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Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a popular mobile phone game for smartphones and Facebook.

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10 mins into the movie and I can already say it's πŸ‘Œ made. In a scene, our protagonist, the migrant from Rajasthan, visits a police station to file an FIR after being duped πŸ™. The policeman there is busy playing Candy Crush, and without looking up from his cell phone takes a jibe at the poor fellow saying, "Kidhar kidhar se aajate hain. Udhar kaam nahi hai kya kuch?β€œ Never have I seen a truer depiction of Mumbai police on the big screen. πŸ˜ŒπŸ™Œ Great start to my weekend. Again, highly recommended to those with a brain and the 'human' ability to empathise.
Elaine watches a 50 Shades of Gray, meanwhile Jerry ruins an impossible level of Candy Crush. "Newman|"
the back-sound of Candy Crush are designed to make us feel calm. Well, thanks, King!
King is looking for Senior C++ Mobile Game Developer for Candy Crush. Learn more or Jobvite a fri...
Investors, profit from Candy Crush (and Alibaba; upcoming IPO's. BINARYOPTIONS@
John Oliver compares the American wealth gap to "Candy Crush"
2X Royal Garde shows this weekend TONIGHT @ Muscles and Candy Crush in Bushwick (1085 Broadway) with Space Meow @ Rockaway Beach Surf Club with Future Punx opportunities to update your inventory of Chaz Palace's Hawaiian shirt collection
I'm still available to edit next week, and the 2nd week in August too. Or I could just play Candy Crush all week. (Mike Parenti has never actually tasted the forbidden fruit that is called Candy Crush)
the Candy Crush dev, is airing commercials for their new mobile game on Swedish TV. What gives.
Surprisingly, the company behind Candy Crush is proving its early doubters wrong - Quartz
WATCH: Candy Crush company co-founder hints at new candies coming
These bubbles aren't going to pop themselves. A new addictive puzzler by the Candy Crush team: http:…
Being depressed has it's advantages. lol. I sleep sounder. Take long afternoon naps and play Candy Crush all day. lmao. Ok, so I have had my day to pout. Now time to GET OVER IT! Tomorrow morning I WILL wake with a new attitude. Have a strong cup of coffee, and kick myself in the *** to get in gear to clean house. Kids coming over tomorrow for some smoked ribs, wine, and the fire pit. It's been years since I have felt like I have over the past 2 days, and I REFUSE TO ALLOW IT TO GO ON. The Gods have blessed me with a great life, family, & friends. So I will honor them and cherish what I have and NOT dwell on small misfortunes.
Candy Crush and Farm Heroes are current favorites, but I'm also liking Bubble Witch 2. Haven't done Pet Rescue in ages.
So I am joining the Ladies Auxiliary, Post 48. I just know this is going to take time away from Candy Crush, but, glad to help out..
James Cleverly MLA: What the Conservative Party can learn from Candy Crush | Conservative Home
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Every day is a new, beautiful opportunity to spin the Candy Crush daily booster wheel.
But why a young playa gotta wait 24 hours for the next mystery quest Candy Crush??
Omg, yes. I get those invites all the time. What is candy crush and why would I want to play that?!
I've deleted candy crush from my phone. ???
omg stop inviting me to play Candy Crush Saga I will never play Candy Crush Saga why are YOU still playing Candy Crush Saga
No, I will not play Candy Crush Saga.
Only one life left in candy crush help
iv been playing Candy crush for the longest time,,it was jus meant to be a 5min study break...
Defriending anyone who invites me to play Candy Crush and FarmVille
which is better than Candy Crush, which never knew how long is too long to be stuck at a level.
Lead underwriters start Candy Crush maker with "buy" ratings
If you text me and I don't answer sorry I'm busy playing candy crush
here's a book about about candy crush addiction"Are You Addicted to Candy Crush?" by Selena
Whoever really got love for me will send me more lives for candy crush for my birfday
some peoples addiction is rather serious "Are You Addicted to Candy Crush?" by Selena
OMG I DONT WANT TO PLAY CANDY CRUSH. :( leave me alone with the invites
yes this candy crush life has got me over weight.what do I do!?
