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Canada Dry

Canada Dry is a brand of soft drinks owned since 2008 by the Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group. For over a century Canada Dry has been known for its ginger ale, though the company also manufactures a number of other soft drinks and mixers.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Dr Pepper Diet Canada Dry Baja Blast

you should add some Canada Dry it is really good
You know you're from Michigan when you can't drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale without dying because it's so gross. 😷
Lots of moisture from the gulf to Canada... Short term forecast has Central VA dry for the day
Canada Dry Ginger Ale and 3 ibuprofen .best hangover cure
A dry, White-centric bookstore up here in Canada has it in stock. I am shocked!! *buys all the books*
word Jerome isn't even close to his fit, songs like 514 and Canada Dry I liked
Lol k not even joking I am at work and there's a black guy with a shirt that says "Canada Fly" instead of "Canada Dry". Sneaky pic mode: ON
This Canada Dry gone do me right before work
Stone Cold was drinking Diet Canada Dry not beer.
Pizza & Canada Dry for brkfst. This is the life. Of a postteen graduate.
I guess that's why they call it Canada Dry 😎
looks like corso is drinking a Canada Dry light?
Corso drinking Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale and pretending it's beer.
Torn between I really want a Canada dry and I don't want to swipe my card for a dollar.
Bourbon, Canada Dry, ice cubes, and a mug. Happy Monday, y'all! And happy birthday to Omar!
Canada Dry is my favorite song right now off ... taking over hiphop all for the
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I'm a Segrams guy but can't knock Canada Dry
Hungover Af. And the only thing I got to drink is this Canada Dry Ginger Ale
dude in the dry cleaners in a 2014 Sid Canada Jersey
Thank you Canada for PBR Dry. Thank you PBR Dry for nothing.
Thicken thine chewing in agreement with these recommendations leaving out canada dry goods store: UcD
Canada dry. . Thank you for takiing that route'
My voice has 2 tones: . mumbling & too loud. . Too soft & you are killing me. Canada Dry & Baja Blast. . There is no in between.
Wth. I left my Canada dry at Sarah's.
Did y'all know L.A. has the highest concentration of Canadians next to Canada?
And Canada Dry. That stuff is the best.
no Canada Dry is best, then Seagram's, then Vernon's if the other two aren't available
drove my Chevy to get a bevvy but it was Canada Dry
My parents are having tequila shots and chasing with rum and Canada Dry. what is life?
.All of Canada would gladly trade Western New York for the entirety of Toronto...
if it makes you feel any better it probably had oj & Canada Dry in it
Apple juice, cranberry juice or a Canada Dry would be lovely right now 😑
Drank my first soda in like three months today, and *** does Canada Dry taste good.
English-style dry cider (Strongbow, eg). Better than GF beer. Maybe easier to get here in Brit-empire Canada, tho
me neither. Canada Dry is just too amazing
yep. I'm not a fan of ginger so it's too much for me. I prefer Canada Dry. It has a much I milder flavor
I prefer Canada Dry but this is all they have and I drink it almost daily. 😞
“Canada Dry has been owned by Americans for 87 years.”
Last day of work. Drinking Canada Dry tonight. Not the ginger ale. I'm drinking this entire god-blessed country right ou…
I just opened a can of Canada Dry thinking it was raspberry soda. It's raspberry sparkling seltzer water!!! D: ECH!
The coffee was too hot and I didn't have water to cool it down but I did have Canada Dry
Sanitation Technician Lead 3rd Shift Irving TX Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Irving, TX Sanitation Technician Lead The Sanitation Technician Lead prepares cleaning and sanitation chemicals, operates cleaning equipment on exterior equipment surfaces and manually cleans equipment parts, sweeps and washes floors, and cleans and sanitizes drains, pumps, hoses, bottles and can warmers. The Sanitation Technician Lead also aseptically collects samples to validate sanitation procedures, maintains cleaning chemical storing area, maintains sanitation records and is the lead role to other sanitation technicians. Join the team at Dr Pepper Snapple Group and make a difference by pursuing everything that you do with the determination that sets us apart from our competitors. Driving for results leads to recognition and personal growth within the company, helping us to achieve our goal to “Be the Best Beverage Business in the Americas ”. The success that comes from within each of us is recognized, and creates opportuniti ...
I'm thirsty for a pineapple Canada Dry but I don't feel like walking to the chinos that's out 😐
My rapper name would be Canada Dry or Lil' D.
Well, I guess I'm gonna not be drinking 7-up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry, or RC. Thanks, ad campaign!
"Banana pudding and Canada Dry 😋" where u get some banana pudding from
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hi. I'm Sam, and I'm addicted to Canada Dry. It's becoming a real problem. . Tyler just ran out at…
lol I'm having a ginger ale (my dad brought me a 6 pack of Canada Dry b/c the hospital only has Schweppes)
A Canada Dry and an apple can charge my phone? Hmmm I might use that
Did you know? Medicine Hat, is Canada's driest city, with an average of 271 dry days per year.
