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Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a popular mobile phone game for smartphones and Facebook.

Candy Crush Saga

What next for as Candy Crush maker chairman resigns
I don't believe that anyone ever gets the 'jackpot' when spinning that wheel on Candy Crush.
King backs new Candy Crush game with global ad push: But when she starts playing Candy Crush, the street becom...
"I have to wean d young kids away from YouTube,from WhatsApp, from Candy Crush and make 'em read my book." Guess who!
Nice effort by writer Chetan Bhagat to wean the young kids away from the so-called entertainment "YouTube", "Candy Crush" etc..
I'm at the Jack Wagner Concert and my mom is still requesting lives on Candy Crush! lol
So, Candy Crush is totally that ST:TNG episode "The Game", right? Patrick tried to get me on it last night and I had to We…
Candy Crush sequel Soda Saga now available worldwide
Candy Crush on its own was not enough, these people had to come up with Candy Crush Soda Saga 😒 *downloads*
Ok, so I have had this video for like a year and just haven't posted it. We were staying the weekend at the lake. This was when Candy Crush first came out. My sister Paulette Meadows is trying to teach my brother in law Allen Meadows how to play, and some how they start quoting the movie O Brother where art thou. Lol! Listen and enjoy. Its hilarious.
I liked a video from London Symphony Orchestra making the soundtrack for Candy Crush
My hubby Mark Willis needs some helps with his games. He plays Candy Crush, bubble witch 2, and cookie jam. If...
First she was playing Candy Crush, now she's watching music videos on her phone WITHOUT headphones!
Stock market hammers King despite new Candy Crush game: Above: Candy Crush Saga is still making money, but Kin...
Here's the latest excuse to ignore family and friends, new Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda Saga launches:
Our preview of Candy Crush Soda Saga - "Candy Crush addicts will love it"
Has anyone ever made the Jackpot in Candy Crush Saga Daily wheel spin? This isht is rigged!
"Things like Candy Crush Saga or stalking your ex-girlfriends Instagram feed " 😂
Listening to Dad and my brother break down Candy Crush.. its morning in America
New Jersey looking to cash in on social games like Candy Crush
have avatar/logo in head. Crazy eyed gummie wearing a cowboy hat sitting on the john playing Candy Crush
To the game designer who created those tornados in Candy Crush: I will track you down & give you an Atomic Noogie. You've been warned!
Not been on Candy Crush for about 12 month's just had a quick go at a level for Rochelle that she's been stuck on...
For the executives of Candy Crush maker King Digital Entertainment, Wednesdays initial public offering couldnt have been more sour.
The only crush left in life, after getting married is... Candy Crush 😂😂😂
King's Candy Crush can't monetize with "failed to connect"
I think that King Games is out of ideas. Every single game they run an ad for looks like some variation of Candy Crush. I'm on to you, King.
Super bored! Weekend off with nothing to do. Oh well. Guess imma download Candy Crush again. I wish Tony...
Join us for the Candy Crush 5K and 1 mile run on November 1st in Snellville GA!
Inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga is like handing a meth sandwich to a methhead. I won't do it. I'm about to...
Diamond Digger Saga for all lovers of Candy Crush, great new game!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
John Mayer and Candy Crush cause I'm stuck in 2013.
check this out Harrods launches Stiletto Wars, new shoe matching game: Is this Candy Crush fo...
10 things that Indian iPhone users do: 1. Although iPhone is the only Apple product they use, they give long lectures on how all Apple products are superior. 2. Treat other huge brands like Samsung and Nokia like they are fake Chinese brands. 3. Every time there’s a discussion on phones they parrot the line ‘If you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have iPhone.’ 4. Cover up the iPhone with such tacky looking covers that even Steve Jobs wouldn’t be able to recognize it. 5. They look down upon Android users as though they have some contractible disease. 6. They go on and on about the amazing productivity of an iPhone but in reality only use it play Candy Crush. 7. Even if the topic of conversation is ‘global warming’ or ‘terrorism’, they bring it back to how cool their iPhone is. 8. Their selfie-habit becomes even more out of control once they have an iPhone. 9.They automatically form a cosmic bond with fellow iPhone users around them. 10. Anytime a non-iPhone user asks if they have a ...
"My Google Nexus has way more features than the new - guy who only uses his Nexus to text & play Candy Crush.
