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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is one of Canada's 60 largest publicly traded companies.

Canadian Tire Money Canadian Tire Centre Home Depot Canadian Tire Series Tim Horton Bayers Lake Niagara Street Tim Hortons

Senior Security Analyst, PCI Governance: Canadian Tire: "Who We Are It's an exciting time to be at…
You can help the animals in need. Get Christmas Pet Gifts at Ren's Pet Depot, Hyde Park by Canadian Tire. Proceeds to an…
[CTV Ottaw]Athletes will vie for spots on the Sk…
can you please tell me where to buy your Candy Cane Kisses in Alberta? Bought last year at Canadian Tire and loved them!
Is it so wrong how much I love Canadian Tire commercials?
Olaf and friends at Canadian Tire. ⛄️ 26 days to get before Christmas!!! 🎉🎉🎉
Schedule is out! Thank you Canadian Tire for the sponsorship1!
I also tire of surrendering the language of values to zealots and ideological moralists. We certainly do have Canad…
I used to work at Canadian Tire. Won Employee of the Year when I spent my days doing nothing in the warehouse
Knock off games I found at Canadian Tire, who would buy these?
Canadian Tire Classic Champions - The Novice MD Blue team travelled to Barrie this past we
all gifts for any occasion can be bought at one store, Canadian Tire
JJ is sponsored by Canadian tire which makes him legit
Why haven't we reached the point yet where the Canadian Tire Guy has a cameo in every Canadian TV show?
Want to win $50 Canadian Tire GC? I just entered to win and you can too.
Not just any snowblower.. but the Toro 850 with 5 speeds..heated handgrips and a headlight.. only available at Canadian Tire..
Went to Canadian Tire and saw this chandelier that reminded me of a big shiny choker 😭😍 I think I might get it for…
"Gary" from those Canadian Tire commercials is annoying asf..
I'm not seeing any Canadian Tire locations in T…
Founding Funder Alert: Canadian Tire Sunrise donated bins for distributing food to hungry kids. Thank you Monika Morrissey…
Chilly Night at Canadian Tire. Carts are in a huddle for warmth.
Canadian Tire has air horns on sale.
I'm thinking if not a sponsor it would be slightly "off" like JJ's canadian tire logo :p
2 big games this week. Nov. 30 VS Raiders - Bring a new, unwrapped toy for Toy Mountain. Dec. 2 VS Rebels - Canadian Tire…
Canadian Tire. Was in sale for 12.49 each. I got the last 2
Learn about peace of mind with Champion generators & $50 Canadian Tire GC
I can't believe JJ is sponsored by Canadian Tire
If you're in the Hamilton area come by the Canadian Tire on Rymal Rd! Ill be hanging out until 2pm! 🍁🙋🏼
Ford Hall into Rogers Place past the Sportsnet Club up to the Scotiabank Suites into the Canadian Tire bathroom to the Gatorad…
In Elliot Lake... When you require gas, choose an off-peak time It is busy! . Canadian Tire gas station closed for now
Meanwhile in Elliot Lake... Canadian Tire is upgrading their tanks. Gas station closed for six weeks. . Go to Esso on Hwy 108.
Canadian Tire? Coastal Outdoors? I need some for on the river, let me know if you find some.
My mom used to suck *** for Canadian Tire Money in the Barrie area. . Let me know if you see her uncle Bill died.
North end of Chemong Road (near Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire at Towerhill Road).
Gr 6 DeBaie's Hope Floats still raising money for JumpStart at Canadian Tire in Spryfield on Saturday! Great job!
Sochi olympic games set of pins NIB Canadian Tire
Just to let everyone know, I'll be in Burlington working at Canadian Tire again for May-June. I should be back in London for July-August.
At an east coast style fish'n'chips joint on the Danforth, in view of a Canadian Tire, listening to people talk about the Leafs.
Both of them are irrationally angry about this, no woman wants to spend any extra seconds at Canadian Tire but whoa nelly!
She is mad because she waited for him outside Canadian Tire and he took too long, I feel you girl
just come to Canadian tire on your spares, we're more fun
Open to 4pm at Canadian Tire in Langford
Time to go to Canadian Tire for paint and other goodies. It's time I sanded and painted my girl. 🚘 — feeling determined
One time I left work early to get a $10 inflatable boat at Canadian Tire & today I'm leaving work early to get my eyebrows done. Lmao
Fredericton man denies Canadian Tire theft charge
YES YES AND YES. The South Park one? Used to be the Canadian Tire?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"You can't just go to Canadian Tire in Fiji because there isn't anything like that". "Well isn't there Fiji Tire?". 😂😂
The Canadian Tire North store is looking for some volunteers for Jumpstart Day May 28 |
over 240 Canadian Tire CTC money coupons several with consecutive SN most are AU
There's a rumor in Toronto that you can buy drinks at a secret bar with Canadian Tire Money.
