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Candy Crowley

Candy Alt Crowley (born December 26, 1948) is an American news anchor currently employed as CNN's chief political correspondent, specializing in U.S.

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she will have the Media to cover for her in a debate with Rubio or anyone else from GOP - remember Candy Crowley in 2012?
Rendell : A 1on1 debate in fall, "has to deal with facts in that debate" Really? This is new,maybe Candy Crowley can help
Romney got owned by Candy Crowley in the second debate. lost all steam after that. Had nothing to do with being a Mormon
Surprised the NBC debate debacle didn't make your list. Maybe a little too close to home. As in Candy Crowley.
Candy Crowley must've taken her shoes off at work again.
You don't think the NBC debate debacle was worthy of the top ten media stories? Really? Maybe hits too close to home. Candy Crowley.
Eating spaghetti and salad for dinner, except for instead of spaghetti it's candy and instead of salad I have no friends
or how about Candy Crowley actually aiding during "debate." media is a joke
POLITICO Playbook, presented by Abbott – D.C. REPUBLICANS go home for holidays, discover Trump voters are real (and…
Do You really think Candy Crowley wld Beat down TRUMP as she did MItt&he went to the corner and allowed her to LIE
Donald Trump should not do Fox Debate. After last fiasco with Kelly I would refuse. Another Candy Crowley event! No Kelly
Candy Crowley couldn't save you in a live debate.
Here show him this picture of a baby by Wolf Blitzer n Candy Crowley.
I would not do Fox debate if Kelly is on panel. Another Candy Crowley from CNN. Remember this. Kelly wishes you no good.
Kelly is a disgrace to journalism. She'd have no job if she looked like Candy Crowley
Candy Crowley, realizing there are no Republicans to correct, left the building.
Preach it all-powerful Seer from Candy Crowley's network!!
someone really stole my candy cane out of my bag smh where's the Christmas spirit
Offers no substance...just snark. Candy Crowley couldn't save you in a debate.
Clinton, Crowley, and Christie (Bill, Candy, Chris) consecutively infused Obama 2012 with life-support. Who will perpetuate Hillary in 2016?
Romney had it made until he let Candy Crowley kick him in the *** !!!
Jingle Bells, Ghostface smells. Krueger *** on eggs. Chucky's *** is a candy stick. and Crowley has nice legs - WAIT!!
He couldn't handle Candy Crowley. MT just because our most electable option lost in 2012
I fought hard for Romney - he flopped on us. Candy Crowley was too much for him. Ryan TANKED the Bide…
Candy Crowley caused the damage and when she owned up to her error no one was watching.
.Candy Crowley is a Democratic operative? That's news to
Pretty legit day on campus. Morning Google hangout with Candy Crowley, former CNN chief po…
Biggest takeaway tonight: Every presidential debate should be hosted by Candy Crowley, Martha Raddatz and Megyn Kelly.
Pulling a Candy Crowley? Anderson Cooper regrets he handed the *** E-mails' Q to Bernie
I wouldn't mind some instant fact-checking ala 'Candy Crowley' during the either.
Also, are these the same guys that told Mitt to let Candy Crowley 'PUNK' him out in front of the world???
Too late to attack dear leader, Candy. . You built this. .
Candy to the rescue. She knows that a little light is the best disinfectant. Let's get everyone talking about Obama.
If Fox News couldn't take Trump out then who? It might be time to summon Candy Crowley.
why is CNN hostingGOP debate? It's the fox guarding the hen house. Is Fox netwk to host Dem debates? NOT! Shades of Candy Crowley
. Kelly, she still needs to be dumped. We dont need a Candy Crowley
He kicked *** in the first debate. Then became afraid of the media after Candy Crowley torpedoed him.
How would the right act if Candy Crowley gave the Megyn Kelly debate performance instead? They'd say it was biased/unf…
Megyn Kelly no better than Candy Crowley 2012 Shame on foxnews is biased 4 BUSH
Don't you mean nice work Candy Crowley? A mediator is NOT supposed to be biased. Come on Greg!!
I think I have to agree with you. She pulled a "Candy Crowley" on Trump that debate night.
