261 of candy crush. Have sent some unlock requests for the next level, please
Now I am at the level 400. I had promised my friend Mikie to STOP STOP STOP. No more Candy Crush from now on!! No wasting time anymore and releave myself.
No wonder people r fed up with candy crush you have to. Get the jellies three times what a con to get money out of ya
Never ending candy crush.. with luv..
I have never played candy Crush. I do not want to play candy Crush. I will never want to play candy Crush. Please stop inviting me to play it before I totally lose my marbles. X
This candy crush game can go and fu
Cmon Guys cant proceed to level 36 on Candy Crush without yr help.
I hate when I run out of lives on candy crush
I've literally been on the same level of candy crush for over a month now, what is wrong with me ...
I'm sleepy but I can't stop playing candy crush
All I wanna do is play candy crush but it won't connect to kingdom. Someone help a sista out 😫
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I'd like to formally apologize for candy crush invites from me... but if you could help I'd greatly appreciate that :)
Browse or download Candy Crush Final Version Game Guide, certified for Windows Phone.
The Doug is playing princess candy crush lol
Hey, I'm still playing Candy Crush! I need 3 tickets my friends! If you are playing and I haven't sent you a request, let me know! Don't wanna send game requests to the wrong people!!!
I need some candy crush lives somebody help
Gonna cry if no one sends me a candy crush ticket
I just got a 3,714,880 score on candy crush! Holy crap that was insane o_0
Hello all my wonderful family and friends I love my candy crush and I need two more tickets please select going to my next level. I've already resent out the request
Done with all the Candy Crush levels. Can't wait until the next episode is updated.
Someone should probably send me lives on candy crush. Just saying
Any good apps to play out there(NOT CANDY CRUSH)lol But I have clash of clans but I have to wait for extended periods of time for things to load
I would like to play candy crush on my phone but I don't know how to download it. It is in the apps but can't find it!
Hi peeps...can my lovely candy crush friends plz send me a plane ticket ...trying to get back to where I was ... thanx in advance ...
Werking *** beatin' this candy crush level obviii
Preview: 'Candy Crush' maker King to go public
Sorry folks i don't have access to candy crush anymore.. :(
Candy Crush Saga uhh!!! Why did I start it now I want to blow it well u no.
I feel like I have a new lease on life every day I've had candy crush uninstalled
I know you have a huge test tomorrow, and can't afford to procrastinate, but these jellies ain't gonna clear themselve…
King Digital, the company behind the wildly mobile game "Candy Crush Saga," will make its debut on the New York Stock Exchange this week. The company's valuation could reach $7.6 billion if its initial public offering prices at $24 per share, the upper end of its expected range. That's nearly twice…
I don't know weather to life or cry at the fact that I'm still playing candy crush and have been trying to get past a level for a month now
TIME FOR.yes you got it.CANDY CRUSH!!!
cannot accommodate requests for Candy Crush Saga-stops loading at 81%JIM
I need one more ticket for next level of candy crush! !!! Someone puhleez! ! Send me a ticket!!! Lol
Someone please unlock me on Candy Crush.
My dad is seriously addicted to candy crush smh
I'm putting all my Candy Crush friends on restriction.because they only send lives and never send moves...Shame on you! P.S. I don't send game request to any friends that havn't sent me Relax!
I havent played Candy Crush in so long omfg
Beating a level of candy crush that you've been stuck on is one of the better feelings in life
took in 570 million dollars last year? People who play Candy Crush and pay for extra lives and levels are Nutz!
I'm off to play candy crush till I pass out. Night y'all!!
I sent some stupid candy crush requests to those that play that terrible never ending game. I'm stuck until I get some help. :)
: Sher, do know about what the TL said about 'CANDY CRUSH'?
Laying on the couch playing candy crush while Darius Hammond plays his ps4.