*** the gamblers dry. Okay. Yet, you have no problem putting a gun in their hand to get a free education.
"Can't drink Canada Dry because that's dissing my boo" Ana talking about Drake
I drink Canada Dry on the regular not just when I'm hungover
but Canada dry is good for my stomach.. Like my sandwich
Not if you drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale! How to catch a Canadian: via
Happy Birthday, might see you Saturday @ Dry Leas. Ms Hunter on the other hand needs to take it to Canada
Guess imma take ah nap since my phone is Canada Dry 😑😴
Bmpff! Mother, just as long as you don't give Canada Dry the day off as well!
Packing up orders. shipping to canada & aussie land. Belle’s Dry Mist in Australia. Somebody about to get their life!
Something to consider as Canada refines it's own rules: Dry California Fights Illegal Use of Water for Cannabis
My favourite drink this summer is a Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale topped up with orange juice. Yup, that's refreshing. Please be my friend
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GAVE UP THE GHOST and DRY BONES will screen Friday, August 29th at 6 pm at Festival of Fear/FanExpo Canada …
I like how your drink of choice is Canada Dry
Someone bring me tampons, chocolate, Canada Dry, and a shoulder to cry on. Please..
Eating salad with a Canada Dry on the side... Yup
But it has to be ginger ale [Canada Dry]. That's why I like so much, it's cheap and liquid electricity/energy.
Southern Manitoba town's water supply at risk of running dry
So far I drop my shoe in the harbor, broke a beer in my suitcase, and was dry heaving in the subway station trash can. Canada eh?
Tom and I just took a picture of me and my Canada Dry with the Canada Dry truck and thought it was way funnier than it actually was.
Used K-cups dry at Canada, then become fuel source to fire kilns at Kamloops' British Columbia Cement http:/…
Anyone in Canada know where I can find dry Wheat berries?
Xenergy Expands Distribution in the East: LAS VEGAS -- A new relationship with Canada Dry New York is brining ...
The stupidest thing I ever said was to a friend who went to Toronto to recover from Alchoholism. I told him he should drink Canada Dry.
Want to save on Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water? Share this page to get a $1.75-off coupon. While supplies last.
Norway’s Statoil comes up dry at its northernmost Arctic wells
I opened my can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale and splashed some on the floor so my brother said "I guess Canada isn't so dry" featured in NBC s Science of Love
with me & Canada Dry, & as I share a fabulous way to add fun to your planner!
Canada Dry is the GOAT ginger ale, Schweppes can suck it
I MAY have been jaded by the fact that he had just dissed Canada Dry in the promo run for that album
Ha! No, that won't happen. I think knowing that Canada is a leader in this type of response will help. Dry run was also good.
get me some Canada Dry Ginger Ale thank you Ctfu
I'll stop drinking Canada Dry as soon as someone invents America Moist.
Happy Canada Day! I’m celebrating with a Canada Dry and And maybe Don’t know if I’ll have t…
maybe 1/4 to 1/3 vodka and the rest ginger ale. I use Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Pinnacle Blueberry Vodka.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale is the greatest consumable product on earth
Misleading marketing for Seagrams and Canada Dry and a recipe for homemade ginger ale
Never forget Rachel King Vick and Danna King Reynolds "Why r they singing about Canada Dry"!!!:-)
woke up late so here I am sitting in class in my pajamas with a bottle of Canada Dry and no writing utensil
Environment Canada predicts warm, dry summer: A dark, cool and damp spring should give way to a summer that'll be...
this cranberry flavored Canada Dry is ultra yummy
Watch TV with my son till we fall asleep I guess, he even made us popcorn to & some juice for himself & he gave me a can of Canada Dry😊
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I've got my Canada Dry Ginger Ale, made with real gingers.
My dad took a sip of Canada Dry and spit it all out when he realized it wasn't beer and got all mad at my brothers for laughing
ahh I know. I really want to start drinking just water but maybe one Canada Dry every now and then won't hurt!
I love how you made everyone buy Canada Dry so you could get your Mountain Dew
Fried wing dings mac & cheese with Corn an some good old Canada Dry 🙌 Bath n Bed for me. Night y'all 😘😘😘
alas, Schweppes is the one who makes it. I don't think Canada Dry has one. If you know the Schweppes vendor though... Words.
Should I have words with the Canada Dry merchandiser for you? We sometimes endure ColaVendor's heckles together.