I will also accept Canadian Tire Money... to line my nest with 👁_👁
I'll be writing a bad review for Canadian tire on Google and Yelp
Canadian tire is the worst ever!! And they have the worst customer service. NEVER buy your bikes from there EVER
When you want to look around Canadian Tire but don't want to carry your Ninebot One around
Major retail location already home to Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Sobeys, Starbucks, and more.
No Kmarts here. Target tried to set up shop and lost billions. Canadian tire too stronk
Stopped to buy solar lights at Canadian Tire on my way home from the gym Blitzed the cashier she…
Phone fill can't get pic. New Canadian Tire in evacuated. Police/Fire on scene. Rumour of gas leak
GAS LEAK - Police and fire en route to a report of a gas leak at a Canadian Tire under construction on Bayview Ave north of Wellington St.
Again, I wrote about Kyle Lowry for with appearances by Canadian Tire and the Dexter finale:
Councillor helps with the ribbon cutting at the grand reopening of the new look Canadian Tire in
All purpose parts banner
Canadian Tire: Ontario researchers fight and with old tires via
Limited tickets are available @ Canadian Tire, Scotiabank and Polito Ford. Down to the wire, folks.
Doors just opened for grand re-opening of Canadian Tire store in Swift Current.
I have some Canadian Tire Money around here somewhere...
Save the date! Sunday May 15th is Ladies Night at Canadian Tire - Uxbridge!
alert! We will be at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport) today from 9AM-5PM. Come see us!
"Getting the right people can transform obstacles into opportunities." - Eugene Roman, Canadian Tire CTO and Awesome…
man denies stealing from northside Canadian Tire store
We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Canadian Tire Jumpstart for their continued very generous support.
Do you pay your income tax to Canadian Tire who then gives most of it to the Canadian revenue agency on your behalf?
Okay so I want everything at Canadian Tire
I shop at Canadian Tire too after Urban Barn, Whole Sports and Bosleys
Strong & Free donating all royalty to Fort McMurray for our Decal sales at Canadian Tire for month of May. So... https…
"One third of Canadian Tire's inventory is at sea" Something to think about on the 106th b'day of the
Maritime forces, Canadian Tire and why the public should care about the Royal Canadian Navy: submitted ...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Canadian Tire Centre displaying prince symbol on it signs along the 417. So many great music icons gone this year.
Canadians! How many of you have one or more Canadian Tire bills in your wallets right this very minute? Be honest!
Congratulations to Canadian Tire on your Retail Award at Gala
Dam right it's Canadian. Oh, we also accept Canadian Tire Money and Tim Horton's gift cards.
The bills in his g string is Canadian Tire Money!
Was just dd'ing for my brother and a few of his buddies and one of them kept asking if they could tip me with Canadian Tire Money lol
Got some old Canadian Tire Money lying around?? Help support our community .
*** I traded all my shillbucks for Canadian Tire Money.
Spent $210 at Canadian Tire and got a whopping $0.84 in Canadian Tire Money!! At this rate I'll be a dollaraire!
You might be Canadian if... You bring Canadian Tire Money on vacation to see if you can buy beer with it
Plus some change in Canadian Tire Money
this is where we found our son in Canadian Tire shouting Cam Talbot
I'm just sensitive because Canadian Tire Money is likely worth more than real Canadian Dollars vs your currency right now
I just counted $3.10 in Canadian Tire Money. Mostly 5 cent bills which means they tricked me into keeping nickels...the most hated coin.
Fact-Checked. CTF said "Spendy McDebtFace" and weren't talking about the guy on the Canadian Tire Money.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Sext from my American BF: "I read the wikipedia article about Canadian Tire Money"
Six out of seven citizens are hoarding Canadian Tire Money in case the economy collapses
Just found a fat stack of Canadian Tire Money
ICYMI turning into Crown Corporation. Will payoff debt using everyone's Canadian Tire Money. Use it or lose it.
Liberals promise "fundamentally different approach" to budget. Specifically, paying for everything with Canadian Tire Money.