Lets not take away from the real story. Megyn managed to beat Candy Crowley in poor moderat…
Just remember. She is not on vacation. She is just visiting her Alma Mater, The Candy Crowley School of Journalism.
I didn't I voted Romney but his campaign was a joke an Candy Crowley totally *** humped him second debate on Benghazi 😒
Would it be better to wait for a liberal like Candy Crowley to ask those questions while Trump stands across from Hillary?
Will never watch her again. Don't watch Candy Crowley either.
TM for Women with PTSD. TEDX Women Talk. Candy Crowley and Soledad O'Brien comment.
No crying she would make a good Candy Crowley is all.
Where is the media? Chuck Todd,, Candy Crowley, Katie Couric, Chris Wallace, Bill O'Reilly, etc? Can you speak up?
Your hit piece on trump and military advisors shows your bias against him. I'm sure Candy Crowley Is hosting the debates again
well when you have moderator like candy munchin Crowley you need to have diversity
Why is Leftist moderating a GOP debate?. Candy Crowley busy that night?. Democrats sure got it good.
Gee, is there one for Candy Crowley? BobSchieffer? old stretch face Jim Lehrer,I would sign those!
Four years ago Mitt Romney was sabotaged by Candy Crowley. Now Fox News is doing the same to Donald Trump
I honestly wonder if it had been someone like Candy Crowley or Ann Compton, would conservatives have even cared what was said?
Poor dear...hope she can handle all those "hard ball" questions. Perhaps if she has Candy Crowley there to "help" her.
Obama tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that Americans will not be intimidated by cyberattacks.
I think she should moderate a debate between Candy Crowley and Brian Williams.
Mitt Romney after fighting Evander Holyfield: "I'm happy to fight anybody as long as Candy Crowley isn't the referee."
Romney on Holyfield match: ‘I can fight anybody so long as Candy Crowley isn’t the referee’ via
Eric Shawn really is an annoying little man - he appears to be FIRMLY in Hillary's camp. Is he a 'Candy Crowley' spoiler?
. I agree but there is a time and place and he blew it esp with lard *** Candy Crowley
Chris Cuomo, Candy Crowley and the "non reporter personalities" will not physically be able to read that story on air
Missing Candy Crowley is great but missing Candy. Take note.
listened to the last podcast. Would have been awesome with you in that debate with Candy Crowley. Lol
Oh god is my little Squeak in a room with Crowley? oh god no I'm not seeing this... I'll just eat candy
He will hang. Shortly before Candy "Don't Call me Eye" Crowley (will need to reinforce the gallows for that witch)
LOL. Wonder who the will demand for moderator. I hear Candy Crowley has retired.
The snarky debate comments to Mitt. Candy Crowley had to stick her big fat foot in and bail him out mid-stammer!
Should have brought up Benghazi and told Candy Crowley to knock it off,Mitt. It's a little late now.
It would take more then candy Crowley to save her!
YOU GUYS ACTUALLY HAVE A BUCKET OF CANDY JFc I think rowona should give them to crowley as a peace offering
Id love to see Ted Cruz go up against any of them in a no BS debate. Gloves off, & no interruptions from Candy Crowley.
Always good to have you back, Crowley. {Takes the muffins and taffy, looking at the candy} Thank you for this.
Its not a Humanitarian group like Nancy Pelosi called it on Candy Crowley last year. Not unexpected coming out of her mouth
...Mitt could not even cope with Candy Crowley how would he deal with Putin/Assad etc?
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I'm certain wouldn't sit there like a bump on a log if a Candy Crowley type interjected themselves into a debate.
oh wow How TF could you guys possibly get rid of Candy Crowley?
Give me a break! Now it is the good looking women on Fox News. Wait, I want Candy Crowley, O's lifeboat
Can't believe Netanyahu won! They must not have a Candy Crowley of Lois Lerner over there.
Remember when beloved was a "nice guy" and failed to correct Candy Crowley? All of should learn from toughness
Maybe if Obama had sent Candy Crowley and a bunch of dead voters to Israel, Bibi would've lost.
Making a kickstarter to finance a Candy Crowley-led debate on Pro/Rel to be shown on FoxNews. Only way to corner the American soccer market.
I hope Candy Crowley is not the referee when Mitt Romney boxes Evander Holyfield:
Ain't that the truth. Candy Crowley would be the referee.
