Candace Parker & Shelden Williams

Candace Nicole Parker (born April 19, 1986) is an All-American basketball player for the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks and UMMC Ekaterinburg of Russia. Shelden DeMar Williams (born October 21, 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Brooklyn Nets. 3.0/5

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really Shelden Williams is divorcing ? Crazy...she's one you don't let get away
Report: Ex-NBA big man Shelden Williams files for divorce from his wife, reigning WNBA Finals MVP, Candace Parker.
Former NBA lottery pick Shelden Williams files for divorce from Candace Parker...and wants spousal support?!
Shelden Williams is divorcing Candace Parker and asking her for spousal support 😂
Shelden Williams still married to Candace Parker tho.
Candace Parker really a had a baby with Shelden Williams
I forgot Candace Parker had an actually child with Shelden Williams
How did Shelden Williams get Candace Parker blows my mind but it gives me hope
Candace Parker and Shelden Williams is my favorite celebrity couple.
So..i just found out that Candace Parker is married to Shelden Williams.
"never will fully understand how Shelden Williams got Candace Parker...
Just discovered the cutie Candace Parker then found out she's married to Shelden Williams. :(
As booty as he is, Shelden Williams still winning cuz he married to Candace Parker. I doubt he still boning but they married 👀👀
A nice piece on ESPN's OTL on Candace Parker and Shelden Williams - great parents!
Shelden Williams pulling Candace Parker is equivalent to Ron Weasley pulling Hermione Granger.
Candace Parker Daughter look just like Shelden Williams lol NOooOoo
I still don't have a Valentine, while Shelden Williams has Candace Parker.
Shelden Williams is quite possibly the ugliest person I've seen...yet, Candace Parker birthed his child...
Candace Parker would beat Shelden Williams in a game of 1 on 1. *** should be ashamed.
It's not fair that Shelden Williams gets a girl like Candace Parker
Shelden Williams landing Candace Parker the only accomplishment by a Duke alum
I know the LA Sparks was put out of the playoffs yesterday, but if I'm Shelden Williams, the hubby of Candace Parker, I would really be practicing during the offseason. I can imagine their convo goin like this--Shelden: "honey can u make me somethin 2 eat". Candace: "man I jus scored 32 pts n had 16 rebs, how abt u go make a layup dirt dude". Lol
Candace Parker watches her fiance Shelden Williams and the Sacramento Kings play at Arco Arena after her Tennessee Lady Vols win their second straight nation...
Mrs. Shelden Williams wins gold medal in womens basketball. Congratulations to Candace Parker.
Still wondering what Candace Parker was thinking when she got with Shelden Williams
Ahhh, Candace Parker... I was convinced that I was gonna marry her... Apparently, someone forgot to tell Shelden Williams though... Danggit.
Shelden Williams one of the ugliest creatures ever but he seeded Candace Parker and been stealing NBA cheqs so he's winnin'
Still wondering how tf did Shelden Williams get Candace Parker...
I always ask myself how tf did Shelden Williams get Candace Parker son. Lol it just doesnt make sense
Lol everybody wonders how Shelden Williams got Candace Parker. He too ugly.
Candace Parker is a rebound away from a double double...At Half! God only knows why shes with Shelden Williams
How Shelden Williams managed to bag and breed Candace Parker still boggles my mind smh
Why is Shelden Williams so *** Ugg...i still wonder how he got Candace Parker smh
Candace Parker needs to teach Shelden Williams how to play basketball
Is anyone quite sure how Shelden Williams pulled Candace Parker? Possible upset of the century on that one
It's nice to see NBA player Shelden Williams supporting his wife Candace Parker. Too bad he doesn't know how to play basketball.
I'm gonna get jeered for this, but I had absolutely no idea that Shelden Williams and Candace Parker were married
Shelden Williams only get television time for being Candace Parker's husband and father of their daughter.
Man shouts out to Shelden Williams for marrying Candace Parker. The ultimate win for
Shelden Williams is lucky AF. His only real accomplishment in his pro career is baggin Candace Parker
Candace Parker took an L marrying Shelden Williams though ...
Why is Candace Parker married to ugly *** Shelden Williams ?
I truly believe Candace Parker can beat Shelden Williams in one on one lol
Can't believe Shelden Williams its married to Candace Parker
When I see Candace Parker and I could believe she married to Shelden Williams! I mean look at his face! 😱
how did Shelden Williams sea monster looking *** get Candace Parker? something I will never understand
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I bang wit Shelden Williams cuz he killed it for Duke. That being said... Never understood nor will understand how he pulled Candace Parker.
i used to be so in love wid WNBA player Candace Parker when she played for Tennessee...then she married Shelden Williams ugly *** smh
Shelden Williams and Candace Parker are the basketball version of Jay-Z and Beyonce'
cant get over how fine Candace Parker is and she's married to the Ugliest man in the nba in Shelden Williams still thinking wat did u do to get her ???
if Shelden Williams can pull Candace Parker, nothing is out of my reach, ill spit at Beyonce like she's 18 y/o rip
he may be it! Thought Shelden Williams was on that C's team. *** Candace Parker...
I wonder how Candace Parker ended up with Shelden Williams..😳
ok, so you're Candace Parker and I'm Shelden Williams? :-( *gets off* okay
idk I think Candace Parker can take her husband Shelden Williams any day
I don't understand...I ain't got no gf but Shelden Williams uglass can marry & have a baby by Candace Parker...I know I look better than him
Anything is possible bro... If Shelden Williams can marry Candace Parker the Knicks can beat the Heat
still can't believe Shelden Williams goes to sleep with Candace Parker at night
Shelden Williams & Candace Parker daughter is 3 but she is the size of a 7 y/o. I'm positive my kids will be that big. Praying for a boy!
Serious question, since they're married and all -- who would win in one-on-one between Candace Parker and Shelden Williams?
Candace Parker and Shelden Williams' kid will rule the basketball world.
Candace Parker is a GORGEOUS human being. And the fact that's she's with Shelden Williams gives ugly dudes (like myself) hope
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