3-Day Weekend Madness going on now Check it out at Canadian Tire in Paris, 300 Grand River St. N
Steve's Week in Policy: Marge Simpson's view on Canadian Tire as an innovator, and more >
The commercials were great! Gotta have me some Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons and the Brick and Boston Pizza! Let's go!
Gather at your closest Tim Hortons or Canadian Tire Centre.
Show must go on after call at Canadian Tire Centre
Ottawa Citizen Show must go on after HazMat call at Canadian Tire Centre Ottawa Citizen A Canadian Tire Centre
Anyone know when the new Canadian Tire in Bayers Lake is opening?
Thank you to Westburne Electric and Canadian Tire for their 35 YEARS of Chamber Membership!
Are they staying in that location? What's going where Canadian Tire is moving to Bayers Lake ?
TIL that Starling City is in Canada or Canadian Tire is expanding their market to the DC Comics universe.
Daniel & Tyler are selling raffle tickets at Canadian Tire today! Support Treaty 3 Youth…
Wow! A possible new Piatto, across the street from the new Jumping Bean, stone's throw from home.
For those who worry about the fortunes of Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Loblaws.
Welcome Canadian Figure Skating fans - National Skating Championship is here this week!
Live streaming of novice and junior events at Canadian nationals.
Who else is excited for the Canadian Tire National Championships in Halifax this week?? I know…
Once I bought something in Mexico using Canadian Tire Money and I'm not even sorry
Delighted that is applying to open new venue at old Canadian Tire site, New Cove Rd. Great idea.
To view live streaming footage of the 2016 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships visit:...
Pizzeria proposing to open restaurant in former Canadian Tire building - Local - The Telegram
Christian Reekie is skating his short program at 5pm today. Watch online
Hoping livestream will work for me for Canadian Nat'ls this wk? If anyone knows of US stream plz let me know cheers
This week's noon skates are cancelled so that you can watch Canada's top competitors at the Canadian Tire National Skating Championships.
thank you so much Am looking around for streams for this weeks competitions - found this for Canada
The 2016 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships run all this week at the Scotiabank Centre. Daytime...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The National Skating Championships kickoff today! Come see some of Canada’s top competitors.
A study of the brands that are most involved promoting youth sport -
Win a $2,000 diamond ring in the Canadian Tire Diamond Meltdown -
I hear the camping section of the Dartmouth Crossing Canadian Tire is nice this time of year...
GARTH BROOKS!. World Tour w/ will play Canadian Tire Centre on April 2!
why you following Canadian tire lmfao tryna get the dealz 💰💰💰
no after Canadian tire hotdogs is the worst 😒😒😒
2016 Canadian Nationals to be Live Streamed. Begins at 8:45 a.m. ET @
This is what I've learned from tinder in 2 hrs. Every1 works at Canadian tire, every1 has goats, and every1 is a cowboy
pro tip: the Tim Horton's drive thru lady will accept Canadian Tire Money if you slip her a dart.
The Canada 150 typeface: inclusive, quiet, and inspired by the Canadian Tire logo.
Lookin' at Canadian Tire online, picking a location, see "Flin Flon" listed as one of the choices. Ugly laugh. I am a babby.
Lololololol going to Superstore and Canadian Tire while hungover on a Saturday before Christmas lololololol 💀
Trudeau Maison Fondue 15pc Entertainment Centre from Canadian Tire $49.99 This is definately my ! :)
Canadian Tire in Rocky Mountain House, AB is hiring 4 Retail Store Supervisor. Find out how to apply:
domain names
Canadian Tire is hiring a Digital IT (Winnipeg), apply now!
"I love Christmas, I hate retail Christmas" - an unnamed Canadian Tire employee... as reported by 1st time caller, Betty-Ann :-)
deal! I will sharpen my crayons after I check the Canadian Tire Money to Canadian dollar exchange rate.
Welcome back,Torts! head coach, just in front of Canadian Tire logo, shuffles to his bench. Game is at hand...
Dustin Treanor is broadcasting live at Canadian Tire in Smithers from 3-7 right now for Black Friday. -Sugar Shane
Canadian Tire. Look out for WickFest, Calgary! Until November 29, over 2000 young female hockey players will come to…
Bike by Canadian Tire. Watch it here: . NO ADS... just ;-)
any job offerings? If so, I only work a day a week & accept Canadian Tire Money in cash only.Food is also required.
don't they sell these things at Canadian Tire for like $399?