I was hoping he'd get into the ring with Candy Crowley! I'd pay to see that!
I hope Candy Crowley is not the referee.
"Just uh.. Nothing." Crowley glanced away. In all honesty, the demon had binged on blood and stolen candy for two days, then--
Candy Crowley was awful, she tried to take over the debate.
You have to like Holyfield’s chances against a tomato can that got KO’d by Candy Crowley.
Renew Eye Candy for these cute puppies!
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Her only hope is a sympathetic Candy Crowley-type debate monitor. Sadly, there's a good chance of that happening.
They should run Candy Crowley so she can help herself during the debates. Imagine a Christy/Crowley race! SNL heaven.
It's very kind of former CNN anchor Candy Crowley to make an appearance at your event.
I'm sorry! You're so right! The character Mitt Romney displayed towards Candy Crowley really served us all well
What was your last dream about? — tackling Crowley when he tried to steal candy from a vending machine, i tackle...
Maybe Candy Crowley will run. She did a great job as the Democratic spokeswoman in the last election.
At least that the story on that link can't be waved at the GOP nominee by this year's Candy Crowley if it comes up
Tough question. Who's the worst most corporate-propaganda-peddling "journalist" on TV. or Candy Crowley?.
Yeah, like Candy Crowley and the lady in the milk bath.R U kidding me
Jeb Bush told Candy Crowley in 2010 that he wouldn't disagree with his brother, George W. Bush, publicly "until death do us part."
“Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar,” Senator John McCain told CNN’s Candy Crowley in January 2014. Anti american terrorist.
Saying no argument doesn't mean their isn't an argument. Candy Crowley couldn't save u lol.
"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey". . (Statement reported in the media confirmed by Candy Crowley)
Speaking to Candy Crowley, Sec. Clinton says the U.S. is sending Egypt a clear message to refrain from violence, respect peaceful protest.
If Candy Crowley can beat Mitt so can any democratic nominee
Good job giving some GOP presidential debates to a network that thought using Candy Crowley and were good ideas.
Qualified? Candy Crowley beat him in a debate! I can still see his curled under tail. Obama beat him! Mitt is wimp
Or the rigged Candy Crowley debate with the Benghazi speech lie.
Let's hope the GOP's in control in 2016. Maybe Candy Crowley can run this time.
Romney missed his chance... Let's see 47% almost fatal. Candy Crowley correcting him on Benghazi during 2 debate!
[Moves to stand next to and hands Crowley the candy bar.] All yours, You just have to go to Dada.
Romney ran from Candy Crowley. He had total control of the debates and flushed it.IMO
TPM’s Josh Marshall steps into Candy Crowley lapdog costume; vid of Crowley walk-back
I hope Candy Crowley of asks the President what movies he actually does like.
Its true but could someone send Candy Crowley a memo to say Romney was RIGHT about everything?
“You want to be so good at what you do, they can’t ignore you.” –Candy Crowley
Jim Grey is doing a Candy Crowley with
. You mean like Candy Crowley. the umpire who tackles players to help 0bama win
especially on national level when u have a partisan candy Crowley masquerading as a journalist
Best part of Belichick presser was when Candy Crowley threw herself across podium to defend him from the sportswriters.
he had it won until Candy Crowley colluded with the President to neuter Romney's Benghazi comments.
He wouldn't have let Candy Porko Crowley run the show for her hero Barry.
Dunno if I'd go that far, but he definitely screwed up by letting Candy Crowley inject herself in the last debate.
Would you rather eat a jar of ear wax or never eat candy again?
I realize that someone who can't even stand up to Candy Crowley won't be able to stand up to our adversaries
He also let Candy Crowley & Obama steamroll him with BS he wasn't bold and/or prepared enough to rebut
GOP needs to control networks & moderators involved in the debates. No one wants another Candy Crowley fiasco again |
That was later proven WRONG you mean?
if Rosie O'donnell / Candy Crowley was on an ELEVATOR, they would survive a 50 floor crash ! Fat *** Protection
The media lost interest because it contradicts the utopian SOTU speech. Same as Candy Crowley and the Benghazi debacle.
