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Candy Crowley

Candy Alt Crowley (born December 26, 1948) is an American news anchor currently employed as CNN's chief political correspondent, specializing in U.S.

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no ques BHO fingerprint is on all of the spying. Found it telling tht BHO knew what paper Candy Crowl…
just wait till Candy Crowley chimes in to validate the Putin Trump double reverse conspiracy? Drool yet.
Your days are limited like Candy Crowley,Solidad Obrian,Pierce Morgan;Like all the other LIARS
This just in: Wolfe Blitzer and Candy Crowley are actually twin sisters.
We need people with backbone in the Senate, not people like Mitt Romney who cower to the like Candy Crowley!
And let's not forget what Mitt didn't say regarding at the Presidential debate with the Candy Crowley...
Lol thank God he will only be back after 18. I usually plays Candy Crush in his scenes 😝but I w…
OMG! Where is Candy Crowley when we need her?
Note: 2003 was before Rathergate. Journolist. The LA Times Obama Tape. Benghazi and Candy Crowley. Last year.
Maybe it's because Candy Crowley was busy. I notice Major Garrett shut up about the same time is Adam Schiff.
Well the 3rd was an abomination with Candy Crowley collusion with Obama. That subject should be r…
Rice is a flat out liar. Don't be complicit in her lies, April, like Candy Crowley of CNN was in ref to…
maybe if candy crowleys parents named her 'fruits and vegetables' crowley things coulda workd out better for her. guess shes KINDA a vG'tbL?
I didn't bother to watch the Mitchell interview. That's like watching Donna Brazille or Candy…
Andrea Mitchell gave Susan Rice cover. It's ok that you lie on my show. Candy Crowley 2.0
Same CNN that gave Trump unlimited airtime from the onset of his campaign is the one with Candy Crowl…
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Aleister Crowley: "To read a newspaper is to refrain from reading something worthwhile. The…
...and Candy Crowley moderated in favor Obama big time during the Obama/Romney debate.
I think you're confusing her with Candy Crowley.
MSM are still lying their *** off, and did it start with Candy Crowley?
I'm too old to have a schoolboy crush on She's married though so I close my eyes and visualize Candy…
Remember the ambush by bho & candy crowley - who later admitted Romney was right - bh…
Who could forget Candy Crowley bailing out with Still waiting apology to ht…
Ruth b Ginsberg would nullify election did she want to do that. in 2012 when candy crowl…
uh, no. as evidenced by Candy Crowley, Lester Holt, Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddaz, and John Harwood, and ot…
So Hillary got all the debate questions early. Betting Obama did too with that Candy Crowley tag team
Romney lost the election Because he rolled over for Obama & Candy Crowley
No...the funny part was Candy Crowley punching Romney.
. Sorry Luci,. has been for years. Gulf War I ring a bell? Or Candy Crowley debate monitor?
. Credibility of vanished when Candy Crowley moderated debate 8 years ago.
confused over the last week that veteran reporter Candy Crowley did something wrong but nevermind
I heard is bringing back Candy Crowley to assist in aiding the Democrats.
Remember how CNN rallied aggressively around Candy Crowley when she totally shat the bed in 2012 debate?
Candy Crowley can be The Magnificent Muraco, since they both look alike and weigh the same.
Let's get the contingent to FACT check massaged partisan hack facts a la Candy Crowley
It's important to know what motivates you, not what motivates some...
If Wolf Blitzer golden showers on Candy Crowley and CNN doesn't report it, did it really happen?
when did we develop a press? Maybe we should put Candy Crowley, Rachael Maddow, Donna Brazil in charge of that Dept?
between Candy Crowley diving on a grenade for President Obama in a debate and hiring Donna Brazile, CNN is suspect at times
And they don't have the woman who started it all.Candy Crowley deciding she needed to tag team debate Romney in…
Now apply that same thought process to Candy Crowley mistakenly supporting an Obama assertion in 2012 debate.
Trump pick Monica Crowley has a plagiarism problem:
A CNN investigation found more than 50 instances of plagiarism in book.