Let's all let high paying jobs get sent to Vietnam, then get a replacement job at Canadian Tire
RedditCanada Canadian Tire's idea of "pest control"
I saw trees at South Canadian Tire but no prices on them.
Canadian Tire. I was there looking at Christmas trees anyway.
RonnieJimmieFMC Canadian Tire's idea of "pest control". CanadianTire
PAFF Charity at Canadian Tire till 2pm today for the MD Boot Drive. Stop by to say hi and help the Charity.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Only a week and a half before Chasing Manet comes to the stage at Wesley United! Get your tickets at Canadian Tire.
The All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire can take on extreme Canadian conditions. Check them out:
Things are looking up. I have a job now. Canadian Tire :) sweet
MORE PRIZES, what?!. THAT's RIGHT, a Canadian Tire GIFT CARD, will be raffled out at TOMORROW :)...
. Let me put that another way .any HRPS public relations vehicles at Canadian tire for tonight with McGruff
Light Up Your Weekend will continue tomorrow at Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Costco locations in NS! Come get yours -ht…
One of the amazing Wine Gala auction items just arrived thanks to Canadian Tire! Ps. It's totally an ice hut!
The Canadian Tire application makes me feel like I'm applying to university
I go to Canadian tire with my aux cord plugged into my car... When my car is done at Canadian tire... No aux cord...
I challenge anyone using a screen reader to try and add this to cart Bubba Keg Travel Mug | Canadian Tire
If I have one goal for the atmosphere at the Canadian Tire Centre, it is to get a "we all hate Habs scum" chant going befor…
Wayne Gretzky is joining the Canadian Tire family as a Canadian Tire Jumpstart Ambassador!
Canadian tire is run by crooks. Charging me for lug nuts that they lost malpractice
And a bunch of the Cuisinart mini casseroles at the Canadian Tire has broken handles.
Incredibly PROUD of the work that Canadian Tire Corporate Affairs did in the creation of this event.
.There is something totally about 20X Bonus & Cdn Tire Money! Home Friday. LG
Our thank you's go out to Canadian Tire - when they heard we were a bit low on things that the men coming to the...
Huge police presence on Commonwealth Avenue near the orange store first road west towards Canadian Tire
Regarding your huge coffee mugs. You may want to lookup Babba Keg mugs, available at Canadian tire.
Davis is asked about sex ed and consent, and he talks about a government partnership with Canadian tire for physical act…
this is austin. i found him in the christmas tree section at canadian tire on Sunday.😂
Canadian Tire. Looking for Automotive Repair Technician. Positions are available immediately. Interested persons...
And featured in the new Canadian Tire commercial
Apply now to work for Canadian Tire as technician in
Watch the commercial for your chance to win a $250 Canadian Tire Gift Card & zXe Headlights!
Also, hey to the girl in Canadian Tire that yelled and waved to me in the store and the parking lot
So my friends lost me in Canadian tire today, I wonder why :/
ICYMI: Canadian Tire & the Blades put on Welcome the World and it was a HUGE success!. WATCH> http…
Also, the envelope would be full of Canadian Tire Money and one inexplicable headshot of Paul Shaffer.
Store for Lease on Danforth Ave. at Main Street Subway Station (across from Canadian Tire) $2400 1200ft2
Spending the afternoon at the Canadian Tire Centre for the Imjim Classic, organized by the Embassy of…
BBQ weekend again. Canadian Tire at Wonderland & Southdale if you are in that area of the city today or tomorrow stop by to say hello.
psst, come to the little sobeys next to Canadian tire in an hour
Canadian Tire is looking for a Media in apply now!
- retail needed in at Canadian Tire. Apply now!
Literally going to Bed Bath & Beyond, and maybe Canadian Tire today, for a nice little Saturday.
Canadian Tire's mobile banking app comes with a built-in loyalty rewards system.
You might be Canadian if... You know that Canadian Tire on any Saturday is busier than most toy stores at Christmas
Every 10 years I buy a lifetime supply of screwdrivers at Canadian Tire. Today is that day.
Just got hired at the canadian tire gas station😏💰
Canadian Tire Bank wants to gamify mobile banking -
Check out this Media at Canadian Tire in
banning dogs at canadian tire Hebron way? Thanks for ruining a good thing many enjoyed.
Canadian Tire is looking for a in apply now!