High value $1/2 2-liter (or 1 12-pack) printable coupon for 7Up family of soda pop!!!. Coupon:
Uhm . I could use a 3 liter Canada Dry , a back and head and foot rub and a hug and I'm set for the rest of the night
So y'all just don't believe in Canada Dry Ginger Ale down here huh?
Howdy Roanoke friends come out and support some rad music! Back street cafe under the Canada dry sign on Salem ave. This place is a trip. And the bands are heavy and so are the hookers.
just saying the Canada Dry here tastes different.
Rare soda coupons: Enter zip code 77477 and you will find coupons for 7UP TEN, Sunkist TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN or RC Ten, both 2 liters or 12 pack cans. Click below in top comment for link:
I'm in my room eating ramen drinking cranberry Canada Dry while listening to Brantley Gilbert and thinking about my dad's bday gift
I've been seeing a lot of places with 2 liters on sale for $1...if you go to you can print a coupon for $1 off of two 2 liters for 7 up Ten, Canada Dry Ten, RC Ten, A&W Ten, Sunkist Ten.You can actually print 4 coupons...there are two different ones...One is for 2 liters only and the other is for ONE 12 pack or TWO 2 liters..if you print all 4 you could end up with 8 two liters for $4...
Canada Dry straight up on the rocks
My absolute fave natural deodorant My fitness pals swear by it too:
I know Canada Dry Diet Tonic is carb-free. Wouldn't mind trying Perrier though. Bit more pricy though, no?
Hey folks, a&w,squirt,Canada dry,rc cola,country time lemonade,7up and Hawaiian punch 12pk can and 6ks on sale this week at martins for 5/$11.00. Or $2.20/ 12pk or 6pk 16.9 oz
don't know what Vernors is. Canada Dry is best ginger ale. wins again. Joe's only win was in video games.
Just saw a 9 year old boy walking home from school with a 2 liter of Canada Dry in his arms.
You'll want this staple from for this summer's heat waves. Trust.
Sitting at Pearson waiting for a lift. Bag of ketchup chips, bottle of Canada Dry, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah playing. Guess we're home!
HOT $1 off 1 7UP/A&W/Canada Dry/RC/Sunkist Ten.if you print 4 using 2 computers/browsers Publix shoppers can get them 4 for $8!!!
Coca cola and Canada Dry wooden crates, $20 each or both for $30.
PHOTO: Here's a panoramic look inside the new Convention & Visitors Bureau (old Canada Dry bldg). Nicely done!
Canada Dry Ginger Ale says "made with real ginger" but it's not listed in the ingredients. How is that allowed?
Happiness - when one of your best mates asks you what drink you want for your birthday, you refuse to tell him and he gets it right - southern comfort/ canada dry for the curious - cheers Jeff 😄
Canada Dry is so Delish. I love ginger ale so much.
Seriously I'm so embarrassed I'm so glad you guys can't see this 😳 get me some Canada Dry and KD I'm moving x
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It's Canada Dry sess with Allah, son, We want rye, we want it so bad we might cry
i want a sandwich with some chip and a peach Canada Dry and an advil Pm
Ok people quick update. Some know some don't the store remodel has finally been settled on. It starts June 1st and goes I think for 45 days. We will still be open for the whole time. Even though I still have no idea how that can happen. In the next 3 wks I have to reduce all inventory w/o running out of things. Both the freezer and the cooler have to be replaced so for 7 days we will have to store everything in coolers from the diff companies. I've already got one coming from Canada Dry and Coke. Waiting on Pepsi to call back. Dan Henry and Western are triin to come up with something. Where we are gonna put this stuff is still in the air. Mostly where can we put the milk. The freezer has been broken down since the ice storm in Dec. so this could open a whole new can of worms for the future of the building. They call it Black Mold. The company that is installing the new freezer said and I quote "If there is black mold in anyway shape or form on the walls between the cooler/freezer and the outside wall, roo ...
And I'm drinking Canada Dry far away from the tv
& like Common said, "you ain't wet nobody, you canada dry."
O Canada, O Canada! Have you checked in your You can’t use the excuse that your nails have to dry...
So far, Oh Canada Dry Glaze has been the biggest hit at my May tastings. Who wants to do a taste test with me? It's so fun!
"Ladies we got a call that you where drinking in here, just this two liter of Canada Dry"
Zombie skin now available in Canada. ammonia-free latex . Thicker. Dry faster .
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Canada Dry above all god bless that beverage god bless Canada
I was honored as both a Cdn and a Ginger with this week's show. And you're welcome for the Canada Dry!
Why canada dry still looking like a lost puppy...😩
The Canada dry guy try talk to me talking bout can I call you lol
I just entered the Canada Dry $100,000 Music Giveaway! There are 8,500 Daily Prizes PLUS 3 Grand Prize VIP concert experiences featuring Sarah McLachlan to be won!