Jalal playing candy crush is probably the funniest thing
oo but I have to play candy crush before bed! I'm still on level 29
How the *** u supposed to beat level 78 in candy crush if the *** cherries dont go down when u get them to the bottom
Im not a violent man, but. I'm about to kick your pet farm saga in the candy crush and donkey punch you in the slot machine!
I have never played Candy Crush nor will I ever
Someone send me a ticket on candy crush please!?!?!?
Candy crush and bingo blitz is my life right now
Do you think the same applies when I play Candy Crush? I'm going to assume it does.
What level of candy crush are you on and do you like ... — I am on level 208 in the regular world and 107 in the...
Wanting to play Candy Crush, but have to download something else...
My wife is an addict, she can't go without candy crush. I think there should be a support group for candy crush addicts.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
S mg nag-iinvite s akin s game like candy crush at iba pa...sorry guys wl me time to play games...Thnx
Finally passed the level I was stuck in candy crush for 3 months ! Thank you baby Jesus
Today I beat a Candy Crush level literally in my sleep. Er... I am the champion?
Raquel my bff. Help me unlock so i can move on candy crush. Thanks much.
Finally beat the *** level on Candy Crush I been stuck on for months. 👌
I get so confused I just stop and play candy crush
I'm stuck at a bridge on candy crush. I just pass 170, can someone help me pass the bridge.
Dam nobody plays words with friends? Draw something? Everyones on that candy crush. :-/
Candy crush was taking forever today -.-
265 in candy crush and 50 Otis The Owl .
Oyea I finally passed 534 on candy crush .moving on up to the east side finally got piece of that pie!!!
Candy Crush is The Devil.. Ug They are not getting my 99 cents to move on.. Hope they read this lol
Not surprisingly there is skepticism around Candy Crush maker IPO:
If you're a Farmville 2 player plz help my farm. I would also love some keys to unlock some of my other games we play. thx :) (papa pear, monster bash, pet saga, farm hero, and of course candy crush) I also play poker but have no $.lol
Angela..I will send you all the needs you have on Candy Crush. Please share with me how to play in 30 easy words. Thanks Dan
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Candy crush '' Pet Rescue or any above thanks
I know ppl better stop sending me game requests. ok I don't play Candy Crush Saga . & stop inviting me to this " find your crush " thing. It's retarded. Js.
A big thank you to candy crush for ruining my life
I wish people would quit sending me game request I only like candy crush
Sitting in bed playing candy crush, what do I hear? About 20 gunshots, had my dog running to the window. I'm not ready for this BS. Time to move around.
Well I sat her with the school agers today and played some games and after complaining that I was stuck on 32 in candy crush I had a 4th grader show me how its done...I asked what level she was on and she said 168..I think ill give it up. I never have extra lives and after playing a couple games they kick me off for some time..Not enough time in the day
Level 165 may be why I will no longer play Candy Crush!
Due too this Emergency Of Seeking the Father n Prayer I will not be on FB nor playing Candy Crush until then be Bless!
Confession I'm addicted to candy crush 😁
I probably build up most of my anger over candy crush
*** Candy Crush. I have 3 devices I play on. So that's 15 lives. Would think that is plenty to get past one level
My Man Candy Monday lol Bae sexy *** >>>> Cant believed I hooked up with my 9th grade crush , its crazy how...
it's so annoying! I never have and never will play Candy Crush
I honestly had all intentions on going to sleep. Then I got stuck on a level of candy crush and couldn't beat it for 2 minutes
Stop sending me invites to candy crush
domain names
Okay Sharri is a candy crush whisperer
I just seen a picture that made my d☆☆k harder than level 33 on candy crush..
“Man fck candy crush i been stuck for about 3 months now!”k
Well I've officially relapsed.. Oh how I've missed you candy crush
Yes I'm just getting into candy crush because I'm behind on the times and not as hip as you teens
Please stop sending me candy crush requests.. seriously. as Natasha would say .so annoying.
