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Camp Rock

Camp Rock is a 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.

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My May long consisted of watching Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 over and over again and I don't regret it one bit
The first Camp Rock was better for storyline but the soundtrack for Camp Rock 2 is amazing
This is me (Camp Rock) / Demi Lovato. by MOCA with 2 others.
let's be real, Roshon Fegan was the real star of Camp Rock
Oh shut up, you're lying if you haven't cried when Mitchie and Shane sang 'This is Me' at the end of of Camp Rock.
All I want in life is for Demi Lavato & Joe Jonas to be together like in Camp Rock god dammit
Alex Karev is singing Camp Rock to a little girl during an MRI. I am so in love.
Nick Jonas gave girls the HIGHEST standards with Introducing Me in Camp Rock don't even try to fight me with this
Tonight consists of jamming out to old school Disney Channel. Hannah Montana and Camp Rock forever!!
I just realized the cougar lady that hung out with Logan in Big Time Contest is the musical director in Camp Rock!
Book your tickets for Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical now: 01843 591750
I have a playlist consisting of Camp Rock, High School Musical, and Hannah Montana - it is hella fire🔥
I consider Lemonade Mouth on the same level as High School Musical, Camp Rock and Teen Beach Movie because it was SUPPOSED to have a sequel
I'm imagining the music video for eating a piece of bacon watching Camp Rock
Note to self: . Don't ever watch Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 while doing he because you'll end up singing along and not being as productive xD
The life of a college student: going from homework to an intramural game to an intense dance battle w/ judge to watching Camp Rock series
Omw to suk (pasor) camp caesar, thought that a dog lying there instead of these big creatures. You rock goat🐐
Blanco an unsung rock for Giants' outfield: The Giants' Gregor Blanco has provided stab...
I have a camp rock song stuck in my head. relatable??
Found a rock while I was cleaning up my garden area today! @ The Rock Camp Store
Do we have to be more than 16yo to camp?
How old is too old to watch camp rock
I was so excited when Camp Rock 2 came out y'all don't even know how hyped for it I was
Watching Camp Rock because my life is boring
my head hurts so much and I'm crying over camp rock
WITH THE BAND by Rock star, forbidden romance, what more could you want?!. https…
I refuse to die unless a camp rock 3 is made
*14 yr old Joel puts portable CD player in back pocket and choreographs to Camp Rock* - "yeah I knew I was a ***
- Plans on showing up at Cub's camp tomorrow
Why are we still acting like Demi Lovato singing with one of the Jo Bros is exciting? That stopped being exciting after the Camp Rock movies
The cast of Camp Rock dressed up as High School Musical for Halloween (2007)
📷 my-tardis-sense-is-tingling: chlorinne: Never forget that the cast of Camp Rock dressed up as High...
(Credits: Marco Rubio played by Joe Jonas doll from Camp Rock. Cameo background book appearances by and
Yup! I definitely want a 10 year Camp Rock reunion! Especially if that means I get to see the Jonas Brothers together …
Who needs a Camp Rock reunion when you have the Future Now tour? Its basically the same thing since DNCE will probably make a…
10 years ago I was SURE that when i was 20 i'd be married to a Jonas Brother. But instead I'm watching Camp Rock with my dog.
7th gr. Liz wants to say shes still bitter bout who won in Camp Rock. Peggy had nothing on the Hasta La Vista guys.
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three c… — Harry Potter. Zac Efron. Nate(from Camp Rock) sorry i don…
Camp Rock, High School Musical,Wizards of Waverly place,Cory in the house,That's so Raven.😢come back.
We should just send luke to Camp Rock like honestly it worked for Shane Gray he came out of that camp a changed, less probl…
My sister is barely going through her Camp Rock phase 🙄 . Bye
When you've watched pretty much everything on Netflix that's worth watching so you watch Camp Rock and skip to the Final Jam.
same I'm watching Camp Rock join me 😜
Between Cheaper by the Dozen, Step Up, Camp Rock, Phineas and Ferb, Young Justice, & The Legend of Korra
Took off Camp Rock and put on Lemonade Mouth 😂😂😂
I remember watching shows on Disney like Jonas, Hannah Montana (a little), The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Camp Rock, etc.