I've got a really cool girls of CNN calendar.Candy Crowley,Barbara Starr,Michaela Pereira,Carol Costello.WOW!Need a cold shower yall
She will host the GOP debates replacing Dem operative Candy Crowley and GOP will be fine w/that. Dumbing dwn of U.S.
where is Candy Crowley when u need her?
Guys, let's not make fun of Candy Crowley because she's fat, Let's criticize her for being a hack,
Meet the moderator of the next Republican primary. Candy Crowley wasn't left enough.
GloZell Green: probably still a better Presidential debate moderator than Candy Crowley.
dont run Mitt, you dont have the *** for it. Candy Crowley ate your lunch while you stood there and watched.
If Candy Crowley is the judge/ fact checker I will definitely watch that train wreck. .
Time for Carol Costello to go the way of Candy Crowley at Between her whiney voice & zero objectivity she is grating and dull.
Good move by on moderator choice. Will it become the "Candy Crowley" rule when debating Dems? It should be.
"Happiness often sneaks in through a DUI stop without rolling down window or Speaking to Candy Crowley, Sec. Clinton says the
“🇺🇸. Slippery slope? GOP just says no to MSNBC on debates Smart move. Candy C…
I guess then the new game show won't be called Candy Crowley Crush.
You'll also need a strong panel of judges. I nominate Candy Crowley.
"Who Put the 'Moderate' in Moderator?" where the host affects the outcome. Candy Crowley hosts.
CURIOUS: Is Monica Crowley of FoxNews & Candy Crowley of CNN related? And, would either one be related to Aleister Crowley? Just wondering.
North Korea. - Obama tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that the area before shooting his predeces...
Congrats to all of the greats retiring this week . Craig Ferguson, Stephen Colbert's alter ego, and Candy Crowley!!
I have such inner rage toward Candy Crowley. I think I need to see a therapist. She's interviewing President Obama, and I hate her so much I can't concentrate on hating him!
For his last interview of the year, President Obama sat down, exclusively, with CNN’s Candy Crowley to discuss North Korea’s cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, normalizing relations with Cuba, Russia, Iran, race relations in America and Guantanamo Bay. The interview aired Sunday, December 21st, on CNN at 9AM and 12PM EST Text highlights and a transcript of the discussion are below… [ 2763 more words. ]
Uh oh Candy Crowley called Obama "angry" in connection to Reverend Wright - isn't that a racist dog whistle...
Pretty sure it was her. She was on SOTU with Candy Crowley debating, or rather talking over Stephanie Miller. It was sad.
Over the weekend, former President George W. Bush told CNN's Candy Crowley that he wants his younger brother, Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, to run for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomi...
A great story from on our friend Candy Crowley deciding to leave CNN .
"CNN's Candy Crowley to leave network after 27 years.
Candy Crowley, who aided Barack Obama in a 2012 debate with Mitt Romney, out at CNN
Candy Crowley had no respect for Conservative World Views...She was bold in her disgust , therefore I'm happy to see her go. - Good Bye Candy ! Current Event. After 27 years with the network, Candy Crowley is out at CNN. After the 2012 Presidential Debate she moderated between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the State of the Union host was roundly criticized for seeming to take sides.When Romney questioned Obama’s claim that he had called Benghazi an act of terror in a Rose Garden ceremony the day after the attack, as opposed to blaming it on a spontaneous demonstration, Crowley said, “He did, in fact.” Later, Crowley told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Romney “was right in the main. I just think he picked the wrong word.” According to The Wrap, in a memo they obtained, CNN President Jeff Zucker said of Candy: To say she lives and breathes politics is more than an understatement. She has an innate ability to sense its nuance, push its limits, and ask questions that others won’t. She is beloved in ...
Pueblo Chieftain - CNN’s Candy Crowley moving on after 27 years
Stephanie Miller still says Candy Crowley was right.
You've been quoted in my story "Candy Crowley - Mary Alice Davis Distinguished Lecture"
Can't wait to watch Candy Crowley on TV. What a great Mary Alice Davis lecture! Proud to be a longhorn and a journalism major
CNN's award-winning anchor and reporter, Candy Crowley, now onstage to deliver Mary Alice Davis lecture
"It's an honor to be speaking in Mary Alice's name, she seems like a gal I'd have liked." -Candy Crowley, CNN Chief Political Corespondent
Ready to hear CNN's Candy Crowley give the Mary Alice Davis Distinguished Lecture for the UT School of…
Were the first shots of 2016 just fired? Candy Crowley says Rand Paul may have broken the "land speed record" wit...