Stopped for gas+lunch in Merritt, love the arid views (Canadian Tire sign on left)
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Warehouse Person- Brampton needed in at Canadian Tire. Apply now!
So my cousin came from Pakistan a while ago and keeps asking my brother for Eidi since Ramadan. Today he gave her Canadian Tire Money 😂
Congratulations to the age category winners for the 2015 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series. Please pick up...
Congratulations to the following runners who completed every race in this years Canadian Tire Road Race Series:...
Technical Lead, Digital In-Store Applications: Canadian Tire: "It's an exciting time to be…
The cedar trees from Tire planted this summer are the only ones that died. Now must dig, dispose & replant
When Peter texts me "im in Freddy at Canadian tire" well good morning to you too chip 😂😂😂
Canadian Tire combines payment, loyalty and games via
Today will be starting at the Canadian Tire, Holland ST W. @ 12:00 noon. Things to entertain everyone
. They wouldn't accept Canadian Tire Money at the parking lot.
Canadian Tire goes digital with mobile credit card app, game and loyalty card via
So last night I danced on a speaker and people threw Canadian Tire Money at me
Canadian Tire Corporation is hiring! in apply now!
It amazes me that people actually wake up at 8am just to come to Canadian tire... like people literally wait outside till it opens
I think you can by that at Canadian Tire
Reminder Carma is tagging at the Canadian Tire store East today and tommorrow ... I am here today 8-11am... feel...
Getting to work with the Canadian Tire family today is gunna be amazing
Apply now to work for Canadian Tire as in
sounds like a Canadian Tire flyer or IKEA concept of inclusivity for purposes of marketing.
Canadian Tire is looking for a Analyst (13 month contract) in apply now!
Canadian Tire combines payment, loyalty and games
Canada’s Canadian Tire has a new app but I’m not convinced it solves their real customer experience issues
200 bucks at canadian tire... And they said it was a bad investment
Apply now to work for Canadian Tire as - retail in
Apply now to work for Canadian Tire as associate in
Canadian Tire Bank wants to gamify mobile banking
repair and service shop needed in at Canadian Tire. Apply now!
"i can go buy rope at Canadian tire buuut" @ Sophie ur an animal
New opening at K.J. Mackintosh Sales Ltd o/a Canadian Tire in - supervisor
Me: *sees friends with gifts walking by* omg we have to buy her a gift!!. Jason: okay let's go to Canadian tire, maybe hairpins? . 😕😕😕😕
Get your iPhone insurance today!
This is super weird but I love the smell of Canadian Tire. I don't know if it's the tires or the car parts but I like it lol
Gotta love racing to hardware store to discover it closed, cant wait till Canadian tire opens
Great win for at the Canadian Tire Series presented by championship!
Anamorphic cat face hidden in Canadian Tire Money.
Why do these Canadian Tire ad pics look like soulection artwork
I just saw a white male early twenties walking on knapto wearing black Hoodie and dark pants. Heading down towards canadian tire way.
3/3 Tickets for Oct. 1 show at Canadian Tire Centre will be refunded at original point of purchase (Capit…
2-stage epoxy will hold anything. Can probably get some for a few bucks at Canadian Tire or Home Depot. Saved me many times.
Canadian Tire Bank wants to gamify mobile banking - New mPlay & Pay app puts a big emphasis on real-world rewards
Check out this Coordinator at Canadian Tire in
This is a great event, and we're proud to have Canadian Tire and Malcolm Jenkins as Centre Stage Sponsor for our...
Canadian Tire wants to celebrate their Birthday with you! Today until Sunday enjoy huge savings at the Big Red Weekend Birthday Sale.
Canadian Tire to open urban store as part of Mt Royal Village development Good news. That area needs ha…
Where would one buy a really good tent? MEC? Camper's Village? Canadian Tire? Army Surplus? Rona?
product Jeff Lapcevich sees his Canadian Tire Series race day end early featured in NBC s Science of Love
If the Bank of Canada drops rates any further Canadian Tire Money can officially just be referred to as "money". …
nah...that ringtone was to that song, what plastic spinning rims from Canadian Tire are to Sprewells.
Canadian Tire ad w/ 3 kids in car, screaming, 'IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT, KICK THE SEAT.' I have never been happier to be childless.
Who is more annoying the Canadian Tire guy or the Trivago guy actually both are Tire
just got these t o sale at Canadian Tire for $14.99.
Canadian tire had some a couple of weeks ago
The sell some at Canadian Tire but you have to light them up!