I would have wanted to elude these challenges, but Subhayu Sarkar leaves me no choice. I always found him quite intimidating… and anyway, this can't be too bad an exercise. And accepting this does not mean I am going to heed any Candy Crush requests. My top 10 make the list for quite different reasons - one stayed the longest with me, one shook up my world the most, some moulded life-long interests and some work as the best stressbusters. In no particular oder: 1. The Complete Calvin & Hobbes. The only reason I don't read this more often is that the collectors' edition volumes are too heavy to handle. 2. The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Predictable again. I have even got myself to like the colonial superiority and the Victorian morality! 3. Anatomy of a Death Foretold (Gabriel Garcia Marquez). I loved this one more than any other Marquez. Yes, even more than 100 Years of Solitude. 4. The Nanda Devi Affair (Bill Aitken). I first read it while at JU, and this was instrumental in developing that lifelong love ...
Hey man do you know that girl from Australia's IG? The one who played Candy Crush in the middle of..
Candy Crush should be you crushing me w your body and feeding me candy mouth-to-mouth. But good candy like mini almond joys.
How many games do you have on your phone? — Candy Crush and Bejeweled Blitz.
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S/O to the generations who played tag & boys catch girls instead of farmville & candy crush.
‘Candy Crush’ has turned sour, so is it game over for King Digital?
No more candy crush invitations please...
I never usually miss an opportunity to take some photos but this afternoon I just sat played candy crush on my phone and threw the ball for pixie and chloe ...I guess my dogs are pretty sick of me taking their photo all the time.SO while on a lost ball retrieving mission sam decided to help himself and took some SELFIES
Market sours on King Digital as Candy Crush sags via
Everyone getting into uni, whilst I'm just about getting myself into the next level on candy crush
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
More than $1.4bn wiped off King as Candy Crush Saga appeal wanes - Telegraph -
turtle firewalker Stephanie Dorothea Neumann and Sissi Fleischer Rasmussen invited you to play Candy Crush Saga.
Can anyone please help me unlock the next episode in candy crush? please!!! :-)
Tech Five: shares dive more than 20%: It’s a sour day for the makers of mobile hit Candy Crush Saga . Here…
Samoka autoupdate now I can't play Candy Crush huhu
SAME. Tho I have 2 of em is of em is Candy Crush
When your aunts make an fb and add you to only send Candy Crush requests and get more lives.. Smh
From now on I will accept candy crush invites as consent for sexual activities. Proceed accordingly.
Cant believe on fb and candy crush at 4 am knowin I have things to do and then go make this $$$ but I will pull this threw lol
WAIT WHAT I WAS JUST PLAYING CANDY CRUSH omfg is this really the U.S I'm praying🙏
Play game,Download the game candy crush
Best feelings:. 1. Laughing myself to sleep. 2. Not being ignored. 3. Discovering my crush likes me. 4. Falling in love http:…
King Digital Entertainment has largely struggled since going public early this spring — and adding to
I have just gave in, I accepted Liam McMahon's candy crush invite after a relentless campaign from the D12 native...I just hope he realises u can't keep coming back to the same well for water
Playing Candy Crush This Morning? Didn't Think So: Opening Line - . How was your game of Candy Crush on. the way in...
My dear frnd n well wishers, with deep sorrow , grief, and with very heavy heart let me inform you that i m after very long association , passion n love , tdy i m saying Good Bye to my only friend of good time,it was very difficult for me to take this decision but some tym you hve take such decision in ur life, I must acknowledge the support of my frnd when i was really in need of their help , thy were always there with new life for me, when ever i was stuck up my frnd rescued me, i m thankful n really obliged to each n every one , this association was one of my most enjoyable period of life , I will miss you my sweet frnd , you were source of enjoyment for me n i m sure will keep enjoying so many other ,, Tdy is youm e Azadi , and i m so lucky to have the blessing of Aazaadi from CANDY CRUSH ,, Good Bye CANDY CRUSH ,, SAY NO TO CANDY CRUSH,,,
I probly won't be on here like 24/7 and candy crush I play when I'm not listenin to music or gamin or if Im on break at work
Hey Chris Miller sorry boet I don't want to and AM NOT interested in playing Candy Crush Saga .
I'm requesting everyone pls stop sending me Candy Crush Saga request.bloody annoying .if anyone does that again then I would have no option, I will simply remove from my FB
Candy crush is the only crush, hated by most people.
To all ma loved ones..I know u guys wna play candy crush...but I dont play des plsss yaar candy crush ya kisi aur games ke request mat bhejo..pls!!!
Someone help me on candy crush pretty please. :) I need one more ticket.