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Now, it is dark. It is quiet. Just you and me, dear listener. Just my voice, traveling from this microphone, traveling silent and immediate across sleepy homes and lost souls to your ears. You curl under a blanket, protecting your body from the world — excepting a few clever spiders — and you are listening, hearing me. Sleep heavily and know that I am here with you now. The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first, and settles in as the gentle present. This now, this us, we can cope with that. We can do this together, you and I. Drowsily, but comfortably. Stay tuned now for our two-hour special, Car Alarms and Their Variations, brought to you commercial-free by Canada Dry. Good night, Night Vale. Good night. ~Welcome to Night Vale
I need a Twilight Saga marathon, some popcorn with hot sauce and my Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale
"I was drivivng through London when I saw an advert saying 'Drink Canada dry'"-George Best on why he went to North America
always thought things like eggs a salmonella risk. Amazing how many dry foods are problems. Rosemary via
One day when we execute our top secret plan to make the USA our 11th province you will understand that 1812 was just a dry run
Mines full of Diet Canada Dry bottles.
This Canadá dry ginger drink is Amazing delish
Need ginger ale Canada Dry it always makes me feel better.
I'm guessing that bj wasn't.. CANADA DRY
Tried peach flavour canada dry so weird
Canada, dry as a bone to bottom of the ocean in under a minute
On the eve of my 31st birthday, I am finding out about how almighty Vernor’s ginger ale is. Consider me ex-Canada Dry til the death
Canada dry forozen is the best ice cream ever :)
Canada dry,. I told Canada to try lube next time.
Drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Or anything with real ginger in it.
I remember it having a Canada Dry logo on it back in the day.
Delighted to represent giving out Dry Riesling award at tonight. Only Westrn Canada sponsor!
*** came outta there with a Hero and a Canada dry lmfao
What kind of juice and soda? I have orange juice and Canada Dry Ginger Ale. :3
who in their right mind buys Sussex when you could buy Canada Dry?
cold drink? no problemo...Canada Dry Ginger Ale..with added...umm..flavor!
I'm about to down a Canada Dry Ginger Ale much needed love the stuff 👍😏
Christina: "Oh. I want a drink with that too. I'll have's it called...canada dry" " gingerale?"
I guess team Canada left Reimer out to dry today too right?? Must be the coaches fault.
Making roasted pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes, carrots and onions and the Oh CANADA dry glaze from epicure for dinner! Yum! Off to michaels this aft for some fun crafting supplies!
*Walgreens: 7 Up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry, or Hawaiian Punch (TEN Products of 2 Liter) Soda for
There’s a new $1.50 off 2 soda coupon available. You need to share the coupon in order to print it. This coupon is valid on any two 2-liters or 4-pack cans of 7up Ten, A&W Ten, Canada Dry Ten, RC …
Oh noez Canada lost a game in a mean nothing world championship! We're going to have to dry our tears with the OLYMPIC GOLD from Sochi...
I have not had a sip of pop (other than baby sips of Canada Dry when my belly hurts) in about five months, and now they come out with Baja Blast. Oh boy, this just got tough.
your gf took a waterfall of my Canada Dry nd told me to hold her M&Ms ✋😏😉
musician has a new album. Read our interview & give it a listen:
Is it me or is Canada Dry Ginger Ale not good w/o ice?
Canada Dry Mott's generously donated the Imagination Playground to the United Way-funded Journey Neighbourhood Centre. Yesterday it made its highly anticipated arrival!
I could drink 24 cans of Canada dry "10" ginger ale a day, love it
Yeah, I admit it. Every time I hear the song "Kind of a Drag", I think they're saying "Canada Dry".
Happy Birthday Dave Banbury, don't get too drunk in Canada, you know what they used to say..."drink Canada Dry", it was only an advert & not meant to have been taken literally. Xx
Wish someone could please drop me off some Canada Dry Ginger Ale to settle my stomach. Ugh"
Manufacturer, bottler and distributor of Dr Pepper, 7UP, Mott's, Snapple, Canada Dry and other favorites as well as new innovations like Dr Pepper TEN.
I listening to skinhead stuff, drinking a Canada Dry, and STILL farming for this Channelers Trident
But Canada Dry is better than sprite..
OH that is horrible canada you tease you, well the 80's will be perfect for you when you come a nice dry relief!!
I got a little nervous about something and so when I went to drink my Canada Dry, I missed my lips and it dribbled onto the keyboard.
...just loving up my late dinner. grilled pork seasoned with Le Taj... topped with kale and green peppers... alongside perogies that were lightly peppered and sprinkled with Oh! Canada Dry Glaze... Mmmm... and if that's whet your appetite... think of the glass of Gwertztraminer (sp?) that I'm enjoying along with the meal. Yup! Happiness restored :) :)
"what do you call when she needs a drink? . Canada Dry!" - a joke by Stephen 👌
Drinking Canada dry out of a wine glass wishing my wine WASN'T FROZEN!