Shelby GT350R-C Scores Pole and Wins in Second Outing: The Canadian Tire event will air Sunday July 19 on Fox ...
Maybe the Canadian Tire Man will change your mind? *discretely presses 5¢ bill into your palm*
The only reason I got a job at canadian tire is because dogs are allowed in the store and it's just great 😊🐕🐕
Canadian Tire-Communitech partnership an example for Canada: report via
My last day at Canadian Tire is in two days and they just decided to offer me $2 more and 8-5pm Monday-Friday...
does all of Joan and its alumni work at this Canadian tire?
Sushi 󾥮 for sale in Canadian tire parking lot
Tipping with Canadian Tire Money on our European holidays.
We've gotten ourselves into more detailing products! Check out our prices we are cheaper than Canadian tire!
Trying to save up all your Canadian Tire Money even though 100 bills probably equaled $3.
Former NASCAR Canadian Tire Series star JR Fitzpatrick will be at the wheel of the Meineke Car Care No. 23 this...
The beginning of a great day with SLP. Thanks Canadian Tire JumpStart. http:/…
try sport check or Canadian tire, they have good bikes
NASCAR Series recap. dominated the field and lead from wire-to-wire http…
can they wear jerseys at the Canadian Tire Centre
I added a video to a playlist Prototype Lites Lap Record at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
I've played it twice with a Frisbee I bought at Canadian Tire without incident
We took My Canadian Tire Money on a test drive! Better than the classic paper money?.
Kananaskis CGC was honored to help promote the game of golf to 800 kids yesterday @ the Canadian Tire JumpStart Games h…
Catch me in the outdoor furniture department at Canadian Tire.🌿
It was a great day at St. Clair, thank you Canadian Tire & Jumpstart were all a little tired
The old Canadian Tire on Niagara Street is becoming a TSC Store!
chill, better to see him on tour at the Canadian Tire Centre then in a mob at bluesfest
Confirmed: to open soon at the old Canadian Tire plaza on Niagara Street. Thank you TSC for investing in
Get yer car washed & help these youts go to the Engage Youth Conference. We'll be at Canadian Tire until 1:00 today.
Canadian Tire Money collected electronically in an app? Heavens to Betsy, what kind of magic wizardry world are we living in??
Update: Canadian Tire refunded me all my money because its a computer issue within my car .. No car till Monday or Tuesday 😭🚗
One benefit of moving: finding Canadian Tire Money everywhere. (A couple of old ones may be legit collectors' items.)
preferably a joke about trying to buy a Double-Double with Canadian Tire Money
I am so excited! I decided to bring Canadian Tire Money for the Cash Cannon.
Eventually, the BoC will offer a scheme where you get $1 in Canadian Tire Money for every 100 visits to their website
Canadian Tire has more of my money than the bank ever will
Have a stack of Canadian Tire Money laying around? Give it to your Team or Crew Leads and help reduce costs.
[The Vancouver Sun]Eat poutine. • Spend some of your Canadian Tire Money. • Eat mor…
How can you run out of money before doing bottle episodes at Swiss Chalet, Couche *** a Canadian Tire dealership...
If someone can explain to me why gas is 7 cents more in Bolton than the surrounding towns/cities, I'll give them some Canadian Tire Money.
do Americans know about Canadian Tire Money?
Canadian Tire Money funds new album
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
That’s probably about ten dollars of Canadian Tire Money.
You have Canadian Tire Money in your kitchen drawers. . *cough* more like all over your house and truck
We could go across the boarder and discuss this at Uncle Sam's. Canadian Tire Money at par!
Hey do you have any Canadian Tire Money on you?
"There's Canadian Tire Money in at least 1 kitchen CANADA!" Happy Canada Day!
HAPPY CANADA DAY May your day be filled with Tim Horton's, Molson, Ketchup chips. Poutine, Bieber songs and Canadian Tire Money!
I'm so broke I tried to tip a bartender with 25 cents of Canadian Tire Money last weekend
have you guys ever covered Canadian Tire Money?
Canadian Tire Money has more worth right now...
I know it was a little chilly today, but I saw a lady at Canadian Tire really trying to get her money's worth out of her Canada Goose jacket
Please donate your and Canadian Tire Money to help animals in need.
Of the last $1500 I've spent at Canadian Tire, I've "earned" 40 cents in Canadian Tire Money. How does one even save enough to buy anything?
if you're in Canada you tip in Canadian Tire Money and a coupon from Harveys.
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