Need help to unlock level on candy crush sad I know but crazing me x
Tham man stop with thes candy crush request its hella of anoying the same people all the time sending me them !!
Candy Crush people I need one one person to unlock me to next level. Please unlock me today or I will cry lol
Plz plz plz don't send request of candy crush.
Plz dnt send me request for any candy crush or any game...
Come on people send me my candy crush tickets. :-)
Ha! Just figured out I can block all Candy Crush Saga invites! Happy day!
One more candy crush invite and I'm gonna .
This is not a show of!!! this is a Prove that Candy crush the game Cheats! check out the Pics as Prove!!! after id play the game so many time i thought i take a picture to proves IT...!!!
Sorry f.b family ...I don't do candy crush...bubble witches .farm saga saga or anything thereof .just don't have time for games
Those who want to unfriend me, do it quickly because i am gonna start playing candy crush :P
To those who know and love me - don't ask me to play games or learn how to cook - I cant cook and have no intention of learning and further more i don't want to. As for games I don't have the time or inclination so Pete no more candy crush whatever that is. Now on a more serious note to my models and friends. do you have any clothes or shoes that can be of benefit to a group of gorgeous girls that i am teaching we need dresses and shoes so if you are about to throw out send them my way please - you can drop them into the studio - buzz me before you come to make sure I am here. Yhank you in advance xx T
I'm out if candy crush lives :( so I guess I'm calling it a night /.\ good night to everyone :)
A baby playing with a 6th sense gadget makes much more sense to me than a girl playing candy crush!
Please stop inviting me to Candy Crush. I dont want to play. Jitte piet!
I asked FB friends to follow and got three new Candy Crush requests.
Candy Crush is turning into the next stock market disaster
Kovic and Bruce talk about Candy Crush popularity declining, and what that means for the mobile game space. PS4 vs Xbox One: WHO WON Gamescom?
Aniasayo!!! :D Wating for life... :P yeah I mean Candy Crush Saga Hurry up :D :D :D
I'm out of candy crush lives. What's a brother to do?!
I don't know which is more dad or the fact that I'm having trouble beating level 452 on candy crush
I'm over here playing candy crush. 😩😂
When you run out of lives on candy crush and have to get off your *** and do something.
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Kids are in bed!¡!!!¡ We gonna get CrAZy Up iN hErE lol candy crush show down lmao
Dear family & friends, I no longer play candy crush. Therefore, I unfortunately can't fulfill your request of giving you a life. Sorinotrlly
Will someone tell me why I can't sleep? Guess I will candy crush for a while!!
Stop sending me candy crush requests.
Stage 43 beat...Candy Crush Saga needs to speed up the Dev of new levels on mobile devices... @ Binary…
Candy Crush is the most stressful thing in my life right now
Just when I was beginning to think nobody loves me...I receive an invitation to play Candy Crush. . Convinced.😩
Tomorrow I'm just going to say that I'm addicted to candy crush
saving my candy crush lives for when I'm sober
I would really appreciate it if everyone would stop sending me candy crush invites.
King games needs to pay for my therapy because candy crush tells me 20 times a day that I failed.
Random announcement. I started playing candy crush in december of 2012. I got to level 12 and noticed that the music was sadistically suicidal. So I took it off my phone before I BLEW MY FRICKIN BRAINS OUT! So if I dont accept your invitation to play please forgive me. And as far as FB messenger it is too invasive and wont be on my phone!
*** I been stuck on level 125 on stupid candy crush. I can't seem to pass it. But when I have a few jellies to pop, I run out of moves
Sandra Pettigrew-Gabriel Andrea Booker Shad Snow Weaver have yall gotten passed 620 yet on candy crush I been waiting for a month for new level
Candy Crush Saga may finally have peaked… but you'll hate what ...
If he invites you to play candy crush, he's to young for you bro
Literally been stuck on board 140 in Candy Crush for 6 months, I gave up and Shawn'Neka Bush-Johnson, saved me. Thank You so much. Sorry Candy Crushers, if you been asking me for lives wasn't ignoring you, just gave up. I am back on now. LOL.
I want to apologize for sending all of you Candy Crush notifications all the time but... you guys are my only chance to get to the next episode!
Ever since I added my uncle on fb he won't stop sending me request to play candy crush -.-
"New levels for Candy Crush mobile OUT NOW! Play and tell us what you think of them!
Back on that candy crush grind. I didn't ask for this.
ENOUGH w the diamond dash and candy crush I CANT.