I want to play my Candy Crush and to pass me all my levels bc on level 30 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
addicted to here is a self help book on amazon "Are You Addicted to Candy Crush?" by Selena
When your mom gets hella sad after you tell her u can't send her tickets cuz u deleted candy crush πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Oh so you reject me 8 years ago and now you're just going to send me a Candy Crush invite like nothing happened? People …
My gma on level 132 on candy crush & she still a amateur
fun and addictive but check this book out "Are You Addicted to Candy Crush?" by Selena
Flappy Bird and Candy Crush mean that there are developers making garbage video games.
I like the "actually mean something" part. Because Flappy Bird and Candy Crush actually means something.
Screw you level 410 in Candy Crush. Took me over 6 months but I did it. Suck. It.
2 Chainz looking like the hardest level on Candy Crush πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I don't get off the toilet unless I've finished at least one level of candy crush. . Looks like I'm not leaving the gym anyt…
I sure wish someone would invite me to play candy crush
My mom needs to stop sending me invitations to play Candy Crush with her.
Face down, butt up is the way babies sleep. Adorable!. It's also how I play Candy Crush.
Why am I still being invited to play candy crush?
If you invite me to play Candy Crush, we can't be friends anymore
Tomorrow Amazon will announce its big 3D phone, whose ground-breaking technology will mostly be used to design new Candy Crus…
Giuliana Gravina gave a life in Candy Crush Saga.
Remember when the boys were obsessed with:. -keek. -Vine. Flappy Bird. -Candy Crush. -Ouch Couch. Those obsessions ended quic…
Preview and download Candy Crush - Single on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
GEORGIA Salpa shows why so many fellas have a candy crush on her β€” as she strips to her stripes for a pool photoshoot
Sadly, I cannot attend your saga, Candy Crush, or otherwise.
Some interesting stuff I found and wrote about in Candy Crush.
Candy Crush Saga - A thing that I noticed in Candy Crush is the following: - When you are out of lives,...
FT managing editor says Candy Crush now a competitor as survey says a third of Britons access news on mobiles
June 13, 2014 +294 since transplant It's going to happen!! Makayla Claussen is going to see Robin Roberts at UT Women's Hall of Fame. Thanks to the UT parents Association and Dana Hart President of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. I'm so excited!! Maybe I'll just drive to Knoxville. If you haven't read her book it's quite good. Again, so personal to me. She even talks about her care givers addiction to Candy Crush in the book. πŸ˜€
Wait, so Boko Haram kidnapped more children? Did they not see the State Department's hashtags!? I think Obama officials may have to start sending the terrorists Candy Crush requests instead.
To everyone inviting me to play Candy Crush: I am not singling you out like Chris Hardwick, I just don't play the game. That is all.
I have seen the face if evil tonight. To my surprise Urban Meyer and/ or Hillary Clinton weren't involved. It's actually level 109 of Candy Crush!
A typewriter poem. by Kenyatta Rogers & Becky Wills:. Bob Ross was a great man. At night we play Candy Crush on the edge.
Madrid, Sweden. You play Candy Crush with Perez Hilton. Mark Harmon yells at Nancy Pelosi over yonder.
The human gestation period is just way too long. Nine months of hearing nothing on social media except pregnancy progress is more annoying than unwanted Candy Crush invites, people that share satirical articles as fact, times I check-in to my own job and obvious weather updates. Combined.
Daily Gratitude: Today I'm grateful for your understanding. I'm not posting much because I've discovered Candy Crush and Angry Birds at the same time as I have three courses starting. What the *** was I thinking?
My Mom: "So Nana is locked out of the kingdom..." Me: "What?!" Mom: "I know! How is she going to give me lives on Candy Crush now?!"
Good, good morning friends, it's finally a Friday and the onset of the Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully you folks all have something unique planned and good times are on your horizons. Poor, pitiful me won't be doing much but the usual routine which consist of cooking and watching TV but I do have two new addictions to add to my resume'. I am now officially hooked on Candy Crush and the Farm Heroes Saga :) I can't seem to get enough and have developed a bonifide habit. Other than that, all is well here in the big ATX and once again an NBA owner is being castigated for "racist" comments. This time it's Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks that's being pilloried by the media for doing absolutely nothing but telling the truth as he sees it. I watched the entire interview and couldn't detect a trace of racism but in today's media circus if you're white and speak ill of anyone black then you're a "racist"and deserve to be ostracized by society. Or so they's really getting old hearing about this type ...