My mom is addicted to that stupid candy crush game it's so annoying 😒
Man crush Monday Jude Law ya sexy piece of man candy you
Can someone please tell me if level 79 of candy crush is even possible to beat?
no one will remember I was candy crush 😔
Hi my names Neil and I'm an addict. Candy crush has consumed my life.
I never know what to do when I'm locked out of candy crush for a quest
To all my fb friends could you please send my mother a candy crush life please b4 the poor woman has a nervous breakdown thank you all
Hey you guys I need help getting past level 50 on Candy crush. I already aced it, now what? Lol...wa!
Well, I guess if I can't get Candy Crush to open it's a sign to stop trying😐
Update your maps at Navteq
Friends I need a ticket for Candy Crush. Thank you in advance.
BTW. i finally broke down and downloaded Candy Crush last night! Got to stage 18 my 1st time playing. I can see why I haven't played before. Can be worse for me than Angry Birds.
You know it's something when you have gotten on my nerves so bad that you can't even get a life from me on Candy Crush! Lol smh @ myself!
I HAVE FREE CODES TO PASS CANDY CRUSH LEVELS. Now that I have your attention honey, can you confirm this Saturday nights dinner arrangements with Kara and Johann are happening? Love you.
I don't have any of my games on here anymore I don't know where they went. I had Candy Crush Saga' papa pear saga' farm hero saga' Pet Rescue bubble witch saga and criminal case now I cant play my games that ***
Hello! Can someone tell me how to send candy crush lives to people right now?
Uhhh all these invites for candy crush *** its annoying
I just became "that person" that sends candy crush requests...I'm sorry everyone...
This Odus bird on the new candy crush get on my nerve.I am ready to kick his BUTT
id like to take this wonderfull moment to thank my 2 sponsors.. Josie Pene and Joseph Work . u guys have always belived in my mission and i would like to say that iam the luckiest gal in the entire world to have friends like you guys.. becoz of u guys, i have now accomplished my goal and that is to be the highest ranking candy crush player .today i passed Yuu Amame one of my japanese friends and i tell u the feeling is remarkable.. i feel as if im on top of the world.. thank u once again for the lives u guys gave me.. i will continue to log into your accounts to send me some life... vinaka friends.also i would like to ask my friends out there... who will provide me next with their FB password,, i nid more lives reh... ;)
Level 86 of Candy Crush is really starting to *** me off!
Working on my paper.. Geez I sometimes wonder, what did I get myself into, finding it hard to stay motivated.. I'm so glad that I finished my nursing education, because it's so hard to study... I would rather do other things like candy crush n watch movies... Lol... But must get back to my paper.. Motivation I ned you!! Lol
Got a new windows phone today but my dang candy crush won't sync w fb
People please stop sending me games to try like candy crush,please stop it is getting annoying
Off muna fb ...time to fetch Princess Kate Aguilar at school...catch you online later friends.para nmang nakikipag usap he he..puro candy crush at farm heroes Lang n man ginagawa.I'm just staring at new upload pics and reading news feed...
Y is everybody picture on my. Candy crush is black wats tha use of that can somebody tell me that
i have been stuck on level 125 on candy crush for most my life now lol damm its a hard one and they dont play fair they give us impossible tasks at least for me its impossible lmao :P just saying bout to delete game poof gone
Can somebody help me unlock some more levels on Candy Crush I'm stuck right now.
How to beat candy crush level 30 it's so hard to bring down 6 ingredients with 60moves. I been playing more then 2 week .This the second times I install this games after first I uninstall bcs I got frustrated can't pass this level in a Month. Now again I stuck in this level too is there any cheat or tips to go through Xiao Anna and Wiwie Spark I know you already pass this level. ..
For the love of God, if you play candy crush on here and you are a good friend pls send me a ticket out this *** hole, I been waiting for tickets for bout 1 week now v_v
Can't sleep. Someone send me candy crush lives!