I have a recurring dream where Candy Crowley returns to CNN to host the 2017 Tostitos Road to Impeachment.
I'm a mac and cheese freak. Homemade or from the blue box, I'm not ...
Nobody puts Candy Crowley in a binder.
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Which is not even debatable. O even had a moderator answer a question for him n the 2012 debate .. than…
Trump pick Monica Crowley has a plagiarism problem
Investigations found numerous times Monica Crowley appeared to plagiarize material in her 2012 book and her 2000 Ph.D. disser…
Do I need to break out a chalk board and explain to your *** where Russia is.?? Go ask Candy Crowley.
I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like eggplant parmesan. Isn't that a...
Now you don't have to go to Vegas to wake up Sunday with a woman named Candy. Crowley named CNN SOTU anchor.
the image is a misquote from a Sept. 22, 2013, State of the Union interview Pelosi gave to Candy Crowley on CNN…
Kessler's "case" focuses on Russian veto use, which is not mentioned in Romney's quote. Candy Crowley wannabe.
Candy Crowley was good for CNN, but Fox's Crowley is not?
Remember when CNN gave this journalist a pass. Candy Crowley Disgraces Herself With Outrageous Tagteam Hit on Romney
Usually you kind of give the President a pass on leaking confidenti...
I mean, if a camera's on you all the time, you don't get real mom...
I was born in the Midwest, where 'salad' was cherry Jell-O with ba...
.. in which Candy Crowley and BO lambasted Romney (McMuffins mentor aka McMuffinTop)...
Monica Crowley is still better than Candy Crowley.
Crowley was trying to steal candy from the vending machine
UFC handing out interim titles like candy on Halloween. CM just won it and they are already giving someone interim
Something I could Google but I don't care quite enough: is Monica Crowley related to Candy?
"Monica Crowley" Plagiarism is the candy of the fruitless. Pandering to an *** is always easier than trying to impress an intellectual.
Candy Crowley cheated in 2010 Debates it wasn't the first time moderator cheating
Candy Crowley (CNN) "hacked" a Romney/Obama debate that let Obama win election. Insider tampering just as bad.
Bret, U know MKelly was not at all "a pro" wen she pulled a "Candy Crowley"@ 1st debate. . U r 2 PC Bret
Like when people cheered on Obama's adolescent mocking of Romney over geopolitical threat 2 U.S. or when Candy C…
Wolf is still at CNN ! Thought CNN was a cooking channel and Wolf and Candy Crowley hooked up ?
Crowley you can't just say "want some candy, little girl". Even if by candy you mean fresh human souls
Martha repeatedly mistakes how she interviews as just "Devil's Advocate" when she's more like Candy Crowley or Megyn.
This will likely go as well as her Candy Crowley impression.
Romney got his *** kicked by Candy Crowley. Ryan got his *** kicked by Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. Both are Losers and Chokers
Mitt Romney couldn't win a debate against CNN's Candy Crowley, you really want him dealing with World Leaders?
Let us pause to remember how Willard Mittens Romney allowed himself to be defenestrated by Candy Crowley in front o…
Did they mention Candy Crowley's collusion with Obama during Romney debate? Shilling for Democrats is CNN policy at…
. Died in 2012 as soon as Candy Crowley helped Obama & media spread Harry Reid lie about Romney taxes.
Remember when CNN's Candy Crowley accused Romney of lying in front of, what, 100 million viewers? And then you guys retracted...
Will next debate also be rigged?. Chris Wallace is another Candy Crowley only worse.
Let's c if Chris Wallace pulls a Candy Crowley like all the rest of Clinton sycophants in the media
Candy Crowley all over again its the Clinton News Network, what did u expect, a Wookiee button?
You made Candy Crowley look unbiased you hack. Journalist? Paid sellout is more like it.
It only took binders full of women, a dog on a car roof and Candy Crowley to mute Mitt.
Romney reminds me of boehner...crying in a corner when big ol candy Crowley took his lunch money. Dweeb.
Where are your test for Candy Crowley
Candy Crowley: Romney Was 'Right in the Main' on Benghazi, But 'Picked the Wron... via
Candy Crowley &Judge Alex's statements on FOX..Take their Sound Strategy.Confer with them. ALEX is Brilliant!