Who on earth still invites people to play Candy Crush!? Seriously, you're going to get deleted quicker than Nigel Farage can list the nationalities he's not racist towards.
When you have one Shakib Al Hasan in the squad, you can actually play with 10 men, letting Yusuf Pathan play 'Candy Crush'.
I could be up till 6 playing candy crush.. Is that normal or?
awww that's not too bad I'm stuck on 410 on candy crush
nah I prefer games like this more of a challenge and I play candy crush also, yeah please do then I can beat you πŸ‘
zz shut up I get bored when I dont have anything to play and candy crush is not an option
Happiness is...Listening to Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen while playing Candy Crush Saga. β€” feeling happy.
Candy Crush is really pissing me off.
Why do we play games like Candy Crush even when they frustrate us? I ask psychologists and http:/…
Candy crush is surely for those who don't have anything going their way in life.
can't wait for the next Candy Crush invite. I dare you. :)
Are people still playing candy crush?
Sitting in a long meeting and wanna play Candy Crush Saga... ME and HR sitting behind me :(
Interesting piece on the psychology behind casual gaming
Played Candy Crush Saga (Web) and Assassin's Creed: Revelations (360) in the last 24 hours.
Game Guru Tommy Palm of King (maker of Candy Crush Saga!) is now speaking about App Entrepreneurship.
After playing 2048 I randomly swiped my screen at candy crush and nothing moved
did I tell you that I had to get rid of candy crush?
Candy crush has the ability to make a grown *** man cry
I've noticed recently that my mother doesn't actually talk to me anymore unless it's about candy crush..
Feel like I should download candy crush again cus it be sooo bored at night & don't sleep
crap, I accidentally closed your request on candy crush.. send it again so I can send you a ticket
2 Chainz looks like the hardest level on candy crush
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Has anyone ever hit the jackpot on the wheel spin for candy crush? I always get the sprinkled cookie, coconut wheel, lollipop, or the fishies. What the heck? Lol
2 Chains looking like the hardest level on candy crush...
Tell you what, is good a candy crush, he even plays when he is asleep
I ban myself from Candy Crush when I'm screwing up THIS bad.
How do you move pass level 50 on candy crush? I have beaten it but can't move forward. πŸ‘Œ
Game psychology, a bit brief on details though >
King Makers! Candy Crush creators are among the richest people in Britain.
My favourite waste of time: on why Candy Crush and Angry Birds are so compulsive
There are some people on my FB who actually ARE voting UKIP. They think Nigel Farage is a good bloke. I sent them 50 Candy Crush invites
If you know me you know I wouldn't be intrested in your Candy Crush invites. Please take a walk read a book watch a film and get a life. X seriously have a chat with yourself. . .
Dear friends please dont invite me for candy crush or other games
Seriously how do I stop people inviting for Candy Crush or what so ever? So freaking annoying!! Just stop inviting me for these games. Look around! It's too bad you can't see the things that are so much more valuable then staring at your Iphone.!
my dear beloved frnds ... I kw u r very much interested in playin games ... but plz stop sendin me any more candy crush requests or any other game requests . "I DON'T PLAY THEM" ...
So finally worked out what Sullivan has been asking for on the iPad since getting back from a week with Nanny. The shame of a 2-year old asking to play Candy Crush πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜– Carole Ann Robinson you are in trouble
Hi, How many of you play Candy Crush, Angry Birds or any such :)
New Information: My mom actually prays to savaria seth to get her levels cleared in Candy Crush Saga! I think I should start a hashtag for all the random acts she does πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜œ
Want to thank each and everyone of you for my birthday wishes. Means a lot. I know it's easy on FB but I appreciate you taking the timeout from playing "Candy Crush" etc to send the messages. 🍻 XX
Inviting me to 'Candy Crush' I see. You are what they call a knob. 'Unfriend' button here I come.
Really sorry If I'm sending people candy crush invites a lot, I'll stop lol 😭
One more candy crush request, u will hav one friend less in ur FB.
Call me to play CANDY CRUSH again!!! I will find you and I will KILL YOU!!!