Invite me to play Candy Crush Saga, so I know it's real..😏
Sometimes fb is really annoying. It's not real you dumb mfers...everyone tries to judge u by fb like stupid I can type anything stupid. Think ima spend tomorrow deleting some *** Fb is like candy crush to me. Can't really eat the candy dummy lol...fukin dummies.
I will never play Candy Crush Saga with you, or Dragon City just putting that out there.
Could u please take me off your candy crush invite, don't make me. Nvm lol
I'm serious people. Love you all but if you send me another candy crush invite, you will no longer be my internet friend. Said this before but sticking to my word now.
Not gonna lie kinda hooked on candy crush right now!!!
I'm sending Micheal myers to the next person who sends me a candy crush invite.
Totally over Candy Crush since I have been stuck at level 70 for months. Now I am addicted to Puffy Pop! Stuck at level 45 at the moment but worth a bit more of my time, not going to buy anything to pass levels..once it gets to that point I am done. But Candy Crush friends ..try Puffy you will love it!
The only crush left in a girl's/boy's life, after getting married is ;. 'Candy Crush'
Think its time I got up been playing on candy crush for half an hour x
I apologize for not sending candy crush request back to my friends. I haven't played in weeks. I'm waiting on new games. I've completed all 620 levels. (Just saying) LOL
All people I'm not pointing anyone out but plz stop with the *** game requests! Like I'm gonna play dragon city and candy crush. Really?!
Well off to bed. A sore tooth, due to root canal. I hope it feels better tomorrow. It should. I made it to in Candy Crush, but can't figure it out, even though I have checked out the tips and cheats as they call it. doesn't make much sense to me?? Probably another 2 weeker - I played 3 games, used up my lives. Good night all. Please keep Michael in your prayers. Thank you!!
Level 25 of Candy crush is impossible! Anyone else having this problem??
People please help me with candy crush tryna get to the next level helped whoever out wit please help me out need two more people..
Man listen y'all I don't wanna play Candy Crush Saga
Ok I've let it go for a long time, but PLEASE stop sending me candy crush requests I do not play!
Just found out this evening I got to have eye surgery on both eyes So I better set it up for after the 8th of Sept.Hope they do a good job on my eyes cause I need them for Candy Crush and other games lol
Please help me unlock the next level of candy crush I'm having withdraws lmao.. Ah
I would like to thank my 2 friends WASILA and JENNIFER for helping me board in Candy Crush Saga.
Candy Crush, clothes shopping, crosswords or coffee? We want to know - what's your addiction?
Hey! Philippe Courtais your invitation to play Candy Crush Saga 3 to 4 times a day its the most annoying one. Please modify your settings. Thank you
Jason Evers invited you to never invite him to play Candy Crush again. Ever.
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Candy crush invites = unfriending Seriously, stop asking me to play candy crush.
"Candy Crush over Dr. Pietsch" Man - Really!??? Im gone to bed on that one! Sorry Kellye lol David got me started!
Well I'm tired, gonna feed the kitty's and call it a night, slept like crap last night (when I slept) and got up at 430. Some of us have to work for a living, we don't get to stay home, sleep in and play candy crush all Debbie Hoffman
People would put more time into playing Candy Crush Saga than they will building their business. IJS. Don't get mad at me for telling the truth. Download a game called 3left 3right it's more fun.
Well, that's it..I've made it to the end of candy crush! You all can rest easy, there won't be anymore requests from me.
For the love of all things good! Please I beg you please! Stop sending me frickin requests for FarmVille and Candy Crush. I DONT EVER WANT TO PLAY!!! EVER!
As head of the Thought Processing Department of the Christine F. Abela Body Corporation, The Brain would like to express its thanks to the other parts of the body for their co-operation during the recent Period Of Convalescence. The Airways Department have done a sterling job in keeping the coughing at bay, as the pain currently felt by the Scaffolding Department, in particular The Abdominal Muscles, will attest. However, it has been decided that the Period of Convalescence will be over from midnight tonight (Thursday 14 August 2014). After this time, the Bridge Over Troubled Water Department, in particular The Nose, will cease its constant dripping, the Vision Sub-Departments will cease their itching, and the Lower Extremities Department, in particular The Feet, will stop imitating ice blocks. For it's part, The Brain hereby pledges to stop aching. There have been far too many games of Candy Crush played during the Period Of Convalescence, and besides the Fuel Intake Department just consumed the last o . ...
Can I get 3 tickets plss my candy crush people
Can someone send me a candy crush train ticket.