Romney was week and let Candy Crowley kick his butte. Trump is showing R’s how to win and debate. Tried to pull a C…
Candy Crowley feeling sorrier for convicted rapists than for their victim? Brock Turner's light sentence?(2/2)
Raddatz bias was evident, and intervention, like Candy Crowley, both inappropriate and wrong.
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Breaking :Candy Crowley will definitely not be the
Dude, is as prescient as Candy Crowley searching ctrl+f "Terror" on Obama's post-Benghazi Rose Garden speech b4 2nd 2012 debate
Donna, I thought you were done lying for awhile - guess I was wrong. You can now resume your Candy Crowley impersonation.
The current odds in Vagas r 3 to 1 that Chrissy will pull a Candy Crowley against Trump becuz George Will told him 2
Why would we want that asinine on the ticket? He couldnt even stand up to candy Crowley
I also blame Candy Crowley. Things haven't been the same since she debated 🤔
she's also good friends with Candy Crowley
CNN is simply against the GOP. Where is Candy Crowley to keep CNN fair?!
When I walked up to Mark and Ruth in my crowley pj candy cane cosplay I actually rendered Mark speechless and i'm so proud of myself :''D
Just like Obama knew he could say to Candy Crowley, "Check the tape." Rigged system with state-sponsored typist as journalists.
Lester Holt went Candy Crowley on Trump twice in & was shut down by Trump. 1st on stop & frisk & 2nd on Trump's po…
Where have we seen this before? Does the name Candy Crowley ring a bell? ? ? ?
Mittens Romneycare would have thrown the election by now just like he did in 2012. He couldn't stand up to Candy C…
Romney was scared of Candy Crowley what did he do for the party but make us look like ***
Donna Brazil from CNN is the Candy Crowley making the debates unfair. These are people assigned to Obama fundamental change of America.
Actually, it's the hack media like CNN who is interfering in the elections. cc: Candy Crowley. .
congrats Martha! Candy Crowley approves! Did Hillary send you a thank you note?
…actually this local debate is getting heated . "This is a Candy Crowley moment". "My son was fired for this and its still not enough for you"
That's an interesting wrinkle for Trump.Mark this: Chris Wallace will be as Java the hu...I mean Candy Crowley was to Romney
defending Hillary/Obama's announcing of military actions. Glad she came to debate. Should've brought Candy Crowley with her.
Admire DT so much for challenging Hillary on - Romney let Candy Crowley silence him and he lost.
Candy Crowley 2.0: Debate moderator feuds with Trump rebuts his answers
was appalling;in league w/Candy Crowley. Turning people further against medi…
Martha Raddatz debated the Republican, Candy Crowley-style. So I don't blame Donald Trump at all for saying it was a 1-on-…
Martha Raddatz just became this election's Candy Crowley.
ask Roger Ailes or Candy Crowley or Helen Thomas or Andy Rooney or...weird when you don't even recognize your bias
And then Candy Crowley's incorrect "fact-check" in the next debate gave it right back to him
good. the last GOP nom was a wimpy boy scout who loaded the Benghazi attack, but asked Candy Crowley to pull the trigger
Jim Lehrer and Candy Crowley already blackout drunk playing Xbox and eating pizza getting ready to watch debate together.
S. Ryan should know we don't want a candidate like Romney who couldn't stand up to Candy Crowley.
Romney was weak and let Candy Crowley throw the debate to Barry Soetero. Hope Trump disallows libs.
Dumbfounded Preibus reelected after Romney's loss-Shoulda anticipated when he couldn't even debate Candy Crowley
Some women I look up to in journalism: Rachel Maddow, Gwen Ifill, Soledad O'Brien, Christian Amanpour, Candy Crowley
I needed a good laugh this morning and Mitt, well, all I think of is Candy Crowley taking him down so easy. https…
while Romney is doing his thing, Candy Crowley shows up, and they do goodly battle with American Gladiator pommels.