I can no longer tell Candy Crowley and Mickey Rourke apart.
CNN's Candy Crowley shares a light moment with Hillary Clinton with talk of football and Chelsea's upcoming wedding.
"He basically said the Republican brand *** " Candy Crowley summing up Senator Rand Paul's take on GOP image.
CNN Obama sycophant Candy Crowley, who literally read Obama's talking points during the presidential debate she hosted in 2012, got owned by Ted Cruz on Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union." As you can see from the interview below, Crowley continues to read from Obama's teleprompter, but Ted Cruz wi…
Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) responds to President…
Are health experts playing into political games when it comes to Ebola? Speaking to Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gave a passionate summary of why he thinks a travel ban is necessary to protect the U.S. from West Africa's...
Cruz: WH 'unserious' on ISIS: Sen. Ted Cruz tells Candy Crowley "the approach of the Obama administration to ISIS…
CNN host Candy Crowley on Sunday challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) while asking him how Republican decisions may have negatively impacted the United States' ability to address Ebola. Crowley asked how the sequester hurt funding for the Centers for Disease Control and how the National Rifle Association…
Just watched the "Candy Crowley" one sided interview of Ted Cruz. He did not have a single good thing to say about the government, the senate, the presidency, all of the brave Ebola care givers at CDC. Nor did he have a single solution to any of the problems in the discussion. He conveniently avoided criticism of the Texas Hospital, his state, and their massive failure to follow protocols and being totally unprepared. His sole interest is to create enough negative energy about the current status of politics, including his own part, only to be looking for the top job in the White House.His was vague on the President's military advisor's on the ground hep target ISIS targets, calling them "boots on the ground", yet he was quick to say he ready to spill tons of American blood, not his of course.The fact is only 2 people are being treated for Ebola in the US.And they were caregivers from the hospital in Texas. CDC officials went directly against Cruz's idea of banning all flights from the African Countri ...
State of the Union host Candy Crowley pressed Senator Ted Cruz's (R-TX) on his call for a travel ban from west Africa Sunday morning, pointing out that the public health community unanimously opposed such a ban, and asking if the junior senator from Texas would overrule CDC and NIH experts were he i…
I try to unplug from CNN after 11pm but Candy Crowley is on Watch What Happens Live so I'll make an exception.
But why is Candy Crowley on Watch What Happens Live with Dane Cook and Andy Cohen... So lost
Candy Crowley has hit a new low.appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. Almost sad to watch
It certainly appears that way.They are so partisan and so amateurish over there.Blitzer.John King,Candy Crowley,give me a break
Tony Blair today appeared on with Candy Crowley. You can watch part of the interview here:
Candy Crowley to Mitt Romney in 2016: Weren't you wrong when you said Russia wasn't America's geopolitical foe?
Remember that time in 2012 when Candy Crowley beat Mitt Romney in a debate and Mitt shut up and let Obama & Crowley finish the debate?
Candy Crowley basically just told Sen. Amy Klobuchar "thanks for bringing your *** to CNN and talking about sports!"
This just in >> Candy Crowley and Mitt Romney will be on on Monday night !. (Just kidding)
Megyn deserves a notable award for her skill in interviewing Ayers and Churchill. Candy Crowley *** hind ***
Please do NOT reference Candy Crowley and "hole" in the same sentence.
"Are there any women on TV who look like Bob Beckel?" Um, Candy Crowley?
Obama gives simultaneous contradictory statements so Candy Crowley can later confirm he said whatever turns out true.
Get ready for college guys bc Crowley doesn't teach you ANYTHING
I would pay money to see a broadcast of a Candy Crowley vs Fox and Friends primetime brawl.
This time the Country heard him so CBS, CNN, NBC, can't protect him. Sorry Candy Crowley he said ISIS is …
I laugh hard when Crowley steals candy. Such a sweet tooth man :p
I'll bet Candy Crowley likes balls anyway she can get them 😱
Even though Obama's ball seemed to have sliced left into the woods, Candy Crowley declared it a hole in one.