Angel & Desiree: I don't play Candy Crush Saga, and never will. PLEASE refrain from anymore invites!
My baby thinks she gnna beat me at candy crush I got dis ye!!
Stop sending me candy crush stuff plz ! I deleted the game. Thank you :)
Just deleted a persistent Candy Crush enthusiast like I said I would, but it's just an old Fresno *** so it's ok.
The next person to invite me to play candy crush is gonna be unfriended!! :P
Officially deleting anyone who sends a candy crush invite
The Emergency Alert System just interrupted my Candy Crush game to give me a Flash Flood warning on my phone. You owe me a candy crush life mother nature.
For my all friendz i cnt help u unlock at candy crush dn't send me request ok i deled my candy ready.!
I just got invited to play Candy Crush. Would should i do?
One of these days I might accept an invite to play Candy Crush please keep sending them.
Go to...Settings (Top Right) - Blocking - Block Apps - Type in Candy Crush...You're welcome.
I wish 14 more people would send me a candy crush or pengal game invite
Would love to go out with her and have an amazing time but she is too busy playing Candy Crush Saga.
Omg another candy crush app notification and I'm gonna go crazyyy!
Normally I just unfriend people who invite me to play candy crush. But you Chris Provost will not get off so easy.
yay on Candy Crush Saga i am on level 162 :D
Family or not.. if I get another game request for that stupid candy crush game im gonna unfriend/unfollow you. I get several a day and its annoying.
Tried to delete fb and can't get candy crush lives & tickets smh!
Finally after 6 months I finally beat level 199 on candy crush smh
To all my friends and family...I DON'T PLAY F%$CANDY CRUSH! ...EVER!!
I wanna know y I haven't seen or heard from Brianna Orourke since Thursday n can u come beat my candy crush for me
I am partitioning the saints to send me a candy crush life and all that know a word of pray ,pray i go to the next level.
The person you have just invited to play candy crush or anything else has deleted your friendship. Best friends, family members and significant others are NOT exempt from the new policy. Pay the *** dollar if you want to play your little game.
send tickies please (candy crush) let me know if I need to send you a request for them, thanks
FINALLY beat the level I have been on for MONTHS in candy crush
Is there anywhere on FB where you can block invites to play CANDY CRUSH, FARM HEREOS AND WHATEVER OTHER GAMES .I don't want to play any of them, seriously πŸ˜•
Contrary to popular belief...I do NOT want to play Candy Crush, or farmsville, or take part in your vampire fantasy. Thanks!!! :) :)
These games requests and inboxes on FB are ridiculous and annoying! No I don't wanna play candy crush, rescue saga, or farm saga... & NO I'm not "Angry", don't wanna be your old lady, No you can't get my number, and last I'm not your "Lil ma" "Bae" or "Shawty"! I'm good this way jus know I'm not broke and I'm far from lonely! CAPISH πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
You gonna fish or play Candy Crush all summer?
These candy crush and farm hero saga requests are annoying. I absolutely hate them! Stop sending them to me!
I will assume, these requests I get to play Candy Crush Saga, are automated ... Because ... I think you all know . Particularly, those of you who have actually met me ... I ain't doing that ...
Y'all ever heard someone getting killed over Candy Crush???
BIG congratulations to ME ! After about 4 bloody months I completed level 167 on candy crush.
Please stop inviting me to play candy crush... I have a life.
I feel like staying in bed today with Miss Mia and playing Candy Crush - no reason, that is just what I feel like doing
If you are over 13 and still playing Candy Crush... Get urself down the mental hospital tomoro!
Oh oh... I have just discovered Candy Crush Saga... I have an addictive personality... this is the beginning of the end... ah!
So I guess when I ask for a life for candy crush , it sends out game requests? I just want a life to play some more, I'm not asking you to play the game. Sorry yall!!!
While I appreciate the invitations to play Candy Crush, Farmville, etc.I do not have time, Im busy doing other things. So please, no more invites!
Okay, I have decided to play "Candy Crush Saga"! I think the one millionth invitation is what convinced me.
You know how I posted "How do I get people to stop inviting me to Candy Crush?". She deleted ME!!! LMAO!
I just accidentally sent out a mass game request for candy crush, sorry to those who don't play!!!