Snaps for my Aunt for hooking me up with popsicles and Canada Dry earlier today, it's really helping now 😘
Canada Dry Ginger Ale is Gods carbonated drink of choice.
Zingers and Canada Dry. What else is there?!?!
Driving behind a Dr. Pepper truck tonight I thought to myself, 'do I like Dr. Pepper enough to rob that truck? Hmmm... I don't know. Now if it was Canada Dry; definitely. ...But I'm not sure about Dr. Pepper. ... I could drink a ginger ale right now. Oh wait... That's a Surfine truck. Nevermind that's dumb.'
Ethiopians should sponsor Canada Dry cause they're obsessed
Canada Dry gingerale is probably God's greatest creation... Besides me ;)
He said he was going through Dublin, and saw a big sign saying 'DRINK CANADA DRY.'
What would you call Canada after global warming had turned it into a desert and you somehow had to name it after a ginger ale? CANADA DRY!
Will you push FoodNetwork for a Mexico? Canada is like watching paint dry.
I do NOT believe this 7Up coupon is still available!
When will the Schweppes Ginger Ale be back in stock at JDs, the last time I was there I only saw Canada Dry which I am allergic to. I cannot make the trip to Wal Mart as my power scooter is incapable of traveling such a long distance.
I can always count on Canada Dry Ginger Ale when I have an upset stomach :-)
Schweppes will never come close to Canada Dry
Canada Dry? I wonder if they make Canada wet...
Oh Canada dry glaze was probably the biggest hit at the Open House today. So yummy on chicken, salmon, sweet potatoes and more! The sriracha and big burger sauce were pretty big hits too! First order from the new catalogue will be placed on Thursday morning so all orders are due by Wednesday night. I have 3 goodie bags left and will be doing random draws from anyone who places an order ($25 or more) by Wednesday. Book your own party and get your stuff for FREE!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If I were still in Jamaica I would be getting ready for the buffet right now. Instead im here in Canada eating dry Mr. Noodles
Why don't we have 330ml cans of Canada Dry in the UK? Serious, if more people knew what that tasted like even McDonalds would offer it.
Interesting night, having my head bitten off over a bottle of Canada Dry!
I discovered a remedy for an upset stomach & nausea- it helped me the other day & it was the only thing my stomach craved- Bomb pops & Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Both of those back to back made me feel better.
if you're having stomach pains the cure is sprite or Canada dry
7up or Canada Dry will cure anything even if it's aids
Went to grab Dave a ginger ale and refused to get Canada Dry cuz we got the Canadians next.
I can never decide if I prefer Schweppes or Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
It was too cold when Common said Drake was Canada Dry
Finally found some dry cider out here in Canada-proper.
Wow - I've gone through 50 catalogues in a week! I have more of the new Summer Catalogues on order. So many yummy new products including Coco Vanilla White Tea - sold several at my party yesterday, and heard "it smells like Hawaii!" a lot :) and the Bali Glow and Oh Canada Dry Glazes. If you'd like a copy of the catalogue please let me know :)
"i see you have some Canada dry, would you like some moist cup cakes".
Flying Burrito Brothers - I'm Drinking Canada Dry "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for pur...
In dyer need of a Canada more turn ups for me. I'm too old for this ish...
Guy: "ur cool, so I ain't gon rob u" Me: "wish u would scrub, you'll get handled" Guy: "ok, seems legit...ill just buy this 2 liter of Canada Dry" *** ! Crazy *** white people lol smh
Tonight we has some dear friends for supper so brought the big guns. Grilled steaks with epicures oh Canada dry glaze, Cesar salad made with epicures Cesar dressing mix, asparagus, and roasted potatoes with epicures teriyaki rub. And home made brownies for dessert.
My uncle was an alcoholic and the doctor told him to drink Canada Dry. So he went up there
Made a trip to Costco last night and purchased all my meat. Today I scheduled time to package all my meat for the freezer. I mixed up a batch of the new Canada Dry Glaze and the Jamaican Jive Glaze and coated both the chicken and the pork chops before freezing. Now all my prep work is done and I will have saved so much time. You can save time too. Schedule time after you grocery shop to prepare for the week. Prepare a menu for the week before you hit the grocery store and only buy what is on your list. You can save money too!
Thank you to Chris Lunden Fieldstad, for bringing me some canada dry 10 and lemon lime soda. I acutally drank a can of the canada dry and it helped YAY! Emma likes the canada dry too and its helping YAY
Bianca Marie found one for ya and its Canada dry..
Canada Dry is my new favourite drink.
Do you drink it straight up? Maybe a lil Crown Royal with Canada Dry.