I need somebody to help me in the candy crush anybody's available
To the fine young gentleman on whom I was apparently all up this morning: Sorry, but everybody is "all up on" everybody else in this packed, morning rush hour Red Line train. Please believe me when I tell you that I have as little desire to be this close to you, interrupting your Candy Crush adventure, as you have. Welcome to the
As a teen I used to read dirty magazines hidden in Sports Illustrated covers in the bathroom. Now I just play Candy Crush on my phone.
Candy Crush mania coming to Wall Street - CNNMoney -
"Candy Crush mania coming to Wall Street" "How Candy Crush took off" via $KING
I'm majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Candy Crush.
FUN FACT: Every level you gain in Candy Crush, you lose one in real life.
First Angry Bird, then Temple Run, followed by Candy Crush, to the infamous Flappy Bird, and now the Bomoh game. Life is good :)
Math says 'Candy Crush' is a hard game; University of New South Wales conducted study & ranked game in the NP-hard class; noted the puzzles are 'computationally hard to solve'; no efficient way to solve them; 'Super Mario Bros', 'Legend of Zelda' also NP-hard games
$7B market cap for Candy Crush makers. I'm gonna have to pass. These recent valuations are too good. (Secret is worse)
'Candy Crush' company slated for record IPO
'Candy Crush' company slated for record IPO »
"Candy Crush no fuss" well done FF peeps tonite wif our hot Miss Elena, even tho our cd was scratched it didnt put any of us off. Jus goes to show the PASSION everyone has 4 Zumba n Elena u made it so easy 4 us to carry on like nuf n was rong.Miss Kimi wht cn I say but 'SHUT THE GATE' I jus love love love ur classes u r so at ease like a rose in bloom. Needed 2 gd workouts cos hadnt done a class since Monday nite. See u apopo.
Sitting in Liberty's parking lot waiting for choir rehearsals to end...totally content, until I ran out of lives on Candy Crush! Now, I'm going stir crazy! The minutes seem like hours! Ugh!
A new low. Today, during a moment of what I'm going to call Writer's Block, I consulted a Candy Crush help forum.
I need three tickets for candy crush. Help me
Level 181 has got to be THE WORST LEVEL EVER on Candy Crush! 5 bucks to whomever gets me off that level!
Candy crush will be the death of me
I need one more boarding pass on CANDY CRUSH would someone please help me TY
Candy crush maker "a one trick pony"?Meanwhile UK IPOs could be about to see pre-summer rush
Candy crush valued at nearly 8 BILLION !! .. in fairness, it made 1.1 billion last year but are we in a tech bubble? We just have to be!!
Looks like Candy Crush MAUs dropped from 1.085B to 1.065B between the two prospectuses
Candy Crush makes from $633,000 to $850,000 daily not to surprised by that evaluation.
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Instead of talking to my friends I sit around and play candy crush 😶
King, the company behind the wildly popular Candy Crush Saga and other popular social games, has provided a look...
Candy Crush maker decides it will be worth about $7.6 billion before its collapse via
Fact. Candy Crush maker,King,is profitable. With only 5% of theirs users doing in app purchases.
Candy Crush maker sees IPO valuation up to $7.6 bn
I second the dunlea protest of candy crush requests!
Only reason I come to music appreciation is to play candy crush
"Candy Crush maker sees up to $7.6 billion IPO valuation" And that worked out SO well for zynga
I was debating giving up Candy Crush for Lent - but I can't make that type of commitment.
Candy Crush maker valuing itself at a $7.6B IPO?!? This graphic from the .com era sums up my feelings:
2Chainz looking like a secret level in Candy Crush
Can't believe there's going to be a candy crush IPO
BBC News - Candy Crush games developer King aims to raise $533m
Re forced spending in games they don't know the half of it:.
Candy Crush bosses to make millions from $7.7bn New York float
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
oh and Carter, tell Dunlea to stop sending me Candy Crush requests!!