Dear friends please be advised that I have a games console on which wait for it . I can play games so no need to invite me to play candy crush Angry Birds, mucky ducks or whatever you are currently wasting you time on :) oh and also please be advised I wear glasses so I can see guess what,I seen your invite to play the above I seen it the second third and four time should i deduct that you either think I am blind as a bat or incapable of making a decision without your incessant prompting in regards to joining you to crush your candy annoy your birds or muck up your ducks, guess what Einstein .
I hereby deem Candy Crush Level 181 to be impossible. I have been stuck here for WEEKS. Stupid game!
Dear Steven where u at miss you bro P.S stop sending me candy crush or candy land invites
Just watching a bit of breast feeding and it does look quite easy but I imagine it's a lot harder in reality... A bit like the Rubik's cube, Professional Figure skating or Candy Crush level 879
If everyone could stop inviting me to play FarmVille and Candy Crush and all the other games that'd be just fantastic.
Well then so is Angry Birds with the whole Mighty Eagle thing... As is Candy Crush. Does anyone care about those?
OK OK I have a confession ...I have downloaded Candy Crush. Yes I know I have crossed over. Im still trying to process it all. I'm doing it for Samantha Smith I love you baby girl!!
Lmao he said he look like the hardest level on candy crush
How do I get this candy crush stuff off my fb ?
We go pray and ask God to bless the people that sending these candy crush invites, and we go ask The Lord to touch their minds so they can think NOT TO SEND IT AGAIN! in Jesus name, AMEN!
Level 500 has defeated me, I am retiring from Candy Crush!!
Its time to delete all those who continuously inviting me to play CANDY CRUSH.Bhai or behen logo apne husband wife boyfriend or girlfriend tak he Crush rakho plz...unko time do CANDY CRUSH ko time mat do. other wise one day you will be Crush big time.mujhey maaf kar do for god sake.humble request...
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Politely asking.. Please no more candy crush invites folks. Not enough hours in a day for me to play that rubbish πŸ˜ƒ
Every time I look.around my friends always need help unlocking candy crush stages yall can't be that dam good Toni Cowell Aleicia Broomfield Ernest Walker Meli Buena Takayla Smith Imblessed Nomatterwhat Nobodysay yall ain't that good when me and poor Tomica Stubblefield stuck on 77 lolololoololol
Persistent Candy Crush Saga invitations = FB unfriending. That is all.
One more candy crush request and I will block you all. -_-
Dear Modi ji, As you have promised us a better life, please do something about these candy crush requests as soon as possible. Yours faithfully, Your voter
Some friends sending me requests to play "Candy Crush Saga" with them I only play "casteism crush saga" Come and play
I've blocked getting candy crush invites, today is an amazing day!
Thanks to Candy Crush, women now know what it's like to obsess over a game. And men know what it's like to be ignored because of one.. P.S - My Humble request to everyone. PLz.Stop sending me request for Candy Crush.
For the love of god please I don't want to play candy crush or lucky slots.
This "Don't tap the white tile" game has really got me up!!! If you haven't played it yet then you need to try. More addicting than candy crush if you ask me!
Someone tell Jessica Rose to stop inviting me to Candy Crush.
Please stop asking me to play CANDY CRUSH...(u know who u are!!) my answer is NO...! What's up with all the requests??!! However , I will play CANDY LAND...any time 😜
Reminders for our fellow Filipinos here in Thailand during Martial Law: 1. Do not panic just be ready and be mindful of your surrounding when you are outside. (do not walk as if you are strolling in Luneta.) 2. Stay away from rally sites. 3. Always bring your passport and work permit with you. 4. Always bring your insurance card. 5. Bring emergency money just if in case you need to take another route going home or you might be stranded somewhere. 6. Do not let your battery drained because of playing candy crush, cookie run, etc. you might need to call in case of emergency. 7. Do not stay outside late. 8. Buy extra rice and basic necessity that is good for a week. 9. Avoid discussing political issues in public or with your colleagues, this is a no no in Thailand. (stay away from this issue especially if you do not know anything about it. Do not take side or give any remark) 10. Have emergency number of your husband, relatives or friends here in Thailand stick it to your passport if the one written at the . ...
the next person inviet me to candy crush I will defriend
Level 86 of Candy Crush is ruining my life.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I swear on all that is holy I will pistol whip the next person that sends me an invite to the Candy Crush Saga
Man candy crush is getting hard I am up to level 25
I'm soo sick and tired of all these app requests! If it's not candy crush please DO NOT SEND ANY REQUESTS!!!