This is a beautiful large "CANADA DRY" ice bucket in good condition.Very collectible.Price $15
I have rediscovered the deliciousness. Of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Only in diet form this time.
In a store today there was a clearance rack near the registers. There were several cases of diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale. There were no prices on the cases so I asked an employee, who was standing every bit of 3 foot from the rack, did he know how much the drinks were. He said, "Nope". I keep waiting on the, ". but if you'll hang on I'll find out". Never came. I just said, "Okay," and left. Customer service...wait...what??
This is what I am working on now...the "Come gather in our garden" sign came from Vermont.I am going to fill the Canada Dry box with flowers and something climbing that smells good...maybe like clematis or jasmine. I really love this old canada dry box--weird I know!!!...and my porch gets swept daily...the pollen is awful!
Wish I was home playing NCAA football. With a deep dish meat lover pizza and a cold Canada Dry
If I ask for Seagrams gingerale bring me Seagrams gingerale not that Canada Dry ish
Never is my brand commitment stronger to Canada Dry than when I'm asked what I would like to drink on an airplane.
ok Brenda look after yourself. And don't drink Canada Dry x
In taste tests done by moi, I chose Seagram's brand of Ginger Ale as the best (more fun to drink than Sprite). Canada Dry is the worst (:P
notice the Canada Dry, our nation's national drink.
I drink Canada Dry more than anything
Canada Dry cause what else would I drink?
Here's a good drink for warmer weather: some ice, your favorite gin and a good splash of Canada Dry bitter lemon
Jordan buy him a Canada Dry and make him drink it
If the only way to kill a zombie was to force them to drink a Canada Dry, I would let the world die and hoard the gingies, YO.
Wait a minute, Americans drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale or something similar to that?
I don't drink pop but Canada Dry is my weakness. Goes down smooth
Why would you want to drink something called "Canada Dry"?
Ironic that the most popular guest drink of choice in Costa Rica is Canada Dry.
"I only drink Canada Dry when my stomach's upset. Isn't that what it's for?"
that's how mine was. & I couldn't stop throwing up. it's miserable. jus drink Canada Dry, & eat saltine *** if u can
I have a sweet tooth so it works for me. I've come to love Seagram's and I now drink Canada Dry, so I'm growing as a person.
I can drink Canada Dry or Seagram's, but the natural brands have bits of ginger--YUCK!
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Old soda bottles. "Upper 10", bottled by Nehi Jefferson City bottling plant. $10. "Wink" by Canada Dry, $8. "Dad's Junior Rootbeer", with embossed/raised lettering, $8. "Diet Dr. Pepper" bottle, $8. "Dr. Pepper" bottles, $10 for the 16 ounce, and $5 for the 10 ounce. Swirled glass Pepsi bottle, $5 a piece. Have two of the swirled glass pepsi bottles. Available for pick-up in Jefferson City, might be able to meet in Columbia on rare occasions.
Me: "hello, let me know if I can help you find something." Girl: "I need Canada Dry diet. And it has to be that specifically! It's for someone they need it exactly, I have been to 3 places already" Me "we'll our soda is right this way." Girl: "sigh... There's only Canada Dry 10" Me: "ok we'll I can go look in the back" ** find the last Canada Dry diet** Girl: *loud shriek* "thank you!" "Chelsea Handler thanks you!" -- we'll Chelsea Handler your welcome!
Someone deliver me a nice Canada Dry I'll pay a fat sum of cash
aww and I both like Canada Dry! (I'm totally in denial about the show ending i just focus on beverages)
I could go for a Canada Dry right now, I shall!
everyone in Canada dry cleans their clothes
nothing bad ever happens in Canada like the worst thing is probably someone accidentally picking up someone elses dry cleaning
Listening to my friends talk about their boyfriends or complaining about being single all day and im just like this Canada Dry is pretty rad
In honour of rooting for Canada I'm gonna drink some Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
aww bae lemme know if I can bring you applesauce to school. Or even some Canada Dry?
Jamie Benn is the biggest beauty on Team Canada. Like he probably crushes cases of carling dry after each game
I love when my water is this cold feelin like a fresh waterfall Niagra falls while you Canada Dry
Ginger Ale! I have mad stomach pains all the time, and this effectively works! And tastes great! Canada Dry like Drake.
Howell just made me shoot Canada Dry out of my nose...
Young tough on the streetcar slyly swigs from a nearly empty 2L bottle of Canada Dry.
Canada Dry gingerale *** why? . Cause it says Canada on the label...
don't leave me Canada Dry check me out
They called me Canada Dry at the construction company because I'm a ginger and I *** pale ale
Overstate thine eating linked to these recommendations from canada dry goods store: SrBMKr
Drake drinking sprite and not Canada Dry in the commercial doe? Straight dissin his home I'd say biebers the cause of that smh
don't leave me Canada Dry , millionaire , take 4 minutes to check my page out made off my phone
Turkey bologna sandwich w/ chips & a pickle & washing it down w/ some Canada dry now that's a Love day meal for ya! Lmao!!!