Dear Mark Zuckerberg a distress signal Is there no way of stopping Candy Crush Saga requests.
Darlene Schluter I'm going to unfriend your *** if you don't stop the candy crush requests!
Can you please stop sending me candy crush requests??!!! I don't/ won't ever play that game just because I keep getting so many requests for it
Next person to send a Candy Crush invite gets the boot.
I don't play Candy Crush or any other games for that matter, friends! If you avoid me when you send any sort of game related requests, that would be jolly good.
Another Candy Crush invite and i'll delete you :)
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LaShonda Mangrum send me a candy crush ticket with the boat
Need 1 more ticket to move on in candy crush,,, please someone help
Completed all the levels of candy crush...
Gud nite. didn't get much accomplished. candy crush got n my i knw why i didn't like to down load games...thanks. to my "bee". but anything for my luv bug... need to get her fone bck on so i dont have to share my fone wit her.
Puhleeze QUIT inviting me to play "Candy Crush Saga." Just feel free to take me off the list. Won't hurt my feelings at all!
I wish people would invite me to play candy crush, said no one ever.
Hey its a candy crush Birthday cake! Michelle Chase
Ok so here goes. to all of you out there that keeps sending me invitations to play candy crush or bubble witch or whatever I do not play those games so please stop with it. I normally wouldn't care but I get like 300 a day and it gets super old. sorry. contact me if you want to play Nazi zombies or something on ps3 but that's about it
Quickest way off my friend list? Three candy crush invites in one day might be número uno.
I love it when people who you have tried to talk to but only read and ignore your messages seem to think its cool to send you candy crush requests.
No more requests please, I don't have candy crush, bubble witch, farm heroes, none of that sht I'm done, and tired of that sht...thanks
I need help unlocking the next level in Candy Crush please!
We just sail along in life like our current existence will go on forever. It's a lie we tell ourselves to avoid dealing with the big issue - what happens after all this. So we occupy ourselves with Candy Crush, fantasy football, and the latest episodes of our favorite reality show, while the clock keeps ticking. Where will you go when you die? And how do you know if you're ready? Having fun is great and part of what it means to be human, but we were meant for more than entertaining ourselves into oblivion. If the Son has set you free, then you are free indeed. (John 8:36)
Candy crush ... Game which actually crushes half of ur brain... Cant take it anymore..'' DELETED''... Such a relief. No requests would be preferred and appreciated...
Started to unfriend people sending stupid candy crush requests. sorry guys its really frustrating to keep getting *** request to play games.
I asked for a Candy ! Not your *** you retard .-. Typical *** . kindda hate you right now crush .
It would appear Candy Crush Saga has begun to run out of steam *rejoices*
The real candy crush candy is SO GOOD. 😍 please make bigger packs bcause yes i need it.
Candy Crush Saga Cheats Level 39, how to beat level 39 of Candy Crush. goal of level 39 is to bring down 4 ingredients and score 25,000 points in 55 moves.
Candy crushed. King, maker and purveyor of Candy Crush, reported earnings today and was whacked by investors after detailing revenue that disappointed, and..
The best thing about. is that i can access all apps and send candy crush invites too
Fantastic comment from user Ron Dippold here, sums up the decline of Candy Crush perfectly
Want to grab some? Candy Crush is launching actual candies!
When candy crush and meow chat invites come through..
Dear my mums mates. Thanks for waking me up with your cheering downstairs. Nobody wants to know if you've completed candy crush...
Why does my dad think it's appropriate to play candy crush on full volume when in trying to sleep?!😠
Why Is Jack From Jack in the Box Crying? Candy Crush: $1.5 billion in Revenue 2013
'Candy Crush' decline continues for King, shares fall
$1.4bn wiped off games company King as Candy Crush Saga begins to run out of steam (Pic: AFP)
(asiaone) Candy Crush maker King acquires Singapore games studio for up to $125m
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invite me to play Candy Crush Saga one more time and I'll *** on u
Candy Crush sentiment sours on disappointing results for maker |
It finally happened. I've run out of Candy Crush levels!
'Candy Crush' maker King Digital melts after hours - MarketWatch
M nt interested for candy crush plz don't send me plz
The company that makes Candy Crush had its stock crushed today.
The moment when NANO asks you how to play Candy Crush!!! And im like. JE???
'Candy Crush' decline continues for King, shares fall -
i just clicked on candy crush an this quiz came up so anyway i did itt an i won i had the choice between water speakers, iphone android app or a tablet 7" screen an i wanted the tablet but the terms an conditions said i had to pay one pound for shipping an i was like nahh this is ment to be a prize but i really did want it so bad! What should i have done took it or not??? I thought take it to be quit honest with u but should i really take it???