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I have reached my breaking point Camp Rock is on Disney & I can't sing-a-long properly cause idk Spanish. 😠
at Camp Rock @ Wildcats Taylor Swift Tribute So Taylor will be live on stage. Open from 9pm
Nick and Demi deserve their own success. It's not Camp Rock anymore. Why don't their management get that? Lmao.
yes, they really were. I can't believe it's been 7 years since Camp Rock came out. 😱
Camp Rock actually pains me forreal
Meaghan Martin also plays Jess in Camp Rock and she's kinda like the Jessica in Until Dawn.
singing High School Musical 2 and Camp Rock.
when the Camp Rock cast dressed up as the High School Musical cast
Flat is singing High School Musical and Camp Rock please for the love of god save me
I wouldn't sing Camp Rock in front of hundreds of people at a Taylor Swift concert with anyone else
Selena Gomez' best selling album has still sold less copies than the 'Camp Rock' album.
Why did I watch the Wizards of Waverly Place movie and now Camp Rock
Adulthood day 2: blue bunny ice cream (ugh come on blue bell) and Camp Rock.
Forever wishing summer was like Camp Rock and highschool was like Highschool Musical
was watching Camp Rock part 1;haven't seen it in a long time, I was screaming "WILL YOU KISS HER ALREADY JOE?" ❤❤
Bernard Fowler and friends performing Led Zepp's "Dancing Days" for the campers at IMC Camp Rock
Main event was playing old Hillary Duff and now jump street is playing Introducing Me from Camp Rock and my life's great
Rock 101 Boot Camp runs all next week 9am-3pm - are you in the band? Enroll: brooklyn
Why yes that is my son in this article. (it's the kid with the guitar and hair up in the air)
Flashback to when I used to watch camp rock... I wanna kill myself
Alex Karev singing "Wouldn't Change a Thing" from Camp Rock in Greys Anatomy is the reason I still exist
Jamie and the kids in this week's Rock City World Tour Music Camp! Call to register your little rocker today!...
I'm watching Camp Rock this is so wonderful
I 💙 it! My new guilty pleasure Disney movies after High School Musical and Camp Rock 😆… 📺 Watching Descendants —
I liked a video from The Bad Singing Challenge II This is me - Camp Rock…
MP3 Songs. Neuerscheinungen in Hard Rock & Metal. Through the Fire and Flames... Dragonforce.
Baby bro is also proudly rock in it at bike camp.
I just want to say thank you to the class of 2018 for not being so horrible at your freshmen camp last year. you rock!!
So, apparently is still making kids rock the Loog in LESS than a week - check it out!
I'm watching camp rock and I'm buzzing
and I are watching Camp Rock on our last night of vacation... Why
This is real this is me I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be - Demi Levato about Joe Jonas and Camp Rock
.Thanks the Jonas and Selena to decline the role in Camp Rock said by DIRECTOR/PRESIDENT of creation Disney.
Just watched Camp Rock 2... At the begin i was like jeej!. Later when i heard the results i cry'd. And at the and i was la…
I feel like shane trying to find mitchie in camp rock with the whole barman situation(only he lives 2 hours away n I'll never see him again)
I forgot my hair ties at camp and had to rock the bandana but I think this might just be a new look for me
Camp Rock and High School Musical never get old!!
This amazing *** Rock Camp is about more than just music... It's about identity.
The Camp Rock soundtrack has single handedly sold more in the U.S. than any album in Selena Gomez's discography. http:…
Can Kendra and Hank bounce back from rock bottom? Watch Marriage Boot Camp tomorrow at 9|8c.
Singing to Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Camp Rock on this beautiful Wednesday night 👅
Why do I know all the words to the rap in Hasta La Vista from Camp Rock
Highkey want to cuddle and watch Camp Rock&High School Musical with whoever is up for it
Camp Rock was trash but at least it had the Jonas Brother and Roshon Fegan
I lightweight had a crush on Roshon Fegan when Camp Rock came out, but I was Jonas Brothers af so it didn't last long.
When your kids are watching Camp Rock, again... And out of nowhere you find yourself singing along and not missing a beat.