I know yall see my ticket request for CANDY CRUSH.yall just dont understand
I have GREAT news! My wonderfully talented gf Vanessa Davis has made it to level 273 in Candy Crush Saga. I am so proud of her. Congrats on all the hard work, baby!
Candy Crush isn't working, is it finally time to do something with my life?
I usually don't mind invites on here but really like 10 a day to play candy crush?? Omg fb friends who in the actual f*Β’k has time for this?? lol shoot lmk if u got too much time on ur hands i will find u something meaningful to do!!
I've never played Angry Birds or Candy Crush... I've never seen Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, I've never heard a Justin Bieber song or this "Frozen" tune everyone's talking about. Is that weird?
Candy crush players stop bothering others , one more invite I'll crush you all like candies !!! 😠
Please people don't send me Candy Crush Saga request again and again..otherwise I will crash your candy and turn into saga...!!!
You gave your whole life in Candy Crush Saga. You've just wasted a lot of time. May God Bless You!!!
I too deleted candy crush!! Hate the BGM and can't stand the boring get play! I refuse to pay a dime and how ever much you make me suffer is simply not worth pursuing... Good bye! Glad I got out now! Completed levels 34!!! Hah at least I beat Hanin Siam!
Candy Crush Secrets - The secret tactics you can use legally to dominate your way to the top of Candy Crush.
This motion controlled dog wants to be the Candy Crush of physical therapy: Physical therapy isn't fun. It's ...
On a serious note, has anyone ever won the jackpot on the daily spin on Candy Crush?
How sweet it is! Super hot mobile game Candy Crush set to go public in ... - New York Daily News
a fluent Christopher Walken voice* Guy, what in the name of Skrillex is wrong with you? Secondly, why are you here? I got off the phone from your girlfriend telling that you haven't give much attention to her as of late. What is so rather important that you have to stay here for? *Slaps Guy* Hey! Don't hide the Candy Crush snap from me, I can hear it over your earbuds, buddy. She told me that you've been online for two weeks without giving any undivided attention to her. See, things like that is an anathema to me. You want to marry this girl, right? You want to be with her for the rest of your life, right? Well, she's going to end up finding a better man than you if this continues. I see you lazy cats and dogs nowadays being in a "relationship" where all you do is go out, have sex, and make her happy once in a good while. Well, there are more things than those three if you're planning to get married. For starters, everyday, you have to remind yourself why that you're with that person you dearly "l ...
Please stop inviting me to play Candy Crush, FarmVille, diamond dash, murder mystery, cabbage patch, monster mash, Sesame Street, etc. I don't want be in your mafia, gang, police game, or SIMS world either. Between music, books, friends and family, I'm not lacking in entertainment. Promise.
Cats play the popular Candy Crush tablet game in this cute compilation of video clips.
I'm just really bored so ima play candy crush until I fall asleep
Man dressed in a suit at Starbucks playing candy crush drinking a Frappacino: I feel like you have better things to do with your life rn…
Candy Crush is back in my life. So now you're up to date on my relationship status.
I swear candy crush just doesn't want me to prosper!!!
Shes playing candy crush at this time Yoh!
When I feel like I've accomplished nothing with my life, I remind myself I have the 19th highest score on level 204 of…
Why is level 451 on candy crush so hard???
I should be cooking steak and rice to make wraps but I'm just laying in bed playing candy crush for a bit...
She just asked me if I play Candy Crush and I am definitely considering getting off this bus right now in the middle of a vast highway.
Just got the fb invite, anyone else going to Candy Crush Saga?
People who say video games don't make people violent clearly have never played Candy Crush
I use Chrome's Incognito Window to look up strategies for Candy Crush levels... because I don't want anyone to know...
The maker of Candy Crush? I haven't looked in detail, but their fate seems to rely on a single video game...