Level 399 👆"How can you say your fellow human being looks like the hardest level of candy crush"
King Digital reports weakness in its key ''Candy Crush'' game, sending shares plunging
Candy Crushed: shares tumble on news of game's sinking popularity - The Guardian
Check out the new Farm Heroes Saga TV ad! Have you ever played Farm Heroes? Play Candy Crush here:
My candy crush level stuck , accept my request kindly :) otherwise you know who am I :)
Got woke up 3 times between 3 & 5 am buy the dame bellend sending candy crush etc invites!
Update your maps at Navteq
I dont want to play Candy Crush Saga. Please stop sending invites, you annoying addicts
n today i gave life to the candy crush people khelo khelo :D :D
Plz don't request for play CANDY Crush
Lesson learned from Candy Crush. I find some stages quite difficult. After numerous attempts at a level and I am about to give up, I challenge myself and try again and again then unexpectedly the level is cleared. Life has it's ups and downs. Life has it's smiles and frowns. Through the storm and the rain, just smile and try again. Never give up!!
Done with LEVEL 635 EPISODE 43 of Candy Crush Saga... Still waiting for the next Update. IkaW, anung level ka na?..
Hi All Please do not invite me to play candy crush and other non sense games i get irritated when i see such notifications.
Candy crush Request ki Ma ka B.Fed up. .
I m not interest to play candy crush soo plz not invite me
If you don't play Candy Crush, you'll go what's the big deal? If you are just starting out, here's the coolest thing I've seen so far, it's like a lightening show in the game, for Marc Rochon. I highly recommend everyone to play a game of some sort to keep your mind active & your ego in check. Obama & Harper & Christy & the EU can only play Checkers, badly, like a group of 5 year olds that's never played with an adult before. Meanwhile, Putin plays Chess/Risk like a vindictive Sauron from The Lord or the Rings, with an arsenal if he loses. We play cards at the New Life Mission every day, it's like another way of coping with a dire existence with no relief in site, it's a long month till the 27th, but at least we can have some camaraderie & coffee together.
Guys pls no more candy crush invites or any other game invites. M totally done with it. I dont play any games in FB for god's sake.
For more years than I care to remember I play Scrabble every night on my little Nintendo ds before I go to sleep ( I love words it's how I roll lol ) anyway my fellow geeky mate Lee Herrington has introduced me to Scrabble on line - *** have I done ??!!! I no longer work / clean /talk to my husband - I've even roped my Jos to play . Anyway if any other wordsmiths want to play me on my friends list please do 😃😃😃 ta very mucha ( ps I won't annoy everybody with invites like those blinkin candy crush f&😁😉 )
Truth: Life is becoming like Temple Run and Subway Surfer ! Running all the way to collect coins just to reach no where and then spending those coins just to run more efficiently...!!! Moral : Play Candy Crush ;)
So after so many invites I finally installed the Candy crush game the thing is everytime I play that game I feel like eating candies cause the game be like "sweet!" "Delicious!" in that cool radio voice. Makes me wanna go chew sugar.
Please for heaven's sake stop sending me candy crush invites...i stopped playing that game ages ago...
I just need one person to send me help on Candy Crush Saga and then I'll have the next episode open
Capio Capital Market Overview and Trade Ideas The Far East trades lower this morning with investors taking its cue from a weak Wall Street. The Nikkei managed to reverse early morning losses, helped by advances in blue chip counters. Chinese computer maker Lenovo saw some profit taking after seeing big moves the day before. Tencents traded slightly lower ahead of its results today. Earning releases in Australia came in mixed with Oz Minerals & Commonwealth Bank of Australia falling after releasing their numbers. Suncorp managed to advance. Lower iron or prices weighed on BHP & Fortescue Metals with Rio Tinto trading ex div to weigh on the mining sector. Stocks ended the session lower as investors remain cautious as geopolitical tensions continue to grab the headlines. Oil traded at a 13 month low to weigh on energy counters with the sector the laggard on the S&P as 7 of the 10 main groups lost ground. King Digital Entertainment, the maker of the Candy Crush game, tumbled in after-hours trade on the back . ...
I request all of you, please don't invite me to play candy crush
Nonstop Games will continue to work on games for King, the creator of Candy Crush Saga, and these are expected to launch next year.