I remember when I went to 's and we had a huge girls party when Camp Rock came out wow
Camp Rock is on Disney and attitude stresses me tf out
Currently watching Camp Rock and my little sister keeps pulling out the guitar every time someone plays the guitar in the movie
true especially since nick beefed up and all. Back in the Camp Rock days though it was all about Joe.
I'm watching Joe Jonas TRRRYY to dance on Camp Rock right now 😂😂😂😂
DON'T FORGET! Come out to see Camp Rock tonight in Wychwood Park. Arrive at 8pm to rock out with the Safavids, a great local…
I remember watching Camp Rock & thinking about how much I loved the Jonas Brothers & here I am 7 years later & still in …
I've been watching Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 for days now. I'm basically waiting for Camp Rock 3.
I have my iPod on shuffle and a song from Camp Rock is now playing and I don't hate it
TVD, tracers, If I Stay, endless love, all of HSM, both Camp Rock, and Big Daddy :D
"You're just a wannabe, love it or hate it" A Tess do Camp Rock sabe
Follow back me Lobe .. pls my birthday is on July 6 .. I Love you since I watch Camp Rock 😊😊😊
Selena stans drag us when we count Camp Rock sales as Demi's, yet the only receipt they use is Wizards Of Waverly Place…
Demi Lovato through the years: . Camp Rock / Camp Rock 2. . She looked so different I thought they changed actress
The fact that we play Camp Rock and Highschool Musical 1 & 2 at work got me in my feels lmao.
debating watching Friends for the rest of the night or watching Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2...
Camp Rock came out 7 years ago today... I FEEL SO OLD
Camp Rock will always be a favorite
Feelin' like Demi Levato in the opening sequence of Camp Rock. Is there any better feeling?
Dunno how you can even compare Power to Empire... It's like comparing American Gangster to Camp Rock
Summer means it's 2 am and I'm watching Camp Rock at Sam's
So, now there is only Camp Rock and Princess Protection Program. Until May 2! Tomorrow!! 😭😭
Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and "Camp Rock" has been announced as the AB Festival Grand Marshall. Who would...
"my nipples are so hard right now" -about Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas almost kissing at the end of Camp Rock .
I still remember all the lyrics to all of the Camp Rock, High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, and Hannah Montana songs
I just wanna watch all the High School Musical & Camp Rock movies in one night cause I have the heart of a 13 year old
“Just think about Professor Way in Camp Rock or High School Musical.” sounds like ur kinda thing
Watched Princess Protection Program and Camp Rock last night and now I'm watching Camp Rock 2... I guess you could say I love 💕✊😊
My kids are presently offering critical assessments of Demi Lovato's performances in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.
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Now I feel like watching Camp Rock, and Camp Rock 2 lol
Jean was maybe my least favorite Jonas Brother. At least Nick is still relevant and Joe was SOO good in Camp Rock.
I was that little kid who knew almost all the dances to High School Musical and Camp Rock
Up @ 3am watching Camp Rock with my sisters. Y R we fagz¿?
low key he become so much hotter real quick while I stay ugly af since The Camp Rock lmao
I just watched stars truck and now I'm watching camp rock!! Man does time fly by...
don't know what to watch so I'll just watch Camp Rock 2
Watching High School Musical rn and camp rock is next then maybe Teen Beach Movie
Orla harper come round now I have received Camp Rock 2!!
I bear no shame in the fact that I just belted out We Rock. And in case you didn't know, it's the magnificent group number at the end of Camp Rock.
Currently watching Camp Rock with my sistas. Judge us
I think the only songs I like that Demi sings is the ones in camp rock lol
I liked a video Camp Rock: Alyson vs Demi - who knows the Jonas Bros better?
Sonny With A Chance was never funny. And I never watched Camp Rock cz it seemed so corny.
Glee. Iron giant . Home alone. The flash. Taylor on MTV. The fountain. Camp rock. All in my tv at the same time. What is life?