Even though the president's speech wasn't a contest of any type, Candy Crowley still declared Obama the winner. http:/…
ships that go underwater. Wasn't Candy Crowley sucking O's *** or was that another debate. ?
Candy Crowley made a gaff on CNN yesterday ~ she let it slip that US is really going after Assad, not ISIS.
Candy Crowley INTERJECTED a blatant lie into the Obama/Romney debate after Obama asked for help from her. Jail is too good for her.
CNN State of the Union host Candy Crowley consulted an interesting source to discuss Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s indictment on charges of abusing his power: former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a fellow Texas Republican who has been embroiled in a criminal election law violation for the past 12…
bs- note that none of the 100 or so cellphones that were hacked are people like Michael Moore or Candy Crowley.
Pritchard trial, Dallas Co Crowley Ct 9/3 @ 9 am. 2 yrs ago he beat his blk poodle, Candy held her under water in pool for chew patio furn.
line bet. reporter and political supporter almost fully gone. Candy Crowley @ CNN set the new low during last presidential debates
who is going to control on social media what's said is right and wrong you ask? Candy Crowley!
Very true. They are the enemy. Remember Bob Schieffer and Candy Crowley wrecking Mitt Romney in the debates?
He lost b/c of that inaction & not standing up when Candy Crowley crossed that line.
Probably the most difficult part of watching Candy Crowley on CNN is to resist the urge to shout "there she blows!" every…
For perspective on Rick Perry indictment, Candy Crowley interviews Tom DeLay. To comment on ISIS, will she bring in Khālid Sheikh Muḥammad?
Since Bob Schieffer, Candy Crowley, and the rest of the rat's nest of fake journalists.
Senator Menendez, Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, appearing from Kyiv, on CNN's Candy...
-I would rather look at a Horse's *** than Candy Crowley. CNN has eliminated itself as a news network.
When we don't want to talk about Obama and his foibles, let's just deflect and mock, right Candy Crowley? How Alinsky of you.
CNN Candy Crowley giggling as liberal guest from CNN bashes the GOP and Romney. What a horse's ***
Candy Crowley is a perfect example of how corrupt politics are by her biased and unethical behavior as moderator of 2012 debate. Disgusting.
This country could change on a dime if these wretched corporate hacks like Candy Crowley actually held these GOP whacks to account.
Let's just face it, Candy Crowley is a hack. No journalistic ethics, and not the person to be reporting on State of the Union.
Candy Crowley pushing the meme that Romney is running again in 2016. Panel not taking bait except for Penny Lee, of course.
lulz. Candy Crowley just said "let's talk about polls. you know how we feel about polls" and I can't stop laughing. . I'm a 14 year old.
Candy Crowley is tone deaf on the Rick Perry story. Prosecutor is a Democrat.She didn't mention his own ethics violation problem once.
Candy Crowley is no more a legitimate reporter than Honey Boo Boo. She showed her lack of ethics and bias during 2012 debate. Shameful.
sick and tired of AKA The 'Catfish News Network' & candy *** crowley
please ask Candy Crowley why she interviews John McCain incessantly who beats drum to war on ISIS every day and demeans POTUS
Putin's power push into Ukraine: Senate Foreign Relations Cmte Chair Robert Menendez on what he says is 'clear...
I was hoping to never again see Tom Delay's face on national tv again, but CNN and Candy Crowley nixed my hopes.
. For all those who ask why is this now disgraced man on all the time other then his loneliness...
Candy Crowley was two commercial breaks away from leading the charge into Iraq herself this morning.
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If Candy Crowley is so anxious for US to go into Syria then maybe she shd go to Syria & report. Her warmongering is unethical.
Candy Crowley. You sound like a stripper but really you're an overweight lady on CNN
Soon we need a bigger flat screen, CNN's Candy Crowley looks to love her first name too much ...
Props to candy Crowley for introing tom delay as former speaker and 'someone familiar with Texas justice system'
Does bring any war dissenters on? We all saw what Bush did in 2003. Candy Crowley is bringing war drum beaters on.