Check out the sweet results of combining a fish with a wrapped candy! COMMENT and tell us your favourite candy combo. Play Candy Crush →
I completed the level no 602 in Candy crush!! Its vry tuff 4 me
Wow I'm wide awake at 2:42am!!! Can't sleep! Rolling around in my bed kicking off hundreds of pillows... Truly upset because everyone else is comatose except me!!! Lol!!! Aw!!! Not thirsty, not hungry, just woke..well I guess I'll play candy crush!!!
I have found a way I never have to put up with candy crush or any other games requests ever again.. You want to know how hmmm it will cost you.. Ha
The only crush left in a guy's life, after getting married is "😭 CANDY CRUSH😭" Ankita Shah
King, the company that makes Candy Crush, is having a rough afternoon
Reasons to date me:. 1. Finished all the levels of Candy Crush. 2. celebrity on Kim K Hollywood. 3. Sometimes I'm funny??. 4. ?
Sometimes I think I live a boring lIfe. Then someone I grew up w invites me to play Candy Crush on a Sat night & I thInk N…
Hello everyone can i get tickets for candy crush sag please thank you
Just got 10 million points on a Candy Crush level...I have no life
Shooting and lawn bowls should not be commonwealth sports. They may as well add candy crush to the list.
My grandma is currently ranting about how she can't get past a level on candy crush
And today I found out she's obsessed with candy crush too 😆😆😆 LOL
If I get one more Candy Crush request🔫🔪
I only downloaded candy crush so that i can help my mom out with her game requests. Lol. Im too nice.
Mom cancels plans so she can play candy crush all day.
Sachin Jain : Jain sahab plz check with Candy Crush , do they have some gift for max hour spend in game, u r most eligible, :P
I know all of you are tired of them CANDY CRUSH request beautiful people as you should be so wtbs send me all the lives I've requested and I will have hundreds of them and won't.need to send more request on LEVEL
I swear da next MF send me a Candy Crush Ima flood ya page all day with music rs till u delete me or block me
The illuminati did a great job with candy crush thou 👍
My grandmother gets so happy when I beat a level on candy crush for her 😂
Candy crush is the worst game ever invented
If playing online social media games such as Farmville, Candy Crush, Angrybirds is "Living a little"; then just go ahead and throw me in a hole!
Can anybody tell me how to block candy crush requests...plz...very urgent...
Happiness in spending time with your child & playing Candy Crush.. :D .
Feels like restarting candy crush it's so boring waiting for it to extend
After some days at my home . . . . . Postman:sir,your letter. .. . . . Me (opening the letter). . .. Here's a candy crush request come n play n send this request for harassing them :p :D
I've not obliged to Candy Crush requests since a year. Still recieve them in dozens. I can imagine how god feels recieving…
I go to work and then I go play candy crush 😂😂😂😂 ***
Men would not admit that they watched Oprah.but they will send "candy crush" I just smile every time I get a request from a guy... doesn't that game have a feminine feel to it?
This meow chat is candy crush all over again
how to beat level 30. For more candy crush level subscribe to Good luck! ;)
I like having people's parents/grandparents on FB because they're the only ones who will send me tickets for Candy Crush
Passing a level of Candy Crush first thing in the morning is the sign of a good day🍭🍬🍒
Can three candy crush players send me TICKETS. Tickets please thanks for the candy crush support legs go players !
Virginia disappeared!!! just like that .lol.. and Georgina found the computer, standing there for a minute wondering why the *** i have a broom in my hand..heehee,, good morning folks. such a lovely day for chilling .slots and candy crush kinda day...
Can someone plz send me a ticket on candy crush
What's this meow chat, everyone's sending notifications for? ... It's more annoying than Candy crush
Any Candy Crush, Bubble Witch or Farming games requests and you're off my friends list .
I'm stuck on this candy crush level.
Yah they have more levels on candy can all breathe a sigh of relief as I am going to get busy lol xx
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
*** mom keepin' it three hunna out there savin' lives on Candy Crush.
If you invite me to Candy Crush Saga I'll invite you to a Saga called VIP Block Party Saga with Bubba the Love Sponge.