Candy Crowley will speak at the 2016 Sanders Speaker Series from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Richard K. Stem Concert Hall. Admission is free.
remember when they tried to make Candy Crowley a loser? How times have changed.
Megan Kelly's stunt was no different than Candy Crowley when she injected herself into the debate that she was moderating!
If Trump wins GOP nomination, he's going to face a hostile media. Remember the BHO-Romney-Candy Crowley disaster?
Megan Kelly. Candy Crowley. What is the difference. Only the net work they work for. Agenda first. Acting.
U r asking republican to take Megan side. The side of the media. The sIde that took out Romney with candy Crowley. No thanks
. Why is It OK to criticize Candy Crowley & Becky Quick. But not Megyn Kelly?
When GOP allowed Candy Crowley to hijack a debate, i thought it should never be allowed again. Megyn Kel…
Megyn Kelly's stupid and biased question made Candy Crowley look like Rush Limbaugh.
Yes. Candy Crowley wouldn't flatten like a pancake too easily. Her being a big woman n all. 😀
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yes. Candy Crowley made it all about herself also
of all debate moderators, was the very worst! She made Candy Crowley look good.
Candy Crowley Kelly held a 10 person lynching mob against Trump on her show and still wants to claim Fair & Balanced? BIAS!
I won't call you names, but honest ? hindsight, wouldn't Romney have been wise to demand someone besides Candy Crowley?
Megyn Kelly trends after Donald Trump pulls out of debate; Is she the next Candy Crowley?
maybe he's trying to avoid a Candy Crowley moment? That moment didn't serve Romney well even though he had his facts correct.
I didn't plan on watching anyway due to Megyn Kelly's Candy Crowley like blatant bias & her disdain for "God".
Candy (Crowley) Kelly and Fox News got outfoxed by the Trump! Trump 2016!
Gee, I don’t recall Mitt Romney bailing on CNN b/c of how he was done by Candy Crowley. It’s about
.You're right. It's exactly the sort of bias Candy Crowley was called out on. Moderators shouldn't try to influence debates
Megyn Kelly is as bad as Candy Crowley! Fox screwed up big time! Will be donating to Thurs night instead …
Wrong, he has stones! Would you had objected to Romney refusing a 2nd debate w/Candy Crowley moderating?
I'm sick of the Candy Crowley and Megan Kelly ed debate anchors.
she will have the Media to cover for her in a debate with Rubio or anyone else from GOP - remember Candy Crowley in 2012?
Rendell : A 1on1 debate in fall, "has to deal with facts in that debate" Really? This is new,maybe Candy Crowley can help
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Romney got owned by Candy Crowley in the second debate. lost all steam after that. Had nothing to do with being a Mormon
Surprised the NBC debate debacle didn't make your list. Maybe a little too close to home. As in Candy Crowley.
Candy Crowley must've taken her shoes off at work again.
You don't think the NBC debate debacle was worthy of the top ten media stories? Really? Maybe hits too close to home. Candy Crowley.
Eating spaghetti and salad for dinner, except for instead of spaghetti it's candy and instead of salad I have no friends
or how about Candy Crowley actually aiding during "debate." media is a joke
POLITICO Playbook, presented by Abbott – D.C. REPUBLICANS go home for holidays, discover Trump voters are real (and…
Do You really think Candy Crowley wld Beat down TRUMP as she did MItt&he went to the corner and allowed her to LIE
Donald Trump should not do Fox Debate. After last fiasco with Kelly I would refuse. Another Candy Crowley event! No Kelly
Candy Crowley couldn't save you in a live debate.
Here show him this picture of a baby by Wolf Blitzer n Candy Crowley.
I would not do Fox debate if Kelly is on panel. Another Candy Crowley from CNN. Remember this. Kelly wishes you no good.
Kelly is a disgrace to journalism. She'd have no job if she looked like Candy Crowley
Candy Crowley, realizing there are no Republicans to correct, left the building.
Preach it all-powerful Seer from Candy Crowley's network!!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
someone really stole my candy cane out of my bag smh where's the Christmas spirit
Offers no substance...just snark. Candy Crowley couldn't save you in a debate.