Free for Stallions at Burnt Rock by Paul Bagdon: 4.5 out of 5 stars by 198 reviewers
Camp Rock 2 was a failure. Why am I not surprised? Spongebob is where is at. :D Nobody can do a musical like I can [or HSM]
Im crying im listening to camp rock songs
"Can't Back Down" is probably the only song I'll listen to from Camp Rock... I just can't tolerate Disney Channel movies anymore. lol
Is that true, gonna replace in Camp Rock 3? Debby Ryan is SO talented and amazing but Camp Rock not gonna be the same..
Its really hard to do homework when Camp Rock is on
hi!and my question is"Why you are so sexy?" . I remember this little boy from Camp Rock!. But now...You are awesome!
Happy 7th birthday to a beautiful little madam, the first child to call me nanny! Where has the time gone? Gone are the days of kicking back and watching "Camp Rock" and gone are the days of me scratching your back to get you to go to sleep. And you are way mature beyond your age. Hope you're having a fantastic day Tyra-Zae, enjoy being bratty today, it's your day and you're allowed to get away with it but for today only hehe, lots of love sweetheart from nanny Juicey and nan nan Terri xxx
Wednesday 22 - Friday 24 October 7.30pm, Wednesday Matinée 1pm - Camp Rock - Presented by Brynteg School 'It's a brand new day' and Brynteg is back - this time with an exciting new Disney Musical! Camp Rock combines two fantastic films into one magical musical and follows the love story of its stars Shane and Mitchie, running alongside the battle of Camp Rock and Camp Star as they fight for survival! Who will win? Filled full of dynamic dance numbers, sensational songs and a plot full of passion, it is definitely not to be missed! Tickets £10 Adult, £8 Child, £24 Family (2 adults & 2 children) call box office on 01656 815995 or book online
Why are there photos of Nick Jonas grabbing his junk all over my TL?! Miss me with that Camp Rock fantasy Disney Channel fetish…
I wonder why BET never did a spin off of Camp Rock from Disney. I bet Bow Wow and Romeo would have been it when they had lil in their name
Book tickets by call the Riverside Theatre for Camp Rock this FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!!! Cause this is…
I need a boyfriend thats the mix from: Andy Biersack/Sixx, Augustus Waters and Joe Jonas in Camp Rock
Kickstarting our holiday by watching Camp Rock 💁
This is real this is me :D mitchie torres ★ Camp Rock (with Demi at My Kingdom) —
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The girl who played Quinn on Zoey 101 and the girl who played Tess in Camp Rock are also in this episode.
Demi is in Camp Rock amazing and her voice omg ☺
as of now I am listening to the show Victorious soundtrack and later Camp Rock 😂😂I'm weird asf
We're in Stoke Newington today preparing for rock and roll boot camp. We're thinking Ryan's bar for the boot camp...
Omfg I remember when I hated Demi Lovato because she sang with Joe Jonas on Camp Rock and I was convinced I was going to marry him.
Look at you, look at me, there's never any us. Yes I'm watching camp rock.
A summer camp run at Festival Place that exposes teens to the music industry has recently wrapped more here:
Watching camp rock makes me want a boyfriend that can sing
Does anyone remember camp rock? Cause that was my life for a little while
OMG I love that song and all the camp rock songs
Why didn't I see this party of camp rock❓
and or when Camp Rock and High School Musical first came out! 😂
Brent River looks like Joe Jonas on Camp Rock days no hate
"I made my neopet name off of this song.". -Sara about 'Hasta La Vista' from Camp Rock
WIN!!! A family four-pack of tickets to see Disney's Camp Rock at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. To enter, and for...
“I remember when i was little I loved Camp Rock so much 😄❤”I still love camp rock . 😎💘
there's a TV channel on the Disney cruise I went on that played only Disney Channel movies it was rad I watched Camp Rock like 16x that week
Biggest plot twist of my life: Camp Rock lost the final jam to Camp Star . Never forget
emetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato (born August 20, 1992) is an American actress and singer. She made her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends. In 2008, she came to prominence as a starring cast member in the Disney Channel television film Camp Rock and signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records. Lovato released her debut studio album Don't Forget that September; it has since been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for sales of over 530,000. In 2009, Lovato was commissioned her own television series, Sonny with a Chance. That July, her second studio album Here We Go Again became her first project to debut at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200; its title track became her first single to break the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 after reaching number 15. After the release of additional television films and their accompanying soundtracks in 2010, Lovato's personal struggles sent her acting career into hiatus, and saw the closure of Sonny with a Chance after it ...