Not that I listen to her..but did she slam on Republicans for Ebola? MN's Candy Crowley
Tomorrow in Candy Crowley show you will have the usual guests, either John McCain Or Lindsay Graham or the new *** Peter King.
Agreed but Mitt wimped out in the last debate MT Candy Crowley…
If Ms. Crowley had to be a certain candy I'd say its a blowpop.
I believe he lost becoz the ppl like Candy Crowley vilified him as debate hosts
With BHO's help from Candy Crowley and the MSM.
Democratic debate highlights in Iowa Candy Crow -
saw u with candy Crowley never hear anyone recently spoke so knowledgeable @ race
EDIT: "Jesse." Key point: "THIS is the story." Also: Candy Crowley couldn't get him off the air fast enough, establishment hack that she is.
Face the Nation, Meet the Press, Fareed Zakaria GPS, & State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley are the top. He's the best out of them
Sam: "What is Crowley doing?". Dean: *looks over to see Crowley trying to steal candy from a vending machine* "Stealing candy" :P
Romney tried at the debate but Candy Crowley cut him off...
Dont knock CNN . rumor has it, 7 more pounds & Bob replaces Candy Crowley
I've been meaning to tell you- Candy Crowley keeps raiding the snacks you leave out 4 guests in the CNN green room
-I would like to see Dr. Carson debate Obama without Candy Crowley as a moderator.
I saw you on candy crowley,most importantly I heard you,you spoke the truth,you are greatly appreciated for it
Look at bae! "Partial clip of Jesse Williams on Candy Crowley's show on CNN:
Ferguson's Congressman Rep. Clay on State of the Union with Candy Crowley: Ferguson police ...
Jesse Williams took Candy Crowley to task this morning on CNN
Candy Crowley: PC, you once said that we should end all prisons. Can this be true?. PC: Yes, Candy. CC: Ummm. . Audience: stunned silence
Since is running me for President. Here's my first debate against Rand Paul moderated by Candy Crowley.
YES. “RT Partial clip of Jesse Williams on Candy Crowley’s show on CNN:
CNN's Candy Crowley explained the news network's seeming fixation on Sen. John McCain for foreign policy analysis, after some viewers asked her why she has him on her program so often. Crowley spok
Candy Crowley ended her interview with Senator John McCain Sunday morning on CNN's "State of the Union" by acting him to react to viewer's emails that said they were angry they even invited him on.
Palestine Makes You Dumb To argue the Palestinian side, in the Gaza war, is to make the case for barbarism. By Bret Stephens July 28, 2014 7:29 p.m. ET Of all the inane things that have been said about the war between Israel and Hamas, surely one dishonorable mention belongs to comments made over the weekend by Benjamin J. Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications. Interviewed by CNN's Candy Crowley, Mr. Rhodes offered the now-standard administration line that Israel has a right to defend itself but needs to do more to avoid civilian casualties. Ms. Crowley interjected that, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Jewish state was already doing everything it could to avoid such casualties. "I think you can always do more," Mr. Rhodes replied. "The U.S. military does that in Afghanistan." How inapt is this comparison? The list of Afghan civilians accidentally killed by U.S. or NATO strikes is not short. Little of the fighting in Afghanistan took place in the ...
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that Hamas is violating its own call for a cease-fi…
Did you missed John Kerry's CNN "State of the Union with Candy Crowley"? you can get the full transcript at
John Kerry is Not Impressed with CNN’s Candy Crowley . I know the feeling, but not impressed with …
The farce continues. Candy Crowley and Bob Schieffer nod.
On Sunday, during an interview with Candy Crowley on CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) tore...
Candy Crowley has NO credibility after that sham CNN debate between Obama and Mitt Romney where she lied for Obama.
PLEASE PLEASE talk to Candy Crowley about the Hobby Lobby decision. I am totally on fire and need to know you've g…
Because she did nothing wrong. (ZIP) (CNN) – The attorney for embattled former IRS official Lois Lerner said Sunday that Republicans are denigrating an innocent woman for purely political purposes. In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, attorney William Taylor said it’s “convenient” for…
"The U.S. Is the world's only superpower. Its our destiny to lead." Said by, of all people, CNN's Candy Crowley. Although I don't like her at all, (as she is a political surrogate / operative masquerading as a TV journalist), I did like what she said and I also allowed her to meet me today. (I also met Rick Santorum. I have no doubt that he is gonna try again in 2016)
Ridiculous fuss over Candy Crowley's Libya intervention last night. She was absolutely right! Romney camp just sore he cocked up his answer.