Clinton, Crowley, and Christie (Bill, Candy, Chris) consecutively infused Obama 2012 with life-support. Who will perpetuate Hillary in 2016?
Romney had it made until he let Candy Crowley kick him in the *** !!!
Jingle Bells, Ghostface smells. Krueger *** on eggs. Chucky's *** is a candy stick. and Crowley has nice legs - WAIT!!
He couldn't handle Candy Crowley. MT just because our most electable option lost in 2012
I fought hard for Romney - he flopped on us. Candy Crowley was too much for him. Ryan TANKED the Bide…
Candy Crowley caused the damage and when she owned up to her error no one was watching.
.Candy Crowley is a Democratic operative? That's news to
Pretty legit day on campus. Morning Google hangout with Candy Crowley, former CNN chief po…
Biggest takeaway tonight: Every presidential debate should be hosted by Candy Crowley, Martha Raddatz and Megyn Kelly.
Pulling a Candy Crowley? Anderson Cooper regrets he handed the *** E-mails' Q to Bernie
I wouldn't mind some instant fact-checking ala 'Candy Crowley' during the either.
Also, are these the same guys that told Mitt to let Candy Crowley 'PUNK' him out in front of the world???
Too late to attack dear leader, Candy. . You built this. .
Candy to the rescue. She knows that a little light is the best disinfectant. Let's get everyone talking about Obama.
If Fox News couldn't take Trump out then who? It might be time to summon Candy Crowley.
why is CNN hostingGOP debate? It's the fox guarding the hen house. Is Fox netwk to host Dem debates? NOT! Shades of Candy Crowley
. Kelly, she still needs to be dumped. We dont need a Candy Crowley
He kicked *** in the first debate. Then became afraid of the media after Candy Crowley torpedoed him.
How would the right act if Candy Crowley gave the Megyn Kelly debate performance instead? They'd say it was biased/unf…
Megyn Kelly no better than Candy Crowley 2012 Shame on foxnews is biased 4 BUSH
Don't you mean nice work Candy Crowley? A mediator is NOT supposed to be biased. Come on Greg!!
I think I have to agree with you. She pulled a "Candy Crowley" on Trump that debate night.
Lets not take away from the real story. Megyn managed to beat Candy Crowley in poor moderat…
Just remember. She is not on vacation. She is just visiting her Alma Mater, The Candy Crowley School of Journalism.
I didn't I voted Romney but his campaign was a joke an Candy Crowley totally *** humped him second debate on Benghazi 😒
Would it be better to wait for a liberal like Candy Crowley to ask those questions while Trump stands across from Hillary?
Will never watch her again. Don't watch Candy Crowley either.
TM for Women with PTSD. TEDX Women Talk. Candy Crowley and Soledad O'Brien comment.
No crying she would make a good Candy Crowley is all.
Where is the media? Chuck Todd,, Candy Crowley, Katie Couric, Chris Wallace, Bill O'Reilly, etc? Can you speak up?
Your hit piece on trump and military advisors shows your bias against him. I'm sure Candy Crowley Is hosting the debates again
well when you have moderator like candy munchin Crowley you need to have diversity
Why is Leftist moderating a GOP debate?. Candy Crowley busy that night?. Democrats sure got it good.
Gee, is there one for Candy Crowley? BobSchieffer? old stretch face Jim Lehrer,I would sign those!
Four years ago Mitt Romney was sabotaged by Candy Crowley. Now Fox News is doing the same to Donald Trump
I honestly wonder if it had been someone like Candy Crowley or Ann Compton, would conservatives have even cared what was said?
Poor dear...hope she can handle all those "hard ball" questions. Perhaps if she has Candy Crowley there to "help" her.
Obama tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that Americans will not be intimidated by cyberattacks.
I think she should moderate a debate between Candy Crowley and Brian Williams.
Mitt Romney after fighting Evander Holyfield: "I'm happy to fight anybody as long as Candy Crowley isn't the referee."
Romney on Holyfield match: ‘I can fight anybody so long as Candy Crowley isn’t the referee’ via
Eric Shawn really is an annoying little man - he appears to be FIRMLY in Hillary's camp. Is he a 'Candy Crowley' spoiler?