Get in today at the Dinas Powys Parish Hall for Camp Rock!
It is 10pm and I have found myself sitting in my kitchen staring into space listening to Hasta La Vista from Camp Rock. Yep I've lost it
Have you explored doing Meaghan Martin's numbers from Camp Rock? They have a pathos that I think you could show off.
Pretty sure I just saw the Asian girl from Camp Rock pull up to the buisness costco in a Maserati. We'll see.
The fact that we're spending our saturday night playing girls dress up games online and listening to Camp Rock radio
Demi Lovato lookin' hella young in Camp Rock. Lol.
Yes I do still cry to Camp Rock during This Is Me
Yeah. I just saw Camp Rock tonight for the first time because Maria is in it. :P Only reason I could suffer through Demi.
Shamelessly watching Camp Rock and yes that involves singing along with every song
Why do I not have anyone here right now watching this movie with me?! Jonas buddies?!? I need a Camp Rock party!
Camp Rock & Camp Rock 2 is the cure to sickness.
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There are dramatic moments in Camp Rock and SWAC that showcase how good of an actress she is. But the comedy throws it off.
Camp Rock. Demi Lovato was so little. Even her character Mitchie was strong. has always been strong on and off a set
The duet that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas do at the end of Camp Rock...let's be real, it's *** good. Thank goodness I have little girls that enjoy these cheesy Disney Channel movies with me.
I've never liked Demi Levato only because she got to be with Joe in Camp Rock
FROZEN - Let It Go By Demi Lavoto *** Demi Lavato is better a Camp Rock rather than the voice of Elsa.
yes that is Joe Jonas before anyone asks. Camp Rock to be exact
Instead of sitting in the lunch room Levi and I watched Camp Rock in Mrs. B's room. We're just too cool for this school.
but Camp Rock aired on my birthday . I was the happiest 10 years old
I'm not going to lie.When I was you get and when "Camp Rock" came on Disney Channel I was so jealous of Demi Lovato because she a Joe Jonas were like a thing in that movie and at the time I had the biggest crush on him and Nick Jonas! lol
"I remember the day after Camp Rock premiered, I went on Club Penguin and they were reenacting it" -
Why I suddenly have the urge to watch Camp Rock to mark the similarities between Joe Jonas and Kellin Quinn I don't know. Halp.
Finding out Mr.Cole jams to High School Musical and Camp Rock>>>
I dont know. This just reminds me of Camp Rock... You know "Shane Gray"
High School Musical kicks Camp Rock's *** if we're being perfectly honest.
Yeah, sorry, Michigan. I saw her on the Camp Rock tour.
Camp Rock Watch as Mitchie Torres (Demi Lavato) gets the chance of a lifetime -- attending the prestigous musical camp, Camp Rock! Rock along as Mitchie discovers how competitive the campers at Camp Rock truly are while working hard to perfect her musical talents! With the help from instructors like Shane Gray (Joe Jonas), who has returned ot camp to find himself as well as some new inspiration, Mitchie will confront her fears while learning to step into the spotlight.
remember when we all freaked when we saw Frankie Jonas was in Camp Rock
Actress/vocalist Demi Lovato began making a name for herself after starring alongside the Jonas Brothers in the 2008 Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. B
So today I watching Camp Rock now Another Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song! I love Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale!
This is random but am I the only one who thought the movie "Camp Rock" had a bad ending / message?
Sharing a pizza during lunch break at Eden Prairie School of Rock summer camp
They came to School of Rock music camp as strangers and left as BFFs.
These babies I'm sitting on are making me watch camp rock
Me @ the terrible lip syncing in camp rock
I'm watching camp rock aka verizon needs to hurry up I need internet
The lip syncing in camp rock is terrible
= LYRICS HERE = See my other videos for see ALL the songs from Camp Rock Soundtrack FULL and in HQ! Connect Three / Jonas Brothers LYRICS (Music) Turn ...