Ecstatic! i cud kiss a goat right now. passed this level on candy crush FINALLY im sure ive been on this level for 5months
My iPad been dead for about a month now. I need a new charger 😫 I can't play candy crush or covet
Mum shouting at her phone cuz she can't complete level 3 of candy crush
Why do people love Candy Crush? I think it's very very lame and boring!!
since I've split up with my ex, I hardly ever play candy crush loool
Just told my mom I can't accept her candy crush request until she let's me do what I want to do this weekend πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
How are people still sending me Candy Crush requests like download 2048 already ***
One advantage of work experience tomorrow is I always get a few levels of candy crush completed
Someone please tell me how to play number 56 on Candy Crush. I really do not understand it!
Now I can't sleep so just going to play candy crush until I run out of lives
my mom : I need to have pass this level of candy crush because I can't do it
This is what eventually happens when you try to fool candy crush by forwarding the clock on your phone
Think my phone just autonomously took me to the Candy Crush page in the iTunes Store? Ghosts? I'm afraid to click away.
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Has ANYONE ever hit the jackpot on the Candy Crush wheel?
Cup of tea, candy crush and a smelly dog.
I promise that level 181 of Candy Crush is rigged so you can't beat it. I've been stuck on that level for 2 weeks now.
I don't play no games, You're my candy crush all night 😏
the life is literally watching my trainees change garbages while I play candy crush
So... I beat all of candy crush (so far)... Like further than you can go on your phone by far :/ right in time fo...
"I declined her candy crush life because I hate her that much"
I don't understand level 323 of candy crush!!!
Dear Jeanne Kraus, Did you really think you could get past Candy Crush Level 104 with only the mental tools you have been working with so far in this life? Seriously? Dream on.
candy crush !! Lou got us past that one I was stuck on now flyin threw em .bet ur up all nite now to over take us lol
When someone sends you a candy crush request
Callum's gone to shields and I'm just sitting at home playing candy crush with his mam, belta 😁
Entire internet economy dependent on Candy Crush Saga addicts with money. I'm under my desk now.
Think about it, it's called Candy...and you Crush on it. 😳😁
When your parents threaten to confiscate your electronics because you didn't send them a f**king life on candy crush -_- smh
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I never beat anything eh?. My high score in flappy bird is 47. I'm on lvl 61 on candy crush. And I haven't gotten 2048 . Sad face :(
Ner mate a dont want to play candy crush
So do you have any plans after graduation?. Yes, I plan on getting better and better at candy crush
You know you need to step up your game when your grandma is farther on candy crush than you are.
Idk why ninjas still messaging me on fb... I only have it activated so I can't get tickets for candy crush.
i HATE chocolate on Candy Crush with such a passion omg.. chocolate in real life however(;
*** I only have 3 more lives on candy crush" eliz
Mobile games shouldn't be included. Playing Candy Crush doesn't make you a gamer. Girls that play don't want dev jobs.
I'm getting addicted to candy crush again😐😁
Candy crush is my only friend. Must be why I feel so depressed and alone.
I think what I miss most about rooming with NelehJC16 is that now no one can beat my candy crush levels when I can't anymore πŸ˜”
Candy Crush Declines, King Goes Flat (KING) - King Digital, the company behind Candy Crush, had a rough day. The...
hm, the site pushed me to the App Store to download candy crush. Boo!
Sitting here facing this doctor while he's on his computer steadily clicking away. And in the back of my mind, I can't help but think, "I Wonder if he's doing my Stuff on there or if he's just saying mmm hmmm And playing Candy Crush or something"!?! Lol
Can somebody please send my ticket so I can play candy crush I'm done spending money lol
Not to brag, but I don't do candy crush, drink beer or fight demons, I don’t seem to have a pulse even. I'm dead. I'm dead & yes I am actually sort of bragging about it.
Relaxing at check in time. Going between reading about an Irish hit man in an eBook and candy crush...86 degrees outside.
Playing candy crush does not make you a gamer, please respect us
Fuucckk! Ah gonna shoot that *** owl on candy crush. Fuucckk Gr. Ok I'm better now ughhh
Why are u people still playing candy crush! *** IT!