Got the wife an edible arrangement, which was trumped by a text to pick up *** and Canada Dry on my way home... :-( Holly Erwin
Had the best Valentine's day ever so far because Safeway had a sale where if I bought 2 cases of Canada dry then i get three free. Hellz Yeah.
I told my client what I did for my family for Valentine's day he gave me a Diet Canada Dry pop and said now you can say what someone did for you that was sweet
The flu... On valentines day... What luck :( :(... So much for our romantic dinner... And dessert (Wink)... Booo:( looks like ill be trading it in for Canada Dry, *** and chicken noodle soup. Joy. :(
At home with a nice big roaring fire and brandy and Canada Dry. Hoo yes
I need a drink. Anyone want to get me a Canada Dry black cherry wishnaik? (It's soda btw)
Ok y'all if ya want some Pepsi products, Tabbitha is the girl you need to talk to lol $16 for 24 16oz bottles!!! Can't beat that deal!! Choices are Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew, Diet Mt Dew, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Sunkist, Diet Sunkist, Canada Dry, Sierra Mist and Aquafina Water!! Average of 67 cent a bottle :) orders due by February 20th, thanks to all who order for helping with her 5th grade Florida trip!! We'll be delivering so place your order now :)
Who else buys ginger ale when their not sick I love Canada dry cranberry oan why am I up im on a mini vaca lol
Canada Dry Ginger Ale is my new best friend.
Linda recovering from part A operation on Tue. Part B tomorrow. Recovery is tuff. Appitite is off a bit. Bringing Greek Yogurt and Canada Dry Ginger Ale (her favorites) tomorrow. Recover starts over again tomorrow afternoon. (3-5 days in hospital,more if need be). All prayers are welcome. Follow up details in a few days.
What is it about Campbell's chicken noodle soup and Canada Dry Ginger Ale that makes it the ultimate comfort food when you're sick? Thank you Kristine Graham, it was so good:)
My awesome husband, Greg Mills, is taking such good care of me. I am craving Canada Dry Ginger Ale and green grapes...he gets he keys and says "I'll be right back, DON'T MOVE". He went to WalMart for me! He has been such a trooper for me. He is right there when I have my break downs because I can't do things on my own. Having to ask for help is NOT easy for me but he is by my side every step of the way. He has shoeing that he needs to do but he is putting them off because he doesn't want to leave me that long. To his customers, I'm sorry. I hope to heal quickly so he will be able to take care of your horses. .Greg Mills, I love you!!! Thank you.
You so black and white, trying to live a *** s life I’m taking too long on this amateur guy You ain’t wet nobody, *** you Canada dry
I think it needs to be said, Schweppes is no Canada Dry! That is all.
OMG, my turn I guess. Have now threw up for the 8th time since 4AM. Tips from my doc: 1). Don't DRINK down any water or any tea-SIP cool water, once every 30 minutes. 2). Listerine Cool Mint (regular or alkie free)- swish for ten secs then spit, rinse well with cold water, the coldest you can stand. This keeps the thirsties down. 3). Sleep on your LEFT side, not your back or right side. It keeps vomiting and diarrhea at bay. There's a vein runs down the right side of our bodies that produces acid. If you sleep on it, on a bad tummy, guess what happens? Yup. More vomiting. 4). Sleep. And sleep on your left side. But sleep. It's the great healer. 5). Either Canada Dry Ginger Ale or 7-Up, flat/no ice (cold is best, but FLAT) is ok to SIP, not gulp, once you feel hungry again. And once you do feel hungry again it means the worst is over. Will take a few days to get energy back, but at least you'll know you're outta the woods. Shoulda called my doc last Monday-he could've helped my baby girl. I'm out. Peace, a ...
Well gt my tweed my cheese puffs n my Canada Dry bt to wtch Devils Due legggo the kids n here too lts see hw lng they gne last lol stay tuned.
Someone should bring me a Canada Dry ♥
Those without lights and in need of your phone being charged, hubby charged his iPhone before with an apple, plastic bowl, and Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Instead of the receptacle, place charger end in the apple and set apple in soda in the bowl.
Joke of the Day -- A drunk was leaning against a lamppost staring up at a signboard and yelling, "It can't be done, it's too big! Another drunk staggered by and slurred, "What can't be done?" The other drunk answered. "What does that sign say, 'DRINK CANADA DRY'. "It's just too *** big, it can’t be done!"
When Drake start acting tuff, That's when he becomes canada dry...