Chicas Rock Music Camp in Corpus Christi Tx. Sharing your talent and knowledge to the next…
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So many things remind me of my friendship with like this song from Camp Rock 2 😂❤️
I thought camp Rock was like the best movie ever
Bet you two are glad there's only one camp now, as you no longer have the long walk back from snake rock at the end of the show!
can't wait to rock this bad boy at Rebel boot camp tonight!
no don't worry you saw the camp rock picture (I'm being serious please never show anyone other than Tanya that)
Girls having fun at School of Rock Summer Camp.
I got my camp rock DVD in the mail today lol
Please tell me why I'm listening to camp rock 😳😳
Sitting alone in my dorm room eating subway and watching camp rock...
If Korn, Kid Rock, Creed and Limp Bizkit decided to tour, I'd camp out for as long as I have to in order to get those tickets.
Kate ready for her school talent show she's performing "What It Takes" from Camp Rock.
Just finished the music video for one of the songs from Camp Rock 2.. It's gonna be sooo awesome!!
Rock Camp Moves to Mandalay Bay & House of Blues: (888) 762-2263IT’S OFFICIAL! Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is m...
Camp Jam Rock & Roll Experience: By day, they may be doctors, lawyers and business people, but at night, they ...
Why in the world are songs from Camp Rock stuck in my head
no not yet my internet is being annoying lol watching CAMP ROCK 😍😍
lmaoo, my mum hasn't payed for sky since I first wanted to watch camp rock
STONEY CURTIS & GARY HOEY with Frank Dimino, Sean Koos and Lez Warner at the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp 1 year...
Eric quietly knows all the words to all of the Camp Rock songs
Je regarde camp rock, omg demi my feels, my baby! -ines.
After I finish my take home test and clean my room tonight I'm going to watch camp rock and camp rock two with my roommate.
feeling like Kevin Jonas in Camp Rock. "make me a birdhouse"
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Nick Jonas performs acoustic cover of Camp Rock song 'Gotta Find You' and it makes us want to cry.
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Tear It Down is the best song from Camp Rock 2 That's why Camp Star won obviously
Not even gonna lie, Lemonade Mouth is legit one if the best movies off of Disney Channel besides the Camp Rock and HSM…
If you liked Camp Star better than Camp Rock, you need to die now.
Nicole Anderson (Macy, JONAS) and Meghan Martin (Tess, Camp Rock) in the same movie. Also Claire Holt (Rebekah, TVD).
Name a few movies you can watch over and over? — The Walking Dead, Camp Rock, Race To Witch Mountain, Insidius, ...
take me on a cute canoe ride like Mitchi and Shane in Camp Rock
I need to find you. I gotta find you. -Camp Rock 2. (Gotta Find You) ♥
I remember when Camp Rock came out and I was in love with Demi.
Your guide to pwning summer camp, according to
No Disney Channel movie will ever be better than the HSM trilogy. Nothing can top it. Not even camp rock.
She's cool. I always like Sonny With A Chance & Camp Rock as a kid. Not heard much of her new music though.
You think your hot but I'm sorry your not exactly who you think you are...but I love camp rock🎤
Have the most sudden urge to watch camp rock
Don't judge I'm rewatching the Disney Channel original movies again,love hsm, camp rock and ppp even though I'm a teenager
Demi's birthday is soon and i can't get over the fact that she's turning 21. I mean it was like yesterday when i saw her on…
Awh, I'm watching Camp Rock 2.. Do you know how emotional I am right now.. Don't look at me.
But do I get a camp rock beach towel or a troy bolten one:(?
old Disney films like camp rock, Hannah Montana the movie and everything 😔
Omf completely forgot Demi Lovato was in camp rock, jesus
Breast Cancer Awareness
Camp rock will always be my favorite Disney Channel movie
yup just bawling because I just finished Camp Rock 2 and it felt a lot like the ending of my summer and I can't
NO, no camp rock. Come on. Too bad. When I sing heart attack , my voice is like a dying whale.
I'm listening to the camp rock soundtrack while I wait for the girls lol
My mom just started singing Camp Rock... Help.