Waiting for the inspector at work...Times like these I wish I never uninstalled CANDY CRUSH!!!...=^/
If everyone worked their business as much as they "share" random pages, invite me to play candy crush or post about what to watch on Netflix tonight we would have all earned those G.O.O.D bonuses! I am not okay with hearing the "business is not working" when you do not work your business! ..and by "work your business" I do not mean post a before and after then play all day and wait for a response! Gez
I'm starting a petition against this Candy Crush Saga! Ever since the game went viral, text messages i send to my missus are replied to only after all her candy crash lives are finished!
Going to be on an airplane tomorrow, and I'm pretty much in Candy Crush purgatory. Any good books I should get today before I leave?
Played candy crush at long that every time I close my eyes im seeing colours lol
Breaking News... We are happy to announce dat we are the FIRST store to sell the Brand New and Official- 'Candy Crush Heels!!! (Doe act like yah doe play Candy Crush) Yes Ladies... Be the first to ROCK these Authentic Nodules at the next Party. Only $75.53... Hurry Quick, cause we are giving away Free Goat Milk product for your hair, skin and Bo Bo, and Bunions... (Goat milk containers are only $21.32) COME QUICK!!! The-Morning Guy Redman is your casher!!!
Please stop sending me game requests..if I had any spare time I'd be givin it sum in the motor not playin candy crush!!
Please don't send me candy crush request otherwise I will meet you personally and crush your candies
Send me another candy crush invitation. Do it. I dare you.
Candy Crush Saga : All my friends are sending me game request. I am blocking them one by one. Really it is thrilling :D :P
Just when everything was totally going my way in the world. Somebody ruined it. I got invited to play candy crush.
You know your loved when you nip to the loo and are still there half an hour later playing candy crush, and no one even notices your gone πŸ˜”
200 girls are missing in Nigeria. There's a plane missing with 239 people onboard. More than 140,000 have died in Seria & the war is still going on. Russia is too buzy playing Candy Crush with Europe countries & the media wants to talk about what we had for dinner.
Dear Level 125 in Candy Crush, I despise you and will be moving on to a new game thanks to your hardness. Sincerely, Me
King, which makes the hugely popular game Candy Crush Saga, reported earnings of $0.61 a share on revenue of $607 million for the first quarter.
Posted up on my couch.waiting on the rain, draft, Judge Mathis, my recorded tv, and my many games I play (candy crush, farm heroes, juice cubes, cookie jam) yeah I'm a game freak!
The next person that sends me a game request for Candy Crush will get punched in the neck.
I have diabetics.So please dont send me candy crush requests. please !!
I swear if someone sends me another candy crush invite ill throw my boot thru the telly. what is this garbage LOL
Should my hubby lose his man card for inviting me to play Candy Crush? Vote early and often.
Hi , pls like this status if u r playing candy crush too . I want to send you request to get a life :(
Candy Crush addicts raise your hand. We feel your pain.
My candy crush no more live hizk please send me live :)
If you can't get off Candy Crush long enough to answer questions about your 10/10 pain, maybe I should explain the scale again. Just saying :D
I'm sure you're very nice, but I do NOT want to play Candy Crush.
Who is suffering from Candy crush khedan da chaskaa :D
I've had a few proud accomplishments in my life, but perhaps none bigger than being able to say "I have never completed a level in Candy Crush...nor attempted to."
After 575 levels of sweet sweet pain and torture, I have finally reached the end of Candy Crush. My life is done.
Ort...Frig you Candy Crush and wunna level 425!! I think I will retire here.
When will Candy Crush Saga freakin' get it... I DON'T CARE IF ODUS FELL OFF THE FREAKIN' MOON...!
Thanks for all the invites to candy crush and other games! But I don't play those!
I almost feel like... Sometimes I want to just sit on the toilet for 20 minutes, to reflect on my day and wind down. Play some candy crush, read a book. Even if I don't need to pass a bowel.
(Reuters) – King Digital Entertainment Plc’s stock plummeted more than 13 percent on Wednesday as signs that the company may be losing steam overshadowed better-than-expected quarterly results from the maker of hit mobile game β€œCandy Crush Saga.”
Someone wants some daddy time and he wants to play candy crush on his phone lol
Move over Candy Crush. Tonight we are playing IEC game.
ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS TONIGHT! $1.50 Domestic Bottles and $2 Well Drinks all day! 1/2 priced apps during the Cardinals game! Try our 2 new specialty drinks tonight; the Candy Crush Martini and the Sexy Watermelon!
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