I bet you didn't know I'm addicted to soda. Preferably Mountain Dew, Canada Dry or Sprite. I keep a can or bottle by my bed at all times and I wake up craving it in the middle of the night
Given the amount of ginger ale I've been drinking lately, Canada Dry should start bottling my urine.
Did you know that the generic name for Canada Dry is.American Wet?
Watching Arrow eating Salad drinking Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Seems like a good night
My momma would give me 7-up or Canada Dry Ginger Ale when I was feeling icky sicky. She also lined my snowmobile boots with empty bread bags so my feet would stay dry (Roman Meal on one foot and Bunny Bread on the other LOL) What stuff did your momma do for you?
Me: you need to be drinking a lot of water Nathan: I need to be drinking sprite or Canadian mist Me: wait, you mean Canada Dry Ginger Ale?
I was just reading the article about Spags being transformed... Getting rid of Muzzy Ave? Really. I hope all of our Townies are also aware that a man named Sam Adams doing business as Spagtacular LLC Inc.( He is from L.A.) is planning to redo Fairlawn Plaza with 3 story buildings for mixed use... AND also across the street at the old Canada Dry for MORE mixed use. Not to mention part of this project includes 19 new houses on the corner of Rte. 9 and Oak St. up on the hill across from Williamsburg court. How much mixed use and parking lots do we need in Town? This guy wants 450 parking spaces just on the lower tier of a 3 tier parking lot and an underground parking facility underneath where Price chopper used to be. Get involved people!
Good morning everyone, God bless us to see another day. To my family and friends down in the Dirty South, I pray that all is well and everybody is safe and warm. If you don't have to go out stay off the roads if they are icy. Remember those that don't have lights and you have a gas grill and or a fryers you can cook. Some of you still have your wood burner or fire place crank it up. Our winter storm is coming late tonight or first thing in the morning. Kids here was already scheduled for early dismissal I will pick them up and head to the grocery store and grab some more stuff like eggs, milk,tuna fish, bread and plenty of junk food. I cook with gas so if by chance the lights go we can cook and stay warm. I have been since 1985 and only once during storm Gloria, living in Stowe Village my first apartment 44 Kensington street apt 201. We have been blessed since then always had light when the storms got bad, but there is a second time for anything to happen. Thank God he has blessed us. And you be blessed a ...
“MY VERY FIRST TIME “PASSING OUT CANDY” FROM A HOUSE FOR HALLOWEEN”: Which, I didn't ACTUALLY do, cuz I just STOOD THERE TALKING, while the others passed it out, but STILL!... Sat., 11-2, after picking up Kaitlyn from Grandma Cathy's, we headed to meet up with the Roberts' family for trick or treating, which Kaitlyn didn't know about until we picked her up, & she got excited about that:) Trick or treating being post-posted from Thursday to Saturday in Lancaster due to weather, worked out GREAT for our family! We were able to take Kaitlyn “regular” trick or treating, which made her 3rd time that week! Monday had been going to businesses at the Ety Rd. Scrambler area, Wednesday had been trunk n treat & party at the church & now this! We brought her costume for her to change into, which we went to Marcee's parents for:) I decided to stay at their house & hang out with them as Leah & Marcee's Mom passed out candy:) David Hubbard & Kaitlyn went on their trick or treating way & found Dustin & Emilee ...
I live off of Sprite and Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Everyone loves soda deals, so here is one for you! 7-up, Sunkist, Canada Dry Ginger Ale are all on sale for $1.00 at Walgreens right now, if anyone hung on to the $.75/1 coupon from early last month, that makes these $.25 each!
Flags flying at half mast at Canada Dry, Tropicana and Grenadine Ltd. today.
My day will consist of *** Canada Dry, and sex in the city... I hate this feeling :.(
If you return $5.00 or more worth of cans and bottles you can get a free 1.25ltr of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Canada Dry, or Sprite, but only while supplies last!
The world is still in shock from the untimely passing of the beautiful and iconic Whitney Houston. In honor of the legendary life of one of the greatest performers in history, here are a few facts that you may or may not know. 1. Whitney Houston, born on August 9, 1963, came from music business royalty. Her mother, Cissy Houston, was a backup singer for the likes of Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin. Whitney’s cousin, Dionne Warwick, is an internationally recognized singing star. Whitney’s Godmother is Aretha Franklin. 2. Houston is the most awarded female recording artist of all time, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Houston’s awards include: 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards. 3. Houston is the only artist to chart seven consecutive Billboard Hot 100 hits (“Saving All My Love for You”, “How Will I Know”, “Greatest Love of All”, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “Didn’t We Almost Have ...
FREE 20 oz Dr Pepper, 7UP, Sunkist, Canada Dry, or A&W at 7-Eleven you will need to download their app for IOS or Android on your phone and register. The free coupon is located in the Savings section. Make sure you don’t click Redeem until you...
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