"Camp rock, camp rock, we rock, we rock. Camp rock!" 😂
“Lol r u watching camp rock” nahhh Hannah Montana forever but I saw the advert for camp rock
if your proud of how far Demi has come since Camp Rock Demi Lovato
Me and my sister just watched parts of Camp Rock and I didn't realize how angsty Shane Gray is.
Wouldn't Change A Thing- Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas is the most epic dog ever on Camp Rock!
Then she came on Camp Rock with Joe Jonas and Joe had burned straight hair like it looked fried
Asked Anna what she learned about at VBS. She said, "Jonas & the whale." I think we've been watching a little too much Camp Rock & Camp Rock 2 these days.
Camp Rock marathon with the little bro. ✌
I love Alyson Stoner She's a great actor who has starred in The Suite Life, Camp Rock and Cheaper by the Dozen I seriously want to meet her
Okay the previous one no one answered it was Nick Jonas Im moving on Rachel-Kev HazzasBaby-Ke OWNER-K Middle name Rae Plays Max on suit life of zack and cody Played Caitlyn Gellar in Camp Rock !!Horan's Pretty Princess!!
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Camp Rock is the best movie when you high
In like 5th grade, we should of been singing Camp Rock and none of that High School Musical stuff.
The fact that these college kids are listening to the Camp Rock soundtrack.
I honestly think thats why the canceled their Tulsa show on the Jonas/Demi/Camp Rock tour
In 2007, Demi Lovato got a part on a short Disney Channel show called As the Bell Rings, and then she landed the starring role of the movie Camp Rock. While filming Camp Rock, Demi Lovato began also recording three songs for the film's soundtrack and has had several solo releases since. In 2009, Lovato got the lead in the series Sonny with a Chance, another Disney Channel show. CONTENTS Synopsis Early Life Disney Star Music Career Other Endeavors Early Life Singer and actress Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lovato's mother, Dianna Lovato, was a former country music recording artist and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Lovato is the middle child of three sisters. Her older sister, Dallas, is also a singer and actress, and her younger sister, Madison, was born in 2002. Growing up, Lovato won several talent contests and performed in famous venues, including the Eismann Center and the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day Half Time Show with LeAnn Rimes. She started her show business ...
My taste in music literally ranges from hillbilly country to Ed Sheeran to rap to Camp Rock to death metal.
Arena Football Philadelphia Soul vs. Arizona Rattlers with Pregame Show by JPizzee and the Yerrpp Crew with and PS Dolls + Free with Game Ticket Concert with Disney's Shake it Up Stars' Caroline Sunshine, Roshon Fegan ( Shake it up,Camp Rock, Dancing with the Stars ) and IM5 (quickly making waves as the world’s next dominant boy band and was founded on a national talent search headed by American Idol creator Simon Fuller along with world famous celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton). Ticket SALE ENDS MAY 21st ! Get your Tix here:
Robin Elliott is a well-known Ulster radio/TV presenter and media personality and can currently be heard on Blast 106FM and across Northern Ireland on the Q Radio Network. He will be presenting the Starburst awards after 'Camp Rock' on Saturday night 25th May. Please share. x
Camp Rock 😄 Demi Lovato and the JoBros look really young
Bootcamp beatdown + bootcamp yoga = me at the pool with my girls later! (@ Rock Star Boot Camp) on
EVERYONE GO SEE CAMP ROCK TODAY! Its a phenomenal show worth seeing! The cast is amazingly talented, you don't want to miss! PAC center@ 2&7
Now i'm watching Camp Rock and then i'll watch Camp Rock 2 :) i just love these movies !!!
I'm 15, and i got camp rock;) just because is in it. She is flawless i swear.
The Rock Point Center. Host to local non-profit organizations, home to Rock Point Summer Camp and Silent Retreats, much much more.
Hey and So this one time at Rock camp_(insert crazy story here)
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"Michael’s favorite Disney movie is Camp Rock."
One week in paradise will make or break them… It’s not enough that Kelsey’s husband left her for another woman. Oh, no. The “other woman” had to be her best friend Evan’s fiancée. Not only has she lost her marriage, she fears losing Evan to the linge...
“Michael’s favorite Disney movie is Camp Rock.” same same😁
Am I the only one that camp rock, zenon girl of the 21st century, tru confessions is my favorite movies?
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