. I agree but there is a time and place and he blew it esp with lard *** Candy Crowley
Chris Cuomo, Candy Crowley and the "non reporter personalities" will not physically be able to read that story on air
Missing Candy Crowley is great but missing Candy. Take note.
listened to the last podcast. Would have been awesome with you in that debate with Candy Crowley. Lol
Oh god is my little Squeak in a room with Crowley? oh god no I'm not seeing this... I'll just eat candy
He will hang. Shortly before Candy "Don't Call me Eye" Crowley (will need to reinforce the gallows for that witch)
LOL. Wonder who the will demand for moderator. I hear Candy Crowley has retired.
The snarky debate comments to Mitt. Candy Crowley had to stick her big fat foot in and bail him out mid-stammer!
Should have brought up Benghazi and told Candy Crowley to knock it off,Mitt. It's a little late now.
It would take more then candy Crowley to save her!
YOU GUYS ACTUALLY HAVE A BUCKET OF CANDY JFc I think rowona should give them to crowley as a peace offering
Id love to see Ted Cruz go up against any of them in a no BS debate. Gloves off, & no interruptions from Candy Crowley.
Always good to have you back, Crowley. {Takes the muffins and taffy, looking at the candy} Thank you for this.
Its not a Humanitarian group like Nancy Pelosi called it on Candy Crowley last year. Not unexpected coming out of her mouth
...Mitt could not even cope with Candy Crowley how would he deal with Putin/Assad etc?
I'm certain wouldn't sit there like a bump on a log if a Candy Crowley type interjected themselves into a debate.
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oh wow How TF could you guys possibly get rid of Candy Crowley?
Give me a break! Now it is the good looking women on Fox News. Wait, I want Candy Crowley, O's lifeboat
Can't believe Netanyahu won! They must not have a Candy Crowley of Lois Lerner over there.
Remember when beloved was a "nice guy" and failed to correct Candy Crowley? All of should learn from toughness
Maybe if Obama had sent Candy Crowley and a bunch of dead voters to Israel, Bibi would've lost.
Making a kickstarter to finance a Candy Crowley-led debate on Pro/Rel to be shown on FoxNews. Only way to corner the American soccer market.
I hope Candy Crowley is not the referee when Mitt Romney boxes Evander Holyfield:
Ain't that the truth. Candy Crowley would be the referee.
I was hoping he'd get into the ring with Candy Crowley! I'd pay to see that!
I hope Candy Crowley is not the referee.
"Just uh.. Nothing." Crowley glanced away. In all honesty, the demon had binged on blood and stolen candy for two days, then--
Candy Crowley was awful, she tried to take over the debate.
You have to like Holyfield’s chances against a tomato can that got KO’d by Candy Crowley.
Renew Eye Candy for these cute puppies!
Her only hope is a sympathetic Candy Crowley-type debate monitor. Sadly, there's a good chance of that happening.
They should run Candy Crowley so she can help herself during the debates. Imagine a Christy/Crowley race! SNL heaven.
It's very kind of former CNN anchor Candy Crowley to make an appearance at your event.
I'm sorry! You're so right! The character Mitt Romney displayed towards Candy Crowley really served us all well
What was your last dream about? — tackling Crowley when he tried to steal candy from a vending machine, i tackle...
Maybe Candy Crowley will run. She did a great job as the Democratic spokeswoman in the last election.
At least that the story on that link can't be waved at the GOP nominee by this year's Candy Crowley if it comes up
Tough question. Who's the worst most corporate-propaganda-peddling "journalist" on TV. or Candy Crowley?.
Yeah, like Candy Crowley and the lady in the milk bath.R U kidding me
Jeb Bush told Candy Crowley in 2010 that he wouldn't disagree with his brother, George W. Bush, publicly "until death do us part."
“Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar,” Senator John McCain told CNN’s Candy Crowley in January 2014. Anti american terrorist.
Saying no argument doesn't mean their isn't an argument. Candy Crowley couldn't save u lol.