Jeez, Candy Crowley lost a ton of weight.
Lindsey Graham on State of the Union with Candy Crowley re Iran and Iraq
We should get Romney to run for President and keep Candy Crowley away from debates.
To Dana Bash,CNN hosting for Candy Crowley: @ Dana Bash, Am I the only one who took notice of the shallow, sociopathic answer Lindsey Graham gave when asked if the lives of American Soldiers were justified during our occupation of Iraq? In his reply he reduced the lives of our American service personnel to the American control of oil in the Mideast. Not once did he address the live lost and lives of the wounded Americans and future lives anticipated in more strikes on ISIS. The issue of ISIS securing American weapons from Malaki's lack luster army will, of course, be used against us. Why does not one news person point to the person who should be held responsible, George Bush? If our continuing war in Iraq should be laid in a l "Leader's" lap, it certainly belongs to Bush. Lindsay Graham ' s character assassination of President Obama reinforces the enemies that we have a severely fractured political mess of our own and gives them a strategic position. Personally I believe that all of these southerne ...
Crowley is part of Team Steal the Candy. love ya Crowley
Candy Crowley looking like the pinnacle of objectivity compared to these two subbing for her on on
CNN Candy Crowley's replacements today are as dumb as she is. Defending Obama at any cost.
On CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday news talk show, the host said, "Candy Crowley (the usual host) is off today." Why is that news? She's usually off, I say.
Was that before or after Candy Crowley "clued" him in ?
The Top 8 White House Bergdahl Lies 9:01 PM 06/09/2014 / Article by / Joseph Miller Joseph Miller is the pen name for a senior Department of Defense official with a background in U.S. special operations and combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has worked in strategic planning. It’s been just over a week since Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released in exchange for five senior Taliban leaders held in Guantanamo Bay, and so far the Obama administration is averaging nearly a lie a day. Here are the top eight administration claims, laid out and debunked in full. Lie Bergdahl was very sick Bergdahl’s health was not rapidly deteriorating, as the administration claimed. Reports have leaked that the only medical problems Bergdahl is suffering from are “gum and skin disorders” associated with poor hygiene. The video of Sgt. Bergdahl’s handover to American forces that was released by the Taliban shows Sgt. Bergdahl looking relatively healthy. In the tape, he is seen walking into the company of U.S. speci ...
with Candy Crowley and Fareed Zhakaria is right on. Great interviews. is the news now. Graham painted a dire picture.
Good job on your interview with Candy Crowley show.
"State of the Union", by Candy Crowley on CNN is a debate with live feeds of different participants. When one Participant speaks, the rest keep mum. In India; be it any channel, the story is different. Everybody tries to supersede one another, the louder you yell, more convincing you are believed and the conversation if viewed for a longer duration of time may give you a headache. Etiquettes are out of question.
Watching state of the union with Candy Crowley, one senator called prez OB 'delusional'
Only stayed tuned in to because I didn't see Candy Crowley.
Roamio Pro LivRm> State of the Union With Candy Crowley at 9:00 AM on 600 CNNHD
makes watching "State of the Union With Candy Crowley" more rewarding.
I'm "State of the Union With Candy Crowley". TV loves you back with
I’m watching "State of the Union With Candy Crowley" and earning great rewards from
Candy Crowley's new promo pic is the definition of putting lipstick on a pig... oink alert!
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Pls get lost. You are not Candy Crowley. You are nothing, in fact.
Is anyone really surprised by Candy Crowley? CNN, Duh!
. Sorry, Candy Crowley said he was incorrect.
We need broadcast professionals for that, like Candy Crowley and Gwen Ifill.
Was going to point out that Candy Crowley is a woman, but she's not a guest.
With every senseless death at the hands of I hope Candy Crowley feels some guilt.
“I actually miss going to Blockbuster and picking out movies and candy”
Someone call Candy Crowley to bail them out too.
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