This Candy Crush IPO reminds me a bit of Zynga.
"I got a distinction for my exam today." "Nice, I finally passed that level on candy crush, so we both accomplished somethin…
Mathematics reveals that addictive Candy Crush Saga video game is officially hard
Candy Crush King plans IPO valuing it at $7.6 BEEELLION: Game-maker wants to sell 22 million shares for up to ...
Ionas mum is so cute, she keeps sending me extra lives on candy crush
King's IPO undervalued? Important to remember that the 13-14x earnings you pay means something other than Candy Crush will have to take over
Addicted to candy crush a little too much..🍭🍬
Great! Just got a candy crush update (finally).looks like the cleaning will wait until tomorrow.
Ill be so excited when the man candy Monday and woman crush Wednesday fad passes
Candy Crush Maker's IPO could value it at more than $7 billion
Candy Crush firm aims to raise $533m - King, the games developer behind Candy Crush Saga, is looking to raise as ...
Been stuck on a level on candy crush for so long, ffs👎
I hate Candy Crush, and is a funny guy. These two things are combined in the following:
Candy Crush is aiming for a 7.6 Billion dollar valuation for its IPO.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Science shows that Candy Crush is a hard game
Maker of Candy Crush is eyeing a $7.6 bln IPO, but an analyst warns it's a "one trick pony" via
The maker of could be the most tech company to go since $FB.
I don't play any kind games candy crush or anything like it. I have previously stated anyone that invites me to play will be a friend removed, be warned last chance lol.
Going to Candy Crush Saga who's beat me come ... Gud nt tc alll
Level 382.. *** candy crush.. Just want to uninstall the game
Idk is anybody else havin trouble with candy crush it just keeps goin off... idk im confused lol
stupid candy crush! I downloaded it, started playing and now im addicted.
My little sister Elisa lost in a game of candy crush.
Hi, Jason has played Candy Crush Saga for 1 month. And he reached level 375 yesterday, below is video that show you how to solve level 375! What's level that you reach til now? Just in case you want to know how Jason can reach that level in just 1 month, he learn all secret here: COMMENT your CURRENT LEVEL and hit SHARE to bookmark this tutorial on your wall
plz don't call ya self gamers just coz you play Flappy Birds and candy crush. Sincerely - True gamer
You can feel better about your obsession with Candy Crush. The game isn’t just mindless swiping; it's an actually difficult math problem.
Have you ever noticed how people who play candy crush are always saying they need a life
Question of the day: So I'm sat on the London Underground. I didn't see the woman get on so she could have been stood there a couple of minutes and I can't tell if she is pregnant. She wasn't huge and there was no 'Baby on Board' badge. Do I. 1) offer her my seat with the possibility of her not being pregnant therefore completely insulting her and calling her fat. or 2) carry on playing Candy Crush and pretend I didn't see her Answers on the back of a postcard please.
Ok all you smart phone smart people tell me can you play candy crush on a smart phone without the phone being activated
Escape Reality and follow Odus into Dreamworld. How far has the journey taken you? Play Candy Crush →
HELLO! I'm going thru Candy Crush withdrawal symptoms. Please send life. Oh n Pet Rescue ticket too. Thanks!
At last can someone tell me how to get off level 76 in Candy crush
Candy crush is annoying me. I got stuck on level 30.
Thanks to the savers on Candy Crush Nelly Mcnabb, Conrad Martin and Mr. Steve Vinet Sr now I can start playing again :)
Interesting from a "what are they going to do?" but not interested enough. Should call it "Saga" to stick it to Candy Crush
I've FINALLY made it to level 500 on candy crush !
Can anyone send me a ticket in candy crush I need one more
'Candy Crush' Maker Seeks Valuation of Up to $7.6 Billion: King Digital, maker of the "Candy Crush Saga" mobile game, said it is seek...
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