I had a friend who kept inviting me to play candy crush like every other day, so what do I do? I do what every normal person does, unfriend that person. But it's not that easy... when that friend has 2 Chinese symbols as their name. I tried searching, but nothing comes up. Being lazy, I didn't feel like combing through my friends list to find this individual. I thought I'd wait till they popped up in my news feed. Well I got another candy crush request today, and I had to take action. I went through a few friends' mutual friends list and finally some where in the middle alphabetically in the list I found the culprit. Victory is sweet. "Friend" removed. (Now I won't say "friend" for the rest of the week)
Grandma I love you and all, but If I get one more request to play candy crush there will be problems
I have lost my mother to Candy Crush.
soon they ll send Candy Crush requests too.. Give life or deal cancel
Candy crush has been my faithful friend during all the breaks on shoot today!
please can anyone help me? I am trying to send requests to my Candy Crush friends to help me unlock my next game. For some reason I don't appear to be able to send the requests to any of you. How sad is that? lol
My moms catching an attitude bc she can't pass a level on candy crush 😒
Candy Crush Online: Guide and walkthrough to the game Candy Crush...
Trying to teach my uncle how to play candy crush is funny
Stop inviting me to play candy crush -.- plz Hafsa Farooq Isha Majid m just sick ov it..
“Why are you giving money for your life to be changed anyway? Do you think church is Candy Crush?”lol
Guys I no play Candy Crush. Me no like. Stop inviting me to play!
To everybody. I don't play Candy Crush no more. Please don't send me no request.
Friends and family it's kind of you to invite me to play candy crush ect but I don't play them sorry people x
To all the people who like to send farm ville , pet saga, pet rescue,Candy Crush ..Leave people along .lolololol .
I just downloaded candy crush now I hate myself lol
1,475,280 on level 101 of the owl section in Candy Crush!!
Quit inviting me to play candy crush I don't wanna play invite me to an orgy that might be somethin I'm interested in
Since u filled my fb notices with 25 candy crush invites this week i have unfriended you!! Now leave me alone with ur stupid games
Tip to All candy crush fan..if u run out of life..nd in need of it simply change timing 2 hr ahead ur life will come again..try it
Hi friends!! A genuine request to all of you...plz do not send me Candy Crush & other game requests...I don't play games...also do not tag me your Profile pics. Else I'll have to unfriend the people who sent it. Hope you all understand this. Thank you
I M Feeling IrritatioN. .PLEASE DONT send me request to Candy Crush Saga. ...specially for .Gulab and ajay dhondiyal bhiya.
Next candy crush invite and you lose friends status.dit!
This has been such a sad sad 24-48 hours. I have finished all available Candy Crush Levels. I don't know what to do with myself when I have 10-15 minutes to kill. LOL
I don't play Candy Crush Saga, so stop inviting me...
One of the most beautiful moment of my life which I would cherish to my eternity ... BLOCKED CANDY CRUSH FINALLY.
How the Candy Frog works in Candy Crush: (Click on “See more” for full description) The Candy Frog can be matched like a normal candy, it will eat the same color candies and grow. After it consumes enough candies the frog will start pulsing. You can click on it once, hover and bring it to another part of the board you want to clear. It will create a wave and take the candies around the selected area. After this the Candy Frog goes back to small size and changes color. Tips: Combine the frog will special candies Use a colour bomb on the same color candies to make it grow faster
Attn FB Friends! I am not playing Candy Crush or Pet Saga any longer so please please stop with the requests! Thank you!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I need 1 more person 2 help unlock the next level on candy crush,plz help.x
I'll candy crush your face if you send me one more invite.
Need some help unlocking next stage in candy crush this prego whale is bored. Although I'm sure I should be packing stuff for hospital and making sure all is in order but just don't have the energy right now.
Sorry for all the candy crush requests Ill stop oneday
10 mins into the movie and I can already say it's 👌 made. In a scene, our protagonist, the migrant from Rajasthan, visits a police station to file an FIR after being duped 🙍. The policeman there is busy playing Candy Crush, and without looking up from his cell phone takes a jibe at the poor fellow saying, "Kidhar kidhar se aajate hain. Udhar kaam nahi hai kya kuch?“ Never have I seen a truer depiction of Mumbai police on the big screen. 😌🙌 Great start to my weekend. Again, highly recommended to those with a brain and the 'human' ability to empathise.
Dont tell me your phone is better when I'm playing Dead Trigger 2 and you're playing Candy Crush. Oh, your CC is the Android version on BB?
Elaine watches a 50 Shades of Gray, meanwhile Jerry ruins an impossible level of Candy Crush. "Newman|"
the back-sound of Candy Crush are designed to make us feel calm. Well, thanks, King!
King is looking for Senior C++ Mobile Game Developer for Candy Crush. Learn more or Jobvite a fri...
Investors, profit from Candy Crush (and Alibaba; upcoming IPO's. BINARYOPTIONS@
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