"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey". . (Statement reported in the media confirmed by Candy Crowley)
Speaking to Candy Crowley, Sec. Clinton says the U.S. is sending Egypt a clear message to refrain from violence, respect peaceful protest.
If Candy Crowley can beat Mitt so can any democratic nominee
Good job giving some GOP presidential debates to a network that thought using Candy Crowley and were good ideas.
Qualified? Candy Crowley beat him in a debate! I can still see his curled under tail. Obama beat him! Mitt is wimp
Or the rigged Candy Crowley debate with the Benghazi speech lie.
Let's hope the GOP's in control in 2016. Maybe Candy Crowley can run this time.
Romney missed his chance... Let's see 47% almost fatal. Candy Crowley correcting him on Benghazi during 2 debate!
[Moves to stand next to and hands Crowley the candy bar.] All yours, You just have to go to Dada.
Romney ran from Candy Crowley. He had total control of the debates and flushed it.IMO
TPM’s Josh Marshall steps into Candy Crowley lapdog costume; vid of Crowley walk-back
I hope Candy Crowley of asks the President what movies he actually does like.
Its true but could someone send Candy Crowley a memo to say Romney was RIGHT about everything?
“You want to be so good at what you do, they can’t ignore you.” –Candy Crowley
Jim Grey is doing a Candy Crowley with
. You mean like Candy Crowley. the umpire who tackles players to help 0bama win
especially on national level when u have a partisan candy Crowley masquerading as a journalist
Best part of Belichick presser was when Candy Crowley threw herself across podium to defend him from the sportswriters.
he had it won until Candy Crowley colluded with the President to neuter Romney's Benghazi comments.
He wouldn't have let Candy Porko Crowley run the show for her hero Barry.
Dunno if I'd go that far, but he definitely screwed up by letting Candy Crowley inject herself in the last debate.
Would you rather eat a jar of ear wax or never eat candy again?
I realize that someone who can't even stand up to Candy Crowley won't be able to stand up to our adversaries
He also let Candy Crowley & Obama steamroll him with BS he wasn't bold and/or prepared enough to rebut
GOP needs to control networks & moderators involved in the debates. No one wants another Candy Crowley fiasco again |
That was later proven WRONG you mean?
if Rosie O'donnell / Candy Crowley was on an ELEVATOR, they would survive a 50 floor crash ! Fat *** Protection
The media lost interest because it contradicts the utopian SOTU speech. Same as Candy Crowley and the Benghazi debacle.
I've got a really cool girls of CNN calendar.Candy Crowley,Barbara Starr,Michaela Pereira,Carol Costello.WOW!Need a cold shower yall
She will host the GOP debates replacing Dem operative Candy Crowley and GOP will be fine w/that. Dumbing dwn of U.S.
where is Candy Crowley when u need her?
Guys, let's not make fun of Candy Crowley because she's fat, Let's criticize her for being a hack,
Meet the moderator of the next Republican primary. Candy Crowley wasn't left enough.
GloZell Green: probably still a better Presidential debate moderator than Candy Crowley.
dont run Mitt, you dont have the *** for it. Candy Crowley ate your lunch while you stood there and watched.
If Candy Crowley is the judge/ fact checker I will definitely watch that train wreck. .
Time for Carol Costello to go the way of Candy Crowley at Between her whiney voice & zero objectivity she is grating and dull.
Good move by on moderator choice. Will it become the "Candy Crowley" rule when debating Dems? It should be.
"Happiness often sneaks in through a DUI stop without rolling down window or Speaking to Candy Crowley, Sec. Clinton says the
“🇺🇸. Slippery slope? GOP just says no to MSNBC on debates Smart move. Candy C…
I guess then the new game show won't be called Candy Crowley Crush.
You'll also need a strong panel of judges. I nominate Candy Crowley.
"Who Put the 'Moderate' in Moderator?" where the host affects the outcome. Candy Crowley hosts.
CURIOUS: Is Monica Crowley of FoxNews & Candy Crowley of CNN related? And, would either one be related to Aleister Crowley? Just wondering.
North Korea. - Obama tells CNN’s Candy Crowley that the area before shooting his predeces...
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